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Participants: John Dinzey (Host), Dr. Roland Hill


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00:18 Hello and welcome to Foundation Of Our Faith.
00:21 We are pleased that you are with us
00:23 and if you are hearing my voice,
00:26 it just may be that the Lord wants you to stay with us
00:28 during this hour so you can receive the blessing
00:31 that God has for you on this,
00:33 your favorite program Foundation Of Our Faith.
00:36 My name is John Dinzey
00:37 and I appreciate that you are with us
00:40 so that you can receive the blessing
00:43 that's coming straight form God's Word.
00:45 I would like to tell you a little bit about
00:47 what you have missed up to this point
00:50 because this is the third in a series of four.
00:53 And we have Dr. Roland Hill
00:55 presented first the message "It's done."
00:59 Then we heard "Vision delayed but not destroyed."
01:03 That was another powerful message
01:05 and there were several here that heard this message,
01:08 I think we have many new people today.
01:10 If you were blessed yesterday by the message,
01:12 would you say amen?
01:14 Amen, praise the Lord.
01:16 Today the message is entitled, "Wealth is in your worship."
01:21 "Wealth is in your worship."
01:23 If you're not acquainted with Dr. Roland Hill,
01:26 I would like to tell you a little bit about him.
01:27 He is a pastor in the Allegheny East Conference
01:31 and he is now 39 years in ministry,
01:36 soon will be 40 years of ministry
01:39 and the Lord has used him in a mighty way
01:41 to preach in different places in the world.
01:44 And he is happily married 39 years
01:47 with his wife Dr. Susie that is from Honduras I hear
01:52 and we hope to get her on 3ABN Latino as well.
01:56 And we are grateful to hear that
01:59 he's very busy, he has written 18 books
02:01 but I think that number will grow very soon.
02:05 Dr. Roland Hill has a passion
02:07 for bringing people to Jesus Christ
02:09 and presenting God's Word.
02:11 So I would encourage you to grab your Bible
02:14 and join us during this hour to hear
02:16 this message from God's Word.
02:18 Before he preaches this message,
02:21 we're going to encourage you to listen very carefully
02:25 to the words of this message
02:28 in song I would call it, by our musical guest.
02:32 Lyndon is with us.
02:34 Lyndon Carriger is a person
02:38 that is humbly giving himself to ministry in music.
02:43 I was encouraged as I asked him yesterday
02:47 because he literally stepped out in faith.
02:51 He left a job that had a promising news career
02:55 and he also was involved in photography
02:59 for this television station, but the Lord said, Lyndon,
03:04 it's time for you to go into ministry.
03:07 And Lyndon in prayer with his wife decided
03:11 that the time had come.
03:12 And when they firmly made this decision,
03:17 you know, you begin to wonder,
03:18 wait a minute I'm getting a paycheck
03:21 that I get every week or every two weeks,
03:24 what's gonna happen now?
03:27 And so the Lord had the answer
03:29 because very shortly after that decision was made,
03:34 he was offered a job as a musical director
03:37 in a local church
03:39 and the Lord has been taking care of him.
03:41 Amen?
03:42 Amen.
03:43 Today, he will be a presenting a message in song entitled
03:48 "The Lord's prayer," and I think you will be blessed
03:50 as you hear him bring this to us.
03:54 I would like to encourage you
03:56 to pay close attention to the message today
04:00 because it's a message that will transform your life.
04:04 And so immediately after the song,
04:06 Dr. Roland Hill will be with us.
04:08 I would like to invite you to please stand,
04:10 we're going to have prayer.
04:12 We're gonna ask for the Lord to bless us.
04:16 Amen.
04:17 Let us pray together.
04:20 Our loving Heavenly Father,
04:23 we want to thank You for this opportunity
04:26 that we have to hear a message from heaven.
04:30 And, Father, we thank You for bringing Dr. Roland Hill.
04:34 We thank You for bringing Lyndon Carriger.
04:36 We ask You, Father, to use them both.
04:39 Bless them with the Holy Spirit.
04:41 Speak to us through them
04:43 and we pray that as we hear the message,
04:47 you will help us to understand what our responsibility is
04:51 after we hear this message.
04:53 We pray that You will help us to enter into the joy
04:57 that will be presented to us in this message.
05:00 We ask You, Father, for these things
05:03 in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
05:06 Amen, amen.
05:08 You may be seated,
05:09 we'll leave you with brother Lyndon.
05:11 God bless you.
05:30 Our Father
05:35 Which art in heaven
05:46 Hallowed be
05:55 Thy name
05:59 Thy kingdom come
06:06 Thy will be done
06:11 On earth
06:15 As it is in heaven
06:25 Give us this day
06:30 Our daily bread
06:35 And forgive us
06:38 Our debts
06:40 As we forgive our debtors
06:50 And lead us not into temptation
06:56 But deliver us from evil
07:01 For Thine is the kingdom
07:08 And the power, and the glory
07:15 Forever
07:30 Amen
07:37 Thy will be done
07:46 On earth
07:50 As it is in heaven
08:00 Give us this day
08:05 Our daily bread
08:10 And forgive us
08:13 Our debts
08:16 As we forgive our debtors
08:21 As we forgive our debtors
08:24 And lead us not into temptation
08:31 But deliver us from evil
08:36 For Thine is the kingdom
08:43 And the power
08:47 And the glory
08:53 Forever
09:09 Amen
09:19 Amen
09:39 What a powerful, powerful song.
