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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathon Hopkins and Cindy Hanson


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00:02 The following program is designed to
00:03 demonstrate simple workouts that you
00:05 can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Protein is very misunderstood nutrient.
00:16 How much do you really need to take an each day?
00:19 Find out more next on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:49 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director of
00:51 the Black Hills Health & Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 One of the nutritional topics is very
00:58 controversial as how much protein we actually
01:00 need to take an each day.
01:02 We really think that we need to eat
01:03 a lot of it in order to develop muscle.
01:05 Well, I gave up eating a lot of protein
01:07 many, many years ago. We gonna talk more about
01:09 that as we get into our exercise program.
01:11 So, let's get it started. Helping me out today
01:13 will be Jonathan and Cindy.
01:17 And I think we are ready to have some fun so let's
01:19 get loosened up and just swing the arms around.
01:24 We just getting loose, don't strain while you do this,
01:27 just swing your arms around,
01:29 get lots of good air into your lungs
01:34 and get ready to enjoy yourself.
01:39 Alright, let's go around the other way.
01:42 We gonna get started into our work out by doing
01:44 little upper body exercise and then from there
01:48 we get into cardio and as we get into our cardio
01:51 training I will talk a little about protein.
01:57 Alright, good. Let's squeeze the hands
02:00 together in front of us. Squeeze them hard,
02:02 push out, draw back, push out, keep the hands tight,
02:08 against each other the whole time,
02:10 keep going I'm gonna check things out here.
02:12 I should be able to come over to Jonathan
02:14 and not be, pull hands apart, that's good.
02:18 Now I'm going to check Cindy
02:19 to see if she is pulling her hands apart.
02:21 Oh, look at her try that's the way.
02:24 Keep going, push out, and out, and out,
02:30 you should feel your chest as you doing this.
02:32 Now, let's change the angle and go up, and up,
02:37 press your hands tight, and press, and press,
02:42 and press, press together, up, way up high,
02:49 and push, and push, and push, and push,
02:56 and push, and relax. Okay, let's put the hands
03:01 behind the head push your elbows back,
03:05 take some good deep breaths, relax,
03:08 stretch your chest, now give yourself a hug
03:11 and pull your shoulder blades
03:12 apart as much as possible.
03:18 You guys like each other yourselves more
03:20 and me I can't even go quite that far. Okay,
03:22 elbows back, push way back, relax, stretch.
03:33 Alright, back the other way and good, okay.
03:42 Let's do our back work on the floor Jonathan.
03:44 I want you go and demonstrate it.
03:46 I don't think Cindy has ever done this one.
03:49 This one is a little bit more difficult,
03:50 but it's a good exercise.
03:52 You come down and go way up,
03:55 and down, and way up, okay Cindy,
03:58 I have faith okay. Go down, way up,
04:02 keep your arms straight and down, and up,
04:06 you are not pushing up Cindy,
04:07 just keep your arms solely straight.
04:08 Keep your arms straight. You are still bending.
04:11 Okay, and down, and up, see how his arms straight,
04:16 totally straight the whole time.
04:19 That's aright go and come down keep them straight.
04:22 Actually, it makes easier if you keep it straight.
04:24 Okay, up, and down, and up, and down, and up,
04:33 and down, and up, and down, and up, and down,
04:40 and up, and down, up and hold it,
04:45 now we are up at this position
04:47 we wanna be working these muscles right into here
04:49 the upper back area. Okay,
04:50 now come on back down through. Okay,
04:53 and back up again, very good.
04:56 This is a good exercise for women especially
04:58 because it help some, up in their upper thoracic
05:00 vertebrae and down, way up, and down, way up,
05:08 and down, and up. Starting to feel yet, Cindy?
05:11 No. Okay, and up, how about you Jonathan?
05:15 Oh, fine. Okay down, and up, and down, and up.
05:21 Let's go five more. There is 1, and down, and 2,
05:27 and down, and 3, two more times, down, and up,
05:33 one more down, and up. Okay.
05:38 Come on up back on your feet.
05:39 Let's do latissimus stretch. Go ahead
05:41 and demonstrate it Jonathan.
05:43 We need to reach up over the head and grab okay.
