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It's Done

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Participants: John Dinzey (Host), Dr. Roland Hill


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01:03 My name is John Dinzey
01:04 and I'd like to welcome all those that are present
01:06 and all those that joining us wherever you may be.
01:10 During this hour, you will hear a message from God's Word
01:14 through the ministry of Dr. Roland Hill.
01:17 A message for this opportunity is, "It's Done."
01:21 This is a four part series, so you will,
01:24 next opportunity we'll hear the message entitled
01:26 "Vision Delayed."
01:28 The third message is "Wealth is in Your Worship"
01:32 and the fourth message in this series is entitled,
01:36 "It's Bigger Than Me", "It's Bigger Than Me".
01:39 Perhaps you're not acquainted with Dr. Roland Hills.
01:42 I'd like to tell you a little bit about him,
01:44 Dr. Roland J. Hill is pastor of the Allegheny East Conference
01:48 of the Seventh-day Adventist church
01:50 and he's the former Director of Development and Stewardship
01:53 for the Texas Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
01:57 He has 39 years of ministry and seems like
02:02 he's not about to slow down.
02:03 The Lord is using him,
02:04 taking him all over the world to present seminars
02:08 and to bring people to Jesus Christ.
02:10 I don't know where he found the time
02:11 but he has written 18 books so far.
02:14 So we praise the Lord for this,
02:17 as a matter of fact, one of the joys of his life
02:19 was to marry the woman of his dream,
02:21 Dr. Susie M. Hill that accompanies also,
02:25 as he goes to the seminars, he also participates,
02:30 empowering people through their stewardship messages
02:32 in hundreds of seminars worldwide.
02:35 So we want to welcome Dr. Roland Hill in a moment
02:39 and we want to encourage you to pray for him.
02:42 He is a product of the Oakwood University
02:46 and also Andrew's University
02:48 and also has studied at the Reformed Theological Seminary.
02:52 So we look forward to hearing this message from God's Word,
02:55 Dr. Roland Hill.
02:56 When I met him, I learned immediately
02:59 that this is a man that depends on the Holy Spirit to use him
03:03 and so we are pleased to have him here
03:07 in the Dare To Dream Network.
03:09 We also have the music ministry
03:11 that is going to be brought to us out during this series
03:14 by one of God's servants.
03:16 This person is also a talented individual
03:20 that the Lord has blessed with a gift of music
03:23 and this is Lyndon Carriger.
03:25 As a matter of fact, he is a product of Union College,
03:29 the Seventh-day Adventist University
03:31 that is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
03:35 And after graduating from Lincoln,
03:37 he thought he would continue his career in television,
03:43 as a master control operator.
03:45 Trained as a technical director and photo journalist,
03:48 worked for four years.
03:49 But there's something about the call of God
03:51 that is difficult to resist
03:53 and the Lord called Lyndon to a music ministry.
03:57 So he left his work in television
04:00 and dedicated his life to ministry in music
04:04 and the Lord has been using him in a mighty way
04:06 to bring people to Jesus Christ.
04:08 Thus far he has two CD's that he has produced,
04:12 by the grace of God,
04:14 one "With all my heart" and also "Whisper your name."
04:18 And we want to encourage you to get these
04:22 so that you can not only be blessed,
04:25 but also help others
04:28 to learn about Jesus Christ through music
04:30 and so Lyndon will be singing for us during this time,
04:35 a song entitled, "Give Us This Day",
04:38 "Give Us This Day."
04:39 Before he comes,
04:41 I would like to encourage all to join me prayer.
04:44 We would like to ask you to stand for prayer
04:47 and for those of you that are wherever you maybe,
04:50 I want to ask you to pause and pray with us.
04:53 And immediately after the prayer,
04:54 we will here the music
04:57 that will elevate us to God's throne of grace
05:00 and then immediately following,
05:01 the preaching of God's Word in the lips of Dr. Roland Hill.
05:06 So let us go to the Lord in prayer.
05:11 Our loving, heavenly Father, we thank you so much, Lord,
05:16 that we can take this opportunity
05:19 to hear a message from Your throne of grace.
05:23 And Father, we want to ask You to bless Your servant
05:28 with the Holy Spirit, use him again.
05:31 Use him in a mighty way,
05:33 help us to understand the message You have for us
05:37 and the desire that You have for us,
05:39 Lord, to be close to You,
05:41 to experience salvation and peace
05:45 and to also escape this world of corruption
05:48 and to find that there is a better way
05:51 and is found in Jesus Christ.
05:53 We pray, Father, for all that are present
05:55 and all that are joining us, wherever they maybe.
05:59 We pray for Your blessing and we ask it in Jesus' holy
06:03 and blessed name, amen, amen.
