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00:18 Welcome to Digital Disconnect.
00:21 It's such a joy to be with you. I'm your host Scott Ritsema
00:24 for episode #12 of 13.
00:27 Boredom and the Bible is the name of this session.
00:31 You know there is nothing more calculated
00:33 to energize the mind and strengthen the intellect
00:37 than the study of the Word of God.
00:39 No other book is so potent
00:43 to elevate the thoughts, to give vigor to the faculties
00:46 than the broad ennobling truth of the Bible.
00:50 If God's Word were studied as it should be,
00:54 men would have a breadth of mind - men and women -
00:56 a conviction of character, and a stability of purpose
01:01 that is rarely seen in these times.
01:03 I hope we love the Word of God.
01:05 That is really what it's all about
01:07 for the Word of God is that which testifies of Jesus
01:10 in whom we live and move and have our being.
01:13 And I was thinking about our relationship with God
01:16 as it relates to the media inun- dation that we've experienced
01:20 in the digital age, and I wondered: we use media
01:24 as a tool to enhance our Biblical understanding,
01:28 to enhance our knowledge of the truth.
01:31 But is media becoming a greater stumbling block
01:35 in our relationship with Jesus than it is an aid?
01:40 We want to make sure we get this right.
01:42 So let's begin with prayer and ask God
01:44 to guide us as we think about these things.
01:47 Father in heaven, we ask for a real sense of Your presence
01:51 right now with us here, with all those viewing this
01:55 at home or listening in their cars that they would know
01:58 they have the Holy Spirit with them
02:01 speaking to their hearts, drawing them to a deeper
02:03 study and love of Your Word.
02:05 I pray for that now in Jesus' name, Amen.
02:09 My wife and I moved to California at one point
02:13 when we were first married.
02:15 Now I grew up in Michigan, and Michigan does not have
02:18 big mountains. Out West is where you go to see the mountains.
02:21 And I was always yearning for and interested in the mountains.
02:25 Well we got an opportunity after newly married in Michigan
02:28 to go live in California where we stayed for 5 years.
02:30 Now as I mentioned we're living in Michigan.
02:32 But when we moved out there I was very excited
02:36 to see the mountains. In fact, the school that was hiring us
02:39 they were really talking up the mountains.
02:40 "Oh, Southern California is the greatest place in the world
02:43 because you've got the ocean right over there,
02:45 the mountains right over there. " "OK... sign me up! "
02:47 So we're driving in our U-Haul truck.
02:49 We're heading into the inland valley.
02:51 We're about to see the San Gabriel, the San Bernardino
02:54 mountain ranges. And it's June, and we're driving
02:58 looking for these mountains we've heard about
03:01 and I'm like: "Honey, where are the mountains? "
03:03 I'm looking on my paper map. Remember those things?
03:05 The Rand McNally? "The green swath is here.
03:08 We should be able... " Oh, I do see
03:10 a faint outline of the mountains peeking up above what I now
03:15 realize is a bunch of smog and haze and greyish-brown
03:18 nastiness. "Oh, the mountains were supposed to be
03:21 so beautiful to behold. "
03:23 That's what I was so excited about: I wanted to see
03:26 the beauty of the mountain ranges in all their clarity
03:30 and I see a faint outline.
03:32 This is an apt analogy for many people's spiritual experience.
03:36 We know of the existence of God.
03:38 We acknowledge His presence but we don't see Him
03:42 in all of His beauty and goodness.
03:44 We don't experience the closeness.
03:46 Well the most wonderful thing would happen in the climate
03:49 in Southern California... two things actually.
03:51 One would be the rains that would come through.
03:53 When the rain front would come through it would actually
03:55 clean out that air, clear out that air in a magnificent way.
03:58 And another thing was the wind would blow through.
04:01 The Santa Ana winds would come through and clear out the air.
04:03 Well in the Bible both rain and wind represent something.
