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Hip Problems

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Larry McLucas


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Hip problems affect many people in our society today.
00:17 But there is good news, there's an exercise program
00:19 you can do, that will help you.
00:21 Stay tuned to find out more
00:22 next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:52 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 Well, today I'm not jogging out here.
00:59 I'm actually sitting in a chair
01:01 next to a fellow name, Larry,
01:03 who works here at 3ABN and has been for a while
01:06 as a cameraman and he told me once upon a time
01:08 he would never do Body and Spirit,
01:11 but now here he is.
01:13 And Larry, unfortunately or fortunately depending
01:16 on how you look at does have some hip problems.
01:18 So he's a good one to use for this program today.
01:21 And I've seen a lot of people
01:22 suffer with lot of ailments and they're amazed
01:26 that how much better they can get
01:28 through some simple exercises.
01:29 So Larry, hopefully that's going to happen
01:31 for you today as well. Hope so.
01:32 We're going to start by doing a little bit of upper body
01:34 warm up and so we're going to start
01:36 by just circling our arms.
01:38 And we'll try not to hit each other though
01:39 we're sitting in the chairs here.
01:41 I think we got enough for room
01:44 and so we're just coming up and around.
01:47 We're gonna do a little bit of everything today.
01:49 We're gonna do a little bit of upper body work
01:52 and then we'll get into some work for the hips
01:55 and trying to do a little bit of cardio work too
01:58 from sitting in the chair.
02:00 And it does amaze people often times
02:03 how much you can do while sitting in a chair
02:05 and still getting an aerobic workout.
02:09 All right, Larry, let's go the other way now.
02:14 Many seniors have told me that they'd given up hope
02:17 and then they saw that you could do exercise in a chair,
02:21 and they go, wow.
02:22 I think I can do that much and so they're doing.
02:24 Also they find a whole new life again,
02:27 because they have now started exercising.
02:33 And let's go and do a couple more.
02:36 Okay, Larry, now we're going to lean back
02:38 in our chair little bit, scoot your hips forward, okay.
02:41 And you're gonna take your hands like this
02:43 and you're gonna push up and come back down,
02:46 push up and down.
02:48 So we're just doing a press type motion.
02:50 Press up and down, press up and down.
02:57 Imagine you're pushing that big weight up there, Larry.
03:01 And way up and down.
03:04 Push up and down, push up and down,
03:08 push up and down.
03:10 You'll find even though we're not using any weights
03:13 that if we do this long enough you start to feel it. Yeah.
03:17 And push and down and push and down
03:22 and push and down.
03:24 Press up and down, press up and down.
03:29 Push and down and press and down.
03:33 Let's go ten more, one, two, push up, down.
03:39 Up, it's four, and five, six, seven.
03:47 Three more, eight, nine, and ten. Good.
03:54 All right, go and sit back up in your chair.
03:56 You need to put your hands behind your head, Larry,
03:58 and just lean back and let it stretch
04:01 that feels good, doesn't it? Yes, it does.
04:05 Popping a little bit. Popping?
04:07 Yeah. Okay.
04:09 Now give yourself a hug.
04:12 Pull your shoulder blades apart
04:13 as you give yourself the hug.
04:18 Stretching is an important part of exercise.
04:21 Exercise is made up--or fitness is made up of strength,
04:25 cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility.
04:28 Okay, just put the hands behind the head again and lay back.
04:33 Let the elbows fall back as it stretches your chest area.
04:38 Don't go to sleep on that, Larry. Okay.
04:42 You'd never hear the end of that, would you? No.
04:45 Okay. And stretch.
04:53 All right good. All right, Larry,
04:55 now what we're going to do is we're going to reach out
04:57 this way and pull back, reach out and pull.
05:02 Reach out and pull and reach
05:06 and pull and reach and pull back.
05:10 And reach and pull and reach and pull and reach, pull.
