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00:01 You know, when you're working the dream,
00:03 the struggle is oh-so real.
00:07 You have to be determined,
00:09 you have to work hard,
00:13 you need to be compassionate,
00:15 set goals, and be timely,
00:19 stay focused, and reach high.
00:22 You need all this and the Lord to come together
00:25 to make you a better person while you're working the dream.
00:31 Hello, and welcome to Workin' The Dream,
00:35 I am your host, Eric Kelly.
00:36 Today, we're gonna share insights
00:38 into how workplace romance can affect your career.
00:42 Now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
00:45 Americans spend 8.9 hours working and commuting,
00:49 7.7 hours sleeping, and a whopping 7.4 hours eating
00:55 and doing things at home.
00:56 And by the way during those 7.4 hours at home
01:00 with family 2.76 hours or 166 minutes of that
01:05 is spent watching television.
01:07 We literally spend more conscious hours at work
01:11 than we do at home.
01:13 Well, here is the challenge.
01:14 While at work, we're constantly forming relationships.
01:17 In fact, that's exactly
01:18 what our employers want us to do.
01:20 It's a good thing.
01:21 Today men and women are thrust together on the job,
01:24 sharing the workplace in equal numbers,
01:26 and increasingly often as professional peers.
01:30 Work is becoming a major source of intimate interaction
01:33 between them as they daily share
01:35 the physical proximity of working side by side.
01:39 The stimulation of professional challenge,
01:41 and the powerful emotions of winning and losing,
01:46 the workplace variety brings with it
01:48 endless possibilities for romantic attraction.
01:52 While it's natural to respond to certain kinds of stimuli,
01:55 it could also be problematic.
01:58 So why is the workplace often an incubator for romance?
02:01 Well, first off, the workplace is an ideal pre-screener.
02:05 Likely to throw us together with others our own age,
02:08 having similar socioeconomic and educational backgrounds,
02:12 similar sets of values, similar aspirations,
02:15 these are usually the things we look for in a relationship.
02:19 It also offers countless opportunities
02:21 for working friendships to develop.
02:24 As diverse teams becomes the norm of the business world,
02:27 the other half of a business team
02:29 is increasingly likely to be not only a colleague
02:32 with complementary skills and interest,
02:34 but possibly an attractive member
02:36 of the opposite sex.
02:38 As close as the collaboration between men and women workers
02:41 can get in the office, it may be even more so
02:44 in today's work world
02:45 with its emphasis on extended hours,
02:48 non-office settings,
02:50 we are now more likely than ever,
02:52 for example, to share the intimate island
02:55 of isolation of business travel
02:57 with a member of the opposite sex.
02:59 It's has been proven that co-workers
03:00 that value each other make for better team work.
03:03 A contributing factor is that
03:05 proximity breeds a comfort zone.
03:09 The more we are around someone,
03:10 the easier it is to confide in them.
03:13 The more time we work together, it's less of an issue
03:15 to grab a bite of lunch together
03:17 or to spend more time together,
03:19 and the more time we spend together, the more...
03:22 Okay.
03:24 Another factor that can contribute
03:25 to work romance is team success.
03:28 Team success you say?
03:30 What in the world does that have to do office romance?
03:33 Well, let's put it this way.
03:35 Turn on a professional sports game this weekend
03:38 and watch the players.
03:40 After a great play or an outstanding win,
03:43 there is an eruption of emotion that each player acknowledges.
03:46 It just feels good.
03:48 Somewhere inside their minds, they are savoring the moment
03:52 and that moment was brought about
03:54 because of their stellar play with their teammates.
03:57 They acknowledge their teammates
03:59 and usually look toward the camera
04:00 and say something like,
04:02 "These are the greatest guys in the world!
04:03 I love these guys!"
04:05 Now, of course, they're not talking about romantic love.
04:07 But they do feel very close emotionally
04:10 to their fellow teammates
04:11 where there is a genuine affinity for them.
04:14 Well, the same feeling happens in the workplace.
04:17 If you are on a work team, and your team discovers
04:19 a new process or product
04:21 that makes the company more revenue
04:23 and the CEO calls down your team personally
04:25 and he thanks them
04:27 and hands everybody a big fat bonus check,
04:29 you will savor that moment.
04:31 Then you look around and savor that moment
04:34 with your teammates, male or female.
04:36 Most of these scenarios will end
04:38 with no more activity than that.
