Spring Camp Meeting 2014

The Manner of His Coming

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Participants: Carlton P. Byrd


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00:38 Thank you for joining us.
00:39 We've been having church, haven't we, folks? Amen!
00:42 And never know what's going to happen here,
00:44 but we always pray that it's anointing of the Holy Spirit.
00:46 We can have a little fun in the Lord and have a good time
00:50 and praise His name. When I look at that little
00:52 intro - you just saw it - it kind of gives us a foretaste
00:55 of what it's really going to be like before too long
00:58 when those eastern clouds begin to come, begin to break
01:01 and all of a sudden we see Jesus coming back
01:03 in the clouds of glory. Anybody looking forward to that?
01:06 Amen! I know you are... that's why you're here
01:08 at 3ABN's special Spring Camp Meeting.
01:11 Nineteen sermons or more... nineteen at least...
01:14 on the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:16 I think we need to be encouraged.
01:18 If there's ever a time that we need to be focusing on
01:21 Jesus coming back it's right now. Can you say amen to that?
01:24 Amen! All right. Well our special speaker
01:27 in just a few moments is Pastor Carlton Byrd.
01:30 He's the senior pastor of Oakwood University Church.
01:33 He's the Speaker/Director of Breath of Life
01:36 television broadcast. Now listen to this:
01:39 he's a graduate of Oakwood University.
01:41 He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology,
01:44 a Bachelor of Science degree in business management.
01:48 He's a graduate of Tennessee State University.
01:51 He has a Masters of Business Administration degree.
01:55 He's a graduate of Andrews University
01:58 a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree.
02:02 Now I look at him... he looks like a young man
02:04 so I say he must have been going to school all of his life.
02:07 But all of that aside, we don't hold any of that against him
02:11 'cause he's a great man of God and a great speaker
02:13 and a great preacher, right? Amen! All right.
02:15 No, we love him. Absolutely been blessed by his ministry.
02:19 He and his family. We're so glad that he's here tonight.
02:22 But before he comes it's my privilege to introduce
02:25 Sr. Yvonne Lewis.
02:27 Yvonne, for many of those... You know, one of my favorite
02:30 singers in the world. She's spent many many years
02:33 in the world, and she sang with the Whitney Houstons
02:36 and Luther Vandross and all of those things.
02:38 But she says: "My greatest appointment
02:42 God has ever given me is when I came back to Jesus
02:44 and now I'm working with Dare to Dream. "
02:46 So she's 3ABN's Dare to Dream Manager.
02:49 Sr. Yvonne, what are you going to sing for us tonight?
02:51 That Name. That Name. All right... thank you so much.
03:08 There is a name
03:12 that is so precious...
03:16 a name so wonderful to me.
03:22 A name that's worthy
03:27 of our praises;
03:30 because of Him
03:33 I am made free.
03:37 And that name is Jesus...
03:40 oh how I love Him!
03:44 The One who gave
03:47 His life for me.
03:51 Because of love
03:55 so unconditional
03:58 I will have life
04:02 eternally.
04:20 His name speaks peace
04:24 to all my storm clouds.
04:30 His name speaks calm
04:34 to all my fears.
04:37 And when I think
04:40 that no one loves me
04:44 His loving presence
04:48 is so near.
04:51 And that name is Jesus...
04:55 oh how I love Him!
04:59 The One who gave
05:02 His life for me.
05:05 Because of love
05:09 so unconditional
05:13 I will have life
05:16 eternally.
05:20 Oh praise
05:24 that name...
05:28 praise that holy name.
05:35 Praise
05:38 that name.
05:42 Praise
05:45 that name!
05:51 Someday we'll leave
05:55 this earthly dwelling.
05:59 Through time and space
06:02 we all will soar
06:07 and finally see
06:10 the face of Jesus
06:14 and sing that name
06:18 forever more!
06:21 That name is Jesus...
06:25 oh how I love Him!
06:29 The One who gave
06:33 His life for me.
06:39 Because of love
06:44 so unconditional
06:48 I will have life
06:51 eternally.
06:56 Oh matchless
07:00 is that name Jesus!
07:03 All glorious
07:08 is that name Jesus.
07:11 How wonderful
07:15 is that name Jesus.
07:18 Oh
07:19 praise
07:26 that name!
07:36 Amen!
07:43 Come on. Give Sr. Lewis another hearty amen!
07:46 Amen! It's good to be here tonight, good to be here this
07:49 evening at 3ABN Camp Meeting.
07:54 This is God's country, and I'm just grateful to the Lord
07:56 that myself, my wife, and our three daughters
07:59 could be here. Last time we were here
08:01 we had two daughters. We have three now
08:04 so God is blessing as we are multiplying and building
08:07 His kingdom. Come on... say amen. Amen!
08:09 But we are grateful to be here.
08:11 We want to thank Bro. Danny Shelton,
08:14 Pastor Jim Gilley, and the entire 3ABN family
08:18 for the privilege that is ours to be able to come and worship
08:21 with you and praise the name of Jesus with you tonight.
08:26 I look out and I see some of my church members
08:29 from the Oakwood University church in Huntsville, Alabama.
08:32 I want to think that they followed me here. Amen!
08:35 But I'm grateful to see them here and I know they are praying
08:37 and I know that God is going to use them as well as you
08:40 and your prayers as I seek to speak a word for Him tonight.
08:45 Our theme this week has been on the second coming and so tonight
08:49 I have been charged with the responsibility of sharing
08:52 the manner of His coming. Everybody say: the manner -
08:55 the manner. Say the manner - the manner - of
08:58 His coming - of His coming. Amen!
