Spring Camp Meeting 2014

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Participants: Tim Parton & Danny Shelton"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus", Tim Parton"Thank You Now", Tim Parton, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith"Softly & Tenderly", Reggie & Ladye Love Smith"Somewhere In Between"


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00:38 Hello and welcome to 3ABN to our Spring Camp Meeting.
00:42 We all having a good time here, folks?
00:43 Amen! Amen. Do you hear that?
00:45 We have folks from many states around the country
00:48 and many - literally - countries around the world
00:51 are represented here. We're glad that you're all here
00:53 and those of you at home: thank you for joining us
00:56 as you do each and every day.
00:58 I wanted to introduce some special guests, 'cause we don't
01:00 get together very often.
01:02 But these young ladies are my three... we say aunts.
01:07 Some people say aunts, so depending how you want
01:09 to say it... my dad's sisters, three of them.
01:12 There was 13 in the family,
01:14 and these are my only three aunts that are still with us.
01:18 And I have an Uncle Bud who is still around
01:20 and so our family has dwindled down, hasn't it?
01:23 But when we get to heaven we'll all be back together,
01:26 right? Amen! They're a bunch of Sheltons.
01:28 So over here this young woman many of you know her
01:33 but you didn't know her. This is Hayley Kaye.
01:35 You've seen her grow up on television, but now she just
01:38 got married a month ago. Hi Hayley Kaye. Yeah, hi!
01:41 All right. We're glad you're here. I love you, honey.
01:43 I love you too. You still Papa's girl? Absolutely.
01:46 Oh, all right. I pay her to say that
01:47 but it still sounds good.
01:49 No I don't. She's wonderful.
01:51 I have with me Aunt Dolly.
01:54 And Aunt Dolly she doesn't mind me telling you
01:56 is 87 years young. How 'bout that? All right!
02:00 All right. Good healthy Christian livin' - that's what
02:04 that's all about. That's right! My Aunt Laura, she would
02:06 shoot me if I told you how old she was.
02:09 Where you from, Aunt Laura? I'm from Gatlinburg, Tennessee,
02:12 or that area. Yeah. Aunt Dolly says you can tell her age.
02:17 No, Aunt Laura would be like Del Delker.
02:20 You ask Del Delker: "Del, how old are you? "
02:23 She says: "Well I can tell you but I'll have to kill you. "
02:27 You figure that one out.
02:28 You're not going to tell it around, right?
02:31 You got a mike for Aunt Ruby?
02:33 Aunt Ruby, how... Oh no, I won't ask your age.
02:36 Where are you from? West Frankfort just outside
02:39 Thompsonville. That's right.
02:40 And who's that standing next to you?
02:42 That's my husband Clinton.
02:43 And he won't let me have a mike. I don't understand it.
02:48 I mean, I don't say anything but nice things about him.
02:51 Cowboy Clinton... please get that mike away from him
02:54 'cause he knows a story on me that just happened last week.
02:57 I didn't want him to tell the whole world that I got lost.
03:00 All right. Well, misplaced for a while on a ride.
03:02 He's a cowboy. We went riding, and so somehow
03:05 I took a wrong turn looking for a trail, and it took us
03:08 a little while. So he said: "That sure was a long ride! "
03:11 But most of it was in the truck.
03:13 So... rather than on the horses.
03:15 But these two were boyfriend and girlfriend
03:19 when they were teenagers here in West Frankfort, Illinois.
03:22 They went their separate ways... remarried, had families,
03:26 and 50 years later their spouses had died
03:28 and over 50 years later they got back together
03:30 and only recently, last... what, three years or so?
03:33 have married. And they're happily now living.
03:36 From boyfriend to girlfriend 50 years later
03:39 they said: "You know what? We still love each other.
03:41 We're gonna get married. "
03:43 And so they are. So thank you all for being here.
03:48 Dr. Gilley. Well this is just... to me...
03:51 I was telling Danny: "We have to have them up here"
03:54 because it is an amazing thing, Danny, to have 13 members
03:59 of a family and four are still living after these many years.
04:03 You lost one in the service, I think.
