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00:18 Welcome again to Digital Disconnect.
00:21 I'm your host Scott Ritsema for this series of 13 programs
00:24 on the dangers and effects of the media of this digital age.
00:28 How it's causing a disconnect in our relationships
00:31 with each other, our relation- ship with God most of all.
00:34 In fact, this is not a series about media.
00:37 Everything we do is and ought to be about Jesus.
00:40 He is the One in whom we live and move and have our being.
00:42 So when we think about a disconnect from some of this
00:45 excessive media it's really a re-connect
00:48 with Jesus Christ, with family, with friends,
00:51 with the church, with the lost, with the hurting.
00:53 And there are an awful lot of hurting people out there.
00:55 You've heard in the first five episodes a catastrophic
00:59 epidemic of mental health problems and addiction
01:03 and attention span and family disruptions.
01:05 We won't repeat everything from the first five.
01:08 You want to go back and view those if you missed them.
01:09 And I hope you're sharing this information.
01:11 'Cause you might say: "Well, I don't really
01:14 have a problem with these things myself"
01:16 BUT there are people in your life who do.
01:19 And so please: be an emissary for freeing
01:22 the captives to media addiction.
01:26 And we're transitioning a bit in this particular session
01:28 as we think not just about Smartphone use and social media
01:33 and the digital revolution that took us by storm
01:36 and video game addiction and child development and...
01:39 We're going to look a little bit more specifically
01:42 at entertainment types of media.
01:44 I did a survey a little while back
01:46 just to see how the Christian young people are doing
01:49 with their media exposure.
01:51 And specifically - I was a teacher at the time -
01:53 I was teaching in a Christian academy.
01:56 And I wanted to know: "OK now, I know these students
01:59 want to love God and have a higher standard
02:02 than that of the world, but I started to catch wind of
02:04 pretty deep exposure and immer- sion in Hollywood entertainment
02:09 and violent video games and worldly music.
02:11 So I was curious to try to quantify that.
02:13 I did a little survey. Asked them, you know, how many hours
02:17 a day over the past week did you spend on Hollywood entertainment
02:21 and violent video games? Anonymous survey.
02:23 It wasn't judgment; it wasn't witch hunting.
02:24 Nothing of that nature. But I also wanted to know
02:27 how much time are you spending in the Word?
02:28 How much time are you spending in devotions?
02:30 Seeking the Living God? And that could be in spiritual
02:33 books. That could be in going for a walk and singing
02:36 hymns and listening to birds sing
02:38 or whatever it is that connects you with your Savior.
02:40 And I wanted to compare the two.
02:42 How much time are we spending in the Word versus the world?
02:44 The numbers were absolutely shocking to me.
02:47 When I got the results back and quantified them and added up
02:51 all the data, the average for these high-school age
02:54 Christian young people was 4 hours per day
02:57 just in Hollywood entertainment and violent video games
03:00 and only 10 minutes a day on average in spiritual pursuits.
03:04 Four hours versus 10 minutes is quite an imbalance.
03:07 And by the way, this didn't include worldly music
03:11 and what we're doing online on the Internet.
03:14 This was just movies and violent video games.
03:17 It was a 25 to 1 ratio if you're interested in
03:20 some mathematically nerdy stuff there.
03:22 Four hours to 10 minutes is a 25 to 1 ratio
03:25 which interestingly is the exact same ratio
03:28 of the Standard American Diet when you add up all the calories
03:31 we get from unhealthy sources versus healthy sources.
03:35 And if we identify healthy as, you know, whole food
03:38 plant-based sources of nutrition
03:40 for every one calorie that we are consuming of that
03:44 we're consuming 25 calories of everything else.
03:47 Twenty-five to 1 ratio of that Standard American Diet
03:51 which SAD: Standard American Diet
03:54 spells SAD. And it's a sad diet indeed!
03:56 It's a junk food diet. It's increasing diabetes
03:59 and heart disease and all these lifestyle diseases and death.
04:02 And in fact, 94% of the people who died from COVID-19
04:05 in 2020 were comorbid with these other lifestyle diseases.
