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00:20 Welcome to Digital Disconnect. I'm your host Scott Ritsema
00:23 for this series of 13 programs
00:26 dealing with probably one of the most pressing issues there is
00:28 for us to talk about in this in this digital age,
00:31 and that is our media use. And I mean ALL of our media use.
00:34 We often talk about the kids these days
00:36 and, boy, they sure are struggling.
00:38 We'll talk a lot about child development and the family
00:41 dynamics and social issues, relational issues.
00:44 But every single one of us can ask: "Lord, speak into
00:47 my life how I can better glorify You with my media use. "
00:52 And I'm going to start with two slides here
00:55 right out of the gate that will give us that urgent sense
00:57 and need to pray
00:59 and open the series with prayer because when you hear
01:02 that it's not just that we LIKE our media...
01:04 Listen to this quotation in a moment.
01:06 I'm going to show it to you. I've gotta explain who the guy
01:09 is that's saying this. He works for the big Smartphone Co.
01:13 the ones that invented the Smartphones.
01:15 And he was in the neuromarketing department
01:19 so they were experts at looking at your brain
01:22 and how your brain functions when you're using their product.
01:24 And so what he said is:
01:54 Now just let that sink in for a second.
01:57 I like my iPhone.
01:59 A lot of people like their other devices by whatever name.
02:02 We like media; we like to use these things.
02:05 But I hope I don't pass over the line from like to love
02:10 like I'm in love with it like I love my wife
02:12 and love my children. You love your sister,
02:15 your mother... your pet, maybe.
02:17 Those are normal things!
02:19 This is the device - the piece of hardware -
02:21 and we are crossing over the line into a love relationship
02:24 with our iPhone. I mean you can just start with the fact
02:28 that that is strange and weird.
02:30 But maybe that's problematic on spiritual levels
02:33 and on relational levels that we're going to study
02:35 in this series. I have another quotation I want to show you
02:38 that will also give us an urgent need to begin with prayer.
02:40 It comes from George Barna.
02:42 Now he's one of the top researchers in the world
02:45 in terms of gathering infor- mation and understanding
02:47 the societal trends. And what he stated
02:50 straight out, this is several years ago, he said:
03:00 Now when I had the chance to speak with George Barna
03:03 about that and look at his research
03:05 he said: "Scott, you realize it's actually the majority
03:07 of Americans that qualify for an addiction
03:11 when you use the same diagnostic criteria
03:13 that they use in psychiatry circles
03:15 to figure out if somebody is addicted to alcohol or whatever.
03:19 You use those same questions and criteria
03:22 on our media and the majority of us would qualify
03:26 for an addiction to media. "
03:28 So as we begin many people might think
03:31 "Oh, I don't have a problem with media.
03:33 This is a good seminar for those other people. "
03:36 But maybe this will reach us in our problem areas
03:39 where we might be falling in love with our media
03:42 and/or addicted to our media...
03:44 because at that point I'm not going to be objective
03:47 and honest and fair about evaluating
03:49 my own media use. I have to ask for divine insight.
03:52 That's what we're going to do right now.
03:54 Would you bow your heads with me and pray this prayer
03:56 in your heart? Father in heaven,
03:59 we want to ask for Your Spirit to speak to us.
04:02 We don't want our own opinions, our own preferences
04:05 to rule but we want Your will to be made known
04:08 and to be done. "Thy will be done" is our prayer.
04:11 So please give us courage to face where we could make
04:14 some changes and find greater joy in You
04:17 by doing so. And our hearts of course go out to the children,
04:21 to the young people who are so steeped in
04:23 and immersed in and addicted to so much worldly media.
04:27 And Lord, as we expose and understand the nature of
04:31 that controversy for the souls of men
04:33 give us discernment we pray.
04:35 In Jesus' name, Amen.
04:38 I want to begin with a question.
04:40 Now I used to teach history.
04:42 I used to be a teacher, so I'm going to make you think
04:45 a little bit here, OK?
04:46 The question is: when in history
04:49 was the invention of the first telecommunications
04:54 device? The first electronic media device?
04:58 So you're thinking back. Maybe this is television?
05:01 No, before that there was radio.
05:02 Maybe some of you watching this remember when the TV
05:06 was invented. My grandpa actually was a salesman
05:09 for Zenith televisions. I find that terribly ironic
05:12 because here I do seminars on media at churches
05:16 and on satellite networks and on the Internet
05:18 exposing the harmful effects of worldly media
05:23 and excessive media and it's in my family tree.
