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Surviving The Coming Tribulation

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Participants: Lonnie Melashenko


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00:32 A number of years ago, Flight number 316
00:35 with 68 passengers sat on the runway
00:38 at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.
00:41 Authorities delayed the flight for hours.
00:44 Then the hours stretched into a day.
00:47 Two days.
00:49 For three long, dreary days,
00:51 Flight number 316 just sat there.
00:55 Why?
00:56 Why was that flight held up?
00:58 Was it mechanical trouble? Weather problems?
01:01 A hijacking? No.
01:03 United States authorities wanted to be sure
01:06 one particular passenger aboard that plane
01:09 wasn't leaving the country against her will.
01:13 You see her husband had defected from another country
01:15 to the United States of America
01:18 but then he had wanted her to join him.
01:21 So she came.
01:23 Now the question was,
01:25 had she been pressured to leave?
01:28 Was it the Taliban?
01:30 Did anybody force her to board the plane?
01:33 That was her husband's fear.
01:35 She was leaving, but why?
01:38 With television cameras whirring
01:39 and reporters' cameras clicking,
01:41 this woman stood in the presence
01:43 of the officials of both nations
01:45 and made her final statement.
01:48 "I love my husband.
01:50 But he made his decision to stay here.
01:53 And I have made mine to leave."
01:56 And she turned, walked away.
01:59 Well, U.S. Immigration officials wanted to know,
02:02 had she spoken freely without coercion?
02:05 Did anybody force her to say this?
02:08 But she made her decision.
02:10 And so after 72 hours on that runway,
02:14 television lights switched off,
02:16 reporters hurried to the telephones,
02:18 and Flight number 316 lifted into the evening sky.
02:26 Is the ship of time being held on the runway
02:30 waiting for certain passengers on board
02:33 to make up their minds?
02:36 According to the Book of Revelation
02:38 that is a fairly accurate description
02:41 of what's happening on our nervous spacecraft.
02:45 It's precisely what four special angels
02:48 have been commissioned to do.
02:50 We read in Revelation 7:1,
02:53 "After these things I saw four angels
02:57 standing at the four corners of the earth,
02:59 holding the four winds of the earth,
03:00 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
03:03 on the sea, or on any tree."
03:07 Winds on a leash,
03:10 angels holding back the winds of war and destruction,
03:13 holding back the flight of time,
03:16 turning aside disaster,
03:18 blunting the power of wars and hurricanes and floods,
03:21 restraining the winds of terror and violence,
03:24 holding the hourglass on a slant
03:27 so that the last grains of sand
03:29 will not escape forbidding history
03:32 from signing out just yet.
03:33 Because God's unwilling to wrap it all up
03:36 until every man and woman has decided
03:39 by their own free choice,
03:40 what they want to do with their eternal future.
03:45 Is restraining hand mysteriously
03:47 holds the winds of international terror,
03:49 or else folks Armageddon will erupt.
03:53 Prophecy warns us that one day soon
03:56 those winds will be unleashed
04:00 and they'll blow with a fury that defies imagination.
04:04 In fact, so furiously
04:06 a whole planet will need to be evacuated.
04:10 Why are the angels holding the winds?
04:13 Holding our flight?
04:15 Bible says, "Then I saw another angel
04:19 ascending from the east,
04:20 having the seal of the living God.
04:23 And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels
04:26 to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea,
04:28 saying, 'Do not harm the earth, the sea,
04:31 or the trees till we have sealed
04:34 the servants of our God on their foreheads.'"
04:38 Angels, friends.
04:40 Angels are holding back the winds
04:42 until God's people are sealed in their foreheads.
04:46 With some sort of visible tattoo?
04:49 No.
04:51 We've learned millions of men, women,
04:53 and children will be so in love with Jesus
04:56 that they will say, "Lord,
04:58 I just want to be marked as one of Your children forever.
05:01 I accept. I obey Your forever seal."
05:06 But other millions, in fact the majority,
05:10 unfortunately will say in their hearts
05:13 or by their actions, well, "No thank You, Lord.
05:17 I mean, I know You died to save me.
05:20 But I don't want to be sealed.
05:23 I choose to go another way, my own way."
05:27 2 Peter 3:9 says that just hurts Jesus
05:33 so much to hear men and women say that well,
05:36 they want to accept the gift of salvation
05:38 that cost Him so much
05:41 but then reject His gift of restoration.
05:46 And so God keeps waiting a little longer
05:49 holding our plane on the runway of time
05:51 because He doesn't want a single one to be lost.
05:55 2 Peter 3:9 "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,
06:00 as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us,
06:05 not willing that any should perish
06:07 but that all should come to repentance."
06:12 But friend, one day soon every living person
06:15 will have completely made up their mind,
06:18 those who have chosen Jesus and those who choose Him not.
06:24 God knows their decision is irrevocable,
06:27 so the fateful decree goes forth in Revelation 22:11, 12.
