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00:32 In different parts of the world,
00:34 scientists using powerful radio telescopes
00:36 are listening for sounds from outer space,
00:39 hoping someday they'll hear a message
00:42 from intelligent beings on some other planet.
00:45 It may come as a surprise, but there's plenty of evidence
00:49 that messages from the farthest reaches of the universe have,
00:52 in fact, been beaming to earth for thousands of years now
00:57 but few are listening.
00:59 It's a message from the Creator of this planet,
01:02 a message of love from God
01:04 trying to win back His rebellious children.
01:09 You see, we humans weren't always aliens,
01:12 you see estranged and separated from God.
01:15 Way back in the beginning before sin,
01:17 Adam and Eve well, they had the unique
01:19 privilege of talking face to face with God,
01:23 strolling along together in the cool of the evening.
01:26 God designed it this way,
01:28 that nothing should keep them apart.
01:31 But sad to say, sin came abruptly ending their privilege
01:36 of this glorious relationship of love and togetherness
01:39 which lasted for only two chapters in the Bible.
01:44 Now, why did conditions change so dramatically?
01:48 Well, simply this.
01:50 When Adam and Eve sinned, they rebelled against God,
01:54 and sin separates.
01:56 So Adam and Eve by their own choice
01:59 could no longer have direct face-to-face communication
02:02 and fellowship with God.
02:05 Now, God loved Adam and Eve.
02:07 And He still wanted to commune with them.
02:10 So now God had a problem.
02:12 Adam and Eve had listened to the serpent
02:15 and obeyed Lucifer instead of God.
02:18 And sin shatters relationships, sin separates us from God.
02:24 Isaiah wrote in Isaiah 59:2,
02:29 "But your iniquities have separated you from your God
02:32 and your sins have hidden His face from you."
02:37 So, what did God do? Did He give up?
02:40 No, friend, hallelujah.
02:42 He devised the Plan of Salvation
02:44 to give us a chance to get connected with God again.
02:47 Oh, yes, sin still separate us from God in this life,
02:52 but it didn't separate us from His love.
02:55 Because love always finds a way of keeping in touch.
03:00 Oh, I told you that Jeannie and I fell in love
03:02 when we were just 17.
03:04 Can you imagine we were seniors
03:05 in high school instead of Maryland.
03:08 She winked at me one day in English class
03:11 and the rest is history.
03:15 But unfortunately after we graduated
03:17 from high school in Maryland
03:19 my family moved across the continent to California.
03:22 And you talk about heartbreak hotel.
03:25 Talk about sad, sad day. We loved each other.
03:30 Back then we didn't have a nickel to our name.
03:32 So we wrote an awful lot of letters,
03:35 every day sometimes.
03:37 And once a month we took turns making telephone calls.
03:41 For three years we kept finding ways to keep in touch.
03:45 One year she hitchhiked to California
03:49 then I hitchhiked to Maryland.
03:51 Because you see, love always
03:53 finds a way of keeping in touch.
03:56 And God did, too, with us.
03:59 The Bible tells us,
04:00 sometimes god spoke through angels to keep in touch.
04:04 David in Psalms says that God reveals Himself in nature.
04:09 In Old Testament times
04:10 God spoke through the High Priest's
04:12 two special stones on the right
04:13 and left side of his breastplate,
04:15 the Urim and Thummim.
04:18 Then occasionally of course,
04:19 we know that He spoke through dreams and visions.
04:23 Sometimes there was a great voice from heaven.
04:26 The New Testament tells us
04:27 God speaks through our conscience
04:29 and also through the Holy Spirit.
04:32 But of course God's clearest communiqué ever was speaking
04:36 through Jesus Christ Himself when He was here in person.
04:40 Once in a while God's spoken through other signs and tokens.
04:45 Like remember when Gideon put out that fleece to see
04:48 whether it would be wet or dry.
04:52 But God has chosen to especially
04:54 convey His will to us
04:56 through some of the most reliable
04:57 and unforgettable personalities
04:59 you and I will ever meet called God's prophets.
05:04 He chose men and women
05:06 He could trust to be His mouthpiece like Moses,
05:11 Miriam, Samuel, Elijah, Huldah, Deborah, Isaiah, Jeremiah,
05:16 prophets and prophetesses, spokespeople for God.
05:22 Prophets and prophetesses
05:23 were not just predictors of the future.
05:25 In fact, Amos 3:7 tells us this.
05:29 It says that the way God keeps in touch,
05:34 the way he does things is through his prophets.
05:37 Isn't that marvellous?
05:38 Says, "Surely the Lord God does nothing,
05:42 unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets."
