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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Abraham Jules PhD


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00:18 Hello and welcome to Foundation of Our Faith
00:21 here at your 3ABN Worship Center
00:24 located in Southern Illinois,
00:26 where we believe
00:27 this is the biggest small city in the world.
00:29 Can you all say amen to that?
00:31 We know, you're going to be blessed
00:33 as we begin a series in our Foundation of Faith
00:36 with a very good friend of mine,
00:38 Dr. Abraham Jules
00:40 who is a man not only connected educationally,
00:42 but a man that's connected spiritually to the God
00:45 that has been leading him for 32 years
00:48 of pastoral ministry including evangelism.
00:51 He has traveled around the world
00:52 and he's favored tonight by the Lord to come
00:54 and bring to you a message entitled
00:56 "How God makes it possible."
00:59 He's also a native of the country of Trinidad.
01:02 He's a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventists,
01:05 a husband of one wife
01:07 and the father of two children, lovely children.
01:10 He's been married for 12 years now.
01:12 He's the pastor of the Community Worship Center
01:15 in Queens, New York.
01:17 In a conference, the North Eastern Conference
01:19 where he has pastored for a number of years.
01:21 He also has a doctorate degree.
01:23 And I know that God has very well equipped him,
01:26 but he's a man of the word and I know,
01:28 you will not be sorry
01:30 that you've taken the time to sit down
01:32 and listen to what the Spirit has to say to the church.
01:35 He also has been featured, a number of years ago,
01:38 at the 2010 General Conference session
01:41 where he blessed thousands.
01:43 And we are blessed here at 3ABN
01:45 to have him on our world stage at Foundation of Faith.
01:49 But before he comes,
01:50 our Mark Udo Williams who is a musical evangelists,
01:54 a resident of Houston, Texas
01:56 is going to bless us with a song.
01:57 Mark has traveled internationally.
02:00 And he's going to sing a song tonight entitled, "I will go."
02:03 But before he comes,
02:05 I like to invite you to bow your heads with me
02:07 as we invite the Lord's presence.
02:08 Let's pray together.
02:10 Our Father in heaven, we thank You for Your goodness,
02:13 for Your mercy, and for Your grace.
02:16 Lord, we pray tonight as the word is being divided
02:19 that You will speak to the hearts of Your children,
02:21 whether they are here, in the United States
02:23 or joining us from somewhere around the world.
02:26 May You flow through your servant,
02:28 Dr Abraham Jules, fill them with Your spirit.
02:31 We pray Lord, that our hearts may be challenged
02:34 and changed as we learn more about the God
02:38 who knows no failure.
02:39 So come Holy Spirit and do what will uplift
02:43 and honor your holy and precious name,
02:45 we pray in Jesus' name, amen.
02:48 Now, Mark Udo Wilson will bless us.
02:50 And the next voice that you'll hear after Mark
02:53 is that of Dr Abraham Jules.
03:17 Give me ears to hear Your Spirit
03:22 Give me feet to follow through
03:28 Give me hands to touch the hurting
03:34 And the faith to follow You
03:44 Give me grace to be Your servant
03:50 Give me mercy for the lost
03:55 Give me passion for Your glory
04:01 Give me passion for the cross
04:07 And I will go where there are no easy roads
04:13 Leave the comforts that I know
04:19 I will go and let this journey be my home
04:25 I will go
04:31 I will go
04:48 I'll let go of my ambition
04:53 Cut the roots that run too deep
04:59 I will learn to give away
05:05 What I cannot really keep
05:11 What I cannot really keep
05:18 Help me see with eyes of faith
05:26 Give me strength to run this race
05:33 And I will go where there are no easy roads
05:40 Leave the comforts that I know
05:46 I will go and let this journey be my home
05:52 I will go
05:54 I will go
05:58 I will go Lord where Your glory is unknown
06:05 I will live for You alone
06:10 I will go because my life is not my own
06:17 I will go
06:20 I will go
06:23 I will go
06:50 Thank you, Mark, for blessing us tonight.
06:54 John, thank you for your gracious words of introduction.
06:57 It's a joy to be here with you
06:59 for this Foundations of Our Faith series.