06:34 "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still,
06:37 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still,
06:40 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still
06:43 and he who is holy, let him be holy still.
06:46 And behold, I am coming quickly,
06:49 and My reward is with Me,
06:51 to give to every one according to his work."
06:55 We call that decree the close of probation.
07:01 For men and women on Planet Earth
07:02 there'll be no more changing of camps after that.
07:06 Not because God wants to be arbitrary.
07:09 Not because He wants to cut anybody off.
07:11 Rather, the decree simply reflects
07:14 the fact men and women have made their final choice.
07:18 And now God will honor those choices
07:22 and it's time for the flight to take off.
07:26 But notice what the prophet Daniel says
07:28 will happen at that time in Daniel 12:1.
07:33 "At that time Michael shall stand up,
07:36 the great prince who stands
07:37 watch over the sons of your people
07:40 and there shall be a time of trouble,
07:41 such as never was since there was a nation,
07:43 even to that time.
07:45 And at that time your people shall be delivered,
07:49 every one who is found written in the book.
07:52 And many of those who sleep in the dust
07:54 of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life,
07:57 some to shame and everlasting contempt."
08:02 And friend, then the winds will blow.
08:06 Then it says, we'll be ushered into a time of trouble
08:09 such as this world has never known.
08:12 Then the seven final judgments of God,
08:14 the seven last Plagues,
08:16 will be released upon the enemies of God.
08:19 Then the predictions of Revelation
08:21 will reach their final fulfillment.
08:23 The last grains of the sand of time
08:27 will slip through the hourglass.
08:30 But then the prophet Daniel encourages us,
08:33 God's people will be delivered and Jesus will return.
08:40 Are you prepared for the winds to blow?
08:45 See friend, doomsday hasn't happened
08:48 to an unsuspecting planet earth yet
08:52 but it will not be this way for long.
08:55 In fact, even now those angels could be letting go the winds
09:00 in places like Afghanistan, the West Bank, Iraq,
09:04 North Korea, Indonesia, Libya,
09:06 Lebanon, Nicaragua, Colombia.
09:10 As we turn to prophecy in our study today,
09:14 we discover that tomorrow the roar of unleashed winds
09:18 on the eve of Armageddon may deafen us with their fury.
09:22 And once they are unleashed,
09:24 human destiny begins its final approach on the runway of time.
09:30 One of these days it will be too late.
09:35 The prophecy we're turning to now
09:37 is about how we can escape the seven last plagues.
09:44 But let me remind you of a technique of God.
09:46 We have discovered in our studies
09:49 that God's great Bible prophecies are consistent.
09:53 They reveal a God who is predictable.
09:56 The way God has worked in the past,
09:58 He will work again today.
10:00 Notice Hebrews 13:8,
10:04 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."
10:11 So, in other words,
10:13 if we'll carefully study for example
10:15 the ten plagues of the Old Testament
10:18 and the great miracle of that
10:20 great cataclysmic deliverance of the Exodus,
10:22 we'll discover some secrets
10:25 as to how we here in the New Testament
10:28 can escape the seven last plagues
10:30 and the final days of tribulation.
10:33 In other words, those things in the past
10:35 are written for our benefit to alert us in the last days.
10:39 Notice 1 Corinthians 10:11,
10:43 "Now all these things happened to them as examples,
10:47 and they were written for our admonition,
10:50 upon whom the ends of the ages have come."
10:53 Friend, here's what this means,
10:56 those Old Testament miracles during the Exodus
10:59 when the plagues fell on Egypt but God's people escaped.
11:03 They are extremely important
11:04 because this has something to do with our message tonight.
11:09 It directly impacts us.
11:11 It has a sobering parallel
11:13 to the final exodus from planet earth.
11:16 But before we look at the time
11:18 when God rains down those seven last plagues
11:21 here in the end of the New Testament.
11:23 Let's go back and review for a moment.
11:25 Let's remember that first of all
11:27 He rained down ten plagues on Egypt in the Old Testament.
11:32 And if we'll closely look at those,
11:35 we get some hints of how it will happen again in our day.
11:38 If we examine what He did then,
11:40 it will help us understand how He'll operate now.
11:45 You remember that God first sent Moses and Aaron
11:48 with a prophetic message, Pharaoh,
11:50 Pharaoh, this is God's end-time message.
11:53 You don't have to receive these plagues.
11:56 Pharaoh, if you cooperate with God,
11:58 He'll bless you.
11:59 "Thus says the Lord God Jehovah,
12:02 'Let My people go.'"
12:05 But you remember the story Pharaoh wouldn't budge.
12:09 Refused.
12:11 Hardened his heart. In fact he insulted God.
12:14 So the smart bombs began to fall.
12:17 Let's review those ten calamities
12:19 exploding one by one, like patriot missiles.
12:23 Remember that first the Nile River,
12:25 worshiped by the Egyptians, turned to blood.
