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As the Days of Noah

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Participants: Jim Gilley


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00:38 Good morning and Happy Sabbath!
00:41 Happy Sabbath! I've been waiting to say that all week.
00:45 As a Seventh-day Adventist minister of many years
00:48 when you see a group of handsome and beautiful
00:51 well-heeled people with ties and shirts and dresses
00:54 and pockets and purses sitting before you
00:56 there are 2 things you want to do almost automatically:
00:59 one... wish them Happy Sabbath
01:01 and the other is to lift an offering.
01:05 So we've taken care of the Happy Sabbath part.
01:08 The offering part I think is still to come.
01:10 We don't want to disappoint you in that, but we do
01:12 welcome you to Spring Camp Meeting 2014
01:16 as we take a closer look at the second coming of our Lord
01:19 and Savior Jesus Christ. That is the reason we are here.
01:23 That is the reason we have been called out of darkness
01:25 into light: to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord.
01:28 Is that not so? Amen... amen.
01:30 And so we welcome you to this first service of a long
01:34 and exciting Sabbath that we have planned for you.
01:37 God is good, is He not? Amen!
01:40 I didn't say God is good all the time.
01:41 I can prove to you that God is not good all the time,
01:44 but we won't do that just now.
01:46 Our speaker for the morning is the president of this ministry,
01:50 my friend and colleague in ministry: Pastor Jim Gilley.
01:55 He came here I believe about the middle or end of 2007
01:59 and has been doing a wonderful job.
02:02 He is a tireless worker, and he is a person who likes to create.
02:06 You can see his eyes light up when he is creating and
02:09 innovating and doing new things. And I think that's why God
02:13 called him here because he has one of those facile minds
02:16 that likes to create. He is the husband of one wife:
02:19 the lovely lady Camille who we've all come to know and love.
02:22 Now I've got to get this right with the kids.
02:24 I'm doing this from memory. So we've got Mary Anne
02:27 and Kurt. Amen. We've got Jim Jr. who just had
02:31 Jim 3 graduate from academy.
02:34 We have John and Jerica.
02:38 We have Amy and Ethan,
02:40 and their little son is my forever friend Levi.
02:46 Levi came into my office - I think he was about 6 yrs. old -
02:48 and gave me 10 minutes of stimulating conversation.
02:52 And then he said: "Would you like to be my forever friend? "
02:55 I said: "Yes I would! " Just the most articulate little
02:59 six-year-old. He said: "OK, I've got ten days
03:02 to be here... ten... so I will come and see you tomorrow. "
03:05 I said: "Well we're closed tomorrow. " He said: "OK, I'll
03:07 come and see you the next day. " I said: "That's Sabbath. "
03:10 He said: "OK, I've got ten days...
03:14 I've got ten... and you've got to figure out a day for me
03:17 because we have to talk and seal our friendship. "
03:19 Just the most wonderful little guy!
03:21 He is going to own a company or a corporation
03:24 or be the greatest evangelist in the history of the church
03:26 because he's just a person that has never met an enemy.
03:30 But Jim Gilley and Camille have endeared themselves
03:33 to the 3ABN community. They are much loved!
03:36 He was a former North American Division
03:40 vice president... also a former conference president of the
03:43 Arkansas-Louisiana Conference.
03:44 We yanked him out of Texas. He was pastoring the
03:48 First SDA Church in Dallas when he was called to come to
03:52 3ABN, and I think he feels that was a call of God
03:55 as he is doing a very, very fine job.
03:57 We anticipate from him for you a message from the Lord
04:02 as we start this Sabbath Day journey together.
04:05 We ask you to give him your prayerful and undivided
04:07 attention. But before he does present his word
04:12 Tammy Chance is here to give us the message in song.
04:16 And she is going to be singing Healing In This House.
04:21 But ere Ms. Chance sings - thank you - we will have prayer.
04:25 Shall we bow our heads? Gracious Father,
04:27 we do praise You and thank you so very much
04:30 for the Sabbath Day. For this day where we can
04:34 turn off the cares of the world
04:37 and turn our minds and our hearts towards Jesus.
04:42 Father, now as we sit in this place, in this house
04:45 would You please be the honored guest?
04:48 Would You accept our prayers and our praise
04:52 and our songs? And in exchange for these
04:56 would You give us Your presence and Your power?
04:59 Teach us, Lord, those things that You would have us to know
05:02 and then give us the strength to do them
05:05 because it is in the doing that we are made like Christ Jesus.
05:09 Bless the man of God who shall preach.
05:12 Bless this woman of God who shall sing.
05:15 May we sit even for a little while in heavenly places.
05:19 And we praise You and thank you in Jesus' name, Amen
05:25 and amen.
05:46 When I walked into the room
05:50 my heart was heavy.
05:55 I had struggled just
05:58 to make it through the day.
06:05 Suddenly I felt
06:09 an awesome reverence
06:14 and the pain inside
06:16 began to slip away.
06:24 Right away I knew
06:27 that something happened.
06:32 Was reflected in
06:35 expressions on each face.
06:42 Taken by surprise
06:45 I felt His presence
06:51 and I knew that this would be
06:54 a holy place.