07:03 And there's a word for us this evening.
07:08 John 5:1-15,
07:15 it reads after this.
07:18 "There was a feast of the Jews.
07:21 And Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
07:25 Now, there is a Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool
07:29 which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda,
07:32 having five porches.
07:35 In these lay, a great multitude of impotent folk,
07:38 a blind hold with it,
07:42 waiting for the moving of the water.
07:45 For an angel went down at a certain season
07:47 into the pole and troubled the water.
07:51 Whosoever then first after the troubling of the water,
07:55 stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.
08:00 And a certain man was there which had an infirmity,
08:03 thirty and eight years.
08:06 When Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been
08:10 now a long time in that case,
08:13 he said on to him, "Will thou be made whole?"
08:17 The impotent man answered him, "Sir, I have no man,
08:21 when the war is troubled to put me into the pool.
08:25 But while I am coming another step of down before me.
08:31 Jesus said on to him, Rise, take up thy bed and walk.
08:36 And immediately the man was made whole
08:39 and he took up his bed and walk, walked.
08:42 And on the same day, was the Sabbath.
08:45 The Jews, therefore said on to him that was cured,
08:48 it is the Sabbath day.
08:50 It is not lawful for thee to carry thy bed.
08:53 He answered them, "He that made me whole,
08:56 the same said on to me, 'Take up thy bed and walk.'
09:01 "Then asked they him,
09:03 "What man is that with set on to thee,
09:04 take up thy bed and walk?"
09:07 And he that was healed wist not who it was.
09:10 For Jesus had conveyed himself away,
09:13 a multitude being in that place.
09:16 Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple,
09:19 and said unto him, Behold,
09:20 thou art made whole: sin no more,
09:24 lest a worse thing come on to thee."
09:27 The man departed and told Jews
09:29 that it was Jesus which had made him whole."
09:33 Please bow your heads with me as we pray.
09:36 Loving Lord, we pray that You may give utterance tonight.
09:40 Speak a word so that Your people may be healed,
09:42 and blessed, and made whole.
09:45 We know that You are the God of the impossible.
09:48 You can break strongholds, You can turn back the enemy,
09:52 You can change us from within and without.
09:55 Thank you, oh, God, for this word tonight,
09:58 may be a blessing to one and all we pray in Jesus' name.
10:02 Amen.
10:05 Jesus Christ is indeed the Lord of our impossibilities.
10:12 There are many Bethesda hospitals around this country.
10:16 And they are named after the pool of Bethesda.
10:20 Bethesda literally means mercy.
10:24 So Bethesda was considered to be the house of mercy.
10:27 And the people who needed mercy
10:29 had congregated themselves around the pool of Bethesda.
10:34 What was it like to go to the pool of Bethesda?
10:38 Well, imagine if you will,
10:39 a nursing home that is overcrowded
10:42 and understaffed
10:44 with no doctors, and no medical attendance
10:46 to look out for those in need.
10:49 And if you can imagine such a scenario,
10:52 then you've got a limited picture
10:54 of what the pool of Bethesda was like.
10:58 Imagine going to an intensive care unit
11:00 where there are just hundreds of people in that unit
11:03 and there is nobody to minister to them.
11:07 And if you can just imagine such a scene,
11:10 then you've got a mental image
11:12 of what the pool of Bethesda was like.
11:15 The pool of Bethesda was not a pretty sight.
11:18 The clientele around the pool were the lame,
11:21 the halt, the blind, the paralyzed, the wounded,
11:26 wounded in body, wounded in spirit.
11:30 And the closer you got to the pool of Bethesda,
11:33 you could immediately pick up the odors of unkempt bodies.
11:37 You can hear the excruciating pain,
11:39 the cries, the moans, he groans,
11:43 and sense the suffering and the hopelessness.
11:47 They are all around the pool of Bethesda.
11:50 And why are they around the pool of Bethesda?
11:53 They are around this pool
11:55 because of a superstition that got started by somebody.
11:59 A superstition that was not true.
12:02 The superstition was that an angel would come down
12:05 to that pool and stir up the water.
