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00:31 Our subject for this presentation,
00:34 "The Mark of the Beast" is so crucial,
00:36 I'd like to open with prayer.
00:39 Lord, we're dealing with a very sensitive
00:41 and serious topic,
00:43 please open our minds, our hearts and our souls
00:48 to the messages of truths from Your Holy Word.
00:50 We pray in Jesus name, amen.
00:56 Our text is the most solemn warning
00:59 ever given to earth's inhabitants.
01:01 And it's recorded in the Book of Revelation
01:03 the 14: 9, 10, where we read,
01:08 "If any one worships the beast in his image,
01:11 and receives his mark on his forehead or in his hand,
01:15 he himself shall also drink of the wine
01:17 of the wrath of God which is poured out,
01:19 full strength, into the cup of His indignation.
01:22 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
01:25 in the presence of the holy angels
01:27 and in the presence of the Lamb."
01:31 As we pull back the curtain of prophecy
01:33 and sneak a peek into last-day end-time,
01:37 God's Word reveals that you and I are gonna find ourselves
01:40 in a chilling cosmic battle of epic proportions.
01:44 Making decisions of destiny every single day,
01:46 based on which side we're on in this battle.
01:50 Which is why, every person must carefully study this prophecy
01:53 to make certain he or she has nothing to do
01:56 with the mark of the beast.
01:58 Back in Revelation 13,
02:01 John is describing a movement
02:04 of apostasy of global proportions.
02:07 A huge behemoth beast power
02:10 tries to eliminate and crush and eradicate
02:12 and stamp out God's faithful last-day remnant.
02:17 Now the good news of Bible prophecy is,
02:19 Jesus Christ wins! He's victorious over evil.
02:24 In Revelation 14, we have a picture
02:26 of what God finally has to do at the end of time,
02:29 in order to bring closure to the cancer of sin.
02:34 What God does is He precipitates,
02:36 what our scientists would call a mitosis,
02:39 a final crisis, forcing human beings
02:43 to quit straddling the fence
02:44 and make clear their final decision.
02:47 And they split into two clearly identifiable groups.
02:51 Safe to save. Unsafe to save.
02:55 And it's so obvious,
02:57 it results in the release of God's terrible wrath
03:00 upon those who insist on being disobedient.
03:03 These unfaithful receive the mark of the beast,
03:07 which is the result really, of their own choice.
03:10 Of course, all of those who do not have this mark,
03:13 they're God's faithful.
03:15 They're His saints.
03:16 And folks we want to be among them, don't we?
03:19 They keep His commandments,
03:20 therefore they escape the wrath and they'll be saved
03:23 because they have another type of I.D. mark.
03:27 Revelation 7:1, 2 says they have a seal,
03:32 a protection on them.
03:34 It says the servants of God are sealed
03:36 with the seal of the living God.
03:41 Now folks, this isn't anything new in Scripture.
03:43 In fact, Jesus very clearly taught
03:46 that the very, very end of time,
03:48 earth's inhabitants would be divided into two groups:
03:52 the good, the bad.
03:54 The righteous, the wicked.
03:56 The sheep, the goats.
03:58 So we have two groups, those who are loyal to God,
04:02 they receive God's seal, they're saved.
04:05 And those who receive the mark of the beast
04:08 and cannot be saved, they're lost.
04:11 Now once the mitosis happens, Revelation tells us,
04:15 this beast power will bring about
04:18 intense pressure on anyone
04:20 who refuses to worship the beast or receive his mark.
04:24 Now, that's gonna be a crisis.
04:25 More serious, in fact,
04:27 than what the three Hebrews faced
04:29 way back there at Nebuchadnezzar's
04:31 fiery furnace back in Daniel chapter 3.
04:33 In fact, more pressure than Daniel felt
04:36 in the lion's den in Daniel chapter 6.
04:39 It will be the pressure of forced worship.
04:43 In fact, there'll be the threat of economic boycott
04:46 and even genocide.
04:49 Revelation 13:16, 17 says,
04:53 "He causes all, both small and great,
04:56 rich and poor, free and slave,
04:58 to receive a mark on their right hand
05:01 or on their foreheads,
05:03 and that no one may buy or sell
05:05 except one who has the mark
05:06 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
05:11 Then this beast or this power of human agency,
05:15 breaks all the rules of the Geneva Convention
05:17 because it issues a death decree to anyone
05:20 who refuses the mark of the beast.
05:22 Torture, perhaps even parading the prisoners
05:25 before the CNN cameras.
05:27 Notice Revelation 13:15,
05:30 "He was granted power to give breath
05:33 to the image of the beast,
05:34 that the image of the beast should both speak and cause
05:37 as many as would not worship
05:39 the image of the beast to be killed."
05:42 So you see friend,
05:43 the issue in the final analysis is most serious.
05:47 The most difficult decision God's people ever have to make.
05:51 A man-made church-state religio-political power says,
05:56 "If you don't worship the beast,
05:58 we will not buy anything from you
06:00 or sell anything to you,
06:02 and eventually we will kill you."
