Spring Camp Meeting 2014

The Latter Rain and the Second Coming

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Participants: Walter Pearson


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00:36 Walter Pearson is going to be our speaker this morning
00:39 and most of you realize Walter has really battled back
00:44 from a very severe stroke.
00:48 And he is so loved
00:52 by the viewers of 3ABN. Amen!
00:55 When he was pastoring in Atlanta
00:59 a church from another denomination
01:02 came and tried to hire him to be their pastor.
01:08 He said: "Don't you know what I believe? "
01:10 And they said: "Yes! "
01:12 He said: "Well, I don't think you could afford me. "
01:16 Now you know our pastors don't make a whole lot of money folks.
01:21 And they said: "Well try us. "
01:25 He said: "Well, I'd like a few hundred thousand. "
01:28 He named an amount of money.
01:30 "And I want two Mercedes Benz. "
01:35 'Cause he was just kind of testing them, you know.
01:39 "And I want an education allowance.
01:42 I want a house allowance. " He named that...
01:45 and a pretty big house.
01:48 And when he got through they looked at him and said:
01:51 "Pastor, you don't know what you're worth.
01:54 We'd give you twice that. "
01:58 And so he just said: "You know I've got to preach
02:02 the truth. I've got to preach what I preach. "
02:06 And he said: "Thank you, but I will stay with my brethren. "
02:11 And he's been given honors, preaching at some great
02:17 great seminaries around the country.
02:19 And we're going to hear him in a moment
02:23 and we will be blessed.
02:26 I remember Danny mentioned this girl when she was
02:29 eleven years old. I remember at least when she was 12
02:34 and hearing her sing.
02:39 And I said: "God has blessed this young lady
02:42 not only with a voice but with a love for Jesus. "
02:47 And this is Melody Shelton Firestone
02:51 and she's going to sing for us He'll Find A Way.
02:55 Thank you, Melody.
03:15 At times the load is heavy,
03:19 at times the road is long
03:23 when circumstances come your way
03:27 and you think you can't go on.
03:32 When you're feeling at your weakest
03:36 Jesus will be strong...
03:40 He'll provide an answer.
03:43 When you've found all hope is gone
03:47 He'll find a way.
03:54 Oh, I know that if He can paint the sunset,
04:00 put the stars in place...
04:04 I know if He can raise up mountains
04:09 and calm the storm-tossed waves,
04:13 and if He can conquer death forever
04:17 to open heaven's gates
04:21 then I know for you
04:24 I know for you
04:28 He'll find a way.
04:37 At times your heart is breaking
04:42 with a pain that's so intense.
04:45 All you hold are broken pieces
04:50 to a life that makes no sense.
04:54 He wants to lift you up and hold you...
04:58 mend each torn event.
05:03 He'll pick up the pieces
05:06 that you thought had all been spent.
05:09 He'll find a way.
05:17 For I know that if He can paint the sunset,
05:23 put the stars in place,
05:26 I know if He can raise up mountains
05:31 and calm the storm-tossed waves,
05:35 and if He can conquer death forever
05:40 to open heaven's gates
05:44 then I know for you
05:47 I know for you
05:51 He'll find a way.
05:59 And if He can conquer death forever
06:05 to open heaven's gates
06:09 then I know for you
06:12 I know for you
06:16 He'll find a way.
06:22 He'll find
06:24 a way. And if He
06:30 can conquer death forever
06:34 to open heaven's gates
06:38 then I know for you
06:41 He'll see you through...
06:44 He'll find a way.
06:50 He'll find
06:53 a way.
07:00 Amen.
07:02 Let's pray. Father, I didn't think I'd be back here
07:07 and I thank you, Father... I thank you.
07:11 I thought it was all over
07:14 but You gave me another chance
07:17 and I appreciate it.
07:19 So I thank you for Your blessings in the name of Jesus,
07:23 Amen. Amen.
07:26 Folk, we have an amazingly- difficult job ahead of us.
07:31 I wish I could bring you one of those happy,
07:34 pat-you-on-the-back messages
07:36 but it's too late. Time is almost gone
07:40 and we've got a job to do.
07:42 Some of us act like this is business as usual.
07:46 It is not! The world has changed in the last few years
07:51 and it's changing as I speak.
07:53 And it's not getting better... it's getting harder and colder.
07:59 The Bible says in Matthew chapter 24...
08:04 Matthew chapter 24 verse 12 says:
08:08 "And because iniquity shall abound the love of many
08:12 shall wax cold. "
08:14 That's what has happened but our job has not changed.
08:19 Situations have changed but God expects us
08:23 to tell people about His love before it's too late.
08:27 Amen.
08:28 And I like the job, but it's just getting more difficult.
08:32 People don't want to hear it anymore.
08:35 Their minds are on something else.
08:38 In fact, they did a survey not many years ago and found out
08:42 that there's only one language that works all around the globe,
08:47 and that language is the language of the hip-hop culture.
08:51 Everybody knows that one.
08:54 People don't understand pastors or teachers any more.
08:59 It's as though we're speaking a foreign language.
09:02 But I know a God who on the Day of Pentecost
09:07 gave a gift to His followers so that everybody could hear them
09:12 in their own language. Amen.
09:16 I am one of those people who believes that the miracle of
09:19 Pentecost was not a miracle of speaking
09:22 but a miracle of hearing.
09:24 God has been so good to me that I want to tell everybody.
09:28 And I do. I was at my church one Sabbath
09:32 and one of my left-over problems from my stroke
09:37 came to me and I actually couldn't go on with my sermon.
09:43 I had to stop. Somebody in the church called
09:47 the paramedics, and they came to get me. And I said:
09:50 "No, you can go ahead now. "
09:52 And the guy said: "Well no, I've got to take you. "
09:55 I said: "Well somebody beat you here
09:58 and I'm doing fine. "
10:01 He said...
