Spring Camp Meeting 2014

The Time of His Coming

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Participants: Kenny Shelton


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00:38 Hello and thank you for joining us here at our
00:40 Spring Camp Meeting here at 3ABN.
00:43 We have been blessed beyond measure the last few days
00:46 and we believe that we're going to continue to be blessed
00:49 till this Camp Meeting's over. Right? Amen!
00:52 And so we have a great crowd here... people from numerous
00:55 states all around the US
00:56 and numbers of countries are represented here.
01:00 And so it's wonderful to see so many brothers and sisters.
01:04 This kind of reminds us what heaven will be like
01:06 'cause 19 sermons and all the music and it's like
01:10 we can worship the Lord forever.
01:12 We're not going to have a time schedule.
01:14 We won't get tired and your feet won't hurt and all of that.
01:16 I went home last night - it was after midnight -
01:19 had on my shoes all day long and my feet were hurting
01:22 so bad I said: "I've got to get out of these shoes! "
01:25 Only to get up and put them back on this morning.
01:27 But praise the Lord I was able to get up and put them on,
01:29 right? Amen! That's the way it is when you start gettin' my age
01:32 and some of you are that age and maybe a little older...
01:35 A couple of you... I'm not looking at anybody in general.
01:38 None of the women. But no... absolutely not.
01:42 But you understand what I'm talking about.
01:44 Well when Jesus comes no more sickness, no more pain,
01:47 no more sorrow, no more death, right?
01:50 All things become new, so we need to look to this.
01:54 There's so much bad news around the world...
01:56 so much bad. Turn on any network you want
01:59 to - all of the major networks - and what are you going to find?
02:02 Bad news. Well you turn on 3ABN you're going to get good news.
02:05 Amen! So this is the news... it's the truth.
02:08 That's why we're here. Thank you all of you around the world
02:11 for your love and your prayers and financial support,
02:14 for allowing us to take this gospel of the kingdom
02:17 into all the world. Our speaker today it's a great privilege
02:21 to introduce my brother Kenny.
02:23 My older brother. I know he doesn't look like it
02:25 but he is. I have several brothers and a sister.
02:28 But brother Kenny, he was - growing up - the last thing that
02:32 he ever wanted to be was a preacher.
02:35 Now how'd you know?
02:36 The last thing, because he did not want to get up
02:39 in public. My mom would almost... Sorry, this was back
02:43 in... a lot of years ago so don't anybody get offended.
02:46 My mom would have to threaten to "whup" him
02:49 for him to sing in church.
02:50 So: "Kenny, if you don't get up there and sing I'm going to
02:53 whip the tar out of you" she'd say. "Now you get up there
02:56 and sing. " I started singing. I heard that, I said:
02:59 "I'm singing... I'm not going to... "
03:02 Me and pain don't get along very well.
03:05 So I said: "I'll sing. "
03:06 Kenny didn't like to sing. He didn't want his picture taken.
03:09 He didn't want any of that.
03:11 Got a little older... became talkative, but he still didn't.
03:14 More in business... didn't want to preach.
03:16 But the Lord just really reached down and said:
03:19 "Kenny, I want you to preach. "
03:20 And ever since that day he's been preaching
03:22 the last 26, 28 years.
03:24 And I praise God for his ministry, for what he's doing.
03:27 He was here in the beginning of 3ABN, but he's the founder
03:30 and director - along with his wife Chris - of Behold the Lamb
03:34 Ministries. So we're glad that he's here today.
03:37 And for those of you that aren't familiar with Kenny's
03:40 preaching, I told the group here already: "You'd better fasten
03:43 your seat belts 'cause you've got to stay with him 'cause he
03:45 is not one to let grass grow under his feet. "
03:48 So right... We're going to have Yvonne Lewis come out
03:52 first, and right after Yvonne the next voice you'll hear
03:55 will be Pastor Kenny Shelton.
03:57 Sr. Lewis, what are you going to sing for us today?
04:00 Were It Not For Grace. Were It Not For Grace.
04:02 Beautiful song, and I appreciate you
04:05 and your ministry and your love for Jesus.
04:07 And Yvonne, of course, is the manager of Dare to Dream
04:11 Network which is an incredible inner city network.
04:15 So please... How many will remember to pray for Sr. Yvonne
04:17 Lewis and the Dare to Dream team? There you go.
04:20 Thank you.
04:41 Time measured out my days.
04:47 Life carried me along.
04:55 In my soul I yearned
04:59 to follow God
05:03 but knew I'd never be so strong.
05:09 I looked hard at this world
05:13 to see how heaven could be gained
05:22 just to end where I began
05:27 where human effort
05:30 is all in vain.
05:35 It's all in vain.
05:38 Were it not for grace
05:45 I can tell you
05:48 where I'd be...
05:52 wandering down some pointless road
05:57 to nowhere
06:00 with my salvation
06:03 up to me.
06:06 I know how that would go...
06:12 the battles I
06:15 would face.
06:20 Forever running
06:24 but losing the race
06:27 were it not for grace.
06:37 So here is all my praise
06:43 expressed with all my heart
06:50 offered to the Friend
06:55 who took my place
06:58 and ran the course I couldn't start.
07:04 And when He saw in full
07:09 just how much His love would cost
07:17 He still ran the final mile
07:22 between earth and heaven
07:26 so I would not be lost.
07:33 Were it not
07:37 for grace
07:42 I can tell you where
07:46 I'd be...
07:49 I'd be wand'ring down
07:51 some pointless road to nowhere
07:56 with my salvation up to me.
08:02 I know how that would go...
08:09 the battles I would face:
08:16 forever running
08:21 but losing the race
08:24 were it not
08:26 for grace...
08:31 Forever running
08:35 but losing the race
08:40 were it not
08:43 for Your grace.
08:48 Your grace...
08:51 Jesus, Your grace.
09:01 Amen!
09:10 Praise the Lord! Good afternoon.
09:12 Good afternoon! Good to see everybody.
09:14 Oh, wasn't that beautiful?
09:16 Amen! Whoo... I could listen to that again. Amen!
09:18 You know... God's grace. Isn't it wonderful?
09:21 Thank God for that grace.
09:23 You know, it's good to be in the house of the Lord together
09:26 isn't it? To be able to study the Word.
09:28 We're going to be studying the Word.
09:29 I pray that you've brought your little swords with you.
09:31 We're going to be studying. I thank 3ABN for the opportunity
09:35 and privilege to be able to stand before God's people,
09:38 the world, to be able to lift up Jesus.
09:40 And that's what we plan on doing by the grace of God.
