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Participants: Lonnie Melashenko


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00:32 He stood only five-feet-four inches tall,
00:36 and he always wore a carnation on his lapel.
00:39 He was the Mayor of New York City
00:41 during the great depression
00:43 and during the World War II days of course.
00:45 Well, the people in New York City
00:47 they adored him, they affectionately called him
00:51 "The Little Flower."
00:54 But His real name was Fiorello LaGuardia.
00:57 The people of New York City loved him
00:59 because of his compassion, and his caring for people.
01:02 In fact, he often rode with the firemen
01:04 as they raced to fires,
01:06 he went with the police as they raided the nightclubs
01:08 where booze and drugs were sold.
01:11 But he particularly loved kids
01:12 like this whole row of young people
01:14 that just came in here.
01:16 And he would even take whole orphanages
01:19 to Yankee Stadium to the baseball games.
01:22 Well, one-day Mayor LaGuardia showed up at night court
01:26 at one of the poorest wards of New York.
01:29 LaGuardia being mayor
01:31 had the right to do anything he wanted
01:33 so he dismissed the judge for that night and he took over.
01:37 Well, within minutes tattered little old lady
01:40 was brought in before him to answer charges
01:42 that she had stolen the 50 cent loaf of bread.
01:45 Remember this is back in the depression
01:47 a lot of money.
01:48 And this little old lady said your honor,
01:51 "I stole the bread
01:52 because my daughter's husband deserted her
01:55 and she's got two children.
01:57 She's sick and the children have no food.
02:00 What am I gonna do?
02:01 I have no money I took the bread
02:03 to feed two starving children."
02:07 Well, Mayor LaGuardia sighed and he said,
02:10 ma'am, I'm so sorry I have to punish you,
02:12 the law makes no exception
02:14 and the fine is $10 or 10 days in jail.
02:19 Well as he spoke though he reached into his pocket
02:23 pulled out $10 and he said
02:24 here ma'am is the $10 for the fine
02:27 and furthermore I'm gonna fine
02:30 everyone in this courtroom 50 cents for living in a town
02:33 where a person has to steal bread
02:35 so that her grandchildren can eat.
02:37 Mr. Bailiff, collect the fines
02:39 and give them to the defendant.
02:42 Well, the following day the newspapers reported
02:45 that a total of $47.50
02:47 was turned over to the grandmother
02:49 to help her with her problem.
02:51 Fifty cents of that amount
02:53 was given by the red-faced bakery owner
02:55 who had brought the charge against her in the first place.
02:59 But the mayor well, he was giving a standing ovation.
03:04 You know, how fortunate for this little old grandmother
03:07 to have such a kind, gracious, and wise judge.
03:12 Isn't that the kind of judge you would like to have,
03:15 as you stand before God in the great final judgment?
03:18 Amen.
03:19 You know what, the Bible says you can.
03:24 Because ladies and gentlemen, tonight I bring
03:26 to each and every one of you a court summons
03:29 you have been "legally invited" to the big trial,
03:34 the tribunal of the King of the Universe.
03:37 Six billion strong, the human race is approaching
03:41 God's great final court session.
03:44 Modern youth with their spiked hair,
03:48 pierced ears, bewildered and obsessed
03:50 with drugs and tattoos and sin and sex.
03:53 The youth are rollerblading to the judgment.
03:56 The aged from their senior citizens home
03:58 and rest havens
04:00 they are tottering toward the judgment.
04:02 The rich, well in their Rolls Royce's and Cadillac's
04:05 they are driving to the judgment,
04:07 saints and sinners alike.
04:09 Listen, everyone, hear what Paul says
04:12 about that great appointment in court
04:14 that the whole world must keep with God.
04:16 In Acts 17:31 he says "He has appointed a day
04:20 in which He will judge the world"
04:23 and no one will be excused.
04:25 No one can escape the summons.
04:27 In fact, Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:10
04:30 "For we must all appear
04:32 before the judgment seat of Christ."
04:34 Whether we believe it or not, whether we like it or not,
04:38 what you profess to be Christians or not,
04:40 whether we're rich or poor,
04:42 black, white, we must all appear.
04:45 God has no favorites. Amen.
04:49 Hollywood actresses and lying presidents.
04:53 From Monica Lewinsky to Judas Iscariot,
04:56 the Bible says when we were summoned
04:59 we must all appear.
05:03 And my question is to night why?
05:07 What is God looking for in the Investigative Judgment?
05:11 May I respectfully submit three things
05:15 that the judgment is not?
05:18 Number one the judgment is not a "weeding ceremony"
05:23 for God to weed out disloyal followers.
05:27 He already knows the end from the beginning, right.
05:30 Secondly it is not for human beings
05:34 to know whether not they're not they saved
05:35 because He knows that already too.
05:38 And third it's not even necessarily
05:41 for the unfallen beings of the universe
05:44 because they've seen our lives throughout history
05:46 and they already know each life too.
05:50 Well, then perhaps someone ask
05:51 what is the purpose then at the judgment.
05:55 There are bigger issues much bigger issues,
05:58 the final destiny and security of the entire universe.
06:05 The focal point of the Great Controversy,
06:07 the whole question you see,
06:08 that Satan raised way back there
06:11 at the beginning before the universe was.
06:14 Well, "Does God deserve to be judge and to be God?"
06:21 Now it wasn't a question about God's power,
06:24 but it was question about God's character.