04:40 However, if you continue to savor winning moments
04:43 like that at work with a co-worker
04:46 that you are already pretty sure
04:47 you are attracted to, you could be
04:49 starting down the path you might want to avoid.
04:53 Now, if you are married, we don't have enough time
04:55 to fully explore all of the issues in this program.
04:58 First of all, the risks and deceptions and pain
05:01 caused by these affairs
05:03 are so devastating to your marriage,
05:05 we really don't have enough time
05:06 to do this topic justice.
05:08 So to all my married friends,
05:10 ask for divine supernatural intervention.
05:13 You'll need it.
05:15 Okay, now for my single friends.
05:17 We just want to give you a few things to think about
05:19 on this matter.
05:20 It is a fact that the work environment
05:22 is a non-threatening environment
05:24 where one can learn about team members
05:26 and tantalizingly even assess their dating potential.
05:31 Some signs that you might be attracted to somebody at work:
05:34 Lingering looks: If you make sure
05:37 to get an eyeful of him or her whenever possible,
05:40 you just might have an office crush on your hands.
05:43 You feel drawn to them,
05:44 whoever they are in the workplace.
05:46 You notice that when they are around you,
05:49 your stance and your body language
05:51 may be a bit more flirtatious, just a bit more open.
05:54 You start having lunch
05:56 and end up looking forward to lunch
05:57 as much as possible with this person.
05:59 You start to share more and more
06:01 about yourself personally
06:03 than you would with another co-worker.
06:05 Your thoughts become more intimate
06:07 and you check out how they look daily.
06:09 Let's look at Cole and Cassie on this one.
06:16 So I figure if we can get IT to sign off building
06:18 a new platform in six months,
06:20 we can roll this out by the beginning of the year.
06:22 And there you have it.
06:23 The great intelligence of Mr. Cole Elliot,
06:26 you're great.
06:27 Oh, come on.
06:28 We've both done some really good work out here.
06:30 Yeah. You know, we do make a good team.
06:32 Yeah. Yeah, we do.
06:36 Is there a project you're on?
06:38 Hey, I'm just riding your way.
06:41 You know, ever since you stood up
06:42 to those two executives,
06:43 you've been a rock star around here.
06:45 Aha, ha.
06:46 Well, ever since that project you started actually, you know,
06:49 he can't stop raving about you.
06:52 Yeah, I guess you are right. Yeah.
06:56 Too young attractive, I mean,
06:58 sometimes working late into the night.
07:02 Man, did they turn off the air tonight?
07:04 Yeah, you know, it just felt a little warm.
07:05 Yeah.
07:07 Oh, well.
07:09 It's almost 8 o'clock,
07:10 so I guess we can call it a night, right?
07:11 Oh, well? I don't know.
07:14 Come here and look at this?
07:19 So I was thinking, you know, if we can get treasury
07:23 to sign off on these banks,
07:24 then kind of puts our time estimates in jeopardy.
07:27 Hmm.
07:29 Well, yeah.
07:31 I guess we can call it a night then.
07:34 All right, I'll take out the sample piece on that?
07:36 Oh, sure. Okay.
07:42 Just need to go home.
07:45 This man is ridiculously cute, but I love being around him,
07:50 he's just easy to talk to...
07:53 Okay, phew.
07:54 We'll eat and then I will go home.
07:57 I'll go home right after that.
08:04 Boy, Just help me please 'cause...
08:09 This girl is definitely my type.
08:11 I mean, she's attractive, pretty laidback, funny.
08:17 Did I mention to her that she is attractive?
08:19 Okay, just going to eat and call a night, right.
08:24 Okay, Cassie, do you watch football?
08:26 Yeah, I do.
08:28 By the way, who's your team?
08:29 Because depending on your answer,
08:31 we may have to stop being friends.
08:33 The Eagles. The Eagles?
08:36 Now wait a minute, you are from Texas, right?
08:39 So, wasn't it like put on your birth certificate
08:41 or something that you have to only be a Cowboy's fan?
08:44 Oh, well.
08:45 A long story that I can't make it,
08:47 even in short.
08:49 Okay, may be just a little bit.
08:52 Well, my dad and mom met at a high school,
08:55 may have met in high school, I guess.
08:57 Okay, well, one day you have to tell me that story for sure.
09:01 I will.
09:02 You are so cool. Yeah, you too.
09:05 And fun to be around with. You too.
09:08 And attractive. You too.