09:00 And so we're going to get now into the Word of God
09:02 this evening. And so I would invite you at this time to bow
09:05 your heads with me as before we talk with you
09:08 we talk with God. Our Father in heaven,
09:10 this evening we are so grateful for the privilege of life,
09:14 of health, of strength. We are encouraged to know
09:17 tonight that truly Your name is a precious most awesome name.
09:22 And so God, as tonight we again focus on Your second coming
09:26 we pray that, Lord, Your Holy Spirit would now come
09:28 into this place. But not just in this place. Also the airwaves.
09:33 Those that are watching that You are anointing.
09:35 May be seen, it may be felt, and it may be heard.
09:39 God, hide me behind Your cross.
09:41 And when all is said and done we give You the praise,
09:43 the honor, and every single bit of the glory.
09:47 It's in the name of Jesus we pray. Let everyone say
09:49 amen - amen - and amen.
09:52 The manner of His coming.
09:56 And so with that charge tonight I want to charge you with
10:00 the subject: Here Comes Superman.
10:05 Here Comes Superman. Growing up as a little boy
10:09 in a Seventh-day Adventist Christian home -
10:13 in a PK or preacher's kids home -
10:17 in the church there were very few television programs
10:21 that we could watch. My parents were very guarded
10:25 about what myself, my brother, my sister... what we could watch
10:30 on television because they were concerned about the secular
10:34 influences that could potentially penetrate our
10:38 thoughts, our actions, or our behaviors.
10:43 Over 40 years ago, however, let me remind you
10:48 that there was no 3ABN.
10:52 There was no 3ABN Camp Meeting.
10:56 There was no 3ABN Today.
10:59 There was no Anchors of Truth,
11:02 Tiny Tots or Kids' Time, and good Christian programming
11:05 like we have today. So I must say this right now
11:09 Praise God for 3ABN. Do I have a witness in this place?
11:12 Amen! But because our friends and others would tell us
11:18 about other shows, we would plead. We would appeal to our
11:22 parents and we said: "Please mom, please dad:
11:26 Can we watch this? Can we watch that? "
11:29 And with a resounding voice they would say: "No! "
11:34 And we would say: "Well why? "
11:36 And they would say: "Because we said so. "
11:41 We would say "No, no" and we would get upset.
11:45 But then they would remind us that as long as we lived
11:49 in their house, as long as they paid all the bills,
11:54 as long as they cooked the food,
11:57 and as long as they were mommy and daddy
12:01 we would only watch what they told us we were going to watch.
12:05 I'm looking at you all. Some of you are saying amen
12:07 because you say the same thing to your children.
12:10 I also laugh now and reminisce about that because ironically
12:14 the same thing that my parents told me
12:17 is the same thing that my wife and I tell our daughters
12:21 giving credence to the Biblical admonition
12:23 that there's nothing new under the sun.
12:28 When we got a little older,
12:30 however, they began easing up just a little bit
12:35 and they began to let us watch every now and then
12:39 superhero shows.
12:43 Batman and Robin.
12:46 Spiderman.
12:49 Wonder Woman.
12:51 Captain America.
12:55 They would all come on television.
12:57 But my number one - number one, numero uno -
13:03 all-time favorite superhero
13:07 was Superman. Superman was in my mind
13:11 he was and represented the best attributes
13:15 of humanity and the ultimate force for good.
13:18 When someone was in trouble,
13:21 when someone was in distress,
13:24 when someone was facing death,
13:28 there would be certain theme music that would come on.
13:32 And all of a sudden we would hear the infamous words:
13:36 "Faster than a speeding bullet,
13:39 more powerful than a locomotive,
13:43 able to leap tall buildings in a single bound:
13:47 look up in the sky
13:51 it's a bird, it's a plane...
13:55 no, it's Superman! "
13:58 And as a child, these words were etched in my mind.
14:02 Every time I would eagerly sit up and watch the adventures
14:06 of Superman, eyes glued to the television.
14:10 I would watch how Superman would fight crooked businessmen,
14:13 fight politicians, fight villains.
14:16 I'd watch how Superman would take on injustices
14:19 and inequalities by fighting and standing for social justice.
14:23 I watched how Superman would have x-ray vision
14:27 and he would be able to see through walls and buildings
14:30 and doors and cement block buildings.
14:33 And it was always that just in the nick of time
14:37 Superman would always come to the aid and to the rescue
14:41 of men, women, boys, and girls
14:44 who were being tattered, torn, and troubled.
14:46 Superman was my hero.
14:49 Superman was stronger than anybody.
14:53 Superman was smarter than anybody.
14:57 Superman was faster than anybody.
15:00 Superman could do anything; Superman could do no wrong
15:05 because Superman was the man!
15:09 But I learned Superman was fictional.
15:15 Superman was fake.
15:19 Superman was good... but Superman wasn't real.
15:24 Superman was TV.
15:27 Oh, but my Jesus...
15:31 somebody knows something about Jesus.
15:34 Jesus - the REAL Superman - was real!
15:40 You see, as a little boy I also learned that the real Superman,
15:44 Jesus... He didn't have to just be shown on TV
15:48 because He was everywhere. He knew everybody
15:52 and He could do everything.
15:54 I learned as a boy that Jesus - the REAL Superman -
15:58 was a member of the triune, all-powerful, all-knowing,
16:02 all-places God. Genesis 1:1 says:
16:06 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
16:10 And the earth was without form and void and darkness
16:13 was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God
16:16 moved upon the face of the waters. " And God said
16:20 in verse number 3 of Genesis 1
16:21 "Let there be light... and there was light. "
16:25 I discovered that God - of which Jesus was a part
16:28 of the triune God - created light on day one.
16:32 Vegetation on day two.
16:34 He created firmament on day 2.
16:36 Vegetation on day 3. Sun, moon, and stars on day 4.
16:40 Fish and fowl on day 5.
16:43 And on day 6 He created mammal and man.