06:04 But God says, "If you worship the beast,
06:09 you will receive the wine of the wrath of God."
06:12 Now what is the wrath of God?
06:14 Revelation 15:1,
06:18 "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
06:20 great and marvelous:
06:22 seven angels having the seven last plagues,
06:25 for in them the wrath of God is complete."
06:29 So, the wrath of God then is the seven last plagues.
06:33 Now you talk about smart bombs.
06:35 By the way, three of these smart bombs
06:38 specifically target the beast and those who worship him.
06:43 Three of the plagues are reserved
06:44 especially for those who receive the mark of the beast.
06:48 Well, someone asks the question,
06:50 God, is that fair?
06:52 I mean, God, if I don't know
06:54 who the beast is or what his mark is,
06:56 are You fair to rain down plagues on me?
06:59 Well, friend, that is what is so wonderful about God.
07:04 God won't pour out one of the seven last plagues
07:07 on anyone without first warning them.
07:10 You know, like those coalition pilots
07:12 who are raining down all those tracts and pamphlets
07:15 on the Iraqi people.
07:17 God says, I'm giving every one of you
07:20 a chance to live, to surrender.
07:22 I'll liberate you. Choose life.
07:25 God gives us opportunity to avoid the plagues,
07:28 to avoid the mark of the beast.
07:30 No one need face this crisis unprepared.
07:34 But here's the turning point, the key crucial issue,
07:38 this is why it's so absolutely vital for us
07:41 to know who this beast power is,
07:43 and how we can avoid receiving its mark.
07:47 But I want you to please understand,
07:48 ladies and gentlemen,
07:50 no one has the mark of the beast yet.
07:55 It's not received until just before Jesus returns.
07:59 Can we get that real clear?
08:01 The mark of the beast is the very last,
08:04 final message to go to the world,
08:05 just before the coming of Jesus.
08:07 No one has it today.
08:10 Now let's turn to Revelation 13,
08:13 and read the prophecy about this beast power.
08:17 Now the apostle John describes a beast
08:20 that's very similar to the one we saw back in Daniel 7.
08:24 In fact, as we take a closer look,
08:26 we'll discover it's the same identical power.
08:29 Only it's just pictured a little differently.
08:31 Notice, Revelation 13, we begin at verse 1
08:35 "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
08:37 And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
08:40 having seven heads and ten horns,
08:42 and on his horns, ten crowns,
08:45 and on his heads, a blasphemous name.
08:48 Now the beast, which I saw was like a leopard,
08:50 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
08:52 and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.
08:55 The dragon gave him his power, his throne,
08:57 and great authority.
08:58 And I saw one of his heads,
09:00 as if it had been mortally wounded,
09:02 and his deadly wound was healed.
09:04 And all the world marveled, followed the beast.
09:11 So they worshiped the dragon
09:13 who gave authority to the beast,
09:14 and they worshiped the beast, saying,
09:16 'who is like the beast?
09:18 Who is able to make war with him?'
09:21 And he was given a mouth speaking
09:22 great things and blasphemies,
09:24 and he was given authority
09:25 to continue for forty-two months.
09:27 Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy and against God,
09:30 to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle,
09:33 and those who dwell in heaven.
09:35 It was granted to him to make war
09:37 with the saints and overcome them.
09:39 And authority was given him
09:40 over every tribe, tongue, and nation.
09:42 All who dwell on the earth will worship him,
09:44 whose names have not been written in the Book of Life,
09:47 from the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."
09:50 Whoa, for just a minute.
09:53 I think we need to catch our breath.
09:55 And let's examine this prophecy
09:57 in little bit more detail, more closely.
10:00 Friend, here God again is using symbols,
10:04 kind of like cartoons to outline
10:06 His warning to the world.
10:09 Now Daniel 7 taught us that a beast
10:12 represents a kingdom or ruling power.
10:15 Now here in Revelation,
10:17 we find pictured something truly spectacular,
10:20 we find a composite beast made up
10:22 of all four of Daniel's great beasts.
10:26 A quick review of Daniel's four beasts
10:28 will help us better understand this beast power
10:30 that we're now studying.
10:32 Do you remember what the lion represented?
10:34 That's right, Babylon.
10:36 And the bear?
10:37 That was Medo-Persia.
10:39 What about the leopard? Greece.
10:42 And the 10-horn beast?
10:45 That's right, that was the Roman Empire.
10:48 Now we've studied on previous nights
10:50 how the little horn power
10:52 followed these four great world empires.
10:55 And history narrows it down
10:56 so that only one possible power on earth
10:59 has all of the characteristics to fit this prophecy.
11:02 Scripture and secular history
11:04 make identification absolutely certain.
11:08 Now the prophecy predicted Pagan Rome
11:11 would give its power, its seat or its capital city,
11:15 and great authority to this new beast,
11:18 or this little horn power.
11:21 Did this happen?
11:23 Well, history tells us that it did.