10:07 He said: "I understand what you mean, pastor,
10:10 but I've got to do my job. "
10:11 My wife will tell you that on the way to the hospital
10:14 in the ambulance I told them about my faith,
10:18 what I believed, and about the holy Sabbath
10:21 and he got interested in that short ride.
10:25 He said: "I'm going to come back to your church. "
10:26 I said: "I'll make you keep that promise. "
10:30 I don't know whether he's been back, but any Sabbath he comes
10:33 I'm ready for him.
10:36 Amen? Amen.
10:38 So our job is difficult but it's not impossible.
10:41 People have gotten cold-hearted.
10:44 There used to be a time when they wanted to hear truth.
10:47 Now they want to hear anything but truth.
10:51 However, you and I have a promise.
10:55 And the promise that God has made to us lets me know
10:59 that we're going to be able to do the job that He left for us.
11:02 Our job is described in Matthew 24 and verse 14.
11:08 "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all
11:11 the world for a witness unto all nations
11:14 and then shall the end come. "
11:17 We can't go home until we've told everybody about Jesus.
11:21 But to me that doesn't represent a challenge so much
11:25 as a joy. I love to talk about Jesus. Amen!
11:30 He's the best thing that ever happened to me. Amen!
11:34 And so if you give me a few minutes I'll start weaving Him
11:37 into the conversation 'cause I love to talk about Him.
11:41 And I believe, my friends, that the only way in this difficult
11:46 culture that we're going to be able to keep that job
11:50 is by calling for the promise of the Holy Spirit.
11:57 Ellen White says that too often we don't
12:01 pray for the Holy Spirit.
12:03 But I want to say to my friend Pastor Jim Gilley
12:08 and to my friend Danny Shelton
12:11 this Camp Meeting, I believe, is history.
12:15 It's a part of history. I think we are at a change point.
12:19 I've heard some sermons here with such wonderful content
12:23 that they are the best I've ever heard.
12:26 Amen!
12:28 And I think this Camp Meeting is going to make a difference
12:31 in the culture of our church.
12:34 In fact, I believe when we look back on it in a few years
12:38 we're going to say: "That was the beginning. That's when we
12:41 started changing. " And the one thing that I believe will change
12:46 is that we're going to experience the outpouring
12:49 of God's Holy Spirit in the Latter Rain. Amen!
12:56 We don't have the power today to do what we need to do,
12:59 but God is holding the power... more willing to give it to us
13:03 than a father is to give a good gift to his child.
13:07 All we've got to do is ask.
13:09 And I think it's time for us to start changing our prayers
13:13 and asking for the gift of the Latter Rain
13:16 so that we can do what we promised God we would.
13:19 And I believe that this Camp Meeting is a turning point
13:24 in our church's history.
13:26 I think that things will change 'cause when you go home
13:30 you're going to pray for the Holy Spirit.
13:32 I know you are. You couldn't come here and stay this long
13:36 and go home unchanged. That's right!
13:40 So I know that it is challenging these days.
13:44 There are some people who are indifferent to God;
13:47 some people who are turned against God;
13:51 some people who are in rebellion against God.
13:55 But when the Holy Spirit is poured out in Latter Rain power
13:59 we're going to be able to reach all of them
14:02 because the power of the Holy Spirit can touch hearts
14:05 and change them. Amen.
14:07 I know that because God has allowed me to preach the gospel
14:11 around the world in every inhabited continent
14:15 and 69 countries and island nations of the sea.
14:20 I've been to some places I never thought I'd even know.
14:24 But I have preached the gospel. In fact, I say often
14:27 that I wish I could take before and after pictures.
14:31 Because I have met people... I couldn't speak their language
14:34 but I could look at their faces and tell something about them.
14:38 But when they got through hearing the Word of God
14:40 they didn't look the same.
14:42 The Word of God will change you.
14:45 So before you go out and get your facelift
14:51 get in the Word of God real deep.
14:54 Let Jesus do a job on you. Amen!
14:58 And it won't cost you anything.
15:01 The cost for your facelift is already paid.
15:05 And when you look at Jesus' love again
15:09 you'll look better... I promise you.
15:12 Amen! And you won't have to go back again and get it adjusted
15:16 'cause Jesus adjusts it every day. Amen? Amen!
15:21 That's what we've got to be about, folks.
15:23 We've got to be about our Father's business -
15:26 Amen - spreading this word all over the world.
15:29 And you know and I know that 3ABN is a big part of that
15:34 because what we have experienced here at Camp Meeting
15:38 has gone already around the world.
15:41 There are people who have heard everything you've heard.
15:43 Now my question is: what are you going to do about it?
15:47 There are some folk who heard it the first time
15:50 this week, and they're going to do something about it.
15:53 How about you? You look like you're ready to do something.
15:57 One of my friends who is a pastor of another denomination
16:00 said to me: "You know, Pearson,
16:03 your people look so intelligent.
16:06 They look like they're really on top of things. "
16:09 He said: "But sometimes I found out that even though
16:12 my people don't look as intelligent
16:14 they're ready to go to work for Jesus right now.
16:17 Your folks just kind of sit there and look intelligent. "
16:24 And the reason why I hated that remark is because
16:27 I found it to be true. God has blessed us so much
16:31 that we look like we could do anything. And some of us just
16:34 sit there and look like we could do anything.
16:38 It's time for us to stop sitting looking like we could do
16:40 anything and by the power of the Holy Spirit do anything.
16:44 Amen! Do everything.
16:46 Because as soon as that's over then the end will come
16:51 and we'll go back home to live with Jesus. Amen!
