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The Unpardonable Sin

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00:32 One of the most amazing and utterly fantastic
00:35 descriptions of mass suicide comes down to us
00:38 from ancient history in the story of Pompeii.
00:43 Pompeii was a thriving resort city.
00:45 It was the Las Vegas of the Roman Empire,
00:48 situated approximately six miles south
00:50 of Mount Vesuvius
00:52 near the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy.
00:56 Well, during the early part of the first century A.D.,
00:59 its population was nearly 20,000 people
01:02 which is a pretty good sized city in ancient times.
01:05 And Pompeii was wealthy.
01:08 It was a pleasure seeker's paradise, plenty of wine,
01:11 women and song, and it reeked with gross immorality.
01:16 In fact by the time of Caesar Augustus,
01:18 the Bay of Naples was ringed
01:20 with the villas of the rich and famous
01:22 as we would say today and they were really something.
01:26 The very latest artistic fashions,
01:28 elaborate marble architecture and fantastic designs.
01:33 Forums, baths, an amphitheater seating 20,000 spectators
01:38 who came to watch gladiators sports in combat
01:41 or theater plays, dramas, tragedies
01:45 and famous poets like Seneca or comedians like Menander.
01:51 In fact these villas that you've seen some pictures here
01:53 in the screen now were so luxurious,
01:55 we still copy them today
01:57 by the worlds rich and famous the billionaires.
02:00 Like the Villa of the Papyri which provided the inspiration
02:04 and blueprint for an actual reconstruction
02:06 and perhaps you recognize this,
02:08 the John Paul Getty Museum at Malibu, California.
02:12 Jeannie and I were there,
02:14 we've been there some of you may have.
02:15 It is a perfect replica which billionaire John Paul Getty
02:19 used for his villa in Malibu.
02:22 Pattern after what happened there in Pompeii.
02:25 Well, history tells us that in 62 A.D.,
02:29 there was a severe earthquake in that area
02:31 and for 16 years thereafter Mount Vesuvius just boiled
02:35 and fizzed and hissed and poured out smoke
02:37 and vapors like it would erupt any moment.
02:40 But then on August 23, in 79 A.D., Pompeii,
02:46 well, it looked like any other busy, prosperous city.
02:49 People were moving about,
02:50 they were visiting in their shopping malls
02:51 and they had shopping malls back then.
02:54 They were reading the newspapers,
02:55 they were sipping their coffee at Starbucks
02:58 and sharing friendly chit-chat.
03:01 But then on August 24, 79 A.D.,
03:05 with the mighty roaring sound of a cosmic thunderclap,
03:09 Mount Vesuvius erupted and belched forth
03:11 such an enormous potion of poison and death
03:14 that the city of Pompeii was literally bombarded.
03:17 It was the largest eruption ever in Europe.
03:22 First, came the wind-driven lapilli,
03:25 those small pellets of volcanic pumice in minutes
03:29 buried the entire city in hot mud and ash 12 feet deep
03:34 and it literally made statues of people,
03:36 they died right in their tracks, still standing.
03:40 Those who managed to crawl into some shelter
03:43 or shop or under a table in the city
03:45 they were simply entombed permanently
03:47 and they deteriorated after a few weeks
03:50 and all that remains are their skeletons.
03:53 For example, dogs chained up with a leash died
03:58 trying to get away, look at this been very closely here.
04:01 He's trying to bite the tether that held him
04:02 and that's how he died.
04:04 You're looking at the actual volcanic skeletal remains
04:07 of this poor dog biting at his chain
04:09 when it finally succumbed and it perished.
04:13 Well, following the barrage of the lapilli
04:16 came the storm of wet ash and poison gas,
04:19 much more deadly than the explosion.
04:23 This was more dangerous.
04:24 Hissing, steam, mud, a horrible black cloud
04:27 belched out fire in snake-like flashes
04:30 and those individuals who manage to escape
04:32 the first part of the tragedy but they lingered around
04:35 now they desperately attempted to flee
04:37 but they too were now felled by the toxic vapors
04:41 and they literally sat down in their hot graves of muddy lava.
04:48 And the volcanic ash of course solidified
04:50 and, today has supplied archaeologist's perfect molds
04:54 of the bodies of the victims of Pompeii.
04:58 In fact, there were some other cities
05:00 that were involved in this and the neighboring town
05:02 of Herculaneum was buried beneath 75 feet of mud and ash.
05:10 In fact, those of you who are into computers
05:11 I encourage you to go to your websites,
05:14 I happen I don't go into the websites very often
05:16 but I went looked under Yahoo and I simply looked up Pompeii.
05:21 Fascinating photos and stories including some of the photos
05:24 that were taken by the space satellite in space.
05:27 Take a look at it tonight.
05:29 But when the pall of death finally lifted after three days
05:34 that entire city and 16,000 inhabitants
05:38 that's four fifths of population,
05:41 they lay under 20 feet of volcanic debris and ash.