06:06 May God bless you, you may be seated.
06:08 We now leave you with the music and song
06:12 through Brother Lyndon Carriger.
06:43 Give us this day
06:50 Our daily bread
06:55 You said you would
07:03 Supply all my needs
07:12 According to your riches
07:21 I have but to ask
07:28 And I receive
07:39 To go, to go from here
07:46 And share this love
07:50 You gave to me
07:58 To show, someone who's lost
08:06 And help them find their way
08:14 The way to truth and faith
08:21 So they can be free
08:28 Like me
08:32 Free like me
08:40 Lord, we need your love
08:48 And Lord, we need your peace
08:57 Lord, we need your joy
09:10 This day
09:26 Give us this day
09:41 Amen, man, you make me want to preach tonight.
09:46 Thank you for that anointed song, my brother
09:49 and now you are part of my evangelistic team.
09:55 Good evening, saints,
09:58 it is exciting to be with you this evening
10:02 and for the next few messages, I promise you,
10:06 it will be an exciting experience.
10:09 In fact, I'm so excited I'm busting with praise.
10:15 Take your Bibles and turn with me
10:20 to a passage of scripture
10:22 that will be a blessing for all of us tonight.
10:25 Psalm 33,
10:33 I want you to follow along with me
10:34 as I read verses 6 through 9.
10:43 "By the word of the Lord, the heavens were made,
10:47 and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth,
10:53 He gathers the waters of the sea together as a heap.
10:58 He lays up the deep in storehouses.
11:01 Let all the earth fear the Lord,
11:02 let all the inhabitants of the world
11:04 stand in awe in Him.
11:08 For He spoke and it was done.
11:13 He commanded, and it stood fast."
11:17 Tonight's message is entitled "It's Done."
11:23 Father God, as we begin this message tonight,
11:27 we know unless You speak, we will not hear
11:30 but when You speak, we will not only hear,
11:35 we will be touched and we will be transformed.
11:39 And that's our prayer, that's our desire, that's our belief.
11:43 So we look forward and anticipate your moving tonight,
11:47 is our prayer, in the name of Jesus, amen.
11:52 I'm convicted, my brothers and my sisters,
11:55 that believers ought to be the most excited,
11:59 positive and productive people on the planet.
12:04 I need to say that again,
12:06 I believe that believers ought to be the most excited,
12:09 positive and productive people on the planet
12:12 and here's why, because believers have the Word.
12:18 God's Word is the basis for all excitement
12:22 because it is grounding all of the possibilities.
12:29 When you believe God's Word,
12:32 you will believe, you'll like this, it's done.
12:39 You will believe your salvation is done.
12:43 You will believe your success is done
12:46 and I promise you by the end of this sermon,
12:48 you will be shouting with me, it's done.
12:51 In fact, practice with me right now, say it with me, it's done.
12:57 And honestly, when you say it,
12:59 you feel better after you say it
13:00 because it is a completion that comes
13:05 and is guaranteed from the Word of God.
13:10 Psalm 33:9 again says, "For He spoke, and it was done.
13:15 He commanded, and it stood fast."
13:18 What I want you to do now is
13:19 wrap your mind around that thought,
13:22 "He spoke, and it was done."
13:28 This eternal concept,
13:31 to be truthful is difficult for us to conceive,
13:37 God spoke a word and it was done.
13:42 Can you imagine?
13:43 A word and it was done.
13:48 See for us, words have some power,
13:52 they can bring comfort, they can bring cheer,
13:55 they can even hurt people,
13:56 but as far as being a creed of force,
13:59 we don't see that as word, as power.
14:04 For us, in some sense, words are mainly wishes,
14:09 vaporized thoughts, momentary ideas,
14:13 but for the psalmist, he declares,
14:17 listen now that God's Word is a creative force, a power.
14:24 "He spoke and it was done."
14:29 Psalm 33: 6 says
14:32 "By the word of the Lord, the heavens were made,
14:35 and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth."
14:41 In Genesis 1, God reveals how His world is created.
14:46 He speaks light, it's done.
14:49 He speaks firmament, it's done.
14:51 He speaks grass, trees and earth, it's done.
14:55 He speaks sun, moon and stars, it's done.
14:59 The only thing that wasn't spoken into existence was man.
15:05 And then for us, He formed us out of the dust of the earth,
15:10 listen now, He vaporized His word
15:14 and breathe into man's nostrils, the breath of life
15:18 and man became a living soul.
15:20 Please, don't miss this, please don't miss this point.
15:25 All inanimate and animate objects
15:28 come and came into existence by the Word of God.
15:37 Can I be honest with you,
15:39 pondering this thought, quickens my spirit.
15:46 Can you get excited with me?
