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00:32 Now, Harry Orchard carried the name
00:36 "Dynamite-killer" for a good reason.
00:38 He had killed 14-- actually killed 21 men,
00:41 14 in one dynamite killing alone
00:45 when he blew up a train loaded with miners
00:47 just getting off the night shift.
00:49 He was we would say who watched paladin
00:52 have gone will travel a hired gun, a "hit man"
00:56 willing to kill anyone, any place,
00:58 any time, just for the right price.
01:00 In fact, Boise's newspaper, "The Idaho Statesman,"
01:03 gave this description of Harry and I'm quoting.
01:06 "The face of the man suggests cruelty, cunning,
01:10 and contempt for everything
01:11 that appeals to the ordinary person.
01:14 The eyes being of that shifting character
01:17 that suggests an evil nature.
01:19 He is the devil incarnate."
01:24 Well, Harry Orchard was hired by corrupt labor union
01:28 to determine and he was determined
01:30 to kill anyone who block them from having their own way.
01:33 And his biggest hit ever was the governor
01:36 Frank Steunenberg, who stood in their way
01:38 when he was governor of the State of Idaho.
01:41 And it happened one night in December,
01:43 Harry Orchard happened to be
01:45 playing cards at the Saratoga Hotel
01:48 when he saw his chance
01:49 because right there in the lobby,
01:52 he spotted Governor Steunenberg visiting with some friends
01:54 preparing to leave for home.
01:56 Well, Orchard hurried upstairs to his room,
01:59 he picked up the dynamite bomb, he wrapped it in newspaper,
02:02 tucked it under his arm and he dashed out to his car.
02:06 At the Steunenberg home,
02:07 he quickly wired that bomb to the gate
02:10 and then he sneaked away in the gathering dark.
02:13 Movements later, as the governor arrived home
02:16 there was a terrific explosion.
02:19 And as Frank Steunenberg blood poured out of the snow
02:23 his wife and children stunned rushed out
02:25 to find their husband and father dying.
02:29 Minutes later the fatal surprise
02:31 rocked Caldwell, Idaho.
02:33 Frank Steunenberg, known to all
02:35 and loved by most, was assassinated.
02:41 Well, Harry Orchard was caught and he admitted the crime
02:44 and he was tried and he was convicted
02:46 and sentenced to die for his heinous deed.
02:49 Now Mrs. Steunenberg had every reason to hate this man
02:54 that had destroyed her husband so cruelly
02:56 but she happened to be a Christian.
02:59 And she sent Harry Orchard a message in prison
03:02 expressing forgiveness with a little book
03:07 wrapped up called Steps to Christ.
03:14 And the guard went down the cell block
03:18 and he said to Harry,
03:20 "Here's a package from the wife of the man that you murdered."
03:24 Well, frightened, thinking that little package
03:26 might be a bomb to get revenge,
03:27 he was so terrified he didn't want to open it.
03:30 But when he finally did and saw the title, "Steps to Christ,"
03:35 and he just threw it down on the cell with a curse
03:37 because he hadn't heard that name used except
03:40 years and years ago in swearing.
03:44 Well, ladies and gentlemen, to make a long story short,
03:46 this is a true story.
03:48 The very thought of Mrs. Steunenberg's kindness
03:52 and forgiveness to him was just too much
03:55 for even this hardened murderer.
03:58 Eventually, he took up that little book
04:00 and he began to read.
04:03 And it was a message of God's love
04:04 and forgiveness and his hardened heart
04:06 was strangely warmed as he read that book.
04:10 Then he began to read the Bible and as Orchards read,
04:13 he thought about the spirit of forgiveness
04:15 of that widow of that victim had shown to him
04:18 and his heart was strangely softened
04:21 and he didn't know what was going on inside.
04:23 He discovered in a book that he had ridiculed for years
04:27 the Bible that there was good news.
04:32 He found as he read the Bible that there was hope
04:34 and there was forgiveness for even him,
04:36 and for every other sinner on earth.
04:39 Romans 6:23 particularly caught his attention.
04:44 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God
04:50 is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord."
04:53 Now he knew that he deserve death.
04:57 But now he learned that God wanted to give him eternal life
05:01 in spite of the sins that he had done.
05:04 Harry on death row, made an amazing discover
05:08 that every single person in the world
05:11 is also on death row.
05:13 But the Bible says in Romans 3:23.
05:17 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."
05:21 And then he found over Roman 3:10-12.
05:25 "There is none righteous, no, not one.
05:28 There is none who understands,
05:30 There is none who seeks after God,
05:32 There is none who does good, no, not one."
05:36 Well, that's sounds like bad news
05:38 it get even worse as you turn over to Roman 6:23.
05:42 "For the wages of sin" Harry "is death."
05:48 Well, Harry knew well enough
05:49 why he had to die for his crime.
05:51 Made perfect sense.
05:53 But it was so frightening to face eternity
05:56 with this judgment of condemnation
05:58 hanging over him because of his sins.
06:00 I mean that was enough to make a person really despair.
06:04 And then he kept on reading
06:06 the rest of the passage in Roman 6:23.
06:09 The wages of sin Harry, is death
06:10 "but the gift of God is eternal life
06:15 in Christ Jesus our Lord."
06:18 Could it be true? For me?