05:46 The Las Vegas of Rome had become
05:48 one great big giant huge burial vault.
05:55 Suicide. Mass suicide. They had all the warnings.
06:02 They had all the signs to get out
06:04 but suddenly it was all over.
06:05 The final curtain, a curtain of volcanic ash.
06:12 Now ladies and gentlemen, life was going on as per usual
06:15 on that beautiful August day in Pompeii.
06:18 Bread was in the oven, eggs were on the stove,
06:21 shops were open for businesses.
06:23 The Los Angeles Lakers sportscaster
06:25 the late Chick Hearn, used to say basketball team there
06:29 that we happen to happened in Los Angeles.
06:31 He would say something like well, you know,
06:32 "the game was in the refrigerator,
06:34 lights were out, door was shut, eggs were cooling,
06:36 jellies jiggling and the butter is getting hard."
06:40 The evidence that everything was just plain okay is found
06:44 in the archaeological digs among the ashes.
06:47 The golf courses were crowded, the race track was busy,
06:50 the ball players and truck drivers were not on strike,
06:53 it was business and pleasure as usual.
06:57 But suddenly this busy city was converted into a time capsule.
07:04 And our Bible of prophecy tells us that a similar experience
07:09 befell ancient Sodom and Gomorrah
07:13 and also in the days of Noah and of the flood.
07:17 Luke 17:26-28 Jesus says, ladies and gentlemen,
07:22 "A similar experience will be duplicated again
07:26 when the Lord comes right at the end of time."
07:30 Luke 17:30, "Even so will it be in the days
07:37 when the Son of Man is revealed."
07:41 Ladies and gentlemen, the Voice of Prophecy
07:42 tonight speaks once again to tell us
07:45 that on God's great time clock we tonight are standing right
07:50 on the verge of the eruption that will terminate all society
07:54 and usher in the entrance of the kingdom of God.
07:58 And the question tonight is this.
08:01 Where do you and I stand?
08:04 The wise Pompeiians were those very few who escaped
08:08 with the very first explosion from Mount Vesuvius.
08:12 A remnant if you wish. They saw the danger.
08:16 They read the situation. And they acted upon it.
08:21 But the relics of the ruins clearly tell the tale
08:24 that those who were lost were the majority,
08:29 chiefly they were the wealthy by the way.
08:32 They refused you see, to abandon their precious homes
08:35 and their possessions and their education
08:37 and their jobs and their pets and their friends
08:41 just hoping this horrible nightmare
08:42 would somehow just pass.
08:46 But that decision cost them their lives, a mass suicide.
08:53 They were victims of procrastination.
08:57 And, my friend, that is the most tragic spiritual disease
09:00 that anyone can ever contract.
09:03 To hesitate, to wait, to put off responding
09:07 to the challenge of our eternal destiny.
09:10 Pastor, "Not now." Let's just wait.
09:16 Folks, those two words, "Not now."
09:20 Those are the fatal words that will fill hell.
09:24 Millions of people will be in hell who said,
09:27 "not now, I just want to wait."
09:32 They commit suicide, spiritual suicide.
09:39 During the past three weeks together
09:40 in this series of prophetic lectures
09:42 we've learned many, many new things from God's truth.
09:46 We've learned exciting things, truth that demands response
09:50 and some action on our parts.
09:52 You know, some truth hasn't always been easy
09:54 to accept has it?
09:56 Some of you told me that this is tough, this is heavy stuff.
09:59 But the question is friend, if it is truth,
10:03 we have come face to face with God.
10:06 Not Lonnie Melashenko.
10:09 And I would like to challenge you this evening,
10:11 what are you planning to do with what you've learned?
10:13 Amen.
10:15 You see like the citizens of Pompeii
10:17 are we spiritually immobilized by the paralysis of analysis?
10:22 Procrastination?
10:26 Friend, that's spiritual suicide.
10:28 When we see the warning, when we see the truth
10:31 and discover the will of the Lord,
10:32 then God expects us to step out and follow that truth.
10:35 James 4:17 says this, "To him who knows to do good
10:41 and does not do it, to him it is," what?
10:43 "Sin." "Sin."
10:45 You see friends that light of truth
10:48 that shines along our pathway it keeps on moving.
10:53 And if we fail to move and follow that light,
10:57 Jesus says we'll be left behind in darkness
10:59 greater than before we saw the light.
11:01 He says in John 12:35, 36. "Walk," Lonnie, you walk,
11:08 "while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you.
11:12 While you have the light, believe in the light."
11:17 You see there came a time and the experience
11:19 of those citizens of Pompeii, when it was simply too late.
11:25 And friends, please, I'm not trying
11:26 to be emotional or dramatic,
11:29 but the time is soon going to come our Bible says,
11:32 when it is too late to make our decision for eternity.
11:37 A time when there will be no more changing
11:40 our minds or our attitudes.
11:41 In fact, Revelation 22:11 says,
11:45 the Lord is gonna announce,
11:47 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still,
11:51 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still,
11:53 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still,
11:56 and he who is holy, let him be holy still."