09:41 I think we could say amen again.
09:42 Amen.
09:43 You can do a little bit better than that, amen.
09:45 Amen.
09:46 God is so faithful and God is so wonderful,
09:49 it is exciting to be in the house of God.
09:52 It's exciting to hear God speak in so many different ways.
09:56 I invite you to turn with me in your scripture today
09:59 to one of my favorite passages of scripture.
10:03 Isaiah Chapter 28
10:13 and I want you to follow along as we read
10:16 verses 13 and 14.
10:24 Isaiah 58:13, 14
10:30 a very familiar passage to some
10:33 and it has become one of the most powerful passages
10:37 in my personal ministry and life
10:40 as I've watched God explode this passage of scripture.
10:45 Isaiah 58:13, 14 "If you turn away your foot
10:51 from the Sabbath,
10:54 from doing your pleasure on My holy day,
10:59 and call the Sabbath a delight,
11:04 the holy day of the Lord honorable,
11:07 and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways,
11:13 nor finding your own pleasure,
11:16 nor speaking your own words,
11:19 then you shall delight yourself in the Lord,
11:22 and I will cause you to ride
11:24 upon the high places of the earth,
11:28 and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father.
11:32 The mouth of the Lord has spoken."
11:37 My message today is entitled
11:40 "Wealth, it's in your worship not in your works."
11:47 I'll say it again,
11:48 "Wealth is in your worship not in your works."
11:54 Father God, as we spend this time in Your Word,
11:57 we ask for a double anointing of Your Spirit.
12:02 We know that unless You speak,
12:03 we will not hear, unless You touch us
12:06 we will not be transformed
12:08 and we've come to be transformed
12:10 under the preaching of Your Word,
12:12 so do it today in a special way
12:14 is our prayer in the name of Jesus.
12:17 Amen.
12:19 Wealth.
12:21 It's a very intriguing word.
12:25 In fact, wealth is a captivating word.
12:31 Wealth is a tantalizing word, but I've discovered wealth
12:36 is often a misunderstood word.
12:41 You know for yourself that there are ambivalent feelings
12:45 and sometimes anxious feelings
12:48 when we mention the word wealth,
12:52 but I want to bless you today.
12:54 I want to lift you up and help you understand
12:57 what the word of God has
12:59 you and I to understand about wealth.
13:01 Listen carefully, you would be excited
13:04 when you hear this clear word of God about wealth.
13:09 "Wealth is what you are, not what you have."
13:17 Oh, I need to say that again.
13:19 So you got to understand,
13:21 "wealth is what you are, not what you have."
13:27 Can I infuse with some energy today
13:30 over the subject of "wealth is in your worship
13:32 not in your works"?
13:33 I want you to understand that you are wealth.
13:39 And I said it, you are wealth.
13:45 I want everyone that hears this message
13:48 to leave here understanding
13:50 that you don't have to chase wealth,
13:52 you are wealth.
13:56 Locked up inside of you
14:00 is the divine ore that gives you value,
14:06 therefore allowing you to give value to the world.
14:13 So I say again that you are wealth
14:18 and you must say to yourself, I am wealth.
14:23 In fact, take the time right now
14:25 and say, "I am wealth."
14:31 Yeah, let's try that again
14:35 because we struggle with the word wealth,
14:36 so we don't want to say it
14:39 but I want you to know that
14:40 you are wealth, so say it with me.
14:42 "I am wealth."
14:47 You see, wealth is really the assignment
14:50 and allocation of value.
14:53 That's what wealth is,
14:54 it is the allocation and assignment of value.
15:00 And God assigned value to all mankind.
15:06 Yeah, I think that's important
15:07 for my audience to know, you have value
15:11 and God created you with value.
15:13 Listen now, in the beginning
15:15 God created men and he gave them value.
15:20 He gave them value.
15:22 Genesis 1:1 said, "In the beginning God created"
15:27 and in that creation account God gave men value.
15:30 Created- Genesis 1:26 says,
15:33 "Created in the image of God," value.
15:39 I need to say that again,
15:40 created in the image of God, that's value.
15:46 But further redeemed
15:47 by the blood of the Lamb, that's value.
15:52 So no matter whether I have a lot or I have a little
15:55 or I have nothing at all, I am wealth.
16:01 You see, all inanimate and animate objects,
16:05 listen now, need you to give it value.
16:10 Oh, I'm gonna share something with you,
16:12 I hope you're ready for it.
16:14 You see, you give value to the world,
16:19 the world doesn't give value to you.
16:23 I know a lot of people love BMWs,
16:29 they're nice cars.
16:32 But I noticed something about BMWs, that,
16:37 what is it that 530i, the biggest one?
16:44 It sits on the lot and I asked the question,
16:49 "What value does it have?"
16:52 If it sits there for ten years,
16:55 all it will do was deteriorate and devaluate.