05:26 But maybe you think back before grandpa the Zenith salesman.
05:31 And God bless him by the way. I praise God for televisions
05:33 that we can use to watch 3ABN...
05:35 that we can use to watch good things on.
05:37 But these screens can be used to God's glory 'cause
05:40 when you go back and see... When was the first one?
05:43 Not radio; not the silver screen;
05:45 not the phonograph. Go back further.
05:48 We're looking at 19th century.
05:50 When in the 19th century was the world's first media device
05:55 invented? The year was 1844.
05:59 You're thinking: "There was no media in 1844!
06:01 Electronic media? What are you talking about? "
06:03 Look at this image. This is Samuel Morse
06:07 tapping away the world's first text message.
06:12 The telegraph is what we're looking at there.
06:14 And you know what the message was?
06:16 The message was:
06:23 Can media be used by God to the glory of God
06:27 to spread the message of hope and salvation to the world?
06:30 Amen! That's what we're doing right now!
06:32 But 1844 is a pivotal year in prophetic history.
06:37 Those who study Daniel chapter 8
06:39 verse 14 actually refers to a prophetic time period
06:42 that you can chart. When studying Daniel 9
06:45 as the beginning point it ends in 1844.
06:49 And so this is the last days that we are in.
06:52 1844... the beginning of the Investigative Judgment,
06:55 the heavenly sanctuary cleansing.
06:57 That's something to study if you've never studied into that.
07:00 So if 1844 ushers in the last days
07:03 we have to ask: "Lord, what are You doing
07:06 through us and in us
07:08 during this urgent time in earth's history?
07:10 And how does the devil feel about that 'cause
07:12 he's running around like a devouring lion
07:14 and seeking whom he may deceive
07:16 and bring down into the pit of darkness? "
07:19 Well, that's exactly what media is doing today, isn't it?
07:22 Worldly media. Excessive quantities of media.
07:25 Media addiction. And so when we think about
07:29 a media seminar it's not so much a question of
07:32 is media bad or is media good.
07:35 Media can be used for either.
07:37 This is not even a seminar about media really.
07:40 This series of programs is about relationships
07:43 with Jesus, with each other,
07:45 with our families, with our churches,
07:48 with reaching the lost.
07:50 You see, when you think about digital disconnect
07:53 it's a great concept because it has two meanings.
07:57 The digital media has disconnect us from one another
08:01 in many ways: a divide in the home;
08:04 generation gaps; disconnect between us and our Savior
08:08 if we are compromising in our media use
08:10 and consuming that which is of the world.
08:12 But at the same time if we are willing
08:15 to disconnect from it
08:18 then the digital disconnect if you will can bring great joy.
08:22 The disconnect from SO MUCH media can bring us
08:25 into a better experience of how to be human again.
08:28 That's the name of this particular session.
08:31 That got me thinking when I was looking at these clips online...
08:34 Have you seen them? where somebody's on their device
08:37 and they fall down the stairs. One that really got my attention
08:40 you can see this video actually in the series that we put out
08:44 in our ministry - Belt of Truth Ministries -
08:46 put out a series called The Media Mind.
08:49 And in that one there is a guy walking down the street
08:53 with his phone. And he's in this alley
08:56 and ahead of him you're watching he's approaching a manhole
09:00 with ribbons around it... it's plainly marked.
09:03 He walks right through the barriers and falls down
09:05 right into the hole. And I go: "Wow!
09:07 We've got an issue when these sorts of things are happening! "
09:10 Not just that but you have pedestrian
09:14 traffic incidents happening.
09:16 Car & Driver Magazine headline: HUGE RISE IN PEDESTRIAN
09:22 And in general, cell phone-related injuries...
09:25 Have you ever heard of cellphone-related injuries?
09:27 I haven't, but when I heard this for the first time
09:32 I thought: "OK, we're in a new place then
09:34 when there's such a thing as that. "
09:35 They're up 84% at one point
09:37 and people are walking into on-coming traffic.
09:40 So we're going to have to start re-orienting how we do
09:43 human society, aren't we?
09:44 What they did was... You're going to see a graphic of a
09:47 crosswalk where instead of people looking at the stop
09:51 and go signs up at eye level
09:53 which is where we have lived for thousands of years
09:55 looking up and around us.