12:08 And agitate the pool
12:10 and the first person to get into the pool
12:13 would be healed of whatever infirmity he had.
12:16 It was just a myth, a silly superstition.
12:21 But we know there was no substance to it
12:23 because the spade of the archaeologists
12:26 has unearthed the pool of Bethesda.
12:28 And we know now that there was a subterranean stream
12:32 that went underneath the pool
12:34 that made bubbles to rise periodically.
12:37 They should have known
12:39 that there was no substance to this superstition.
12:43 You see, the pool of Bethesda
12:45 is literally the size of a football field.
12:48 And with all those many people around there.
12:50 And the story said one guy was there for 38 years.
12:56 Now, if you've been around there that long
12:59 and nothing has happened,
13:01 then you should know
13:02 that there is no substance to the superstition.
13:06 Here are some superstitious people
13:08 putting their hopes in bubbles.
13:11 Fortune cookie solutions to complex problems.
13:15 Just a superstition, silly, silly people.
13:20 And it's, it's understandable.
13:23 It's pre-scientific, it's pre-Galileo,
13:26 but aren't you glad that in this postmodern age
13:29 in which we live, this age of the information superhighway
13:32 and manmade moons, we call satellites.
13:36 Isn't it wonderful to know
13:37 that in our age of eruditeness and sophistication
13:41 that we have moved far beyond these primitive people,
13:45 far beyond putting our hopes in an angel
13:48 coming down and stirring up some water,
13:51 and making bubbles rise.
13:53 And if we could be the first one
13:54 to get into the water, isn't that silly?
13:57 Is that good to know that in this educated age,
14:00 in this enlightened age in which we live
14:02 that we have moved beyond that.
14:05 But I ask you. Have we?
14:08 Because everywhere I go around this country,
14:10 I think, I still see the pool of Bethesda.
14:14 In corner stores, people huddled around
14:16 something called a lotto machine.
14:19 And guess why they're there?
14:20 They are waiting for the angel to come down
14:23 and to stir up their water.
14:25 Hence they take food money, utility money, rent money
14:29 and put their hopes in that pool of Bethesda
14:33 hoping that an angel is gonna come down
14:35 and stir up their water.
14:37 And they're in a city called Las Vegas, I mean Las Vegas.
14:42 You find people at slot machines
14:44 and tables thinking they can get some stirring up the water.
14:49 And then some of us go to the mall and say,
14:52 "If I can just wear this?"
14:54 Is gonna stir up my water.
14:55 And then some of us go to the car lot,
14:58 that is our pool.
14:59 And we say, "If I can just drive this.
15:01 If I can just get the angel to stir up my water, my call,
15:05 all my problems would be fixed."
15:08 We have not graduated
15:10 far beyond those superstitious people.
15:13 Because everywhere you go, you find a pools of Bethesda.
15:17 And they advertise to us.
15:19 They say taste me, buy me, drive me, wave me, snot me,
15:25 smoke me, sip me, lay with me,
15:28 cover me, sleep with me, hold me
15:30 And we find ourselves going to one of these pools.
15:34 And if we're honest, we'll admit
15:36 that we have all spent some time
15:38 around the pool of Bethesda.
15:40 As a matter of fact, some of us have done more than that,
15:44 we have gotten into the pool.
15:46 We actually got in the water, only to discover
15:50 that when we got out of the water and dried off
15:52 that we were just as messed up as when we went into the water.
15:57 Here is a man
15:58 who has been lying around the pool for 38 years.
16:02 And Jesus brought wholeness to him
16:05 with the hopes of teaching us
16:07 that he, Jesus is the Lord of our impossibilities.
16:12 Now, you'll notice that you and I
16:14 can experience the impossible
16:16 when we live by three principles.
16:19 In order to activate impossibility living,
16:22 there are three prerequisites
16:24 and they are right here in this story.
16:27 Prerequisite number one,
16:29 in order to experience the impossible in your life,
16:32 you have to first want the impossible.
16:36 Notice, that Jesus asked him a question in verse 8.
16:39 "Wilt thou be made whole?"
16:42 Now that question doesn't seem necessary, does it?