17:00 Listen carefully now, only when I get in it
17:04 or you get in it does it have value.
17:06 Can I repeat myself again?
17:08 You see, that car has absolutely no value
17:11 until I get in it,
17:12 but we've gotten it so messed up today
17:15 that we give it value
17:17 and then we need to drive it in order to give us value.
17:23 Yeah, have real mercy.
17:27 You see, wealth from this perspective
17:30 is very difficult for us to comprehend
17:33 because wealth for most of us is about
17:37 the accumulation of property, of money, and investments.
17:42 So wealth is what I've earned, not what I am.
17:49 Oh, let me say that again.
17:52 We struggle with this definition
17:54 that wealth is the assignment and allocation of value.
18:00 So when we start talking about wealth,
18:02 we think in terms of what we have accumulated.
18:05 We think about what we have and so wealth now
18:09 is what we earn, not what we are.
18:14 The Genesis story counteracts this thinking by declaring
18:20 wealth is in your worship, not in your works.
18:27 Genesis 1:1 reading again.
18:30 In fact, I want you to read it.
18:31 I know you know it but I want you to read it
18:33 because this is a powerful passage
18:35 that sets the basis for all value.
18:38 Genesis 1:1 the word of God says,
18:42 "In the beginning God created the heavens
18:49 and the earth.
18:50 God created the heavens and the earth.
18:55 God created the heavens and the earth."
18:58 I know that that's being redundant
19:02 but it is critical in an age
19:04 when people think that we have evolved.
19:10 You see, God declares from the very beginning
19:13 that He is the source of all value,
19:15 therefore He is the source and author of all wealth.
19:23 He declares that I'm the one
19:26 who brought this world into existence.
19:29 I am the one that gives you value.
19:32 Genesis Chapter 2, turn with me there.
19:35 Genesis 2:1,
19:41 here again is a powerful statement about
19:43 what God has done.
19:46 Genesis 2:1,
19:50 "Thus the heavens and the earth,
19:52 and all the host of them, were finished.
19:55 And on the seventh day God ended His work
19:59 which He had done,
20:09 and He rested on the seventh day
20:11 from all His work which He had done.
20:15 Then God blessed the seventh day
20:18 and sanctified it because in it He rested
20:21 from all His work which God created and made."
20:27 Here is Hebrew parallelism.
20:30 He says in verse 2, "His work He had done,
20:36 His work He had done."
20:39 And then in verse 3 he says,
20:41 "His work God had created and made."
20:45 Notice the stress point here.
20:48 "His work, He had done
20:52 His work, He had done.
20:56 His work, He had done.
21:00 His work, He had done.
21:04 His work, He had done."
21:09 The emphasis is "His work."
21:13 God is making it clear that man had absolutely
21:17 positively not one thing to do with the creation.
21:25 It was solely the work of God.
21:27 Therefore, man did not earn the worth and the wealth
21:33 that they have, it is what I call grace.
21:38 Man's wealth wasn't earned or deserved,
21:41 it was an act of God's grace.
21:44 Undeserved and unearned,
21:48 undeserved, listen, and unearned.
21:56 When I begin to understand that wealth is a gift from God,
22:04 it should evoke from me praise.
22:09 It did to David when he reflected
22:11 on the goodness of God,
22:13 the mercies of God, the provisions of God.
22:15 Turn to Psalm 150 and watch what David does
22:19 as he thinks about the God who created everything.
22:23 Psalm 150.
22:26 Notice what David does.
22:28 He gets excited and starts praising Him.
22:33 He says, "Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary.
22:39 Praise Him in His mighty firmament!
22:41 Praise Him for His mighty acts,
22:44 Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!
22:46 Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet,
22:49 Praise Him with the lute and harp!
22:51 Praise Him with the timbrel and dance,
22:53 Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
22:56 Praise Him with loud cymbals,
22:57 Praise Him with clashing cymbals!
22:59 Let everything that has breath,
23:04 praise the Lord!"
23:09 And the reason why David did this
23:10 is because he understood that his worth and his wealth
23:15 was an act of God's grace, it was a gift
23:19 and therefore he understood his wealth
23:23 was in his worship, not in his works.
23:28 See, God understood the dangers
23:36 of wealth disconnected from worth and from worship.
23:42 God understood the dangers
23:44 when wealth was disconnected from worship.
23:47 God knew men, as the centuries passed,
23:52 would catch a disease called Affluenza.
23:59 That's the social disease of abundance.
24:03 God knew that when we start being blessed
24:06 we would do like Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:30,
24:10 we will look out over Babylon and say,
24:13 look at the kingdom that I have built,
24:17 look at the house that I earned,
24:19 look at the car that I have earned,
24:22 look at the life that I have built for myself
24:25 and think that it was because of our might
24:28 and because of our strength.
24:29 So God established the Sabbath day,
24:35 a day of worship, as an opportunity
24:38 to express continually
24:41 our gratitude for the gift of wealth.
24:48 Notice that Adam and Eve's first day
24:53 on this prosperous planet
24:57 was a worship day, not a work day.
25:03 It was a praise day, not a planting day.