12:27 Bible says all of the fish died,
12:30 all the water in Egypt became blood for seven days.
12:34 But Pharaoh still refused to let God's people go.
12:37 So next a plague of frogs infected the land.
12:41 Millions of them, they were in their food,
12:43 in their beds, everywhere.
12:45 Pharaoh stubbornly refused to budge.
12:49 A plague of lice came next.
12:51 Well, the arrogant ruler's cabinet
12:53 of advisers thought well,
12:54 maybe this is just sort-- some sort of trick.
12:57 So Pharaoh had his magicians
12:58 tried to replicate the pestilence.
13:01 But Pharaoh still wouldn't agree to let the people go.
13:05 By the way, the Bible tells us
13:08 that those first three plagues
13:10 fell on both the Hebrews and the Egyptians.
13:14 But from here on,
13:15 the plagues fell only on the ungodly Egyptians
13:20 and that when things really began
13:22 to get a whole lot more serious.
13:25 The fourth plague came, stinging, venomous flies.
13:29 So epidemic, so awful, it swept through the land.
13:33 But then the fifth plague came,
13:34 destroying farm animals and livestock, devastating.
13:38 With the stench of death everywhere.
13:41 To the point now Pharaoh's curiosity was aroused.
13:44 Wow!
13:46 You know, he said "I wonder, have the animals
13:49 of the Hebrew people up there in Goshen been destroyed too
13:53 or have they been protected as Moses predicted?"
13:56 Notice this Exodus 9:7, "And behold, Pharaoh sent,
14:02 and there was not one of the cattle
14:04 of the Israelites dead.
14:06 And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened,
14:09 and he did not let the people go."
14:13 So, the sixth plague fell, boils on man and beast,
14:17 head to toe, miserable boils.
14:21 Still the obstinate monarch refused
14:23 to release the children of Israel.
14:25 So the next smart bomb, a plague of hail,
14:29 laced with lightning and thunder so stupendous
14:32 the Bible says that that lightning
14:34 was kind of like carpet bombing by B-52s
14:37 because the lightning it ran along the ground.
14:39 Wow!
14:41 And for a few fleeting moments Pharaoh
14:43 actually toyed with the idea
14:45 maybe I'll obey God now and let the people go.
14:48 Because every living plant and crop and tree was flattened
14:53 but when the bombardment abated,
14:56 so did his good intentions.
14:58 So the eighth plague hit a cyclone
15:02 of locusts eating up every living thing
15:04 the hail didn't get.
15:06 In fact, Pharaoh's counselors
15:08 in the Cairo Stock Exchange pleaded with him,
15:11 "No more, please.
15:12 No more plagues.
15:14 Pharaoh the market has crashed,
15:15 Wall Street's beans and commodities
15:17 and pork barrels are gone.
15:19 Pharaoh, it's over, please. Let those slaves go."
15:23 But still the king refused.
15:27 So then the Bible says came three days
15:29 of mysterious darkness.
15:32 So cold, so intense, so bitter and oppressive,
15:35 it could be felt.
15:38 But rebellious Pharaoh
15:39 continued to defy the God of heaven.
15:42 Finally the tenth plague, the climactic grand finale.
15:48 Slaughter of all the firstborn.
15:51 Exodus 12:29, "And it came to pass,
15:56 that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn
15:59 of the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh
16:02 unto the firstborn of the captive
16:04 that was in the dungeon,
16:05 and all the firstborn of cattle."
16:09 But where the blood had been sprinkled
16:10 on the doorposts in obedience to God's instructions,
16:14 not one home was touched.
16:17 Can you imagine what that would have been like
16:19 as the clock approached midnight up
16:21 in the camp of God's children of Israel?
16:23 "Daddy, daddy, can't go to sleep.
16:27 Daddy, did you sprinkle the blood?
16:29 Have you killed the lamb?
16:30 Is it on the doorpost yet?
16:32 Well, son, yes I'll do it in few more minutes.
16:35 Few minutes later daddy, daddy,
16:36 did you do it like God instructed?"
16:39 Thousands of anxious firstborns must have stayed up
16:41 until midnight asking that question.
16:44 "Yes, dear, yes, I have done it.
16:49 The angel has passed over."
16:52 But not throughout the vast kingdom of Egypt.
16:56 Oh, no, cries of mourners could be heard.
16:59 Death wailing, even in proud Pharaoh's household,
17:03 as with trembling legs and hoarse voice.
17:05 In anguish he finally bellows
17:07 into the microphone out in the streets,
17:09 let the children of Israel go.
17:11 Get out of Egypt.
17:13 And hurry or, we'll all die."
17:15 And the Bible says with shoes on their feet
17:17 and coats on their backs,
17:18 at the stroke of midnight the children of Israel
17:21 were on their way to the Promised Land.
17:26 Someone asks, "But Lonnie,
17:27 what's this old 3,500 year old story
17:30 have to do with us anyway today?"
17:32 Ah, my friend, listen.
