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Parable of the Ten Virgins

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00:38 Welcome to Spring Camp Meeting 2014.
00:42 What a blessing to be here at Camp Meeting, isn't it?
00:44 Amen! Boy, did you hear that hearty amen for you at home?
00:47 I tell you what: we wish that you were here.
00:49 We understand that circumstances come up and you can't make it
00:52 here, but there's a blessing - isn't there? - being here
00:53 in person at Camp Meeting? Amen again? Amen! Amen.
00:56 And what a tremendous theme.
00:59 What does it say on the backdrop behind me?
01:01 The second coming: in in-depth look.
01:04 The second coming: an in-depth look.
01:06 And I like the text on this side.
01:08 If the camera could just set it: Revelation 1:3.
01:09 What does that say? Let's read it together.
01:11 "Behold He is coming with clouds and every eye will see Him. "
01:17 Praise the Lord. What a tremendous hope we have -
01:19 don't we? - of Christ's soon return,
01:21 and I just pray we all will be found faithful
01:22 to that end. This morning's... actually it's afternoon now...
01:26 this afternoon's message is brought to us by Shelley Quinn.
01:29 She and her husband J.D. are tremendous friends
01:32 of Jill and myself and I know to you all as well.
01:35 And I know that she'll be...
01:37 The Holy Spirit, you know, He's the One that gives us
01:39 this message. And I know that she's the vessel that God is
01:42 using to pour out His blessing upon us.
01:44 And the title of her message today is:
01:46 Parable of the Ten Virgins.
01:48 But before she brings us the message we have
01:50 Pastor C.A. Murray.
01:51 We like his music, don't we?
01:52 Pastor C.A. Murray is bringing us our music this morning -
01:55 this afternoon... excuse me -
01:56 and it's entitled Almost Over.
01:59 But before he comes I just want to offer a short word of prayer.
02:02 Father in heaven, Lord, we're just so thankful...
02:05 thankful for what You are doing, Lord, around the world
02:08 especially through 3ABN. I thank you for each person
02:10 that is here today. Lord, we're just all looking forward
02:14 to Your soon return. We want to be found faithful
02:17 to that end. Lord, we pray for a special blessing
02:20 upon our sister Shelley Quinn as she brings us the message
02:23 today. Lord, just pour Your words through her,
02:27 Lord, that as we listen we wouldn't just listen
02:29 but that we would be doers of Your Word.
02:31 And in Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
02:35 Numerologists tell us that there are about 6,000
02:39 Negro spirituals.
02:41 And most of the Negro spirituals - the preponderance
02:44 of them - had to do with freedom from sin
02:47 and freedom from slavery.
02:49 And in the Negro spiritual they equated both.
02:53 Freedom from sin was freedom from slavery.
02:56 Freedom from slavery was freedom from sin.
02:58 And the old slave couldn't read, couldn't write,
03:01 but he realized that something important would
03:04 happen when Jesus came again.
03:06 Sin would be over... slavery would be over.
03:08 And so the spirituals took many, many forms.
03:13 But they realized that if they held on
03:15 the thing that gave them hope is that one day it would soon
03:18 all be over.
03:20 And so many of the songs looked forward to what we call
03:23 the eschaton or the perusia
03:25 or the second coming... whatever term you want to use.
03:28 But the burden was that one day soon if we
03:30 just hold on it's all going to be over
03:33 and we're going to see Jesus face to face.
03:52 Some see the Lord
03:56 but they don't see Him right.
03:59 They play all day
04:02 and they sleep all night.
04:07 And I thank God it's almost over...
04:13 almost over...
04:18 almost over
04:24 my Lord...
04:29 and I thank God
04:32 it's almost
04:34 over.
04:47 Sister, if
04:51 your heart is warm
04:55 snow and ice
04:57 will do you no harm.
05:02 But I thank God
05:04 it's almost over...
05:09 almost over...
05:13 almost over
05:20 my Lord.
05:25 And I thank God
05:28 it's almost
05:30 over.
05:42 Oh brother, better mind
05:45 how you step on the cross.
05:49 Your foot might slip
05:51 and your soul get lost.
05:56 But I thank God
05:58 it's almost over...
06:02 almost over...
06:07 almost over
06:14 my Lord.
06:18 And I thank God
06:20 it's almost over.
06:33 And when we get to heaven
06:37 we'll able for to tell
06:40 how we shunned
06:43 the gates of hell.
06:50 And I thank God it's
06:54 almost over...
06:58 almost over...
07:02 almost over.
07:14 And I thank God
07:20 it's almost
07:23 over.
07:43 Amen!
07:45 C.A. - what a beautiful song! Amen!
07:49 And what beautiful faces. How good it is
07:52 to see all of your smiling faces here.
07:55 It is exciting... Camp Meeting is always exciting
07:58 but it is especially exciting when we have
08:01 these big-themed events.
08:04 And can you think of anything more magnificent
08:07 than studying the second coming of Jesus Christ?
08:11 Let's have another prayer.
08:13 Heavenly Father, we come in the name of Jesus
08:16 thanking You for this time,
08:18 thanking You for, Lord, the messages that You have given
08:23 to so many people to share with us.
08:26 Father, I thank you for this message and what You taught me
08:29 as I studied this. And Lord we ask now
08:33 please just get me out of the way.
