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00:18 Hello and welcome once again to "Foundation Of Our Faith."
00:22 "Foundation Of Our Faith,"
00:24 you know very well by the title
00:25 that this is based on the Holy Scriptures God's word.
00:30 And we have been blessed already
00:32 through three or four sermons with Dr. Roland Hill
00:37 that has come to us from the Allegheny East Conference
00:40 and we just praise the Lord for his ministry,
00:43 surely you can tell
00:45 that he is a man that believes in what the Bible says,
00:49 he lives by the Bible.
00:51 And it's been a joy just talking to him
00:53 and hearing him in conversation
00:55 because you can tell,
00:57 praises of God are always in his conversation.
01:00 And he has a passion for the gospel,
01:02 for this reason he has traveled in many countries of the world
01:07 preaching about Jesus Christ
01:09 and the message of hope that we have.
01:12 As a matter of fact he has the joy
01:14 of traveling with the woman of his dream,
01:17 his wife Dr. Suzie M. Hill.
01:20 And together their passion for empowering people
01:23 through their stewardship messages
01:26 and hundreds of seminars worldwide.
01:28 Dr. Hill has already written 18 books,
01:31 and he is writing right now number 19.
01:34 So we pray that the Lord will bless him
01:37 as he tries to complete this book
01:39 that I'm sure will be a blessing to all that read it.
01:43 I would like to encourage you to invite Dr. Roland Hill,
01:49 if you would like to contact him,
01:50 to invite him to your area,
01:52 you will need to contact the Allegheny East Conference,
01:55 and if for some reason
01:56 you cannot get the number of course,
01:58 call the Dare to Dream Network, it's 618-627-4651.
02:03 That's 618-627-4651.
02:06 And as I mentioned the Dare to Dream Network,
02:08 I would like to encourage you to pray for this network.
02:10 Everyday that you watch Dare to Dream,
02:12 you gonna learn principles from God's word
02:15 that will empower you to live a better life,
02:17 be a better person in the community, in your home,
02:21 and also to prepare for the coming of eternal life
02:26 with Jesus Christ.
02:27 So I encourage you to watch the Dare to Dream Network
02:29 and support this network.
02:32 It is doing a marvelous work to bring the gospel to the world.
02:36 We like to mention to you
02:38 what the title of this message is.
02:41 We had four topics during this series.
02:44 Number one, It's Done.
02:45 Number two, Vision Delayed but not Destroyed.
02:49 Then you heard, Wealth is in Your Worship.
02:53 And the last in this series is Its Bigger Than Me.
02:56 So I want to ask you to stay by and be blessed by this message
03:00 that will start in just a moment.
03:02 But before this I would like to talk to you
03:04 about our musical guest and he has been a blessing as well.
03:07 Amen?
03:08 Amen. Amen.
03:09 We are about Lyndon Bee-- Lyndon Carriger,
03:12 who has been in music ministry more than 10 years already.
03:18 And he is blessed to have married
03:21 the woman of his dreams as well.
03:23 He says, it's one of his greatest accomplishments.
03:25 Praise the Lord.
03:26 His wife Tina works for the-- well,
03:30 she is gonna be moving so perhaps,
03:32 we like to pray that the Lord will bless them
03:37 and she now her and husband live in Chattanooga.
03:41 And together they serve the Lord in ministry
03:44 and they have two children.
03:47 Two children, two beautiful children,
03:48 Olivia and Braxton.
03:52 And Lyndon according to what we see here
03:55 and I also have personal experience with this.
03:58 He is very humbled to have the opportunity
04:01 to be used by God and considers a privilege,
04:04 as well as the responsibility to stand before God's people,
04:08 to minister in song.
04:10 And I believe you have notice that every time he sings,
04:13 he sings from the heart in worship to the Lord
04:16 with the hope that you will be drawn to Jesus Christ.
04:19 If you would like to invite him?
04:22 It is very simple,
04:23 you either call Dare to Dream
04:25 at the number I already mentioned.
04:27 But also he has made it very easy,
04:29 you can also go on the internet to
04:33 and there you can not only invite him,
04:38 but also you can get a sample of his music there.
04:41 So we are going to invite him to sing very shortly.
04:45 I'm not Ashamed.
04:46 I'm not Ashamed of the Gospel.
04:48 But before he does that
04:49 I would like to invite you to stand for prayer.
04:52 And we like to go to the Lord in prayer
04:54 and those of you that are with us
04:56 wherever you may be,
04:57 please join us in prayer as well.
04:59 Let us pray together.
05:02 Our loving Heavenly Father,
05:04 we come to you grateful for Your mercy.
05:09 We thank You that the door of mercy is still open.
05:13 And Father,
05:14 we are together to hear the preaching of Your word,
05:18 so we pray that this message will come
05:21 from Your throne of grace.
05:24 We pray that You will use Dr. Hill one more time.
05:27 Bless him with the Holy Spirit, speak to us through him.
05:31 And we pray that this song that we will hear soon
05:34 will also bring us before Your throne of grace.
