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00:31 There was a time in world history
00:34 when most people believed that the earth was flat.
00:40 When Christopher Columbus boarded his ships
00:42 and sailed west from Spain for several weeks,
00:45 you know the story that his sailors were
00:47 absolutely terrified because they were certain
00:49 they would fall right off the edge of the world.
00:53 But you know had people back then taken the Bible seriously
00:58 and if they'd looked into it, they would have seen
01:00 that God said way back here that the world was round.
01:04 Back to Prophet Isaiah, writing about God, says
01:08 "It is He who sits upon the circle of the earth."
01:15 Now that's written 2,000 years
01:17 before Columbus sailed west in search of India.
01:21 You see, ladies and gentlemen just because most people
01:23 believed that the earth was flat,
01:26 didn't make it so.
01:29 Now tonight I want to especially
01:30 talk to my Protestant friends in the audience
01:33 all across North America in this planet.
01:36 Because we're going to look into the Bible and history
01:39 and discover how millions of us have been fooled by a myth.
01:45 But believing a myth doesn't make it true, does it?
01:48 Are you ready? Yes.
01:50 Give me 30 minutes before anybody moves.
01:53 The speed with which the early Christian church
01:56 tobogganed downhill into apostasy,
01:59 takes one's breath away.
02:01 In fact, even before Peter, and Paul,
02:02 and the other apostles died,
02:04 things in the early church were going terribly wrong.
02:08 And that's because immediately after
02:10 Jesus went back to heaven, Satan launched
02:12 a cunning campaign against the infant church,
02:15 determined to lead people into error.
02:18 He wanted to ruin Christianity.
02:20 In fact, Paul cried out in 2 Thessalonians 2:7.
02:25 "the mystery of lawlessness is already at work"
02:30 "Beware of these dogs, beware of evil workers"
02:33 he said in Philippians 3:2.
02:35 Beware of compromises because Christianity was
02:38 tumbling, tumbling, tumbling downhill into apostasy.
02:42 In fact when you look in your church history books,
02:44 I don't care where you go to any library.
02:46 In the very 1st century,
02:47 already some were beginning to teach heresies.
02:50 Like, for example, they denied that Jesus had a real body.
02:53 You find that in 1 John 4.
02:56 And we find that Paul was bitterly harassed
02:58 by an off-shoot group
03:00 who followed him preaching of all things.
03:02 "Another gospel" of works. Philippians 3, Galatians 1.
03:07 You see, immediately after the days of Jesus,
03:10 Satan stirred up this great controversy again.
03:13 This great play and counter-play between
03:15 the forces of good and evil in the universe.
03:18 And you what? You and I are the prize.
03:20 We're the game.
03:23 Every time God's divine
03:24 inspiration reveals truth to us,
03:26 Satan comes and counters by attempting to confuse
03:29 and twist and distort the truth
03:32 to wrench away our allegiance to Christ.
03:36 And Satan's greatest deceptive efforts to produce apostasy,
03:40 zeroed in to fool millions by myths.
03:44 In fact, the doctrine for example
03:46 of what happens when a person dies?
03:48 Satan widely distorted that in the second century A.D.
03:52 In the 3rd century one of the early church fathers
03:55 by the name of Origen he taught that,
03:58 "Hey, you have a second chance after death."
04:03 And we find also that the doctrine of "Righteousness
04:05 by faith faded completely from the picture very, very early.
04:09 Because Satan saw to it, that it gave way to forgiveness
04:14 through penance or through priests and bishops.
04:19 Well, another strange doctrine that arose early
04:22 in the second century was when Christians of all people
04:26 began to popularize through novels.
04:30 "Celibacy, chastity, virginity."
04:35 Why they said, that's much more pleasing to God
04:38 than even marriage.
04:40 In fact, some synods even went to say that adultery,
04:43 you know, adultery can never be forgiven.
04:46 So you're best not to marry at all.
04:48 And so convents and monasteries popped up everywhere.
04:53 You see, Satan was very early setting the stage
04:56 for the exaltation of tradition above scripture.
05:00 The doctrine of apostolic succession and the supremacy
05:05 of the Church of Rome, all way back before 300 A.D.
05:10 And we might very well expect that the Sabbath
05:14 was among the earliest doctrines to be abandoned
05:16 in those first centuries by the early Christians.
05:19 Why? Well, why not?
05:21 In view the importance that we saw last weekend,
05:24 the very, very special place
05:25 God intended for the Sabbath to fill.
05:27 You know, what would be strange
05:28 had Satan not attacked the Sabbath early.
05:32 But this same prophetic voice
05:35 that predicted the rise and fall of world empires
05:38 also predicted many, many centuries before,
05:42 the rise and progress of great religions upon this earth.
05:46 And it predicted a great historical apostasy.
05:50 And tonight this Voice of Prophecy speaks again.
05:57 "Johnny," said the teacher.
05:59 "Johnny, how many legs does a puppy have
06:03 if you call its tail a leg?"
06:05 "Five," said Johnny. "Wrong" said the teacher.
06:09 "For Johnny to call his leg--
06:12 his tail a leg doesn't make it one."