08:35 I pray in the name of Jesus that Your Holy Spirit
08:38 will speak through me. And I pray, Father, that
08:41 You will give each and every one of us in this room
08:43 ears to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say.
08:48 Oh Lord, we don't want to be foolish virgins.
08:53 Please, Lord, we look to You depending upon You.
08:57 And we thank you in Jesus' name, Amen.
09:01 You know, Matthew 24 and 25
09:05 those two chapters are Jesus' fullest explanation
09:10 of the second coming.
09:11 But I want to set this up by saying that in Matthew 23
09:17 what we find... This records Jesus' last occasion to speak
09:22 and teach to the multitudes at the temple of God.
09:25 And what He did was He rebuked the religious leaders
09:30 because what they had done was set aside the Word of God
09:34 to set forth their own traditions.
09:38 And they were useless teachings and they were hindering
09:41 the spiritual progress of the people of God.
09:44 So Jesus leaves the temple and get this scene in your mind:
09:49 with this last scathing indictment He says to the
09:54 religious leaders "I say to you your house
09:59 is left to you desolate.
10:02 For I say to you you will not see Me again
10:06 until you say: 'Blessed is He who comes
10:10 in the name of the Lord. ' "
10:12 And then what He did, leaving the temple never to return again
10:16 Jesus and His disciples went to the Mount of Olives.
10:22 The sun was setting.
10:24 This is an evening setting.
10:26 The sun was setting over the mount but it was also
10:30 setting figuratively over Jesus' earthly message.
10:35 This was going to be His last true time
10:39 with His disciples.
10:41 So taking every last precious moment
10:45 to teach them, He shared the signs of His coming -
10:50 His second coming - and then He told about
10:54 what we should be doing in preparation for
10:58 His uncertain timing.
11:00 Matthew 24 and 25 are a single discourse.
11:06 You know when the Bible was written there were no chapters
11:08 and verses. So Matthew 24 and 25
11:11 go together as Jesus' final message to His disciples.
11:16 And this awesome message
11:20 was given there on the Mount of Olives.
11:24 He concluded the prophecies.
11:27 You've already heard some of those of Matthew 24.
11:30 He concluded this in Matthew 24
11:33 with a parable that warned against postponing
11:36 the preparation... of your time
11:40 in expectation of His second coming.
11:44 And then what He did
11:46 was launch into other parables that are continued in Matthew 25
11:52 giving us the parables of The Ten Virgins,
11:54 The Sheep and the Goats,
11:56 The Talents, and talking about also the lesson of what you do
12:01 unto... for the least of these you're doing unto Me.
12:05 So our focus this hour
12:08 is to take an in-depth look
12:11 at the parable of The Ten Virgins.
12:14 So please open your Bibles to Matthew 25...
12:18 Matthew chapter 25.
12:21 Our Savior frequently taught in parables because these were
12:25 stories that illustrated a practical spiritual lesson.
12:30 And His final sermon was no exception.
12:33 Sitting on the Mount of Olives as He was overlooking
12:37 the city of Jerusalem, the small company of disciples
12:41 saw a torch-lit marriage procession in progress
12:47 where the bridesmaids were leading the groom to the bride.
12:52 So seizing the moment He began to teach them
12:57 this parable on the ten virgins and it was drawing on
13:02 the familiar customs of Jewish weddings.
13:04 In the Eastern culture the bridegroom - the bridegroom -
13:09 came late at night. And he was attended by his groomsmen.
13:14 And the bridesmaids always came out with lamps in their hands.
13:18 They were long sticks that had a dish and then a wick.
13:21 There were no streetlights,
13:24 so the bridesmaids always waited and then they would
13:27 light their lamp and go meet the bridegroom
13:29 and bring him to the bride.
13:32 Now, let's read Matthew 25 verses 1 through 13.
13:37 This is a short but very solemn message
13:42 to the members of the remnant church.
13:44 Verse 1 begins: "Then... " He's referring back
13:49 to Matthew 24... it's part of the same discourse...
13:54 He says: "The kingdom of heaven shall be likened to 10 virgins
13:58 who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.
14:01 Now 5 of them were wise and 5 were foolish.
14:07 Those who were foolish took their lamps
14:10 and took no oil with them.
14:13 But the wise took oil in the vessels with their lamps.
14:17 But while the bridegroom was delayed they all slumbered
14:20 and slept, and at midnight a cry was heard
14:24 'Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go out to meet him. '
14:29 Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps.
14:33 And the foolish said to the wise
14:36 'Give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out. '
14:39 But the wise answered saying
14:42 'No, lest there should not be enough for us and you.
14:45 But go rather to those who sell and buy for yourselves. '
14:49 And while they went out... "
14:51 While those foolish ones went out to buy...
14:54 "the bridegroom came
14:57 and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding
14:59 and the door was shut.
15:01 Afterwards the other virgins came also saying:
15:05 'Lord, Lord... open to us. '
15:08 But he answered and said:
15:11 'Assuredly I say to you
15:14 I do not know you. '
15:18 Watch, therefore... " Jesus says...
15:22 for you know neither the day nor the hour
15:25 in which the Son of Man is coming. "
15:28 Now most of us... This is so rich in symbolic meaning
15:34 and most of us know what these symbols stand for.