16:54 The Bible says: "The eye seeing seeth not,
16:59 the ear hearing heareth not what God has prepared
17:02 for His children. " But if you read that text real carefully
17:06 it says: "But the Spirit tells us a few things. "
17:10 Every now and then I hear God talking about what heaven
17:14 is going to be like. Well, I tell you what:
17:17 there is a hint. If Jesus could make earth in 6 literal days
17:23 and it be so beautiful, what do you think heaven's going to be
17:26 like? He's been working on it for 2,000 years. Amen!
17:30 I want to be there. Amen!
17:33 I've heard one interpretation that we're going to have
17:35 resting places... mansions. That's OK with me.
17:39 I think I could deal with a mansion...
17:41 especially one that doesn't have a mortgage.
17:47 Then another interpretation says: "In My Father's house
17:50 there are many rooms. " And I like that one 'cause that means
17:54 I'll be down the hall from Jesus.
17:57 Be down the hall from you, too... probably.
18:00 So if you don't love me today you'd better adjust
18:06 'cause you're going to be down the hall from me.
18:08 You'll run into me just about all the time.
18:12 We had better learn how to love each other, what do you think?
18:14 Amen! So we have a job to do.
18:19 We don't have the power to do it,
18:21 but God has the power holding for us.
18:25 And it's time for us to start praying sincerely
18:28 that God will pour out His Spirit on us
18:31 because the Holy Spirit can do anything.
18:35 There is nothing that the Holy Spirit can't do.
18:39 And God is more willing to give the Holy Spirit
18:42 than we are to ask. And let's stop our reluctance,
18:47 let's get our power, what do you say? Amen!
18:50 I have done meetings where I wished for power.
18:53 Many times I go to a new city
18:56 and the people have already said: "Pastor, when you get here
19:00 we're going to have a big crowd for you. "
19:02 And I go to a big auditorium that holds about 20,000 people
19:07 and sitting in front of me about 20 people.
19:11 Now I've learned something. I don't get disturbed
19:14 'cause I know what the Holy Spirit can do.
19:16 Amen! So I just start praying about it.
19:19 And God will take those twenty and multiply them
19:24 so that every night instead of getting smaller
19:26 that number gets larger.
19:28 And God will eventually through the power of His Spirit
19:31 fill the place up.
19:33 I've learned that, so when I see an empty auditorium
19:36 doing evangelism I'm not disturbed...
19:39 I'm just excited about what I'm about to see
19:42 'cause I know God in His own way and His own time
19:46 will fill the place up.
19:48 There are times when I've come to the end of an evangelistic
19:51 meeting and didn't have enough people who had already decided
19:54 to be baptized and I'd say: "Oh, no, we're in trouble.
19:58 We're not going to have enough people. "
19:59 Then I remember who I work for.
20:02 All I did was ask God: "Turn the Holy Spirit loose
20:06 in this place. " And instead of having a small baptism
20:11 overnight God would change the terrain
20:15 and we'd have a baptism that was unbelievably large
20:18 because the Holy Spirit changes hearts. Amen!
20:22 I have been in the place where thousands of people
20:25 have been baptized, but I came to know
20:28 I was never the one who changed anybody's heart.
20:32 No word of mine has ever changed anybody
20:36 to believe in Christ. The only power that does that
20:39 is the power of the Holy Spirit.
20:41 But God is my father, and God sends the Holy Spirit
20:46 so all I've got to do when I get in a jam is
20:48 call "Daddy" - tell Him what I need.
20:52 And He dispenses the power and it gets done.
20:55 So I thank God that I've started off in some small places
20:58 with a small crowd... but God makes the difference.
21:02 And I know that if you and I would start doing what God
21:06 calls on us to do and asking for the Holy Spirit's power
21:10 we would do amazing things.
21:13 That tiny little Bible study that you start in your house
21:16 will get so big that you can't hold it in your house.
21:19 And I can tell you having been through this
21:22 that the greatest joy in the universe
21:26 is to watch somebody's eyes light up when they come to
21:29 love Jesus Christ. There is nothing else like it
21:33 in the universe.
21:35 No greater thrill; no greater joy.
21:38 In fact, when that has happened you won't be impressed by much
21:42 because when that light comes on in their eyes...
21:45 I started off not as a pastor but a Bible worker.
21:48 And I had some wonderful experiences talking to people
21:53 who started off saying: "I've never heard of you folks
21:55 before. " I'd tell them: "You don't need to hear about
21:59 us... you need to hear about Jesus. " Amen!
22:02 And by the time we got through studying the Word of God
22:06 those eyes would change. There's something that happens
22:09 in their eyes that they don't have to say.
22:11 In fact, they can be saying: "No, I don't want to be a part
22:15 of this, " shaking their heads this way.
22:17 But I look in their eyes and I see that light come on.
22:20 Say: "You sure you're not going to a part of this? "
22:23 "No, I'm not going to do it. " But the light says "yes! "
22:27 You didn't know that, did you?
22:30 It's something interesting to see.
22:32 But let me quit bugging with you. I came here for a reason
22:36 and the reason was to talk about the power of the Holy Spirit
22:39 to get our job done.
22:42 The question is: "Can we do this job? "
22:45 The answer is: "By ourselves? No, we can't do it. "
22:49 But with the power of the Holy Spirit "This gospel of the
22:54 kingdom shall be preached in all the world
22:57 for a witness to all nations
22:59 and then shall the end come. " Amen!
23:03 Now I don't know how in love you are with where you live.
23:07 Some of you are doing pretty well.
23:09 I can look at you and tell.
23:11 I've learned to study body language.
23:13 You can't tell me you're broke 'cause I can watch you
23:16 and tell how you walk. I know how poor people walk.
23:21 And I know how people walk who've got a little bit of
23:24 something in the bank. You folks are in good shape.
