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Participants: Danny Shelton & Jim Gilley (Host), John Lomacang"I'll Worship Only"It Is Finished", Reggie & Ladye Love Smith"No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"Oh Lord You Are Beautiful"My Redeemer I Will Serve Thee"He Looked Beyond my Fault"


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00:37 Hello and welcome to 3ABN, our Worship Center,
00:41 to our Spring Camp Meeting.
00:43 We are having a wonderful time and the services haven't even
00:45 started on the air yet. Amen. But we have a great group of
00:49 people here from many states around and even some foreigners
00:52 we have here. We're happy about it.
00:54 I called somebody a foreigner while ago, and they said: "Well,
00:56 when you come to our country remember you're a foreigner. "
00:59 Yeah. So I said "No more name calling. "
01:01 Right? There you go... right. We're just brothers and sisters
01:03 in the Lord. That's right. Speaking of brothers and sisters
01:05 why don't you introduce us to one of our favorites.
01:08 Well this is Tina Baehm and Tina, you are one of our
01:11 favorites and a regular here at Camp Meeting.
01:14 We welcome you. Thank you; I'm so happy to be here
01:17 again. Now George... is he sleeping in?
01:20 What's going on? Yes, he's sleeping in but you'll see him
01:22 tomorrow. All right. Hope he'll be very up and active.
01:28 But these two folks are just such a great inspiration
01:32 to us. They love 3ABN.
01:35 I would tell you some of the activities they've done
01:39 to raise money for 3ABN but that's their personal story
01:43 so I'll let them tell it some time.
01:45 But they have gone to every length in collecting coins
01:49 and all kinds of things in order to help 3ABN.
01:52 And folks, it has added up to really an unbelievable thing.
01:57 A great deal of money, but their hearts are with 3ABN.
02:00 And we love you both - we do - Thank you so much
02:02 for what you do for the cause of God. We love you, too.
02:04 We think a lot about 3ABN and we want everybody
02:08 to know about His soon second coming. Amen!
02:12 And we just can't do enough and we just pray that
02:17 He will come soon and that everybody will hear about it.
02:20 And we're thankful that we can do whatever we can
02:24 to help this message go forward.
02:27 You know, yesterday George was talking about
02:29 some of the things you folks do every month to encourage people.
02:33 I know some of the things you do. Are you going to tell
02:35 some of the secrets that you do in the retirement home
02:38 where you live? I certainly will.
02:40 We live on the second floor, and there's three floors
02:43 and every floor has a TV.
02:45 So I go and turn on to channel 38 which is 3ABN.
02:49 And I make sure that it's on Sabbath.
02:52 That's quite all right.
02:54 Well that's the kind of... You just cannot...
02:59 cannot do better than that, can you Danny?
03:02 No, no, absolutely. Well again, we're here.
03:05 If you're just joining us, it's 3ABN Camp Meeting.
03:07 Who am I sitting by? My name's Jan Crismond.
03:10 We didn't plan anything, did we? No we didn't.
03:12 I'm from Claremore, OK, church. Oh, Oklahoma.
03:15 All right. Well we're glad that you're here.
03:17 My husband Don. Hi, Don. Is this your first Camp Meeting?
03:21 No. Absolutely. We met here two years ago - You did? -
03:24 and we got married about 8 months ago. You got... Great!
03:26 They met here and got married eight months later
03:29 and they're still happy. That's all right!
03:32 I came from Ohio and he came from Oklahoma
03:36 and we met here. Just got seated at the same table.
03:38 Wow! How 'bout that? Danny, that's another by-product
03:42 of coming to 3ABN Camp Meeting. That's true.
03:45 Then I also met some folk last night who are spending
03:48 their anniversaries here - the 44th and the 50th.
03:52 Maybe we'll see who those are later and they said "We just
03:54 decided to come to 3ABN to spend our anniversary. "
03:58 Yeah, and you have a couple of your dad's sisters here.
04:01 Yeah, I just introduced them while ago. They're in the back
04:03 and one more's coming later I hope... Aunt Dolly.
04:06 OK. And so we're glad for all of that and we're glad for you.
04:10 For those of you around the world. Thank you for joining us
04:12 as you do each and every day.
