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00:20 Welcome again to Digital Disconnect.
00:22 I'm your host Scott Ritsema and I always like to say
00:25 it's a joy to be here with you. And that's especially
00:28 important in this session. We live in a dark world.
00:31 The entertainment industry is full of absolute demonic
00:35 manipulation and spiritualism
00:37 and it's important to expose it so we understand
00:40 how beautiful the light is by contrast
00:42 and how dangerous it is to dabble in the entertainment
00:45 industry. So it's especially important to begin with prayer
00:48 and with the joy and light of Jesus in our hearts
00:51 as we tackle this great controversy that we live in
00:54 in the media. Let's pray.
00:56 Father, we thank you so much for this time to be together
00:59 in this virtual platform using the media to understand
01:03 the dangers of worldly media.
01:05 May we dwell on that which is true and noble and right
01:08 and lovely and excellent and admirable and praiseworthy.
01:11 We know that Jesus is all those things, so may
01:13 He be at the forefront of our thoughts as we understand
01:16 the nature of the conflict before us & before our children.
01:19 In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
01:22 This session is entitled The Spirit of the Entertainment
01:25 Industry. And I want to begin way back in the 20's.
01:28 Hollywood was beginning. There was a famous actor called
01:31 Rudolph Valentino.
01:32 A book that records the history of his family
01:35 mentions that his wife would actually be receiving
01:37 from spiritual inspiration the script that would be delivered
01:42 to the set and to the director the next day.
01:45 The book was called Madam Valentino by Michael Morris.
01:47 And you might say: "Well that was quite getting off to a dark
01:52 start in the 1920's with the beginnings of Hollywood. "
01:56 It continued. In the 1930's
01:58 Mae West was one of the most famous actresses at that time.
02:02 And she it is said that Mae West received inspiration
02:05 from psychic phenomenon.
02:22 Fast-forward to modern times and you get actors and actresses
02:26 who have admitted the same:
02:27 that they are receiving inspiration from literal demonic
02:31 sources. So this is not meta- phoric; this is not hyperbole.
02:35 But one Oprah Winfrey. She was an actress.
02:38 You may not remember that, but she says this is how
02:40 I see acting: "I use my body to be a carrier
02:44 for the spirits of those who have come before me. "
02:47 She said: "I tried to empty myself
02:49 and let the spirit inhabit me. "
02:51 The spirits of the dead so-called. And the Bible
02:53 condemns communicating with "the dead. "
02:56 A very serious thing that Oprah Winfrey was involved with
02:59 in her acting: opening herself for the spirits to inhabit her.
03:02 She says: "This is how I see acting. "
03:04 Becoming possessed is what we would call it Biblically.
03:07 And Peter Sellers, another fam- ous actor said the same thing.
03:10 He says: "It's rather like being a medium.
03:13 You open yourself and let something inhabit your body. "
03:17 Another one was a famous actor named Robin Williams.
03:21 He says: "There's also that thing: it is possession. "
03:23 I'm quoting: possession. He used the actual word
03:26 and he says: "In the old days you'd be burned for that. "
03:29 But he's talking about literal spiritualism.
03:31 Very serious things we're discussing here.
03:33 He also went on in the quote to say
03:35 he thought that it was empowering in his acting
03:38 to have that experience of possession.
03:40 I know these things are quite unbelievable sounding
03:43 and many people would say: "That's impossible!
03:45 This couldn't be. " When they say it themselves
03:48 who am I to say that they are wrong?
03:50 When they say: "I am having entities inhabit my body
03:53 and becoming possessed. " If you want to see the quotes,
03:56 by the way, do please contact me
03:58 'cause I'm not going to be in 28 minutes
04:00 going through every quote from all the entertainers
04:02 from all the entertainers of the last hundred years
04:04 who have admitted and bragged about these things
04:05 'cause they are voluminous and I can just e-mail you
04:08 the quotes and the references.
04:11 But Denzel Washington is another famous actor.
