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00:30 Hello, everyone.
00:32 Two men were arguing at work about religion one day.
00:37 Of course neither really knew what they were talking about.
00:40 But finally one of them said, man,
00:42 you don't know anything about religion.
00:44 I'll bet you $10 you can't even repeat the Lord's Prayer.
00:48 Replied the other, oh, yeah, it's a bet.
00:50 And he began to recite, I pledge a legions to the flag
00:53 of the United States of America one nation under God,
00:57 indivisible with liberty and justice for all, amen.
01:01 The first man looked absolutely stunned and hesaid,
01:04 I didn't think you could do it.
01:05 Here's your 10 bucks.
01:10 Well, we smile but unfortunately
01:13 this story illustrates just how little people today
01:16 really know about God's word.
01:19 But tonight, we're going to dig up some deeply buried
01:23 long forgotten gems from the mine of God's truth.
01:28 Please don't be surprised or embarrassed
01:30 if God's word kind of undresses us,
01:35 reveal certain popular religious fallacies
01:38 that many of us may have believed
01:39 without thinking this is true.
01:41 But, you know, if the Bible
01:42 does reveal error in our thinking
01:44 we have to thank God, shouldn't we?
01:46 Amen.
01:47 We discovered last night, that the scientific world
01:52 is challenged today like never before
01:54 with its theory of evolution,
01:55 first proclaim by Charles Darwin
01:57 back in the year 1844
02:00 which is interesting that happens
02:01 if the end of the 490 year prophecy we talked about.
02:05 But scholars are now writing books which contest
02:10 and dispute present thinking about macroevolution.
02:14 Tonight right now the Hubble Spacecraft up there
02:17 is exploding theories of evolution right and left
02:20 about the origin of the stars.
02:22 In fact, I get the Los Angeles Times
02:24 and I read an article not too long ago
02:26 that was just absolutely devastating to evolution.
02:31 In fact, one of the foremost new thinkers for evolution,
02:35 Phillip Johnson recently wrote to provocative book called
02:38 The Wedge of Truth.
02:40 Where he indicates that there suddenly seems to be
02:43 renewed interest among scientist in the ID,
02:46 the intelligent design theory.
02:49 He says, the more we reach out into space the more we see
02:52 evidence of a designer at work in making the universe.
02:57 I have a lot of medical friends considered going to
03:00 medical school myself at school one time,
03:02 but doctors would tell you who were studying anatomy
03:05 for any part of the human body.
03:08 They admit that the eye or the ear
03:11 or the kidneys or the heart
03:13 just could not possibly how happened by chance.
03:17 Well, now if there is design, there has to be a designer.
03:22 Amen.
03:23 But if God created all of these things,
03:27 then how come He's so completely
03:30 forgotten by today's generation?
03:34 Tonight, I want us to take our Bibles
03:35 and discover some answers.
03:38 Billy Graham stated that God's last
03:42 prophetic message to this world
03:44 is found in the 14th chapter of the Book of Revelation,
03:48 where we find an angel flies in the midst of heaven
03:52 loudly proclaiming the final warning
03:54 message of prophecy to all the world.
03:56 In Revelation 14:17, it's says,
03:58 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
04:01 for the hour of His judgment has come, and worship Him
04:06 who made the earth, the heavens,
04:08 the seas and the springs of water."
04:12 Worship Him, because ladies and gentlemen,
04:16 worship is the central issue
04:18 in the entire great controversy.
04:21 Worship Him because at the very end of time when it's all over
04:25 and everything finally boils down to one issue,
04:28 the question is going to be, who are we going to worship?
04:32 And the last warning message here is not about Armageddon.
04:36 It's not about 666, it's not about left behind,
04:40 it's about Jesus and it's about worship.
04:43 Amen.
04:45 You see before Jesus comes,
04:47 God's final SOS prophetic judgment
04:50 call from heaven is to worship Him.
04:54 He says, I have authority to judge
04:56 because I am Creator.
05:00 And I think it's very, very interesting
05:03 it's precisely when evolution is now teaching
05:06 that we are just the result of chance.
05:10 And the beast power of Revelation 13 says,
05:12 Oh, come and follow me and accept my mark.
05:15 Forget the seal the of the Creator.
05:18 At this very time God calls every one on planet earth
05:22 to remember to worship the Creator and His sign.
05:28 Perhaps you're saying but, Lonnie,
05:31 how do I know what the sign of creation is?
05:34 Well, let's take a look at some of the evidence
05:36 tonight found way back there
05:37 and the very first chapter of the Book of Genesis.
05:40 In fact, last night we discovered
05:42 the very first thing the Bible tells us
05:44 Genesis 1:1 is,
05:46 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
05:53 God designed this world.
05:56 By the way the entire trinity was there.
05:59 You understand what I say, when I say trinity?
06:01 Most Christians would understand that.
06:03 The God the Father was there, Genesis 1:1 says.
06:08 And then Genesis 1:2 says, "And the Spirit of God
06:12 was hovering over the waters-- the face of the waters."
06:15 The spirit that's the third member of the godhead
06:17 but we found out that Jesus was involved too.
06:20 Many texts of scripture, John 1:3 says.
06:23 "All things were made through Him,
06:26 " through Jesus "and without Him
06:28 nothing was made that was made."
06:31 Paul tells us in Ephesians 3:9, that Jesus is the one
06:34 who put the finishing brush strokes on the canvas.
06:39 God created all things through Jesus Christ.
06:42 Amen.
06:43 But Genesis tells us how they did this.
06:47 I want us to review because this has something
06:48 very important to do with the final
06:51 Armageddon issue of worship.
06:53 In Genesis 1:3 let's review quickly,
06:56 it tells us about day one of creation.
06:58 There it says, "Then God said, 'Let there be,'" what?
07:01 "'Light,' and there was light."
07:04 We move down to Genesis 1:6, day number 2, "Then God said,
07:08 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the heavens'
07:12 to divide the waters from the waters."
07:15 We would say that's our ocean, that's our atmosphere,
07:19 water above, water beneath.
07:21 We go on to Genesis 1:9,10, day number three.
07:25 It says, 'Then "God said,
07:27 well, 'Let the waters under the heavens
07:29 be gathered together in one place,
07:31 and let the dry land appear' and it was so.
07:34 And God called the dry land earth,
07:36 and the gathering together waters He called Seas
07:39 and God saw that it was good."