15:37 But what I'd like to do is to review these
15:40 because someone that's watching may not be aware.
15:43 So let's just go over all of the symbols
15:45 in this particular parable.
15:48 Who is the bridegroom?
15:50 Jesus... our Lord Christ Jesus.
15:54 Who is the bride? The church.
15:56 And in scripture the church is presented
16:01 as a virgin - a virtuous woman who's not been
16:04 defiled by other relationships.
16:07 And scripture also promises that Christ is going to return
16:13 for a bride who has prepared herself
16:17 and who has fulfilled her purpose in giving the message
16:21 of salvation - the good news, the gospel -
16:24 to all of the nations of the world.
16:27 Who are the virgin bridesmaids?
16:32 They are church members.
16:36 And in His parable Jesus distinguishes
16:41 between two classes of believers.
16:45 He doesn't call them good and bad.
16:48 He doesn't call them virgins and harlots.
16:52 He calls them all virgins.
16:56 He presents five of the attending as being wise
17:01 but five of these virgins are foolish.
17:05 They are two different classes of believers
17:10 in the gospel of grace.
17:13 Now what does the lamp symbolize?
17:16 The Word of God.
17:18 "Thy Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. "
17:22 Right? And in scripture what does oil symbolize?
17:26 The Holy Spirit. We know this from Zechariah chapter 4
17:30 and by inference in this particular parable
17:34 the character that the wise virgins have developed
17:40 by His influence.
17:42 What does the flask - the vessel that held the
17:46 additional oil... what does that represent?
17:48 Those receptacles represent our hearts.
17:54 And what does the midnight hour symbolize?
17:59 Gross darkness. Midnight is the darkest hour.
18:03 And it is a time of great spiritual darkness
18:07 that has settled in and covered the world.
18:11 It is also a time when these ten weary virgins
18:17 would be the most drowsy.
18:20 It's a time when you think of gross spiritual darkness.
18:24 It's a time of error and heresies and delusions.
18:29 Now the slumber and the sleep that settled over all
18:35 represents a certain spiritual weariness and apathy.
18:40 And the wedding represents the infinite union
18:45 which faith forms between Christ, our bridegroom,
18:50 and His people.
18:52 The parable truly is rich in symbolic meaning.
18:56 But let's look at these ten virgins.
19:00 I used to read this parable, and I almost...
19:03 I remember thinking when I first really started studying
19:06 this how sometimes we can read through something
19:11 and if we haven't spent time in deep study
19:14 we can kind of lump it into categories.
19:17 I used to think of this more like the sheep and the goats
19:20 type categories,
19:21 but that's not what it's all about.
19:23 So let's look at what the ten virgins -
19:26 the church members - have in common
19:30 then we're going to examine the critical difference.
19:33 It's a sobering study.
19:36 I have to tell you that I've been doing some heart searching
19:39 even in preparation for this
19:41 because every member of the church -
19:45 male and female - are represent- ed in one of these two groups.
19:50 As we consider what the virgins have in common
19:54 and then what divides them into the two separate groups
19:58 of wise and foolish please realize that Christ
20:03 was describing every individual who calls himself a Christian.
20:10 As I said, in this parable He's not comparing
20:13 unbelievers and believers.
20:15 He's not talking about separat- ing the sheep and the goats
20:19 at the end of time.
20:21 All of these virgins are among the sheep...
20:25 His professed followers.
20:28 He's talking about two classes of believers
20:31 making a division among these professed Christians.
20:37 The bottom line is He's talking about you and me.
20:42 And this message should cause us to search our hearts
20:45 with deep introspection
20:48 because we each belong to one of the two groups.
20:51 So let's look at what they have in common.
20:53 First, Christ calls them all virgins.
20:56 Both the wise and the unwise - the wise and the foolish -
21:01 profess the Christian faith.
21:04 All are baptized members of the church,
21:07 partakers of communion.
21:09 All of their names are on the church records.
21:13 All the virgins have lamps in their hands.
21:16 Both the wise and the unwise have their Bibles.
21:19 They have knowledge of the scripture.
21:22 They're familiar with the Word of God.
21:24 They are beneficiaries of deep Bible study.
21:28 They all have a profession of a pure faith.
21:31 The doctrines that they hold to are essentially correct.
21:36 But please notice this:
21:39 by calling all the attendants virgins
21:43 Jesus presents each of the ten
21:47 as previously encountering
21:51 an experience with the grace of God.
21:55 All had heard the good news of salvation by grace.
21:59 All had responded to accept Christ's
22:02 atoning sacrifice on the cross.
22:04 They'd each received the grace of justification
22:09 by faith... the first stage of salvation.
22:13 All of these virgins professed to be watching
22:19 and waiting for Christ's second advent.
22:22 Symbolically this means the ten virgins maintained
22:26 religious activities. Bibles in hand...
22:29 offering their prayers at prayer meeting
22:31 while confidently awaiting His appearance.
22:35 But both the wise and the foolish become wearied
22:40 from the long wait in the darkness.
22:43 All become complacent.
22:46 Even the wise grow weary and they find it difficult
22:50 to resist the drowsiness of the flesh.
22:53 To stay awake; to stay alert;
22:57 to stay at peak performance all the time.