11:25 You may recall that the Emperor Constantine,
11:28 you know he decided he wanted a brand new Beverly Hills home.
11:32 So he shifted the Roman Empire's
11:34 capital city of Rome to Byzantium
11:39 and he renamed it Constantinople,
11:41 in honor of himself.
11:42 We call it Istanbul or Turkey today.
11:46 I happen to be there last year.
11:48 But then Constantine donated his old capital,
11:51 the city of Rome,
11:52 plus a vast treasury and an army,
11:55 no less, to the bishop of Rome,
11:57 basically making the Pope a king.
12:01 Now you can check it out in your history books.
12:04 This all happened in A.D. 300.
12:07 Constantine gave the city of Rome
12:10 to the Pontiff of the Vatican.
12:12 You talk about the mother
12:14 of all changes in world history.
12:16 Suddenly the Bishop of Rome
12:18 became not only head of the church,
12:21 he was also a king on a throne.
12:24 Unique in history, a union of church and state
12:28 with the church ruling over the state.
12:33 Unfortunately, the evils and the vices that occurred
12:36 as the result of this marriage
12:38 are a most tragic blot in the history of Christianity.
12:43 But friend, let me say something else here,
12:46 as we look back at the history of the Medieval church,
12:50 let's remember this is our church
12:52 we're talking about, mine, yours.
12:56 Yes, there was persecution, there was abuse.
13:00 But you know to simply call it,
13:01 well, that's the Roman Catholic Church,
13:03 that's misleading, friend, because for 1,000 years
13:06 there weren't any other denominations.
13:08 So, whether you today are a Protestant or a Catholic,
13:11 listen folks, this was our heritage, our church.
13:15 Were there problems?
13:17 Did they make tragic mistakes?
13:19 Yes, just like we do today.
13:22 But God used this church despite its problems.
13:26 You know Catholic universities
13:28 fed the torch of learning
13:29 in law and medicine and theology.
13:32 Catholic monasteries maintained hospitals,
13:34 virtually the only hospitals that existed,
13:36 provided care also for the orphaned and the aged.
13:39 Catholic Latin provided a lingua franca,
13:44 a common language for diplomacy, commerce,
13:48 and the Catholic schools provided education
13:51 for diplomats and business clerks.
13:53 Why, the Cistercian monks in Britain
13:56 greatly improved the land's vital wool trade.
13:59 But most importantly,
14:01 Roman Catholic missionaries
14:03 Christianized large areas of Western Europe
14:06 and provided pastoral care.
14:08 So, folks, when one denomination
14:12 is unfortunately and sadly hit with a sex abuse scandal,
14:16 you know folks, we should all weep, not gloat.
14:21 When terrorists break into a church
14:22 and blow up believers with hand grenades and AK-47s,
14:26 folks, we need to all mourn together.
14:29 We who are believers,
14:31 we're looking at ourselves in the mirror here.
14:34 The little horn power of Daniel chapter 7
14:36 is none other than the Christian church
14:38 of the Middle Ages.
14:40 It was my church.
14:42 Our Christian Church committed these crimes.
14:46 And let me say again,
14:47 there are great numbers of sincere Catholic people
14:50 who worship God and they do not--
14:52 they don't yet know
14:53 what we are learning from Bible prophecy.
14:56 But an honest love for our Lord demands
14:58 that we prayerfully and with humble repentance
15:00 open our Bibles and study all things.
15:03 So lest anyone think that we're building up
15:05 some sort of prejudice against Roman Catholic people,
15:08 friend, it's very important to keep in mind
15:11 that the prophecy here is talking about an organization,
15:14 a system of theology, and not about individuals.
15:20 Well, I was in Vatican City two years ago.
15:22 You know what lies right smack in the middle of Rome,
15:26 which was the original pagan city
15:27 that was the political seat of the old Roman Empire.
15:31 But now the Vatican is a religious power
15:35 and a political power, too.
15:37 In fact, it has its own postage,
15:38 has its own money,
15:39 even has its own National Guard,
15:41 I saw them there, the Vatican guards.
15:43 And every nation on this planet
15:45 sends ambassadors to the Vatican.
15:49 Now the bottom line is this.
15:51 Revelation 13 and 14 makes it clear,
15:54 this same religio-political power
15:58 is the same one as the rampaging,
16:00 truth-challenging little horn of Daniel 7.
16:05 So now let's proceed.
16:07 The prophet John says,
16:09 this beast power would have a distinguishing mark
16:14 and that in the very last days
16:16 it would try to force that mark upon anyone
16:19 and everyone in the whole wide world.
16:21 Notice Revelation 13:16, 17,
16:25 "He causes all, both small and great,
16:28 rich and poor, free and slave,
16:30 to receive a mark on their right hand,
16:33 or on their foreheads:
16:35 and that no one may buy or sell,
16:37 except one who has the mark,
16:38 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
16:43 Now according to God's Word,
16:45 this mark somehow becomes a symbol
16:48 of rebellion or disloyalty to the government of God.
16:52 Because remember, the Bible clearly described another group
16:55 who will not receive the mark of the beast.