06:22 Well, the further that he searched the Bible
06:24 the better it got
06:25 and a little glimmer of hope began to break through.
06:28 He read Ephesians 2:8-9.
06:31 Harry, "For by grace you have been saved
06:35 through faith, that not of yourselves
06:38 it is the gift of God, not of works,
06:40 lest anyone should boast."
06:42 Well, the bad news was beginning
06:45 to turn into the good news.
06:47 Oh, but don't think when a person
06:48 begins to turn to Christ it gets easy.
06:51 Harry Orchard was tortured with thoughts
06:55 that he because of his sin had just gone too far.
06:59 "Surely, I'm beyond God's forgiveness.
07:01 There's no hope for me.
07:03 God couldn't possibly forgive a murderer."
07:06 So he was afraid fearing there was no hope for him
07:09 almost ready to give up any thought of forgiveness.
07:13 Yet something kept him hanging on
07:15 reading about God's great love for His wayward children.
07:19 "Could it be true?
07:20 Jesus took the penalty for my sin, too?
07:24 And for everyone who ever lived or ever would live?
07:29 Imagine what Harry thought when one day
07:32 that governors wife Mrs. Steunenburg herself
07:36 came and paid him a visit in the prison.
07:39 And she came down to the cell
07:41 and she sat there and she personally told him,
07:43 "Harry, I forgive you because I am a Christian.
07:50 But Harry, I want to invite Jesus to come into your heart."
07:57 Incredible, forgiving love from a heart-broken widow
08:01 to this cold-blooded murderer of her husband
08:04 and father of their children.
08:06 Harry Orchard came to the conclusion
08:08 that all he could do was cast himself
08:11 of the feet of Jesus and ask for mercy
08:13 and forgiveness and for eternal life.
08:15 And by faith Harry Orchard
08:17 accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.
08:22 I wanted to tell you, Harry Orchard's conversion
08:25 was so genuine, so deep, so revolutionary
08:29 he was baptized into Jesus Christ
08:31 and he joined at least from prison
08:34 Mrs. Steunenberg church family.
08:37 And because he turned states evidence,
08:40 states witness.
08:42 His sentence was changed from death to life in prison.
08:47 Now I want you to fast forward with me 50 years
08:50 till just not many months ago when he died,
08:54 I read it in the paper.
08:56 All of those years, he was a model prisoner.
08:59 In fact, he became such a positive witness
09:02 for his faith that he led several prisoners
09:04 to accept Jesus as their savior too.
09:07 Many a man waiting on death's row
09:09 actually would refuse to see a chaplain
09:11 but they ask for Harry Orchard to come and pray for them.
09:14 After more than 50 years in prison, he said this
09:17 and this is the quotation that was is the papers.
09:20 "Iron bars and prison walls have kept my body captive,
09:25 but my soul has long been set free."
09:29 Amen.
09:30 It's quite a story. Amen.
09:32 But you know ladies and gentlemen,
09:34 there is no doubt about it, he was right.
09:37 We have all sinned,
09:39 we're all damaged goods if you wish.
09:43 Well, someone says, hey wait a minute Lonnie,
09:46 you know I'm pretty good.
09:48 Really I mean when you compare Harry Orchard to me,
09:51 I would hardly ever sin at all.
09:53 I mean, I might do little gooses.
09:55 No biggies.
09:57 But I want to do the math with me little bit here.
09:59 Would you? Let's say I am pretty good?
10:02 Let's say I only sin 10 sins a day.
10:06 Oh, let's say I'm really good, I down to five.
10:10 But let's see we make it three.
10:12 Three sins a day.
10:13 Well, if you multiply that times
10:14 about 365 days a year that's 1,095.
10:18 Well, say as sin-- 1,000 a year.
10:22 Well, if you multiplied that by your age,
10:25 if you lived to be 70 years old, 1000 times
10:28 70 that's 70,000 sins in my lifetime, big time.
10:33 Say you've got a major sin problem
10:35 big as the New York City telephone directory.
10:38 So we need help, don't we? Big time.
10:40 You know, when I first saw this I really got depressed
10:44 but then I learned how to have peace of mind
10:46 and you can have it too.
10:47 Just four simple steps.
10:52 First, to discover the steps to eternal life
10:54 as Harry Orchard did.
10:56 You got to recognize that God loves you.
10:59 He loves me.
11:01 He wants to give me eternal life.
11:04 That's the first step.
11:06 But the second step is I also must recognize I'm sinful
11:11 and the wages of my sin is death.
11:15 You see, if a person has terminal illness
11:18 and he never admits or she never admits
11:20 their problem or seeks medical advice they will die.
11:24 And that is precisely the fate of the sinner
11:26 who doesn't recognize his spiritual condition
11:29 and fails to seek help.
11:31 Why?
11:32 Oh, friend, because sin
11:33 is the most serious thing in the universe.
11:36 So I have to realize I have a problem like Harry Orchard.
11:41 The Bible says in Isaiah 59:2.
11:44 "But your iniquities, your sins" Lonnie
11:47 "have separated you from your God."
11:51 You see God is life and for me to be separated from God
11:56 is to separate from life so I die eternally.
12:00 When Adam and Eve sinned
12:01 they separated themselves from God
12:03 and soon as they did they begin to die.
