Spring Camp Meeting 2014

Revival of People Who Want to Meet Jesus

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Participants: Stephen Bohr


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00:38 Well we indeed do welcome you to our second and final
00:41 presentation for this evening. We are just at the very edges
00:45 of the Sabbath hours and a very special time
00:49 for God's people all over the world.
00:52 Our speaker for this particular session is Pastor Stephen Bohr.
00:56 Certainly no stranger to the 3ABN audience,
00:59 he is loved world wide. And he is the speaker/director
01:04 for Secrets Unsealed Ministry there in Fresno, California,
01:08 Jim. That's right. And we're going to be with them
01:10 this Thursday night. It will be at our regular
01:13 8 o'clock Central Time - be 6 o'clock Pacific Time -
01:17 for a very special live program from their new headquarters
01:21 there in Fresno.
01:23 And we're going to be talking with Pastor Bohr about an
01:26 extremely important topic.
01:29 We're going to be talking about the Rome church
01:32 and some of the things that we've been hearing lately
01:35 about reaching across the gulf.
01:38 And this will be a very interesting time.
01:41 The title of that presentation is: Is The Protest Really Over?
01:46 Yeah. And that is one that you want to be a part of.
01:48 And then on next Sabbath we actually have the dedication
01:52 of that brand-new facility - a live broadcast - coming from
01:55 his new production headquarters there in Fresno, California.
01:58 And even though it won't be televised, if you're in the
02:00 Fresno area we will be there for the Sabbath morning worship
02:05 at the Fresno church where Stephen Bohr is the pastor.
02:10 And, man, we're looking forward... We've got a busy
02:13 week ahead of us but we're looking forward to it
02:15 being with Pastor Bohr.
02:17 He means a lot to this ministry.
02:20 And he expressed to us last night that we mean a lot to him.
02:25 I understand what he's talking about.
02:28 I know that coming to 3ABN has enabled me to meet so many
02:34 more people and to know so many more folks
02:37 that I never would have had the opportunity.
02:39 And he expressed that same great pleasure that he's had
02:44 in getting acquainted with people around the world
02:47 that he's met through 3ABN. Um-hmm.
02:49 We love him quite a bit. He is the husband of one wife -
02:51 her name is Aurora - and two grown children.
02:54 Steve Jr. works there at Secrets Unsealed
02:57 as a technical director, and he has a married daughter
03:00 living in Napa, California, so he is a busy, busy man.
03:04 Bilingual. Spent some time, Jim, in Venezuela and Colombia.
03:07 Picked up his Spanish there and preaches equally well
03:11 in English and in Spanish. He does.
03:13 And by the way, he and Danny were in academy together
03:16 at the Wisconsin Academy.
03:18 And so they've known each other a long time.
03:21 And then he pastored the district here and when he...
03:24 Early in his ministry he was pastor here in southern IL -
03:29 um-hmm - so we are going to look forward to the message
03:33 tonight. Who do we have for music before that?
03:36 Our music is coming from Celestine Barry.
03:38 She is of the Philippines if you did not know.
03:41 Has moved here with her husband Mike some time ago.
03:44 A great addition to this ministry.
03:45 Always has joy on her face and is just a wonderful person.
03:49 Is the secretary for this Thompsonville SDA church
03:52 and she is going to be singing Why Have You Chosen Me?
03:56 Before she sings let's bow our heads in prayer.
03:58 Gracious Father, we do praise You and thank You for this
04:00 opportunity to lift up the mighty and the matchless name
04:03 of Jesus yet again. And we pray for Pastor Bohr
04:07 Your holy unction and we ask for ourselves
04:10 open and receptive ears.
04:13 And we thank You, dear Father, in Jesus' name,
04:15 Amen. Amen.
04:36 Why have You
04:40 chosen me
04:43 out of millions
04:47 Your child to be?
04:50 You know all the wrong
04:56 that I have done.
05:03 Oh, how could You
05:07 pardon me?
05:10 Forgive
05:13 my iniquity?
05:17 To save me give Jesus
05:24 Your Son?
05:30 But Lord help me be
05:37 what You want me to be.
05:44 Your Word I will strive
05:50 to obey.
05:56 My life I now give...
06:03 for You I will live
06:09 and walk by Your side
06:15 all the way.
06:49 I am amazed
06:54 to know that a God
06:57 so great could love me so.
07:01 Is willing and
07:06 wanting to bless.
07:15 His love is so wonderful,
07:21 His mercy so bountiful,
07:27 I can't
07:29 understand it
07:33 I confess.
07:40 But Lord help me be
07:46 what You want me to be.
07:52 Your Word I will strive
07:58 to obey.
08:04 My life I now give...
08:11 for You I will live
08:17 and walk
08:19 by Your side
08:23 all the way.
08:30 My life I now give...
08:35 for You
08:39 I will live
08:45 and walk
08:49 by Your side
08:52 all the way.
09:01 Amen!
09:12 Good evening brothers and sisters. Good evening!
09:15 Happy Sabbath to you all. Happy Sabbath!
09:19 It's good to be at 3ABN again. Amen!
09:23 This is God's ministry. Amen!
09:26 If it hadn't been for 3ABN
09:29 Secrets Unsealed probably would not exist today.
09:33 You know, 3ABN has been instrumental
09:37 in the beginning of many ministries. Amen!
