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00:33 High above a cliff, overlooking the emerald
00:36 blue waters of the Mediterranean,
00:38 is an ancient Portuguese monastery.
00:41 I've been to some of those,
00:42 they're right up on a pedestal.
00:45 The only way to get to the top of this particular one
00:47 is to climb into a wicker basket,
00:49 an old basket, tied to a rope,
00:51 and be hoisted up by an aged monk up there
00:54 who turns the wheel.
00:56 Well, one day a world traveler,
00:58 leaving his tour of the monastery,
00:59 he stepped into that basket for the descent
01:02 and as the monk started lowering him over the wall
01:04 to the jagged rocks far below,
01:07 well, that nervous tourist noticed
01:09 that the rope was frayed, pretty seriously tattered
01:13 and so he called up,
01:15 "How often do they replace the rope?"
01:19 "When the old one breaks," the monk calmly replied.
01:24 Ladies and gentlemen, we only have one health rope.
01:30 Problem is, when it snaps,
01:32 often there is no second chance.
01:36 A quadruple bypass may save your life,
01:38 but it'll leave your bank account completely penniless.
01:41 And yet every day, in North America
01:44 in particular, in Europe, Australia,
01:45 millions live life in the fast lane.
01:48 Pressure, cup of coffee and a donut.
01:50 We sow wild oats all week long
01:52 and we pray for a crop failure on the weekend.
01:56 No exercise. No rest.
01:58 Medical care is by far now the costliest thing
02:02 that people spend their money for.
02:04 What is it worth to be well?
02:07 Well, you ask the cancer patient,
02:10 or the person suffering from AIDS, or diabetes.
02:13 Ask the parents of a child dying from leukemia,
02:17 or arthritis victims.
02:19 Ask my dad who just underwent
02:20 triple bypass open heart surgery.
02:23 They'll tell you, good health is absolutely priceless,
02:27 and we never really appreciate it until it's lost, right?
02:30 Queen Elizabeth I once cried out on her death bed,
02:34 "All my possessions I'd give for one moment of time!"
02:40 But ladies and gentlemen,
02:41 did you know that medical science now says
02:44 that you can reverse disease and damaged health?
02:50 In fact, books are coming out that you can actually
02:53 choose to live 12 happier, healthier years longer.
02:58 This one happens to be a book on
02:59 "Live 10 Healthy Years Longer"
03:00 we've talked about this on the Voice of Prophesy.
03:03 You can live without any cancer,
03:05 no heart attack, no stroke,
03:08 really less cholesterol and none of the major killers.
03:12 Back where I come from, in Las Angeles,
03:13 Dr. Breslow of UCLA, he did research over nine years
03:18 and he asked 7,000 people
03:20 just 7 questions relating to health and habits
03:24 and then he observed these patients.
03:25 Seven simple questions.
03:27 One, do you smoke?
03:29 Do you drink alcohol, and if so, to what extent?
03:33 Do you get regular exercise?
03:35 How much sleep do you get every night?
03:38 How much do you weigh?
03:39 Are you eating breakfast regularly?
03:42 And do you snack between meals on a regular basis?
03:46 Now, the startling results of his documented research
03:51 is that those with simple health habits
03:53 relating to those seven questions
03:55 lived 11.5 years longer than those who did not.
04:00 What would you give,
04:02 for nearly 10 or 12 quality years
04:05 added to your life?
04:08 The American Medical Association says
04:09 what I'm about to share with you this morning,
04:12 could do exactly that.
04:15 You see I'm a guinea pig for three major health studies
04:20 at The John Wayne Cancer Institute,
04:23 Loma Linda University,
04:24 where a million dollar study was authorized
04:27 by President Jimmy Carter a few years ago,
04:29 when I first got in the study,
04:31 and it's proving that lifestyle can save America
04:34 billions and billions of tax dollars.
04:37 It's based on a 40-year health study
04:39 with over 27,000 participants.
04:43 And the results coming in they're absolutely stunning.
04:47 But Jeannie and I have just become guinea pigs
04:49 in a third new study of 125,000 participants,
04:54 one of the largest groups ever to be studied, scientifically.
04:58 Because once again, the Voice of Prophecy speaks,
05:03 this morning, with scientific facts,
05:05 I want you to listen up
05:06 because these are simple health laws
05:08 from the world's finest health experts,
05:11 coming up now, all based on Bible principles.
05:16 Are you surprised that God
05:18 might be concerned about our health?
05:20 Don't be, for if we'll listen, He promises in 3 John 2
05:25 to actually help us turn back the clock.
05:30 He says, "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things
05:34 and be in health, even as your soul prospers."
05:39 And Jesus said over in John 10:10.
05:43 I have come that they might have life,
05:46 and that they might have it more abundantly.
05:50 You see, friend, Jesus who made us,
05:51 not only wants us to have spiritual health,
05:55 but He wants us to enjoy maximum physical health.
05:57 Happy, joyful, living life to its absolute fullest.
06:02 The Bible spells out just eight important,
06:05 essential guidelines.
06:07 Up-to-date modern medicine is scrambling to catch up.
06:11 In fact, are you ready for this?
06:12 All 7 of the Colombia Space Shuttle astronauts
06:16 practiced most of them.
06:18 But first a little bit of background.
06:21 For decades, medical researchers
06:23 have shown considerable interest
06:24 in the lifestyle of Orthodox Jews.
06:28 Now we know that they follow dietary laws
06:30 from the Old Testament.
06:31 But guess what?
06:32 Orthodox Jews' cancer mortality rate is practically zero.
06:36 They're less prone to all the catastrophic illnesses
06:39 that we die of,
06:40 practically immune to today's leading killers.
06:43 How come? Is it hereditary?
06:45 Is it in their genes? No.
06:48 Because when those same Jews begin eating
06:52 the same food as the rest of us,
06:53 steaks and junk food and alcohol and smoking--
06:56 oops, their cancer rate and all other diseases zoom
07:00 right up to the same as other people.
07:02 Why?