05:37 Father, we pray for a blessing up on all present
05:39 and those they may accompany us,
05:41 wherever they may be.
05:43 We ask You for these things in the Holy
05:46 and blessed name of Jesus.
05:48 Amen, Amen.
05:50 Thank you, you may be seated.
05:52 We leave you with Brother Lyndon Carriger.
06:12 We're an anchor for those who are hurting
06:20 We're a harbor for those who are lost
06:28 Still sometimes it's not always easy
06:34 Bearing Calvary's cross
06:42 We've been ridiculed
06:44 By those who don't know Him
06:51 And mocked by those who don't believe
06:56 Still I love standing up for my Jesus
07:05 'Cause of all that He's done for me
07:12 That's why I am not ashamed of the gospel
07:20 The gospel of Jesus Christ
07:28 No, I am not afraid to be counted
07:35 But I'm willing to give my life
07:42 You'll see I'm ready to be
07:47 All He wants me to be
07:52 Give up the wrong for the right
07:58 No, I am not ashamed of the gospel
08:07 I am not ashamed of the gospel
08:11 Of Jesus Christ
08:29 For every moment His hand has held mercy
08:37 For all the love You've shown in my life
08:43 A simple thanks doesn't say how I'm feeling
08:51 I get tears in my eyes
08:59 But as for me, I'm gonna keep on believing
09:07 In the One who's been faithful to me
09:15 I'm not out to please this world around me
09:21 I've got my mind on eternity
09:29 That's why I am not ashamed of the gospel
09:37 The gospel of Jesus Christ
09:44 No, I am not ashamed to be counted
09:52 But I'm willing to give my life
09:59 You'll see I'm ready to be
10:04 All He wants me to be
10:09 Give up the wrong for the right
10:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel
10:23 I am not ashamed of the gospel
10:29 Of Jesus Christ
10:38 To some He's a name
10:41 But to me, He is my everything
10:46 I am not ashamed of the gospel
10:54 I am not ashamed of the gospel
11:00 I've got too much behind me
11:05 To let this world blind me
11:09 To some He's a name
11:11 But to me, He is my everything
11:17 I am not ashamed of the gospel
11:25 I am not ashamed of the gospel
11:34 I am not ashamed of the gospel
11:41 Of Jesus
11:47 Jesus Christ
12:04 Amen.
12:09 What a powerful, powerful, powerful, powerful song.
12:14 And I can tell you,
12:15 I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
12:18 and I think you can see that in the way I preach.
12:22 I'm really committed to helping transform lives.
12:26 I believe that there's power in the word of God.
12:30 And I preach unapologetically the word of God,
12:33 because I believe it changes people.
12:35 I'm excited because this message will change your life.
12:42 I will say it again.
12:43 This message will change your life.
12:48 Because it's based on a prayer, the first prayer in the Bible,
12:53 and the more I read and study this prayer,
12:55 the more I am convinced that God has called us to success,
13:01 equipped us for success.
13:03 Take your Bibles and turn with me to Genesis 24.
13:13 This is the prayer of Eliezer.
13:19 This is the prayer that Eliezer prayed
13:23 when he was sent on a mission for God.
13:27 Earnest to prayer,
13:28 I believe that every believer should learn how to pray.
13:33 Genesis 24:12...
13:40 the Bible says "Then he said," that is Eliezer
13:47 "O Lord God of my master Abraham,
13:51 please give me success this day,
13:56 and show kindness to my master Abraham."
14:01 Our message today is It's Bigger Than Me.
14:07 Father God, as we
14:10 share this time together in Your presence.
14:15 We do understand You want to speak to us.
14:18 Take out now all of the wax
14:22 that keeps us from hearing You
14:24 and pour in the oil of Your Spirit.
14:28 So that we will leave here
14:29 with a better understanding of Your word,
14:33 and the impetus to act on Your word
14:37 is our prayer in the name of Jesus.
14:39 Amen.
14:43 Today your prayer life will change.
14:48 Today your life will change
14:50 because you gonna learn and enact
14:54 and put into motion a prayer.
14:58 Today, listen carefully,
15:00 you will never have a non productive day again.
15:05 I feel like saying hallelujah myself.
15:09 The prayer of Eliezer,
15:10 this prayer of success helps us to understand
15:16 that we can experience
15:17 the success God has called us to
15:21 and the words that I have just uttered,
15:23 these are not weak words, these are not ordinary words,
15:26 I'm literally speaking a life into your soul.
15:32 And the reason why is because
15:33 this prayer is freighted with divine power,
15:38 it's loaded with Holy Ghost fuel.
15:43 And it's hurled with angelic force.
15:47 I speak with convection
15:48 because I know what this prayer has done in my life
15:52 and in my ministry.
15:55 And it's fueled with the deep conviction.
15:58 Listen now.
16:00 Failure is not an option.
16:06 I need to say that again,
16:08 because we've accepted failure as a normal way of life,
16:10 but I want to tell you
16:11 that according to the word of God,
16:13 failure is not an option
16:16 and it's not an option in any area of your life.
16:22 I'm committed myself personally
16:24 to be successful in every area of my life.