09:15 Wow!
09:16 This is getting serious.
09:19 So what you might say, if they're both single
09:21 and available, what harm can come of it?
09:24 Well, let's consider the impact of a workplace romance.
09:28 Ordinarily, if two people are dating
09:30 and they are happy,
09:31 their work is more productive and efficient.
09:34 Now this is great if things continue that way, however,
09:37 if they decide to break up,
09:38 the potential for drama looms on the horizon.
09:42 Now, most go on their way professionally
09:44 and when it gets nasty, however, uh,
09:48 it can affect the drop in workplace morale
09:51 or a sexual harassment law suit.
09:54 Office romances have the potential
09:56 to cause big trouble for their organizations.
10:01 Now, let's look at romance versus reality.
10:06 Unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale,
10:08 so you can't count on a happy ending.
10:11 Now, you can rail against the unfairness of it all,
10:14 but think of it this way: If life were fair,
10:17 you wouldn't be in this dilemma,
10:19 and that arrow of love would've pierced
10:21 the heart of someone nice
10:23 who works at the company across the street.
10:25 Now, if you are smart,
10:27 you will deal with the real world
10:28 and anticipate plenty of bloodshed
10:30 before this tale concludes.
10:32 One of you may need to leave the job
10:34 if things don't work out.
10:36 If things do work out,
10:38 one of you may still have to go
10:39 because it may be against company policy
10:41 to date fellow employees.
10:43 Now, a note for my married friends out there.
10:46 The biggest part of office temptation
10:49 is the fact that they're not yours!
10:53 When you see her, she is perfectly co-opt,
10:56 she has on this stunning outfit,
10:58 she is intelligent, she is articulate,
11:00 she laughs at just the right time,
11:03 and every interaction with her is delightful.
11:06 You can recall her smile, and how she looks,
11:09 and everything about her and then you go home.
11:14 Your mate is already in rollers screaming at the kids
11:17 to pick up your junk from the family room.
11:19 She is complaining about how bad her day was,
11:22 and how she would love to quit her job,
11:25 if they were more money.
11:26 Translation: If you made more money.
11:28 The kids are fighting loudly and as you slowly fall asleep,
11:33 you think about your attractive co-worker,
11:35 and you do what causes so many relationship problems.
11:39 You begin to make more comparisons,
11:42 Well, let me help you with a visual.
11:45 The attractive lady at the work right now
11:46 is at her house arguing with her husband over bills
11:49 and money and yelling at her kids
11:52 and drum roll here, with rollers in her hair.
11:57 Oh, you didn't think her hair stayed perfect
11:59 for 24 hours, without some help, did you?
12:02 You have been making a false comparison.
12:06 Now, let me help you fellows with an inside scoop.
12:09 Everybody wears makeup.
12:11 And, ladies, it wouldn't be fair
12:12 to leave you out of this,
12:14 this discussion of work fantasy versus reality.
12:17 That suave, debonair gentleman at work
12:20 also has some hidden issues.
12:22 When you see him, his hair is perfect.
12:24 His suit is conservatively stylish
12:26 and fits well.
12:27 You check out his shoes, they shine,
12:29 and compliment his outfit perfectly.
12:32 His tie looks like the same tie you saw worn
12:34 by the last Walls Street money guru
12:37 on the money investment show.
12:39 His air of confidence is excruciatingly tantalizing.
12:43 In meetings, he is so masterful
12:44 and confident at selling his ideas
12:46 that you find yourself mesmerized by him.
12:49 Secretly, with nobody noticing, you think,
12:52 you feel drawn to want more time
12:54 near and around him.
12:55 I mean, anything that could bring you closer
12:57 to the object of your adoration.
12:59 Reality check.
13:01 The tailored suit hides a multitude of sins.
13:05 He doesn't have a six-pack,
13:07 he doesn't even have a two-pack.
13:09 He might have a biggie under there
13:10 but you can't see that
13:12 while he is all dressed up at work.
13:13 When he goes home, he plops down on the sofa
13:16 in his T-shirt and shorts, just like your husband does.
13:20 And his wife, now in rollers, is not nearly
13:23 as tantalized with him as you are.
13:26 She wishes he would make some more money
13:27 and help with the chores.
13:29 After all, she works too.
13:31 Right now, their kids are fighting
13:33 and screaming also.
13:35 The fact is they look good simply
13:39 because they are not yours.