07:03 Well, medical science has discovered
07:05 that the secret lies in their health practices
07:08 and a lifestyle found in the Bible.
07:12 You see, 3,500 years ago God wrote out to Moses,
07:15 some important medical prescriptions for wellness
07:18 and doctors in today's space shuttle astronauts
07:21 are fascinated with God's most remarkable promise,
07:24 you find it there in Exodus 15:26.
07:27 If you will diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God
07:30 and do what is right in His sight,
07:32 give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes.
07:35 I will put none of the diseases on you
07:39 which I have brought upon the Egyptians.
07:40 For I am the Lord who heals you.
07:44 And he says to anyone
07:45 who will follow these instructions in Leviticus,
07:48 or I should say Exodus 23:25.
07:51 And I will take away sickness from the midst of you.
07:54 And scientists are saying hey, did you catch that?
07:57 That's significant.
07:58 It's saying if you follow this,
07:59 you can reverse the effects of disease."
08:03 A scientific formula effectively
08:05 reduced a simple term so everybody can try.
08:08 It's so amazingly and wonderfully
08:12 forthcoming for the future.
08:15 Effective. Psalm 105:37.
08:17 Says, There was not one feeble person among their tribes.
08:21 Well, a bunch of dubious physicians said,
08:23 well, you know, that's probably the Egyptians
08:25 didn't have the same diseases that we have today.
08:28 Wrong.
08:29 So, back in 1975 a team of medical specialists
08:32 from around the world
08:34 performed autopsies on Egyptian mummies
08:36 in the Manchester England Medical School.
08:38 These Mummies dated back to 1900 B.C.
08:44 Guess what they found on these 4,000-year-old bodies?
08:48 Remarkably, those ancient
08:49 Egyptians suffered the very same illnesses
08:52 common to modern men and women.
08:54 Heart disease, cancer, vascular disease, arthritis,
08:57 hepatitis, tetanus, trichinosis, and others.
09:00 But here's the irony. Here's the rub.
09:03 The puzzle is Moses lived at this very time.
09:10 When Egypt was the intellectual,
09:11 it was the educational,
09:12 the cultural center of the world.
09:14 Science, mathematics, history, geology, astronomy, physics.
09:17 In fact, today's rocket scientists
09:19 still haven't figured out
09:21 how they could have possibly built the Pyramids or Sphinx.
09:25 Oh, but their medical knowledge in Egypt?
09:29 Their health remedies were absolutely
09:31 deplorable, atrocious.
09:34 I want you to listen
09:35 to just some sample voodoo prescriptions
09:37 found way back in 1552, time of Moses,
09:42 in a famous medical book called
09:44 The Papyrus Ebers listing scores of medical prescriptions
09:49 for diseases, and infections, and accidents
09:51 and I don't think any of you
09:52 would want to use one of these prescriptions.
09:55 For example, for deep slivers,
09:58 they said, rub worm's blood
10:02 and horse dung into the wound.
10:05 It's no wonder that they found that tetanus took a hefty toll.
10:11 Oh, they said for snake bite,
10:12 you should drink water that was poured over an idol.
10:16 They even had a cure for baldness.
10:19 Rub into the scalp, a potion made of horses' hooves,
10:23 date blossoms, and Abyssinian bloodhound heels boiled in oil.
10:28 Now folks, listen, listen.
10:30 When Moses grew up there in Pharaoh's court,
10:33 that is what he was taught.
10:36 Acts 7:22 clearly tells us
10:38 that Moses was educated
10:40 in all the wisdom of Egypt.
10:43 He was educated with those medical doctors
10:44 in Egypt's medical schools.
10:46 In fact, 20th century physician,
10:48 Dr. S. I. McMillen, in his book,
10:50 "None of These Diseases", says this about Moses.
10:54 "There is little doubt that he was well acquainted
10:57 with the medical knowledge of his time.
10:59 Many thousands of the Israelites also knew
11:02 and no doubt had used some of the common remedies
11:04 mentioned in The Papyrus Ebers.
11:07 But in your Bible, in those five books of Moses,
11:12 that he wrote, what he wrote is diametrically
11:15 opposite to what he learned in the medical school.
11:19 In startling contrast, these medical descriptions
11:23 are thousands of years ahead of their time.
11:27 In fact, they're filled with
11:28 21st century medical instructions
11:30 that doctors never heard of until modern times.
11:34 Amazing insights concerning sanitation,
11:36 quarantine, personal hygiene, and shockingly,
11:41 not once does Moses in the Bible
11:44 ever prescribe one of those cures
11:46 that he learned in medical school
11:48 that's found in "The Papyrus Ebers."
11:50 So my question this morning
11:51 is where did he get these amazing health guidelines?
11:56 Ah, friend, God gave him inside information.
12:00 And modern medicine is now realizing
12:02 how important God's health principles
12:04 have been throughout history.
12:06 You take the plagues, during those Dark Ages,
12:12 the Black Death, leprosy,
12:13 most terrible scourges of all during the Middle Ages.
12:17 You know, doctors back then didn't know what to do.
12:19 Medicine finally turned to church
12:21 and the priests and the leaders and they said, "We need help.
12:24 We don't have answers."
12:25 What does the Bible recommend? And they looked it up.
12:28 For contagious diseases,
12:29 the Bible said quarantine these people.
12:33 They'd never heard of it.
12:35 Bingo, when they did cure it every time.
12:38 Public sanitation, toilets, sewers, disinfectant,
12:42 like washing your hands before surgery?
12:45 Doctors weren't doing these things
12:46 and didn't know they were in the Bible.
12:49 Dr. George Rosen wrote in the History of Public Health
12:52 and I'm quoting.
12:53 Leadership was taken by the Church,
12:55 as the physicians had nothing to offer.
12:57 The Church took as its guiding principle
12:59 the concept of contagion
13:01 as embodied in the Old Testament.
13:04 This idea and its practical consequences
13:07 are defined with great clarity in the Book of Leviticus.
