Spring Camp Meeting 2014

The Promise of His Coming

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Participants: John Bradshaw


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00:39 It's a wild stormy night in southern Illinois tonight
00:42 and we've been knocked off the air.
00:44 Some of you have been watching from time to time,
00:48 but as you know and we found out
00:50 we were no longer reaching out around the world.
00:53 But now - praise God! - we're back on
00:56 and we are thankful for that.
00:58 Our speaker for this second program
01:02 which is our first preaching program
01:05 is the It Is Written Speaker/ Director Pastor John Bradshaw.
01:11 And he has... for 12 years he was an evangelist with
01:16 Amazing Facts. Pastored for many years - 15 years -
01:20 in the Kentucky-Tennessee conference and also
01:24 at the Village Church near Walla Walla, Washington.
01:27 And this is a man who loves the Lord Jesus.
01:32 To get to know John Bradshaw is to really know him.
01:36 I first met him when my brother-in-law Jim Thurmond
01:39 was the ministerial director in the Kentucky-Tennessee
01:43 conference. He called John Bradshaw to come and do some
01:46 evangelism. And I was president at Arkansas-Louisiana
01:50 and he said: "Jim, you need to look at this young man.
01:53 God has called him in a special way to minister. "
01:58 And so it was at that time that I met John and his wife
02:01 Melissa. They didn't have any children then.
02:04 They have a son Jacob now and they have a daughter Shannon.
02:07 But we got well acquainted with John Bradshaw
02:11 and we were able to have him come to the Arkansas-Louisiana
02:14 conference and do some evangelism as well when he was
02:19 with Amazing Facts.
02:21 So now the next voice that you hear will be the voice
02:27 of the Speaker/Director for It Is Written
02:30 Pastor John Bradshaw.
02:36 Thank you, sir... thank you very much.
02:39 Well... good evening everyone.
02:42 Good evening. All right.
02:45 Glad you brought your umbrella with you.
02:48 If you can't be with us here in Illinois, then you can't
02:51 appreciate the... You know what I tell people?
02:57 Right now I live in southern California.
02:58 I'll be living there just a couple of months longer.
03:02 Excuse me. I tell people that in southern California
03:05 the weather is either good or perfect.
03:10 It's one or the other.
03:15 They don't say that here in southern Illinois.
03:20 They don't say that... that wouldn't be truthful.
03:24 But irrespective of what the weather's doing out there
03:29 I'm happy to be in here with you all. What do you say?
03:33 Amen. The Lord is good... He is very, very good.
03:36 I'm not going to say I hope He's been good to you
03:38 'cause I know He's been good to you.
03:40 I hope you know that He has been good to you.
03:44 God is only good - Amen!
03:48 And I trust that you are here expecting to be richly blessed
03:52 over the next few days.
03:54 I'm thankful to be here at 3ABN
03:56 and I thank God for 3ABN and what He continues to do
03:59 through this terrific Christian organization.
04:01 And as a matter of fact I'll tell you a funny story.
04:05 I got on a plane to fly out here...
04:07 And I walked onto the plane
04:11 and you know... you walk on a plane, there's
04:13 flight attendants waiting there to greet you as you get on
04:17 the plane. And I stepped on the plane
04:19 and a very lovely lady who may well be watching me...
04:22 Dawn, if you're watching then good evening...
04:25 she... I'm about to embarrass her...
04:28 she... and myself... she greeted me and she said:
04:31 "Are you James Bradshaw? "
04:41 Oh yeah... she was close and that was good enough.
04:45 Part of me wanted to say: "No, that's my nephew"
04:48 'cause I have a nephew named James.
04:50 And instead I looked at her as though I was guilty.
04:52 I said: "Ma'am, I did not take that money, honestly.
04:54 It was not me. "
04:56 And then she said: "I watch you on television. "
04:59 And I was glad to know that somebody's watching
05:00 you know. And she told me later on:
05:02 "Oh, I'm so blessed watching you on 3ABN. "
05:05 So anyhow... thank the Lord for that.
05:07 And there's a wonderful story about how... anyway, I'll...
05:11 Dawn, I'll leave you to tell your own story.
05:13 That's enough for now.
05:15 But that was kind of fun and lovely to meet her
05:18 and wonderful to hear how God continues to work
05:20 through ministries that He has raised up.
05:23 Anyhow... tonight I'm to talk with you about the promise
05:27 of His coming.
05:28 I believe Jesus is coming back soon, what about you? Amen!
05:32 I'm convinced... I'm profoundly convinced
05:34 and I'm glad Jesus is coming back soon.
05:39 If you don't mind or as a matter of fact
05:41 even if you do mind we're going to pray now
05:43 and not ask God for His presence.
05:46 That would be an insult.
05:47 We shall thank Him for His presence with us tonight.
05:50 Let's pray. Our Father and our God,
05:52 we come to You tonight in the name of Jesus Your Son.
05:56 I think of the words of that old hymn: In my hands
06:00 no price I bring.
06:03 Simply to the cross I cling.
06:07 That's where we are.
06:08 We can't turn up tonight feeling good about our accomplishments
06:12 and proud of our good works for we know that Jesus said
06:17 "Without Me ye can do nothing. "
06:20 That's who we are,
06:22 but tonight we come to You in faith
06:24 to be found in Him not having our own righteousness's
06:29 which are of the law but the righteousness of God
06:33 which is by faith in Jesus Christ.
06:37 We don't deserve... we are not worthy...
06:39 we shall never deserve and never be worthy.
06:41 But in Christ
06:43 we have and are everything that we need.
06:49 So now I pray that You would speak.
06:52 I pray that we would hear Your voice.
06:55 I pray I would hear Your voice.
06:57 I pray that in spite of the limitations of fallen humanity
07:02 we would be blessed tonight
07:05 through Your Spirit's presence, through the power of Your Word,
07:09 and through the touch of divine grace.
07:13 And so, Lord, bless now we ask
07:17 and we pray in Jesus' name - please say with me -
07:25 Amen.
07:28 It was World War II.
07:31 The American-occupied Philippines were under attack
07:36 from Japan.
07:38 In fact, the attack seemed so relentless - so strong -
07:41 that defending the Philippines seemed futile.
07:44 MacArthur was told to get out,
07:46 to leave the Philippines... and so he did.
07:48 He boarded a ship bound for Australia, and on his way to
07:51 Melbourne, Australia, he uttered some words that history has
07:55 recorded and that we have remembered.
