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The Remnant

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00:38 I just got off the phone just moments ago
00:40 with our good friend Kenneth Cox.
00:44 Kenneth Cox just called to tell us that he's watching
00:48 from California and that the Lord has been blessing
00:52 every meeting that he's watched... every music
00:56 that he's enjoyed. Bro. Kenneth: we just say to you
01:00 that we love you. We're happy to hear that you're on the mend
01:04 and things are going better for you.
01:06 And we look forward to you being back with us
01:09 next time we have a series like this.
01:13 Because as I was listening to Kenneth
01:16 on the radio between meetings today
01:20 I heard how sharp he is
01:24 at giving the Word of God.
01:27 And I said: "Man, Kenneth's got to be back here preaching
01:30 before long. " Our speaker this evening
01:33 is a man that has opened my eyes
01:39 to more new things than anyone I know of
01:43 and that's Pastor Stephen Bohr.
01:44 Amen! I think that Danny was the one that said that
01:47 his mother had told him that she wanted to hear somebody
01:50 that told her something she didn't already know.
01:52 And I will tell you that Pastor Stephen Bohr
01:57 is a student of God's Word.
02:00 You seen him many times here on television
02:05 on 3ABN. He is the Speaker/Director of
02:08 Secrets Unsealed. And we're going to be with him
02:12 this coming Thursday night for a Live from his new headquarters.
02:17 And then next Sabbath evening
02:20 it'll be six o'clock on Pacific Time -
02:23 8 o'clock here - we will again be at his headquarters
02:28 for the official opening of his new Secrets Unsealed
02:33 headquarters there in Fresno, California.
02:36 So we appreciate Pastor Stephen,
02:39 we appreciate his love for God, his love for God's Word,
02:44 and the in-depth study that he gives to the Word of God.
02:49 Before he comes Yvonne Lewis is going to sing
02:55 for us Story Of My Life.
03:19 If I had the words to tell You
03:25 exactly how I feel,
03:28 then I would write a million pages
03:33 with all You've done for me.
03:37 And if I traced each memory
03:41 and the source of all my dreams,
03:46 cover to cover
03:49 You'd see:
03:55 You are
03:58 the story of my life.
04:02 I need You by my side
04:06 both now and ever.
04:12 You are the lover of my soul.
04:18 No matter where I go
04:22 I know it's true...
04:24 the story of my life is You.
04:29 Oh...
04:35 If I turn the pages of
04:39 the things You've brought me through,
04:43 there'd be a thread of faithfulness
04:47 in every thing You do,
04:51 I see where You washed me
04:55 just as white as the snow
04:59 and how each day
05:02 You're helping me grow.
05:08 Oh...
05:13 You are
05:16 the story of my life,
05:20 I need You by my side
05:24 both now and ever.
05:30 You are
05:33 the lover of my soul.
05:36 No matter where I go
05:40 I know it's true...
05:42 the story of my life is You.
05:47 Oh...
05:50 You are my testimony,
05:54 the reason that I sing.
05:58 I long to bring You glory
06:02 so may You always be
06:05 found on every page in me.
06:11 Oh...
06:29 You are
06:33 the story of my life.
06:37 I need You by my side
06:41 both now and ever.
06:46 And You are
06:49 the lover of my soul.
06:53 No matter where I go
06:57 I know it's true...
06:59 the story of my life
07:05 is
07:09 You.
07:22 Amen.
07:33 Good evening. Good evening!
07:35 Have you had a wonderful day? Amen!
07:39 I've been blessed. No better place to be -
07:43 Amen! - than at 3ABN Camp Meeting.
07:46 Amen. Are you ready to study God's Word? Amen!
07:50 I've packed a lot into 45 minutes...
07:54 so you'd better get your sword out because we're going to
07:56 study God's Word.
07:58 But before we do let's have a word of prayer.
08:01 Father in heaven, we come before Your throne
08:03 with boldness because we come in the name of Jesus.
08:06 We come because we need You here.
08:10 We need Your presence through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
08:14 We need Your wisdom to understand the great things
08:18 from Your Word. We ask that as we study about the remnant -
08:22 the remnant of Revelation 12:17- that
08:25 You will instruct us and You will help us to be among
08:30 that faithful group in these end times.
08:33 We thank you, Father, for hearing our prayer
08:36 for we ask it in the precious name of Jesus, Amen. Amen.
08:42 I'd like to invite you to turn in your Bibles with me
08:45 to the book of Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17.
08:48 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17, and I am reading
08:52 from the King James version.
08:55 I love the way the King James version expresses this verse.
09:00 It says there: "And the dragon was wroth
09:04 with the woman and went to make war
09:08 with the remnant of her seed
09:11 which keep the commandments of God
09:14 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. "
09:19 Now I would like to formulate some questions as we begin
09:23 our study this afternoon.
09:25 And the first question is: when does this remnant appear
09:30 in the course of human history?
09:33 The when. The second question is: where would we expect
09:38 this remnant to appear geographically?
09:42 And in the third place: what will characterize
09:47 those who belong to this remnant?
09:50 So we're going to try and answer when the remnant will appear,
09:55 where geographically they will appear,
09:58 and what will characterize
10:00 those who belong to this special group?
10:03 Now the Seventh-day Adventist church
10:06 has a special mission to fulfill,
10:11 and that mission is to go to all of the world:
10:15 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
10:17 That is the mission.
10:19 But the Seventh-day Adventist church also has
10:22 a special message that it needs to take to the world.
10:27 And the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church
10:30 of course is found in Revelation chapter 14
10:34 and verses 6 through 12: the three angels' messages.
10:39 So the message is the three angels' messages
10:43 and the mission is to take these messages to the entire world.
10:48 But there's one other thing that is a special characteristic
10:52 of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
10:54 and that is the method that we employ
10:58 to interpret Bible prophecy.