09:40 And one thing that I've really appreciated about 3ABN
09:43 is that they're not territorial.
09:46 They want every ministry to grow and to thrive. Amen!
09:49 And that's one of the reasons why God blesses 3ABN. Amen!
09:53 And I would say that we need to support 3ABN with our prayers
09:58 and also with our financial donations.
10:01 We need to keep 3ABN thriving and alive at this time
10:05 in human history. Amen!
10:07 This evening we're going to study about
10:09 revival and reformation. Amen!
10:12 But before we do, we do want to ask the Lord's presence.
10:15 So I invite you to bow your heads with me
10:17 as we ask the Lord to be present with us.
10:21 Our Father and our God,
10:24 what a privilege it is to call You Father.
10:27 To know that You are a Father that is always the same
10:31 yesterday, today, and forever.
10:33 We can trust You fully and completely.
10:38 We thank you, Father, for the privilege of being here
10:40 in this place to begin Your holy Sabbath.
10:44 And we ask that as we open Your Holy Book that Your Holy Spirit
10:48 will be present here.
10:50 That You will take our hearts
10:52 and that You will make them holy.
10:55 We thank you, Father, for the promise of Your presence.
10:58 We thank you for hearing our prayer for we ask it in
11:01 the precious name of Jesus. Amen. Amen.
11:08 As we begin our study this evening
11:10 I would like to encourage you to read
11:14 one chapter in the book The Great Controversy
11:18 which has many of the points that we are going to study.
11:22 That chapter is number 27 in the book Great Controversy
11:28 pages 461 to 478. It's one of the longer chapters
11:33 in Great Controversy.
11:35 And the title of that chapter is Modern Revivals.
11:41 If you want to know what a true revival is
11:44 and what a counterfeit revival is you need to read
11:48 that chapter. It's powerful!
11:51 And some of the ideas that I'm going to be sharing
11:54 with the group that is gathered here this evening
11:59 come from this specific chapter.
12:03 But I'd like to begin with a statement that Ellen White
12:06 made over 120 years ago.
12:11 She actually wrote this in Review and Herald
12:13 March 22, 1887, and it reads like this:
12:19 "A revival of true godliness among us
12:25 is the greatest and most urgent
12:29 of all our needs. "
12:33 Interesting. What is the most urgent
12:36 and the greatest of all our needs?
12:39 A revival of true godliness.
12:42 She ends by saying:
12:45 "To seek this should be our first work. "
12:51 To seek for a revival of true godliness.
12:55 In another statement that we find in Review and Herald
12:59 February 25, 1902,
13:04 Ellen White not only spoke about revival
13:07 of true godliness but she also added another
13:10 very important word... the word reformation.
13:16 I'd like to read that statement. It's a little lengthy,
13:19 but it's loaded with important information.
13:22 Once again: Review and Herald, February 25, 1902.
13:27 It reads like this:
13:29 "A revival and a reformation
13:32 must take place under the mini- stration of the Holy Spirit. "
13:38 And then she says this:
13:41 "Revival and reformation are two different things. "
13:47 Although I might say that they are closely linked together.
13:53 She continues saying...
13:55 she's going to define revival now:
13:57 "Revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life,
14:02 a quickening of the powers of mind and heart,
14:07 a resurrection from spiritual death. "
14:11 Three parallel phrases.
14:15 Once again, she says: "Revival signifies
14:17 a renewal of spiritual life... "
14:20 Then comes the next phrase:
14:22 "a quickening of the powers of the mind and heart... "
14:24 Quickening means to resurrect or to give life.
14:27 And then she says:
14:28 "a resurrection from spiritual death. "
14:31 So revival means resurrecting from being dead...
14:33 spiritually dead. But we can't stop there
14:38 because she continues saying this:
14:40 "Reformation signifies a reorganization,
14:46 a change in ideas and theories. "
14:52 Let me ask you: where are your ideas and theories?
14:56 They are in your head.
14:59 It has to do with a change or a reorganization
15:03 in our thinking.
15:05 So once again, she says:
15:07 "Reformation signifies a reorganization,
15:11 a change in ideas and theories... "
15:14 But it goes further than that because she says:
15:16 "habits and practices. "
15:19 In other words, reformation means a change in your thinking
15:24 and a change in your behavior or your conduct.
15:28 Because your conduct will not change unless
15:31 your brain changes through the power of the Holy Spirit.
15:35 She continues saying:
15:37 "Reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of
15:40 righteousness unless it is connected with
15:44 the revival of the spirit.
15:46 Revival and reformation are to do their appointed work
15:51 and in doing this work
15:54 they must blend. "
15:59 In other words, you have to have revival and reformation
16:04 together. You cannot have one or the other...
16:09 they must both be together.
16:14 In other words, revival without reformation is not
16:17 true revival. And reformation without revival
16:22 is not true reformation.
16:26 Revival without reformation is emotionalism.
16:30 Whereas, reformation without revival is legalism
16:35 or fanaticism. I'm going to repeat that again
16:39 because maybe that went over your heads.
16:43 Revival without reformation
16:46 is mere emotionalism.
16:48 And reformation without revival -
16:52 a change in the life - without revival
16:54 is mere legalism or fanaticism.
16:59 And I would go one step further and say that reformation without
17:02 revival is like a dead person acting as if he was alive.