07:57 MacArthur made a wonderful promise, a tremendous promise...
08:00 a promise that is relevant to what we are talking about
08:03 tonight. General MacArthur said: "I shall return. "
08:09 Now imagine: you are a citizen of the Philippines.
08:14 There you are, and you are now living in an occupied country...
08:17 a country not occupied by liberators
08:21 but by an occupying force bent on removing your freedom
08:24 and establishing a system not your own.
08:28 Ringing in their ears was the promise MacArthur made
08:31 "I shall return... " behind bar- bed wire or high stone fences.
08:35 Behind lines of men holding machine guns.
08:38 Behind whatever they were behind!
08:40 Here were people who remembered that MacArthur had said
08:43 "I shall return. "
08:47 And what did MacArthur do?
08:49 Well, the fabulous news for the people in the Philippines was
08:52 that on October the 20th in the year 1944
08:56 now as the commander of the southwestern Pacific area
09:00 General Douglas MacArthur made good on his previous promise
09:03 and waded ashore at a place called Leyte
09:06 and then the people of the Philippines experienced
09:11 freedom... freedom from tyranny.
09:14 Freedom from occupation.
09:16 Freedom from captivity.
09:18 And they experienced the promise of hope for the future.
09:22 This has a parallel for 2,000 years ago Jesus left this earth
09:27 and just before He did He made the same promise.
09:32 He made the promise to a people who were likewise bound,
09:36 captive, held in an occupied territory.
09:39 Open your Bible please to John chapter 14.
09:42 John chapter 14.
09:45 And tonight while you are turning there
09:47 I shall tell you this:
09:49 I aim to tell ya nothing new.
09:52 But if I tell you something you already knew when you arrived
09:55 and you leave this place tonight or that place tonight
09:58 encouraged and strengthened in your faith
10:02 I will consider that the Holy Spirit has done His job tonight.
10:05 John chapter 14 verse 1. I used to tell my congregations
10:08 "If I ever tell you anything that you've never heard before,
10:11 there's something wrong either with you or me... one of us. "
10:15 John 14 verse 1 Jesus said: "Let not your heart be... " What?
10:20 "troubled. "
10:21 He said: "You believe in God believe also in... " What?
10:25 "Me. "
10:27 "In My Father's house are many mansions;
10:29 if it were not so, I would have told you.
10:31 I go to prepare a place for you. " Do you like that?
10:36 "And if I go and prepare a place for you... "
10:39 Say it with me:
10:40 "I will come again to receive you unto Myself
10:45 so that where I am there... " What? "you may be also. "
10:48 What a promise! Jesus said: "I'm leaving.
10:51 I am going to heaven and I'm coming back.
10:54 And when I come back I'm getting you
10:57 and I'm taking you to be with Me in that place
11:01 forever. " Praise the Lord!
11:05 You know, something I enjoy doing... and I don't think this
11:07 is very different than most people: I enjoy driving around
11:10 and seeing nice homes.
11:11 I don't mean every day I'm saying to my wife: "Let's go
11:14 driving, " but you know what I mean. It's always nice
11:16 to look at... "Well that is beautiful. "
11:18 "Look at that beautiful structure. "
11:19 Do you know something? You have not even imagined
11:23 in your wildest dreams what Jesus is preparing in heaven
11:26 for you now. And bear with me for a moment.
11:30 We know that in heaven we shall walk on streets of gold.
11:32 We'll enter the place through gates of pearl.
11:34 But you know what? I could care less.
11:36 I don't mind if there is a pup tent up there waiting for me
11:39 next to a lane that's covered in mud
11:42 and rocks and stones because for me heaven is
11:45 less about the mansion, less about the pavement,
11:48 less about what the pearls are made out of
11:50 and all about the fact that God and His Son, our Savior,
11:55 elder brother Jesus will be there.
11:57 That's enough for me.
11:58 Eternity's going to be beautiful.
12:00 The promise of the return of Jesus is the central theme of
12:04 the New Testament and you could say the theme of the Bible.
12:07 From the day when Adam and Eve turned their steps slowly away
12:11 from the gates of Eden people of faith have been
12:15 waiting for their Redeemer to bring them again to the
12:18 lost paradise. First book of the Bible written
12:21 was the book of Job and in that book Job said
12:25 "I know that my Redeemer liveth
12:29 and that He shall stand upon the earth in the latter day. "
12:32 He said: "And though worms destroy this body
12:35 yet in my flesh I shall see God. "
12:40 Job was looking forward to the return of Jesus
12:42 and Job lived thousands of years ago.
12:45 Saint Paul wrote in II Timothy chapter 4: "I am now ready
12:49 to be offered. The time of my departure is at hand.
12:52 I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course;
12:55 I have kept the faith.
12:57 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness
13:01 which the Lord, the righteous Judge,
13:04 shall give me... " When? "at that day.
13:08 And not to me only but unto all them also
13:11 who love His appearing. "
13:14 Paul said: "I'm going to die and fall asleep
13:16 but I am looking forward to that day. "
13:18 "I will receive a crown of righteousness on that day. "
13:22 "All those who love His appear- ing will be blessed supremely
13:25 by God on that day. "
13:28 That great day when Jesus comes to take us home!
13:32 The long-promised Messiah will one day really appear.
13:38 It is said that one verse in every 25
13:41 in the New Testament refers to Jesus' second coming.
13:44 The Bible talks about "the Blessed Hope. "
13:49 And I don't want you thinking it's the blessed hope as in
13:51 "Well I... I hope He comes back. "
13:54 You know, ladies and gentlemen, there are some things that
13:58 you should not hope for. You should not hope
14:01 to be saved when Jesus comes back.
14:05 There I was standing in church where I was pastoring
14:08 and after early service in the chapel people were filing out
14:11 and I was shaking hands as I love to do.
14:14 And there was a dear saint who came by. And I said...
14:17 I don't know... what did I say? Oh I'll make it up...
14:19 You weren't there... you'll never know.
14:24 I don't know what was said but it was something like:
14:27 "Well sister, the good news is Jesus is coming back soon. "
14:30 Ah, that was it exactly word for word:
14:33 "Jesus is coming back soon. "
14:35 And she looked up at me and with I don't know quite what
14:38 in her eyes she said: "Pastor, I just hope I'm ready. "
14:43 I said to the next person in line: "Would you mind waiting
14:46 here a moment? Excuse us. "
14:47 And I ushered here over here a little bit
14:49 and I said: "Sister, we need to talk. "
14:51 And she looked at me like she was being taken to the
14:53 principal's office. But the fact was.. she was!