04:05 And we're going to be talking... Sabbath afternoon we're going to
04:09 be honoring our servicemen here. Absolutely.
04:12 And, you know, America's a great country.
04:15 We're going to talk about some of the wonderful things
04:18 that God has done for this country and enabled this country
04:23 to do around the world.
04:24 And we're going to recognize some of those
04:27 and challenge the people of our nation
04:30 to once again go forward strong with the gospel
04:34 of Jesus Christ. So you be sure to remember
04:37 that we're going to be talking about being one.
04:40 We're one with each other, one with the Lord,
04:42 and one with the world in presenting the gospel
04:46 of Jesus. All right, thank you aunts and uncles.
04:49 Appreciate you; love you all. Thanks for coming out.
04:51 All right. Hayley Kaye, love you too, honey. Bye-bye.
04:54 All right. Jim Gilley said "We've got to get them...
04:59 we've got to get them on stage.
05:00 It's my privilege to introduce Brother Tim.
05:02 Tim, we haven't seen you in a while. You're busy.
05:04 I know you're traveling... doing a lot of work.
05:06 We have a brand new piano and this is your first time to
05:09 play it, right? I love it; it's great!
05:11 So how many of you have ever seen or heard Tim Parton
05:14 play before? All right.
05:15 All right. See all those hands went up there?
05:17 For those of you that haven't, Tim is an incredible talent.
05:21 But he loves the Lord, and he's worked with 3ABN.
05:24 The Pillars Hymns... if you have The Pillars Hymns album,
05:26 Tim arranged it, put it all together,
05:28 is playing it. Worked with Chris Wilkinson on the
05:32 orchestra, the strings. And it's just an incredible project.
05:35 What are you going to do for us tonight?
05:37 You're going to do a song or two, right? Yes.
05:39 All right. It has been a while and one thing I have missed
05:42 since I've been away is your beautiful voice.
05:45 Oh no, no. He'll say that if you pay him.
05:47 No... no I mean it. I love to hear Danny sing.
05:51 And so I'm going to ask you just to wait
05:54 till I point to you, OK?
05:56 What are we singing? You're going to surprise me?
05:59 You'll recognize it. OK.
06:51 Turn... turn your eyes
06:55 upon Jesus,
07:00 Look full in
07:03 His wonderful face.
07:09 And the things of this old earth
07:15 will grow strangely... strangely dim
07:20 in the light
07:23 of His glory
07:26 and grace. Sing with us too:
07:31 Turn your eyes
07:35 upon Jesus,
07:40 Look full in His wonderful
07:46 face.
07:50 And the things of earth
07:54 will grow strangely dim
08:01 in the light
08:04 of His glory
08:08 and grace. Amen!
08:13 Minister to us. Amen.
08:15 Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
08:17 If I had one word of advice
08:20 for anybody that would be it.
08:24 Turn your eyes upon Him.
08:27 You know, there have been situations in my life
08:30 in the past few years that I have wondered why.
08:35 Why would God make us go through things like that?
08:39 I'm sure you have things in your life
08:41 that you may ask the same thing.
08:45 I was in northern California a while back
08:49 and I had just gotten an e-mail. I had read this e-mail
08:54 and the minute I read it I knew... well I just regretted
09:00 reading it. And I checked
09:06 into the hotel room there and I threw myself on the bed
09:09 and I was just so frustrated with the situation.
09:12 It just like rubbed salt into the wound.
09:17 And I laid there for a few minutes
09:18 and maybe had a little pity party... you know, like we do.
09:22 Then I remembered that I have a friend
09:25 right there in northern California.
09:28 Now I'm from Missouri. I've lived the past 20 years
09:31 in Tennessee. But there in northern California
09:37 there was a friend.
09:40 So I sat up on the bed and
09:44 next to the bed was a nightstand.
09:49 I opened the drawer and there was my friend.
09:54 Thank God for the Gideons, Amen?
10:00 So I opened the Bible. I just kind of let it fall open
10:04 on my lap.
10:07 And it opened to a scripture in Isaiah.