13:12 But I say what a tragic shame
13:14 that 60 million people had to die from these plagues,
13:18 when the Bible principles of public health
13:19 were there all the time.
13:22 You see ladies and gentlemen,
13:23 God knows how we can avoid disease.
13:26 He designed our bodies, he knows exactly
13:29 what's necessary to keep us healthy
13:30 and at peak efficiency.
13:32 You know you save money
13:34 to buy a brand new car, don't you?
13:36 Inside the glove compartment is always an owner's manual.
13:40 Tells how to care for your new car,
13:41 keep it running tip-top for many, many years.
13:44 Of course if you want, you can ignore the instructions
13:47 and say I know how to drive a car.
13:49 That's too much bother.
13:51 Oh, forget the oil,
13:52 forget to check air pressure in the tires.
13:55 I'll just put sand in the gas tank,
13:57 if I run low and roar around completely out of control.
14:00 You know your car won't last very long
14:01 before it needs expensive repairs, right?
14:05 But yet, we do the same thing with this wonderful machine
14:08 that God has given us, this body of ours.
14:12 We blow it up.
14:14 You'd think we'd want to follow
14:16 the owner's manual, the instructions.
14:19 'Cause one trip to the hospital
14:20 can wipe out a lifetime of savings.
14:23 But God's owner's manual outlines
14:25 just eight simple prescriptions to guarantee good health.
14:30 You've heard us refer from time to time
14:32 to Weimar Institute there in Northern California.
14:34 It's invented a nice little acronym
14:36 I want to borrow, called NEWSTART.
14:38 Our doctor here,
14:39 Dr. Arnott, from the Lifestyle Center of America,
14:41 he recommends these, too.
14:43 But I want you to say these with me out loud and NEWSTART.
14:47 "N" is for nutrition, say it.
14:51 "E" is for exercise, "S" is for sunshine,
14:59 where is the sunshine?
15:00 There it is.
15:02 "T" is for temperance, "A" is for air,
15:07 "R" is for rest, "T" is for trust in God.
15:12 All right I want to zoom in with you
15:14 on these eight amazing prescriptions,
15:15 straight out of the owner's manual.
15:18 If you want to turn back the clock,
15:20 you want to achieve maximum health
15:21 and increase your life nearly 12 quality years,
15:25 notice what's behind door number 1.
15:27 "N" is for nutrition.
15:30 Hey, what's more important than food, right?
15:32 Doctors tell us, of course,
15:33 that diet is the foundation of good health.
15:36 It's the most direct link to disease.
15:40 So as Paul Harvey would says, page 1,
15:42 God's manual takes us in nutrition,
15:45 right back to the Garden of Eden,
15:47 Genesis 1 for the "Chef's Special,"
15:49 God's original secrets.
15:51 Genesis 1:29 it says.
15:54 And God said, 'See, I have given you every herb
15:57 which yields seed which is on the face of the earth,
16:00 and every tree whose fruit yields seed
16:03 to you it shall be for food.
16:07 Now medical science is scrambling
16:09 to adjust the food pyramid by the way,
16:11 to the latest 20th and 21st century scientific research,
16:16 which continues to endorse a plant-based diet,
16:19 in agreement with the Bible.
16:21 Eat fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables, food from plants.
16:25 All that you can.
16:28 Did you know that even the Columbia
16:29 Space Shuttle astronauts were into a vegetarian diet?
16:33 I want you to listen to this paragraph
16:35 from the February 3, 2003 Las Angeles Times.
16:39 Article called, "In Space but Down to Earth."
16:43 Talking about how in the Apollo and Mercury days,
16:46 those astronauts were pretty wild characters.
16:48 They used to pre-order racks of rib and pitchers of beer.
16:51 Today those same proprietors say,
16:54 'They're all vegetarians.'"
16:57 And just this January 2003, the latest issue,
17:02 for you scientists and scholars out there
17:03 and PhD's and medical doctors, "Scientific American" announced
17:07 that we have now turned
17:09 the whole food pyramid upside down.
17:13 I want you to look at this leading article called,
17:15 "Rebuilding the Food Pyramid."
17:17 Go home and get it.
17:18 Sweeping, revolutionary changes
17:20 from what we were taught, as recently as 1992,
17:23 and when some of your kids went to school.
17:25 New in 2003, a switch, basically back to what
17:29 the Bible spelled out in the book of Genesis,
17:32 fruit, grains, nuts, vegetables.
17:35 That was man's original diet for 2,000 years,
17:38 the Bible says until the great flood.
17:41 God's said, "That's good."
17:43 That's the epitome. Eat up.
17:46 Well, someone says, was that vegetarian diet adequate?
17:50 Evidently.
17:52 'Cause people on God's diet
17:53 lived to be nearly 1,000 years old.
17:57 Genesis 5:27 tells us the longest person
18:00 who ever lived in the Bible.
18:01 "All the days of Methuselah
18:03 were nine hundred and sixty nine years;
18:05 and he died."
18:07 Pause, somebody says wait a minute, Lon, what?
18:10 No Big Mac, no turtle stew, no chitlins and gravy?
18:16 That's right.
18:17 Only later when the flood came
18:20 and there was no vegetation left,
18:21 did God permit meat-eating,
18:23 but he gave it as an emergency measure.
18:26 Well, guess what?
18:28 Men and women liked the taste of it so much,
18:29 we've been eating it ever since.
18:32 But Genesis 6 says, one of the reasons
18:34 God introduced meat eating was to shorten man's life,
18:38 it's actually Genesis 9, Genesis 9.
18:42 But sure enough, as soon as he started to eat meat,
18:45 the sinners' age spans began drop like a rock.
18:49 Noah's son, Shem, he lived only 600 years,
18:52 his grandson, 239 years, his great-grandson, 175 years,
18:58 and by the time of King David,
18:59 man's lifespan decreased to 70 years.
19:03 And in the Middle Ages it was down to 36 years.
19:09 Well, some will say what, wait a minute, what about meat?
19:10 Is it okay? Yes, sort of.