06:28 Is He the kind of person that deserves our allegiance?
06:33 You see, this may be new to you
06:35 but the primary concern of the judgment is God.
06:41 He's on trial.
06:43 Revelation 14:7 says, "The hour of His judgment is come."
06:50 His attributes are at stake. His record is at stake.
06:54 Not the performance of human beings."
06:57 We know what that is.
06:59 The question the judgment is,
07:01 "What has God done for His people?
07:04 Did God do everything He could
07:07 to rescue His people, to rescue Lonnie.
07:10 Can God be trusted to be God?"
07:13 You see, so often people are afraid of the judgment.
07:16 May be God's going to kind zap us out
07:18 if He finds one little sin unconfessed.
07:21 Friend, listen He's up there fighting for us.
07:25 We don't have anything to fear.
07:27 The judgment you see shows how God has acted
07:31 that He is on our side and that He can be trusted.
07:35 Oh, but now Satan stands there
07:37 and he's threatening, he's accusing,
07:39 he's condemning God and he's making claims
07:41 and counter-claims in the judgment back and forth
07:44 in the presence of the universe.
07:46 In fact, as you look at the scriptures,
07:48 you get the picture of God arguing in our behalf.
07:55 So what I'd like to suggest tonight
07:56 is that any notion of God up there
07:59 who's weeding out all the bad people folks,
08:03 that is foreign to scripture.
08:07 Let me illustrate what I'm trying to say
08:08 from the recent Columbia space shuttle tragedy.
08:12 The day after that happened
08:13 I well remember it was a Saturday morning.
08:15 On Sunday Reuters News Agency
08:19 from Johnson Space Center there in Texas reported,
08:22 that NASA had vowed on that Sunday
08:25 right after the space shuttle crashed
08:28 they vowed to leave absolutely no stone unturned
08:31 in an exhaustive investigation
08:33 into why the space shuttle Columbia suddenly broke up upon
08:37 reentry into Earth's atmosphere
08:39 killing all seven of the astronauts onboard
08:41 in that fiery, fire explosion.
08:44 Well, I see the investigative judgment
08:47 as a parallel to NASA.
08:51 You see it's not for our sake
08:53 over the astronauts onboard this suicide planet ours
08:57 or for the universe or the angels or other beings
09:00 but God has resolved
09:02 He's gonna leave nothing to chance in the judgment.
09:06 He's gonna look at every single bit
09:09 and piece of evidence
09:10 so that He can cinch the record,
09:12 He can put final end to sin,
09:14 and Nahum1:9 promises that sin will not arise
09:17 the second time as a result of that judgment.
09:20 Can you say, amen? Amen.
09:22 So the question tonight is then well
09:24 how does this judgment work?
09:27 Well, Paul gives an interesting answer in Romans 14:12.
09:31 He says "So then each of us shall give account
09:35 of himself to God" for the way we've lived.
09:40 And the verdict you see forever seals
09:43 eternal destiny and security.
09:47 And the decision will be irreversible.
09:49 There is no higher court of appeal.
09:51 But before the trial verdict passes sentence,
09:54 first there is got to a trial or an investigation.
09:59 You see, I have a little surprise for you tonight.
10:02 The real question up there in the judgment
10:04 isn't, "Was Lonnie Melashenko a sinner?"
10:09 You know, what, we would all perish, right.
10:15 But the real question the only question
10:17 on the witness stand is this,
10:20 "Did God give Lonnie adequate chances
10:25 to accept Jesus' solution?"
10:29 Let's turn to the Bible and notice the picture
10:31 of this tribunal record session in heaven.
10:34 In North America here I know you're watching
10:36 from Australia and South America
10:38 and Canada the place but in North America
10:40 from the Circuit Courts to the U.S. Supreme Court,
10:43 they all consists of three phases.
10:47 You first of all have what we call
10:48 the investigative hearing or the trial we call them.
10:53 Then after the trial has brought
10:55 all the evidence and all the witnesses
10:57 you finally have a verdict
10:59 when the jury or the judge comes in
11:01 and renders a decision, second phase.
11:05 Finally there is the execution.
11:08 You either unlock the cell let him go
11:10 or else it goes into the prison forever that the sentencing.
11:13 I want you to watch the incredible scene
11:15 of the trial phase as the prophet describe it
11:19 in Daniel 7:9, 10 Daniel says.
11:24 "I watched till thrones were put in place,
11:28 and the Ancient of Days was seated,
11:30 His garment was white as snow,
11:32 and the hair of His head was like pure wool.
11:34 His throne was like fiery flame,
11:37 its wheels a burning fire,
11:39 a fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him.
11:42 And a thousand thousands ministered to Him,
11:45 and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.
11:48 The court was seated, and the books were opened."
11:54 Here Daniel pictures God, the Father,
11:56 the Ancient of Days seated on His eternal throne
11:59 countless of angels seated in awesome silence out there.
12:03 God's trial begins.
12:07 Notice what Daniel saw next Daniel 7:13.
12:11 "I was watching in the night visions,
12:14 and behold, One like the Son of Man,
12:17 coming with the clouds of heaven!
12:18 He came to the Ancient of Days,
12:20 and they brought Him near before Him."
12:24 Who's that?
12:26 Jesus, here Jesus is pictured.
12:28 Standing in the trial before the Ancient of Days.
