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00:30 Have you ever been swindled?
00:32 Most people have at one time or another.
00:35 In fact Americans are a nation basically
00:39 of cheats and liars according to Time Magazine.
00:44 In fact this article "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire,"
00:49 big picture of a long nose Pinocchio,
00:52 Time Magazine says that's we are, in fact,
00:54 ever since the early New England settlers in 1626
00:58 traded just $24 worth of colorful beads and cloth
01:03 to the unsuspecting Indians for Manhattan Island,
01:07 we've been a nation of swindlers.
01:10 Just look at Enron, stock market scandals,
01:12 World Bank, the record of swindling and fraud seems
01:15 to run throughout our American history.
01:19 And I'm embarrassed to admit this,
01:21 especially to all of our world guests
01:22 listening in by satellite,
01:24 but, folks, con men in New York City
01:27 still make thousands of dollars re -selling
01:30 the Empire State Building over and over to gullible tourists
01:33 and immigrants on their first trip
01:35 to New York City every day.
01:37 Well, some of us smile.
01:38 We think that's amusing. Perhaps.
01:42 But it isn't the-- it isn't only the innocent
01:44 and the naive and the greenhorns
01:46 that are victimized by con artists.
01:48 The National Business Bureau says,
01:51 "No matter how intelligent or careful you are,
01:54 at least once in your life you will be swindled."
01:58 Unfortunately, it happens every day.
02:02 But, you know, clever as these forgeries and con men are,
02:05 they are just babes in the woods compared
02:07 with the granddaddy of them all
02:09 who stands without peer
02:11 when it comes to swindling, cheating, and counterfeiting.
02:15 Who would that be? Satan, of course.
02:18 Only he doesn't work openly,
02:20 he works through people, other powers,
02:22 agencies, undercover, sometimes masquerading
02:25 in the very garb of religion,
02:28 ingeniously mixing truth and error with one purpose,
02:33 just one goal to draw people away
02:35 from the true worship of God.
02:38 Now that's been his all-consuming
02:40 passion for thousands of years
02:41 and we find the first con job recorder records
02:44 way back there in Genesis Chapter 3,
02:47 under the guise of a talking snake.
02:49 "Psst, Eve, disobey God's word,
02:53 and ka-ching, you win, every time.
02:56 Eve, you won't die. Cash in your chips."
03:00 And it was a deception. Eve did die.
03:05 Not because she conscientiously believed a lie,
03:09 but because she didn't believe the truth about God's warning,
03:13 and obey what He said.
03:15 Which is a lesson for us, isn't it?
03:17 Folks, our only protection
03:18 against the great pretender is obedience to God's word.
03:22 Amen.
03:23 I mean, whatever out there contradicts God's written word,
03:27 we may be sure, it is not true.
03:30 Well, someone says,
03:32 "Lonnie, the devil can't con me.
03:34 I can hold my own." Don't be too hasty.
03:39 You know, the devil's been in this business
03:40 for 6,000 years,
03:42 studying men's and women's weaknesses
03:45 to design the best strategy to deceive us.
03:51 In fact, Lucifer, the Bible says,
03:52 deceived one-third of the heavenly angels,
03:55 Revelation 12, we've studied this already, verses 7, 9
03:58 "And war broke out in heaven: Michael,"
04:01 that's Jesus, "and his angels fought with the dragon,
04:04 and the dragon and his angels fought,"
04:06 so the great dragon was cast out,
04:08 that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan,
04:10 who deceives the whole world, he was cast out to the earth
04:13 and his angels were cast out with him.
04:16 Well, and then we find that when Jesus came to this world,
04:18 Satan tried to con Him, too. Remember?
04:21 Christ was fasting in the wilderness
04:23 there for 40 days.
04:24 Who should happen to drop by for a friendly little visit?
04:28 Satan, masquerading though in the guise of a helpful,
04:33 loyal, supportive, heavenly angel.
04:35 "Hey, Jesus.
04:37 God's word says he'll give you bread to eat.
04:41 Here, try this stone-ground variety."
04:47 Same con game.
04:49 Find a way around God's clear written word.
04:54 Friend, tonight as the Voice of Prophecy speaks,
04:58 scripture warns us once again,
05:01 Lon, be on your guard because the great imposter is out there
05:04 with deceptions so overwhelming,
05:06 Jesus said in Matthew 24:24, "If it were possible,
05:10 they shall deceive the very" who?
05:12 Elect.
05:14 "Elect" and Peter warns in 1 Peter 5:8,
05:17 "Be sober, be vigilant rather
05:20 because your adversary the devil
05:22 walks about like a roaring lion,
05:24 seeking whom he may devour."
05:28 That could get scary, but does God leave us
05:30 at the mercy of the great pretender?
05:34 No.
05:35 In the Voice of Prophecy,
05:37 He has given us special information
05:39 to recognize this boogey-man.
05:41 And prophecy unmasks
05:43 his greatest deceptions of all time,
05:45 to uncover the pervert pretender's profoundest plot,
05:50 and God's strategy to defeat it.
05:52 Are we ready?
05:53 Evil's masterstroke revealed through the prophet, Daniel.
