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A Little Prayer That Made a Big Difference

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00:18 Welcome to "Foundation of our Faith."
00:21 This is a message from God's word
00:23 that you'll hear today.
00:25 My name is John Dinzey,
00:27 and it's a privilege to be with you during this time.
00:29 We want to praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy.
00:33 And so we have a lot of people here
00:36 that love the Lord Jesus Christ,
00:37 and if that is true, would you say amen.
00:40 Amen.
00:42 And we're blessed to have thousands upon thousands
00:46 watching Dare to Dream in different parts of the world.
00:49 So we praise the Lord for this network that is reaching out
00:53 to bring people to Jesus Christ.
00:56 We're blessed to have with us Pastor Jaime Kowlessar.
01:02 He is an evangelist, a preacher of God's word.
01:05 He is the youth pastor
01:07 for the City Temple in Dallas, Texas.
01:13 And we've had three topics thus far.
01:16 This will be the third one.
01:17 The first one, The Diminished Chord,
01:19 a powerful message from God's word.
01:21 Access Granted,
01:23 then today, A Little Prayer That Made a Big Difference.
01:29 You will be happy that you stayed with us
01:33 when you finish this hour with us,
01:35 because you'll get a message from God's word
01:38 that will encourage you and help you
01:40 along your walk with Jesus Christ.
01:43 It is also my privilege to tell you
01:45 that we have our singing evangelist with us,
01:48 that has been with us throughout this series,
01:50 Sister Sherice Tomlin-Bloomfield,
01:53 and she currently resides in Maryland,
01:56 but she spent many years in Alabama,
02:00 praising the Lord there.
02:01 She has been blessed to produce three albums,
02:05 Without You Lord, One Day and Just a Little Like Heaven.
02:11 And we praise the Lord
02:13 that today she will be sharing with us
02:15 a song entitled Alabaster Box
02:17 before we hear the preaching of God's word.
02:20 And we want to encourage you to join us
02:23 with your Bible and a pen to take notes.
02:27 At this time we'd like to invite everyone
02:29 that is present to please stand if it's possible for you.
02:33 We'd like to go to God's throne of grace in prayer
02:37 and ask for His blessing.
02:40 Let us pray.
02:43 Our loving heavenly Father,
02:45 we thank You that we have access
02:49 to Your throne of grace through Jesus Christ
02:53 and we pray Lord for a blessing upon everyone here.
02:57 We pray that you'll use
03:00 Pastor Kowlessar to bring a message from heaven.
03:03 Bless him with the Holy Spirit,
03:05 and Lord, let us know through this message
03:09 that You're with us.
03:11 We thank You heavenly Father
03:13 for the privilege to call you Father,
03:16 a privilege that has been purchased by us
03:19 through your son, Jesus Christ.
03:21 And we thank You for hearing our prayer,
03:23 for we bring it to you in Jesus' name, amen, amen.
03:27 You may be seated.
03:29 Sister Sherice will now lead us to God's throne of grace
03:33 in this sermon and song.
03:34 God's blessing upon you.
04:06 The room grew still
04:09 As she made her way to Jesus
04:12 She stumbles
04:14 Through the tears that made her blind
04:21 She felt such pain
04:24 Some spoke in anger
04:27 Heard folks whisper
04:30 There's no place here for her kind
04:36 Still on she came
04:39 Through the tears that flushed her face
04:42 Until at last, she knelt before his feet
04:50 And though she spoke no words
04:54 Everything she said was heard
04:58 As she poured her love for the Master
05:02 From her box of alabaster
05:07 And I've come to pour
05:12 My praise on Him
05:14 Like oil From Mary's alabaster box
05:24 Don't be angry if I wash His feet with my tears
05:31 And dry them with my hair
05:39 You weren't there the night He found me
05:47 You did not feel what I felt
05:51 When he wrapped his loving arms around me
05:56 You don't know the cost of the oil
06:01 In my alabaster box
06:11 I can't forget the way life used to be
06:17 I was a prisoner
06:20 To the sins that had me bound
06:26 And I spent my days
06:30 Poured my life without measure
06:33 Into a little treasure box
06:36 I'd thought I'd found
06:42 Until the day when Jesus came to me
06:48 And He healed my soul
06:51 With the wonder of His touch
06:55 So now I'm giving back to Him
06:59 All the praise He's worthy of
07:03 And I've been forgiven
07:06 And that's why
07:08 I love Him so much
07:13 And I've come to pour
07:18 My praise on Him
07:20 Like oil from Mary's alabaster box
07:30 Don't be angry if I wash His feet with my tears
07:36 And dry them with my hair
07:43 With my hair
07:45 You weren't there the night Jesus found me
07:52 You did not feel what I felt
07:56 When He wrapped his loving arms around me
08:01 And you don't know the cost of the oil
08:07 Oh, you don't know the cost
08:12 Of my praise
08:18 You don't know the cost of the oil
08:23 In my alabaster box
08:49 Thank you, Sister Sherice
08:50 for that wonderful message and song.
08:54 Praise the Lord and happy Sabbath.
08:55 It's good to be with you.
08:57 So glad that Lord has afforded me
08:59 to have this opportunity
09:00 to speak His wonderful words of life,
09:03 so that we may all receive a blessing to strengthen us
09:06 to make it throughout the week.
09:08 I have thoroughly enjoyed
09:09 every night that I've been here speaking
09:12 and Lord has been blessing me more than I expected Him to do.
09:16 And I think that's the amazing thing
09:17 about the Word of God is that
09:19 sometimes when you think you're going to be a blessing,
09:21 God turns it around
09:23 and He allows you to be blessed by doing His work.
09:26 And so we're gonna continue with our series
09:28 in Our Faith of Foundation.
09:30 And this morning we're gonna look at those popular story
09:33 that I'm sure most of you are well aware of.
09:36 And that story comes to us in the Book of Mark 9:14-29.
09:42 It's Mark 9:14-29.
09:47 You may say amen when you have it.
09:50 You can say help me Jesus if you're still looking.
09:54 And He will hear your prayer.
10:05 Amen.
10:07 Bible says, "When he came to his disciples,
10:10 he saw a great multitude about them,
10:13 and the scribes questioning them.
10:15 And straightaway all the people when they beheld him,
10:18 were greatly amazed, running to him saluted him.
10:22 And he asked the scribes, What question ye with them?
10:25 And one of the multitude answered and said,
10:27 Master, I have brought unto thee my son,
10:29 which hath a dumb spirit,
10:31 And wheresoever he taketh him, he teareth him,
10:34 and he foameth, and gnasheth with his teeth,
10:37 and pineth away,
10:38 and I spake to thy disciples that they should cast him out,
10:42 and they could not.
10:43 He answereth him, and saith, O faithless generation,
10:47 how long shall I be with you?
10:49 How long shall I suffer you? Bring him unto me.