23:27 Of course, I had a hint in the parking lot...
23:33 but you know who you are.
23:38 And I'll tell you this: we're going to get this job done.
23:41 I am not pleased with this world any more.
23:44 I've been to some very nice places preaching the gospel.
23:48 In fact, you wouldn't imagine that I've been to such nice
23:51 places just preaching the Word of God.
23:54 I've slept in a bed made of pure gold.
23:58 Didn't sleep well.
24:03 I was wondering would anybody try to steal the bed.
24:10 I've seen some wonderful places, been in some beautiful houses,
24:14 had some good food... but I don't like the earth any more.
24:18 It's not my home.
24:21 I'm losing my fascination with it.
24:23 I'm ready to move to my REAL home. Amen!
24:27 I'm ready to go to my mansion or my room down the hall
24:31 from Jesus. Amen! And if we get this work done,
24:34 we can go. I like you and I'm glad to meet you here
24:39 but I'd rather meet you down the hall from Jesus.
24:42 Amen! So what do you say? Let's get this work done.
24:46 Amen! You can't do it by yourself,
24:48 but ask for your help. Call our father
24:52 and ask Him for the power to help.
24:54 And when we do that, we're going to get this job done.
24:57 You'll have a great time doing it
25:00 and when it's over we can go home to live with Jesus.
25:03 Amen. And I want to do it... how about you?
25:06 Amen! Praise God.
25:08 So then we know that we don't have the power
25:12 but we know that the power is available.
25:15 And God will... He'll be happy to send the Holy Spirit
25:20 to give us all the power that we need
25:22 so that you can see that light come on in the eyes.
25:26 It's a beautiful sight.
25:29 And I've seen thousands of people do it, and I never get
25:32 used to it. I get excited every time!
25:36 And I hope to do it quite a few more times
25:40 but I'm about ready to get to the end of it now
25:42 'cause I'm ready to go to my new home.
25:45 Amen? Amen! And the good news is that you and I
25:49 have another home. Amen! We're just kind of hanging out here.
25:53 We're here to do a job, but as soon as the job is done
25:57 we've got somewhere to go.
25:59 We've got places to go and people to see.
26:02 And I'm about ready for it, and I believe this Camp Meeting
26:05 has brought us closer to it and I'm excited about it.
26:09 I thank God for 3ABN
26:12 and the plans that God gave to them and what it's done for us.
26:16 I am excited about doing the job
26:19 and going back home to live with Jesus and I hope you are, too.
26:23 So today let's make up in our minds
26:27 that we can't do this job by ourselves
26:30 but we've got help and it's about time for us
26:32 to call for help. Now I'm a good guy to tell you about that
26:35 'cause I got introduced to the Holy Spirit in a kind of
26:38 different way. I preached my first sermon
26:42 when I was 13. I'm a little older than that now.
26:49 The M.V. Society... You remember that, don't you?
26:52 had some great plans. They were thinking outside the envelope
26:56 and they said: "You know what we ought to do?
26:58 We ought to go to the prison with the prison band
27:01 and one of us ought to speak to the prisoners. "
27:05 And I was listening and wondering how that was going
27:07 to turn out. They talked about it and talked about it.
27:10 Finally they said: "Well, who will speak to them? "
27:13 So you know... "I think Walter ought to be the one. "
27:22 But they had already said this was not a regular prison.
27:25 I can't remember the exact term, but they said either
27:29 a medium or a maximum security prison.
27:32 And I thought that meant that there were real criminals there
27:35 so I didn't want to be the one to speak to them.
27:38 But they finally took a vote and I was the one.
27:42 So I talked to my father. I said: "Dad,
27:45 can you get me out of this? "
27:47 He said: "No, I'm not going to get you out of this. I'm glad
27:49 that they chose you... I'm glad they chose you. "
27:52 I said: "But Dad, these folks... these are criminals!
27:55 I don't want to speak to criminals. I'm afraid of them. "
27:58 He said: "Well you don't have to be afraid of them. "
28:01 Well here's how it went: we got in cars
28:04 and went out to the prison.
28:06 When we got there they were finishing up a baseball game.
28:09 They were in the bottom of the 9th
28:12 and they were all excited. There were people all around
28:16 cheering. And the warden came out and said
28:19 "We're going to stop the game now. We've got a young man
28:23 who's going to preach to you. "
28:28 "Oh...
28:33 Tell him to go home. We don't want to hear him. "
28:36 I said: "Dad, you hear them? They're mad already. "
28:41 He said: "Son, you don't have to worry about that.
28:43 You just do what God told you to do. "
28:46 And I remember going into that room.
28:48 Wasn't a beautiful room; wasn't quite this big
28:51 but it was this full.
28:53 And I remember my knees actually smiting each other.
28:58 You folk talk about it all the time but you never had it
29:00 happen. I was so frightened my knees actually hit each other.
29:06 And I stood up before them and began my sermon.
29:10 At 13 it wasn't much of a sermon.
29:13 In fact, I can't remember what I said.
29:18 But while I was saying it six criminals got up
29:23 and started walking towards me.
29:26 I turned around. My dad was sitting on the podium behind me
29:30 and I went back to him. I said: "Dad, look.
29:33 I told you. See, I told you it's not going to be good.
29:39 Now look at them... they're coming after me. "
29:44 He said: "Son, go ask any one of them why they're coming. "
29:49 I said: "I don't want to talk to them.
29:52 These guys could be murderers... they could be anything. "
29:56 He said: "Just go ask one of them. "
29:58 And I took all the nerve I had.
30:01 I went to one of the guys who had gotten to the front
30:04 and I said: "Hey, how you doin' man?