12:32 Kind of a carbon copy isn't it, of a courtroom trial on Earth.
12:36 There's the presiding Judge, the Ancient of Days.
12:38 There are all the witnesses, all of the holy angels
12:41 who have seen and recorded everything.
12:43 And standing before the throne is Jesus man's advocate
12:48 or lawyer as John wrote in 1 John 2:1
12:53 "We have an advocate with the Father,
12:55 Jesus Christ the righteous."
12:57 Amen.
12:58 You see, ladies and gentlemen,
12:59 we are not actually there in person, but Jesus is.
13:04 The Bible says here again in Daniel 7:10.
13:07 "The court was seated, and the books were opened."
13:12 Books, unimpeachable evidence, flawless records,
13:17 impeccably kept, of every deed, every action of God,
13:23 and for every person to as evidence in His trial.
13:29 Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 12:14
13:33 "For God will bring every work into judgment,
13:36 including every secret thing, whether good or evil."
13:40 And Malachi adds too in Malachi 3:16
13:44 "Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another,
13:47 and the Lord listened and heard them,
13:49 so a book of remembrance was written before Him
13:53 for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name."
13:57 Even King David knew about records in Psalm 56:8.
14:02 "Put my tears into Your bottle, are they not in Your book?"
14:09 So you see we are not actually there
14:11 at this Great White Throne judgment, God is.
14:15 And His evidence on our behalf is our lives.
14:21 And He's got it all written down in the books
14:23 as it says in Psalm 139:1, 3, 16
14:27 "O Lord, You have searched me and You know me.
14:30 You are familiar with all my ways.
14:32 All the days ordained for me were written in your book."
14:37 In other words we would say today in God's computers
14:40 or may be virtual videos got.
14:42 He know all about us. He's got the goods on us.
14:46 Everything's on record.
14:48 Remember not so much for His benefit
14:50 He already knows the whole kit and caboodle.
14:53 But the records are kept
14:54 for the benefit of the entire watching universe
14:56 because in a very real sense He is on trial in this judgment
15:01 and the books provide clear evidence
15:03 that God to Judge is fair.
15:06 He is loving and He is just in every single case.
15:13 And in this trial there be no cover-ups.
15:15 No Nixon Watergate missing tapes.
15:18 No Clinton memory lapses.
15:20 You see, people may be able to fool their friends
15:23 even their families, but no one can fool God.
15:26 Amen.
15:27 He reads the secrets of the heart.
15:32 Now unfortunately there's somebody else up there
15:35 at least represented a prosecution attorney.
15:39 We sometimes picture Him with a little pitchfork
15:42 maybe a tale that's not how He looks
15:43 but He's not only gonna show
15:46 in that record event sins of commission,
15:50 He's gonna dig up the ones of omission.
15:54 Things we never got a chance to do.
15:56 When we thought thoughts but we didn't get to do them
15:58 or we had a chance to do a good deed,
16:01 but we didn't do that.
16:02 Satan's point is he's gonna try to make sure
16:04 that everybody fails the judgment bar big time.
16:09 No human being on their own steam can pass that bar.
16:12 When judgment day comes,
16:14 you see we're gonna find ourselves folks,
16:16 in one of two positions.
16:19 Either our entire record of our past sins
16:22 and our failures will have been covered by the blood of Jesus
16:26 erased, forgiven, blotted out
16:28 or our record will stand to condemn us.
16:32 We're history because Isaiah 64:6 says
16:35 "But we are all like an unclean thing,
16:38 and all our righteousness are like" what?
16:40 Filthy rags. "Filthy rags."
16:42 What's more we are told very clearly
16:45 that when Jesus comes He said in Matthew 16:27
16:48 "He will reward each according to his" what?
16:51 "Works."
16:52 Oh, but someone protests, Lonnie, now just a minute.
16:57 "If we are saved by grace, how come,
17:02 why are we judged then by our works?"
17:06 That's a good question.
17:08 I like how Dr. Sakae Kubo puts it
17:11 that gonna quote from his book.
17:13 He says "Let us consider what it would mean
17:16 if the judgment were not based on works.
17:19 By what would God judge us, our skin, our race,
17:23 our social class, our education, our looks,
17:26 our talents, our strength, our membership in the church,
17:30 or our mere profession of Christ?"
17:34 He says "God can judge us only
17:37 by our works, good or bad."
17:43 I will say it, is this some sort of double talk
17:45 based on we talk about last night?
17:48 No.
17:50 Friends, listen carefully
17:52 good works are obviously not done
17:54 by the true Christian to ever earn merit
17:57 or some how bribe God.
17:59 But listen carefully.
18:01 Good works aren't a means of salvation,
18:05 but good works are an evidence of salvation,
18:10 the spontaneous result of a heart
18:12 full of love for God and man
18:14 and that's what God is looking for in the judgment.
18:16 Evidence you see that exonerates Him.
18:21 Not the works.
18:23 I mean, sinners can do good works, too.
18:25 Good ones.
18:26 But the question is "Was it in a love relationship with Jesus
18:30 that motivated this person to do those good works?"
18:33 Back summing up in the Book of Ecclesiastes,
18:36 Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14
18:41 he says "Let us hear the conclusion
18:43 of the whole matter.
18:44 Fear God and keep His commandments,
18:47 for this is the whole duty of man.
18:49 For God shall bring every work into judgment."