06:18 You got the point?
06:19 You see millions of sincere people today,
06:23 they believe that the day that God wants them
06:26 to worship is Sunday, the first day of the week,
06:29 but to call Sunday "Sabbath" doesn't make it so.
06:34 The Bible from beginning to end testifies
06:37 as we found the other night.
06:39 That God established the Sabbath
06:42 as the seventh day of the week.
06:44 And no place in all of Scripture does God
06:46 ever indicate that He has changed that day,
06:48 that He made in creation as our day of rest.
06:52 Now before I unfold "Evil's Masterstroke Revealed,"
06:57 Let me first carefully review for a moment
06:59 what we found out by a study of His prophetic Word
07:02 from the last three nights that are built up toward tonight.
07:04 I want you to follow me closely by way of review
07:06 for those of you who maybe listening in the first time.
07:08 We discovered that when God first created Planet Earth,
07:12 He created the seventh-day Sabbath
07:14 as a memorial of creation.
07:17 And when God then wrote His Ten Commandment Law at Mt. Sinai,
07:21 the Sabbath was put right in the very heart
07:22 of those Ten Commandments.
07:24 In Exodus 20:8, 9, He says
07:26 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy.
07:28 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
07:30 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord."
07:34 Oh, and don't forget, God also reminds us in Deuteronomy 4:2
07:39 "Don't add to what I command you and don't subtract from it,
07:42 but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you."
07:46 In Psalm 89:34 God says, "My covenant I will not break,
07:52 nor alter the word that's gone out of My lips."
07:56 That's why Jesus, when he came here.
07:58 In His Sermon on the Mount, said in Matthew 5:17-19
08:01 "Don't even think about it,
08:03 that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets.
08:06 I did not come to destroy but to fulfill."
08:09 And we found out what that word means to give fuller meaning.
08:13 For Jesus said assuredly, I say to you,
08:15 till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle
08:18 will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.
08:23 In fact, Jesus goes on to say "Whoever therefore breaks
08:25 one of the least of these commandments,
08:28 and teaches men to do so,
08:30 he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven"
08:32 which was a gentle way of saying
08:33 he is not gonna get there.
08:36 And that's why the Bible tells us
08:38 Jesus modeled for us keeping holy the Sabbath.
08:41 He gave us an example.
08:43 And when those high muckety-muck religious leaders
08:45 accused Jesus of violating the Sabbath and breaking it,
08:48 Jesus said, "You don't tell Me how to keep the Sabbath.
08:51 I'm Lord of that day. I made it."
08:54 Mark 2:27, 28 "The Sabbath was made for man,
08:58 and not man for the Sabbath.
09:00 Therefore, the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath."
09:04 Something else interesting in Matthew 24,
09:07 when Jesus was talking of the disciples looking far
09:09 into the future way down to the days of terrorists and jihad,
09:14 and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
09:18 Jesus said in Matthew 24:20.
09:20 He said, "You folks pray that you don't have to be
09:23 fully pregnant and fleeing on the when that comes.
09:26 You are also pray that your flight
09:28 won't have to be in winter or on the Sabbath day."
09:33 Jesus evidently thought the Sabbath
09:35 would be kept 70 years in the future.
09:38 Now of course, everyone would admit that our friends
09:40 the Orthodox Jews have worshiped on the seventh day
09:44 ever since the Exodus more than 3,500 years ago.
09:49 In fact throughout the rest of the New Testament,
09:51 we find that Jesus' followers continued to honor the Sabbath.
09:55 You see, friend, even if the Bible
09:57 were our only source of information,
09:59 we would still be able to determine
10:00 which day is the seventh day, Sabbath.
10:04 Take for example something that just happened three weeks ago.
10:07 Easter. Easter weekend.
10:10 All four of the Gospels give the exact same account.
10:13 Explicitly telling us that the day between Good Friday
10:17 and Resurrection morning is the Sabbath
10:20 according to the commandment is what it says.
10:22 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, they all wrote
10:25 that Sunday is the first day of the week
10:28 and they called the seventh day the Sabbath.
10:31 So the biblical record is crystal clear,
10:33 showing us Christ and His disciples
10:35 they never changed the day of worship.
10:37 In fact, you know if they had changed,
10:39 if they had changed God's Ten Commandments,
10:42 that would have been the lead article
10:44 in every single New Testament Book of the Bible.
10:46 It would have been a momentous change
10:48 because no one has the right to alter God's Law.
10:53 In fact, do you know that scholars
10:54 from Sunday-keeping churches agree
10:56 with what I have just told you?
10:58 Let me take a quotation, you can look at it on the screen
11:00 from Catholic Cardinal James Gibbons, I'm quoting.
11:04 He wrote, "You may read the Bible
11:07 from Genesis to Revelation, you will not find a single line
11:10 authorizing the sanctification of Sunday.
11:13 The Scriptures enforce
11:14 the religious observance of Saturday."
11:18 Well, let's take a Methodist,
11:20 here is Clovis G. Chappell, a Methodist.