04:14 Now we're going to do something we don't normally do.
04:16 Production doesn't like this at all
04:18 but we're going to get up and just walk out of the camera
04:20 for a second, but they can go to C.A. and Mollie.
04:24 You guys carry us a minute and Jim and I will come up
04:26 and visit with you. Yeah, all right. Thank you.
04:29 Indeed we will. I think this is a side benefit of Camp Meeting,
04:33 Mollie. This is about the 3rd or 4th maybe 5th couple that
04:36 have met here, courted here, and gotten married
04:39 coming to Camp Meeting. So this is a great little side benefit.
04:42 If you're lonely, if you're single and you're looking for...
04:44 if you're looking for a Christian hook-up,
04:47 this is the place to come.
04:49 And for you to come spend your anniversary with us
04:53 we're just honored to have you here.
04:55 Absolutely. None of that Internet hooked-up stuff...
04:58 you can come here and do that. Precisely.
05:00 We're low tech; we're not high tech.
05:02 At least you get to see who you're going to be meeting,
05:04 right? That's right. When you come here in person.
05:06 But this is... Mollie, you're excited about this Camp Meeting.
05:09 Tell us why. Well... Come on up here.
05:12 As I have spoken about on television,
05:17 any time you're here in the congregation
05:21 live there is just such a special anointing.
05:25 And there are going to be nineteen sermons
05:29 so just think how spiritually full we're going to be
05:33 come Saturday night. I told somebody earlier
05:36 that by the time you've got that 19th sermon in you
05:41 your feet will be just almost like you're walking on air.
05:44 That's right. You know, we had a board meeting today,
05:48 and when we left that board meeting we were walking on air
05:53 as we shared some of the things that God is planning
05:56 for this ministry. We talked to a couple of our young men
06:00 who are part of our work, and as our board members
06:04 buoyed us with their encouragement and Danny,
06:10 this is the most encouraging board meeting I've been to
06:12 that I can ever recall.
06:14 Absolutely, because things are... I always remember
06:17 what Owen Troy told us. He worked for a long time,
06:20 was on a lot of boards, and Owen said:
06:22 "I love coming to the 3ABN board meetings. It's my favorite
06:25 place to come and attend board meetings. "
06:28 And someone said: "Why? "
06:29 He said: "Because they're always positive.
06:31 We're always hearing about souls coming to Jesus.
06:34 We're always hearing about miracles. "
06:36 Because folks, 3ABN, we... Actually, this is the honest
06:40 to God's truth, He knows better than anyone
06:42 we operate by faith. Amen! Now honestly if we had the money
06:46 all the time we probably wouldn't. We'd be like
06:48 "You know, well we've got the money. Let's do it! "
06:50 But God has us right where He needs us to be:
06:53 on our knees always praying. "Lord, You told us to do this
06:56 but how're we gonna do it? " Right. "You have to supply
06:59 every need. " And you know what? God is in the business of
07:02 supplying needs. He wants to supply our every need.
07:05 Throughout the Bible there's instance after... thousands
07:10 of instances where God has supplied every need.
07:13 Now not always financial, but in our work that we're doing -
07:17 He's called us to do - you can't just get on
07:19 nine satellites and go to the entire world
07:22 reaching a potential billion... I know Mollie always
07:25 has got evangelistic figures more than that...
07:28 It's two billion. OK, she says two billion... whatever.
07:31 But you can't do that without a lot of money:
07:34 millions and millions of dollars a year.
07:36 We don't have it. We don't get... And this is not
07:39 a bad thing but I'm just telling you. A lot of people
07:41 say: "Well we give through the church because they take up
07:44 media offerings. " Well 3ABN... since we're
07:48 a supporting ministry not part of the church
07:51 when you take up offerings at your church that doesn't
07:53 include 3ABN. Yet every month somehow God supplies every need.
07:59 We were having fun in the board meeting. Brian... I wish he...
08:02 I don't know if Brian is here but we ought to make him
08:04 come up here. Say "Brian, come up. "
08:06 And Jim was saying - our treasurer - that sometimes
08:09 that he's ready to bail out the car window and we're pulling him
08:12 back saying: "Don't leave us yet. It'll happen, Brian.