04:09 And so you might say we had a pandemic already waiting
04:14 looking for a cause and a catalyst.
04:16 It's a pandemic of choice... a pandemic of unhealthy living
04:20 and lifestyle. Now this is not a seminar on how we eat.
04:24 But really, I'll tell you something:
04:26 just to put in a little mention for healthy living
04:31 not just to mitigate the risk for lifestyle diseases
04:36 but did you know that for every additional serving
04:38 of fruit and vegetables that you add to your diet
04:40 you get a measurable boost of happiness?
04:43 Studies have shown it!
04:45 You add one more you get a measurable boost of happiness.
04:49 Add another serving of fruit or vegetables
04:52 you get another... up to 8 additional servings
04:54 of fruits and vegetables add 8 additional boosts of happiness
04:58 that are measurable in the subjects of the study.
05:02 Well that's encouraging, so wait: does God actually
05:04 want me to be happy? Oh yeah, we're going to get into that
05:07 in the session when we talk about how to escape
05:09 the pleasure trap. We're going to look at boredom
05:11 and the Bible and all of these things in an upcoming session
05:14 in episode #12. But when we think about the issue of
05:18 this diet killing us physically,
05:22 the Standard American Diet,
05:24 is our media use, if we're exposed to the same ratio
05:28 25 to 1 entertainment vs. spiritual food
05:33 the analogy fits, doesn't it?
05:35 We're dying spiritually if we're consuming
05:38 the things of the world. The Bible says: "Do not love
05:41 the world or anything in the world. " It says:
05:43 "If any man loves the world, the love of the Father
05:45 is not in him. " So we can't love, we can't
05:48 serve two masters. We can't love both the world
05:50 and the Father. In fact, the Bible gives us
05:54 some encouragement about that.
05:55 It says that we can "come apart and be separate
05:58 saith the Lord and touch no unclean thing
06:01 and He will receive us. "
06:03 Is that encouraging? We don't want the unclean thing.
06:05 We want Philippians 4 verse 8.
06:09 "Whatsoever things are true
06:11 and noble and right and excellent and praiseworthy
06:14 these are the things we are to think upon. "
06:17 This session is called Transformed by the Renewing
06:20 of our Minds. It says in Romans 12 verse 2
06:24 you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
06:27 Not conformed to this world. Oh, the devil's got a program
06:30 to conform the mass mind to the standard of his kingdom
06:34 and his principles of darkness which we will talk about.
06:37 But I want to see what's going on in the mind
06:40 and what is this thing called the frontal lobe.
06:42 Take a look at this graphic about the frontal lobe.
06:44 Scientists have shown that this area of the brain
06:47 is where our spirituality is, our morality,
06:49 the exercise of the will.
06:51 Reason and conscience are also housed in the frontal lobe.
07:02 All of these things that define basically what it is to live
07:06 the Christian life are happening right there.
07:09 It's interesting. In Revelation chapter 7 the seal of God is
07:12 placed on the foreheads of the believers in the last days.
07:16 We'll get back to that in just a minute.
07:19 But I like talking about the frontal lobe.
07:21 We discussed it earlier in some of the opening sessions
07:24 when we looked at the prefrontal cortex
07:26 and how when our attention span is dropping
07:28 and our emotional self-regulation is dropping
07:31 and self-control is dropping
07:33 it's because the frontal lobe is weakening
07:36 in its ability to gain the mastery,
07:39 to exercise the will. Those things we were just seeing
07:42 on the screen. Having the prayer, having the discernment
07:45 between right and wrong, between truth and error.
07:49 This is a critical part of our spiritual being:
07:53 the circuits to the frontal lobe.
07:54 The Bible says: "Come now; let us reason together"
07:58 and says: "The fruit of the Spirit is self-control. "
08:02 It says: "Love God with all your heart; love your neighbor. "
08:05 Altruism: doing good deeds for others
08:08 even if we get no benefit from ourselves.
08:10 People are willing to lay down their lives for the cause
08:12 of the gospel. These are the ways that God's people
08:16 have been able to live the Christian life Biblically:
08:18 through the frontal lobe circuits.