10:53 And they brought him unto him, and when he saw him,
10:56 straightway the spirit tare him,
10:58 and he fell on the ground, and wallowed foaming.
11:01 And he asked his father,
11:02 How long ago since this came unto him?
11:05 And he said, as of a child.
11:07 And often times it hath cast him into the fire,
11:10 and into the waters, to destroy him,
11:12 but if thou canst do any thing,
11:15 have compassion on us, and help us.
11:18 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe,
11:22 all things are possible to him that believeth.
11:25 And straightway the father of the child cried out,
11:28 and said with tears,
11:29 Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief.
11:34 And when Jesus saw that
11:36 the people came running together,
11:37 he rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto him,
11:39 Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee,
11:42 come out of him, and enter no more into him.
11:45 And the spirit cried, and rent him sore,
11:47 and came out of him,
11:48 as he was one dead,
11:50 in so much that many said, He is dead.
11:53 But Jesus took him by the hand,
11:55 and lifted him up, and he arose.
11:57 And when he was come into the house,
11:59 his disciples asked him privately,
12:01 Why could we not cast him out?
12:05 And he said unto them,
12:06 This kind can come forth by nothing,
12:11 but by prayer and (fasting)."
12:16 I want to put a title on our discussion this morning
12:19 and with your prayers,
12:21 a little prayer can make a big difference.
12:25 Pray with me.
12:26 God Almighty, we thank You so much
12:28 for Your grace and Your mercy.
12:29 We thank You for the privilege of prayer.
12:31 And we thank You for this story.
12:33 Father, I pray and ask that You'd hide me behind Your cross
12:37 that I may not be seen
12:38 but that You would be seen and lifted up.
12:40 And that we would understand that you care about us,
12:42 You love us unconditionally and You seek to heal
12:46 and strengthen us and put us on the straight and narrow.
12:49 So bless us Lord as we look at Your word,
12:51 we ask this in Your name Jesus Christ.
12:53 Amen.
12:55 You really don't know what people are going through
12:58 unless sometimes you ask them.
13:01 You may see them from day to day
13:03 but you don't know the heartache
13:05 that they face from night to night.
13:07 There are some people that wake up
13:09 feeling on top of the world,
13:10 but then they got to sleep with the world on top of them.
13:13 You never know what folks are dealing with
13:15 because you can't see the pain that lies beneath.
13:19 I guess I got to go there
13:20 and make things a little bit more real for us.
13:22 But there was an old movie by the name of Gladiator.
13:25 And in that movie Gladiator,
13:27 there was a character by the name of Maximus,
13:29 Maximus who is played by Russell Crowe.
13:32 Is captured by the Roman Republic
13:35 and is forced to fight in a coliseum.
13:37 Well, after while because Maximus is a mighty warrior,
13:40 he has become a fan favorite
13:42 to those that are in the coliseum.
13:44 And his folks are loving on Maximus,
13:46 they long to see him fight in the coliseum.
13:49 But then in one of the scenes in the movie,
13:51 Maximus' hater Commodus comes to visit him
13:54 in the basement of the coliseum before their fight.
13:58 And as Commodus talks to Maximus,
14:00 he knows that Maximus is a better warrior than he is,
14:03 Commodus leans over to whisper in his ear, in his ears,
14:07 whispering in his ear he pulls out a knife
14:09 and stabs Maximus in the back.
14:12 Now, listen to me carefully, Maximus must go out
14:15 on to the field and fight Commodus
14:18 but he has a knife wound in his back.
14:21 Maximus has to put on his armor
14:23 and he is bleeding underneath it,
14:25 but yet still he must go out and fight this battle.
14:29 I guess what I'm really trying to say
14:31 is that some of us still have to put on our armor everyday
14:34 and fight a battle even though we are bleeding underneath.
14:39 I guess what we need to understand
14:40 is that we have to fight even though
14:42 we're bleeding underneath our armor.
14:44 We have to bleed underneath our smiles.
14:47 We have to bleed underneath our work clothes.
14:49 How often have we gone into battle?
14:52 How often have we gone into the war
14:54 while we're bleeding,
14:55 scarred and damaged and bruised, used and abused,
14:59 but yet still we have to smile
15:01 as if everything is going fine and dandy.
15:03 Yet still, we have to put on a smile when we go to work.
15:06 Yet still, we have to dress up nice in our shirts and ties,
15:09 our hats and our dresses and our wonderful bags
15:12 and act like everything is okay,
15:15 but deep down inside,
15:16 we're bleeding underneath our armor.
15:19 Well, look at our text this morning
15:21 and we see our father
15:22 who is bleeding underneath this armor.
15:25 Imagine, envision his father,
15:27 who is in the worst fight of his life
15:29 as he takes a leap at receiving healthcare for his son
15:33 who is dying and foaming and wallowing at the mouth.
15:36 He is bleeding underneath His armor
15:39 and in pain, He approaches His disciples,
15:42 Jesus' disciples for help as He is trying to stay cool.
15:46 As a matter of fact in verse 14 it says,
15:48 "When he came to His disciples,
15:50 he saw a great multitude about them
15:53 and the scribes were questioning them."
15:56 Here the disciples are being questioned by the scribes.
15:59 In other words when you read
16:00 in the earlier parts of the chapter in Mark 9:1-13
16:06 James, John and Peter are coming down from the mountain
16:10 only to see the disciples and some other folks
16:13 screaming and fighting with each other.
16:16 If you read the previous verses,
16:18 one would understand
16:19 that Jesus and disciples had just came back
16:22 from an eventful moment on top of the mountain.
16:25 Yes, they were on the mount of transfiguration
16:29 and the Bible tells us
16:30 that Moses and Elijah had appeared unto them
16:33 and a significance of that appearance is so profound.
16:37 Moses and Elijah
16:38 are representation of the two resurrections
16:41 that's represented in 1 Thessalonians 4:16
16:46 wherein it says that "The dead in Christ shall rise first,
16:49 then which we are alive shall be caught up
16:51 to meet them in the air."
16:52 You see, Moses represents those that have died
16:56 and will be resurrected.
16:58 Elijah represents those that will not die
17:01 but have been caught up to meet Jesus in the air.
17:04 You see the same thing it means today
17:06 that when we die, we don't go straight to heaven,
17:08 we sleep in the grave and when Jesus comes back,
17:11 He says enter now into the joy of the Lord.
17:14 That's the picture that is being painted
17:17 on the mount of transfiguration.
17:20 And the scripture tells us
17:21 that the disciples did not want to leave.
17:24 As a matter of fact, Ellen White writes
17:26 that the disciples were so excited
17:28 about what they saw on that mountain
17:30 that they wanted to build an altar
17:32 and live there for the rest of their lives.
17:35 But Jesus says, we can't stay here
17:38 because there is more work to do.
17:40 There are still more people to be healed,
17:42 sins to be forgiven, doors to be open,
17:45 mountains to be leveled, rivers to be divided,
17:48 valleys to be filled,
17:49 waves to be made out of nowhere.