13:41 Now, this step I would like to share with you,
13:44 but it will definitely help rip through your fantasy.
13:47 Ask God to show you reality through His eyes.
13:51 You would be surprised at how He will deflate the fantasy
13:55 that you carry for this person.
13:58 Okay, let's go back to my single friends,
14:00 who can date without breaking any vows.
14:02 Let's say you become involved with someone in your department
14:04 and you receive a promotion.
14:06 Now you're in a relationship with your subordinate.
14:09 Most companies either discourage
14:10 or forbid romantic relationships
14:13 with a direct report, however, it does happen.
14:16 And what happens when it comes to conducting reviews
14:19 about your performance,
14:21 or maybe even disciplining your honey?
14:23 Supervisor-subordinate romances are problematic
14:26 because they can spark complaints of favoritism
14:30 and such perceptions really damage office morale.
14:34 These relationships also open up
14:36 the possibility of blackmail, for example,
14:39 if one party claims the relationship
14:41 was not consensual,
14:42 they can initiate claims of assault
14:45 and battery, false imprisonment,
14:46 and defamation.
14:49 This allows the employee to sue the supervisor
14:51 in the same suit with the company.
14:53 This creates a potential conflict of interest
14:56 between the employer and the employee
14:59 and increases the cost of litigation
15:01 if the employer is in a position
15:03 where it feels the need to pay for a defense
15:05 on behalf of the individual.
15:07 You get the picture.
15:08 It can get real messy in a boss direct report relationship.
15:13 Now, some people say,
15:15 "Let's keep it on the down law."
15:17 Hmm, nobody knows.
15:19 Still thinking about dating them,
15:20 the co-worker?
15:22 Well, you better pop some extra vitamins
15:24 and heighten your sense of discretion,
15:26 because you're going to need a lot of energy
15:27 and concentrated effort to keep your office romance
15:30 just between the two of you.
15:32 And when co-workers eventually find out,
15:34 you may be the subject of ridicule and suspicion.
15:37 I can't believe he is going out with her.
15:39 Of course, he got the raise, look who he is dating.
15:42 And here is the reality.
15:44 Like it or not, people love to gossip.
15:46 In fact, people make stuff up sometimes for no reason
15:49 when they want some workplace excitement.
15:52 If you want people to focus on your professional abilities,
15:55 don't give them reasons to fuel the rumor mill.
15:58 It's not just about you.
16:00 Now, you may think this is a private affair,
16:02 but is it really?
16:05 Logic tells you your romantic involvement
16:07 will impact your co-workers directly.
16:10 If you sit together in a company cafeteria,
16:12 will people now feel they should give you privacy?
16:15 Will they exclude you from certain conversations
16:17 because they don't know,
16:19 what you relay to your new love.
16:21 Consciously or subconsciously,
16:23 your relationship may influence decisions
16:26 that go well beyond a lunch room.
16:28 Your romance may color everyone's judgment
16:30 with regard to promotions, projects, team building,
16:34 and responsibilities.
16:36 The relationship could make it more difficult
16:38 for your department, and depending on your position,
16:41 your company to operate effectively.
16:43 And then there's the age work harassment
16:46 and all that it can entail.
16:48 If your relationship ends badly,
16:51 would your ex-love tell HR
16:52 you were making unwanted advances?
16:55 Think about how a harassment suit
16:57 will impact your career.
16:58 Then go join a local dating service or something,
17:02 while you're at it, join some professional associations.
17:05 They offer many opportunities to socialize
17:08 while moving your career forward.
17:09 So before you pencil in a date with your office desire,
17:13 schedule dinner with some non-work related friends.
17:16 You'd be surprised at what might happen
17:18 if you start nurturing other relationships.
17:21 If you spend a little more time
17:22 away from your office and your co-workers,
17:25 you just might be doing yourself a big favor,
17:27 so if you still feel your co-worker is the one,
17:29 what do you do?
17:31 Well if you work for a large company,
17:33 transfer to another department or facility,
17:37 and now if that's not an option because of your profession
17:39 or company size, get yourself a new job.
17:44 Now, I can share many stories on boss manipulation.
17:48 I remembered one company that I worked,
17:50 there was a relationship
17:51 between the boss and the direct report,
17:54 and over a period of time the direct report
17:57 got better and better performance appraisals,
18:00 made more money and raises, and eventually what came out,
18:04 because everything does come to light
18:06 was that the boss was being manipulated
18:08 by the direct report because of their relationship.