07:42 I want you to notice what God did with the dry land.
07:45 Genesis 1:11 says, "Then God said,
07:49 'Let the earth bring forth grass,
07:51 the herb that yields seed,
07:53 and fruit tree that yields fruit
07:55 according to its kind, whose seed is in itself
07:58 and on the earth,' and it was so."
08:00 What day was this?
08:01 Genesis 1:13 says, so the evening
08:03 and the morning were the third day.
08:07 On the fourth day, "God went back
08:09 to kind of rearrange and make permanent light."
08:13 Genesis 1:14 says, "Then God said,
08:15 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens
08:19 to divide the day from the night.'
08:21 " Well, we would say of course that's the sun,
08:23 that's the moon.
08:24 In fact Genesis 1:16 says,
08:26 "Then God made two great lights,
08:29 the greater light to rule the day
08:31 and the lesser light to rule the night."
08:33 And then parenthetically the writer of Genesis--
08:35 Oh, by the way, He made the stars also.
08:39 Amen.
08:40 And then Genesis 1:19 says,
08:41 "So the evening and the morning were the fourth day."
08:45 On day five, God now turns His attention
08:49 to the sea and to the air.
08:51 Genesis 1:20,21, 23, says, "Then God said,
08:56 'Let the waters abound
08:58 with an abundance of living creatures,
09:01 and let birds fly above the earth
09:02 across the face of the firmament of the heavens.'
09:04 So God created great sea creatures
09:07 and every living thing that moves,
09:09 with which the waters abounded, according to their kind,
09:12 and every winged bird according to its kind.
09:14 And God saw that it was good.
09:17 So the evening and the morning were the fifth day."
09:21 Each day God's unfathomable artistry created
09:25 whole ecosystems step by step.
09:30 Do you know, folks, God did not create this magnificent world
09:33 simply for the birds and the fish.
09:35 He created it, the Bible says, to be inhabitant.
09:39 So on the sixth day God said in verses 24 and 25.
09:44 "Let the earth now bring forth the living creature
09:47 according to its kind cattle and creeping things
09:50 and beast of the earth, each according to its kind.
09:53 And God so that it was good."
09:57 But now comes the movement God has been waiting for,
10:01 the movement of truth as we'd say.
10:03 His crowning act, human beings.
10:07 Genesis 1:26, "Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image,
10:14 according to our likeness, let them have dominion
10:17 over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air,
10:19 and over the cattle, and over the earth
10:21 and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."
10:24 Can you see the divine Creator
10:27 stooping down there perhaps in little mud,
10:30 starting to do a little sand castle work,
10:33 trying to arrange some of the, and maybe He makes something
10:36 that looks like he's got five legs.
10:38 No, that's not gonna do, let's take off three, you know.
10:41 Let's make him a biped, two and He forms handsome Adam.
10:48 And like some women have said, then God said,
10:50 well, I think I can do better than that.
10:54 Let's do Eve, more gorgeous than ever, perfect.
10:59 Notice verses 28 and 31.
11:01 "Then God blessed them and God said to them,
11:04 'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.
11:07 Then God saw everything that He had made,
11:10 and indeed it was very good.
11:12 And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.'
11:16 " Folks, this was not Steven Spielberg's
11:18 Hollywood science fiction
11:20 that was putting all these together.
11:21 This was the real thing absolutely awesome.
11:26 The question is, how did He do it so quickly?
11:29 Well, the Bible gives an answer and by the way this is why,
11:33 we talked about the subject last night creation,
11:37 leads us to get down on our knees and worship Him.
11:41 Amen.
11:42 Psalm 33:8-9 says,
11:44 "Let all the earth fear the Lord,
11:46 " or reverence Him,
11:47 "let all the inhabitants of the world
11:49 stand in awe of Him.
11:51 For He spoke, and it was done.
11:55 He commanded, and it stood fast."
11:58 Back to Genesis 2:1 it says,
12:01 'Thus the heavens and the earth,
12:03 and all the host of them, were finished."
12:05 In six literal days,
12:09 our Creator brought into being shrubs,
12:12 flowers, streams, sunshine, glorious sunsets
12:15 and magnificent moon to enjoy the night.
12:18 Fish that would-- I believe that if we see something at
12:21 Disney World and at SeaWorld and some of these aquariums,
12:26 Marine Land.
12:27 You know, I believe that Adam and Eve
12:29 could have called those fish.
12:30 They probably called the birds of the air,
12:31 they had them do trick for them.
12:33 I mean, if we could do
12:34 and thing what they could have done.
12:37 But best of all God created two perfect people with whom
12:40 He could fellowship and walk and talk
12:42 within the cool of the evening.
12:43 Amen.
12:44 Oh, but God wasn't finished yet.
12:47 I want you to notice He had one more crowning delight
12:50 that He wanted to create.
12:52 Genesis 2:2,3.
12:56 "And on the seventh day
12:58 God ended His work which He had done
13:01 and He rested on the seventh day
13:03 from all of His work which He had done.
13:05 Then God blessed the seventh day
13:08 and sanctified it, because in it
13:10 He rested from all of His word
13:12 which God had created and made."
13:15 Now, folks, this was something unique.
13:17 This was something stunning, extraordinarily profound.
13:22 God created and made and blessed a day.
13:29 I mean, this was something different from anything else.
13:32 God did something unique for this day.
13:34 It says, He sanctified it, the seventh day,
13:38 that would mean He actually put some of His divinity,
13:42 His holiness into that 24 hour period of time and the angels
13:46 must have been absolutely amazed and stunned.
13:48 Wow, God didn't make holy some thing like a building
13:53 or a monument or pagoda He created a palace in time,
14:00 24 hours, holy, like God is holy.
14:04 And the Bible says, He set that aside for a holy use.
14:08 He did not do that for Sunday or Monday
14:10 or Tuesday or any day.
14:12 This was different from all the other days.
14:14 He set aside one day as holy dedicated totally to Him.
14:20 It says, God blessed the seventh day
14:22 and sanctified it.
14:24 By the way I have a question for you.
14:26 When God blesses something, how long is it blessed?
14:29 Forever. That's right.
14:31 First Chronicles 17:27 says,
14:34 "You have blessed, O Lord, and it is blessed forever."
14:38 Amen.
14:39 But then God did something else.
14:43 He went to brand newly weds Adam and Eve,
14:47 and He gave this time to Adam and Eve
14:50 as His personal forever wedding present.