11:01 So there are three things that distinguish the Seventh-day
11:04 Adventist church, I believe, from every church in the world.
11:06 First of all our mission; secondly, our message;
11:10 and in the third place our method of interpreting
11:14 Bible prophecy. Now what do I mean when I speak
11:18 about the method?
11:20 The Seventh-day Adventist church
11:23 has a method which has come to be known as historicism.
11:28 I prefer to call it the historical flow method.
11:33 Basically, this method of interpreting Bible prophecy
11:36 allows us to follow the trajectory or the flow
11:41 of historical events from the days in which the prophet wrote
11:46 until the final consummation.
11:49 There are no gaps or parentheses or interruptions
11:54 in the flow of history... of prophetic history.
11:58 It is a continuous sequence of events
12:01 without any parentheses or interruptions which allows us
12:05 to know exactly where we are in the flow of prophetic history
12:09 at every single moment.
12:12 That is the historical flow method.
12:15 Let me give you an example from scripture:
12:17 Daniel chapter 7.
12:21 When does that prophecy begin?
12:23 It begins with the lion in the days of Daniel.
12:29 Then you have another kingdom: the Medes and Persians.
12:32 That's the next kingdom... no interruption between them.
12:35 Then you have another kingdom which is the leopard
12:38 that represents Greece.
12:40 No interruption between Medo-Persia and Greece.
12:42 Then you have a dragon beast.
12:45 We call it the non-descript beast.
12:48 And this beast has 3 stages... in Daniel 7, at least,
12:52 three stages of existence.
12:54 The first stage is this dragon beast by itself.
12:57 And then after a while it sprouts ten horns.
13:01 And then among the ten horns comes forth a little horn.
13:05 And so this dragon beast has three stages of existence
13:09 consecutive in Daniel chapter 7.
13:12 And when we go to Revelation 13 we're going to notice
13:14 that there is a fourth stage that is not directly mentioned
13:18 in Daniel chapter 7.
13:20 So we have Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, the Roman Empire,
13:24 the division of the Roman Empire into ten kingdoms,
13:28 and then you have the little horn - which is another Rome -
13:31 which represents the Roman Catholic papacy.
13:35 And then after that you have the scene of the judgment
13:39 in heaven - which is a pre- Advent investigative judgment.
13:42 And then after that the time comes for God's saints
13:46 to inherit the kingdom.
13:47 You've moved from the times of Daniel
13:50 all the way till the end of time.
13:53 You've watched the historical flow and there have been no
13:56 parentheses; no gaps; no interruptions.
13:59 Is this point clear? This is the historical flow method.
14:04 But the chapter that I especially want us to study
14:08 this afternoon is Revelation chapter 12
14:12 because that's where our remnant verse is found:
14:15 Revelation 12 and verse 17.
14:18 Now I want to mention that in Revelation chapter 12
14:22 you have 3 main historical stages that are described.
14:27 First of all, the dragon wants to slay the Male Child.
14:33 That's the first enmity.
14:35 Secondly, the dragon wants to destroy the woman
14:39 and he tries to do this for a period of 1,260 years.
14:43 And then after the 1,260 years
14:46 we are told that the dragon is enraged
14:49 with the remnant of the woman's seed.
14:52 So in other words, the dragon has three stages
14:55 in which he tries to destroy Christ and Christ's people.
14:59 He goes after the Child then he goes after the woman
15:03 and finally he goes after the remnant of the woman's seed.
15:08 Now there are three backdrops to Revelation chapter 12.
15:13 Unfortunately we only have time to study one of those backdrops.
15:17 In order to fully understand this chapter
15:19 we have to understand the story of the birth of Moses.
15:23 You remember that when Moses was born
15:26 Pharaoh attempted to kill him.
15:28 That is in the background of this story
15:31 of Revelation chapter 12.
15:33 Another background is the story of Elijah in the wilderness
15:37 because we are told that the woman fled to the wilderness
15:40 where she was fed for 3-1/2 symbolic years...
15:44 exactly what happened to Elijah.
15:47 But the background that is especially behind the scenes
15:51 in Revelation chapter 12 is my favorite verse
15:54 in the whole Bible: Genesis 3:15.
16:00 So let's go to Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15
16:03 and let's notice what we find in this very powerful verse.
16:08 I want you to notice 5 things in Genesis chapter 3 verse 15.
16:12 Here God is speaking to the serpent.
16:16 Of course the serpent has just led Adam and Eve into sin.
16:21 And God tells the serpent: "I will put enmity... "
16:26 That's the first element that I want you to notice here.
16:28 "I will put enmity between you... "
16:31 that is, the dragon or the serpent...
16:33 "and the woman. " Number 3 is the woman.
16:37 "and between your seed... " that is, the seed of the serpent...
16:40 and then we are told: "and her seed. "
16:45 So we have five elements.
16:47 We have enmity; we have a serpent;
16:50 we have a woman; we have the woman's seed;
16:54 and we have the serpent's seed.
16:56 Five elements: enmity, the serpent, the woman,
17:00 the dragon's seed; and the woman's seed.
17:05 Now we find all of these ele- ments in Revelation chapter 12.
17:09 Go with me to Revelation chapter 12
17:11 and let's go to verses 1 and 2 where this woman is introduced.
17:16 Revelation chapter 12 verses 1 and 2.
17:19 It says there: "Now a great sign appeared in heaven:
17:23 a woman, clothed with the sun
17:27 with the moon under her feet and on her head
17:30 a garland of twelve stars.
17:33 Then being with child she cried out in labor
17:36 and in pain to give birth. "
17:38 Now the question is: what does this woman represent?
17:42 You know, we know that literally Mary brought Jesus
17:45 into the world. But the woman here does not represent Mary
17:49 because we're told that later on the woman flees
17:52 to the wilderness for 1,260 years.