04:07 They both represent the Holy Spirit
04:10 where Jesus said to Nicodemus:
04:12 "The Holy Spirit will blow where He pleases. "
04:15 And the Former and Latter Rain represents the falling of the
04:19 Holy Spirit in the last days, the Latter Rain.
04:21 So let's think about this for a second:
04:24 what happened to the view of those mountains
04:27 when the wind and the rain came through?
04:29 Oh boy! The next day I'm running to the front window
04:32 and I'm saying: "Honey, come look at this!
04:34 It was raining down here and it's snowing up there! "
04:37 It doesn't do that in Michigan. You get piled on by the snow.
04:41 But we were so excited to see. "Did they move the mountains
04:44 90% closer? I mean, they're that much more clear! "
04:47 So what changed?
04:49 Well something happened in what's between us
04:53 and the mountains, you see.
04:54 Is God distant from us?
04:57 No! The Bible says he is "not far from each one of us. "
05:00 Maybe there's something between us and God.
05:03 Maybe our media; maybe our busy- ness; maybe our own selfishness.
05:07 Whatever it is that is clouding and "smogifying"
05:11 our vision and view of the Most High God.
05:14 You know, the average young person by the age of 21
05:17 will have consumed 10,000 hours of video games.
05:21 There are 5 million gamers in the United States
05:24 playing over 40 hours per week.
05:27 In fact, if you think about Satan
05:30 being the one who wanted to be in the position of the Creator
05:33 but God creates this world in six days,
05:37 rests on the seventh day,
05:39 and you've got all the onlooking universe witnessing:
05:41 "Yes, God is the Creator... God and nobody else
05:45 can do that, can they? "
05:46 You can imagine all of this: 1/3 of the angels -
05:49 the evil angels - looking at Satan and he's wanting to be God
05:53 and he can't do what the Lord just did.
05:55 And he's wringing his hands and he can't create a world.
06:00 Well, fast-forward to the digital age.
06:03 I want to quote for you from a book called Game Addiction
06:06 where the secular writer here says something that to me
06:10 sounds very spiritual as if Satan has created a counterfeit
06:14 reality. He's become a counterfeit creator
06:17 by making a digital immersion, a world in a place
06:21 in which people live. Listen to this:
06:23 "Our minds are set free to explore and exercise
06:27 heightened abilities and senses
06:30 in a space that still looks and feels real. "
06:33 He's talking about in the video game.
06:35 "Games take our senses beyond the confines of reality... "
06:39 Beyond the confines of God's reality...
06:42 "At the same time, those sensations allow the inflation
06:46 and extension of our conscious- ness, unique ways of being. "
06:51 So Satan creates a virtual place where people go
06:54 where they live where they immerse their mind,
06:56 their consciousness, their interests, their time,
06:58 their achievements, their accomplishments, their very
07:00 identity becomes subsumed into that video game world
07:04 in the extreme cases of the massively multi-player
07:07 online roleplaying games particularly
07:10 which is what that book Game Addiction was about.
07:13 It sounded spiritual, didn't it?
07:15 Our minds are taken beyond the confines of reality.
07:19 It almost sounds what you imagine Eve was thinking
07:22 imagining she would be ascending upon a higher state of being
07:26 when she took of that fruit.
07:28 Satan said: "You can be like God. "
07:31 Well, whether it has that spiritual implication or not
07:34 the bottom line is video games are a massive addiction.
07:37 In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the
07:40 psychiatry community they published a diagnosable
07:43 addiction of video game addiction.
07:45 World Health Organization the same thing.
07:47 And you might say: "How is that possible?
07:49 It's not a drug. We know about drug addiction.
07:52 How is a video game an addiction? It's not alcohol. "
07:55 Well, actually there are seven million more video game addicts
07:59 in American than alcoholics if you ask the AMA.
08:03 But there are 2 different types of addictions
08:05 that have been recognized by the psychiatry practice
08:08 for many years. One is a chemical addiction
08:10 and one is a process addiction.
