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Financial Predators Part 2

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00:26 We are back with another episode of Dollars and Sense,
00:31 and I am so excited!
00:33 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:34 I'm the co-host for this program,
00:36 and our primary host is Ryan Mack.
00:38 And Ryan is a Financial Literacy expert.
00:42 And we have just been getting some incredible information.
00:46 This is Part 2 actually of the Financial Predators Episodes.
00:52 This is Part 2, and Part 1 was incredible.
00:56 So if you didn't get to see it, make sure you order the DVD,
01:00 because you don't want to miss it.
01:02 Ryan, you gave us such great information.
01:04 Can we do like a little recap from Part 1
01:08 and then go on to Part 2?
01:09 Yeah, well the bottom line is that we have a 360 billion
01:13 dollar industry that is attacking our communities.
01:17 360 billion dollars!
01:19 360 billion dollars and they are attacking our communities.
01:21 And they are essentially exploiting what we don't know.
01:26 They are exploiting ignorance.
01:28 I always like to say there's nothing wrong with being
01:29 ignorant, but there is something wrong with staying ignorant.
01:32 So we must address, especially about those things that we
01:36 are not savvy about.
01:37 So I have a Scripture here at Proverbs 15:14
01:41 that says directly to that:
01:53 So, again, we are having in our communities...
01:56 Again, this is not a black, or brown, or white thing,
01:58 this is a green thing.
02:00 And these organizations are going into rural America,
02:04 Appalachia, urban America, outside of Veteran bases,
02:09 and they are putting up check cashing places,
02:12 payday loans, cash advances, title loans,
02:15 refund anticipations loans; everything that individuals are
02:19 trying to do on praying on the undeserved.
02:21 And they have a vested interest at 360 billion dollars.
02:24 That money is made because essentially individuals who are
02:28 using check cashing places, that are donating, essentially,
02:32 going through their fees, 1 to 5% of all their money
02:35 to these check cashing facilities.
02:37 They don't know that they can open up a bank account.
02:39 Those people using payday loans who might say, you know,
02:42 who are donating 2 to 300% interest,
02:45 who are living check to Tuesday.
02:47 And I say donating, because they really are
02:49 giving their money away.
02:50 That's incredible! When I hear about the amount of interest
02:54 that people are paying; that just, it blows me away!
02:58 Right. I mean these, the fees rack up.
03:01 And they are really savvy about being able to navigate
03:04 themselves around usury laws, or paying the right politician
03:07 to make sure they can turn a blind eye to usury laws.
03:10 And so what happens is that now it's almost a free for all.
03:13 Rent to Rim stores, Rent to Own stores.
03:16 There's a Rent to Rim store on Eight Mile in Detroit where
03:19 people can go and rent rims.
03:22 Where... and let me tell you the step further than that. Wow!
03:25 You can rent hair weave. No!
03:27 Yes, you can! Are you serious?
03:29 Oh, you can finance hair weaves.
03:31 Yes, you can finance.
03:33 They have a hair weave financing physicality where people are
03:36 financing hair weaves.
03:38 Well, you know why?
03:39 Because hair weave is expensive. Right.
03:41 It might be a thousand dollars to get a really good job done.
03:45 Uh huh. And so... You've got to have your weave.
03:47 You've got to have your weave.
03:50 You know, we're not knocking it now... you know, some folks,
03:54 we don't want to call it weave, extension, whatever.
03:56 If you want your weave, have your weave.
03:58 But if you have to finance your weave, you don't need the weave.
04:00 Right. That's right; that's true.
04:02 If you have to finance it, and they...
04:04 I went to St. Lucia, and I was there on a mission trip. Uh huh.
04:11 And I'm always picking fights.
04:14 So everywhere I go I pick a fight.
04:16 And I found out that they have this thing called Jump,
04:19 where you, it's a carnival, and you have essentially it's this
04:23 carnival, and there's a huge history in St. Lucia around it.
04:26 And you go, and the people are, they dance in this carnival.
04:29 And there's a huge festival.
04:30 But then before that you have to get the costumes,
04:34 and you have to do all these things.
04:35 But you have to spend money o all this stuff.