05:59 God foretold the devil's master plan
06:02 to deceive the whole world during earth's last hours
06:06 when Satan would use this Book, the Bible.
06:11 So don't be surprised that his strategy
06:13 includes churches, priests, ministers, rabbis,
06:18 a powerful spiritual Taliban
06:21 movement claiming to follow God,
06:22 claiming to speak for God,
06:23 but surreptitiously and directly
06:26 subverting scripture.
06:29 Daniel called this power the little horn.
06:34 Now you'll remember in our study
06:36 of the second chapter of the Book of Daniel,
06:39 we saw how God accurately outlined world history
06:44 in that great big metal statue, remember,
06:46 of that metal man which represented Babylon,
06:50 Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
06:53 Well, now this evening as we look back
06:55 into the history of the Christian church,
06:58 I want us to remember something very important.
07:01 This is our church, remember,
07:04 it's my church we're talking about, your church.
07:07 We're not trying to pick on anybody's denomination
07:09 as we pointed out last night.
07:10 We're going to be looking
07:11 at ourselves in the mirror here.
07:14 The Bible points out some serious trends
07:17 to sound an alarm.
07:20 Now if a prophecy does happen to step in on our toes though,
07:24 whether it points to me as a Protestant
07:26 or a Catholic or a Jew specifically,
07:29 what we're gonna do is do each other the courtesy
07:31 of always quoting from their own sources to be fair.
07:34 Is that all right?
07:36 So let's proceed as good students
07:38 looking into church history as outlined in prophecy.
07:43 If you have your Bibles in Daniel Chapter 7,
07:46 we're gonna spend our evening tonight.
07:48 Daniel 7 we find something brand new.
07:50 We find now four beasts coming up out of the sea
07:55 or as the Bible describes that
07:56 the populated areas of the planet earth.
07:59 Daniel 7:17, 23 tells us these four beasts
08:04 represent four world empires that would arise on earth.
08:09 First, Daniel saw a lion with eagle's wings,
08:14 and he explains that this represents
08:15 the ancient world of Babylon.
08:19 Then the next beast is a very lopsided looking bear.
08:23 That pictures the second world empire of Medo-Persia.
08:28 Then followed a leopard beast with four heads and four wings,
08:32 Greece, the Bible tells us
08:34 that's Grecia, under Alexander the Great.
08:37 And fourth, the most frightening
08:39 of all of the beasts made its way out of the water.
08:42 I want you to notice now verse 7.
08:44 "After this I saw in the night visions,
08:46 and behold a fourth beast, dreadful, terrible,
08:49 exceedingly strong, it had huge iron teeth.
08:52 It was devouring, breaking in pieces,
08:55 trampling the residue with its feet,
08:57 it was different from all the beasts
08:59 that were before it, and it had ten horns."
09:05 Now we have identified this power already
09:07 as the old Roman Empire, of course, with its Caesars.
09:12 But Daniel had never seen an animal
09:13 that even remotely resembled this fourth beast.
09:17 But as sensational and dramatic
09:19 as its appearance was one particular
09:21 part of that fourth beast intrigued Daniel
09:24 more than anything else.
09:25 And He says here in verse 8,
09:27 "I was considering all of these ten horns,
09:30 and there was another horn,
09:32 a little one, coming up among them,
09:35 before whom three of the first horns
09:38 were plucked out by the roots.
09:40 And there, in this horn,
09:42 were eyes like the eyes of a man,
09:45 and a mouth speaking pompous words."
09:49 Which translated really means blasphemy.
09:54 This little horn troubled Daniel,
09:57 in fact, so much, notice verse 21, 25,
10:01 "I was watching and the same horn
10:03 was making war against the saints,
10:06 and prevailing against them.
10:08 He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
10:12 he shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
10:14 and shall intend to change times and law.
10:18 Then the saints shall be given into his hand
10:20 for a time and times and half a time."
10:23 And that is when Daniel's heart stopped cold.
10:27 Daniel was stunned.
10:30 He realized that this prophecy
10:32 was more than just the prediction
10:33 of secular world history or politics.
10:37 This prophecy now concerned God's people, His church.
10:41 The little horn power would make war
10:44 against the saints and prevail against them
10:46 over a long, long period of time.
10:49 And as Daniel realized the persecution
10:52 and hardships that God's people
10:54 would have to endure for centuries,
10:56 that upset him so much, he got sick.
10:59 Notice verse 28,
11:00 "...I, Daniel, was deeply troubled by my thoughts,
11:04 and my face turned pale."
11:09 Gabriel.
11:10 Gabriel, what does this mean? Who is this little horn?
11:15 Well, as we examine more closely
11:16 the Bible's description of this little horn,
11:19 we discover that the New Testament
11:21 characteristics of antichrist are identical
11:26 to this little horn power of Daniel 7.
11:29 So this becomes extremely serious.
11:33 In fact, Paul wrote to the Thessalonians
11:35 concerning the work of this power in 2 Thessalonians 2:4.
11:40 It says "He will exalt and"--
11:43 He will oppose and will exalt himself
11:46 over everything that is called God or is worshiped,
11:48 so that he sets himself up in God's temple,
11:51 proclaiming himself to be God."