08:12 Gambling, pornography, and, yes, video gaming.
08:16 There's no chemical being inserted into your brain.
08:18 With a chemical addiction you take the drug or the alcohol
08:21 or the tobacco or the caffeine or whatever
08:23 and it causes a chemical reaction in your brain
08:26 when you take the chemical in.
08:28 But you heard in the previous session
08:29 the process of addiction of pornography
08:31 it elicits the internal natural drugs that mimic the drug from
08:36 a street high when we misuse the brains God gave us
08:39 and become pleasure-seeking hedonists.
08:42 So this is what the video game industry has done:
08:46 it has made millions of process addicts...
08:50 addicts to a process addiction.
08:52 And the reward circuitry in the brain
08:55 gets all messed up when you do that.
08:57 Dopamine receptors start shutting down.
09:00 The brain begins to crave higher quantities of
09:03 input of pleasure in order to get the same hit
09:06 just like drug addicts.
09:08 Except video gaming is maybe a little more insidious
09:11 in the fact that #1 it's socially acceptable
09:14 to play video games. We induct our children into that
09:17 from early ages. You know, 83% of kids have
09:20 a gaming console in their home.
09:21 We don't see 83% of kids being given tobacco
09:24 when they're 8 years old. Another thing about video gaming
09:27 is it's a novelty addiction.
09:29 Pornography is as well.
09:30 Novelty meaning a new experience.
09:33 You're going to level up and it's not the same old same old
09:36 so it's endless new experiences and novelties
09:40 that can captivate the user.
09:42 Another thing about video gaming that is particularly
09:44 dangerous is that there's no satiation point.
09:48 If somebody's addicted to bingeing on
09:51 unhealthy food or alcohol
09:54 there comes a point where there's a maxed-out point,
09:57 a satiation point. Doesn't happen with a video game.
10:00 You can just keep on playing. I've talked to many
10:02 video gamers who have testi- monies of where they've played
10:04 all weekend. And I mean ALL weekend with maybe 2 of the 3
10:07 nights they got a couple of hours of sleep
10:10 and that's it. You just keep on going deeper and deeper
10:13 in the most extreme cases. And you can be addicted to
10:15 a low dose of a drug. You can be addicted to
10:18 you know a low dose of video games as well.
10:20 But you know you think about the media,
10:23 the digital tools that we supposedly call them.
10:26 With video games and with other childhood media addictions
10:30 there's a quotation - a couple of quotations -
10:34 from professional scholars. Even just secular people are
10:38 blowing the whistle on this. I want you to see
10:40 the quotation from Dr. Maryann Wolf who said:
10:42 "No self-respecting internal review board
10:45 at any university would allow a researcher to do
10:48 what our culture has already done
10:50 with no adjudication or previous evidence. "
10:53 And what has our culture done?
10:54 Introduce a complete quasi-addictive set of attention
10:59 compelling devices without know- ing the possible side effects
11:03 and ramifications for the subjects... our kids.
11:06 So in other words, our kids are guinea pigs.
11:09 They're subjects in a vast societal experiment
11:11 on addiction using media.
11:14 That's amazing. Another quotation I want you to see
11:16 as well on the screen from The Big Disconnect
11:18 by Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair.
11:20 She says: "Talk of addiction... "
11:22 We're talking about childhood media use.
11:24 This is not hyperbole... and event adults, too.
11:27 She says: "This is a clinical reality.
11:28 As adults we may choose to mess with our own mind
11:32 and gamble with our own neurology
11:34 but I have never met a caring parent who would knowingly risk
11:38 his or her child's future in this way...
11:40 and yet we are handing these devices that we use the language
11:44 of addiction to describe over to our children
11:47 who are even more vulnerable to the impact of everyday use
11:50 on their developing brains. "
11:52 And we've discussed the developing brains of a child
11:54 how the limbic system is becoming overactive
11:57 with all of the hyper-stimulating screen time.