19:16 But if you're going to insist on eating flesh food,
19:18 God knows that not all animals are fit for food.
19:20 So He specifies exactly which meat is somewhat
19:23 safe to eat, and which is not.
19:25 In the Bible he calls it "clean" or "safe"
19:28 and "unclean", "not safe."
19:31 By they way, it's a very simple formula.
19:34 Easy to remember. All scavengers are unclean.
19:39 Well, you say, which ones would those be?
19:40 Not to worry.
19:41 Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy 14 list
19:44 which scavenger animals, which scavenger fish,
19:47 which scavenger birds.
19:49 Let's take animals, for example.
19:51 Just two criteria. Two simple, basic guidelines.
19:56 If an animal has a split hoof and it chews its cud,
20:01 it's safe for food.
20:04 You see, some chew the cud
20:07 but they don't have a split hoof,
20:09 God say's not that animal is a garbage collector.
20:11 Don't eat him, he's bottom of the food chain.
20:15 "Trust Me," God says, "I know.
20:16 I made 'em."
20:18 Take for example Mr. Oink, the pig.
20:24 Leviticus 11:7.
20:26 " And the swine, though it divides the hoof,
20:28 having cloven hooves,
20:29 yet does not chew the cud, is what?"
20:32 Unclean to you.
20:33 You know, folks, we don't ask why anymore,
20:36 when it comes to pork.
20:37 Remember just last summer?
20:38 Another terrific food scare over improperly cooked pork?
20:43 "Good Morning America",
20:44 "The Today Show" swarmed with doctors saying,
20:46 "Folks, Americans, just leave it alone, don't eat it."
20:49 Medical science now realizes
20:51 God wasn't withholding anything good
20:53 when He gave these guidelines.
20:55 Psalm 84:11 says,
20:57 "...No good thing will He withhold
20:59 from those who walk uprightly."
21:02 Well, someone says, I like to go fishing,
21:04 what about fish?
21:05 Same instructions, don't eat scavengers,
21:08 the big, bad, bottom-lovers.
21:10 Two checkpoints. Deuteronomy 14:9, 10.
21:14 "These you may eat of all that are in the waters:
21:17 you may eat all that have fins and scales.
21:20 And whatever does not have fins and scales
21:22 you shall not eat..."
21:23 It is what? "Unclean."
21:25 Two clear guidelines easy to remember.
21:28 Does it have fins? Does it have scales?
21:31 Uh-oh.
21:33 Most sea foods that people enjoy eating
21:36 have no fins, no scales.
21:39 Mr. Lobster, Mrs. Shrimp,
21:43 shark, whales, eels, oysters, octopus, turtles.
21:48 Oh, you say, are they really unsafe?
21:50 I love turtle stew.
21:52 Well, you ask our American servicemen
21:54 coming back from the Middle East.
21:56 You know, if they're ever stranded on an island
21:58 and if they wonder,
21:59 well, which fish would be safe to eat,
22:00 which were toxic?
22:02 Did you know the U.S. Government
22:03 did research to determine
22:05 which fish our servicemen can eat for survival?
22:07 And Dr. Bruce Halsted's research concluded
22:10 that the rule of thumb for the U.S. Army,
22:13 for the Navy, for the Marines,
22:14 and the Air Force is to follow the same formula
22:17 God gave the Israelites 3,500 years ago.
22:20 "Of all the creatures living in the water,
22:22 you may eat any that has fins and scales."
22:27 Okay, now you hunters, up there in Canada
22:30 and in the north land of our country.
22:31 Maybe you're asking, well, what about birds?
22:34 Time to go hunting here in the fall.
22:36 Which ones can we eat? Same formula.
22:40 No scavengers.
22:42 Deuteronomy 14:11, 12. "All clean birds you may eat.
22:46 But these you shall not eat:..."
22:47 And God proceeds to list them,
22:50 owls, buzzards, ravens, herons, bats, vultures.
22:55 Don't eat scavengers,
22:57 don't eat the garbage collectors.
22:59 In fact, He even details
23:00 which insects in Deuteronomy 14:19.
23:03 "Also every creeping thing that flies is unclean for you;
23:08 they shall not be eaten."
23:11 I don't care about what they do on Survivors on TV, folks.
23:15 The Bible also says, don't drink blood.
23:19 As in rare steaks. Notice Leviticus 3:17.
23:24 "...you shall eat neither fat nor blood."
23:28 We would say today, well, that means kosher is best.
23:32 And now we know why.
23:33 Doctors have been telling us,
23:35 nutritionist doctors know that these all contribute
23:37 to vascular and heart disease,
23:40 which is our number one cause of death.
23:44 So to summarize what's behind door number 1,
23:46 in God's Owner's Manual of His specifications
23:49 for our health and happiness, nutrition, say it, nutrition.
23:54 Bible says eat up, folks, but eat right.
23:57 Do it all to the glory of God.
23:59 And by the way, that counsel costs you nothing,
24:01 it's absolutely free in this book.
24:05 What's the second God given principle in that NEWSTART?
24:08 To promote health. The "E."
24:10 Remember the second acronym from NEWSTART?
24:13 "N" is for Nutrition.
24:14 "E" is for the same thing that "Good Morning America"
24:18 the doctors there are prescribing it,
24:19 what Dr. Joyce Brothers says is the number one way,
24:22 most important way even, to get good sleep.
24:25 And it's the best prevention for all disease.
24:29 Exercise.
24:31 In fact, did you know that as soon as God created
24:33 Adam and Eve back there in the beginning,
24:35 and He gave them His diet, His nutrition plan,
24:38 He told them, get out there and exercise.
24:42 Strenuous physical activity for health.
24:44 Genesis 2:15, "Then the Lord God took the man
24:49 and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it."
24:55 Wasn't punishing 'em.
24:57 He knew that action is a law of life.
25:01 God knows that exercise
25:02 is our very best health insurance plan.
25:04 He designed exercise to protect the body from disease,
25:07 improve muscle tone, firm up blood vessels,
25:10 helps the lungs process more air with less effort.