17:51 There is still work to do.
17:53 Disciples, we must leave this mountaintop
17:56 and go down where the people are.
17:58 And so as Jesus and the disciples
18:00 have just had a monumental moment,
18:03 they come down the mountain
18:05 to some drama that they inherited.
18:07 I love being on mountaintops
18:09 because mountaintops are good places.
18:11 You see, a mountaintop is a good place to be
18:13 because the mountaintop feels like
18:15 life is great and life is dandy.
18:18 Life is wonderful.
18:19 Nothing bad can happen to you
18:21 when you're on top of the mountain,
18:22 because when you're on a mountain,
18:24 you can just look down at the people
18:26 that are trying to hurt you, because they can't touch you
18:28 when you're on top of the mountain.
18:30 As a matter of fact there is a song that says
18:32 "Oh, to dwell above with saints we love,
18:37 that would be glory for me,
18:38 but to dwell down below with saints we know,
18:41 that's another story."
18:43 You'll get that on Tuesday when you think about it,
18:45 because sometimes when you understand
18:47 that you got to come down and deal with folk
18:50 that you don't want to deal with,
18:51 down here on earth, it makes things a little bit difficult
18:55 to navigate through life.
18:57 I mean it cannot be a little personal with you this morning.
19:00 Have you ever had a good day at work?
19:03 And then suddenly you walk into some drama.
19:05 Have you ever had a really good hard day in church?
19:09 And as soon as you walk out the door,
19:11 as soon as you go to the potluck,
19:13 somebody always got something slick to say,
19:16 to mess up your whole Sabbath, to mess up your blessing,
19:19 to just take you off with the experience that you had,
19:22 in fact you had with God.
19:23 You see often times I hated when people entangled me
19:27 in the web of their little game.
19:28 It frustrates me, it bothers me,
19:30 it annoys me, it disturbs me, it plays me, it upsets me.
19:34 It just does a whole lot of things to me
19:36 that I really don't like.
19:38 You see, I know that I speak kind of fast
19:40 because you did know I'm from New York City
19:42 and in New York City you got speak quick to get out
19:44 what you to got to say and then you get up out of the way,
19:46 it's just a New York thing.
19:48 But I promise, when you buy the DVD or the CD,
19:51 you could put it on slow motion
19:52 and you'll be able to pick up every thing that I said
19:54 and you will be able to rewind it back, but bear with me
19:57 because I'm going to slow down a little bit
19:58 but I'm just trying to get this text out of the way,
20:01 I know how to get it.
20:02 And so here is Jesus, as now He steps to the scribes
20:06 and wants to know what is with all the questioning.
20:09 In other words what's really going?
20:11 What the problem here?
20:12 Why you all up on my friends questioning them.
20:15 And then the father of the son jumps out and says,
20:18 master I have brought my son that had a dumb spirit,
20:23 and wheresoever he taketh him, he tears him,
20:26 and makes him foameth,
20:28 gnasheth with his teeth, and pineth it away,
20:30 and I spoke to your disciples
20:33 and they couldn't got cast him out.
20:36 And so I'm going to park here at this curb,
20:38 because it's safe to say that some of us are the way we are
20:41 because we keep asking the wrong people
20:44 to give us the right healing.
20:45 We're trying to medicate our misery
20:48 with the wrong medication.
20:50 You see, I love our president
20:51 and I do appreciate the things he is doing on Capitol Hill
20:54 and I love seeing his beautiful wife and children
20:57 and I picture of what an African-American family
21:00 should like in the midst of poverty
21:02 and negative stereotypes on TV and radio.
21:05 It makes me proud to see them,
21:07 but I'd be a dummy if I think that every thing he does
21:10 is going to make my life a whole lot better.
21:13 As a matter of fact, my president is Jesus Christ.
21:16 My commander in chief is God Himself.
21:19 And I'm going to talk to Him and depend on Him
21:22 to make my life better,
21:23 because God says "I've come that they might have life
21:26 and have it more abundantly."
21:28 That's healthcare reform.
21:29 He said, "I've never seen the righteous forsaken,
21:32 nor his seed begging bread."
21:33 That's financial reform.
21:35 He said, "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal
21:38 but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds."
21:41 That's gun law reform.
21:43 He said, "In my father's house there are many mansions,
21:45 I've gone to prepare a place for you."
21:47 And that's the answer to the mortgage crisis
21:50 that we have here on earth.
21:51 As a matter of fact, my God gives me coverage
21:54 and all the coverage I need.
21:56 He says, "Lo, I'm with you always,
21:58 I will never leave you nor for sake you."
22:01 As a matter of fact, I remember,
22:02 some of you might remember
22:04 there was an old Verizon wireless commercial.
22:07 And in this commercial the gangster told the man
22:10 to meet him in an alley
22:12 and he says make sure you come by yourself.
22:15 And so the next day the man met the--
22:17 man in the alley and they were talking
22:19 and as they were conversing,
22:21 the gangster looks over his shoulder and say,
22:23 I thought I told you to come here by yourself.
22:26 The man said what do you mean? I did come here by myself.
22:29 Then the gangster looks back, he says,
22:31 well, who are all them people that are behind you.
22:34 The man look back and said oh, that's my network,
22:36 they go with me wherever I'm.
22:38 And so I'm going to bless you real quick.
22:40 When you're connected to God, you have a network
22:43 that follows you wherever you go.
22:45 You're never by yourself. God is always with you.
22:48 As a matter of fact, the coverage that God gives me,
22:50 I don't need to change it, I don't need to upgrade it,
22:52 I don't need to rearrange it.
22:54 3G coverage is enough for me,
22:56 because 3G coverage stands for God the Father, God the Son,
23:00 and God the Holy Ghost.
23:01 I'm always covered, no matter where I am.
23:04 And so here we understand that we need to be with God
23:08 because God will never drop a core.
23:11 As a matter of act, when I call and connect,
23:12 He will accept and He will answer my call
23:15 every time I need Him.
23:16 You see, don't go to the wrong people
23:19 to get the right healing,
23:20 because most times it's the folk that you think
23:22 that are going to bless you,
23:23 would be the same ones that turn around and curse you.
23:26 The same folk that you talk to
23:27 be the same ones that talk about you.
23:29 The same ones that lend money to
23:31 be the same ones that are stealing money from you.
23:36 And so the father goes to the wrong people
23:38 for the right healing.
23:39 But in all honesty I'm not mad at the father.
23:42 As a matter of fact, I'd have probably done the same thing
23:45 because the father's thinking in this text
23:47 is saying that since you roll with Jesus Christ,
23:51 since you hang up with Jesus Christ,
23:53 then obviously you should be able to do something for me.
23:56 You're in His circle
23:58 and that means that some of His goodness
24:00 must be rubbing off on you.