16:45 Why would you ask a man who has been sick for 38 years,
16:50 do you want me to heal you?
16:52 You would think that that goes without saying.
16:55 You would think that Jesus already knows
16:57 that he wants to be made whole.
17:00 That is like a live God asking a drowning man,
17:03 do you want me to grab you?
17:05 Or that's like someone just got shot
17:07 and the paramedics come and asked this dying man,
17:10 "Would you like me to help you?"
17:13 Some things go without saying or do they?
17:17 This man has been there for 38 years
17:21 which means he's been on his back for 13,870 days
17:26 and that's a long time.
17:28 More than half of his life has been spent sick
17:31 and what Jesus realized
17:33 was what modern psychologists have discovered.
17:36 And that is that many of our physical ailments
17:40 are rooted in our thinking processes.
17:43 To be sure, this man was a paralytic.
17:46 But I would suggest,
17:48 he is probably more of a neurotic
17:49 than he is a paralytic.
17:51 And his neurosis is what has triggered his paralysis.
17:55 We are psychophysical organisms.
17:58 And whatever is going on in the mind
18:01 will register in the body,
18:03 which is to say the way you think
18:05 affects the way you feel.
18:08 It's all interconnected.
18:10 When you're depressed for example,
18:12 you can tell depression
18:13 because of how it impacts your body.
18:15 You lose weight or you gain weight.
18:18 You are so hooked up with your emotions.
18:20 Whatever goes on in the mind affects your body
18:24 which is the basis of a polygraph machine.
18:27 When you tell a lie,
18:28 emotionally it triggers all kinds of endorphins
18:31 in your bloodstream.
18:32 It get nervous and your blood pressure rises
18:35 just by lying because you are not even wired up to lie.
18:40 So Jesus asked this man who perhaps is a hypochondriac,
18:45 "Do you want to get up?
18:47 Do you really want to be healed?
18:50 Because you see as long as he is sick
18:52 and on his back, he's on welfare.
18:54 As long as he is sick and on his back,
18:57 other people have to carry him.
18:59 They got to feed him, clothe him, wash him,
19:02 pick up after him.
19:03 But the minute he gets hold,
19:06 that means he's got to get a job.
19:09 That means he has to take some responsibility.
19:12 And there are a whole lot of folk
19:14 who like to hold on to their illnesses
19:16 in order to evade and dodge responsibility.
19:20 I know a whole lot of folks
19:21 who are bitter who can be better,
19:23 but they just hold on to the past.
19:26 Ten years have passed and they wouldn't let it go
19:29 because they feel good about feeling bad.
19:33 The other person has gone on with his life,
19:36 but they just nurse and rehearse
19:38 all the negativity of the past.
19:41 Now, I know there's an incubating time
19:43 when you've got to overcome some things, but my God!
19:46 38 years, it happened when you were in grade school.
19:51 And here you're pushing fifty and you're still upset
19:55 about something that happened in the school yard.
19:57 There are a whole lot of folks who can give up
20:00 drugging and alcohol but they want to hold on to it.
20:03 They can't even imagine life without the bottle.
20:07 A whole lot of folk could live pure and more lives.
20:09 But they just want to hold on and wouldn't let go.
20:13 God, I want to be whole, but I can't let go.
20:18 I can't give up, can't give up what she does for me.
20:22 She's my pool of Bethesda.
20:25 He is my pool of Bethesda.
20:28 So the question Jesus wants answered is, "Do you want it?
20:34 Wilt thou be made whole."
20:37 Jesus can't help you
20:39 until you desperately want to be helped.
20:44 If you're playing games,
20:45 you need to quit wasting folk's times
20:46 who are trying to help you.
20:48 Before God can help anyone they've got to want a change.
20:52 That's why it's foolish for anybody
20:54 to spend a whole lot of time
20:56 trying to help somebody who doesn't want to be helped.
21:00 God will never be able to fix what you will not face.
21:07 You've got to want it.
21:09 Now secondly in order to be healed, helped,
21:13 and to experience the impossible,
21:15 you have got to obey.
21:17 The second prerequisite is obedience.
21:21 The first is you've got to want it.