15:49 He spoke and it was done,
15:56 in fact, if it's true that when God speaks it's done,
16:03 listen, then why do we worry so much?
16:08 Can I preach a little bit now?
16:11 Then why are we so fearful about attempting great things,
16:16 why are we so quick to quit
16:18 when life gets difficult,
16:20 if in fact, when God's speaks, it's done.
16:26 If God said it and I believe it, it's completed.
16:29 It's accomplished. It's finished, it's concluded.
16:32 It's ripe, it's ready, it's done.
16:39 Psalm 33:9 actually allows us, you'll like this,
16:44 to catch a glimpse of the mind of God.
16:50 Let me say that again,
16:51 when you look at Psalm 33:9
16:54 it allows you to peak into the mind of God,
16:58 would you like to see into the mind of God, tonight?
17:03 When you said, He spoke, and it was done,
17:07 in the mind of God, He process the past,
17:12 the present and the future at the same time.
17:16 Eternity, or what we called the perfect present, present,
17:21 so when God speaks a word,
17:23 listen now, a panorama of reality flashes before Him
17:29 and through His mind, it's done.
17:31 Oh, I like that, He spoke, the idea was created,
17:37 planned and executed.
17:41 Simply by the Word,
17:46 please don't ask me how it's done.
17:49 I just have enough evidence to know that it is done.
17:55 No, no, I'm feeling you, please,
17:58 don't dismiss this labored thought
18:01 as some high flung theology, my brother.
18:06 Don't think that this preacher's trying to
18:09 show his theological training.
18:14 And please don't think I'm simply giving you
18:16 some nice words to cover the preaching period.
18:21 What I've discovered, my brothers and my sisters,
18:23 is that this concept
18:26 is the foundation of all faith.
18:32 Oh, I need to say that again,
18:34 see this concept about the Word of God,
18:38 is the foundation of all faith.
18:43 Oh, let's go the Word,
18:48 Hebrews 11:3
18:56 "By faith, we understand
18:58 that the worlds were framed by the Word of God,
19:04 so that the things which are seen
19:06 were not made of things which are visible."
19:11 Again this is the foundational concept for all faith.
19:17 The belief in the creative power of God, listen now,
19:21 activate the mission of the patriots.
19:25 Everything they did was based on their understanding
19:29 that when God spoke a word, it's done.
19:34 Abel offered a sacrifice
19:36 because he believed God's Word about salvation.
19:40 Noah built an ark
19:42 because he believed God's Word about judgment.
19:45 Abraham left, as a senior citizen,
19:48 his home for the Promise Land
19:50 because he believed God's Word about promises.
19:55 No, Moses, confronted Pharoah
19:58 because he believed God's Word about delivering
20:01 so listen now and even Rahab
20:09 hosted the spies
20:11 because she was convinced about the Word of God's mercy.
20:18 Listen, who in their right mind would tackle a mission,
20:25 they didn't believe could be accomplished.
20:30 I know I wouldn't,
20:33 I don't know too many who would,
20:35 who would start out on a mission and say, well,
20:37 I don't think I'm gonna make that.
20:41 See the patriarchs believe God's Word
20:44 and they stepped out on God's Word,
20:47 they endured because of God's Word.
20:51 Because their belief, listen now,
20:53 was grounded in the creative power of God's Word.
20:58 They believed that if God said it,
21:03 it's done.
21:07 Let me labor the point just a little longer,
21:11 see we struggle with these deeper concepts about God.
21:18 Can I get a shout out?
21:24 Our thoughts about God are often really shallow,
21:29 the thing we know about God is he's a nice guy,
21:35 and that's why our confidence about doing the work
21:37 and mission of God is often shallow
21:40 because our ideas about God are shallow,
21:43 but this concept, when received and acted on,
21:47 will release your potential.
21:51 And it will give you confidence about your salvation,
21:55 note this, God's Word is not simply
22:00 a harmonious blending of consonants and vowels.
22:05 God's Word is not random, divine, rhetoric.
22:09 God's Word is not powerless, celestial proclamations,
22:13 listen now, God's Word is the concrete expression
22:19 of the mind of God.
22:23 Oh, I like that, so I'll see one again.
22:26 God's Word is the concrete expression of the mind of God,
22:31 listen now, it's a reality.
22:36 It's the concretized expression of a divine idea
22:41 when God speaks a word, something will happen.
22:47 In fact, when God's speaks a word
22:49 one of three things or all three happens.
22:51 Either something is created, produced or redeemed.
22:55 Oh, he does it all at one time,
22:57 creation, redemption and production
22:59 because when He speaks something, it's done.
23:07 Because we struggle
23:12 with the reality of His Word,
23:15 God decided to give some concrete demonstration
23:21 of the power of His Word.
