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00:35 Our subject tonight is one of the most
00:37 fascinating spectaculars in all the Bible.
00:41 World Blackout Coming.
00:44 A thousand years of darkness when God finally, fairly,
00:48 and justly deals with the sin problem
00:50 in His big universe.
00:53 You know, every now and then,
00:54 a judge in one of our courts sentences
00:57 someone to an impossibly long prison term
01:00 to express horror or outrage about the crime.
01:03 Or a jury hands down a sentence of three or four life sentences
01:08 in a row when that criminal is already of retirement age
01:11 with no expectation it could possibly
01:13 ever be served in several lifetimes.
01:16 But you see, through that judge's
01:17 unimaginably impossible sentence,
01:21 our society expresses anger and disgust
01:23 for particularly heinous crimes.
01:27 Well, are you aware that a time is soon coming
01:30 when a judge will hand down a sentence of thousand years?
01:35 And the criminal will serve out every day of that sentence?
01:40 Now granted, people's opinions
01:42 about the 20th chapter of the Book of Revelation
01:44 and the millennium can be very, very confusing.
01:47 In fact, people have argued and debated
01:49 about that chapter for centuries.
01:52 In fact, this is true.
01:54 Once a bishop, I won't tell you which church,
01:56 but you all heard of it.
01:58 This bishop got so upset about the 20th chapter of Revelation,
02:02 he actually tore it out of that church's book.
02:05 And didn't get back into his denominations Bible
02:08 for hundreds and hundreds of years.
02:11 Well, folks, this is such an important subject.
02:13 Let's get out our Bible and discover what's next
02:16 as once again the Voice of Prophecy speaks.
02:19 Let's start with the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20.
02:24 And I want you to follow very, very carefully.
02:26 It says in the beginning of verse 1-3.
02:30 "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven,
02:32 having the key to the bottomless pit
02:34 and a great chain in his hand.
02:37 He laid hold of the dragon,
02:38 that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan,
02:41 and bound him for a thousand years,
02:44 And he cast him into the bottomless pit,
02:47 and shut him up, and set a seal on him,
02:49 that he should deceive the nations no more
02:51 until the thousand years were finished.
02:55 But after these things--" He must be what?
02:59 "Released for a little while."
03:02 All right, the first firm fact about the millennium.
03:06 We can nail this down.
03:08 God has a plan to deal with the greatest criminal
03:11 that this universe has ever known
03:13 when the Devil will be imprisoned
03:14 for a thousand years, chained up.
03:17 Amen? Amen.
03:18 Second fact, Bible prophecy tells us
03:22 after Satan is in prison for a thousand years,
03:25 he will be paroled.
03:28 Released, it says, for a little while.
03:31 But his parole evidently proves
03:33 that even after a thousand years he hasn't reformed.
03:37 He's still the Devil, still up to his same tricks.
03:41 Third fact, according to the Scripture,
03:44 the millennium is tied in very, very closely
03:48 with the resurrection at the Second Coming of Jesus.
03:52 In fact, we'll find in a moment
03:54 that the millennium is actually bound
03:56 by two separate and distinct resurrections.
03:59 "The resurrection of eternal life
04:02 at the beginning of the millennium
04:05 and the resurrection of damnation
04:07 at the end of the thousand years."
04:10 Jesus said once in John 5:25 and on,
04:15 He said, "Most assuredly, I say to you,
04:18 the hour is coming and now is,
04:21 when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God,
04:24 and all those who hear will live."
04:28 So there you have it, the resurrection.
04:31 But I want you to notice now
04:32 how Christ explains this in the 28th and 29th verses.
04:36 He says, "Lonnie, do not marvel at this,
04:39 for the hour is coming in which all are in the grave,
04:41 who in the graves will hear His voice and come forth."
04:43 Notice now, "Those who have done good,
04:46 to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil
04:50 to the resurrection of damnation."
04:53 He talks about two resurrections.
04:55 First, the resurrection of those
04:58 who have done good.
05:00 The second, the resurrection of damnation.
05:04 And Revelation 20:5-6 says that it's the good people
05:09 who come up in the first resurrection.
05:12 Here's what it says.
05:13 "This is the first resurrection.
05:15 Blessed and holy is he
05:17 who has part in the first resurrection.
05:20 Over such the second death has no power,
05:23 but they shall be priests of God and of Christ,
05:25 and shall reign with Him--" How long?
05:27 "A thousand years."
05:30 In fact Paul told the Thessalonians
05:31 in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17.
05:35 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
05:38 with a shout, with the voice of the archangel
05:40 with the trumpet of God.
05:41 And the dead in Christ--" Will what?
05:44 "Rise" What? "First."
05:47 Then He says and continues,
05:48 "Then we who are alive and remain
05:50 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
05:53 to meet the Lord in the air.
05:54 And thus we shall always be with the Lord."
05:57 Amen? Amen.
05:58 So this first resurrection,
06:01 this glorious resurrection morning,
06:03 the first one is for whom?
06:07 The first group of dead people.
06:09 The dead in Christ,
06:10 the righteous, the saints, that's right.