10:11 Now sad to say, I'm not a scholar of Isaiah,
10:20 but I knew exactly what he meant
10:25 when all of those hundreds of years ago he wrote
10:28 in chapter 26 verse 3
10:32 "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace
10:36 whose mind is stayed on Thee
10:39 because he trusteth in Thee. "
10:43 Amen? So that evening...
10:45 I was in town for a concert, so that evening
10:50 I went to the church and I stepped inside the doors
10:54 of the church, and they had beautiful scriptures
10:58 framed on the walls. The first scripture that I saw
11:04 you will never guess what it said.
11:08 Isaiah 26 verse 3.
11:12 Now you may think that God doesn't talk to us any more...
11:17 I disagree.
11:20 He will keep you in perfect peace
11:24 if you will keep your mind on Him
11:27 and trust in Him.
11:30 So now I have this song to sing:
11:33 Before this trial is finally past.
11:40 Before the hurt is gone.
11:46 Before the pain subsides at last
11:53 and once again I'm strong.
12:00 Thank you now
12:06 for the mercy that I know will see me through.
12:14 Thank you now
12:18 for the grace
12:20 that can only come from You.
12:29 Though I can't see the reason why
12:36 or understand just how
12:43 Lord, I know You're faithful
12:49 so thank you now.
12:56 Whatever you're facing tonight
12:58 just thank Him through it.
13:02 For Lord, so many times You've proved
13:08 just how good You are to me.
13:14 And so before this mountain moves -
13:19 and I know it will -
13:21 my song to You will be:
13:29 Thank you now
13:34 for the mercy
13:36 that I know will see me through.
13:43 Thank you now
13:47 for the grace
13:49 that can only come from You.
13:56 Though I can't see the reason why
14:03 or understand just how
14:10 Lord, I know You're faithful
14:15 so thank you now.
14:22 Though I can't see the reason why
14:29 or understand just how
14:36 Lord, I know
14:40 You're faithful
14:44 so thank you now.
14:55 Amen. Amen!
14:56 Stay seated just a moment.
14:59 I'm going to ask Reggie and Ladye Love Smith to come out.
15:02 And also Jason Bradley's here. I want Jason to come out.
15:07 And Ms. Yvonne Lewis. We want you to come on out.
15:12 I think Bret's with you. Come on out, Bret.
15:15 Reggie and Ladye Love... Ladye Love.
15:20 There she comes and Bret.
15:23 Yvonne Lewis, Tim. Ready? We have two birthdays.
15:27 Ladye Love's birthday's today at 3ABN Camp Meeting.
15:33 Jason... Jason is Yvonne's youngest son,
15:37 and it's his birthday today.
15:39 So we're going to do happy... Same age... Same ha ha ha ha...
15:42 No comment, all right?
15:45 Listen here: we're going to do a little happy birthday for them
15:49 and we'll say Happy Birthday Ladye and Jason all at once.
15:52 Ready? You got us in the key, Tim?
15:54 Happy birthday to you,
15:58 happy birthday to you,
16:02 happy birthday dear Ladye and Jason,
16:08 happy birthday to you!
16:20 All right. Thank you so much.
16:22 We love both of you. Reggie and Layde, stay out here.
16:24 Jason, I got you for a minute. Jason is now working with his
16:28 mother on Dare to Dream with the Dare to Dream Network.
16:31 Jason, we're glad you're here, buddy. Happy to be here.
16:33 And we appreciate what you do for the cause of God.
16:36 It's a blessing. You love Dare to Dream, right?
16:38 Love it. All right! So Jason is going around.
16:41 He's going to be getting Dare to Dream on cable
16:43 and he's working in production organizing, getting programs
16:47 together... so a great asset.
16:49 Your mother loves you and appreciates you.
16:51 And she can remember better than you can what happened
16:54 28 years ago today, right? She probably...
16:58 Thank you, Yvonne.
17:00 OK, all right. Ladies and gentlemen,
17:03 brothers and sisters, it's my great privilege to introduce
17:06 Reggie and Ladye Love Smith. And we've got Bret.
17:08 He'll be coming out in a few minutes.
17:10 And I don't know... Are you guys?
17:13 We're just going to turn the time over to you for a bit?