18:12 Now, here is the issue there.
18:14 Any drama at work is going to be viewed as poor judgment
18:19 by superiors and most likely will have a negative impact
18:23 on your exposure.
18:24 Now you might be judged as having poor judgment
18:27 if things get really, really out of hand.
18:30 Let's see how Cassie and Cole are doing.
18:36 Hey, hey, hey!
18:37 Let's stop the bus.
18:39 Oh, Prophet, what are you doing here?
18:42 Ah, I could ask you the same thing,
18:44 but pretty much can see what's going on.
18:47 It's not what it looks like. Oh, yeah.
18:49 My glasses worked perfectly while on the way over here.
18:52 Who is this?
18:55 You want to tell her?
18:57 He is a prophet, he is like a professional consultant
19:00 for like of a better phrase.
19:03 Okay.
19:04 Guys, guys, I understand.
19:07 But work relationships can really have
19:09 a negative impact on your careers.
19:12 I mean, I understand your boss is good looking, you're young,
19:15 you have got energy,
19:17 you have some successes at work.
19:19 It's great you spend more time with each other
19:21 than anybody else in your family,
19:24 but work relationships can have an incredible downside.
19:27 Now what? What is that?
19:29 Okay.
19:30 Why is it that you two have never been on a date?
19:32 'Cause we are always working. Yeah.
19:34 Always working.
19:35 I have been on pretty good authority
19:37 that you guys haven't work weekends
19:39 in about four months.
19:42 You know why?
19:44 Something inside of you is hesitant.
19:47 You're kind of like pausing what really should happen.
19:50 If you guys hadn't met here at work,
19:52 you would have been on 20 or 30 dates by now.
19:55 You would have been married in six months.
19:57 Oh, that's little fast.
19:59 Okay.
20:00 All right, I've seen that happen.
20:02 What happens, let's say, you guys are dating,
20:05 you're out on a wonderful date, you have an argument.
20:09 You come to work the next day, you're still angry.
20:14 Are you really thinking about getting your work done,
20:17 making sure everything is quality?
20:19 Are you thinking about your job,
20:21 or you thinking about getting away from that person
20:23 that you were with the night before?
20:26 I didn't think about that.
20:28 Here's the big one.
20:29 Let's say you date and then you break up.
20:34 Then you've gotta come to work
20:36 and look at your ex all day long,
20:39 Yeah, can you say job change?
20:41 Transfer?
20:43 I am just saying, now, you guys are real adults,
20:47 you can make your own decisions but...
20:52 I think about it.
20:54 You know that red book I have at my desk.
20:56 I have learnt a lot.
20:58 So I try to share a lot.
21:00 And this right here, it's a lot.
21:04 Prophet's out, see you.
21:18 Wow, Cole and Cassie have a lot to think about.
21:22 Now they're single, so there is no crime,
21:24 but they're gonna have to figure out,
21:27 will this relationship hurt
21:29 or help their careers and their lives.
21:32 Now, this is for my married friends.
21:35 It's common for you to find someone
21:37 at work attractive,
21:39 but the risks of actually pursuing a relationship
21:43 have a much more damaging impact.
21:46 First, it erodes the trust you have with your mate.
21:50 It may seem exciting for the moment,
21:52 but guilt will visit you somewhere in the process.
21:56 Secondly, the risk of negative exposure is great.
22:01 If found out, it will almost certainly cast a shadow
22:06 over any discussion of your integrity,
22:09 and usually it will have a negative effect
22:12 on those observing your career.
22:14 You see as they watch what you're doing,
22:17 they develop trust issues with you.
22:20 And thirdly, the person just looks better
22:23 'cause they are not yours.
22:25 A few years ago, I was sitting on a bicycle
22:28 at the health club,
22:30 attempting to get some types of exercise in,
22:32 and an old co-worker of mine passed by
22:36 and good looking guy, he was always in the limelight,
22:41 he was very articulate.
22:43 He had been a VP at a company that we both worked for,
22:46 and he came by and said, "Eric, I'm in a new job."
22:49 I said, "Well, that's great."
22:51 And he said, "Man, I love it.
22:53 I am now the executive VP of whatever it was called,"
22:56 and "Man, it's really cool."
22:59 He says, "You know, my bonus is like 30% of my salary"
23:03 which is a pretty decent salary.
23:05 He said, "I've got stock options,
23:06 they give new options every year."