06:12 They are the ones who are raised first.
06:15 And by the way, all of us Christians
06:17 if we haven't died by that time,
06:19 if we're still alive at Christ's coming,
06:20 it says we will be caught up with them in the clouds
06:24 to meet the Lord in the air.
06:25 And on that day,
06:26 Jesus' promises will finally be fulfilled
06:28 that He said in John 11:25.
06:32 "He that believeth in me,
06:34 though he were dead, yet shall he live."
06:38 So all of the righteous dead sleeping in the grave
06:43 will be raised from their graves, when?
06:47 As Jesus returns.
06:48 In fact, Isaiah even tells us the very words
06:52 that Jesus shouts, with a voice of thunder.
06:55 "Awake, awake, ye that sleep in the dust
06:59 and earth shall cast out the dead," it says.
07:03 What a glorious day that will be
07:05 to be in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
07:08 Angels scurrying around with little babies,
07:10 reuniting them with their parents over there
07:13 in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington.
07:15 Husbands who died in Vietnam or World War II
07:18 or the Gulf Wars, reunited with their wives.
07:21 Todd Beamer, who perished because terrorists sabotaged
07:24 United Airlines Flight number 93, September 11,
07:29 he will be reunited with his precious Lisa.
07:32 I wish you could read that Book of Lisa's
07:35 and that precious little baby Morgan.
07:37 You know, folks,
07:38 cemeteries will be the happiest places on this planet.
07:42 The most moving, touching scene ever in history.
07:45 Christ's wonderful promise made so long ago
07:47 will be fulfilled in John 14:2, 3.
07:51 "I go to prepare a place for you.
07:53 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
07:55 I will come again and receive you to Myself,
07:57 that where I am, there Ye may be also."
08:02 All the saved on resurrection morning,
08:04 finally, we rise up and we go to Paradise, to be with Jesus,
08:10 which leads us now to our next major point
08:12 that we can nail down.
08:14 We're not going to be tearing out the Book of Revelation
08:16 from our Bibles tonight.
08:18 We're gonna find out what it says.
08:19 What is next, then?
08:21 What will we do up there in Paradise
08:23 for a thousand years?
08:26 Ah, that's a crucial question.
08:29 Because, friend, it has something to do
08:31 with God's plan to close the book
08:34 on the problem of sin.
08:37 In Revelation 20:6,
08:40 prophecy reveals an amazing insight
08:42 about what we do up there during the millennium.
08:47 Listen, "Blessed and holy is He
08:50 who has part in the first resurrection.
08:53 Over such the second death has no power,
08:56 but they shall be--" What?
08:58 "Priests of God and of Christ,
09:00 and shall reign with Him a thousand years."
09:04 It says, we're priests,
09:05 another translation in some Bible says we are judges,
09:09 we reign or we hold court for a thousand years.
09:15 What does this mean?
09:17 Now aside from Heaven,
09:18 aside from the unspeakable joy when we finally get there,
09:21 getting acquainted with everyone,
09:23 aside from the travel and all of the glory,
09:25 John gives this unique insight as to what we saints do
09:30 for God during the millennium.
09:33 Notice verse 4
09:35 "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them.
09:39 And judgment was committed to them."
09:43 You see before God finally eradicates sin
09:46 and burns up this old ball of mud here,
09:49 God first insists that every human being
09:52 who has ever lived on planet earth,
09:54 clearly understands why He's going to destroy it.
09:58 And we help God finally resolve the sin problem.
10:03 The thousand year millennium opens up an altogether
10:07 different final phase to the last judgment
10:10 that we discovered began back in 1844.
10:13 But God won't carry out what the Bible calls His
10:16 "strange act,"
10:18 His final ultimate sentence of judgment and destruction,
10:23 eradicating sin and sinners.
10:25 No, not until all the universe sits as grand jury
10:29 and together renders the verdict and understands
10:32 why God must do this and destroy.
10:36 God is gonna wait until you understand.
10:41 So Revelation 20 describes this time
10:43 when God amazingly includes us, mortals, in the final verdict.
10:50 Feeble men and women, you and I
10:53 are assigned the solemn task of judging
10:56 fallen angels and the wicked unsaved.
11:00 You see, before God finally annihilates them,
11:03 including Satan, in the "executive phase" of Hell fire,
11:07 this one thousand year period is when the
11:10 "sentencing of the wicked" takes place.
11:14 Now, folks, I'm not making this up.
11:16 Paul states in 1 Corinthians 6:2, 3.
11:21 He says, "Do you not know
11:23 that the saints will judge the world?
11:26 Do you not know that we shall judge angels?"
11:31 You see, friend, God wants to secure His universe
11:34 so that as Nahum 1:9 says,
11:36 "Affliction shall not arise the second time."
11:40 Aren't you glad for that promise?
11:42 Guaranteed God says, it will be sinless forever.
11:47 How can He do that?
11:49 It must become crystal clear once and for all
11:52 to every created being that's ever lived,
11:55 that God is just, that He is fair,
11:58 that He is good.
12:00 You see, for over 6, 000 years now
12:03 Satan has been leveling the accusation,
12:05 God's unfair, God's unfair.