11:59 Entertainment television and cartoons and movies
12:02 are already stimulating enough. Video games
12:04 have a four-fold increase of over stimulus
12:07 increasing the sleep deprivation and stress cascade
12:12 more than even entertainment television.
12:14 Then the prefrontal cortex of not just the child developing
12:17 brain but we all have developing brains.
12:19 We've seen in this series that is hampered.
12:22 That is diminished... the prefrontal function.
12:24 And the mental health crisis of a generation
12:27 being upon us largely due to the media.
12:30 Now the question of boredom and the Bible in this session
12:33 takes us to the issue of pleasure.
12:35 I want to show you a graphic that shows the pleasure centers
12:38 of a normal brain. They're nice and lit up
12:41 and orange there, but look at the one next to it.
12:43 That's a drug user's brain.
12:46 Not a lot happening in the pleasure centers.
12:48 In other words, you see in that graphic what we know
12:52 from experience. People who are addicted to something
12:55 find less happiness in the rest of life.
12:59 There is always a quest for the next hit of that
13:03 drug or that plug-in drug or that mobile device.
13:06 And we become pleasure seeking instead of enjoying the joys
13:10 that are already right before us.
13:13 Studies have been done on media use and pleasure.
13:15 The Kaiser Family Foundation published a report
13:19 many years ago that the more media the young people are using
13:23 the less happy they are AND the more bored they are.
13:29 That strikes people as a contradiction.
13:32 You might say: "Well, I go and watch the big game
13:35 on prime time 'cause I'm bored and I'm going to be excited
13:39 to watch it. " Or, "I'm going to flip on the video game console
13:42 'cause I'm bored and I want to cure my boredom. "
13:45 Or, "I'm going to listen to some worldly music
13:47 to take me out of the doldrums of boredom. "
13:50 We think the enter- tainment media cures boredom.
13:53 The research is telling us it increases boredom.
13:57 It is the CAUSE of the boredom
13:59 just like the drug user's drug is the cause of the low
14:03 pleasure receptor function that we saw on the previous graphic.
14:08 A provocative piece was published in the Atlantic Mag.
14:12 called: "Has the Smartphone destroyed a generation? "
14:16 This article Jean Twenge asks the provocative question
14:21 and answers it from the research. There have been
14:24 surveys that have been done going back generations
14:26 asking the same questions of teenagers:
14:29 "How do you spend your time in doing this or doing this
14:32 or doing this? " and ranking their happiness levels.
14:36 I want you to hear the quote and see the quote
14:38 from the magazine... from the article.
14:40 It said: "The results of this survey could not be clearer.
14:44 Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities
14:50 are more likely to be unhappy
14:53 and those who spend more time than average on non-screen
14:57 activities are more likely to be happy. "
15:00 Continuing the quote: "There's not a single exception.
15:04 All screen activities are linked to less happiness
15:10 and all non-screen activities
15:12 are linked to more happiness. "
15:15 So if you were going to give advice
15:17 for a happy adolescence... or frankly, this applies to
15:20 all of us... based on this survey
15:22 the advice would be straightforward.
15:24 Put down the phone; turn off the laptop;
15:28 and so something - ANYTHING - that does not involve a screen.
15:32 Oh, I love that advice from Dr. Jean Twenge at SDSU
15:37 who has studied the adolescent years in this generation Z
15:42 maybe more than any researcher out there.
15:44 She wrote the book I Gen, and a lot of generation Z,
15:47 the teenagers and young college students of today,
15:50 have taken that very advice.
15:52 Put down the phone; turn off the laptop
15:54 and do something - ANYTHING - that does not involve a screen.
15:56 There was a survey that was done of these young people
15:59 asking them: "How many of you have at some point
16:02 in recent years given up a social media platform
16:06 or taken a social media fast? "
16:09 And a full 1/3 of them
16:12 had chosen themselves to get off of a social media platform
16:16 at least for a time.