23:25 Therefore He gave us His son.
23:30 John, come on, John 1,
23:33 I want you to read that with me...
23:43 John 1, beginning with verse 1
23:49 "In the beginning was the Word, wow,
23:55 and the Word was with God,
24:00 and the Word was God."
24:05 God says, I'm gonna give you
24:07 a concrete example and demonstration
24:10 of the power of My Word.
24:12 I will send My son as the word made flesh,
24:16 get down to verse 14,
24:18 "And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us,
24:22 and we beheld His glory,
24:23 the glory as the only one begotten of the Father,
24:26 full of grace and truth."
24:28 Jesus became or came
24:31 as the personification of the Word.
24:37 The Word became flesh
24:40 and God spoke about this centuries before,
24:44 He spoke a word that His son would come.
24:47 Isaiah 9: 6 "for unto us" you remember that--
24:52 that's that Christmas one,
24:54 "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given,
24:58 and the government shall be upon his shoulders,
25:01 and his name shall be called Wonderful,
25:05 Counselor, Mighty God,
25:07 The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."
25:11 He spoke it, it was prophesied
25:18 and Jesus' coming proved that it's done.
25:23 And then Jesus
25:27 lived out the power of the Word,
25:33 he showed that when God's said something,
25:37 the word becomes a reality.
25:42 And I get so exited about this because often times,
25:45 we don't see that when God says something,
25:49 it's going to come to past and that's why we quit so quick
25:54 because we don't really believe
25:55 when God tells us something, that will be done.
25:58 Oh, it might be done, it can be done.
26:01 And maybe it should be done
26:02 but I really don't think, it will be done
26:04 but when God speaks a word into your life,
26:07 when He tells you, what you need to do on your mission
26:09 and your purpose in life.
26:11 Once He tells you that you must believe
26:13 and act as if it's done.
26:18 In fact, one of my favorite writers says,
26:22 when you pray, you should get up off your knees
26:26 and act as if your prayer has been answered.
26:35 Go with me to Mathew 14
26:39 and here now we have a demonstration
26:42 in the life of Jesus about the power of God's Word.
26:47 I want you to leave here tonight
26:48 believing that everything in your life,
26:50 when God speaks it to you, it will be done.
26:52 Not maybe done, but will be done
26:57 and God wants you to know that you should not entertain
26:59 one thought of failure,
27:01 when you cooperate with the one who knows no failure.
27:07 Matthew 14 beginning with verse 29,
27:12 "And Peter answered him"
27:15 actually let's go up a little bit, verse 23.
27:20 "And when He had sent out the multitude,
27:22 He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray.
27:25 Now when evening came, He was alone there.
27:28 But the boat was now in the middle of the ship,
27:31 tossed by the waves,
27:32 for the wind was contrary.
27:35 Now in the fourth watch of the night,
27:36 Jesus went to them, walking on the sea.
27:40 And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea,
27:43 they were troubled, saying, 'It is a ghost!'
27:45 And they cried out for fear.
27:47 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying,
27:51 'Be of good cheer! It is I, do not be afraid.'
27:55 And Peter answered Him and said,
27:57 'Lord, if it is You, command me to go--
28:02 Command me to come to You on the water.'
28:05 So He said, 'Come.'
28:06 And when Peter had come out of the boat,
28:09 he walked on the water to go to Jesus.
28:12 But when he saw the wind was boisterous,
28:14 he was afraid and beginning to sink
28:16 he cried out, saying, 'Lord, save me!'
28:19 And immediately, Jesus stretched out His hand
28:21 and caught him, and said to him,
28:23 'O you of little faith, why did you doubt?'"
28:29 You see the picture?
28:31 Jesus is riding,
28:33 all the disciples are riding on the boat,
28:35 the storm comes, the ship begins to go back and forth.
28:39 And it's interesting that these are sailors
28:41 who are accustomed to the sea.
28:42 But yet they are afraid some thing like us,
28:44 when we come to the turbulent times of our life,
28:47 rather than trusting God, we get scared.
28:52 And Jesus now is walking on the water,
28:56 the disciples, according to the Word of God,
28:58 thinks he's a ghost.
29:00 But when they realize it's Jesus,
29:02 cause Jesus says, don't be afraid,
29:04 ain't it interesting?
29:06 That God understands our frailness
29:09 and all through the Bible He says, don't be afraid.
29:14 Don't be afraid, don't be afraid.
29:19 So when Peter, who's always the loud mouth,
29:25 says Jesus, I want to do like you do.
29:29 I want to walk on the water.
29:33 And it's interesting when he said that,
29:35 Jesus responded right away,
29:36 he wanted to show him and the disciples
29:39 the power of the Word.