05:47 Now, as you doing this stretch you wanna feel it
05:49 pulling through the side that your drawing across
05:53 so in his case, it's his right side, so you should
05:55 be feeling it through there.
05:57 Cindy is doing the same side and you hold each
06:01 stretch for about 10 to 15 seconds and you breathe
06:04 and relax because that's what stretching is.
06:08 Okay, let's switch,
06:10 stretching is not warming up,
06:12 stretching is stretching.
06:13 So, a lot of people are misconceived that if they
06:16 start stretching before they work out they warmed up.
06:19 I actually prefer stretching
06:20 after working out, while the muscles are still warm.
06:25 Alright, I think that's good.
06:27 We gonna do some shoulder circles today.
06:30 We gonna start out the side,
06:35 and we gonna put a little variety in today and now
06:37 we gonna make circles all way to the front.
06:42 Okay, now we gonna move it back again.
06:44 Now we gonna move it back so far we gonna stretch
06:46 back so I better forward little bit so I don't bump
06:49 you both on the chin.
06:51 Okay, and let's come back to the front.
06:54 Turn in, turn in, turn in, okay and back,
07:00 way it back, way it back. Okay back to the front gain,
07:06 turning each step of the way, and now back,
07:13 way it back, way it back, and back to the front,
07:18 work your way forward, I can turn in the air,
07:23 okay and back, and let's come back to the front.
07:31 Turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, alright,
07:36 now let's go back again.
07:40 It's pretty fun isn't it, Cindy.
07:41 Oh! it's fun. Okay, and let's go one more time
07:45 to the front and come on back,
07:53 and let's go and stop and hold.
07:57 How long shall we hold it, Cindy? A minute,
07:59 okay, sounds good to me.
08:04 Alright, keep those palms down, arms out straight,
08:08 think of happy things Cindy.
08:10 It's only thing that I am going to say.
08:13 Okay, Cindy is back here coding scriptures.
08:17 Okay and Jonathan you doing okay?
08:19 Oh, yeah. Always smiling and always happy,
08:22 how do we work, the happy we are.
08:24 That the endearment effect of exercise,
08:27 you work out hard and gives you this feeling
08:29 well being like you done something
08:30 really good person. Oh! I forgot to count,
08:32 no I didn't. I'm paying attention don't worry,
08:38 put down to our last 15 seconds.
08:42 Keep holding it, hold it, hold it, hold it,
08:46 hold it, hold it, hold it,
08:50 and ready and drop it. Very good,
08:55 okay lets shrug him out, shrug the shoulders
08:58 up and around, up and around, up and around,
09:01 lift him up, lift the shoulders up,
09:04 bring him back, lift him up, lift him up, and up,
09:09 and up, up, and up, and up, up, up,
09:15 now go the other way, come forward, lift him up,
09:20 try and bring your shoulders all the way up
09:21 to our ears if you can, bring him around,
09:24 you should feel it in your trapezius are,
09:26 go through the muscles right off the neck.
09:29 Cindy has hidden under her hair, but they are there,
09:34 up and around, up and around, up and around
09:39 and let's go for about 10 more seconds
09:41 that those kind of good doesn't it Jonathan?
09:43 Oh! yeah. Okay,
09:47 lets stretch the shoulder bring it across and pull,
09:51 you pointing in the opposite direction
09:53 so you taking your right arm and pointing as far
09:56 the left as you can.
09:58 And now its go and go the other way,
09:59 take your left arm point to the right.
10:02 And stretch that.
10:08 Alright, we are get in some aerobics
10:11 we gonna start by doing some lunges
10:12 to warm up the legs, so lets go and start with
10:15 the right leg step out, and back, hands on the hips,
10:18 left, and right, and left, and right, looks good,
10:26 when we do lunges we wanna make sure
10:29 that the foot stays over the knee if your knee goes,
10:33 excuse me, yeah that right you want
10:35 your knee over your foot. And if you go too far
10:37 with your knee then you can have some problems
10:39 with your knee so make sure that your knee
10:41 stays over the foot,
10:47 and left, and right, and left, and right,
10:54 now you don't have to as deep as you are going.