04:37 Um! And so as you're in this carnival, becomes extravagant,
04:41 people are actually getting out payday type loans
04:45 to jump in carnival. Wow!
04:49 And I'd never seen it.
04:50 And again, this is to the tune of 2 to 300% interest rate.
04:53 People are taking out these loans so they can buy this
04:56 equipment so they can dance for a month.
04:58 And they have to get their wristband.
05:00 And they can go to any party they want.
05:02 And they can drink and have all this fun.
05:04 And they're getting in debt.
05:05 So when they come out of debt they're drunk,
05:07 they're tired, and they're broke.
05:08 And it's like, Wait a minute!
05:10 So, you are in poverty before, but you took out this loan,
05:14 so you can jump in this carnival?
05:16 I mean this is not just in the U. S.
05:18 This is around the world.
05:20 It's international.
05:21 Where we are financing, essentially financing either
05:27 wicked behavior, we're financing all of this behavior that is
05:32 irresponsible, ungodly.
05:33 Yes, ungodly! And so, and they're making tons
05:37 of money off of it.
05:38 They're making tons of money off of it.
05:40 That's the thing, because it's probably being promoted,
05:43 you know, by get this, get that, get this, get that.
05:46 And people are going into debt just like people do
05:50 around Christmastime; going into debt for this one event.
05:54 And then you're just stuck with paying 2 to 300% interest.
05:59 That is crazy! And there's a vested interest
06:03 in keeping people poor.
06:06 Yes! They want to keep you poor,
06:09 because it's pricy to be poor, as long as they can continue to
06:12 just nickel and dime you with these fees.
06:14 They might not be making a lot of money off of you,
06:17 but if they can do this, what they're doing to an entire
06:19 community, then they're making miss.
06:21 We talked about last week.
06:23 In the check cashing facility we saw one we estimated makes
06:26 a half a million dollars a year just off fees alone
06:29 from cashing checks.
06:30 Not the produce, and the foods, and the bread and what not,
06:33 but they make a half million dollars a year
06:35 off of check cashing.
06:37 And this is because individuals, and most of them will say,
06:40 I just don't know any other way.
06:41 Why do you use a check cashing as opposed to using a bank?
06:44 I just don't know any other way.
06:45 So payday loans, check cashing places, title loans,
06:49 cash advances, Rent to Own, Rent to Rim,
06:51 prepaid debit cards, all of these type of establishments,
06:54 the prepaid debit card, check this out, Why do we find it
06:59 appropriate to spend money?
07:01 Okay now, we might pay money on a bottle of water.
07:04 So we're spending money for water.
07:05 Alright, we wish we wouldn't have to spend money on water.
07:08 But, hey, you might have to spend money on air nowadays.
07:11 Do you remember you used to go to the gas station and you'd get
07:12 your tire pumped up?
07:14 It used to be free. It used to be free.
07:16 But now you have to pay money for air. Right.
07:18 So what an oxymoron that is.
07:20 You have to... It's no longer free air any longer.
07:22 Okay. You're paying money for water.
07:24 You're paying money for air.
07:25 But now we've got to pay money for money.
07:27 Because the prepaid debit card is just money.
07:29 It's money transferred onto this vehicle,
07:32 which is another money essentially.
07:33 Put money on this card.
07:35 You pay money to put money on this card.
07:37 It doesn't build your credit.
07:39 It's not tied in to creditors.
07:40 And you spend it at various stores that accept
07:43 Visa and Master Card.
07:44 And they say, Well, this is the only way that we can use
07:45 to empower you, and we help your budget, and we help build
07:48 your credit, which is a lie.
07:49 They don't! And you spend money to use your own money,
07:53 which is the epitome of foolishness.
07:54 I'm just, my mouth is open because with the prepaid card,
07:59 what they're feeding you is really a lie. Right, exactly.
08:04 Because you're not... It's your money.
08:07 It's not a secured card. No, it's not.
08:09 It's a prepaid. Let's talk about the difference, because I think
08:12 people need to understand that this is... You can't build your
08:16 credit with a prepaid card.
08:18 So really, you get that card and you're
08:21 making somebody else rich.
08:22 Right. Well, I was very proud of I was able to help lead a
08:26 movement to make sure that Suzie Ormond's Approve card
08:28 was not successful.