17:10 And revival without reformation is like a living person acting
17:16 as if he were dead.
17:18 In other words, in order to experience reformation
17:23 there has to be a resurrection from spiritual death.
17:28 One follows the other.
17:32 Now there are certain things that we need to understand
17:34 when we talk about revival and reformation.
17:37 First of all we need to under- stand that man - and when I use
17:40 the word man I am speaking generically. I'm including men
17:44 and women as it's used in Genesis 5 for example.
17:48 Man was originally created perfect.
17:52 In other words, he was spiritually alive.
17:56 And because human beings were created spiritually alive
18:01 their behavior reflected the fact that they were alive.
18:05 Their conduct was godly conduct
18:09 in harmony with God's law.
18:11 Because they were alive - in other words, Adam and Eve -
18:15 they lived like they were alive.
18:18 But then sin came into the world,
18:21 and when sin came in humankind died spiritually.
18:29 And because human beings died spiritually
18:33 they were unable to live a life in harmony with God's law.
18:39 And that's the reason why the Bible speaks of a person
18:42 who is spiritually dead, the works that they produce
18:45 are called in Hebrews 6:1 and Hebrews 9 verse 14
18:49 "dead works. "
18:52 Because a dead person can only produce dead works.
18:57 And so as a result of sin man has a double problem.
19:01 Number one: human beings are spiritually dead
19:05 and number two: because they are spiritually dead
19:07 all they can produce is dead works... a dead lifestyle...
19:12 a life of sin.
19:15 Now let's notice a couple of verses that underline
19:17 this particular point. Go with me to Ephesians chapter 2
19:21 verses 1 and 2, and I hope that you brought your Bibles
19:24 or your iPhones.
19:27 We are a people of the Book or of the iPhones...
19:31 as long as the iPhone has the Bible in it.
19:34 Now notice Ephesians chapter 2 and verses 1 and 2
19:37 these two ideas of spiritual death leading to sinful conduct
19:41 or behavior. It says there in Ephesians 2:1,
19:45 the apostle Paul is writing: "And you He made alive
19:49 who were... " What? Dead. See? "who were dead... "
19:53 And what was the result of being dead?
19:56 Notice what it continues saying:
19:57 "who were dead in... " What? "in trespasses and sin. "
20:01 Does that have to do with behavior? Yes. Yeah, because
20:03 you're dead, as a result of that
20:06 human beings practice transgressions and sins.
20:10 And then the apostle Paul says in verse 2:
20:13 "in which you once walked. " When the Bible uses the word
20:16 walk it's talking about conduct or behavior.
20:19 So he's saying: "in which you once walked
20:21 according to the course of this world. " Does that have to do
20:24 with conduct? Yes. Absolutely!
20:26 "according to the prince of the power of the air
20:28 the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience. "
20:32 And so what Paul is saying here is that before the
20:37 Ephesians were converted they were spiritually dead
20:40 and as a result they were involved in trespasses and sins.
20:45 Their behavior reflected the fact that they were spiritually
20:47 dead. Notice also Colossians chapter 2 and verse 13.
20:52 Colossians chapter 2 and verse 13.
20:54 Once again you have the state of death
20:57 leading to dead works or to a life of sin.
21:01 It says there in Colossians chapter2 and verse 13:
21:04 "And you being... " What? Dead. There it is again.
21:08 "being dead... " In what?
21:11 Now you have a behavioral aspect again.
21:14 "being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision
21:20 of your flesh. " So do you see the connection between
21:23 being dead and living a sinful life?
21:26 You see one leads to the other.
21:29 And so Paul continues saying: "And you being dead... "
21:32 that's your condition...
21:34 "in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh"
21:38 that's the behavior...
21:39 "He has made alive together with Him having forgiven you
21:43 all trespasses. "
21:45 And so human beings as a result of sin have two problems.
21:49 Problem number one: they are spiritually dead.
21:53 And problem number two: as a result of being spiritually dead
21:57 all you can produce is sin and transgression.
22:00 In other words, what the Bible calls "dead works. "
22:04 But the problem is even more complicated
22:08 because there is no possible way according to the Bible
22:12 for us to know in ourselves how desperate our condition is.
22:18 You see, most human beings rationalize and they try to
22:22 excuse sin. Because the human heart
22:26 is a wicked rationalizer
22:29 that tries to justify evil behavior.
22:32 In Jeremiah chapter 17 and verse 9- this is a verse
22:37 that all of us probably know real well -
22:40 the prophet Jeremiah says: "The heart is... " What?
22:45 "deceitful... " Notice this: "above all things
22:50 and desperately wicked. "
22:53 And then comes the question: "Who can know it? "
22:56 Incidentally, texts like this led Martin Luther to say
23:01 "I fear my own heart
23:03 more than the pope and all his cardinals. "
23:07 Because he knew that the great enemy was the wicked,
23:11 sinful heart of man.
23:14 So the question is: who can know the human heart?
23:17 We can't know our human heart
23:20 because the human heart is desperately wicked.
23:23 You see, an unconverted person who is spiritually dead
23:28 has a heart that is a powerful rationalizer.
23:32 It does its utmost to justify and excuse sin
23:35 and to make sin appear less sinful than it really is.
23:40 So the question is: who can know our hearts
23:43 so that we can live again and so that our life can change?
23:47 Our conduct can change?