09:43 And this subject matter is just... I'm telling you, it's
09:46 phenomenal, isn't it, to talk about the coming of Jesus?
09:49 Are you excited as I am? Yes! Praise God! Wonderful!
09:53 And you know, custom is always that you have a lot of
09:56 prayer back there and here and everywhere.
09:58 But I'd sure like to go again if you don't mind
10:01 and just ask God's blessing.
10:03 You know, I think when we look at the human flesh
10:05 sometimes we realize that we just have nothing
10:08 which to offer God's people, but through His Holy Spirit
10:10 He's got a message for you and certainly one for me today.
10:14 I'm going to kneel up here. You may do as you choose,
10:16 but we want to pray together. I'm going to kneel.
10:21 Merciful Father in heaven, we thank you for the privilege
10:24 of prayer. We thank you for this opportunity
10:26 to be able to come before Your people.
10:28 Now Lord we ask for the enlightening of the Holy Spirit.
10:31 Lord, we need to leave all these things that so easily
10:35 beset us outside these walls.
10:37 We need to spend this time together in thoughtfulness
10:40 and in prayer and asking for the Holy Spirit to illuminate
10:43 these beautiful beautiful truths of Your coming
10:46 and necessary... what's necessary to be ready
10:49 for that coming. Lord, I ask that You would forgive me
10:52 of anything in my heart and life, any sin.
10:54 I want them covered by Your blood.
10:56 I ask it in faith, believing.
10:58 Thank you for the cross of Calvary.
10:59 And I pray that each of Your children here today and around
11:02 the world who are in unity and harmony
11:05 that we want to hear Your voice.
11:08 May we see and hear Jesus is my prayer in Jesus' name, Amen.
11:11 Amen.
11:14 I heard my brother when he was... I guess I might've
11:18 stopped my ears up a little bit - I'm not sure - when he was
11:20 talking about... You know how brothers will do, right?
11:26 Yeah. Praise the Lord. I think he probably gave
11:27 a pretty good account.
11:29 But he was talking about the times in which we live.
11:32 And... they're tough.
11:34 It reminds me... You may have heard just a little story
11:38 several years ago that a submarine had sunk.
11:42 And several days men were trying to get down
11:46 and wondering would there be any survivors?
11:49 And the divers were going down and going down
11:51 and just said: "Oh, I don't think there's anyone left.
11:54 We'll go down again... we'll try again.
11:57 I don't know if there's any hope but we'll try again. "
12:01 And when they went down for the last time they heard
12:03 they heard a little bit of clicking, ticking on the wall.
12:07 There was someone inside that sub
12:10 and they were doing a little Morse code.
12:13 It was interesting what they said and it pertains to us
12:17 today. They said inside that sub... almost ready to...
12:21 you know, they're going to die. And it's: "Is there any hope? "
12:28 If you were in that sub - and maybe you're not -
12:33 but today is there any hope?
12:39 And above everything else we can say: "Yes! " What?
12:42 "There is hope. " Praise God... there is hope!
12:46 Why? Because Jesus came, He lived, He died.
12:48 Lived a victorious life and then He passes that on to us.
12:52 He ascended into heaven... sits on the right hand of God.
12:56 And He said: "I WILL come again. "
13:00 That's encouraging to me.
13:03 Talked a little bit today about the time of His coming,
13:07 and I got to thinking about - you know - the timing... time
13:12 of His coming. And I said: "If you just had a few words
13:14 to encourage somebody with or maybe a warning that you
13:18 might want to give to someone I would say just a few very
13:22 short words... maybe five: "Set your house in order. "
13:26 That's now near it is to the coming of Jesus.
13:28 "Set your house in order. "
13:31 It's way past that time.
13:35 I had a good friend I went to school with, and
13:38 hadn't seen him for many, many years. But he remembered
13:40 and I'd had his father's funeral and so on and so forth.
13:43 And he found out just a few days actually - 30, 40 days
13:48 before he passed away - that he had cancer.
13:50 This was just a couple of months ago.
13:52 And so he had his wife to call: "I want Kenny Shelton to come
13:55 and do my funeral... he did my dad's. "
13:58 And so I talked to him just a little bit, and one of the
14:00 things that he said is: "I need to set my house in order. "
14:08 I thought: "Boy, that's good. "
14:11 But it's sad that we sometimes come to the end of our rope
14:14 and then we want to set our house in order.
14:17 But yet... these were his thoughts.
14:20 If we really want to know,
14:25 really want to know the answer about the time of the coming of
14:30 Jesus, I encourage you to be able to answer this question
14:35 we must follow Christ into the heavenly sanctuary.
14:39 You know, that's the center of the message of Adventism
14:42 is the sanctuary, and very seldom do we hear a lot of
14:45 good sanctuary messages. But we hear some, yes. Praise God!
14:50 The heart of the message: follow Him into the heavenly
14:53 sanctuary where we mentioned in prayer that He ministers at
14:57 the right hand of God. Hebrews 10:12 talks about that.
15:02 And a great help to those who maybe are still wondering
15:06 if He's going to come... and after all of these good messages
15:08 about the second coming of Christ.
15:11 You know and I know a couple of great books is the book of
15:13 Daniel and Revelation. Isn't that right? We go to those books
15:16 and we begin to study them
15:17 because they reveal the time of the coming of Jesus.
15:22 They really reveal that time. These two books
15:25 give us counsel... they give us instruction.
15:29 We need that instruction; we need that counsel today.
15:33 In fact, if you look at the book of Daniel, chapter 2 and onward,
15:36 it's kind of interesting... all the way to the end of the book
15:39 the prophecy deals with the setting up of God's kingdom.
15:44 Awesome! The coming of Jesus, the judgment,
15:48 and the resurrection of the righteous.
15:51 How wonderful that is! How exciting that is!
15:53 And if you go to the book of Revelation almost every chapter
15:57 deals with the coming of the King.
15:59 Almost every chapter... coming of the King!
16:03 And then it says: "Because... " What? "the end of all things
16:07 is here. " If you really believe today and I really believe that
16:11 the end of all things is really here
16:14 would we conduct ourself a little differently today?
16:16 It's easy to say: "Oh, the end is here. "
16:19 I hear people say that all the time: "The end is here. "
16:23 But you know, we go to these books in the Old Testament
16:26 and the New Testament gives clear light
16:29 in regard to the work which must be accomplished.
16:32 Listen carefully, please: must be accomplished
16:35 in the world and accomplished in the church
16:40 in the lives of all the people before Jesus comes.
16:45 I think it's been well estab- lished and beautifully done.
16:49 There's no question in my mind today, and I don't
16:52 know about you... There's no question that Jesus
16:54 is about to come. Amen! There's no question about it.