09:57 We're on our devices looking down
09:59 and so many people are walking into on-coming traffic
10:01 where a bus is coming you have to have the signals
10:04 there at foot level... at ground level.
10:06 That got my attention definitely as I was thinking:
10:08 "How did God design for us to be human? "
10:10 How about the media mind of this age has become
10:14 disconnected from the people around us? From the objects
10:17 around us? From the hole? From the traffic?
10:19 From the lamp post? Here's another graphic that got
10:22 my attention. In Austria they had to put pads
10:25 on the lamp posts 'cause people were waking into them.
10:27 In America they actually had a federal grant at one point
10:30 to study how can we get alerts on people's phones
10:35 to tell them when they are approaching the curb
10:37 so that we can reduce the traffic incidents
10:40 of people walking? And so I can't
10:43 tell when I'm approaching the street?
10:46 How to be human again indeed! We need to re-discover
10:48 how to walk and not walk into on-coming traffic.
10:51 Another thing about how to be human again
10:54 that got my attention was the concept of kyphosis.
10:57 People are on their devices and they're hunched over.
10:59 When we're at a 45 degree angle
11:02 there's 49 pounds of pressure that's being applied
11:06 on the upper spine there.
11:08 And that's actually re-shaping the muscles
11:11 into a permanent forward-head posture.
11:14 They call it hyper kyphosis.
11:16 And they're saying this is happening with young people too
11:18 not just the elderly. Normally as we age
11:22 you know we come down.
11:23 But another thing with young people is this one
11:26 that you'll see a graphic of. A Washington Post
11:28 article with the scan there - the x-ray - of a little bony
11:32 protrusion. And it says: "Horns are growing on
11:35 young people's skulls. Phone use is to blame,
11:37 research suggests. "
11:39 And then this one: the potty with a tablet on it.
11:44 And you're like: "What is that?
11:45 A digital potty? I didn't know there was such a thing! "
11:47 Well, yeah... kids can't learn to use the potty
11:50 with a normal potty any more because everything has to be
11:53 "gameified. " Everything has to be "incentivized"
11:56 and done on a digital screen.
11:58 What is this world coming to?
12:00 Well, we've been told we've achieved some level of
12:04 social connectedness because everybody can be on social
12:07 media. We can all be online together
12:09 and it's a great social boon of relational connectedness.
12:13 We're the most socially connected generation in history
12:16 we've been told. But then when I understand
12:19 that we are the most lonely generation in history...
12:21 When you look at the Surgeon General of the US
12:24 come out and say: "We have an epidemic of loneliness. "
12:27 In Japan they just appointed a Minister of Loneliness
12:30 meaning like a secretary, a cabinet-level office
12:33 in their government.
12:35 And this one really was strange to me.
12:37 When I learned about the "cuddling with strangers"
12:40 craze... Did you ever hear about that?
12:42 That was definitely pre-COVID. But people were going out
12:44 because they're so lonely they just want to hug
12:46 that they go out and hook up with strangers
12:48 at a "Cuddling Cafe" or hire a professional
12:51 cuddler to come to their house and snuggle with them
12:53 and give them a hug. How sad!
12:55 By the way, if you know people in your area
12:58 who have not had a visit, who have not had the love
13:00 of Jesus Christ and the arms of Him reaching out,
13:03 reach out right now. We are the body of Christ,
13:06 the hands and feet of Christ,
13:07 to solve this crisis of loneliness
13:09 that social media is not solving... it's causing it.
13:12 And if you're feeling lonely right now
13:14 know that Jesus is right there with you.
13:17 And praise God we can have this tool of media right now
13:20 to come together in a way that we wouldn't have been able
13:23 to do prior to 1844 and the invention of the telegraph.
13:27 So we're going to keep using these devices to God's glory.
13:30 But have you noticed? Our society sure is crumbling
13:34 in so many ways. For those who are "weirded out"
13:37 by the Cuddling with Strangers craze by the way
13:39 there is the chair that will hug you back.
13:41 Yes, look at that graphic.
13:43 You can't believe that's a real thing till you see it
13:45 in USA Today. Some inventor in So. Korea said:
13:48 "People are so lonely we'd better make chairs
13:50 that hug them. " Yikes! So what is the solution
13:54 to this? Well... God always has a solution.
13:58 Sometimes just seeing what the problem is
14:00 you identify the solution.
14:02 You know that social media is increasing loneliness
14:04 'cause all the studies are showing it.