12:07 That's what sin does.
12:09 But not just Adam and Eve,
12:11 we all are under that sentence of death
12:14 because we all live on the same ball of mud.
12:17 But God doesn't just tell me Lon,
12:19 you're gonna die without giving you some hope,
12:21 aren't you glad for that?
12:22 There is good news.
12:23 Harry Orchard discovered the third step
12:27 and it is founded in Romans 6:23
12:30 and it's a text we've already read
12:32 and you know it tonight.
12:33 "The wages of sin is death" Lonnie
12:36 "but the gift of God is eternal life
12:42 through Jesus Christ our Lord."
12:45 Salvation is a gift we don't deserve,
12:48 you can't earn it, and you can't buy it.
12:52 Because you can't put God under obligation to you
12:55 by your own good works.
12:57 By the way, every single religion
12:59 outside of true Christianity does teach
13:01 that you do receive forgiveness
13:03 and eternal life by doing God deeds.
13:07 One of our staff members took these pictures in India.
13:11 Long-bearded men clad in scanty loincloths
13:14 sit on beds of spikes, believing that
13:16 by torturing their bodies they can earn God's favor
13:19 and flagellants beat their backs
13:22 and bruise their bodies with whips and chains.
13:25 Some people walk bare-footed on hot white coals,
13:28 like the fire-walkers that I have seen in Fiji.
13:31 While others place skewers like bicycle spokes
13:34 with sharp points in their skin through their cheeks
13:37 and through there bodies here all seeking favor of their Gods
13:40 by unusual acts of physical abuse.
13:43 In fact our friends the Buddhists
13:45 believe that they can gain merit
13:47 for a future life by building pagodas
13:49 or feeding the holy men, or you see them
13:51 put little food outside their front door steps.
13:54 For our Moslems friends there is no greater joy
13:57 or better way of earning favor with God
13:59 then pilgrimage to Mecca
14:01 or as we all know dying in defense of Islam.
14:09 But before you jump to conclusions
14:11 and judge them as well there is somewhat
14:13 unfortunately maybe not as wise as we are
14:17 unfortunately many Christians unwittingly do the same thing.
14:22 They think by doing things, by attending church,
14:24 by giving offerings by going out
14:26 and helping the community chest.
14:27 By following the golden rule they think that they will earn
14:30 favor with God and thus in the end
14:32 they will deserve eternal life.
14:34 But my question tonight is, is that possible?
14:37 Can we through good works bribe God
14:41 to grant forgiveness and eternal life?
14:44 Do we earn salvation or do we win it kind of like
14:46 one does an Olympic medal in the Olympics?
14:51 Is heaven have rewarded for being good
14:55 or maybe even self discipline?
14:57 No, thank you.
14:58 Ephesians 2:8-9 says,
15:01 "For by grace are you saved through faith
15:05 and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God,
15:09 not of works, lest any man should boast."
15:13 It's a gift.
15:15 You see if I could earn salvation,
15:18 it wouldn't be a gift.
15:20 Suppose your employer handed you an envelope and he said,
15:25 I have a gift for you and you discovered
15:28 your pay check in there for the past two weeks.
15:32 Would that be a gift? Not if you had earned it.
15:36 But now perhaps someone asking why would the mighty God
15:40 who rules the universe why would he be concerned
15:42 about people out here on a sin sick planet
15:45 far out on the edge of space?
15:46 Why didn't He just abounded rebellious sinners
15:49 and leave us to suffer the consciousness of our sins?
15:53 Well, the answer is found throughout the Bible
15:55 in just three words but I love it in 1 John 4:16.
15:59 "God is love." Amen.
16:03 He loves us terminally ill patients
16:06 with the disease of sin.
16:08 Can I share little personal human illustration?
16:11 One of my own loved ones and his young wife
16:15 they excitedly brought their
16:16 little baby home from the hospital.
16:18 Within days they discovered
16:19 that baby began to cry day and night
16:21 with sever case of something that was not diagnosed.
16:25 Well, it was colic or what
16:26 but the parents followed the physician advice,
16:29 but nothing seemed to help.
16:31 They walk the floor, they sang to that little child.
16:33 They tried all sources of advice from friends
16:36 but nothing worked.
16:37 Well, I'm happy to tell you that
16:38 kid is now 22 years of age.
16:41 But all of his life and he's still
16:43 continues to have many strange medical problem.
16:47 And they are exhausted, they are drained financially
16:51 but not once did those parents ever considered
16:53 well just giving the child away
16:56 or abounding him, let him suffer alone.
16:58 No. Why?
17:01 They love that helpless little child
17:03 all the more because of the pain and the suffering
17:06 that he has to endure.
17:08 And you know that's what God like.
17:10 We His children on this planet earth
17:13 have developed the colic of sin and the pain and the suffering
17:17 we endure because of it well, that only intensifies
17:20 Gods loves for us and he never gives up.
17:24 Never has God considered abounding us.
17:26 No, never is He considered leaving us to just perish
17:30 and suffer the consequences of our rebellion.
17:32 Now the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:9.
17:36 "The Lord is longsuffering toward us,
17:39 not willing that any should perish
17:41 but that all should come to repentance."
17:45 Regardless of how good or bad God loves you.
17:48 He wants to save you, friend.
17:50 He is not willing that you should perish.
