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00:18 Welcome again to Digital Disconnect.
00:20 I'm your host Scott Ritsema for these 13 programs.
00:24 We are now in episode 8 of 13
00:26 and boy was episode 7 a "doozy. " Media Manipulation.
00:31 This is sort of a part 2 of that
00:33 as we take a look at how the powers that be
00:36 in the media establishment have sought to conform
00:39 the "group mind" as Edward Bernays called it
00:42 to shape the thoughts and beliefs and world view
00:44 and the habits and tastes and ideas of
00:48 the people of the last days.
00:50 Satan is using media as one of his critical avenues:
00:54 one of his most important methods or tools in his bag.
00:58 And we're going to expose that as it says in Ephesians 5:11.
01:02 "Have nothing to do with the fruitless works of darkness
01:05 but rather expose them and bring the light of truth
01:08 and the love of Jesus Christ. " So shall we begin with prayer?
01:12 Father, thank you so much for this privilege
01:15 of using media to Your glory.
01:17 Taking back these tools to be used to the ends
01:21 and goal of Your kingdom.
01:23 May the enemy's stronghold fall as we draw closer to
01:27 Jesus Christ. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
01:31 I want to begin with a quotation.
01:34 You're going to see a graphic on the screen
01:36 from one Bertrand Russell, a famed social engineer.
01:41 He said:
02:08 He goes on:
02:26 Pause right there! You might think:
02:28 "Well, are we dealing with secular entertainment in this
02:31 particular episode as we look at Hollywood
02:35 and the music industry and the manipulation that's taking place
02:38 in that? " Well, I'll tell you something:
02:41 It's called "secular" entertainment
02:44 but the very secular atheists like Bertrand Russell
02:47 who go back half a century or more
02:50 have said: "You know, the number one way that we use
02:53 propaganda is through the entertainment industry.
02:56 It creates a uniformity of thought... "
02:58 "conformed to this world" as the Bible calls it...
03:01 and he says: "These producers of Hollywood
03:04 are the high priests of a new religion. "
03:06 Let's take a look at the rest of the quote:
03:45 OK... let's just let that sink in right there.
03:48 He just alerted the power elite to that fact that if
03:51 people engage in serious thought and start thinking
03:54 for themselves... maybe we would say studying the Bible,
03:57 finding freedom from media addiction and worldly habits...
04:00 that could be a danger to the status quo...
04:03 the power structure holding the grip tightly on the minds
04:08 of the masses. He says this small group of people
04:10 who do things other than take in our amusements...
04:14 you remember what that word means?
04:16 Amusement means to not think; to passively receive
04:19 the Hollywood download and template
04:21 to subconsciously be programmed according to their ideology
04:25 and agenda. That is a danger. This small group, he says,
04:28 if people ever wake up and stop doing our amusement.
04:31 An amazing quotation from one Bertrand Russell
04:35 who spoke of the power of the high priests of a new religion.
04:39 That's the name of this particular episode:
04:41 The High Priests of a New Religion.
04:43 Now there are a number of other people who have spoken
04:46 to this issue of the power of Hollywood.
04:50 One of them was a screenwriter. His name was Paul Schrader.
04:52 And he actually came out and said to religious people,
04:55 he said: "We are there to thumb our nose at your values. "
04:58 "We don't care if you like us. We don't like you. "
05:01 I'm quoting now. He says: "People think Hollywood
05:04 has principles, morals, and values. It doesn't. "
05:08 Now that was quite a confrontational statement
05:10 from the screenwriter Paul Schrader
05:12 but he's saying what we all kind of knew:
05:15 Hollywood doesn't have principles, morals, and values.
05:17 Well they have counterfeit ones. They have distorted ones.
05:20 Their principles are principles of the kingdom of the enemy.
05:24 Another filmmaker named David Putnam
05:27 once said: "Movies are powerful.
05:30 They steal up on you in the darkness of the cinema
05:33 to form or conform social attitudes.
05:37 They tinker around inside your brain. "
05:39 The ideas of the media... that's end quote...
05:41 the ideas presented in Hollywood
05:44 are tinkering around inside our brain
05:46 conforming the social attitudes of the generation.