17:15 So if you want to work with Tim? Well Tim is here, and I just
17:19 thought we just have to do something together.
17:21 I love people who can do stuff on the spur, right?
17:23 I know they haven't practiced this, all right?
17:26 So good... all right... bless us with your music
17:29 and just as long as the Lord impresses you minister to us.
17:34 Softly and tenderly
17:40 Jesus is calling,
17:45 Calling for you
17:49 and for me;
17:55 And see on the portals
18:00 He's waiting and watching,
18:06 Calling, "O sinner,
18:12 come home. " Sing it with us.
18:17 Come home,
18:22 come home,
18:28 Ye who are weary,
18:33 come home;
18:39 Earnestly, tenderly,
18:45 Jesus is calling,
18:51 Calling, "O sinner,
18:57 come
19:01 home. "
19:14 Hallelujah!
19:17 Thank you Tim.
19:39 Suspended above
19:43 the world that He made
19:47 and below
19:49 His home in the sky
19:55 God in flesh
19:58 came down to man
20:03 and man raised Him up to die.
20:10 And there on the tree
20:14 the destiny
20:17 of every fallen man
20:25 was held by the nails
20:29 driven through
20:32 His sinless feet
20:36 and hands.
20:40 Somewhere between
20:44 heaven and earth
20:47 stood a symbol of grace
20:50 not based on our worth.
20:55 It was there He endured
20:58 what we deserve...
21:03 for the cross held the hope of the world
21:09 somewhere between
21:12 heaven and earth.
21:17 Somewhere
21:19 between time and space;
21:25 Somewhere
21:26 between judgment and grace.
21:31 He became the sin
21:35 He'd never known.
21:40 And as the skies turned black
21:43 His Father turned His back
21:47 and for that moment
21:50 He was left alone...
21:54 He was left alone.
22:00 Somewhere between
22:03 heaven and earth
22:06 stood a symbol of grace
22:10 not based on our worth.
22:14 It was there He endured
22:18 what we deserve
22:22 for the cross held the hope of the world
22:28 somewhere between
22:31 heaven and earth.
22:40 Stood a symbol of grace
22:43 not based on our worth.
22:47 It was there He endured
22:51 what we deserve
22:56 for a cross held the hope of the world...
23:02 Yes, the cross held the hope
23:06 of the world...
23:09 Yes, the cross held the hope
23:13 of the world
23:18 somewhere... somewhere
23:22 between
23:24 heaven
23:29 and earth.
23:35 Suspended above
23:38 the world that He made
23:43 and below
23:45 His home
23:47 in the sky...
24:00 Amen!
24:05 We're so blessed to be with you
24:06 the second night of Camp Meeting.
24:08 Are you glad you're here tonight? Amen!
24:10 It's going to be an incredible, incredible night.
24:20 It does not matter
24:24 where you started.
24:28 But friend, it matters
24:32 where you end.
24:36 We're all walking
24:41 toward forever
24:44 and there's only one road
24:48 that leads to Him.
24:52 The way is straight,
24:56 the path is narrow,
25:00 and though sometimes
25:03 it seems we walk alone,
25:08 but an unseen hand
25:12 is there to lead us.
25:16 Just follow Jesus...
25:20 He knows the way home.
25:32 He never said
25:36 we would not suffer.
25:40 And He never said
25:44 that we'd fail no more.
25:48 He never said
25:52 we're spared the battle.
25:56 But He said He's already
26:01 won the war.
26:04 The way is straight,
26:08 the path is narrow,
26:13 and though sometimes
26:15 it seems we walk alone,
26:20 but an unseen hand
26:24 is there to lead us.
26:28 Just follow Jesus...
26:32 He knows the way home.
26:36 The way is straight,
26:40 the path is narrow,
26:44 and though sometimes
26:47 it seems we walk alone,
26:52 but an unseen hand
26:56 is there to lead us.
27:00 Just follow Jesus...
27:04 He knows the way home...
27:08 Just follow Jesus...
27:14 He knows the way
27:18 home.
27:24 Amen!
27:28 Thank you so much.
27:30 We about a year ago or maybe a little over a year ago
27:32 were afforded the opportunity to do a live concert
27:35 right here at 3ABN right here on this stage.