30:06 Why'd you come up here? "
30:10 He said: "I want you to introduce me to Jesus
30:14 'cause I want my life changed. "
30:18 And I couldn't understand why that happened
30:22 but I've discovered since that it happened because
30:26 of the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
30:30 And every evangelistic meeting I've ever run
30:33 I've reminded myself of what happened when I was 13.
30:36 'Cause I couldn't do it... don't even know what I said.
30:40 But I do know that they started coming down to the front
30:43 without being called. Because I didn't have to call them
30:46 the Holy Spirit had called them. Amen!
30:49 And it's been like that for me for all these years that I've
30:53 been in the ministry. Forty-four years in the ministry
30:56 and it's been over and over and over again
30:58 I've seen the Holy Spirit change hearts
31:01 and draw people to Jesus.
31:03 We don't have to worry about anything in the future
31:06 because we know the power of God's Holy Spirit.
31:10 So I guess I'm the right one that they chose for today
31:13 'cause I know about the power.
31:15 I know what it is to be afraid.
31:18 I know what it is to think you don't have enough power.
31:20 But I know what happens when the Holy Spirit comes in
31:23 and everything is changed.
31:25 It's a changer when it happens.
31:28 I've been through the experience and I know what it feels like
31:33 to have somebody who you are afraid of say
31:36 "Introduce me to Jesus. "
31:38 And it's a great joy. And you and I will experience
31:42 that great joy as we come to the end of time.
31:46 And you and I will also be agents
31:50 used by the Holy Spirit to draw people to Jesus Christ.
31:54 And it's going to be a wonderful experience to do that.
31:57 But oh what a joy it will be when the end comes
32:01 when Jesus comes to save us.
32:06 When the sky passes away with a roar
32:10 and we look up and see clouds no more
32:13 but see Jesus coming in clouds.
32:17 He will not touch the earth but He'll just suspend there
32:21 first calling the dead in Christ
32:25 to arise from their graves.
32:27 And they will meet with Jesus.
32:30 And you know, I've heard some gospel songs
32:32 that say: "If you get there before I do... "
32:35 That's good gospel music but bad theology.
32:40 Nobody's going to get there before you do.
32:44 We're going to all meet Jesus on the cloud
32:47 and there we'll be with Him and take that trip with Him
32:51 back to glory where Jesus will swing that gate open wide
32:55 and we'll go in to be with Him forever and ever
32:59 and ever. The song says: "When we've been there 10,000 years
33:04 bright shining as the sun
33:07 we've no less days to sing His praise
33:09 than when we first begun. "
33:11 No more getting old.
33:13 Amen? Amen! Now some of you have been very kind
33:17 since I've been here. You said: "Oh, Elder Pearson.
33:20 You look as young as you did before. "
33:23 And I thank you for that kindness,
33:27 but it turns out that I have mirrors at home.
33:34 When you know Jesus, all that stuff that happens
33:38 doesn't make you look worse... makes you look better.
33:41 Amen! I met some dear saints who were very old
33:46 but they didn't look tired, they didn't look old.
33:49 They looked very gentrified...
33:54 they looked even wealthy
33:57 and they looked like they were settled in Christ.
34:02 So I thank you for being kind to me,
34:04 but I know what I look like
34:07 and I know both sides of reality.
34:10 I do look older but I do look better
34:15 'cause all these years I've tried to follow Jesus.
34:18 And when you follow Him He takes care of the wrinkles,
34:22 the gray hair, the hair that falls out
34:25 and all of that. Amen? Amen!
34:28 So you can look in the mirror and say: "Well...
34:30 for a guy my age I'm doing all right... OK. "
34:38 But our job is simple and we need to get to it.
34:43 We need to stop having quarrels.
34:48 People in God's church ought not to be quarreling
34:52 with each other. Amen!
34:55 Not only do we not have the time to quarrel with each other
34:57 but we don't have the resources to quarrel with each other.
35:01 You ought to be using all of that to talk about Jesus.
35:06 I remember one day I went to get my car repaired.
35:10 And you know how it is: you want to make them think
35:13 you know what they're doing. So I went back into the bay
35:17 with the man who was repairing my car
35:19 and I got under the car with him.
35:20 And I was looking at him like I knew what he was doing.
35:23 Didn't have a clue.
35:27 Then something awful happened.
35:29 He said: "Sir, while you're back here
35:34 I was wondering: do you know Jesus? "
35:38 I said: "Yes I do. In fact, I'm a pastor. "
35:42 He said: "Well I was going to tell you if you hadn't met Jesus
35:46 I know him and I was willing to introduce you to Him. "
35:49 I said: "Oh, no...
35:52 how could he beat me to that?
35:56 I'm back here acting like I understand what he's doing
35:58 with my car and missed the opportunity. "
36:01 And he got me first. He said: "It's wonderful.
36:05 I've known Jesus for a week now
36:07 and every day is better than the last. "
36:11 I said: "Well man, let me tell you something:
36:13 you just messed me up because I should have been
36:16 telling you that 'cause I've known Jesus for a long time
36:21 and I let you beat me to the punch. "
36:23 He said: "Well, you've got to be faster
36:28 'cause I'm excited. " And if you're excited about Jesus
36:32 you are fast, aren't you?
36:35 You tell everybody about Jesus.
36:37 There are some people who think this job can't be done.
36:41 They think we ought to give up on it.
36:45 But friends of mine, this job is already done.
36:50 The Lord has made it happen so.
36:54 There are people who are just waiting.
36:57 Somebody in your neighborhood is waiting on you
37:00 to come and talk to them about learning who Jesus is.
37:04 Now you don't know who it is
37:06 or else I guess you'd have been to them.
37:08 And you think they don't know Jesus.
37:11 But people don't need to put signs on their faces
37:14 or on their chests. There are people in your neighborhood
37:17 who may not act like they know Jesus but they do.