05:49 The Bible says: "Do not be conformed" in Romans 12:2.
05:53 Another filmmaker named Kevin Smith also said:
05:56 "I always like to think of it as like I've got 'em sittin' there.
05:59 Whip a little message at 'em.
06:00 Whip a little moral at 'em.
06:02 Whip a little of what my view of the world is
06:04 because that's what every good filmmaker does. "
06:07 End of quote.
06:08 Kevin Smith was saying what we probably would assume:
06:11 they've got a soapbox... They've got a platform;
06:13 they're going to present their world view
06:15 which is derived from the enemy of souls:
06:18 false, counterfeit, deception... you name it. Immorality,
06:23 destruction of the family. We're going to get into all
06:25 of that. But the founder of MTV
06:27 stated it even more bluntly.
06:29 His name was Robert Pittman and he came out and said:
06:32 "The goal is to get people's emotions going,
06:35 make them forget their logic,
06:37 and at that point you've got 'em. "
06:39 Yeah, but how is that possible?
06:40 It's in Walt Mueller's book Youth Culture 101.
06:43 By the way, if you want all these quotes
06:45 you can look at that on Media on the Brain.
06:46 I'm not going to be giving you all the sources.
06:49 We're going to try and get through it more quickly.
06:50 Or send me an e-mail:
06:53 I will send you the quotes and the references
06:56 so that you can compile and collect this information
06:59 'cause it is voluminous, eye- opening and ultra-crystal clear.
07:05 Another thing that Robert Pittman, the founder of MTV said
07:10 was... He says: "At MTV
07:13 we don't shoot for the 14-year-olds... we own them. "
07:17 So this is a form of modern mental and spiritual
07:21 slavery. We are getting owned by Hollywood
07:23 to the extent that we open up our souls to their influence
07:27 and that of our children.
07:28 Another quotation that is particularly helpful is
07:31 an advertising executive who gave the credit
07:34 to where the credit would be due
07:36 if you're serving the kingdoms of darkness.
07:39 And she stated in a back-room conversation with the author
07:45 of that book Youth Culture 101
07:47 she said: "We've taken a page from Satan's book.
07:50 Find a point of weakness & lust in every man, woman, and child
07:54 and target that weakness to make them want to buy the product. "
07:58 Now that is important because it's very eye-opening.
08:01 But also it pins the target
08:06 on the correct enemy. Is our battle against flesh and blood?
08:10 As Christians we can quote these Hollywood people
08:12 and so on but they are flesh and blood.
08:14 They are not the enemy so much as Satan is the enemy.
08:18 So this advertising executive said: "We've taken a page
08:21 from Satan's book. " I appreciate the clarification
08:24 there that our battle is not against these people
08:26 who themselves are victims in Satan's hands
08:29 and then are used as agents for the destruction of souls.
08:31 Like the founder and CEO of HBO.
08:35 He actually admitted they were trying to get people addicted
08:38 to their programming 'cause he was asked:
08:41 "Are you aware that people are stealing your movies
08:43 basically by sharing passwords and logging in online
08:46 and the person didn't buy the movies? "
08:48 He said: "Oh yeah... we want them to become exposed
08:50 to it and addicted to it because 'that is what we are in
08:54 the business of doing: building video addicts. ' "
08:57 End quote! So they get very blunt and honest at times.
09:00 And remember in the previous episode we saw how many
09:04 big tech executives and Silicon Valley engineers
09:07 were protecting their own chil- dren from the harmful effects
09:09 of interactive screen time in early childhood particularly.
09:13 Well there are also Hollywood people... I want you to see
09:16 some of the faces and names. Music industry insiders,
09:19 actors, film makers. You probably know these.
09:22 These are household names who protect their own children
09:25 and they came out in interviews. Two were men; two were women
09:28 there and admitted: "We don't allow actually this
09:31 same material that they are producing to be shown
09:35 and listened to in their homes. "
09:37 In fact, even to the point of one of the people on that screen
09:40 was not having her children looking at Disney films.
09:45 And you might say: "Disney? Well that's child's entertainment.
09:47 That's not as big of a deal as some of these other things
09:50 we're discussing. " But I found it very interesting.