18:54 Now since my relationship to Christ
18:58 is going to be judged by my conduct.
19:03 What do you think there's got to be
19:04 some sort of clear standard or law
19:07 by which to measure that conduct.
19:11 If I get hauled into court
19:12 in State of California, where I live.
19:15 Those courts only have authority
19:17 to deal with crime as defined by the laws of the land.
19:20 I mean, I can't be found guilty
19:22 unless I've broken some sort of law
19:24 or a standard, a gauge, a measurement device.
19:29 I happen to have four brothers grew up in a home of five boys.
19:33 Five little holy terrors.
19:35 You know, we're all one year apart.
19:39 Imagine the picnic that my parents had
19:41 when I being the eldest was just four
19:44 and I had four brothers none of us were twins.
19:47 That's how close we were.
19:48 They had to carry four babies around.
19:51 I had to learn to walk very young in life.
19:55 But I remember we kids used to get
19:56 a kick out of getting measured as we grew up.
19:59 The folks had a little measuring tape
20:00 and they'd put a mark on the wall
20:02 to see who was tallest.
20:04 And we could see from month to month year to year
20:06 how much we'd outgrow those marks.
20:08 And we five kids well, we all grew our clothes like mad.
20:12 But I can still remember being measured on the wall
20:15 those marks with measuring tape.
20:16 Now God, too, says He has a standard
20:19 of measuring our moral lives.
20:23 In God's judgment there is a basis of judgment, a law,
20:26 and in fact James makes it very clear
20:30 which standard will be upheld.
20:32 James 2:12 "So speak and so do
20:36 as those who will be judged by the law of liberty."
20:40 You look around in the context
20:42 of that chapter there in the previous verses.
20:44 James is talking about the law of the Ten Commandments.
20:48 In fact even quotes two of them.
20:49 James 2:11 he says "For He that said,
20:52 'Do not commit adultery,' said also 'Do not kill.'"
20:56 So God's Ten Commandment law called the "Law of Liberty"
21:00 is the perfect standard by which the lives
21:03 of men and women will be judged.
21:06 That could terrify me
21:09 especially if I didn't have Jesus.
21:12 But that's would makes
21:13 all the difference in the judgment.
21:16 You see the judgment simply determines
21:17 on which side we stand.
21:20 Are we with Christ? Has He changed us?
21:23 Has He empowered us, so that we love to do
21:26 His will as expressed in the Ten Commandments?
21:28 Has He written His law on our hearts?
21:33 Tell you a little bit about my family background.
21:35 My grandparents from the Soviet Union
21:38 immigrated to Canada before the Bolshevik Revolution.
21:42 When they applied for citizenship
21:45 they were required to pledge allegiance
21:47 to their brand new country,
21:48 promising to be loyal citizens
21:50 and uphold the land, the laws of the land.
21:53 I would tell you that my grandparents
21:55 gladly switched allegiance.
21:59 No more Lenin, no more Stalin,
22:01 no more Atheism, no more Marxism,
22:03 no more socialism and communism they wanted freedom,
22:08 in North America brand new way of life.
22:12 Well it's the same thing with Christians.
22:15 We live on this ball of mud in a foreign land,
22:20 the spiritual kingdom of hell and the devil.
22:23 When we accept Jesus Christ and His kingdom,
22:26 God simply asks us to pledge allegiance to Him,
22:29 uphold the laws of His government.
22:32 And you know what He helps us
22:34 by His grace and by His power to do just that.
22:38 However, you know, and I know
22:41 that not all immigrants out there
22:44 remain faithful to their solemn vows
22:46 when they swear allegiance.
22:48 In fact, some Americans in high offices
22:51 in the Pentagon in the C.I.A.
22:55 they outwardly seem to be loyal citizens of the land,
22:57 but later unfortunately
22:59 so tragically even recent months
23:01 some of have been found to be subversive
23:03 and when this is proved,
23:05 the citizenship of that person is revoked and he's deported.
23:11 So in the judgment it's not enough
23:13 for Christians to just,
23:14 well, I profess that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.
23:17 No, the Bible says we must be born again.
23:21 We must allow Jesus' perfect life
23:23 of obedience and faithfulness
23:25 to be lived out in us to change us, make us new.
23:29 And that evidence is important in God's judgment.
23:35 Jesus said, in Matthew 7:21
23:38 "Not everyone who says to Me,
23:40 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven,
23:43 but he who does the will of My Father in heaven."
23:48 Hold on to your seats
23:50 because now the Voice of Prophecy speaks,
23:55 with a most astounding fact little known by Christians.
23:58 Are you ready for it?
24:00 The judgment in heaven
24:03 is already now in session, tonight.
24:09 We read it earlier tonight in Daniel Chapter 7,
24:12 where Daniel says
24:13 that he saw the Ancient of Days
24:15 coming on the clouds of heaven sitting in court.
24:19 Well, scripture reveals
24:20 that the investigative phase of God's judgment
24:24 the trial began in heaven hundreds of years ago.
24:29 So God's trial is already on, tonight.
24:34 In fact, that's why
24:35 in the closing chapters of the Book of Revelation,
24:38 when John outlines the very last warning final messages
24:42 to this world, this planet
24:43 and Christ final invitation in the Three Angel's Messages,
24:46 He says, in Revelation 14:6, 7
24:49 "Then I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
24:52 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those
24:54 who dwell on the earth to every nation, and kindred,
24:57 tongue, and people saying with the loud voice,
24:59 'Fear God give glory to Him,
25:02 for the hour of His judgment has come,
25:07 worship Him who made heaven and earth,
25:09 the sea and springs of water.'"