17:55 And so the woman represents the Old Testament church:
18:00 the line of faithful individuals
18:02 from which Jesus Christ will come.
18:06 Because when John sees the woman
18:09 the woman has not had the Child yet.
18:11 So in other words, the woman pre-exists the Child.
18:15 That goes without saying, doesn't it?
18:17 And so the woman represents the Old Testament church that
18:20 is crying out for the coming of the Messiah.
18:23 And that's what we find in verses 1 and 2.
18:27 And then... that's the first stage.
18:29 The second stage we find in Revelation 12 and verses 3-5.
18:34 It says there: "And another sign appeared in heaven.
18:37 Behold, a great fiery red dragon. "
18:42 Now what else is the dragon called in Revelation 12:7-9?
18:46 The dragon is called "the ancient serpent"
18:49 so the dragon is a serpent.
18:50 So is there a serpent involved in this story?
18:53 Absolutely. So it says: "Another sign appeared in heaven:
18:56 Behold, a great fiery red dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns
19:00 and 7 diadems on his heads.
19:03 And the dragon... " See, that element - the dragon
19:06 or the serpent was in Genesis 3:15-
19:08 "the dragon stood before the woman... " There you have
19:10 another element... "stood before the woman
19:12 who was ready to give birth. "
19:14 And is there enmity involved here?
19:17 Yes! Because he stands next to the woman who is ready to
19:20 give birth to what? "to devour her Child... "
19:25 Also do we have a seed here, too? A woman's seed?
19:28 Absolutely! "to devour her Child as soon as it was born. "
19:32 Can you see the backdrop of Genesis 3 verse 15?
19:35 You clearly have enmity; you clearly have a woman;
19:40 and you clearly have a dragon and you have a woman's seed.
19:44 But there's something that appears to be missing here.
19:48 Who is the dragon's seed?
19:52 We look and we don't seem to find anything in these verses
19:57 that describes the dragon's seed.
20:00 For this we need to go to Matthew chapter 2 and verse 16
20:05 to find out who the dragon's seed was.
20:09 Matthew chapter 2 and verse 16.
20:13 It says: "Then Herod, when he saw that he was deceived
20:17 by the Wise Men, was exceedingly angry. "
20:21 Do we find an exceedingly angry dragon in Revelation 12:17?
20:26 Oh, absolutely!
20:28 So it says he was exceedingly angry and he sent forth
20:32 and put to death all the male children
20:35 who were in Bethlehem and all its districts
20:39 who were two years old and under according to the time
20:42 which he had determined from the Wise Men. "
20:46 And so who is the dragon that attempts to kill the Male Child?
20:52 It is Satan... yes... but it's through his seed
20:57 which is Rome. So the dragon can also represent Rome.
21:02 Allow me to read you a statement that we find in the Spirit of
21:06 Prophecy on this specific point.
21:08 Ellen White has this to say:
21:10 "The line of prophecy... " See, the line of prophecy...
21:13 That's historicism. That is the historical flow method.
21:17 "The line of prophecy in which these symbols are found
21:21 begins with Revelation 12 with the dragon that sought to
21:25 destroy Christ at His birth.
21:27 That dragon is said to be Satan.
21:30 He is was that moved upon Herod
21:34 to put the Savior to death.
21:36 But the chief agent of Satan in making war upon Christ
21:41 and His people during the first centuries of the Christian era
21:44 was the Roman Empire
21:46 in which paganism was the prevailing religion.
21:50 Thus while the dragon primarily represents Satan
21:53 it is in a secondary sense a symbol of pagan Rome. "
22:00 So do we have all of the elements of Genesis 3:15
22:03 in Revelation chapter 12? Yes we do!
22:07 We have enmity, we have a dragon or serpent,
22:11 we have a woman, we have the dragon's seed,
22:14 and we have the woman's seed.
22:17 Now so far we've studied two stages in following the flow
22:20 of Revelation 12. We've seen the stage
22:23 of the church in the Old Testament... the woman
22:27 before the Child is born. Then we've noticed the stage
22:30 where the dragon attempted to slay the Male Child.
22:33 He tried to destroy Jesus through Rome
22:35 when Jesus was born. But we're told in verse 5
22:39 that the Child was caught up to God and to His throne.
22:43 So who prevailed in this battle?
22:45 It was the Child that prevailed because He went to heaven live.
22:48 That's the ascension of Jesus Christ.
22:50 And then of course we have another stage
22:54 which is stage number 3. Notice Revelation chapter 12
22:59 and we will read verse 6 and then we'll read verses 13-15.
23:05 Then the dragon goes after the woman because the Child
23:08 has escaped from his hands.
23:10 It says: "Then the woman fled into the wilderness
23:12 where she has a place prepared by God that they should
23:15 feed her there 1,260 days. "
23:20 So after the Child is caught up to God and to His throne
23:24 we do know that the dragon sprouted ten horns.
23:28 And then we're told that the dragon went after whom?
23:32 After the woman for 1,260 days which we know are years.
23:38 Now let's go to verses 13 through 15
23:40 of Revelation 12 where it ampli- fies what we read in verse 6.
23:44 It says: "Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the
23:49 earth he persecuted the woman who gave birth
23:52 to the Male Child. " So now what is the persecution?
23:55 It's no longer against the Male Child because He went to
23:57 heaven. He was caught up to God and to His throne.
24:00 Now the enmity is directed at the woman
24:02 who brought the Male Child into the world.
24:05 Verse 14: "But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle
24:09 that she might fly into the wilderness to her place
24:12 where she is nourished for a time and times
24:15 and half a time from the presence of the serpent. "
24:18 Verse 15: "So the serpent spewed water... " What does
24:22 water represent? Multitudes, nations, tongues, and peoples,
24:26 that's right... "So the serpent spewed water
24:29 out of his mouth like a flood
24:31 after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away
24:34 by the flood. " So what are we seeing so far?