09:53 I was viewing a fantastic documentary
09:55 about Disney. It was called Magic Kingdom
09:57 by a fantastic group called Little Light Ministry.
10:00 And in that documentary they take on the film Aladdin.
10:04 And in Aladdin the theme is you've got the lady
10:09 and the man, and it's this love story.
10:11 The man Aladdin is this thief
10:15 and he's running around stealing. And he's the good guy
10:17 in the movie, and we start to like him because he's so fun
10:20 and cool and nice to children and monkeys and all.
10:23 I won't get into all the details.
10:25 Probably most people viewing this have seen this film.
10:28 But Jasmine is the young lady.
10:30 She's the daughter of the king.
10:32 Now interestingly when you think about the king
10:34 and the father you start think- ing spiritual analogies here,
10:37 don't you? Because Aladdin, who is a professional thief...
10:40 remember the devil comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
10:43 To steal. So we don't believe in stealing as Christians.
10:45 We believe the Ten Commandments prohibit stealing.
10:48 Even if you're stealing because you are in need
10:51 stealing is wrong.
10:52 Well, he's trying to steal if you will the heart of young
10:55 Jasmine from the father who is the king
10:57 who is her authority. And he says: "No one to tell us no
11:01 or where to go. " Do you re- member hearing that in the song?
11:04 And it's like: "Wow! That's total rebellion
11:06 against parental authority. "
11:08 And beyond that it goes to the point where
11:10 he takes her up at a high elevation on this magic carpet
11:14 ride and he sings to her: "I can show you the world
11:17 and it's splendid. " Now wait a minute!
11:20 He goes above the clouds and he takes her up on a high elevation
11:24 and he shows her the world and it is splendid.
11:27 Now I remember reading in Matthew 4...
11:29 Have you read it? Jesus is taken up on a high elevation
11:32 by somebody, and this person shows Jesus the whole world
11:36 in its splendor. Word for word. Showed Him the world
11:39 and its splendor. And in the very song in Aladdin
11:42 he shows her the world and it's splendid.
11:45 Well who is that that took Jesus up on the mountain?
11:48 That was Satan.
11:49 And who was it that said: "I will ascend above the clouds"
11:52 in Isaiah 14? Is this all a coincidence?
11:54 This is pretty weird stuff that this all shows up
11:56 in this very same song in this one particular movie.
12:00 He also tells Jasmine to "follow your heart. "
12:03 "When is the last time you let your heart decide? "
12:05 And the Bible says clearly that the heart is deceitful
12:08 above all things and we should not let that decide
12:10 anything for us. We should let the Word of God
12:13 and truth and Jesus dictate... not our hearts.
12:18 Then one very eye-opening thing happens in the song
12:21 that really makes me go: "OK there is something going on.
12:23 I don't know what's going on but there's something
12:25 going on with this song. "
12:26 And it goes like this... he says:
12:29 "I'm like a shooting star. I've come so far.
12:33 I can't go back to where I used to be. "
12:35 Now that sounds familiar because a star in Biblical prophecy
12:39 represents an angel, and Lucifer is the son of
12:42 the dawn, the morning star which fell.
12:44 And here you have Aladdin saying: "I am like a shooting
12:47 star that can't go back to where I used to be. "
12:50 Satan was cast out of heaven.
12:52 Interesting. Well, it goes beyond that.
12:55 Here it is with Eve... I'm sorry, Jasmine.
12:59 I don't know why I always make that mistake.
13:01 Because Aladdin grabs a piece of fruit,
13:04 hands it to Jasmine, just like this is in the Garden of Eden.
13:08 She looks at the fruit: "Oh, how tempting! "
13:11 Isn't the symbolism here quite striking?
13:15 So you could draw conclusions and speculate about
13:17 the film makers of Aladdin and what they were thinking
13:19 and doing, and I don't know. But I CAN say the fruits
13:23 of that - no pun intended - are representing
13:26 rebellion and the very themes of the great controversy
13:29 putting Satan as the good guy.
13:31 And then you get Frozen.