37:20 You let 'em get in a pinch and see who they call.
37:25 You may think that they're an atheist
37:27 but when they get in trouble they call Jesus.
37:31 "Oh, Lord... " And they're just waiting on you
37:36 to come and tell them what you know.
37:39 In fact, I was surprised when I read years ago
37:43 that when Jesus comes there are going to be people who lived
37:46 not far from us who are going to come to us and say
37:49 "You knew this all the time? "
37:52 "Did you know this? " "You knew He was coming? "
37:55 "You knew that we were going to have an opportunity to go
37:57 to heaven and you didn't tell me?
37:59 What kind of neighbor are you? "
38:01 "How could you keep this to yourself? "
38:04 And I wonder, too: how can you keep this to yourself?
38:08 If you get a good deal on a car, you tell all your friends.
38:12 If you get some good groceries at a good price,
38:16 you tell all your friends.
38:18 How can you keep the knowledge about Jesus to yourself?
38:21 It's the best thing that's ever happened to you.
38:24 How can you keep it to yourself?
38:26 It's a job that's wonderful to do.
38:29 I thank God for letting us be a part of it.
38:31 And I thank God today for being able to talk to you
38:35 about it because I never thought I'd be on a stage like this
38:39 again... but here I am.
38:42 I'm not as young as I was... I don't move as fast.
38:45 You remember I was the guy who was all across the stage.
38:49 You remember that, don't you? Amen!
38:52 Well while that lasted it was OK.
38:56 But the power was never in the moving across the stage.
39:01 The power was in the Holy Spirit. Amen.
39:04 And I have dedicated myself back to the Lord
39:07 and I think that God has put in my mouth
39:10 at least as much power as I ever had
39:12 to tell the truth about Jesus.
39:15 I can't move across the stage any more
39:17 but sitting right here in this one spot
39:19 I can do pretty good with the help of the Holy Spirit.
39:22 Amen! Every one of us can do pretty good with what we have.
39:27 And it is my plea to you today that you stop
39:31 doing business as usual.
39:34 That you let this Camp Meeting be a change point.
39:38 I've heard some sermons here that made me rethink everything
39:44 and I've decided that when I get back home
39:46 I'm going to be different.
39:48 So I hope the members of my church are still listening
39:51 'cause when I get back you're going to think I'm
39:53 out of my mind.
39:55 I've got programs for you that you won't believe
39:59 'cause we've got work to do, folks.
40:01 The people in Annapolis, MD, have got to know Jesus
40:05 and we are the ones who need to tell them.
40:08 So we're going to do it, and I'll get on your nerves
40:11 a little bit. But I'd rather get on your nerves
40:14 than to be outside of God's plan.
40:17 So be ready for me to get on your nerves
40:20 and I hope you get over it.
40:23 But if you don't... ehh...
40:31 God says: "I've got a power for you. "
40:35 And the power is like Jesus described to lord Nicodemus.
40:39 There are people who have studied the Bible
40:42 who believe that Jesus told lord Nicodemus
40:46 more in that one conversation that they had
40:49 by night than He told anyone else.
40:52 And He told Nicodemus about how the wind blows
40:56 where it wants to blow. You can't see it
41:00 but you can see what it does.
41:02 You don't know where it came from,
41:04 you don't know where it's going,
41:06 but you can tell what it did.
41:08 I was once in an evangelistic meeting
41:13 in a little town called Xenia, Ohio.
41:16 Xenia had had a tornado
41:19 and it tore the place apart.
41:23 I came a year later and put up my tent
41:26 and I was wondering why everybody was so nervous
41:29 standing outside. But one of my workers said:
41:34 "Did you know, pastor, when you chose this place
41:36 that they had a tornado last year? " I said:
41:39 "I guess I did. " Said: "Well I don't think they're
41:42 going to come in here. " Well they did.
41:46 God's power is more magnetic than the fear
41:50 of a tornado, so eventually they did come in.
41:55 Then one night the wind started blowing really hard
42:00 and this is going to sound funny but it's not a joke,
42:05 trust me. I was standing there and I said:
42:08 "Well I need to calm my folks down. " So I got my best voice
42:13 up, sounding my most authoritative
42:16 and I said: "Folk, you don't have anything to worry about
42:19 because Jesus can calm the wind. "
42:22 Amen. And some of their eyes were still big
42:27 so I said: "Don't you believe that He has the power? "
42:31 But they didn't change; they were still looking afraid.
42:34 Just about that time the back of my tent, the podium...
42:40 the back of the podium hit me across my shoulders.
42:44 And they say the next week the pastors in the area
42:47 had a wonderful time talking about that guy
42:50 who thinks he knows Jesus but his own tent beat him up.
42:58 Well, let me tell you the rest of the story.
43:01 After that, everybody in my tent ran except my wife
43:06 and my Bible counselor.
43:09 People ran out of the tent.
43:11 And I waited until they came back, and when they did
43:14 they said: "Pastor, let's take the tent down. "
43:18 I said: "No, we're not taking the tent down. "
43:21 Said: "Well why don't you take it down?
43:23 Nobody's going to come in here.
43:25 The tent hit you and if it'll hit you they think
43:28 it'll hit them. " I said: "Well, I tell you what let's do:
43:33 let's keep on with telling the truth and let God handle
43:37 the weather. " So I said: "Here's the rule we'll make:
43:43 any night that someone comes to hear the truth
43:46 we'll have a meeting. If nobody comes, we won't. "
43:50 Well some nights only one inebriated man -
43:55 that's just a $20 word to mean drunk -
43:59 he'd come every night.