27:38 And the title of the DVD was called Thank You Lord.
27:43 It's a little song that we wrote
27:44 that our 11-year-old son sings the lead on.
27:48 And if it'd be OK with you guys, we'd love to bring him out
27:51 and sing the lead on this song.
27:54 I'd like to just say a little bit about the song.
27:56 Here's Bret.
28:00 Say hay everybody. Hay.
28:04 This song... We wrote this song because at night
28:07 we would say our prayers and we would say: "OK, let's think of
28:10 three things we're thankful for or grateful for. "
28:13 And I just started thinking: you know, there's so many things
28:16 that are going on in the world that are tough right now
28:18 for so many people, right?
28:20 We have so many things, and so many times in my life
28:23 I'll think: "Ah, the car didn't start today. "
28:25 You know, but I forget that I have a car.
28:27 You know, and I started trying to think what can I
28:29 look in my life. There are things that we're all lacking
28:32 or things that are hard or tough trials that we're going
28:34 through right now. I know you are.
28:36 Maybe some of you out there are going through really
28:39 hard hard times. But we wanted to teach him gratefulness.
28:42 We wanted to say: "What can we be thankful for tonight? "
28:45 "What could we tell God we're so thankful for? "
28:47 And that's how this song came about: Thank you, Lord.
28:49 Hearing you say that I have to tell you that
28:51 you know a lot of times when mom is in a studio session
28:54 or something, I'm putting him to bed. He'll say something like:
28:57 "What are we grateful for, thankful for? "
28:59 And he will always... of course, number one is mom.
29:03 Mama. Always number one, right ladies? Not lately.
29:07 Amen? Amen! Number two is... It's a cross between
29:12 grandmother and papa or Beauty our dog.
29:17 And number three could be a number of things which usually
29:20 is not daddy included.
29:21 I don't know. It's becoming daddy a lot lately.
29:23 This age is looking more about daddy.
29:25 But this is a great song, and I just think we call can be
29:28 thankful for something. And I think you will know this.
29:30 Very simple. By the end of it you can sing along with us.
29:32 It goes like this:
29:49 For all the countless ways
29:53 You have blessed me all my days,
29:57 Father, let me pause to say
30:00 I give You thanks.
30:04 For the life You've given me,
30:08 for my friends, my family,
30:12 for every wonder I have seen
30:15 I give You thanks...
30:19 I give You thanks.
30:24 Thank you, Lord.
30:31 Thank you, Lord.
30:38 For all You've
30:43 done for me
30:46 I thank you, Lord.
30:52 Amen!
31:09 For Your guidance through the years,
31:13 for Your presence through my fears,
31:17 for all the joys and, yes, the tears
31:20 I give You thanks.
31:24 For the faithfulness You've shown
31:29 as I face each dark unknown
31:32 I have never, never been alone
31:36 I give You thanks...
31:39 Lord, I give You thanks.
31:44 Thank you,
31:48 Lord.
31:51 Thank you, Lord.
31:58 For all You've
32:03 done for me
32:06 I thank you, Lord.
32:12 Sing with us... We thank you...
32:14 We thank you, Lord.
32:19 Lord, we thank you.
32:22 Thank you, Lord,
32:27 for all You've done.
32:29 For all You've
32:33 done for us
32:37 we thank you, Lord.
32:42 For all You've done...
32:45 For all You've
32:49 done for us
32:53 we thank you,
32:59 Lord.
33:11 Thank you so much.
33:13 Gonna do one last song for you.
33:16 Just know that there's always hope in the Lord.
33:21 Always hope in the Lord.
33:30 When I am down
33:34 and oh my soul so weary.
33:38 When troubles come
33:43 and my heart burdened be.
33:49 And I am still and wait here in the silence
33:56 until you come
33:59 and sit a while with me.
34:05 You raise me up
34:09 so I can stand on mountains;
34:15 You raise me up
34:18 to walk on stormy seas.
34:22 And I am strong
34:27 when I am on Your shoulders.
34:33 You raise me up
34:37 to more than I can be.
35:06 Thank you, Lord.