10:56 Jonathan modified it little bit here we go,
11:01 if that's all further down you can go that's fine
11:03 because it might be causing some knee stress,
11:07 and then as you get better you find
11:09 yourself getting down further.
11:14 You are alright Cindy? Yeah.
11:18 Way up, step out, step out, step out,
11:23 five more each side, there is 1, good form, 2,
11:33 and 3, and 4, last one and we come on the last one
11:40 we gonna be stepping. Just step it to down,
11:43 step, stepping is our foundation of our aerobic
11:49 exercise because that something everybody
11:52 can do step in place.
11:53 But, one thing it frustrates people
11:55 when they watch a lot of programs is become
11:57 complicated because they are doing so many
11:59 different movements and just when people think
12:01 they are mastering the one moment then they switch
12:03 to another moment and you feel our all awkward again.
12:05 So we are trying keep it really simple and trying
12:08 make sure people are able to get a work out
12:10 in regardless of what your fitness level is
12:12 or your experience level is.
12:15 Stepping lets go and pick it up.
12:18 As I mentioned earlier our topic today is protein.
12:22 And protein is something that I well aware of
12:24 because in my early days when I was eating
12:26 3 pounds of meat, again a milk
12:28 and half dozen eggs and I was even taken protein
12:30 supplements on top of that,
12:31 I was taking in 400 gm protein a day.
12:36 Now with all that protein I was taking in
12:38 I was also having some health problems,
12:41 my immune system was weak,
12:42 at anytime I got sick or hurt,
12:45 I have to worry about secondary infections.
12:47 Go little faster, when I was in college I had
12:52 a strep infection and staph infection my throat
12:55 at the same time, I couldn't talk for two weeks.
12:58 But, since I hardly I were talking college it took
13:00 a week for anybody to know.
13:02 And finally my roommate figured out the some was
13:04 on my throat. Okay let's slow down.
13:13 We gonna do little bit end of our work here
13:15 we were slow down and they will pick it back,
13:19 alright go pick it up,
13:24 protein is grossly exaggerated mainly because
13:27 of fact that we have been brainwash through some
13:30 very powerful food industries that we need
13:33 eat a lot protein and if we cut back on our protein
13:36 then they get little nervous and we not
13:37 gonna buying as many of their products.
13:39 Little bit higher still, pick it up,
13:47 okay we gonna switch now to side lunges,
13:52 okay now bring and go and bring it together,
13:55 good, there we go.
14:02 Left, and right, and left, and right, and left,
14:11 and right, and left, and right, and left,
14:18 and right, and left, and right, this allows us
14:24 you keep the motion going and
14:26 put some variety into our routine.
14:29 Aerobic exercise can become a little monogamous,
14:32 that's why they are so many things to entertain us.
14:34 People will go to the athletic clubs and turn on
14:37 the television and or even some bikes now
14:40 that have computers into them were people can go
14:43 online on internet while they getting their exercise.
14:47 So, I have back to been to athletic clubs
14:48 I have seen Wall Street executives checking
14:51 the stock market while they are doing
14:53 their aerobic exercise. In fact think they like to
14:56 get away from it sooner later but may be not.
14:59 Okay lets speed it up, and step, and left,
15:05 and right, and left, and right, and left,
15:11 and right, and left, and right, and left,
15:17 and right, and left, and right, and left,
15:22 and right, and left, and right, and left,
15:27 and right, and left, and right, keep going,
15:31 left and right, and left, and right,
15:36 okay lets go back to stepping in place.
15:43 Little bit faster step it up, step it up.
15:54 Little faster still, step it up,
15:57 step it up, step it up.
16:08 Faster still,
16:19 knees up, there we go, there we go,
16:22 there we go, like the way that looks,
16:27 okay slow it down,
16:32 and protein recommendations
16:34 the USRDA recommends that we take in 49,
16:41 Oh! excuse me 46 to 54 grams of protein a day.
16:44 Well the world health organization recommends
16:46 and we take in 29 to 37 grams a day.
16:49 So, is a part a discrepancy I'm with the world
16:51 health organization is requiring
16:53 as suppose to the United States
16:55 Recommended Dietary Allowance.