21:24 Notice what the man said to Jesus,
21:26 when Jesus asked him, "Do you want to be made whole?"
21:29 Verse 7, he has called Jesus, "Sir."
21:33 Listen to me.
21:34 He was willing to get under the authority of Jesus Christ.
21:39 Whenever something that is over you
21:42 is supposed to be under you,
21:44 it only gets under you when you get under the God
21:47 who is supposed to be over you.
21:50 When you get under he who is supposed to be over you,
21:53 that which is over you gets under you.
21:57 That's the order.
21:58 You can't expect things to get under you,
22:02 when you wouldn't get under who is supposed to be over you.
22:05 So you're wondering
22:07 why some things can get under your feet?
22:09 It's an issue with authority.
22:12 Couple of months ago,
22:13 I was driving through New York City,
22:15 taking my kids to the city for an appointment
22:18 and I was late.
22:19 Traffic had backed up.
22:21 I saw an opening, got around all the cars,
22:25 passed everybody.
22:26 And as I made the right turn,
22:29 a cop was standing on the sidewalk
22:31 and he did this, "Get over."
22:34 Well, I got over.
22:36 But I had a chaplain's badge from the state of New York.
22:39 I gave him my badge.
22:40 He said, "I don't want to see this."
22:42 Then I had a card
22:44 from one of the lieutenants of the NYPD.
22:47 Gave him the card, he said, "I don't want to see this."
22:50 And he gave me a lecture on why I should drive safely.
22:56 And then he went to his car, came back.
22:59 I thought he was going to give me the ticket.
23:00 Didn't give me the ticket.
23:02 But gave me another lecture and then let me go.
23:06 When I drove away, I told my sister-in-law,
23:08 "I was about to give him a piece of my mind."
23:13 But I didn't, that I was under authority.
23:16 And when you're under authority,
23:18 you're in obedience.
23:21 Jesus said that if you will experience
23:24 the impossible in your life, you must be obedient.
23:28 That's the order.
23:30 You can't expect things to get better in your life
23:32 unless you make God, indeed,
23:34 the authority figure in your life.
23:37 It is because you wouldn't get under the authority of God
23:40 that's why we experience failure.
23:42 And the minute you start saying to the Lord, "Sir"
23:44 which means get under his authority,
23:46 certain demons, and devils, and warlocks,
23:48 and witches will start getting under your feet.
23:52 Things that once caused you to worry and fret,
23:54 now don't bother you anymore
23:56 because you've got under the God
23:58 who is supposed to be over you.
24:00 Once he said, "Sir"
24:02 this man submitted to the authority of Jesus Christ
24:05 and Jesus said, "You're under new management."
24:10 And that's what some of us need,
24:12 to be under new management because we are living a life
24:15 where the movie is directed by somebody
24:18 who doesn't have our best interests at heart.
24:20 And we are reciting alliance
24:22 that God didn't write for us to recite.
24:25 So you've got to get under the authority of Christ
24:27 and Christ said to him in verse 8, three things.
24:31 Number one, rise.
24:32 Take up your bed and walk.
24:35 First he said, "Rise."
24:37 Now that seems like a strange command
24:40 because that is the one thing
24:42 that was impossible for this man to do,
24:44 that is to rise.
24:46 But Jesus said, "Rise."
24:48 Notice, Jesus didn't ask the man,
24:50 "Do you feel like rising?"
24:53 Jesus said, "Rise."
24:55 He didn't ask him, "Do you think you can rise?"
24:58 He said, "Rise" which is to say act it and you will feel it.
25:05 Now, we think we've got to feel it
25:07 before we can act it.
25:09 What's the sequence?
25:10 You have go to act your way into a feeling,
25:13 instead of feeling your way into an action.
25:16 In other words, you have to act like
25:17 you've got it together,
25:19 when you don't feel like you've got it together
25:21 because feeling comes under heels of acting.
25:25 You've got to act confident before you feel confident.
25:29 You've got to act blessed, before you feel blessed.
25:33 You've got to act like you're going to make it,
25:34 so you'll get up and quit feeling sorry for yourself.
25:38 You don't have to feel it to act it.