24:02 But if truth be told, we should all be able to approach
24:06 the leaders in our church
24:07 or people in our church with our problems.
24:10 But there is something wrong when God is in the first place
24:13 and a last person that you talk to.
24:16 And so the father brought his son to Jesus
24:18 and the disciples but they could not do a blessed thing.
24:21 And Jesus is taken back by all the commotion.
24:24 "O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you?
24:28 How long shall I suffer you? Bring the boy to me."
24:32 And let me tell you something.
24:33 This isn't Jesus smiling
24:36 and jokingly patting His disciples on the back.
24:39 No, how long do I have to put up with this
24:42 is a picture of a frustrated Jesus wondering how many times
24:47 must I go over the same things with you.
24:50 After all when you read in Mark 3:15,
24:54 the word says that after Jesus called them,
24:56 He gave them power to heal sicknesses
24:59 and to cast out demons.
25:00 Mark 6:7 says, "And he called onto him
25:04 the twelve and began to send them forth two by two,
25:07 and gave them power over unclean spirits."
25:10 Mark 6:12, 13, "And they went out,
25:13 and preached that men should repent.
25:15 And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil
25:19 many that were sick, and healed them."
25:21 But now all of the sudden in Chapter 9
25:24 they are weak and aren't able to heal this young man.
25:28 They have disconnected themselves from the source,
25:31 and as a result they have lost power,
25:33 they are in the midst of a power failure.
25:36 They have no power,
25:38 they lack being connected to God
25:40 and their actions testify of the fact
25:43 that there is no spiritual strength in their body.
25:46 And you ask what frustrates God.
25:48 It must be frustrating when God equips us
25:51 with gifts to bless others
25:53 and we selfishly use them for ourselves.
25:55 It must frustrate God when we use our intellectual acuity
26:00 and motivation for the advancement in this world,
26:03 but never thought about doing something
26:05 inside of our very own churches.
26:07 We can sing secular songs,
26:09 but we won't sing psalms unto God.
26:11 We can write poetry,
26:13 but we never want to write anything for God.
26:15 And here God blesses us in so many ways
26:18 to help the church,
26:19 but yet still we just want to make things
26:22 better for ourselves,
26:23 because you do know
26:24 there are two classes of people in this world.
26:27 The first class of people only makes--
26:29 only wants to make the world better for themselves,
26:32 but the second class of people
26:34 will make the world better for others.
26:36 And I pray to God that we fall into the later part,
26:39 that we're not here, simply trying to collect houses
26:42 and property, and land and money
26:44 to put in our bank accounts, but everything that we do
26:48 should be able and should be willing
26:50 to help other people have a good life just like we are.
26:55 And so I love Jesus
26:57 and now He took care of the situation.
26:59 Check out our holy hero, our sovereign savior,
27:01 the HNIC had Nazarene in charge,
27:04 Jesus Christ says bring the boy to me.
27:07 Now Jesus could have done two things.
27:08 He could have simply stood there
27:09 and rebuked everybody that was there,
27:11 looking at the big problem or deal with the problem
27:14 that's right in front of our face.
27:16 Jesus says right now, I'm going to deal with the disciples,
27:19 not now, I'm not going to deal with disciples,
27:21 but I'm going to deal with the boy in front of me.
27:23 Jesus said we'll deal with this when we get back home.
27:26 Now, I don't know about you,
27:27 but I remember when growing up,
27:29 my mother would say I'm going to deal with you
27:31 when we get back home whenever I got in trouble.
27:34 Now, if I had an option,
27:35 I would take deal with me right now
27:37 in front of everybody than deal with me back home,
27:40 because I knew back home
27:41 wasn't going to be as good as what was--
27:43 could be going to be as good or as nice
27:46 as what could have happened in front of everybody,
27:48 because she was going to wallow
27:49 and wail and do all sort of things,
27:51 but I'll leave that undisclosed for right now.
27:54 Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus, say amen.
27:56 But Jesus says, I'm going to deal
27:57 with the disciples later on.
27:59 And so when He says, bring the boy to Me,
28:02 it is an understanding that if you parents have a child
28:05 that is being reckless, that a child is not living
28:08 according to the way that they should be living.
28:11 Bring the child to Jesus Christ.
28:13 If you have a son or a daughter that is outside of the church
28:16 and they are not inside of the church
28:18 or maybe they are inside the church,
28:20 but mentally they are outside of the church,
28:23 bring that child to Jesus Christ.
28:25 Bring him to God,
28:26 because God is going to ask you questions about this thing.
28:30 And when Jesus asks you,
28:31 how long has the boy been like this?
28:34 Don't lie to him, but tell the truth.
28:36 Say, you know, what God,
28:37 I could have been a better parent,
28:39 but I was more concerned with pleasing myself
28:42 than taking a interest in them.
28:44 Tell them you know what, I used to go and hang out
28:46 and do bad things and instead of loving on them,
28:49 I rejected them and that's the reason why they are today.
28:52 Just tell God the truth
28:54 because after all, God knows and sees all things.
28:58 There is nothing you can do that surprises God.
29:01 Amen.
29:03 There is nothing that catches the Holy Trinity off guard.
29:06 You are not the first person to commit that sin.
29:09 You are not the first person
29:10 to do that thing that you've done.
29:12 God has seen everything that is underneath the sun.
29:15 And so God is saying, why don't you just talk to Me
29:19 and let Me deal with the situation.
29:21 And in verse 22, as He brings the boy to Jesus,
29:25 the demon begins to show off
29:27 and the father says this is what happens,
29:30 they cast him into the fire,
29:31 into the waters and destroys him.
29:33 If thou can do anything have compassion and help us.
29:37 You see pause right there.
29:38 There are some of us in here today
29:40 that wish we had a father like that.
29:42 There are some of us watching on a television screen
29:45 that wish we had a father like that.
29:47 A father who would have walked us to Jesus Christ
29:50 instead of walking out of our lives.
29:52 A father who would have prayed for us
29:54 instead of preying on us, P-R-E-Y.
29:57 A father who could have just been a father,
30:00 not buying me fancy and wonderful things,
30:02 but just could have been inside the home.
30:04 Love my mother, love me and my brothers and sisters,
30:08 because what we have in America today
30:10 is a fathering problem.
30:12 Fathers have become absent in their children's lives.
30:16 And this is a beautiful picture of a father doing
30:19 what he is supposed to do of bringing his son
30:22 to God for healing.
30:24 And so then the father says,
30:25 if you can show compassion on us and help us,
30:29 it would be a wonderful thing.
30:31 I love it, because the father realizes
30:33 that his son's problem is my problem as well.
30:37 You see, he says have compassion on us and help us.
30:41 And so if my child is failing classes,
30:44 then obviously I've got a problem
30:46 that I need to deal with.
30:47 If my child is lively loosely, then that's my problem as well.
30:50 If my child is smoking and drinking,
30:53 then I must understand that that's my problem is too.