14:59 And I said: "What did you say?
15:00 Did you say you hope to be ready when Jesus comes back? "
15:03 And she said: "Yes... did I say something wrong? "
15:05 And I said: "Yes. "
15:08 "Well, shouldn't I hope to be ready? "
15:11 "No. " Why here's the pastor telling her not to hope to be
15:14 ready to meet Jesus when He comes back.
15:16 I said: "Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior? "
15:20 "Yes. " I said: "Are you living in any kind of wild, crazy
15:24 lifestyle that I should know about? " "No pastor! "
15:27 Well I knew that. I said: "Then you don't need to hope
15:31 to be ready when Jesus comes back.
15:33 You can live your days knowing, believing that you are ready
15:37 to meet Jesus when He comes back. "
15:38 Amen! If we are confused about that, man,
15:41 we are seriously confused.
15:44 John wrote in I John: "I have written these things
15:47 to you so that you may KNOW. " You don't need to doubt
15:52 and you don't need to hope. Instead, you can believe!
15:56 Don't be telling anybody "I hope so. "
15:58 Hope implies doubt; it implies uncertainty.
16:02 If you tell me you hope to be ready, then you're telling me
16:04 there's a good chance you might not be.
16:06 Come on now, the day you accepted Jesus Christ
16:09 you received Him, you received His righteousness...
16:12 what more do you need?
16:14 Live a life of hope; live a life connected to God;
16:18 and you are living a life of confident assurance.
16:22 And I'm not talking about you saying: "Well now that I'm saved
16:24 I can't be lost. " You know I'm not saying that.
16:27 But when you have Christ... Come on now,
16:29 when I travel back to the United States I don't travel on
16:33 a U.S. passport. But it's OK... really.
16:37 I still travel on a New Zealand passport.
16:40 When I come back with my passport and I hand over
16:42 my green card and I know they can't keep me out.
16:46 Legally I mean... unless I break the law...
16:49 they can't not let me in!
16:51 I belong! When I travel home to my home country of New Zealand
16:55 I flash that New Zealand passport at them. In fact,
16:58 I don't even have to talk to a person. I just
17:00 look in a machine and it reads my mind or
17:03 looks at my retinas or something and I put my passport in a slot
17:08 and I pull it out and the doors open and I'm in.
17:11 And they can't keep me out!
17:13 I'm a citizen, man... I have my passport!
17:17 If you have Christ in your heart by faith,
17:22 you've got your passport.
17:24 You have punched your ticket for heaven!
17:28 God can't keep you out.
17:31 Why would He? He doesn't want to.
17:33 Because if you are connected to Jesus by faith
17:36 the Blessed Hope has become the blessed reality.
17:39 Praise the Lord! Amen!
17:42 Don't leave this place... If there's any doubt in your
17:44 mind about your connection with Jesus and whether or not you're
17:46 ready for the second coming don't go. Just stay.
17:49 Tell security: "I'm not leaving until I get this figured out
17:52 with God. " It's that important.
17:55 The Blessed Hope... not hope as in "Hmmm, I hope so. "
17:58 But it is a certainty... it's a promise.
18:03 We're talking about the promise of Christ's coming.
18:07 Jesus has made a promise: "I'm coming back
18:12 for you. " And this is a promise that He will keep.
18:16 Jesus has kept every single solitary promise
18:20 that He ever made,
18:22 and He's not about to let us down on this one.
18:24 And do we know when Jesus is going to come back?
18:26 Do we know?
18:27 You said no? You're wrong. Of course we know.
18:30 That's right... He's coming back soon.
18:32 We know that.
18:37 Now Jesus said: "No man knows the day or the hour. "
18:39 I understand that. Boy, you've got to love these preachers.
18:43 "Well no one knows the day or the hour, but if you take the
18:45 1,260-day prophecy... "
18:47 Oh-oh, there's trouble brewing right there.
18:51 "I'm not setting dates... but if you take the 1,260 days
18:56 and then you add another 30 and if a day is a year... "
19:00 Oh come on man, no one knows the day or the hour.
19:03 Don't try to be more clever than the Holy Spirit.
19:06 No one knows the day or the hour.
19:09 Having said that, Jesus said we can know that His coming
19:12 is near... even at the door. And I believe that!
19:16 And I know you've heard this before
19:18 but I'm not trying to impress you with anything new.
19:20 I'm trying to encourage you that what you know
19:23 and believe is rock solid
19:26 and you can be confident in that and in Christ.
19:29 Jesus said: "When these things begin to come to pass... "
19:32 And He had said in Matthew chapter 24:
19:35 "Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines,
19:39 pestilences, false Christs. "
19:42 Now I tell you what: every time there's an earthquake or a flash
19:45 of lightning you don't have to think: "Man! Maybe Jesus is
19:48 coming right now. " Because in verse 8 in Matthew 24
19:52 He said: "All these things are the beginnings of sorrows. "
19:55 Like birth pains... you've heard this.
19:58 And as they increase in frequency and intensity
20:01 it's a sign to us that Jesus is coming back.
20:04 Now when you were a kid you remember somebody going nuts
20:07 with a gun and shooting some- body on the other side of town.
20:10 And you said: "Oh man, Jesus is coming back. "
20:13 And then there was Columbine
20:14 and you said: "Jesus is coming back tomorrow. "
20:16 And then there was Virginia Tech and you said: "No one can be...
20:19 this is just crazy. " And then there was Sandy Hook
20:22 and you said: "God, how much longer can this go on? "
20:25 Increasing in frequency and intensity.
20:28 It's getting mad out there!
20:30 Natural disasters like you've never seen before.
20:34 Hurricane Katrina... Wait a minute. That was a few years ago
20:36 right? And we kind of... " Oh well,
20:40 that's over... " until the next one.
20:44 And sure as anything the next one will come.
20:48 We live in California and the ground shakes...
20:50 I uh... oh man!
20:53 Now not just in California. Not far from here in western
20:55 Tennessee. Well I'll tell you a story.
20:58 It was nighttime. We were childless at the time
21:03 and my wife was sitting on the end of the bed.
21:05 And so I sat down next to her.