13:33 And in Frozen the young lady sings, and I quote:
13:36 "There's no right and no wrong. No rules for me. I'm free. "
13:40 Now as Bible-believing Christians we don't believe
13:43 freedom is found in licentious- ness and license to do
13:46 whatever you want. Freedom is found in obedience
13:48 to Christ in the power that He gives us
13:51 to throw off the chains of sin and find the grace
13:54 and power of Jesus in our lives.
13:57 Contrary to Frozen and Elsa who sings:
14:00 "There's no right; no wrong... no rules for me. "
14:02 And that's how she finds so-called freedom.
14:05 We know that's bondage. The Bible says
14:07 we will either be slaves to sin or slaves to righteousness.
14:10 Now when we speak about the targeting of the children
14:13 in Aladdin, I have a quotation from the person
14:16 who was sort of the pioneer of marketing to children.
14:20 His name is James U. McNeal. So this is not on Disney.
14:23 It's just the concept of target- children with your advertising
14:27 which they didn't used to be allowed to do.
14:28 But James U. McNeal in the 1970's was pioneering
14:32 this new field of advertising to children.
14:35 And he said: "The consumer embryo
14:37 begins to develop during the first year of existence.
14:40 Children begin their consumer journey in infancy
14:43 and they certainly deserve consideration as consumers
14:47 at that time. " In the first year of existence
14:50 the baby is considered a consumer by this industry
14:53 And one of these industry execu- tives was confronted about this.
14:57 Her name is Lucy Hughes.
14:59 And she was asked in a docu- mentary called Consuming Kids
15:02 about this concept of targeting children
15:05 to try to nag the parents to try to get the parents
15:08 to buy all the goodies and the unhealthy food
15:10 and the video games, etc. And that was the strategy
15:12 in board rooms in corporate America
15:14 They asked her to comment on this, and she says:
15:18 "Well somebody asked me: 'Lucy, is that ethical? '
15:21 You're essentially manipulating these children. "
15:23 And her answer is: "Well, is it ethical? I don't know. "
15:27 So she poses herself the softball question
15:30 "Is this ethical even what you are doing? "
15:32 And the answer is: "If I'm honest, I don't really
15:35 know if what we are doing is even ethical. "
15:38 So in their honest moments they tell you what they're doing
15:41 and they've had much success.
15:43 Since 1984 when they began advertising directly to children
15:47 children's spending increased 35% per year
15:51 over the next 30 years.
15:53 Thirty-five percent per year outpaces economic growth
15:56 tenfold. I mean, we're happy to have 3.5%
15:59 economic growth in the whole economy.
16:03 Thirty-five percent increase per year is a vastly higher rate.
16:06 Children now spend 40 billion dollars per year
16:09 and influence their parents to spend 700 billion dollars.
16:13 The family I grew up in my parents made the decisions.
16:16 It wasn't the children nagging the parents
16:18 and getting the things that they want in that way.
16:21 That is a dangerous reversal of the position of authority.
16:25 And of course we want to give good gifts to our children.
16:27 The Bible says: "The Father in heaven will
16:29 give good gifts to His children just like if a child
16:33 comes and asks bread of his father
16:35 he will not give him a scorpion or a poisonous snake. "
16:38 So we can know that we have good things coming our way
16:41 so I don't want children to feel deprived
16:43 if you don't get everything you want.
16:44 Sometimes not getting what you want is a great gift
16:47 in itself 'cause it teaches us self-denial.
16:50 And then, of course, Jesus loves to pour out His blessings
16:53 in creation and the presence of your parents.
16:55 And that's the number one gift we can give to our children,
16:57 isn't it? Our own presence; our own time;
17:01 our investment in them.
17:03 Now I want to share with you some things about the real
17:05 targeting of the children in this high priest of a new
17:08 religion media manipulation segment.
17:11 Because the number one tool in Satan's arsenal
17:14 to target the minds of the masses, particularly
17:16 from early ages, is through the media.
17:18 But he's got two. The second is the worldly schooling system.
17:23 And that has been in place for over 100 years.
17:26 One of the founders of American public schooling's
17:29 name was John Dewey. I want you to hear his quotation.
17:38 Now you might think they're supposed to be learning
17:40 reading, writing, and arithmetic. No!