08:20 Now there's another area of the brain I want to show you
08:22 on the screen here. It's the Limbic System.
08:25 This scientists refer to as "the lizard brain. "
08:27 It's where your lower nature, your base passions are housed.
08:31 It is where you find the fight or flight mechanism.
08:34 The appetites and the lusts of the flesh
08:38 and a whole list and litany of emotional impulses.
08:48 And I'll tell you something: for most people
08:50 it's a trade-off: limbic system and frontal lobe.
08:53 When frontal lobe is coming down limbic system is coming up
08:56 and its mastery over you. And you're dominated by
08:59 these impulses and lusts and emotional outbursts
09:02 and struggles. But if we can enhance this area
09:06 by God's grace and His strength in practical things we can do
09:09 in our lives then we will have a greater experience with Jesus
09:13 and a more joyful life.
09:15 I'll tell you something: remember the thing about stress.
09:17 The media exposure that we do with the fast pace,
09:22 with the social media, with all of the intensity
09:24 and the over stimulation that's happening is increasing cortisol
09:28 release in our body. That increases the risk for disease
09:30 and it also reduces prefrontal cortex function.
09:33 Video game exposure in child- hood; excessive entertainment.
09:37 Our entertainment use; excessive social media use
09:39 for the wrong types of pre- dispositions and personalities
09:43 and what it's like when you're on there
09:45 is also reducing prefrontal cortex.
09:47 Smartphone use and addictions; when we have the habitual
09:50 and compulsive methods of using these media where
09:54 we're being used by them like the guy... the phone holding
09:58 the man instead of the man holding the phone.
10:00 You remember the graphic from episode 5.
10:03 But the limbic system is ac- tually referred to in the Bible.
10:07 It doesn't say limbic system; it doesn't say frontal lobe.
10:10 It says forehead and it does say
10:12 "Love the Lord your God" and it says
10:14 "Come let us reason together"
10:15 and "the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. "
10:17 But the limbic system is perhaps hinted at
10:19 when the apostle Paul talks about the carnal mind
10:22 which is at enmity against God.
10:24 So there's an element within our fallen human nature
10:27 that wars against the spiritual man
10:30 that we gain the mastery over...
10:31 that we want to gain the victory over.
10:33 And I'll tell you that when the Bible says to not be
10:36 carnally minded 'cause that is death
10:39 but to be heavenly minded
10:41 then we want to know the desires of the flesh
10:43 that come out of that limbic system that are excessively
10:46 dominated and enhanced by these media use.
10:50 'Cause I want you to imagine like you have a switch
10:52 on the front of your frontal lobe right now.
10:54 Right now it's in the on position.
10:56 You're listening; you're engaged; you're thinking.
10:59 Now if you were to sit down to watch something other
11:02 than an informational program that is enhancing to the frontal
11:05 lobe like this, you're going to watch theatrical-style
11:08 entertainment television or you're going to get into
11:10 some high stimulating entertainment of some kind.
11:13 The frontal lobe begins to be reduced
11:16 and - guess what? the limbic system enhanced.
11:19 'Cause I want you to take a look at this graphic.
11:28 There's a whole list:
11:34 You want to know what that word means?
11:36 Oh, that's an interesting etymology there!
11:39 To muse means to think;
11:41 a means not;
11:44 so amuse means to not think.
11:48 So when we're in a state of amusement...
11:50 I'll tell you something: I believe in recreation.
11:52 As a father of children, we like to have fun together.
11:55 We want to have a good time doing healthy and holy
11:59 and happy things together as a family.
12:01 Getting outdoors; playing; hiking;
12:04 building... all sorts of things.
12:06 Well, there's a contrast between recreation
12:11 on the one hand and amusement.
12:13 We'll take that up in a following episode.
12:16 But when we're engaged in viewing theatrical-style
12:20 entertainment television... "Oh, it's only PG rated. "
12:23 But you know what's happening? The frontal lobe is being
12:25 reduced and all of those impulses and emotions are
12:28 are enhanced by the theatrical dramatic elements of the program
12:32 and they get you in that state of that feeling
12:34 and it's designed for that exact purpose.