12:08 The thousand year millennium
12:10 must finally put this notion to rest.
12:14 But how is that gonna happen?
12:16 Why do we need to judge the evil angels
12:18 and the wicked sinners?
12:20 I mean, haven't they already been judged
12:22 before Christ comes?
12:24 True, in the sense
12:27 that they didn't get to go up to Heaven.
12:30 But if you ever wondered what your reaction
12:32 might be up in Heaven.
12:34 If you went up there looking for someone you expected
12:36 to find there only to discover,
12:40 they are not here, they are lost forever.
12:45 God, how come?
12:48 You might call the fairness of God's justice into question.
12:53 And you know wonderful, merciful God,
12:56 during the millennium, Bible says,
12:58 He opens the records of all of the lost for our scrutiny.
13:03 And God patiently sits there and He waits for us
13:07 to make up our minds that He was right in judging
13:09 every person the way that He did.
13:12 We get to investigate the evidence
13:14 to see why He judged how He did.
13:17 You see, before He eliminates and eradicates sinners,
13:21 the most guarded secrets harbored
13:23 in each evil person's mind will be exposed.
13:26 And as we, we go through the records,
13:27 we inspect them.
13:30 Bible says, we are gonna be left with only one response,
13:33 we'll get down on our knees and we'll say, "God,
13:36 we agree with Your love, we know You were just.
13:41 We bow in tears and worship."
13:43 Revelation 16:7 we will say, "Even so, Lord God Almighty,
13:48 true and righteous are Your judgments."
13:53 But now wait a minute.
13:56 How did the wicked settle their score with God?
14:00 How do they have their say
14:01 whether God's been just and fair?
14:03 They're all dead.
14:05 Revelation 19:21 describes that when Jesus comes,
14:10 the impact of course destroys them.
14:12 It flattens everyone who rejects God.
14:15 It says here "And the rest of the dead were killed
14:19 with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Him
14:22 who sat on the horse."
14:24 You see, the splendor and the beauty
14:26 and the brilliance of millions and millions of angels
14:28 and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit,
14:30 when they all come together is so overwhelming,
14:32 2 Thessalonians 2:8 says "That the wicked are destroyed
14:36 by the brightness of His coming."
14:39 In fact, you remember when Jesus rose from the grave,
14:42 one angel on Easter Sunday morning,
14:45 that one angel caused a 100 Roman soldiers to collapse
14:49 in a heap like dead men.
14:52 Jeremiah 25:33 says, about this day
14:56 when Jesus comes and the impact on the wicked people,
14:59 it says, "And at that day the slain of the Lord
15:02 shall be from one end of the earth
15:04 even to the other end of the earth."
15:06 What that means is every single wicked person is now dead.
15:10 And it goes on and says.
15:12 "They shall not be lamented, nor gathered, or buried,
15:15 they shall become refuse or fertilizers--"
15:20 somebody who translated it, "--on the earth."
15:24 The righteous, remember they went up to heaven,
15:26 to be with Jesus at His second coming.
15:28 But all the unsaved who are alive when Jesus comes,
15:31 they are slain by the brightness of His coming.
15:34 So we can nail this down, too.
15:37 All of the wicked are now dead.
15:40 Revelation 20:5, let's look at that again.
15:44 "But the rest of the dead lived not again
15:47 until the thousand years were finished."
15:52 And now, folks, we're gonna see from Scripture
15:54 an amazing revelation how God finally resolves
15:57 and ends the problem of sin in this universe forever.
16:02 How the wicked will have their day in court
16:05 and they too will have their turn to judge God.
16:10 But first, let's quickly review the events
16:12 that prophecy reveals take place at Christ's coming.
16:17 1. Jesus returns,
16:19 with all of the holy angels, Mathew 25:31
16:22 2. The dead in Christ rise, 1Thessalonians 4:16
16:26 3. The living are caught up to meet Jesus in the air.
16:30 1 Thessalonians 4:17
16:32 4. And the saved,
16:34 they all go home with Jesus and reign with Him.
16:36 How long? Thousand years. Revelation 20:4, 5.
16:40 The unsaved are slain
16:45 by the brightness of His coming
16:46 2 Thessalonians 2:8, Jeremiah 25:33
16:50 6. And the wicked dead stay dead
16:54 during the thousand years. Revelation 20:5
16:57 7. And Satan is bound for a thousand years by a chain.
17:03 It's really a chain of circumstances
17:05 because he has nobody left to tempt,
17:07 nobody to destroy.
17:08 That's Revelation 20:2.
17:10 8. Since all of the righteous are up there in heaven,
17:13 and all the wicked are dead, everybody is gone.
17:17 Everywhere, there is absolute ruin,
17:19 Jeremiah 24:23-26.
17:23 Let's look at prophecy and what it says now
17:27 about what's happening down here on planet earth
17:30 during the millennium?
17:32 Ladies and Gentlemen, I must tell you this,
17:34 it is not at all like Tim LaHaye's
17:36 "Left Behind" fiction.
17:39 The Bible tells the truth.