30:56 As a matter of fact
30:57 not only the children that are in my vicinity,
31:00 but what happens in this world is my problem as well.
31:03 You see, society is built on this,
31:05 that if it doesn't happen to me directly,
31:08 then I don't have anything to do with it.
31:10 Jesus said, as much as you have done onto the least of these,
31:13 you have also done it onto me.
31:16 Therefore Michael Brown
31:17 in Ferguson, Missouri is my problem.
31:21 The children crossing the border undocumented
31:23 is my problem as well.
31:25 The Ebola virus that has taken over so many people,
31:28 it's my problem.
31:30 Israel's unfair occupation of Palestinian land
31:33 that did not belong to them in the first place
31:35 is my problem as well.
31:37 All the things that are going on in this world
31:39 is my problem because if I can help somebody
31:42 along life's narrow way,
31:44 then my living would not be in vain.
31:47 I cannot be isolated and ostracize myself
31:50 from the problems that are happening in this world.
31:54 And the father says, if thou canst do anything,
31:58 you see there are no ifs
31:59 when it comes to the mighty power of God.
32:01 Jesus says, "All things are possible."
32:04 Now on to him that is exceedingly abundantly
32:07 above all that can do that we can think or imagine.
32:11 The word says, now on to him.
32:13 I guess you probably don't know who him is,
32:15 because if you know who him was,
32:17 then you would be here shouting,
32:18 because him that can part any sea that you need to cross.
32:21 Him that can calm a rage in ocean.
32:24 Him that can open doors that man shuts.
32:26 Him that can move mountains out of no way.
32:29 Him that can raise the dead from the grave.
32:31 As a matter of fact, Him that can speak it
32:33 and that cannot exist.
32:34 Well, I'm going to testify it right now
32:36 because Him that woke me up this morning.
32:39 Him that started me on my way.
32:41 Him that healed my body when I was sick.
32:43 Him that put money in my pocket.
32:45 Him that put food on my table
32:47 is able to do what exceedingly and abundantly
32:51 above all that we can think because we serve a mighty God.
32:55 We serve a God that demons tremble at His name
32:58 that He can do all things.
33:00 All things that we can think or imagine,
33:03 because what God is saying,
33:04 what Jesus is saying to this father
33:07 is that that boy is a loan to you,
33:09 he is a gift from Me.
33:10 And he is really my child, I created him.
33:13 And since I created him, I kept him along for this life,
33:17 and even though the devil has been trying to kill him,
33:19 he's still My son.
33:21 And although he is beyond your control,
33:23 he still has to listen to Me,
33:24 because he should have been dead,
33:26 but he is here right now
33:27 because I've been preserving him
33:29 and protecting him,
33:30 because I know what he is made of
33:32 because I created him.
33:34 You see, there was a story on the news
33:36 and the story on the news is going to trip you out
33:38 when I tell it to you.
33:39 There was a girl on the news who had got shot in the head
33:43 but she did not die.
33:44 What do you mean?
33:45 She was shot in the head and she did not die.
33:48 She is not brain-dead.
33:49 She is well and she gave the report on the news.
33:52 When they found out why she didn't die
33:55 and why she isn't brain-dead, the girl testified
33:58 that the weave in her hair saved her life.
34:01 Now, you probably asking me, what is a weave?
34:03 A weave is hair that you buy to add on
34:07 to what you don't have
34:08 to make it look like you got more than you already got.
34:11 You see, some women when they don't have a lot of hair,
34:14 they go to the beauty supplier store
34:15 and they buy what's called the weave
34:17 and they stitch it inside their hair
34:19 to make it look they have a whole lot of hair.
34:22 And so when the people did the examination on her,
34:25 they realized that the bullet got stuck inside of the weave
34:29 and it did not penetrate inside of her head.
34:32 And as I sat there and I listened
34:33 to that story on the news,
34:35 I realized that a weave is just hair
34:38 but it's what the stitching that goes underneath the hair
34:41 that you can't see that holds it together.
34:44 And so the bullet was caught inside of hair.
34:46 I'm going to bless you real quick,
34:48 because what you don't understand is
34:50 what you can't see outside of me
34:52 but it's what's inside of me that keeps me together.
34:55 It's what underneath the layer of my skin
34:58 that holds me together when things are going bad.
35:00 It's the weave that God puts in me,
35:03 that sows into me,
35:04 how I'm faithfully and wonderfully made
35:07 that allows me to be alive
35:08 even when the devil is trying to attack me.
35:11 I guess you can say that God we serve is unbelievable
35:14 because He continues to weave things
35:16 in a ways unimaginable that we can think or imagine.
35:20 And so why is this boy still alive?
35:22 Because I'm valuable to God. I'm somebody.
35:25 I'm significant to God.
35:27 I'm cherished by God.
35:28 I'm the apple of His eye.
35:30 I might not be valuable to other people,
35:32 but I'm still worth something to God,
35:34 because I'm stamped with the Imago Dei
35:36 and even if you push me down,
35:38 tear me down or talk about me, God is going to lift me up,
35:42 put me back together and keep me alive.
35:44 That's why you're here today
35:46 and that's why the boy is still alive
35:48 and God says, I can do it, but only if you believe.
35:52 You see, the strength of our healing
35:54 comes in the power to believe that God can do it.
35:57 The father then cries out, I believe but help my unbelief.
36:01 And this is the honest cry of the father
36:04 and honest cry of most of us,
36:06 because most of us say, God, I believe you can do it
36:09 but there's a part of me that's having trouble
36:12 believing that You will do it for me.
36:14 I've seen You open doors for other people.
36:16 I've seen You give people strength to overcome.
36:18 I mean, all the signs around me keep telling me
36:21 that if I come to You and I walk out of here,
36:23 I'm still going to be the same person that I was.
36:26 I believe that by getting baptized,
36:28 I will be a better person,
36:29 but my unbelief says that
36:31 I'm going to be back to the same thing I was before.
36:34 And so if anything
36:36 the father probably have some validation to his cry,
36:39 because after all he came to the followers of Jesus
36:42 and the followers were probably
36:43 a direct reflection of Jesus' leadership.
36:46 I mean, if your men can't do it,
36:49 then it's probably safe to say
36:50 that Jesus, you can't do it either.
36:53 I came to the church for prayer and for a little help,
36:57 but no one was able to assist me with what I needed,
37:00 therefore Pastor Kowlessar,
37:02 maybe you don't have what I'm looking for
37:05 and I might as well go somewhere else.
37:07 You see there was a time in our society
37:09 when the church was the main place
37:11 for all of our social ills.
37:13 People would flock to the church
37:14 for guidance, advice and political activism.
37:17 But things have changed drastically.
37:19 Now, the church is the last place people turn to,
37:22 because folks have lost faith
37:24 that anything that can't be done,
37:26 can't be done inside of a church.
37:29 You see, the church it has become dormant and docile
37:32 as the world turns.