25:11 It was a re-creation day, not a recreation day.
25:15 It was a shouting day, not a shopping day.
25:20 It was a holy day, not a holiday.
25:24 See, it was God's plan for Adam and Eve
25:27 standing on the eve of the Sabbath
25:33 to look back over the six days of the creative work of God.
25:40 The grass, the trees, the sun, the moon, the animals,
25:45 all the creeping things of the earth,
25:47 all of the prosperous things that were before them,
25:51 it was God's plan for Adam and Eve to look on them
25:54 and to stand in awe and amazement and say,
25:58 "God, I didn't do this.
26:00 You did it and I thank you for allowing me
26:03 to be positioned in it."
26:05 But it was also God's plan and God's desire
26:11 for them to stand there on the eve of the Sabbath,
26:13 the beginning of the Sabbath
26:15 and to look forward for six days and to say,
26:18 "God, everything that I will experience
26:22 in the six days going forward,
26:25 I will trust You for the success
26:27 and I will believe You for the wealth
26:29 that You will continue to sustain me with."
26:33 You see, Sabbath is a weekly reminder your wealth,
26:39 listen now, your wealth is in your worship,
26:43 not in your works.
26:46 Please don't miss this point,
26:49 don't leave here without understanding this.
26:52 The practice of Sabbath observance,
26:55 listen carefully, the practice of Sabbath observance
26:59 is a public confession
27:03 that you believe that wealth is a gift,
27:09 it's God's emancipation proclamation.
27:14 Sabbath is a reminder
27:16 that God is the creator, the sustainer,
27:21 and the protector of everything.
27:26 It's a reminder that not only is God our righteousness,
27:30 God is our wealth.
27:37 You see, we are because He is,
27:40 therefore we have because He is.
27:45 See, the Sabbath proclamation
27:49 is actually a paradox of production.
27:56 Say that again.
27:58 The Sabbath proclaims the paradox of production.
28:06 You see, God commands that we work.
28:09 Turn your Bibles to Exodus Chapter 20
28:22 and verse 9.
28:30 The Bible says,
28:32 "Six days shall you lay around,
28:42 six days should you be on vacation."
28:46 No, He said, "Six days shall you labor."
28:52 In other words, God does require work
28:55 because work was designed by God to be a blessing
29:00 because God is a God that works.
29:04 And since we were created in his image,
29:06 we must do like God does, we must work.
29:11 But now when we look at our work
29:18 while we put forth all of our human effort
29:23 and God wants us to put forth our human effort.
29:27 But on closer examination,
29:30 at the work that has been done and is being done,
29:35 we discover that it is God doing
29:38 all the work in and through us.
29:42 So it's a paradox.
29:44 It looks like I'm doing all the work
29:48 but on closer examination,
29:49 it's literally God doing all the work.
29:52 Therefore, I can't get any praise or glory from it,
29:56 it all has to go to God
29:57 since I didn't do any work in the first place.
30:01 See, the Sabbath
30:06 becomes God's emancipation proclamation.
30:13 And it becomes this first of all
30:14 because it humbles us, say humbled us.
30:19 When I was a child we used to sing this song,
30:22 "Humble me, humble me,"
30:26 we don't sing that song anymore.
30:31 But Sabbath is humbling because when we look at
30:34 what has transpired over the six days,
30:37 we're humbled because we know
30:39 it was God that did the work
30:43 and translating Paul's text into our own passage for today,
30:49 "For by grace I am wealth,
30:52 through faith and that not of yourselves,
30:54 it is the gift of God lest any man should boast."
30:58 So God says, when I say you are wealth,
31:00 it has nothing to do with what you've done,
31:03 it has all to do with what I have done.
31:07 But then after it humbles us, it liberates us.
31:14 No longer are we enslaved to an endless work week.
31:21 Can I get a shout glory?
31:24 No longer do we feel like
31:26 we have to have 25 jobs to get ahead.
31:30 Now, we understand that wealth is a gift
31:33 and while God requires it to work,
31:35 listen now, our wealth is not in proportion to our work
31:40 because if our wealth was in proportion to our work,
31:42 we wouldn't have anything.
31:44 Can I get a shout glory?
31:47 So it liberates us,
31:48 it unshackles us from selfishness,
31:51 it unchains us from materialism,
31:53 and emancipates us from the God of work.
32:00 Because we understand now wealth is in my worship,
32:07 not in my works.
32:09 See, the Sabbath emancipation is vital.
32:11 Sabbath is vital.
32:13 Listen to me, audience, Sabbath is vital.
32:20 And the reason why in a consumer driven economy
32:23 based on the bootstrapping philosophy
32:26 where we really believe, "Huh, I've done it,
32:30 I've picked myself up by own bootstraps,"
32:33 but do you realize,
32:34 if you pick yourself up with your own bootstraps,
32:37 you're gonna land on your backside.
32:42 Deuteronomy Chapter 8, come on, turn with me there.
32:44 Deuteronomy Chapter 8.
32:48 God foresaw this, He saw us,
32:54 so He gave this passage Deuteronomy Chapter 8,
32:58 speaking to people who have the disease of affluenza
33:02 and for the first time in the history of America,
33:05 and in the first time in the history of the world
33:07 people are being blessed way beyond
33:11 what we've ever thought.