16:47 In fact, the Bible says in Genesis 1:26
16:50 "And God said: 'Let US make man. ' "
16:52 Notice the text does not say:
16:54 "And God said: 'Let Me make man' "
16:57 pointing to the fact that God is three in one.
17:00 God said: "Let us make man in our own image
17:04 after our likeness. "
17:06 We find that Jesus was a part of the triune God.
17:09 But not just in the Old Testament but also in the
17:13 New Testament. It was John chapter 1 verse number 1
17:16 where the Word of God says "In the beginning
17:19 was the Word. And the Word was with God
17:23 and the Word was God.
17:26 The same was in the beginning with God.
17:29 All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything
17:32 made that was made. " But then it goes on in verse 14 and says
17:36 that the Word became flesh.
17:40 Which means then: the Word, Jesus, the real Superman,
17:46 existed from the beginning.
17:49 "In the beginning was the Word.
17:52 The Word was with God. The Word was God.
17:57 The Word became flesh. "
18:00 Jesus - Superman - is the beginner then of the beginning.
18:05 He is the beginner in whom the beginning began.
18:12 He is the beginning before the beginning was begun.
18:16 He is the beginning who did not begin to be!
18:21 He is not stopped because He has no boundary line.
18:25 He did not start because He had nowhere to come from.
18:28 He is older than time yet He's younger than future
18:32 because He is what He was, He was what He is,
18:36 and what He was and is He will always be. Amen!
18:40 Jesus was always here, always has been here,
18:45 always will be here,
18:47 always was, always is. For even before Abraham was
18:52 He said: "I AM. " Amen!
18:55 What do we have here tonight?
18:57 Jesus - who was born 2,000 years after Abraham -
19:02 then He says He was before Abraham.
19:04 Jesus - who was David's son -
19:08 was also David's Lord.
19:10 Jesus - who was Abraham's seed - was also Abraham's Savior.
19:15 Jesus - who created flesh -
19:19 became flesh when God reversed the beginning
19:23 and He took a motherless woman
19:25 from the body of a man in creation but then turned around
19:28 and took a fatherless Man from the body of a woman
19:31 in redemption. Jesus... the God-Man.
19:35 Two natures in one personality.
19:39 He protected the interests of heaven with His divinity
19:41 but looked out for the interests of earth with His humanity.
19:44 In His divinity, He is God's way to man
19:49 but in His humanity He's man's way back on up to God.
19:54 He's the real Superman.
19:58 I learned as a boy that man - God's creation -
20:03 had sinned. I learned that man was in distress.
20:09 That man was tattered; man was torn.
20:13 man was troubled. Man had sinned, so God had a dilemma.
20:19 Either God said "I'm going to excuse sin
20:22 or destroy and start all over. "
20:24 But God's solution was: "Let me send the real Superman. "
20:28 Send Jesus, because He's faster than a speeding bullet.
20:33 More powerful than a locomotive.
20:37 He's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
20:42 But more than that... He saved my soul. Amen!
20:47 John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world
20:49 that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth
20:51 in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. "
20:56 Romans 6:23... "For the wages of sin is death. "
21:00 Which means then we deserve death.
21:02 That's what we deserve; that's what we should get.
21:04 "But the gift of God is eternal life
21:08 through Jesus Christ our Lord. "
21:09 Jesus then - the real Superman - came to our rescue. Amen!
21:16 "He was wounded for our transgressions.
21:18 Bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace
21:21 was upon Him, but by His stripes... " praise God...
21:24 "we are healed" today. We understand that back in
21:29 Old Testament times in order for one to receive forgiveness
21:32 from sin they had to bring a sacrificial offering
21:36 there to the earthly sanctuary. They had to bring a lamb.
21:40 They had to bring a goat. They had to bring an offering
21:42 that was without blemish, that was without any impurity.
21:46 And they would bring that sin offering, and the sin bearer
21:50 would symbolically place his hand upon the head of the
21:53 sin offering. The throat of the sin offering would be slit.
21:57 Blood would come streaming down
21:58 because there cannot be any forgiveness of sin
22:01 without the shedding of blood.
22:03 Jesus... "Behold the Lamb of God
22:07 which takes away the sins of the world. "
22:10 Jesus - the real Superman - had to come at His first coming
22:16 to save His people.
22:19 Matthew 1:21... And she shall bring forth a son.
22:21 Thou shalt call His name Jesus
22:23 for He shall save His people from their sins. "
22:29 Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.
22:32 That's why He came the first time.
22:36 But my Bible tells me that my Jesus -
22:39 the real Superman -
22:42 is going to have to come back a second time
22:45 because His people are tattered,
22:49 torn, and troubled again.
22:53 But the second time it's a little different.
22:56 This time He's not coming to save His people
23:00 but this time He's coming to get His people. Amen!
23:06 This time He's coming to rescue His people.
23:09 This time He's coming to redeem His people.
23:13 Last night we were reminded of the promise of His coming.
23:17 "Let not your hearts be troubled.
23:20 Ye believe in God... believe also in Me.
23:22 In My Father's house are many mansions.
23:24 If it were not so, I would have told you.
23:26 I go and prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare
23:28 a place for you I will come again and receive you unto
23:30 Myself, that where I am... " He said... "there ye may be also. "
23:34 The first time He came to save His people.
23:38 The second time He's coming to get His people.
23:41 The first time He came in humiliation as a self-effacing
23:45 servant but the second time He's coming as a glorious
23:48 conquering King. The first time He came as a babe
23:52 wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger
23:55 but the second time He's coming as King of kings,
23:58 Lord of lords, accompanied by a legion of angels.
24:02 The first time He came in the silent undertones of the night.
24:06 The second time He's coming to the majestic sound
24:11 of heavenly trumpets. The first time He came to
24:15 the audience of His parents, some oxen, and some wise men.