23:49 The very next verse tells us who can.
23:52 Jeremiah chapter 17 and verse 10
23:55 God answers the question: "Who can know the human heart? "
23:58 "I, the Lord, search the heart,
24:03 I test the mind, even to give every man
24:07 according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings. "
24:10 So who can know the human heart?
24:12 Who can reveal to human beings the true condition
24:17 of the human heart? That we are spiritually dead
24:20 and as a result of that we live a life of conduct in sin?
24:24 Only God.
24:27 There's another verse that ex- plains that only God can show us
24:30 the condition of our hearts, the fact that we're spiritually
24:33 dead. And because of being spiritually dead
24:37 our lifestyle shows it.
24:39 Psalm 139 and verses 23 and 24...
24:43 Psalm 139:23-24.
24:46 This has been called the psalm about the omnipresence of God
24:50 but if you read it carefully you'll find that it's a psalm
24:52 about the omniscience of God.
24:57 Here the psalmist says, speaking to the Lord:
25:02 "Search me, O God,
25:05 and... " What? "know my heart.
25:08 Try me... " That means test me,
25:13 examine me... "and know my anxieties
25:17 and see if there is any wicked way in me
25:22 and lead me in the way everlasting. "
25:27 So who is the only one that can show us that we're spiritually
25:30 dead and that's the reason why
25:33 our conduct is the way that it is? Only God.
25:38 But the question comes up: how does God search me
25:44 and show me? How does He show me that I'm spiritually dead
25:49 and that I need to be resurrected so that my life
25:53 can change? Does God come and whisper in my ear?
25:59 Does God give me a hunch or a feeling to tell me
26:03 that I'm spiritually dead and my life needs to change?
26:07 Absolutely not.
26:09 There is a way in which God shows us
26:13 that we are spiritually dead and that only if we are
26:16 spiritually resurrected can we have a reformed or a changed
26:20 life and that is His holy law.
26:29 In Great Controversy page 478
26:33 Ellen White has this profound statement.
26:35 She says: "It is only as the law of God
26:41 is restored to its rightful position... "
26:44 What is restored to its rightful position?
26:48 The law. The law. She says: "It is only... "
26:51 There are not many ways. "It is only as the law of God
26:54 is restored to its rightful position
26:57 that there can be a revival. "
27:00 That means to resurrect from spiritual death, right?
27:03 "That there can be a revival of primitive faith and godliness
27:07 among His professed people. "
27:11 So what is the only way in which God's people can be revived?
27:15 Only if the law of God is restored to its...
27:20 rightful position.
27:24 Now Psalm 19 verse 7 is a very interesting verse.
27:29 You know, I struggled with this verse for a while
27:31 until I really sat down and scrutinized it
27:34 and did some thinking.
27:36 Psalm 19 verse 7 says: "The law of the Lord
27:39 is perfect... " Then what does it say?
27:42 "converting the soul. "
27:45 I thought it was the Holy Spirit who converted the soul.
27:49 How is it that this text says
27:52 that the law of God is perfect, converting the soul?
27:54 Another way of saying converting is resurrecting us to new life.
27:59 Because conversion is a resurrection to newness of life.
28:03 In other words, you could say that the law of love is
28:06 perfect, reviving the soul or giving life to the soul.
28:10 How is it that the law of God can revive a dead sinner?
28:17 I can almost hear some people who are watching on television
28:20 saying: "Man... what?
28:23 Does the law really convert our soul
28:27 and resurrect us to newness of life?
28:29 I thought the Holy Spirit did that. "
28:32 Well the fact is, folks, that the law does it
28:35 but we need to understand something that is extremely
28:39 important. You see, for most of the Christian world
28:43 the law and Jesus are at odds with each other.
28:49 They are antithetical.
28:52 Sometimes even Adventists tend to think that the law
28:56 and Jesus are two separate things.
29:03 But the fact is that the law is a transcript of who Jesus is.
29:08 Amen!
29:09 The law and Jesus are interchangeable
29:13 in other words.
29:15 In fact, Jesus is the incarnation of the law.
29:19 He is the law LIVED in human flesh.
29:27 When I separate the law from Jesus
29:32 I become legalistic.
29:36 So how does the law bring life or convert the soul?
29:40 Simply by looking at the bare law written on tables of stone?
29:44 No. It's by looking at Jesus who is reflected in the law.
29:51 Ellen White had a very interesting comment
29:54 in volume 5 of the Bible Commentary page 1,131.
29:59 Speaking about Jesus she says:
30:01 "He was the embodiment of the law of God. "
30:06 What would be a synonym to embodiment?
30:09 Incarnation.
30:12 Has to do with body. The embodiment of the law.
30:15 Jesus was the embodiment of the law.
30:18 He was the law lived in flesh.
30:21 And then she says: "which is the transcript of His
30:25 character. " So it's not the bare law written on tables
30:29 of stone that brings conversion of the soul.
30:33 It's looking at the law as it's found in Jesus
30:36 the person because He is the living manifestation
30:40 in human flesh of the law.
30:42 Are you understanding me? Yes!
30:46 Now when I look at Jesus what do I see?
30:50 By the way, when I say "look at Jesus"
30:53 I'm looking at the law in human flesh.
30:56 I'm not looking at the bare law written on tables of stone.
30:58 I'm looking at the law lived in human flesh...