44:02 And folks said: "Pastor, he doesn't understand what you're
44:05 saying... he's drunk. "
44:07 I said: "Yeah, but we made a rule:
44:09 if anybody comes, we'll keep on having the meetings. "
44:12 And that man came almost every night
44:16 so we had to keep on having meetings.
44:18 Sometimes he was the only one in the tent.
44:20 And they'd say: "Pastor, come on. We'll forgive you
44:24 if you stop tonight. Let's go home.
44:25 We can go home and relax. "
44:28 I said: "No, I'm going to keep my word to the Lord. "
44:30 And we ran in that meeting sometimes week after week
44:35 with only 1 person in that tent.
44:38 But when we got to the end something amazing happened.
44:42 I had run a meeting just a few miles away
44:46 the year before in another city
44:49 and there were some people who had heard the Word,
44:52 who had heard the gospel but they were not baptized.
44:56 On the Sabbath that we had designated for baptisms
45:00 when I was going to call for decisions
45:03 my staff told me again: "Pastor, you don't have to try
45:07 to impress us. We know you're dedicated.
45:10 Let's just take this tent down. "
45:12 I said: "No, let's see what God can do. "
45:14 While I was preaching on that day I saw some cars pull up
45:19 and people got out of those cars who I recognized.
45:23 Almost every one of them who got out
45:26 had been to the meeting that I had held the year before.
45:29 They already knew the truth. They just hadn't made up their
45:33 minds quickly enough. And twenty-one people
45:37 came into that tent who had already heard the message
45:41 who hadn't made up their minds.
45:43 And I made an appeal to the one drunk man
45:47 and the 21 others who already knew what I preached
45:51 and the 21 people decided to be baptized.
45:55 So out of a meeting with one drunk man coming
45:59 we baptized 21 people.
46:07 The most precious 21 I've ever baptized.
46:11 There have been meetings when I baptized a whole lot
46:13 of other folks, but none more precious than these
46:17 because they weren't there but while I was preaching
46:20 in faith they came. I don't know how they heard.
46:24 I don't know how they knew I was running another meeting
46:27 but they came and they decided to be baptized.
46:31 And God taught me another lesson:
46:33 "If you just do what I tell you, I'll make it right.
46:36 Let Me handle the results; you just do what I say. "
46:41 Is there anybody in this room who knows that works?
46:44 Amen. Praise God!
46:46 And I've learned that over and over again.
46:50 But we have not seen the greatest days yet.
46:54 I ran a meeting in a little town called Tema, Ghana,
46:59 in West Africa.
47:00 And I got the best response that I've ever gotten in one meeting.
47:06 Well, maybe not... I'll tell you about the other one.
47:09 But 600 people decided to be baptized.
47:14 Six hundred. Now the church that I was having the meetings for
47:20 had, I think, 15 members.
47:25 And we were about to baptize 600...
47:29 so figure that out.
47:32 How do you do the right hand of fellowship
47:34 when you've got 15 members of the church and you've got
47:36 600 joining? But we went out to the sea
47:41 and we stretched our pastors out and they baptized.
47:44 I would do the declaration and lift up my hand
47:48 and 15 pastors would baptize somebody.
47:51 We stayed there all afternoon and baptized 600 people.
47:56 There were another 300 who were ready to be baptized
48:00 but their tribes were afraid of the sea
48:03 so Saturday night we took them to the small churches,
48:07 divided them up, and baptized them in pools.
48:10 And the next day we had almost a thousand new members
48:15 of the church. Amen! And that was a wonderful day.
48:19 But that was not the best.
48:22 The best is yet to come. Amen!
48:26 I've been in some great meetings.
48:28 In fact, the one that you know most about is the one that we
48:32 called NET 2004.
48:34 Anybody remember that? We put a name to it.
48:38 We called it Experience the Power.
48:41 Folks, at the end of NET 2004
48:45 I have it on good authority
48:48 the people who were charged with the responsibility of
48:52 counting who got baptized
48:55 on that Sabbath from NET 2004
49:00 we baptized over 5,000 people. Praise God!
49:04 In one church the pastor had gone on vacation
49:09 and the people had come to see me on television
49:12 but there was nobody to make the appeal.
49:15 However, a local elder who had been gone for years
49:20 came back on that day and happened to be in the audience.
49:25 So when I said: "Pastors, would you stand up now
49:29 and call for baptisms" this elder came up to the front
49:32 of the church in Virginia and said: 'The pastor's not here
49:35 but I'm happy to take his place. "
49:37 And he made the call in that church for NET 2004
49:42 and over 150 people were baptized in that church
49:46 with a local elder who just happened to be there
49:49 on that Sabbath. That's a wonderful result, isn't it?
49:53 Amen. But that's not the best.
49:55 The best is yet to come. Amen!
49:58 We haven't seen the best.
49:59 I don't know what that meeting is going to look like
50:01 after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
50:04 After the Latter Rain has started, we're going to have
50:07 some meetings that are going to shock everybody.
50:09 In fact, I don't know how we'll keep count.
50:12 I know that God can keep count,
50:14 and that's the only One who counts.
50:16 But folk, we haven't seen the best.
50:19 You've got some meeting in the back of your mind
50:20 and you say: "That's the best I've ever seen. "
50:23 Well I've got news for you: the best is yet to come. Amen!
50:27 We haven't seen anything close to the best.
50:29 God's going to pour out His Holy Spirit
50:32 in Latter Rain force and things are going to change
50:36 so drastically. A small Bible study
50:41 that used to be so depressing for you
50:43 is going to turn into a shouting session
50:46 because people are going to hear the Word in just a few
50:49 minutes and make a decision to follow Jesus.
50:53 It's not going to be your power. "Not by might,
50:57 not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. "
51:01 And when the Latter Rain happens
51:03 we're going to see things that we have never ever seen before.