11:58 Amen.
12:02 I grew up in the prairies of the planes
12:04 of western Canada in Saskatchewan.
12:07 And I can still remember we left one
12:09 I was ten years of age and moved to New England.
12:12 But I can remember the spring thaw
12:13 on the great South Saskatchewan River.
12:17 The little fishing huts that they had there
12:18 during the hard winter would begin to sink in the ice.
12:23 And that ice would begin to break up
12:26 sometimes it would start to jam up in huge chunks
12:29 that had to be blasted apart by dynamite
12:31 or it would destroy bridges or harbors and docks for boats
12:35 and even push through some of the dams.
12:36 Well, I remember reading about one particularly large ice floe
12:40 that was grounded at the narrow entrance of a Canadian harbor.
12:44 And like all young Canadians who are born on skates.
12:47 Boy, this will looks too tempting,
12:49 they went out on this ice flow,
12:51 they swept off the snow, put on their skates.
12:54 Boy, for a couple of days they had a wonderful time
12:56 skating all around that giant ice floe.
12:59 And each day of course these two young guys will
13:01 become more and more daring, a little less observant.
13:05 After a week had gone by they failed to notice
13:09 that the spring tide had raised that ice floe
13:12 just enough to where it began to float.
13:16 So while they're out there one day skating away
13:18 the hearts content hitting the hockey pucks and so forth.
13:21 Slowly that ice cracked they didn't hear it
13:24 and it broke away form the shore
13:27 and it started to drift out into the tide.
13:31 One of those boys they saw it without a moment's
13:33 hesitation he shouted, "Jump for your life!"
13:35 And he skated as fast as toward the shore,
13:38 leaped across that open water and he desperately made his way
13:41 and scrambled up safely of the shore.
13:43 But the other little lad, well, he skated around there
13:46 and he waited for just a moment.
13:48 He saw that the distance was getting wider and wider
13:52 and he thought, well, maybe this will float down the river
13:55 and it'll get near the shore and I'll have
13:56 another opportunity, maybe better opportunity.
13:58 But that was too late.
14:01 He should have jumped at the first warning
14:03 because that moment of indecision
14:05 cost that young Canadian his life.
14:10 Friends, my Bible tells me one word
14:13 and this is the summary of the Voice of Prophecy
14:15 at the end of every broadcast.
14:17 God loves you. Amen.
14:20 He loves us always.
14:23 And we may think we can choose God always,
14:26 you know, at some future date
14:28 when it's maybe a little bit more convenient.
14:30 But we don't realize
14:31 the deceptiveness of procrastination.
14:35 You see the very first time that God calls
14:38 is always the loudest and the clearest
14:43 and if we keep putting Him off it gets a little fainter,
14:45 it gets a little fainter until one day it is finally too late.
14:49 The Bible says very clearly today is the day of salvation.
14:54 Amos 8:11-12 says, "Behold, the days are coming,"
15:00 says the Lord, "That I will send a famine on the land.
15:04 Not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water,
15:07 but of the hearing of the words of the Lord."
15:09 Then it says, "And they shall wander from sea to sea,
15:12 and from north to east, they shall run to and fro,
15:14 seeking the word of the Lord, but shall," what?
15:18 "Not find it."
15:21 Can you see that little kid just skating all over,
15:23 trying to find a way off?
15:24 See the picture, men and women
15:25 looking for a way looking at the headlines.
15:28 Feeling, oh, it is time, time to escape, but it's too late.
15:34 God says there will be a famine someday
15:36 for the hearing of the Word of the Lord
15:38 and they will have waited too long.
15:41 And, friend, this is spiritual suicide.
15:47 By the way the Bible has another name for it,
15:50 calls it "the unpardonable sin."
15:55 The saddest spectacle in all the world is the man or woman
15:58 who has committed the unpardonable sin.
16:02 And many people are confused about this doctrine.
16:05 Wonder and how in the world
16:06 do you commit an unpardonable sin.
16:09 What is this sin?
16:11 Well, I want you to take your Bibles and notice with me
16:12 the most fateful words that have been ever uttered
16:15 by Jesus Christ over in Matthew 12:22-32,
16:20 we're gonna read long portion here together.
16:23 Let's look at the Bible account of this teaching.
16:26 If you have your Bible you can follow with me
16:27 or look on the screen.
16:29 "Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed,
16:32 blind and mute, and He healed him,
16:35 so that the blind and mute man both spoke and saw.
16:38 All the multitudes were amazed and said,
16:41 'Could this be the Son of David?'
16:43 Now when the Pharisees heard it they said,
16:48 'This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub,
16:54 the ruler of the demons.'
16:56 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them,
17:00 'Every house divided against itself will not stand.
17:04 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself.
17:07 How then will his kingdom stand?
17:09 And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub,
17:13 by whom do your sons cast them out?
17:16 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God,
17:19 surely the kingdom of God has come upon you."