17:42 This earth, during the millennium,
17:45 becomes the Devil's prison.
17:48 Satan is chained up to this abyss.
17:51 He is bound, the Bible says for a thousand years.
17:54 How is Satan chained?
17:57 I believe it's a simple chain of circumstances
18:01 because it's impossible for him to go anywhere.
18:03 There's nobody left to tempt.
18:04 No one to destroy. There's nobody here.
18:07 The saved are up with Jesus for a thousand years.
18:09 The wicked, they are all dead.
18:10 So this earth becomes his prison.
18:14 Now remember, this is important, too,
18:16 in God's final plan.
18:18 Because you see ever since creation,
18:21 Lucifer always jealously wanted to show everybody
18:24 how he would rule a world.
18:28 Now God finally gives him his chance.
18:31 And the watching universe
18:32 is able to see in vivid technicolor
18:34 what kind of a ruler he really is
18:36 when given complete control of a planet.
18:40 But you know what, it looks like ground zero.
18:43 Destroyed, little curls of smoke
18:45 and stench and death,
18:46 chaos like a bombed out
18:48 bottomless pit, if you wish.
18:51 In fact, for those of you English majors,
18:54 let me do just a little
18:55 etymological word study for you.
18:57 That Greek word "bottomless pit"
19:00 in Greek is "Abussos"
19:04 from which we get our English word "abyss".
19:07 By the way, that is the same exact word used in Genesis 1
19:10 when God first created the heavens and the earth
19:12 out of chaos.
19:13 It says, "Without form and void."
19:17 That's Abussos.
19:20 In fact the Prophet Jeremiah,
19:21 he foresaw this bottomless pit
19:24 during the thousand years in Jeremiah 4:23,
19:28 he says, "I beheld the earth,
19:31 lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens,
19:35 they had no light."
19:37 You see it there, friend, it's coming.
19:39 Complete world blackout
19:42 on this Abussos or this bottomless pit.
19:44 And it is going to be totally dark.
19:48 Jeremiah 4:24-26,
19:50 "I beheld the mountains, and lo, they trembled,
19:53 all the hills moved lightly.
19:56 I beheld, and lo, there was no man,
19:59 all the birds of the heavens were fled.
20:00 I beheld, and lo,
20:01 the fruitful place was a wilderness,
20:03 and all the cities thereof were broken down
20:05 at the presence of the Lord,
20:06 and by His fierce anger."
20:11 Pretty grim place for the old Devil
20:12 to take a thousand year vacation,
20:14 wouldn't you say?
20:16 Satan has nothing to do down here.
20:18 Except walk to and fro over this dark, devastated,
20:21 lonely planet and do a lot of reflecting.
20:24 You know, I've tried to imagine Satan down there
20:27 during the thousand years all by himself.
20:31 Everything is absolutely pitch black.
20:33 The old Devil's walking all over this earth,
20:35 nothing to do.
20:36 So here he is on this banged up,
20:38 burned out, broken down, bottomless pit,
20:41 just kind of kicking at things.
20:44 And suddenly perhaps he looks down
20:45 and somehow he can see the face,
20:50 the face of a man,
20:53 slain by the glory of the Lord.
20:57 He recognizes that man.
20:59 That's someone he knew well, that's Joe Cool.
21:03 He was a good citizen, everybody liked him.
21:06 He was honest. He paid his debts.
21:07 People were attracted to him.
21:09 He had a fine personality, great neighbor.
21:12 And there were times when Joe really wanted to make
21:15 a decision to follow the Lord Jesus all the way,
21:18 but the Devil was right there to say,
21:20 "No, Joe, not now.
21:24 This is only the year 2003.
21:26 Just give yourself a little more time.
21:28 Things will look better.
21:29 You'll have a better chance later to become a Christian."
21:34 So Joe didn't make his decision.
21:37 But then you see the Devil arranged an accident
21:39 on the highway to snuff out Joe's life.
21:43 And now there's a hideous smile on the face of the Devil
21:45 as he looks on the countenance of this man Joe.
21:49 Satan knows he is lost forever!
21:57 Friends, Revelation 20
21:58 is trying to tell us something tonight.
22:01 Don't postpone your decision for Jesus Christ.
22:05 Don't put it off.
22:06 It will be too late during the millennium.
22:10 So in review, the events that take place
22:13 during the millennium on this earth.
22:16 It is absolutely desolate, devastated.
22:19 All the unsaved are dead,
22:23 slain by the brightness of Jesus' coming.
22:25 All the saved are up there in heaven,
22:27 reigning with Christ.
22:29 And, Satan,
22:30 well, he is bound down here on this dark devastated planet.
22:34 He gets to reflect a little bit on his rebellion.
22:38 Now someone asks, "Lonnie, will Satan perhaps reform?"
22:44 Maybe he will change
22:45 after a thousand years of solitude down there?
22:47 Will he have any regrets?
22:49 Believe it or not that there are churches in North America
22:53 and outside of this country who worship Satan.
22:57 They worship the Devil.
22:59 Now because they believe that
23:01 Satan is gonna be converted during the millennium.
23:04 Will he?