24:37 I like to review to make sure that everybody has understood.
24:41 We have, first of all, the church in the Old Testament
24:44 when the Child hasn't been born.
24:46 Secondly, we have the stage when the dragon tries to slay
24:50 the Male Child. We're in Rome at that stage.
24:53 And of course, Rome is represented by the dragon
24:56 and also by Herod. And then we know
24:59 from this prophecy that the dragon sprouts ten horns.
25:02 And then after the dragon sprouts ten horns
25:06 we have this period of 1,260 years
25:10 in which the dragon through Rome
25:14 persecutes the woman.
25:18 Are you following me so far?
25:21 Now where did the dragon that persecuted the woman
25:25 get its power and its authority from?
25:28 Let's go to Revelation 13 verse 2 for a moment.
25:32 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 2.
25:34 This is very interesting.
25:36 It says there: "Now the beast which I saw
25:39 was like a leopard. It's feet were like the feet of a bear
25:43 and it's mouth like the mouth of a lion... "
25:47 Have we encountered those beasts before?
25:49 Yes, in Daniel chapter 7. Right?
25:52 Lion, bear, leopard, dragon.
25:54 Now notice what it continues saying:
25:56 It says: "The dragon gave him... "
26:00 that is, gave the beast...
26:02 "his power, his throne, and great authority. "
26:06 So by who's power does the beast rule?
26:10 The beast rules by the power that is given to him by what?
26:13 The dragon. So is the dragon still persecuting
26:17 during the 1,260 years through Rome?
26:19 Yes... because all through Revelation chapter 12 the dragon
26:24 represents Satan working through Rome.
26:26 That's something that most Adventist interpreters have
26:29 missed, particularly the point that we're going to come to now.
26:34 So notice once again Revelation chapter 13 and verse 2.
26:37 "Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard.
26:39 Its feet were like the feet of a bear;
26:41 its mouth like the mouth of a lion.
26:43 The dragon... " with the ten horns by the way... "gave
26:46 this beast it's power, his throne and great authority. "
26:52 And then let me ask you: how long did the beast rule
26:54 after it received its throne and its authority and its power
26:57 from the dragon? It ruled for 42 months.
27:00 Is that the same as 1,260 days or years?
27:05 Absolutely. So is Revelation 13 following the same sequence
27:09 of Revelation chapter 12? Absolutely.
27:12 But now I want you to notice stage number 4.
27:16 Stage number 1: the woman before the Child is born.
27:19 Stage number 2: Satan tries to slay the Child through Rome.
27:25 Stage number 3: the 1,260 years.
27:28 Now I want you to notice stage number 4.
27:31 It's found in Revelation 12 and verse 16.
27:33 Something happens to suspend persecution.
27:38 It says here in Revelation 12 verse 16:
27:41 "But the earth helped the woman. "
27:45 Interesting. The earth helped the woman.
27:48 Now let me ask you: is the earth a territory or a nation?
27:53 Last I knew the word earth would mean a territory.
27:56 Right? So there's some territory somewhere -
28:01 the earth helped the woman who was being persecuted.
28:05 And how did the earth help the woman?
28:07 "The earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood...
28:12 That is, the peoples and multitudes and nations
28:15 that were persecuting the woman...
28:17 "swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed
28:21 out of his mouth. " So the earth provides a way
28:26 in which persecution ceases.
28:29 Let me ask you: where did the persecuted ones in Europe
28:32 find refuge from persecution?
28:36 In the territory of the United States because there
28:39 was no United States at that time.
28:43 So Revelation 12:16 is speaking about
28:46 the United States as a territory where
28:50 those who were persecuted in Europe came and found refuge.
28:55 Are you with me or not?
28:57 And by the way, it is the principles upon which the
29:00 United States was built and which have been followed
29:05 by most of the nations in the world that persecution
29:09 still does not exist.
29:13 And then, of course, you have the final stage.
29:16 Do you think the dragon is pretty happy that right now
29:18 we're living in a nation where...
29:22 where we have freedom of speech
29:23 and where we have freedom to move around
29:25 and we have freedom to study the Bible and to gather
29:28 peaceably? Absolutely not.
29:31 Notice Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17.
29:33 This is stage number 5.
29:36 It says there, and this is the text that we
29:38 read at the beginning. And now I want you to notice
29:42 something very important. What does the dragon represent?
29:46 The dragon represents what?
29:49 Satan working through Rome.
29:52 Don't forget that. We've missed this in verse 17.
29:56 Is it the same dragon all the way through?
30:00 Yes. Oh yeah, it's the same dragon.
30:02 So when the earth helps the woman - the territory provides
30:05 refuge for God's people - notice: "And the dragon
30:09 was wroth with the woman... "
30:11 What does the dragon there represent?
30:16 Well, in the first stage you know when the dragon tried to
30:20 slay the Male Child it was Satan working through?
30:23 Rome. During the 1,260 years
30:26 that dragon beast gave his throne, his power and authority
30:28 to the beast. In other words the beast rules by
30:30 the authority of the dragon... so you have a new Rome!
30:35 And here it says that in the final stage
30:37 after the territory provides a refuge
30:40 we are told that the dragon is enraged once again with the
30:44 woman. So it must be Satan working through? Rome!
30:50 Are you following me or not?
30:52 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman
30:55 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed
30:59 which keep the commandments of God
31:02 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. "
31:07 Now we need to go for a few moments to Revelation 13
31:10 'cause Revelation 13 is an amplification of
31:13 Revelation chapter 12.
31:15 Did you notice in Revelation chapter 13 and verse 2
31:18 that we have the same beasts of Daniel 7?