16:27 I cannot accept failure in any area of my life, why?
16:32 Because now through this prayer,
16:34 I realize that my life is bigger than me.
16:43 And my prayer is that as we work
16:45 through these presets today,
16:46 you will be convinced like I'm convinced that your life--
16:51 listen carefully, your life is bigger than you.
16:56 I want you to read that prayer again in Genesis 24:12,
16:59 it's a powerful prayer.
17:01 "Then he said, 'O Lord God of my master Abraham,
17:05 please give me success this day,
17:07 and show kindness to my master Abraham.'"
17:12 The operative word in this prayer is success.
17:16 Yes, I say it success.
17:19 Eliezer is praying for a favorable outcome
17:23 on this vital key mission
17:27 It reads again,
17:28 "O Lord God of my master Abraham,"
17:31 listen "Give me success this day,
17:36 and show kindness to my master Abraham."
17:41 Looking at this prayer
17:42 you discover that this is a selfless prayer,
17:47 a sacrificial prayer, a succeed prayer,
17:51 a missional prayer, a covenant prayer,
17:55 yes, even an urgent prayer.
17:59 The cry from the soul of Eliezer's
18:02 failure is not an option,
18:05 I must succeed.
18:09 Success is the only thing
18:12 that God will accept on the mission.
18:15 Eliezer is praying this prayer.
18:19 Once you read Genesis 24:12
18:21 you would discover that he sent out on a mission,
18:23 a vital mission.
18:24 His mission is to find a wife for Isaac.
18:29 And as you know Isaac is no ordinary child,
18:32 this is a child that was born
18:34 to Abraham and Sarah in their old years.
18:38 This is a child that was born to Sarah
18:41 when she was 90 years old.
18:43 Listen ladies I don't think you want a baby at 90 years old.
18:49 And surely Abraham at 100 years old,
18:52 having a little infant so Eliezer understood
18:55 that this was a miracle baby.
18:57 This was the promised baby,
18:58 this was the progenitor of the seed.
19:01 He understood that this was a vital mission
19:03 because now he was to find a wife for Isaac.
19:09 He understood salvific plan was included now in this mission.
19:14 He saw this as no light responsibility.
19:18 Listen, Eliezer understood that generations unborn
19:24 would be affected by his failure or success.
19:28 He understood that the salvation of the world
19:31 was in the balance on this mission.
19:33 He understood that this was a life or death situation
19:37 and for him, listen, failure was not an option.
19:44 He had to succeed.
19:46 Because it was bigger than him.
19:51 Eliezer standing at the well
19:56 and he prays this prayer at 60 years old,
20:00 and 60 looks pretty good that's where I'm now.
20:03 Hallelujah.
20:06 And he finally has a handle,
20:10 on what true success is and sometimes--
20:12 listen, sometimes in life,
20:14 God allows years to go by
20:16 before you understand the core issues in life
20:19 and that Eliezer at 60 years old,
20:21 he is understanding what true success is all about.
20:29 For many of us, when we hear the word success,
20:34 we can... get a little nervous
20:39 because we see success only in secular terms.
20:44 And that's why we are reluctant to pray for success.
20:53 When is the last time you said, "Lord give me success."
20:58 Because we are afraid and reluctant
21:00 and that's why we sabotage our success
21:06 because we really don't believe
21:08 that's what God called us to do.
21:12 That's why we permit haters to talk us out of success.
21:21 But Eliezer prayed this fervent prayer
21:25 and again "Lord God of my master,
21:28 give me success this day."
21:33 He was praying with a deep sense
21:37 of the true meaning of success.
21:40 I'm going some way with this.
21:43 See after 52 years in the home of Eliezer,
21:48 he began to understand what true success was all about.
21:52 You see, Abraham was an old man
21:54 and he had taught as a patriot,
21:58 the meaning of true success
21:59 that he had learned himself from God.
22:02 And he had in precept an example
22:04 taught both his children and his servants
22:07 what true success was?
22:08 So now after 60-- at 60 years old,
22:11 Eliezer is understanding now what true success really is.
22:18 And one of the great struggles in our community
22:20 is not understanding what true success is.
22:22 Again, success is all we seen in secular terms
22:26 but we seldom see it in salvific terms.
22:28 And today this message is designed to help you to see
22:31 that the success in your life,
22:33 true success always have salvific issues involved.
22:38 Eliezer was born a slave in Damascus.
22:43 At least that's what many commentators believe.
22:47 He was bought by Abraham,
22:48 as Abraham was on his journey to the Promised Land.
22:51 And at age 6 he was purchased by Abraham
22:56 and brought into the home and as you read the story,
22:59 he became like a son to Abraham.
23:04 But when he came he brought with him
23:06 distorted views of success.
23:09 Say distorted views of success.
23:12 And in this hip-hop bling culture,
23:16 there were far too many who have distorted views
23:19 about success in a capitalistic,
23:21 materialistic, humanistic society,
23:23 success is so distorted
23:25 and that's why this prayer is of so importance today.