16:17 I found that to be very inter- esting because you can notice
16:21 your own dynamics or do a little trial and test
16:24 and you can see the annoyance of it
16:26 or the problems - mental health - might be occurring
16:28 with that. But the #1 and #2 reasons
16:32 that the teens gave for why they gave up the social media
16:36 at least for a fast or gave it up completely
16:38 was #1: It was a waste of my time.
16:42 Yeah... we'll talk about that. The average
16:45 user of the Internet today using social media
16:48 is on there for hours a day.
16:51 The second thing: too much negativity.
16:54 I found that interesting. So they're finding more
16:57 happiness, more positivity, more joy away from the media.
17:01 And we've seen that in studies. We saw it at Pennsylvania
17:03 University, Denmark Study.
17:05 Take 'em off of social media or take them down to very limited
17:08 amount and you reduce depression, right?
17:11 So I want to show you a video clip right now
17:14 of a family that actually went on a media fast.
17:19 So these guys were challenged: 30-day media fast.
17:22 And I want you to hear how that goes for them
17:25 and hear from even the young people how they feel about life
17:29 when they've been off the media. Take a listen:
17:33 Three years ago I picked up a copy of Neil Postman's
17:36 Amusing Ourselves to Death. And he was a college professor.
17:38 One of the exercises he'd have his students do
17:40 was to go on a... I believe in the book it was a one month
17:43 media fast. So I decided to do the exact same thing:
17:45 one month let's just shut down all media.
17:49 No more television, no Internet, no blogging
17:52 and anything that was digitally related.
17:54 Our children were not initially enthusiastic
17:58 about the media fast. They were terrified.
18:01 Our first impressions were shocked and a little bit scared.
18:05 But as we got a little closer to the day
18:07 and we were praying about it, we were thinking about it a lot
18:12 we were excited.
18:14 I don't think one of our chil- dren would say: "No, we wish we
18:17 never had to do it" 'cause there is a benefit.
18:20 It just gives you perspective on how much time you're spending
18:23 doing stuff. I couldn't stop thinking about music.
18:26 Just wanted to turn on the radio or just look up something
18:30 just for fun or just watch a quick movie.
18:32 It was pretty shocking how addicted I was
18:35 and I didn't like that at all.
18:37 As these sort of addictions are building up, it kind of
18:40 helps to break those. It is a fast and it takes time
18:44 and it's not just one day and then you're through with your
18:48 pain. No... it keeps going. But then once we get near
18:50 the end it's easier. You enjoy it.
18:53 You really can see the difference.
18:56 It's not just about taking away.
18:58 If all you do is take away from your kids
19:00 something and leave them nothing they're in no better spot.
19:03 They loved the extra time of playing basketball with dad
19:07 or playing cards with me
19:09 or just working on extra things.
19:12 Our lives are so busy and noisy.
19:14 It brings a quietness, and in quietness
19:17 is when you hear God's voice.
19:19 It is so sweet... the silence. Not just the silence
19:23 but the peace! Because if you're doing everything
19:26 and you have this noise go through your head
19:28 you really cannot have peace.
19:30 And you don't know that you're missing it until you have it.
19:33 The most important thing for me: for my kids to have
19:38 is that they would love God with all their heart
19:42 and know Him and live their life in relationship with Him.
19:45 This has been so good in our lives
19:49 and it hasn't been boring at all!
19:53 We're not just saying no media but we're saying
19:56 use it in responsible and God-glorifying ways.
20:02 Amen! Can you agree with that?
20:04 Fantastic documentary that that clip was pulled from
20:08 called Captivated by Media Talk 101.
20:11 And I think everybody - young and old - can
20:13 learn from that very same experience that they had
20:17 in that trial that they did... that test that they did.
20:21 And as you think about some of the comments,
20:24 particularly the young lady at one point
20:26 and she says that she would go outside
20:32 because, you know, you gotta replace the media
20:35 with something. She would go outside with the Bible
20:38 and she would read the Bible for sometimes hours
20:43 and ENJOY it!