25:10 I want you to notice
25:11 that this does not say here in this message
25:14 "that the judgment will come,"
25:17 it says "the hour of his judgment has come."
25:20 And then right after these Three Angels' Messages
25:23 right smack in the middle of God's judgment hour,
25:26 verse 15 says then Jesus announces
25:29 "And another angel came out of the temple,
25:31 crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud,
25:34 'Thrust in Your sickle and reap,
25:37 for the time has come for You to reap,
25:39 for the harvest of the earth is ripe.'"
25:42 Harvest is the end of the world, Jesus told us.
25:45 Harvest happens at the second coming.
25:48 But what did verse 7 say,
25:50 just occurs right before Jesus comes,
25:53 God's judgment hour.
25:57 We then help vindicate His character
26:01 and His claims that we're safe to save.
26:03 And then He comes and He takes with Him.
26:08 Well, perhaps someone says,
26:09 okay Lonnie, "if God's heavenly investigative court trial
26:13 is already in process tonight
26:15 when did the happen, when did the judgment begin?"
26:17 The Bible Prophecy indicates
26:20 that for more than a century-and-a-half
26:23 heaven's court has already evidently been in session.
26:26 In fact, any person in this room to night
26:29 has lived all of your entire life
26:31 in the prophetic time of God's great judgment day
26:34 what the Bible calls the Day of Atonement.
26:39 And when God finishes the judgment
26:41 that could be two minutes from right now
26:44 that is it the end.
26:47 The moment of truth He will thrusts in His sickle
26:50 and reap and Jesus comes for the harvest.
26:54 Well, you say Lonnie,
26:55 how can we establish the beginning date
26:58 of the heavenly judgment?
27:00 The key is found,
27:02 in a most remarkable prophecy in the Book of Daniel.
27:05 And those of you who are here two nights ago
27:07 studied it with us carefully from Daniel Chapter 7.
27:10 We look at five dates in prophecy,
27:13 when we look at technique of God, remember that.
27:17 Each had pin-point accuracy.
27:20 We look back there at 457 B.C.
27:23 starting date of that 490 year prophecy
27:27 when Artaxerxes built that were made the decree
27:29 go back to rebuild the temple.
27:31 Then we looked at 408 B.C.
27:33 Artaxerxes Longemanus and the temple was rebuilt
27:36 49 years later exactly on schedule.
27:38 We look down to the prophecy
27:40 that predicted the coming of Jesus
27:42 at His baptism in 27 A.D.
27:44 and we saw that right to the very month of time
27:46 accurate to a pinpoint.
27:49 And then particular we look down
27:51 at the countdown to Jesus on the cross
27:53 and we saw that it not only was to the year,
27:56 month, day, hour, minute
27:58 and very split second of time 31 A.D.
28:01 Jesus died on Calvary.
28:03 And then of course we saw there are few more years left
28:05 for the Jewish nation to get with it
28:07 and that finally ended
28:08 at the Stoning of Stephen in 34 A.D.
28:12 Five days,
28:14 by the way Voice of Prophecy's
28:15 Discover Bible Lessons out there
28:17 can share all of the details for everyone of you
28:19 it's free I hope you'll stop by at the table be sure--
28:22 by the way even that tape is available,
28:23 video for just $5 I couldn't believe
28:26 when I found that out today.
28:28 A videotape in $5, who is that preacher on there?
28:32 But let me take you on a short little excursion here
28:34 about this next event.
28:36 Daniel just a chapter after in 8:14 says
28:41 in connection with those five prophecies
28:44 he was also told by the angel Gabriel listen Daniel
28:47 "Unto two thousand and three hundred days,
28:51 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
28:54 Oh, now that is talking judgment
28:57 at one meant atonement putting God's universe right,
29:03 one final last time getting it all together now.
29:06 By the way this is the longest time prophecy in the Bible
29:09 and it's one of my favorites.
29:11 You remember that from two nights ago
29:13 in prophecy we noted that is very, very clear
29:17 that in computing apocalyptic prophetic time
29:21 one prophetic day is equal to one literal year.
29:25 Ezekiel 4:6, Numbers 14:34 says
29:28 "I've appointed thee each day for a year."
29:32 So this prophecy actually represents 2,300 years
29:38 till God says the sanctuary will be cleansed,
29:41 the last judgment begins.
29:44 Now we learned from Ezra 7
29:46 we had several passages there the other night
29:48 but that this 2,300 year prophetic period
29:51 began at the very same command of King Artaxerxes
29:55 to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.
29:56 When was that?
29:58 457 B.C. Historians tell us.
30:02 In the autumn of the year 457 B.C.,
30:04 remember its autumn September, October, November.
30:08 The king issued the long-awaited decree
30:10 2,300 years from that date terminates
30:14 if you do the math in October 1844.
30:21 A child to the third grade can do the arithmetic.
30:24 But that's the year the Daniel says,
30:27 the court in heaven convenes
30:29 and God begins to judge the world.
30:32 Scripture calls it the Day of Atonement.
30:36 Which if you really want to get specific,
30:37 and look at the Jewish calendar for Yom Kippur in 1844
30:41 he would actually place interesting enough
30:44 God's judgment beginning on October 22
30:49 is that the autumn, 1844.