11:55 In Revelation, John wrote in Revelation 13:5, 6,
12:00 "And he was given a mouth speaking
12:03 great things and blasphemies,
12:05 and he was given authority
12:06 to continue for forty-two months.
12:10 Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,
12:13 to blaspheme His name..."
12:16 Those of you, who watched our presentation
12:19 the last time we were together,
12:20 know that 42 months is just another way
12:23 of figuring those 1,260 years or the Dark Ages.
12:29 We discovered in our last session.
12:32 And John the Revelator warned that this power
12:35 was already flexing its muscles back here during his lifetime.
12:39 Notice 1 John 4:3
12:42 "...And this is the spirit of antichrist,
12:45 whereof ye have heard that it should come,
12:47 and even now already is it in the world."
12:53 Daniel says this power formally rises
12:56 to superior political influence after the break-up
13:00 of the fourth world empire Rome.
13:02 And then continues to deceive the world
13:04 until the close of this world's history.
13:07 Well, who or what was this?
13:11 Well, what did the reformers believe
13:14 and teach during the Reformation?
13:17 We studied that the other night.
13:19 Your pastors in any denomination
13:22 will tell you that all
13:23 of the great Protestant Reformation scholars
13:26 agreed upon one thing,
13:27 they didn't agree on a lot of things,
13:29 but they agreed on this, this little horn power.
13:32 In fact, they believed it so strongly,
13:34 it led them to break with the medieval church
13:37 and ignite the Reformation,
13:39 willing to die at the stake if necessary.
13:41 It was all based on Daniel Chapter 7.
13:45 Take for example, this quotation
13:48 from Professor George Eldon Ladd
13:50 of Pasadena's Fuller Theological Seminary.
13:53 I'm quoting, "Many of the great Christians of Reformation
13:58 and post-Reformation times shared this view
14:01 of prophetic truth and identified antichrist
14:05 with the Roman Papacy..."
14:07 And He continues, "Among adherents
14:09 of this interpretation were the Waldenses,
14:12 the Hussites, Wycliffe, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli,
14:15 Melanchthon, Tyndale, Latimer, and Ridley."
14:19 Let me quote from another scholar,
14:20 Roy Allen Anderson wrote, I'm quoting,
14:23 "Leaders such as Luther, Calvin, Knox,
14:25 and Cranmer, pointed to Daniel 7 and Revelation 17,
14:29 identifying the great apostasy with headquarters in Rome."
14:33 And it goes on.
14:34 He continues, "The Scriptural message of Revelation 18:4
14:37 formed the basis of many of their sermons,
14:39 'Come out of her, my people,
14:41 that ye be not partakers of her sins.'"
14:46 Remember yesterday we discovered the whole issue
14:48 of the Reformation was over the Bible.
14:51 The reformer shockingly concluded,
14:53 listen, from God's Word, it's crystal clear.
14:56 The papal power fulfills Daniel's prophecies.
14:59 In fact, John Wycliffe who's called by historians,
15:02 the one from England,
15:04 the morning star of the Reformation,
15:05 John Wycliffe wrote, "The Pope is antichrist here on earth."
15:12 Now let me remind you, ladies and gentlemen,
15:13 this was no easy position for a great reformer to take,
15:17 because it resulted always in persecution,
15:19 hanging, being burned at the stake
15:22 or being hunted down and tortured.
15:24 In fact, Martin Luther once said himself,
15:26 quoting, "O, how much pain it has caused me,
15:31 though I had the Scriptures on my side...
15:33 that I should dare to make a stand alone against the pope,
15:37 and hold him forth as antichrist...
15:39 'Twas so I fought with myself and with Satan,
15:42 till Christ, by his own infallible word,
15:45 fortified my heart against these doubts."
15:50 And my question tonight to you,
15:52 ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
15:54 is, were these reformers' interpretations
15:57 of Daniel's prophecy just mere speculation?
16:01 Or does history confirm it?
16:04 I want you to join me in examining
16:06 the evidence from the scripture,
16:08 'cause there's no need for question.
16:10 You see, when God outlines
16:11 the unique characteristics of the little horn power,
16:15 there's only one logical conclusion,
16:17 unlike the photos that you see in the post office
16:20 of the most wanted criminals
16:22 or maybe the photos we've seen of Saddam Hussein
16:25 and all of his doubles.
16:26 When you match all of the unique characteristics,
16:29 the color of the eyes, the height, the weight,
16:31 and scars, tattoos, a wart
16:33 or a pimple or something, a person's thumb,
16:35 and then DNA, bingo, nobody else can match.
16:39 Well, that is the way it is with the little horn,
16:42 only one system, one power on earth can match
16:45 all ten of God's unique identifying
16:48 characteristics clearly catalogued
16:50 in the prophetic Book of Daniel.
16:52 So let's take a look at the Bible
16:55 and what history records
16:56 concerning the little horn's fulfillment,
16:58 'cause this is gonna have something to do
17:00 with a couple of messages a few nights from now,
17:02 very, very critical.
17:04 When Daniel described the fourth world empire
17:07 of pagan Rome, he said in verses 7, 8
17:11 that it would be "...Dreadful and terrible,
17:14 and exceedingly strong... and it had ten horns."