25:13 'Cause the heart can pump fresh blood.
25:15 Exercise is a crucial part of God's formula
25:18 for turning back the clock.
25:21 In fact, did you know that after Adam and Eve sinned,
25:26 God increased the prescription for more exercise,
25:30 he wrote out a brand new formula,
25:32 with more physically demanding work.
25:35 Now Genesis 3:19 says.
25:37 "...In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread
25:40 till you return to the ground..."
25:42 And Genesis 3:18 says.
25:44 "Both thorns and thistles
25:46 it shall bring forth for you..."
25:47 Not to punish you, no, but for your good.
25:51 It's your life insurance.
25:53 I want you to notice why He cursed the grounds
25:55 with thorns and thistles.
25:57 It's so that-- Genesis 3:17
25:59 "In toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life."
26:04 'Cause it's going to tone up your body,
26:05 it'll keep you out of trouble.
26:07 And it too, by the way, is free.
26:10 Next prescription, number 3, the "W," water.
26:14 Why does the Bible, why does our doctor
26:16 preach so much about water?
26:18 Because our body is 70% water.
26:21 Keeping it well-hydrated
26:22 is essential to cut down heart attacks,
26:25 keep kidney stones down to zero.
26:27 Water helps prevent constipation, and headaches,
26:29 and many other problems that doctors talked about.
26:31 You know, health spas are rediscovering
26:34 hydrotherapy enhances circulatory functions
26:38 and it's all done with plain water.
26:42 It's still free too, last I heard.
26:45 What's behind Door number 4? "S" for sunlight.
26:50 God created the sun to be a crucial
26:52 energy source to sustain life.
26:54 As the doctors said, just 15 minutes of sunlight
26:57 provides you with ample amounts of Vitamin D,
27:00 which is extremely important for our body's metabolism
27:02 and hormonal balance.
27:04 Proper sunlight.
27:06 Last I heard, it was still free,
27:07 I haven't seen it lately around here,
27:09 but it's there.
27:11 Number 5, "T" for temperance,
27:14 or we would use the word balance.
27:17 That means using good things,
27:18 moderately and avoiding the bad.
27:21 So obvious, you know,
27:22 but it's so hard to practice sometimes.
27:24 Can eat just one Cheetos? Not me.
27:28 So Lon, God say's in 1 Corinthians 9:25,
27:32 be "...temperate in all things..."
27:35 Bible is big on self control.
27:38 Lon, go ahead, eat up, drink up,
27:40 but remember, moderation in all things
27:42 because our bodies are holy.
27:44 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.
27:47 "Or do you not know that your body
27:49 is the temple of the Holy Spirit
27:51 who is in you,
27:52 whom you have from God, and you are not your own?
27:55 For you were bought with a price;
27:57 therefore glorify God in your body
28:00 and in your spirit, which are Gods."
28:03 We're God's property. By creation, by redemption.
28:08 Read this with me, 1 Corinthians 10:31,
28:10 from the screen, everyone.
28:12 "So whether you eat or drink
28:14 or whatever you do, do as you please.
28:20 Do it all for the glory of God."
28:22 Why? 1 Corinthians 3:17 says.
28:24 "If anyone defiles the temple of God,
28:28 God will destroy him.
28:29 For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are."
28:36 He's saying we're going to self-destruct,
28:38 if you ignore that.
28:40 Because tell me honestly, friend,
28:41 can you drink a six-pack of Hamm's to the glory of God?
28:47 Knowing its results are strewn on our highways
28:50 and filling our prisons?
28:52 And that in more than half of all murders,
28:54 somebody's been drinking.
28:56 Alcohol impairs our body's ability to use vitamins
28:59 and fight infection.
29:00 Alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver;
29:02 lifespan is shortened by at least 12 years.
29:05 Just one drink can kill brain cells
29:07 and I don't know about you
29:08 but I don't have any extra to spare.
29:11 Alcohol causes birth defects
29:13 and we've pay billions of tax dollars every year
29:15 for damages done by alcohol.
29:18 But you know, friend, for the Christian,
29:21 the use of alcohol has far more serious moral repercussions
29:24 because God created our brain
29:27 as the control center of our lives
29:29 and our conscience is there.
29:31 And Satan knows alcohol not only impairs judgment,
29:34 it deadens our ability to distinguish right from wrong.
29:37 So alcohol becomes more than a bad habit,
29:41 it's a moral problem.
29:43 Which is why Proverbs 20:1 says.
29:46 "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging;
29:49 and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise."
29:52 And again, Proverbs 23:31.
29:56 Lonnie, it says, "Don't look upon the wine
29:58 when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup,
30:01 when it swirls around smoothly,
30:03 at the last it bites like a serpent
30:05 and stings like a viper."
30:09 Well, someone asked us, does the Bible maybe
30:11 specifically talk about smoking, drugs.
30:14 Marijuana. I believe it does.
30:18 3,500 years ago in Deuteronomy 29:18 it says.
30:24 "Never let there be among you a root
30:27 that beareth a poisonful herb."
30:31 That's in the margin of the King James.
30:34 I think that's talking about drugs and tobacco.
30:37 I was listening one morning,
30:38 as I was getting ready to go to work to a lady on
30:39 "Good Morning, America," a doctor, this physician said,
30:42 "If I had one wish for America
30:44 it would be to eliminate smoking,
30:46 especially in females."
30:49 Huge problems are coming upon females, she said.
30:53 She stated that female smokers have a thousand percent
30:56 greater chance of dying from lung cancer.
30:58 But it gets more complicated she said,
31:00 when it get's into women
31:01 and she listed dozens of major health problems,
31:03 all related to smoking.
31:05 Things like senility,
31:07 babies damaged during pregnancy,
31:09 newborn deaths, they zoom up to 27% higher.
31:12 In fact she said, even our pets are suffering
31:14 the same diseases as smokers now.
31:18 Folks you know, smoking is just another form of murder
31:22 that's killing 500,000 people in America alone every year.