31:21 Is the lion there? Yes. Is the bear there? Yes.
31:26 Is the leopard beast there? Absolutely.
31:29 Is there a dragon beast there? Does the dragon beast
31:33 have ten horns? Absolutely... same as we found
31:36 in Daniel chapter 7. And then the dragon
31:39 that has ten horns... he gives his throne,
31:43 his power, and his authority to whom?
31:46 To the beast. So the beast is ruling by the authority of?
31:49 The dragon. Are you with me?
31:53 And then the beast rules 42 months.
31:56 But at the end of the 42 months
31:58 the beast receives a deadly wound
32:00 and now persecution ceases.
32:05 How many of you are following me?
32:07 If you're all with me say amen. Amen! Amen! That was weak.
32:14 But you... you have a right to be weak because it's been
32:17 a long day. That's all right.
32:20 Now, Revelation 13 amplifies this last stage.
32:24 The beast rules for 42 months.
32:26 By the way, does the beast do the same thing as the
32:28 little horn? Does the beast speak blasphemies?
32:32 Yes. Does the beast persecute the saints of the Most High?
32:35 Does it rule during the same time period? Yeah,
32:38 the description is the same so you know that the little horn
32:40 is the same as the beast.
32:42 And the dragon persecutes during that period also
32:45 so we know that the dragon and we know that the beast
32:49 are the same power.
32:52 And we know that the little horn represents the same power.
32:55 Now this last stage of Revelation 12 verse 17
33:01 is amplified in chapter 13.
33:04 Go with me to verse 11.
33:07 This is immediately - listen carefully - this is immediately
33:10 after the beast rules for 42 months.
33:13 You know that the beast receives a deadly what?
33:16 Receives a deadly wound.
33:18 But what happens with the deadly wound?
33:21 We're told that the deadly wound is healed, and let me ask you:
33:25 does the beast persecute again?
33:27 It persecutes again.
33:30 Now the question is: who gives this beast
33:36 its life back so it can persecute once again?
33:40 Mmmm. Go with me to Revelation chapter 13
33:44 and verse 11 and listen carefully to what it says.
33:46 We've missed this very key point in this verse.
33:50 It says there - Revelation 13 and verse 11:
33:53 "Then I saw another beast
33:56 coming up out of the earth. "
33:59 Did we see the earth somewhere before?
34:02 Where? Revelation 12.
34:05 In Revelation 12 it's the terri- tory but now you have a beast.
34:08 What does a beast represent? A nation!
34:10 Now you have a nation rising in that territory.
34:15 This is the very next chapter. And now I want you to notice
34:19 what it says. Is the dragon involved here?
34:21 Oh yeah! It continues saying: "Then I saw another beast
34:25 coming up out of the earth... "
34:27 That's the geographical area.
34:28 The beast represents a nation so this must be a nation.
34:31 "and he had two horns like a lamb. "
34:35 I wish I had time to get into that. I wrote a book called
34:37 Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
34:41 where I study this beast in detail.
34:44 We don't have time to get into two horns of a lamb.
34:46 All I can say is the "two horns like a lamb"
34:49 represent the two principles upon which the United States
34:52 of America was built:
34:54 separation of church and state, a recognition that there are
34:57 two kingdoms in this country.
34:58 There's the kingdom of the church and there's the kingdom
35:00 of the state from which we get two principles of civil
35:03 and religious liberty...
35:06 because the two horns represent two kingdoms...
35:08 church and state. But from the idea of two kingdoms
35:11 you have the idea of separation of the civil power
35:16 from the religious power.
35:17 Separation of church and state.
35:19 That's what this country was built upon.
35:22 But now notice what it continues saying...
35:24 don't miss this point.
35:26 It says: "He had two horns like a lamb... "
35:31 But what? "but spoke like a dragon. "
35:36 What do you suppose the dragon here represents?
35:41 Come on... tell me. Satan
35:45 working through? Rome. Rome!
35:48 So have you noticed here the 3 stages of the dragon?
35:52 The dragon first of all persecutes the Child.
35:55 He's unsuccessful. He persecutes the woman.
35:59 Then the earth helps the woman. You have a deadly wound.
36:02 There's a period of peace where persecution ceases.
36:05 And then Revelation 12:17 says that the dragon is enraged with
36:09 the woman - the dragon is enraged - and goes to make war
36:11 against the remnant of her seed.
36:13 That is amplified in Revelation chapter 13
36:16 where we are told that this beast that rises from the earth,
36:19 the same territory in Revelation chapter 12,
36:21 speaks like a dragon... the dragon that is enraged
36:24 in Revelation 12 verse 17.
36:27 Are you following me? Yes!
36:29 This is historicism.
36:31 This is our method which used to be the Protestant method.
36:36 Do you think that people like Tony Palmer would ever even
36:39 think about coming close to the Roman Catholic papacy
36:42 if they understood these prophecies?
36:45 Are you kidding? Protestants would flee!
36:48 But they don't flee because we're going to notice at the end
36:51 of our study that they have established a different way -
36:55 a different method - of interpreting Bible prophecy.
36:58 Now you say: "Pastor Bohr, how do you know that the dragon
37:01 here represents the same power that persecuted
37:05 during the 1,260 years? How do you know that?
37:08 Listen: because Revelation 13 makes it very, very clear
37:13 that everything that this beast from the earth does
37:16 he does to please the first beast.
37:20 Let me go through that in Revelation chapter 13.
37:23 First of all, and I'm going to go through this...
37:25 I won't be able to read the verses because of the scarcity
37:27 of time... in verse 12 it says that this beast from the earth
37:32 exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence.
37:38 So by whose authority is this beast from the earth ruling?
37:42 The first beast... who ruled during 1,260 years.
37:46 And that beast: where did he get his power from?
37:49 From the Roman Empire.