05:47 Now that process of God speaking to us through people,
05:52 conveying important messages about salvation,
05:55 God calls "the Gift of Prophecy"
05:58 or "the Spirit of Prophecy."
06:01 And I want you to notice
06:02 how these prophets received their messages.
06:04 They didn't go to Oxford University
06:06 or to some seminary
06:08 or Harvard's School of the Prophets.
06:10 No. 2 Peter 1:21 says,
06:14 "For prophecy never came by the will of man,
06:17 but holy men of God spoke
06:19 as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."
06:24 The Bible books that they wrote were not merely their opinions.
06:28 Not just their smarts or some wise ideas.
06:31 No, it was "inspired," the bible says.
06:34 Literally that means "God-breathed."
06:38 But you say, well, how did God get through
06:39 without computers or cell phones?
06:42 Ah!
06:43 God said in Numbers 12:6,
06:46 "If there is a prophet among you,
06:49 I, the Lord, make Myself known to him in a vision,
06:53 I speak to him in a dream."
06:57 God sent His messages
06:59 by impressing them with holy thoughts,
07:01 and the Bible is the result.
07:04 This is God's love letter to us saying, Lon, "I love you,
07:08 and I want to keep in touch with you.
07:10 I want to guide you. Help you, teach you.
07:12 Instruct you."
07:14 And all the Bible authors were part of that plan.
07:17 God speaking to us through the prophets.
07:22 But now here's something we tend to forget.
07:25 When Jesus returned to heaven the Bible says
07:28 that God planned to still send prophets to keep in touch.
07:33 Notice Ephesians 4:8,
07:36 "Wherefore He saith, when He ascended up on high,
07:40 He led captivity captive, and He gave gifts unto men."
07:45 I want you to notice what these gifts were in Ephesians 4:11
07:50 "And He gave some, apostles
07:52 and some, prophets and some, evangelists,
07:55 and some, pastors and teachers."
07:59 Why? Why these gifts?
08:02 Verse 12 says,
08:03 "For the perfecting of the saints,
08:05 for the work of the ministry,
08:07 for the edifying of the body of Christ."
08:11 Well, someone says,
08:12 how long are these gifts to remain in the church?
08:14 Notice Ephesians 4:13,
08:17 "Till we all come in the unity of the faith,
08:20 and of the knowledge of the Son of God
08:22 unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."
08:27 The gifts strengthen, encourage,
08:30 and give ongoing stability to our Lord's church.
08:34 Ephesians 4:14, "That we henceforth be
08:37 no more children, tossed to and fro,
08:39 and carried about with every wind of doctrine,
08:41 by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness,
08:44 whereby they lie and wait to deceive."
08:48 Let me put it this way.
08:50 God's prophets are the eyes of the church.
08:55 What would we do without our eyes?
08:57 Pretty necessary for us to function, right?
09:00 In fact, Paul likened the church
09:03 to the body of Christ.
09:05 Now body has ears, has feet, has a head, hands, and eyes.
09:11 1 Corinthians 12:27, "You are the body of Christ."
09:17 And over in Colossians 1:18
09:20 "And He is the head of the body, the church."
09:26 We see without eyes, while our body and head
09:29 we'd soon lose our way, right?
09:32 Without vision the church would be blind, too,
09:36 that's why we need prophets.
09:38 Another word for prophets is "seers" the Bible says.
09:42 Proverbs 29:18,
09:45 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."
09:50 Now someone says, "Well, maybe that was in Bible times,
09:54 but are we to have modern prophets, Lonnie, visions, too?
09:58 I mean, there's lot of weird stuff out there.
10:00 Jean Dixon. Mohammed. Joseph Smith. Mary Baker Eddy.
10:05 What about all those?"
10:08 Folks, the Bible is crystal clear in Acts 2:17, 18
10:12 that we are to have prophets.
10:15 I want you to notice.
10:17 "And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
10:21 that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh,
10:24 your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
10:27 your young men shall see visions,
10:29 your old men shall dream dreams.
10:31 And on My menservants and on My maidservants
10:35 I will pour out My Spirit in those days
10:37 and they shall prophesy."
10:40 1 Corinthians 1:6-8 says
10:44 "So that you come short in no gift,
10:47 eagerly waiting for the revelation
10:48 of our Lord Jesus Christ,
10:49 who will also confirm you to the end."
10:53 Friend, do you see God's last day called out people
10:59 will have these gifts including prophecy.
11:02 It's just that simple.
11:04 Oh, but you got to watch out
11:05 because Jesus warned in Matthew 7:15,
11:08 "Beware" Lonnie, "of false prophets,
11:11 who come to you in sheep's clothing,
11:14 but inwardly they are ravenous wolves."