05:17 Reach out, pull back, reach out, pull back,
05:22 reach out, pull back, and reach, pull back
05:27 and reach and pull and reach and pull
05:32 and reach and pull and reach and pull
05:37 and reach and pull and reach and pull
05:42 and reach and pull.
05:44 Five more times, it is one, and two, and pull,
05:52 and pull, and pull, good.
05:55 All right, let's put your right arm up, Larry,
05:58 bend at the elbow, reach up,
06:00 grab with the other hand and pull.
06:04 Hold the stretch.
06:05 We're gonna hold up for about ten seconds.
06:10 And relax. Okay, now put the left arm up,
06:15 let it bend, reach up with the right hand,
06:18 get a hold of it and pull it over.
06:26 Okay, and go and relax.
06:29 How many years you've been working
06:30 cameras here, Larry? Several years.
06:32 Several, okay.
06:34 All right, now from sitting from the side here
06:36 we're gonna raise arms up at the side and back down,
06:39 and up and down and up and down
06:45 and up and down. And, keep it going.
06:49 I won't ask you to name names
06:51 that you've ever seen they start to doze off on the set.
06:54 Once in a while. Once in a while.
07:00 Just recently I did a two hour live
07:03 and I was watching the replay of it.
07:05 And while reaching of course
07:06 I was involved in the interview,
07:08 I started to doze off just a little bit as well
07:11 and also then Shelly, who is doing
07:12 the interview went Dick, and I stepped awake thinking,
07:16 oh, no, I fell asleep on the set.
07:24 And up and down and up and down
07:28 and up and down and up and down.
07:32 Now we're going to bring our hands to here, Larry.
07:34 We're gonna push up again.
07:37 And push and down and push and down
07:41 and press up, come down, press up and down
07:46 and up and down and up and down
07:51 and up and down and up and down.
07:55 Two more, up and down, and up and down.
07:59 Okay, now we're going to bring the palms down like this.
08:02 Okay, curl up and down and up and down,
08:07 curl up, down and curl and down
08:12 and curl and down and curl and down,
08:16 curl up, reach down, curl up and down.
08:21 Five more times, down and up and down
08:25 and up and down up, one more time.
08:30 Okay, now we're gonna take your right arm
08:32 put it straight out, now reach it across your left,
08:35 put your hand behind the elbow and pull.
08:42 So does it feel different being out here then?
08:44 Quite different. Quite different.
08:46 I think I like the other side of the camera.
08:47 You like the other side better.
08:52 Okay, now as you put your left arm out straight.
08:55 Point it over to your right side,
08:57 up behind and pull it over.
09:01 Well, we appreciate your coming out and doing the show.
09:08 Okay, and relax.
09:11 Let's start doing the work on the hips now.
09:13 I've actually known people, Larry,
09:15 who were in line for hip replacement surgery
09:18 and after going through the workouts,
09:20 they found that they no longer need the surgery.
09:22 That happened one time to a woman
09:23 who came from the Detroit, Michigan
09:25 who went through the workout
09:26 or went through the Wellness Program
09:28 because she was in line for hip replacement surgery,
09:30 now when she got back home, the doctor said,
09:32 "what you have been doing?"
09:33 She said, I went to that Wellness Program
09:34 you suggest I go to, to preparing for surgery
09:37 and he goes you don't need the surgery now.
09:39 So I've seen people avoid that by getting themselves fit
09:42 and healthy again.
09:43 So now we're gonna do is we're gonna put our hands
09:45 on the outside of our knees
09:46 and we should push our knees out
09:48 and bring it back together,
09:50 out and together, and out and together,
09:54 and out together, and out together
09:58 by doing this we're working on our abductors
10:03 which are the muscles in our hips
10:04 that push out and push
10:08 and push and push.
10:12 We're giving ourselves resistance with our hands
10:15 as we push out, push out, and push.
10:20 Is that feel okay on your hip, Larry. Yeah. Okay.