14:55 Jesus said in Mark 2:27,
14:57 "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath."
15:03 Well, someone says, I think I know
15:06 where you're going with this, but you really think, Lonnie,
15:09 it makes a difference which day it is.
15:11 I mean one day and seven, what's the difference?
15:15 Well, by the way, ladies and gentlemen,
15:16 if we're gonna take this is as a popularity contest
15:19 which day of the week
15:20 should we probably keep holy, everybody?
15:24 If it's a popularity contest? Not Sunday.
15:29 Now we learned in Iraq there that there are some people
15:31 who keep Wednesday.
15:32 But did you know that the day
15:33 that we probably should all keep it,
15:35 if its popularity contest is Friday.
15:38 Because one quarter of the world is Muslim,
15:42 they keep Friday as their holy day.
15:43 So my question again, does it make a difference?
15:46 Well, anyone in the seven, do.
15:50 You, young gentleman, here that aren't married
15:52 yet, I'm looking at that row back in there, okay.
15:56 You, sir, okay.
15:58 Suppose it's your wedding day, okay,
16:01 but your fiancée happens to have six more sisters
16:06 and they're all look-alikes, in fact they are septuplets,
16:10 identical, it's your wedding day.
16:13 Now you selected one, you set her aside,
16:16 you quartered her, you got to know her,
16:18 through the wedding service, you sanctified her,
16:20 consecrated in holy matrimony.
16:23 Well, after the ceremony
16:24 you're visiting the guests at the reception there
16:26 and now you're ready to go off on your honeymoon
16:28 and so you say to a little fellow there,
16:30 that's taking care of the car door
16:31 and you say, hey, would you run and get my wife?
16:33 Little kid says, I can't tell which one she is,
16:36 I don't know, she looks like all the others.
16:38 Why you say it doesn't matter, anyone on the seven will do.
16:43 Will that work? No.
16:45 Come on, folks, does it make a difference?
16:47 Yes, it makes a difference.
16:49 You see God took one common ordinary day of the seven,
16:54 He chose it, He sanctified it, He said it apart,
16:57 He dedicated to Himself, He blessed it, He hallowed it,
17:01 not any day but the seventh day.
17:04 Amen.
17:05 And He said remember this day
17:07 because in those other six days I created.
17:11 Now, folks, listen you could worship
17:13 any day of the week you want.
17:15 You can worship every day.
17:17 But one the seventh day God says,
17:19 you honor Me, as Creator.
17:24 Now I have another question for you.
17:25 I don't see the young man here in front tonight.
17:27 Well, I'm gonna ask, you folks right here.
17:30 If God created the world in three days,
17:33 which day would be the Sabbath?
17:36 Come on, the fourth.
17:38 If God created the world in four days,
17:41 which day would be the Sabbath?
17:42 The fifth.
17:43 If He created in five days, which day is the Sabbath?
17:46 The only day that cannot be the Sabbath is the first day.
17:51 You see.
17:53 And did you know that if the Taliban and if Al Qaeda
17:58 and if Saddam Hussein had kept the Sabbath
18:00 there wouldn't be any terrorism attacks,
18:03 there would be no infidels on this planet,
18:05 no skeptics and no crime.
18:07 Because we'd all be reminded each week of our roots
18:13 and our relationship to the Creator,
18:15 that we were created for something better.
18:19 Amen.
18:20 I want you to look at me
18:22 with what happened back in the Book of Genesis.
18:25 The sad story there in Genesis 2 and 3, 4.
18:30 As sin increased on this planet,
18:33 humans forgot about our Creator
18:37 and when we forgot about our creator,
18:38 we forgot about the Sabbath.
18:40 In fact we forgot our roots,
18:42 we forgot where we even came from
18:43 and why we're here.
18:45 Forgot how we shouldn't live, completely forgot about God.
18:49 The Bible says, we began to worship idols
18:50 and tramping off after all sorts of other Gods.
18:53 In fact when you look at the record,
18:54 it's interesting,
18:55 every time God's people forgot the Sabbath,
18:59 it resulted in two things.
19:01 They went right into captivity
19:04 and they also lost the prophetic gift of prophecy.
19:08 Interesting.
19:09 In fact, back at the time of Moses,
19:12 the Book of Exodus says,
19:13 that they had so completely forgotten
19:15 which day was the Sabbath,
19:17 that when God pulled them out of Exodus
19:19 there out of the Sinai-- after the Sinai
19:22 wilderness from Egypt there at Mount Sinai,
19:24 God provided three miracles to help them
19:28 get back to worshiping Him as Creator
19:31 and keeping holy His Sabbath.
19:34 Bible is very clear about this.
19:35 In fact, first miracle God provided some miracle food
19:41 which was called manna.
19:42 You look at your Bible and you get home
19:44 and the King of James look in the margin
19:45 and it will have a marginal reference,
19:47 that word manna really means, what is it?
19:52 They came out and they saw this
19:53 stuff on the ground, what is it?
19:55 And so they named it, what is it?
19:57 Manna.
19:59 And that rain down every day for 40 years.
20:03 Exodus 16:4 says, "Then the Lord said to Moses,
20:06 'Behold I will rain bread from heaven for you.
20:09 And the people shall go out and gather a certain quota
20:12 every day, that I may test them,
20:14 whether they will walk in My law or not.'
20:17 '' Manna every day, six days a week, fresh, perfect.
20:21 Bible says, it was round like coriander seed,
20:25 sweet as honey, perfect food, they can cook it, bake it,
20:29 whatever they want it, eat it raw.
20:31 But then a second miracle, Exodus 16:5,6"
20:37 And it shall be that on the sixth day
20:41 they shall prepare what they bring in,
20:42 and it shall be twice as much as they gather daily.
20:46 Then Moses and Aaron said to all the children of Israel,
20:49 'At evening you shall know that the Lord has brought you
20:52 out of the land of Egypt.'
20:54 " So each day miracle Manna enough just for that day.
20:59 But now notice what happened on the sixth day,
21:01 they get twice as much manna.
21:03 Miracle two, Exodus 16:21-23.
21:07 "So they gathered it every morning,
21:09 every man according to his need.
21:11 And when the sun came hot, it came hot, it melted."
21:15 That's an interesting miracle.
21:16 Let it go out early enough in the morning to make sure
21:18 they get up and time to get the manna
21:19 or else it just disappeared.