17:22 He who is with Me "Who is not with Me is against Me.
17:27 Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy
17:31 will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against
17:33 the Spirit of God will not be forgiven men.
17:37 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man,
17:39 it will be forgiven him but whoever speaks
17:41 against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him,
17:44 either in this age or in the age to come."
17:50 You see those Pharisees
17:52 they knew that Jesus something unique.
17:54 He was Messiah, He had to be.
17:57 But they rejected Him and so they started
17:59 to ascribe to Jesus all of His miraculous healing
18:03 that it must have from Satan.
18:06 Beelzebub, which literally means translated.
18:09 Lord of dung, Prince of Flies and filth!
18:15 Bible says they knew intellectually
18:16 that Jesus was Messiah but there so envious of Jesus,
18:20 so jealous, so full of hatred
18:22 that they absolutely refused the impressions
18:24 of the Holy Spirit on their hearts to accept Him.
18:27 All along the way they had opportunities but they'd
18:30 refused many, many small daily chances to accept Christ.
18:35 Some of them probably said, oh, sure.
18:38 Maybe he is Messiah, but you know what?
18:41 I think I'm gonna just wait.
18:43 I'm gonna remain neutral about this whole thing
18:45 until all the facts are in.
18:47 So come weal or woe, my status is quo.
18:53 And they held back because it would cost them something.
18:58 They'd have to change.
19:00 They'd have to surrender their will or else
19:03 they'd lose their position, maybe their family would say,
19:08 "You get baptized and you follow that cult,
19:11 our marriage is through, pastor."
19:15 So now you see they had no other alternative
19:17 but to condemn His healings as from Satan
19:20 and therefore they could retain their prestige.
19:24 But my question is what did Jesus mean
19:26 when He said that this type of sin would "never be forgiven"?
19:30 What is an unpardonable sin?
19:36 I remember waiting about a doctor in Georgia
19:39 who staggered into his home late one night
19:41 under the influence of alcohol.
19:45 In his drunken stupor I can hardly tell the story
19:48 I get emotionally choked up when I talk about kids.
19:51 This doctor I will not be able to tell you the details
19:55 but he went over the fireplace, he took a poker
19:58 and he placed it there in that fire
20:00 for a long time until it was red hot.
20:05 Maybe you folks right here remember hearing about this
20:07 'cause I tap an just next store in Georgia.
20:10 He then went into the room
20:11 where his little six-month-old baby was sleeping.
20:16 And...Well, when I heard about that terrible crime
20:23 I said to myself, "God, You can't forgive a sin like that.
20:26 That's unpardonable."
20:29 But you know what God says, that's "Pardonable."
20:34 Pardonable.
20:35 We read of horrific crimes in the newspapers,
20:38 torture, salve, bondage here in the 21st century
20:42 and we say that has got to be unpardonable.
20:44 But you know what God says, it's pardonable.
20:48 The Bible even describes terrible murders, rapes,
20:51 incest crimes committed
20:53 and some of most bizarre manner and we think,
20:55 "Well, can God possibly forgive sins like that?"
20:57 You know what God says, "That's pardonable."
21:01 Amen. Pardonable.
21:03 So, how do we commit this "unpardonable sin?
21:06 This sin of blasphemy."
21:09 Well, let's take a look at the meaning of the word blasphemy.
21:12 That word in Greek "blasphemy" comes from two Greek words
21:16 actually which means to speak hurtfully of the Holy Spirit.
21:23 The text says in Matthew 12:32, "Whoever speaks against
21:27 the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him."
21:32 He commits the unpardonable sin.
21:37 Friend, I'd like to suggest tonight, first of all,
21:40 that even cursing God openly and outwardly
21:44 is not necessarily committing the unpardonable sin.
21:48 The sin against the Holy Spirit
21:50 is an inner resistance against God.
21:54 You see when a person inwardly rebels
21:57 against spiritual impression,
21:59 he's cutting off light God's revealing to him.
22:03 He's calling light darkness.
22:06 And by refusing to follow that light, he's calling
22:08 Christ's works of mercy on his heart the magic of Beelzebub.
22:14 And that is spiritual suicide.
22:17 John 16:8 says, "The Holy Spirit will convict the world
22:23 of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment."
22:26 That's the Holy Spirit's work.
22:27 He comes night by night here,
22:29 he's been convicting all of us sin that we need to repent.
22:34 He convicts that we need the robe of Jesus Christ
22:36 and His righteousness to covers from our sin.
22:39 And the judgment is coming.
22:41 But you see there's no hope for the person who calls
22:44 day midnight who deliberately cuts off the only channel
22:49 by which God can communicate with him or her.
22:52 In fact 1 John 5:15-17 calls this, "A sin unto death."
23:00 Or another parts of the Bible, like Psalm 19:13,
23:03 it calls it, "The great transgression."
23:07 When you study your Bibles you'll notice
23:09 and maybe you remember that the Bible indicates
23:11 that King Belshazzar in ancient Babylon,
23:14 he committed this unpardonable sin.