22:59 Let me ask you this:
23:02 do you believe any of us walk as closely as we should
23:05 to the Lord? Hmmm.
23:08 Do you remember what it was like when you were first saved?
23:12 The zeal you had? The love you had for Christ Jesus?
23:18 You know, not all of our love has abated
23:24 but we have left our first love... many of us.
23:29 Not all of our passion
23:32 to witness has ceased,
23:38 but it has cooled off, hasn't it?
23:42 Secondly, at the midnight hour a shout pierces the air.
23:45 "Behold... behold... the bridegroom cometh!
23:51 Go out and meet Him. "
23:55 All hear the midnight cry
23:57 and all of the virgins are taken by surprise.
24:01 They're startled from their lethargy.
24:04 They arouse, and all begin to prepare their lamps.
24:08 What does that tell you? The lamps have been unattended...
24:12 all of the lamps for quite some time.
24:15 They had to have their wicks trimmed
24:17 so that they could burn brightly.
24:19 Up until this point, what difference do we see
24:23 between them? We don't!
24:25 They all look pretty much alike, don't they?
24:28 So let's dig a little deeper.
24:30 When the five foolish virgins lit their lamps
24:35 they discovered their lack of oil.
24:39 It was a sad revelation
24:43 to these five foolish ones
24:47 because they saw that their wicks began flickering
24:52 and sputtering and smoking.
24:55 Then - ah-haa - they see that the five wise virgins
25:00 have brought additional oil.
25:03 So they petition the wise: "Oh, give us some of your oil...
25:07 our lamps are going out. "
25:09 But their anguished and despondent cry is in vain.
25:15 The wise - knowing that it was impossible to give of their
25:20 supply - sent the foolish ones off to look for another source
25:25 of the necessary oil.
25:27 Now you know, at first glance that sounds just a little bit
25:29 selfish, doesn't it?
25:31 "What? You mean you're not going to share your oil with me? "
25:35 But you see... What does the oil represent?
25:40 The Holy Spirit.
25:42 It is impossible... absolutely impossible...
25:49 for man to share the Holy Spirit
25:52 or the character development that He has influenced.
25:58 Man can provide the lamp.
26:01 I can give you a Bible.
26:04 But man cannot transmit the oil - the Holy Spirit -
26:09 or the character development obtained by His influence.
26:13 There is no community supply of oil...
26:18 not even if you're in the remnant church.
26:20 Only God can supply the oil of the Holy Spirit.
26:25 So when the time of testing came
26:28 the foolish realized their superficial preparation
26:34 was inadequate.
26:36 Without the all-essential oil they were unprepared
26:42 to meet the bridegroom.
26:45 In a frenzied panic they go out and search for the oil.
26:48 Now when Jesus told us the parable He didn't explain
26:53 whether or not they found any oil.
26:55 What do you think?
26:57 Do you think the marketplace was open after midnight?
27:02 If God is the only supplier of the oil -
27:06 the Holy Spirit - can we pray for the Spirit
27:10 after probation closes?
27:12 No. The answer is found in Revelation 22 and verse 11.
27:18 This is heaven's pronouncement. It's heaven's message,
27:24 heaven's declaration, immediately before Christ goes
27:28 to retrieve His bride.
27:30 And Revelation 22:11 says this:
27:34 "He who is unjust let him be unjust still;
27:39 he who is filthy let him be filthy still;
27:43 he who is righteous let him be righteous still;
27:47 he who is holy let him be holy still. "
27:52 Heaven has made a declaration:
27:55 "Time is up... probation has closed.
27:57 Jesus is coming! "
28:00 The marketplace is closed just prior to the midnight cry.
28:05 The time to pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit
28:09 has expired. God has already determined
28:13 who belongs to His family.
28:16 And once probation closes
28:19 it's too late to acquire the character traits
28:23 that will fit us for heaven.
28:25 You know, there's a time that comes in every life
28:28 when change is impossible.
28:31 For most of us, it could be a sudden and unexpected death.
28:36 For those of us who live to see Him coming in the clouds
28:40 it will be His second coming.
28:43 Now continuing in the parable
28:45 the bridegroom arrives and He ushered all who were ready
28:48 into the wedding hall
28:50 shutting the door to the reception behind Him.
28:56 Listen to what I'm about to say:
28:59 when the door is shut it is shut for eternity.
29:09 He then says as they come - the foolish -
29:15 pleading: "Oh Lord... Lord!
29:19 Open up to us. "
29:21 But they invoke His name in vain.
29:24 And He says: "Assuredly
29:27 I say to you I do not know you. "
29:31 The saddest of all tragic words
29:35 that could fall on a human's ear.
29:38 The bridegroom rejected these bridesmaids
29:43 because they were strangers to Him.
29:49 He did not know them.
29:52 He had no special relationship with them
29:55 so He refused to open the door.
29:58 It was not that they were just a few minutes too late.
30:03 Those who stood on the outside of the door
30:06 banging, they did not bang and beg for entrance
30:12 because of a heartfelt love
30:15 and because of a heart that could not be happy
30:18 if they were closed out from His presence.
30:21 No! What they were banging on the door
30:24 to gain entrance because they didn't want
30:28 to be left out in that utter darkness...