08:15 The money will come. "
08:16 So we said once in a while we've got to get him by the feet.
08:19 He's all the way out but by the feet and we drag him back in
08:22 and the Lord blesses. Well that was his illustration
08:25 and he said that Danny and I are driving wildly down the road
08:28 and he's about to bail out the back.
08:31 But then the Lord comes along and answers the need.
08:36 Folks, I tell you: some exciting things.
08:38 And when you talk about two billion, you see all that is
08:43 satellite reaching. If you get into the Internet,
08:46 the potential is unlimited.
08:49 Everybody who has any ability,
08:54 illiterate and all in the world, can get us by Internet,
08:59 by iPhone, by iPad...
09:01 somehow, somewhere around the world.
09:06 And that is exactly I believe what God has intended
09:09 in these last days. And we are going to see this work finished.
09:13 It's going to happen. Absolutely. In November 1984-
09:17 so this coming November - it will be 30 years.
09:20 It's the beginning of our 30-year anniversary
09:22 of the idea to build a tele- vision station that would reach
09:25 the world with an undiluted three angels' messages,
09:29 one that would counteract the counterfeit.
09:31 And when we started it we said: "Isn't this amazing?
09:34 We can go up and reach a few million people.
09:37 Technology is amazing. "
09:39 Well yes, we've read Daniel. We've read the prophecies.
09:42 "Knowledge shall be increased, men run to and fro. "
09:45 But can you imagine in the last 30 years
09:48 what has happened to technology?
09:50 All of you think about yourself.
09:52 Probably you didn't even have a computer 30 years ago.
09:54 Did you? How many of you had computers?
09:56 Very few of you. How many had smart phones 30 years ago?
10:00 Some of this group... how many even has them now?
10:03 All right. Some of you... some of you.
10:05 Well you know what? I've matured some with the help
10:09 of "techie" people. I have a smart phone.
10:10 You know one reason why? I got one a few years ago...
10:14 This is a true story. I got one... it was a Blackberry
10:17 or something... and I decided: "You know what?
10:20 That is a smart phone. It's too smart for me. "
10:22 So I took it back. I said: "I can't figure this thing out. "
10:24 But anyway, I've got one now.
10:26 Can you imagine anywhere in the world
10:29 you can pull out your phone and get 3ABN - all 6 channels -
10:33 twenty-four hours a day. What a witnessing tool!
10:36 What an evangelistic tool! Yes. Who would have dreamed?
10:38 When we started, Mollie, we had to have the big 12'
10:41 satellite dishes, right? And everybody couldn't afford them.
10:44 They were $1,200, $1,500, $2,000.
10:47 Hard to get those. Now John Lomacang
10:51 just introduced me the other day to... You've heard
10:53 of the Roku box, right? You can get a Roku...
10:56 Now you can go to... I'm not promoting any particular
10:59 store... but the one I know of - Wal-Mart - for $49
11:03 you buy a little thing that's about this big
11:05 that plugs into the back of your TV set
11:08 and you get 3ABN and all the Adventist channels 24/7.
11:12 Unplug it and travel with it anywhere in the world.
11:15 Amen. No monthly fee.
11:17 So if you want to do something for people that you love
11:21 especially maybe some of those that's older,
11:23 they're seniors, they can't get out,
11:25 go spend $49. It's a one-time deal. Yeah.
11:28 You get some of these networks and you've got to pay $30, $40
11:31 a month. This is a one-time deal.
11:34 Look what God has done to the technology
11:37 from that to now reaching hundreds of millions -
11:41 billion if you will, Mollie -
11:43 and people around the world in the last 30 years.
11:46 Now we are seeing things we've never seen.
11:49 It's exciting, isn't it?
11:50 It's exciting that literally anywhere in the world
11:53 and anybody who really wants to watch 3ABN now can.
11:57 Amen! Hop in there, C.A.
12:00 I'm impressed. He's having a hard time getting in
12:03 between me and Jim.
12:05 I'm used to it. I'm impressed by our audience tonight.
12:11 For a Wednesday night this is a wonderful audience.
12:14 Yeah. Full house, and we've got storms outside.
12:18 Yeah. Some little activity going on.