21:22 And if they hoarded too much
21:23 and they try to keep it over to the next day,
21:24 what happened to that manna?
21:27 It bread worms and stack. So you couldn't be a pig.
21:31 You have to go out every day and trust God, faith every day.
21:35 We take a step at a time every day, right?
21:37 Good spiritual lesson.
21:38 And it says, "So it was on the sixth day,
21:40 that they gathered twice as much bread,
21:43 two omers for each one.
21:45 And all the rulers of the congregation,
21:47 it says came and told Moses.
21:49 And then he said to them,
21:52 'This is what the Lord has said,
21:53 ''Tomorrow is a Sabbath rest, a holy Sabbath to the Lord.
21:58 So bake what you'll bake today Friday the sixth day,
22:02 boil what you will boil, and lay up for yourselves
22:05 all that remains, to be kept until morning.'
22:10 " When miracle number 3 took place.
22:12 Wow, it didn't breed worms.
22:17 Miracle, it was fresher than ever.
22:19 You see when you keep God's Sabbath
22:21 things happen, miracles happen.
22:23 Amen. Amen.
22:24 Exodus 16:25, 26
22:27 "Then Moses said, 'Eat that today,
22:30 today is the Sabbath for the Lord,
22:32 today you will not find it out in the field.
22:34 Sixth day you shall gather it, but on the seventh day,
22:37 the Sabbath, there will be none.'
22:40 " And presto, I mean, without refrigerators
22:42 that manna was miraculously preserved on Sabbath.
22:47 But I want you to notice what happened.
22:50 Some people always know a little better than God.
22:53 They certainly knew better than Moses, they'd learned,
22:55 they've gone out early in the morning
22:56 and they have got too much or they didn't get enough
22:59 and we're gonna keep an extra manna around on for Sabbath.
23:02 It says, someone out on the Sabbath to gather manna,
23:06 and they had their cooking and frying utensils
23:09 and they're baking utensils,
23:10 they were intentionally disobeying God you see.
23:13 Notice Exodus 16; 28-30.
23:16 "And the Lord said to Moses, 'How long do you refuse
23:19 to keep My commandments and My laws?
23:20 See!
23:22 The Lord has given you the Sabbath,
23:24 therefore He gives you on the sixth day
23:26 bread for two days.
23:27 Let every man remain in his place,
23:30 let no man go out of his place on the seventh day."
23:33 So they finally caught on.
23:36 "And it says, the people rested on the seventh day.'
23:40 ' Now later on when they finally got to Mount Sinai
23:45 so that they wouldn't ever forget again
23:47 God chiseled back in stone with His own finger
23:51 and He made a special forever promise in Exodus 20:8-11.
23:55 He said, I want you to "Remember
23:58 the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
24:00 Six days you shall labor, do all of your work,
24:02 but the seventh day is the Sabbath" of the Jews.
24:08 Does say that, does it?
24:09 Whose Sabbath is it? Whose day is it?
24:14 It's the "Sabbath of the Lord, your God.
24:17 In it you shall not do work, you nor your son
24:20 nor your daughter nor your male servant,
24:22 or your female servant, nor your cattle,
24:24 nor your strangers within your gates four and six days,
24:27 the Lord made the heavens and the earth,
24:30 the sea and all that is in them
24:31 and He rested on the seventh day,
24:33 therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day
24:37 and hallowed it."
24:38 By the way if you like to read the King James
24:41 and you carefully count the words
24:42 in the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20
24:45 you'll notice that the Sabbath is right in the center
24:50 or the heart of those ten precepts.
24:53 In fact, the word the Sabbath, seventh day is the Sabbath,
24:58 is the center word of the Ten Commandments.
25:01 That's because the Sabbath is God's flag, His flag.
25:07 Now every country has a flag.
25:10 We have a flag here tonight, we happened to be worldwide
25:13 but I'm gonna use the illustration
25:14 of an American flag.
25:17 Now suppose in America here,
25:20 I take an ordinary piece of red cloth
25:23 and I just dropped it right here on the platform.
25:26 Well that's all right. Nobody is gonna get up set.
25:29 Let's suppose I take an ordinary piece of white cloth
25:33 and I just dropped that right here on the platform
25:35 but I walked on it now I even trampling my shoes off here,
25:40 nobody is excited, nobody gets worried.
25:42 Let's take an ordinary piece of blue cloth down now
25:46 and I drop this down and not only walk on it,
25:50 I've bend down here, now even shine my shoes a little bit,
25:53 nothing wrong.
25:55 But now let's say that we take an ordinary piece of red,
25:58 white and blue cloth and I sew these pieces of cloth together
26:05 into the stars and stripes, all glory.
26:11 Then suppose that I drop that flag down here.
26:14 Well, it's just an ordinary piece of cloth
26:17 and I walked on it, I shine my shoes on it,
26:20 does it make a difference, ladies and gentlemen?
26:22 Yes.
26:23 Every red blooded American
26:25 would do something about it, why?
26:28 Because now that is our country's symbol,
26:31 of everything we stand for as Americans.
26:34 Amen.
26:35 Now it's just an ordinary piece of cloth
26:38 but we have made it something special.
26:42 God took an ordinary day one of seven, He blessed it,
26:47 He sanctified it, He hallowed it
26:49 and He made it His flag, His Sabbath.
26:54 A symbol of His creative power
26:57 and of our forever fellowship with Him,
26:59 a symbol of salvation,
27:01 that He's King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
27:04 God Creator of the universe is just an ordinary day?
27:08 Yes, it is.
27:10 Might not even look any different
27:13 but any day won't do, will it?
27:16 Because He made it something special forever.
27:21 Amen.
27:22 And yet, you know, what,
27:24 billions today just trample God's flag.
27:28 They care nothing about His holy Sabbath.
27:31 And, friend, I want to tell you something.
27:34 God's voice of prophecy foretold that this would happen
27:39 that God's flag would be trampled.
27:43 But it also said that in the very last days
27:45 down here where we live tonight
27:46 in the tippy-toes of Daniel 2 that big image.
27:49 The voice of prophecy speaks again
27:51 and says that God is going to raise up
27:52 a special people to restore God's flag
27:57 and fly again the ends and of His creative power.
28:01 And tonight this very voice of prophecy speaks
28:05 in this meeting fulfilling Isaiah Chapter 58.