51:08 And I want to be in that so I'm going to hold on.
51:12 My brother-in-law is a great fan of sports.
51:19 And one day I went to visit him
51:23 and he was looking at a football game
51:29 that I had already seen.
51:31 And he would always brag about his knowledge of football.
51:36 And it was way better than mine
51:38 but today I knew I had him at a disadvantage.
51:41 I had already seen the game.
51:44 So we looked at it together.
51:47 We got all the way down to the fourth quarter
51:49 and he said: "Walter, let's go out and have some fun.
51:53 Let's go get something to eat
51:54 'cause we can see how this game is going to turn out. "
51:57 I said: "Well... I don't know.
51:59 I've just got a funny feeling about this game. "
52:03 He said: "What do you mean?
52:05 Your team has lost and you know it. "
52:07 We heard the 2-minute warning. He said: "Come on, man,
52:10 let's go eat. We know that you lost this time. "
52:13 I said: "Well, let's just wait.
52:16 Just maybe something will happen. "
52:18 'Cause I remembered what happened in the game.
52:20 In the fourth quarter after the 2-minute warning
52:23 the quarterback... you know how they do when they try to be
52:27 poetic... and he turned that ball loose
52:30 and it went through the air straight... didn't wobble
52:33 like it was put on a wire.
52:36 And the receiver was almost in the end zone
52:39 and he put up his hands like he had radar in the back
52:42 of his head and caught the ball.
52:45 And in the fourth quarter that team won.
52:49 So I told my brother-in-law, I said: "Man, I've just got a
52:51 feeling. " He said: "Well Walt, you don't know that much about
52:54 football. " I said: "Yeah, I know I don't
52:56 but I've got a feeling about this one
53:00 so humor me... let's just watch it. "
53:04 And of course you know what happened.
53:07 He said: "Man, how did you know? "
53:09 I said: "Well, I don't know, man. I just... there was
53:12 something about this game. "
53:14 So finally I told him the truth. I said: "Man, I had seen that
53:18 game before. " He said: "You dirty rascal, you! "
53:22 "So you already knew the end? " I said: "Yeah, I did. "
53:25 But that's why I didn't change sides... 'cause I knew the end.
53:30 Well you already figured that one out, didn't you?
53:33 We are down at the end.
53:35 There are some folk who don't know what the end
53:37 is going to be. But you and I have looked in this book,
53:41 we have read about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
53:45 and we know how this game is going to end.
53:48 Amen! We know that this church will go out in a blaze
53:52 of victory because things are going to be changed
53:56 by the power of the Holy Spirit.
53:58 So what I want to say to you is
54:01 don't change sides now. Amen!
54:04 Stay on God's side.
54:06 It may seem like we're not going to win
54:08 but we know the end of the story.
54:10 We've already read it.
54:12 And I want to stay right in this church where I belong
54:15 and hold my spot. 'Cause if I leave it
54:19 somebody else might come and take it.
54:21 I'm going to stay right here.
54:23 And I don't just have a feeling... I've got facts.
54:26 God has planned for a victorious ending
54:30 to this story of the great controversy. Amen!
54:34 This thing is going to be glorious...
54:36 marvelous in our eyes. But if you leave now
54:41 or change sides now you'll never experience it.
54:45 I urge you not only to be here but to be part of it.
54:49 We know we're going to win.
54:52 It may seem like we're outnumbered all the time
54:56 but when the Holy Spirit falls in the Latter Rain power
55:00 we're not going to be in the minority any more
55:02 'cause the Holy Spirit is a majority by Himself.
55:05 Amen! And all He needs us to do is
55:08 to stay on His side, stay on God's side,
55:11 and we'll be part of a victory that nobody will ever forget.
55:16 And I'm going to stay right here. I'm not as agile as
55:21 I used to be, my voice isn't as strong,
55:24 but I'm going to do whatever I can do
55:26 and stay in my place and stay on my job
55:29 'cause I know what's about to happen.
55:32 Don't you know? Haven't you read the whole story?
55:35 Amen! Do you know what kind of victory we're about to have?
55:38 We're about to have a victory that nobody else could ever
55:41 imagine. And all we've got to do is stay faithful to God
55:45 and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Latter Rain
55:49 power and we're going to see an amazing victory.
55:52 Your neighbors who thought you were crazy
55:55 because you went out on Saturday morning instead of Sunday
55:58 they're not going to laugh any more - Amen! -
56:03 because the Holy Spirit is going to change the story.
56:06 And all of a sudden your neighbors who thought
56:09 you were a little bit addle- brained are going to figure out
56:12 that you knew something that they didn't know.
56:15 You knew about a power that they had never met.
56:19 But friends of mine, when the Holy Spirit's power
56:22 is poured out upon this church
56:24 we're going to see some amazing things happen.
56:27 We're going to see hundreds, we're going to see thousands
56:30 of people brought to Christ.
56:32 And they're going to learn about the holy Sabbath
56:35 and keep it with joy.
56:38 I remember the times we used to be sitting around wondering
56:41 which big preacher would join our church
56:43 and that would be the power.
56:46 And you know one name that we always talk about.
56:49 "I heard he's going to join the church,
56:52 and when he does, things are going to change for us. "
56:55 Well I've got news for you: no big-time preacher
56:58 needs to join this church 'cause we've already got the power.
57:02 Amen! And it will not come from some popular preacher.
57:08 It's going to come from the Holy Spirit.
57:10 The Holy Spirit can do this thing with His own power.
57:14 And He will! And all He needs us to do
57:17 is to do our part. Amen? Amen!
57:21 How many of you will just raise your hand today and say
57:23 and say: "I'm willing to do my part. "
57:25 Amen. Praise God. I don't see one hand that's not raised.


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