17:17 Then he says, "I was considering the horns,
17:19 and there was another horn,
17:20 a little one, coming up among them..."
17:24 Answer me, what did the ten horns
17:26 represent that Daniel saw in vision?
17:30 Well, let's have a text.
17:32 Daniel 7:24, "And the ten horns
17:34 out of this kingdom are ten" what?
17:37 "Kings that shall arise..."
17:39 But now something new.
17:42 Instead you see of another fifth world empire
17:45 in world history after Babylon,
17:47 Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, a major change.
17:50 Bible prophecy clearly predicted
17:52 there would be a division of the Roman Empire
17:55 resulting in ten lesser kingdoms
17:57 and we've discovered already that history confirms
17:59 that the Roman Empire collapsed through internal strife,
18:03 through moral decay and prosperity
18:05 and ease Rome just fell apart at the seams
18:07 under the Barbarian invasions from the North.
18:11 So that, by about the year 476 A.D.,
18:16 Rome divided up into basically our nations
18:18 of modern Europe today and historian Edward Elliott,
18:22 in his book "Horae Apocalypticae,"
18:24 reminds us ten barbaric tribes
18:27 over-ran the Roman Empire from 351 to 476 A.D.
18:32 and he lists each of these
18:34 with their modern counterparts today.
18:35 You'll see it on the screen.
18:37 The Alamanni are the Germans,
18:39 Burgundians are our Switzerland friends,
18:41 the Franks, that's France, Lombards, that's Italy,
18:45 the Saxons, that's England, right?
18:47 Suevi are the Portuguese, the Visigoths are the Spanish,
18:51 but there's three that are now extinct,
18:53 the Heruli, the Ostrogoths and the Vandals.
18:56 We know that term "vandalism".
18:59 So are we clear?
19:01 These ten horns of Daniel's fourth beast
19:04 are the ten nations of Europe.
19:07 But now notice, according to the prophecy,
19:10 the little horn was to rise to greater power
19:13 after those ten divisions
19:15 of the Roman Empire were in place.
19:17 In other words, we need to watch
19:19 for the emergence of the little horn after 476.
19:24 Daniel 7:24 "And the ten horns
19:28 out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise,
19:31 and another shall rise after them...
19:34 and he shall subdue three kings."
19:37 All right, turning again to history.
19:40 We find that three
19:41 of the ten horns are those kingdoms.
19:43 They proved to be an obstruction
19:46 to the supremacy of the Roman Church,
19:49 because of their religious differences.
19:53 Any preacher knows that these tribes were called Arian,
19:59 because they believed
20:00 in a very strange form of Christianity,
20:02 taught by a missionary by the name of Arius,
20:05 who basically did not believe that Jesus was divine.
20:10 So the bishop of Rome
20:12 declared that the Arians were heretics
20:15 and he did the right thing, they were.
20:18 But then history tells us
20:20 that with the help of the Catholic emperors
20:22 in the eastern empire,
20:24 the church found ways
20:26 to eliminate these three Arian powers.
20:28 I mean, it is fascinating history.
20:30 The Heruli kingdom met its fate
20:33 with the help of the Catholic Emperor,
20:35 Zeno in 493 A.D.
20:39 Then we've talked about the emperor Justinian
20:41 and his decree last night.
20:43 With his help...
20:45 the bishop exterminated the Vandals in 534 A.D.
20:50 And then finally broke the power
20:52 of the Ostrogoths in 538 A.D.
20:56 Thus those three horns of Daniel's prophecy
20:59 were plucked out by the roots
21:01 making the rise of the Church of Rome a reality.
21:06 Now it was exactly this same time here
21:09 that the Roman emperor Justinian
21:12 made a remarkable decree establishing the bishop of Rome
21:15 as the political and religious leader of Western Rome.
21:20 I want you to notice this amazing statement
21:22 by historian Thomas Hobbes about the Vatican.
21:26 "If a man considers the original of this great,
21:29 ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive
21:33 that the papacy is none other than the ghost
21:36 of the deceased Roman Empire
21:39 sitting crowned upon the grave thereof."
21:44 Are we together? Yes.
21:46 All right, the power which came up
21:47 after the other ten kingdoms of Europe
21:50 was none other than the Roman church
21:53 of the Middle Ages.
21:55 But it was not until 538 A.D.
21:58 that the Emperor Justinian's decree
22:00 finally gave the bishop of Rome political,
22:04 as well as ecclesiastical power.
22:06 And that is when this little horn power
22:08 became as Daniel predicted in verse 20
22:11 "...More stout than his fellows."
22:14 More powerful, more influential
22:16 than the other horns or kingdoms.
22:19 Historian Carl Conrad Eckhart wrote,
22:21 and I'm quoting, "Under the Roman Empire
22:25 the popes had no temporal power.
22:27 But when the Roman Empire had disintegrated
22:30 and its place had been taken
22:32 by a number of rude barbarous kingdoms,
22:35 the Roman Catholic Church not only became
22:37 independent of the states and religious affairs
22:40 but dominated secular affairs as well."
22:43 Now Daniel wrote that this power verse 24
22:46 "...shall be different from the first..."
22:49 those other kingdoms.