23:07 You see, one of God's crucial reasons
23:09 for putting the millennium into His prophetic timetable
23:12 is to help us understand something.
23:15 God's going to demonstrate to the universe
23:17 that given another chance, any evil being
23:21 would still make the same decision all over again.
23:24 They choose the same master. They'd still reject God.
23:28 And now here it comes, a second chance,
23:33 for the Devil and for all of the wicked.
23:37 I want you to notice carefully what happens,
23:38 and profoundly what it tells us about God
23:42 when the millennium closes.
23:44 What does Bible say in Revelation 20:7, 8?
23:48 "Now when the thousand years have expired,
23:53 Satan will be released out of his prison,
23:56 will go out to deceive the nations
23:57 which are in the four corners of the earth
23:59 to gather them together to battle,
24:01 whose number is as the sand of the sea."
24:04 Well, you say, where do all of these
24:06 wicked people come from?
24:07 How can they be in this battle if they are all dead?
24:10 Ah, remember, Revelation 20:5 says,
24:13 "But the rest of the dead lived not again
24:16 until the thousand years were finished."
24:21 So right here God raises up the rest of the dead
24:25 in the second resurrection.
24:28 The resurrection as Jesus called it,
24:30 of damnation, at the end of the millennium,
24:33 that's for the unsaved dead.
24:35 Notice Revelation 20:8,
24:38 "The number of whom is as the sand of the sea."
24:42 You know, what a sight as they come up from their graves
24:45 identically the same, still with pain and sickness,
24:48 in wheel chairs, still cursing and swearing,
24:51 doing drugs, smoking weed, toting guns, terrible,
24:54 horrible, an awful mess of humanity.
24:57 They are anti-God and they are the lost.
25:01 Revelation 21:2 says,
25:04 at precisely this identically same time
25:07 that they are raised up,
25:09 the Holy City, the New Jerusalem,
25:10 with all of God's saints and Jesus,
25:13 all of God's holy angels inside,
25:16 that begins to descend down from heaven to earth
25:19 right at the end of the millennium.
25:21 In fact, Zechariah 14 describes
25:23 how God prepares a great big special landing place
25:26 for that big city, over there in the Mount of Olive
25:29 located just outside Old Jerusalem.
25:33 The gorgeous New Jerusalem comes down,
25:35 God's eternal, splendiferous city.
25:38 Whoa, think the wicked, awesome.
25:43 Whoa, amazing.
25:44 This City then becomes the focal point,
25:47 the final target of Satan's
25:49 last cunning campaign of conniving.
25:53 Notice what it says, Revelation 20:7, 8,
25:56 "And when the thousand years are expired,
25:58 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
26:00 he shall go out to deceive the nations
26:02 which are in the four quarters of the earth
26:04 to gather them together to battle."
26:08 Of course, Satan is loosed
26:10 because when that second resurrection
26:12 raises up the wicked, well, that automatically triggers
26:14 Satan's release from being chained up
26:16 in this bottomless pit.
26:17 He's free again to tempt, to fool, to beguile
26:21 with his old scheming bag-of-tricks.
26:24 You know what? He is the same old deceiver.
26:26 He hasn't changed, hasn't reformed.
26:29 He goes out, the Bible says,
26:30 to deceive these billions of wicked people.
26:33 "Listen up, Saddam, he says listen up, Hitler.
26:36 Hey, Judas, Benedict Arnold, Jezebel, Sennecharib.
26:40 Look at you.
26:43 Oh, you're resurrected from the dead.
26:45 Do you know who raised you from the dead?
26:48 I did. You see that city over there?
26:53 I was once a great prince in that city.
26:56 They threw me out. They didn't treat me right.
27:00 I want you to help me capture it and we'll rule.
27:04 We've still got a chance.
27:06 Verses 8-9 says, billions of these people,
27:08 they listen to him and somehow he convinces them
27:11 they can take the city.
27:13 So you see, they haven't changed either.
27:16 Again they choose Satan as their leader.
27:19 And so they start marching,
27:20 advancing closer and closer to this massive city,
27:24 this mighty army
27:25 in earth's last cosmic final battle of Armageddon.
27:32 Verse 9 says, notice.
27:34 "They went up on the breadth of the earth
27:36 and surrounded the camp of the saints
27:38 and the beloved city."
27:41 Can you picture them?
27:43 All of the wicked of all of the ages.
27:46 Satan, the grand marshal lines them all up
27:48 with their devastating nuclear weapons,
27:50 they've got atomic missiles, B-1, B-52 bombers,
27:54 loaded to the nuclear teeth with smart bombs and anthrax
27:57 and all other destructive explosive weapons
27:59 that could seemingly shatter that city
28:01 and blow it into smithereens.
28:04 Picture all of these men and women,
28:06 they're raised up with the same diseased bodies,
28:08 same evil characters,
28:09 still cursing and swearing and everything else.
28:12 And Satan finally gives the order, "March!
28:16 Take the city!"
28:19 Now God suddenly intervenes
28:24 with the final cosmic "moment of truth."
28:29 God unveils what the Bible calls his "strange act."