21:06 I did something I hardly ever do: I leaned over
21:09 and I kissed her. I mean I don't know what I was thinking.
21:16 She had the shock of her life: "What are you doing? "
21:24 But right as I kissed her - this is fantastic -
21:27 right as I kissed her the ground shook. Huh?
21:32 How 'bout that?
21:35 Wow! Yeah, I got it.
21:40 The ground shook; the house shook.
21:44 Thank the Lord it wasn't too bad but it was... the earthquake
21:46 was big enough that it moved glasses and, you know,
21:49 you could see where they'd been and they'd moved and stuff
21:52 and things on the wall. And wow!
21:55 She looked at me with her eyes big. I said: "You want me to
21:57 do that again? "
22:03 "Yeah. "
22:08 I live in California and we had an earthquake recently.
22:11 It was right about the time we were getting out of bed
22:13 and I'm laying in bed and the room started to shake.
22:18 And the construction of the place we're living in is such
22:21 that our room is... Well anyway, I think it's precariously
22:25 positioned. And you lay there, right? And the thing shakes
22:28 and you say to yourself: "Oh, this is California.
22:30 It happens all the time. " And you can think an awful lot
22:33 in about the space of about 3 seconds.
22:35 And after it's been shaking for about a second and a half
22:38 you say to yourself: "I hope this isn't going to get
22:40 any worse. " Because they've been telling us
22:43 for so long that one day the big one is going to come.
22:46 People in Nevada will have beach-front property.
22:48 They've been saying that for a long time.
22:50 And I imagine that one day it will.
22:53 But the signs that we see...
22:55 You don't have to go nuts and say: "Well it means Jesus
22:57 is coming back now. "
22:59 They're like... The signs that we see are like...
23:03 They're not like the mile markers.
23:06 You know, you're driving towards St. Louis.
23:07 St. Louis 100 miles.
23:09 St. Louis 75 miles. St. Louis 32 miles.
23:12 It's not that. But if you're driving towards St. Louis from
23:15 here eventually you're going to be on Interstate 64.
23:18 And the signs of the times say to us 64.
23:21 You're still heading on the right road.
23:23 64... you're going that way... west. You drive a little further
23:27 64 west.
23:30 What we see is this: we see signs of the times
23:33 that tell us: "Yes, we are on the right road. "
23:36 "Yes, we are heading in the direction of the second coming
23:39 of Jesus. " "Yes, what God said is still true. "
23:43 "Yes! Jesus is coming back for us one day soon. "
23:48 And we say "Praise the Lord. "
23:50 The only sign that hasn't been fulfilled is the one spoken of
23:53 in Matthew 24:14.
23:55 "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the
23:58 world for a witness to all nations;
24:00 then shall the end come. "
24:03 We are not waiting for the beast power to bare its fangs
24:08 any more than it already has.
24:10 That's not what we're waiting on.
24:11 We're not waiting for the governments of nations to do
24:14 their thing or for another earthquake or a new disease.
24:17 The only sign awaiting the fulfillment or awaiting
24:21 fulfillment in preparation for Christ's return
24:23 is that one about the gospel going to the entire world.
24:27 Imagine where we are in the stream of time.
24:31 Friends, we are close.
24:33 The head of gold... I've got one of them.
24:35 The head of gold; the chest of silver.
24:37 I have one of them, too.
24:38 The belly and thighs of brass; the legs of iron.
24:41 The feet and toes: part of clay and part of iron.
24:44 That's where we are... we are way down there.
24:47 No more great kingdoms to come.
24:50 We are this close to the return of Jesus Christ.
24:54 I say "Thank the Lord" and I don't care of you are cynical.
24:58 I don't... Well I care for you but I don't care for me.
25:00 "Well, these preachers have been saying that for years. "
25:03 "Well these preachers... " Do you know how close we are
25:04 to the second coming of Christ? You're a heartbeat away, man.
25:09 Just like the vice president is a heartbeat away from being
25:11 the president. We are this close.
25:14 If you close your eyes tonight and they don't open again,
25:17 Jesus has essentially come for you.
25:20 You know what I'm saying.
25:21 It's over then.
25:24 And I don't mind. Every day that passes
25:26 is a day closer to the second coming of Christ.
25:29 And I know preachers have been talking about this for years
25:32 and years and years but one day they won't be
25:36 talking about it anymore be- cause Jesus will have come back.
25:41 Gravity will have lost power over the soles of our feet.
25:45 Up we will have gone, and we'll be on our way to glory.
25:49 What a day of rejoicing that will be!
25:54 I tell you, you don't have to look too far to see that Jesus
25:57 is coming back. Waukesha, Wisconsin.
26:01 You have hardly ever heard of that place.
26:03 You've probably... "Well I've heard of Wisconsin. "
26:10 "Isn't that near South Carolina? "
26:14 "No... it's near Wyoming. "
26:20 I'm sorry.
26:23 Waukesha, Wisconsin.
26:28 An unremarkable place, although a couple of years ago
26:30 it was rated one of the 100 most livable cities
26:33 in the United States. 70,000 people.
26:36 That's the population. South- eastern corner of Wisconsin.
26:38 It's just like Main Street USA.
26:41 It's a nice enough town... got nothing against it.
26:43 Lovely place. Just where people do their thing
26:46 and get about living their lives.
26:48 Until a couple of days ago.
26:49 It is alleged and it seems like the allegations
26:54 can be substantiated
26:57 that is alleged that a couple of 12-year-old girls
27:00 lured their 12-year-old friend into the woods
27:03 and took out a great big knife with a long blade
27:05 and stabbed her 19 times
27:10 in order to please a character -
27:16 a fictional character - on an Internet website.
27:21 They came within a millimeter, and we don't have millimeters
27:25 in this country, but where I'm from we have them
27:27 and I can tell you that a millimeter is small.
27:30 It's little. They came within a millimeter
27:33 of killing the girl... a millimeter.
27:37 And she survived. She crawled out of the woods
27:39 and got near a path. And a cyclist saw this girl
27:42 and stopped and said: "What in the world? "
27:44 And thank God she's alive.
27:46 You know what? Two middle school girls
27:50 tried to knife to death their middle school friend -
27:56 FRIEND - if the allegations are correct.
28:00 Are we living in a sick world?
28:03 We look around and we say: "Come on... how long
28:06 can this go on? Lord... how long? "
28:10 Habakkuk asked that question, didn't he?