33:13 So God warned and here it is.
33:17 Deuteronomy 8:11,
33:20 "Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God
33:23 by not keeping His commandments,
33:25 His judgments, and His statutes
33:26 which I command you today,
33:28 lest - when you have eaten and are full," sounds like us,
33:33 "and have built beautiful houses"
33:34 sound like us, "and dwell in them
33:37 and when your herds and flocks are multiplied,"
33:41 meaning you have more than one car, hallelujah.
33:42 "And your silver and your gold are multiplied,"
33:45 you got CDs and investments
33:47 "and all that you have is multiplied,"
33:49 listen now, "when your heart is lifted up,
33:52 and you forget the Lord your God
33:57 who brought you out of the 'projects,
34:01 who brought you out of rule, America,'
34:04 and He blessed you and He multiplied you,
34:08 He brought you out of the house of bondage,
34:10 and He led you through the great
34:12 and terrible wilderness,
34:13 in which were fiery serpents and scorpions
34:16 and thirsty land in which there was no water,
34:18 who brought you water from the rock
34:23 and he fed you in the wilderness with manna,
34:26 and he did this to prove you
34:28 that I am the one who is your wealth."
34:34 Can I be plain, can I be straight,
34:35 can I shoot to you, can I talk to your heart,
34:38 can I waken you up, can I get you excited,
34:40 can I get you informed?
34:42 There are only two kinds of wealths,
34:46 two kinds of wealth.
34:49 There's what is called hellish wealth.
34:52 Yeah, I said it,
34:56 it's a gift straight from the devil.
34:59 And then there's heavenly wealth,
35:01 both of these are gifts.
35:05 Hellish wealth, Matthew Chapter 4,
35:08 come on, turn with me there.
35:09 Matthew 4:8-11,
35:16 "The enemy of our souls, the devil himself shows that
35:20 he is the author of some of the wealth
35:22 that we see around here."
35:26 Matthew 4:8, Again, the devil took Him up
35:31 on an exceedingly high mountain,
35:33 and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.
35:36 And he said to Him,
35:37 "All these things I will give You."
35:39 Do what?
35:41 "Give You if You will fall down and worship me."
35:45 Then Jesus said to him, "Away with you, Satan!
35:48 For it is written, 'You shall worship the Lord your God,
35:51 and Him only you shall serve.'"
35:54 The enemy understood the power of the gift of wealth
35:59 and he offered to God.
36:01 Listen, here are the two terms he said,
36:03 "I will give You." "I will give You."
36:06 He understands that wealth is a gift.
36:09 He said, "I will give You if You will worship me.
36:13 Come with me now
36:14 because you've got to understand
36:16 the final issues on earth, my brothers and my sisters,
36:19 will be over worship.
36:23 And the worship will be tied to economics,
36:26 money, and wealth.
36:28 Revelations 13:6 says, "They can't buy or sell
36:31 save they have the mark of the beast."
36:33 That's because these are economic terms.
36:36 And so worship will come to play.
36:39 Understand, don't get- Listen to me now,
36:43 don't get envious of the wealth of the wicked
36:50 because it was and is a gift straight
36:55 from the hand of the devil.
36:59 Understand the wealth of the wicked burns with pride,
37:04 it's ablaze, listen, with greed.
37:08 It's inflamed with selfishness.
37:12 Hellish wealth is never about distribution,
37:16 only about display.
37:20 And I want you to listen to me,
37:22 that's why the bling is so important today,
37:27 because hellish wealth is never about
37:29 distributing to our communities,
37:31 to help humanity, to build the kingdom of God.
37:34 It's all about me and how I look
37:38 so that the devil gets all of the glory.
37:42 And I noticed something about hellish wealth,
37:44 it strips from its owners all of its self-worth
37:50 and dignity and ultimately destroys them.
37:57 And then there's heavenly wealth.
37:59 Hallelujah for heavenly wealth.
38:03 Do you know that God makes a promise to you,
38:07 a covenant of prosperity?
38:10 Turn your Bibles to Deuteronomy Chapter 8.
38:16 I just love the word of God, I hope you do too
38:20 because it's so plain and simple.
38:23 Deuteronomy 8:18, powerful passage of scripture
38:28 that I think we overlook.
38:29 Verse 18.
38:31 And you shall remember the Lord your God,
38:34 for it is He who gives you
38:35 the power to get poverty.
38:43 Let me ready that again.
38:44 And you shall remember the Lord your God,
38:46 for it is He that gives you the power to stay broke.
38:52 Listen.
38:54 "But you shall remember the Lord your God,
38:55 for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth."
38:58 Why?
39:00 "That He may establish His covenant
39:02 which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day."
39:04 God said, I'm giving you outward signs of my covenant
39:08 by blessing you financially.
39:12 You see, heavenly wealth was designed by God to humble us
39:16 and when we receive it we say,
39:17 "God, we don't deserve it, we didn't earn it,
39:20 and You now trust with this heavenly wealth."