28:10 God's prophetic Isaiah, the gospel prophet,
28:14 it says, in the very end of time
28:16 you'll see that there's a great big breach
28:19 a whole gauged out in the Ten Commandments
28:22 that the Sabbath has been literally forgotten.
28:25 But God promises and pleads in Isaiah 58,
28:28 people in Carolina or over in Australia,
28:32 South America, the Islands of the Sea,
28:35 people I want you in the last days
28:38 to get back to repair
28:40 and rebuild these old waste places.
28:43 Notice Isaiah 58:12.
28:45 You he said, "You shall raise up the foundation,
28:49 " or we could say
28:50 you're gonna raise up the flag of many generations
28:54 and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,
28:57 the Restorer of Paths to Dwell in."
29:01 And He says, if you do this with God's flag
29:03 I'm gonna promise you something,
29:05 verses 13:14, notice.
29:07 "If you cease to tread the Sabbath underfoot,
29:12 " know what its saying there?
29:13 If you take your foot off from My flag God says,
29:16 stop walking on it
29:18 "and keep My holy day free from your own affairs,
29:21 if you honor it, not by applying your own trade,
29:25 nor seeking your own interest
29:26 or attending to your own affairs,
29:28 then you shall find your joy in the Lord."
29:33 God promises you delight yourself in the Lord,
29:36 He'll even cause you to ride
29:37 on the high places of the earth.
29:39 Isaiah 56:7,8 "Everyone that keepeth the Sabbath
29:44 will I bring to my holy mountain,
29:46 and make them joyful in my house of prayer
29:49 for mine house shall be called
29:50 in house of prayer for all people."
29:52 Remember on the opening night we talked about Armageddon
29:55 that big mountain of God versus
29:57 this little Mountain of Megiddo.
30:00 God says I'm gonna bring you to My mountain
30:01 if you get back to God.
30:04 By the way nowhere in all of the Bible
30:05 is this seventh day ever called the Sabbath of the Jews.
30:12 Jesus made it crystal clear.
30:14 He said, "I made the Sabbath
30:16 back in the beginning for all mankind,
30:20 not man for the Sabbath."
30:23 Exodus 20:10 says,
30:24 the seventh day is the Sabbath of whom?
30:28 The Lord.
30:29 You know, that's why Jesus says,
30:31 I made the Sabbath, it's My day.
30:35 By the way when the Pharisees were criticizing Jesus
30:37 for breaking the Sabbath, at least they thought
30:39 He wasn't keeping like they thought He should.
30:41 He said, you don't tell me
30:42 how to keep the Sabbath, that's My day.
30:46 The Son of Man He said in Matthew 12:8,
30:48 "Is Lord even of the Sabbath, I made it."
30:52 And that's why Revelation 1:10 says,
30:54 "That the Sabbath is the Lord's Day."
30:58 Amen.
30:59 But now can I get very personal?
31:02 Let me tell you why this Sabbath.
31:04 Never Sunday, never Wednesday or Friday
31:06 really becomes very intimate for me.
31:09 You see it's a very special secret sign between God and me.
31:16 It's not only God's sign that He's creator
31:18 and I'm glad to worship Him as Creator
31:20 but I wasn't there when He created the world.
31:23 But it is now become another sign, the Bible says,
31:26 it's not of the sign He's creator,
31:27 it's the sign He is my redeemer
31:30 that I've been born again, recreated.
31:33 Ezekiel 20:12, 20
31:34 are some of my favorite text in the Bible.
31:37 He says, "Moreover also I gave them"
31:39 or I gave Lonnie "my Sabbaths,
31:42 to be a sign between Me and them,
31:44 that they might know that I am the Lord
31:47 that sanctifies them."
31:48 Amen.
31:49 Folks, that's why I couldn't do without the Sabbath.
31:52 It's the sign of my redemption.
31:56 Ezekiel 20:20 and he says, Lon,
31:59 hallow my Sabbath so keep them holy
32:02 and they'll be a sign between Me and you,
32:05 that you may know that I am the Lord your God.
32:09 In fact, ladies and gentlemen,
32:10 this is one of the greatest reasons
32:12 why we will be keeping Sabbath when we get to heaven.
32:18 Now you say, why on the earth
32:19 that we need a Sabbath in heaven,
32:21 will we need time off?
32:22 Will we get tired? No.
32:25 But after gazillions and gazillions of years
32:28 the Sabbath will be the only reminder
32:32 that we have of creation
32:34 and also that will be the only real reminder
32:37 we have of redemption other than the nail
32:39 prints in His hands.
32:41 And every week throughout eternity
32:44 God's forever sign will be there
32:46 that we were born again.
32:47 That we've been saved,
32:48 that we were recreated in Jesus' image.
32:52 You say, well, Lonnie, does the Bible say that?
32:55 Yes, listen, Isaiah 66:22 and 23
32:59 reminding us of His forever sign.
33:02 "For as the new heavens and the new earth,
33:05 which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the Lord,
33:08 so shall your seed and your name remain.
33:12 And it will come to pass,
33:13 that from one new moon to another,
33:15 and from one Sabbath to another,
33:16 shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord."
33:20 Amen.
33:21 Throughout eternity, we'll celebrate and honor
33:24 Jesus as Creator and as a Redeemer.
33:31 I wish we could take you to our home on a Friday night.
33:35 Jeannie and I are by ourselves there.
33:39 At sunset Friday night we have a little tradition,
33:42 we borrowed some other people who have told us about this.
33:45 We usually light candles to signify
33:49 that Sabbath has come because Leviticus 23:23 says,
33:53 that's when God's Sabbath begins
33:55 at sunset beautiful time,
33:58 not at midnight when nobody is awake,
33:59 you don't know what comes or goes.
34:01 His time is from evening to evening, sunset to sunset.
34:04 And on Friday night Jeannie always make sure
34:07 that she has a very special prayer
34:09 and she has the best of food
34:11 and Jeannie is a wonderful cook by the way.
34:14 Special music plays on our stereophonic system.
34:17 It's a very special time for Jeannie and me
34:19 and for our family for celebrating holy time.
34:22 Amen.
34:23 Now doesn't it seem reasonable that if Sabbath was celebrated
34:28 way back there before sin even came,
34:32 and if that it's going to be celebrated
34:34 when the earth is made new in heaven,
34:36 that God's people shouldn't celebrate it now?