17:34 Revelation tells us
17:36 it's profoundly significant to us
17:38 right here in the 21st century
17:40 because Bible prophecy warns us history will be repeated.
17:46 The final events on planet earth
17:48 during the final tribulation
17:50 will parallel the Exodus story almost identically.
17:55 Not ten plagues, but the seven last plagues
17:58 will fall only on a more devastating scale.
18:02 Global catastrophes.
18:04 This time, culminating not in the Exodus from Egypt,
18:09 but the final exodus from spiritual Egypt
18:12 and our planet in rebellion.
18:14 The final deliverance of God's people.
18:18 Now, I don't mean to be critical
18:20 of Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" books,
18:22 because he at least gotten people
18:24 to thinking about end time in prophecy.
18:27 And also I admire him for clearly admitting
18:29 that his books are simply biblical fiction,
18:33 they are not necessarily Bible truth.
18:36 But here's something Tim LaHaye misses
18:38 in his "Left Behind" books.
18:40 He says God's people won't be here for the plagues.
18:45 We'll be raptured, we we'll be up there in heaven
18:49 on the front row seats looking down on all of this.
18:53 But I want you to look down at the biblical record.
18:56 Look at the prophetic evidence.
18:58 The children of Israel
19:00 they didn't get to avoid the plagues back then.
19:04 They didn't get raptured then.
19:06 No, they had to endure a time of affliction and tribulation
19:11 first before their glorious deliverance from Egypt.
19:15 They were there to witness the plagues.
19:17 They were there for the tribulation.
19:19 They were there when the plagues
19:20 were falling all around them on the Egyptians.
19:24 Well, friend, Revelation clearly says
19:27 God's church will be here at the end
19:30 on earth going through affliction
19:32 as we witness the outpouring of the seven last plagues
19:35 all around us on the wicked just prior to Christ's coming.
19:40 But just as God delivered them then,
19:44 just so we'll experience the miracle
19:46 of being preserved from the plagues
19:49 by God's angels now.
19:51 Do you see?
19:54 Now those books of fiction in the bookstores
19:56 would have you believe
19:59 we'll be up there with God during the tribulation
20:02 looking down through heaven's closed circuit TV
20:05 on all of this will be safe and secure.
20:08 Boy, will some people be in for a big, big surprise.
20:12 Because friend, the prophet Daniel
20:14 clearly describes this period of tribulation
20:18 and trouble for the saints,
20:20 right here just before Jesus comes
20:22 in the battle of Armageddon.
20:23 Listen to Daniel 12:1.
20:27 "And at that time shall Michael stand up,
20:31 the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people
20:34 and there shall be a time of trouble,
20:36 such as never was since there was a nation
20:39 even to that same day and at that time
20:42 thy people shall be delivered,
20:44 every one that shall be found written in the book."
20:48 Do you see, delivered right in the middle
20:51 of all this tribulation?
20:52 Delivered in the midst of the seven last plagues.
20:56 Yes, the everlasting Gospel
20:59 will have been preached to all of the world.
21:01 Yes, the call of the second angel's message
21:03 to "come out of Babylon"
21:04 and the false systems of worship
21:06 will have been given.
21:07 And yes, the third angel's message has been proclaimed.
21:10 But notice the warning nonetheless,
21:13 God's final appeal, He says,
21:15 "Please everyone, everyone, you can escape the plagues."
21:20 Listen! Revelation 14:9, 10.
21:24 "If any man worship the beast and his image,
21:26 and receive his mark in his forehead,
21:28 or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine
21:31 of the wrath of God."
21:34 My friend, that is the most awesome warning
21:36 in all of the Bible ever addressed to mortals.
21:39 And we discovered that it is only
21:41 when these issues are plainly
21:43 set before the inhabitants of earth,
21:45 not until this final crisis forces every individual
21:49 to make a final decision to choose
21:51 between the Commandments of God or the commandments of men,
21:54 that's the only time anyone receives
21:57 the mark of the beast and the seven last plagues.
22:00 But then probation's door closes forever.
22:06 But we're still here,
22:08 God's church is still here on this earth
22:12 which infuriates Satan to the point
22:14 he finally he goads the wicked
22:16 to get so angry with us
22:18 they want to destroy us with a death decree
22:21 because we won't accept the mark of the beast.
22:24 But when they say, "Destroy them!"
22:28 that's when God says, "My children, its enough.
22:33 They've gone too far. It's over.
22:36 They have rejected My last messages of mercy."
22:40 And then the Bible says the seven last plagues come.
22:44 That's when Revelation 14:10 says
22:47 the wicked people
22:49 "drink of the wine of the wrath of God."
22:53 But you see, we righteous are still here
22:56 because in heaven the solemn announcement is made,
22:59 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
23:02 and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still,
23:04 and he that is righteous,
23:06 let him be righteous still and he that is holy,
23:09 let him be holy still."
23:10 And behold I come quickly. Why?