08:30 And I have no problem with calling folks out.
08:31 I've called them out on CNN and FOX many times before.
08:34 And I'll continue to do so, because I do not like people
08:37 pimping on poor people.
08:38 We have to stop this.
08:39 We have to stop this exploitation.
08:41 But when Suze Orman came out with her Approved card,
08:44 I assumed that it was a secured card.
08:46 A secured card essentially is just that.
08:48 If I want to borrow some money from you, right?
08:53 And you give me, if I give you a $100,
08:57 and you put that $100 in your pocket, and then I say, Hey,
09:01 you know what, can I borrow another $100?
09:04 Now I gave you $100 of my money.
09:05 You put it in your pocket.
09:07 And then you give me 100 different dollars
09:10 that I can go and spend.
09:11 You'll feel comfortable doing that because you still have
09:14 my $100 in your pocket. Right.
09:16 And that's why, because you feel secure that that
09:19 money is in your pocket. Right.
09:20 That's what the bank is doing.
09:21 The bank is saying, I'll be happy to allow you to use this
09:25 credit card, but give me some money as collateral.
09:27 We'll take this money, $2, $300, $400, $500, put it into an
09:30 account, a secured account.
09:32 It becomes secure. Now you can use this card freely
09:35 up to the amount in which you've secured in the account.
09:38 And you can then, it's attached to it, but we have to ask.
09:40 We need to make sure that every time we get a secured card we
09:43 ask, Is this attached to a line of credit?
09:45 We should make sure that question is very clear.
09:47 Most banks will say yes, but there are a few banks that may
09:51 not be under the FDIC regulation,
09:53 or may be unregulated; that don't have a
09:55 secured line of credit.
09:57 Because using a secured card, if it's not attached to a line
09:59 of credit: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
10:02 It's no point. There's no point.
10:03 So we want to make sure we ask the question, Is it secured?
10:06 Is it attached to a line of credit?
10:08 Because when I use a secured card and I pay it back,
10:11 we talked in another episode, 35% of your FICO Score,
10:13 paying your bills on time.
10:15 As you pay your bills on time, use a secured card,
10:17 it builds your credit. Right.
10:19 It builds a credit history.
10:21 It builds length of credit history.
10:22 It's 15% of your FICO Score.
10:24 30% of your FICO Score is your balance to
10:26 lending limit ratios.
10:27 So as you spend and pay back it also impacts your credit.
10:31 So all of these things... The secured card is a great way for
10:34 individuals who don't have a lot of... who have credit issues.
10:37 I urge all of them to go.
10:40 If you have credit issues go to a credit union.
10:42 Go to a bank that has a secured card access.
10:45 And please, just do the research.
10:47 On bankrate. com is a great site that gives a listing of
10:50 different secured cards.
10:52 I advocate for no fee secured cards.
10:54 But you might be able to know of a bank or relationship within
10:57 your area that might have one.
10:58 But the prepaid debit card is not that.
11:00 Where the secured card is attached to a line of credit,
11:03 the prepaid debit card, which I thought the approved card was,
11:07 was just like a prepaid debit card.
11:08 Fees attached to it.
11:10 Every time you use it you have to pay.
11:11 Putting money into an account.
11:14 You have to pay money if you have to pay a bill.
11:18 You pay a monthly fee, monthly maintenance fee.
11:20 If you lose it you have to pay to get it turned back on again.
11:23 Where like my debit card that I have
11:26 I've never paid any fees on.
11:28 It's a fee free card, because I've done the research.
11:32 I've learned about how to budget my account and make sure I have
11:35 enough money in my account.
11:36 And you can use that money for free.
11:38 With a prepaid debit card you have to pay.
11:40 So that's what... And so they'll say, the fees that they've
11:43 charged is not as much as the fees that the bank could charge.
11:46 And that's the key.
11:48 Because if you're using the bank wisely, you won't ever have to
11:51 pay any fees attached to them.
11:52 So these are some things that...
11:54 It frustrates me when we have this lack of knowledge.
11:58 Our people suffer for lack of knowledge.
12:00 And we talked about that in Hosea.
12:01 So we have to really understand and have wisdom with every
12:06 financial decision.