17:48 Well that sounds like not what I thought school was for.
17:52 But these founders of American schooling
17:56 their methods and ideology were very similar to that
17:59 of the media heads that we're reading about.
18:01 I want you to hear from a statement
18:03 from the Rockefeller Education Board
18:05 where they came out and said exactly what their ideas were
18:08 with forming and funding this thing called American
18:12 public schooling. And most teachers don't know this
18:14 and aren't a part of this, but this is the founding principle.
19:00 So you might say: "They actually said that? "
19:02 Yes. You thought that these were the things we're trying to
19:05 help our children become. But the devil has his target
19:08 on the children as he did in the time of Pharaoh:
19:11 throwing them in the river, and at the time of Herod.
19:13 Here he is in the last days with his final assault
19:15 upon the children. I want you to hear another quotation
19:18 from one of the founders of modern public education.
19:20 His name was William Torrey Harris and he said:
19:46 What does that mean?
19:47 To subsume one's individuality
19:50 is to take the little piece of dough that is its own unique
19:54 texture and flavor and to mass it into the great
19:58 beige sameness that is the social lump of dough
20:03 that the child is being subsumed into
20:05 and losing their individual character.
20:08 I have a series called Schools: the Deliberate Agenda:
20:11 to destroy individuality, reduce intelligence,
20:15 and re-engineer society. That's exactly what these
20:18 founders of American public schooling in concert with the
20:20 media agenda have been up to for over a century.
20:24 Ninety-nine students have been turned into automatons
20:27 out of 100. And this dates back to the Dark Ages.
20:29 At the time of the Dark Ages the power that be
20:33 wanted to keep people ignorant. "If we can keep people
20:36 illiterate then they can't come to a knowledge of truth
20:38 in the Bible for themselves. "
20:40 Well, then something happened called the printing press.
20:43 We'll talk about that in a subsequent episode.
20:46 At that time people got the Bible in their own language,
20:49 became enlightened, and reformation began.
20:52 The Protestant Reformation it's been called
20:54 and it's one of the greatest epochs in human history.
20:57 Well, it got the concern of the established power
21:01 structure. The priest class of Europe
21:03 were very worried that the people were rising up
21:06 and establishing their own understanding of truth and now
21:08 no longer under the grip and control of papal Rome.
21:12 And so the Jesuit Order was formed.
21:14 And here's what Bertrand Russell tells us. Interestingly
21:17 as a historian he points out that
21:19 the Jesuits formed an education system that:
21:41 Contented with whatever lot you may be delivered
21:44 as an autonomation and a cog in this great system
21:47 of control. He said: "We want them to be thoughtless.
21:49 We want them to be under the caste system.
21:54 One type of education for the people who will be
21:56 brought into the power structure
21:58 and mass 'education' for the masses. "
22:01 The definition of schooling and education is
22:04 to subsume the individual. In fact, the founder of
22:07 Prussian-style school... You may have never heard of Prussia,
22:10 Germany, the German states uniting
22:13 under Otto von Bismarck in the 19th century. Prior to that
22:16 you had the Prussian state wanting to be the strongest
22:19 imperial power on the continent of Europe.
22:22 And so they said: "We're going to do that by
22:24 starting young with our children. We're going to have
22:26 state education - public education -
22:28 and here's what they said in their statement.
22:30 This is from Johann Gottlieb Fichte. He said:
22:50 So you can see the agenda going on there
22:53 in 19th century Prussia.
22:54 It was interesting, too, because there was a founder
22:57 of American public schooling way back in the early 19th century
23:00 advocating for compulsory schooling. Where kind of
23:03 right now we get every child involved with the media
23:06 every child was to be in the public schooling system
23:09 under the indoctrination, and that began
23:12 under Horace Mann, who may have had good intentions also,
23:15 but interestingly it was a prophetic year - 1844-
23:19 that was the birth of modern public schooling in America.
23:22 1844 we saw in the first episode of Digital Disconnect
23:25 was when the birth of modern media took place
23:28 with the telegraph. God can use media
23:30 as we're using it now. Satan says: "We're going to
23:32 co-opt it and we're going to destroy people using media. "
23:35 And interestingly, the same thing is true about education.