23:15 To get us then.
23:19 You see, Christ's work as our Great High Priest in heaven
23:22 has finally ended.
23:23 Every case has been decided
23:25 for eternal life or eternal death.
23:28 The door of God's mercy is shut.
23:31 And just before Jesus descends in glory,
23:34 now earth's inhabitants are plunged
23:37 into one great final "time of trouble such as never was,"
23:41 spoken of by the prophet Daniel.
23:44 Are you listening, friend?
23:46 According to the Bible, friend,
23:48 it's not going to be like Tim LaHaye's fiction.
23:51 God isn't going to snatch His people.
23:53 Not yet.
23:55 Not until after the plagues are over.
23:58 We'll be right here on earth,
23:59 right to the end but we'll be protected,
24:04 just as were the children of Israel
24:06 during the plagues of Moses.
24:09 No, we won't be free from difficulties and suffering.
24:13 It will be a time of trouble the Bible says for everyone.
24:16 Big time.
24:18 In fact, God's Voice of Prophecy says
24:21 our wild imaginations can't comprehend
24:23 the magnitude of its reality,
24:25 as the wicked now drink the full cup of God's wrath
24:29 unmixed with mercy.
24:32 In fact, John was given a sneak preview
24:34 of this terrible time of trouble.
24:37 Revelation 15:1, "And I saw another sign in heaven,
24:43 great and marvelous, seven angels
24:45 having the seven last plagues
24:47 for in them is filled up the wrath of God."
24:51 Seven last plagues, terrible. What are they?
24:56 Well, you can read about them in Revelation 16
24:59 in greater detail,
25:00 but I want you to notice some striking similarities
25:03 to the ones that fell upon Egypt.
25:06 God's four angels, holding back the four winds,
25:09 finally let go, so the first heavenly missile is launched.
25:13 Revelation 16:2, "And the first went,
25:17 and poured out his vial upon the earth,
25:19 and there fell a noisome and grievous
25:21 sore upon the men
25:23 which had the mark of the beast,
25:24 and upon them which worshipped his image."
25:28 Perhaps sores similar to the cancerous boils
25:32 suffered by the Egyptians.
25:35 You'll discover your downlink sites
25:36 on another night that Revelation Chapter 13 says
25:40 this vial specifically targets
25:43 the United States of America
25:45 and any country where the mark of the beast
25:48 is legislated and observed.
25:51 Imagine the impact of such a plague that
25:53 that would have for example
25:54 on America's 21st century society.
25:58 Boys, schools will close. Factories will shut down.
26:02 Stores won't be able to open.
26:03 While even hospitals will be overflowing
26:05 with people seeking emergency treatment,
26:07 but the doctors and the nurses
26:09 will be suffering from the same affliction.
26:11 And so the hospitals close. Millions die.
26:15 Will we, too?
26:17 Oh, no, friend, because just as the Israelites
26:21 had the sign of the blood on the doorposts
26:23 that caused the destroying angel
26:24 with the plague of death to "pass over" them.
26:28 So God's people have a sign, a seal which causes the angel
26:32 with the vial to pass over them.
26:36 Notice that wicked people
26:38 will still be suffering from their sores
26:40 of these boils when another calamity strikes.
26:43 Revelation 16:3, "And the second angel
26:46 poured out his vial upon the sea
26:48 and it became as the blood of a dead man
26:51 and every living soul died in the sea."
26:55 When you talk about dead man
26:56 walking what a sight, what a stench.
27:00 I mean, infection breaks out everywhere.
27:02 Creatures in the sea just kind of wash ashore.
27:05 No more unclean seafood to eat.
27:09 People stumbling over one another
27:10 to escape their beach homes.
27:13 Those governments that have legislated
27:15 against Sabbath keepers, mandating "You can't buy food
27:19 for the family or milk for the baby,
27:20 because you don't have the mark of the beast."
27:22 Now God turns the tables
27:24 and they can't get food, period.
27:27 But then another plague follows,
27:28 Revelation 16:4,
27:31 "And the third angel poured out his vial
27:34 upon the rivers and fountains of waters
27:36 and they became blood."
27:41 Just think, a person turns on the faucet
27:45 to get a drink blood gushes out.
27:48 We talk about total chaos. Could anything be worse?
27:52 The angel says, all this is God's "strange act,"
27:59 that God's justice is finally being mysteriously vindicated.
28:03 Revelation 16:5, 6 "Thou art righteous, O Lord,
28:07 because Thou hast judged thus.
28:09 For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets,
28:12 and Thou hast given them blood to drink."
28:17 Before I want to tell you that in all this
28:20 there's some wonderful good news.
28:23 While the wicked are perishing of thirst
28:26 because they have nothing to drink but blood,
28:28 God's people who walk righteously
28:30 well, they have a fantastic promise to them.
28:32 Isaiah 33:16, "bread shall be given him,
28:38 his waters shall be sure."