30:53 That's evidently the day it began.
30:56 In fact, Paul backs this up in Acts 17:31.
31:00 "God has appointed a day
31:03 in which He will begin to judge the world."
31:05 There it is.
31:07 And the point is, friend,
31:10 when God's judgment up there is done, Jesus comes.
31:16 I mean, it's just that simple.
31:19 Now you may ask
31:20 what does the heavenly Day of Atonement mean
31:23 at one ment?
31:24 Well, remember, look at this last night.
31:27 God gave ancient Israel a little miniature,
31:31 a model remember a copy an illustration of Calvary
31:36 and the last judgment thousands of years before it happened.
31:40 I'm sorry that most Christians ignore this
31:42 on Sunday mornings in their churches.
31:45 But here's how it worked.
31:46 The book of Hebrews in the New Testament says
31:48 God instructed the people to erect
31:51 a tent tabernacle on earth during their long exodus
31:55 from Egypt to the Promised Land.
31:57 Lot of technical stuff there in the Book of Leviticus,
32:00 Numbers, Deuteronomy
32:01 but was for an extremely important reason.
32:04 First of all, the Bible says God was lonely.
32:10 And so He said let them make Me a tabernacle
32:12 so I can dwell among them.
32:14 That's where He wanted to meet with His people.
32:17 But secondly that tabernacle that little tent structure
32:22 was where the people daily
32:23 brought their sacrifices to the sanctuary.
32:26 They confessed their sins remember
32:28 and then they took the life of that lamb
32:29 to show their faith in the future death of Jesus,
32:32 the Son of God.
32:34 I'm so glad that today if we sin,
32:36 we can just ask God to forgive our sins
32:37 because Jesus died in our place to pay the sin debt.
32:42 However, way back here before Calvary,
32:45 the people had no Calvary sacrifice to look back to,
32:48 so by faith they looked forward instead to the time
32:52 when the Lamb of God would die for them
32:54 and God accepted their faith.
32:56 So that priest symbolically transferred their sins
33:02 to the sanctuary by sprinkling
33:05 that sin-laden blood from the animal
33:07 before the veil of the most Holy place in the sanctuary.
33:11 And evidently all of those sins everyday,
33:13 every week, every month, every year
33:15 all during the year they just piled up all those sins.
33:19 But then one day each year,
33:21 God instructed the children of Israel
33:22 to conduct a most solemn and sacred service
33:26 kind of different than anything else
33:27 called the Day of Atonement,
33:32 which the people of Israel viewed as a day of judgment.
33:34 I mean ten days before the Day of Atonement,
33:36 the trumpets blew reveille 5:30 every morning
33:41 reminding the Israelites time to get ready
33:44 take inventory of your lives,
33:45 repent, confess your sins anybody
33:47 who failed to do so was banished from the camp.
33:51 Leviticus 16:30 says
33:54 "For on that day the priest shall make atonement for you,
33:58 to cleanse you, that you may be clean
34:00 from all your sins before the Lord."
34:04 Now, here's the point,
34:07 again the New Testament Book of Hebrews
34:09 makes it plain that all that ritual
34:12 and that Old Testament earthly sanctuary
34:14 and its service was simply a little a copy,
34:17 an illustration of God's sanctuary up in heaven
34:22 where Christ is our Great High Priest
34:26 He is up there for forgiving our sins
34:28 in the last judgment today.
34:31 And He's gonna begin evidently
34:33 a final mopping up campaign to restore God's universe
34:38 back to its rightful state get it get rid of sin.
34:41 In fact, Paul says in this heavenly court room,
34:44 Hebrews 8:1, 2 "We have such an High Priest,
34:50 who is seated at the right hand of the throne
34:52 of the Majesty in the heavens,
34:53 a Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle
34:57 which the Lord erected, and not man."
35:00 No more earthly priests, no bloody sacrifices,
35:03 no more copies, no more miniatures.
35:06 Hebrews 9:11, 12,
35:08 "But Christ being come an high priest
35:11 by His own blood entered in once into the Holy Place,
35:15 having obtained eternal redemption for us
35:18 for Christ is not entered
35:19 into the holy places made with hands,
35:22 which are the figures of the true,
35:25 but into heaven itself,
35:26 now to appear in the presence of God for us."
35:31 Amen.
35:33 And in that final judgment going on up there tonight
35:35 Hebrews 7:25
35:38 says this is the best news of all.
35:40 "He is also able to save to the uttermost
35:44 those who come to God through Him,
35:47 since He always lives to make intercession for them."
35:50 Can you say, amen? Amen.
35:52 The good news about the judgment,
35:53 Jesus says in Matthew 10:32, 33
35:56 is "Therefore whoever confesses Me before men,
36:00 him will I also confess before My Father who is in heaven.
36:03 But whoever denies Me before men,
36:05 him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven."
36:10 You see friend, listen,
36:12 you and I don't stand alone tonight in heaven's judgment.
36:16 When our name comes up,
36:17 listen, if we've confessed Jesus,
36:20 and we're daily in Christ, He's our attorney.
36:25 And He is an attorney who never loses a case.
36:29 When my name comes up,
36:31 instead of great big huge encyclopedia of all of my sins
36:34 that I hope no one ever knows about
36:36 my records can show instead
36:39 Lonnie is covered by His blood."