23:17 You remember Belshazzar, He was the profligate,
23:19 blasphemous grandson of Nebuchadnezzar.
23:23 And Belshazzar literally insulated God.
23:26 Bible says his life was "weighed in the balances
23:28 and he was found," what?
23:30 "Wanting." "Wanting." When did he do?
23:33 He crossed God's deadline and he insulted heaven
23:37 when he brought in those sacred vessels of the temple
23:39 and used them for a great feast and drunken orgy
23:42 and insulated God when he'd writing on the wall
23:44 what he needed to do.
23:47 In the New Testament, we read that King Herod,
23:51 he spoke against the Holy Spirit and the Bible says,
23:53 when he did that he was immediately eaten by worms.
23:57 Awful death.
23:59 You see friends, it is a serious thing
24:01 to inwardly resist God's Holy Spirit.
24:06 But there's a second way to sin against the Holy Spirit
24:09 and that is to reject pardon.
24:14 You see friend, there is no sin God isn't willing to forgive.
24:18 Psalm 86:5 says, "You, Lord, are good,
24:21 and ready to forgive." Any sin.
24:24 John 6:37, "The one who comes to Me
24:26 I will by no means cast out."
24:29 1 John 1:9, one of my favorite text, "If we confess our sins,
24:33 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
24:35 and to cleanse us from" how much unrighteousness?
24:37 All. "All unrighteousness."
24:39 So, the unpardonable sin isn't a sin that's unforgivable
24:43 but it's one in which forgiveness is refused.
24:48 God can't forgive it
24:49 because the sinner doesn't want it forgiven.
24:52 Hebrews 6:4-6 says, "It is impossible for those,
24:58 if they fall away, to renew them again to repentance,
25:01 since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God,
25:04 and put Him to an open shame."
25:07 You see, if he refuses to repent,
25:09 it's impossible to forgive this type of person.
25:12 But I hope you see the point.
25:14 It's people who are responsible
25:16 for this unforgivable sin, not God.
25:19 We can place ourselves in a position
25:21 where God simply can't reach us anymore.
25:24 So the unpardonable sin is the sin of rejected pardon.
25:31 Third, the sin against the Holy Spirit, listen to this.
25:36 Always involves man leaving God, not God leaving man.
25:44 God never gives up.
25:46 Amen. No soul is ever deserted by God.
25:49 People turn from God, not God from them. Amen.
25:55 When we moved from Saskatchewan to Massachusetts
25:58 in New England we lived in a great big storey house
26:01 an old, old house in Springfield, Massachusetts
26:04 right next to a railroad track.
26:06 I was only ten years old
26:07 that track was 50 steps from our background.
26:10 Cut right through our backyard.
26:12 Let me tell you the very first time a locomotive went through
26:14 our backyard we thought the house would fall down.
26:17 But after a while you know something,
26:19 you actually become accustomed to that sound.
26:23 Believe it or not it almost like an alarm clock.
26:26 Many people don't hear the alarm clock
26:28 go off after a while, right?
26:29 Yeah. Ever had that happen?
26:32 Well, it's a same of the Holy Spirit.
26:35 We can repeatedly reject his pardon to the extent
26:38 that pretty soon we don't even feel
26:40 we need to be pardoned or baptized or join a church.
26:44 See when you choose to reject the Hold Spirit's
26:46 still small voice theirs is no more that God can do.
26:53 You cut yourself off from God,
26:55 so they're finally has to come a time
26:57 when God's Spirit must honor a person's wishes and say,
27:02 "I'll let him alone."
27:04 You see, friend, the unpardonable sin
27:06 is committed deliberately, not unconsciously.
27:10 Unfortunately, it's committed many times by good moral people
27:14 unless if they don't speak against the Church,
27:16 they don't swear, they don't insult God.
27:18 In fact, they plan to give their heart to God
27:21 some day but not yet.
27:24 When the invitation is given, the call is given.
27:27 But they deliberately don't go forward.
27:31 Pastor, not now, later.
27:35 Friend, you're turning away from God when you do that.
27:38 You're stifling His voice.
27:40 James 4:17 says, "To him who knows to do good
27:47 and does it not to him it is sin."
27:52 Please listen to me you don't necessarily
27:55 have to reject Christ to commit this sin.
27:59 You don't have to do anything, absolutely nothing.
28:04 But that's the point.
28:06 Through repeated refusals to make a decision
28:11 we choose to be lost.
28:14 You see not to decide is to decide.
28:22 A fifth point I'd like to share with you tonight
28:25 is that the sin against the Holy Spirit
28:28 is not just a result of one decision, one refusal,
28:33 but it is the result of many decisions.
28:35 It's a gradual process of rejecting God
28:38 and rejecting new light.
28:42 In Hebrews 6:6 Paul says,
28:45 "It's impossible to renew them again unto repentance."
28:49 They commit spiritual suicide.