28:12 "How long? " And what is God's answer?
28:16 No, God is not in heaven sitting on His hands.
28:19 He promised us: "I will come again. "
28:25 In the book of Revelation twice it says that Jesus will
28:27 say "It is done! " And one day soon
28:31 it will be done. Hallelujah!
28:35 Jesus is coming back soon.
28:39 Humans have been trying their best for hundreds of years
28:41 to improve society.
28:44 We have not succeeded.
28:45 We are sinking deeper into the quagmire of sin
28:48 and immorality, but we know
28:51 one day it's going to come to an end.
28:53 Jesus is coming back... He promised!
28:58 There's another promise God made back in Genesis chapter 3.
29:01 You know what had happened. God made a perfect world,
29:04 put our perfect parents - Adam and Eve - in that perfect world
29:07 and said "You can have the run of the place, just don't eat
29:10 that fruit. " And they had the run of the place
29:13 and couldn't help themselves.
29:15 And in spite of what God had said
29:18 they ate the fruit. And what happened?
29:21 What happened? The world was plunged into sin.
29:24 Suddenly their perfect human natures were now corrupted
29:28 and their offspring would be born with fallen natures
29:31 rather than perfect natures.
29:33 Now things were going to go haywire.
29:37 Not only would the leaves turn brown on the trees
29:40 and fall to the ground. The animal kingdom would be
29:42 all messed up and the world would be polluted.
29:45 And ultimately the economies of the world would be scrambled
29:48 and there would be wars and there would...
29:49 Look around... this is what was the result.
29:53 And what did God do
29:56 in response to Adam and Eve signing Jesus' death warrant?
30:02 'Cause that's what he did.
30:04 Remember who God is: He is the God of the universe.
30:07 The universe is very, very big.
30:09 Bigger than we can even imagine.
30:11 He made it all... billions of galaxies we are told.
30:14 That's the ones the scientists know about.
30:16 I imagine there must be many more.
30:20 God is that big... we are so small
30:23 and yet we caused the death of the divine Son of God.
30:28 Uh-uh. If I'm God, I'm saying: "No, forget it. It's over for
30:31 you. I shall start again. "
30:33 But when Adam and Eve subjected the Godhead to that
30:37 God responded with a promise.
30:42 "I will put enmity between you and the woman
30:46 and between your seed and her Seed. "
30:50 Isn't that something?
30:51 God comes down to Adam and Eve: "Hey, what's going on? "
30:54 "Oh man. The woman... her fault. "
30:57 They're passing the buck... they're lying.
30:59 "No, no, no... the woman that You gave me.
31:01 It's not her fault... it's YOUR fault. "
31:03 And God instead of saying: "Oh why should I even bother
31:07 with you? " God said: "I'll do something for you. "
31:10 "I will put enmity between you and the woman. "
31:13 Eve was no better than Adam. "Oh man, the serpent...
31:17 the serpent that You created...
31:19 he beguiled me. God, it's Your fault. "
31:22 "We're in a mess... but it's Your fault. "
31:24 And God says: "I will put enmity between you
31:27 and the woman... " He's speaking to Satan.
31:30 "and between your seed and her Seed.
31:32 It shall bruise your head; you shall bruise His heel. "
31:35 God makes a promise.
31:38 When the human family messes up royally God says:
31:42 "I promise you I will get you out of the mess. "
31:44 Isn't that remarkable?
31:47 Now your kid throws a baseball through the kitchen window
31:50 and you say: "I promise you. "
31:52 You make a different promise.
31:55 But when God's kids caused the death of God's Son
32:01 God says: "I promise that I will give you the gift
32:05 of repentance. Make it possible for you to
32:08 experience re-creation, a new heart,
32:12 righteousness... through faith in the Son of God. "
32:15 God said: "You have made such a mess!
32:18 The only thing that can take care of it is grace.
32:22 I will save you. "
32:24 God makes a promise... an expensive promise.
32:27 Some promises are very expensive.
32:30 I remember one that worked out in my favor.
32:32 I was working for a radio station. In a prior life
32:34 I was a radio broadcaster.
32:36 And we were coming down to ratings time, and the other
32:38 radio station, they were... they were... they were... I mean
32:42 they looked like they could beat us up in the ratings.
32:44 And so when I was negotiating my contract
32:46 right around that time with the manager of the radio station
32:49 who was desperate. We did this little thing where
32:52 every point in the ratings that I finished ahead of the other
32:55 guy they'd give me a small pile of money.
32:57 Well actually, a reasonably large pile of money.
32:59 So if I finished a whole lot of points ahead
33:02 happy days! But the manager had no faith that I would.
33:06 But he knew if he incentivized me like that
33:08 I would work hard and it would give us our best chance.
33:11 So man, he gave me the keys to the kingdom.
33:16 And what do you know?
33:18 We won the ratings by a country mile
33:21 and I was contemplating early retirement.
33:23 Well it wasn't like that.
33:25 Wasn't like that... but it was sure good!
33:27 Promises can be expensive. That promise cost my manager
33:31 a lot of money. And I never did find out
33:33 what his boss said to him. I'm sure it wasn't pretty.
33:36 You recall there was a foolish man who promised a young lady
33:41 as much as half of his kingdom.
33:43 She said: "No that's fine but do bring me the head
33:45 of John the Baptist. "
33:48 But God made an extravagant promise.
33:52 "Adam and Eve: you've done such a terrible thing.
33:55 You know what I'm going to do? I promise you
33:57 that I'll make it possible for you to be saved. "
34:01 That's wonderful, isn't it?
34:04 I believe it; I accept it; I have no problem with it
34:07 but if you try to get to the bottom of it
34:09 it might bend your brain.
34:11 That's an enormous thing that God did.
34:13 What a promise: "I will save you. "
34:19 And God gave the gift of repentance to us so that
34:22 there is a war that rages inside of us.
34:24 Thank God for that. We're born bent, but God comes to us.
34:27 Christ works on us, in us.
34:31 The Spirit of God refuses to let us go.
34:33 He gives us enlightenment and show us the pathway
34:36 to a better life. It's similar to what
34:39 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in 1968 in Atlanta, GA.
34:43 He said this: "In every one of us
34:45 there's a civil war going on.
34:48 Every time you set out to be good there's something pulling
34:51 on you. Every time you set out to love
34:54 something keeps pulling on you trying to get you to hate.