22:51 And, folks, indeed it was.
22:53 All previous world empires
22:56 and kingdoms were political powers.
22:59 But the little horn power was a church
23:02 that wielded political power.
23:05 Again, Catholic historian, J. J. Ignatious Von Dollinger
23:09 wrote this and I'm quoting,
23:11 "Out of the ruins of the Roman Empire
23:13 there gradually arose a new order of states
23:16 whose central point was the Papal See.
23:19 Therefore, inevitably resulted a position, not only new,
23:23 but very different from the former."
23:27 You see, the finger of God's prophecy
23:30 seems to point unerringly already toward the Roman Church
23:34 as the little horn power of Daniel 7.
23:37 But you say, "Well, now wait a minute, Lonnie.
23:38 What about all those other characteristics.
23:40 You said there were ten of them given in prophecy?
23:42 Do they, too, point to the papal power?"
23:45 I want you to consider
23:46 what Daniel said next of this power in verse 25,
23:50 "And he shall speak great words against the Most High."
23:55 Or blasphemy, in other words as some translations say,
23:58 maybe you have that tonight.
23:59 What is blasphemy?
24:01 Remember, when Jesus was here on earth,
24:03 He was accused of blasphemy, wasn't He?
24:05 Why?
24:07 On two counts, first they claimed
24:10 that he was claiming to be equal with God.
24:14 And he also claimed to have power to forgive sins.
24:17 Well, since Jesus was God,
24:21 He could claim to be equal with God.
24:23 Therefore, He could also forgive sins,
24:26 no problem, right?
24:27 But can human beings claim to be God?
24:30 Can any human forgive sins? No.
24:34 We discover though from their own teachings,
24:37 the Roman church makes these very claims,
24:39 they claim to forgive sins
24:41 and also to be equal with Christ.
24:44 The pope's common title officially is Vicarius Christi,
24:51 Vicar of Christ, God on earth.
24:55 But Daniel's prophecy detailed
24:57 more identifying specifics, notice verse 21, 25
25:01 "...the same horn was making war
25:04 against the saints, and prevailing against them."
25:06 Notice verse 25 says, "it would persecute
25:10 the saints of the Most High."
25:13 Well, after hearing the presentation yesterday,
25:16 you can answer this, but unless you were here.
25:18 But has the Roman church ever persecuted?
25:21 Well, let's read the church's own writings about this.
25:24 I'm gonna quote from the Catholic Church,
25:27 "The church has persecuted.
25:29 Only a tyro," meaning novice,
25:31 "in church history will deny that...
25:34 We have always defended the persecution
25:36 of the Huguenots and the Spanish Inquisition...
25:38 when she thinks it good to use physical force,
25:40 she will use it."
25:43 And we discovered
25:44 that in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre alone
25:46 in August 22, 1572, 50,000 Protestants
25:51 were dragged from their beds
25:52 at the toll of the bell at midnight
25:54 and they were slaughtered in the streets of Paris,
25:56 by Catholics trying to destroy at one stroke the Huguenots.
26:01 We all know from history about the Inquisition,
26:04 everybody here knows about the Crusades of the church,
26:07 persecution of the Waldenses, the Albigenses,
26:09 the 30 years war, the rack, the dungeon,
26:11 the flames of the martyrs burned at the stakes,
26:14 all historically linked to the Roman church
26:16 during the Dark Ages.
26:17 That's why they are called Dark Ages
26:20 of its years of supremacy.
26:21 But remember, folks,
26:22 let's remember please, this is our church.
26:28 We believers are looking
26:29 at ourselves here in the mirror.
26:32 The little horn power of Daniel 7 is none other
26:34 than the Christian church of the middle ages.
26:37 Our Christian church committed these crimes.
26:41 But why all of these wholesale slaughter?
26:44 Friend, the answer is one of conscience,
26:47 faithfulness to the Bible.
26:50 The martyrs were willing to stand at the stake.
26:55 They didn't want to compromise
26:56 their belief in God's holy word.
26:57 They refused to follow any more man-made traditions
27:01 and traditions of the medieval church.
27:03 And thus, they were branded heretics,
27:06 torture them, burn them at the stake,
27:08 guillotine them, massacre them,
27:10 clear up until this past century, 1999.
27:18 That's why those Huguenots moved to North America
27:21 to Charleston, South Carolina.
27:24 Folks, listen to me, this is your history.
27:28 That's why when Y2K came, brand new millennium.
27:32 Remember the shocking news of all places
27:34 from the Vatican and apology.
27:37 In the March 20, 2000 issue of Time Magazine, page 23,
27:42 recognize this person, Pope John Paul the II.
27:46 He apologized to the world
27:48 for the horrors committed by the Roman church.
27:52 It reads: "Act of contrition," an act of contrition,
27:58 "in the jubilee year and the season of Lent,
28:00 Pope John Paul the II confronts the Crusades,
28:03 the Inquisition, the Holocaust,
28:05 and other horrors in seeking to express regret for sins
28:09 committed by Catholics in the past 2,000 years."
28:14 They admit they were responsible for those.
28:18 But now, friend, listen, please.