20:46 I haven't heard a lot of people talk that way.
20:49 The idea that the Bible is "sweeter than honey: "
20:53 that's what it says in Psalm 119.
20:56 That it's sweeter than honey.
20:58 So what are we doing to our taste buds?
21:01 Our appetites as human beings are trained. What are we doing
21:05 with our media use and the stimulant effect of our
21:08 media use to make it so that so many people universally
21:11 don't care to read?
21:13 Maybe especially read the Bible.
21:15 Well let's back up and zoom out and think about
21:18 pleasure in general. How does pleasure work?
21:21 In God's universe in God's creation of us
21:24 did He want us to have joy?
21:25 Well, it says He created us "for His pleasure and will. "
21:28 God is a God of pleasure.
21:30 He wants us to enjoy His beautiful creation,
21:33 life as He designed it.
21:35 He is the true author of joy, happiness, and pleasure.
21:40 Satan is the enemy of souls
21:42 and is about pleasure seeking and hedonistic violations of
21:47 God's law under the false name of pleasure
21:50 when really it just leads to greater depression.
21:53 What kind of things bring pleasure?
21:55 You ever had an opportunity to sponsor an orphan?
21:59 Sponsor a child in a school overseas in a needy place
22:02 where the child doesn't have parents and you're
22:05 giving them an education. You've got the little picture
22:08 hanging on your fridge and maybe you start collecting those.
22:10 Pleasure follows when you do that, doesn't it?
22:14 Altruistic deeds; deeds of mercy of many kinds.
22:17 How about when you study the Bible with somebody
22:19 and you share the truth with them?
22:21 And they've never seen the picture of Christ
22:24 and the Bible truth that you are revealing...
22:26 that the Spirit of God is revealing to them as you
22:28 take them through the Word of God.
22:30 When you do that pleasure follows, doesn't it?
22:33 How about when you view a beautiful sunset
22:36 or a rainbow or a double rainbow
22:38 or name your favorite captivating scene of nature.
22:42 You view that. You ponder and give gratitude
22:47 to the God of creation at that moment
22:49 and know His presence with you and pleasure follows.
22:52 How about you enjoy some family time?
22:55 You take an afternoon off and you get a meal and you go
22:58 outside and enjoy beside a lake.
23:01 There's actually a quotation, an admonition I read
23:04 one time, and it says: "Parents should take their
23:07 children out on a lovely afternoon
23:10 under a spreading tree and have a meal together
23:12 in a beautiful place. "
23:14 And some people say: "Well when you read counsel
23:17 like that... You know, when you read instruction
23:19 that God has inspired into your life
23:23 well it's some sort of legalistic thing. "
23:25 I said to my children one day:
23:27 "We're going to take very seriously these admonitions
23:30 and I'm going to follow this strictly. "
23:33 And most kids go: "Oh, no, what are they going to take away? "
23:36 "We're going to go... Dad's not working this afternoon,
23:39 we're going to the lake. "
23:41 Pleasure follows.
23:43 How about when you study the Word of God for yourself
23:45 and you pray like the Psalmist prayed? "Open Thou
23:48 mine eyes that I might behold wondrous things
23:51 out of Thy law. " Pleasure follows.
23:53 Invest in a marital relationship. Pleasure follows.
23:58 Attend a joyful wedding celebration.
24:00 Accomplish a difficult task.
24:02 Enjoy a nutritious meal that you didn't cook!
24:05 No... or that you DID cook and put some hard work into.
24:07 Pleasure follows.
24:09 Now why do I keep saying that refrain pleasure follows?
24:13 Because it's the cart and the horse.
24:15 Our culture puts the cart before the horse.
24:18 "I'm going to seek pleasure and that's the end.
24:20 That's out front; that's the goal.
24:21 That's where my sights are set; I'm seeking pleasure. "
24:24 But that's not God's design.
24:26 You seek God. Pleasure follows like the cart follows the horse.
24:30 It's as simple as that.