17:53 Romans 5:8.
17:56 "But God commendeth His love toward us, that,
17:59 while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
18:05 Now I have a little theological question for you,
18:08 want you to think a little bit tonight.
18:10 How can it be, how can it be that God
18:14 who is sinned against can punish sin
18:20 and yet forgive us
18:22 not counting our sins against us
18:26 because admittedly, we have all sinned.
18:27 We've all rebelled against God, broken His law.
18:31 Earthly governments cannot long tolerate
18:34 lawlessness and survive.
18:36 Can they?
18:37 Violators when they found guilty or always punished.
18:41 But you see violating Gods love is far most serious thing
18:44 because sin separates us from God.
18:47 The one who created us
18:48 and the only one who can help us
18:50 and the only one who can save us.
18:52 So you see there is a problem here,
18:54 there is a tension here.
18:56 Even though God is a God of everlasting love
19:00 He is also a God of perfect justice.
19:04 A God of love.
19:05 In fact, He describes himself
19:06 to Moses on Mount Sinai in Exodus 34:6, 7.
19:11 "The Lord God,
19:12 compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger,
19:15 abounding in love and faithfulness,
19:18 maintaining love for thousands,
19:20 and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin.
19:23 Yet He does not leave the guilty unpunished."
19:30 So even God had dilemma.
19:33 He is loving and merciful but at the same time
19:37 He is also a God of perfect law and perfect justice.
19:41 He would by no means clears the guilty,
19:44 says by King James Version.
19:45 So nobody gets off the hook. The wages of sin is death.
19:50 So here is the $64,000 question tonight.
19:53 How can these two seeming opposites be reconciled?
19:57 God loves us, wants to give everyone eternal life.
20:00 But His justice and His law demand
20:02 that He punish law-breakers.
20:04 "The wages of sin is death." Is there no solution?
20:10 No way out? Thank God, there is a way out.
20:14 A loving God found a way to save us and still be just
20:20 He found a perfect substitute to die in our place,
20:26 pay the penalty for our sins
20:28 and then crediting it to us so that we could live.
20:32 John, the beloved disciple
20:34 explains it this way in John 3:16
20:36 and many of you know this passage
20:37 is the most famous in all the Bible.
20:39 Say it out loud, wherever you are in the seminar location
20:41 or satellite locations and here in Columbia.
20:44 "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,
20:49 that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
20:54 but have everlasting life."
20:56 Jesus came down here to our sewer cesspool world
21:02 to live as a man, face the same problems
21:05 and temptations that ever human being faced,
21:08 but He proved by His perfect life of obedience
21:11 that there is no excuse for sin.
21:13 But then, as the one sinless representative
21:16 of the human race, Christ voluntarily
21:20 took upon Himself the guilt of every person
21:23 who would ever live, and died on their behalf.
21:25 He paid the penalty for our sin, your sin, my sin.
21:30 Paul wrote in Romans 5:19.
21:34 For as by one man," this is talk about Adam now,
21:38 "For as by one man's disobedience
21:41 many were made sinners,
21:44 so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous."
21:50 See Jesus is death was not to appease an angry God,
21:54 as Mater Luther first thought.
21:57 Jesus willingly offered to die to save us from our sins.
22:02 And God loved us so much
22:04 He was willing to allow His only Son
22:05 to be sacrificed in our place as a ransom
22:10 and that's how much salvation cost heaven.
22:12 Jesus the sacrificial Lamb of God.
22:17 Go back with me,
22:18 several thousand years back into the Old Testament
22:21 when God was leading His people,
22:23 Israel, out of Egypt.
22:25 He gave them a most dramatic
22:27 kindergarten illustration of the plan of salvation.
22:31 That sin means death.
22:35 Fifteen centuries before Jesus came to die,
22:39 God calls man's attention to faith in a future Calvary,
22:44 were the true Lamb would be sacrifice
22:46 for the sins of mankind, everybody.
22:49 So here came this sinner, can you see him there?
22:52 He is bringing along with little sacrificial animal
22:54 perhaps a lamb.
22:56 And he is going to participate in that dramatic
22:58 and very shocking visualization of Calvary.
23:02 He places his hands there over that little lamb,
23:05 that animal, confesses his sin.
23:08 But then he has to take out a knife
23:11 and himself kill that lamb, symbolizing that his sins
23:16 would one day because the death of Jesus
23:18 who would come to die as these sacrificial lamb.
23:21 And it was a revolting ceremony in vivid 3-D Technicolor
23:25 burning into their minds
23:26 the wages of sin is very serious.
23:31 Gruesome?
23:33 Do you think about gruesome? Yes.
23:35 Absolutely. Yes.
23:37 I mean, imagine there
23:38 standing on that little altar hanging onto that lamb
23:42 and he is jumping around on top of the altar.
23:44 It's trying to get away
23:45 and it's finally bleeding to death.
23:47 Horrible shocking to the end degree
23:49 and the sinner would fall down on his knees
23:51 and he says, my God, my God, what I have done?
23:55 This is what my sins on Calvary cross
23:58 will do to Jesus the Lamb of God someday.
24:01 You see their sacrifices, show death their faith
24:05 in the coming death of Jesus the true Lamb of God
24:09 who die in our place as our substitute.