34:40 By the way, if there's still any question about
34:43 which day to keep, you know, something,
34:47 you're always safe to follow Jesus' example.
34:50 Amen.
34:51 And Luke 4:16 says, "So He came to Nazareth,
34:56 where He had been brought up.
34:57 And, as His custom was,
34:59 He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
35:03 and He stood up for to read."
35:04 Jesus' custom was to go to church on Sabbath.
35:07 By the way He's a perfect model,
35:11 a perfect example in all things.
35:13 You can never follow Jesus and not make it in the kingdom.
35:18 Listen, if you have a Webster's Dictionary at home,
35:20 you go home tonight, you look up the name Sabbath
35:24 and it will say this Sabbath Day
35:27 "seventh day of the week (Saturday)."
35:32 In Spanish the word is Sabado. Russian, Subato.
35:38 Many different languages same thing it means
35:40 Sabbath or rest day.
35:42 By the way the Sabbath day is to be a very, very happy day.
35:46 If I guess supposed to be the--
35:47 the best day of the week, a day of joy, why?
35:50 Well, you know what?
35:51 Because it's a date with God and a date with our families.
35:58 We have a lot to learn from the moment, friends,
36:01 family nights, Monday nights.
36:03 Sabbath is God's family day.
36:06 God says, delight yourselves on this day and He says,
36:10 you know, if you're miserable, if you get bored,
36:13 you're not keeping the Sabbath.
36:15 You girls listening over here,
36:17 I'm gonna talk to you for a minute.
36:20 Would you girls like to go out on the date with a bored,
36:25 someone always looking his watch every few minutes
36:27 or maybe going around the corner
36:29 and talking on his cell phone,
36:31 like a-- boy, I wonder when this is gonna be over.
36:35 You know, I'm afraid that
36:36 God goes through this a lot on Sabbath.
36:39 People at church with their cell phones,
36:41 looking at the clock, dads watching football,
36:45 moms at the mall shopping,
36:47 hey, that's no good date unless you can really be together
36:52 and focus on each other and enjoy each other.
36:54 The Sabbath should be the most exciting day of our lives.
36:56 In fact, Jews look forward to the Sabbath so much
37:01 that when it finally came
37:03 they wept that they were so happy.
37:07 Some very interesting people have discovered this
37:12 and I like to share a few things--
37:14 surprise a few of you.
37:16 Often Jeannie and I fly in the United Airlines.
37:19 I happened to be flying the particular month
37:21 when this issue of Hemisphere Magazine
37:23 was in the pouch in the passenger seat.
37:25 I pick this up myself.
37:27 I was scanning through the articles and here's one
37:31 on Ancient Wisdom not written by a Seventh-day Adventist
37:35 but written by someone who's discovered,
37:37 he is a young yuppie.
37:38 "Sabbath, if you and your family
37:41 are drowning in the sea of to-do lists
37:44 by doing nothing, I just say,
37:47 try doing nothing for just one day in the week."
37:49 And he's talking about the Sabbath.
37:50 Well, that was interesting to me
37:51 and then I got home from a travel trip
37:53 one time with Jeannie
37:54 and we're going togrocery store to restock up our refrigerator
37:57 and this issue of Readers Digest happened to be
37:59 in the stand at the checkout,
38:01 it's got Meryl Streep's picture on the front cover.
38:05 Inside I was scanning it through here
38:07 and here's another article by somebody,
38:08 not a Seventh-day Adventist.
38:09 "Stop the week life is what's happening
38:12 when you're too busy to notice."
38:13 An article by a young person
38:15 who has discovered God's Sabbath.
38:19 Well, maybe you're more familiar with
38:20 USA Today Magazine, the newspaper.
38:23 This is the weekend edition sometime ago.
38:27 The lead article, "Whatever happened to Sunday
38:28 or the Sabbath or a day of rest."
38:31 The lead article is remember the Sabbath.
38:35 People are discovering
38:36 this is not written by Seventh-day Adventist,
38:38 these are written by people
38:39 who are discovering this from God's word.
38:41 I get something else as a little
38:42 instead of reading all of the journals,
38:44 I don't have time and not at home enough
38:46 I get something called Bottom Line
38:47 some of you maybe familiar with this.
38:49 Nice digest of the news
38:50 and I was scanning through here one evening,
38:52 here's Wayne Muller explains "The awesome power of rest"
38:56 and he's talking about the Sabbath.
38:59 I get Billy Graham's magazine,
39:02 here he's talking about a time for rest,
39:04 the time for worship, he's talking about the Sabbath.
39:06 I even get copies from time to time of the Catholic Digest.
39:09 "A time for rest" talking about the Sabbath.
39:13 But what really was surprising to me
39:15 was to go to Andrews University one year
39:18 and I noticed that this poster
39:19 was hanging up all over the campus
39:21 because they were featuring one of the finest musicians
39:25 that we have today a gospel contemporary artist.
39:27 If you want to see some deep
39:29 profound moving songs in the lyrics,
39:33 listen to Michael Card.
39:35 Michael Card has told his friends,
39:37 he's not an Adventist
39:39 but he's told his friends in the music word,
39:41 "I have discovered a time
39:42 when I can finally have time for my family,
39:44 I don't have to be flying, I do have to go anywhere,
39:47 don't call me from Friday night
39:48 sundown to Saturday night sundown,
39:50 I won't answer the phone, I won't answer the fax,
39:52 we do not turn on the television,
39:53 we don't turn on the radio,
39:54 that's time for my family and me
39:56 we've discovered God's palace in time."
39:59 Amen.
40:00 Michael Card is keeping
40:01 the Seventh-day Saturday Sabbath.
40:03 He has told that to another Christian recording artist
40:06 that most of you who go to any church would recognize,
40:09 his name is Steve Green.
40:11 Steve Green keeps the seventh day Bible Sabbath.
40:14 Over 12 million Christian people
40:18 have discovered Sabbath
40:19 as the most exciting day of their lives.
40:22 In fact, it's very interesting that's some Catholics,
40:25 Lutherans, Methodists are starting Saturday services,
40:31 mostly for convenience, not necessarily
40:33 because they believe in Sabbath.
40:34 They want their members to come to church,
40:35 not go to the Sunday bowl games.
40:38 But let me clarify something.
40:40 Folks, Sabbath is not a day to say,
40:43 well, hey, God, okay, let's get together
40:46 and do what I like to do, I like to go fishing.