39:26 And when we get it, rather than trying
39:28 to buy more houses and more cars for display,
39:32 we use it for distribution for the kingdom of God,
39:35 we use it to bless humanity.
39:40 And then heavenly wealth moves us,
39:42 listen carefully, to total life stewardship.
39:50 It moves us to say, "We will manage everything
39:53 that God permits us to possess
39:57 to His name's unending glory so when they look at us,
40:01 they are convinced we serve a living Savior."
40:09 Solomon was blessed with heavenly wealth.
40:12 1 Kings 3:12, 13 you remember Solomon.
40:17 Solomon came to the kingdom and he had enough sense
40:20 to not ask for wealth.
40:24 He said, "God, give me an understanding heart
40:27 so that I can know how to come in and out among your people."
40:31 He said literally, God, I've seen what wealth can do
40:36 and what I need, God, is I need wisdom.
40:38 Listen church, you need wisdom when you receive wealth
40:43 because while wealth is a blessing from God,
40:47 there are some downsides if you don't have worship.
40:52 And God says now, let's go there and read it 1 Kings.
40:55 I think it's a powerful text,
40:57 it solidifies what I've been saying.
41:01 Beginning with verse 12,
41:03 1 Kings 3:12.
41:10 "Then Solomon sat down on the throne of the Father."
41:12 That's 2, let's go to 3.
41:16 "Behold, I have done according to your words,
41:19 see I have given you a wise and understanding heart,"
41:24 he gave him wisdom, "so that there has not been
41:26 anyone like you before you nor shall there be any like
41:29 arise after you and I have also" listen now,
41:33 "I have also" listen now I have also given you
41:39 what you didn't ask for, both righteous and honor
41:42 so that there should be no one anyone like you
41:45 among the kings of all the day."
41:47 He said, "I have given you."
41:49 Solomon didn't earn his wealth, God gave it to him.
41:55 See, we underestimate
41:58 the power of worship.
42:06 We don't know that worship has transformative power.
42:11 See, worship is freighted with divine power.
42:17 Worship is explosive,
42:20 and worship can transform wealth.
42:23 Listen to me, worship can transform wealth.
42:27 It can transform hellish wealth to heavenly wealth.
42:30 The story of Zacchaeus is a clear example of it.
42:34 Zacchaeus who got his wealth in the wrong way
42:37 by distortion, by cheating, by lying,
42:42 but he heard about a man named Jesus
42:44 who had nothing but was worth everything,
42:49 and he went to find Jesus.
42:51 Isn't it something, how wealth will send you up a tree?
42:57 And Zacchaeus goes up the tree,
42:59 Jesus sees him, calls him down
43:02 and at the moment that Zacchaeus saw Jesus,
43:06 he fell down, that's another way of saying
43:09 he worshiped God and in the moment of worship,
43:12 his hellish wealth became heavenly wealth.
43:15 How do I know?
43:16 Because all of a sudden repentance came
43:19 and restitution came.
43:20 When you're in the presence of God,
43:22 you will repent and there will be restitution
43:24 that follows and Zacchaeus says,
43:26 unsolicited by Jesus,
43:29 I will give half of my goods to the poor and four fold
43:32 what I have stolen, I will give back.
43:34 That's what happens
43:36 in the presence of God in worship.
43:39 Can I excite you, can I excite my communities?
43:44 When we have true worship,
43:46 things will happen in our communities, in our home,
43:50 but now heavenly wealth can be changed to hellish wealth.
43:54 Solomon, let's just note, it was given wealth by God.
43:58 You read it for yourself, you read it in the scriptures.
44:02 But if you go down to 1 Kings 4,
44:06 you'll see that the heavenly wealth
44:08 became hellish wealth.
44:10 Let's go ahead and read it, 1 King chapter 4,
44:15 chapter 11 that is, and verse 4.
44:17 Chapter 11 and verse 4.
44:24 "For it was so, when Solomon was old,
44:27 that his wives turned his heart after other gods,
44:33 and his heart was not loyal to the Lord his God,
44:37 and was the heart, it was not like the heart
44:39 of his father David."
44:43 You know, I get really tired of hearing older people say,
44:47 "Pray for the young folks,"
44:49 like the old folks don't have any problems.
44:54 Word of God says that in his old years,
44:57 Solomon allowed the women to take his eyes off of God
45:02 and the wealth that he received from God as a gift
45:06 now became hellish wealth
45:09 and he became abusive as a leader
45:12 and started worshiping
45:13 and building temples to other Gods.
45:17 In Ecclesiastes, say chronically.
45:21 Listen now, a worship of wealth rather
45:25 disconnected from worship.
45:29 See, we don't know what worship is,
45:30 we are confused about worship.
45:32 We think worship is a religious workout,
45:35 so you got some groups that will get all up
45:37 and then get all jumping around,
45:39 they think that they're in worship.
45:41 That's not worship, that's a religious workout.
45:45 Then there are those who believe
45:46 worship is a spiritual tranquilizer,
45:49 I come to church and God gives me an aspirin
45:52 and I'm able to make it through the end of the week
45:55 and then there are those who believe that
45:57 worship is a religious ritual,
45:58 so they've got to have one style of worship
46:01 and they go through all of the hymns
46:03 in the worship book and you can't miss one stanza,
46:06 you got to sing all 29 verses.