31:01 what do I see? I see One who is altogether lovely
31:06 and pure.
31:09 And when I see this lovely and pure person
31:15 immediately I discern the contrast of the filthiness
31:20 and wickedness of my heart.
31:26 And when that happens we cry out with the apostle Paul
31:30 "Who can deliver me from this body of death? "
31:34 We cry out with the prophet Isaiah: "I am undone! "
31:39 We cry out with the apostle Peter when he said to Jesus:
31:42 "Depart from me for I am a sinful man. "
31:47 You see, when the contemplate Jesus who is the embodiment
31:50 or the incarnation of the law
31:52 we see His beauty and our ugliness.
31:56 That's how the law points out our great need.
32:02 You know, there's an interesting statement that we find in the
32:04 book Great Controversy. For a long time I used to think
32:08 that the sin that was committed by the Jewish nation
32:10 in the days of Christ and the sin that will be committed
32:14 by the Christian world at the end of time
32:16 are two separate sins...
32:18 but really they're the same sin.
32:22 Let me read you this state- ment from Great Controversy.
32:25 She says: "The great sin of the Jews
32:27 was their rejection of Christ.
32:30 The great sin of the Christian world
32:33 would be their rejection of the law of God,
32:36 the foundation of His government in heaven and on earth. "
32:41 So the sin of the Jewish nation was to reject Jesus and
32:45 the sin of the Christian world would be to reject the law.
32:47 And you say: "Well those are two different sins. "
32:49 No they're not.
32:51 How can you say: "I love Jesus"
32:54 and "I hate the law" which is a reflection of His character?
32:58 It's an impossibility.
33:00 If Jesus is the embodiment or the incarnation of the law,
33:04 you can't say: "I love Jesus but I hate the law. "
33:08 It's really the same sin.
33:12 So when I come and see Jesus as the embodiment of the law
33:15 as He is found in scripture, I see His beauty,
33:19 His wonderful character,
33:22 and in contrast I see my deplorable wickedness:
33:27 the fact that I'm dead and I'm producing works of death.
33:33 And then I cry out: "Who will be able to deliver me
33:36 from this body of death? " But there's more.
33:38 You see, I not only want to contemplate Jesus in the beauty
33:41 of His character, but I need to follow Jesus also to Gethsemane.
33:48 And I need to hear Him crying out to His Father...
33:50 to His Father: "Father, if this cup of Your wrath can
33:54 pass from Me, let it be so.
33:56 Nevertheless, not My will be done but Yours"
33:58 as He sweated drops of blood.
34:01 And then I visit Him at the cross, the One who is
34:04 absolutely beautiful, and I hear Him crying out
34:07 "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? "
34:11 And then I see on the cross something ugly.
34:15 I've seen the beauty of His character but now I'm seeing
34:17 ugliness, and I ask Jesus. I say: "Jesus, why did this
34:20 happen to You? "
34:23 And Jesus said: "Because of your sins. "
34:28 Now my heart begins to think differently
34:32 because I've seen His beauty and my wickedness
34:36 and I have visited Gethsemane and the cross
34:38 and I've seen that Jesus was willing to bear my sin
34:42 and to go to the cross.
34:45 And so when I come to the cross I feel love and I feel hate.
34:51 I love Jesus but I hate sin
34:55 because of what sin did to Jesus.
34:58 Are you following me?
35:01 You see, on the cross I see Him suffering for the transgression
35:04 of the law and before that I see Him as the keeper of the law.
35:10 And I see my own sinfulness and I say to Jesus:
35:15 "Lord Jesus, why did this happen to You? "
35:17 Jesus said: "Because of your sins. "
35:20 And you know, something happens at that point.
35:23 When you see the law as it's found incarnated in Jesus
35:27 what happens is conversion or spiritual resurrection.
35:33 That's revival.
35:36 Titus chapter 3 and verse 5... Titus chapter 3 and verse 5
35:40 says: "But when the kindness and the love of God
35:43 our Savior toward man appeared... "
35:45 Notice: "not by works of righteousness which we have done
35:49 but according to His mercy He saved us... "
35:53 Now notice what He did:
35:55 "through the washing of... " What? "regeneration. "
35:59 What does it mean to regenerate something?
36:02 It means to give life to something that has died.
36:07 And so it says: "He saved us through the washing of
36:09 regeneration and... " Notice: "the renewing of
36:14 the Holy Spirit. "
36:16 And now that we've been made alive by beholding
36:19 the beauty of Christ's character and saying "I am undone, "
36:22 and then seeing that Jesus went to the cross and He bore
36:25 my iniquities my love for Jesus grows.
36:28 My heart is renewed, and now what happens in the life?
36:34 Reformation.
36:36 Revival produces reformation.
36:40 If you try to live a reformed life without revival,
36:43 you become a legalist.
36:45 But there are many Christians who say that they are revived
36:47 but the live like the devil.
36:51 You see, true revival and reformation means
36:54 a receiving or a resurrection from spiritual death
36:59 and as a result you produce living works not dead works.
37:04 The life changes.
37:06 In Great Controversy page 462 Ellen White said: "There is no
37:11 evidence of genuine repentance unless it works reformation. "
37:17 Those who repent and there's no reformation
37:20 you might say that they have "crocodile tears. "
37:23 Because there's no true repentance unless there's a
37:26 change in the life. Amen. Like a husband who beats his wife.