31:28 God said, in the Commandments, "You shall not murder,"
31:30 but we're killing ourselves by the things we eat,
31:32 things we drink, things we smoke.
31:35 Perhaps you're saying, help, what can I do?
31:39 Let the Bible help me, well, that's coming right up.
31:41 But behind door number 5 God says, Lon,
31:44 you take a careful look at everything
31:45 you're eating and drinking.
31:47 Temperance, that's free too.
31:51 Let's move to door number 6, air.
31:55 That's the most essential resource for all of our body.
31:57 Air.
31:58 In fact, it's more important than food,
32:00 it's more important than water.
32:02 And it's still free, sort of.
32:05 Big cities like Los Angeles,
32:06 it's getting tougher to find some air
32:09 and we're paying the price.
32:10 But proper breathing and pure air
32:12 are fundamental to good health.
32:14 Fresh, clear mountain, South Carolina air.
32:18 Number 7, "R" is for rest and relaxation.
32:22 Did you know that even Jesus believed in vacations
32:24 and getting away from the pressure
32:26 after a hard day's work.
32:27 Crowds of people, He said to the disciples in Mark 6:31.
32:31 "...Come aside by yourselves
32:34 to a deserted place and rest a while..."
32:38 See Jesus want's us to balance work with relaxation.
32:42 That's why, by the way, He gave us the Sabbath.
32:45 Time to forget our problems and our work
32:47 and just spend some quality time off with Him.
32:51 Sometimes maybe go to a restful beach,
32:53 or, a remote area in the mountains
32:55 where there are tall trees and the deep lakes
32:56 that can calm our anxious hearts.
32:59 Wherever it is, we need to find a spot,
33:02 Jesus says, away from the crowds
33:03 and noisy freeways.
33:05 'Cause God wants us to have a little bit of heaven here,
33:07 right now, so you'll be ready to live on the earth
33:09 made new with Him.
33:10 Can you say Amen? Amen.
33:13 So someone is saying, "Okay, Lon, I'm--
33:16 I get what you're saying,
33:17 but what about all of my bad habits I've got?
33:19 I mean, I'm into smoking, I'm into drinking,
33:21 I've had chemical dependency, drugs, sex, pornography,
33:24 gambling, coffee, donuts, weight.
33:27 I'm a TV couch potato." Maybe you're a tomato.
33:33 Video games.
33:34 You know what, friend? None of these are your problem.
33:39 The Devil's got all of us
33:41 hooked on these and zillions of others.
33:44 And the wages of sin is what?
33:46 The Bible says, hey, you are history.
33:48 But that's why Jesus is come,
33:51 because He wants to take your problem,
33:53 make it God's problem.
33:54 And that's why God gives us
33:56 this final specification for our health and happiness
33:59 to help us get rid of all our bad habits.
34:01 Every one of them, in fact Paul,
34:03 God's great champion for liberty and freedom says,
34:06 folks, you can't get rid of your bad habits,
34:08 you can't do it on your own.
34:09 He said, I've tried.
34:10 What's the secret?
34:12 "T", trust in God, divine power.
34:17 You know, even hospitals today in their 12-Step programs,
34:20 chemical dependency programs,
34:22 they're actually utilizing this final
34:24 and most important principle of all.
34:26 I wonder if you've watched "60 Minutes",
34:28 they've had a rerun on this too, of how special now,
34:32 prayer has been scientifically, directly linked
34:35 to physical recovery for surgery patients.
34:38 And this is one gift God never refuses to give us
34:41 whenever we ask for it, divine aid.
34:44 It helps lead us to right choices
34:47 and you know what, that one is free too.
34:49 Listen to Proverbs 3; 5-6.
34:53 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
34:55 and lean not to your own understanding;
34:57 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
34:59 and He shall direct your paths."
35:03 God says, friend, trust Me,
35:04 if you're having problem with too much caffeine.
35:06 Trust Me with your weight.
35:08 If you can't be fit as a fiddle,
35:10 because you're shaped like cello, trust Me.
35:13 God says. Trust Me with your food.
35:16 It's good for you, I made it.
35:18 But you don't need to torture 30 feet of intestine,
35:21 to please 3 inches of tongue.
35:25 God say's, I know how to help you,
35:26 I can heal you, I can give you strength,
35:28 I can give you will power, I can give you victory.
35:31 You say well, that sounds really good to me,
35:33 I want to be healthy, I want to change.
35:35 But I can't. I've tried.
35:37 I'm an addict. I'm hooked.
35:39 I'm bulimic, I'm anorexic, I'm a binge eater,
35:42 I've smoked for 60 years.
35:44 friend, God does not expect you to do it on your own.
35:48 God wants you to give Him your habit.
35:51 He wants your weight problem, he wants you, today, now.
35:55 In fact, Jesus says in John 15:5.
35:58 "...without Me you can do nothing."
36:02 Friend, in our own strength, we can't overcome wrong habits.
36:05 Uh-huh. That's why the Savior came.
36:09 He's here, He's longing to help us,
36:10 His promises, our enabling,
36:13 that we can claim with the apostle Paul,
36:15 say this with me, from Philippians 4:13.
36:18 "I can do all things through Christ
36:22 who strengthens me."
36:24 You believe that?
36:25 Friend, with His help you can live an abundant,
36:28 healthy, joyful life, right here, right now,
36:31 and enjoy eternal life in the earth made new.
36:34 Will you reach out to Jesus? He's reaching out to you.
36:39 While our appeal song is sung,
36:40 I want you to use your power of choice and choose Jesus.
36:44 Will you trust in divine aid? Make the decision of your life.
36:50 Trust Me, God says, to help you turn back the clock.