23:31 So as a slave boy, born in Egypt,
23:34 in Damascus rather,
23:36 he had these distorted views of success.
23:40 He'd learned what success was from the wealthy in Damascus,
23:45 and his real success was like this,
23:48 his view of success was in accomplishments.
23:52 Look what I have done,
23:56 his view of success was in accumulation,
24:00 look what I have.
24:03 His view of success was in assurance.
24:07 Look what I've laid up for retirement.
24:11 And isn't that the view of today
24:13 that success is in our accomplishment,
24:17 so look what I have done.
24:20 Success is seen in look what I have accumulated in houses
24:24 and cars and all of the nice stuff,
24:27 and one man says the race today is to find
24:30 who will have the most toys, and then you die.
24:38 It's an assurance and I see so many people
24:42 who have such a distorted view of success
24:45 that they see it in assurance.
24:47 Look, what I've laid a side,
24:49 I prepared for retirement,
24:51 but can I give you some important information?
24:54 Because you have it stored up for retirement
24:57 doesn't mean that you gonna enjoy it in retirement.
25:03 But in Abraham's life,
25:07 Abraham saw a contradiction of what success is all about.
25:14 Eliezer as a young boy questioned Abraham,
25:17 "Abraham, I thought you were wealthy and successful,
25:22 then why are we still living in tents?"
25:28 Hebrews, come on Hebrews Chapter 11...
25:38 in verse 9,
25:41 "By faith he dwelt in the land of promise
25:45 as in a foreign country,
25:46 dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob,
25:51 the heirs with him of the same promise."
25:54 Tents were not the only type of construction of that day,
25:57 there were men who brought built pyramids
25:59 and there were men who built palaces
26:01 and Abraham had the kind of wealth
26:03 where he could have built a palace,
26:05 he could have had him a McMansion,
26:07 but he chose to live in a tent.
26:11 And Eliezer is wondering says,
26:13 "Father Abraham, why aren't we living in a big palace?
26:18 Why are we living in a tent?"
26:21 And Abraham said, "Son, success"
26:25 listen "success is not determined
26:29 by what you live in,
26:33 but who you live for."
26:38 The song writer said it like this,
26:42 just over the mountain in the Promised Land
26:44 lies the holy city built by God's own hand
26:48 and that's what Abraham was looking for.
26:51 And then Eliezer asked the question,
26:54 "Abraham, you are a wealthy man,
27:02 in fact you are so wealthy, you have your own army,
27:07 how can you continue to be wealthy
27:10 and continue to live like a nomad,
27:13 wandering form place to place,
27:14 don't you need to settle down
27:16 so that you can enjoy your wealth and secure your wealth?
27:20 This nomad lifestyle is getting old, Abraham."
27:26 And that's how so many believe today
27:28 that you can't go where God tells you to go.
27:33 Because if you go, you gonna loose.
27:35 I got news for you.
27:36 If you follow God,
27:38 God will bless you wherever you need to go.
27:41 Amen.
27:43 In fact Abraham replied,
27:45 "Son, I believe in portable success,
27:51 I found that as long as I'm obedient to God
27:55 and following His mission,
27:57 I will be blessed anywhere God sends me.
28:01 I'll be blessed in the city and I'll be blessed in the field,
28:04 I'll be blessed in America,
28:06 but I'll be blessed anywhere God sends me.
28:10 Son as Abraham said, "Let me make it clear,
28:13 I'm looking for better city
28:16 whose builder and maker is God."
28:19 He says, "Son, my hope is built on nothing less
28:23 then Jesus' blood and righteousness,
28:26 I dare not trust the sweetest frame
28:28 but wholly lean on Jesus' name.
28:34 Eliezer finally got it.
28:37 He finally understood success is being on the mission
28:43 for the master to produce seed for the kingdom,
28:48 because it's bigger than him.
28:51 He finally got it
28:53 that true success is being on the mission,
28:57 being on the mission,
28:59 true success is being on the mission.
29:03 The journey for God.
29:05 And he understood
29:06 that the mission was bigger than him,
29:10 while it included him, it was bigger than him.
29:15 See Eliezer understood what true success is all about.
29:20 See because our view of success is so secular,
29:25 we either pray for the wrong success,
29:28 kinds of success that is
29:31 or we don't pray for success at all.
29:34 Our view of success often is self centered,
29:40 self serving and self sufficient.
29:44 Success, here it is,
29:47 success for most of us is not bigger than me,
29:52 it's just about me.
29:55 So we allow ourselves to accept failure in areas of our life
30:02 that God expects us to succeed in.
30:06 We refuse-- listen,
30:07 we refuse to think bigger things
30:10 and greater things for the kingdom
30:12 because well, God, you know, what?
30:16 It doesn't matter that much.
30:19 I challenge you today, I challenge you my, friends,
30:23 wherever you're living in,
30:25 whatever community you're living in
30:27 that's your life is bigger than you.
30:32 And I'm challenging you to change your view of success.
30:35 I challenge you to see success
30:37 as being on the mission for the master,
30:43 to see your life bigger than yourself.