12:20 By the power of God it's sunshine in our souls tonight -
12:22 Amen - and it's going to be a good night in the Lord.
12:25 Amen. Absolutely. Wow. In the next night or two
12:28 we're literally opening up all these walls. We're going to
12:31 have a packed house. So those of you watching by television
12:34 come to 3ABN. We'll make room for you somewhere.
12:38 We'd love to have you come.
12:39 That's what this Camp Meeting's all about:
12:41 we get to do the one-on-one thing.
12:43 Through the course of the year we're looking through cameras
12:46 and in glass, but it's so nice to be able to meet people
12:49 one-on-one and hear your stories.
12:50 If you have a great story of the Lord blessing,
12:54 coming to the Lord through this ministry,
12:56 something that's really important in your life,
12:59 be sure when you see Dee or Mollie or some of us
13:01 around let us know, would you? Because we love hearing
13:04 those stories of what God is doing through your ministry.
13:07 See, this is not ours. It's all of our ministry.
13:10 Without you we couldn't do anything.
13:12 So thank you for your love and prayers and financial support.
13:16 Thank you for those of you coming out, and those of you
13:18 at home, thank you for all that you do
13:20 for the cause of God through 3ABN.
13:23 Well Danny, we are looking forward to a real exciting
13:26 first hour, second hour, and third hour tonight.
13:29 Three hours. The first hour we wanted to get acquainted,
13:33 talk with you, have some music.
13:35 But before we have our music I'm going to ask Pastor C.A.
13:39 to lead us to the throne in prayer.
13:42 Shall we pray? Gracious Father,
13:45 how happy we are, how glad we are,
13:50 how long is the list for things that we can rejoice over.
13:55 We are happy for the call that brought us from darkness
13:58 to light, from error to truth,
14:01 from the broad way to the narrow way.
14:04 We're thankful for the Seventh-day Adventist church
14:08 and the message of the three angels.
14:11 And we are thankful, Lord, that we have a guarantee that
14:14 this message will go forth conquering and to conquer.
14:18 We know even now that we are on the winning team
14:21 for Jesus Christ is Lord and General of this army.
14:26 We are thankful for this ministry that You erected
14:30 for it is Your ministry... not ours.
14:32 It belongs to You; it came from You.
14:35 It owes its existence to You.
14:37 We have been given trust and charge, Lord, and we are
14:40 thankful for a small part to play
14:43 in joining hands with You in the greatest job
14:46 ever given to humanity, and that's lifting up
14:49 the mighty and matchless name of Jesus.
14:51 We are thankful, Lord, for this Camp Meeting experience
14:54 and that for the next several days we will focus on the things
15:00 for which the SDA church came into existence:
15:04 and that is to prepare a world for the soon coming of our Lord
15:08 and Savior Jesus Christ.
15:10 And so I ask even now for each speaker, each presenter,
15:14 each singer holy boldness,
15:18 holy unction, and anointing from Your throne
15:21 that they will say precisely and exactly
15:24 what You want them to say. That the message that they will
15:27 give will come through them but from You.
15:30 May the songs that are sung lift our hearts towards heaven.
15:34 May we sit in heavenly places during these next several days
15:38 and may we get a new vision of the King and the soon-coming
15:43 kingdom. We ask You to bless this audience that sits here
15:46 tonight. Open our hearts; open our minds.
15:49 Make us, Lord, receptive to the word that will come forth.
15:53 Then be with those who are yet on their way.
15:56 Please, dear God, be pleased to give them traveling mercies
16:01 so that we hear no notices of accidents or hurt or harm
16:05 or danger. We want the saints of God to come to the house
16:08 of God in safety. So bless them, Father.
16:11 And then as we move through this weekend
16:14 please, Father, draw us close to the precious, bleeding side
16:18 of Christ Jesus. For those who are growing cold
16:21 and weak in their faith, may this weekend strengthen them
16:25 and help them to get a new hold of Christ.
16:28 For those who do not know Him, may they be introduced to Him
16:32 this weekend. For those who are yet unprepared
16:36 may they make preparation to meet Jesus on that great day.
16:40 And may each of us take one more giant step
16:44 along that road that leads to glory.