07:00 There is healing in this house,
07:05 there is healing in this house!
07:10 Manifested peace to calm
07:14 your troubled hearts with healing balm...
07:19 there is healing in this house.
07:23 Restoration in this place...
07:28 there is mercy, there is grace.
07:33 All ye heavy laden, come.
07:38 Bring your burdens one by one.
07:43 Leave them here where they belong.
07:46 There is healing in this house.
07:54 If you're heavy laden,
07:58 there is peace for troubled minds.
08:06 Oh...
08:10 there is
08:13 healing in this house,
08:17 there is healing in this house!
08:22 Manifested peace to calm
08:27 your troubled heart with healing balm...
08:31 there is healing in this house.
08:35 Restoration in this place...
08:40 there is mercy, there is grace.
08:46 All ye heavy laden, come.
08:50 Bring your burdens one by one.
08:55 Leave them here where they belong.
08:59 There is healing in this house.
09:10 There is healing
09:14 in
09:17 this house.
09:31 Thank you, Jesus. Amen!
09:36 Amen! Thank you, Tammy.
09:39 I always love to hear Tammy sing.
09:43 And she is one of those that I always ask if she will sing
09:49 before I preach because she has a song
09:52 that focuses always people towards the Lord.
09:56 Amen! And God has given her a voice.
10:00 And she grew up with an older brother, Danny,
10:05 and if you can survive that I think you have to...
10:09 She knows I'm... everybody knows I'm teasing.
10:12 They talk about my coming here. I will tell you this:
10:15 Danny Shelton is the easiest person to work with
10:18 that I've ever worked with in all my many years.
10:22 Where you work is not nearly as important
10:26 as who you work with.
10:29 Remember that... because a lot of times people say:
10:32 "Oh, I want to live in Oregon or I want to live in California
10:37 or I want to live here or there. "
10:39 You'd be surprised the good people we've invited to come
10:43 to us that: "No, I don't want to leave California. "
10:47 You know, when that place falls off... No... I'm just... sorry.
10:55 But I just want to tell you that
10:59 who you work with and the ministry you're involved with...
11:07 They mentioned all the different things I've been involved with,
11:10 and C.A. didn't have enough time to tell you all of the things
11:13 over the many years.
11:15 And as I look back I see that God was leading
11:19 giving experience to train me and prepare me
11:23 to just be here. Amen!
11:26 And that is so humbling and so sobering.
11:30 But I believe with all of my heart
11:33 that this is one of the primary spots and places
11:38 that God is going to use in the finishing of the work.
11:41 I really do believe it. Amen!
11:43 And boy, I'm just thrilled, honored and humbled.
11:49 And I get up some mornings and say: "Lord, no. Why me?
11:53 Why in the world have You got me here? "
11:56 And He says: "One more day, one more day. "
12:02 He gives us the grace, the energy for that day.
12:08 Let's pray together. Father in heaven,
12:11 as we open Your Word open our hearts, open our minds.
12:17 Focus us on Jesus.
12:20 May nothing else be seen
12:25 but Him.
12:27 May nothing be heard but His voice
12:29 speaking to our hearts, Lord.
12:33 Get me out of the way
12:36 and get the message forward we pray in Jesus' name, Amen. Amen!
12:41 I've heard this text a lot during the week.
12:43 Every time I've heard somebody read it
12:46 I've said: "They're on my sermon! "
12:49 But you know something: there's no way that you can
12:54 talk about the second coming -
12:56 virtually every subject - with- out mentioning what Jesus said
13:01 when the disciples said to Him: "What will be the sign of
13:05 the end of the world and of Your coming? "
13:09 And He begins it by saying:
13:12 "But of that day and hour
13:15 no one knows... not even the angels of heaven...
13:18 but My Father only. "
13:20 And you know something? People will do everything in the
13:24 world to get around that one phrase.
13:27 You do not know how many people I have sat with
13:31 who have said: "Well, but He didn't say
13:33 we couldn't know the day or the week.
13:35 He said: 'The day or the hour. " I said: "Look,
13:38 He could have said: "The minute, the second. "
13:41 He could have backed it up to... all the way back. He just
13:44 gave you day and hour.
13:46 That just means you don't know when He's coming.
13:49 And then lately they've said:
13:52 "It says that no man, but maybe a woman knows
13:55 when He's coming. "
13:58 And no... it just says we don't know
14:02 when He's coming.
14:05 "But as the days of Noah were so also will be the coming
14:09 of the Son of Man be. For in the days before the flood
14:13 they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage
14:16 until the day that Noah entered the ark
14:19 and did not know until the flood came
14:22 and took them all away. So also will the coming
14:27 of the Son of Man be. "
14:31 So we learn something from this.
14:34 He says: "Just like it was in the days of Noah
14:37 this is how it's going to be when Christ comes back. " Amen!
14:43 Let's take a look at Noah a minute.
14:44 He... very interesting man.
14:48 He was the great grandson of Enoch.
14:55 Boy, you have a heritage like that.
14:59 He had great parents and grandparents.
15:03 He was the grandson of Methuselah.
15:07 Methuselah lived 969 years.
15:12 And then Noah lived for 500 years before he had
15:18 Shem, Ham, and Japheth... before they were born.