40:48 I like to play golf with You on Sabbath.
40:50 I want to watch TV. Let's go surfing.
40:52 No, God wants us to use that day
40:54 to develop character in us, morality, integrity,
41:00 to take quality time with our families
41:03 and to reach out and bless other people.
41:06 It's a time to get out in nature for sure.
41:09 But Jesus completely revolutionized
41:11 Sabbath's deeper meaning when He said in Matthew 12:12.
41:15 "It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath."
41:19 He wants you to take a break from the rat race of this life.
41:22 Take time to go over to the hospital.
41:25 Take your kids to the nursing home
41:26 and having take their pets along.
41:28 By the way those senior citizens
41:29 just love it when you bring your pets.
41:32 Jesus says, go out and minister to people on Sabbath.
41:34 Heal, help broken people feel whole again,
41:37 get radical as the kids would say, be different.
41:42 Sabbath is a day, you see, to recreate life
41:46 because that's what Jesus did.
41:47 Ann Landers used to say, every single American,
41:49 every person have to do one good deed--
41:52 a good deed everyday.
41:55 Kind of like the boys scouts,
41:56 girl scouts, only she always said,
41:58 you can't tell anybody about it, okay.
42:01 If you tell somebody about your good deed,
42:03 it doesn't count.
42:05 That's what God wants to do in the Sabbath.
42:06 You see, folks, the Sabbath is more than
42:08 just a difference of a day.
42:10 It is an experience, a different way of life.
42:13 You stop the rat race on Sabbath
42:15 and you focused on setting people free
42:17 from loneliness and guilt and estrangement and prejudice,
42:21 we free up ourselves to recreate in the image of God
42:26 that's what Sabbath is,
42:27 not just a 24 hour nap on Saturday.
42:31 But I want you to come with me for a moment to Calvary
42:33 and stand next to the cross,
42:36 the most sacred emblem of all Christendom.
42:39 You know that in the world's greatest emergency
42:41 the true meaning of the Sabbath was demonstrated
42:43 by those disciples and the women.
42:45 Do you remember what they did?
42:46 We just celebrated here with Easter.
42:48 Luke 23:56 says, "And they returned
42:51 and they prepared spices and ointments,
42:54 and rested the Sabbath according to the commandment."
42:58 You see, the tamper with the Sabbath
43:01 will be to tamper with Calvary itself.
43:04 In fact that's why the Book of Acts records
43:06 Paul and the disciples kept the Sabbath.
43:09 Folks, for 6,000 years the Sabbath runs like a thread
43:14 from Genesis all the way to the Book of Revelation,
43:17 where in chapter 14, as Billy Graham says,
43:19 it describes those who are patiently waiting for Jesus,
43:23 God's final last day called out once,
43:25 those who prepared to meet Jesus when He comes
43:28 right here at the end of time, right near Armageddon.
43:30 Revelation 14:12 says, "Here they are,
43:32 here's the patience of the saints.
43:34 They keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.
43:38 Amen.
43:39 But you know what settles this for me tonight, friend?
43:41 Jesus says in John 14:15 and John 15:14.
43:45 Lon, "If you love me, you will keep My commands."
43:49 And one of those commandments is to remember the Sabbath day,
43:53 His forever special sign.
43:56 The question is, am I willing to trust?
43:58 Am I willing to follow Jesus?
43:59 Willing to obey just because God asked me to?
44:03 You see the highest act of moral choice
44:06 is to do something for someone else
44:08 just because they asked you to.
44:13 You see, well, Lonnie, what I'm hearing tonight is so new.
44:16 What about all those wonderful
44:17 people out there in our community
44:18 who sincerely keep Sunday or another day?
44:22 And I can understand but, you know,
44:24 what, friend, God knows their hearts
44:26 and in fact, He says in Acts 17:30.
44:30 "In the past God overlooked such ignorance,
44:34 but now He commands all people everywhere to repent."
44:37 Don't you like that? He wings at past ignorance.
44:42 But when we know the truth
44:43 He expects us to start walking in the light of truth.
44:46 He says I'll help you.
44:48 So tonight I'd like to invite you
44:51 to make a decision to keep the Sabbath.
44:53 Million of others have but tonight
44:55 God is talking to you.
44:56 He's inviting you, placing a new responsibility
44:59 upon your heart to obey what you now know.
45:04 A quick story here.
45:06 Many of you remember about 10, 15 years ago,
45:08 a favorite Saturday night television show.
45:10 It was a crime syndicates show staring Tellie Savalas, Kojak,
45:16 you know, the bald headed actor.
45:19 Tellie Savalas died unfortunately of lung cancer
45:21 but of cancer and then but he confessed this story
45:24 to the tabloids before he died.
45:26 He said I was so popular and so famous
45:28 that we did an episode or two in Greece and he said--
45:31 I was revered there as an actor.
45:33 And he was flying from Los Angeles to Athens,
45:35 a 15 hour flight.
45:36 He said I checked in an airline and he said,
45:39 I didn't want anybody to bother me,
45:40 I had my script, I had all the--
45:42 I had to memorize the script.
45:43 So he said I put up a new paper like this.
45:46 As I sat there and everybody was checking in,
45:48 I was in first class, I didn't want anybody to recognize
45:50 because they all knew my bald head.
45:52 So he said, sat there until the plane was all filled
45:54 and he said, finally when I realized the closure
45:57 were ready to fly, he said, I put the newspaper down.
46:00 He said a gentleman was just putting his coat and his hat,
46:03 very, very dignified, very military like
46:06 and he was sitting down beside me,
46:08 well, if it isn't Tellie Savalas?
46:11 Oh, I can't believe it.
46:12 What luck I'm gonna have the next 15 hours
46:14 to sit next to you and talk.
46:16 Well, Tellie said I was myth
46:17 because I didn't want to talk to anybody.
46:18 I didn't want to see anybody. So he said, I just ignored him.
46:21 I turned my shoulder to him, I looked at the window.
46:25 But five or six hours into the flight,
46:27 the gentleman turned over and he said, Mr. Savalas,
46:29 I don't want to bother you but my kids and my family
46:32 will get such entertainment--
46:34 you bring us such joy in our home
46:35 on Saturday night in Greece.
46:36 I just got to tell you that you mean a lot to us.
46:38 Thank you for what you do.
46:40 Tellie said again I was so myth that he would bother me.