11:17 Jesus said, you got to watch out.
11:19 It might look like this sheep but inside a ravenous wolf.
11:27 Jesus also said in Matthew 24:24,
11:31 "For false christs and false prophets will rise
11:34 and show great signs and wonders to deceive,
11:37 if possible, even the elect."
11:41 Now He doesn't say reject all modern prophets,
11:44 just the false ones.
11:46 In 1 Thessalonians 5:20, 21 Paul tells us,
11:51 Lon, "Do not despise prophecies.
11:54 Test all things, hold fast what is good."
11:58 If I would tell you I was holding in my hand here
12:00 a counterfeit $13 bill would anybody out there believe me?
12:04 Of course not. Why?
12:07 Because friend, there's no genuine $13 bill.
12:10 No fool would waste time making a counterfeit
12:13 if there were no genuine.
12:15 Do you see the parallel?
12:16 See, Satan isn't going to waste his time here in the end
12:19 counterfeiting with a lot of false
12:21 prophets in the last days,
12:23 if there isn't a true genuine around.
12:26 When Jesus says, "Right down at the very end of time,
12:29 Lon, watch out for false prophets!"
12:31 He's indicating, "Lonnie, there are true prophets, too.
12:34 Beware of false prophets.
12:36 Yet at the same time,
12:38 believe in God's true gift of prophecy."
12:42 By the way do you know what happened
12:43 to the gift of prophecy
12:45 after Christ ascended to heaven,
12:47 after His apostles and all of the disciples died?
12:52 Well, sad to say, not many generations passed
12:55 until the New Testament church became so careless
12:58 and so unfaithful to God that prophecy basically ceased.
13:03 There was so much heresy,
13:05 so much apostasy the prophetic gift
13:08 became mute for centuries.
13:11 In fact, Jeremiah records what always happens
13:14 whenever God's people apostatize.
13:16 Lamentations 2:9 "The law is no more,
13:22 and her prophets no longer find visions from the Lord."
13:27 Friend, you check it out throughout the Bible.
13:29 Whenever God's people abandoned God's law
13:32 especially the Sabbath, boom, the lights went out.
13:37 The gift of prophecy died out.
13:40 And Proverbs 29:18 says,
13:42 "Where there is no prophetic vision,
13:45 the people perish."
13:49 So in the early centuries of the Christian church,
13:51 when it apostatized and adopted pagan rites and practices,
13:54 and jettisoned fundamental Bible truths, guess what?
13:58 One by one the spiritual gifts dried up.
14:03 During those Dark Ages,
14:04 there were very, very few evangelists,
14:07 few pastors, few teachers.
14:09 Bibles were literally locked up and chained shut.
14:12 Forbidden for anyone to own or read or interpret.
14:16 Just a little handful of true Christians secretly
14:19 holding tenaciously to New Testament Bible truth.
14:23 God's precious little remnant,
14:25 as we've studied despite persecution they hung on.
14:29 And the gift of prophecy was all but extinguished
14:34 until finally after 1,500 years John Wycliffe, Luther,
14:40 and others slowly began turning on the lights again,
14:45 translating the Bible
14:46 into the common languages of the people.
14:48 Secretly distributing them.
14:49 Punished if the authorities found out.
14:52 But persecution only whetted people's appetite
14:55 for more of God's Word.
14:56 And old truths that were obscured
14:59 for centuries began to surface.
15:01 The great religious awakening of the reformation exploded.
15:05 The Renaissance brought light and truth and revival.
15:10 Spiritual power began to spread like fire
15:12 through many, many churches.
15:14 Bible societies were born
15:15 translating the Bible into dozens of languages.
15:18 And guess what happened?
15:21 Evangelists, pastors, teachers,
15:24 the gifts of the spirit began coming back into the church.
15:27 And by the mid-1800s,
15:29 the long-absent gift of prophecy
15:33 was restored to God's people.
15:35 The Spirit of Prophecy
15:36 to a group of dedicated Baptists, Methodists,
15:40 Congregationalists, Presbyterians,
15:42 and others who were earnestly
15:44 searching the Scriptures and praying for light.
15:47 Are these believers by the way were down in South America,
15:50 they were over in England, in Europe,
15:52 and in the New England states of North America.
15:55 As they searched the Bible from cover to cover,
15:57 they discovered something,
15:59 they discovered God's Law was being trampled on.
16:02 God's great memorial of creation,
16:04 the day that God asked His people specially to remember
16:09 and they read the Book of Revelation
16:10 and they saw there
16:11 the description of God's last-day people.
16:13 In Revelation 14:12, which says
16:16 "Here is the patience of the saints
16:18 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
16:21 and the faith of Jesus."