15:21 Now I don't know a thing about that 500 years.
15:24 I've thought about that; I've looked at that.
15:28 There's no record. We have nothing that tells us about
15:31 500 years. Was Noah married several times?
15:35 Maybe lost that family? I don't know.
15:38 Maybe he saw the world was so bad he was afraid to have kids!
15:43 Waited 500 years.
15:45 I've known people who wish they'd waited longer than that.
15:52 But I will tell you.. And by the way, I'm not one of them.
15:54 Our kids have been the greatest joy in the world to us
15:58 and our grandchildren. You heard Levi being talked about.
16:03 I've got tremendous hope. His name is Levi James.
16:09 And I hate to tell you this, but I named Levi.
16:16 We found out he was going to be a boy
16:19 and I told... We were praying for the boy
16:23 and I told my wife: "We have to pray for a name. "
16:28 So we started praying for Levi James.
16:31 They hadn't named him yet.
16:34 And I talked to my daughter and I said:
16:37 "We're praying for your baby to be born
16:41 and I'm praying for him and I'm calling him Levi James. "
16:48 She said: "That's a good name! "
16:52 Then - being an idiot -
16:55 I messed it up. I said: "It's kind of like Levi jeans. "
17:03 She said: "That does it... it's out. "
17:07 So I thought: "Oh, I really blew it. "
17:09 You know, here I'm trying to be funny and I blew it.
17:12 And so I was shocked
17:16 when they did name him Levi James.
17:20 And I tell you... he is quite a kid.
17:23 He is number... Well, he's along the line.
17:27 We've got 10 and number 11 is on the way.
17:34 So keep number 11 in your prayers and our son John
17:37 and his wife... Oh, by the way I wasn't supposed to tell that
17:41 so you folks don't tell everybody about it, all right?
17:47 I just got a frown from the other section over here.
17:54 But I am looking forward to that. So Noah had great lineage.
18:00 He had a great family.
18:02 And God saw, the Bible says, that there was wickedness.
18:06 Now man lived a long time: 800, 900 years.
18:11 And one of the things God says is: "They can get into too much
18:14 trouble in that length of time.
18:16 They can cause too many problems. I'm going to reduce
18:21 the length of the time that man lives to 120 years
18:26 or less. " And that's what He did.
18:31 And then the Bible says: "Then the Lord... "
18:34 in Genesis the 6th chapter verse 5...
18:37 "Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great
18:40 in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his
18:43 heart was only evil continually.
18:45 And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth
18:50 and He was grieved in His heart.
18:54 And so the Lord said 'I will destroy man
18:58 whom I have created from the face of the earth.
19:01 Both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air
19:06 for I am sorry that I have made them. '
19:11 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. "
19:17 Aren't we glad he did? Amen!
19:20 You know, people say: "Well, we're related back
19:22 through Adam. " Well we are... but it really
19:25 kind of goes back to Noah, doesn't it?
19:28 Aren't we happy that there was one person who was sincere?
19:32 Now I understand they've made a movie about Noah.
19:35 I haven't seen it... not gonna see it.
19:39 But I want to tell you, they tell me that they make him out
19:42 to be quite a rounder.
19:45 You know, we've got record here that he got intoxicated.
19:51 And you know that... you know that story.
19:54 Isn't it amazing how you save... God uses you to save the world.
19:59 You make a mistake, and all people can remember
20:03 is that you made a mistake.
20:05 Isn't that how we are?
20:08 Somebody can work all their life... they can mess it up
20:11 in two minutes and from then on
20:15 I don't care how good they do, how hard they work,
20:19 how dedicated they are, how repentant they are
20:23 somebody's going to remember that two minutes.
20:27 And Noah let his grape juice
20:31 get a little bit too sour or something another
20:35 and drank it just a little bit too much.
20:38 And that's what people remember
20:41 and try to make it out that he was just a drunk
20:43 that was preaching. And I don't believe that for a minute.
20:49 I believe Noah was a man of God. Amen!
20:52 I believe he was like Enoch and I believe he walked with God
20:56 and God used him in this mighty, mighty way.
21:02 Told him to build an ark
21:03 450 feet long, 75 feet wide.
21:09 A six-story building. Do you know that until the 20th century
21:14 man had not built another structure that big
21:18 because until they started using steel structure to build ships
21:23 nothing that big had ever been built before
21:26 that was floating... or built since.
21:30 I don't believe that God
21:35 was wanting to destroy the earth.
21:37 Ellen White says that... in Patriarchs and Prophets page 64
21:41 "Had the antediluvians believed the warning
21:43 and repented of their evil deeds
21:46 the Lord would have turned aside His wrath
21:49 as He afterward did from Nineveh. "
21:53 And I believe it. There's another thing I believe.
21:57 This pattern that He had for the ark... there could have been
22:00 thousands of arks built and there could have been
22:03 thousands of people saved but they did not believe!
22:07 Noah believed. Hebrews 11:7 says:
22:12 "By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen
22:17 moved with godly fear prepared an ark for the saving
22:21 of his household by which he condemned the world
22:24 and became heir of the righteousness which is
22:28 according to faith. " Hebrews 11:7.
22:32 By faith he believed God.