37:33 And folks the same, I believe in God
37:35 but I have a trouble believing
37:37 that God lives inside of this creaky,
37:40 judgmental and blind place
37:42 that does not see the things
37:44 that are happening in this world.
37:45 You see, the text this morning
37:47 should send chills up every pastor,
37:50 up to spine of every pastor, elder, deacon, usher, member
37:55 and officer of the local and level church,
37:57 all the way up to the jurist DC.
37:59 You see, I need to ask my question.
38:02 Do I like the power of God in me
38:04 that produces doubt and fear in those that are in me.
38:08 The text is clearly an indictment on the disciples,
38:11 but it's also an indictment on the people of God.
38:13 They are deaf and they are mute,
38:15 they are weak and powerless and they cannot do.
38:18 Can it be, someway somehow
38:20 that people are not following us
38:23 because the leadership in the church
38:25 is not as strong as it should be.
38:27 Can it be that I'm asking God's people
38:30 to do things that I'm not doing myself.
38:32 Can it be that my prayer life is so weak,
38:35 that's why when I pray for people, nothing happens.
38:39 Can it be that our churches are so weak,
38:42 because we're so engrossed and so busy,
38:45 we're doing everything else than seeking God.
38:47 Because you do know somebody told me
38:49 what busy stands for.
38:50 Busy stands for being under Satan's yoke.
38:53 And as long as I can keep you busy,
38:55 working and busy,
38:57 taking care of this and taking care of that,
38:59 you'll have no time for prayer,
39:00 you'll have no time for devotion,
39:02 you'll have no time to study,
39:04 you'll only have time to say a quick prayer when you wake up
39:07 and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to say
39:10 a quick prayer before you fall asleep.
39:13 And so the church is powerless,
39:15 because we have no connection with God.
39:17 The church is powerless
39:18 because obviously there is nothing wrong with God,
39:20 but we need to ask ourselves,
39:21 is there something wrong with each of us.
39:25 That we need to seek the throne of God more,
39:27 because what makes today different
39:29 than what was happening in the Bible.
39:31 What makes today any different? What makes us different?
39:33 Are you telling me that the disciples were born
39:36 with something extra that I was not born with?
39:38 Are you telling me
39:39 that these men were mightier in power that I don't have it?
39:42 Then that would be a good excuse,
39:44 but that's absolutely not the excuse.
39:46 The excuse is today is that we are not engrossed
39:50 in the word of God as much as we should,
39:53 because this devil has made us believe
39:55 in this capitalistic society
39:57 that we must gain more and grasp more of this world
40:01 to make sure that we're happy here.
40:05 When this world is not our home.
40:06 And so as people are dying outside of these four walls,
40:09 we can't do a blessed thing,
40:11 because they have come to us for help.
40:13 But we cannot help them,
40:15 because we have no spiritual power.
40:17 We've plugged out from the source.
40:19 But I love the text,
40:20 because the text rewinds us that but God still has a plan.
40:24 You see, God still has a plan.
40:26 God listen to that problem.
40:28 And he didn't hear his words,
40:30 but he paid attention to his heart.
40:32 And his heart said even though there is doubt in your mind,
40:35 I'm still going to make my request known.
40:37 I don't care how bad you think things are right now,
40:40 make your request known onto God.
40:42 And the father did a little prayer,
40:44 but it made a big difference.
40:46 And even though the disciples couldn't do anything,
40:48 God say, you know what, I'm not like those disciples,
40:50 those are my students.
40:52 I'm still training them, I still love them
40:54 and I'm still going to use them,
40:55 but right now come to me.
40:57 And his little prayer says,
40:58 God, I believe but help my unbelief.
41:01 And I love that little prayer,
41:03 because it made a big difference.
41:04 Let me tell you something.
41:06 When you pray and you talk to God,
41:08 you don't need to catch of superlatives,
41:10 you don't need big nouns,
41:11 and you don't need big predicates and subjects,
41:14 it doesn't matter if it's the predicate,
41:16 come before the subject or the syntax,
41:18 you just talk to God how you know
41:21 how to talk to Him.
41:22 You don't have to talk to God in King James language.
41:25 You don't have to say, O, Lord, cometh downeth and heareth me
41:28 because I need thee to fall uponeth me
41:31 and open up a door for me.
41:33 No, you speak to God the way you know how to speak to God.
41:37 As a matter of fact, a man was praying in a church in England
41:40 and his English was terrible and it was broken.
41:43 I mean, it was bad.
41:45 The guy could not speak proper English
41:47 and he had the audacity to stand up
41:50 in front of the church and start praying.
41:52 And as he did his prayer, right after he said men.
41:56 A woman came out from the congregation
41:58 and she said that was awful, that was terrible.
42:01 Who would ever allow you to stand up
42:04 and speak and to pray like that?
42:06 Please don't ever do that again.
42:08 The man looked over at the lady and he said,
42:10 excuse me miss, but I wasn't talking to you,
42:13 I was talking to God.
42:14 You see, what you got to understand
42:16 is that when you pray,
42:17 you're not talking to me,
42:18 you're not talking to your neighbor,
42:20 you're not talking to anybody outside,
42:22 you're talking to God who sits on the throne.
42:24 And so however, wherever, and how you speak,
42:28 that's how you ought to talk to God,
42:30 because the Bible tells us that
42:31 "Likewise the Spirit helpeth our infirmities,
42:34 for we know not what we should pray for as we ought,
42:37 but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us
42:41 with groanings which cannot be uttered."
42:44 I love it because the spirit transforms
42:46 our prayers into what it's supposed to be.
42:49 And so that as the story picks up and goes on,
42:51 God then speaks to the demon, not to the boy.
42:53 Listen to me.
42:55 He speaks to the demon and not to the boy.
42:57 Why because Jesus realizes
42:59 that there is something more of them,
43:02 more of him inside of them.
43:04 As a matter of fact there were times
43:05 when you have more than you inside of you
43:08 that makes you act like you should not be acting.
43:12 There is more in you that should not be inside of you.
43:15 And so that's why sometimes you want to fight,
43:17 sometimes you get depressed
43:19 and sometimes things mess you up,
43:21 because you got more in you than just you.
43:23 And so when Jesus speaks to the demon,
43:26 He says to the demon,
43:27 you got to go, get about of here,
43:29 get the step in, hit the road jack,
43:31 and don't you come back,
43:32 no more, no more, no more, no more.
43:34 And the demon had to leave the boy.
43:37 And the crowd said the boy is dead, the boy is dead.
43:40 Somebody said call the coroner, there's going to be
43:42 a lot of slow singing and flower bringing.
43:45 But Jesus said, there will be no funeral today,
43:47 because nobody is dead, this boy is alive.
43:50 As a matter of act, I brought back to life his daddy as well,
43:53 because they were willing to fight.