46:12 But worship is not that,
46:15 worship is the adoration of God.
46:17 It is the recognition of the awesomeness of God,
46:20 it is knowing that you're in the presence
46:22 of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful God,
46:25 it is the overshadowing of the almighty,
46:28 it is experiencing the presence of God.
46:32 And the German theologian Rudolf Otto said,
46:35 "It's experiencing the numinous tremendum"
46:39 or the numinous experience.
46:41 Isaiah experienced it.
46:43 In Isaiah 6:5 after King Uzziah died,
46:50 he said he saw the Lord, high and lifted up.
46:53 And listen what happened.
46:55 He said, "Woe is me! For I am undone!
46:57 Because I am a man of unclean lips,
46:59 and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips,
47:02 for my eyes have seen the King of glory."
47:05 See true worship humbles you and brings you down.
47:11 But then it rejuvenates you because in true worship,
47:15 in Sabbath worship, listen carefully,
47:18 in Sabbath worship God replenishes the value
47:23 that you've given to things during the week.
47:26 Oh, I feel like preaching now.
47:28 See, all week long you were exhausting
47:30 your value and your worth
47:33 because we don't have an unlimited soul.
47:35 It all comes from God,
47:36 so God said, "I gave it to you."
47:38 Now all week long, you're giving it out,
47:40 you're giving it out, so that by the time
47:42 you get to Sabbath you're done, you need a replenishing.
47:46 So God says, "You're humble to recognize
47:49 you didn't have any,
47:51 so now I'm gonna replace it on the Sabbath."
47:56 So God gives us back value.
47:59 That's why people who don't stop to take time
48:02 with God on the Sabbath always feel worthless,
48:06 always feel depressed, always feel valueless.
48:11 But see, worship is not just simply an emotional encounter.
48:17 God says, Isaiah, that's our text that we let off,
48:19 this is where we come in now,
48:20 Isaiah 58, he says, there is a day to worship on.
48:26 He said, I've set aside a time of day, the Sabbath day
48:30 and when you stop on my Sabbath
48:32 and honor it, you'll be blessed.
48:34 So there's a day, the Sabbath,
48:36 the seventh day of the week, that's the day.
48:39 But listen now, he says, "There is a way."
48:44 Isaiah 58:13-14 go through and says
48:48 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,
48:50 from doing your pleasure on My holy day,
48:52 and call the Sabbath" a what?
48:55 "A delight."
48:57 He said the Lord will bless you.
48:59 So the weight is on Sabbath, it has to be reverend,
49:02 it has to be self-denial,
49:03 it has to be filled with sacrifice,
49:05 it has to be focused and it has to be celebratory,
49:09 it has to be exciting.
49:10 So the Sabbath ought to be
49:11 the most exciting day of our life.
49:13 You're praising God and saying,
49:14 "Thank you, Lord, for the Sabbath
49:16 because now I will be replenished
49:18 in my value on the Sabbath."
49:19 You see, ultimately, Sabbath is about relationship.
49:26 It's a weekly reminder of my rendezvous with my lover.
49:31 Oh, you see, when I love Jesus,
49:39 all week long I'm preparing to see him
49:41 because I've been working all weekend,
49:43 I've been away from him.
49:46 But now the Sabbath becomes the time
49:48 that I'm looking forward to
49:54 and I'm doing everything I can to prepare for that time.
49:59 So when the Sabbath comes,
50:03 I don't worry about a checklist of what I cannot do
50:06 and don't do on the Sabbath.
50:09 Because y'all know how so many Sabbath keepers have done,
50:12 we got a checklist, you can't take a bath on the Sabbath,
50:18 you can't wash your hair on the Sabbath,
50:20 you can't even breathe on the Sabbath.
50:25 And God says you don't need a checklist
50:27 when you're coming to spend 24 hours
50:29 with the one that you love.
50:30 Listen, ladies, if your husband has been away
50:34 for six days and he calls you
50:37 and says, "Baby, I'm on my way home
50:40 and I'm gonna commit 24 hours with you."
50:43 When he gets home, if he says to you, "Baby,
50:46 I'm gonna commit 24 hours with you
50:48 but I want to spend 3 hours watching the football game."
50:55 And you will say, sister, "Not here in this house.
51:00 Nothing wrong with the football but you promised me that
51:03 you'll give me focused attention for 24 hours."
51:06 And that's what God is saying on the Sabbath.
51:08 If you give me 24 hours,
51:09 I will love on you like you can't even imagine.
51:13 You will spend time with the God
51:14 who will replenish your value.
51:21 And God says, not only is there a day,
51:27 not only is there a way, but God says, there's a pay.
51:32 Say pay.
51:35 God makes a covenant.
51:37 You read it earlier Deuteronomy 8:18,
51:41 he said, "I'm the Lord,
51:42 thy God who gives you the power to get wealth,
51:45 that I may establish the covenant."
51:50 For years, I've read this passage
51:51 and I didn't understand the precious
51:53 problems of prosperity in this.