22:37 Those other people did not believe God.
22:40 You know, one of these days... one of these days
22:44 another Hebrews 11 group is going to be listed.
22:48 Your name can be there.
22:51 By faith... fill in the blank...
22:55 believing God, trusting in Jesus
23:00 for life eternal.
23:03 By faith
23:05 accepting that person was saved.
23:10 Put your name there.
23:13 You have every bit as much right to be a part of Hebrews 11
23:18 as all of these very ordinary people
23:23 who were extraordinary because they believed - Amen! -
23:27 in Jesus and God and in His promises.
23:33 Now when we look at the ark and it says: "As it was in the days
23:36 of Noah... " I want to look at several comparisons
23:42 of Noah's day and the day in which we live now.
23:47 And I think that one of the biggest ones is the wickedness
23:50 because it says that: "The Lord saw that the wickedness of man
23:55 was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts
23:59 of his heart was only evil continually. "
24:02 Could the Lord look at the earth now
24:04 and not see wickedness?
24:06 One of the things that we have seen here
24:10 and has been so pointed out by several of our speakers
24:13 is that God is preparing a people. I believe with all of
24:17 my heart that the best people that have ever lived
24:20 on this earth are living on this earth right now.
24:24 The ones that are closest to resembling the Creator;
24:28 closest to resembling Jesus Christ and His character.
24:32 But at the same time, those who most resemble the devil
24:38 are also living on this earth.
24:40 The two extremes. And you know something, folks?
24:43 It won't be long... there won't be any land in between.
24:47 We're either on one side or we're on the other.
24:51 I know that some times some of us worry
24:53 "Am I really committed? Am I really? "
24:55 And there's nothing wrong with worrying about that.
24:58 we need to check ourselves often.
25:00 "Am I still holding on to Jesus? Am I still believing in Him?
25:04 Am I still trusting in Him? "
25:07 That we must always be checking ourselves.
25:12 Amen.
25:14 But then we've got to believe and rely and accept Him
25:18 for what He is. The wickedness of the world...
25:21 Listen: this is a wicked world.
25:23 I opened up a magazine. This is it right here.
25:27 It's the USA Today.
25:29 May the 22nd. I was on a plane and here this was.
25:33 And it says here...
25:36 it's talking about a child pornography bust
25:41 that they did.
25:42 Only investigated a few days. Did they come up with sleazy
25:48 guys hanging around a candy store waiting for kids?
25:52 No. Here's a police chief, here's a paramedic,
25:57 here's a rabbi. There's some ministers involved in this, too.
26:03 There is a Boy Scout den leader, Little League coach,
26:08 police officer.
26:10 People who are mainstays of the community!
26:15 Some of them selling the por- nography of their own children.
26:23 I tell you: this is the world that we're living in, folks,
26:27 that is just like Christ said this world would be.
26:34 He said that they were "evil only continually. "
26:40 There's enough evil going around today.
26:44 Then it says that they were "marrying and giving
26:46 in marriage. " Pastor Murray was just out in Manila and he had
26:51 a couple coming to his meeting. He was telling me about this.
26:54 Had a couple coming to his meeting. They wanted to be
26:58 members of the church but they were living together
27:01 but they were not married.
27:03 And he said: "Well, you have to get married. "
27:09 And they said: "Well, there's a little problem with that. "
27:12 "What is the problem? "
27:14 "Well, he's still married to somebody else. "
27:19 Marrying and giving in marriage.
27:21 But the amazing thing is that they would honestly believe
27:27 that they should be church members, see?
27:30 And come and ask for that.
27:34 Amazing thing that we run into people living together
27:38 all the time that don't want to get married.
27:42 And then we run into same-sex people who want to get married!
27:47 Those who ought to want to get married don't want to
27:50 get married; those who should not be getting married
27:54 want to get married.
27:57 Fifteen states it's now legal the last count I had
28:04 for same-sex marriage.
28:05 And the way the whole public thing has gone against this.
28:10 A few years ago 70% of the people in our nation
28:15 were against same-sex marriage.
28:18 Thirty per cent were for it.
28:22 Now that has switched in just a few years?
28:25 Only 30% are for it...
28:27 70% are... Sorry, only 30%
28:32 are against it; 70% for it.
28:37 It's... When they get down to the very specifics
28:42 it's something like 58%. But when you look at the general
28:45 situation involving the entire union thing it's 70% approve!
28:52 I tell you... what's going on in our world?
28:56 It's changed.
28:58 There is very much a resemblance
29:04 of the world of Noah's day.
29:10 It's sad. You know, the amazing thing is the thing
29:13 that concerns me more than anything else
29:15 is that people are starting to talk about
29:21 homosexuals being part of the church.
29:24 Now let me read some texts to you.
29:28 Leviticus the 18th chapter verse 22:
29:31 "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman.
29:34 It is an abomination. "
29:35 Romans 1:26-27:
29:39 "For this reason God gave them up to vile passions
29:42 for even their women exchanged the natural use
29:46 for what is against nature.