46:42 I turned my shoulder to him and never even acknowledged
46:45 that a human being had just spoken to me.
46:48 He said, finally about six hours out of Athens
46:51 the gentleman pulled a pencil out of his
46:53 or pen out of his pocket,
46:54 he said we're just being served in first class
46:56 to get all kinds of meals and they give you a menu.
46:59 So the gentleman had the menu and he said to me,
47:01 Tellie, he said, I really won't bother you anymore
47:03 but if you really don't mind,
47:06 my kids won't believe that I sat next to you.
47:09 They would be thrilled--
47:10 would you just mind signing your autograph here?
47:13 Tellie said, I pushed that pen away
47:15 and I turned and I looked at the window,
47:16 I never even spoke to him.
47:18 So he said, he didn't bother me again,
47:20 till finally we landed in Athens,
47:21 that we're moving toward the jet way
47:23 when the plane pulled off to the right
47:24 and he said, I looked at the window
47:26 and there are all kinds of people out there,
47:28 hundreds of them, thousands of them
47:30 and they look like military and police
47:32 and honored guard and there was the press
47:33 and television cameras and he said,
47:34 as we pulled to the stop,
47:35 they start roll out a big red carpet toward me.
47:37 And he said, I thought, oh, no,
47:39 somebody send a word ahead
47:40 and I'm gonna have to meet the press.
47:42 I'm a big star here.
47:43 And he said, right then the plane pulled to a halt
47:46 and the captain's voice came over the intercom said,
47:48 ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,
47:50 welcome to Greece, Athens,
47:52 the birth place of the cradle of western civilization.
47:55 We're so glad you're here.
47:56 Ladies and gentlemen,
47:57 I hope you will remain in your seats for a moment.
47:58 You've noticed that we pulled off to the side,
48:00 something very special is about to happen.
48:02 You see we've a celebrity on our plane.
48:05 Well, we've very special guest.
48:07 He said, he's been away from our country
48:09 for a number of months on a medical emergency
48:12 and the whole country is so happy to have him back
48:14 that the heads of state, the Supreme Court,
48:17 the heads of the military, the army, the navy, the police,
48:20 they are all here and the television cameras
48:22 have come to welcome home their king.
48:26 Tellie said at that moment this man next to me stood up,
48:29 he reached for his coat, put on his royal hat,
48:32 he straightened his uniform, he walked out of the door,
48:35 as the band split the air and welcomed home
48:38 the king of Greece, his Royal Highness.
48:42 And Tellie confessed later, he said, just to think,
48:45 to think, I could have sat next to a king.
48:49 I could have got acquainted with the king.
48:51 I could have been a friend of a king
48:55 but I was too much into myself.
49:02 God says on the seventh day Sabbath,
49:05 we can ride next to the king, we can walk, talk,
49:09 get acquainted with the Creator the King,
49:11 but too much, too many of us are too much into ourselves.
49:17 Tonight is your way the eternal consequences
49:19 if your decision for Jesus Christ
49:21 wondering and pondering.
49:23 What day shall I keep?
49:24 They are those out there, Sunday who will say,
49:27 well, come on, we're the more popular group,
49:31 join us it's easy, it's convenient,
49:35 it's traditional, it's popular, we're in the majority.
49:37 But, friend, look again and look to Jesus
49:40 who lifts His nail scarred hands
49:42 of all ages and Jesus says,
49:44 if you love Me keep My commandments.
49:47 And He generally calls us, friend, follow Me.
49:51 My friend George Vandeman was preaching on this subject
49:54 one night and as he made his appeal
49:55 he noticed a young man slip out of the audience
49:58 into the darkness and he was weeping
49:59 and George Vandeman slipped out too
50:01 and as he approached this man,
50:02 the young man took him by the collar
50:03 and he said, George, all my life I prayed for truth
50:08 but I never thought to ask God how much it would cost.
50:12 Friend, it would you cost you something,
50:15 but it will be one of the most important decisions
50:17 you make in your life.
50:18 I know you will say, Jesus I'll stand with you,
50:20 I'll put you first,
50:22 I'll raise up your flag in my life,
50:23 I'll follow you all of the way.
50:26 And if this is your decision, make it tonight,
50:29 just now as we pray.
50:32 Precious Lord, tonight we're learning that You created us
50:36 for something better, heavens special sign.
50:41 There are sincere individuals here tonight for whom this is
50:45 kind of brand new, it's kind of disturbing,
50:48 but the voice of prophecy speaks.
50:51 And it's exciting and thrilling to realize
50:53 this is a revelation of truth
50:55 and we want to follow Jesus no matter what the clause.
50:59 Like the big decision to stop our regular work,
51:01 start keeping your neglected Sabbath but You promise
51:03 that You're there right beside us,
51:06 you'll give us all the help we need.
51:07 So with our heads bowed I want us to take those
51:09 response cards right now, pass them down row captains.
51:13 Make you decision as to what you'd like to do
51:15 in terms of following in Jesus' steps and say, Lord,
51:19 help me to keep Your Sabbath day holy.
51:21 Would you do that just now as Joey sings?
51:29 Why don't you give Him first place in your heart?
51:37 Don't turn away from His love depart
51:44 You will find happiness right from the start
51:50 If you will give Him first place in your heart
51:56 Are you longing for someone to guide you each day?
52:04 Someone who knows every step of the way
52:10 Are you wondering why there are clouds in your sky?
52:17 I have an answer for you
52:23 Why don't you give Him first place in your heart?
52:30 Don't turn away from His love depart
52:37 You will find happiness right from the start
52:44 If you will give Him first place in your heart
52:50 Will you give Him first place
52:55 In your heart?
53:03 I hope you prepared your response.
53:05 Number one, I want to follow Jesus regardless of the cost.
53:08 Number two, I want to keep holy
53:09 the seventh day Saturday as the Bible Sabbath.
53:12 And number three, maybe you would like to mark
53:13 I need more information.
53:15 Tonight we've a special gift for everyone here,
53:17 it's called the Repairing of Sam Brown
53:19 which he will answer many of the questions
53:20 you might have.
53:23 You should have pass in response cards,
53:24 all the downlink locations.
53:25 Remember next Wednesday night our subject,
53:29 "Whatever Happened To Right and Wrong."
53:33 Thank you, everyone.
53:34 Remember, God really does love you.
53:38 Good night.


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