24:19 But the second time He's coming and the Bible says
24:24 every living eye is going to see Him.
24:27 Biblical prophecy provides some of the greatest encouragement
24:31 and hope available to us all.
24:32 Just as the Old Testament is saturated with the prophecies
24:36 concerning Jesus' first coming
24:38 so both the Old and the New Testaments
24:42 are filled with references to Jesus' second coming.
24:46 It has been estimated that there are some 1,845 references
24:51 to Jesus' second coming in the Old Testament alone
24:55 and 17 Old Testament books give it prominence.
25:00 But then in the 260 total chapters
25:04 of the twenty-seven New Testament books
25:07 there are 318 references to the second coming of Jesus:
25:12 an amazing 1 reference to Jesus out of every 30 verses.
25:17 Of the 27 New Testament books
25:19 23 refer to this great event. In fact, for every prophecy
25:25 in the Bible concerning Jesus' first coming
25:28 there are 8 which look forward to His second coming.
25:32 So then this is what the Christian life is all about:
25:38 looking forward to Jesus' second coming.
25:43 The second coming of Jesus should be the most talked about,
25:48 the most expected, anticipated, projected event
25:54 in our lives. In fact, it's even implied in our name
25:58 as Seventh-day Adventists.
25:59 We observe God's seventh-day Sabbath
26:03 and we are looking forward to Jesus' second advent.
26:07 Advent means coming...
26:10 which then means as Seventh-day Adventist Christians
26:13 we observe God's seventh-day Sabbath and worship on that day
26:16 and we are looking forward to Jesus' second coming.
26:20 So we know about His coming. We know He's coming,
26:24 but how will He come?
26:26 What will be the manner of His coming?
26:29 Well the Bibles gives us insight on the matter.
26:31 Let's take our Bibles if you have them.
26:33 Go with me to the book of Acts.
26:35 What book did I say everybody? Acts.
26:37 Let's go to the book of Acts so let's go to chapter 1
26:40 and we're going to go to verse number 9.
26:42 We know He's coming; we're assured of that.
26:45 But let's go to Acts 1 and let's now talk about
26:48 the manner of His coming.
26:50 Acts chapter 1 verse number 9 the Word of God speaks to us.
26:54 It says... If you have it, let me hear you say amen.
26:56 Amen. The Word of God says in Acts chapter 1 verse number 9
26:59 "And when He had spoken these things
27:02 while they beheld He was taken up and a cloud
27:06 received Him out of their... " What everybody?
27:09 Come on, out of their what everybody? Sight.
27:11 "And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven
27:14 as He went up... " How many men?
27:16 "two men stood by them in white apparel
27:19 which also said 'Ye men of Galilee,
27:24 why stand ye gazing up into heaven?
27:27 This same Jesus... ' " Now I'm supposed to preach
27:31 on the manner of His coming but I could preach a whole sermon
27:33 on this same Jesus. This same Jesus who locked the lion's jaw.
27:37 This same Jesus who provided air conditioning
27:39 in a fiery furnace.
27:41 This same Jesus who healed the woman with the issue of blood.
27:45 This same Jesus who raised Jairus' daughter.
27:49 This same Jesus who woke you up this morning.
27:52 But I don't have time to preach that. Let me preach
27:53 the manner of His coming.
27:54 "This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven
27:58 shall so come in like manner
27:59 as you have seen Him go into heaven. "
28:03 Which then means - point #1 on the manner of His coming -
28:06 when Jesus Christ comes back the second time
28:09 His feet will not touch this earth.
28:11 Which means then because His feet will not touch this earth
28:15 because of sin this earth must be cleansed.
28:17 It must be purified before Jesus touches this earth.
28:21 And there's only two ways you can clean something.
28:23 Either you wash it or you burn it,
28:25 The earth was washed at the flood.
28:27 It will be burned at Jesus' coming at the end...
28:30 end of the millennium.
28:31 We recognize that Jesus' feet will not touch this earth.
28:35 So if someone were to tell you the manner of Jesus' coming
28:38 would be that Jesus is going to walk up and down this earth
28:42 you know that's a lie from the pits of hell. Amen.
28:45 Because the Bible says that He's going to come back
28:48 the same way He left.
28:50 He left in the clouds;
28:53 that means He's coming back in the what everybody?
28:56 He's coming back in the clouds.
28:57 But not only that, the Bible also lets us know that when He
29:01 returns the heavenly angels will be coming with Him.
29:07 Go to Matthew. What book did I say everybody? Matthew.
29:09 Matthew chapter 16.
29:11 And we're going to Matthew 16 and we're going to verse #27.
29:15 Again, point number 2 in the manner of His coming.
29:18 He will come, and His feet will not touch the earth.
29:21 But not only when Jesus comes the Bible says that the heavenly
29:25 angels will be coming with Him.
29:27 Matthew chapter 16 and we're going to verse #27.
29:31 The Word of God says to us tonight:
29:33 "For the Son of Man shall come in the glory of His Father,
29:37 with His angels, and then He shall reward
29:42 every man according to his works. "
29:47 When Jesus comes back the second time
29:49 He's going to come. His feet will not touch the earth.
29:53 But not only that, we understand from the Word of God
29:56 that when He comes the entire heavenly angelic host
30:00 is going to come with Him. But let's get some more.
30:02 When He comes back, what will be the manner of His coming?
30:06 Here comes Superman... how will He come?
30:08 Go with me to the book of Revelation,
30:10 and we're going to Revelation chapter 1
30:12 and we're going to verse number 7.
30:14 Revelation chapter 1 and we're going to verse number 7.
30:19 When Jesus comes back the Bible is clear that every
30:23 living eye is going to see Him.
30:26 Revelation chapter 1 verse number 7... I'm reading.