35:15 You raise me up
35:19 so I can stand on mountains;
35:23 You raise me up
35:27 to walk on stormy seas.
35:31 And I am strong
35:36 when I am on Your shoulders.
35:41 You raise me up
35:44 to more than I
35:47 can be.
35:52 There is no life...
35:56 no life without its hunger.
36:01 Each restless heart
36:04 beats so imperfectly.
36:09 But then You come
36:13 and I am filled with wonder.
36:18 Sometimes I think
36:20 I glimpse eternity.
36:24 You raise me up
36:29 so I can stand on mountains;
36:34 You raise me up
36:37 to walk on stormy seas.
36:41 And I am strong
36:44 when I am on Your shoulders.
36:50 You raise me up
36:54 to more than I can be...
37:02 Lord, you raise me up
37:09 to more than I can
37:17 be.
37:33 All right. Praise the Lord! Come here just a second.
37:36 I thought you were going to do one more.
37:38 Maybe if there's time we'll get you to do another one
37:40 here a little later, all right?
37:42 As Reggie mentioned, they did a DVD.
37:45 It's the most... Really, it's the most incredible DVD
37:47 I've ever heard. I've been blessed by 20-some songs.
37:51 They have them for those of you here. In the booth
37:54 they're available tonight. When we're doing programs
37:57 a lot of times you just sing on Sabbath so we don't...
37:59 we aren't able to promote your product. But what a blessing!
38:02 Those of you that's received the blessing, you want to go
38:05 home and hear these songs again and again
38:07 or share them with friends that weren't able to make it.
38:09 They have CDs; they have DVDs.
38:12 And we're just so thankful to be able to work with you
38:15 literally back here. There's just such an anointing.
38:18 I don't know about you but I have chill bumps
38:20 hearing them and watching them sing
38:22 and it's hard to hold back the tears.
38:24 That's a foretaste of what heaven is going to be like.
38:26 I mean, and I hate to... I'm not trying to brag on you guys,
38:30 but your voices are just incredible!
38:32 And I don't know... I always stand amazed
38:35 but the thing that makes it so great for me
38:39 is they have humility. They give God all the credit
38:42 and there's an anointing on your music. So thank you.
38:45 We love you; God bless you.
38:47 We're looking for more music especially Sabbath morning.
38:50 We're doing a brand new second coming project.
38:52 They'll be singing songs on there.
38:55 Amazing songs, and the one that's Dotti Rambo: We Shall
38:59 Behold Him. They're going to be doing that
39:01 and some new songs. And 2 or 3 that you wrote
39:04 that are amazing. We're looking forward to you all singing them.
39:06 So thank you so much; God bless you for what you do.
39:09 Now we're going to bring out our friend C.A. Murray.
39:12 Pastor Murray. And C.A. came here I don't know...
39:16 It's been how many years since you came here to southern IL?
39:18 Workin' on ten. Working on ten years?
39:21 And C.A. is a wonderful pastor, incredible pastor.
39:25 He's an incredible friend.
39:27 What we didn't really know was that he has ability and a gift,
39:31 an anointing to sing also.
39:33 So every now and then we get him out from all of the other hats
39:36 that he wears. That's... I won't say anything...
39:39 Somebody commented, said: "Well he doesn't have any hair.
39:41 He has too many hats. " It's not true.
39:43 Not true. He might even have some if he grew it out,
39:47 I don't know. But C.A. is one of the most talented
39:50 individuals I've ever had the privilege of working with.
39:53 A brilliant guy, and I say that from the bottom of my heart.
39:56 We kid each other; we have a lot of fun.
39:58 But even when we're not working here together
40:02 we'll do things together as families, don't we?
40:04 We like to go to places. Went to Cave-In-Rock recently
40:06 down on the Ohio and had a wonderful time.
40:08 Thank you for your ministry and your love for Jesus.
40:36 I know what it's like
40:40 to think of things I've done
40:45 and want to run and hide
40:50 my head in shame.
40:55 I know what it's like
40:59 to really hurt someone
41:04 and feel no sense of sorrow
41:09 at their pain.