28:20 However disturbing these revelations
28:22 and statistics might be, please remember,
28:24 God intended that this prophecy
28:26 would be a kind appeal and loving warning
28:30 against this great apostate system.
28:34 But He never intended that they point fingers
28:36 against any individuals of that system.
28:39 Never forget, this was our church
28:42 and that there are loving and sincere Christians
28:44 in every communion.
28:47 I mean this with all of my heart.
28:49 Most Catholics put us to shame
28:53 because they are consistent in what they believe.
28:57 But there are some more important
29:00 distinguishing characteristics of this little horn power.
29:02 We are not through yet.
29:03 And they are big, they affect you, they affect me.
29:07 Today, prophecy predicted in Daniel 7:25,
29:11 this system would "...think to change times and laws..."
29:17 Well, does this power claim to have the ability
29:19 to change God's times and God's holy law?
29:22 Let's quote again from official Catholic dogma.
29:25 Some of you've seen a quote something like this before.
29:28 I'm quoting, "The pope has power
29:31 to change times, to abrogate laws,
29:35 and to dispense with all things,
29:37 even the precepts of Christ."
29:41 We've discovered on previous nights
29:44 papal power attempted to change God's divine law,
29:48 over there in Exodus 20, and she freely admits it.
29:51 In their catechisms, right out here
29:53 in the streets of Columbia,
29:55 they openly admit they have changed
29:57 all the commandments except one.
30:00 But to be fair again,
30:01 let's quote from the Catholic sources.
30:04 The Catholic Encyclopedia says, "The Church,
30:08 after changing the day of rest from the Jewish Sabbath
30:11 of the seventh day of the week to the first,
30:13 made the third Commandment refer to Sunday
30:15 as the day to be kept as the Lord's Day."
30:18 And let's take another quotation
30:19 from the Catholic journal, Our Sunday Visitor.
30:23 This is what they say,
30:24 "Seventh-day Adventists still keep the Sabbath,
30:27 and we honor them... for their logic.
30:29 But it is difficult to see how," Protestants,
30:32 "the people who proclaim that they take their religion
30:35 from the Bible and the Bible only,
30:37 can reconcile their observance of Sunday as the Lord's Day.
30:41 You can go through the New Testament
30:42 with the finest of fine combs and not come out with one verse
30:45 that justifies or that even mentions
30:47 the changing of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.
30:50 Catholics take their beliefs
30:53 both from Scripture and tradition.
30:55 Each is basically the Word of God.
30:58 The one written, the other handed down orally
31:01 from generation to generation."
31:02 Now notice, "in this particular instance,
31:05 it is only tradition that tells us
31:08 that the infant Church... buried the Sabbath...
31:12 and chose... Sunday as the Lord's Day."
31:16 Now God in Malachi 3:6 explicitly says,
31:20 "I am the Lord, I change not."
31:24 Psalm 89:34 "...I will not break, nor alter
31:29 the Word that has gone out of My lips."
31:30 Amen. Praise the Lord.
31:31 The same yesterday, today, forever.
31:34 Jesus said heaven and earth would have to pass away
31:36 before even one jot or tittle of His holy law is changed,
31:39 Matthew 5:18, Luke 16:17.
31:42 You see, folks, God cannot, He will not change His law.
31:47 And no one else has the right to alter God's law ever.
31:51 Forever.
31:53 But there's one final identifying mark
31:55 of this little horn, in case there's any shadow
31:57 of a doubt, a thumbprint identity.
32:01 Daniel specifically pinpoints when this antichrist,
32:05 this little horn would reign supreme.
32:09 Even tells the length of time
32:10 that it would persecute God's saints.
32:12 Watch closely in Daniel 7:25
32:15 "...and they shall be given into his hand
32:18 until a time and times and the dividing of time."
32:23 Couple of more Bible symbols here,
32:25 I hope you have that glossary we gave you last night.
32:27 But God's word supplies the key to solve this riddle.
32:31 Time is simply an Aramaic word "iddan,"
32:34 meaning a year, 360 days in the Jewish calendars.
32:39 Times signifies 2 years or 720 prophetic days.
32:44 Dividing of time would simply mean
32:47 half of a year or only 180 prophetic days.
32:52 So when you add time 360 times 720,
32:56 and the dividing of time, 180,
32:58 you arrive at a total of 1,260 prophetic days.
33:03 But remember, Ezekiel's formula,
33:05 a prophetic day signifies a year,
33:07 that's Ezekiel 4:6, Numbers 14:34,
33:09 I have appointed thee each day for a year,
33:12 and voila, once again history confirms
33:16 the accuracy of this time period
33:18 because the height of the Roman church's
33:20 papal supremacy lasted for 1,260 years.
33:25 We call them the Dark Ages, 538-1798.
33:30 Now stay with me one last time
33:32 as we go back to history
33:33 because it's absolutely fascinating
33:35 how accurate your Bible prophecy is.
33:38 The Ostrogoths, the last of those three Arian kingdoms
33:42 to oppose the Roman church,
33:44 they were overthrown in the year 538,
33:47 leaving the papacy free to develop
33:49 her political and ecclesiastical power.
33:52 Exactly 1,260 years later, Napoleon's general, Berthier,
33:58 he broke the Roman church's political power in that year
34:02 by taking the pope prisoner.