30:29 If you have it, let me hear you say amen.
30:31 Amen. "Behold He cometh... " With what, everybody?
30:34 "clouds, and every... " What?
30:36 Come on, every what? "eye shall see Him
30:39 and they also which pierced Him.
30:41 And all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him.
30:44 Even so... amen. "
30:47 We discover... The manner of His coming number 3
30:50 every living eye is going to see Him.
30:53 Number one: when He comes His feet will not touch the earth.
30:57 Number two: when He comes, all the angelic host is coming
31:00 is coming with Him. Number three: when He comes
31:03 every living eye will see Him...
31:06 which means His coming will be visible to everyone.
31:10 His coming will not be a secret rapture.
31:14 But His coming... every living eye is going to see Him.
31:19 And not only are we going to see Him
31:22 but we are going to all see Him at the same time.
31:25 Which means those in Huntsville, Alabama - where I live -
31:29 are going to see Him. Those right here in Thompsonville, IL,
31:33 are going to see Him. Those in Africa are going to see Him.
31:37 Those in Asia are going to see Him.
31:40 Those in South America are going to see Him.
31:43 Those in Australia are going to see Him.
31:46 And we all will see Him and see Him at the same time.
31:49 Amen somebody. Amen.
31:52 When He comes back, His feet will not touch the earth.
31:55 The angelic host will accompany Him.
31:58 Every living eye is going to see Him,
32:00 and we all are going to see Him at the same time.
32:03 But not only that, number four:
32:05 go to I Thessalonians chapter 4
32:08 and we're going to verse number 16.
32:12 I Thessalonians chapter 4 and we're going to verse number 16.
32:18 I Thessalonians chapter 4 and we're going to verse number 16.
32:24 The Word of God says:
32:26 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a... "
32:30 What everybody? Shout. "with a shout,
32:33 with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of... "
32:36 Whom everybody? "God. " Now I like this text because
32:39 it lets me know in terms of the manner of His coming
32:41 His coming won't be silent.
32:43 Not only will everybody see Him but everybody's going to hear
32:46 Him. Are you hearing what I'm saying?
32:48 Everyone is going to hear Him when Jesus - the real Superman -
32:52 comes back. It won't be a silent coming but He will
32:56 descend from heaven with a shout, the voice of the
32:59 archangel, and the trumpet of God. Hallelujah somebody.
33:04 Well number one: His feet will not touch the earth.
33:08 Number two: all of the angelic host will accompany Him.
33:13 Number three: every living eye is going to see Him.
33:17 Number four: the manner of His coming says that it won't be
33:20 a silent coming but everybody will hear Him.
33:24 But then number five: when Jesus returns
33:28 there will be four primary groups of people.
33:31 It says there in your Bible in I Thessalonians chapter 4
33:34 verse number 16 there will be four primary groups of people.
33:38 The Bible says: "For the Lord Himself
33:41 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
33:43 with the voice of the archangel and the trump of God... "
33:46 and then the Bible says that "the dead in Christ
33:48 shall rise... " what everybody?
33:50 Come on... the dead in Christ shall rise what?
33:52 "first. " Which then says to me group number one...
33:54 At Jesus' second coming primary group number one
33:57 will be the dead in Christ or the righteous dead
33:59 and the Bible says they will rise what everybody? First.
34:03 They're gonna rise first. Now look at verse number 17.
34:05 It says: "Then we which are alive and remain
34:09 shall be caught up together with them in the... " What?
34:12 "clouds to meet the Lord... " In the what? "air. "
34:15 "So shall we ever be... " With the what everybody?
34:18 "Lord. " All right, stop there. Group number 2 then.
34:20 At Jesus' second coming primary group number two
34:23 will be the righteous living.
34:24 The Bible says at Jesus' second coming... when the real
34:27 Superman comes back... at the manner of His coming
34:30 the Bible says group number two, the righteous living,
34:33 will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
34:36 So group number one - the righteous dead - rise what?
34:39 First. Group number two - the righteous living -
34:41 are caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
34:43 Group number three... Go to II Thessalonians
34:46 chapter 2 and we're going to verse number 8.
34:51 II Thessalonians chapter 2 and we're going to verse number 8.
34:57 The Word of God says to us in II Thessalonians 2:8...
35:02 The Word says: "And then shall that wicked be revealed
35:05 whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth
35:10 and shall destroy with the... " What everybody?
35:12 Come on, with the what everybody?
35:14 "brightness of His coming,
35:16 even him whose coming is after the working of Satan
35:19 with all power and signs and lying wonders
35:21 and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness
35:24 in them that perish because they receive not the love of
35:26 the truth that they might be saved. And for this cause
35:29 God shall send them strong delusion that they should
35:31 believe a lie that they all might be damned who believe not
35:36 the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness. "
35:38 The Word of God is clear.
35:40 Group number three: the unrighteous or the wicked living
35:44 will die at the brightness of His coming.
35:47 So then group number 1, the righteous dead, will rise first.
35:50 Group number 2: they will be caught up to meet the Lord
35:53 in the what? Air.
35:54 Group number 3, the wicked living, will die at the
35:57 brightness of His what? Coming.
35:59 That's why when I'm under these television lights
36:01 I take time to look at the lights.
36:04 Because if I can't keep my eye on the light it must mean
36:06 I'm in trouble, because I don't want to be a part
36:08 of the unrighteous or wicked living who die at the brightness
36:11 of His coming... so I practice looking at lights.
36:17 Group number 1: the righteous dead. They rise what? First.
36:21 Group number 2- the righteous living - are caught up to meet
36:23 the Lord in the air. Group number 3- the wicked living -
36:27 die at the brightness of His what? Coming. Group number 4...
36:31 go to Revelation 20
36:34 and let's go to verse number 5.