29:40 Like He wants to show us tonight, the power of the Word.
29:43 He wants you to leave here convinced
29:45 that when God says something for you and your life
29:48 and your ministry, your church, your home, your children,
29:51 it's done, He wants you convinced about that.
29:56 So let's go back to the text.
29:57 Matthew 14:29
30:03 so he, speaking of Jesus said, come.
30:08 Isn't it interesting, Jesus didn't give a dissertation
30:11 on what he was to do.
30:14 He didn't give a long, white paper on what he should do.
30:18 He didn't do a dissertation on what Peter should do.
30:21 He simple spoke a word,
30:23 sometimes, my brothers and sisters,
30:25 we don't need a whole lot of word,
30:27 one word from God is enough for you to do.
30:30 All you need to do.
30:35 And God said to Peter, Jesus said to Peter,
30:38 come, he said to Peter, come,
30:44 that word concretized in the water
30:50 and became a platform.
30:54 You all now hear me, became a platform in the water
30:59 and Peter was walking on solid water
31:03 and he was walking successfully
31:07 until he stopped looking at Jesus,
31:09 the word and began to look at the ways.
31:12 Maybe the reason why we struggle so much
31:15 and have failures,
31:16 we're allowing the ways of life to keep us from seeing Jesus.
31:24 And just as he was sinking, Jesus reached down
31:29 and grabbed his hand,
31:30 pulled him up from the sinking water.
31:35 And said a powerful word to him,
31:39 "oh, you of little"--
31:46 how little faith we all have.
31:51 We struggle because we do not believe
31:56 that God's Word is a creative power,
32:00 we really don't believe that when God speaks something
32:03 that it is a reality,
32:05 that it's not guess work with God.
32:07 He's just not giving out a word,
32:10 we struggle to have faith and he says,
32:13 oh, you of little faith, why did you doubt?
32:20 Why do we doubt so much, my brothers and sisters?
32:24 When God has made it clear in His Word,
32:27 when He says it, it's done.
32:35 He wanted Peter to understand
32:39 that when He said come, listen now,
32:41 when He said come,
32:44 his ship was already completed to Jesus.
32:50 No matter what the waves were doing around him,
32:53 if Jesus said it, he could through the waves.
32:57 Oh, I like that,
33:00 when Jesus speaks into your life, a word,
33:02 you could walk through the waves of your life.
33:05 Through the struggles of your lives.
33:07 But you know what's sad?
33:10 Sometimes non-believers,
33:15 people who are not in a faith community,
33:18 catch the power of God's Word before we do.
33:23 Oh, I need to say that again.
33:25 Sometimes non-believers,
33:28 people who are not a part of a faith community
33:31 catch God's Word before we do.
33:37 Luke 7:1,
33:51 "Now when He concluded all His sayings
33:55 in the hearing of the people,
33:56 He entered Capernaum."
33:58 Luke 7:2 "And a certain centurion's"
34:04 and the centurion is roman soldier not a believer,
34:08 "his servant, who was dear to him,
34:10 was sick and ready to die.
34:12 So when he heard about Jesus,
34:14 he sent elders of the Jews to Him,
34:16 pleading with Him, to come and heal his servant.
34:20 And when they came to Jesus,
34:21 they begged Him earnestly, saying
34:23 that the one for whom He should do this was deserving,
34:27 for he loves our nation, and he's built us a synagogue.
34:30 Then Jesus went with them.
34:32 And when He was already not far from the house,
34:35 the centurion sent friends to Him, saying to Him,
34:38 'Lord, do not trouble Yourself, for I am not worthy
34:42 that You should enter under my roof.
34:44 Therefore I did not even think myself worthy to come to You.
34:50 But say the word, and my servant will be healed.
34:55 For I also am a man placed under authority,
34:59 having soldiers under me.
35:00 And I say to one, 'Go,' and he goes,
35:03 and to another, 'Come,' and he comes,
35:05 and to my servant, 'Do this,' and he does it.'
35:08 When Jesus heard these things, He was marveled at him,
35:11 and turned around and said to the crowd
35:13 that followed Him, 'I say to you,
35:15 I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel'"
35:20 Jesus is blown away.
35:22 Here is this brother who's not in the faith community.
35:27 Who understands the deeper things of God
35:30 because why, he saw the works of Jesus,
35:34 he heard the word of Jesus,
35:37 he heard about Jesus and he thought about it.
35:40 He said, you know what?
35:42 I got power in my words,
35:45 if I tell one of my soldiers to come,
35:48 he comes, he doesn't hesitate,
35:51 when I tell one of soldier to go,
35:53 they don't-- they go without hesitation.