41:14 Oh, but I know what it's like
41:18 to have enough of my disgrace
41:23 and find because of Jesus' blood
41:28 my sin can be erased.
41:35 He has
41:39 forgiven me.
41:44 My sin has been washed
41:49 from His memory.
41:54 By the blood of the Lamb
41:59 of Calvary
42:06 He has
42:11 forgiven me.
42:18 Do you know what it's like
42:22 for God to be your friend?
42:27 To talk to Him
42:30 with nothing in between?
42:37 Do you know what it's like
42:41 when your day comes to an end
42:47 to sleep in peace
42:49 all because your heart is clean?
42:56 Do you know what it's like
43:00 when the accuser comes your way
43:05 to look him squarely in the eye
43:10 with confidence and say:
43:20 He has
43:25 forgiven me.
43:30 My sins have been washed
43:35 from His memory.
43:40 By the blood of the Lamb
43:45 of Calvary
43:50 He has
43:54 forgiven me.
43:59 He has
44:04 forgiven me.
44:08 My sin has been washed
44:13 from His memory.
44:18 By the blood of the Lamb
44:23 of Calvary
44:28 He has
44:33 forgiven me.
44:39 By the blood of the Lamb
44:45 of Calvary
44:52 He has
44:57 forgiven
45:01 me.
45:13 Amen.
45:17 Amen? My brother from New York.
45:22 It's so wonderful to be blessed by the ministry of music,
45:25 is it not? And it is a preparation for the ministry
45:28 of the Word. And you don't want to go anywhere.
45:30 Pastor Carlton Byrd is here tonight.
45:33 He's going to be the next voice you hear after these songs.
45:36 And then they left me for 9 o'clock, so don't go anywhere.
45:40 I'd like to invite Mike and Celestine Barry to come out
45:43 right now. We've got probably one of the
45:46 only Filipino-Italian connections in the world.
45:48 And come on out Mike and Celestine.
45:51 And Celestine and Mike moved to Thompsonville from
45:55 Chicago a few years ago.
45:58 Came down here by the invitation of one of our church members
46:01 Rosemary Marlowe. And they decided to stay.
46:05 They have two children that are in our church school.
46:07 And I have the privilege of having Celestine as my secretary
46:11 and Mike as my Italian brother.
46:14 We have brother from a different mother.
46:16 But they're going to bless you tonight with a song,
46:18 and I know you're going to be blessed.
46:19 I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel.
46:36 We're an anchor for those
46:40 who are hurting
46:44 and we're a harbor for those
46:48 who are lost,
46:52 Sometimes it's not always easy
46:58 bearing Calvary's cross...
47:06 We've been ridiculed by those
47:10 who don't know Him
47:14 and mocked by those
47:16 who don't believe...
47:20 Still I love standing up
47:23 for my Jesus
47:27 'cause of all that He's done for me.
47:33 That's why I am not ashamed
47:38 of the gospel...
47:41 the gospel of Jesus Christ.
47:47 No, I am not ashamed
47:51 to be counted:
47:55 I am willing to give my life.
48:01 See I'm ready to be
48:05 all He wants me to be.
48:09 Give up the wrong for the right.
48:15 No, I am not ashamed
48:19 of the gospel...
48:22 No, I am not ashamed
48:25 of the gospel
48:27 of Jesus Christ.
48:40 For every moment
48:43 His hand has held mercy
48:48 and for all the love
48:50 that He's shown all my life,
48:55 A simple thanks doesn't say
48:59 how I'm feeling...
49:02 I get tears
49:05 in my eyes.
49:08 Well as for me, I'm going to keep on
49:14 believing in the One
49:18 who's been so faithful to me.
49:23 I'm not out to please the whole world
49:27 around me,
49:30 I've got my mind on eternity!
49:36 That's why I am not ashamed
49:40 of the gospel...
49:43 yes, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
49:49 No, I am not ashamed
49:53 to be counted
49:57 and I'm willing to give my life.
50:03 You see, I'm ready to be
50:06 all He wants me to be
50:11 and give up the wrong for the right.
50:16 No, I am not ashamed
50:20 of the gospel...