28:41 Perhaps though even rain down for us manna, wow.
28:46 Will that bread and water taste good
28:48 when the wicked have only blood to drink?
28:51 But then the Bible says in Revelation 16:8, 9,
28:55 "And the fourth angel poured out
28:57 his vial upon the sun
28:59 and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
29:03 And men were scorched with great heat,
29:05 and blasphemed the name of God,
29:06 which hath power over these plagues
29:08 and they repented not to give him glory."
29:14 God in essence says,
29:16 you billions who persist in worshiping the sun
29:19 through remnants of sun worship on the sun's day
29:23 in open defiance to God you want the sun?
29:26 Okay, have all the sun you want.
29:30 In fact, God will give you more sun-days than you can handle.
29:36 But God's people?
29:37 Oh, friend, God promises air conditioning for them,
29:41 a cloud will protect them like the children of Israel had.
29:46 What's next?
29:47 Revelation 16:10, 11, listen to this.
29:50 "And the fifth angel poured out his vial
29:53 upon the seat of the beast
29:55 and his kingdom was full of darkness
29:58 and they gnawed their tongues for pain,
30:00 and blasphemed the God of heaven
30:01 because of their pains and their sores,
30:03 and repented not of their deeds."
30:08 You see what's happening here? Look, a total reversal.
30:11 Now the tables are turned, from solar-atomic heat
30:15 and global-warming big time now freezing cold.
30:20 Operation deep freeze.
30:22 Want you to notice, this text reveals
30:24 something very interesting.
30:26 Evidently not all of the plagues
30:28 are going to be universal, nor fatal.
30:32 This plague particularly falls on the seat of the beast power.
30:37 The papal power is rewarded double darkness,
30:41 double indemnity for what she measured out
30:43 to God's saints for 1,260 years.
30:46 Darkness so deep and dark it can be felt.
30:52 But then the sixth plague.
30:54 Under the sixth plague
30:55 comes the great final battle of Armageddon.
30:58 We talked about that in our opening night.
31:00 Revelation 16:12-14,
31:03 "And the sixth angel poured out his vial
31:06 upon the great river Euphrates
31:07 and the water thereof was dried up,
31:09 that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
31:13 And I saw three unclean spirits
31:15 like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon,
31:17 and out of the mouth of the beast,
31:18 and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
31:20 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles,
31:23 which go forth unto the kings of the earth
31:26 and of the whole world,
31:27 to gather them to the battle
31:28 of that great day of God Almighty."
31:32 We saw on our opening night that Revelation 16:16 tells us
31:38 that's when the whole world gets involved,
31:41 Armageddon, it's the final conflict.
31:45 But then right in the middle of Armageddon
31:48 friend, suddenly it's all over.
31:52 Revelation 16:17, and on.
31:55 "And the seventh angel
31:56 poured out his vial into the air
31:58 and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven,
32:02 from the throne, saying, 'It is done.'
32:06 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings
32:08 and there was a great earthquake,
32:10 And every island fled away,
32:11 and the mountains were not found.
32:13 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven,
32:16 every stone about the weight of a talent
32:19 and men blasphemed God
32:21 because of the plague of the hail,
32:23 for the plague thereof was exceeding great."
32:27 You know, I don't know about you
32:28 but it's hard for me to get my minds
32:29 around the immensity of this disaster,
32:32 hammering our planet.
32:34 Fifty seven pound hailstones?
32:37 Can you imagine the devastation?
32:39 We'll read about hailstones
32:40 a size of golf balls or maybe even baseballs.
32:43 Fifty seven pound hailstones?
32:46 Folks, there'll be nothing left after the seventh plague.
32:50 Oh, but friend, there will because that's is precisely
32:53 when Jesus comes.
32:55 The Second Coming interrupts the seventh plague
32:58 or everyone would be destroyed.
33:01 Prophecy says that's when Jesus Himself
33:04 personally interrupts the chaos and conflict
33:07 as He rides forth in majesty and power and glory
33:10 with all the armies of heaven to deliver His people
33:13 from this planet in rebellion.
33:15 And finally folks, we're rescued.
33:18 We are home at last.
33:20 As Martin Luther King said, free at last.
33:23 Free at last.
33:25 Thank God Almighty, we're free at last.
33:29 It's all over.
33:31 Jesus comes to end the saga of sin and sickness
33:36 and suffering and disease and sadness and selfishness.
33:41 You ask, "Wow.
33:44 I sure hope I'm on God's side then.
33:48 How can I make certain of God's protection for me
33:50 when this great time of tribulation comes
33:53 and when the plagues begin to fall?"
33:56 friend, there is only one way.
34:00 The Bible says it's the very same way people
34:03 escaped the flood in Noah's day.
34:05 The same way that the children of Israel escaped from Egypt.
34:09 The same way throughout all salvation history
34:12 it's still the same way today,
34:18 sprinkling the blood of the Lamb
34:21 on the doorposts of our lives.