16:24 They were impressed
16:26 that keeping the Commandments of God
16:28 involved keeping the Bible Sabbath.
16:32 Simultaneously, as these sincere Baptist,
16:36 Methodists and Christians of different faiths
16:38 as they courageously recovered
16:40 that missing fundamental reformation Sabbath truth,
16:43 guess what happened?
16:45 The missing spiritual gift,
16:47 the gift of prophecy was also restored.
16:51 You see, God had been waiting.
16:53 Wanting to get back in touch with His last-day people again
16:57 just like He predicted
16:58 He would do back in Joel 2:28, 31.
17:03 And they discovered in Revelation 12:17
17:06 that God's special called out ones from Babylon are those
17:12 "who keep the commandments of God
17:14 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
17:18 Well, what was this "testimony of Jesus?"
17:22 Over the page they read in Revelation 19:10,
17:26 "The testimony of Jesus
17:28 is the spirit of prophecy."
17:34 In other words, in the last days
17:36 we must look for a Bible-based church
17:39 characterized by having the faith of Jesus,
17:42 keeping all the Commandments of God,
17:44 and being blessed by the gift of prophecy.
17:48 Because God still wants to keep in touch.
17:50 He still has something to say to this generation.
17:55 Oh, but you ask, Lonnie, wait a minute.
17:56 "What about the possibility of deception?
17:59 How can we tell the difference between
18:01 a genuine prophet of God and an imposter?"
18:06 You know, throughout history there have been false prophets.
18:09 In fact, that's why the Bible lists detailed qualifications,
18:13 distinct characteristics that identify a true prophet.
18:17 Let's just look at some of these.
18:19 First of all, a true prophet's message
18:22 will be in complete harmony with God's Word and His law.
18:26 Isaiah 8:20,
18:28 "To the law and to the testimony
18:31 if they speak not according to this word,
18:33 it is because there is no Light in them."
18:38 Secondly, a true prophet's predictions come to pass.
18:43 We look at Jeremiah 28:9,
18:46 "When the word of the prophet shall come to pass,
18:50 then shall the prophet be known,
18:52 that the Lord hath truly sent him."
18:55 Third, a true prophet edifies the church.
19:00 Not out there to get rich like some psychics on TV.
19:03 They instruct. They encourage.
19:06 They counsel. They point out sin.
19:08 They are not about trying to go to the tabloid and project
19:11 who movie stars are gonna marry next?
19:13 No.
19:14 1 Corinthians 14:3, 4, says
19:17 "But he that prophesieth
19:19 speaketh unto men to edification,
19:21 and exhortation, and comfort
19:24 but he that prophesieth edifieth the church."
19:28 Fourth "A true prophet always exalts Jesus Christ
19:32 as the Son of God and the Savoir of mankind."
19:35 1 John 4:1, 2 says,
19:38 "Beloved, believe not every spirit,
19:40 but try the spirits, whether they are of God,
19:43 because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
19:46 Every spirit that confesseth
19:48 that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God."
19:53 Number five, a true prophet or prophetess
19:57 can be known by his or her life and works.
20:01 Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, 18,
20:05 Lon, "By their fruit you will recognize them.
20:09 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit,
20:11 and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit."
20:15 Number six,
20:17 a true prophet never disagrees with previous prophets.
20:24 This is an important text, 1 Corinthians 14:32, it's says
20:28 "And the spirits of the prophets
20:32 are subject to the prophets."
20:34 In other words, they never say, well,
20:37 "I've got new light.
20:40 I supersede the Bible."
20:42 And ladies and gentlemen, listen carefully.
20:44 There are some denominations,
20:45 there are major ones out there in our country who claim,
20:48 "We have a prophet, and our prophet has new
20:50 different light from the Bible."
20:53 That's a yellow flag, Paul says.
20:55 Watch out because "The spirits of the prophets
20:58 are subject to the prophets."
21:00 They line up with all these spiritual tests.
21:04 And by the way, while not a biblical test,
21:07 true prophets have often experienced
21:09 some rather unusual physical phenomena,
21:12 especially while in vision.
21:14 Quickly, I want you to just notice five of these.
21:17 The person is in a trance-like state.
21:20 That comes from Acts 10:10.
21:22 The person does not breath while in vision, Daniel 10:17.
21:27 Then the person's natural strength departs.
21:30 They might even faint or pass out, Daniel 10:8.
21:34 Then the person is given brief supernatural strength,
21:38 Daniel 10:18.
21:40 And an unusual phenomenon
21:42 is that the person's eyes remain open
21:45 during the entire time of that vision.
21:46 That's Numbers 24:3, 4, 16.