30:32 in utter devastation.
30:34 They knew what their end would be.
30:37 The door that was open for so long
30:41 had finally been shut at last.
30:47 It is closed and secured tightly
30:51 to shut in the wedding party
30:55 and to shut out the wedding crashers.
31:01 Much like when the door of the ark shut in Noah -
31:06 righteous Noah - and his small family.
31:10 Do you think that when the flood waters came
31:14 don't you know that there were people banging on the door
31:18 of the ark saying: "Let us in!
31:20 You preached and prophesied for decades and we didn't listen
31:24 but let us in... we see it now.
31:26 There is going to be a flood. "
31:29 But they didn't do it... They weren't banging on the door
31:33 because they had this great desire to have a relationship
31:37 with the Lord... they just didn't want to die.
31:41 We see as we look at this parable man cannot
31:45 distinguish between the wise and the foolish
31:48 until the crucial moment
31:51 when the real distinction becomes apparent.
31:54 Only one thing distinguishes these two groups of virgins.
32:01 The only two types of church members according to our Lord
32:04 and Savior Jesus: the wise had oil in their vessels.
32:10 The Holy Spirit was in their hearts.
32:13 The foolish had no oil...
32:16 no Holy Spirit in their hearts.
32:21 It was not a visible difference to the human eye.
32:25 But God looks on the heart and He sees who's opened
32:30 their hearts to be filled with the Spirit and to be led
32:34 by the Spirit to develop the character of Christ.
32:37 He sees who has put on the robe of Christ's righteousness
32:43 and has been fitted with their wedding garments
32:46 and is prepared for the wedding supper of the Lamb.
32:49 These are the wise ones who slumbered.
32:55 Slumbered and slept are two different words in the Greek.
32:59 The wise slumbered, indicating that they got heavy eyelids.
33:05 They became drowsy.
33:07 They fell into a spiritual stupor.
33:11 Slumber can best be understood as spiritual lethargy.
33:18 How many of the wise slumbered?
33:21 All.
33:22 Are we wise virgins? Are we slumbering?
33:26 God knows also who did not open their hearts to be led
33:31 by the Holy Spirit. These are the foolish who slept.
33:36 That word in the Greek indicates a deliberate
33:41 conscious act of lying down to rest.
33:45 Not somebody who is really watching.
33:48 They were consciously lying down to rest
33:52 indicating spiritual neglect and a carnal indifference
33:57 to spiritual things.
34:01 But the foolish had their hearts filled with a false security
34:06 and when they heard the midnight cry
34:09 theirs was a tragic awakening.
34:13 They were unprepared and had no reserve of oil.
34:18 They had refused or neglected
34:22 God's gracious gift of the Holy Spirit
34:27 and consequently had no character development
34:32 influenced by Him and obtained through the imparted
34:38 righteousness of Christ within.
34:40 They had made a promising start, but without the Spirit
34:45 they could not endure to the end.
34:48 The crisis of the bridegroom's coming
34:52 symbolically reveals the virgins' experience
34:56 with the things of God - their relationship to Him -
34:59 and their true character. Only one difference...
35:03 one difference separates the foolish from the wise:
35:09 the lack of the all- essential oil - the Holy Spirit.
35:16 Why is the oil so necessary
35:19 for our preparation to meet our bridegroom?
35:22 Why is the Holy Spirit essential to the life of a true Christian?
35:26 Why do we need the Holy Spirit to enter the kingdom of God?
35:31 We know the Spirit brings the oil of illumination to our
35:34 lamps... our understanding of the Bible.
35:37 Paul tells us in the second chapter of I Corinthians.
35:41 He says: "These are spiritual words;
35:44 they're spiritually discerned.
35:47 And God has given you the Spirit so you may know
35:51 what He has freely given to you. "
35:55 And speaking of the Holy Spirit in John 16:3
35:58 Jesus says: "But He, the Spirit of Truth, when He comes
36:02 He will guide you into all truth. "
36:05 But... but... listen to what I'm saying:
36:10 This is hard to accept.
36:12 Even this does not sufficiently explain the dilemma
36:16 between the wise and the foolish
36:18 because both of them have the lamp of profession.
36:23 They're both holding on to essentially the same true
36:27 doctrines. They're both sitting here.
36:31 They've had deep Bible study.
36:34 So let's consider the difference that the Holy Spirit made in the
36:38 lives of the wise virgins
36:42 and then we'll begin to understand a little more
36:46 what's wrong with these foolish virgins.
36:49 Please turn in your Bibles to Ephesians chapter 3.
36:53 Ephesians chapter 3. We're going to have to go a little rapidly.
36:58 Ephesians chapter 3. The five wise virgins
37:03 possessed the Holy Spirit
37:06 and they were more than merely united with the church.
37:11 They were united with the Lord.
37:13 He lived within their hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit.
37:17 Let's read Ephesians 3 beginning with verse 14.
37:21 Paul writes to the Ephesians saying this:
37:25 "For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord
37:28 Jesus Christ from whom the whole family in heaven and earth
37:31 is named. " Now here's the reason he's praying:
37:35 "That He would grant you according to the riches of
37:38 His glory to be strengthened with might... "
37:42 with dunamis power...