14:06 Well they did a couple of studies where they said:
14:08 "Well let's just take people off social media for one week. "
14:11 One of them was at the University of Pennsylvania.
14:14 Another one was a Denmark study.
14:16 And in one of the cases they brought social media use
14:19 down to 30 minutes per day.
14:20 And in the other one it was a social media fast.
14:24 And what were the results?
14:26 Well, you'll find it not surprising
14:29 that after one week of no social media use
14:32 loneliness scores dropped significantly
14:36 in young adults who were studied in these studies.
14:40 One week of no social media or very limited social media
14:43 use reduces your loneliness.
14:45 Oh, we're going to get more into that when we look at
14:47 the session called Anti-Social Media because
14:50 really you can't necessarily call it social media
14:53 when it's increasing loneliness.
14:54 It is anti social media if it is increasing our loneliness.
14:58 So the media mind if you will
15:01 is becoming more lonely but the mind of Christ
15:04 fulfilled. You see that's the solution
15:07 Jesus wants to bring to us:
15:09 the fulling experience of relational connectedness
15:13 when you disconnect some from your digital immersion.
15:17 Again, they are tools. Utilize them, but don't be
15:21 used by them. When we have a commitment
15:24 to make a digital disconnect of some kind
15:26 we find relational connected- ness starts to take over.
15:30 Our experience with Jesus and with each other.
15:32 We'll look at that in the ses- sion called Anti-Social Media.
15:35 But again, this session is called How to be Human Again.
15:38 Did you know that the average American touches, taps, and
15:41 swipes their device 2,617 times per day?
15:47 Two thousand six hundred and seventeen times per day!
15:50 You multiply that by 365 days in the year
15:53 and you get almost a million touches, taps, and swipes
15:57 of these devices. It's almost as if that's the world we live in
16:01 now... the virtual world.
16:03 A counterfeit reality.
16:04 You know, I was thinking about when I was looking at that
16:07 those numbers I was like: "How many times am I touching,
16:09 tapping, and swiping? " We're all re-evaluating.
16:12 OK, am I using too much media?
16:14 I mean, it's not worldly; I'm using it as a tool
16:16 but maybe there's a quantity that I've reached
16:19 peak media use and it's going to become problematic
16:21 for my joy and relationships and everything.
16:24 2,617 times of these...
16:29 how many times did I touch my children today?
16:32 How many times? Even just a pat or wood and nails
16:36 or soil and plants or cooking and real
16:39 physical non-virtual things?
16:41 Are we touching those a million times a year?
16:45 I don't have any data on that.
16:46 You're going to hear a lot of information in this series.
16:48 Hopefully, it's information that prompts us to think
16:51 and re-think our media use.
16:53 And it comes with a transfor- mation of the Holy Spirit
16:56 because when we look at the latest numbers
16:58 they are absolutely catastrophic.
17:00 Our society is crumbling under media addiction.
17:03 Take a look at these stats.
17:11 Parents aren't far behind with 8 hours per day
17:14 so we can't judge too harshly there, can we?
17:35 up to 150 times per day in some studies...
17:42 You're just thinking: "How are these numbers even possible? "
17:46 It's coming to the point where
17:48 keeping track of the numbers is an irrelevant exercise
17:52 because 45% of teens when asked:
17:56 "How much are you on your phone during the day? "
18:00 the answer they give is: "Almost constantly
18:04 on our devices. "
18:06 Now I want to warn us against something.
18:07 It's really easy to look at what the culture is doing
18:09 out there and feel comfortable because I'm not nearly that
18:12 crazy with my media overuse.
18:15 But the Bible gives us a warning.
18:17 It says: "They that compare themselves
18:19 among themselves are not wise. "
18:22 So we don't want to measure ourself by the standard
18:24 of the world. We don't want to be conformed
18:26 to the world. We want to be transformed by the renewing
18:29 of our mind according to the standard and plan
18:32 that God has for us.
18:34 II Corinthians 10:12 gives us some good wisdom
18:37 not be comparing ourselves among ourselves.
18:39 I saved one more statistic for last here in this section on...
18:43 on some data because this one was, whoa! ominous:
18:48 the number of minutes of media per day
18:50 for the average American. A few years ago
18:53 it came out with Nielsen Media
18:56 to exactly 666 minutes of media per day.
18:59 Now I'm not suggesting that is the fulfillment of
19:02 Bible prophecy, BUT when you see in Rev. 13
19:05 an ominous number of the beast - 666
19:08 and then you look at "That's the exact number of
19:11 minutes of media use that the average American was consuming
19:13 during that year" that is a very large number as well...