11:23 He concedes the same point that he says and I quote,
11:26 "The reason we observe as Methodist the first day
11:29 instead of the seventh is based on no positive command.
11:33 One will search the Scriptures in vain for authority
11:36 for changing from the seventh day to the first day."
11:40 Let's go to another popular denomination
11:42 at least in United Sates, R.W. Dale,
11:44 who speaks for the Congregationalists,
11:45 and he says, "It is quite clear that,
11:48 however rigidly or devotedly we might spend Sunday,
11:52 we are not keeping the Sabbath.
11:54 There is not a single sentence in the New Testament
11:56 to suggest that we incur any penalty
11:58 by violating the supposed sanctity of Sunday."
12:03 Well, now I could choose all kinds of other quotations
12:05 from practically every denomination in any community.
12:08 We could take the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church,"
12:11 the Church of England, our Baptist friends,
12:13 our Lutheran friends, the Christian Church.
12:15 In fact, it's interesting that Father T. Enright,
12:18 who is a Catholic priest, said this.
12:21 Notice what it says on the screen.
12:23 He said, "I have repeatedly offered $1,000
12:26 to anyone who can prove to me from the Bible alone
12:29 that I am bound to keep Sunday holy.
12:31 There is no such law in the Bible he said.
12:33 It is a law of the holy Catholic Church alone.
12:37 The Bible says, 'Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.'
12:40 The Catholic Church says, 'No.
12:42 By my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day
12:46 and command you to keep holy the first day of the week.'
12:48 And, lo!
12:49 The entire civilized world bows down
12:51 in a reverent obedience to the command
12:53 of the holy Catholic Church."
12:57 Well, the real question is this though.
13:01 If there's no biblical record, that Christ or His disciples
13:05 kept any other day and any minister today will agree,
13:10 then the question you will ask is,
13:12 how did Sunday-keeping get started?
13:15 Well, ladies and gentlemen, since there's no hint
13:17 of a change in the Bible, we have to turn to history.
13:21 How? When? Why was this change made?
13:27 Well, it came about through a very involved
13:30 combination of circumstances in history.
13:32 Let me share just a few highlights.
13:34 But first, I want to share something from my heart here
13:37 very important so we don't think
13:38 that we're pointing fingers or criticism at anyone
13:41 or any particular denomination tonight, is that fair?
13:45 Listen, when we go back into early Christianity,
13:49 folks there were no denominations.
13:51 There were no Presbyterians, there were no any.
13:54 So we're talking about our church here.
13:58 Is that good? My church, your church.
14:03 Sure, there was persecution.
14:05 There were some heresies there. There were compromises.
14:08 But to simply point the finger at any one denomination
14:11 is misleading, because for a thousand years
14:13 there weren't any other denominations.
14:15 So tonight whether you're a Catholic
14:17 or you're Jew or Protestant or whatever.
14:19 This is our heritage in the Christian church.
14:24 That's our church. Did they make mistakes?
14:27 Yes, just like they do today.
14:30 But it's our Christian church that committed
14:32 these mistakes and adopted these myths.
14:35 But you see in an honest love for the Lord
14:37 and a desire to rediscover end-time prophetic truths
14:41 demands that we today pray real hard,
14:44 hold hands here together tonight,
14:46 we humble our hearts to prove and study all things.
14:50 So let's proceed.
14:52 But the evidence seems to point to the Church of Rome.
14:57 For instance we learn from Socrates Scholasticus.
15:00 Now he was a fifth-century historian,
15:02 he says this, quoting.
15:05 "Almost all churches throughout the world celebrate
15:08 the sacred mysteries, that would be the Lord's Supper
15:11 on the Sabbath of every week,
15:14 yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome,
15:18 on account of some ancient tradition,
15:20 have ceased to do this."
15:23 See a gradual change of days in some areas
15:26 began somewhere between A.D. 70 and A.D. 135,
15:30 the dates when two very bitter and bloody insurrections
15:34 by the Jews were just crushed by the Romans.
15:37 Now you remember, the Jews hated Rome.
15:41 Well, Rome finally got fed up with the Jewish revolts.
15:45 A doctoral, doctoral thesis on this change of the Sabbath
15:49 was written at the Pontifical University in Rome,
15:51 and it states this, I'm quoting notice on the screen
15:54 "Beginning with the first Jewish Revolt
15:57 that was against Rome in about 66-70 AD,
16:01 various repressive measures military, political and fiscal
16:05 were imposed by the Romans on the Jews."
16:09 Wow, that only added fuel to the fire.
16:12 So again in A.D. 135 there was another major Jewish revolt
16:16 led by fellow by the name of Bar-Kokkba.
16:19 And that was crushed by the armies of Emperor Hadrian.
16:22 Listen to what history says happened, and I'm quoting,
16:25 "Outraged, Roman Emperor Hadrian at this time prohibited
16:30 the practice of the Jewish religion throughout the empire,
16:33 condemning especially Sabbath observance."
16:36 I want you to notice what's happening here.
16:39 Christians were keeping the Sabbath too.
16:42 But they weren't Jews.