28:33 And all of a sudden,
28:34 these billions of wicked men and wicked angels and women,
28:38 who ever they are there, they stop in their tracks,
28:40 the Bible tells us, because
28:42 now you see it's the wicked people's chance to judge God.
28:48 Jesus starts to ascend higher and higher above that city,
28:52 suspended up there in space, and He begins to radiate
28:56 brighter and brighter in glory and majesty and power.
28:59 And I believe that first at the Book of Philippians Chapter 2
29:03 describes this scene specifically in something
29:06 like a fantastic replay of a cosmic video screen,
29:12 where every evil eye will suddenly look at his own life
29:17 replayed in virtual reality.
29:19 His whole life portrayed in 3-D Cinerama.
29:23 And every wicked person will see their entire life,
29:26 every wicked deed and what they are really like
29:29 when they stand before our holy God and before the saints,
29:32 and before that Holy City
29:34 filled with all the holy angels.
29:36 And they see the awful difference.
29:39 They see the saints there with perfect bodies,
29:41 perfect health, perfect happiness,
29:43 full of love and joy and smiles and radiant with holy glory.
29:47 And they see themselves,
29:50 their wretchedness, their misery,
29:52 and their ugliness, their hopelessness.
29:56 You see, God is now giving the wicked
29:59 their chance to judge Him, too.
30:02 And the record says in Philippians 2:10-11,
30:06 that becomes the molten moment, the flashpoint
30:11 of total self-realization for the wicked.
30:16 God, You were right. You were right.
30:22 Bible says that at the knee of Jesus--
30:25 "At the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
30:29 those in heaven and those on earth,
30:31 and of those under the earth, even Satan and his angels,
30:34 that every tongue should confess Jesus Christ is Lord,
30:39 to the glory of God the Father."
30:42 Before the entire universe,
30:44 they finally admit God, Your justice was fair.
30:49 We worship You in spite of our wicked selves.
30:51 We really don't want to change.
30:52 We'd rather go to hell than live on with You.
30:55 We're not sorry for our sins.
30:57 We're just sorry we got caught.
30:59 You're right. God just get rid of us.
31:02 Put us out of our misery.
31:05 But that awful dramatic moment lingers a little longer.
31:09 Because God for the first and last time
31:11 gives all of those wicked now
31:13 a chance to see Him as He really is.
31:17 Not that they'd change.
31:19 But He says, "My children,
31:23 you still don't understand Me.
31:25 You don't know Me. I need to show you."
31:30 And the wicked watch transfixed
31:33 as God no longer conceals His glory,
31:36 but now He permits it to shine brighter and brighter.
31:39 And it becomes like intense heat,
31:41 flames of fire to these wicked people.
31:44 And in anguish they realize,
31:45 oh, how awful their sinful selves
31:47 are compared to this fantastic and perfect being.
31:50 And they begin to turn and fight with each other,
31:53 and attacking Satan as the fire of God's glory shines brighter,
31:56 and more powerful than ever.
31:58 And the whole earth erupts in seething flames,
32:01 a great big lake of fire.
32:03 This is what Revelation 20:9 is talking about when it says
32:07 "And fire came down
32:09 from God out of heaven and devoured them."
32:13 Completely burning up all evidence of sinful life
32:17 here on earth once and for all.
32:18 In fact the Bible says it's so hot, in 2 Peter 3:10
32:22 it melts the surface of the earth.
32:24 Notice, "The heavens shall pass away with a great noise,
32:28 and the elements shall melt with fervent heat,
32:30 the earth also and the works
32:32 that are therein shall be burned up."
32:36 Revelation 20:10, 14, 15 says
32:39 even "The devil, who deceived them,
32:41 was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone.
32:43 Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire.
32:47 This is the second death.
32:49 Anyone not found written in the Book of Life
32:51 was cast into the lake of fire."
32:54 Forever gone.
32:57 The cosmic battle of the ages is over.
33:01 Sin and sinners are no more.
33:04 Only the saints and the Holy City
33:07 are miraculously spared in that big holocaust.
33:12 You know, sadly, we may have relatives.
33:16 We may have some friends,
33:18 whom we love dearly, who will perish in that fire.
33:22 You know, I believe that there is gonna be
33:23 some agonizing scenes as they burn.
33:27 You know, the Bible says that the walls of the city
33:28 are made of transparent jasper.
33:32 The wicked just might be able to come up right to the city
33:34 and see right inside.
33:37 Maybe as one man runs up to the walls,
33:39 God's glory is getting brighter and brighter,
33:42 turning him into fire and starting to burn him.
33:44 He sees the very throne of God inside it,
33:47 the rainbow of promise encircling it.
33:49 He sees the River of Life, the Tree of Life, bright,
33:54 glorious angels radiant and happy.
33:56 Can you picture him seeing the streets of gold,
33:58 and standing spellbound wondering
34:00 why he was such a fool to lose all of that?
34:04 Then picture that man suddenly freezing in his track
34:07 as he sees someone coming who looks very familiar.
34:13 It's his own wife and children.
34:16 He remembers how they used to pray for him
34:18 to give his heart to the Lord but he never made his decision.