12:07 Because if we don't there's somebody out there who's
12:08 going to profit off of everything that we don't know.
12:11 Right. And I think again, we have to learn
12:15 to defer gratification. Yes.
12:17 You, you might say, I want a credit card.
12:20 I want it now. Well, if you don't have the money to have
12:23 a secured card, you get that money.
12:25 And then you have a secured card, and you work from there
12:30 instead of getting one of these celebrity linked prepaid debit
12:36 cards that are making them rich, and off of you,
12:40 because you're paying to use it.
12:41 Russell Simmons makes tons of money on his RushCard.
12:44 Suze Orman tried it, but failed at it with her Approved card.
12:46 Justin Bieber had the Believer card.
12:48 We called the Lil Wayne card the Ratchet card last week.
12:52 And I think... That just kills me.
12:54 It was, it is actually the Young Money card.
12:56 Uh huh. We have the Mango card.
12:58 It was George Lopez for those who are Hispanic.
13:00 We have the Reach card for Tom Joiner, for those in
13:04 the urban community.
13:05 We have the BET controlled card.
13:08 We have the... There's a few other different cards out there.
13:12 And the Kim Kardashian's card.
13:14 I forgot what her card, what their card was.
13:15 But that card didn't last that long.
13:17 A lot of folks, including myself, fought against that
13:20 introduction of that brand new card.
13:22 But those cards are not really sustainable because of the
13:25 public outlash; quite right.
13:26 Thank God that the public is now starting to say, Listen, we will
13:30 not take this exploitation any longer,
13:32 which I urge everyone to do.
13:33 Say, Listen, we don't want these products.
13:35 And this is great that you are speaking out
13:38 against these products.
13:39 But it's better, it's much, much better if we listens to the will
13:42 and the Spirit of God when He talks about it in His Word,
13:44 and implement the principles in our lives that makes these
13:48 products; whether it be prepaid debit, Rent a Center,
13:51 Rent to Own, Rent a Rim. Rent a Rim?
13:54 They're renting rims.
13:56 They're putting these rims on their cars.
13:57 And they have it in there spinning,
14:00 and they're spinning, and spinning.
14:02 And I said, What is this?
14:03 And they cost so much.
14:05 And you're going into debt.
14:07 You can't afford it.
14:08 And you're going deep into debt just to look good.
14:10 Yep, I mean it's not funny.
14:12 The image of it just kind of made me chuckle.
14:16 But it's not funny,
14:18 It's pathetic in that you can barely feed yourself or your
14:22 family, and you're renting rims.
14:24 It's like there's something wrong with that.
14:26 There's a disconnect here.
14:27 Our money... I mean our people suffer for lack of knowledge.
14:30 For lack of knowledge.
14:31 And we need it, and we need it.
14:33 So now I have a few stories to share for lottery. Yeah, yeah.
14:37 Now, again, because lottery is in the
14:39 70 billion dollar industry.
14:40 We talked about it last week.
14:42 People putting more faith in luck than people put in what
14:45 God has given them to be successful.
14:47 We have to get beyond this.
14:49 So a few stories, and I also want to quote a Scripture that I
14:52 think is just so pointed to...
14:53 See the word talks about everything. Everything!
14:57 There's nothing that the word does not cover.
14:59 So you see, for every dollar that's spent across the country
15:04 you get about a 67 cent return, okay?
15:07 So that means you lose 33 cents.
15:09 From the lottery? Yes. Okay.
15:10 So you spend a dollar.
15:11 You get back 67 cents.
15:14 You're losing 33 cents on every single dollar you spend.
15:16 So essentially you're giving money away.
15:18 And it's a great revenue industry for, you know,
15:22 for the different states.
15:23 And they make tons of money off of it.
15:25 And as the Powerball gets bigger and bigger,
15:27 people's hearts start dreaming about all the things they can
15:29 do with this Powerball.
15:30 Well, here's some winners of various lotteries. Oh, okay.
15:34 So William "Bud" Post, okay?
15:37 William "Bud" Post... And these are people you've never heard of
15:39 because they're broke.
15:41 So, but William "Bud" Post won 16.2 million dollars
15:47 in the Pennsylvania Lottery, but now lives entirely
15:49 on Social Security; blew all of it 1988.