16:45 And the mounting hostility of the Romans against the Jews
16:48 coupled with the conflict between
16:50 the Jews and the Christians,
16:52 encouraged a rash of anti-Jewish literature,
16:55 which, in turn created all kinds of strong
16:57 anti-Jewish sentiment throughout the Roman Empire.
17:00 And Christians became increasingly sensitive
17:03 about any identification with the Jews.
17:06 And since Sabbath-keeping tended
17:08 to identify them with the Jews,
17:10 many of the Christians began to minimize its obligations,
17:13 quoting history again, Impressive indications suggest
17:17 that Sunday observance was introduced
17:20 at this time in conjunction with Easter-Sunday,
17:24 as an attempt to clarify to the Roman authorities
17:27 the Christian distinction from Judaism."
17:31 Now this is a historical fact.
17:34 Maybe you didn't know this, but at first,
17:35 Sunday was only kept once a year at Easter,
17:39 when Christians celebrated Christ's resurrection.
17:42 It's known in history as the "Easter Controversy."
17:46 That's an other subject, but with this background in mind,
17:49 you know, it's easy to see how Christians who were living
17:51 in Rome, the capital city of the Roman Empire,
17:54 where they hated Jews, well, those Christians
17:56 kind of led the way in disassociating themselves
17:59 from Sabbath-keeping.
18:01 Rome held the Jewish Sabbath-keeping.
18:04 That was something in contempt.
18:07 And so the Roman Christians protested too.
18:10 You know, "Hey, we're not Jews.
18:12 You know, we'll go so far to prove it,
18:14 that we're going to even shy away from Sabbath-keeping"
18:18 Now no Jew would ever say that.
18:21 But you know, the Bible does tell us that the church
18:23 in Rome was composed predominantly of Gentiles.
18:27 Remember Paul, addressing the church in Rome in Romans 11:13.
18:31 He says, "I am talking to you Gentiles"
18:34 converts who were former pagans.
18:38 Now the Gentile pagans weren't nearly as familiar
18:42 and established in Sabbath-keeping
18:43 as were the Jewish Christians,
18:45 who'd always practice Sabbath-keeping.
18:48 But the question is, why was Sunday finally chosen
18:52 rather than some other day of the week?
18:55 Well, that's a good question.
18:58 But the pagans
19:00 guess what day they just happened to worship on?
19:04 They'd been sun worshipers for millennia,
19:08 celebrating Sun-day as the sun God's day.
19:13 So some of the Christians in Rome,
19:15 they saw an advantage in maybe compromising with paganism.
19:19 You know, we'll worship on the pagan "sun-day"
19:24 but we will call it the Lord's day instead.
19:27 By just adopting a few pagan customs,
19:31 while all of these pagans here they'll convert to Christianity
19:34 even more quickly and they'll feel more at home.
19:36 Besides, we'll benefit the Roman Empire,
19:39 uniting its subjects into one great religion.
19:43 How right they were. But oh, how wrong.
19:47 You go back in a church history,
19:49 you will find out that from then on Christianity
19:51 tobogganed into apostasy as all kinds of pagan rites
19:55 and ceremonies and practices crept into the church.
19:59 If you want to go to a book store
20:00 or look for an old used book store, you get this book.
20:04 It's written by Alexander Hislop.
20:07 It's called The Two Babylons.
20:10 I promise you, it will blow your minds
20:12 about things that have crept into Christianity, Christmas
20:15 and Easter and bunny rabbits and all that stuff.
20:17 But history tells us, that at first,
20:21 at first Sunday was celebrated not as a holy day at all,
20:24 but just kind of like a holiday.
20:27 And for years Christians kept both days, Sabbath and Sunday.
20:32 In fact, the Apostolic Constitutions, Book 7 says,
20:35 "The erosion of the purity of the apostolic church
20:38 stood firm and pure, but when the second
20:42 and third generation Christians came along,
20:45 we see evidence of compromise and apostasy."
20:49 Another history book, historian Dr. W. D. Killen writes,
20:54 "Between the days of the apostles
20:56 and the conversion of Constantine...
20:58 rites and ceremonies of which neither Paul nor Peter
21:01 ever heard, crept silently into use,
21:03 and then claimed the ranks of Divine institutions."
21:07 See they were saying thing like, you know,
21:09 we'll just adopt a few pagan customs like sprinkling
21:14 or images, prayers to the saints, purgatory,
21:19 infant baptism, Halloween, rings Jewelry, the sun-god day.
21:26 But suddenly the church was becoming
21:28 more pagan than it was Christian.
21:30 In fact, this is a historical fact,
21:33 Constantine was so amazed at how popular Christianity
21:37 was becoming now throughout the Roman Empire.
21:39 One day he decided well, I should be baptized too.
21:44 And history tells us that one day he marched down
21:46 with his entire army, down into the river
21:49 and he said, now we are all baptized.
21:52 Well they got wet, all right.
21:55 But it didn't change their hearts, did it?
21:58 Now Christianity was more pagan than it was Christian,
22:02 tumbling into apostasy and ruin.
22:07 Then came the very first civil Sunday law passed by
22:11 the Roman Emperor Constantine on March 7, A.D. 321.