37:30 He says: "Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry"
37:32 and then an hour later he's beating her again.
37:38 Ellen White also says in Great Controversy page 462-
37:42 she's talking about how the life of sinners changes
37:46 when you experience revival in your life -
37:49 she says: "The things that they once hated they now loved
37:53 and the things they once loved they hated.
37:57 The proud and self-assertive became meek and lowly of heart.
38:01 The vain and supercilious became serious and unobtrusive.
38:05 The profane became reverent.
38:08 The drunken sober, and the profligate pure.
38:12 The vain fashions of the world were laid aside. "
38:16 That is the result of revival.
38:22 Now once we've been revived
38:26 it's not a once-for-all thing
38:30 because we need to stay connected to Jesus Christ.
38:35 We need to be revived every day. Amen!
38:38 We need a new vision of the purity of Jesus every day.
38:41 We need to follow Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane
38:45 and the cross every day.
38:48 We need to live every day in Christ!
38:53 And then as we live and as we behold the beauty of Christ's
38:56 character and the ugliness of sin on the cross
39:01 we are changed.
39:03 Notice II Corinthians chapter 3 and verse 18.
39:06 I know one of the speakers this morning as I was coming here
39:10 I was listening on the radio to 3ABN Radio and I know that
39:13 he used this text. It says there: "But we all... "
39:18 How many of us? "all with unveiled face
39:22 beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord... "
39:28 Now notice the tense of the verb:
39:30 "are... " This is the New King James version...
39:33 It's a faithful translation of the verbal tense...
39:37 "are being transformed
39:40 into the same image from glory to glory
39:44 just as by the Spirit of the Lord. "
39:48 Now there's one word that I'd like to underline here.
39:52 When it says we are "being transformed"
39:54 that's a continuous tense, right?
39:56 Not a once-for-all thing... it's a daily battle.
40:01 But the word that I especially want us to look at
40:03 is the word transformed.
40:06 The word transformed in Greek is metamorphóo.
40:12 What word in English do we get from metamorphóo?
40:17 The word metamorphosis.
40:21 In other words, as we behold Jesus, as we continually behold
40:24 Jesus, when we've become spiritually alive,
40:27 our life is now changing... As we behold Jesus
40:30 we are being "metamorphóoed" if I can invent a word
40:35 into the same image of Jesus.
40:39 And you know when this happens?
40:41 When I keep my eyes on Jesus the pastor doesn't have to
40:45 tell me how to dress.
40:49 My parents don't have to tell me what to eat and what not
40:52 to eat. Nobody has to tell me
40:55 what television programs I should watch and which ones
40:57 I shouldn't. Nobody has to tell me
41:01 what kind of music to listen to and what kind of music
41:03 not to listen to because I'm now spiritually alive.
41:07 And as I'm beholding Jesus I know exactly
41:10 what is objectionable to Jesus.
41:15 You see, I will come to serve Jesus not because I'm afraid
41:19 of being lost or because I want to go to heaven
41:21 but simply because I want to be like Jesus. Amen!
41:26 Now let me share with you what the word metamorphosis means.
41:30 I know from personal experience.
41:35 You see, when I was growing up I lived in Venezuela.
41:40 I lived there from the time I was 4 till the time I was 14.
41:44 That's the reason I speak Spanish. Some of you
41:46 see me speaking on television and you think I'm speaking
41:49 in tongues or maybe somebody is translating.
41:53 That's actually not the gift of tongues 'cause
41:55 the gift of tongues was a miraculous thing.
41:57 You know, people didn't know how to speak the language
41:59 and suddenly the angels put a Rosetta Stone into the brain.
42:05 But Spanish in my case was a learned phenomenon.
42:09 But anyway, in Venezuela when I was growing up
42:12 when I was a kid I became an avid butterfly collector.
42:16 In fact, I might say that I was pretty close to
42:20 being an amateur entomologist.
42:22 That is an individual who studies insects.
42:26 And so I read many books, I went on many excursions
42:30 to hunt down butterflies and to add them to my collection.
42:35 And as I observed butterflies
42:37 I discovered many spiritual lessons. First of all,
42:40 as you know, the butterfly has two births.
42:45 Not the butterfly itself,
42:48 but the whole experience involves two births.
42:51 In the first birth, the butter- fly - a little caterpillar -
42:57 is born from an egg that is laid perhaps on a leaf.
43:03 And then the caterpillar begins eating from one source
43:06 where the eggs were laid and the little caterpillar
43:10 grows and becomes a big caterpillar
43:13 and drags itself along slowly.
43:18 How many of you like caterpillars?
43:22 You know, some kids like caterpillars.
43:24 I see a couple of hands here.
43:27 But you know generally speaking we don't like caterpillars
43:30 and worms and things like that.
43:33 Now, the caterpillar does not remain a caterpillar
43:38 all the time. It doesn't drag himself along all the time.
43:42 The caterpillar has another birth.
43:46 You see, when the caterpillar attaches itself
43:50 to a wall or to whatever - a tree -
43:54 it begins weaving a cocoon
43:57 and it basically buries itself in a cocoon.
44:02 And inside the cocoon a magnificent miracle takes place.
44:09 And I don't think scientists have fully been able to explain
44:12 exactly what happens. It's one of the marvels
44:15 that God has established in nature.