36:36 Let's get some Word in us tonight.
36:39 "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin
36:42 against Thee. " I tell people all the time
36:44 "Know what you believe, know why you believe it,
36:45 and know where it's found. "
36:47 Revelation chapter 20 verse number 5.
36:50 Group number 4... The Word of God says:
36:53 "But the rest of the... " What? "dead
36:56 lived not again until the thousand years were... " What?
36:59 "finished. " Now stop there. That means, then,
37:01 at Jesus' second coming the wicked dead remain what?
37:06 Dead. "The rest of the dead lived not again until the
37:09 thousand years were... " What? "finished. "
37:11 Which means at Jesus' second coming the wicked dead
37:13 remain dead. So then, the manner of His coming:
37:16 His feet will not touch the earth.
37:19 The angelic host will accompany Him.
37:22 Every living eye is going to see Him.
37:25 Everybody is going to hear Him; His coming won't be silent.
37:29 And then the dead in Christ are going to rise.
37:32 The righteous living are going to be caught up to meet the Lord
37:34 in the air. The wicked living are going to die
37:37 at the brightness of His coming.
37:39 The wicked dead the Bible also says
37:41 will remain what? Dead.
37:43 I don't know about you but out of those four groups
37:46 I've gotta be a part of group 1 or 2. Come on say amen!
37:50 Amen. Let me tell you something: when I see Jesus
37:53 I'm going to be so excited I'm not going to look around
37:55 and say: "Who rose and who didn't rise? "
37:57 Are you hearing what I'm saying?
37:58 I'm just going to be happy I'm caught up to meet the Lord
38:00 in the air! Come on say amen. Amen!
38:02 In fact, there are going to be three groups of people
38:04 when you get to heaven.
38:05 Those you thought would be there won't be there.
38:08 Those you thought wouldn't be there will be there.
38:12 And if you're like me you're just thanking the Lord
38:15 that you're there. Come on say amen. Amen!
38:17 The Bible is very clear. The apostle Paul says to us
38:20 in I Corinthians... I Corinthians 15:51.
38:24 The Word of God says in I Corinthians 15 verse 51
38:28 "Behold I show you a mystery that we shall not all sleep
38:31 but we shall all be changed
38:33 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. "
38:35 How fast is that? I don't know!
38:37 I know I wink at my wife and I wink at her real quick.
38:39 That's quick. Come on... say amen.
38:41 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump.
38:44 The trumpet shall sound, the dead shall be raised
38:45 incorruptible. We shall be changed.
38:47 But this corruptible must put on incorruption
38:49 and this mortal must put on immortality.
38:52 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption
38:54 and this mortal shall have put on immortality
38:56 it shall be brought to pass the saying that is written
38:59 'Death... ' Hallelujah! 'is swallowed up in victory. ' "
39:04 The sting of death is sin.
39:07 The strength of sin is the law.
39:10 But thanks be to God! Hallelujah!
39:14 Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory in our Lord
39:18 and Savior Jesus Christ be ye steadfast,
39:22 unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.
39:28 for as much as you know that your labors are not in vain.
39:33 Amen! Let me tell you something: when He comes back
39:36 you'd better be a part of group 1 or group 2:
39:39 the righteous dead that arise first;
39:42 the righteous living that are caught up to meet the Lord
39:44 in the what? Air.
39:45 The wicked living who die at the brightness of His coming
39:47 you don't want to be a part of that group.
39:49 The wicked dead that remain dead... you don't want to be
39:51 a part of that group. It's interesting...
39:55 I have a lot of conversations with people about the Bible.
39:58 And a lot of times people feel, people say, you've heard them
40:01 say it... some of you may have said it.
40:03 People always say: "Well, when my daddy, when my mama...
40:08 when they died they went straight to heaven.
40:12 They're looking down on me. "
40:18 Well if we just studied and read from the Word of God
40:21 relative to the manner of His coming
40:23 that the dead in Christ rise first
40:27 and the righteous living are caught up to meet the Lord
40:30 in the air,
40:32 if everyone went to heaven at their earthly death,
40:38 who would Jesus be coming back to get?
40:47 If mama, who died in the Lord, was already in heaven
40:51 if daddy who died in the Lord was already in heaven,
40:53 if grandmamma, granddaddy were in the heaven already
40:55 at their death, who would Jesus be coming back to get?
40:59 There would be nobody for Jesus to come back and get
41:02 because they would already be in heaven.
41:04 But then that would make the Bible out to be a lie.
41:07 And God is a God that He should not lie. Amen!
41:12 The devil, however, is a liar. Are you hearing what I'm saying?
41:15 Sadly, though, when Jesus comes the second time
41:18 despite the warnings that have been given,
41:22 despite the signs that have been foretold,
41:27 when Jesus comes, just like the folk weren't prepared
41:32 for the first coming many people are not going to be
41:35 prepared for the second coming.
41:37 But sadly, even if they are not prepared
41:40 everyone's going to receive their just reward.
41:42 Revelation 22:12 is very clear and Jesus said
41:45 "Behold, I come quickly and My reward is with Me
41:48 to give every man, woman according as his work
41:51 shall be. " So you know, I live in Alabama
41:54 and we are deeply rooted in the Civil Rights Movement
41:57 and we sing a lot of Negro spirituals down at Oakwood.
42:02 And I am reminded of a Negro spiritual when I read this
42:05 verse, Revelation 22:12
42:07 and I say "You'd better mind.
42:10 You'd better mind... Judgment Day is coming. "
42:14 You'd better mind. You'd better mind who you're talking to
42:16 and you'd better mind who you're talking about.
42:19 Judgment Day is coming.
42:21 You'd better mind.
42:25 But because I love Jesus,
42:27 because Jesus loves me,
42:31 my Superman is coming back to get me. Amen.