15:52 1993 Suzanne Mullins won 4.2 million in the lottery.
15:56 But now she's deeply in debt to a company that lent her money
15:58 using the winnings and collateral.
16:00 Ken Proxmire was a machinist.
16:02 He won a million dollars in lottery.
16:04 He moved to California.
16:05 Went into the car business with his brothers.
16:06 Within five years he was totally bankrupt.
16:08 Willie Hurt of Lansing, 3.1 million in 1989,
16:12 3.1 million in lottery.
16:13 Two years later he was broke and charged with murder.
16:16 His lawyer says he spent his fortune on a
16:21 divorce and crack cocaine, okay?
16:23 Missourian, Janite Lee, 18 million dollars in 1993,
16:27 was generous, was giving her money away.
16:29 But according to published reports, eight years after
16:31 winning Lee had filed for bankruptcy, and only $700 left
16:34 in two bank accounts, okay?
16:36 So now you read all of that, right?
16:38 And you say, How can all these individuals
16:40 waste all this money?
16:41 But then you see what Proverbs 17:16 says. It says:
16:50 So the word is saying...
16:52 Now is that not a perfect verse?
16:53 Exactly! So the word is saying, You're chasing this money,
16:56 but you're chasing the wrong thing.
16:58 You need to be chasing wisdom, knowledge, understanding.
17:00 Because peace beyond all understanding.
17:02 You'll get peace. You'll get tranquility.
17:05 You'll get everything from just knowledge and wisdom,
17:07 which the word is encouraging us to go out and get.
17:10 But if you get the money first without the knowledge,
17:12 and understanding, you end up with charged with
17:15 murder, crack cocaine.
17:16 All of these evil things come just because we just
17:19 didn't understand it. Uh huh.
17:21 And with this, and I look at Luke 15:11-24 and I think it's
17:27 such a pointed verse, because to me it really just lays out
17:31 perfectly, and it says: And he said, There was a man who had
17:34 two sons, and the younger of them said to his father...
17:37 You know, and so this man has two sons.
17:39 So the youngest son, I'm just imagining him saying,
17:41 Hey, Pop, you know, and he says, Father, give me the share
17:45 of property that is coming to me.
17:46 So that younger son, you can just tell,
17:48 I just want the property. Right.
17:50 I'm owed this property.
17:51 I want this property.
17:52 And the father was compliant.
17:54 And he divided his property between them.
17:57 Not many days later the younger son gathered all he had and took
18:02 a journey into a far country, so the younger son
18:05 just wants this money.
18:07 He's asking for money, begging for money.
18:08 He gets the money, and gets the property, and he takes it and
18:10 he goes on a journey.
18:12 And there he squandered his property in
18:15 reckless living, okay?
18:16 And when he had spent everything a severe famine arose in that
18:20 country, and he began to be in need.
18:22 So now he was not prepared.
18:23 So he went and hired himself out to one of the citizens of that
18:27 country who sent him into his field to feed the pigs.
18:30 So here we have this son, and this is such a poignant story,
18:35 because it relates to every single story of people who won
18:38 the lottery, and squandered the money.
18:40 Most people who've won lotteries when they get the money they
18:42 squander it, because they have not been educated to save it.
18:44 So he goes out, he gets the money, squanders his money.
18:48 A famine hits; he's not prepared.
18:50 Because he should have been prepared.
18:51 Now he's from a wealthy family, a wealthy father
18:54 who gave him a legacy.
18:55 The father did what he had to do for him.
18:57 You know, it almost relates to what God is doing for us.
19:00 Absolutely. God is blessing us.
19:01 But because we're doing the wrong things, and squandering
19:04 things in reckless living, all of a sudden we're out here
19:06 feeding pigs and thinking, Well, how come
19:08 I didn't... I want more.
19:10 There's more in store for me than feeding pigs.
19:13 Then why did you squander the blessings
19:14 that God has given you?
19:16 So we have to ask these questions to ourselves.
19:18 If the young boy had just said, Well, you know what, as opposed
19:21 to chasing the gold, let me chase for knowledge and wisdom.