12:38 So... there will be some long-term effects.
12:40 When we exercise the circuits of our limbic system
12:44 and we turn off the circuits of our frontal lobe
12:47 what is going to happen over time?
12:49 Well this is going to become weaker and this is going to
12:50 become stronger. We will live more out of the limbic system:
12:54 fear, stress, lust, anxiety, anger, irritability,
12:57 negativity, and aggression.
12:59 We will have less of the strength of the will
13:02 and the "Come now let us reason together"
13:04 and the ability to overrule and regulate those impulses.
13:08 The spirituality, the morality will be weakened.
13:10 And that's the devil's idea: how to get Christians
13:13 who are not going to be viewing the demonic and worldly
13:16 entertainment but they: "Well we'll have a good standard
13:19 but we're still going to be into entertainment. "
13:21 It still affects the frontal lobe.
13:23 So the Bible says in Galatians 6 verse 8
13:27 that if we "sow to the flesh" -
13:29 we could say to the limbic system - we exercise and enhance
13:33 that - we will: "from the flesh reap corruption. "
13:38 Going to corrupt our very nature.
13:39 "but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit
13:44 reap eternal life. " Do you want to sow to the spiritual
13:47 man where we gain victory? I do. I want to receive the seal
13:51 of God. You know, there's a lot of people have thought about
13:53 the brain circuits and the brain regions as being analogous
13:56 to a muscle. If you don't use it you lose it.
13:59 You exercise it you strengthen it.
14:00 And so you've got two arms. You've got two things
14:03 we're talking about here: limbic system, frontal lobe.
14:05 What happens when you exercise one arm
14:07 multiple times a day every day? You're going hard core with
14:10 that arm. You get a big muscle there, but if you put this one
14:13 in a sling and do nothing with it for hours a day every day,
14:17 well over time this one's going to become emaciated
14:20 and atrophied and useless and you'll do everything
14:23 with this arm. You will revert to this arm; this one is
14:25 largely useless. Same thing with the brain circuitry.
14:28 It changes our very character when we are enhancing that
14:32 limbic system to the detriment of the frontal lobe.
14:34 So the arm analogy helps us think through that a bit.
14:38 But we did address the question of this entertainment
14:42 even if it's morally acceptable, morally innocuous.
14:46 But most of it is not as you're aware.
14:49 Take a look at the graphic about how many
14:51 acts of violence young people are viewing by the age of 18.
15:14 THAT is an awful lot, isn't it?
15:17 You heard about product placements there as well.
15:20 It's all the commercials but then they're advertising to you
15:23 during the program. I mean they're throwing ads at you
15:26 by product placements and showing the alcohol label
15:28 or logo or mention of it verbally
15:31 or even subliminally. We'll talk a little bit about
15:34 advertising industry manipulation and propaganda
15:37 in a coming episode. But when I used to hear those numbers
15:40 when I was a young person... You know, I would hear messages
15:43 from preachers saying: "You shouldn't be consuming
15:45 worldly entertainment. " "Oh, " I would say, "it's not
15:47 affecting me. I can watch these things
15:50 and I can listen to these things and I can play these things
15:53 in the video games and you know it's not affecting me. "
15:57 "I'm not going out and killing anybody, see?
15:59 So I can play violent video games. "
16:01 "I'm not going out engaging in these acts
16:03 so that's proof that it is not affecting me. "
16:07 Now I wish I could go back to my 15-year-old self
16:09 and like shake me by the shoulders.
16:11 "Wake up there, young fella!
16:13 Have you read the Bible? " We know something from Matthew 5
16:17 that I'll get to in just a second, but there was
16:18 an interesting scientific study that was done in Italy
16:22 where they looked at the brain of monkeys.
16:24 And they wanted to see what goes inside the brain...
16:26 what goes on inside the brains of monkeys while they did
16:29 various activities. OK... the monkey is eating peanuts.