35:56 So if I can do this,
36:00 what about this man called Jesus,
36:02 what can He do?
36:06 He thought about it and he said,
36:09 I'm asking this powerful man to come to my house.
36:17 Maybe what I should do is just go and ask him to speak a word
36:24 because if his word, listen now,
36:28 if his word can open up blind eyes,
36:31 can make the lame to walk, to cause the dumb to talk,
36:36 to raise the dead,
36:37 to feed five thousand with a little boys at lunch
36:40 and can stop an angry wind,
36:42 surely his word can heal my servant.
36:47 And sure enough, Jesus was excited about this mans faith.
36:54 And he spoke a word and the moment, the moment,
37:01 the moment He spoke the word, the servant was healed.
37:08 Because when God speaks a word it's?
37:14 Please don't miss this point, when God says something,
37:19 it's accomplished, it's done.
37:26 Listen, the Word of God is inseparable
37:33 from the being of God.
37:38 I need to run past that again.
37:41 Listen to me, the Word of God is inseparable
37:47 from the being of God,
37:50 God can never say anything that isn't a reality.
37:57 Oh, you should shout with me on that one.
38:03 Isaiah 55:11 proves this.
38:07 Isaiah 55:11,
38:17 Word of God says, you need to read this
38:19 or you need to tuck this away in your--
38:21 in your memory banks.
38:24 So the next time when God tell you something
38:26 and you start doubting him,
38:30 I want you to pull out the sticks
38:32 and you will see that this is not some high flung theology.
38:35 This is the foundation of our faith,
38:38 the patriarchs understood,
38:40 until they knew the creative power of God's Word,
38:44 they would move but soon as they understood
38:46 the power of God's creative Word, nothing could stop them.
38:51 Isaiah 55:11,
38:56 "So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth.
39:01 It might not return to me void.
39:08 It shall not return to Me void,
39:12 but it might accomplish,
39:17 it shall accomplish what I please,
39:21 And it shall prosper in the thing
39:23 which I sent it out."
39:25 So if God says it, my brothers, my sisters,
39:31 I believe it, because it's done.
39:37 All of my doubts are settled, all of my fears are dispelled,
39:41 all of my anxiety is eliminated.
39:43 All of my worries are obliviated, why,
39:46 because I know that God will never say anything
39:50 and speaking anything in my life
39:52 that will not be a reality.
39:54 It must come to pass.
39:57 But our biggest challenge
40:00 is our confusion about the Word.
40:06 It's interesting how people want to speak
40:07 a word into your life,
40:08 be careful who you allow to speak a word into your life.
40:16 And there's a lot of confusion about the Word today
40:19 and there are many who believe
40:20 that they are many different words and many different ways.
40:23 I got news for you, that's the confusion,
40:26 that's why people are so uncertain about their life.
40:28 That's why they have no purpose in their life
40:30 because they're confused about who is the Word
40:33 and what is the Word?
40:36 Can I be straight forward with you?
40:39 Until we recognize Jesus as the Word made flesh,
40:45 this concept that I'm talking about means absolutely nothing.
40:54 Because when you don't know Jesus,
40:59 as the Word made flesh.
41:05 You're constantly confused
41:07 by all the other words spoken around you.
41:13 You'll be constantly in search for truth
41:18 and I'm amazed as I travel the world,
41:19 how many people are looking for truth
41:22 and they are looking over what is truth.
41:26 The Word of God makes clear what is truth.
41:28 John 17:17, the Word of God says,
41:30 "Sanctify them with thy truth.
41:32 Thy word is truth."
41:34 Jesus says, I'm the truth, the light and the way.
41:38 And since Jesus is truth and His Word is truth,
41:41 when I understand and receive 'em into my life,
41:45 I discover a certainty about my salvation
41:48 and confidence about my success.
41:53 Can I talk to you for a minute?
41:56 When you are convicted about this concept,
42:00 you will never again doubt your success.
42:05 In fact, the last sermon in the series,
42:06 I'm gonna talk about success
42:08 and I'm gonna tell you that success is bigger than you.
42:12 And I'm gonna help you to understand that this word
42:14 that I'm speaking tonight into your life
42:16 becomes the foundation for all of what you believe.
42:18 And when you believe when God speaks a word
42:20 it is a reality, it gives you confidence about your success,
42:24 listen, and confidence about your salvation.
42:27 I see so many people struggling by--
42:29 oh, you say, I don't know.
42:33 But when you understand the Word of God,
42:35 and God speaks salvation into your life,
42:37 you receive it, then in there.
42:41 How do I know
42:45 that the real Word is the real Word?
42:51 I've discovered in my own life
42:52 and my years of working with people and pasturing people.
42:56 That in order to know the Word of God,
42:58 you've got to read the Word of God.