16:58 Revelation 14:12, here they are,
17:01 "Here is the patience of the saints.
17:03 Here are those who keep the Commandments of God,
17:07 and the faith of Jesus."
17:10 So right there is the issue, crystal clear.
17:13 The Commandments of God,
17:15 one group keeps them, the other doesn't.
17:19 It has its own mark or badge or seal.
17:23 That is the issue.
17:25 God's seal or the mark of the beast.
17:29 Now we read that God also has a mark, or a seal.
17:34 It is placed in the foreheads of His followers.
17:39 Someone says, well, is that some sort of a tattoo?
17:42 No.
17:43 It's in the forehead.
17:46 It's something they evidently choose in their minds.
17:50 Something they remember.
17:52 It's a matter of conscious choice, moral behavior.
17:56 Notice Revelation 7: 2, 3,
17:59 "I saw another angel ascending from the east,
18:02 having the seal of the living God.
18:04 And he cried with a loud voice
18:06 to the four angels to whom it was granted
18:08 to harm the earth and the sea, saying,
18:10 'Do not harm the earth, the sea,
18:11 or the trees till we have sealed
18:14 the servants of our God in their foreheads.'"
18:17 Oh, friend, I want that seal
18:20 in my conscience and mind, don't you?
18:22 And nothing is more important than that.
18:25 Because the final conflict of world history
18:28 is over the seal of God and the mark of the beast,
18:32 between God's sign and a counterfeit sign.
18:36 So let's take a few moments
18:38 to discover God's seal, or mark,
18:40 because then it will be very easy to discover
18:42 the counterfeit mark that the beast power will enforce.
18:47 And of course we don't have to go very far
18:49 to search and find it out.
18:51 From Genesis to Revelation, God tells us repeatedly,
18:53 exactly what His sign or what His seal is.
18:56 Here's just a few examples, Ezekiel 20:12,
19:00 "Moreover I also gave them my Sabbaths,
19:03 to be a sign between them and Me..."
19:07 Again, we read also in Exodus 31:13,
19:12 "Speak also to the children of Israel,
19:14 saying, surely My Sabbaths you shall keep,
19:18 for it is a sign between Me and you
19:20 throughout your generations,
19:22 that you may know that I am the Lord
19:24 who sanctifies you."
19:26 God Himself announced the Sabbath is His sign,
19:30 the Sabbath is His mark of authority.
19:32 The Sabbath is the symbol,
19:34 He is creator, redeemer, King of Kings,
19:37 Lord of Lords and of heaven and earth.
19:39 And we get His seal in our foreheads you see,
19:43 by remembering the Sabbath day,
19:45 to keep it Holy.
19:46 Showing the world and the universe,
19:48 we have made a conscious choice.
19:50 We choose Jesus.
19:52 We're re-created, we're redeemed,
19:54 we're sanctified, we're holy,
19:55 we're set apart as God's own children.
20:00 We know that we don't get to heaven by our works.
20:02 No, we rest, that's what the Sabbaths all about,
20:05 we rest in Jesus by faith.
20:09 And when we live out the Sabbath in our lives,
20:11 hey, we've got God's "Good Housekeeping"
20:13 seal of approval, God tells us.
20:15 We're sealed forever
20:16 because Sabbath becomes an outward sign
20:20 of an inward transformation.
20:22 They're saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ,
20:25 the Bible says.
20:28 But now let's discover whether or not
20:29 Satan has set up a counterfeit sign
20:33 of sovereignty, a mark of his authority.
20:36 Has to be something closely resembling the genuine--
20:40 something closely resembling
20:42 God's mark of the seventh-day Sabbath.
20:46 Well, now what do historical official records
20:49 of the beast power say, in writing,
20:53 is the mark of its authority?
20:55 What is the beast's mark?
20:58 Well, the following quotations
21:00 are taken from the Catholic catechism,
21:03 and they do it in a question and answer form,
21:04 you want to look at the screen.
21:06 "Question: How prove you
21:09 that the church hath power
21:10 to command feast and holy days?"
21:13 "Answer: By the very act of changing
21:16 the Sabbath into Sunday, which Protestants allow of:
21:20 and therefore they fondly contradict themselves
21:23 by keeping Sunday strictly and breaking most other feasts
21:26 commanded by the same church."
21:27 "Question: Have you any other way
21:30 of proving that the church
21:31 has power to institute festivals of precept?"
21:35 "Answer: Had she not had such power
21:38 she could not have substituted the observance of Sunday,
21:41 the first day of the week,
21:43 for the observance of Saturday, the seventh day,
21:45 a change for which there is no scriptural authority."
21:50 Do see it, friend?
21:52 The Catholic Church says
21:54 Sunday is the mark of their religious authority,
21:58 according to her own testimony.
22:00 In fact she readily admits and even boasts
22:03 that she changed the day of worship
22:05 from Saturday to Sunday.
22:07 What would you say, wait a minute, Lonnie,
22:09 does she call it the mark of her power?