10:30 Okay. As we're going through the workout,
10:31 you let me know if something is hurting you
10:32 because chances are, it's hurting you
10:34 and might be hurting somebody else. Sure.
10:38 It hurts most of the time anyway so.
10:39 It hurts, okay.
10:43 So it's not making you hurt anymore then, okay.
10:45 Actually feels better when I exercise. Good.
10:51 Okay, let's go five more.
10:54 And two, three, four, five.
10:59 Okay, now put your hands on the inside.
11:02 Okay now you're gonna squeeze in and go back out
11:05 and squeeze and squeeze,
11:09 squeeze in and squeeze and squeeze,
11:16 squeeze in and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
11:27 We're feeling at the inside of the thigh at this time,
11:29 which is just the opposite.
11:31 All muscles have an antagonistic muscle area
11:33 so for the abduction which we just did
11:36 now we want to work the adduction.
11:40 Right, we're going to do five more.
11:43 And two and three and four and five.
11:49 Okay, Larry, now we're gently
11:51 just going to start stepping in place here.
11:57 Since we're in the chair
11:58 we can't really move a whole lot, but we'll do this.
12:11 Okay, now what we're going to do, Larry,
12:12 is we're going to swing our arms
12:13 while we're doing this, so let's pick the left foot up,
12:16 the right arm is up. Okay.
12:18 Now we're gonna switch just like that, very good.
12:33 Doing all right there? Yeah. Fine.
12:35 Okay, good.
12:44 If you get off step then all you have to do
12:47 is stop for a moment, pick one foot up
12:49 and then bring the opposite arm up,
12:51 it's not hard to do.
12:55 You're doing okay, Larry. Okay.
13:04 Okay, let's try and pick it up just a little bit more.
13:12 It's little bit more difficult sitting in the chair,
13:15 actually because you can't--Yes.
13:16 You can lift your leg up as high.
13:30 Okay, we're gonna go for about 20 more seconds
13:33 and then we'll switch our motion.
13:45 Now, we're down to ten.
13:50 And five, four, three, two, one, okay.
13:55 Now Larry, we're gonna do is we're gonna bring
13:57 our leg up and cross it, that's a tough one for you.
14:01 On that hip it is. Okay, put it down.
14:03 Now, go the other way.
14:05 Okay and down. And up and down
14:10 and up and down and up and down
14:15 and up and down and up and down
14:20 and up and down and up and down
14:25 And up. It's loosening up a little bit. Little.
14:28 Okay, so something we all do
14:32 kind of naturally is cross the legs.
14:37 I don't cross the legs much. Hard on the hip.
14:45 Is it making you hurt more as you do it? No.
14:47 Okay. Just I can't pull that left leg up.
14:50 That's all right. Just do the best you can.
15:03 Yeah, you're looking good.
15:06 We won't do this too much longer.
15:15 That's why you're such a good candidate for the show, Larry,
15:17 because it starts to hurt you
15:20 and we know to back off.
15:25 Okay, we're gonna go for 30 more seconds.
15:38 For those at home, if you need to stop for a moment,
15:40 rest, that's okay.
15:43 Anytime you go into these workouts
15:45 you want to take it at your own pace.
15:55 Okay and good. Let's go back into stepping in place.
16:02 The key to aerobic exercise is rhythmic activity
16:05 for major muscle group, so in this case
16:07 we're doing our legs.
16:16 Even though we're just sitting here,
16:17 you start to feel lot a bit, don't you. Oh, yeah.
16:21 Yeah, little warm. Little warm.
16:25 I assist the whites. Okay.
16:29 You don't realize how we go through over here.
16:33 Now hip problems can be caused
16:35 from a wide range of problem areas,
16:37 so certainly arthritic hips are very common
16:39 and the thing with arthritis
16:42 is the stronger the muscles are,
16:44 the less stress your joints can have to take.
16:47 So as we continue developing this
16:49 or developing the muscles of the hip area,
16:52 you'll find that your hip will hurt less.