28:54 See the unpardonable sin isn't even stealing,
28:56 it isn't drinking, it isn't smoking, it isn't profanity,
28:59 it isn't adultery, not even murder.
29:02 But if you start to set your mind against God
29:07 and against His light,
29:09 so that your will becomes fixed against Him,
29:11 then you have crossed the deadline
29:13 and you've committed the unpardonable sin.
29:16 It's persistently rejecting the Spirit's call
29:19 to repentance, failure to permit Jesus in,
29:23 so that He can put away sin in our lives.
29:27 And finally, the sin against the Holy Spirit
29:31 it leaves deep inside a person a void of spiritual concern.
29:37 There's a spiritual vacuum if you wish.
29:41 Now the interesting thing is on the surface
29:42 this person might even go to church occasionally
29:46 but deep inside they really couldn't care less
29:49 about religion, let alone worry about
29:51 ever having committed the unpardonable sin.
29:54 So friend, if you've ever worried
29:55 that maybe you've committed it or you wonder
29:57 if you haven't committed the unpardonable sin, you haven't.
30:01 Since God will never leave you if you want Him, He's yours.
30:05 But when the Holy Spirit leaves a person,
30:08 we don't hear him any more.
30:11 He can even shout at us and we hear nothing.
30:15 So Romans 1:24 says that He has to give us up.
30:20 "Therefore God gave them up to uncleanness."
30:25 Hebrews 10:26 says
30:26 there remains no more sacrifice for us.
30:28 Notice what it says, "For if we sin willfully
30:31 after we've received the knowledge of the truth,
30:33 there remains no longer a sacrifice for sins,
30:37 but a certain fearful expectation of," what?
30:39 "Judgment and fiery indignation which will devour
30:42 the adversaries who trampled the Son of God underfoot,
30:46 counted the blood of the covenant
30:48 by which he was sanctified a common thing,
30:50 and insulted the Spirit of grace."
30:55 Jeannie and I spend ten wonderful years
30:56 in Northern California about 80 miles north of Sacramento
31:00 up in the foothills, Paradise, California.
31:03 One of the things I learned to do there
31:05 with some my friends used to go bird watching
31:07 and look for eagles, bald eagles
31:09 kind of rare up in that part of the world.
31:11 But I remember reading about a news photographer,
31:14 some where near Sacramento he was doing a story
31:16 on bald eagles and he wanted some photos close up.
31:19 So he went up into the Sierra Nevada hills there
31:22 where he spotted with his telescope
31:24 an eagle's nest perched on a perpendicular cliff.
31:28 In fact it kind of went it like this with a shelf
31:30 on it there very too far for his telephoto lenses.
31:33 So he decided he spot a certain identifying dead tree
31:37 and he went around he hiked around the mountains
31:40 over the canyon, he got to that tree
31:42 and he tied one end of the rope around the tree
31:46 far above that nest.
31:47 And then the other end he made a great big knot in the--
31:51 in the rope took it in his hands
31:52 and he very carefully edged over that sheer vertical cliff
31:56 slowly but surely repelling down to the eagles nest
32:01 but it was in the-- he was suspended
32:03 1,000 feet above the floor there, just out in space.
32:06 But there it was the eagles nest
32:08 six to eight feet way from him.
32:10 And there was a baby eagle at there, parents were gone.
32:14 Well, he decided, you know, I get a closer look here
32:17 and I can get some photos right there.
32:19 So making his body a pendulum on that rope,
32:22 he started swing back and forth,
32:25 closer and closer to get to that eagles nest till finally
32:28 the last second he realized he had enough momentum
32:31 and as he got near that ledge he jumped
32:34 and he landed safely right by the eagles nest,
32:36 but as he did he let go the rope.
32:41 Now your mind does some amazing things
32:43 and they are like computers, you know.
32:45 He made some quick calculations.
32:48 I'm out here way up, nobody knows I'm here,
32:50 I'll die on this cliff,
32:51 I can't get down, I can't climb up.
32:54 What am I gonna do?
32:55 And his mind told them that the very first time
32:57 that rope comes back toward you is the very
32:59 first and best chance you're gonna have to get out of here.
33:03 So as it comes back toward if he crouched
33:06 with all of his muscles, all of his mighty spring
33:08 out into that air and he grabbed a hold to that rope
33:11 and let me tell you he climbed up out of there,
33:12 he left his cameras and he got out of there.
33:15 He was safe.
33:18 But friends, it's very, very same way with the Holy Spirit.
33:22 Yes. Amen.
33:23 The first time that he speaks to our hearts about truth.
33:26 Now Lon, today, this is the day of salvation do this.
33:31 Take that leap of faith now. Amen.
33:35 But each time we pass up on that still small voice,
33:37 our chances get slimmer and slimmer and I can't help
33:43 but think that there maybe some here tonight in this audience
33:46 or watching these video presentations
33:48 who maybe listening to their last opportunity.
33:52 You've been holding back.
33:55 You won't except heavens pardon.