21:51 So friend, no matter who claims to be a prophet for God,
21:55 you got to apply the biblical tests.
21:58 If they pass, thank God.
22:01 If they don't,
22:02 then you got to follow Christ's warning, be cautious.
22:06 The Voice of Prophecy says clearly,
22:08 that God's last-day remnant,
22:11 they have two identifying marks.
22:15 Question is has that happened?
22:18 Are there a people out there
22:20 who keep all the commandments of God
22:23 and they also have the testimony of Jesus,
22:25 the gift of prophecy?
22:28 I want to tell you an amazing story,
22:31 about a woman born in the 1800's,
22:33 into this confusing world of different religions
22:36 and multi-denominations
22:38 that exploded out of the reformation days
22:40 and I personally believe that God clearly used her
22:45 to establish exactly the kind of church
22:47 we've been talking about.
22:49 It's a very beautiful story how God chose
22:51 to "keep in touch" with His people around 1800
22:55 as Christians began making known to the world truths
22:58 which had lain dormant for centuries,
23:00 including the Sabbath truth which came to these believers
23:04 through our friends the Seventh-day Baptists.
23:08 Now you look back in the history of North America
23:10 it was the time of the great religious awakening
23:13 and in Europe, South America,
23:16 the early 19th Century a time of tremendous interest
23:18 particularly in Bible study and prayer
23:22 and the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
23:26 But then came along something called
23:28 the "Great Disappointment" of 1844
23:30 that crushed the followers of
23:32 Baptist preacher, William Miller.
23:34 Lutherans. Methodists.
23:35 Congregationalists they all suffered unbearable pain.
23:39 The wonderful great revival in many of these churches
23:42 that "Jesus is Coming again" was in crisis.
23:46 Jesus wasn't coming. He didn't come.
23:49 Now what?
23:50 Would God forsake all these sincere lovers of Jesus
23:54 and seekers for truth?
23:57 Friend, no. He never does.
24:00 He wanted them to know He cared.
24:03 And at this most crucial moment,
24:05 God chose to restore the gift of prophecy to His people
24:10 and surprisingly, He called upon one of His
24:13 young handmaidens her name, Ellen.
24:18 Ellen Harmon received her first vision
24:21 right after that Great Disappointment,
24:24 in December of 1844.
24:27 Now she had been a Methodist.
24:29 But she was shown God's faithful people
24:33 who believed in the advent travelling along
24:36 an elevated pathway to heaven
24:39 with a brilliant light illuminating their way.
24:42 What an encouragement this message was
24:44 to this scattered group of believers,
24:45 who were nicknamed because they believe
24:47 Jesus was coming "Advents" or "Adventists,"
24:51 decades later to become known as Seventh-day Adventists.
24:57 But for more than 70 years, she spoke, she wrote,
25:01 she taught, and she counselled for God.
25:05 Her greatest work, as she put
25:07 it was to lead men and women
25:08 to the greater light, the Bible.
25:12 She championed the Scriptures as the final court of appeal
25:15 in all doctrinal questions.
25:17 I'm quoting what she said.
25:19 She said, "Cling to your Bible as it reads,
25:22 stop your criticism in regard to its validity
25:24 and obey the Word,
25:25 and not one of you will be lost."
25:29 You know, God blessed her ministry.
25:31 Few authors ever produced
25:34 as much published religious material
25:36 as Ellen White did in her lifetime,
25:38 100,000 pages that's over 52 books.
25:42 They would stand higher than I'm here.
25:44 Magazine articles, tracts, pamphlets,
25:46 personal letters of counsel, advice, and reproof.
25:50 And by the way she wrote widely on many subjects.
25:54 Doctors and educators are still running
25:56 to catch up with some of her insights.
25:59 Can you imagine she wrote a book on education
26:03 she a person whose formal education ended
26:05 at the age of nine-years-old.
26:08 Yet a professor at Columbia University
26:11 has praised its educational principles.
26:14 And frankly, it is one of the great textbooks
26:16 of all time on education.
26:18 But she wrote on diet, she wrote on health,
26:21 she wrote on medicine,
26:22 she wrote on prenatal care and drugs,
26:24 marriage and the home, children guidance of children,
26:27 families, much, much, more.
26:29 She wrote on astronomy, she wrote on history,
26:31 she wrote on church organization.
26:33 Numerous devotional books all based totally on Scripture
26:38 and explaining it in modern language.
26:42 Incidentally her medical counsel helped found
26:45 Loma Linda University Medical Centre
26:48 and hundreds of hospitals belting our world,
26:51 300 high schools and colleges,
26:53 4,000 secondary and elementary schools.