16:47 Bless this night and this meeting
16:50 and every day and every meeting until this Camp Meeting
16:54 shall have come to a close. But more than that
16:57 keep us, Lord, until the day we are blessed to see You
17:00 face to blessed face and to hear from Your lips
17:05 the "Well done. " Oh dear Father,
17:07 we yield ourselves to You. Be the honored guest.
17:10 Take our prayer and our praise and in exchange give us Your
17:15 presence and Your power. And we thank you Mighty Father
17:19 in the blessed and worthy name of Jesus,
17:22 Amen. Amen.
17:24 OK. I think we have Pastor John Lomacang
17:27 that's going to come out and minister to us.
17:30 John is the pastor of the 3ABN Worship Center.
17:33 If you live around here and you watch him on television,
17:35 he's a great pastor... he and Angie. They love the Lord
17:39 and they minister to us all the time.
17:41 And not only through his preaching but an incredible
17:44 gift of music that God has given you. Thank you, John.
17:48 You know, we have choices as to who to worship
17:50 and that's going to be the deciding factor. Tonight
17:53 I'd like to begin with a song that puts my anchor down
17:57 that when the choices are made whom to worship:
18:00 I Will Worship Only At The Feet Of Jesus.
18:16 I went to visit
18:21 the shrine of plenty
18:27 and found its storeroom
18:33 all filled with dust.
18:39 I found an altar
18:44 of gold and silver.
18:51 But as I knelt there
18:56 they turned to rust.
19:01 So I'll worship only
19:08 at the feet of Jesus.
19:13 His cup alone
19:19 my holy grail.
19:25 There'll be no other
19:31 gods before Him.
19:37 Just Jesus only
19:43 will never fail.
19:49 The call of fortune
19:55 made me a pilgrim
20:00 to journey to
20:06 fame's promised heights.
20:12 But as I climbed
20:18 the promise faded
20:24 and wind blew lonely
20:29 all through the night.
20:35 So I'll worship only
20:41 at the feet of Jesus.
20:47 His cup alone
20:53 is my holy grail.
20:59 There'll be no other
21:05 gods before Him.
21:10 Just Jesus only
21:16 will never fail.
21:24 Just desert dust
21:28 and empty shadows.
21:33 All promises...
21:40 they turned to lies.
21:46 For the gods of earth
21:51 failed and betrayed me,
21:58 but You alone are
22:04 the Truth and Life. Can you say Amen?
22:09 For I'll worship only
22:15 at the feet of Jesus.
22:21 His cup alone
22:26 is my holy grail.
22:33 There'll be no other
22:39 gods before Him.
22:44 Just Jesus only
22:50 will never fail.
22:55 Yes, just Jesus only
23:01 will never
23:05 fail.
23:14 Amen. You know, what's so wonderful about preaching
23:20 messages on the second coming is we know that soon and very
23:23 soon this great controversy's going to be over. Can you say
23:26 Amen to that? Amen. No more sickness;
23:30 no more suffering; no more sorrow; no more death;
23:33 no more crying. And the joy that we have anticipated
23:36 would one day be a reality to the saints.
23:39 And so tonight I want to re-anchor my faith in Christ
23:42 and I wasn't there when Jesus said in the very beginning
23:45 "It is finished. " I wasn't there.
23:47 I wasn't there on the cross when He said
23:49 "It is finished. " But I plan on by God's grace
23:53 being there in the end when He says "It is finished. "
23:57 May God bless you as you anchor your faith
23:59 for one day it will be finished.
24:13 There's a line that's been drawn
24:16 through the ages.
24:20 On that line
24:23 stands an old rugged cross.
24:29 On that cross
24:31 a battle is raging
24:37 for the gain of man's soul
24:42 or its loss.
24:50 On one side march the forces
24:56 of evil...
24:59 All the demons and devils of hell.
25:08 But on the other
25:10 the angels of glory...
25:16 as they meet
25:19 on Golgotha's hill.
25:25 And the earth shakes
25:27 with the force of the conflict
25:33 as the sun
25:36 refuses to shine.
25:42 For there hangs God's Son
25:46 in the balance.
25:50 And then through the darkness
25:54 He cries:
25:59 "It is finished! "
26:01 The battle is over!