36:43 Forgiven at Calvary. Cleansed.
36:46 Jesus says Father, account this person
36:50 as though he's never sinned.
36:52 I credit his account, personally,
36:54 with my perfect sinless life.
36:58 So, there's nothing to fear about Judgment Day
37:01 for those who love and follow Jesus.
37:03 1 John 1:7 says,
37:05 "The blood of Jesus Christ His Son
37:07 cleanses us" from how much sin.
37:09 "All sin."
37:10 So the judgment is good news.
37:13 Once your case goes to judgment,
37:15 if we're Christ's and He's our attorney,
37:18 listen case closed, courts adjourned.
37:21 He wins every time.
37:24 If we ask Him today to be our attorney and we win too.
37:30 Now tonight we're living in Earth's last hours
37:33 according to that prophecy, the judgment is set,
37:36 the books are opened evidently back in 1844.
37:41 I can't argue with other five dates
37:43 to the math must be right for that day.
37:45 What is simply telling us that everyone
37:47 that's ever professed to be a Christian
37:49 is being judged right now at this time?
37:53 1 Peter 4:17 says,
37:55 "For the time has come for judgment
37:58 to begin at the house of God."
38:01 Amen.
38:03 In other words, I think that means the judgment
38:05 started with all of God's good people,
38:09 saved people, born-again people.
38:12 Well, who would you say was the very first godly person
38:15 on this planet to ever die?
38:19 Abel. Abel.
38:22 Remember, way back there in the beginning
38:25 killed by his own brother.
38:26 Can you picture in your mind's eye
38:29 Abel's day in court when 1844 started
38:33 as his case is reviewed,
38:35 God sees all of Abel's life.
38:38 There's the record, evidence in God's favor.
38:43 When Abel showed his life, his faith in a coming Redeemer,
38:48 the life of Christ was credited to Abel's account.
38:51 And Jesus says, "My blood, Father,
38:53 it paid Abel's debt."
38:55 And Can't you just hear the angels shout, amen!
38:58 Keep Abel's name in the Book of Life!
39:00 And God wins!
39:02 Christ promised us in Revelation 3:5
39:05 "He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments,
39:08 and I will not blot out his name
39:10 from the Book of Life, but I will confess his name
39:12 before My Father and before His angels."
39:16 Well, they continue down the list Abel had brother
39:19 who's in the same sacred righteous family
39:21 the first good home on planet earth.
39:24 We know what detained him
39:25 they come down to Cain's name.
39:27 He killed Abel.
39:29 But he never recorded to the Bible ever repented.
39:33 And suddenly can you hear everything
39:35 a very quiet up there in heaven.
39:37 Nobody speaks up for Cain
39:40 and even Jesus kind of hangs His head.
39:42 Nothing is said as they quietly strike his name out
39:46 of the Book of Life.
39:49 Down through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Isaiah,
39:53 Daniel, Esther, Rahab all the heroes of faith,
39:57 all of God's spiritual people
39:59 they finally come to Judas name, that sad record.
40:05 Once a disciple, the follower, believer,
40:07 he can even do miracles the Bible says
40:09 but he ended up being a traitor,
40:11 ending up at last doing suicide.
40:14 And Jesus the Bible says loved Judas.
40:17 He even stooped to wash his feet
40:19 on the night of the Last Supper,
40:20 hoping somehow he can touch that proud heart.
40:23 He wanted to be able to stand by Judas
40:25 in the judgment as his advocate but remember Judas turned away.
40:30 And how sad for Jesus up there
40:33 as He stands there before the Father
40:35 can you see the tears trickling down His face
40:38 as He says, "Father, you know,
40:40 I tried my very best for Judas
40:42 I did everything I pleaded with Him
40:45 right up to the night before My death
40:47 there was nothing more I could do.
40:50 He rejected Me as His Savior.
40:53 The name of Judas is for ever stricken from the records.
40:58 Tell you it's a solemn time in which we live tonight.
41:01 Amen.
41:02 When judgment ends,
41:05 man's probation closes and the decree goes forth,
41:08 the final verdict of heaven's court of law.
41:12 The sentence phase of the judgment,
41:14 when the Judge declares and the Bible tells us
41:18 God will finally say court is over.
41:21 "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still
41:24 but he who is holy, let him be holy still."
41:28 You know, the saddest words
41:29 in the human language will be the words
41:31 of those who put off salvation,
41:33 who have not accepted Christ as their Lord
41:36 and their attorney and their advocate.
41:38 They could have been saved.
41:40 Because I personally believe
41:42 God is up there doing so much for us,
41:45 that a person has to choose not to be saved.
41:49 Is that good news or what?
41:52 A tragically, that is precisely why Jeremiah 8:20 says
41:56 the majority on this planet will wail some day.
41:59 "The harvest is past, the summer is ended,
42:03 we are not saved!"
42:06 Then the Bible says Jesus returns to Earth.
42:09 That's the execution phase of heaven's court.
42:14 "And behold, I am coming quickly,
42:18 and My reward is with Me,
42:20 to give to every one according to his work."
42:23 My friends, tonight Jesus longs
42:25 to be your advocate in the judgment.
42:27 He longs to have you accept His sacrifice on Calvary.
42:31 He longs to have you confess your sins to Him
42:34 so He can blot them out.
42:35 He longs to have your name written in the Book of Life.