16:57 It's proven in scripture over and over and brought forth
16:59 beautifully in these messages.
17:02 But we need to focus more upon... We talk about: "Well
17:05 this is the time of His coming. "
17:06 How about the preparation?
17:08 What is the second coming if no one's ready?
17:11 And how to get ready. "Oh... that's confrontational"
17:14 some people say. Well... I want to know
17:19 what it's going to take - right? - by the grace of God
17:22 to spend eternity with Jesus.
17:24 And so we talk about heaven and wanting to be there,
17:28 and you know what some people will say?
17:30 "You've got that right. "
17:32 "You've got that right. "
17:34 But then many continue on just like they've been going on.
17:39 No changes. I'm convinced of this:
17:43 I believe we live in an hour that we have to
17:46 talk it. We've got to taste it. We've got to preach it.
17:50 We've got to declare it; we've got to print it.
17:53 We've got to sing it; we've got to live it, and we've got to
17:56 hang on to it - Amen! - because many are losing their grip on
18:00 the beautiful message that God has given this church.
18:02 We're losing the grip and I, by God's grace, refuse
18:06 to lose the grip - right? - in the hand of Jesus today.
18:10 The message that He has given to us as a people by God's grace.
18:13 Hang in there... hang on to it!
18:16 Please listen to this quote taken from Testimonies
18:19 to Ministers 118. Does anybody here believe in
18:21 the Spirit of Prophecy besides me? Amen!
18:24 Yeah, the rest of you need to get with it.
18:27 Are you still with me? Yes. Yeah! Say: "Believe in the
18:30 Spirit of Prophecy? " Every- body should come to their feet
18:32 and say: "Oh praise God! Yes I do! "
18:34 Whoa... what a blessing it is!
18:36 I am not ashamed of the gospel; neither am I ashamed of the
18:38 Spirit of Prophecy. I'm not ashamed of the truths in this
18:40 book; I'm not ashamed to keep the seventh-day Sabbath.
18:43 Amen! And you're not ashamed, right?
18:45 I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
18:48 Amen! But then I become concerned... I start to get
18:50 concerned because I read some things and you do, too.
18:54 Testimonies to Ministers says: "If our people... "
18:59 Are you included in that? Amen!
19:04 All right. That's more like it.
19:07 Yeah. "If our people... " Notice this: "were half awake. "
19:11 It's interesting: some people will get offended by that.
19:14 Are you one of those that's going to get offended?
19:18 Naw, you're not going to. But you know what? It bothers
19:20 some people. Listen: the Spirit of the Living God
19:24 spoke through Ellen White and said what?
19:27 "If our people were half awake" And I'm not too smart
19:30 but I said that: "Then they must be half asleep. "
19:34 Half awake... half asleep.
19:35 There's nothing more miserable to deal with somebody that's
19:38 half asleep. Now think about that spiritually.
19:43 "If our people were half awake, if they realized the nearness of
19:49 the coming of Jesus... " The events that are portrayed
19:53 in the book of Revelation. Are you still there?
19:55 Then it says "a reformation would be wrought in our
19:59 churches. Many more would believe this message. "
20:02 If we really believed it and we really taught it,
20:05 preached it, sang it, you know as we are talking about here,
20:07 then the churches would catch on fire rather than
20:10 humble and grumble and mumble and carry on about
20:13 everything else that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
20:15 Isn't that right? We live in an hour where God's people
20:18 need to be... What? Being... What is it going to take
20:20 that I can spend eternity with Jesus?
20:22 What changes need to take place?
20:25 I hear some people say: "Well you don't have to make
20:26 no changes. Just sit back, it's all going to happen. "
20:28 I say "No! " The Bible doesn't teach that.
20:31 It never did, it never will!
20:32 Talking about some striving. We'll talk about that
20:35 in a moment. So I believe this with all my heart
20:38 that a great task - a great task - has been committed to
20:43 the people of God. Do you believe it?
20:45 See... some people don't like a task.
20:47 They don't like a job; they don't want anything to do.
20:51 We're lazy Christians sometimes.
20:53 I'm not sure that a person is a Christian if they're lazy
20:56 spiritually. Is that OK to? All right, the rest of you go on.
21:00 Look... notice this. This is a passage in Matthew 24:14
21:05 that every speaker probably has talked about so far
21:07 and will probably yet. And we should, so I'm not
21:10 going to spend much time on it, but you know how it reads.
21:12 It says: "And this gospel of... " What? "of the kingdom
21:16 shall be preached to all the world for... " What?
21:19 "a witness unto..." How many nations?
21:21 "all... " And notice this: "and then shall the end come. "
21:24 I thought: "how interesting. " The Bible says this gospel.
21:28 We realize in the beginning this gospel meant the good news,
21:33 right? The good news that the Messiah had come.
21:37 And then a little later we find out the good news
21:40 that is the gospel applied to Jesus Christ.
21:44 And interesting we find a little bit later on
21:48 we find that what? The gospel was put what?
21:51 In this precious book. The gospels preserved that we may
21:55 read them and gain strength and victory and guidance
21:58 and counsel. The Bible says that "this gospel of the kingdom
22:04 shall be preached to all the world. "
22:07 Interesting. Acts of the Apostles page 111
22:10 makes this comment: "Complete fulfillment of the
22:14 prediction is yet to be realized. "
22:19 Wow! The gospel is going to go to all the world, but
22:22 prediction just... God's going to and is doing
22:25 great things right now. We understand that. Praise God!
22:30 And so I like to take the Bible and - you know - read it,
22:32 and then I like to take the Spirit of Prophecy
22:34 and I like to start comparing back and forth
22:36 so I can learn a little bit more with it.
22:38 And according to this passage of scripture
22:41 in 6 Testimonies 24 says this.
22:43 And it's something you don't want to hear and I don't either.
22:45 It starts out there's a crisis.
22:47 No one wants to hear a crisis, right?
22:49 We don't want to hear things are going to get bad.
22:50 We don't want to hear things are going to get tough.
22:52 But: "A crisis is right upon us.
22:55 We must now by the Holy Spirit's power proclaim the great truths
23:00 for these last days. " If there was ever a time
23:02 to proclaim our message it is now.
23:05 Don't put somethin' over the top of it.
23:07 Don't shield it; let it out!
23:10 See, let it go right now. That's what God says.
23:12 The Holy Spirit. You proclaim it with what?
23:14 It says "power these last days. "
23:17 And then the article goes on and says that then if we do that
23:21 it will not be long. Aha! "It will not be long before
23:24 everyone has heard the warning. " Notice this:
23:27 they've heard the warning and then they've made a decision.