30:46 I need you to believe this mantra,
30:48 "I'm on a mission for the master to produce seed,
30:52 for the kingdom is bigger than me."
30:56 I need you to understand that you're on a mission
30:59 for the master to produce seed,
31:01 for the kingdom is bigger than me.
31:04 I need you to say it with me,
31:05 "I'm on a mission for the master
31:08 to produce seed for the kingdom it's bigger than me."
31:12 Here is what fired up the mission of Eliezer.
31:16 He understood that he was on a mission for the master
31:20 to produce seed for the master.
31:25 And he was convinced that failure was not an option.
31:30 He understood that God was counting on him.
31:33 Listen, he understood
31:35 that unborn generations and born generations
31:40 were affected by his failure or success.
31:46 Failure would affect unborn generations,
31:51 but also success would affect unborn generations,
31:56 I'm coming home,
31:58 and I'm going to shoot straight, do you mind?
32:00 You don't, it doesn't matter.
32:04 You see it's critical
32:06 that you are successful in every area of your life.
32:13 And the reason why is because
32:16 God believes in total life stewardship.
32:23 There is not one area of your life
32:25 that God wants you to fail in.
32:29 And when God brought this to me,
32:31 it shook me up, my brothers and my sisters.
32:34 It fired me up because like many
32:37 I was succeeding in some areas of my life,
32:40 but I was failing in other areas of my life.
32:44 And God said,
32:45 "Any failure in any part of your life
32:47 affects unborn generations."
32:53 Hear me.
32:55 The stewardship of your life
32:59 affects unborn generations.
33:03 Listen to me, my brothers and sisters,
33:05 in your community,
33:07 your success impacts this generation
33:13 and the generation after, and the generation after,
33:16 and the generation after,
33:17 and the generation after, and the generation after,
33:20 and the generation after,
33:21 unborn generations are affected by your failure and success.
33:25 Failure thing is no option.
33:31 We must manage and then pray for success.
33:36 Well, I like this.
33:38 Pray for success in every area of our lives
33:43 and then expect success in every area of our lives.
33:47 Failure should not-- Oh, help me Holy Ghost,
33:50 failure should not be accepted in any area of our life.
33:56 That's pretty straight, isn't it?
34:01 You see, I discovered...
34:05 that many people don't take
34:08 total life stewardship seriously.
34:13 And what God showed me is that
34:17 total life stewardship managing my entire life,
34:19 succeeding in all my life is covered under three areas,
34:23 my family, my finance, and my faith.
34:28 So God says, "I want you to pray
34:30 for success with your family.''
34:33 And for those of you who are married God is saying,
34:36 "You should pray about success in your marriage."
34:39 One of the things that have kept
34:41 my wife and I together for 39 years is that
34:44 we understood that our failure in marriage
34:47 would affect unborn generations,
34:49 and one of the reasons
34:50 why people get out of marriages so easy
34:52 is because they don't think it affects anybody but them.
34:55 But I got news for you.
34:56 When your marriage fail,
34:58 unborn generations are affected by it.
35:02 So if you're thinking about getting out of that marriage,
35:06 you need to fall on your knees and pray for success and say,
35:08 "Lord help me to love that brother anyhow?
35:12 I must succeed."
35:15 In the family we need to talk about parenting.
35:18 And one of the struggles today is that
35:20 parents don't pray their success over parenting.
35:23 You know, when I was growing up,
35:24 my mother believed in whipping.
35:28 Not spankings, spankings are, don't do that, Johnny.
35:33 Whipping is go get that switch.
35:38 Because my parents understood the value of parenting.
35:41 The problem is not taking prayer out school,
35:44 listen, the problem is taking parenting out of home.
35:53 So young couples with young children,
35:57 you need to pray that the Lord give you courage
35:59 to succeed at parenting your children.
36:02 It blows my mind to see a three year old in the store
36:05 telling their parents what to do.
36:10 I need to move on from that one.
36:14 And then singles,
36:16 the single people in our audience,
36:19 don't you think
36:21 that the way you live your life is just for you,
36:24 when you fail in your relationship
36:26 with your boyfriend and your girlfriend,
36:28 when you fail in living a pure and holy life,
36:31 it affects not just you, it affects unborn generations
36:36 and you must pray the prayer of success,
36:37 "Lord in this relationship I know I like this guy,
36:41 may be even love him
36:42 but I need to be successful in having a pure and holy life."
36:46 Because it does effect unborn generations.
36:51 And then we need to pray the prayer over our health.
36:56 Can I get a shout out?
37:00 You see, we need to pray God,
37:03 "I haven't been faithful in managing my health,
37:06 I haven't been successful in my health,
37:08 so Lord please help me to be a better steward of my health
37:12 so I can look like, I'm a child of the King."
37:18 You see, when you don't take care of your health,
37:20 it affects not just you,
37:21 it affects your family and generations unborn.
37:24 One of the saddest stories that I've ever experienced are
37:27 colleagues of mine they started out in ministry,
37:29 who did not take care of their health
37:31 and at 49 years old, they died from heart attacks,
37:35 preventable diseases,
37:37 but they didn't pray the prayer of success
37:39 over their health.