19:17 not just an ominous prophetic and dark-sounding number.
19:21 But we also want to become think- ers. And what I mean by that
19:24 is we know deception is coming in the last days.
19:28 And when we are looking at the amount of media we are consuming
19:31 per day... Somebody sent me an article
19:34 from a mainstream news outlet
19:36 that said: "Kids today aren't spending any more time
19:40 with media now than they were in the 1980's. "
19:44 And you're scratching your head going: "That's not correct. "
19:47 That was stated in a mainstream news article
19:49 and people just are fed with propaganda
19:51 and passively receive whatever is promulgated
19:55 through these supposed "credible" outlets.
19:57 Kids today are not spending any more time
20:00 with media than they were in the '80's?
20:02 Well, what is the actual data on that?
20:05 Jean Twenge at San Diego State University
20:07 has looked at that in great detail
20:09 and she's the one that gave us that 9 hours per day
20:11 in 2016, so that's a number of years ago.
20:15 I don't know what it is now, but in the 1980's
20:17 it was 3.5 hours per day.
20:20 So we've almost tripled since the '80's.
20:22 So I think we can sum that up with
20:25 the media mind becomes deceivable
20:28 but the mind of Christ will be critically thinking.
20:31 We must be thinkers not mere reflectors
20:35 of other men's thoughts. And I include myself in that.
20:37 Whenever I was a classroom teacher,
20:38 whenever I go to churches to do these seminars
20:41 and I'm speaking on Media on the Brain
20:44 I'm always challenging listeners to this seminar
20:47 to take this information to God for yourself
20:49 and seek truth and think and make decisions
20:53 that God is leading you to make.
20:54 Not being a mere reflector of other men's thoughts:
20:58 that's a very important principle in the last days
21:01 when deception is coming.
21:02 But really the bottom line is if we're going to make
21:05 our lives what God wants them to make
21:07 we have to have standards... we have to have rules
21:10 in our media use. And that might not sound like
21:12 something we want to do. Like: "Oh, I don't want
21:14 rules! Is that legalism? "
21:16 We've gotta make our own expectations for our children
21:20 and for ourselves frankly
21:22 in terms of a bunch of questions.
21:24 Let me put a few questions up on the screen for you
21:26 and you'll see the kinds of things we're going to be asking
21:29 ourselves through this series.
21:55 If we can tackle those questions
21:58 and if we can say: "All right, I'm going to have
22:00 my own standards and rules that God is leading me on"
22:04 And by the way, I can tell you when it comes to
22:06 what kinds of media -
22:08 that first question you saw on there -
22:09 if we're discussing worldly media,
22:12 something that has principles of this world,
22:15 of Satan's kingdom not of the kingdom of God,
22:18 then how many hours should we be consuming of that per day?
22:22 And at what times of the day? And for what duration of use?
22:25 and so on. Well, the Bible is clear.
22:27 It says: "Come apart and be separate
22:30 saith the Lord. Touch no unclean thing
22:33 and I will receive you. "
22:35 NO UNCLEAN THING. Zero hours of worldly media.
22:39 And we're going to touch on that later,
22:41 but a lot of these opening ses- sions that we're doing together
22:44 will be dealing with digital devices that we find as tools
22:49 but still we can get out of control with.
22:51 So every person listening will take these ideas
22:54 and these thoughts and this information
22:56 take it to God with an open heart and an open Bible.
22:59 And my goal is to prompt us to think.
23:01 And when I receive thousands - literally - of e-mails
23:04 and contacts and talking to people at churches
23:07 and at conferences and they say: "I made changes
23:10 in my media use and saw positive results
23:14 spiritually and in every way. "
23:17 It's kind of like: "Well, you thought you were OK
23:20 before you made the changes. " "I don't need to make any
23:22 dietary changes. " Or: "The way I live my life is good.
23:25 I'm comfortable. I don't need to make changes in my media use"
23:29 says the average person.
23:31 Like the average person would go into my father's
23:33 optometry office, OK? My dad was an optometrist.
23:37 And he would have people come in and say: "Oh, I don't need...
23:39 I don't need glasses. I can see just fine.
23:42 I don't have any problems with my eyesight. "
23:45 And my dad, the doctor, would say to them:
23:47 "Are you seeing blurry? Are you sure everything's good?