23:29 Ahh! "THEN shall the end come. "
23:33 Everyone will make a decision.
23:34 You say then: "Well I've not made a decision. " You just did!
23:37 Are you still with me?
23:39 No such thing as: "Well I'll not make a decision... "
23:40 No... you made one. There's no neutrality
23:43 in the cause of Christ. We think so sometimes.
23:46 Revelation chapter 22 verse 17
23:49 the Bible says: "The Spirit and the bride say come. "
23:53 The invitation: the Spirit and the bride say come.
23:57 I said the Spirit. The Holy Spirit.
24:00 Did you get that? The Holy Spirit that energizes us
24:03 as Christians. Some of you didn't get that.
24:08 The Holy Spirit that does what? Yeah, because you haven't
24:12 been energized maybe you don't know what I'm talking about.
24:15 When the Holy Spirit gets a hold of you, you will be energized.
24:18 You'll be electrified! Amen!
24:20 You'll do great things because of the Spirit that lives inside
24:23 of you because the Bible says so.
24:26 "The Spirit and the bride say... " What? "come. "
24:28 Praise God for that!
24:31 Holy Spirit gives us strength to gain victory in our lives.
24:34 The Holy Spirit gives us the victory we're gaining over the
24:37 old devil, the old enemy.
24:39 The Holy Spirit's going to be with God's last-day people
24:41 to see us through the time of trouble. We need that Spirit.
24:44 "The Spirit and the bride say come. "
24:47 And interesting it says: "Then let them that hears
24:50 say what? "Come. " Notice how in the context
24:55 of Revelation 22 you see that it's talking about
24:59 individual - not a group, not even a church.
25:04 You see? "Let him... " Did you get it?
25:08 "Let him come. And let him that is athirst... "
25:12 You say: "Well I'm thirsty! "
25:15 Are you thirsty for the things of God? There's the difference.
25:18 There's people who are thirsty for things of the world
25:20 but what are you thirsty for?
25:21 If you're thirsty, come. And then it really comes down
25:25 to the bottom line: "Whosoever will. "
25:27 Let everybody. Anybody that wants to. It's a universal call
25:31 because He died for all. Amen!
25:34 And He said: "I'm going to come back. " The time is right.
25:36 "I'm going to come again. "
25:39 When I read this I get excited because I see that there's a...
25:42 the power of God's love and His grace constrains me to come
25:46 When I read this I can't just hardly hold back.
25:49 and I don't think I want to.
25:51 And as I read it I realize man's relationship to God
25:54 and His message is a personal matter.
25:58 Personal matter.
26:01 4 Testimonies 580... I love it. It says: "For the love of Christ
26:06 reflected from the cross... " Is somebody still there?
26:10 "is pleading in behalf of the sinner. "
26:12 Now if you say today: "Well I'm not a sinner. I have no need
26:14 of a Savior, " you're in trouble. You're not going to see
26:16 that reflection. You're not going to see Jesus Christ.
26:19 You're not going to understand what I'm talking about.
26:21 "The love of Christ reflected from the cross
26:25 is pleading in behalf of the sinner
26:27 drawing him by cords of infinite love
26:32 to peace and happiness found only... " Where?
26:34 "in the Savior. " Very little peace and happiness
26:38 in the world today. This is why:
26:40 we're not seeing Jesus. Oh...
26:45 "Reflected from the cross. "
26:48 Thoughtful hour each day.
26:51 The time of His coming is now... even at the door.
26:57 We must realize, my brothers and sisters,
26:59 that a world-wide announcement is going forth now!
27:04 The means God is giving now for the gospel to go
27:08 into all the world. Jesus is coming!
27:12 This longed-for occasion.. longing for Jesus to come.
27:17 Behind me when it says in Revelation 1:7: "Behold He
27:21 cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him. "
27:25 He's coming back to take His blood-bought children home!
27:30 Amen! Are you blood bought? Yes.
27:34 Yeah, we say: "Oh yea, we're blood bought. "
27:35 Oh, dear friends, we shall see!
27:39 We walk by faith believing we're blood bought.
27:42 And then He says: "I'm coming back, then I'm going to give you
27:45 the gift of God. " What is the gift of God?
27:49 Somebody say eternal life I'll get happy!
27:51 It's eternal life. Romans 6:23... right?
27:53 Eternal life, and it's through Jesus Christ our Lord.
27:57 I find several times in scripture God's made a call
28:02 to prepare to meet the Savior.
28:05 Now regardless of what many people might say
28:07 or what you might think and you don't like the word prepare
28:10 Oh bless your hearts... you're going to hear it today.
28:13 Is that all right? Yes! You can throw things if you want.
28:17 I'm pretty tough... I can stand... I can stand it.
28:19 Because every time... Listen, with the coming of Jesus
28:24 the word prepare is there. There's something there:
28:27 preparing to meet Jesus. It's not just: "Well when He
28:29 gets here all's going to be well. "
28:31 There's something that needs to be done
28:32 and many times we're leaving that out.
28:35 And we are not leave that out by the grace and power of God.
28:38 You remember the message of John the Baptist and Elijah.
28:41 Oh we realize in Malachi 4, 5, and 6. You remember that?
28:45 Says: "Behold I'll send you... " What?
28:48 "Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day
28:52 of the Lord. He's going to turn the hearts of... " What?
28:55 "the fathers to the children, the heart of the children
28:58 to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth"
29:00 the Bible says "with a curse. "
29:02 See John came in the spirit and the power of Elijah
29:06 to do the work that Elijah did.
29:08 What a work! Now notice: which was and which is now
29:12 right now that we're talking is repentance for sin
29:15 and making straight the way of God.
29:18 See, some people don't know how to make straight
29:20 the way of God. Remember in olden times when the roads were
29:24 not very good and there was some kind of a - you know -
29:27 king or somebody coming to visit a town or a village.
29:29 Roads were horrible,
29:32 and so they'd send a crew out to fill up the holes and the
29:35 cracks and the bumps. Straighten out the road a little bit.
29:39 God's calling a people today spiritually to straighten out
29:42 the road. Straighten out these false doctrines, these
29:45 false teachings, these things that are creeping
29:47 into the church. Filling up the holes as it were.
29:51 God said He's going to send a people that are going to
29:54 proclaim a message - we need repentance for sin -
29:56 making straight the way of the Lord.
29:58 "Prepare to meet thy God. "
30:01 See, Jesus makes it clear that John was giving the
30:04 Elijah message. And you know what?
30:07 It's made clear to me that God's last-day people
30:10 will be giving that same what? That same message.
30:15 A little article in a magazine The Southern Watchman
30:18 March 21, 1905. Notice these words.