37:41 And their poor families were left prematurely.
37:47 So you need to pray success of your families.
37:50 My brothers and sisters please pray,
37:52 "Say Lord, get me success with my family."
37:56 And then you need to pray success over your finance.
38:00 I'm so sick and tired of people in my community
38:03 and then my church is talking about how broke they are.
38:09 Reason why many people are broke is
38:10 because they have never prayed
38:12 the prayer of success over their finances.
38:16 You need to pray to God and say,
38:18 "God help me to live on a budget.
38:23 Lord, help me to move to a debt free live.
38:27 Lord, help me to return tithe and offering.
38:31 And this has nothing to do with church,
38:35 this has to do with faithfulness to the God,
38:38 who has given you everything you have
38:40 and saying God, I believe You own it
38:42 and I'm responsible for managing
38:44 and by returning tithe and offering,
38:46 I'm simply confessing publicly that You own it all."
38:50 Amen.
38:52 Then you need to be honest with your children.
38:54 You need tell them that the reason
38:55 why you're struggling financially
38:56 is because you've been robbing God.
38:58 Can I get a shout out?
39:02 And then you need to pray--
39:03 listen, you need to pray, success over your finance
39:10 to creating more wealth, making some more money.
39:16 Yeah, that's a-- that's a duet for you.
39:21 You see God is not just gonna hold us accountable
39:26 for money we--
39:28 for managing the money that we have,
39:31 He is gonna hold us accountable for money
39:33 we could have made, but we chose not to be either
39:36 because of fear, guilt or laziness.
39:40 Oh, I need to say that again.
39:44 When Christ comes again, He's gonna ask you.
39:46 Have you put to use the talents,
39:50 the money that I've given you?
39:51 So God is not gonna hold us accountable
39:53 just for the managing of the resource.
39:55 He's gonna hold us accountable for money we could have made,
39:58 but we chose not to make,
39:59 either because of fear, guilt or laziness.
40:01 God wants us to pray success and say,
40:04 "Lord give me some financial wealth today."
40:10 I was sitting with the friend, some years ago,
40:12 actually he is a Baptist preacher.
40:15 And I was whining about not having stuff and housing,
40:19 I need the Lord to-- to lower the price of things,
40:23 I said that for several times he visited in my house
40:25 and then finally he said, preacher,
40:27 why don't you change your prayer?
40:29 Why don't you to ask God to raise your salary?'
40:35 And then secondly and I'm serious about this,
40:38 one of my visions is to grow an army of God--
40:44 who are able to create wealth for the kingdom of God,
40:47 was keeping a simple and holy life.
40:53 And God is calling some of you to do that
40:55 and God is calling people in my community,
40:57 you see, God didn't-- Oh help me Holy Ghost.
40:59 God did not call you to go get a job,
41:02 He called you to be the job.
41:07 And then you must pray for success over your faith.
41:14 You see, your walk with God impacts other people.
41:20 And when you are not close to God,
41:23 is not a secret to others.
41:27 And you need to say,
41:29 "Lord I pray now for anointing of your Holy Spirit,
41:32 I want You to fill me,
41:33 I want to be a successful child of God,
41:36 so that when people seek me,
41:38 they not only see me, they feel me."
41:43 When you spend time in the presence of God,
41:46 you come out with a holy glow.
41:48 Ask Moses, 40 days on the mountain when he came out,
41:51 he didn't know it was a glow
41:53 but the people said, put a veil over your face.
41:55 You must succeed in your walk with God
41:57 so that when people see you, they see the glow
41:59 and they feel the Holy Ghost and when you do that,
42:02 you'll have to talk less about your religion.
42:04 Can I get a shout glory?
42:07 They will fall at your feet,
42:08 and say what must I do to be saved,
42:10 because I see something different in you.
42:12 And then you must pray for success
42:14 not just in your devotional life,
42:17 but you must pray for success in your witnessing.
42:21 You must ask God to give you success
42:24 in reaching out in your communities
42:26 and touching people with the gospel
42:28 and letting them know what you know.
42:33 Eliezer understood this, he understood.
42:36 The success in life is about
42:39 being on a mission for the master.
42:42 Why?
42:43 Because we're producing seed for the kingdom.
42:46 In these years of your life, you are producing seeds,
42:49 say producing seed and God wants to succeed
42:52 to be successful in your life.
42:54 He wants you to produce for the kingdom of God.
42:58 Eliezer understood this and he understood that
43:03 this required a no failure attitude.
43:10 Let me be honest with you.
43:13 Most of us live lackluster lives, plain lives,
43:21 unexciting lives, boring lives
43:25 and we may get up in the morning,
43:26 we'll say, it's another day.
43:32 Rather than getting up in the morning
43:33 and say, hallelujah, it's Monday,
43:35 another day for me to pray the prayer of success.
43:39 Lord God of my master, give me success today,
43:42 and I can tell you the reason why people aren't excited
43:44 is because they don't have a fire underneath them.