04:15 He was actually asked in an interview: "How did you act
04:19 so powerfully in that scene? "
04:21 It was in the movie Glory, and the critics acclaimed his scene
04:23 and how he acted so well. "You were so in charge
04:26 in that scene. " And he said: "Well basically
04:28 what I did was got on my knees. Before the recording began"
04:32 he says: "I got on my knees" which I like to do before
04:35 a recording as well is pray to the Lord
04:37 but he says: "I got on my knees
04:38 and communicated with the spirits.
04:41 And when I came out I was in charge.
04:43 I couldn't have acted that" he says. "I couldn't have made
04:46 a decision to play that part. " End quote.
04:49 So he was very much bowing down before the spirits
04:52 as he called them and being empowered by them
04:55 to do something he otherwise couldn't have done.
04:57 Now many actors and actresses say such things and musicians.
05:01 We'll talk about the musicians in this session as well.
05:03 The spirit of the entertainment industry
05:05 is definitely coming from the dark side.
05:07 But one quote really was help- ful to me as I was evaluating
05:11 "Is this an off-hand person? " "Is this a random thing
05:15 or is this a trend and tendency in Hollywood? "
05:18 Well there was an actress named Fairuza Balk
05:20 who was the star in the witchcraft, movie called
05:22 The Craft. And in that film they were
05:25 promoting witchcraft. And the journalist asked the actors
05:28 and actresses: "Is this a real thing?
05:30 Like people get into witchcraft in Hollywood? "
05:32 And here's the quote. You'll see it on the graphic.
05:34 She says, quote:
05:43 So meaning into witchcraft.
05:45 A lot... so there's a quantity for you.
05:47 It's not just: "OK, I'm going to stay away from Denzel
05:50 Washington and Peter Sellers and Robin Williams
05:52 and these old 1920's and 1930's actors and actresses. "
05:56 It is quantified vaguely as "a lot. "
06:00 Enough to have her say: "You know a lot of people
06:03 are really into this. "
06:04 And they're not mentioning their names, of course,
06:06 because that's not something most people brag about
06:08 that they're into spirit worship and demon possession.
06:12 Very serious and sober spiritual issues we are dealing with
06:16 in The Spirit of the Entertainment Industry.
06:18 And I say from somebody who's experienced it to some extent.
06:22 I mentioned earlier that I used to play in a rock band.
06:24 And if I were to show you video and imagery...
06:26 I'd rather just not... but there are some...
06:29 some clips and graphics of when I was involved in
06:32 playing in a punk rock band.
06:35 There was one particular occasion on October 31 of 1998.
06:39 And that was the year when oh, we were the coolest guys
06:42 'cause we played in the band and we played the rock music.
06:45 And the local church actually let us play
06:47 in their site for a spirit worship Halloween party
06:52 of some kind. We were dressed in demon attire
06:55 with painted faces in black and white.
06:57 Praise God for a new creation.
07:00 When you can say: "The old things have gone away
07:02 and behold all things are new. I am in Christ and I am
07:04 a new creation. " And so having foresworn that
07:07 and said no to that and goodbye to that
07:09 I look back on it with horror the kind of music I listened to,
07:13 the kind of movies I watched and sought after.
07:16 But now we seek after Christ with all our hearts.
07:20 Now who is the guy that brought this diabolical
07:24 Satanism to American culture
07:26 where it became cool and became prominent?
07:28 His name was Aleister Crowley.
07:30 And Aleister Crowley had a book called The Book of the Law
07:33 in which he stated his credo.
07:35 And it is as you see on the screen here:
07:43 Doing what you want to do is the entirety of the law?
07:47 Now I believe in the Bible and in Jesus Christ
07:49 and what He taught. He said:
07:50 "Loving the Lord your God and loving your neighbor
07:52 and the Ten Commandments hanging upon those two principles
07:55 are the whole of the law. " But Aleister Crowley
08:00 believed following your own desires. Follow your heart
08:03 you may have heard. Well, he was known by the BBC
08:06 as quote: "the wickedest man in the world. "
08:09 He called himself Satan's chief of staff.
08:11 He made no secret about the fact that he was promoting
08:15 straight up Satanism. He was the most prominent Satanist
08:18 in the 20th century... in history really...
08:20 other than Satan himself.