30:23 Am I happy to read them? No! But I'm going to read them.
30:26 Notice what it says: "In the time of well-nigh
30:30 universal apostasy... " We live in a world of apostasy.
30:34 It's on the right; it's on the left. It's in front of us;
30:36 it's behind us... and sometimes we're not sure.
30:39 We're being led astray. We're not sure.
30:43 We're not going to the world. We're not asking for the
30:45 Holy Spirit. We take somebody's word because, you know, well
30:48 they're supposed to know. I'm not taking any man's word
30:51 for it. I'm going to go to the Word of God myself
30:54 because my eternal destiny is going to be decided
30:57 by the decision that I make. How 'bout you? Amen!
30:59 It's OK to have help; it's OK to have counsel.
31:01 It's good to hear the message is true.
31:03 But my salvation... Ah, I'm going to be studying to show
31:07 myself approved unto God. I know you do, too.
31:09 Universal... almost universal apostasy.
31:12 "God calls upon His messengers to proclaim... " Notice this:
31:17 "to proclaim His law. "
31:20 I hear people in Adventism
31:21 trying to say: "Well we talk about
31:23 the commandments too much. " Maybe you're in the wrong
31:24 church? I know, I know, it's hard to swallow
31:29 and you don't want to hear it. Somebody's liable to scold me
31:31 about it. But if you're complaining about talking about
31:33 talking about the Ten Commandments law of God
31:35 maybe you are. I know that you're not,
31:38 but you see what... Never say... God calls for His messengers
31:41 today to proclaim His law and we're talking about
31:44 the full what? Ten Commandments. Amen!
31:47 Wow! His law, and He says: "When you present this
31:50 present it in the spirit and the power of... " What?
31:53 "Elijah as John the Baptist was preparing
31:56 a people. " Spirit and power!
32:00 Do you realize the power of that word there? It means
32:03 miracle working. Miraculous things are going to take place
32:06 for the people of God who so give their life to Jesus Christ.
32:10 We don't see that in church. We're almost afraid to pray for
32:12 the sick because we lack faith.
32:15 We're afraid to move out in faith. We want to have
32:17 phones in hand before we do anything.
32:19 You know what I'm talking about.
32:21 We want everything. God says to move out right now
32:23 and He said: "I'm going to do might things in the power
32:26 of Elijah. " The abundance that God has for us.
32:30 As John the Baptist... preparing a people to what?
32:35 See Jesus in His first appearing.
32:38 And it's not... We say: "Yeah, that's good. "
32:40 But remember, what he did... He called the attention of the
32:43 people at the first appearing of Jesus also to the
32:46 Ten Commandments of God. Somebody stay with me.
32:49 And we are to give that uncertain sound. You get it?
32:53 Uncertain sound. That message... It's got to be right on target.
32:58 No uncertain sound today.
33:00 No out-of-tuners... and I tell you there's a lot of
33:02 out-of-tuners. Are you still with me?
33:05 You say that's not a word? Who said that?
33:11 Some of us need to tune it up. Isn't that right? Amen!
33:17 You hear us sing after while you'll say: "Oh, I wish he'd
33:19 tune it up. " Power of Elijah as John the Baptist. Notice that.
33:27 And then God said His last-day people - notice this -
33:30 will give the message of Revelation 14.
33:33 "Fear God and give glory to Him... " What?
33:35 "for the hour of His judgment is come. "
33:38 Think about that: the hour is here!
33:42 But it says we are to give this message, and it's so sad
33:44 that sometimes I feel like we're not. And I'm just talking
33:47 about myself, too, and I'm saying "God help me
33:49 to give it with real earnestness. "
33:52 Really you mean it from the bottom, the soles of your feet.
33:55 You know that it's right.
33:58 Said: "We need to give this message with the earnestness
34:01 that characterized Elijah the prophet and John the Baptist. "
34:05 "And we are to... " notice this word... Oh, you don't like it?
34:08 "strive to prepare the way for Christ's second advent. "
34:14 Remember... this is the time for the coming of Jesus.
34:18 Luke 13. It says: "Strive to enter. "
34:20 I can't erase that. You might want to, but it says
34:23 "Strive to enter. " Put up a fight. How about it?
34:26 By the grace of God, and we do that best on our knees
34:29 you know that? Luke chapter 1 verse 17
34:32 moving quickly here. It says: "To make ready a people
34:35 prepared for the Lord. " This is what the message
34:38 is about that God has given this last-day church.
34:40 The three angels' messages are to prepare a people to meet
34:43 Jesus when He comes. Now remember... prepared.
34:47 Are we really prepared?
34:49 Or we just think that maybe we're prepared?
34:51 Are you really working on it?
34:53 Kind of reminds me... Some of you have probably heard this
34:57 but it's interesting as I read it over.
34:59 Talk about really are we really ready, prepared...
35:01 You know, maybe like the rich man. You remember?
35:03 He went to sleep and he dreamed he went to heaven.
35:08 And when he got there... You know, the Bible says He prepared
35:11 mansions for us. Some of you are doubtful, aren't you?
35:14 Oh I see... yeah. Rich man... he died.
35:18 Hey, man, this is a good guy. He went to heaven.
35:20 You know what I'm talking about here. He dreamed he was there.
35:24 And when he got there his house was a whole lot smaller
35:27 than he thought it should be
35:30 because the lady that had been washing his shirts
35:33 her house was bigger than his!
35:36 He said: "Man, I want to tell you while I can. " And so he's
35:39 talking to the angel and he said: "Man, what is this?
35:42 I should have one of the biggest houses up here. "
35:45 The angel said: "We can only work with what you sent
35:48 up here. " Somebody's not with me.
35:52 What are you sending up there? You see what I'm saying?
35:54 What are you? "We can only work with... "
35:59 The Bible says in Matthew 11:14: "And if you receive it... "
36:04 That means the message. This is Elijah
36:06 which was for to come.
36:08 If we could only really realize why we're here
36:13 rather than you've got a one-way ticket. Come on.
36:18 Don't worry about no blood line here. Stop this business.
36:22 Or your name's written over here, written over...
36:24 Stop this business.
36:26 Where's your name? Is it written in the Lamb's Book of Life?
36:29 That's what the Bible says. I believe this...
36:32 "Four thousand years the church looked and waited for the advent
36:37 of our Lord. The destiny of the world depended
36:43 upon His coming to this earth. "
36:45 Did you get that? The destiny of the world
36:48 hung upon His willingness to come down here and pay the price
36:51 for sin or the transgression of the law. Are you still with me?
36:56 Over 2,000 years it's been since He's been here.