22:14 You can look it up on in your history books.
22:16 Now mind you Constantine was still pagan,
22:19 still worshiped the sun.
22:21 But he legislated, "On the venerable day of the sun
22:24 let the magistrates and people residing in the cities rest,
22:28 and let all workshops be closed.
22:31 In the country, however, persons engaged in agriculture
22:34 may freely and lawfully continue their pursuits."
22:39 Then, the church jumped on the bandwagon.
22:44 Because the next step in making Sunday-keeping
22:46 an integral part of Christianity was taken
22:49 by the church there at Rome in the Council of Laodicea,
22:54 the first religious law
22:55 concerning the keeping of Sunday.
22:57 I want you to notice on the screen.
22:59 "In the year 325, Sylvester, Bishop of Rome,
23:04 changed the title of the first day,
23:06 calling it the Lord's day."
23:09 And then again at the Council of Laodicea, in A.D. 364,
23:13 the Roman Church issued this law,
23:16 and I'm quoting "Christians shall not Judaize."
23:19 That means, we don't want them to keep Sabbath any more
23:23 and be idle on Saturday... but shall work on that day,
23:27 but the Lord's day they shall especially honor,
23:30 and, as being Christians, shall if possible,
23:32 do no work on that day.
23:34 If however, they are found Judaizing,
23:37 they shall be shut out from Christ."
23:41 Well, now folks, they didn't have faxes back there.
23:44 They didn't have email, they didn't have newspapers,
23:47 so very, very few people around the planet knew
23:50 about these dictums there from Rome and these changes
23:52 and history confirms in fact that
23:54 many, many, many Christians
23:56 still continue to observed Sabbath
23:58 as late as the sixth century.
24:01 In France, in Italy, in Germany,
24:04 historians record that clear into the Middle Ages,
24:07 the Waldenses, the Albigenses,
24:09 they observed the seventh-day Sabbath
24:11 over in Africa, the islands of the sea.
24:14 They hadn't gotten word that the Sabbath was changed.
24:17 In fact, I'm gonna kind of blow your minds
24:18 a little bit tonight.
24:19 You ladies here are wearing green.
24:22 We celebrate St. Patrick's Day with wearing the green, right?
24:25 Did you know ladies and gentlemen
24:26 that St. Patrick of Ireland kept the Sabbath day holy?
24:31 Because the news of the change in Rome
24:33 hadn't reached Ireland by the time he died,
24:35 so he was a Sabbath-keeper.
24:37 In fact, the Celtic church in England
24:40 and Ireland they kept the Sabbath.
24:43 Meanwhile, back at Rome, Pope Gregory,
24:46 when he heard about some of these people
24:47 that weren't changing, he denounced
24:49 "As the prophets of Antichrist those who maintained
24:52 that work ought not to be done on the seventh day."
24:56 And keep in mind of course too that the Bible
24:59 was not available back then.
25:00 Printing hadn't been invented, as it is now.
25:03 So for centuries, no one had a Bible.
25:07 Doctrines were passed along from the clergy
25:10 by word of mouth until the laymen scarcely
25:13 could distinguish between what was Scripture
25:15 and what was just tradition.
25:17 Very few people really knew the truth
25:20 as taught by Jesus or the disciples.
25:23 In fact by the sixth century the Sabbath truth lay
25:27 almost dormant, hidden under centuries of tradition.
25:31 I mean, no one can examine the Scriptures
25:33 and find out what they taught.
25:35 So people simply accepted what was passed along
25:38 by the religious hierarchy for generations,
25:40 never questioning whether it was fact or fiction.
25:44 And centuries passed, hundreds and hundreds
25:46 and hundreds of years, until in 1517
25:49 the Protestant Reformation came along.
25:52 Suddenly there was a Bible available,
25:54 suddenly Martin Luther and the reformers
25:57 got a copy of the Scripture and they began questioning
25:59 countless rites and doctrines and ceremonies and traditions
26:02 that had completely supplanted
26:04 the plain teaching of God's Word.
26:07 In fact, the cry of Luther and the reformation was,
26:10 we got to get back to the Bible, the Bible
26:12 and the Bible only as our rule of faith and practice.
26:15 Amen.
26:16 And many of those reformers like Huss and Jerome,
26:19 they paid for their fidelity to the Bible
26:21 by being burned at the stake.
26:25 Now back to our question.
26:27 How was the Sabbath finally changed?
26:32 I want you to listen to the following amazing statements
26:35 by Roman Catholic authors, whose church led the way
26:39 in the change from Sabbath to Sunday.
26:42 "The Catholic Church for over one thousand years
26:46 before the existence of a Protestant
26:48 by virtue of her Divine mission,
26:50 changed the day from Saturday to Sunday."
26:55 Folks, if you ever decide you're gonna become a Catholic,
26:57 and you to Catechism class,
27:01 here is what you will read from there Convert's Catechism.
27:05 It's in a question and answer form, it goes like this.
27:07 Question. Which is the Sabbath day?
27:10 Answer. Saturday is the Sabbath day.