08:22 He brought modern culture into that Satanic ideology
08:26 in a mainstream way where it became acceptable and cool
08:29 and just the thing and part of the fashions and trends
08:32 of popular culture.
08:33 He advocated actually using music as an avenue
08:37 for experiencing - the music industry - which would adopt
08:40 his ideas and promote his ideas of "do what thou wilt. "
08:45 And that's not some conspiracy theory or some secret
08:48 or something that you need to decode.
08:50 On the Beatle's album of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
08:55 Band they put Aleister Crowley right on the cover of the album.
09:00 And John Lennon said the whole Beatle idea was
09:03 to do what you want, right? "Do what thou wilt... "
09:05 So he's saying: "Our world view, the Beatles ideas
09:09 or ideology, the whole Beatle idea is
09:12 and he quotes Aleister Crowley.
09:14 "Do what thou wilt... "
09:16 And they put him on the cover and they said: "These are people
09:18 we admire and like. "
09:19 But I think that would be one they especially admired & liked
09:23 because they said the whole Beatle idea was
09:25 Aleister Crowley's idea of "Do what thou wilt... "
09:28 So the rock and roll movement was underway.
09:30 You had the 1960's. Not just the Beatles. You had
09:32 Led Zeppelin. Let me quote for you
09:35 from Jimmy Page who said: "I feel Crowley is a
09:39 misunderstood genius of the 20th century
09:42 because his whole thing of liberation of the person.
09:45 What you want to do, do it" he said.
09:47 Is that liberation? That is enslavement to sin, to Satan.
09:50 But he said: "I've employed Crowley's system
09:53 in my own day-to-day life and that is the way big names are
09:56 made these days. " So how are the big names made
09:58 in the entertainment industry?
10:00 Employing Crowley's system according to the guitarist
10:04 for Led Zeppelin.
10:05 And it's not just them.
10:07 Many many musicians and singers that we don't have time
10:09 to get into, and I know 3ABN has
10:11 a series on this very topic of the music industry
10:14 so we're kind of skirting the edges of it.
10:16 But Pastor Lomacang doing a fantastic job exposing this
10:19 and so I'm just kind of adding emphasis to that
10:22 by sharing these quotes with you in rapid-fire fashion.
10:26 But there are a number of people who put Crowley in their songs
10:28 and they say: "We're wearing Crowley's uniform"
10:31 and "We sing about Mr. Crowley. "
10:33 So again I wanted to emphasize it's not a conspiracy theory.
10:36 It's not something people have cooked up.
10:38 They bragged about this from the 60's on
10:41 and when it really became main- stream in the music industry.
10:44 But one thing that people didn't notice was
10:46 one like a Michael Jackson. You fast-forward to the 1980's.
10:50 And he actually spoke of how he used specific methods
10:53 that Crowley advocated for invoking spirits.
10:57 It was to go in a private secret place
10:59 in a room with moving walls and mirrors and all this
11:02 dark spiritualism practices.
11:04 And he said: "I do that
11:06 and I talk to... " And he speaks of a dead piano player
11:11 named Liberace. That's where he was communicating with the dead
11:14 which again we know Biblically is not recommended.
11:18 It's participating with demon worship and is
11:21 absolutely dangerous. So we don't want to touch
11:23 that stuff with a ten-foot pole.
11:25 But on to more modern times. Past the 80's we get to
11:28 the hip-hop movement that sort of has supplanted
11:30 rock and roll as the biggest kid on the block so to speak.
11:34 Jay-Z a big name. Now interestingly you look at
11:37 the graphic of Jay-Z he puts the quote from
11:39 Aleister Crowley right on the sweatshirt there.
11:42 And so that's not hiding it. It's not something you need to
11:44 wonder about. It's in quotation marks
11:46 in Olde English script and word for word
11:49 "Do what thou wilt... " Aleister Crowley's credo.
11:53 In a song that Jay-Z put out
11:55 they said: "I live by you, desire.
11:58 Your love is my scripture. "
12:00 So the desires of the flesh, living by desire and loving
12:05 desire, is their religion.