16:55 But again if you overdo it,
16:58 you'll find yourself hurting more.
17:00 What I always encourage people to do
17:02 when they get into exercise
17:03 especially if they have bad areas like that
17:06 is after they work out is to go do some icing.
17:10 Icing down the area will help to discourage any inflammation.
17:15 Okay, Larry, pick the left leg up, right arm up.
17:19 Okay, now let's go ahead and bring your arms
17:20 back into it again.
17:24 You're doing well. My hips getting little tired.
17:28 It's getting tired, okay. But it's good.
17:32 We're gonna go for 20 more seconds this way.
17:35 Now we'll do something different. Okay.
17:45 And I'm glad you told me, that's important.
17:55 Okay, scoot and relax.
17:57 Okay, Larry, let's go back to do this motion now.
18:01 Out and in. This will help stretch it out a little bit.
18:06 How that feel? All right. Yep. Okay.
18:08 We're gonna do the adduction first this time
18:10 to let the abductors rest
18:16 and even though we're not doing anything
18:19 quite as strong as just we were just a moment ago,
18:21 this is still working the leg muscles
18:23 and still keeping the cardiovascular benefit going.
18:31 And of course for a lot of people
18:33 even this will be difficult.
18:35 This part is easier. Yeah, well for you.
18:40 But for a lot of people just walking becomes a chore.
18:44 Yeah, sometimes it's that way for me.
18:51 Okay, now let's go to the outside again
18:53 and push out and out.
18:58 How's that feeling? It's okay. Okay.
19:04 We'll do this for a little bit
19:05 and then we'll try another moment still
19:07 and see how that does for you.
19:12 The pain in your hip is decreasing. Yes. Okay.
19:15 The warmer the muscle gets, the less the pain. Okay
19:22 Is that your knee I hear or your hip,
19:24 hip I hear or is that the shoes?
19:26 That's the chair. The chair, okay.
19:29 I'm--I hear a little bit of squeaking noise.
19:31 I'm not that bad yet. Okay.
19:38 Some of your fellow camera people are smiling on that one.
19:45 Okay, ten more seconds.
19:54 Okay, go and rest. Okay, now we're going to take
19:57 the left leg and we're just gonna step out
19:59 and bring it back in.
20:00 Now, we're gonna with the right leg and back in.
20:02 Left leg, right leg, left, right, left, right.
20:11 How is that Larry?
20:12 That actually feels good, stretching part.
20:18 What you're feeling a little bit ago
20:19 was just a tiredness in the hip or were you feeling more pain?
20:23 Well, it's a little bit both I guess,
20:26 it's--it's straining on it, I guess. Okay.
20:31 It needs stretching.
20:32 Okay, we'll do that in a minute.
20:35 Oh, oh. Now we get there. Okay.
20:40 I won't be stretching and you'll be stretching it.
20:50 Okay, you're still feeling all right.
20:51 Yes, feels better. Okay.
20:58 Lot of times, people simply try and treat
21:00 their aches and pains by taking a lot of pills,
21:02 but unfortunately that will mask
21:04 what's going wrong and now just keep irritating it.
21:08 That's why I don't take medication.
21:10 Instead we want to see what we can do to correct it
21:14 naturally as much as possible.
21:17 Certainly there are those times when a surgical procedure
21:20 is the only option left but we want to do everything
21:23 we can to prevent that.
21:28 These most people I know want to do that.
21:33 Prevent it, that is. Right.
21:36 Okay, we're gonna go for 20 more seconds here, Larry.
21:46 That's still feeling all right. Yes, feels good. Strain.
21:48 Stretching--stretching feels real good on it.
21:55 Okay, good. Now I want you to do Larry,
21:58 is get a hold of your left leg
22:00 and pull up toward your chest.
22:04 That feels all right? Yeah.
22:05 That feels really good just like that. Okay.