27:13 Question.
27:14 Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
27:17 Answer.
27:19 The Catholic Church transferred the solemnity
27:21 from Saturday to Sunday.
27:25 Someone is saying, "Lonnie, wait a minute.
27:27 Does the Catholic Church openly admit this change?"
27:31 Yes. You say, well, why?
27:35 Listen to me very carefully because the answer lies
27:37 in a major difference between our dedicated Catholic friends
27:42 and those of us who are Protestants,
27:44 on one simple item.
27:48 This book, the Bible.
27:52 You see, when it comes to authority our Catholics friends
27:55 place greater confidence in tradition above Scripture.
28:00 And here's what our Catholic friends believe,
28:02 from official Catholic Belief.
28:04 We're not gonna talk about them
28:05 we're gonna quote from them, okay?
28:07 They say this, "Like two sacred rivers flowing from paradise,
28:12 the Bible and divine Tradition contain the Word of God.
28:17 Though these two divine streams are of equal sacredness,
28:20 still, of the two, TRADITION is to us more safe and clear.
28:28 Do you see the difference here?
28:30 The main point of difference between
28:31 our Protestants and our Catholics
28:33 is the authority of tradition in the church
28:36 and when that priest Martin Luther
28:39 said to the church of his day,
28:42 we've got to follow the Bible, the Bible only.
28:45 He was challenging many of the institutions
28:47 of the Catholic church that were based totally on tradition
28:50 like indulgences, penance, purgatory, prayers to Mary,
28:54 mass, the rosary and Luther's challenge got so serious
28:59 that the council of Trent was convened to decide exactly
29:02 what position the Catholic Church should take
29:05 on tradition and its relationship to the Bible.
29:08 I want you to listen again the Catholic Dogma
29:10 on how the question was finally settled.
29:12 Watch very closely, people may have
29:14 never seen this quotation before quoting,
29:17 "Finally, at the last opening
29:19 on the eighteenth of January, 1562,
29:22 all hesitation was set aside.
29:24 The Archbishop of Reggio made a speech in which
29:26 he openly declared
29:27 that tradition stood above Scripture.
29:31 The authority of the church could therefore
29:33 not be bound to the authority of the Scriptures,
29:35 because the Church had changed the Sabbath into Sunday,
29:39 not by command of Christ, but by its own authority."
29:44 But did you notice here,
29:46 what's swung the pendulum to put tradition above Scripture.
29:50 I mean, whatever they're saying
29:51 to the standstill there at the Council of Trent.
29:53 It was the fact that the church had changed
29:57 one of God's commandments on the authority of tradition.
30:02 Now my Protestant friends tonight,
30:03 you may be more surprised than Catholics over this revelation.
30:07 You see, I have to laude
30:09 my Catholic friends for their consistency.
30:11 They have long taken pride in their traditions,
30:14 they believe the authority
30:15 for their churches tradition, not scripture.
30:18 And they are consistent.
30:21 The Bible though doesn't support tradition
30:23 as the bases for Christian doctrine.
30:26 So Jesus even asked the religious leaders of his day
30:29 and he asked them of our day in Matthew 15:3,
30:32 "Why do you also transgress the commandment of God
30:37 by your tradition?"
30:39 And He adds in Matthew 15:9,
30:42 "But in vain they do worship me,
30:45 teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
30:51 Are you with me? Yes.
30:53 Do you see the issue? Yes.
30:55 Folks it is not a question of days.
30:58 The real question is,
31:00 will you follow our Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible?
31:03 Amen. Or human traditions?
31:05 It's not a matter of days and numbers,
31:07 it's a matter of masters.
31:10 That's the real issue.
31:11 Is Jesus word master
31:14 or the traditions of some organization?
31:19 Scrap up your seat belt one more notch
31:22 before we close tonight, I've got,
31:23 I've saved two very recent modern
31:26 20th century statements that are gonna shock you,
31:29 from Catholic scholars on the change of the Sabbath.
31:32 I want you to notice this one from 1988.
31:36 "It was the Catholic Church that decided Sunday should be
31:39 the day of worship for Christians
31:41 in honor of the resurrection."
31:44 Now this one was just given it me today.
31:46 Someone gave me this from the internet.
31:48 It was May 21, 1995. It's up on the screen.
31:52 From the Saint Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel,
31:56 "Perhaps the boldest thing," but let's read it together,
32:00 it says "Perhaps the boldest thing,
32:02 the most revolutionary change that the church ever did,
32:06 happened in the first century.
32:07 The holy day, the Sabbath,
32:09 was changed from Saturday to Sunday,
32:12 not from any directions noted in the scriptures,
32:14 but from the Church's sense of its own power."
32:17 Now notice this next part.
32:20 People who think that the scriptures should be
32:22 the sole authority should logically become
32:24 Seventh-day Adventist, and keep Saturday holy."
32:27 Praise the Lord. Amen.
32:32 Now friends, what these two statements do
32:34 is they take us back to the Bible for a warning.
32:38 In just a few nights now we're gonna study again
32:40 the prophecy of Daniel 7 where God revealed to Daniel
32:43 that the "little horn" of Daniel 7:25,
32:47 would think to change God's times and laws.