12:06 They said: "We formed a new religion"
12:08 in that song. It's called No Church in the Wild.
12:10 "We formed a new religion. There's no sins as long as
12:14 there's permission, and it's something that the pastor
12:17 don't preach. " So that's all the lyrics of that particular
12:19 song saying we formed a new religion. Now time out.
12:22 Did they form it? Who formed the religion
12:25 that began in heaven with "Do what thou wilt? "
12:28 "I will be in the position of God.
12:30 I will make my own rule, my own law, my own authority. "
12:33 That was Satan, so he formed that religion.
12:35 Crowley didn't even form it. Definitely Jay-Z
12:37 didn't form it, but they think they're a big deal.
12:39 They have names for themselves that are blasphemous names
12:42 in this hip-hop community and in pop as well.
12:45 These are the big music genres that dominate the youth culture
12:50 of the 21st century.
12:52 But you heard the word straight out. It is:
12:54 "Do what thou wilt... "
12:56 And it's not just these few examples.
12:58 Oh if I had time to go through every quote
13:01 that I could find from the music I'm ashamed to say
13:05 I used to listen to and love
13:07 all about "Do what thou wilt... "
13:09 "I'm free to do what I want any old time. "
13:11 "Do what you want to do. Whatever, whatever gets you. "
13:14 "It's my life and I'll do what I want. "
13:16 These are all different singers different genres over the years.
13:20 "Do what you want to do... what you want to do. "
13:22 "Try hard to live your life; live right the way you want. "
13:25 Seeking for self and pleasure seeking.
13:28 That's not going to bring joy and fulfillment.
13:31 "I need to do what I feel like doing so let me go. "
13:34 This is all the enticing stuff that the devil puts out there
13:37 to make us seekers of pleasure.
13:40 It's: "Do what I want 'cause I can. If I don't,
13:42 because I wanna, do what you want to do.
13:44 There ain't no rule. Do anything you wanna do.
13:46 Do what you want. " Again, these are all different songs
13:49 saying the same thing reading off the Crowlian script
13:52 of "Do what thou wilt... "
13:54 "Do what you wanna do... do what you want.
13:56 Let me hear you say it's my thing.
13:58 I do what I want to do. " Now you're hearing
14:00 "Do what thou wilt... " pretty clearly in this,
14:02 aren't you? I won't go exhaustively through it
14:04 but it goes on to worldview philosophy distortions
14:09 like: "The truth is all within yourself"
14:12 and "Follow your heart. "
14:14 Now it says: "Why second guess what feels so right?
14:17 Just trust your heart. " Now again the Bible says
14:20 don't trust the heart. Says it is:
14:22 "deceitful above all things. "
14:23 But the method of the entertainment industry is
14:26 putting self in the position of God. Following a straight-up
14:29 demonic program of Aleister Crowley.
14:32 And the list of that goes on and on. It's slide after slide
14:35 and segment after segment of slides
14:38 showing all of these quotations from the music industry
14:41 where they're not hiding it. It's, you know, preaching
14:44 "We formed a new religion and our scripture
14:47 is loving our own desires. "
14:50 Now you might say: "OK, well then who's the musician
14:53 behind the music so to speak? "
14:54 This is not just an Aleister Crowlian phenomenon.
14:57 When you go back to the 1930's
15:00 and you look for the origins of the rock music movement
15:03 to develop into what it became in the 50's and 60's
15:06 with this big thing, it was in the 1930's that a man
15:09 called Robert Johnson... I want you to just take a look
15:11 at the image there at the crossroads.
15:13 You probably heard of the cross- roads if you ever got involved
15:15 in this worldly stuff. I hope you didn't, but
15:17 Robert Johnson famously at the crossroads of 61 and 49
15:21 in Clarksdale, Mississippi,
15:23 made this deal with the devil and acquired this ability
15:26 to play the guitar. Well he had been heretofore
15:29 a talentless guitarist according to his mentor
15:32 Son House, the famous blues artist,
15:35 who spoke of Robert Johnson as having no talent whatsoever
15:38 until he went... he disappeared for six months or so
15:42 and then came back and supposedly did this thing
15:45 this spiritual commitment to the enemy.