43:55 You see, what may look like its dead
43:57 is only something for God to resurrect this problem,
44:00 because all things work together
44:02 to good to them that are called according to his purpose,
44:05 to them that are called by the Lord.
44:07 And so Jesus finish dealing with the father
44:10 and He focuses on His disciples.
44:12 He asked them, why could we do that?
44:14 The disciples are questioning,
44:16 Jesus, how comes that we couldn't do what you did.
44:19 How come we couldn't?
44:20 The plea of the man cast the demons out.
44:22 Jesus says this kind can only come out
44:25 by only through prayer.
44:27 You see, the father prayed to me,
44:29 spoke to me and I answered his prayer.
44:32 He says you can't do anything unless you're praying,
44:35 you can't do spiritual things
44:38 unless you have spiritual strength.
44:40 Before you were trying to do it on you own strength,
44:42 but now you need the Holy Ghost power
44:45 that only comes through prayer.
44:47 You need something much bigger and stronger,
44:49 not only working outside of you,
44:51 but you need it inside of you as well.
44:54 Because often times we wonder why we're so weak
44:57 when it comes to temptations or prayers on behalf of others
45:01 but it's because we're not praying and training
45:04 and preparing ourselves to what God has in store for us.
45:08 You see, prayer is a beautiful thing
45:10 that we don't take advantage of it,
45:12 as much as we should.
45:13 As a matter of fact E.M. Bounds once said in his book
45:16 that if saints knew how strong prayer was,
45:19 then we would use it more often.
45:21 But because we don't use it often,
45:23 we don't understand how powerful it is.
45:25 Well, last night I told you that I'm a fan of Shakespeare
45:28 and Shakespeare says
45:29 there were sermons in things and good in stones.
45:32 As a matter of fact, there were sermons in stones
45:34 and good in everything.
45:35 And one of the things that you would discover about me
45:38 is that I'm a big football fan.
45:40 Yes, I love sports, I like to watch football,
45:42 pray for me that I'm working progress,
45:45 but I like to watch football and I like to love it--
45:47 I like it the season has begun.
45:49 But if you notice anything about football,
45:51 there is something valuable
45:53 that we can learn from the game.
45:55 As a matter of fact there is a play
45:57 called the quarterback kneel.
45:59 And when you see the quarterback kneel,
46:01 that simply means that the quarterback
46:03 is surrendering the play,
46:05 because he does not want to go and do something.
46:08 The quarterback is surrendering by taking a knee
46:11 and he is giving up the play,
46:13 so that he does not have to do anything.
46:16 You see, when you kneel down before God,
46:19 you're surrendering and saying,
46:21 God, I don't want to take care of the situation,
46:23 I want You to deal with it for me right now.
46:27 That's what the quarterback kneel does.
46:29 But if you notice something else
46:31 about the game of football,
46:32 the offensive linemen and the defensive linemen
46:35 kneel down as well.
46:37 As a matter of fact, they kneel down
46:39 whenever the play is about to begin.
46:41 I was listening to a interview by Jason Pierre-Paul,
46:44 and they were asking him about his football stance.
46:48 And Jason Pierre-Paul says that he kneels down
46:51 because it gives him more strength.
46:53 As a matter of fact he says that the reason why we kneel
46:56 and the lower that we get,
46:58 is because when we get up off our knees,
47:00 it gives a strength to push,
47:02 the other person that's in front of us
47:04 back away from us.
47:06 He says as a matter of fact I look at the person
47:08 on the other end of the team, on the other team as the enemy
47:12 and I'm trying to protect what's over here.
47:15 So he says I kneel down
47:17 because while it gives me strength
47:19 and the longer I'm on my knees is the stronger I'm
47:23 when I get up to go and do what I need to do.
47:26 You see, what you got to understand
47:28 is that when you kneel down before God
47:30 it gives you strength,
47:31 so that when you get up and you've got to fight
47:34 against this world, instead of the world coming on you,
47:37 you got strength to push the world back.
47:39 You got strength to push the enemy back.
47:42 And so I love that because kneeling says,
47:44 I'm surrendering to God
47:46 but kneeling also gives me strength.
47:48 And when I lift my hands,
47:50 God is always there to take care of the situation.
47:54 My daughter Caitlyn who is three years old,
47:56 but when she was younger,
47:58 when she was about two years old,
47:59 she would fall down and she would hurt herself.
48:02 And she would run to daddy and start crying.
48:05 But this was before she could start speaking.
48:08 And Caitlyn would run with her hands up
48:10 and she would stand in front of me.
48:13 And as I'm her father,
48:14 I'm looking at Caitlyn and I see the tears in her eyes
48:18 and I realized that she has fallen.
48:20 And even though Caitlyn cannot speak,
48:22 but by Caitlyn raising her hands,
48:25 and by looking at me with her tears,
48:27 she is telling me, daddy, I have fallen down
48:30 and daddy, I want you to pick me up
48:32 because right now on this ground
48:34 is not a good place for me to be.
48:36 But if you pick me up and pull me closer to you,
48:39 I'll be at a better place than I was before.
48:42 And so saints, friends, Christians,
48:45 you got to understand this valuable point
48:47 that sometimes when you fall down on the ground.
48:50 If you run to your heavenly Father,
48:52 put your arms up in the air, your God who is in heaven
48:56 will pick you up into heavenly places
48:58 and say, lo, I love you
49:00 even though you're down on the ground
49:02 and you would hurt yourself,
49:03 I'm going to love you and hold on you next to me,
49:06 because that's what the power of prayer is,
49:09 and that's my word to somebody in here today.
49:12 Start kneeling if you want more strength.
49:14 Start bending before God,
49:16 if you want to see people walk out of your life.
49:18 You better start surrendering
49:20 and start letting God take control,
49:22 because that's what prayer does.
49:24 Prayer says, God, I'm giving up the fight
49:27 so that You could jump inside the ring.
49:29 Prayer says, God,
49:30 I'm letting go over these things,
49:32 because You got to take care of this problem,
49:34 it's too big for me to handle.
49:35 Start praying more,
49:37 not the same old prayer that you use everyday,
49:39 but start calling on God's name
49:41 and watch Him show up, and show up,
49:43 and do something in your life.
49:45 Start crying out God's name
49:47 and I believe that God will help your unbelief.
49:50 I believe that God will help you get through these things.
49:52 I know that the God we serve
49:55 is a very present help in the time of trouble.
49:57 I know that the God we serve is just waiting
50:00 and willing to jump down from heaven
50:03 and to take care of everything.
50:04 And He is trying to tell you, stop fighting my battles,
50:07 because you know you're gonna lose.
50:09 But let me step in the ring
50:11 and let me take care of the situation,
50:13 because I'm God and I sit on the throne
50:15 and I work all things out.
50:17 And so if you feel like you are dead,
50:19 God can bring you back to life.
50:21 If you got a child who is dead,
50:23 God can bring them back to life,
50:25 because with God, all things are possible.