32:53 This power thought to do this. But is God changed?
33:00 We say Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
33:02 today and what forever.
33:04 He is still the same, He hasn't changed.
33:06 That's why, the Book of Revelation, the apocalypse,
33:10 John prophesied a last-day back to the Bible
33:14 message of revival and reformation,
33:17 just like you're hearing tonight.
33:19 Revelation 14:6, 7 says, "Then I saw another angel
33:23 flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel
33:26 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
33:27 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people, saying
33:30 with a loud voice, 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
33:33 for the hour of His judgment has come,
33:35 and now notice this and worship Him
33:39 who made the heaven the earth, the sea and springs of water.'"
33:42 That's quoting right out of the Sabbath Commandment.
33:46 It's saying, don't worship tradition.
33:49 Worship the Creator. The One who made the Sabbath.
33:53 Because He is coming to judge mankind and so John says:
33:56 "People, people, people get ready
33:58 to meet Him to meet Jesus.
34:01 How? Worship Him on His day, His Sabbath.
34:06 Revelation 14:12 says very, very clearly,
34:08 "Here is the patience of the saints,
34:12 here they are they're keeping the commandments of God
34:16 and the faith of Jesus."
34:18 Amen.
34:20 In these closing hours of this world's history,
34:22 if you and I want to have the faith of Jesus evidently
34:26 we've got to keep His commandments.
34:29 But do you see, millions today have been fooled by a myth.
34:37 Jesus asked us to remember only
34:39 one of the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath.
34:44 And all the world completely forgot.
34:47 Remember Him as Creator by keeping His Holy Day.
34:50 And he says Lonnie, "If you love me, keep my commandments."
34:54 John 14:15, When we do what Jesus says,
35:00 you see, we show loyalty to Him.
35:03 You know, that there's no greater honor
35:06 than to do something for someone else
35:08 just because they asked you to do it.
35:12 If we keep a man made Sabbath, we obey man's traditions.
35:17 We have loyalty to him and a myth.
35:21 But when we discover God's will,
35:22 it's our joy and privilege to turn and start following it.
35:28 By the way, Jesus did have something to say
35:29 about man's traditions in Matthew 15:8, 9,
35:32 "These people they honor me with their what?
35:36 Their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.
35:40 They worship me in vain,
35:42 their teachings are but rules taught by men."
35:48 Mark 7:9 Jesus said, "You know,
35:51 you have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God
35:54 in order to observe your own traditions."
35:58 Friends, I want to be as loving as I know how tonight,
36:00 do you see the issue?
36:03 Jesus says, "Their hearts are far from Me."
36:07 And friend, it is really a matter of the heart.
36:10 It's a matter of love.
36:12 The Bible says in 1 John 5:3,
36:14 "For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments.
36:17 And His commandments are not burdensome."
36:21 One day as Jesus was teaching,
36:22 He made a very surprising statement.
36:24 He said "Not everybody is going to get to go to heaven.
36:28 Matthew 7:21, "Not everyone who says to Me,
36:31 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the kingdom of heaven,
36:34 but he who does the will of My Father in heaven."
36:37 Now that is very, very plain.
36:42 But the choice is up to you.
36:45 Over on one side we have truth, God's word.
36:50 On the other side, we have tradition.
36:52 On one side we have the Bible,
36:54 on the other side, human teachings.
36:56 On one side we have God's command,
36:59 on the other, doctrines of men.
37:01 On the one side we have God's Sabbath,
37:04 on the other day, the day of the sun.
37:08 But remember, it's not a matter of days.
37:11 It's a matter of masters. Amen.
37:14 It's a matter of following Jesus.
37:17 He says it's not just those who say they belong to God,
37:21 but those who do what He has told them to do.
37:24 Those, Jesus says,
37:25 will be welcomed into the kingdom of God.
37:29 Will you love Him
37:31 by letting Him write His Law on your heart?
37:34 We let Jesus be the One who runs your life
37:37 so that you can do His will?
37:42 Tonight I would like to invite every one of you to make
37:44 one of the most important decisions of your life,
37:48 to follow God's truth.
37:51 Not man-made tradition.
37:53 Tonight, why not tell Jesus you'll follow Him
37:57 all the way as Joey sings.
38:04 I'll follow you, Lord
38:11 Wherever you will lead
38:17 I'll follow you, Lord
38:22 No matter how far
38:29 And today that I serve you
38:35 You feel my every need
38:41 I'll follow you, Lord
38:46 Wherever you will lead
38:52 In a land far away, Lord
38:58 I'll go there for you
39:04 If only a foot step, Lord
39:10 I'll go there too
39:18 I love your name
39:23 There is lot since you came
39:28 I'll follow you, Lord
39:34 Wherever you will lead
39:42 Let's bow our heads and pray.
39:46 Father dear, I want to thank you
39:47 for the unfolding of truth tonight
39:49 perhaps in a new and disturbing way.
39:54 Lord, all of us confess
39:56 we haven't always understood the cross.