16:31 "Oh very interesting! This circuit fires off
16:34 and that one. " OK, this never would have made headline news
16:36 just learning what goes on in the monkey's brain while
16:38 he eats the peanuts. BUT when they took a break
16:41 they found something accidentally that was absolutely
16:43 fascinating to them.
16:44 They moved the peanuts to the other side of the room.
16:47 The scientists are on a break. The monkey's sitting there
16:49 in his chair. He's still got his little monitoring cap on
16:52 there. The scientist is eating the peanuts now
16:56 and the monkey is just sitting over there in his seat
16:59 watching peanuts being eaten.
17:02 Just watching... not eating.
17:04 And one of the other scientists notices: "Wow! This is
17:07 fascinating what goes on in the monkey's brain while
17:09 he watches peanuts being... Wait! Wait!
17:11 This looks kind of familiar to the brain scan of the monkey
17:15 when he was eating the peanuts. Let's compare the two. "
17:17 So they took the two brain scans. They compared them
17:19 side by side and they put them together
17:22 seeing that's the same brain scan. They called it
17:25 mirror neurons. They discovered that whatever we see with our
17:29 eyes is interpreted by the brain
17:32 as if we are doing it ourselves not merely seeing it.
17:36 200,000 acts of violence. That's just on TV by the way.
17:39 That doesn't even count acting them out in the video game.
17:42 79,500 scenes of a sexual nature
17:45 and almost all of that is inappropriate, not promoting
17:49 God's vision for Godly marriage and modesty.
17:53 So that kind of debunks the 15-year-old version of myself
17:58 that was saying: "Oh, I'm not affected by it. "
18:01 Jesus already addressed this in Matthew 5.
18:04 I used to say: "Oh, just 'cause I'm not going out
18:06 and doing it... " Did Jesus say all that matters
18:09 is whether you go out and kill somebody or whether
18:11 you go out and commit the act of adultery?
18:13 No! He said: "You have heard that it was said
18:16 'Do not kill. ' You have heard that it was said
18:18 'Do not commit adultery. '
18:20 And I tell you... " He's raising the bar...
18:23 "if you have lusted after a woman in your heart,
18:25 if you have hatred towards somebody in your heart,
18:28 you've violated the commandments against murder and against
18:32 adultery. " He's taking us to the real heart of things.
18:34 What's going on in here is forming our character.
18:38 We are transformed by the renewing of our mind
18:43 not just our behavior. The behavior will follow.
18:45 We will act in a way out of our mental condition that we foster.
18:51 The way that we develop our character by what we see
18:54 and what we behold and what we think and what we say
18:56 when nobody's around. These things start to impact
18:59 who we are at our very core.
19:02 And that will eventually mani- fest in some types of behaviors
19:05 holy or unholy.
19:06 Are we being transformed or are we being conformed?
19:09 Romans 12 verse 2 asks us to make a choice.
19:12 "Be not conformed to this world
19:14 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. "
19:17 So it's what happens in here that counts.
19:19 And science has even discovered that. I found that scientific
19:22 study to be very instructive. Jesus was 2,000 years
19:25 ahead of the science, though.
19:26 Now there was an Amish young man
19:28 who left the Amish community - true story -
19:31 and he went out and watched the first movie he had ever seen.
19:34 He grew up not with movies or television or electricity
19:37 and he went and watched an old Western film, OK?
19:40 So he was really excited to watch John Wayne.
19:42 And this was like the old-style in movies.
19:44 Now some of you watching maybe grew up with that.
19:47 I mean that's before my time, but sometimes when I was
19:49 a history teacher I would show my students
19:51 old movies as part of the history program
19:55 as part of the curriculum.
19:56 I wouldn't do that today knowing what I know now.
19:58 But when I was showing those old movies from the 30's & 40's
20:02 and so on... 50's... I would show them clips.
20:05 I would show them movies and they would fall asleep
20:07 like within 20 minutes... within 10 minutes... of
20:09 that movie being on. They were so accustomed to
20:11 a much more shock-value type of movie.
20:14 You know: shoot-em-up type of R-rated movies and whatever
20:16 that were popular at the time.