16:58 Okay pick it up little more, pick it up,
17:00 pick it up, pick it up.
17:06 pick it up.
17:16 Okay now slow it down,
17:20 and the main thing we following is for those
17:22 who take an high amounts of protein we gonna have
17:25 a lot of waste by product they have get out
17:26 their system and high protein intake
17:29 with definitely weak your immune system
17:31 as I found out and at ages people faster,
17:35 find it interesting when you look at milk,
17:37 cows milk has about four types of much protein
17:40 as human breast milk, but than cows
17:42 have to grow a lot faster then human beings,
17:44 okay faster again.
17:49 And its interesting that you a rat,
17:51 rat is gonna have three types as much
17:53 protein in his milk as a cow,
17:55 but than a rat grows very fast
17:57 and it dies much sooner.
17:58 So, the more protein in the milk of the mother
18:01 the faster of the specie grows
18:03 and that sooner it dies.
18:06 Okay, let's go ahead and go into
18:08 ski jumps now side to side.
18:12 Slow it down, there we go, just side to side,
18:15 that's an easy.
18:19 Are you skier Cindy? Yeah.
18:21 You have skied okay so you should be natural for this.
18:28 Okay pick it up,
18:38 you are looking good,
18:39 looking good keep it up. Okay back into steps.
18:50 Bodybuilders are abscess with protein because
18:52 they think they need protein to build muscle.
18:54 But, when I cut down on amount of protein
18:56 I was taking in actually felt myself
18:58 developing more muscle and become much easier,
19:00 my recover was much, much faster
19:03 and I didn't feel so way to down and I will make
19:05 sense because we take it too much protein,
19:07 as we are getting read off lot of exercise
19:09 your fluid and muscle predominantly water
19:11 and so when you are extracting essential fluids
19:14 for your body how you gonna be developing
19:15 a lot of muscle. Okay faster,
19:22 pick it up, knees up, okay Jonathan is going
19:26 in to a jog, Cindy is almost in a jog.
19:37 Okay let's go into squats. Okay, chest up,
19:44 keep your chest up, push the hips back,
19:47 keep the knees over the feet
19:50 and keep the simile on your face.
19:54 And squat, and squat, and squat, and squat,
20:00 and squat, and down, and down, and down,
20:06 and down, and down, by doing this allows us
20:11 to get some more strength training in
20:15 but keeps a major muscles working
20:18 our aerobic muscles, certainly if you want
20:21 gonna for hard squat work out.
20:24 We wouldn't be mixing with aerobics with Jonathan
20:26 but they are really difficult
20:28 take a lot of heavy weight, squat again
20:31 and we go right into more aerobics,
20:33 but our purpose is worked really, really well.
20:40 Get warmed yet Cindy? Okay.
20:46 Jonathan you are warmed yet? Okay.
20:58 Okay, we go 10 more, then we go back into step.
21:05 And five more.
21:11 Okay step into it.
21:17 Just keep that phase but let's get little
21:18 more knee movement. There we go very good.
21:22 That what I want to see.
21:29 When we bring wellness gusts into our program
21:32 we often times we see traumatic changes
21:35 in the amount of pain there in
21:37 when we get them off the protein.
21:39 They taken in so much of it
21:41 and just really causes a lot of problems,
21:43 so if you are having a lot of pain
21:46 especially having like a gallop type situation
21:48 or any type of immune response
21:50 when you cut down the protein and the sugar
21:52 count down you will see a dramatic difference.
21:54 The reality is most people don't need near
21:57 as much protein as they think they do
21:59 and their have been many research studies
22:03 will show that only 20 grams a day
22:05 is enough for anybody and see that's not
22:07 very much me because of you take just
22:11 little over three ounces of meat which is in
22:13 very much their you gonna have about
22:15 28 grams protein right there. Okay,
22:17 let's pick it up, so the essence sits
22:20 on the protein the typical woman is gonna need in day.
22:24 And anything excess is gonna have to be
22:26 metabolize of the system.
22:29 Okay pick it up some more, we are almost done.
22:33 Okay let's finish up strong with some ski jumps again,
22:37 okay. Very good, just imagine you are on
22:42 the slops again Cindy.
22:46 It's hard out their.