36:58 To make our life complete
37:02 Is just like my Lord
37:10 To give up peace, so sweet,
37:13 Is just like my Lord
37:20 To take a man who's wrecked by sin
37:26 and then make him whole again
37:31 It's not unusual
37:36 It's just like my Lord
37:42 I've seen Him take a broken heart
37:48 And make it smile
37:53 I've seen Him make a poor lost sinner's life
38:00 Worthwhile
38:04 Lives that once were dulled by sin
38:10 At His touch, now glow again
38:14 Oh, praise His holy name
38:19 Is just like my Lord
38:29 Amen, let us pray, Father in heaven,
38:32 Lord I want to thank you
38:33 for the adequacy of Your plan, for us,
38:36 through the voice of prophesy
38:38 that covers every dimension of our lives.
38:41 For our happiness, thank You for Your grace,
38:44 to help make some changes as we choose
38:46 to turn our problems and our habits over to You.
38:49 You're the great physician, Lord, You never make a mistake.
38:54 Give us the strength and the power as we choose You,
38:57 to set aside the impure things
38:59 that fog up our brain and disease our bodies,
39:01 so that we can let the lovely sunshine of Jesus
39:05 shine through us instead.
39:07 Help us to be Christians not only in name and profession
39:10 but in whatsoever we eat and drink.
39:13 May it be, from now on, to the glory of God.
39:18 I pray that you'll accept every sincere commitment here,
39:21 as we pray now.
39:23 As our heads are bowed,
39:24 I want those row captains to pass the containers
39:27 and ask you to take a commitment card,
39:30 it's very important that in you
39:32 hearing a presentation like this,
39:35 we make a tangible response to God.
39:38 I hope, if you haven't been familiar
39:40 with filling out a card, you will do one today.
39:42 It's kind of like the old temperance cards
39:44 we had years ago,
39:45 writing something down sends a message to your brain
39:48 and later on you can claim victory,
39:51 as you say, Lord I sign that,
39:52 You give me the power to put it into practice.
39:54 I want everyone to take one right now,
39:57 two responses, number 1,
40:00 I hope everyone will check,
40:01 I would like to have a happy life in Christ.
40:06 Would you check that one?
40:08 And the second one, I would like to have help
40:10 with tobacco, alcohol, other problems.
40:15 Check number 2 if you need some help.
40:16 We have doctors and individuals,
40:18 counselors who can assist you
40:19 and provide you some additional assistance.
40:21 Check number 2 and we'll be sure to get in touch with you.
40:25 Number 3 I hope it's clear now, from the Scriptures,
40:28 what the Bible teaches,
40:30 for example about unclean meats,
40:32 if that was clear please check number 3.
40:36 And finally there may be individuals
40:37 who see some things more clearly than ever before,
40:40 and they'd like to check number 4,
40:41 I would like to unite with a group of people
40:43 who follow all the scriptures.
40:45 We had a baptism this morning,
40:47 we're having one right after this service,
40:49 having another one tonight.
40:50 Many of the down linked locations,
40:52 please check those and put them in that container
40:54 as it goes by.
40:56 And let's continue to pray.
40:58 Heavenly Father, Lord, You know every secret
41:01 and these people who are making their commitments
41:05 and Jesus gave His life for them,
41:07 His love for them is greater than ours
41:09 and it may be perhaps, for Your glory
41:12 and the good of each person,
41:14 we accept Jesus and His plan for our lives,
41:16 to restore us.
41:19 Lord, keep us in your heart of love, in Jesus name.
41:24 Amen.
41:25 Before we make a little transition
41:27 into our anointing service,
41:29 I want to just remind all of our audiences,
41:32 all around the world, remember, tonight, at 7:15,
41:35 the presentation "The best is yet to come."
41:40 And now I want you to invite everyone here,
41:43 including wherever you are in your downlink locations
41:45 to stay by for our healing service.
41:49 This is a New Testament Anointing service.
41:53 And I want to tell you that an anointing service
41:54 is one of the most solemn services
41:56 that I have ever conducted
41:57 and I usually get a little chocked up
41:58 because it is so special, 'cause miracles happen.
42:01 Always.
42:03 But I'm encouraged in the book of James 5: 14-16
42:07 that Christians ought to do this,
42:09 because by the way, even our Seventh-day Adventist church
42:12 unfortunately has become very much
42:14 like the Roman Catholic faith in believing that
42:16 this is like last rights.
42:19 This is extreme unction,
42:20 you don't do this till the person's dying.
42:23 That is not what James tells us.
42:26 James says this should be
42:27 shared with people all the time, who feel sick.
42:32 And he say's this, "Is any sick among you?
42:35 Let him call for the elders of the church
42:37 and let them pray over him,
42:39 anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord,
42:41 and the prayer of faith shall save the sick,
42:44 and the Lord shall raise him up and if he have committed sins,
42:48 they shall be forgiven him.
42:49 Confess your faults one to another,
42:51 and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.
42:54 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
43:00 Now, I want to explain
43:01 what this healing service is all about.
43:04 Jesus did more healing than He did preaching, by the way.
43:07 But not all who are anointed today, with oil,
43:11 which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit,
43:13 not all will be instantly cured
43:14 or immediately healed at this service.
43:18 Yet this service is designed, as we just read,
43:21 to draw everyone who's anointed closer to God,
43:25 and our sins will be forgiven.
43:28 And we will be healed in terms of spiritual healing.
43:33 God knows that some of us,
43:34 if we were given perfect healing
43:36 and perfect life again,
43:37 we would not be able to endure
43:38 whatever trials are down the road
43:40 so He knows what's best, doesn't He?
43:41 That's why we always pray, "Thy will be done."
43:44 And Revelations 14: 3
43:46 has a very interesting passage that says,
43:49 "Blessed are those who die in the Lord from henceforth."
43:53 Blessed are the dead, those who have to die.
43:56 So just because a person may be ill,
43:59 or have to perish or die, doesn't mean
44:02 you don't have enough faith.
44:05 We're promised in John 14: 14, John 12: 26
44:10 that the prayer of faith, God will hear.
44:14 And that if we want to chose to serve Him,
44:16 he will hear us.
44:17 He is honored to hear us.
44:19 Psalm 66:18 says it can't be
44:22 just sort of a half hearted, partial faith.