37:44 How? "through His Spirit in the inner man. "
37:50 Do you want power for the Christian walk?
37:54 You have to have the Spirit day by day.
37:57 You have to be filled with the Spirit.
38:00 He also said: "So that... "
38:05 He wants the Spirit in you "so that Christ may dwell
38:10 in your hearts through faith. "
38:14 Jesus doesn't dwell in us bodily.
38:16 He dwells in us by faith through the Holy Spirit.
38:22 "And so that you, being rooted and grounded in love,
38:26 may be able to comprehend with all the saints
38:29 what is the width and length and depth and height to know
38:32 the love of Christ which passes knowledge
38:35 that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. "
38:40 You see it is only by the Holy Spirit
38:43 that Christ can dwell in us - His living temples.
38:48 Only by the Holy Spirit.
38:51 And Christ in us is our hope of glory.
38:55 Now turn to Galatians chapter 5 please.
38:59 Again we're looking at the wise.
39:02 And Galatians chapter 5 shows that the wise walk in surrender
39:08 depending upon the Spirit.
39:10 Being led by the Spirit.
39:12 And as we read these scriptures I pray that each one of us
39:15 examines our heart and says: "Am I like the wise? "
39:21 Galatians 5 and verse 16.
39:23 Paul says: "I say then walk in the Spirit and... "
39:30 parenthetically, as a result...
39:32 "if you walk in the Spirit you shall not fulfill the lusts
39:37 of the flesh. " See, only a Spirit-empowered walk
39:41 can help us overcome the tendencies of the flesh
39:44 which Paul now goes on to list.
39:46 But we will skip down to the good part... Galatians 5:22.
39:51 He says: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
39:54 longsuffering, kindness, goodness,
39:57 faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
40:00 Against such there is no law.
40:03 And those who are Christ's... " Those who are wise virgins...
40:09 "have crucified the flesh... "
40:13 They have died to self.
40:15 "crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.
40:19 If we live in the Spirit... " and we do...
40:22 "let us also walk in the Spirit. "
40:26 You see, the wise, having received Christ as their Savior
40:30 and the imputed righteousness of His record -
40:35 you know, imputed means it's something that's been credited
40:38 to us... it's that first stage of salvation -
40:42 justification by faith which is an act of God
40:46 We have nothing... I mean this is just God doing this...
40:50 They had received that but they had also experienced
40:55 the second stage of salvation which is sanctification
41:01 by faith. They made Jesus not only
41:06 Savior but Lord of their lives.
41:10 They surrendered control.
41:12 And by the Holy Spirit Christ living in their hearts
41:16 through faith, they received His imparted righteousness.
41:21 Something was poured into their hearts,
41:23 into their minds, as they allowed the Holy Spirit
41:26 to empower them. To influence their conduct
41:31 and subdue their sins.
41:34 The Spirit-empowered sanctification process
41:36 made all the difference.
41:38 It was more than their records that were changed.
41:41 Their hearts were transformed
41:43 through the sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit.
41:47 Paul in II Thessalonians 2:13 and Peter in I Peter 1:2
41:52 both speak of salvation through sanctification
41:57 by the Spirit. Sanctification is a work of God.
42:02 Now turn quickly to John chapter 14 because
42:04 Jesus here shows us how this work begins...
42:10 how God begins to work in our hearts.
42:13 John chapter 14. We're going to look at some
42:15 familiar scriptures and look at it a little differently.
42:18 The wise allowed God to work in them to will and to do
42:21 His good pleasure. Walking in joyful obedience
42:26 that was motivated by love and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
42:30 John 14 and verse 15.
42:32 Jesus said: "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
42:36 God's biddings are always His enablings.
42:40 So Christ continues now to explain how He will empower
42:45 us to keep His commandments. Look at this.
42:49 He says: "And I will pray the Father
42:52 and He will give you another Helper... "
42:56 Allos parakletos in the Greek
42:59 meaning He's going to send someone to be your advocate,
43:03 your comforter, your counselor, the One who walks beside you.
43:06 "who is just exactly like Me. "
43:12 This isn't... You're not trading off a Mercedes Benz
43:16 for a Volkswagen or I'm going to give you another car.
43:20 No, it would be allos. Means, if you say
43:23 "I'm going to give you another car" and you had a Mercedes
43:26 then "I'm going to give you one that is exactly like it in every
43:30 detail... exactly like it. "
43:34 So He says: "I am sending Him
43:37 that He may abide with you forever. "
43:40 Verse 17: "The Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive
43:43 because it neither sees Him nor knows Him.
43:46 But you will know Him for He dwells with you
43:49 and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans;
43:51 I will come to you. "
43:54 He was saying: "I will live in your hearts by faith
43:59 through the Holy Spirit who I am sending
44:03 who will empower you to walk in obedience. "
44:07 Now turn quickly to Titus.
44:09 That's back in Paul's T section. I and II Thessalonians,
44:12 I and II Timothy, then Titus.
44:15 We're going to look at Titus chapter 2.
44:19 Titus chapter 2.
44:22 We know that the wise
44:24 experienced an inward transformation
44:27 performed by the Holy Spirit.
44:30 Titus chapter 2, and verse 11 is where we'll begin.
44:35 "For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared
44:40 to all men... " And what does grace teach us?