34:24 Friend, if you want those destroying angels
34:26 with their patriot missiles to pass over your house,
34:30 then you and I have got to follow
34:31 God's explicit instructions
34:33 and make the one necessary preparation now.
34:38 We've got to apply the blood.
34:42 And just as God spared His faithful people
34:44 during the plagues in Egypt,
34:46 just as He set them free, rescued them,
34:50 just as God spared Noah's family
34:52 in the tribulation days of the flood,
34:53 just so when the seven last plagues
34:56 fall in the final tribulation,
34:58 God's people will be spared and escape only, only friend,
35:02 if we've accepted the blood of the Lamb
35:04 as our sacrifice and allowed His blood
35:07 to cleanse us from our sins.
35:09 We've sprinkled the blood on the doorposts.
35:12 Do you see the parallel?
35:14 And just as God delivered His people from Egypt
35:16 then He is going to do it again today,
35:20 here in modern Egypt.
35:22 Folks, that's Bible pure and simple.
35:26 And we are choosing today which side we'll be on,
35:30 God's side or the side of a rebel angel?
35:35 And the point is this, once destruction begins
35:39 friend, its going to be too late to change sides then.
35:43 Because probation's door will close forever.
35:47 That's why God is pleading with love today.
35:50 Friend, won't you place yourself on Jesus' side now
35:55 under the protection of His blood?
35:58 Because the saddest words men will ever hear
36:01 will be uttered then as Jeremiah 8:20 says,
36:05 "Oh, the harvest is past, the summer is ended,
36:09 and we are not saved!"
36:13 Some of my very favorite people on this planet
36:15 are watching this series down
36:17 in Australia in the Pacific Rim.
36:20 I remember the story of a lumberjack in Australia
36:22 who built a little cabin at the edge of the forest.
36:25 It wasn't much, but for him it was home.
36:28 But one day he returned home from work,
36:30 he was absolutely stunned,
36:31 heartbroken to find his little cabin
36:35 just a heap of smoldering ruins.
36:37 In fact, all that was left were a few pieces
36:40 of charred lumber and some metal,
36:42 blackened by the flames.
36:44 He walked out to the place
36:46 where his old chicken coop had stood.
36:50 All he found was a mound of ashes
36:53 with some burned wire there.
36:55 Aimlessly he shuffled through the debris.
36:59 And then, glancing down at his feet,
37:02 his eye caught sight of a curious little mound,
37:06 a lump of charred feathers.
37:10 Idly, he just sort of kicked it over.
37:14 And what do you suppose happened?
37:16 Four little fuzzy, baby chicks scrambled out,
37:19 miraculously protected by the wings
37:22 of a loving mother hen.
37:26 In the most beautiful and meaningful
37:28 language of Scripture, God poetically describes
37:32 that's what He longs to do for every one
37:34 of His children on earth when the plagues fall.
37:38 Listen to Psalm 91:1, 4
37:41 "He that dwelleth in the secret place
37:43 of the most High shall abide
37:46 under the shadow of the Almighty.
37:48 He shall cover thee with his feathers,
37:51 and under his wings thou shalt trust,
37:55 his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."
38:00 Friend, listen to the wonderful assurance
38:02 God gives to those who choose to follow Him
38:05 and His truth as their shield and buckler.
38:07 Psalm 91:5 and on.
38:10 He says, Lonnie, "Thou shalt not be afraid
38:13 for the terror by night,
38:14 nor for the arrow that flieth by day,
38:16 nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness,
38:19 nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
38:22 A thousand shall fall at thy side,
38:24 and ten thousand at thy right hand
38:25 but it shall not come nigh thee.
38:29 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold
38:32 and see the reward of the wicked.
38:34 Because thou hast made the Lord,
38:36 which is thy refuge,
38:37 even the most High, thy habitation,"
38:40 listen "there shall no evil befall thee,
38:44 neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
38:48 For he shall give his angels
38:50 charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways."
38:55 Could anything be more reassuring?
38:57 Friend, when the times of trouble and tribulation come,
39:01 I want to be sheltered
39:02 under the wings of the Almighty, don't you?
39:05 When those plagues begin to fall
39:07 and when there's no place to hide,
39:08 you know what, your Heavenly Father
39:11 wants to protect you.
39:13 He wants to save you, not destroy you
39:15 in the hour of trouble and destruction.
39:19 The question is, will you let Him?
39:23 Will you turn your life over to Him?
39:25 Today.
39:26 Now.
39:28 Friend, He's able to protect you
39:30 just as a mother hen gathers her little chickens
39:33 under her wings.
39:35 But you see, the choice is up to you today.
39:40 Not then. Friend, it's too late then.
39:44 The decision is yours.
39:46 Today.
39:47 Now.
39:49 Oh, I'm certain God would like to make your decision for you
39:52 so that you can be with Him throughout eternity,
39:54 but friend, He cannot do this.
39:56 You have free choice.