44:17 A transformation takes place there while
44:21 the caterpillar is buried in the cocoon.
44:24 A transformation... a metamorphosis takes place,
44:29 and after a short period of time
44:32 the cocoon begins to shake.
44:36 It breaks open and out of the cocoon
44:40 comes a caterpillar. No! Out of the cocoon
44:45 comes what? A butterfly. A beautiful butterfly!
44:49 You say: "What is this?
44:52 I saw a caterpillar go in
44:55 and now I see a beautiful butterfly come out. "
44:59 Let me ask you something: does the name change?
45:04 Yeah... changes from caterpillar to butterfly.
45:08 Do the habits change? Oh yeah, the caterpillar
45:11 drags himself along. The butterfly flies.
45:17 Does its appearance change? Absolutely!
45:22 Does what it eats change? Yes!
45:25 Does the place where it lives change? Absolutely.
45:32 Everything becomes new and different
45:35 when there is a metamorphosis.
45:39 Let me ask you: did the change come because
45:41 the caterpillar made an effort to become a butterfly? No.
45:46 The change came by a miracle of God.
45:49 The caterpillar became a new creation by a miracle
45:54 performed by God.
45:56 You see a butterfly is not a caterpillar with wings.
46:02 It's not the old linked with the new.
46:05 A butterfly is a totally new creation!
46:10 In fact, you know that verse in I Corinthians 5:17 where
46:13 it says: "Therefore if anyone is in Christ
46:16 he is a new creation. " Not a reform of the old creation...
46:20 come on. "he is a new creation.
46:22 Old things have passed away; behold all things have become
46:28 new. " That's what happens when a person experiences
46:33 spiritual resurrection from spiritual death
46:36 by beholding the lovely Jesus and by beholding how much
46:41 sin cost to Him.
46:44 By the way, can you see the power that transformed
46:47 the caterpillar into a butterfly?
46:49 No... but you can see the results.
46:54 Remember the conversation that Jesus had with Nicodemus?
46:57 He said, you know: "You can't see the wind
47:00 but you can see the effects of the wind. "
47:03 And so it is when a person resurrects to newness of life.
47:06 You can't see the power that did it
47:09 but you can see the fruit in the life.
47:11 A reformed and changed life: different habits,
47:15 different interests, different thoughts,
47:17 different actions. The conduct changes
47:20 when the life has changed.
47:24 Ellen White in Desire of Ages page 172
47:28 says: "He who is trying to reach heaven by his own works
47:32 in keeping the law is attempting an impossibility.
47:37 There is no safety for one who has merely a legal
47:41 religion... a form of godliness. "
47:45 Listen now carefully: "The Christian's life is not
47:49 a modification or improvement of the old
47:52 but a transformation of nature.
47:57 There is a death to self and sin
48:00 and a new life altogether.
48:04 This change can be brought about only
48:07 by the effectual working of the Holy Spirit. "
48:12 But let me say
48:14 that a hunter is on the loose
48:17 after you have been "metamorphóoed. "
48:22 Just because you have been born again and you've resurrected
48:25 to new life doesn't mean that you are safe
48:29 unless you abide in Christ.
48:34 Let me go back to the butterfly illustration.
48:37 I remember the first time that I went to catch butterflies
48:40 in a national park in Venezuela.
48:42 At that time it wasn't against the law to catch butterflies.
48:46 I had my net with me and I had my jar.
48:48 And the jar had cotton at the bottom and a little piece of
48:51 cardboard so that I could put the butterflies in there
48:54 when I caught them. And there was a very powerful
48:57 poison called carbon tetrachloride that I used
49:01 and I put them in the jar.
49:03 And so I suddenly saw this beautiful blue butterfly -
49:07 you know - flying through the air. And immediately
49:09 I dropped everything and I went after it with my net.
49:12 And I would swing at the butter fly and the butterfly
49:14 would go up... because they don't fly straight.
49:16 They fly up and down, up and down.
49:18 And then I would swing at the bottom and he would go up
49:21 and down. And I was crashing into trees, into bushes
49:26 and over rocks. And after I was not able to catch the butterfly
49:32 I noticed that the national park ranger was there
49:35 with a smile on his face.
49:41 And so he came over and he said:
49:43 "What are you killing yourself for? "
49:46 I said: "Want to catch that butterfly and add it to my
49:49 collection. " He said: "You don't have to do that.
49:52 All you have to know is what the butterfly's weakness is. "
49:58 I said: "What is this par- ticular butterflies' weakness? "
50:00 He said: "These butterflies love bananas
50:06 and so if you take a banana and you throw it on the ground
50:09 and you leave for 1/2 hour you'll find several of these
50:12 butterflies just sitting on the banana. "
50:14 And I did that! And lo and behold
50:17 5 butterflies on the banana.
50:19 I just put my net over them. I had five of them
50:21 with hardly any effort
50:23 because I discovered what their weakness was.
50:28 Now it just so happens that a few years passed
50:32 and after a few years one day I went back to that national park.
50:37 And I went through the gate and I had my net with me
50:41 and I had my jars with me and my mounting board.