39:59 So today, we simply want to give ourselves
40:01 a new to you in loving obedience.
40:06 But perhaps some are still wondering that,
40:08 they're little bit confused,
40:11 uncertain about your Holy Sabbath.
40:15 They don't quite understand.
40:18 Lord would you help us, prompt us,
40:21 motivate us, speak to us by faith to follow you.
40:28 We know we'll not be disappointed.
40:31 Wonder how many tonight as we are in prayer here,
40:33 our heads are bowed and every eye is closed.
40:37 During this prayer we'd like to say,
40:38 Lord, I do, I want to choose Jesus
40:42 and I want to choose the commandments of God.
40:45 And by your grace Lord I will from this day
40:48 forward try with my conscience
40:51 to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
40:54 So just like to raise your hand wherever you are
40:57 be included in this prayer.
40:58 God bless you.
41:00 Angels will see your response in the locations
41:03 wherever you're watching, downlink sites.
41:07 I want the row captains
41:08 to send those decision response cards down.
41:11 I want to go through these
41:12 with you right now before Joey Sings again.
41:16 Thank you row captains and wherever you're located
41:19 please distribute these right now and take a pencil,
41:22 look at these with me
41:23 we're still in an attitude of prayer.
41:24 But I want you to make a response.
41:26 I hope everyone can check this first response.
41:31 I love Jesus and I desire to obey Him.
41:35 Can I hear big amen from the church?
41:37 Amen. Amen.
41:39 I love Jesus want to obey Him, put a check there.
41:43 And then number two this is getting
41:44 a little bit more explicit and specific.
41:47 We want to pray for you with your decision.
41:49 Number two says, "It is clear to me now
41:52 that the true Bible Sabbath is Saturday
41:54 and I choose to keep His holy day.
41:58 Would you put a big check beside number two.
42:03 Number of folks here in auditorium in Columbia
42:06 has come up to me the other night and said,
42:07 Lon, are we gonna have a baptism here some time.
42:12 Well, this one's for you.
42:14 Some of you maybe thinking about baptism
42:16 and if you'd like to make a check here,
42:17 I love Jesus and I desire to be baptized soon.
42:20 We haven't even talked about
42:21 that subject yet but you go ahead
42:22 and put a check there, all right.
42:25 And there maybe others here who would you say you know
42:28 I just need some more time,
42:29 I got to have some reading materials on this,
42:31 we gave out a little track the other night here
42:33 on our downlink site in Columbia.
42:35 You'll be given another one tonight.
42:37 Be sure you get that or ask one of our hostesses for it.
42:39 But put a check there,
42:40 we will make certain that you're provided this
42:42 wherever you are watching tonight
42:43 on your downlink location.
42:45 Just make your commitment right now and pray about it,
42:48 maybe write your prayer request on the back as Joey sings.
42:56 I'll follow you Lord
43:02 Wherever you lead
43:07 I'll follow you Lord
43:13 No matter how far
43:20 Each day that I serve you
43:26 You fill my every need
43:32 I'll follow you Lord
43:38 Wherever you lead
43:47 And heavenly father as we conclude this prayer,
43:49 Lord, would you seal our decisions tonight,
43:54 impresses Jesus for those who--
43:57 well, they're a little undecided
43:58 because this is so new.
43:59 Would you just send Your promised Holy Spirit
44:02 to guide us to Your Holy Word.
44:05 Prompt us to search out truth
44:07 and then be willing to follow you in Jesus' name.
44:16 Amen.
44:19 I hope that you'll take advantage
44:21 of our discover Bible school
44:22 located at all the downlink sites
44:25 here on both sides of this auditorium.
44:27 We have a special lesson tonight
44:30 that compliments the topic
44:31 that I've shared in the last three nights.
44:33 By the way, ladies and gentleman
44:35 I want you to know that
44:38 when I say that what's next the Voice of Prophecy speaks
44:42 there's a lot of other subjects
44:43 that we're gonna deal with in the coming nights.
44:45 We gonna move from this topic,
44:46 I told you it was a three part series,
44:48 we've wrapped it up tonight.
44:50 There are some exciting things,
44:52 hold on tight, you can't believe what's coming yet
44:55 from the Voice of Prophecy speak.
44:56 So be with us tomorrow,
44:58 out of the scrap heap right here at 11 o'clock
45:02 and for many of you I hope you will try to come little early
45:04 and join us for a study session at 9:30.
45:07 There will be music and inspiring talks.
45:10 Doctor will be speaking to us again
45:12 but 11:00 o'clock we go live by satellite till 12:10
45:15 and then the stage opens up
45:16 and I've got to be finished by that time.
45:18 We hope you join us and then in the evening
45:21 an entirely separate subject.
45:24 Making a new start, the day I died,
45:27 I live to tell about it. I hope you be with us.
45:30 Tomorrow a big day, double header
45:32 don't forget join us there.
45:33 Won't you?
45:34 We're ending a little early tonight,
45:35 so you can get back home,
45:36 get a good night's rest and join us tomorrow.
45:39 Goodnight every one.
45:40 Remember, God really does love you.


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