33:58 Some people at an evangelist series of meetings altar call
34:01 they literally hold on to their seats
34:02 to keep from going forward when the call is made.
34:04 They don't want to make a decision.
34:07 The Spirit of God is working on their hearts,
34:10 but they won't turn loose.
34:12 They refuse to surrender.
34:15 Matthew 16:26, Jesus said but "What profit is it to a man
34:20 if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"
34:26 I've been told that only one person in 10,000
34:29 accept Jesus Christ after 45 years of age.
34:34 Looking at this audience tonight
34:35 we got a mixed age here tonight
34:37 and you've been coming bless your hearts from night to night
34:39 wherever you are in your downlink locations.
34:42 My friend, please, if you feel even a flicker in your heart.
34:48 Who do you think is calling? Who do you think is wooing you?
34:52 Who do you think is prodding and pricking that conscious?
34:55 Who do you think is inviting and pleading?
34:59 Please don't leave this place
35:01 without doing something about it.
35:03 Don't put off your decisions even one day
35:05 to follow the convictions of the Holy Spirit.
35:07 Amen. Don't commit spiritual suicide.
35:11 Pardon is being held out today, right now.
35:18 During a series of meetings, evangelistic meetings
35:21 back in the City of Chicago in 1871 Dwight L. Moody,
35:26 he once told his audience,
35:27 since he was beginning of week up meetings.
35:29 Ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna you a whole week
35:31 to decide what you want to do with Jesus Christ.
35:35 But do you know it was that very night
35:36 that the great Chicago fire destroyed the entire city
35:39 and hundreds and thousands of people died.
35:43 And Moody never got to hold another series of meetings
35:45 in that city until 23 years later.
35:50 And as he looked out over the audience that night,
35:51 he said, "ladies and gentlemen, 23 years ago
35:56 I made the greatest mistake I ever committed.
35:58 I gave an audience a week to decide what to do with Jesus.
36:01 I do not see a single soul to whom I preached that night.
36:04 I shall never meet those people again
36:06 till they rise up against me in the judgment
36:08 and I'd rather have my right hand cut off
36:11 than ever give an audience a week
36:13 in which to decide what to do with Jesus."
36:15 Amen. Amen.
36:18 I want to make an appeal to your heart right now.
36:22 Friend, decide for Jesus. Don't wait even one more day.
36:28 Decide now to yield your all to Jesus Christ.
36:32 Come by the blood-stained path of Calvary's cross.
36:37 No, you may not have all the answers,
36:40 but accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, by faith
36:44 and come just as you are.
36:45 Give your life to Jesus. This is a choice you must make.
36:52 You see, Jesus is a gentleman.
36:54 He'll never force salvation on any person
36:56 who doesn't want Him.
36:58 He's not gonna take you by the lapel and drag you to Him.
37:02 No, you have to choose Him.
37:04 He knocks at your door,
37:06 but you must open the door and invite Him in.
37:09 Amen.
37:11 Friends, Jesus has spoken to our hearts again tonight.
37:16 He's made His move. He made it at Calvary.
37:20 He made it at these meetings.
37:21 The church has made its move,
37:23 it's opening its doors for you through these meetings.
37:26 The evangelist has made his move by inviting you.
37:30 Friend, the next move is your move.
37:35 What will you do?
37:39 I know you'll make your decision for Jesus Christ.
37:44 You know Jesus always asked people
37:46 to make a public profession.
37:48 Billy Graham has people
37:49 by the thousands streamed down to the front.
37:52 But I want you to do that right now
37:54 in your own seat right there where you are.
37:57 I want extended invitation to everyone here tonight.
38:00 I want to invite those who maybe have
38:01 never accepted Jesus Christ to make that decision
38:05 and say Lord, this is the night.
38:07 I want to put up first from now on,
38:09 I want to accept You as my Savior.
38:11 I want to invite those who maybe would need to take
38:13 the step of Bible baptism you haven't done it yet
38:15 as a further step in your walk with Jesus Christ,
38:18 there maybe individuals who made that decision,
38:21 I want them write that down again tonight in a few minutes.
38:24 There maybe individuals here who come to this meeting
38:27 or you're listening in by satellite or radio.
38:30 You realize that-- well,
38:32 you need to get re-baptized and I know that's not easy.
38:37 But, friend, the first step back home
38:40 is always the hardest, make that decision tonight.
38:45 And I want to make an invitation for any one here
38:48 from all different walks of life who feel
38:50 the special sense of the need of God's Holy Spirit
38:54 that gift that brings every other gift in its string
38:57 I would like to ask you to make a decision there
39:01 that you want the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
39:04 which we all need in these days, the latter rain.
39:07 There maybe someone who'd like to
39:08 just recommit their lives to Jesus Christ
39:10 John 6:37 says,
39:11 "He that cometh, I will no wise cast out."
39:15 And finally I know that they were growing Christians
39:17 here you've been coming, you've been studying,
39:19 you've been so gracious to come and listen to these meetings
39:22 but you'd like to make Jesus your Lord,
39:24 make Him the one so there's no more doubt it.