37:52 So do you have a clear link between pagan Rome,
37:56 papal Rome, and end-time Rome?
37:58 You do in Revelation chapter 12.
38:01 So it says he exercises "all the authority of the first beast
38:03 in his presence. " See, he wants to impress this first beast.
38:08 I like the way that the NIV expresses it.
38:10 The NIV says: "He exercises all the authority of the first
38:14 beast on its behalf. "
38:17 Furthermore we're told in verse 12 that "he causes
38:20 the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast
38:23 whose deadly wound was healed. "
38:25 Everything this beast from the earth does
38:28 he does with reference to the previous beast
38:31 to restore power to the previous beast.
38:34 We're told in verse 14 that this beast "performs
38:39 signs which it was granted to do in the sight of the beast. "
38:44 We're told in verse 14 that he tells those who dwell on the
38:48 earth to make an image in honor of the first beast.
38:52 And we're told in verse 16
38:55 that he imposes the mark of the first beast.
38:58 Is there any link between the 1st beast and the 2nd beast?
39:01 Absolutely! Everything this 2nd beast does
39:06 he does to impress the first beast.
39:10 That's how this 2nd beast that rises from the earth
39:13 speaks like a dragon because it is going to speak like Rome.
39:21 Are we doing all right?
39:24 Now we're ready to identify the remnant.
39:28 We needed all this historical framework,
39:31 this historical background... the historicism
39:33 or the historical flow method.
39:35 Let me ask you: when would you expect the remnant
39:37 to appear? Would it have to be after the 1,260 years - Amen! -
39:44 during a period when persecution ceases?
39:47 Of course. Where would you expect to find this remnant?
39:52 It must be on the earth
39:54 because that's the place where persecution ceased.
39:57 So we know when: after 1798 AD.
40:00 We know where: the territory of the United States.
40:04 And what would characterize the remnant?
40:08 Two things: they keep the commandments of God...
40:13 all nine of them.
40:18 No? How many? Ten! All ten of them!
40:21 All ten of them. And we're not going to go into that
40:24 because we know that characteristic. I want to dwell
40:25 a little bit on the second characteristic:
40:28 they have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
40:32 So they keep something and they have something.
40:35 The word "have" is better translated "they possess
40:38 the testimony of Jesus. "
40:40 What is the testimony of Jesus?
40:42 Let's read two verses very quickly.
40:45 Revelation 19:10 identifies what the testimony of Jesus
40:48 Christ is. Revelation 19 and verse 10.
40:53 And notice the context of this verse. It says:
40:55 "I fell at his feet to worship him... "
40:57 In other words, John falls before the feet of Gabriel
41:00 to worship him... "but he said to me:
41:03 'See that you do not do that.
41:05 I am a fellow servant and... ' Now notice this:
41:08 'and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. ' "
41:11 What do the brethren of John have?
41:13 The brethren of John have the testimony of Jesus.
41:16 And then this explanation comes:
41:19 "for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. "
41:24 So what is the testimony of
41:25 Jesus that the remnant possesses?
41:27 The Spirit of Prophecy
41:31 which is what John's brethren have.
41:33 Now let's go to Revelation 22 verses 8 and 9
41:35 which expresses it a little differently.
41:38 Revelation chapter 22 and verses 8 and 9.
41:41 Same idea of Gabriel appearing to John and John feels like
41:45 worshiping him and Gabriel says "Don't do it. "
41:48 Says there: "Now I John saw and heard these things.
41:52 And when I heard and saw I fell down to worship
41:55 before the feet of the angel who showed me these things.
41:58 Then he said to me: 'See that you do not do that
42:01 for I am your fellow servant and of your brethren
42:05 the prophets. ' " Did you notice the connection?
42:11 Revelation 19:10 says that the brethren of John have
42:14 the testimony of Jesus. Here it says that the brethren
42:16 of John are prophets.
42:18 So what is the testimony of Jesus?
42:20 It is the gift of prophecy.
42:24 Let me ask you: which church in the world
42:27 arose after 1798 AD
42:30 after the first beast received its deadly wound
42:34 and is a group of people
42:40 who teach that we're supposed to keep all of the commandments
42:43 of God and profess to have the prophetic gift in their midst?
42:49 The Spirit of Prophecy in their midst?
42:51 And a church that originated in the earth
42:55 in the territory of the United States?
42:57 I don't know of any other church
42:59 except the Seventh-day Adventist church
43:00 and I don't say that arrogantly but I do say it truthfully.
43:05 Amen!
43:07 Now let me share something with you:
43:09 there's a lot of enmity towards Ellen White today.
43:12 That's the dragon, folks.
43:16 The dragon hates the Spirit of Prophecy.
43:18 He hates the commandments.
43:19 Doesn't he? Says so here.
43:21 He hates the commandments of God;
43:22 hates the Spirit of Prophecy.
43:24 Last year I was invited to preach at a church
43:26 in New Jersey where I worked for six years.
43:29 And the lady who invited me asked me to come to her house
43:33 to eat one afternoon. My wife was with me.
43:35 And I noticed that along with the family there was
43:37 another young man there. And so, you know, I said to him:
43:41 "Where are you from? " He says: "Oh, I'm from here,
43:43 from Jersey City. " And I said: "Well, you know,
43:47 how'd you become an Adventist? " He said: "Oh, that's an
43:49 interesting story. Let me tell you. "
43:50 Then he told me this story:
43:52 He was standing on the street on a Sabbath morning.
43:56 He saw a lady coming down the street
43:59 very nicely dressed. It was early on a Sabbath morning
44:03 and she had a Bible in her hand.
44:06 And so it struck him kind of strange because he was a Sunday
44:09 keeper but he had already started studying the Sabbath.
44:12 And so he came to the lady and he said: "Ma'am...
44:15 where are you going? " She says: "I'm going to church. "
44:19 He said: "You're going to church?