26:56 In fact, it's the largest
26:57 Protestant school system in the world.
27:00 Seminaries, universities all the result
27:03 of her writings and her influence.
27:05 In fact, she's still quoted by professors, doctors,
27:09 news commentators, even by Paul Harvey News
27:12 and by the late Dr. Clive M. McCay
27:14 from Cornell University has an authority
27:17 in many of these fields.
27:20 Let me just give you an example.
27:22 As far back as 1864,
27:25 Ellen White wrote on medicine making statements
27:29 people laughed at in her day.
27:31 Because she was so far ahead of her time.
27:34 But she wrote "Tobacco is a poison
27:38 of the most deceitful and malignant kind.
27:41 It is all the more dangerous
27:43 because its effects upon the system are so slow
27:46 and scarcely perceivable."
27:49 I want to know, why is this remarkable?
27:51 Because doctors in her day were prescribing smoking.
27:56 Medical science believed tobacco and cigar smoke cured
28:01 certain kinds of lung and repertory disease.
28:05 But she shared more.
28:07 You know, Mrs. White never heard of a "virus"
28:10 not in her day but in 1905
28:13 she wrote that there were cancerous germs.
28:18 "Fatal diseases can be thus communicated"
28:21 she wrote in the Ministry of Healing.
28:23 Ninety-three years later,
28:26 Newsweek Magazine carried a headline story,
28:29 "Viruses are Activating Factors in Cancer."
28:33 Way back in 1902, Ellen White warned
28:36 San Francisco and Oakland they'd be visited by the Lord
28:39 because they were becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah.
28:42 On April 18, you know as well as I do, 1906 at 5:12 a.m.,
28:48 the great San Francisco earthquake occurred.
28:51 Her prophecy was true.
28:53 The predicted judgment did take place.
28:57 Well, you say who is Ellen White?
28:59 Who was she? What was she like?
29:02 Well, the answer takes us back to November 26, 1827,
29:07 during the presidency of John Quincy Adams.
29:10 When twin girls, Elizabeth and Ellen
29:14 were born to a Methodist family near Gorham, Maine.
29:19 Ellen was the last of eight
29:20 children born to Eunice and Robert Harmon.
29:23 She was just a normal happy,
29:24 healthy little girl until the age of nine.
29:28 But one day, an accident changed her life forever.
29:32 Ellen and her sister were trying
29:34 to run away from an older girl,
29:35 a classmate, who was chasing them.
29:38 And as they ran, Ellen turned to see how close the girl was
29:43 and just then the girl threw a rock,
29:45 struck her right on the bridge of the nose
29:48 and seriously injured her.
29:50 For three weeks she lay unconscious.
29:52 In fact, doctors didn't give her much hope to live.
29:55 Ellen, never went back to school again.
29:58 Doctors said she had TB and would only live six months.
30:03 But little Ellen she struggled on.
30:06 Since she could no longer attend school,
30:08 she became an avid student of the Bible
30:10 and started attending religious meetings
30:11 and revivals and was converted
30:13 at a Methodist camp meeting in Buxton, Maine.
30:16 Later, on June 26, 1842,
30:19 she was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean
30:22 at Portland, Maine.
30:24 Well, she and her family attended
30:25 meetings in Portland, Maine,
30:27 conducted by a Baptist lay minister
30:28 by the name of William Miller, who was a former army captain.
30:33 He was preaching on the prophecies
30:34 of Daniel and Revelation.
30:36 And the Harmon family they were absolutely
30:38 convinced of the truthfulness of Miller's messages.
30:42 But then after the great disappointment
30:44 of October 22, 1844,
30:47 they too including Ellen were devastated
30:51 Jesus hadn't come.
30:53 Ellen was only 17.
30:55 She wept, she said, she prayed,
30:57 she studied God's Word for an answer,
30:59 as did thousands of the advent believers
31:01 all across New England.
31:03 What should they do,
31:04 should they give up their faith?
31:06 What do they do?
31:08 That was when God called upon young Ellen Harmon
31:13 to be His prophetess.
31:15 "Me, she said? Me, lord, me a prophet?
31:18 I'm 17-year-old girl, I'm fighting tuberculosis,
31:21 I've got a heart condition?
31:22 Me help all of these thousands of people?"
31:26 And in December of 1844, in her own words,
31:28 she tells of her reaction, when God spoke to her.
31:31 She said, "After I had the vision,
31:34 God gave me light,
31:37 He bade me deliver it but I shrank from it.
31:40 I was young, and I thought
31:42 they would not receive it from me."
31:44 Lord, I'm too weak. I can't do it.
31:47 I don't have an education.