29:48 Likewise also the men leaving the natural use
29:51 of the woman burned in their lust for one another. "
29:57 And then as it says in Jude 1
30:00 "As Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them in a similar
30:03 manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual
30:07 immorality are gone after strange flesh
30:11 are set forth as an example suffering the vengeance
30:15 of eternal fire. "
30:18 Now listen: none of us are perfect.
30:23 You understand that.
30:26 We all are sinners.
30:28 The Bible tells us here in I Corinthians 6:9-10
30:33 it lists a group of people who are not going to be part
30:36 of the kingdom. "Do you not know that the unrighteous
30:40 will not inherit the kingdom of God?
30:44 Do not be deceived. " Now this is Paul.
30:47 This is the preacher of righteousness by faith.
30:50 This is not a legalist. This is not someone just making up
30:55 a list to keep people out of the kingdom.
30:57 He says: "Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators
31:01 nor idolaters nor adulterers
31:05 nor homosexuals nor Sodomites
31:10 nor thieves nor covetous
31:12 nor drunkards nor revilers... "
31:15 What is a reviler?
31:17 Isn't that a guy that just causes a lot of trouble?
31:19 We've got some of those around, too.
31:22 "nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. "
31:28 I'm a little confused because
31:33 not long ago a church conference was convened
31:37 in South Africa. Leaders brought from around the world.
31:42 And they discussed... the subject was Alternative
31:47 Sexualities.
31:50 Help me out with this.
31:54 They did not say anything about alternative covetousness.
32:01 You know, covetousness is a sin. By the way,
32:03 that's the one some of us have really got to watch.
32:07 It didn't say anything about alternative thievery.
32:13 Maybe you can steal this way but maybe you can't steal
32:17 that way. Alternative drunkards.
32:23 Alternative extortioners.
32:26 Didn't say that.
32:28 But alternative sexualities?
32:32 The Bible says that any sexual activity
32:37 outside of marriage is sin.
32:42 Now, somebody comes along and says
32:45 "We all make mistakes. " Yes, but that doesn't mean we
32:48 call our mistake OK.
32:50 You see, somebody comes to my church
32:53 and he says: "I want to join your church. "
32:55 "OK, fine, we want you. We hope that you'll join. "
32:58 "That's just great but I've got something I've got to
33:03 share with you. " "Well what's that? "
33:04 And so he reaches in his pocket and he brings out
33:07 a little idol. He says: "Now I want to be a part
33:12 of your church but I also bow down to this idol. "
33:17 We say: "Well that's OK; that's all right. "
33:20 Can... would we say that?
33:23 Not in my church.
33:25 That's not all right.
33:30 Somebody comes else to me and he says: "Look, I want to
33:32 belong to your church. " "I'd love to have you. "
33:35 "But let me tell you something. " "What's that? "
33:38 "I steal chickens. "
33:43 "Well you can give that up. "
33:44 "No, I'm going to keep stealing chickens.
33:48 I'm just going to keep it up.
33:50 I've been stealing them all my life and I want you
33:53 to accept chicken stealing as OK in your church. "
33:59 You going to accept that? No.
34:03 "No, " I said: "you've got to give that up.
34:06 You might slip and fall and actually find a chicken
34:08 in your car someday that you just accidentally picked up
34:13 a chicken somewhere, but you've got to...
34:16 We're not going to accept that as being right. " Amen!
34:20 We're not going to approve that.
34:22 We're not going to have alternative chicken thiefing.
34:26 You can't do it, folks.
34:31 You know, sin is sin.
34:34 I had a guy used to come to church
34:37 one of the places where I was. I won't identify it.
34:42 He identified himself as a male Mary Magdalene.
34:48 I said: "What in the world is that? "
34:52 He said: "I cannot resist women. "
34:56 He was a nice fellow... He was a doctor and a nice fellow
35:01 but he had the problem of chasing women.
35:04 It had already messed up a couple of his marriages.
35:08 It has a way of doing that, you know.
35:12 But he just wanted us to accept the fact
35:17 that he was chasing...
35:19 he would have a different woman every week.
35:22 You know, you can pray with a person like that.
35:25 You can love a person like that; you can... you can
35:30 have lunch with a person like that.
35:33 I didn't go to him as a doctor but you know...
35:38 But I will tell you this: you cannot approve.
35:43 You can't, folks.
35:49 Let's face it. I've always been very clear about the fact
35:53 that I've got a quick reaction.
35:55 It's called a temper.
35:58 I call it a quick reaction.
36:03 And I fight with that all my life since I was a kid.
36:07 You grow up in the family I grew up with
36:09 you'd better be quick or your were dead.
36:11 I mean... cause I had an older brother.
36:14 I told you the other night, he was sincerely trying to kill me
36:18 the day I was born. He was six years older than I was
36:22 and... at least that was my understanding of it.
36:27 We're best... We're so close now.
36:29 I hope he's watching today 'cause we're so close.
36:32 I love him so much. He's the only brother I've got left.
36:36 And there were five of us kids
36:40 and, anyway, he's the only one left.
36:45 But let me tell you: this world
36:50 I will not excuse by action.
36:55 I remember one time when I was a kid my pastor got mad.
36:58 He got mad as he could be.
37:00 And I looked at him and I said: "You're mad. "
37:03 And he said: "No... it's righteous indignation. "
37:06 I said: "All right, so it's righteous indignation when you
37:09 get mad and it's temper when I get mad. Is that right? "
37:14 Temper's wrong... it's not right.