50:28 And there are no ifs with God,
50:29 there is only what we call confidence in knowing
50:33 that He is faithful to do just what He said He would do.
50:37 Don't give up on God,
50:38 because He will never ever give up on you.
50:43 And that's the power of prayer.
50:45 And when you pray, God opens doors.
50:49 That when you just come to Jesus
50:51 with your heart in your hand,
50:53 instead of trying to act
50:54 like you are the strongest person in the world.
50:57 And you just say, God, I'm bleeding,
50:59 I'm hurting underneath this armor.
51:01 I'm damaged.
51:03 I've got pain inside of me that I live with everyday.
51:08 And Lord, I just want to be a better person,
51:11 not for Your but for those that are around me as well.
51:14 I want to be able to see
51:16 not only my family inside this church,
51:20 make it into the kingdom,
51:21 but I got family back home from the country
51:24 that I came from that are not in church.
51:26 I got family outside of this church
51:29 that I work with everyday.
51:31 I got family that I drive by everyday neighbors,
51:35 who need to see the power of God,
51:38 manifested in me,
51:40 so that I may not get the glory,
51:42 so that You can get all the glory.
51:45 Friends, there are dead boys and girls
51:48 that we probably know,
51:50 that the devil has them,
51:52 foaming, gnashing, and hurting themselves.
51:56 It may not be literally like that,
51:58 but you look at their behavior, they are hurting themselves.
52:01 They're going from relationship to relationship.
52:04 They're trying to medicate their misery
52:06 by doing all the things that's wrong.
52:08 They're picking up drugs. They're picking up alcohol.
52:11 They're picking up all the bad things.
52:13 They say one in three girls inside of the church
52:18 has been abused in some way, shape, form or fashion.
52:22 They're hurt people inside of our churches.
52:25 And it's our job to take them to Jesus Christ.
52:29 It's our job to find them.
52:31 It's our job to go to the places
52:33 that we ordinarily would not go to.
52:36 And to just have a conversation with them,
52:39 and to tell them God loves them,
52:41 because let's be honest,
52:43 all of us weren't Christians all our lives.
52:46 Somebody brought us to Jesus Christ.
52:48 Somebody introduced the track to us.
52:50 Somebody brought a Bible study to us.
52:52 You see, some of us were privileged
52:54 to have inherited Adventism in Jesus Christ,
52:57 because we grew up in homes
52:59 where parents that were loving, parents that prayed with us
53:02 and parents that had worship with us.
53:04 But some of us did not.
53:06 Some of us came into this, because somebody invited us.
53:11 And God expects us to do
53:13 the same thing for somebody else as well.
53:15 God expects each of us,
53:17 expects each of us to use the power
53:20 He has given us to bring them to Jesus Christ.
53:23 And so my prayer to you this morning,
53:26 my prayer to those that are listening,
53:28 my prayers to everyone,
53:30 is that we can use what we have,
53:32 the resources and the blessings,
53:33 the times that we live in,
53:35 the disciples would have longed to live in these days.
53:37 We can send the message out,
53:39 put it on the computer and in less than 30 seconds
53:42 it will be all around the world,
53:44 that's why, I praise God for 3ABN.
53:46 I praise God for Dare to Dream Network.
53:48 I praise God for this vision,
53:50 because it going places that we cannot go,
53:52 but there are still places that we need to make sure
53:56 we penetrate right here in America.
54:02 Right here next door.
54:05 Right here up the street, that there are houses,
54:08 there are people that are dead
54:10 that need to meet the savior that has healed you.
54:13 So pray with me.
54:14 God Almighty, we thank You so much
54:17 that a little prayer can make a big difference.
54:20 And it wasn't fancy words, it wasn't full of,
54:24 full of big syntax-- large syntax
54:28 or whatever it may be or verb, noun, conjugation.
54:31 It was just simple.
54:32 And Father, I believe will help my unbelief.
54:36 Do what for me what I know You can do.
54:39 But remove this doubt that's inside of my heart.
54:42 Father, with simple prayers
54:44 like when Peter was sinking on water
54:46 and he said, Jesus save me.
54:49 And you answered that prayer
54:50 and saved him from the sinking waters.
54:52 And so God today,
54:54 we know that we're lacking spiritually in so many areas.
54:58 We see ourselves in these disciples,
55:00 because we lack that power that we need,
55:03 that holy boldness to confidently
55:06 go into this world of darkness and to bring light into it.
55:09 Help us Lord not to be ashamed of You
55:11 or not to be scared or afraid,
55:14 but to speak life into people who are dead,
55:17 to hold their hand just as You held this boy,
55:19 to risk being called unclean, to risk Lord,
55:22 whatever it may be,
55:24 all for the sake of seeing our uncles come to Jesus,
55:29 our fathers come to Jesus,
55:31 our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, and our friends
55:35 to know that You're a loving God,
55:38 who can save from the uttermost,
55:40 all the way down to the guttermost.
55:42 And so God Almighty, I thank You
55:43 for hearing this prayer.
55:45 Bless, Lord, those that feel like they're dead
55:47 that You can bring them back to life.
55:49 Bless those parents Lord who are trying to do
55:51 everything that they can
55:52 for their children that are out there
55:54 living a crazy and wild life.
55:56 Please bring them back as the seed has been planted.
55:58 And I pray, Lord, that it will sprout.
56:00 And I thank You God for everything,
56:02 and this we pray in Your name, Jesus Christ.
56:04 Amen and amen.
56:11 Amen and amen.
56:12 Thank you, Pastor Kowlessar Praise the Lord.
56:15 We appreciate your ministry.
56:16 We'd like to encourage everyone to pray for his ministry.
56:19 Pastor Kowlessar, another passionate message,
56:22 helping us to understand that we need to wake up,
56:25 and fathers need to be fathers,
56:26 mothers need to be mothers in Christ.
56:29 Pastor Kowlessar, you have one more message.
56:30 Yes.
56:31 And that is entitled
56:32 "Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game."
56:34 Can you give us a little glimpse
56:36 of what that will be?
56:37 Absolutely, We're gonna be looking at the story of Jesus
56:40 who was with His disciples
56:42 and as they were picking grain in the fields
56:45 and talking about the Sabbath
56:47 and talking about the games that the Pharisees were playing
56:50 and how they were trying to entangle Jesus
56:52 in a sick little game, but Jesus turned it around
56:55 and He made it meaningful for everybody.
56:57 Amen, amen. Praise the Lord.
56:59 I hope you have heard in this message an appeal.
57:02 An appeal that we need to live our lives like Jesus Christ.
57:06 An appeal for fathers to be fathers,
57:08 take their children to Jesus Christ,
57:10 mothers take your children to Jesus Christ.
57:13 We thank you for being with us during this hour.
57:16 We have another message in this series
57:18 and we hope you do not miss it.
57:19 And we praise the Lord for Dare to Dream
57:21 that has taken this message to God's people in this world.


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