22:14 I want you to notice these precise words
22:16 from Catholic Chancellor C.F. Thomas
22:18 in a letter to Cardinal Gibbons
22:19 where he says regarding their changing the Sabbath,
22:22 and I'm quoting, "that act is the 'mark
22:27 of her ecclesiastical power and authority.'"
22:31 Isn't that an amazing claim?
22:33 I think it's an incredibly prophetic choice of words.
22:37 This is our 'mark' of our power,
22:41 our 'mark' of authority.
22:42 In fact, the Catholic Church challenges Protestants.
22:45 Why do you desecrate God's Sabbath Saturday?
22:49 Why have you turned from the Bible Sabbath
22:52 to follow Sunday?
22:53 Sunday is a day that was entirely
22:55 instituted by custom, wholly traditioned,
22:59 and only by the command of the Catholic Church.
23:03 Isn't that amazing?
23:05 Now what's even more remarkable is this.
23:08 Daniel predicted that this beast power
23:12 would think to change times and laws.
23:15 It would purport to do just that, as a mark of her
23:18 ecclesiastical power and authority.
23:22 But now John, in the Book of Revelation,
23:24 predicts something else.
23:25 He adds something new,
23:26 something that's still in the future.
23:29 That Satan would try to force everyone,
23:32 through this beast power,
23:34 to receive the mark of the beast.
23:36 In other words, force people
23:39 by law to keep another day holy.
23:43 Notice Revelation 13:16,
23:46 "He causes all, both small and great,
23:48 rich and poor, free and slave,
23:50 to receive a mark on their right hand,
23:52 or on their foreheads:
23:54 and that no man may buy or sell,
23:56 except one that has the mark,
23:57 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
24:02 Now, friend, in order for this power
24:04 to fulfill all of this prophecy,
24:08 evidently it will at the end of time,
24:11 try to use the power of civil governments
24:14 to enforce its mark of authority on everyone.
24:17 I want to tell you something, folks,
24:19 that hasn't happened yet.
24:21 So that's why no one has the mark of the beast yet.
24:25 But, before I tell you how that's going to happen,
24:27 it's interesting to notice
24:29 how God even more explicitly
24:30 identifies this beast power as "666."
24:36 Notice Revelation 13:18,
24:38 "Here is wisdom.
24:41 Let him who has understanding
24:42 calculate the number of the beast,
24:45 for it is the number of a man:
24:47 His number is 666."
24:53 Now what does the "number of the beast '666'" mean?
24:56 Many people have asked that question.
24:59 And by the way,
25:00 they suggested many, many different, various meanings.
25:03 You know, in olden times they had a way of figuring up
25:06 the numerical value of a person's name
25:08 by adding up the numerical value
25:10 of the Latin letters, in Roman numerals.
25:13 Take my name for example,
25:15 in Roman numerals you look at Elorie Lonnie Melashenko.
25:20 Look at the columns there,
25:21 they add up to 1,152.
25:27 So you could call me, well, you're number 1,152.
25:31 Now folks, we got to be very, very careful here
25:33 because you could add up
25:34 several different people's numerical numbers,
25:36 even some presidents and come up with 666.
25:43 Now the Bible does not specifically say
25:45 that the number is the numerical added value
25:48 of the letters of a name,
25:49 because would we add it up in Greek then,
25:51 or Hebrew, or Latin, or English?
25:55 But I do want you to notice an amazing coincidence
25:59 and a statement from the Catholic Church
26:01 on this very subject.
26:02 By the way, Latin is the official language
26:04 of the Catholic Church.
26:06 The Pope, in Catholic theology,
26:09 of course, stands for the whole church.
26:12 Well, the pope's official title
26:14 in Latin is Vicarius Filii Dei,
26:19 meaning "Vicar of the Son of God."
26:22 I am God on earth
26:24 because I'm the representative of Jesus Christ,
26:27 that's what it means.
26:28 Now I want you to notice "Our Sunday Visitor",
26:30 their official journal, Apr. 18, 1915,
26:34 "Catholics hold that the Church,
26:36 which is a visible society, must have a visible head."
26:40 The Pope.
26:42 Now Our Sunday Visitor, Nov. 15, 1914,
26:45 it's a question and answer here.
26:47 "Question: Is it true that the words
26:50 of the Apocalypse in the 13th chapter,
26:52 18th verse refer to the Pope?"
26:55 "Answer: The words referred to are these:
26:59 'Here is wisdom.
27:00 He that hath understanding
27:02 let him count the number of the beast.
27:04 For it is the number of a man;
27:06 and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.'
27:11 The title of the Pope of Rome is VICARIUS FILII DEI.
27:15 This is inscribed on his mitre;"
27:17 now notice the rest of this passage,
27:19 "and if you take the letters of his title
27:21 which represent Latin numerals
27:23 and add them together, they come to 666."
27:31 Now you will notice that the numerical values
27:33 of the Latin letters are easy to calculate.