34:05 Pinpoint accuracy of Bible prophecy.
34:08 Now let me show you how accurate.
34:09 You go to your history books.
34:11 When France and its armies under Napoleon
34:14 overthrew the Roman power of the church in 1798,
34:18 well, Napoleon actually received explicit instructions
34:22 to take the pope captive in 1797.
34:27 But for some strange reason Berthier waited,
34:31 didn't do it in 1797.
34:34 But as soon as 1798 rolled around,
34:38 General Berthier was sent
34:39 to capture the pope, take him captive.
34:41 He imprisoned him in Avignon, France
34:44 and it's a very sad and unfortunate time
34:47 in Catholic history, because,
34:48 well, they didn't have faxes and newspapers,
34:51 so nobody knew what had happened to the pope.
34:54 They didn't know whether he was dead or alive
34:55 there in that French prison in Avignon.
34:57 So the cardinals back in Rome elected a new pope in Rome.
35:01 Now you cannot have two popes in catholic theology.
35:04 It doesn't work. There's not two gods.
35:07 If He's God on earth, there's only one.
35:09 But now they had two popes.
35:11 When the pope in France,
35:13 the first one, heard about this,
35:15 he excommunicated the Roman pope,
35:17 who in turn then excommunicated the other pope.
35:21 So they elected a new pope, now they had three popes.
35:24 I mean, folks, it was a mess.
35:27 It is known in Catholic history
35:28 as the "Babylonian Captivity of the Popes."
35:31 Sad, but listen, the papacy at that point was crushed
35:36 and received what Daniel calls its deadly wound,
35:40 specifically prophesied in Revelation 13:3.
35:44 Not one year too soon, because the voice of prophecy
35:48 in Daniel 7 said 1798, not 1797.
35:53 Every piece of evidence falls into place perfectly,
35:56 because, folks, prophecy doesn't make a mistake.
36:00 Amen.
36:03 But now what I'm about to say is very, very important.
36:08 I want you to fast forward to the climax
36:10 of Daniel's great prophecy,
36:12 for it has a very happy ending for the people of God,
36:15 right here in our day.
36:18 The Daniel 7 isn't about bad news,
36:21 but about good news.
36:23 And the bottom line is that even though in vision
36:26 Daniel watched political and religious powers
36:29 struggle for dominance, even though he saw travesties
36:32 that this little horn would do,
36:34 wearing out the saints of the Most High,
36:36 changing times, trying to change God's law,
36:38 yet Daniel saw something else.
36:40 He saw that this power
36:43 would eventually come to an end,
36:46 because Daniel's attention was suddenly shifted from earth
36:49 and this great pretender power
36:51 and all of its corruption to heaven.
36:53 Notice verses 26, 27, "But the judgment shall sit,
36:58 and they shall take away his dominion,
37:01 to consume and to destroy it unto the end
37:03 and the kingdom and dominion,
37:05 and the greatness of the kingdom
37:07 under the whole heavens,
37:08 shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High,
37:11 whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom..."
37:15 Friend, the good news today is God is still in control.
37:19 Amen. Praise to Lord.
37:20 Prophecy tells us, when you see
37:22 all of these historical events unfold,
37:25 you can know for certain, God's eternal kingdom,
37:29 the second coming of Jesus, is just about to happen.
37:32 Go back to verses 13 and 14 in Daniel 7,
37:36 "I saw in the night visions, and behold,
37:39 one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven,
37:42 and came to the ancient of days,
37:44 and they brought Him near before Him.
37:47 And there was given Him dominion and glory,
37:50 and a kingdom that all people, nations,
37:53 and languages should serve Him:
37:56 His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
37:59 which shall not pass away."
38:01 Can you say Hallelujah? Amen.
38:04 What a contrast though, Christ's kingdom
38:06 is to all of the kingdoms this earth has ever known.
38:09 No more armies, no more police,
38:11 no more prisons, no more poverty,
38:12 no more sickness, no more death.
38:14 Just peace, love, beauty, pole to pole.
38:19 The good news is Daniel 7 tells us Jesus wins.
38:27 Amen.
38:28 Folks, world kingdoms may look like
38:30 the ruins of Afghanistan
38:32 and Saddam Hussein's banged-out Baghdad
38:35 and the powder keg of the Middle East.
38:36 The stock market may plunge society into chaos
38:39 and things look pretty grim.
38:41 But God tells me, "Lonnie,
38:43 hold on tight because I'm still in control.
38:46 Kings may come, kings may go.
38:48 Empires will rise and fall,
38:50 world trade centers and Wall Street,
38:52 but I have not forgotten you."
38:54 Amen.
38:55 You know what else this means to me tonight?
38:57 This is an invitation from Jesus.
39:00 God's word tells us, all of the world's kingdoms,
39:03 political and religious,
39:05 have almost reached their complete fulfillment.
39:09 The only solution to this planet's global problems
39:12 won't be President Bush.
39:15 It won't be Tony Blair, it won't be coalition forces,
39:18 neither will it be Osama bin Laden
39:20 and maybe our Muslim friends or the Jews or the Arabs
39:23 or North Korea or Indonesia or Venezuelan oil.