23:38 You can have godly, true education,
23:40 Christian education, home education,
23:43 awesome academies and church schools.
23:45 You have Satan's counterfeit.
23:47 And I know there's a lot of good people in the public school
23:49 system. There's frankly good people in the worldly media
23:51 who are just part of... they're not necessarily serving
23:55 in an evil aim. They don't even understand
23:56 what they're a part of. They're a technician or whatever.
23:58 BUT I was a public school teacher so I can say that
24:02 with some credibility that there are lots of wonderful
24:04 people trying to do the best they can buy these children.
24:07 But the system was designed to subsume the individuality,
24:11 to actually reduce intelligence. I don't have time
24:13 to give you the 3- hour seminar called Schooled.
24:16 But I will sum up with this:
24:18 I want to think about the social control aspect of this.
24:21 There was a guy who wrote a book called Social Control.
24:24 His name was Edward Alsworth Ross and he said
24:26 the goal of the social engineers is to:
24:37 There was another one similar to Ross
24:40 who I'll quote here from The Social History of the
24:42 American Family. This is Arthur Calhoun speaking
24:45 in the early 20th century also.
24:47 He says: "The child passes more and more into the custody
24:50 of community experts who are qualified to perform
24:53 the 'complexer' functions of parenthood. "
24:57 So the state will become the parent.
24:58 Now that raises my alarm bells as a parent.
25:01 You see the assault on the family going on
25:03 through many of these sessions: through media,
25:05 through this social engineering system
25:08 to the point where you can look at
25:10 not just Arthur Calhoun's quotation
25:12 but also Ellwood Cubberley. Listen to this one
25:15 on the graphic. He says:
25:35 Then you might say: "Well that's impossible!
25:38 How are they actually going to make that claim? "
25:40 Well there was a judicial pro- clamation in the Ninth Circuit
25:44 Court of Appeals that actually came out and said:
25:47 "Through the public school sys- tem we're... " indoctrinating...
25:49 Well, that's my word... "indoctrinating children
25:51 with a certain ideology about sexuality for example. "
25:55 And they said: "There is no... " This is the judicial
25:58 system in America stated: "There is no
26:00 fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider
26:04 of information regarding sexual matters to their children. "
26:06 I beg to differ.
26:08 But they said: "Parents have no due process or privacy
26:10 rights to override the determinations
26:13 of public schools as to the information to which
26:15 their children will be exposed while enrolled as students. "
26:18 That's a good call to not be enrolled as students
26:20 in those particular schools. We've gotta support
26:22 our godly Christian schools.
26:24 So the United Nations has also discussed this.
26:28 And as the Media on the Brain guy like this one just
26:31 blew my mind when they actually came out:
26:33 The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
26:36 I won't quote it for the sake of time,
26:39 but they basically say in that Convention in that statement
26:42 of rights - Declaration of Children's Rights - that
26:44 children have the right to watch whatever media they want
26:47 and to consume whatever media they desire
26:49 and the parents have no authority over that.
26:51 So ooh... is that God's idea or Satan's?
26:54 You know, God created the family structure.
26:57 And so when I see the literal Baphomet statues
27:00 being erected in Detroit, MI
27:03 where they've got the image of the horned deity
27:05 and they're like "We're Satan worshipers"
27:07 what is the key part of that?
27:09 See if you can take a look at the graphic here.
27:11 It's children looking up in awe
27:14 at the disgusting deity there of Baphomet.
27:20 So you know a Satanic agenda is on
27:23 as the high priests of a new religion
27:25 which we thought was secular entertainment
27:27 and secular schooling... there is something deeper
27:29 and darker and I have some good news:
27:32 we say in Child Guidance - a wonderful book -
27:34 it says: "The only true light is in Jesus Christ. "
27:37 It says: "Have nothing to do with the things that are
27:39 bewitching our children. " So we turn to Jesus with joy.
27:43 We gather our children unto us like they did at
27:45 the Exodus and we walk together to raise our children
27:48 to be the light to this dark world
27:50 to win souls from this system of control.


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