34:57 Every time you set out to be kind and say nice things
35:00 something is pulling on you to be jealous and envious
35:03 and spread evil gossip. We end up crying out with
35:06 with St. Augustine: "Lord, make me pure...
35:10 but not yet. "
35:15 There's a war that goes on inside you.
35:17 It's made possible because of the grace of God.
35:19 If God had not made that promise to Adam and Eve,
35:21 we would have been done with long ago.
35:23 We'd have all been fully given over to do evil.
35:26 But there's enmity today because God made a promise:
35:30 "I will do this for you:
35:33 Jesus will come into the world. " And He did.
35:36 And when Jesus was in the world He made another promise
35:39 to a sinful world. You know, this was John 14.
35:43 "I will come again and receive you unto Myself. "
35:45 Not long after that Peter was denying Him.
35:49 They all forsook Him and fled.
35:52 Jesus promised a wicked, rebellious, hard-headed,
35:58 hard-heart... and these were His friends.
36:01 And they abandoned Him and yet He promised them
36:05 "I will come again. "
36:07 There's no doubt He will come back
36:09 and He'll come back to take us home.
36:12 The promise of His coming suggests some things to me.
36:15 I'll share some points with you.
36:16 I have six to share, and I don't know if I'll get through
36:18 all six of them or not... but let's see.
36:21 Number one point: the promise of His coming tells us that
36:25 Jesus is the Messiah, the divine Son of God.
36:29 Do you know what the Bible says? I John 5 verse 12
36:32 "He that hath the Son hath life. "
36:36 Don't you like that?
36:38 Now let me tell you something.
36:40 Now man, I've got to be careful that this doesn't become
36:43 the burden of every discourse I share.
36:45 But some of you know that over the last year or so
36:49 I had a rather interesting tangle with ill health...
36:56 one of those tangles that causes you to think about the big
36:59 picture. If anyone ever says to you "It's cancer, "
37:06 one of the first things you think of is "I could die"
37:10 because it's a killer.
37:12 And I thought that, too: "Man, I could die. "
37:15 And I wondered about that.
37:17 Tell you what... tell you why... I tell you what...
37:19 I don't have time for this but I'll tell you anyway.
37:21 I said to myself: "If I die, where will I spend eternity? "
37:24 Well I said: "I have to answer the right way and say
37:28 I will be with God for eternity. "
37:30 And then there was a question that came to me, and the
37:32 question was: "Upon what do you base that? "
37:38 And I thought to myself: "Well, I know the right answer
37:42 but let me think this through.
37:44 I can't base my hope of eternal life upon my goodness
37:47 because I know what I'm really like.
37:51 Thank God you don't.
37:57 I know what I'm really like.
37:59 I know my weaknesses, I know my corruption,
38:01 I know my... you know... I know my track record.
38:04 I know the stuff I don't want other people to know.
38:06 If it's up to my goodness, I'm doomed!
38:10 I mean, even if I live like Enoch from here on out
38:14 I've got my past to contend with.
38:16 I'm doomed. What then? "
38:21 And then I realized the wonderful promise of the Bible:
38:24 "He that hath the Son hath life. "
38:29 And there it is. I mean, your good deeds... that's all good.
38:33 Don't make the mistake of thinking they're going to
38:35 get you into heaven. The only thing that will
38:38 is Jesus. Possessing Him by faith.
38:42 If you have Christ, you have enough.
38:46 We have reason to love Jesus supremely
38:48 because through Him and through His merits and by His
38:51 goodness, and because of what He has done for us
38:54 and what He will do in us THERE is the basis
38:58 of our hope of everlasting life.
39:00 Thank the Lord Jesus IS the Messiah.
39:04 He said to us: "Be ye therefore ready. "
39:08 And that might mean getting your house in order.
39:10 But you don't start with your house, you start with Christ.
39:13 Get Christ in your heart.
39:15 When you have Jesus, when you have fallen on the rock
39:18 and been broken, when you have told God
39:21 "I accept Christ. " When you have wrestled in prayer
39:24 like Jacob and said: "I will not let You go
39:27 until You bless me. "
39:29 "Lord I believe... and Jesus is mine. "
39:32 Then you don't have to worry any more.
39:34 If you've accepted Christ, you have the Son and therefore
39:38 you have life. Jesus came into this world
39:41 to give you and me hope and a future.
39:44 And we say "thank God" for that.
39:46 Jesus is the Messiah. That's what the second coming says.
39:50 A second point tells us that the second coming
39:54 spells the absolute end of hope for the lost.
39:59 Revelation chapter 6: "The heavens depart as
40:02 a scroll. " The lost hide themselves in the mountains
40:05 and in the dens of the rocks and they say:
40:08 "fall on us. " Matthew 24, this is in verse 30:
40:12 "All the tribes of the earth shall mourn. "
40:16 The fact that Jesus is coming back is a wake-up call for us.
40:20 I will talk with you more about that tomorrow.
40:22 It is a wake-up call for us.
40:24 He's coming back, and you might be able to tomorrow
40:28 deal with what you did last week but one day there's coming
40:31 a time it will just be too late.
40:33 If you've not accepted Christ, yielded your life to Him,
40:37 made a full surrender and said "God, be God in my life, "
40:41 after that it will be too late.
40:47 Too late.
40:49 Too late. You don't need to be neurotic about this
40:52 but you ought to be urgent about this.
40:55 There ought to be some urgency about this
40:57 because when Jesus comes back it's going to be like hide and
41:00 go seek. You remember that?
41:02 You counted to 200 by fives... that's what we used to do.
41:06 And then you say... what do you say next?
41:08 "Ready or not, here I come. " That's what Jesus says.
41:12 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still. "
41:16 But thank God: "he that is righteous... " and she...
41:19 "let that one be righteous still. "
41:22 When Jesus comes back, the lost have no more hope.
41:24 Let me appeal to you: if you're dillydallying around,
41:26 if you're playing, if it's not right with you and God,
41:32 get it right, would you?
41:33 Get it right... get it right.
41:36 Go to God and say: "God, make it right. "
41:37 More about tomorrow... but make it right.
41:40 "Lord, take my heart. Make it Yours. "
41:42 "Come into my life... make me Yours. "
41:45 "God, take possession of me. "
41:48 And then it's right.
41:50 A third point I want to share with you: the second coming
41:53 of Jesus offers us hope. Isaiah said: "It will be said
41:57 in that day: 'Lo, this is our God; we have waited for Him
42:00 and He will save us. ' "
42:04 We have a Father who cares.