44:44 "teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts
44:48 we should live soberly, righteously, and godly
44:51 in the present age. Looking for the Blessed Hope
44:53 and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior
44:57 Jesus Christ who gave Himself for us... "
45:01 Why? "that He might redeem us from every lawless deed
45:06 and purify for Himself His own special people
45:09 zealous for good works. "
45:12 Now turn a couple of pages over to Titus chapter 3 and verse 5
45:16 'cause this is where Paul explains how this purification
45:21 process happens. He says:
45:24 "It's not by works of righteousness which we have done
45:28 but according to His mercy He saved us
45:32 through the washing of regeneration and renewing
45:34 of the Holy Spirit. "
45:36 Sanctification is the work of God.
45:40 Yes, it requires our cooperation but it is the work of God
45:43 through the Holy Spirit.
45:46 Now let's turn to Romans chapter 8.
45:48 Romans chapter 8.
45:51 Turn quickly 'cause we're nearly out of time.
45:54 Roman 8 where Paul explains that the wise
45:58 received the spirit of adoption and they were led by the Spirit.
46:03 Romans 8 and verse 13 is where we'll begin.
46:08 "For if you live according to the flesh... " What's going to
46:11 happen? "you will die. But if by the Spirit
46:15 you put to death... " Two people are working...
46:19 two agencies are working here.
46:20 If by the Spirit - by His power -
46:23 you, cooperating with Him, put to death the deeds of your
46:27 flesh... You can't do it on your own;
46:29 you can't do it without His power...
46:30 but He's not going to do it without your cooperation.
46:33 God does not force His will on you.
46:35 "If by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body,
46:38 you will live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God
46:43 these are the sons of God. "
46:45 In contrast we can deduce if you are not led by the Spirit
46:49 you are not a child of God.
46:52 And he goes on in verse 15 to say:
46:54 "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear
46:57 but you received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out
47:00 'Abba, Father' and the Spirit Himself
47:04 bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God
47:09 and if children then heirs... heirs of God and joint-heirs
47:13 with Christ if indeed we suffer with Him
47:16 that we may also be glorified together. "
47:19 Do you see why the Holy Spirit is so important?
47:23 Now, keep your Bibles open to Romans 8.
47:26 We're coming back there in just a second.
47:28 The wise had the Holy Spirit
47:30 who is the source of all spiritual virtues,
47:33 and the love and the light of Christ shines out through them.
47:38 God's love had filled them,
47:40 and they loved God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and
47:44 strength and they love their neighbor as they love themself.
47:47 This kind of unselfish love isn't possible for humans
47:53 without the Holy Spirit.
47:55 Thank God for the promise of Romans 5:5
47:58 that says God pours out His love into our hearts by the power
48:03 of the Holy Spirit who He has given to us.
48:06 It is as the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of God -
48:10 enters us that we can draw on that essence
48:15 of God. God is love.
48:17 And one of my favorite verses... We won't turn there but
48:20 oh I love this verse! I Thessalonians - for you
48:24 who are taking notes - I Thessalonians 3:12-13
48:27 which says this: "May the Lord make you increase
48:31 and abound in love to one another and to all
48:34 just as we do to you
48:36 so that He may establish your hearts blameless in holiness
48:41 before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord
48:44 Jesus Christ with all His saints. "
48:47 Did you catch that? I did it too quickly.
48:50 "May the Lord make you increase and abound in love... "
48:53 Who's doing the work? God.
48:56 "so that... " Here's the reason...
48:59 "so that He may establish your hearts
49:03 blameless in holiness. " Do you catch what Paul is saying?
49:09 As we grow in love
49:12 we grow in holiness.
49:15 But we've got to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit
49:18 as the wise did so that this love can be imparted to us.
49:24 The wise were clothed with the robe of Christ's righteousness,
49:27 fitted with the wedding garment.
49:29 Their names were in the Book of Life.
49:35 Now in contrast, the five foolish virgins
49:38 lacked all the essential ingredients.
49:40 They lacked the oil.
49:42 They were united with the church but not with the Lord.
49:44 Their names were on the church records but not
49:47 in the Book of Life.
49:49 The foolish were attracted to the truth.
49:51 Perhaps they even taught Sabbath School or had a degree
49:54 in religion but they failed to recognize that even deep
49:58 Bible study is no substitute for the Holy Spirit.
50:01 The foolish were familiar with the theory of truth.
50:04 They had outward conformity
50:07 but their hearts were not transformed.
50:10 You've got your finger there in Romans 8. Let's look at
50:12 verse 9. Paul, writing to the Romans, sums it up this way:
50:17 "But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit
50:21 if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. "
50:26 But... listen up foolish ones:
50:29 "Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ
50:33 he is not His. "
50:37 You know, Paul further describes these foolish ones
50:39 in II Timothy 3:1-5
50:41 saying that they had "a form of godliness"
50:45 but they denied its power.
50:47 They attended church, gave offerings,
50:50 but they refused to receive the Holy Spirit.
50:53 They were cultural Christians.
50:56 They did not walk in obedience.
50:58 They were carnal and backslidden.
51:01 They didn't have enough love to obey.
51:04 Remember when Jesus said:
51:05 "If you love Me, obey My commandments? "
51:07 That was John 14:15. Well in verse 23-24 He says:
51:10 "If anyone loves Me, He will keep My word.