43:50 And I can tell you from experiencing from this prayer
43:52 that excitement comes when there is an urgency about life,
43:57 when there is an urgency about life,
44:00 when we have an urgency,
44:01 it will compel us to do something
44:04 because now it will be a fire underneath us.
44:09 I learned what urgency is all about in 1982
44:14 when we're running a city wide evangelistic crusade
44:16 in Jackson, Mississippi.
44:20 And we pitched a large tent,
44:23 they seat about 500 to a 1000
44:25 on a major corner on a bus line.
44:29 And as we were pushing that tent up in the air--
44:32 no one told me that the vacant lot
44:36 where we were pitching the tent on a public corner
44:39 where the bus stop, it was infected with fire ants.
44:46 It seems like some of you understand what fire ants is
44:49 but for those of you who may not,
44:51 these little ants that when they crawl on you,
44:54 they bite, and their bite feels like fire.
45:00 That's when I learned about urgency.
45:03 And as I pushed my pole up in the air,
45:05 I step back on to a mound of fire ants,
45:10 that's when I know what urgency was all about.
45:14 Because there is the fire ants crawl up my leg,
45:19 leaving their trail of marks and burns.
45:24 I found out I did not care what other folks thought.
45:33 I discovered that in the moment of urgency,
45:36 you can care less what other people think.
45:40 You can care less what the media will say.
45:43 You will care less if it will go on
45:45 Youtube or NoTube, all you want is relief.
45:51 And you guessed it,
45:54 the urgency chased me out of my pants.
46:00 And searched the reason why so many struggle with success
46:04 is that we're more concern with
46:06 what people think, listen community,
46:09 we are more concern with what people think
46:11 and how they feel than the mission.
46:15 When you realize your life is a mission for Christ,
46:19 you stop worrying about what people think
46:21 and by the way what people think
46:23 has not put one rare sin in your pocket.
46:28 But He sure is taking all alike.
46:32 You see, when you get urgency,
46:33 it changes your view about life.
46:36 You get up in the morning and say,
46:37 I got to exercise 'cause this ain't about me.
46:42 You get up in the morning and say,
46:44 I'll make my marriage work 'cause this not just about me.
46:48 I thought about a failed marriage in my own life,
46:52 say what would it look like?
46:53 What will my children say?
46:55 What will my grandchildren say if their grandpa?
47:00 And the sad thing many people get out of marriages--
47:02 listen community 'cause he doesn't make me happy.
47:08 Like that's the purpose of marriage.
47:11 Purpose of marriage is to
47:12 solidify God's name on the earth,
47:14 your home should be a little heaven on earth,
47:18 so that when people look at your marriage,
47:20 they will see happiness
47:21 and in your search for doing the will of God
47:24 in the mission of God, you will experience happiness.
47:30 But this prayer is an urgency.
47:33 Let's go back to the text.
47:37 Genesis 24...
47:45 this shows the urgency of the text.
47:51 You see, Eliezer prayed this prayer
47:55 and notice what the text is.
47:56 I want to go back to the pray again Genesis 24:12,
48:01 Genesis 24:12 he said, Lord God of my master,
48:06 give me success tomorrow,
48:11 give me success next week,
48:16 give me success five years from now.
48:20 He said "Lord God of my master, give me success this day."
48:27 This is an urgent message.
48:29 Eliezer says, I don't have time to waste,
48:33 I don't have maneuvering room,
48:35 I must succeed right now, church brothers and sisters,
48:41 you don't have time to waste in failure,
48:44 in any area of your life, you must succeed now.
48:47 Genesis 24:1 tells us why Eliezer was so urgent?
48:53 The text says, let's go back to Genesis 24:1.
48:59 Word of God says, "Now Abraham was old,
49:03 and well advanced in age,
49:06 and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things."
49:09 The word of God says, Abraham was old,
49:13 and advanced in years, he was old-old.
49:20 In other words, Abraham was beyond the years
49:24 expected of him to live.
49:28 He knew Eliezer that is
49:30 that Abraham did not have long to live.
49:34 And he wanted to make sure
49:35 that when he went out on the mission,
49:38 he would fulfill it as quickly as possible,
49:40 so he can get back, so that Abraham could see
49:43 at least the fulfillment of this part of the mission.
49:47 And so with urgency he prayed this prayer.
49:49 "Lord God of my master Abraham, give me success this day."
49:59 You know, we're living in urgent times,
50:04 my brothers and sisters.
50:06 In fact turn with me to Romans...
50:14 Chapter 13.
50:25 And the Bible say us beginning with verse 11,
50:27 "And do this, knowing that the time,
50:30 that now it is high time to awake out of sleep,
50:35 for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.
50:39 The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
50:42 Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness,
50:44 and let us put on the whole armor of God.
50:47 Let us walk properly, in the day,
50:49 not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust,
50:53 but not in strife and an envy.
50:56 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ,
50:57 and make no provision for the flesh,
51:00 to fulfill its lusts."
51:01 The word of God says
51:02 we're living in the last of times history.
51:08 And we have no time for failure.