43:02 In order to know that it's the Word of God,
43:04 you've got to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,
43:07 from Genesis to Revelation, from Revelation to Genesis.
43:10 You've got to read the whole story,
43:12 not a text here and a text there.
43:14 A book here and a book there,
43:16 you've got to read the whole book,
43:17 you've got to see the whole picture.
43:19 And I've discovered that when people do that,
43:21 they began to hear God speaks and believe His Word.
43:27 The next thing you need to do is,
43:28 you need to examine the results in the lives of people
43:32 who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior
43:34 and understand His Word.
43:37 And you would discovered that the excitement
43:39 and the productivity that comes for people
43:42 who are walking in Jesus and walking in His Word.
43:45 And the next,
43:47 you've got to obey God's Word.
43:53 Several years ago I was deep in some study of the entire Bible.
43:59 And I realized that there over a 1,000 passages of scripture
44:05 referring to obedience.
44:10 You see, the test of true faith is not in your talk,
44:17 'cause people love to do a lot of talk.
44:20 The rest of your true faith is in obedience.
44:25 The Word of God says,
44:26 blessed are they who think about obeying His Commandments.
44:32 Word of God says blessed are they that do His Commandments
44:39 and then finally,
44:44 we need to stop trying to be God.
44:52 See when God says it, it is mine,
44:55 it's done instantaneously.
44:58 But for us, we got to wait,
45:03 and that's where the problem is because we don't like to wait.
45:07 In this technologically advance world, we don't like to wait.
45:14 When we're booting up our computer,
45:16 if takes more than a half of a second we get anxious
45:19 because we don't like to wait.
45:23 And so when God speaks a word,
45:26 it happens instantaneously for Him.
45:28 But he purposely allows it to be delayed
45:33 because it's part of His testing.
45:37 When I preach tomorrow night about vision delayed
45:40 and not destroyed, I will talk about waiting,
45:42 but tonight, understand that testing
45:45 comes in the waiting period.
45:48 Waiting patiently on God is proof
45:52 that you believe that what God says, it's done.
45:56 Oh, let me say that again,
45:59 waiting patiently without anxiety and fear is proof
46:04 that you believe in the creative power of God,
46:07 that when He said it, it will be done.
46:12 See when you believe it,
46:13 it doesn't meant on how long it takes.
46:17 It could take weeks, it could take months,
46:21 it could take years, but because you believe
46:26 what God says, you know it will be done.
46:36 The ultimate proof of God's Word is the cross
46:45 and this excites me.
46:49 Because Jesus made a promise, a word,
46:55 1 John 1:9 He said, "If you confess your sins,
47:01 He is faithful to forgive you of your sins
47:05 and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness."
47:13 This concept of God's Word,
47:18 being a reality is crucial for your walk with God.
47:27 Because God speaks a word, He says, again,
47:30 if you confess your sins, if you confess your sin,
47:34 if you confess your sin, He is faithful
47:38 and just to forgive you of your sins
47:44 and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.
47:46 Watch this now, many people,
47:47 because they do not believe this concept,
47:51 struggle with, well, God, You said it but,
47:55 first of all, I don't know if you love me enough to do it.
48:00 And then secondly, do you have the ability to do it?
48:05 And so for years they go struggling with guilt and shame
48:09 and they're struggling in their sins,
48:11 they are hooked on their addictions
48:14 and they're wondering why they can't get free
48:16 and the reason why is because they don't believe
48:19 that God's Word is a creative power
48:22 that can break them free of any vice, of any sin,
48:26 and hold them before God as if they never sinned.
48:31 So He says, if you confess your sins,
48:33 here it is, you are done,
48:38 Matthew 1:21 says, "And she shall bring forth a son,
48:43 and you shall call his name Jesus.
48:45 For He shall save his people from their sins."
48:51 He made it clear that if His people would believe
48:56 that this promise that He would send a child,
49:00 not to save it in your sins but to save you from your sins,
49:05 would come, and die for our sins
49:10 because the Word of God says,
49:12 in Roman 6:26-23, "The wages of sin is death,
49:18 but the gift of God is eternal life."
49:21 That's a promise, that's a word.
49:24 He said I'll give it to you, all you have to do believe,
49:27 you can't earn it.
49:29 You can't buy it.
49:31 You can't work for it.
49:33 You just have to believe my Word.
49:40 I can't tell you how many people
49:41 I've run a cross through the years,
49:44 who can't believe that it's done,
49:49 but I told you, the ultimate proof of
49:52 the certainty of God's Word is the cross.
49:56 Jesus said, I'll pay the price,
49:59 I'll pray the heavy price.