37:18 When I'm driving down the road and... We always use that
37:21 as the illustration. You know, somebody cutting you off
37:23 in traffic. And that does, really...
37:26 Things like that in traffic do sometimes bother you.
37:30 I had a good friend who's a conference president,
37:32 and he got so upset when somebody cut him off
37:35 he ran in front of them and then he lost control
37:37 of the car. Turned his car over; wrecked his wife. Broke her arm.
37:42 Bless his heart. She wouldn't ride with him any more.
37:48 He's a good guy, too. He just had one of those bad moments,
37:51 you know. But he's not going to call it right.
37:56 Why are we even considering alternative sexualities?
38:01 Amen! Why?
38:04 I'm sorry, folks. When I was at another church
38:09 I had a group of alternative sexualities
38:18 who came and wanted to become members.
38:21 And they wrote me a long letter. I wish I had that letter -
38:25 it got away from me somewhere -
38:27 in which they went through the whole Bible.
38:30 And they had everybody in the Bible as an alternative.
38:35 They did! I mean, David and Jonathan weren't just buddies,
38:39 they weren't just friends, they weren't just loyal.
38:42 They made something else out of it.
38:45 And on and on. I even think they had Paul and Barnabas...
38:50 I mean, I'm not kidding you. It was unbelievable stuff.
38:55 And they wanted me to accept them in the church.
39:00 I said: "Look, you can come every week and be here
39:03 but unless you renounce that. " And there are plenty of
39:08 homosexuals that have renounced it, turned away from it.
39:12 I've had them tell me... I ask them: "Are you practicing? "
39:16 If they say "no" and they've given their heart to Jesus
39:19 Christ and they're looking for victory day by day in their life
39:23 I would bring them in the church just like I would the
39:25 doctor who was a male Mary Magdalene.
39:29 I would... In other words, you see what I'm saying?
39:32 We all have struggles and battles.
39:35 Mine may be temper.
39:37 Somebody else's may be something else.
39:41 But whatever it is, we don't just say: "OK, it's right,
39:47 it's right. " We don't do that.
39:50 We continue to come to the foot of the cross
39:54 and seek victory. And that was the world in which we lived.
40:00 You see, sympathy is a dangerous emotion.
40:04 You have to be very careful with sympathy.
40:07 I can be sympathetic with somebody
40:10 but I have to be careful that I don't take sympathy beyond
40:14 where it should be and take it to acceptance.
40:19 Somebody wrote something once. They said that
40:22 with life and sin and so forth, at first we are bored,
40:27 then we endure it, and then we embrace it.
40:31 And I'm afraid, my dear friend, that that is what is happening
40:36 on this situation.
40:38 Secondly I believe that in the time of Noah they had
40:42 the values turned upside down.
40:46 Upside down.
40:48 I love to go to Florida.
40:50 My wife was born in Florida and she loves Florida.
40:53 She loves Tennessee; she loves Florida.
40:55 We lived in Texas. I loved Texas.
40:58 My wife loves Tennessee; she loves Florida.
41:02 I didn't say anything about Texas, but...
41:07 But I will emphasize that she loves Tennessee and Florida,
41:12 all right? But she lived in Texas for a lot of years for me
41:17 and I appreciated that. I'm a Texan.
41:20 I don't believe that's the only place in the world to live,
41:23 I really don't... but I think it's the best!
41:28 When we go to Florida, I love to go down on the beach.
41:33 And there's a sign on the beach:
41:37 You disturb these turtle eggs
41:40 and there's a $15,000 fine.
41:48 Now I heard about people wanting to eat turtle eggs.
41:50 They were going to have to pay $15,000 apiece if they did.
41:55 Can you imagine that? $15,000 fine.
41:59 I just recently read about a man that's in trouble.
42:01 He's a photographer, and he has been taking pictures
42:05 of a bird down there. And this is a bird called the Snail Kite.
42:12 It's like a hawk. Beautiful, beautiful bird.
42:15 There are only 400 pairs of them in Florida
42:17 although they're all over Inter America and South America
42:21 and all there. But there are only 400 pairs.
42:24 I don't know who counted them, but there are 400 pairs
42:27 they say in Florida... so they're protected.
42:31 You cannot come with 500 ft. of one of their nests.
42:37 He came closer than 500 ft.
42:41 not to shoot them, not to get their eggs,
42:45 not to disturb their nests -
42:48 though they accused him of that -
42:50 but to take a picture.
42:53 He is facing the potential fine
42:56 of $100,000
43:01 and one year minimum in jail.
43:05 They said that he could get a suspended sentence
43:09 for taking the picture of a bird.
43:16 Let me... Did you know you can abort a child
43:21 and it's not only not against the law... they'll pay for it?
43:28 Folks, does that make sense to you? No!
43:34 Are we all messed up? Amen!
43:37 Are we thinking right? No!
43:39 What in the world is wrong with this world
43:42 that we have come to the place where we'll protect a turtle egg
43:46 but we will not protect a human egg?
43:49 What's wrong with us?