15:47 And then he could play his guitar in ways that held
15:49 audiences spellbound
15:51 and people were like: "Wow! We've never heard a sound
15:53 like this! " He went from talentless
15:55 to the most prominent musical innovator of his generation
15:58 basically inventing the rock and roll style guitar overnight?
16:03 So maybe there's something going on there when the musicians
16:05 of the 60's would sing about the crossroads
16:07 and acknowledge the importance of that place.
16:09 To this day it's still a tourist trap where people go
16:12 who love rock music history and think this was some great
16:15 thing. Now, by the way, Jesus... Nobody's out of the reach
16:19 of Jesus Christ, if they want Jesus Christ back in their life.
16:22 So don't you ever hear something like sold his soul to the devil
16:24 in the music industry and the entertainment industry
16:27 and go: "Oh, when I was 14 I said some foolish thing and
16:30 made some commitment - a blood oath or whatever
16:32 people get into. " If right now you're hearing this
16:34 and you have a past and you want to be with Jesus Christ,
16:37 the deal is sealed. Jesus sealed that at the cross
16:40 that He is there for you to receive Him if you will.
16:45 And so we can repent. I did. I was involved in these things
16:47 and here I have the opportunity to expose them
16:50 for what they are. So I praise God
16:52 that we can walk in newness of life and not be oppressed.
16:55 'Cause that Robert Johnson... he WAS oppressed.
16:57 He sang songs about a hell hound on my trail
16:59 and demonically oppressed for his career.
17:03 Now there's another guy who spoke of this.
17:04 We fast-forward from Robert Johnson to the 1950's.
17:07 And I love speaking about redemption because 3ABN
17:12 actually hosted an interview with this famed musician.
17:15 He was the king of rock and roll even beyond where Elvis
17:18 would stand and his name was Richard.
17:20 They called him Little Richard.
17:22 But this brother came around to the truth and repented of
17:25 his ways and was interviewed. And I just praise God
17:28 for 3ABN airing that and this brother making that commitment
17:32 to Jesus Christ. But when he was involved
17:34 and steeped in the spiritualism in the 50's
17:36 he was THE rock musician. He was the sought-after guy
17:39 and he said... he spoke of where he got the music from.
17:45 And he said: "I was directed and commanded
17:48 by the power of darkness that people don't believe exists,
17:52 the power of the devil: Satan. "
17:55 So praise God you can come out of that!
17:58 Right? But that's what was going on in the music industry
18:01 movement of the time. He said: "I was directed
18:03 and commanded by another power: the power of darkness
18:05 that a lot of people don't believe exists.
18:07 The power of the devil: Satan. " So he was kind of clear
18:10 about who that was that was directing not just his career
18:13 but you heard it from the other musicians of the time
18:15 all the way up to our day when we heard it was a Crowlian
18:18 influence. But now we're understanding
18:20 the devil himself is really the one not just in Aleister
18:23 Crowley in allegiance but a particular devotion to
18:27 the spirits just like the actors talked about.
18:30 "I got on my knees before the spirits"
18:31 and John Lennon spoke in another interview about
18:34 how he was filled with many spirits and he was a temple
18:37 being replaced by this spirit and then this spirit.
18:39 And he said, talking about the writing of his songs
18:42 he said: "I don't know who the blank writes it.
18:44 I'm just sitting... " I'm removing the expletive.
18:47 "I don't know who the blank writes it...
18:48 I'm just sitting there and the whole song comes out. "
18:51 So he says: "I don't know who wrote my song. "
18:54 And the Rolling Stones... you'll see the quote on the screen
18:56 from Keith Richards who wrote songs. He said:
19:15 So he was very clear also that the origins of his music
19:18 were not in his own creative capacity.
19:21 He says: "People think I wrote my songs. Not so. "
19:24 Same thing with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.
19:27 They said that they received the song Stairway to Heaven -
19:30 the most played song in radio history at one point at least -
19:33 and they said that: "My hand just started writing.
19:36 I almost leapt out of my seat! "
19:38 I mean these are direct quotes where they say their hand
19:40 just started writing and it startled them.