22:12 Okay, now I want you to try and pull it
22:15 over towards your right leg,
22:17 so you scoot up in your emphasis
22:20 to your left hand and pushing it over.
22:22 Okay, that feel all right?
22:24 Yeah, it's a little tight, but it feels good. Okay.
22:28 Now back up toward your chest again
22:36 and now bring it cross to you.
22:38 Good. Little easier that time.
22:43 Yeah. Okay.
22:44 Sourcing up. Okay.
22:45 Now let's go and get your other leg.
22:48 Even though that's your left hip is bothering you,
22:51 it's important to do both sides.
22:53 Balance. Okay.
22:55 Now move your right leg towards it as you're pulling over
22:58 you should feel stretching down into the hip area
23:01 and then the gluteus maximus.
23:06 Okay, and back up towards the chest.
23:14 Okay and back over to the middle again.
23:22 Okay, good. Now Larry, this next one might be tough,
23:24 but I want you go and try and bring your leg
23:26 back up here again.
23:28 Okay, and very gently and push on the inside.
23:31 Now this will be a little harder. Yeah.
23:33 Okay, not too much.
23:43 Okay good. Switch sides.
23:48 That one I've no problem with it.
23:50 But even still you can feel in your hip, can't you?
23:52 All right, I feel it. Feel little here. Uh-huh.
24:01 Okay, good. Now Larry, what we're gonna do
24:04 is we're gonna fold our hands right over our abdomen,
24:07 we're gonna blow out and crunch forward.
24:10 Now we're gonna lean back,
24:12 blow out, crunch forward,
24:16 blow out, crunch forward, and back,
24:19 blow out, crunch forward and back,
24:23 blow out, crunch forward and back,
24:27 blow out, crunch forward and back.
24:30 Blow out and back, blow out and back,
24:37 blow out and back, blow out and back,
24:43 blow out and back, blow out and back,
24:50 blow out and back.
24:53 You try to contract your abdomen
24:54 each time to come forward.
24:56 Blow out and blow out
25:03 and blow out.
25:07 We'll do five more,
25:12 it's two and blow, three, blow out,
25:18 four, one more time blow out, five.
25:22 Okay, now we're gonna turn, Larry.
25:24 We're gonna kind of use the chair to help us turn,
25:29 stretch the sides.
25:33 All right let's go the other way.
25:36 How is that one feel? That feel all right. Yeah.
25:43 Okay, now we're gonna look straight ahead,
25:46 we're gonna look up and look down
25:50 and up and down and up and down,
25:58 look up, look down and up and down,
26:06 five more times, up and down,
26:10 and up and down, and up and down,
26:17 and up and down, and up and down.
26:23 Okay, let's look to the side
26:26 and look the other way, back to the left,
26:31 back to the right, back to the left,
26:36 back to the right, back to the left,
26:40 back to the right, two more each way,
26:43 back to the left, back to the right,
26:47 back to the left, back to the right.
26:51 Okay, Larry, I think that's good.
26:52 Just go and keep sitting there and we'll go and close the show.
26:56 At our program at the Black Hills,
26:58 we've our orthopedic surgeon, named Dr. Foster,
27:01 who says on a regular basis,
27:03 if you have a sore joint
27:05 and you want to get another 50,000 miles on that joint,
27:09 get into regular exercise.
27:11 So if you want to get another 100,000 on that joint,
27:14 change your entire lifestyle, so eating healthy,
27:17 drinking lots of water, doing all the things you can,
27:21 and most of all encourages people
27:23 to do it for the glory of God,
27:24 because we're looking to serve God to our fullest,
27:27 the blessings will be even greater
27:29 than for doing it for self.
27:31 On this show on Body and Spirit, Body and Spirit Aerobics
27:34 we use the scripture of Philippians 4:13, which states,
27:39 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
27:42 Thank you for joining us.
27:43 I hope something we did will be of help to you
27:46 and we look forward to see you next time again
27:48 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
27:50 God bless, we'll see you next time.


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