42:38 Longs to cover you with His perfect robe of righteousness.
42:42 John tells us no one is gonna enter that Holy City
42:46 but only those who's names are written
42:48 in the Lamb's Book of Life.
42:50 Amen.
42:51 What about your name tonight?
42:54 Heaven has made its move.
42:58 How about you?
43:00 When I lived near Washington, D.C. as teenager
43:03 I met Jeannie in high school, we dated Frederick Maryland.
43:08 We went down to the National Bureau of Standards.
43:11 Most interesting place I think I've ever visited.
43:14 And in the National Bureau of Standards
43:16 you find the perfect pound in the perfect yardstick
43:19 and the perfect weighing instruments
43:21 but it was that weighing instrument
43:23 that always intrigued me the most.
43:25 To illustrate how delicate
43:27 and discriminating those scales were,
43:29 the guide would place a simple little piece of paper
43:32 of equal weight on either side of those scales.
43:36 And very delicate poise
43:39 was always maintained perfect balance.
43:43 Then the guide would remove one of the sheets of paper,
43:47 and he would simply sign his name on it,
43:50 place the paper back on the scales.
43:53 Just the ink in that signature tipped the balances
43:59 and weighed the scale down.
44:02 Ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly
44:04 what it's like of the judgment.
44:06 The name of Jesus thrown into the balances
44:10 will make all the difference.
44:12 Don't you want your name written there?
44:14 Do you want Jesus' name on your record?
44:17 Tonight, how do you stand in the judgment?
44:19 I want Jesus to stand there by me, don't you?
44:23 If you're not ready to face the judgment,
44:24 why not make plans today?
44:26 Your decision for against Christ will decide the outcome.
44:30 The verdict isn't Christ's to make.
44:32 It's yours.
44:33 All it takes is a surrendered heart
44:37 a heart that has been to Calvary.
44:39 Invite Jesus just now to come into your life.
44:42 The choice is up to you.
44:45 Listen as Joey sings.
44:50 The Savior is waiting
44:55 To enter your heart
45:00 Why don't you let Him come in
45:06 There's nothing in this world
45:10 To keep you apart
45:15 What is your answer to Him?
45:23 Time after time
45:27 He has waited before
45:32 And now He is waiting again
45:40 To see if you're willing
45:45 To open the door
45:51 Oh, how He wants to come in
46:00 Let us pray together shall we.
46:02 Father, the good news of the judgment
46:04 is Jesus Christ offers His graced to cover ever sin.
46:09 And His only fee as our attorney isn't money
46:12 but He simply asked friend give me your heart.
46:16 He wants us to say yes to Him, choose Him.
46:19 He wants our will on His side
46:21 so He can begin to make powerful changes
46:24 in our lives right here and now.
46:27 Lord, as our heads bowed in prayer
46:29 I know that they are individuals
46:30 who you would like to say Jesus,
46:32 I accept You as my Savior, my Attorney.
46:35 May be like to raise your hand and say God,
46:37 please remember me in the judgment, be my Attorney.
46:39 Would you do that right now with me?
46:42 Want you to take that response card now
46:44 the row captains are passing those down
46:46 please, take out that response card and write your commitment,
46:49 your choice of what you choose to do
46:53 in terms of Jesus in the judgment.
46:55 Number one, says I believe the Bible picture of Jesus
46:59 is the only reliable intercessor
47:01 in the heavenly judgment.
47:02 Put a check after number one.
47:05 Number two, you might want to choose to accept Jesus
47:07 as your personal Savior invite Him
47:09 to take full control of your life
47:11 this may be a first time
47:12 that you receive Jesus put a big cross,
47:15 Calvary's cross beside number two
47:17 if that's your decision tonight.
47:19 And number three,
47:20 I want to walk in all the light Jesus reveals to me
47:23 through His Holy Word.
47:24 Check that one just now as Joey sings.
47:30 If you'll take one step
47:33 Toward the Savior, my friend
47:39 You'll find His arms open wide
47:46 Receive Him
47:48 And all of your darkness will end
47:54 Within His love He'll abide
48:02 Time after time
48:05 He has waited before
48:10 And now He is waiting again
48:17 To see if you are willing to open the door
48:28 Oh, how He wants to come
48:32 Oh, how He wants to come
48:38 Why don't you let Him come in?
48:49 While you're marking your cards
48:51 perhaps there is someone who's not sure tonight you,
48:53 you need help you got questions, you got problems,
48:56 you say I've got hang up, I've got habits.
48:58 Would you like to be included in this closing prayer?
49:01 Lord we know that to confess Jesus
49:04 is more than a few words or a hand raised
49:06 but that's beginning,
49:08 so help us in our lives as we choose You
49:10 to walk in the light as You show us.
49:14 To be consistent Christians cleans
49:16 and empowered by the blood of Jesus Christ
49:18 we thank you for that in Jesus name.
49:21 Amen. Amen.
49:24 Your downlink locations
49:25 wherever you located please make sure
49:27 that the row captains receive your response cards,
49:29 we want to pray for any prayer requests you have.
49:32 Remember that tomorrow night our most interesting subject
49:37 is it by chance we're here
49:40 or by desire, invite your friends.
49:43 Thank you for coming tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
49:46 Remembers as we say it at the end of our broadcast
49:48 friend, God really does love you.
49:55 Amen. Goodnight.


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