22:47 Oh! It's hard in here.
22:53 Jonathan you are snowboarder
22:54 so you don't get to do this motion do you.
22:56 Not usually. Not usually if you do that by a problem,
23:00 okay little faster.
23:10 Okay slow it down,
23:18 okay and back into steeping,
23:20 very good, you are doing great.
23:22 Now we get to the favorite part of the workout
23:25 that the cool down phase.
23:26 So, we are just gonna usually take some steps,
23:30 so we can relax, now we're letting our heart
23:33 the helped up by the legs
23:35 as it brings to venous blood back up.
23:44 We have all the foods out their Jonathan,
23:46 I always interesting to find out that the one
23:49 that I saw was highest in protein
23:51 is broccoli 37% protein. It's higher than stake,
23:55 higher than eggs, higher than milk.
23:57 And then next highest one I saw was esophagus,
24:00 so those have very high protein.
24:08 And we are just cooling down now,
24:10 cooling down we are gonna take about two minutes
24:12 to let the heart starts slow down.
24:15 The more fetch you become the faster heart
24:17 will start coming back down to normal
24:19 if you do aerobic exercise and your heart is
24:21 staying up for prolong period of time.
24:23 That's not a good sign that means you better
24:26 keep exercising and thy checked up
24:28 to make sure you are okay.
24:33 The both our participants are doing very well,
24:39 some of the staff of 3ABN refers
24:41 to by-helpers on Body & Spirit Aerobics
24:44 as the BNS dancers. So, our BNS dancers
24:48 are doing just fine, but not really dancing
24:50 of course but they are out here helping out.
24:53 We got 30 seconds to go. Nice and slow,
24:55 nice and slow, there we go,
24:59 nice and slow relaxing just a
25:01 casual stroke for the park now.
25:05 And that we will finish up by work out.
25:08 Feeling okay Cindy? Jonathan you doing okay?
25:13 Really is a walk in the park, right.
25:15 Okay, alright and 2, 1, 0.
25:23 Put the hand right in the back
25:24 lets contract the abdomen, and bend over,
25:27 and up, and we lay back, contract, over, up,
25:32 and back, contract, over, up, and back,
25:37 contract, over, up, and back, contract, over, up,
25:43 and back, contract, over, up, and back, contract,
25:50 over, up, and back, contract, over, up,
25:55 and back, contract, over, up, and back, contract,
26:00 over, up, back, contract, over, up, back,
26:06 contract our abdomen and stretch it,
26:10 contract our abdomen and stretch,
26:13 contract it as you go back, stretch it, contract it,
26:18 and up, and stretch, contract, over, up,
26:23 lay back, contract, over, up, we are doing
26:27 five more, and up and 1, contract, over, up,
26:34 and 2, contract, over, up, 3, contract, over, up,
26:41 4, contract, over, up, 5, okay lets turn,
26:49 and turn, and turn, and turn, we take these nice
26:59 and slow we don't wanna injure our spine at all.
27:03 A lot of people get little too aggressive
27:05 on this particular motion,
27:07 and they find themselves getting hurt.
27:09 Now take it nice and relaxed.
27:12 We using it is a twisting stretch
27:17 and let's go two more each way, here is 1,
27:22 and 1, and 2, and 2. Alright we were done.
27:34 If you get a good verity of food even fruit
27:36 is gonna have some protein in it.
27:38 But, if you have a nice mixed to your grains,
27:40 and nuts, and seed, and, fruits and vegetables.
27:43 You gonna get all the protein you need.
27:44 You don't have to worry about it, don't be
27:46 abscess with it, don't worry about how
27:47 you take a much of protein supplements
27:49 or don't think you would have to eat a much of meat
27:51 and drink milk and have eggs we order to get
27:53 your protein requirements. You will be just fine.
27:56 And also when you remember eat
27:58 for the glory of God,
27:59 think about what you are doing
28:01 and do it his glory and claim
28:03 the promise that we do.
28:04 We use the scripture
28:06 all the time on this program which states
28:08 I can do all things through Christ
28:10 which strengthens me. Thanks for joining us,
28:13 I hope you had a good work out we look forward
28:15 to seeing you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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