26:06 "It is finished! "
26:10 There'll be no more war.
26:15 "It is finished! "
26:18 The end of the conflict.
26:24 "It is finished! "
26:27 And Jesus is Lord!
26:37 Yet in my heart
26:40 the battle still rages.
26:47 Not all the prisoners of war
26:52 have come home.
26:57 There are battles
26:59 of my own making
27:05 for I didn't know
27:08 that the war had been won.
27:13 Then I heard that...
27:17 that the King of the ages
27:22 had fought
27:25 all my battles for me.
27:30 Now the victory
27:34 is mine for the claiming
27:38 and now
27:41 praise God I am free!
27:47 Yes... "It is finished! "
27:50 The battle is over.
27:55 "It is finished! "
27:59 There will be no more war.
28:04 "It is finished! "
28:07 It's the end of the conflict.
28:12 Yes... "It is finished! "
28:16 and my Jesus is Lord!
28:22 "It is finished! "
28:24 and my Jesus
28:29 is Lord!
28:44 Thank you pastor.
28:46 Beautiful! Thank you.
28:48 My basketball buddy, too.
28:52 We play basketball on Tuesday nights.
28:54 And so he's got a lot of talents and one of those is playing
28:58 basketball. We've...
29:02 We're so blessed to have Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
29:05 They're from Nashville, Tennessee.
29:07 I'm going to ask them to come out right now.
29:09 And their son Bret's out here somewhere. He's my buddy.
29:13 Me and him... we have a lot of fun times together.
29:16 When they come up every now and then we sneak off
29:17 to a little pond in the area. We've got some little fishing
29:20 ponds, and me and him catch some blue gill and bass
29:23 and we have a good time together.
29:25 But I love you guys... respect you
29:28 as Christians, as great friends.
29:30 And the musical talent that God has given them
29:33 is really phenomenal... it really is.
29:36 I marvel at what God does in them and through them.
29:40 I've seen them in the studios for 8, 9, 10 hours -
29:44 I think we were 12 the last time -
29:46 and their voices don't give out.
29:48 A song or two, three... I mean, mine gets tired.
29:52 And I guess I don't use my vocal cords right.
29:54 But you guys can sing... I was telling them
29:56 you were traveling down on a boat for -
29:58 you know - singing for all weekend
30:00 then you were down in North Carolina singing.
30:03 Come on up here just a little bit.
30:04 You were yesterday in North Carolina all day doing...
30:07 you were doing vocals with who?
30:09 Actually we were doing back- ground vocals for Ivan Parker.
30:12 Gospel singer Ivan Parker.
30:14 Great singer. I saw you on Facebook.
30:16 Layde is Facebook king. If you want to go... queen.
30:19 She and Melody... my daughter Melody...
30:22 And she has one child so Melody has eight,
30:25 so you know everything they do.
30:27 So now that they're in Tennessee I still...
30:30 I try to tell something from time to time...
30:33 just anything. "Oh, where have you guys been? "
30:35 "Well, we've been such and such. " And as soon as they ask
30:37 me "Well we already know where you guys have been.
30:40 We know what you're doing. " Well what we're going to do
30:42 they have a brand new... It's a CD and a brand new DVD.
30:46 What's the name of it? Thank You, Lord.
30:48 Thank You, Lord. That's a title from a song that you wrote.
30:50 And guess where it was recorded?
30:52 Right here at 3ABN.
30:53 And this really is one of the most incredible... there's 23
30:56 songs? Twenty-three. Twenty-three songs.
30:58 They've got people like - guests - Cliff Barrows
31:02 from the Billy Graham Association.
31:03 Danny Shelton. Well... Yvonne Lewis.
31:06 You know, some of the other folks on here.
31:08 But it really is an incredible number of songs.
31:12 And these are available here at 3ABN Camp Meeting.
31:16 So we want you to stop by the booths later on.
31:19 Those of you watching you can get those from Reggie and Ladye.
31:23 If you don't have their address, contact us at 3ABN.
31:26 But we'd encourage you to be ministered to by a variety
31:31 of songs - 20-some songs. So we thank you for what you're doing.
31:34 We support you; we love you; and we pray for you constantly.
31:39 So bless us with a few songs right now.