19:23 Uh huh. And then when he received the blessings from
19:25 his father he'd have been able to more prepared to go out.
19:28 And when the famine hit he'd be prepared.
19:30 He'd have his land.
19:32 He'd have everything laid out.
19:33 And this is what's happening with all these lottery winners.
19:35 and individuals who take out Payday loans,
19:38 who don't budget responsibly.
19:40 And individuals are exploiting them and making sure that again,
19:43 it's expensive to be very poor.
19:45 And it keeps you in that place. Right.
19:48 Because you can't... You're trying to do the
19:51 get rich quick thing. Exactly.
19:53 But you can't get past a certain place.
19:56 And so you just stop.
19:58 You feel stuck. And this is in no way condemning you.
20:03 This is really, this program is to offer you a way out. It is.
20:07 To give you the tools to get out from under the exploiters...
20:12 Right, exactly... the predators.
20:14 I mean people are making money pimping the poor.
20:17 That's really the bottom line.
20:20 I have a little exam for you.
20:23 Okay. Okay? Oh my goodness!
20:25 So this is the exam. Alright.
20:26 And so my name is now...
20:28 And we haven't prepared for this, right?
20:30 Just so they know. No, I, I no.
20:31 And they will see I haven't prepared.
20:34 We haven't prepared for this exam.
20:35 We haven't tested anything.
20:37 You don't know what I'm about to ask you at all? No.
20:40 Okay. So now, my name is no longer Ryan Mack.
20:43 My name is Ryan Mr. Conman, okay? Okay.
20:46 So my name is Mr. Conman, and I want to sell you
20:49 some life insurance. Okay.
20:52 So you're in my office, okay?
20:54 So I'm going to ask you some questions. Okay.
20:56 So just answer them honestly. Okay.
21:00 Is it important for you to leave a legacy for your family? Yes.
21:06 Okay. She said yes to that.
21:08 If you could leave a million dollars to your family,
21:15 would that be a good thing? Yeah!
21:18 Okay, that would be a great thing. Yeah, it would.
21:20 Okay. Do you think that it would be wise to make sure that
21:27 you're educated about all the ways to be able to leave money
21:32 to your family. Oh yeah!
21:34 That would be yes, right. Umhum. Okay.
21:36 So now we're in my office, I have this life insurance policy
21:41 and in this life insurance policy, I want you to sign it,
21:43 and I want you to get a million dollars' worth of life insurance
21:47 coverage. Can you sign it for me?
21:50 Now, are you asking me? I'm asking you.
21:54 I can't sign it unless I read it.
21:56 Ok, so let's say you read it. It's a good question.
21:59 Ok, so you passed the first test. Um hum.
22:01 So now you've read it and you've seen, it all checks out
22:05 I have the highest rating of any insurance agency
22:08 in the world. Hmm! And I'm the best insurance company
22:11 in the whole wide world.
22:12 And you see it and you say, ok now, and it all checks out
22:16 If you pass away, all your family gets a million dollars.
22:21 Ok. Do you sign it now?
22:24 Okay. NO. No, okay.
22:31 So, are you worried about the cost?
22:33 Well, how much is it going to cost? Okay.
22:36 Like what...And then to just... to sign it right then?
22:42 Um hum. Oh, I need to think about it.
22:45 Good answer. Well you just passed the test.
22:47 I did. Okay. Just passed the test.
22:49 Good. Cause the thing is this, the questions that I asked you,
22:52 and I did this for a reason. Check cashing, cash advances,
22:56 title loans, payday loans, rent a rim, rent to own,
22:59 rent a weave stores.
23:00 All these are financial predators that we know about
23:02 but there are many individuals within various industries
23:05 that are totally good industries, insurance,
23:07 real estate, but because they are intent is wrong,
23:10 they could also be predators as well.
23:12 Mmm. So what I just asked you was just something I hope that
23:15 we individuals have learned.
23:17 My job is to get you to just say yes.
23:19 Yeah. All of the questions were yes questions.
23:23 Yes questions. And now I want you to be very...
23:25 and so if you said...if you asked me about the costs,
23:27 my response is, "does it matter"?
23:29 Can you leave a price on leaving a legacy for your family?