37:00 Those prophecies being fulfilled... the sure.
37:04 But our loving Savior said: "Sacrifice, an offering Thou
37:08 wouldst not but a body Thou has prepared for Me. "
37:11 Aren't you glad? The church is called to prepare
37:15 to meet the Lord when He returns the second time.
37:18 Amen! The church is called to do what?
37:20 Prepare! And I'm convinced that there's no event
37:26 that can equal the importance of the personal appearing of Jesus.
37:32 But a work of preparation is essential, vital!
37:37 When Jesus returns, listen to it carefully my brothers
37:40 and my sisters, listen: He's coming after a spotless,
37:44 faultless, sinless, sanctified, wholly without wrinkle,
37:48 without blemish, pure in heart people just like Himself.
37:53 OK... got a little beyond you? Go through that again?
37:56 Think about it... think about what He's coming after
38:00 and who's going to spend eternity. And the devil says...
38:02 You know what? The devil's trick up his sleeve? He has said
38:05 "Oh, it can't happen...
38:07 Man, nobody's going to be like that. "
38:09 Man, you swallow it and I swallow it.
38:12 Not by God's grace let me tell you.
38:15 Remember, all that will stand in the presence of God
38:19 are those who are pure and holy.
38:22 Because the Bible says He is as a consuming fire.
38:26 Is that not right? Hebrews chapter 12? Have you read that?
38:29 He's a consuming fire to the sinful.
38:34 There I believe it's necessary for a complete transformation
38:38 of character. Something to take place in our lives.
38:44 And I grimace a little bit sometimes when you quote
38:48 Christ Object Lessons page 69. You know it well.
38:53 "The second coming will occur... " Now notice this:
38:56 you say here: "Oh, we're talking about the 2nd coming of Jesus.
39:00 When is it going to happen? Is it time, perhaps? " Listen!
39:02 "The second coming of Jesus will occur when Christ's character
39:07 is perfectly reproduced in His people. "
39:09 Amen! Does that make sense? Amen! That's when He will come.
39:13 He's waiting on you... He's waiting on me.
39:16 Waiting on character development.
39:19 Preparation!
39:23 The time of His coming: if it's now, what is the preparation?
39:29 What is it? Remember, aren't we talking about Him coming back?
39:32 Are we not? So we can talk about all we want.
39:36 It's easy to agree but now this gets a little more personal.
39:39 This starts touching... this starts stepping on the toes.
39:43 But the Word of God is good. He knows how to step on my toes
39:46 I'm thankful. You don't know how to do it
39:48 but He does. Amen! Are you with me?
39:51 But the counsel is given to us and it's very, very clear today.
39:56 Nevertheless let's examine quickly.
39:59 I'm going to read a passage. Some of your ears will tingle
40:03 and so be it.
40:05 If they get a little red, I can probably see it from here.
40:07 So be it...
40:09 because we refuse the plain, straight Word of God.
40:14 And I'm going to read it because I've heard people: "Oh,
40:17 Kenny, be calm. " I've talked to myself here
40:20 because I've heard people read this right here and make
40:22 all kinds of excuses. They twist and they turn
40:25 and they mutilate this. Why? Maybe because they're having
40:29 problems in their own life. I don't know, but I read
40:31 the Bible, right? And by faith I say: "God has said it. "
40:34 And there's not a problem with Him... the problem's with me.
40:37 And you know which one it is because I've heard excuse
40:40 after excuse. Matthew 5:48.
40:42 It's quoted. Remember what it says?
40:44 "Be ye therefore perfect even as the Father which is
40:47 in heaven is perfect. "
40:49 And all of a sudden we get into big debates.
40:51 "Oh well, you know, it really doesn't mean that. "
40:56 Yeah, what does it mean if it doesn't?
40:58 So you know that. Praise God for the Spirit of Prophecy
41:01 that we can get into and help us to understand it.
41:04 Which goes along certainly with the Bible when He said:
41:06 "I'm coming after a church without spot or wrinkle
41:09 or any such thing. " That's very, very clear when
41:11 we read. Again, we're talking about the second coming
41:14 but there's got to be people that are ready. Amen!
41:18 Is this? Listen, this very fact: if anybody has a problem with
41:21 this just listen carefully. Talking about Matthew 5
41:27 verse 48... I've heard people butcher it.
41:34 Remember, perfect means complete mental and moral character.
41:41 And so now I look up Desire of Ages - you can do it, too -
41:45 pages 311 and 312 talking about Matthew 5:48.
41:50 So not only if we don't go along with this
41:52 we'll tear the page out of the Bible
41:54 but we can tear up the Spirit of Prophecy too.
41:56 Are you still with me? Here's what it says.
41:59 Just take it for what it says.
42:00 I say: "Oh God, I need some help. "
42:01 I'm not going to deny it. I say: "Oh Lord, I need some help. "
42:04 "I've got some character things that need to be dealt with. "
42:07 Yeah. Only those who are really striving for heaven
42:09 will say "Yeah, I do. "
42:14 Matthew 5:48 was quoted in Spirit of Prophecy,
42:16 Desire of Ages and it says... This statement is made:
42:19 "This command is a promise. The plan of redemption
42:23 contemplates our complete recovery from the power
42:28 of Satan. " How much? Complete.
42:31 Not just a little dab. Not 80% will do.
42:34 Not 90% will do.
42:37 But complete recovery from the enemy... power of Satan.
42:43 Notice: "He has made provision... " Praise God!
42:46 Thank you, Lord. "He has made provision that
42:49 that the Holy Spirit will be imparted to every
42:53 repentant soul to keep him from sinning. "
42:59 Hmmm... oooh. "As the Son of Man was perfect
43:04 in His life, so His followers
43:07 are to be perfect in their lives. " Amen!
43:10 You see, don't argue and say "God, I need some help. "
43:13 This is preparing. Don't fight it. "Oh, it's not possible. "
43:16 The Bible says it is; the Spirit of Prophecy says it is.
43:20 We want to be ready for His second coming.
43:22 This is what this is all about - Amen - isn't it?
43:24 "Be ye perfect as the Father... "
43:26 Perfect in this life! Amen!
43:28 And every time you look to yourself you're a failure.
43:31 I understand. I look in the mirror and say: "Oh Lord, I need
43:33 some help. " Amen. Is it time for the Lord to come?
43:36 Let's get a little more personal shall we? If you don't mind.
43:40 Desire of Ages 312 says: "Now by His divinity
43:43 He lays hold upon the throne of heaven... " Aren't you glad?
43:47 Whoo! "while by His humanity He reaches us. "
43:51 Ummm, a grip that never loosens. Right? When He's gottcha.