34:21 He never said yes to Jesus. Now there is that wall between.
34:27 He wants to escape the hot fire
34:28 and he just goes to pieces and he falls down
34:30 and he screams and he cries out,
34:32 begs God that,
34:33 would you just give me one more chance.
34:36 But there will never be another chance.
34:39 You see, He's not sorry, really, for his choice.
34:43 He's sorry he got caught,
34:45 and he only regrets the awful result.
34:49 It's too late.
34:52 Friend, I wish I could paint this picture
34:54 so graphically and share this so tenderly,
34:57 concerning surrender and its importance.
34:59 I don't wish to be melodramatic.
35:02 I'm not trying to scare you.
35:04 True love must be your motive for choosing Jesus Christ.
35:09 But right now Jesus invites you to settle it with God.
35:14 He pleads.
35:16 You know, I'm amazed how we preachers
35:18 sometimes soft-pedal this business of hell fire,
35:21 and we say well-meaning things to people
35:22 that we know should make a definite decision.
35:26 Sometimes, people are held back
35:28 by their possessions, or may be their family or job,
35:31 some friends, bank account.
35:34 Folks, what comfort will those be
35:35 if you're looking on the outside into the city?
35:41 Where are you going to be then, friend?
35:43 At the end of the millennium,
35:45 you and I are going to be in one of two places.
35:48 We'll be either inside that city,
35:50 reigning with Christ, immortal forever,
35:54 or we'll be on the outside with the ranks of the wicked,
35:57 lost, left out eternally.
36:02 We have the opportunity today
36:04 to make our decision before it's forever too late.
36:09 But I haven't quite finished yet.
36:12 This isn't the end,
36:14 that flaming holocaust burning up the earth.
36:17 Yes, there will be tears.
36:19 How could it be otherwise?
36:21 But here's the good news of the Voice of Prophecy,
36:24 Revelation 21:4 says,
36:26 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
36:30 and there shall be no more death,
36:32 nor sorrow, nor crying.
36:33 There shall be no more pain,
36:35 for the former things have-" What?
36:37 "Passed away."
36:39 We're gonna discover on another night
36:41 that hellfire isn't forever and ever
36:43 an eternal fry in the sky by and by.
36:45 God's saints won't have to look
36:47 on this ghastly holocaust scene forever.
36:49 No.
36:50 Those fires will become-- go out and the Bible says
36:52 they become ashes under our feet.
36:54 And in Revelation 21:5 God says,
36:57 "Behold, I make all things new."
37:01 New heaven, new earth.
37:03 Only you know what, this time,
37:05 you and I will be there to watch.
37:09 Friend, I'm here tonight to tell you that
37:10 no one seated here needs to be caught in that lake of fire.
37:15 You know, my Bible says that that's being prepared
37:17 for the Devil and his angels.
37:20 God isn't stoking that fire for people.
37:23 The only way you can possibly get there
37:25 is if you choose not to be saved.
37:30 Right now tonight I want to invite all of you
37:32 wonderful people seated in auditoriums
37:34 all across North America and around the world.
37:37 Friend, I want you to meet me there
37:39 inside those pearly gates.
37:42 Will you plan to meet me at the Tree of Life?
37:44 Voice of Prophecy has got a very special place
37:46 staked out, we're gonna meet all of our friends there.
37:49 Won't you surrender your life to Jesus right now
37:52 and make your decision?
37:54 Today, I want to invite you to come forward
37:56 here at the front of this auditorium,
37:58 I want you to stand in front of this great big screen
38:00 on either side wherever you are down there,
38:03 and your downlink locations,
38:04 take your decision card with you.
38:06 The row captains are passing those down right now.
38:09 Take that decision card,
38:12 bring it with you as Joey sings in just a moment.
38:15 If you're watching at home, watching on a video
38:18 you might want to slip to your knees,
38:19 or move down toward that television set.
38:22 Friend, if you have some habit that you need victory over,
38:25 come forward for prayer and if you're struggling
38:27 with the temptations come on down to the front
38:30 and turn your life over to Jesus.
38:32 If you want to receive Jesus Christ,
38:34 friend, please come,
38:35 Jesus will hear you, Jesus will answer.
38:38 I'm going to wait a few minutes as you come forward
38:40 and then I'll have prayer with you but please
38:42 get out of your seats right now,
38:44 come on down to the front as Joey sings.
38:47 Right now in the quiet of this moment
38:55 Right now He is near
39:02 Right now you can find Him
39:08 If you seek him
39:10 Right now He is here
39:16 Right now He is waiting to forgive your sin
39:27 Right now you can know His perfect peace within
39:38 Right now as you hear Him gently calling
39:46 Right now don't wait
39:52 Right now He is waiting to receive you
39:59 It's not too late
40:05 Right now if you'll open up the door Of your heart
40:13 And let Him in
40:19 New life will come to you
40:27 Right now
40:34 Amen, amen.
40:36 What a beautiful sight here in our Dallas
40:38 oblique location in Colombia.
40:41 Many, many people and I hope in your downlink location
40:43 you would join us even as I pray.