27:35 VICARIUS, you put the numbers in there
27:38 that comes up to 112, FILII-53,
27:44 and DEI would be 501,
27:50 making the total of course, 666.
27:56 Now friend, personally I don't believe
27:57 we should use this as conclusive evidence,
28:00 since the Bible gives us so many unmistakable
28:04 identifying characteristics other than that one.
28:07 But that's just another little,
28:08 tiny identifying prophetic mark of the beast power,
28:12 another piece of the puzzle for Revelation 13.
28:15 So after we've now looked
28:17 at all of the other crystal clear Bible evidence,
28:21 friend, what can we conclude from our study of God's Word?
28:25 Well, the prophecy says a time is coming soon,
28:29 when everyone, under threat of boycott and death,
28:32 will be required to keep the first day of the week,
28:36 in direct violation of the command of God.
28:40 You say, come on, Lon.
28:42 In America? Canada?
28:44 Australia? Or Europe?
28:46 We value our pluralism.
28:48 Freedom of religion for everyone.
28:50 No way would our country repudiate
28:52 the separation of church and state,
28:54 persecute minorities.
28:55 Oh?
28:57 I want you to put on your seat belts.
29:00 Do you recognize this person?
29:03 Just recently the Holy Father, John Paul II,
29:07 he sent out a directive entitled,
29:09 'Apostolic Letter, Dies Domini,
29:12 of the Holy Father, John Paul II,
29:15 to the Bishops, Clergy, and Faithful of the Church,
29:18 on keeping the Lord's Day Holy."
29:20 Now that was sent out to Catholic church leaders
29:23 admonishing them to press their governments
29:27 to enact civil laws making it mandatory
29:29 to keep the 'Lord's Day,'
29:30 Sunday, as the time of universal rest and worship.
29:36 He was saying in essence, Priests,
29:38 Cardinals, Bishops, listen up.
29:41 People out there aren't keeping Sunday like they should,
29:43 they're watching football games,
29:44 doing all sorts of--
29:45 so we need to press for civil legislation
29:47 to make it a reality.
29:50 Now my friend, does that sound eerily familiar?
29:54 Does it sound prophetic?
29:56 Just as this prophecy says?
30:00 And folks, this idea is not new here
30:02 in United States of America.
30:04 You know, for decades
30:05 we've had groups over here in this country,
30:07 advocating what we call Sunday laws.
30:10 We've had Sunday laws,
30:11 Blue laws in America since the days of the pilgrims.
30:15 Now we don't choose to enforce
30:16 most of those Sunday laws or else
30:18 we'd have our shopping malls closed on Sunday.
30:20 We wouldn't go to the grocery store,
30:21 to the ice cream shop,
30:22 or buy gasoline or to the car market.
30:25 But back in 1961,
30:26 the United States Supreme Court ruled
30:29 Sunday laws are constitutional.
30:33 Some states already have them.
30:35 We call them "blue laws".
30:37 Only they're cloaked under language
30:39 that is secular rather than religious.
30:41 You know, we've Sunday laws
30:42 'cause we want to cut down smog
30:44 and driving on Sundays.
30:45 Or it'll reduce weekend traffic.
30:47 It'll help conserve energy.
30:50 Now prophecy says,
30:52 Lon, it may sound preposterous.
30:57 But watch, for the impossible to--
30:59 for the-- improbable to become the probable,
31:03 because it's coming.
31:05 Someday, a national Sunday law will be passed,
31:08 forcing people to bow to the beast power
31:12 as part of an ongoing attempt
31:14 to change God's Commandment.
31:18 Now for me to predict anything else tonight
31:22 would be sheer speculation.
31:24 So right now I want to turn to the big question
31:26 that I'm sure as on your mind,
31:29 Lonnie, does anyone now have the mark of the beast?
31:34 No, friend, not one single person
31:38 has the mark of the beast, not yet.
31:40 In fact, God has true followers in every church,
31:44 including the Roman Catholic Church.
31:46 Most of His people are out there, He says.
31:50 You know, I used to honestly wonder
31:51 how in the world this Sabbath truth
31:54 would become a world-wide,
31:56 national issue known by everyone.
31:59 But you know something,
32:00 after our last election here in America
32:02 I don't wonder anymore.
32:04 Remember when Senator Joseph Lieberman
32:06 accepted the vice-presidential nomination for Al Gore
32:10 and the Democratic Party,
32:12 why the Sabbath question suddenly hit world headlines
32:15 because Lieberman was a Jew.
32:18 And the question that was being asked on the talk shows,
32:21 CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS,
32:23 what would Lieberman do on the Sabbath?
32:25 The Sabbath was debated everywhere.
32:28 What would he do if it was a national emergency?
32:30 Would he go to the White House?
32:32 Friend, listen, when God's ready that Sabbath issue
32:35 will become a world issue in God's perfect timing.
32:39 But this Word says
32:41 that when Sunday keeping is enforced by civil law,
32:46 then prophecy says,
32:48 the final crisis is precipitated
32:50 and every person must make a choice.