44:21 Today's Saturday not Sunday. "
44:23 She says: "I know, but we go to church on Saturday. "
44:26 He said: "You're kidding!
44:28 There's a group of people that go to church on Saturday? "
44:32 Says: "Can I go with you? "
44:34 And she said: "Sure! "
44:36 So the young man and the lady went to church.
44:40 And when he came into the foyer one of the elders was
44:43 there greeting and he says...
44:44 the young man said: "Hey, is this the church
44:47 that keeps the holy Sabbath? "
44:49 And the elder said: "Oh yes, we do!
44:51 Just like the Bible says. "
44:53 The young man said: "Well then this is my church. "
44:56 Amen! And so he went in, sat down, enjoyed Sabbath School
44:59 and church. And afterwards - by the way the pastor during
45:04 the sermon - mentioned the name of Ellen G. White.
45:07 It struck him as kind of strange: Ellen G. White.
45:11 And the pastor identified her as a prophet.
45:14 So he said: "I'm going to go and I'm going to "Google"
45:16 Ellen G. White. "
45:17 So he went home and he "Googled" Ellen G. White.
45:20 And of course you have... 90% of the sites are negative,
45:26 are terribly inimical to the Spirit of Prophecy.
45:29 And he noticed website after website
45:33 just criticizing and trying to destroy Ellen White.
45:37 And he says: "I started thinking... hmmm,
45:40 do I really want to belong to a church that had a prophet
45:43 like this? " He said he had serious reservations.
45:48 Well, he went to church the next Sabbath
45:52 after thinking about it all week
45:55 and he expressed his misgivings to the elder.
45:59 And the elder said: "Hey, I have a copy of a book
46:04 called The Great Controversy.
46:06 And I want to give you a copy of that book
46:08 and you read it and you determine for yourself,
46:10 you know, who Ellen White was and whether God used her. "
46:14 And so he took the book home
46:16 and in one week he read the book from cover to cover.
46:20 And when he came back to the church the next Sabbath
46:23 the elder said: "Did you read the book? "
46:25 He says: "Yes, I read the book. "
46:26 He says: "What do you think? "
46:28 He says: "You know, I read the book
46:30 and there's no doubt whatsoever
46:32 that the person who wrote this book was inspired by the
46:35 Holy Spirit. " And then he said this:
46:38 He said: "You know, for a whole week there
46:40 I was thinking about what people said about Ellen White
46:45 and how she had so many enemies. "
46:47 And he said: "And I started reflecting
46:49 and I said: 'You know, as I examined the Bible
46:52 I couldn't fine one prophet that the people liked. ' "
47:01 So he said: "If this woman is hated so much,
47:05 she must be a true prophet. "
47:10 Praise the Lord! Amen!
47:13 There are so many people that have given their hearts
47:15 to the Lord by reading Great Controversy
47:18 you can't help but see that it's the truth
47:21 as you read that book. It's like reading the newspaper
47:25 more and more.
47:27 Now do you think the devil wants to hide the identity
47:30 of the antichrist?
47:33 Do you think that he would want to hide the identity
47:36 of when the remnant would appear, where they would appear,
47:38 and what their characteristics would be?
47:40 Of course. So what the devil does:
47:43 he doesn't attack so much the message...
47:46 he attacks the method. After the Protestant Reformation
47:52 in the aftermath the Roman Catholic church
47:56 had to counteract the growth of Protestantism.
47:59 And they soon realized that it was not enough to
48:02 attack the message of Protestantism
48:07 because Protestantism was growing like grass fire.
48:11 They realized that they needed to counteract the method
48:15 which was the historical flow method.
48:17 You see, Martin Luther was saying: "Well you can see in the
48:19 course of history that the papacy is the antichrist.
48:22 All you have to do is follow the flow. "
48:24 And so they said: "We have to change the method. "
48:26 And so two Jesuit scholars of the Roman Catholic church...
48:30 The first one is called Luis De Alcazar,
48:35 came up with the theology of prophetic interpretation
48:40 of Preterism. It's the idea that prophecy
48:45 was fulfilled in the distant past.
48:47 The antichrist passages... you know, he stated that the
48:51 little horn was actually Antiochus IV Epiphanes
48:53 who lived 165 years before Christ.
48:56 And he taught that the beast of Revelation 13
49:00 represented Nero and the emperors of Rome.
49:04 So he said: "These prophecies have nothing to do with us
49:08 because they were fulfilled with Antiochus IV Epiphanes
49:11 and they were fulfilled with Nero and with the Roman
49:14 emperors. " By the way, liberal Protestant churches
49:19 today are Preterists
49:21 and the Roman Catholic church is also Preterist
49:25 in its prophetic interpretation.
49:26 They see these prophecies as being irrelevant
49:29 because they were fulfilled in the distant past before
49:33 the Roman Catholic church came into existence.
49:37 But there was another scholar by the name of Francisco Ribera,
49:41 and his views are held today by conservative Protestants.
49:48 Groups... And by the way, this is not to say that there are
49:51 not sincere, loving people in these churches...
49:53 mainly Evangelicals, Charismatic's, and Pentecostals.
49:57 And what they believe is that after the rapture of the church
50:01 all of these prophecies - the antichrist prophecies -
50:04 are going to be fulfilled in the Middle East.
50:07 They believe that the antichrist is a literal person
50:11 who will sit in a literally- built Jerusalem temple.
50:15 He will persecute the literal Jews
50:18 for a literal 3-1/2 years
50:20 and he will place a literal tattoo on people's foreheads
50:24 and on the right hand, and he will build a literal image
50:27 of himself. And so conservative Protestantism today
50:32 is looking to the Middle East for a literal fulfillment
50:36 of these prophecies. And meanwhile
50:40 the real antichrist is in Rome
50:42 and the United States more and more - Protestantism in the
50:46 United States - more and more gets closer and closer to Rome.