19:42 And they received that song...
19:43 that they did not compose that song.
19:46 Ginger Baker was a bassist for the band Cream
19:49 and he said the same thing about when they're playing the music.
19:52 He said: "Something else is playing my instrument
19:55 and I don't understand it. It is frightening.
19:57 We'll all play the same thing out of nowhere
20:00 and something else is playing my instrument. "
20:02 So these examples are, again, voluminous
20:06 but a few will suffice to make the point.
20:08 Back into the modern times.
20:10 Some of the pop musicians. Have you ever heard of Beyoncé?
20:12 Oh yes! Important musician of our time. She said:
20:42 So she's saying that this is something else she adopts.
20:47 But is it just an act? 'Cause we're talking about
20:49 how the devil is the true one behind this.
20:51 Is she just acting bad and then she feels better
20:53 'cause she calls it another name? No, listen
20:55 to the next quote. She says:
21:23 Have you ever talked to somebody and they're like: "Yeah,
21:25 the other day I wasn't aware of my face or my body.
21:27 And I was outside of my body and I would cut my leg
21:29 and I didn't feel it. " These are very spiritual
21:31 manifestations. This is NOT normal.
21:33 In her own words: "I have someone else
21:35 that takes over my body when I'm on stage. "
21:37 And speaking of on stage, she was at the Video Music Awards
21:41 and was wearing a particular ring that had goat imagery
21:44 on it. You can see the graphic there
21:46 with the goat-skull, the goat-horned deity
21:49 Baphomet which we saw in a previous session
21:51 with the children looking up adoringly at the Baphomet statue
21:54 in Detroit, Michigan. You also see the eye symbolism.
21:57 And eye symbolism became very popular
22:00 and you might say: "This seems to have come out of nowhere. "
22:02 And people discuss: "OK, what is this all about
22:05 the eye and doing this? " And you can see the other image
22:07 of her going like that with the triangle.
22:09 And people get into conspiracy theories about
22:11 eye symbolism that are not necessary. But the mediaist
22:15 likes to say: "Oh, this is nothing.
22:17 You know, all she was doing there when she did this at
22:20 Super bowl was promoting her husband's record company. "
22:23 You can see Jay-Z her husband using the symbol there.
22:26 And so: "Oh, she's not doing anything Satanic.
22:29 She's not promoting demonism or Satan worship...
22:32 she's just promoting a record company. "
22:35 But doesn't that beg to question why is Jay-Z's record company
22:38 all about the eye symbolism?
22:41 And why did this happen at the Super bowl
22:43 which Madonna referred to as the
22:45 "holy of holies" of American culture?
22:47 She said: "When I do the Super bowl halftime show
22:50 I get to come in at the halfway point
22:52 of the church experience. "
22:53 She says: "It's the 'holy of holies'
22:55 and the halftime show of the Super bowl is the church
22:58 experience and I get to deliver the sermon. "
23:00 That was her words directly on CNN in an interview
23:03 with Anderson Cooper. That was Madonna speaking about
23:06 the Super bowl. So the symbolism used at the Super bowl
23:08 means something to these people. I know we look at it
23:10 and we say: "That's silly.
23:12 This is kind of like immature secret handshake stuff. "
23:15 But to them it means something.
23:17 Eye symbolism appeared like on all the pop stars overnight?
23:21 I mean, like where did that come from with everybody doing
23:23 this and this and this?
23:24 I mean this doesn't just happen.
23:26 And so we could take one of two paths.
23:28 We could speculate. We could spend like
23:32 85 hours over the next you know several weeks
23:35 watching every YouTube video we can find
23:37 exposing the secrets of the Illuminati
23:39 and we can walk out you know a little imbalanced in mind
23:41 and having wasted a lot of time.
23:43 So I want to save us that process
23:46 and that's coming from a student of history.
23:48 I love to understand the unseen side of history
23:51 as I'm sure you've seen in understanding the media
23:53 manipulation, understanding the origins
23:55 of modern public schooling, and understanding the true nature
23:58 of the agenda in these last days having historical roots
24:02 and manifesting as diabolical fruits in the last days.