24:12 Aren't you glad we don't have to sacrifice
24:14 a lamb every time within now?
24:15 Amen. Praise the Lord.
24:17 John 1:29 says, "Behold the Lamb of God
24:20 who takes away the sin of the world!"
24:23 And how ironic that the very men
24:26 Jesus came to save plotted to take His life.
24:29 Jesus, totally innocent, was beaten, mocked,
24:34 crucified the cruelest form of execution ever devised,
24:38 that was reserved for the worst of criminals.
24:41 He was the one 1 Peter 2:22 says, "Who did no sin,
24:45 neither was guile found in his mouth."
24:49 But he died on an instrument of torture,
24:54 dying our death taking on Himself my sins
24:59 and so identifying with sinners.
25:01 In fact, as we said the other night
25:03 He was crucified between two thieves.
25:07 And God placed on Him the sins of the whole world
25:11 and that's why He cried out in Mathew 27:46.
25:14 "My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?"
25:18 He felt the terrible knife,
25:21 sin brings separation from God and Jesus couldn't bare
25:27 the agony of separation from His own Father.
25:29 You see friends, it wasn't the nails that killed Him.
25:34 He died from our sins of a broken heart.
25:39 And the crowd shouted out there,
25:41 well, "He saved others, Himself he cannot save."
25:45 How true that was, because He couldn't save Himself
25:48 and save us too and save other people.
25:52 But you see, Gods love couldn't be
25:54 completely satisfied until He restored us,
25:58 restored mankind back to Gods family.
26:01 God loves us so much that He gave His own Son
26:04 to die in our place, as our substitute.
26:08 And by paying the price himself,
26:11 God has the right now
26:13 to give us credit for what Christ did.
26:17 He has charged our sins to Jesus account
26:20 make Him die to pay our debt
26:23 and then God turns around and credits us
26:26 with the perfect life Jesus lived.
26:29 Amazing grace we say, how sweet to sound, isn't it?
26:34 Paul the apostle said it, we said it tonight already.
26:37 "For it is by grace you have been saved,
26:40 through faith."
26:42 Now how does this faith in Jesus work?
26:47 Well, that's the question
26:48 that the Philippians jailer wanted to know.
26:51 What must I do? How do I get salvation?
26:56 Well, you know receiving salvation is really so simple
26:58 yet many people make it difficult
27:00 and all kinds of complicated steps.
27:02 But Paul answered that man in Acts 16:31
27:07 "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
27:09 and you will be saved."
27:12 Believe or faith, same word basically and the original.
27:17 But I want you to tell you something listen,
27:18 there are different kinds of faith,
27:21 different kinds of belief.
27:24 In the Bible in fact, there are three different kinds at least.
27:28 And you got to have right kind of faith.
27:32 Let me have you follow me very carefully.
27:34 First kind of faith is what I would like to call,
27:36 Intellectual faith.
27:38 Brain power, IQ.
27:41 But agreeing in your mind
27:43 that well, Jesus lived on this earth,
27:46 I believe that, that's not enough.
27:50 I'm gonna pull out my billfold,
27:52 my last little piece of money here tonight.
27:55 I have a $20 bill.
27:57 It's been used a number of times
27:58 it's little wrinkled and but it is genuine.
28:02 You folks out there and watching the satellite,
28:05 you have intellectual faith in this U.S $20 bill,
28:08 who has Jackson on there.
28:10 You believe in its existence, you believe in its reality
28:12 and you believe in its worth.
28:15 Now you see it's a same with Jesus,
28:17 most of the world
28:19 intellectually believes in Jesus.
28:21 They believe in His existence, they believe in His reality,
28:24 He was an historical person.
28:26 His worth, yes He did good things.
28:28 They have intellectual faith in the historical fact,
28:31 Jesus probably lived and He probably died.
28:35 But you see mentally saying in your brain,
28:37 "Okay, well, Jesus lived on earth 2,000 years ago,"
28:40 that is not enough.
28:41 That is not saving faith.
28:45 Intellectual faith believing in this $20 bill
28:49 doesn't make it yours.
28:51 Does it, ma'am?
28:54 James 2:19 says, in fact,
28:56 "Even the devils believe, and tremble."
29:02 But intellectual faith won't say if the devil you see.
29:06 It takes more than intellectual faith,
29:08 belief in your mind.
29:09 There is a second kind of faith,
29:12 what I'd like to call, temporal faith.
29:16 You know what this $20 will buy,
29:18 not very much anymore but still okay.
29:21 Temporal, physical, material, tangible, stuff
29:25 that you can go down and buy.
29:27 You know what it can accomplish.
29:29 Well, many people have temporal faith.
29:31 They know Jesus came, they know why He came.
29:34 They believe He is the answer to the sin problem.
29:37 They believe in what He accomplished.
29:39 So they even go to church,
29:42 they might even put this in the offering plate.
29:44 They might do a lot of good things, temporal stuff.
29:49 But temporal faith wont save you either.
29:52 Temporal faith in fact by itself
29:53 is just plain old legalism.
29:57 Being good won't save you.
30:01 You see there is a third kind of faith.
30:04 Now I called it, accepting faith.
30:07 Now this gets very, very personal.
30:09 This is where I reach out and I pick up this $20 bill
30:14 and I trust it and I accept it for myself.