43:52 How can we reach a world with the message of Jesus
43:59 that's worried about turtle eggs -
44:02 I'm serious... and not worried about human eggs?
44:08 If there's anybody that should be standing up against abortion
44:12 it should be a Seventh-day Adventist. Amen!
44:16 We should stand up against it because it's wrong, folks.
44:19 People say: "Oh, what about this? "
44:21 Don't give me all of those situations.
44:24 You can worry about those later on.
44:26 Let's just face it, folks, that hardly ever happens.
44:29 That's not the reason that there have been 43 million
44:32 abortions since 1973 when Roe vs. Wade was passed.
44:38 Forty-three million in the United States alone!
44:42 Can you imagine?
44:45 And you think all of those were to save mothers' lives?
44:48 No... you know that. Very, very few.
44:51 Do you think all of those were?
44:52 Most of those were because people just didn't want
44:55 the child. My momma didn't want me!
45:03 And I know what some of you are thinking, too.
45:09 She had her family.
45:11 She had 3 children. Six years afterwards
45:15 all of a sudden I'm the surprise.
45:19 People tore her up. This was during World War II
45:24 and just at the beginning.
45:26 And they said: "You bringing a child into the world
45:27 at a time like this? "
45:30 And I think she probably kept saying: "I didn't mean to!
45:32 I didn't mean to! "
45:36 And then my little brother three years later.
45:39 And we were like a separate family.
45:43 People said: "You don't act like
45:47 the fourth child in a family. Your personality is like
45:51 a first born. " I was the first born of the third family
45:56 that mother had you might say.
45:59 My oldest brother was like a dad.
46:03 He was 13 years older than I was.
46:07 My sister 12 years older. Another brother 6 years older.
46:11 So they all did their own thing.
46:14 We had this little two family down there
46:19 my brother and me. Paul.
46:21 I miss Paul. Died a little over a year ago
46:26 and I miss him so very much.
46:31 But you see, things are turned upside down.
46:38 You know, people are looking at different things.
46:42 In fact, I was reading a study just this past week
46:46 by a psychiatrist and his name is Petronovich.
46:51 If I messed that up, I don't do too good with Murray so...
46:57 You can tell I didn't do very well last night
46:59 with Light Bearers, so...
47:05 And another one. Now he did what's called
47:07 The Trolley Problem. A trolley is coming down a hill
47:12 and there's a child and a dog there. Which one do you grab?
47:19 You'd be surprised how many people grab the dog.
47:24 If it's their dog, high percentage.
47:27 If it's just any dog, a higher percentage than it should be.
47:33 Then another psychiatrist by the name of Topolski,
47:36 he did The Runaway Bus.
47:39 Basically the same thing.
47:41 Read the graph. It makes a difference -
47:44 he did - like on the relation- ship, whether it was your child
47:49 or another child, a neighbor child.
47:52 Some neighbor children didn't do too good at all.
47:55 I mean, you know, they must have really been a problem.
47:58 But then this was a very serious study.
48:04 How people react; what they will do; the choice they will make.
48:11 Your dog is drowning, a child is drowning,
48:14 which one do you save?
48:16 And again, that's another study.
48:18 And it's amazing how many times people will
48:22 let the child go and take care of their dog.
48:29 Now I love dogs.
48:31 But folks, we have to put human life in a little different
48:37 strata than even animals that we love.
48:41 We have to do it.
48:44 We've lost our spiritual equilibrium.
48:46 We reward laziness and we call it welfare.
48:50 We kill our unborn and we call it choice.
48:53 We neglect disciplining our kids
48:55 and we call it building self esteem.
48:58 We abuse power... we call it politics.
49:01 We covet... we call it ambition.
49:03 We use profanity and pornography
49:05 and we call it freedom of expression.
49:07 We ridicule God's Word and we call it enlightenment.
49:10 And as a nation it seems that our politicians are shameless.
49:14 Our relationships are meaningless.
49:17 Our attitudes are careless.
49:19 Our babies are fatherless; our feelings are heartless;
49:22 our education valueless; our children mannerless;
49:26 our churches truthless; our religious leaders gutless;
49:30 our country Godless, and unless we repent, my friend,
49:35 we're hopeless. Amen!
49:37 We must come. Christ said: "If My people
49:41 who are called by My name
49:44 will humble themselves
49:47 then I will come. "
49:49 And then we find - number 3- that a lot of people are
49:53 obsessed with good things.
49:55 Good things. We can become so busy with good things.
49:59 It says in Luke's account of Christ's words
50:03 "As it was in the days of Noah... " He continues,
50:06 verse 28, "Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot:
50:10 they ate; they drank; they bought; they sold;
50:15 they planted; they built... but on the day that Lot went out
50:19 of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven
50:22 and destroyed them all. Even so will it be
50:26 in the day when the Son of Man is revealed. "
50:29 Now, you see, we're made in the image of God.
50:33 I believe God loves energy.
50:36 He loves for us to have passion about things.
50:39 He loves for us to be involved in things.
50:42 He loves to see us build. He loves to see us organize
50:47 and to plant. When I go down the road
50:51 and I see these great, massive farms. First of all, I
50:55 thank you farmers for being farmers.