50:44 And after I had gone in a little ways
50:46 the park ranger came and said: "Where are you going
50:48 with all of those things? "
50:49 I said: "I'm going to catch butterflies. "
50:50 He says: "Oh no you're not. "
50:52 I said: "I've always caught butterflies here. "
50:56 He says: "Oh yes, but since the last time you came
50:59 this has been declared a national refuge
51:04 and you can't catch anything that's alive. "
51:08 So I said: "OK. " I went outside the gate
51:13 and threw down my banana.
51:22 And any butterfly that risked coming over the fence
51:27 and not abiding in the park became my easy prey.
51:31 Just because we have been born to newness of life
51:35 and our life has begun to change and is being transformed
51:38 does not mean that we are safe,
51:40 and every instant we must abide in Jesus. Amen!
51:46 In the book Sons and Daughters of God Ellen White says
51:49 on page 337: "By beholding Christ by talking of Him. "
51:55 "By beholding Christ by talking of Him,
51:58 by beholding the loveliness of His character,
52:02 we become changed...
52:04 changed from glory to glory.
52:07 And what is glory? " asks Ellen White. "Character. "
52:11 "And he becomes changed from character to character.
52:15 Thus we see that there is a work of purification
52:19 that goes on by beholding Jesus. "
52:26 Both the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy predict
52:28 that there's a great revival and reformation
52:31 that's going to come soon among God's people...
52:37 and the devil knows it.
52:39 So the devil wants to implement a counterfeit revival
52:44 without reformation.
52:48 You know, some of our Adventist churches even
52:50 feel that if they have more upbeat music
52:57 and they contemporize their worship practices
53:01 and they implement new methods of evangelism
53:04 such as mimes, dramatic presen- tations, continental breakfasts,
53:08 preaching a prosperity gospel
53:10 that the congregation is going to experience
53:12 a revival and the church is going to have numerical growth.
53:18 The only thing that will lead to true growth
53:22 of the church is not "gimmick evangelism"
53:26 but a change and transfor- mation of a human heart - Amen!
53:30 that will change and transform the human life. Amen!
53:35 Ellen White speaks about those counterfeit revivals.
53:38 She says: "Popular revivals are too often carried by appeals
53:42 to the imagination, by exciting the emotions,
53:46 by gratifying the love for what is new and startling. "
53:51 Now notice: "Converts thus gained
53:54 have little desire to listen to Bible truth,
53:58 little interest in the testimony of prophets and apostles.
54:03 Unless a religious service has something of a sensational
54:07 character it has no attraction for them. "
54:11 And then she says: "A message which appeals to
54:15 the unimpassioned reason... " That means your reasoning
54:18 powers without interposing your emotions.
54:22 "A message which appeals to the unimpassioned reason
54:26 awakens no response. The plain warnings of God's Word
54:30 relating directly to the eternal interests are unheeded. "
54:36 And then she says - this is in the chapter that I referred to
54:38 at the beginning of our study -
54:40 she says: "The power of godliness has well nigh departed
54:43 from many of the churches. "
54:44 She's not speaking of the Adventist churches,
54:46 but I think by extension it applies to us
54:48 and we need to be careful. She says:
54:51 "Picnics, church theatricals,
54:54 church fairs, fine houses,
54:57 personal display have banished thoughts of God.
55:01 Lands and goods and worldly occupations
55:05 engross the mind and things of eternal interest
55:08 receive hardly a passing notice. "
55:14 Then she speaks on page 464 about a great revival is coming.
55:19 That's what we're longing for, isn't it? Amen.
55:22 Jesus is not going to come until this takes place.
55:24 She says: "Notwithstanding the widespread declension
55:27 of faith and piety there are true followers of Christ
55:29 in these churches" that she's talked about.
55:32 "Before the final visitation of God's judgments upon the earth
55:35 there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival
55:38 of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed
55:42 since apostolic times.
55:43 The Spirit and power of God will be poured out
55:46 upon His children. At that time many will separate themselves
55:51 from those churches in which the love of this world has
55:53 supplanted love for God and His Word.
55:56 Many both of ministers and people will gladly accept
56:00 those great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed
56:04 at this time to prepare a people for the Lord's second coming. "
56:08 Amen.
56:10 Do we want to see that? Amen!
56:13 I long for that more than anything in the world,
56:15 you know, and if we had that experience
56:17 we would not be debating and arguing about things
56:20 that are distracting us from the mission of the church
56:23 and from the message of the church.
56:25 My prayer is that the Lord will give us that true revival.
56:30 That we will dedicate our time, folks,
56:32 to spending our time with Jesus Christ. Amen.
56:36 That thoughtful hour that Ellen White mentions
56:38 which will lead us to see the beauty and the perfection
56:42 of Christ, our own sinfulness, and then visit Gethsemane
56:46 and see the great sacrifice that Jesus has made.
56:49 And that this will be a constant daily experience
56:52 so that God will give us victory over sin.
56:55 Let us pray. Father in heaven, we thank you
56:59 for Your many blessings.
57:01 We thank you especially for the promise of revival
57:04 and reformation. I ask, Lord, that You will bless each one
57:07 of those who are gathered here.
57:09 That You will truly, with all of Your power,
57:12 give us this wonderful experience of revival
57:15 and reformation because we know that Jesus is not
57:19 going to come unless this happens.
57:21 So please, do a great work among us.
57:24 And we thank you, Father, for hearing our prayer
57:27 for we ask it in the precious name of Jesus,
57:29 Amen.


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