44:24 It's the kind of faith, as I had the chair here,
44:26 you got to put your whole weight on Jesus.
44:28 Can't be presumptuous,
44:30 and we can't go on maybe disregarding health laws
44:33 and say well, you know I'm eating
44:34 just everything wrong.
44:36 I'll maybe cash in my chips here
44:38 and see if the anointing will make me well.
44:40 But I don't intend to stop drinking or smoking
44:42 or living a awful life.
44:44 See God knows in some cases, if He would heal us
44:47 it would just be encouraging us to keep on sinning.
44:51 We got to consider some spiritual laws.
44:53 He tells us we need to confess our sins,
44:55 we may need to go out and make something right with someone
44:57 that we'd got something against.
44:59 I can't read your heart up here, this morning,
45:01 so you can do that quietly
45:02 because 1 John 1: 9 says if we confess our sins
45:06 He's faithful to forgive us our sins.
45:08 Something important though,
45:09 especially if we're in poor health,
45:11 we need to make sure that we're cheerful.
45:13 And we trust God regardless of our disease.
45:17 Because a merry heart does good like a what?
45:19 A medicine.
45:20 We don't go around gloomy and say,
45:21 well, I didn't feel anything happen to me
45:23 so I must be headed for whatever.
45:25 No, we pray, God, Your will be done
45:27 and in Your own time, and ladies and gentlemen,
45:29 I want you to listen to me very carefully.
45:31 Every sincere prayer here now
45:33 as we anoint you for healing, will be heard.
45:36 And God promises He will answer that prayer.
45:39 For healing, some of that could happen here today,
45:43 I have seen it happen in our meetings
45:45 we've had individuals who are crippled,
45:47 who jumped up and they started running
45:48 and they're perfectly normal again.
45:50 We've seen that. Miracles.
45:53 But some miracles are a little bit slower.
45:55 Jesus even healed some people,
45:57 it took a little bit more time for them to gradually recover.
46:00 But it will still take place, somewhere down in the future.
46:03 And fine that we know that if we've asked for healing,
46:06 for sure, God will answer that prayer
46:07 if He forgives our sins and we have eternal life
46:10 He will give us perfect life in our future to come,
46:12 isn't that right?
46:14 So we're going to ask the elders and the pastors
46:16 to come down right now to the front.
46:19 We want then to line up here,
46:20 right in front of the platform
46:22 and they're going to administer the oil
46:26 for each person who'd like to participate.
46:28 As they come and take their places,
46:30 those of you and I hope many of you--
46:32 we'd like to invite everyone, if you'd like to,
46:34 we'll move now right from the middle here to the sides,
46:37 wherever you're located in your downlink sites.
46:40 Your elders, your pastors are assembling
46:41 at the front of this auditorium.
46:43 You move to the sides of your church.
46:45 Ladies and gentlemen, just go right ahead,
46:46 move up and to the sides, we'd like to invite anyone
46:49 who'd like to come forward to participate
46:51 and receive this sacred anointing service.
46:55 Just move right to the sides,
46:56 near the-- on both sides there,
46:58 near the grand stands, and the curtains.
47:02 We have enough to serve you here
47:04 so it shouldn't take very long.
47:06 We're going to do a part of this
47:07 right here on satellite,
47:09 I'll give you just a moment to move into positions
47:12 so then we can have our special anointing prayer,
47:15 committing your life,
47:17 and your particular case to the great physician,
47:21 and Jesus never makes a mistake.
47:24 I'd like to invite you.
47:25 Whether you're a member of this church or not.
47:27 If you feel your heart
47:28 would like to be consecrated to Jesus,
47:31 and during this special anointing service,
47:33 feel the assurance of peace that He's forgiven your sins
47:37 and knowing too that then God
47:39 will have answered your prayer in His own timing
47:40 as to when to give you that particular anointing
47:44 and that re-vivifying health and vigor.
47:49 It could be physical, it could be mental,
47:51 it could be emotional.
47:53 You come forward.
47:54 Assist the person who's beside you,
47:56 who perhaps would like to come
47:57 and doesn't feel like they're able to get in line
48:00 and we'll come forward here.
48:01 Let's have a prayer right now
48:03 as we bring the first group of candidates forward here
48:06 and have them take their places
48:08 right in front of these pastors and these elders.
48:12 Think we have some marshals
48:13 at each side to bring them in groups.
48:18 Take your places there
48:19 and we'll bow our heads for a prayer.
48:22 Come on right down the first 6, first 8,
48:25 someone should be giving them some direction if they would.
48:28 On each side let's have some individuals.
48:30 Maybe our hostesses can help.
48:31 Keep them coming. All right, let's pray together.
48:33 Lord, precious savior, Jesus,
48:38 you know every secret of our lives,
48:41 you know every one of these people,
48:43 Jesus gave His life for them,
48:46 His love for them much, much greater than ours.
48:49 And if it could be to your glory,
48:51 Father to the good of each person
48:53 just now who's asking for anointing
48:55 by the elders of the church,
48:58 we ask in the name of Jesus
48:59 that you'll reach out and touch their heart.
49:02 If not healing today,
49:06 give us the grace to be comforted
49:07 to know that underneath of the everlasting arms
49:10 that will never let us go.
49:12 And may your presence sustain us.
49:15 Please accept every sincere commitment just now
49:18 as we submit ourselves to You.
49:21 For Your healing touch, in Jesus' name.
49:25 Amen.
49:32 Why don't we sing that song
49:34 that Phil is playing right now, just quietly.
49:36 My Jesus I love thee.
49:39 We're going off the air on our telecast
49:41 as we sing this song, but everyone together,
49:43 wherever you are, sing it with me.
49:45 My Jesus, I love Thee
49:51 I know Thou art mine
49:57 For Thee all the follies of sin
50:04 I resign
50:07 My gracious Redeemer
50:13 my Savior art Thou
50:18 If ever I loved Thee
50:24 my Jesus 'tis now
50:31 Hum that softy wherever you are.
50:33 Just hum it.


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