51:11 And like Eliezer, we're praying,
51:12 Lord, give us success this day, in every area of our lives.
51:18 We must succeed. Watch this now.
51:20 This is a powerful prayer, say powerful prayer.
51:24 Powerful prayer.
51:26 This prayer is powerful.
51:28 How much do I know, you see Eliezer was concerned
51:31 about the success of the mission.
51:34 And he said to Abraham Genesis 24:17 he said,
51:38 suppose I don't find a wife, and Eliezer said,
51:43 Abraham said, don't even think about it.
51:47 God will give you a wife for him.
51:51 And in fact, by prayer as you go out young man,
51:56 is that as you go angels will escort you.
52:00 Let me ask you a question.
52:02 If in everything you do, you are escorted by angels.
52:07 Is failure an option?
52:12 Do angels fail in their mission?
52:16 So if I go out in the power of God,
52:18 I can expect success because it ain't about me.
52:26 Oh, let me try it at home
52:27 because one of our problems is we think it's about us.
52:31 When I discovered my ministry in my life wasn't about me,
52:36 then God says, you are free now to do the larger work.
52:40 And God is breaking some of you loose right here
52:42 now audience...
52:45 to know that God is breaking you loose
52:47 because now success is not about you,
52:51 it's about the mission.
52:53 And because the mission is about
52:55 producing seed for the kingdom,
52:57 you gonna get past your pride.
53:00 You gonna get past your false humility and you gonna say.
53:02 "Lord, help me to succeed this day.
53:06 Give me success in my family,
53:08 give me success in my finance,
53:10 give me success in my faith."
53:15 And when you pray that kind of prayer with urgency,
53:18 there's a fire in you.
53:20 You'll wake up in the morning
53:21 and you'll wake up shouting, hallelujah.
53:24 You'll wake up praising your Lord with your hands.
53:28 You walk out on the street and people will see you smiling
53:31 and you'll wonder--
53:32 they'll wonder why you are smiling.
53:33 And you'll say, I'm on a mission
53:35 for the master to produce seed,
53:37 for the kingdom is bigger than me.
53:40 You'll see, I'm on a mission for the master to produce seed,
53:43 for the kingdom is bigger than me.
53:45 You'll say, I'm on a mission for the master to produce seed,
53:48 for the kingdom is bigger than me.
53:50 You'll pray, I'm on a mission for the master to produce seed,
53:54 for the kingdom is bigger than me.
53:57 And when you pray that prayer, you become unstoppable.
54:02 I hope you're catching this. You become unstoppable.
54:06 This is a kind of prayer that God instance
54:10 answers instantaneously.
54:14 Yeah, notice that Eliezer doesn't pray,
54:20 "O Lord, God of my master Abraham,
54:23 please give me success today, if it's your will."
54:29 You see we use, if it be thy will as an excuse
54:32 because we really don't trust God.
54:35 But the truth of the matter God has told you,
54:37 Eliezer had no doubt he didn't chose the mission,
54:40 God chose the mission for him, his master send him out.
54:43 God is sending you out.
54:44 You need to pray if it be thy will.
54:46 If you're going in the will of God,
54:47 you know it's God's will
54:48 and you should pray with confidence,
54:50 "Lord give me success this day."
54:54 When you pray like that,
54:56 heaven gets excited and things happen.
55:02 Here it is Genesis come on,
55:05 'cause some of you still don't believe it.
55:09 Some of you still living in the valley of failure.
55:12 It's never happened in my community.
55:14 It's never happened in my family.
55:16 Everything has been a failure.
55:18 I got news for you, it's not about you
55:21 and your gifts and your abilities.
55:23 It's about you being used by the master.
55:27 God can use anything.
55:31 He can use anything.
55:35 If He can use a donkey, He can use you.
55:39 If He can use a prostitute, He can use you.
55:43 If He can use a murderer called David, He can use you.
55:49 Genesis 24, here it is.
55:54 This gets exciting to me.
55:57 It challenges me at the deep core.
56:07 Verse 15 of chapter 24,
56:13 I want you to follow me on this one,
56:17 it says "And it happened, before he finished speaking,
56:23 that behold, Rebekah, who was born to Bethuel,
56:26 the son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor,
56:28 Abraham's brother,
56:29 came out with her pitcher on her shoulder."
56:31 Before he could finish praying the prayer was answered.
56:38 That's an answer prayer, that's power.
56:42 So today when you leave here, you pray the prayer,
56:45 Lord God of my master, give me success today
56:47 because I'm on a mission for the master
56:49 and I'm expecting success not because it's about me,
56:52 but it's bigger than me."
56:55 And get up off your knees
56:57 and act as if the prayer has been done
57:00 because it has been done.
57:04 Father God, thank You for this prayer.
57:08 We ask that You'll forgive us God
57:11 for accepting failure in our lives.
57:14 So tonight we pray in the name of Jesus
57:17 that You will fill us with Your Sprit and we pray,
57:21 ''Lord, give us success today because it's bigger than me.''
57:27 And this is our prayer in the name of Jesus.


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