40:45 Let's bow our heads but please move to the screens,
40:47 wherever you are as we pray this prayer.
40:50 Heavenly Father, Lord I want to thank You
40:52 for the glorious picture of how sin will end one day soon.
40:58 But, Lord, it means the moment of truth has come right now.
41:04 Father, there are people here
41:05 who need to make that full surrender
41:08 and I want to pray for them just now
41:10 that You'll speak to their hearts
41:11 as I am praying this prayer.
41:14 Just speak as earnestly as you know how
41:16 that trouble our souls and realize
41:18 that if we choose to hold back,
41:22 we're rejecting You, not me.
41:25 Lord, this isn't my appeal, it's the Savior's.
41:30 So, Lord, right now we want to make a choice.
41:33 We choose You.
41:36 We choose to make that eternally important decision
41:39 before it's for ever too late.
41:41 Friend, out there whatever your congregation,
41:44 wherever you're sitting and watching
41:46 these satellites tonight,
41:48 all our heads are bowed and that organ is still playing.
41:51 Heaven is cheap enough, please make your decision.
41:56 Time is short. Choose to follow Jesus.
42:01 Maybe you are someone that's not been baptized
42:04 or you haven't made a public profession of Jesus,
42:07 would you settle that tonight?
42:10 Just stand up to your feet
42:11 and come on down to the front here.
42:13 Your instructors and hostesses will be there waiting for you
42:16 and as the spirit speaks,
42:17 friend, don't pass another opportunity to stand up
42:21 and profess Jesus Christ right now, come forward.
42:26 Maybe some have already stood,
42:28 you've already made a decision for Jesus Christ.
42:30 You come on down too and be an encouragement to someone else.
42:33 Or maybe you want to slip back to the seat
42:35 and encourage them that you'd be
42:36 willing to walk up with them.
42:38 I see number of people standing,
42:39 God bless each of you.
42:41 Would you take that response card right now,
42:44 let's fill it in together.
42:46 Those of you here at the front if you need to go back
42:48 later in a moment that's all right.
42:49 We'll let you fill it out then.
42:51 The first choice says, I want to be with Jesus
42:54 during the thousand years inside the New Jerusalem.
42:57 I hope every one will check number one.
43:00 Secondly, I accept Jesus into my life
43:03 for the first time today.
43:06 You check that if that's appropriate in your decision.
43:10 The next one is I want to prepare for baptism soon.
43:14 I hope many people who have been thinking about this
43:16 would put a check there.
43:17 We will be in touch with you to plan how and when for you.
43:20 And finally number four, there may be someone who says
43:23 I really need some prayers for my life,
43:26 please pray for me.
43:27 Would you check that and you can have a place there
43:28 to put your prayer request, do that just now as Joey sings.
43:33 Right now as you hear Him gently calling
43:41 Right now don't wait
43:47 Right now He is waiting to receive you
43:55 It's not too late
44:00 Right now if you'll open up the door
44:06 Of your heart and let Him in
44:14 New life will come to you
44:22 Right now
44:30 Father in heaven,
44:31 as we close this prayer time and our commitment time,
44:35 there are individuals still seated
44:36 and I would like to invite them to participate
44:39 in standing to their feet wherever they are to say,
44:42 Lord, I'm making myself Your subject of Your kingdom.
44:48 I'm declaring that I'm on Jesus' side.
44:51 Just stand where you are
44:52 and you're all across the congregation,
44:54 many, many people almost every person is standing
44:57 or you're raising your hand, God bless you,
44:58 if you can't stand, raise your hand,
45:00 God will see your hand. God bless you.
45:03 Lord, here we are, Your people, God's saints,
45:10 please bless each commitment and seal them for eternity
45:14 for we pray this in the wonderful name of Jesus
45:17 and the church said amen, amen, amen.
45:22 I'm gonna invite you quietly to move back to your seats
45:24 in all the locations.
45:25 I have a brief announcement before we go off the satellite.
45:30 Remember that tomorrow is a double header,
45:34 11 o'clock, Turn Back The Clock.
45:38 And we're gonna have a thrilling,
45:39 healing and anointing service for any one who would
45:41 like to participate right here and in your downlink locations.
45:46 That's at 11 o'clock.
45:47 Of course there is a study time called Sabbath school
45:49 begins at 9:15, 9:30 some places,
45:52 a little later, here it's at 9:30.
45:55 But then tomorrow night, the Bible's grand finale,
45:58 The Best Is Yet To Come.
46:02 We're about to have a graduation here
46:03 in our site in Colombia.
46:05 All of the sites down there
46:06 wherever you are across the globe,
46:09 this is the chance for you to meet
46:10 the discover Bible school students
46:11 who've completed most of the lessons,
46:13 some of them not quite finished,
46:15 but we're gonna give you diploma just the same,
46:17 because we want you to get a graduation diploma tonight.
46:20 As we leave, let me say
46:21 as we always close our broadcast,
46:24 friend, whoever you are,
46:26 wherever you are in your spiritual journey,
46:28 please remember, God really does love you.
46:34 Good night. God bless.


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