Spring Camp Meeting 2014

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
14SCM000001S Video Transcript 0:54:14 Intro and Music Danny Shelton & Jim Gilley (Host), John Lomacang"I'll Worship Only"It Is Finished", Reggie & Ladye Love Smith"No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"Oh Lord You Are Beautiful"My Redeemer I Will Serve Thee"He Looked Beyond my Fault"
14SCM000002S Video Transcript 0:55:58 The Promise of His Coming John Bradshaw
14SCM000003S Video Transcript 0:57:49 The Great Controversy and the Second Coming Kameron Devasher
14SCM000004S Video Transcript 0:57:59 No One Knows the Day or the Hour Nathan Renner
14SCM000005S Video 0:57:59 Preparing for the Second Coming John Bradshaw
14SCM000006S Video Transcript 0:57:59 Parable of the Ten Virgins Shelley Quinn
14SCM000007S Video Transcript 0:57:59 He's Coming When You Least Expect Lonnie Melashenko
14SCM000008S Video Transcript 0:57:59 Music Hour Tim Parton & Danny Shelton"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus", Tim Parton"Thank You Now", Tim Parton, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith"Softly & Tenderly", Reggie & Ladye Love Smith"Somewhere In Between"
14SCM000009S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Manner of His Coming Carlton P. Byrd
14SCM000010S Video Transcript 0:57:59 Signs of His Coming John Lomacang
14SCM000011S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Apparent Delay James Rafferty
14SCM000012S Video Transcript 0:57:59 Close of Probation David Shin
14SCM000013S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Schools of Interpretation Ty Gibson
14SCM000014S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Time of His Coming Kenny Shelton
14SCM000015S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The People He is Coming For Ty Gibson
14SCM000016S Video Transcript 0:57:59 Revival of People Who Want to Meet Jesus Stephen Bohr
14SCM000017S Video Transcript 0:57:59 As the Days of Noah Jim Gilley
14SCM000019S Video Transcript 1:37:04 The Latter Rain and the Second Coming Walter Pearson
14SCM000020S Video 0:27:59 Music Hour NA
14SCM000021S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Parable of the Wedding Feast C. A. Murray
14SCM000022S Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Remnant Stephen Bohr
14SCM000023S Video 0:58:56 Matthew 24:14 Must Be Fulfilled Lyle Albrecht


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