30:18 Now If I would have say tonight,
30:20 that I was going to give this $20 bill to the first person
30:22 who would reach out their hand and I would offer it to you.
30:25 You would by just reaching it out make it yours tonight.
30:29 Would it? No.
30:32 What makes it yours? Accepting faith.
30:35 Who wants this $20 bill?
30:37 Come on first person up here come up and take it.
30:41 All right, thank you.
30:45 Got a question for you, listen carefully,
30:49 how many of you folks believe it that was a good $20 bill?
30:53 All right.
30:55 You had intellectual faith in it.
30:57 How many of you believe
30:58 that I had really would give it away?
31:01 You have temporal faith.
31:04 How many of you-- third question,
31:06 how many of you right now,
31:07 know this movement that $20 bill is yours?
31:13 I better see hand over there.
31:16 You see there is a different kind
31:18 of accepting faith here involved.
31:20 Do you see the point?
31:21 And it makes all the difference in the world.
31:24 Have you personally reached out
31:27 an accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior?
31:30 Have you invited Him in to forgive your sins?
31:32 Personally accepted His free gift of salvation
31:35 so that you know, you have eternal life.
31:40 The Guinness Book of Records tells a most remarkable story
31:45 of the right kind of faith and trust.
31:48 The greatest 19th Century
31:50 tightrope walker ever was Francis Gravelet,
31:54 alias Charles Blandin did from 1824 to 1897.
31:59 He was from France.
32:01 Well, he was the very first human being
32:03 to ever cross the Niagara Falls on a three inch rope,
32:07 1,100 feet long, 160 feet above Niagara Falls on June 30, 1859.
32:14 In fact believe or not,
32:15 he actually pushed a wheelbarrow
32:17 across the Niagara Falls on that rope.
32:19 He stopped midway and he ate his lunch.
32:22 Amazing.
32:24 One day as he was walking back and forth across the Falls,
32:27 a young specter shouted out, Mr. Blandin, why don't you
32:32 carry someone across the Falls on your back, piggy back?
32:36 You've sat out on their stool there,
32:38 you ate your lunch in the middle of the Falls.
32:40 Why don't you take someone piggy back
32:42 across the Niagara Falls?
32:44 Well, replied Mr. Blender, do you really believe
32:48 that I could do that young man?
32:51 Yes, I'm sure, you could was the answer.
32:55 Well, Blandin called, come on up here let's try it.
33:00 This is true, the young man disappeared in the crowd
33:03 they never saw him again.
33:05 You see his believe in Blandin was just talk.
33:09 But one year later, this is true, June 30, 1860
33:13 Blandin returned to Niagara Falls
33:15 and he did carry his own agent,
33:17 Harry Colcord, piggy back across the Niagara Falls.
33:21 What made the difference? Accepting faith.
33:28 See, why did Colcord do it?
33:31 He not only had intellectual
33:33 and temporal believe in Blandin,
33:35 he trusted him with his whole life.
33:39 This is real faith, real belief, real trust
33:43 put in your full weight on something, accepting.
33:47 I got something back here
33:48 I want to illustrate one more time.
33:52 This good old Samsonite chair,
33:53 I don't-- maybe I shouldn't advertise.
33:58 But the Bible says, Proverbs 3:5,6.
34:01 Let me just first talk about this chair.
34:03 How many of you believe this is a really a folding chair?
34:06 Okay.
34:07 How many of you believe that you hold you up
34:08 if you try to sit on it?
34:09 You got intellectual faith, you got temporal faith.
34:12 But it isn't until I put my whole weight on that chair
34:17 the Bible says that I have accepting faith.
34:21 Is this accepting faith? How about this?
34:24 No. No.
34:26 How about this?
34:28 When I finally do this,
34:30 and I put my whole weight on that chair,
34:33 now that's accepting faith and that's what Proverbs says,
34:36 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
34:38 lean not on your own understanding,
34:40 in all your ways acknowledge Him,
34:42 and He shall direct your paths."
34:44 You see, the big question tonight is,
34:46 do you really fully trust Him?
34:50 Are you willing to put your full weight on Him?
34:51 Let Him control your whole life because saving faith
34:55 is kind of like marriage vows,
34:58 will you say okay Jesus, I do.
35:03 I personally trust You, I receive You, I accept You
35:06 as the full and complete atonement for every sin
35:09 I've ever personally committed.
35:11 From now on, Lord is not gonna be what I do
35:14 that saved me but what Christ did on Calvary?
35:17 I can't save myself so I put my whole weight on you.
35:23 Trusting God completely, take control of my life.
35:27 Well, listen carefully, there is one more step here,
35:29 many people are happy to say,
35:31 well I accept Christ as my Savior
35:33 but they don't really accept Him
35:34 or want to accept Him as Lord of their lives.
35:40 There's a difference.
35:41 Billy Graham, who lives up the road here
35:43 in North Carolina.
35:44 He has a saying, this way he said
35:46 people got not only accept Jesus as Savior
35:49 but Lord of their life and what that means is now He is boss.
35:53 He is number one.
35:54 We give Him complete control of our lives to change us.
35:58 Willing to do whatever He asks in His Word.
36:00 We go over and get the discover Bible course
36:02 and find out more about what He really wants to know.