43:56 As long as you want to remain in His hand, no man can take you
43:58 out. Amen! This is the beauty of the scripture.
44:02 This is the power that's there for us today.
44:06 Notice that: "He bids us by faith... "
44:09 Does anybody want to live by faith? Oh yes.
44:11 "by faith in Him attain to the glory of the character of God.
44:16 Therefore... " Oooh! " are we to be perfect even as our Father
44:21 which is in heaven is perfect. " That's heavy-duty language!
44:24 It might be foreign to some, but that's good. I think we can
44:27 understand it. Question: are you a laborer...
44:32 a co-laborer with Jesus? If I ask the question
44:34 "Are you laboring with Christ? Are you a co-laborer with Him? "
44:37 I wonder how many would say "yes? "
44:39 Amen! Oh, no... no... I could just see it now.
44:44 "Oh yes I am. " I'm not trying to make sport of you
44:46 but I want you to know how easy it is to say "Yes I am"
44:49 but now I'm going to have you to prove it.
44:51 There's enough of this cheap talk.
44:55 I understand it's easy to say, but listen, here's what it says:
44:58 "Are you a laborer with Him or a co-worker? "
45:02 And we say: "Yes! " Desire of Ages page 313 says:
45:05 "And only those who live the life of Christ
45:10 are His co-workers. " Amen!
45:13 Now, some of you need to re-think it.
45:15 I might have to re-think it.
45:17 Only those who do what?
45:19 "live the life of Christ are His co-workers. "
45:22 Now you say: "Well ah... ah. " Listen: I'm not going to leave
45:25 you any wiggling room. You're not going to get out of this.
45:28 I don't want to; I know you don't either.
45:31 Listen to this. You say: "Wait a minute. "
45:33 The article goes on and says this: "If one sin
45:37 is cherished in the soul, one wrong practice
45:43 retained in the life, the whole being is contaminated
45:48 and the man becomes an instrument of unrighteousness. "
45:52 Now that's pretty heavy-duty, isn't it?
45:54 Yeah. No, we don't like it. Somebody's shaking their head
45:56 over there. It's all right... you shake all you want.
45:59 I've had to shake my head.
46:02 I've had to go back and had to look at it here.
46:04 But you see it? The Bible's pretty clear, isn't it?
46:07 Spirit of Prophecy's real clear, isn't it?
46:10 One sin is cherished. In other words, one that you won't
46:12 give up that you know what it is.
46:15 Yeah, cherished sin. One wrong practice retained.
46:21 We become contaminated. We are not material for heaven.
46:26 So I say: "God help me! " Amen!
46:30 Desire of Ages 309 says: "The Savior's life of obedience
46:34 maintains that the claims of the law
46:37 it proved that the law could be kept in humanity
46:41 showed the excellence of character that obedience
46:44 would develop. " That's why the world doesn't want to
46:47 hear about obedience: develops the character
46:50 to be like Jesus. That's how He developed His character.
46:52 That's how we develop ours... by being obedient.
46:55 5 Testimonies 216: "Now is the time to prepare. "
46:59 Now let's get personal.
47:02 I believe in the seal of the Living God,
47:04 and God's going to place a seal on us.
47:05 Listen: you won't go to heaven without the seal of God.
47:08 And that means if you get the seal He approves of you,
47:11 isn't that right? He's going to say: "Come on up...
47:13 come on up. " If you don't have that seal you're not going up.
47:18 No use to fool ourselves here.
47:23 This article says - 5T 216: "Now is the time to prepare.
47:28 The seal of God will never be placed
47:33 upon the forehead of an impure man or woman. "
47:39 The seal of God won't be placed upon an impure man or a woman.
47:42 Notice this:
47:44 "Will never be placed upon the forehead of an ambitious,
47:48 world-loving man or woman.
47:50 It will never be placed upon the forehead of a man or a woman
47:56 of false tongues or a deceitful heart.
47:59 All who receive the seal must be without spot before God
48:05 and candidates for heaven. "
48:07 This shouldn't discourage us at all.
48:09 It should drive us to the throne, right? "Oh God,
48:11 I need some more help here. " Don't get discouraged.
48:14 Get happy about it... Jesus is coming.
48:16 He's saying: "Now I am telling... " You know what?
48:18 Reminding some of us - it may be new, maybe it's not -
48:21 but still reminding us what it's going to take to be there.
48:23 We know we must be growing spiritually in order to be ready
48:26 for His coming, don't we?
48:28 Well, how much of this message should we be willing to digest?
48:32 The Bible is clear. Those who lived before us
48:35 had to accept the message the Lord gave them.
48:38 Is that right? Amen. Their salvation depended upon it here.
48:43 We must today believe and we must act on the message
48:46 that God has given us.
48:48 Doing His will, right? Always wanting to please God
48:52 more than please ourself. Isn't that right?
48:54 So what's our work? Somebody said to you:
48:55 "What is our work today? What is our work? What is our work? "
48:58 It's very simple. Everybody's going to go off here
49:00 and say: "Well my work is... " What is our work today?
49:03 8 Testimonies page 9 says: "The same as that
49:06 given to John the Baptist. "
49:08 That's the work! Again, don't miss it:
49:11 8 Testimonies 332 says: "In this age just prior
49:14 to the second coming of Christ in the clouds of heaven
49:17 such a work as that of John is to be done.
49:21 God calls for men who will prepare a people to stand
49:24 in the great day of the Lord. "
49:26 Jude 24- you've read it many times - says:
49:28 "Now unto Him that is... " What? "able to keep you from falling
49:32 and to present you... " How? "faultless... " How?
49:35 "faultless... " Praise God! "before the presence of His... "
49:40 What? "exceedingly joy, " right?
49:44 Glory. Exceedingly... wow!
49:46 And so I sense the message of Revelation 14:6-12.
49:52 Fourteen through sixteen. They're vital messages.
49:55 Anyone agree today? They're vital messages.
49:59 We can't overlook them.
50:01 Nothing is to occupy the mind but the giving of the three
50:04 angels' messages. Are you still there?
50:06 That's why this station was raised.
50:07 Have we forgotten?
50:10 Well that's kind of... Well bless your hearts.
50:13 Everybody has laryngitis?
50:16 That's why this station - right? - was raised. Right?
50:19 Proclaim this message to the world! They're vital messages.
50:23 They are designed to prepare a people for the return
50:27 of Jesus Christ. Is it time? Yes! Amen!
50:30 See, after the message is proclaimed... The Bible says
50:33 after this the next thing we will see, John says, is
50:36 the coming of Jesus. Wow!
50:41 There is but one second coming of Christ
50:45 set forth in the scripture.