31:54 I would love to tell you what
31:57 I think of Jesus
32:02 since I've found in Him a friend
32:05 so kind and true;
32:10 I would tell you
32:12 how He changed my life completely,
32:18 He did something
32:20 that no other friend
32:23 could do.
32:28 No one
32:31 ever cared for me
32:36 like Jesus,
32:41 There's no other friend
32:46 so kind
32:48 as He;
32:53 No one else could take
32:58 the sin
33:00 and darkness from me,
33:07 O how much
33:10 He cares for me.
33:18 All my life was full of sin
33:24 when Jesus found me,
33:29 And all my heart was full
33:35 of misery and woe;
33:42 But Jesus placed
33:45 His strong and loving arms
33:49 around me,
33:55 And He led me in
33:58 the way I ought to go.
34:06 And every day
34:09 He comes to me
34:12 with a new assurance,
34:18 And more and more
34:21 I understand
34:25 His words of love;
34:31 But I'll never know
34:35 just why
34:37 He came to save me,
34:43 Till that day
34:46 I see His blessed face above.
34:53 No one
34:57 ever cared for me
35:02 like Jesus,
35:07 There's no other friend
35:12 so kind
35:14 as He;
35:19 No one else
35:23 could take the sin
35:25 and darkness from me,
35:33 O how much
35:36 He cares
35:38 for me...
35:45 O how much
35:48 He cares
35:52 for me...
35:56 for me.
36:11 It's so good to be with you tonight here and for the next
36:14 few days. It's going to be amazing, isn't it?
36:16 Amen. We just never know what God is going to reveal to us
36:21 and show us. And I just pray that we all have open hearts
36:24 tonight as we come and that we have open hearts to hear
36:26 His voice and to not miss what He might be trying to show us.
36:31 Because sometimes He shows us through things we would never
36:34 imagine, right? Little things like walking
36:37 to the Worship Center and back or running into someone
36:41 or even sometimes things that are hard.
36:45 I just am so appreciative to be with you tonight.
36:49 And I'm just so appreciative. I just love how God loves us
36:54 and how He is always there no matter what...
36:58 no matter what we're going through.
37:00 I know in our lives, we have always known Him
37:02 to be faithful and true.
37:05 And He says in His Word that He will never leave us
37:07 or forsake us.
37:08 Sometimes things are going on that are so hard we don't
37:11 realize that. We think: "I don't know.
37:14 I don't feel You; I don't hear You. "
37:16 But He says: "I will never leave you or forsake you.
37:21 Look for Me in the smallest things. "
37:23 Listen for His voice this week.
37:25 Wherever you are tonight listen... because He says
37:29 "I love you and I'll never leave you. "
37:34 Oh Lord, You're beautiful;
37:45 Your face
37:47 is all I seek
37:56 For when Your eyes
38:01 they're on this child
38:07 Your grace abounds
38:12 to me.
38:17 I want to take Your word
38:23 and shine it all around.
38:27 But first, help me Lord
38:31 to just live it,
38:33 Lord.
38:38 And when I'm doin' well
38:44 help me to never... never seek a crown.
38:49 For my reward
38:52 is givin' glory unto You.
39:02 Oh Lord,
39:04 please light the fire
39:11 that once burned bright
39:16 and clear.
39:21 Replace the lamp
39:26 of my first love
39:29 that burns
39:32 with holy fear.
39:38 I want to take Your word
39:44 and shine it all around.
39:47 But first help me
39:50 to just live it, Lord.
39:56 And when I'm doin' well
40:01 help me to never seek a crown.
40:05 For my reward
40:08 is givin' glory
40:12 unto You.
40:28 As I look back
40:31 on this road that I've traveled
40:39 I've seen so many times
40:43 that He's carried... carried me through.
40:51 But if there's one thing
40:55 that I've learned in this life
40:59 it's that my Redeemer
41:05 is faithful and true.
41:13 My Redeemer
41:16 is faithful and true.
41:22 And everything that He has said
41:28 He will do.
41:33 And every morning
41:37 His mercies
41:39 are new.
41:46 My Redeemer
41:49 is faithful and true.
42:04 My heart rejoices
42:07 when I read His promise:
42:15 "There is a place that I'm preparing
42:21 for you. "
42:27 I know someday I'll see my Lord...