32:52 Allegiance to God and His 10 Commandment Sabbath?
32:55 Or allegiance to keep the day substituted by the beast,
33:00 by man's own authority.
33:03 Then, friend, and only then,
33:04 will anyone receive the mark of the beast.
33:09 And the crucial test will come.
33:11 It will come, to every person.
33:14 Shall I obey God, or shall I obey man?
33:19 Friend, do you see the real issue?
33:22 This isn't just a matter of days.
33:25 Paul writes and says, it's a matter of masters.
33:30 You're either slaves of sin and death,
33:33 or of obedience leading to righteousness.
33:36 See, it's a matter of love, it's a matter of loyalty.
33:39 It's a matter of obedience and conscience.
33:43 And Jesus says to me, Lonnie,
33:46 Lonnie, if you love Me, keep My Commandments.
33:52 In other words, a most solemn moment
33:54 will soon face every inhabitant on Earth.
33:57 No one will be able to buy or sell,
34:00 who does not have the mark of the beast,
34:03 on penalty of death.
34:05 But God says, Ah, these are My people.
34:09 They have My seal of approval.
34:11 They still remember the Sabbath.
34:15 But over on the other side are those who receive the mark.
34:20 By the way they also receive the seven last plagues,
34:23 judgment, punishment.
34:25 Friend, do you see why this issue
34:27 is so absolutely vital and important?
34:30 Do you see why it is a life and death matter?
34:33 A moral issue?
34:34 And why it's so vital that we choose now to honor God?
34:39 Now the good news
34:40 is that if we choose to honor God today
34:43 and receive His seal today, we win.
34:46 God wins.
34:49 No, survival may not be easy when we can't buy or sell.
34:53 Oh, but God says He'll take care of us.
34:56 Listen to promises like these over in Isaiah 33:16.
35:01 Bread will be given him; his water will be sure
35:06 oh, and those seven last plagues?
35:08 Folks, they won't fall on God's people either.
35:11 Listen to Psalm 91:10. No evil shall befall you,
35:16 nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.
35:20 Friend, I'd so much rather be on God's side
35:23 when those seven last plagues begin to fall,
35:24 wouldn't you?
35:27 Before we close, the book of Revelation,
35:29 John was shown a beautiful, beautiful vision.
35:33 A vision of those who gained the victory over the beast,
35:37 Revelation 15:2.
35:40 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire:
35:45 and them that had gotten the victory over the beast,
35:47 and over his image, and over his mark,
35:49 and over the number of his name,
35:50 stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.
35:55 Here in the picture we're finally home, home at last.
36:01 But today, friend, right now,
36:04 God is pleading with His true followers
36:06 through this message, inviting us to step
36:09 out of the counterfeit religious systems
36:11 to follow Him completely.
36:13 In fact, the Book of Revelation Chapter 18
36:16 is God's last, final call to people in all churches,
36:20 of all faiths, including my own,
36:23 to come out of Babylon.
36:25 Verse 4, "Come out of her, my people,
36:27 lest you share in her sins,
36:28 and lest you receive of her plagues."
36:33 God's not calling us, by the way, to step out
36:35 and form another denomination.
36:38 Because God doesn't save us by denominations,
36:41 not even mine.
36:43 No, friend, He's calling us
36:44 to step out of our man-made organizations
36:46 and form a movement of all faiths
36:50 and become "God's called out ones."
36:54 In fact, did you know that Seventh-day Adventists
36:56 don't consider themselves just another denomination?
36:59 We believe that we're a prophetic movement
37:02 comprised of every nation, race, kindred, tongue,
37:05 and people coming out
37:07 and embracing the light of end-time truth.
37:12 And we have an invitation for you tonight,
37:13 would you like to answer that call too?
37:17 It will cost you something to choose to follow Jesus.
37:21 But, remember the burning fiery furnace
37:24 and the three Hebrews' there,
37:26 their courage in the face of certain death?
37:29 In Daniel 3, when Nebuchadnezzar
37:31 ordered Shadrach, Meshach,
37:32 and Abednego to be thrown into the burning fiery furnace,
37:36 "bow down, worship by man-made golden image,
37:40 receive my mark of authority.
37:41 Worship me, worship the beast, the power, or else...
37:46 But they didn't,
37:48 and because they had God's seal.
37:51 He could take care of them and He did.
37:52 Miraculously preserved them.
37:55 But their choice sealed their destiny.
37:59 And it saved them.
38:01 And that's the lesson for us today.
38:03 It's a promise.
38:06 Remember Daniel there facing the lions den
38:08 when God shut the lion's mouths?
38:11 Well, the law was saying,
38:13 "Daniel, you worship our way, or else--
38:17 our authority, our mark."
38:20 But friend, because Daniel was faithful
38:22 and he obeyed God, he received God's seal
38:26 and God's miracle, too.
38:28 Without hesitating or rationalizing,
38:30 they took their stand for God.
38:33 And God came through. He took care of them.
38:36 And friend, the lesson for us today
38:37 is God will take care of you and me, too.