20:19 The Amish kid, though, did not fall asleep.
20:21 You know my students might laugh at the movie.
20:23 Somebody... It's a gun-fighting scene in the old Western film.
20:28 That's what the Amish kid watched: it's was an old Western
20:30 film in this particular story.
20:31 If my students saw that they'd laugh at that.
20:34 You know, if there was a scary scene...
20:35 shocking they'd laugh. The Amish kid, though,
20:39 did not laugh. He turned white pale
20:42 when he saw somebody shot in that old Western film
20:44 which is very not shocking by today's standards, right?
20:48 But maybe by God's standards this is not good.
20:50 So he's shocked by it 'cause he's never seen it.
20:52 He runs out of the house white pale in his face
20:55 and he throws up because it was a pretty big shocker to him
20:59 to see that. And as I heard that story
21:02 and thought about that the Bible verse that says...
21:04 It says: "Do not have your consciences seared as with
21:08 a hot iron. " That's what came to mind.
21:11 Are we being desensitized?
21:13 Think about the graphic here of the frog in the pot.
21:16 Have you ever heard the analogy of the frog in the pot?
21:20 One frog is thrown into already boiling water.
21:22 He jumps right out.
21:24 The other frog is bathed in lukewarm water
21:26 that's increasing in its tem- perature slowly, incrementally.
21:30 And he doesn't even realize the danger that's happening
21:34 to him. He's: "Oh, there's no big problem here. "
21:37 And it gets a little hotter and a little hotter.
21:40 The increasing temperature is imperceptible to him.
21:43 He's totally oblivious to the fact that he's in danger.
21:46 It's getting hotter; it's getting hotter.
21:47 He passes out. The water rolls to a boil
21:50 and the frog perishes... certain frog species.
21:53 So is that happening to us?
21:55 Are we allowing ourselves to be bathed in worldliness?
22:00 And we think: "Oh, it's not that bad. "
22:02 Is that the kind of phrase that Jesus says?
22:05 He says: "It's not that bad? "
22:07 He says: "No, you've heard don't kill people. I say
22:09 don't even hate people. "
22:10 We want to raise the standard not lower the standard.
22:13 And so the frog in the pot teaches us: do not dally.
22:18 We do not play around with sin, with worldliness,
22:21 because you're in danger of searing the conscience
22:24 as with a hot iron.
22:26 And I'll tell you something: this has last days implications.
22:29 Because when you study in Isaiah chapter 33
22:32 you look at verse 14 and it asks a very important question.
22:36 It says: "Who among us
22:39 is going to be able to dwell
22:41 and live in the consuming fire? "
22:44 And you might say: "Well, who is the consuming fire? "
22:47 "What is the consuming fire? "
22:48 Hebrews 12:29 tells us: "Our God is a consuming fire. "
22:53 So if you get that picture of God IS the consuming fire
22:57 then you go back to Isaiah 33:14
23:00 and it says: "Who among us will dwell?
23:04 Will live? Will survive? in the presence of God? "
23:07 You might think: "Scott, can't everybody
23:08 dwell and live and survive in the presence of God?
23:11 Well Moses actually asked: "Show me Your glory. "
23:14 Do you remember the verse in Exodus chapter 33?
23:17 He asked God to show him His unveiled glory and God said:
23:21 "Hold on! No one can see My face and live. "
23:25 Now there will be some people who DO live though.
23:28 At that time Moses was not ready for that.
23:31 Elijah was. At one point the fire came down
23:33 and took him right back up to heaven, right? Up to heaven.
23:37 And Jesus says there will be some who see God.
23:40 "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. "
23:44 So Isaiah's question that he's asking
23:47 "Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? "
23:50 there will be a group who will be able to survive
23:53 in the very presence of a Living God.
23:56 They are called the pure in heart.
23:58 Revelation also refers to this group.
24:01 It says: "In the last days when Jesus is coming on the
24:04 clouds of heaven there will be a group
24:06 of the masses of earth's inhabitants who will be running
24:09 away from Him. They will be saying:
24:13 "Fall on us and hide us rocks and mountains
24:15 from the face of the wrath of the Lamb
24:17 for His great day has come and who shall be able to...