50:59 I thank you; I envy you
51:02 because I just think it's a tremendous thing.
51:05 And when I look at all of the crops and all of the people
51:08 that are being fed by all of that, thank you for planting.
51:13 I look at people that are building, and I appreciate that.
51:17 Building... nothing wrong with that.
51:19 But you see, what the Lord is saying: "You get so wrapped up
51:23 in these things - good things -
51:26 that you forget spiritual things... "
51:28 I've had two good friends
51:32 who become so wrapped up in their ministries
51:36 that they lost their souls.
51:40 I mean that, and I say "lost their souls... "
51:42 I honestly believe that they eventually did.
51:47 But they became so wrapped up in evangelism...
51:51 in ministry itself. You see, we can get so into the mechanics
51:56 of all of this. And we have to remind ourselves
52:00 constantly: "Listen, we are here only to present a message.
52:04 Not to be in television but to present the message
52:08 of Jesus Christ to a world using this as a medium. "
52:12 Amen! It's the way we reach the world
52:16 and that is so important.
52:19 I've seen mothers get so busy working for everybody else's
52:23 child that they lost their own.
52:26 I've seen people get so busy in church work
52:30 that they lost their family.
52:33 You can get too busy in good things,
52:36 and I think that that is very true.
52:40 By the way, when Nominating Committee comes around
52:43 accept one office. Don't take a bunch of offices.
52:46 Don't let them talk you into it.
52:48 They're just looking for somebody that'll say "yes. "
52:50 You know that. I've been chairman of many
52:53 Nominating Committees and I used to warn the people
52:59 "Just don't offer them too much. "
53:01 Because some people can't say "no" and they'll say:
53:04 "Oh, I'm so busy but... " And the next thing you know
53:08 they don't have enough time with their spiritual life.
53:11 They don't have enough time with their family.
53:13 We've got to keep our spiritual lives in balance
53:17 and we must... Balance is so important.
53:20 So they were building... they were doing good things
53:25 but they were doing them to an extreme
53:30 and that is going to cost us.
53:35 Now... haven't left enough time for my last part.
53:38 Number four: they ignored present truth.
53:42 You see, the present truth at that moment was
53:45 that there was a flood coming. If Noah was here today,
53:49 he would not be preaching that there is a flood coming.
53:52 If John the Baptist was here today,
53:54 he would not be preaching that the Messiah is coming
53:56 for the first time. We have present truth.
54:00 You know from the studies we've had here
54:03 day after day and night after night
54:05 that we are living right down in the end of time.
54:08 Amen! We have a message to give, folks.
54:12 "The hour of His judgment is come. " When you go to
54:14 Revelation the 14th chapter and you find "The hour of His
54:17 judgment is come... " Babylon - the confusion of Babylon -
54:22 people go to churches they don't even know what the church
54:25 teaches. I'm serious. I asked a man,
54:28 I said: "What do you believe? "
54:31 He said: "I believe what my church believes. "
54:33 I said: "Well, what does your church believe? "
54:35 "My church believes what I believe. "
54:38 "Well what do you and your church believe? "
54:40 "We believe the same thing. "
54:43 But he doesn't know what he believes.
54:47 You see, they don't realize it.
54:49 They go there because of the building.
54:51 They go there because of the pastor or the worst reason
54:53 you can go to a church.
54:55 They go there because of some type of choir or...
55:00 I was talking to somebody the other day. They said:
55:02 "The most wonderful people go to that church. "
55:07 Well, I've had people tell me that there were wonderful people
55:10 down at the corner bar.
55:12 They said: "They're the friendliest bunch in town.
55:16 And I go to the Adventist church and nobody'll even speak to me
55:19 but I go down to the bar and they all speak to me! "
55:22 I had a man tell me that.
55:25 We ought to make sure we're friendly,
55:28 but we can laugh our way all the way into the fires
55:32 of hell, too. You know that.
55:35 So let me tell you:
55:37 as a person it is so important to respond
55:42 to present truth.
55:44 To accept present truth.
55:48 We're seeing some things happen right now.
55:50 "This miracle of unity has begun. " Bishop Tony Palmer
55:54 and Pope Francis posted the serious business.
55:58 Former Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair
56:02 who was an Anglican minister has now become
56:05 a Catholic priest.
56:08 And what's happening folks: there is exactly what we are
56:14 told in Great Controversy page 588
56:18 that Protestants will reach over the abyss to clasp hands
56:23 with the Roman power. It's happening.
56:27 As it was in the days of Noah
56:32 it's going to be soon that Jesus Christ is coming.
56:38 We see all of the signs.
56:42 They are so clear.
56:44 He's coming soon. It's going to be quick.
56:48 It's going to happen.
56:51 I want to be ready. Amen! I want each of us to be ready.
56:56 And more than that Jesus wants us to be ready
57:01 to meet Him when He comes. Father in heaven,
57:04 I pray, Lord, that You will be with us.
57:07 That You will fill us with Your Holy Spirit, Lord.
57:12 That You will cover us with the precious blood of Jesus.
57:16 That we will have the assurance of salvation
57:20 not because we are good because we are so human, Lord,
57:23 so human, but because Jesus is a great Savior.
57:29 Thank you. Amen. Amen.


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