50:48 In many instances it's referred to as His appearing.
50:51 I kind of get those spiritual goosebumps, don't you?
50:55 Titus chapter 2. You read that. His appearing.
50:57 John chapter 5 it's referred to as His coming.
51:00 In Luke it's referred to as He's going to return.
51:03 I Thessalonians it's going to be His presence.
51:06 How wonderful that is! Hebrews 9: it's going to be
51:08 the coming the second time. Coming again!
51:11 The return of Jesus Christ: this is our Blessed Hope.
51:14 Is somebody still here? This is our Blessed Hope.
51:17 This is our encouragement today.
51:19 And I will say this based upon the Word of God
51:21 when He comes it's going to be... it's going to be personal
51:24 when He comes. It's going to be visible when He comes.
51:27 It's going to be audible when He comes.
51:29 It's going to be bodily when He comes.
51:31 It's going to be glorious when He comes!
51:32 It's going to be pre-millennial when He comes
51:35 and He's going to make a completion of His redemption.
51:39 It's eminent... it's eminent!
51:43 The coming of Jesus is near... it's even at the door!
51:49 Great Controversy page 297, 299 says this:
51:53 "One of the most solemn and yet most glorious truths
51:58 revealed in the Bible is... " What?
52:01 "the coming of Christ... the second coming. " Amen!
52:05 Have we forgotten because we've heard so many messages on it?
52:09 The coming of the Savior.
52:12 Coming back after people He loves and He died for.
52:16 He can't wait to spend eternity with you. Amen!
52:19 Let's not get occupied in some things of this world.
52:22 Are you still there? Amen!
52:25 And so I say to each one of us today:
52:28 "It's time. Just a little bit longer... hold on! "
52:34 Amen! Hold on... don't give up.
52:37 Don't get discouraged. Don't try to look for another message.
52:41 Don't try to go find some other church to join
52:44 and we don't know what's going on. Don't just say:
52:45 I'm giving up on it. " This message is sure. Amen.
52:51 It's truthful. You can hang onto it. Amen!
52:54 What a foundation.
52:57 I love that firm foundation that God has given us.
53:01 It's settled, and yet there are people out there messing with
53:04 the pegs and the pins and they need to stop it.
53:07 Are you still with me? Amen. Got their little crowbars
53:10 and their little ratchets. You still with me?
53:13 Little axes. You know what I'm talking about.
53:16 You can hack all you want, beat all you want...
53:19 right? Explode it all you want, dynamite all you want.
53:23 It's going to be there when you're gone.
53:26 That's how sure that it is.
53:28 I say "Just a little bit longer. "
53:31 Don't give up. A little bit longer we shall see those angels
53:35 who excel in strength. Amen! Just a little bit longer
53:38 you'll see that guardian angel that's done so much.
53:41 That's been there for you all the time.
53:44 Worked miracle after miracle after miracle. Amen!
53:48 Just a little bit longer.
53:51 He's coming back to raise the righteous dead. Amen!
53:55 Oh, what a time that will be when my Jesus I shall see!
54:00 To be reunited with our loved ones.
54:03 I know you've heard it over and over.
54:04 It's exciting to think about it! Amen!
54:08 Those loved ones you haven't seen in a long time.
54:10 Oh, by the grace of God we've got to be there.
54:13 The time of His coming is now! In just a little while
54:19 He's going to change the living saints from glory to glory!
54:23 Amen! Oh, what a time that's going to be
54:26 when Jesus is comin' after me!
54:28 Amen! Just a little bit longer.
54:32 He will come to honor those who by His grace and strength
54:38 have kept the commandments of God.
54:40 And that includes them all
54:42 and that includes the seventh-day Sabbath. Amen!
54:46 Amen! Well done thou good and faithful servant.
54:51 He's coming back; He's going to honor them.
54:54 You've kept His commandments by His grace and strength
54:56 when others say it's impossible. The devil says it's impossible
55:00 to keep the law of God. Don't be a devil's helper.
55:05 You say God's not able? You say Christ is not able?
55:07 The Holy Spirit's not able to give you victory? Come on.
55:10 Just a little bit longer.
55:14 Yes! Families are going to be reunited.
55:18 Ummm... just a little bit longer.
55:22 He going to wipe away some of those... all those old tears
55:25 from our eyes. Been some real hurts.
55:30 You've been through an awful lot. I understand.
55:32 But when we see Jesus we won't remember that stuff
55:34 any more. Whooo! Just a little bit longer.
55:38 He's going to present you fault- less before the throne of God.
55:42 Isn't that wonderful? Faultless before the throne!
55:45 Just a little bit longer. No more death and sorrow
55:48 and all these diseases and sickness. No more parting.
55:51 Home at last! The older we get the more we long for it
55:55 I'm sure. Try to encourage the young people. It's like
55:58 you know: "Boom, it happens...
56:01 we get older. "
56:04 We need to be ready for His coming.
56:06 And I'm convinced of this:
56:08 when He comes He's not going to present
56:13 the great work that He has done to make sure we're there
56:16 but He's going to say: "Have you been faithful? "
56:21 I want to pray with you before we close -
56:23 got a minute left - because this is a work of
56:27 preparation. Only the Spirit of the Living God,
56:29 only the willing heart. Open your heart to Him right now
56:33 as we pray. If there's any- thing that you're holding back
56:35 why not give it to Him right now? Would you do that?
56:37 By the grace of... We MUST give it to Him right now!
56:39 Today's the day. Victory is yours, victory is mine
56:42 through Jesus Christ. I'm going to kneel.
56:43 Let's pray, shall we? Together.
56:45 Kind, loving heavenly Father, thank you for the privilege of
56:48 prayer. Thank you for Your precious Word.
56:50 Thank you for the power that's presented. And we may understand
56:53 and we may see that You are more. You said to us we'll be
56:56 more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord
56:58 and our Savior. Give us victory we pray.
57:00 Those who are submitting right now things that have been
57:02 holding them back... that one little thing that will prevent
57:05 them from receiving the seal of the Living God
57:07 we ask now to be covered in the blood of Jesus.
57:09 We thank you for His precious soul.
57:11 Thank you for Your work. Multiply it, Lord!
57:13 We give it to You. Take our hands off of it.
57:16 Do as Thou dost see fit. In Jesus' name, Amen. Amen.
57:19 Been good to spend some time with you.
57:21 God bless you, and I know there's much much more
57:23 to come and, you know, more blessings.
57:26 So be prepared for those blessings and you know
57:28 I hope to be able to see you one day and spend eternity
57:30 with you. God bless you!


Revised 2022-04-21