42:34 I'll see my Lord face to face
42:39 'cause my Redeemer
42:45 is faithful and true.
42:53 My Redeemer...
42:57 He's faithful and true.
43:05 And everything that He has said
43:11 He will do.
43:17 And every morning
43:21 His mercies
43:23 are new...
43:26 they're new.
43:34 'Cause my Redeemer...
43:39 my Redeemer...
43:44 my Redeemer...
43:48 my Redeemer
43:51 He's faithful
43:53 and true.
44:04 My Redeemer
44:09 is faithful and
44:16 true.
44:43 Ah, this next song that we're going to sing
44:45 is written by - some of you might know -
44:49 Mr. Bill Gaither. And we get the opportunity
44:51 to travel with him some from time to time.
44:53 He's a new, fledgling song writer with a couple of new
44:56 songs coming out soon. Up and coming...
44:58 Up and coming... but just a wonderful friend of ours.
45:01 And we've had the opportunity to travel with the Homecoming
45:04 bunch for a long time. But we are so blessed to be
45:07 at Camp Meeting - Amen! - with you guys.
45:10 Amen. Gonna be a wonderful, wonderful week
45:14 and we're going to sing this last song for you.
45:16 Thank you so much.
45:30 I will serve Thee
45:35 because I love Thee.
45:41 You have given life
45:48 to me.
45:54 I was nothing
45:58 before You found me.
46:05 You have given life
46:11 to me.
46:17 Heartaches,
46:22 broken pieces,
46:28 ruined lives are why
46:33 You died on
46:38 Calvary.
46:41 Your touch
46:45 was what I longed for.
46:52 You have given life
46:58 to me.
47:04 I will serve Thee
47:09 because I love Thee.
47:15 You have
47:17 given life
47:22 to me.
47:29 I was nothing
47:34 before You found me.
47:41 You have
47:44 given life
47:50 to me.
47:57 Heartaches,
48:02 broken pieces,
48:08 ruined lives are why
48:15 You died
48:18 on Calvary.
48:23 Your touch
48:26 is what
48:28 I longed for.
48:34 You have given life
48:41 to me.
48:47 You have
48:49 given life
48:57 to
49:00 me.
49:20 You were blessed; we're all blessed.
49:23 I look at Mr. Hal over here and I'm blessed just get to
49:26 see him tonight. He makes me smile.
49:30 He's married to a beautiful woman.
49:32 You married way over your head, brother.
49:37 As they say down in Mississippi: "He outputted
49:40 his coverage. "
49:42 Mr. Hal, I know all about it.
49:44 I did too, so...
49:47 So, I don't know if Ladye talked about, but we have
49:50 an eleven-year-old boy. And we have an only
49:53 and his name is Bret. He will be 12 comin' up soon
49:57 and so he'll be here with us.
49:59 And some of the kids will see him around.
50:00 And maybe we can get him up to sing a song with us
50:04 before the end of the week...
50:06 week. Sabbath. Would that be OK with you guys?
50:14 I think they want us to do another song. Is that OK?
50:17 Yeah! So we'll just do that next song.
50:20 Yeah, here we go.
50:39 Amazing grace
50:43 shall always be my song of praise.
50:50 For it was grace
50:55 that bought my liberty.
51:03 I do not know
51:08 just why He came
51:12 to love me so.
51:16 He looked
51:17 beyond my fault
51:22 and saw my need.
51:28 I shall
51:30 forever lift mine eyes
51:37 to Calvary
51:41 to view the cross
51:45 where Jesus died
51:50 for me.
51:54 How marvelous
51:59 the grace that caught
52:02 my falling soul.
52:07 It looked beyond
52:12 my fault
52:15 and saw my need.
52:20 I shall forever
52:27 lift mine eyes to Calvary
52:33 to view the cross
52:37 where Jesus died
52:41 for me.
52:46 How marvelous
52:51 the grace that caught
52:55 my falling soul.
53:06 He looked beyond
53:11 all my fault
53:13 and saw my need...
53:19 He looked beyond
53:25 my fault
53:28 and saw my
53:35 need.
53:43 Amen.


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