50:01 I'll carry the world's sins on my shoulders
50:05 and there in Calvary, Jesus hung there
50:09 as proof positive that when God says something,
50:13 yeah, it took many years for Jesus to come
50:18 but in the mind of God it was already done
50:20 when in the counsel of heaven, God the Father,
50:24 God the Son and the Holy Spirit decided
50:26 on what they would do to save mankind.
50:29 It was done right at the end.
50:33 So when Jesus went to Calvary, it was God saying, it's done.
50:40 Hebrew 10:10-11, "By that, will we have been sanctified
50:47 through the offering of the body of Jesus,
50:50 once and for all."
50:53 Jesus said, I will pay it all,
50:58 all to him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain
51:04 but Jesus washed it, white as snow.
51:09 It was done.
51:12 And then as Jesus was stretched out on Calvary's cross,
51:18 he made one of the most profound statements,
51:23 that confirms the creative power of the Word of God.
51:29 In John 19:20, John 19:30 rather,
51:37 He said three words, simple words,
51:43 profound words, life changing words,
51:47 he said, it is finished.
51:56 It's done, listen,
51:58 your salvation is complete in Me.
52:04 All you have to do now, is believe His Word,
52:10 your shame is done, your past is done.
52:17 Your guilt is done, your frustration is done.
52:24 Your struggling to save yourself is done.
52:30 Because of when God says something, it's done.
52:40 Father, why don't You teach this young boy,
52:47 how to trust this Word.
52:51 He wanted the young boy,
52:54 to understand that when he said something
52:55 he could take it to the banking,
52:58 it was satisfied, it was complete.
53:02 So he took his little boy and marched him out
53:07 to a high, six foot brick wall.
53:15 Stood him on the wall and then he left him there,
53:18 he said, stand still son.
53:23 He disappeared and he came down below the wall,
53:25 the little boy couldn't see him,
53:26 he can only hear him.
53:31 And he yelled at to the boy he said, jump, jump.
53:40 And of course the little boy is tentative,
53:44 he hesitates but he knew his father
53:50 had never let him down.
53:52 Can I speak to your hearts for a minute,
53:54 God has never let us down.
54:00 And He will never let us down,
54:03 when He says something you can take it to the bank.
54:05 You can know that your future is secure in Jesus
54:08 because when he said it, it's done
54:11 and so the little boy, couldn't see his dad
54:14 but he could hear his voice.
54:17 He knew the power of his dad's word,
54:20 because his dad had never let him down.
54:22 And so he jumped, fell into the arms of his father...
54:33 isn't that what God wants for all of us tonight.
54:37 Does it?
54:39 He wants you to trust Him with your future,
54:46 with your success and again, I see ministry struggling
54:53 because they can't believe God, but in my years of ministry,
54:59 doing some impossible things,
55:02 I've had to take God at His word,
55:06 I can't tell you about the many things
55:08 that God has sent me out,
55:09 that was beyond my abilities and capabilities
55:13 and everybody around me told me it could not be done.
55:18 But as a young boy, 6 six years old,
55:20 when I gave my heart to Jesus
55:22 and I accepted my call to Jesus, I couldn't--
55:24 I was convinced there and there,
55:26 that when God speaks a word, it's done.
55:30 And for all of my life,
55:32 I've been an obnoxious optimist,
55:36 trying things and doing things
55:38 because I know that if God's spoken into my spirit,
55:45 it's going to be done.
55:48 And tonight, I encourage you
55:52 to trust Him in your ministry,
55:56 trust Him in your job,
55:58 trust Him in your marital relationship,
56:02 I see people give up on the marriages
56:07 and I've been blessed to be married for 39 years
56:09 to the women of my dreams, hallelujah,
56:13 but I'm gonna tell you what has blessed us
56:16 to stay together is because
56:17 we believe God brought us together
56:20 and He spoke into our life
56:22 and told us our marriage would work.
56:23 Can I get a shout, amen.
56:26 And when it got tough, we can holler out, it's done.
56:32 When the waves of trails blew on us,
56:37 we could be convinced
56:39 that because God's brought us together,
56:41 spoken to our marriage, spoken to our careers,
56:44 spoken to our lives, it's done.
56:48 Will you pray with me now?
56:51 Eternal Father, thank you for teaching us
56:54 about the creative power of Your Word.
56:57 Forgive us for doubting You,
57:01 forgive us for worrying and fretting.
57:05 Tonight, we leave here convinced,
57:08 that what You say, will come to pass
57:12 that it is done.
57:16 We will obey Your commands,
57:18 we understand that all of Your biddings, our enablings,
57:20 if you've told us to do it, it will indeed happen,
57:24 we just need to be patient and wait on it, thank You, God.
57:29 We will make sure we will spend time with you.


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