36:04 We completely trust Him by putting Him first
36:07 and foremost in our life and in our plans.
36:11 But it's just like I gave away that $20 bill.
36:14 My pocket feels a little later.
36:17 Can that person pay me for that $20 bill?
36:20 Can he? No.
36:23 If your friend gives you a birthday present,
36:25 do you try to pay them for it?
36:27 Of course not. That would cease to be a gift.
36:30 You graciously simply accept it.
36:33 What Jesus offers you His free forgiveness
36:36 and righteousness and eternal life
36:38 and salvation as a free gift of love.
36:41 And even if you wanted to you, you could never pay Him for it.
36:45 And then to boot, He promises if you accept Him,
36:48 He will feel your life with power and change you
36:52 and give you victor over sins, you never dream possible.
36:55 Can you beat that?
36:57 Sound too good to be true but it is true.
36:59 And that's what salvation is all about accepting faith
37:05 or you can do is reached out as the young man did hear
37:08 and graciously accept heavens gift.
37:13 Friend, it is as real as lifting your heart to heaven
37:15 and praying a prayer like this right now.
37:17 God, I recognize I'm a sinner.
37:20 I need help, intellectually I know Jesus was a real person,
37:25 temporally I believe He died the death
37:28 that I deserve in my place, but now Lord,
37:31 I choose to personally accept to reach out
37:34 and receive Jesus as my Savior and Lord.
37:37 I'm sorry for the sins I have done.
37:39 Please forgive every sin I have ever committed
37:42 but I'm inviting You right now to come into my heart,
37:44 take complete control of my life.
37:46 I invite you in Jesus, come into my heart,
37:50 help me live for You.
37:52 But thank You for giving me your gift to eternal life
37:55 in exchange for my sins in Jesus name.
38:00 When you pray that prayer sincerely
38:02 and faith friend, at that very movement
38:04 God gives you eternal life because 1 John 5:11-13,
38:09 my favorite text in the Bible says
38:11 "This is the record that God hath given to us eternal life,
38:15 and this life is in His Son,
38:18 He that hath the Son has eternal life,
38:21 he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
38:24 These things have I written unto you that believe
38:27 or that put your whole weight on the name of the son of God.
38:31 That you can know you have eternal life."
38:36 And what this means, is if you have Jesus
38:38 then you have eternal life.
38:41 So tonight wherever you are listening Jesus extends
38:44 a personal invitation to everyone in John 3:16
38:47 "Whosoever believes in him should not perish,
38:51 but have everlasting life."
38:53 Amen.
38:54 Wouldn't you like to receive that free gift of eternal life
38:57 which Jesus left heaven
38:59 and died on a cross to give you?
39:01 Would you like to ask Him into your life?
39:04 The good news is you can. Right now.
39:08 Doesn't have to be complicated,
39:09 even if you feel your hopeless sinner,
39:11 God can turn the most hopeless situation
39:14 in the victory like the thief on the cross.
39:16 No sins too great,
39:18 if you invite him into your life right now,
39:20 Jesus promises in Luke 23:43,
39:23 "You will be with Me in Paradise."
39:30 Jesus is in this meeting right here
39:31 tonight at this very moment.
39:33 He is ready to take your sins in exchange
39:36 for His gift of eternal life and salvation.
39:40 So all together tonight,
39:41 I want to invite you to pray this sinner's prayer
39:44 that the dying thief discovered long ago
39:46 and that Harry Orchard discovered.
39:49 Review with me just quickly, here is the good news tonight.
39:52 Eternal life is a free gift
39:56 and if I accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord,
39:59 if I repentant and confess my sin,
40:01 I have eternal life.
40:04 Revelation 3:20, Jesus says, behold
40:09 I stand at the door and knock.
40:13 He is knocking, He is listening right now He is waiting.
40:18 There's an artist who painted the picture of the Jesus
40:20 standing at the heart stone and knocking
40:21 but if you ever notice closely,
40:23 you see that there is no door handle there
40:25 because you see Jesus is the gentleman,
40:28 He never wants to force His way in your life.
40:31 You don't have to be force to choose Him.
40:33 The choice is up to you.
40:34 We must open the door from inside
40:37 and He promises to gladly come in
40:39 and wash away our heart clean and forgive our sins.
40:42 He will give you power to help you live a new life.
40:45 So friends, just now I want to invite you tonight
40:49 to open that door, ask Him to come in
40:52 and when you do, you are born again.
40:56 Invite Jesus to come in. Say Jesus, come in.
41:02 Right now I would like to invite everyone
41:03 at every seminar location just bow your head quietly
41:07 and we pray just a few short sentences together
41:09 inviting Jesus into our heart.
41:11 I will lead and you will follow kind of like wedding vows.
41:15 We will do that right after Joey sings,
41:16 one stanza of a song to prepare us
41:18 for repeating our vows
41:20 as we pray the sinner's prayer together.
41:27 Daily we build our defenses
41:34 Trying to prove we are strong
41:42 Only when darkness has fallen
41:48 Do we see where we belong
41:56 Come as a child to the Father
42:03 Trusting where doubting has been
42:11 Open your heart to the Savior
42:19 He's waiting there
42:23 To come in
42:28 He's waiting there
42:33 To come in
42:41 Right now as our head are bowed
42:44 I want you to know that angels are here
42:48 listening to record your commitment.