42:07 He has not forgotten you.
42:12 Man, it's easy for us because we live in comfortable homes
42:15 and we drive in comfortable vehicles
42:17 and we've got enough money to get fed and even help others.
42:22 There are a lot of people living in this world today
42:24 who are living bereft of hope.
42:27 They are struggling and battling and they're dealing with
42:29 illnesses and diseases and they are living in marriages
42:32 that have gone down the toilet and they're living in homes...
42:34 families... that have been torn apart.
42:36 And they're going to work for the last day because they're
42:38 losing their job and they don't know how they're going to
42:41 make money to eat, and their kids have gone off the rails.
42:44 And it seems as though God has abandoned them.
42:49 Except... God will never forget us
42:53 and He has said: "I'm coming back for you. "
42:59 He knows your name.
43:01 He knows your address.
43:02 He knows everything there is to know about you.
43:04 He knows when your next breath will be taken.
43:07 God is sending His Son Jesus back.
43:10 It tells us He loves us. He has not forgotten us
43:15 and will never forget us.
43:17 Jesus is coming back soon; God won't forget ya.
43:22 I believe, too, the return of Jesus offers us comfort.
43:26 Don't you believe that?
43:29 "The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout
43:32 with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God. "
43:35 What's going to happen? The dead in Christ shall what?
43:38 Oh... come on, now.
43:40 "The dead in Christ shall rise first. " Thank the Lord!
43:45 Paul said: "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. "
43:48 And I have to think about that, too.
43:50 The worst thing that can happen...
43:54 I had a conversation with a young man the other day
43:56 and we were talking about the death of his mother.
43:57 She died too young,
44:00 and there were some circumstances that took place
44:03 about this whole business of the death of his mother.
44:06 And I said to him... I said:
44:09 "Was death really the worst thing that could have happened
44:13 to your mother? " I mean, stop and think about it,
44:16 ladies and gentlemen. The worst thing that can...
44:19 If the worst thing that can happen is that you die,
44:22 well the best news is the next thing you're going to be
44:25 aware of is that Jesus has come back
44:27 and He's raised you from your dusty grave.
44:29 Man... death is not the end!
44:32 Isn't that good news?
44:33 That is supremely good news.
44:35 We have hope tonight that beyond this world
44:38 there is a world to come.
44:40 Beyond this life there is a life which measures with the life
44:44 of God. The return of Jesus offers us hope, immense hope.
44:50 Thank the Lord. Say "Amen" tonight.
44:53 Amen! Jesus is coming back soon.
44:55 "We shall not all sleep but we shall be changed
44:59 all, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye
45:02 at the last trumpet. " This is when Jesus calls out
45:05 "Awake, you that sleep in the dust. "
45:10 When Jesus comes back it's the end of sin.
45:13 It's the end of death. You won't fear for your children's safety.
45:18 You won't have to say: "Oh my goodness...
45:20 did I take my medication this morning? "
45:23 There won't be nursing homes and long stays in the hospital.
45:26 No chemotherapy; no dialysis.
45:29 No strokes; no heart attacks.
45:31 There won't be chemical dependencies or addictions.
45:34 There won't be crimes and criminals.
45:36 The funeral parlors will exist no more, and the undertakers
45:39 will be out of business. So will the doctors.
45:41 Thank the Lord... no more bills to pay.
45:44 No more tax returns to fill out.
45:46 No injustice; no discrimination.
45:49 Jesus is coming back to take us home
45:52 to a land where the flowers never fade
45:55 and the inhabitants thereof will not say "I am sick. "
45:57 I'm about ready to go! What about you?
45:59 Amen! Man, this is good news!
46:01 Another point right there: when Jesus returns
46:04 we get to go home.
46:08 "Well tell me what it's like, preacher, if it's so good. "
46:10 Well I can't 'cause I've never been.
46:13 I can tell you what it's like in my home.
46:16 I can tell you what it's like in New Zealand. That's good.
46:19 I can tell you about the places I've been to
46:21 but I can't tell you about what heaven's like...
46:24 and I'm glad. The Bible says: "Eye has not seen,
46:27 ear has not heard, it has not entered into the heart
46:29 of man the things that God has prepared
46:31 for them that love Him. "
46:33 It's better than you can imagine!
46:35 Amen! How about that?
46:37 We get to go home... hallelujah!
46:41 Home... home forever.
46:43 The home we're meant to be in.
46:46 Oh man! Another point... this might even be the 6th point.
46:50 The return of Jesus... It might not. Were you counting?
46:57 "Yeah, honey, it went well. They were right with me tonight
47:01 every step of the way... making notes. "
47:06 The sixth point: why don't you turn in your Bible to
47:09 Titus chapter 2. The return of Jesus
47:12 is an enormous celebration of the grace of God.
47:16 That's what it is.
47:18 It's a celebration of the grace of God.
47:20 It says in Titus 2 and verse 11:
47:24 "For the grace of God that bringeth salvation
47:27 has appeared to all men. " You like that.
47:29 To all. Grace brings salvation
47:32 and that grace has appeared to all.
47:34 "Teaching us that denying ungodliness
47:37 and worldly lusts
47:39 we should live soberly, righteously, and godly
47:42 in this present world looking for that... " What?
47:51 You know, when I wore a younger man's clothes
47:55 I used to frequent Pentecostal churches from time to time.
47:59 And I was very excited
48:01 because when the preacher said "Looking for that what? "
48:04 everybody spoke up.
48:06 But then I found the truth and the Lord led me to a place
48:10 where some speak and most don't.
48:15 I said: "Lord, how come is it that people without the truth
48:18 get so excited and the people with the truth
48:20 it's like they've been injected with propofol? "
48:24 I mean, what is it?
48:31 Looking for that reasonably- good hope... looking for that
48:36 so-so hope. Come on now, help me out. "Looking for
48:38 that... " What? Blessed Hope. "the Blessed Hope... "
48:41 Thank the Lord. "And the glorious appearing of... "
48:44 "the glorious appearing. "
48:45 You can't just brush right over that.
48:48 "the glorious appearing of the great God
48:51 and our Savior Jesus Christ. "
48:54 Grace! Paul starts this thing off telling us salvation has
48:58 come to all by the grace of God.