50:50 And they can't see what they're doing because they're
50:52 looking for the fulfillment of prophecy
50:55 in the wrong place.
50:59 Let me ask you: does this also blur
51:03 the identity of the remnant?
51:06 Yes! Because if you believe that the 1,260 years are future
51:11 after the supposed rapture of the church
51:14 then this was not fulfilled in 1798 AD
51:18 in the United States with the nation that professes
51:21 to believe in two principles - separation of church and state -
51:25 which will speak according to the authority of Rome.
51:29 So through these systems of prophetic interpretation
51:33 what the devil has done is he has hidden the identity
51:38 of the antichrist and he has hidden the appearance
51:42 of the remnant so that people don't know where the remnant
51:45 is and what their message is for these last days.
51:50 By the way, if you would like to have more information
51:52 on this, I wrote a very important book.
51:55 It's called Futurism's Incredible Journey.
51:59 And this book describes the terrible impact
52:03 that these systems of prophetic interpretation
52:05 have upon Seventh-day Adventist prophetic interpretation.
52:08 The method totally demolishes the reason for the existence
52:12 of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
52:16 Now folks, we have a mission: to reach the world.
52:20 We also have a message and we also have a method.
52:26 What is our message?
52:28 Our message are the three angels' messages.
52:32 Now listen carefully: many people in the Adventist church
52:36 today they say: "Oh, we're supposed to take the gospel
52:38 to the world. " And I agree.
52:41 But what they do... the gospel that they're believing in
52:44 is the same gospel that was being preached by
52:46 the apostle Paul. And I believe that we need to
52:50 preach that gospel but in a new context...
52:53 in the context of the end time.
52:55 Because the first angel's message not only says
52:57 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
53:00 to take the everlasting gospel to every nation, kindred,
53:03 tongue, and people. " You know, we can't stop there
53:05 and say that the gospel needs to go to the whole world.
53:08 We need to continue where it says: " Fear God
53:12 and give glory to Him
53:15 for the hour of His judgment has come. " Amen!
53:19 "And worship the Creator! "
53:22 Ah, both are elements of the first angel's message of the
53:25 gospel. Amen! By the way, it also involves proclaiming
53:30 that Babylon is falling.
53:32 Doesn't it? Yes, that's the second angel's message.
53:36 You can't only preach the first part of the 1st angel's message.
53:39 It's a package deal... it has to be everything.
53:42 The fall of Babylon has to be proclaimed
53:46 and a call for God's people has to be made for people
53:49 to come out. Has God called us also to proclaim
53:53 the third message? Oh yeah, the third message
53:56 says: "Behold... " "Be very careful... "
54:01 about worshiping... " What? "the beast. "
54:06 Do you need to know who the beast is in order to
54:08 follow that counsel? Amen! Yeah!
54:11 Or his what? "or his image... "
54:14 "Beware of receiving his? mark. "
54:17 Do you need to know what the image of the beast is?
54:19 Do you need to know what the mark of the beast is?
54:21 Do you need to know what the beast is?
54:25 Of course! Is this part of the proclamation
54:28 that God's people have for the world?
54:29 Yes. And let me tell you, folks: this message is urgent
54:33 now more than ever before
54:36 because we can see prophecy being fulfill right before our
54:38 very eyes in these United States of America.
54:42 I'm sure that you're aware that John Boehner has invited
54:46 the pope to come and address a joint session of Congress.
54:50 And that you're aware how Protestant leaders
54:53 in the United States are lauding the pope.
55:00 I wish I had more time to speak about this.
55:03 First Jesuit pope in history
55:06 in more than 500 years of the existence of the Jesuit order.
55:10 If you want to read how the Jesuits operate,
55:12 just go and take a look at what Ellen White has to say
55:16 in Great Controversy. She has a very long quote
55:18 about how the Jesuits work.
55:21 People of the United States Ellen White says they need to
55:24 "be awakened to the dangers represented
55:28 by this enemy of civil and religious liberty. "
55:34 She gave the best description that I've ever seen.
55:36 She says: "Behind the variable appearance of a chameleon
55:40 is the invariable venom of the serpent. "
55:45 But I praise the Lord that God is going to have
55:47 a victorious remnant. Amen!
55:49 Let's end on a positive note.
55:51 Revelation chapter 15 and verses 2 through 4.
55:54 Revelation 15:2-4 speaks about a remnant
55:57 that will be on the sea of glass with the Lamb.
55:59 And they will be victorious in the end.
56:02 It says there: "And I saw something like a sea of glass
56:06 mingled with fire, and those who have the victory
56:09 over the beast, over his image, and over his mark,
56:14 and over the number of his name
56:16 standing on the sea of glass having harps of God.
56:19 They sing the song of Moses, the servant of God,
56:21 and the song of the Lamb saying:
56:23 'Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty.
56:26 Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints.
56:30 Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name?
56:34 For You alone are holy. For all nations shall come
56:37 and worship before You
56:39 for Your judgments have been manifested. ' "
56:42 May God grant us, brothers and sisters,
56:44 the courage to stand for the truth in very difficult times.
56:50 May the Lord help us to be members of that remnant.
56:54 Unashamed! Speaking out boldly so that the world can know.
56:59 Let us pray. Father in heaven,
57:02 we have a marvelous prophetic message that You have given
57:05 to this church. Unfortunately, many times we've
57:09 been distracted from our message and our mission and our method.
57:13 I ask, Lord, that You will bless each one of us here
57:15 that we will go forth and we will proclaim these things
57:18 to a world that is confused that doesn't know where to turn.
57:22 We have the message that the world needs.
57:25 Please, Lord, embolden us
57:28 and give us Your power that this might be a reality.


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