51:13 My Father will love him, and We will come to him
51:16 and make Our home with him. "
51:18 But now in contrast: "He who does not love Me
51:21 does not keep My words. " Consequently,
51:24 we can assume that the Father and the Son won't make their
51:27 home. We just read it. If you don't have the Holy Spirit,
51:31 you don't belong to Him.
51:33 We don't have time to turn but I'm going to read
51:36 to you... Hmmm... Let me read quickly from Jude.
51:41 Jude verse 3. There's only one chapter.
51:46 Listen to this solemn warning:
51:51 "Beloved: while I was very diligent to write to you
51:54 concerning our common salvation I found it necessary rather
51:57 to write to you exhorting you to contend
52:00 earnestly for the faith which was once for all
52:04 delivered to the saints. For certain men have crept in
52:07 unnoticed who long ago were marked out for condemnation.
52:10 Ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God
52:15 into lewdness... " Saying: "You're saved by grace.
52:20 You can do whatever you want. "
52:22 "and by so doing they deny the only Lord God and our Lord
52:26 Jesus Christ. " Now here comes the warning:
52:28 "But I want to remind you though you once knew this
52:32 that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt,
52:36 afterward destroyed those who did not believe. "
52:40 Not once saved always saved.
52:43 "The angels who did not keep their proper domain... "
52:49 "The angels He even gave up and reserved them. "
52:54 The foolish had experienced God's grace in the first stage
52:59 of salvation... justification by faith...
53:02 but they did not in the second... the sanctification.
53:08 Some of them were undoubtedly very active in ministry.
53:12 But even service will not compensate for the lack of
53:16 the Spirit. Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23
53:19 "Not everyone who says to Me 'Lord, Lord'
53:22 shall enter the kingdom of heaven. "
53:23 But who will enter? "He who does the will of
53:26 My Father. Many will say to Me in that day
53:30 'Lord, Lord... have we not prophesied in Your name?
53:32 Cast our demons in Your name?
53:34 And done many wonders in Your name? '
53:36 And then I will declare to them: 'I never knew you.
53:39 Depart from Me you who practice lawlessness. ' "
53:42 What does I John 3:4 say?
53:45 I John 3:4 says that whoever commits lawlessness
53:49 commits sin. Sin is lawlessness.
53:51 The breaking of God's law.
53:52 And we know what are the wages of sin?
53:55 Eternal death, but the gift of God is eternal life.
53:59 Did you know? Some of the foolish virgins...
54:06 Turn to Galatians 3. I am going to take the time.
54:09 I don't know... We're not even...
54:11 I need about 5 more minutes.
54:14 But I have to let you see Galatians chapter 3.
54:18 Paul writes to the Galatians and says:
54:21 "Oh foolish Galatians... " You foolish virgins...
54:25 Galatians 3 verse 1:
54:27 "Who has bewitched you that you should not obey
54:31 the truth before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly
54:34 portrayed among you as crucified?
54:36 This only I want to learn from you:
54:39 did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law
54:42 or by the hearing of faith? "
54:45 Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit
54:48 are you now trying to be made perfect by the flesh?
54:54 And he goes on. Here's his punch line
54:57 in chapter 5 verses 4 and 5.
55:00 Oh listen to this: "You have become estranged
55:04 from Christ you who attempt to be justified by law.
55:08 You have fallen from grace. "
55:13 You've fallen... the foolish have fallen from grace.
55:17 Their names were blotted out.
55:19 They lacked the one essential qualification:
55:22 the oil. Jesus is coming soon!
55:26 He's coming unexpectedly.
55:29 We're not going to know the hour.
55:31 Are we prepared? Do we have the oil?
55:35 It's not too late. That's the good news.
55:39 Jesus said in Luke chapter 11 and verse 9
55:43 that this lesson is two-fold if you look at the parable.
55:46 It's two-fold. One: you must have the Holy Spirit.
55:50 Jesus says: "Ask and it will be given to you;
55:53 seek and you will find.
55:55 Knock, and the door will be opened to you. "
55:57 God is so anxious to give you His Holy Spirit.
56:02 We must ask for and receive
56:06 His Spirit by faith and we must surrender control
56:08 of our lives to the Holy Spirit.
56:11 And the second lesson of the parable
56:13 is that we must be watchful.
56:16 Watch, for our salvation is nearer than we first believed.
56:20 Watch! We're not children of the night.
56:22 We're children of the day.
56:25 Awake and cry out for the Holy Spirit
56:28 and God will gladly... gladly give you
56:32 of this all-essential oil.
56:35 We've got to guard the precious relationship
56:40 that we have with the Lord.
56:43 I'm telling you: every day you should be praying for grace.
56:48 You should never even get out of bed till you pray
56:51 to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
56:54 We have got to stand in grace, to grow in grace,
56:59 to find our strength in God's grace. Amen!
57:04 Watch...
57:06 for we are face to face with eternity.
57:11 Oh how we need God's Holy Spirit! Amen!
57:16 And He is more anxious to give it to you
57:18 than you are to receive it.
57:20 Watch! We know neither the day nor the hour
57:25 when the Son of Man is coming.
57:28 We must watch!


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