49:02 That same grace teaches us we ought to live a certain way
49:05 and it is that grace that enables that to happen
49:08 as the God of grace allows His Son Jesus to come and live
49:11 His life in you.
49:14 Something else about the return of Jesus:
49:16 evil will be gone!
49:18 Oh, there's a wonderful prophecy that Satan hates...
49:21 Satan hates in Isaiah 14.
49:24 "You shall be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
49:27 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee
49:29 and consider thee saying: 'Is this the man that made
49:33 the earth to tremble? That did shake kingdoms?
49:35 That made the world as a wilderness and destroyed
49:38 the cities thereof, that opened not the house of his prison? "
49:42 You know what? One day you're going to look at the devil
49:44 and you're going to say: "Is that it? "
49:48 "We let him mess us up? "
49:51 "What... what were we thinking? "
49:54 Really... that's what the prophecy says.
49:57 We will look on him and say: "Huh? Is that it?
50:01 This is the one who caused misery for the world? "
50:04 When Jesus comes back it's going to be over.
50:10 Well, I took the whole time to tell you the first half
50:12 of my sermon, and now I'll give you the second half
50:15 in about two minutes and 47 seconds.
50:17 And the second half is this: ladies and gentlemen,
50:20 the Blessed Hope ought to do something in ya.
50:23 It ought to fire you up and fill you with confidence.
50:26 We ought to be believing Jesus is coming back.
50:29 And if we know that Jesus is coming back,
50:30 we hang on to Him. We cling to Him like a barnacle
50:34 clings to the hull of a ship.
50:36 We hold on and we don't let go!
50:38 We love Him because He would save us.
50:40 We trust Him because He's coming to get us back.
50:43 We thank Him because He would forgive us...
50:46 We yield to Him because He has died to set us free.
50:50 But not only should the Blessed Hope do something in us
50:54 it's got to do something through us.
50:57 Now come on... do you believe Jesus is coming back?
51:00 Yes. Do you know Jesus is coming back?
51:03 Yes. Does your neighbor know Jesus is coming back?
51:10 Who's the only person who can do anything about that?
51:14 Hmmm?
51:16 We've got people living next door who don't know Jesus
51:19 from anybody else. Ron Watts who is our manager
51:21 right now at It Is Written work- ed in India for many many years.
51:25 He went into a remote... a village in India
51:29 and he said to somebody: "Hey, have you ever heard of
51:32 a Man named Jesus Christ? "
51:35 And the Indian man looked. He said: "Hmmm, hmmm. "
51:38 More like this... India, you know.
51:40 "Hmmm, hmmm. " He turned to his friend.
51:43 They spoke in I'm not sure which language.
51:45 They turned back and they said: "No, no, as far as we know
51:48 there's no one here living here by that name. "
51:53 Never heard of Jesus.
51:56 Did you hear what I said? Never heard of Jesus.
52:02 Now that's India. What about where we are?
52:04 The United States are a first-world country.
52:06 People have heard of Jesus.
52:08 But to many people He's a cartoon character
52:11 or a swear word or some irrelevant thing.
52:18 We know Jesus is coming back. It's up to us to tell others
52:21 that Jesus is coming back.
52:23 We've got to be set on fire by this hope with an evangelistic
52:27 fervor to see to it that we commit our lives,
52:30 our talents, our resources,
52:34 our creativity to letting the world know
52:38 Jesus is coming back soon.
52:42 All around us there are people going to hell,
52:44 going down to Christless graves.
52:47 They will not come up in the first resurrection.
52:49 Masses of people... multitudes of people.
52:53 Yet we've got what they need.
52:56 When Jesus called them He said: "You fishermen:
52:58 I will make you fishers of men. "
53:01 A demoniac came to Jesus; Jesus cast the demon out.
53:04 He said: "I want to follow You. "
53:06 Jesus said: "No, no, no. You don't want to follow Me.
53:08 Go home and share with others what I have done for you. "
53:11 And that was so powerful that when Jesus came back there
53:13 the whole city - the people who kicked Him out last time -
53:17 were ready to welcome Him back.
53:19 Isn't that something?
53:21 Ladies and gentlemen, it's one thing for us to proudly
53:24 puff out our chests and say: "I know what I believe
53:27 and Jesus is coming back.
53:29 Check that one off... I believe it. "
53:31 That's fine, but come on now.
53:33 We don't possess this belief just for the sake of our
53:36 intellect or the sake of merely our souls...
53:39 but for the sake of others.
53:41 God has given us the truth. You know when there were these
53:43 people who believed Jesus was coming back in the 1840's
53:45 led by a Baptist named William Miller.
53:48 And they believed Jesus was coming back.
53:49 The Bible talks about that in Revelation chapter 10.
53:53 "Take this little book... " Book of Daniel...
53:55 "put it in your mouth. It will be sweet.
53:57 Swallow it... it'll be bitter. "
53:59 And they did that and then the angel said:
54:01 "Prophesy again before kings and these people and that
54:04 people. Prophesy again. "
54:06 In other words, you believe Jesus is coming back.
54:09 I am commissioning you. You've got a message,
54:12 a responsibility, a privilege to tell others.
54:18 And I would close by telling you that knowing that Jesus is
54:21 coming back gives us hope. What does hope do?
54:24 Hope will change your life.
54:27 Hope will change your life.
54:29 I wanted to tell you about my friend Ron.
54:31 I don't have time but instead I'll tell you a story
54:34 that was first shared by a fellow you might have heard of.
54:36 His name was George Vandeman.
54:38 He worked for a ministry you might have heard of
54:40 called It Is Written
54:42 and he hosted a television program by the same name.
54:45 Vandeman talked about a little boy in Massachusetts
54:47 named Shawn Butler. The doctor said: "Shawn is going to die.
54:52 He is full of cancer. "
54:53 Well, somebody arranged for a first baseman from the Red Sox,
54:57 Dave Stapleton, to come and visit Shawn.
54:59 And when Shawn heard Dave's voice
55:02 he opened his eyes.
55:04 Dave said: "Shawn, tomorrow I will hit a homerun for you. "
55:09 Well, little Shawn had to watch the game.
55:11 And sure enough, Dave stepped up to the plate
55:14 and smacked the ball over the fence.
55:17 Something remarkable happened.
55:19 It wasn't long after that that the doctor said:
55:22 "There's something we can't figure out.
55:24 This boy is well now.
55:27 He was saved by hope. "


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