23:09 And in my mind I can kind of figure that up,
23:11 and I am looking at about a couple of million dollars
23:14 worth of stock options.
23:16 I had known him, his family, beautiful kids, beautiful wife,
23:20 we had been at holiday parties together and I said,
23:25 "Hey dude, I am happy for you.
23:27 I'm not jealous at all.
23:29 I want you to absolutely be the best that you can be."
23:32 Now the interesting thing about this gentleman
23:34 is that he was just a little full of himself,
23:37 so as he was telling me all these things,
23:39 I don't know why, you know, he might have thought
23:41 I would be jealous, but I said, "This is cool."
23:43 Anytime in life you see that somebody is being blessed,
23:46 you should be happy for them.
23:48 You see what I've learnt over the years
23:51 is that the blessings that God has
23:53 in store for me aren't diminished
23:56 because He blesses someone else.
23:59 Now I have to be honest and say that I had some misgivings
24:02 about this gentleman
24:04 because when we had worked together,
24:05 he had hit on quite a few people at work
24:09 and he was a married man with a family.
24:11 So my view of him was just a little tainted, however,
24:15 I was glad something good was happening to him.
24:17 He was at another company,
24:18 it sounded like he was gonna go well,
24:20 that's absolutely awesome.
24:22 You do remember that we shared earlier
24:25 that people like to gossip.
24:27 I would love to say that I was totally immune
24:29 but one day I received a phone call
24:32 and it was from someone that I knew that worked
24:34 in the company that this gentleman worked in
24:36 and then say, "Man, do I have some juicy gossip for you."
24:41 Well, I would like to tell you that I said,
24:43 "I am above that,"
24:45 and I didn't really want to listen
24:48 but it sounded like
24:49 that it was going to be delicious,
24:51 so I figured I'd ask forgiveness for this later,
24:54 I said, "Hey, let me have it."
24:56 And he said, "Well, you know your buddy?"
24:59 I said, "Yeah."
25:00 "Oh you know how he is." Isn't it interesting?
25:03 The person over there said you know how he is?
25:05 Which means it probably was a character trait.
25:08 I said, "Yeah, yeah, we know how he is.
25:10 He is full, he is smart, but he is a little egotistical.
25:15 He said, "Well, he just got fired."
25:18 I probably should have kept the conversation there
25:21 and just said, "Oh, too bad, well pray for him,"
25:23 but I didn't.
25:24 I did what the rest of you guys would have done, I said,
25:27 "What happened?"
25:29 So, the person told me, he was having an affair
25:34 with someone at the company
25:36 that was at a lower rank than he was.
25:40 I said, "Okay," not totally surprised.
25:44 What happened next?
25:45 Well, I guess their affair had been going on for a while,
25:48 and something started to sour.
25:51 And like I shared with you guys earlier,
25:53 that happens more often than not.
25:56 And I guess it soured so much that these guys were now
25:59 walking around with big buckets of animosity.
26:03 I said, "Okay, that could happen."
26:05 Well, on this particular day, they brought it to the office.
26:11 In fact, they brought it to the office so much
26:14 that they exploded arguing, saying bad words,
26:18 yelling and screaming about their affair in an office
26:22 where everyone else was a stunned spectator.
26:27 Now, here is the taker, the CEO of that company
26:30 was a staunch Christian man, a very conservative gentleman,
26:34 who would have none of that in his organization.
26:37 Now, here is the sad part.
26:39 He came out and he fired both of them.
26:44 Well, what's the impact of that?
26:46 Well, my friend who worked there
26:51 lost almost two and half million dollars
26:54 worth of stock options because of his indiscretions.
26:59 Was he thinking long term in the affair?
27:01 Absolutely not.
27:03 It can be dangerous.
27:05 So simply put, here's where we're at.
27:09 If you're married
27:10 and you're attracted to someone at work,
27:13 while it may be very hard
27:15 for you to deal with the situation,
27:18 please, just ask for divine help or restraint.
27:22 God will give it to you.
27:23 He is that kind of God.
27:25 If you're single and you're attracted
27:27 to somebody at work, ask God for wisdom,
27:31 what should I do?
27:32 The next move you make can be a very critical one.
27:37 Now, remember this, you may be powerless over what
27:43 "they" can do to you but they are totally powerless
27:49 over what God will do for you.
27:52 So until next time, keep Workin' The Dream.


Revised 2017-08-03