31:49 But the Lord told her, "Ellen, I will strengthen you."
31:54 So, humbly she promised,
31:57 "Lord, if you can use me, help yourself!"
32:00 And so it was that God called young Ellen Harmon
32:04 to be His messenger to His remnant people.
32:08 And I'll tell you, the Lord did strengthen her.
32:11 On August 30, 1846,
32:13 Ellen married James White, a young preacher.
32:16 Four boys were born to Ellen and James
32:18 their names were Henry, Edson, William, and Herbert.
32:22 Ellen Gould White lived not only six months,
32:26 but she lived to the age of 87.
32:29 Seven decades longer than doctors predicted.
32:33 And she died near St. Helena, California July 16, 1915.
32:38 For 70 years of faithful ministry
32:40 God used her to help the world re-discover Bible truth,
32:46 guiding, instructing, counselling, writing.
32:50 A few weeks after her death,
32:52 a New York newspaper carried this statement.
32:55 "She showed no spiritual pride and she sought no filthy lucre.
33:01 She lived the life and did the work
33:02 of a worthy prophetess,
33:04 the most admirable of the American succession."
33:10 Yes, her voice is now stilled and her pen is at rest.
33:16 She's sleeping, waiting for the resurrection.
33:21 But because of her exemplary life
33:22 and the marvellous unfailing guidance
33:25 that both she and her writings have been to the church,
33:27 Seventh-day Adventists believe the gift of prophecy
33:30 was manifested in the life
33:32 and work of Mrs. Ellen G. White.
33:35 No, she wasn't perfect.
33:37 She never originated any new doctrine of the church.
33:40 In fact, she never called herself a prophet.
33:42 She said, "I'm a messenger."
33:46 We don't accept her writings in place of the Bible,
33:49 or even as a part of the bible, or as an addition to it.
33:53 We accept her for what she claimed to be
33:56 a manifestation of the "gift of prophecy"
33:59 promised God's church in these last days
34:02 as specified in Revelation 12:17.
34:06 Not to take the place of Scripture.
34:08 Never.
34:10 Her writings only magnify the Scriptures,
34:15 help make them more plain.
34:17 Her writings are God's magnifying glass.
34:22 That's what a prophet's supposed to do,
34:24 magnify and support the Scriptures.
34:27 A magnifying glass, does it change the writing on a page?
34:32 No.
34:33 Only helps to see the print more clearly, doesn't it.
34:37 And over and over again that's what she said she was.
34:39 She says, "My writings aren't to give new light,
34:42 but to impress vividly upon the heart
34:45 the truths of inspiration already revealed."
34:50 In fact, at the close of one of her last
34:52 large public meetings,
34:53 a large meeting as she turned to sit down
34:55 after she spoke at the podium she turned around
34:58 and she walked back up to the pulpit
35:00 and picking up the Bible,
35:02 she pressed that Bible close to her
35:05 and then she held it outstretched on her hands
35:07 and she said, "Brothers and sisters,
35:09 I commend to you this Book."
35:12 Not my writings. This Book.
35:16 That's just the kind of woman she was.
35:19 Ellen died in 1915,
35:22 yet if you go out to the internet
35:23 and you do a little word search for Ellen G. White,
35:26 you'll quickly discover that she is one of today's most
35:29 "tested" prophets, criticized too by many.
35:32 She's been attacked umpteen times.
35:35 But I want you to go to this website for another view,
35:37 www.whiteestate.org.
35:43 I encourage you to visit the EGW Estate website
35:46 to learn more about her life, writings,
35:48 and to research any questions
35:50 you may have regarding her ministry.
35:53 Her legacy, you see,
35:55 is a message to earth from across the universe,
36:00 from a God of love who still wants
36:02 to keep in touch with His children
36:04 just before Jesus comes.
36:06 And God promised He'd do that in 1 Corinthians 1:4-8
36:11 Paul says, "I thank my God always concerning you
36:14 for the grace of God
36:15 which was given to you by Christ Jesus,
36:17 that you were enriched in everything by Him
36:20 in all utterance and all knowledge,
36:21 even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you,
36:25 so that you come short in no gift,
36:28 eagerly waiting for the revelation
36:30 of our Lord Jesus Christ,
36:31 who will also confirm you to the end,
36:34 that you may be blameless in the day
36:36 of our Lord Jesus Christ."
36:39 God says to us today in 2 Chronicles 20:20,
36:42 Lon, "Believe in the Lord your God,
36:45 and you shall be established, believe His prophets,
36:49 and you shall prosper."
36:52 Isn't that encouraging? He has given us guidance.
36:55 He has given us hope for today.
36:58 And He has given us prophetic guidance for tomorrow,
37:01 just as He has all through time.