39:29 When you think of what He is done for you,
39:31 what can you do for Him?
39:34 Let's choose Him as the row captains pass down
39:38 those containers think about it as Joey sings.
39:44 He's my Lord
39:49 There is no other one
39:55 Who can calm the storms of life
40:01 Like my Lord
40:06 He'll give rest to the weary
40:12 Give new life to the hopeless
40:17 There's no doubt about it
40:23 He's my Lord
40:30 What will you do for Jesus?
40:38 He's done so much for you
40:44 He gave His life, a ransom for sin
40:53 What will you do for Him?
41:03 What will you do for Him?
41:13 Let's pray together, shall we?
41:14 Father in heaven, I want to thank You.
41:17 Thank You, Lord, for your amazing grace.
41:21 Your still small voice that gently calls
41:23 and invites each one of us.
41:26 Here we are tonight again and it's a time of decision,
41:29 Lord, not next week, next month but now.
41:35 It's time to stand up for Jesus right now.
41:37 Father, I want to thank You for the evidence,
41:39 so Your Holy Spirit it worked throughout this entire series.
41:43 The young people that were featured earlier
41:47 whose loved one died there in Iraq.
41:50 Touching the lives of individuals from California
41:52 to Canada the Newfoundland down here in South Carolina,
41:56 Florida, all around the great circle of the earth.
41:59 Your spirit at work so right now would You speak
42:02 earnestly to every heart that may still be undecided.
42:07 And, precious Lord, if there's one more who'd like to say,
42:10 Lord, I'm struggling, I'm wrestling,
42:12 I'm not turning away the Holy Spirit
42:15 but I just can't make that decision yet,
42:18 you'd like to be remembered in this prayer
42:19 that God will help you make that decision.
42:21 I hope you'll raise your hand
42:22 and just put it up to heaven right now.
42:25 God bless each of you.
42:28 I want you to take that response card now
42:31 while our heads are bowed an attitude of prayer.
42:33 I want you to respond of those five little boxes
42:36 you might want to check several.
42:38 I hope everyone here Christian or none will check
42:41 that first one and say, Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins
42:44 and I accept Jesus as my personal Savior.
42:47 Can you check that one tonight?
42:50 And, secondly, I love Jesus,
42:53 desire to follow Him in baptism.
42:57 I hope many will check that one tonight.
43:00 The Holy Spirit isn't speaking to your heart
43:01 and telling you, you need to do that to follow Jesus.
43:04 Please check that tonight, we'll give you the time
43:06 you need to prepare for it
43:07 but I want you to make that commitment right now.
43:10 Number three, I wandered away from Jesus
43:13 but I want to be re-baptized.
43:15 Would you like to make a check there
43:17 if that's your decision tonight?
43:20 Number four, I hope every person here will check
43:22 I need prayer for the Holy Spirits leading.
43:24 Would you put that down? We want to pray for you.
43:27 And number five, maybe if someone would like
43:30 some additional reading materials
43:31 we'd be glad to place that in your hands too.
43:35 Please make your decision then pass those cards
43:38 into the containers to the end of row as Joey sings.
43:44 What will you do for Jesus?
43:52 He's done so much for you
43:59 He gave His life a ransom for sin
44:07 What will you do for Him?
44:16 What will you do for Him?
44:28 Amen, let's continue it in prayer.
44:30 Precious Lord, I want to thank You for each decision
44:34 that's just been made for eternity.
44:38 And wonderful Savior, until we meet again
44:41 would You just smile down and bless us
44:44 with heavens choicest blessings
44:47 in the wonderful and powerful
44:49 forgiving and the loving name of Jesus, amen.
44:54 Amen.
44:57 Make sure that you passed your response card in.
45:01 I want to tell you a little bit about Friday.
45:04 Evil in Chains.
45:07 What about that period of time called the millennium?
45:10 Evil in Chains.
45:12 I know it's a big holiday weekend,
45:14 but dear friends, we will be here.
45:16 We hope you're gonna be right here too,
45:18 wherever you are your downlink sites.
45:20 And by the way, the hospitality centers
45:22 are being a big hit everywhere.
45:25 Got some new freshmen's for us it's over in this side,
45:27 wherever it is located for you be sure to meet
45:29 your host and hostesses they will be glad to talk with you
45:32 and have prayer with you.
45:33 And by the way, there is a discover Bible lesson
45:35 that goes with tonight's lesson mysterious power in my life.
45:39 We're gonna be having a graduation
45:40 in many of the downlink sites, I hope you're gonna take
45:42 advantage of it right where you are
45:44 in a couple of days you can catch up,
45:46 take all of those lessons you haven't done yet.
45:48 Be sure you're with us and ready
45:49 for the graduation on this weekend.
45:50 Discover Bible lessons and all of the downlink sites.
45:53 Until we see you again, remember as we close
45:55 our broadcast every day friend, God, really does love you.
46:02 Amen. Good night.


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