39:58 Free will.
40:00 You are the only one that can make that decision.
40:04 Don't wait.
40:06 Do it today, just now.
40:10 Well, we enter our time of prayer
40:11 in concentration as e Joey sings.
40:21 There are days I know
40:26 When you get so discouraged
40:30 It seems that all hope is gone
40:37 But there's only One
40:41 Who can give you courage
40:46 And strength to carry on
40:53 Never give up, Jesus is coming
41:01 It's the darkest just before dawn
41:08 Never give up, Jesus is coming
41:16 Never give up, keep holding on!
41:25 Never give up, keep holding on!
41:38 Let us pray together.
41:41 Precious Savior, we've had the light of 6,000 years.
41:45 God's holy word the Voice of Prophecy
41:48 speaking and inviting and vowing,
41:51 pleading what are we going to do about it?
41:57 Today, you've given us another sobering glimpse
42:00 into the not too distant future,
42:02 great time of tribulation soon to steal on planet earth.
42:07 But Lord, there is no need for us
42:09 to be surprised or alarmed
42:11 because if we accept Jesus,
42:14 He saves us, protects us, rescues us.
42:20 Lord, we confess, we kind of let our attention
42:24 be diverted to often to everyday stuff,
42:28 little things, innocent things like school,
42:31 our job, our career, our families,
42:34 our home building a house,
42:35 maybe a little fame and fortune.
42:38 Right now, well, we just don't want to be distracted
42:42 with spiritual things.
42:43 But Lord, tonight we realize
42:46 we don't want to do that any longer.
42:48 We really do wonder recommit our hearts
42:50 and our lives to eternal things,
42:53 things that matter most.
42:56 Would You bless each sincere heart
42:58 who chooses to respond to Your invitation
43:01 just now who want to be remembered
43:04 in this closing prayer may every listener
43:07 make their decision for eternity just now.
43:13 While our heads are bowed in this prayer
43:17 it's time for us to reach out into those containers
43:20 as the row captains pass them to you.
43:23 Like to invite you to take that commitment card
43:26 and to fill it out as I go through it with you.
43:31 The first response is when I hope
43:33 every person listening will respond to.
43:35 It says, I surrender my life to Jesus,
43:38 accepting Him as my Savior and Lord.
43:41 Wouldn't you like to put that down?
43:42 Put a check beside number one.
43:45 And number two,
43:47 there may be many here as you've listened
43:48 to the messages from night to night.
43:49 Have been impressed tonight to check this
43:51 and say I desire to follow Jesus in baptism.
43:55 I hope to be a numb of people tonight will say,
43:57 this is the moment for me.
43:59 I desired to be baptized.
44:02 And then number three, there maybe individuals
44:05 who would like to check and say,
44:07 I desire to be re-baptized.
44:10 I'll tell you friend, I have loved ones in my own family
44:13 who been good members of the church, deaconess, leaders.
44:18 They felt that they want to make sure
44:20 that their lives are absolutely ready for Jesus' coming
44:22 and they have taken the step of being,
44:24 being re-baptized.
44:25 I have baptized some of my own family again.
44:29 If you feel that God wants you to take that step,
44:31 make sure your life is clean and pure before God.
44:34 Please check that third one.
44:36 I desire to be re-baptized.
44:40 And finally number four, there maybe individuals tonight
44:42 who would like to make special prayer request
44:45 or to make a commitment
44:47 that they like to learn more about Jesus,
44:49 you need special prayer.
44:50 Would you just check number four,
44:52 I need special prayer to make my commitment
44:55 I would like to learn more about my Savior,
44:57 check number four as Joey sings.
45:03 Never give up, Jesus is coming
45:10 It's the darkest just before dawn
45:18 Never give up, oh, Jesus is coming
45:26 Never give up, keep holding on
45:35 Never give up, keep holding on
45:47 Father, thank You, for that wonderful word
45:49 of encouragement that we need.
45:51 Never give up for keep holding on to Jesus,
45:55 He will never let us go because underneath
45:58 are the everlasting arms and we can trust them.
46:02 Bless each commitment tonight in Jesus name, amen.
46:09 I want to remind you friends,
46:10 that our Discover Bible school has graduations
46:13 that are continuing even this week and next week.
46:16 And if you haven't yet picked
46:18 all of the Discover Bible lessons
46:19 be sure you get the one for tonight.
46:22 It's on this subject of the tribulation.
46:24 Want you to make sure that you get it
46:26 and there are other lessons in the series,
46:27 they are available at the Discover Bible School
46:29 right there in your downlink location.
46:32 Now remember next week these messages
46:34 continue in a very, very unusual presentation
46:37 that I don't want you to miss.
46:39 It's called "Messages From Beyond the Stars."
46:43 Join us, won't you?
46:44 Until then remember friend,
46:46 as we close our broadcast every single day
46:48 we share these words with you,
46:51 friend, God really does love you.
46:56 Goodbye.


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