42:36 Jesus is coming back for me.
42:41 Jesus died for me
42:45 and all He asks is that I live for Him.
42:47 He's done too much for me for me to miss out on
42:51 God's great heaven.
42:53 I've got a mansion prepared just for me
42:56 with my name written all over it.
43:00 Understand, I refuse to live in an earthly hell
43:04 and then eventually after 1,000 years
43:07 die and go to hell. That's too much hell.
43:09 Come on say amen. Amen!
43:12 But I've got to see my Jesus.
43:15 My Bible tells me there'll be no crying there.
43:20 There'll be no dying there.
43:22 There'll be no high blood pressure there.
43:26 There'll be no walking canes or wheelchairs there.
43:30 There'll be no cancer there.
43:33 There'll be no heart disease there.
43:35 There'll be no arthritis there.
43:36 There will be no house note there because my mansion's
43:39 gonna be paid for.
43:40 There'll be no car note there and I won't even have to pay gas
43:43 'cause I'm going to take up wings and fly from my mansion
43:46 to your mansion. No bills there; no night there.
43:49 The former things are going to be passed away. Amen!
43:52 And all things are going to become new.
43:54 Can I tell you about heaven?
43:56 Before I take my seat can I just tell you about heaven
43:58 the fact that the lion is going to play with the lamb.
44:01 I grew up singing a little song that one day I am going to
44:04 sit at the welcome table.
44:06 That I'm going to feast on milk and honey.
44:09 That I'm going to sing and never get tired.
44:13 That I'm going to walk and talk with Jesus
44:16 and I'm even going to eat grits with Jesus!
44:19 Then I'm going to put on my long white robe
44:23 then I'm going to shout hallelujah.
44:26 In fact, when we get to heaven
44:28 understand that when we get into the very presence of God
44:32 we're going to sing and we're going to shout
44:33 "Holy, holy, holy. " We won't rest day nor night
44:37 because we'll continually say "Holy, holy, holy,
44:40 Lord God Almighty which was and is to come. "
44:44 'Cause when we all get to heaven
44:47 what a day of rejoicing that's going to be.
44:51 When we all see Jesus
44:54 we're going to sing and shout the victory!
44:59 So that's why on earth it's a preparation place for paradise.
45:02 I shout every now and then 'cause I don't wait till the
45:04 battle's over. I shout now recognizing what God has done,
45:08 is doing, and will do for me.
45:09 And I'm so glad tonight that troubles don't last always.
45:14 I'm so glad tonight that behind every dark cloud
45:17 there's a silver lining.
45:19 I'm so glad tonight that weeping may endure for a night
45:23 but joy comes in the morning time.
45:27 The grass withers, the flower fades,
45:31 but the word of our God is going to stand forever.
45:37 "For the Lord Himself
45:41 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
45:45 with the voice of the archangel and the trump of God,
45:48 are going to rise first.
45:52 Then we which are alive and remain are going to be caught up
45:54 together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.
45:56 And so shall we ever be with the Lord. "
45:59 Jesus is coming back.
46:04 I said Jesus is coming back.
46:09 Superman is coming back...
46:13 here comes Superman.
46:17 One day we're going to hear some loud sounds coming out of
46:21 the Orion constellation.
46:25 Look up in the sky...
46:30 it's a bird... it's a plane...
46:35 no, it's Jesus - Amen! -
46:40 the real Superman. Amen!
46:45 Christ returning.
46:50 Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
46:55 Amen.
46:58 When I talk about Jesus' coming I get excited.
47:03 Because my motivation in getting to God's great heaven,
47:06 my motivation in seeing Jesus,
47:08 if I could just have time to tell you how strong it is.
47:13 You see, 15 years ago my life was changed
47:17 and I would never be the same again. Yes, I grew up a PK.
47:20 Yes, I grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist home.
47:23 Yes, I grew up in the church. One would dare to say
47:25 I was even born in the church.
47:31 Fifteen years ago my wife and I
47:37 and our first-born daughter, 4-1/2 months old,
47:39 set out from Nashville, TN, to go to Tuscaloosa, AL,
47:43 to preach for a church we had formerly pastored.
47:45 Their anniversary.
47:48 Fifteen years ago, 20 miles from our destination,
47:53 we got into a terrible car accident.
47:59 I never will forget that day:
48:01 September 25, 1999.
48:06 We were in a SUV, and that SUV began to flip
48:09 and it began to flip and flip and flip.
48:11 We were in a horrific car accident.
48:13 Woke up only to see my wife unconscious in the median of the
48:16 interstate, our 4-1/2 month old baby girl motionless
48:21 in the median of the interstate.
48:26 Paramedics from Birmingham, AL, came to get my wife
48:28 and I. They came to get our daughter.
48:30 Took us to hospitals. My wife, after she regained her
48:34 consciousness, she said: "Honey, go to the other hospital -
48:36 the children's hospital where our daughter is.
48:38 Be with her. I'll be OK right here. "
48:40 I went over there September the 25th. It was a Sabbath.
48:45 And there I looked at my little girl,
48:47 4-1/2 months old, hooked up to life support.
48:53 My parents came.
48:56 My wife's parents came.
48:58 They were both pastors.
49:00 My conference president came, pastors came, everyone came.
49:03 Began to pray for the power of God.
49:06 Friends, I prayed like I've never prayed before.
49:10 Said: "Lord, spare our baby girl. "
49:16 "God, raise her up. "
49:21 Next day, the 26th, my wife left the other hospital and
49:23 came over to where we were, and we were all together.
49:26 We called for the pastors and we said: "Please anoint
49:28 our daughter. " And we had to tell people...
49:31 Some people were coming to visit and some people were
49:32 looking, they were nosy, trying to figure what's going on.