24:31 And God wants us to maximize our joy.
24:35 You see, Satan has this reputation as being the one who
24:38 is going to deliver pleasure and God is the killjoy.
24:43 That is absolutely incorrect.
24:45 God wants to maximize our joy in the present and eternal
24:50 experience that He has to offer us.
24:52 Satan isn't any good at it anyway.
24:54 The analogy is a caffeine addict.
24:57 I was a Mountain Dew addict.
24:59 Hi... I'm Scott and I was a Mountain Dew addict.
25:01 I used to wake up first thing in the morning. I would drink
25:04 the Mountain Dew for breakfast.
25:05 I would have the buzz to be able to take notes
25:08 first period in class. I'm talking 12th grade here.
25:11 I'm 18 years old and I'm not eating breakfast
25:15 and then I crack another "pop" as we call it in Michigan.
25:18 Maybe you refer to it as soda or Coke... although
25:20 I have to take issue with you. It's not Coke it's Mountain Dew.
25:22 Anyway... I was a Mountain Dew addict.
25:26 And the biggest problem wasn't just the crash that followed
25:30 and that I didn't actually have much energy.
25:32 I'll tell you: later on in life when I made some reforms
25:35 in diet and health I found: "Oh, wow! "
25:38 So living without the caffeine sugar high
25:41 actually I have more energy. If you would have told me that
25:44 back then I'd be like: "What are you talking about?
25:46 I'm getting the energy from the rush from the Mountain Dew. "
25:49 No, you can live with a higher energy level
25:52 without that stuff. Really? Well, try it out.
25:55 I did try it out and found: "Wow! It works! "
25:57 But that wasn't just the only problem:
25:59 the high followed by the crash.
26:01 That's the pleasure seeking drug addict experience
26:04 media addict experience analogized by the Mountain Dew
26:08 addiction that I personally experienced.
26:10 But you know, when I was drinking the Mountain Dew
26:13 or take your pick... Your... you know, luxurious
26:16 dessert indulgence addiction. Whatever it is that
26:20 ruins your taste buds.
26:22 I did not want to eat real food.
26:23 After drinking Mountain Dew, you know, give me a pizza.
26:26 Give me, you know, Lucky Charms.
26:28 Give me something exciting to the taste buds.
26:30 Little Caesar's pizza or Dominos or the Pizza Hut
26:33 or whatever. Today I still love pizza by the way.
26:37 People who know me might be like: "Pizza's his favorite
26:40 food. " I try to eat the healthier pizza but anyway...
26:43 I didn't want to eat broccoli. I didn't want to eat vegetables.
26:47 The Mountain Dew spoiled the appetite
26:50 for the real thing.
26:52 You see the analogy Boredom and the Bible?
26:55 The Bible is sweet as honey.
26:57 SWEETER than honey to our taste.
26:59 But many people don't taste the sweetness, do they?
27:02 What's the problem?
27:03 Well, it says in Hebrews... I'm sorry, in Proverbs
27:07 chapter 27 that a sated man -
27:11 a satisfied man, a satiated man,
27:12 the person who's been full -
27:14 loathes the honey. Can we actually come to the point
27:17 where we loathe the Bible if the Bible is represented
27:20 by honey? Oh yes... many people are bored by it
27:22 because we're sated with something else.
27:25 The Mountain Dew addiction made me have a distaste
27:27 for the broccoli. You've eaten your dessert first;
27:30 you don't want the entree.
27:32 I want to show you a brain scan though that brings hope.
27:34 One month off of the addiction
27:38 and the pleasure receptors start coming back.
27:40 Fourteen months off and several months in between
27:43 you're really starting to get more pleasure there, aren't you?
27:46 So the joy and happiness of life really starts to return
27:50 or maybe starts to come for the first time
27:52 and you don't even know the difference.
27:54 Jesus says: "I will satisfy the desire of every living thing. "
27:57 He opens His hand and satisfies our every need.


Revised 2021-07-13