23:50 Well let's go ahead and give you a little test here. "
23:53 And down come the instruments over the eyes, right?
23:55 The moment of truth. "Read that top line here. "
23:59 "OK yeah... that's A M V W R. "
24:02 "Read that second line please. "
24:05 "Wait a minute... the second line? "
24:07 "I'm supposed to be able to read that? "
24:09 "What is that? Is that a C or a G or an O
24:12 or a Q? I don't know. I can't read the second line,
24:15 doc. " And then he does the whole drill of
24:19 "Which one is clearer: 1 or 2? "
24:22 "Two. " "Two or three? "
24:26 "Umm... two. "
24:27 "Two or four? " "Two's still the clearest there,
24:31 doc. " And he breaks it to you:
24:33 "You thought you were seeing OK but you can see even better
24:37 when you have a prescription and you try something. "
24:40 You see the analogy here with our media use?
24:44 We try something different
24:46 like those people did in that study in Denmark.
24:49 University of Pennsylvania studies. Let's just take away
24:51 social media for a week or reduce it to 30 minutes a day.
24:55 Oh! All of a sudden you notice a difference.
24:58 You ask those people beforehand: "Oh, I'm fine.
25:00 I'm fine. " Right? We all are fine.
25:02 But God wants to prompt us to try something different.
25:06 He says: "Test Me in these things and see if I don't open
25:09 the floodgates of blessing upon you. "
25:11 He says: "Taste and see that the Lord is good. "
25:13 "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me
25:15 with all your heart. "
25:17 So that's the quest we are on.
25:19 This is not a seminar about media as much as it is
25:21 a seminar about our relationship with Jesus Christ
25:24 and our relationships with each other and the family unit
25:27 that God is so interested in restoring in the last days.
25:31 Now as I was listening to the information about eyesight
25:35 and media use, you know, you do a lot of near work,
25:38 you have a lot of screen time it increases the risk of myopia
25:41 and nearsightedness. You know, my dad's voice
25:44 echoed in my brain: "Scott, you're going to be
25:46 in your 40's and you're going to need glasses. "
25:50 I've been holding out. I'm even eating a lot of carrots
25:52 and a lot of vegetables and beta-carotene.
25:55 I'm going to try to eat healthy and have a good
25:58 "ocular hygiene" my dad calls it.
26:01 You know, blink a lot when you're doing screen work
26:04 and take your eyes off the screen every once in a while
26:06 and reset. So I'm going to try to not
26:10 have the same problems that people have had
26:13 because of media use. Well... I realize
26:17 that when that happens
26:19 I'm doing something to my brain, to the melatonin in my brain,
26:23 when I'm looking at media at night.
26:26 Now think about this, OK?
26:28 When the sun sets it's a certain type of light
26:31 that is communicating to our brains
26:34 "time to go to sleep. " Melatonin is produced in
26:36 the brain. And when it's morning and daytime
26:40 it's bright lights. Well...
26:41 our digital media simulates the bright light.
26:44 And so as you look at the graphic here
26:46 you'll see the kid with the phone right before bed
26:49 versus the old hearthside and the candlelight and that feeling
26:53 of really going to sleep with peace.
26:57 The Bible says: "God giveth His beloved sleep. "
27:00 That's in Psalm 127.
27:02 "Thou shalt lie down and thy sleep shall be sweet. "
27:05 And so God wants us to have energy the next day.
27:08 You know, when children use devices before bed
27:11 they're 2 times more likely to be sleepy the next day.
27:14 Just 15 minutes can do it... especially video games
27:17 'cause they increase cortisol release.
27:19 They increase stress hormones. Even social media can do that.
27:23 Teens are way sleep deprived.
27:25 They should be getting nine hours per night.
27:27 They're getting less than 7.
27:29 Adults too. 87% of us go to bed with
27:32 and wake up with our devices
27:34 and these things take their toll on our sleep.
27:37 I want to have a... the mind of Christ becomes
27:40 energized but the media mind tired.
27:44 That's the bottom line there.
27:45 But God has a better plan for us, doesn't He?
27:49 In ALL the aspects that we're discussing here.
27:51 And so He wants to bring joy to our lives,
27:54 restoration to our relationships,
27:56 and ultimately inspiration that we can overcome
28:00 whatever besetting addictions, habits are getting us down.
28:04 Seek Him with all your heart and He will be found by you.


Revised 2021-04-29