24:21 stand? " Same question Isaiah is asking.
24:24 "Who among us will be able to stand
24:26 and dwell and live in the presence of the Almighty God? "
24:29 They're running away which is kind of ironic
24:32 because it's a Lamb coming.
24:34 A Lamb! The Lamb of God who was slain!
24:37 God doesn't want to hurt anybody.
24:39 He wants to SAVE.
24:40 But some people put themselves in a state so out of harmony
24:44 with the love and self-sacrificing purity
24:47 of the righteous holy God
24:49 that His presence to them is something to flee.
24:52 And He is to them a consuming fire.
24:54 But there is a group that will be able to stand.
24:57 They ask the question when they're running away:
24:59 "Who shall be able to stand? "
25:02 That's the end of the chapter. It's Revelation 6
25:05 if you want to study that out.
25:06 And a lot of people end the reading there and they go:
25:08 "Well, that's the end of the chapter. I guess it's
25:10 a rhetorical question and we don't know who will be able
25:13 to stand. " You can have assurance today
25:15 that you will be in the group that will be able to stand
25:17 'cause you read on into chapter 7
25:19 and it answers the question: "Who shall be able to stand? "
25:23 which is at the end of chapter 6.
25:26 End of chapter 6: "Who shall be able to stand? "
25:28 Read on into 7... Revelation chapter 7 says:
25:31 "The angel was ascending from the East
25:33 with the seal of God to be placed on the foreheads
25:37 of the believers in the last days. "
25:40 So there's the answer to the question: "Who shall be able
25:42 to stand? " People who have by faith
25:46 in the righteousness of Christ who have been so settled
25:49 into the truth both intellectually and spiritually
25:52 that they cannot be moved though the heavens fall.
25:55 And in the last days there will be tribulations.
25:58 There will be trials; there will be deceptions;
26:01 and there will be a group who will testify to the end.
26:04 And I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in.
26:08 That number was numbered as 144,000 symbolically
26:12 meaning the complete totality of God's people in the last days
26:15 to receive the seal of God.
26:18 And I'll tell you that what we do right now
26:21 is determinative regarding which group we will be in:
26:25 the sealed or those who are running away from the Lamb
26:28 seeking the refuge of the rocks
26:29 to fall on them and destroy them.
26:32 There is an answer to Isaiah's question by the way
26:35 in Isaiah 33:14: "Who shall be able to dwell
26:38 in the everlasting burnings?
26:40 Who will be able to stand in the consuming fire? "
26:43 Verse 15 says:
26:45 "He who shuts his eye from looking upon evil
26:49 and who shuts his ears from hearing about evil. "
26:53 He who shuts his eyes from looking upon bloodshed
26:56 and shuts his ears from hearing about evil.
26:58 You might say: "Well, we're not saved by our media choices
27:02 so I can kind of watch what I want and play what I want
27:04 and do what I want. "
27:06 No, we're not saved by our media choices.
27:08 We're saved only by the blood of the Lamb and the righteousness
27:10 of Christ. But if we are be- holding the things of this world
27:13 we will become conformed to this world.
27:15 And if we are beholding those things
27:17 we are not beholding the Lamb in whom we find salvation.
27:21 So we are saved by that Lamb and only by beholding
27:24 can we become transformed into His image
27:26 from glory to glory.
27:28 Who will be able to stand in the consuming fire?
27:31 He who shuts his eyes and ears from the things of this world
27:34 and beholds something better.
27:36 And what is that something better?
27:38 Are you in the Word of God?
27:40 Are you walking with Jesus Christ today?
27:42 That's the ultimate appeal of Digital Disconnect.
27:45 This series is about a whole lot of things
27:47 but when it boils down to it the ultimate essence
27:50 is our relationship with Jesus Christ.
27:52 See Him in prayer and repentance
27:54 if we are dabbling with the world
27:56 to cut that off right now and uproot it by the roots
27:59 and seek Him with all your heart.


Revised 2021-05-17