23:32 So it's always...these are tricks and ploys,
23:36 that I just hope the viewers out there become familiar with.
23:39 Right. Because what you said was perfect.
23:41 I need some time to go home and think about it.
23:44 I need some time to go and read this over.
23:46 That's the way we are supposed to respond.
23:48 I mean, there are certain things you are never supposed
23:50 to be afraid to say.
23:51 I need some help. I was wrong. I apologize.
23:54 I mean all of these are things we should never even...
23:56 and I need some time to ponder this over, so before you sign
23:59 anything, before any of these predators...take some time
24:02 and go over...ponder these over and get some guidance,
24:05 what the Word says from counselors and we will be fine.
24:08 This is some rich stuff, I am glad that I kind of
24:13 passed the test too. Absolutely.
24:14 I know you have a serious take away for us today.
24:16 Let's go to it. Right.
24:24 Humbly, I would like to speak to those who are poor.
24:29 There are many plagues within poverty, but five of them
24:32 I have often encountered in my work are:
24:35 Guilt, Shame, Worrying, Fear, and Low Self Esteem.
24:40 Let's talk about guilt. Romans 8:1 says:
24:44 "There is therefore now, no condemnation for those
24:48 who are in Christ Jesus". If you are in Christ,
24:51 whatever happened in the past, is the past.
24:54 I need you to eliminate all worry about who you were,
24:58 what mistakes you may have made and any important decisions
25:02 you have made to get to where you are today.
25:04 Remove this yoke of guilt from around your neck
25:07 and feel free to embrace the greatness God has put
25:10 within you, starting right now.
25:12 Let's talk about shame. Palm 34:45 says:
25:17 "Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall
25:21 never be ashamed."
25:23 If you are following Jesus Christ, you have no reason
25:26 to be ashamed.
25:27 There are many who share your circumstances,
25:30 and some even worse, the only time you have permission to feel
25:34 ashamed is if you lose all hope, and stop trying to improve
25:38 your current situation, only quitters should feel ashamed,
25:42 and in Jesus Christ, there is no need for quitting.
25:44 Quitting is the epitome of selfishness because
25:46 you are not only robbing yourself of success,
25:49 but you are robbing others of the blessings you will be
25:51 able to generate through Christ, through hard work
25:54 and persistence.
25:55 Let's talk about worrying. I Peter 5:7 says:
26:00 "Cast all of your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you."
26:04 Although it can be hard to stop worrying, I'll admit,
26:07 understanding that worrying results in no tangible
26:11 forward momentum.
26:12 Worrying is only successful at causing ulcers.
26:16 Take your worries to the Lord and leave them right there.
26:19 Now let's talk about fear. II Timothy 1:7 said:
26:25 "For God gave a Spirit not of fear, but of power and love
26:29 and self-control."
26:31 Exchange this dose of fear for a double dose of faith.
26:35 Fear only inhibits your ability to be productive.
26:39 With fear, you will find that you are continuously
26:42 taking yourself out of performing viable solutions
26:45 for your situation because of fear of failure.
26:47 Faith in God enables you to put forth maximum effort
26:51 in any tough situation.
26:53 Let's talk about low self esteem. Psalm 20:8 says:
26:58 "They collapse and fall, but we, we rise and stand upright."
27:03 Philippines 4:13 says: "I can do all things through Christ
27:08 who strengthens me."
27:10 Your self-esteem may be low, but your God esteem,
27:14 that should always be high.
27:15 Check your pulse right now. Do you feel something?
27:20 If you still feel a pulse, you still have a purpose
27:25 on this world. The world needs you to fulfill that purpose.
27:30 It doesn't matter what your bank account says,
27:32 you have been crowned in God's favor.
27:34 It may feel like society has cast you aside,
27:38 but the Lord our God, will never leave you
27:41 nor forsake you.
27:42 This is the day the Lord has made for you,
27:45 so I dare you to be as great as the dreams
27:48 that God has given you.
27:49 As always, if Dollars and Sense can help you,
27:53 please email me at:
27:56 or have a chat with us on the Dare 2 Dream Network
27:59 Facebook page.
28:00 Until next time, be the change you want to see
28:03 and remember the purpose of life, is a life of purpose.
28:06 Be Blessed!


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