42:52 I want you to repeat after me some simple sentences
42:54 just everyone together.
42:55 Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, I recognize I'm a sinner.
43:00 I recognize I'm a sinner.
43:02 And can't save myself. And can't save myself.
43:05 I don't deserve eternal life. I don't deserve eternal life.
43:09 I need your help. I need your help.
43:12 So I accept Jesus is my Savior and Lord.
43:16 So I accept Jesus is my savior and Lord.
43:19 Come into my heart right now. Come into my heart right now.
43:22 And wash away my sins. Wash away my sins.
43:26 Take complete control of my life.
43:29 Take complete control of my life.
43:31 Help me now. Help me now.
43:34 As I walk the Christian way. As I walk the Christian way.
43:38 In Jesus name.
43:41 While your heads still bowed I'm gonna ask the row captains
43:43 to send those little containers down.
43:46 I want you to mark a response card,
43:49 there are several different decisions
43:51 most important tonight
43:53 and I want you to take that pencil pass them
43:55 right down to the rest of the isle.
43:56 Quickly just move those write down
43:58 wherever you're in downlink locations
44:02 I want you to look at that first one.
44:03 I want to go over these with you
44:04 because nothing more important
44:05 than what we are doing right now.
44:09 So everyone got one?
44:12 The first one says, I know that salvation
44:15 comes only by grace through faith in Jesus.
44:19 I think we could all write that one down.
44:20 Put a check there.
44:23 But now please before you put a mark
44:24 on number two or number three, if this is a first time
44:29 experience for you in either of this,
44:31 I want you to put a big cross right there and setup a check.
44:35 From number two, I once knew Jesus
44:38 but I drifted away tonight I recommit my life to Him.
44:42 Put a cross if that applies to you.
44:46 And then number three, perhaps someone here
44:49 is giving their lives to Jesus tangibly you just spoken it
44:53 and you invited Him into your life.
44:55 There you want to put a cross there by number three.
44:57 I want to surrender my life repentant my sins
45:00 and accept Jesus as my personal Savior.
45:03 You put a cross their by number three.
45:06 And there maybe individuals here
45:07 who would like to check number four.
45:09 I would like additional material
45:11 to help me learn more about Jesus.
45:13 Would you please mark your decision cards right now
45:16 and then I have some other instructions
45:17 before we leave tonight as Joey sings again.
45:23 There is no shame in your weakness
45:30 Neither regretting your past
45:37 Only rejoice now and praise Him
45:44 His is a love that will last
45:52 Come as a child to the Father
45:59 Oh, trusting where doubting has been
46:07 Open your heart to the Savior
46:14 He's waiting there
46:18 To come in
46:24 He's waiting there
46:29 To come in
46:37 Let's pray together.
46:39 Lord, I want to continue our prayer moment
46:41 for just a little longer.
46:42 I want to thank You for each sincere commitment.
46:46 Lord, we may not feel any different
46:47 but we can't trust our feelings were something so important.
46:51 It's a fact because God says so.
46:55 So Holy Spirit fill each person with peace just now
46:58 and power and new desired to walk the Christian way
47:01 and send us home with joy
47:03 knowing that just now we have been born again.
47:07 We're new persons in Christ,
47:09 baby Christians and that if we die today,
47:12 we know we would have eternal life.
47:15 Thank you in Jesus name.
47:19 Got two questions for you right now.
47:22 Where is Jesus living right now?
47:25 In my heart. In your heart.
47:27 You just invited Him in
47:30 because you now have eternal life.
47:32 He that have the Son has eternal life.
47:35 And you've got power now you never have before.
47:37 Second tonight, if you would die tonight
47:40 do you know that you would have eternal life?
47:42 Yes.
47:43 He that has the Son has eternal life.
47:47 We have a special gift for you is
47:48 the row captains and maybe as you leave
47:51 be sure to get this little booklet.
47:53 What the Bible says about Salvation,
47:55 you want to read this tonight before you get to home.
47:58 Also in many downlink locations in the next couple of weeks,
48:00 we're gonna give you a copy of this book, Steps to Christ.
48:04 We have ready for you but you be sure to ask
48:07 for it in your downlink location
48:08 we're talking about another night.
48:10 Be sure to pass those cards in now the row captains
48:13 will be receiving them wherever you are.
48:15 Thank you for coming tonight.
48:16 Ladies and gentlemen, remember tomorrow night
48:19 is one of our most important subjects.
48:22 Facing the Judgment with Confidence.
48:27 You prayed that prayer just now tonight,
48:29 I think you feel a lot difference
48:31 already about the judgment, don't you?
48:33 But invite your friends to come with you.
48:35 Facing the Judgment with Confidence.
48:39 Thank you for listening.
48:41 Those here in the Carolinas were here
48:43 at downlink locations like to invite you.
48:46 If you have any questions or you would like to meet
48:48 some of our staff to move over here
48:49 unto that great big ribbon for the hospitality center.
48:52 Especially if you just given your heart to Jesus Christ
48:56 we would like to see you
48:58 otherwise rest of you're dismissed.
49:00 Remember to say the end of our broadcast friend,
49:03 God really does love you. Good night.
49:07 Amen. Praise the Lord.


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