39:26 Friend, no, Jesus is the answer.
39:28 Amen.
39:29 Jesus is the solution. Praise the Lord.
39:30 The prophecy of Daniel 7
39:31 is all about one thing for absolutely sure Jesus,
39:35 He's coming soon to establish His kingdom.
39:39 And right now He invites you to be a part of that kingdom.
39:42 Matthew 25:34, He says
39:45 "...Come, you blessed of My Father,
39:48 inherit the kingdom prepared for you
39:50 from the foundation of the world."
39:53 Remember, friend, Jesus is a gentleman.
39:57 Jesus won't force any person to choose Him.
40:02 The decision is yours to accept Him.
40:05 Invite Him to take full control of your life.
40:09 Do it today, we don't know about tomorrow.
40:12 And that's precisely why this prophecy is given
40:15 on purpose to help us realize we can't hesitate.
40:18 We don't know about tomorrow, we don't.
40:21 Soon Jesus will come. Amen.
40:25 And there's only two classes of people in that day,
40:27 those who've chosen to follow Christ
40:29 and His Word, and those who have not.
40:32 And not to decide is to decide
40:36 to follow the arch deceiver, the antichrist.
40:40 Won't you just now make a conscious decision
40:42 and say, "Yes, Jesus."
40:44 Take hold of those nail-scarred hands and tell Him,
40:47 "Jesus, I want You to be My Lord, and not a pretender."
40:53 You businessmen out there, you women discouraged,
40:55 maybe concerned, intoxicated with getting just too busy
40:58 on the roller coaster of the stock market,
41:00 you career women, you have two jobs,
41:02 your marriage is in jeopardy.
41:04 For the young person out there
41:05 who is struggling with integrity and purity
41:08 in high school or college, worldliness,
41:10 tempted to get involved in some relationship that's not right.
41:13 For the person out there who tonight is discouraged
41:15 and your heart is breaking, you are about to give up.
41:17 Friend, listen, Jesus is here.
41:21 Jesus is still in control, Jesus wants to take your life
41:24 and give you His peace, His forgiveness,
41:27 His promised tomorrow.
41:30 Jesus says to you, "I want you to be My-- in My Kingdom."
41:34 And I know you'll decide right now for Jesus
41:36 as you listen to this song.
41:41 Jesus, be the Lord of all
41:46 Jesus, be the Lord of all
41:52 Jesus, be the Lord of all
41:57 The kingdoms of my heart
42:05 In my heart are kingdoms
42:09 Of a world that's all my own
42:15 Kingdoms that are only seen
42:20 By myself and God alone
42:25 In the past when I tried to rule my world
42:30 It just seemed to fall apart
42:35 So please, Jesus, be the Lord
42:40 Of all the kingdoms of my heart
42:47 Jesus, be the Lord of all
42:52 Jesus, be the Lord of all
42:57 Jesus, be the Lord of all
43:02 The kingdoms of my heart
43:07 For if You're not Lord of everything
43:13 Then You're not Lord at all
43:24 Let's pray together.
43:25 Lord, what a prophecy, what amazing insights,
43:29 clear is tomorrow mornings newspaper and what promises.
43:33 God, You're gonna soon overturn
43:34 all earthly kingdoms and Jesus will come.
43:37 But tonight You reach out to us
43:39 through this dusty old prophecy of Daniel 7,
43:42 for the express purpose of inviting us
43:44 to be part of that kingdom,
43:46 ready for that glorious moment when Jesus returns.
43:50 Friend, I want to invite you to make
43:51 an important decision tonight on those cards
43:52 that should be in your hands now.
43:55 Number one, I love Jesus
43:58 and want to obey Him regardless of the cost.
44:00 I hope everyone will check that.
44:02 Number two, perhaps more than ever before,
44:04 you now see clearly
44:05 that the true Bible Sabbath is Saturday
44:07 and you want to choose to keep His day holy.
44:11 Number three, I love Jesus, desire to be baptized soon.
44:16 Mark that down even if you've already made that decision,
44:18 we'd like to have your underscored.
44:19 Number four, maybe you'd like
44:20 additional material on the Bible Sabbath
44:22 we'll be happy to provide that
44:24 as Joey sings, make your decision.
44:27 Jesus, be the Lord of all
44:32 Jesus, be the Lord of all
44:37 Jesus, be the Lord of all
44:42 The kingdoms of my heart
44:47 For if You're not Lord of everything
44:53 Then You're not Lord at all
45:03 And, Lord, bless each commitment now.
45:05 Give us the strength to follow our convictions
45:08 and embrace Your wonderful truth.
45:09 We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.
45:14 You'll have a very special Discover
45:15 Bible lesson given you tonight.
45:17 Be sure to stop by the Discover desk.
45:19 Wednesday night "Spiritual Suicide,
45:23 The Unpardonable Sin."
45:25 Again, at all of our hospitality locations
45:27 we're gonna be meeting you,
45:28 we want to have you meet our staff
45:30 and your host and hostesses.
45:32 Thank you for coming.
45:33 Remember as we go, that the Bible says
45:34 and God always wants to remind us,
45:37 that He really does, friend, love you.
45:41 God bless you.


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