37:04 Through the Voice of Prophecy,
37:06 I simply want you ladies and gentlemen,
37:09 I want to invite you to examine some of these books.
37:12 Read a couple of them. Test them.
37:15 Every one is written simply, clearly.
37:18 Take this little book "Steps to Christ"
37:21 or the "Desire of Ages."
37:23 Take them home, your downlink location
37:25 is making this one available particularly giving it away
37:28 so that you can take a look at these possibilities these books
37:32 and how they can enrich your life.
37:34 You know, "Steps to Christ"
37:35 is one of my favorite devotionals of all time.
37:38 I've worked it so badly it torn to pieces.
37:41 This book has been published in more languages
37:43 than any other religious book except the Bible.
37:47 If you enjoy the preaching of my messages
37:49 from night to night, friends,
37:51 it's because of the wonderful impact
37:53 that these books have made on me personally.
37:56 They have helped me fall in love with Jesus
37:58 and get back to the Word of God and study Bible prophecy.
38:01 And Hosea 12:10, 13 says,
38:04 "I have so spoken by the prophets,
38:06 and have multiplied visions,
38:07 I have given symbols through the witness of the prophets
38:11 by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt,
38:14 and by a prophet he was preserved."
38:19 It's a very precious gift, friend, the Spirit of Prophecy.
38:25 Will you consider these messages from beyond the stars?
38:28 Good news, comforting news
38:30 that God still speaks through His prophets.
38:34 And I promise you, the time of trouble
38:36 and the seven last plagues are not to be feared,
38:38 not when you've got God on your side.
38:41 That's why this could be the most
38:43 important commitment of your life.
38:46 Listen as Joey and Phil sing.
38:55 The eyes of God
38:59 Are upon me
39:04 He sees everything
39:08 That I dream
39:13 The arms of God
39:17 Are around me
39:21 He keeps me
39:24 Safe and secure
39:31 And He knows where I am
39:36 Every hour of everyday
39:41 He knows each thought I think
39:45 He knows each word that I might say
39:50 And although there are times
39:55 I stepped out of His will
40:01 I've never been
40:04 Out of His care
40:10 I've never been
40:14 Out of His care
40:26 Let us pray.
40:27 Heavenly Father,
40:29 Lord, we found something very precious tonight.
40:33 Make find a place in our lives
40:34 and help us to keep our feet on the path of truth
40:38 and our eyes fixed on heaven, especially Jesus.
40:43 Thank You for Your continued revelations
40:45 throughout all times
40:47 and for the promise of your presence in the day ahead.
40:50 We pray in Jesus name.
40:53 Right now I would like to have you take your commitment cards.
40:58 Turn to them, right now
40:59 the row captains will be passing down to you
41:01 and like to have you respond a couple of decision,
41:05 though questions.
41:06 First of all I think everyone could check this.
41:09 I believe God still speaks through His prophets.
41:14 Just check that if you believe
41:15 God does speak through His prophets.
41:18 Number two, by God's grace
41:21 I commit my life to Jesus Christ,
41:23 repent of my sins, and accept His gift of eternal life.
41:28 I hope there will be many that will chose to check number two.
41:31 And number three, I desire to be re-baptized.
41:37 Take your commitment as Joey and Phil sing again.
41:45 This changing world
41:50 Alarms me
41:54 With war, with sin
41:58 And with strife
42:02 But my loving Father
42:07 He charms me
42:11 With joy
42:13 With peace and with life
42:20 And He knows where I am
42:26 Every hour of everyday
42:30 He knows each thought I think
42:34 He knows each word that I might say
42:39 And although there are times
42:44 I stepped out of His will
42:50 I've never been
42:53 Out of His care
42:59 I've never been
43:02 Out of His care
43:13 Amen.
43:14 I want you to make sure that you place
43:16 your response card in the containers.
43:18 The row captains will receive those now.
43:20 Be sure that they have them before you leave.
43:24 We have a very special Discover Guide
43:26 that I want you to be sure that you get.
43:28 "The Secret of Growth through Fellowship."
43:31 It's available at your downlink sites.
43:33 Make sure that you enroll in our Discover Bible School.
43:36 If you've just joined recently
43:37 it isn't too late to get all of the lessons
43:39 and graduate with the certificate,
43:41 a diploma which I will sign.
43:44 Remember our next Wednesday topic
43:48 an incredible partnership guarantee called
43:52 "An Investment You Can't Lose" be sure you join us.
43:56 Want you to invite a friend.
43:57 Until then as we close our broadcast
44:00 every week on the "Voice of Prophecy"
44:01 remember, friend, God really does love you.


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