38:41 In that last final day, if we accept His seal,
38:45 if we follow His will, if we obey His Word.
38:50 Throughout this series of prophecy meetings,
38:53 God through His Holy Spirit has been speaking to hearts
38:56 all over this world night by night,
38:58 illuminating our minds and inviting us,
39:00 pleading with us.
39:02 He is making His last call to a dying world
39:06 to get ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
39:10 Won't you this moment, without hesitation,
39:14 step forward and say, Lord,
39:17 I want to take my stand for You.
39:20 I want to place myself on God's side,
39:23 regardless of the cost.
39:25 Whatever sacrifices I'm called to make,
39:27 I'm going to follow Jesus.
39:30 Today, just now, by faith,
39:33 Lord, I choose to embrace all of the truth
39:36 I've learned from these programs.
39:39 Friend, it will be worth it all.
39:42 Jesus is coming soon to take us home with Him
39:46 and all those who choose to follow Him, all of the way.
39:51 Won't you, like those three Hebrews,
39:54 take your stand for God
39:56 and His truth right now as Joey sings.
40:04 Jesus calls me - I must follow
40:11 Follow Him today
40:16 When His tender voice is pleading
40:21 How can I delay?
40:28 Follow
40:31 I will follow Thee, my Lord
40:37 Follow every passing day
40:45 My tomorrows are all known
40:52 To Thee
40:55 Thou will lead me
41:00 All the way
41:08 Let us pray together.
41:11 Lord, we're coming to the end,
41:13 soon, the end for these meetings
41:16 but also the end for this whole planet, our world.
41:21 So it's decision time,
41:23 God's earnestly calling individuals
41:25 willing to accept Jesus at His word.
41:28 Willing to pay a price for their faith.
41:30 Willing to suffer even die, if need be.
41:34 Thank You, Lord, for your promises to see us through
41:37 and guarantee eternity for us.
41:41 Lord, if is one person listening today
41:43 who's felt impressed to make his
41:44 or her decision for Jesus Christ.
41:48 Would You help them to do that?
41:50 Now, before it's too late.
41:54 While our heads are bowed and in attitude of prayer
41:57 I want to invite the row captains to pass
41:58 that little commitment card down the row.
42:01 Please take your pencil and the commitment card.
42:04 I want you to put a response for Jesus
42:07 on that card, just now.
42:09 Going to go over that quickly with you.
42:12 Number one, since I love Jesus, I desire to obey Him fully.
42:20 I hope everyone will check that.
42:24 Since I love Jesus, I desire to obey Him fully.
42:28 Put a check beside number one.
42:30 Number two, I choose to lovingly keep
42:33 Jesus' Holy Sabbath day as the "seal of God."
42:37 Number two, I choose to keep
42:40 Jesus' Holy Sabbath day as the "seal of living God."
42:44 Put a check beside number two.
42:45 Number three, some of you have been studying
42:48 from night to night, weekend to weekend,
42:51 perhaps you'd like to check number three,
42:52 I desire to be baptized soon
42:55 and to follow Jesus all the way.
42:57 Put a check beside number three.
42:58 If you'd like to be baptized soon
43:00 and follow Jesus all the way, we'll help you get ready,
43:02 we'll help you prepared.
43:04 There may be someone here
43:05 who might have just come for the very first time tonight
43:07 and this is brand new to you and you have some questions
43:10 and maybe you have a prayer request.
43:11 Number four, would you like to check that,
43:14 put your prayer request on the back of the card.
43:17 We gladly pray for you at 10 o' clock
43:19 in our staff meetings.
43:21 Just make your decision right now as Joey sings.
43:28 Follow
43:31 I will follow Thee, my Lord
43:38 Follow every passing day
43:45 My tomorrows are all known
43:51 To Thee
43:54 Thou wilt lead me
43:58 All the way
44:07 Amen, let's continue in prayer,
44:09 Lord, help us, help us make the right choice,
44:13 regardless of what others think,
44:16 and I specially want to pray for those
44:18 who are beginning to keep your Commandments.
44:21 Lord, that is such a great change
44:23 and it's such a great test of our faith
44:26 but Jesus saves,
44:28 thank You for your messages of love and truth
44:32 so that we can prepare for Your soon coming.
44:36 Father, may we never be afraid
44:37 to stand up for truth and follow Jesus.
44:42 We pray in His wonderful name, amen.
44:48 I want to remind you
44:49 that we have a discover less in that parallels
44:52 precisely what we presented tonight,
44:54 Mark of the Beast.
44:56 Be sure to stop by your local discover Bible school table,
45:00 ask for it or write to us here at the Voice of Prophecy,
45:02 the Mark of the Beast.
45:04 Be sure to pick that up tonight.
45:07 Remember our next subject, next week,
45:09 same time, same place
45:11 is Surviving the Coming Tribulation.
45:15 Thanks so much for joining us tonight.
45:17 May God bless you till we meet again.
45:19 Remember as we close our broadcast,
45:21 friend, God really does love you.


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