24:05 But having the proper balance here
24:08 would bring just one slide to answer, one graphic
24:13 to answer the question about what is this eye symbolism
24:16 all about? So I want to share with you
24:17 what Carlos Santana says about this eye symbolism
24:21 in the music industry. He first begins by saying:
24:39 So he's speaking to an entity
24:41 and the entity says to him:
24:43 "We're going to hook you back to the radio airwave frequency.
24:46 You're going to reach the young people. "
24:47 So did you notice? The devil has an outreach program here.
24:50 He's reaching the youth through the entertainment industry
24:54 and inspiring, literally having conversations with demonic
24:58 entities, these major music stars
25:00 having and passing it on to us in Rolling Stone Magazine
25:03 in an interview. And I know this sound unbelievable.
25:05 I was presenting the Media on the Brain Seminar
25:07 one time at a church sharing these very quotes
25:10 and somebody was in the back like skeptical and they
25:13 came up to me afterward and they said: "Scott,
25:15 he actually said that! "
25:16 I'm like: "I know. I'm not going to quote it if he didn't say it.
25:19 I want to make sure these are real, validated statements
25:21 by these people. " And he looked, showing me
25:23 in Rolling Stone like: "Look, here's where he actually
25:26 said it! " Yeah... he said that.
25:27 He spoke with this entity. The entity has a name:
25:29 Metatron, and we're going to get you reaching the youth.
25:32 Now what does this have to do with the eye symbolism?
25:34 Here's the rest of the quote:
25:49 Now pause right there.
25:51 Do you have divinity? I do not have divinity.
25:54 You do not have divinity... JESUS has divinity.
25:57 God has divinity.
25:59 We are mortal humans who do not have divinity.
26:02 But Satan's thing is "You will be like God. "
26:05 "I will ascend and I will be in a position of God. "
26:07 "Eve... you can be like God. "
26:09 Aleister Crowley says: "Do what thou wilt...
26:11 you make a law unto yourself. "
26:12 Satanism teaches you are a god
26:14 and that's exactly what Santana is preaching.
26:18 He said: "You will have your own divinity"
26:20 and that's the message. So here's this big secret
26:23 behind the all-seeing eye symbolism all over in the music
26:25 industry. It's just another angle:
26:28 a sort of occult, ritual symbolism type of usage
26:32 of the same toxic ideology of darkness
26:35 putting us in a position of God.
26:37 And that's something we don't want to even touch again.
26:40 I don't want to listen to these musicians;
26:42 I don't want to have anything to do with them.
26:43 And most of us look at the ones that are obviously dark
26:46 and Satanic and we go: "OK, yeah, I'm not going to touch
26:49 that. " But did you know a guy like Sammy Davis Jr.
26:51 was into Aleister Crowley. You look at pictures
26:53 of him he looks like he's singing special music
26:56 at church, you know? Or Sting, the musician from The Police.
27:00 He was into Crowley. I hear him at the dentist's office
27:03 you know in the waiting room. It's not like dark, evil
27:05 hip-hop and Satanic dark psychedelic rock music.
27:08 But we've gotta be careful when we look at the worldly things
27:12 and try to say: "I'm going to do worldly light. "
27:14 You know, "I'm going to do things that aren't as dark. "
27:17 One of the people in the music industry who said
27:20 "We're doing witchcraft music"
27:22 was actually the Beach Boys
27:24 who you'd think they were totally innocent.
27:26 "We were doing witchcraft music. "
27:28 The Beach Boys? I thought they were innocent
27:30 singing about going to the beach and going surfing
27:33 and so on. And so I could quote a number of people that would
27:36 really surprise you in terms of them also being into
27:39 these things. How about I Love Lucy?
27:41 You know she got her ideas of being on I Love Lucy
27:44 from a communication from a dead loved one,
27:48 a dead friend? So the devil's really working through this.
27:50 Don't try to find worldly light
27:52 in the things that aren't as bad.
27:53 "Come apart and be separate saith the Lord. "
27:56 "Touch no unclean thing and I will receive you. "
27:59 And that's the joy: we can be received by Jesus.


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