51:55 For years, I didn't understand that
51:56 God wanted to make this covenant real
51:58 so the world would know
51:59 that you and I are serving a living Savior
52:04 and that's why many people are afraid
52:06 to become full followers of Jesus
52:09 because they do not believe that it pays to serve Jesus,
52:12 but I got news for you.
52:14 It pays to serve Jesus, it pays every day,
52:18 it pays all the steps along life's way.
52:24 Isaiah says it this way,
52:26 said, "If you will delight in the Lord,
52:29 I will cause you," in theology that's cosmology,
52:37 that seeing that God
52:39 is the source of everything that He's behind
52:43 or the cause behind everything that happens.
52:46 And God says since I'm the cause
52:48 behind everything that happens,
52:49 you don't ever have to worry about anything.
52:51 If I have to call into existence
52:54 something new for you, I will, because I'm the creator
52:57 and if you'll honor me on My Sabbath, that's I'll do.
53:00 If I have to create from nothing,
53:01 I will do for you.
53:07 But God says, I'm not just a transcendent God,
53:10 not somebody sitting way up there.
53:13 In my African-American condition,
53:15 it says like this, God sits high,
53:17 but He also looks low.
53:20 God is eminent, He's right here with us.
53:25 And it's in the texts, He says, I'm going to feed you.
53:30 That means God is personally involved
53:32 in our salvation and our wealth creation.
53:37 Listen carefully now.
53:38 God said I'm not leaving your wealth creation.
53:41 You need to hear this today, you need to hear this today,
53:44 God doesn't leave your wealth creation
53:46 to yourself by yourself and with other people,
53:49 He is personally involved with it.
53:52 He said, I'm gonna feed you.
53:54 And, brothers, one of the most romantic things
53:55 you can do with your spouse,
53:57 your wife is, oh, y'all know what I'm talking about.
54:00 You feed your wife off your fork.
54:05 Yeah, I saw some of y'all smile.
54:07 You know, brother, when you wanted to get romantic,
54:10 you got your fork and you put the little food
54:13 in your girlfriend or your spouse's mouth.
54:18 God said, I want to get romantic with you.
54:20 On the Sabbath I want to get romantic with you
54:23 and I'm gonna put it in your mouth.
54:25 And God says, You don't have to worry about
54:27 what other people are getting, listen,
54:31 because I'm personally concerned about your welfare.
54:35 Don't compare, listen, don't compare
54:37 your wealth creation with others.
54:39 God is going to give you what you need.
54:41 Then He said, "I'm gonna feed you
54:42 with the heritage of Jacob thy Father",
54:43 what does that mean?
54:45 There are seven promises based on Jacob's heritage.
54:48 Number one, He said,
54:49 "I'm gonna give you holiness of character."
54:51 God said, when you're on My Sabbath,
54:52 you'll be able to live a pure life in an unholy community.
54:56 Then He said, "I'm gonna give you the blessing of health."
54:58 He said, I'm gonna teach you how to live
54:59 so that you'll live longer than the people in your community
55:02 because I tell you about how to live.
55:05 He said I'll give you superior intellect.
55:07 Can you imagine being 24, listen, 24,
55:10 listen 24 hours in the presence
55:13 of the all-knowing God loving on you?
55:16 Don't you think you'll come out being smarter?
55:21 Skilled in agriculture and husbandry,
55:25 superior craftsmanship.
55:27 Number 5, "Unparalleled prosperity"
55:31 and then last He said,
55:32 "I'm gonna make you a great nation."
55:34 These are the promises
55:37 and they had nothing to do with the work,
55:40 has all to do with the worship.
55:44 And not worship, it's a covenant relationship.
55:48 See, what the world needs to see
55:51 from the community, from you,
55:54 is that He honors His covenant, He pays.
55:57 I've been married for 39 years and don't I look good?
56:05 My wife and I made a covenant, I made a covenant to her.
56:07 I would take care of her and when you see her,
56:10 she's a fine woman
56:13 but if she walked in this building
56:14 and she was disheveled and her hair was uncombed
56:17 and her clothes were nasty and she was smelling,
56:20 you would wonder about the covenant.
56:24 You would say, "You didn't keep your part of the covenant
56:26 because you were going to take care of your wife
56:28 and you- it doesn't show that you do."
56:31 So it is with God when you honor His Sabbath.
56:33 He said, "I'm gonna bless you
56:35 and you're gonna look like something to the world."
56:38 So I ask you today,
56:40 will you stop trying to be wealthy,
56:45 stop trying to find wealth,
56:48 stop trying to search wealth, why don't you just be wealth.
56:53 Say again, "I am wealth."
56:56 Thank You, Father, for the on promises
56:57 that You've given.
57:00 We don't deserve it and we don't earn it
57:03 but, God, thank You for giving us value.
57:07 And now, God, on the Sabbath we accept Your value
57:13 and we will carry it out into the world
57:15 and we will give value to the world,
57:17 so that when people see us,
57:19 they'll see blessings and prosperity
57:21 and then in turn we will give them blessing and prosperity
57:25 and this is our prayer in the precious name of Jesus.
57:28 Amen, amen, and amen.


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