49:34 I had to tell them: "Look, if you don't believe in the power
49:36 of God, that we serve a God that can raise her up,
49:38 I don't need you coming in this room because we don't need
49:40 conflicting spirits in this room. " Amen!
49:46 We anointed my daughter. No change.
49:49 The 27th came.
49:53 Doctors came and they said: "Listen, if there's no change
49:56 in your daughter's condition
49:58 on the 28th at noon we're going to take her off life support. "
50:05 What could I say? I told them: "OK, no problem. "
50:11 Because I had faith to believe that God on the 28th at 12 noon
50:16 He was going to show up and He was going to show out.
50:21 I believed that if God could raise Jairus' daughter
50:25 surely God could raise our daughter.
50:29 The 28th came. 11:55 AM the doctors came to get us.
50:37 My wife and I went into the Intensive Care Unit.
50:44 I asked the doctors, I said: "Can I please hold
50:47 my little girl? "
50:50 The doctor said: "Sure, sir. "
50:52 There we were in the Intensive Care Unit.
50:55 My wife and I... our siblings, our parents.
50:59 Conference president still there, other pastors...
51:02 all of us praying for the move of God.
51:06 11:59 AM came.
51:09 I held my little girl.
51:11 I knew, friends, that she was going to cough,
51:15 that she was going to coo, that she was going to cry.
51:19 At 12 noon God was going to wake her up.
51:25 Twelve o'clock came.
51:29 Too bad I have no miraculous story.
51:34 Our first-born daughter...
51:40 she died in my arms.
51:43 I was mad at God.
51:48 "God, how could You allow this to happen to me? "
51:50 "God, I've done everything you told me to do.
51:52 I've gone to church school;
51:54 I've never drunk in my life; I've never smoked in my life.
51:57 I eat more Grillers than anybody.
51:59 God, how could You allow this? "
52:06 "God, I got married then had children. "
52:13 I was mad.
52:16 Talk about being a real... I was mad with the Lord.
52:22 People would come up to me and say all kind of stuff.
52:26 "Oh, you're young. You and your wife will have
52:29 children again. " I was not interested in hearing that.
52:32 I didn't want another child... I wanted THAT child.
52:38 Drove home from Birmingham to Nashville.
52:42 The next week, two weeks, three weeks I couldn't preach.
52:47 I didn't want to have anything to do with God... the church.
52:55 One day I was sitting in my home...
53:00 I was sitting in my office in my study in my home
53:02 and I just happened that day to pick up my Bible.
53:07 And I picked it up and I just opened my Bible.
53:11 Have you ever been in a place in your life where you just
53:13 open up your Bible and you open it up to the very text
53:16 that you need? That God will give you just what you need
53:19 just when you need it. Anybody ever been like that?
53:25 I opened it up, and it went straight to I Corinthians 10:13.
53:30 "There hath no temptation taken you but such is common to man.
53:34 But God is faithful
53:37 who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able
53:39 but will with the temptation make a way of escape
53:42 that ye may be able to bear it. "
53:45 God let me know "I spared your life. "
53:49 Either one... 'cause I wasn't ready to go
53:52 or two... He still yet had a work for me to do
53:55 or three... all of the above.
54:00 I surmise that it was all of the above.
54:06 Fifteen years later God has blessed me, God has blessed
54:10 my wife, God has blessed our family,
54:12 God has blessed our ministry.
54:14 I give Him all the glory, I give Him all the honor,
54:17 I give Him all the praise.
54:18 He has blessed us with three additional children.
54:20 Not that they take the place of the one we lost
54:22 but I'm encouraged when I go to Selected Messages book 2
54:25 and Ellen White says that just before the coming of the Lord
54:31 that God's going to have to lay little ones to rest.
54:35 But at the second coming, the little ones He had to lay
54:39 to rest when the dead in Christ rise
54:44 the angel Gabriel will take those little ones and place them
54:47 in the arms of their mothers.
54:52 And so you have to understand
54:54 I get excited about the second coming
54:57 because there will be a reunion with my little girl.
55:02 For somebody here tonight there's going to be a reunion
55:04 with your husband, a reunion with your wife,
55:06 a reunion with your mother, your father, your son,
55:08 your daughter. There's going to be a reunion.
55:10 There will be a great Camp Meeting in the Promised Land!
55:13 Amen!
55:15 But more than that there will be a union
55:21 with Jesus Christ...
55:25 the real Superman...
55:28 who makes it all very possible.
55:34 Tonight I don't know what your story is, because the reality is
55:36 everyone in here has a story.
55:42 But He's coming back.
55:46 His feet will not touch the ground.
55:49 The angels will accompany Him.
55:53 Every eye will see Him; every ear will hear Him.
55:57 The dead in Christ are going to rise first.
55:59 We which are alive and remain will be caught up to meet Him
56:03 and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
56:09 Amen!
56:10 God, tonight we surrender our all.
56:17 We surrender our all to You tonight
56:19 because, Lord, we are looking forward to Your second coming.
56:24 We are looking forward to the real Superman -Jesus Christ -
56:28 coming back to get His redeemed from this earth.
56:32 So Lord, You told us in Your Word to occupy
56:34 till You come, so we've got to pray a little more,
56:39 read a little more, study a little more,
56:41 worship a little more.
56:44 But soon and very soon we're going to see the King.
56:49 So I pray, God, that everyone that's here tonight
56:52 at 3ABN Camp Meeting, that everyone that is watching
56:55 tonight, that we be a part of either group 1 or 2
56:58 where we rise first or we're caught up to meet You
57:02 in the air. And so shall we ever be with You.
57:08 In the name of the Father,
57:11 the name of the Son,
57:13 and the name of the Holy Spirit,
57:17 Amen.
57:19 Get ready... here comes Superman. Amen!


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