50:22 No, I am not ashamed
50:26 of the gospel of Jesus
50:31 Christ.
50:34 Oh, oh, oh.
50:42 No, I am not ashamed
50:45 of the gospel...
50:48 No, I am not ashamed
50:51 of the gospel...
50:54 I've got too much behind me
51:00 to let this world blind me.
51:03 To some He's just a name
51:06 but to me He's my everything.
51:10 I am not ashamed
51:12 of the gospel...
51:15 No, I am not ashamed
51:18 of the gospel...
51:21 No, I am not ashamed
51:26 of the gospel
51:31 of Jesus
51:36 Christ.
51:47 Amen.
51:49 Thank you Celestine and Michael.
51:51 They are not ashamed of the gospel and they are such a great
51:54 help. They're from the local area. Moved here some time ago.
51:57 What an asset and what talents
51:59 that we have. It's great to have them here.
52:01 Speaking of that, we have Pastor John Lomacang.
52:03 And we only have a few more minutes. I won't do a lot
52:06 of talking but I could talk a long time about what a great
52:09 friend: a pastor, a Christian.
52:11 And just love and appreciate you, too, John.
52:14 Thank you for what you do for the cause of God.
52:16 Thank you, Danny. That's from his heart.
52:18 I do believe that.
52:20 Reggie and Ladye, come on out. Just join me real quickly.
52:23 We just decided to do something together. This is a solo
52:28 but I figure why - when I have such good singers
52:31 with me - and do this song as a solo?
52:35 You might feel differently after this.
52:36 Oh, we're going to be fine. You know there are things in life
52:38 we don't understand but as the songwriter said
52:41 Farther along we'll know all about it.
52:51 Farther along
52:56 we'll
52:58 know all
53:00 about it.
53:06 Farther along
53:12 we'll
53:14 understand why.
53:18 Turn to your neighbor and say these two words:
53:20 "Cheer up" Are you ready?
53:22 Cheer up
53:24 my brother...
53:30 and live in
53:32 the sunshine.
53:38 We'll understand
53:43 it
53:46 all by and by.
53:54 When we see Jesus...
54:02 see Him coming
54:04 in glory,
54:10 When He comes from
54:16 our... our home in
54:20 the sky - Oh yes, He will -
54:26 Then we will
54:29 meet Him
54:34 in all His glory,
54:41 We'll understand
54:47 it all by and by.
54:53 Come on Camp Meeting, let's sing the song together.
54:55 Are we ready? Here we go:
54:57 Farther along
55:03 we'll
55:05 know all about it.
55:11 Oh yes we will.
55:13 And farther along
55:19 we'll... we're gonna
55:21 understand why.
55:26 Tell your neighbor one more time to cheer up.
55:28 Are you ready? Cheer up
55:31 my brother - and my sister -
55:36 and let's live in the
55:40 sunshine.
55:45 We'll understand
55:51 it
55:53 all by and by.
55:58 Oh yes we will now...
56:01 We'll understand
56:07 it
56:09 all by and by...
56:17 all by and
56:21 by.
56:27 Amen! Danny, it's yours.
56:31 Oh, it's mine? All right.
56:33 Praise the Lord!
56:37 I think Pastor Byrd is going to "throw down. "
56:43 I asked him to warm up the pulpit for me.
56:46 I think we warmed it up for him.
56:48 So don't go anywhere. Praise the Lord. You know what?
56:50 We will understand it better by and by. Amen!
56:53 Sometimes trials and tribulations come;
56:56 it doesn't make any sense.
56:57 But God is still God in the midst of all of that.
56:59 What do you say? Amen!
57:01 Sometimes disappointments come.
57:02 Sometimes our plans are interrupted and it has no
57:06 explanation for that's part of the prerogative of being God.
57:10 God is still God in the midst of our difficulties.
57:13 So if you're tuning in to this program wondering where
57:16 the hope is found in the midst of all this darkness
57:18 don't try to make sense out of it.
57:20 You'll understand it better all by and by.
57:23 Keep trusting the Lord and when you make the kingdom
57:26 it'll all be clear at the feet of Jesus.
57:29 Praise the Lord? Amen!


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