25:41 So smile, laugh, dry your eyes, get on with your life.
25:47 Act the thing and the feeling will come.
25:51 There were times when I didn't feel like preaching,
25:54 but I got up and preached anyhow.
25:56 And the Holy Spirit came
25:57 and when he came, he made me feel like doing it.
26:01 Jesus said, "Rise."
26:04 The best time to act is in front of folks
26:06 who don't think you're supposed to make it.
26:09 The second thing, he said was take up your bed.
26:13 Why?
26:14 The bed is what he's been lying on for 38 years.
26:19 Let me tell you how the devil works.
26:21 How demonic spirits work.
26:24 The minute God gives you a rise breakthrough,
26:27 that's when the devil will come and plant doubt in your mind.
26:31 And he will say, "Wait a minute, man.
26:32 Wait a minute. You've been down for 38 years.
26:35 How do you know your legs are going to hold you up?
26:39 How do you know your ankles aren't going to buckle
26:41 and your knees are not going to give out from under you?
26:44 How do you know?
26:45 Look fellow, you've got seniority back at the pool.
26:49 You've been there for 38 years.
26:53 You're getting ready to lose your place in line.
26:56 So what you need to do is, just in case,
26:59 Jesus doesn't really come through for you,
27:01 and just in case, you don't get what Jesus promised you.
27:05 And just in case, a week from now or month from now,
27:09 you'll start feeling weak again,
27:10 you better make sure that you at least have your bed
27:14 back at the pool, so you can go back.
27:18 Listen to me, folk,
27:20 whenever Jesus gives you a rise breakthrough,
27:23 He wants you to cancel
27:25 whatever reservations you had
27:27 at the place he delivered you from.
27:30 Which means you've got to burn some bridges
27:33 once He heals you and once He delivers you.
27:38 For example, if you've been delivered from drinking,
27:41 was it, watch the devil?
27:43 He'll tell you to stay in touch with your drinking buddies.
27:46 Just in case, you have a relapse.
27:48 Or just in case, you say,
27:50 "I'm not going to be shacking up anymore.
27:51 I'm tired of this, been doing it for 38 years.
27:54 Time to go on with my life."
27:55 The devil says, "That's good. Congratulations.
27:57 But just in case, you become emotionally unglued,
28:00 you've got to make sure
28:01 you don't burn a bridge with him or her,
28:03 so you could always go back.
28:06 But God says us tonight,
28:08 "If I'm gonna deliver you from something,
28:10 you've got to cancel your reservation.
28:13 Rise, take up your bed.
28:17 And then He says, walk.
28:19 He said walk because he had been down for 38 years
28:24 and that means his legs were not strong
28:27 when he first got up.
28:28 And guess what?
28:30 When you first get up,
28:32 you're not going to be that strong.
28:35 But I dare you to take one little step.
28:38 And if you keep on walking,
28:40 God will take you places you've never dreamed possible.
28:45 Do you want to be made whole?
28:49 That's why, folk, when people joined the body of Christ,
28:53 we need to be very patient with them
28:55 because they've just started walking.
28:58 You've got to want it.
29:00 You've got to obey the Lord.
29:02 Rise, take up your bed and walk.
29:07 Say sir.
29:09 Yes, sir, I will. You're under new authority.
29:12 And then finally you've got to know for yourself
29:15 the Lord of the impossible
29:17 because after this man is healed,
29:20 the enemies of Jesus see him carrying his palate
29:23 on the Sabbath day which means he is breaking Jewish law,
29:26 and so they asked him,
29:28 "Who told you to carry your bed?"
29:30 Isn't it amazing how sometimes religious people
29:34 don't have a clue as to what's important.
29:36 This man has been down for 38 years.
29:39 Instead of the church of the living God rejoicing,
29:42 that now he is able to walk,
29:44 they're getting caught up in a theological issue
29:47 about how to keep the Sabbath.
29:50 But look at what this man said in verses 12 and 13,
29:53 the man said, "I don't known who it is that healed me.
29:56 All I know is that I couldn't walk at one time,
30:00 but now I'm on my feet
30:03 after Jesus healed and He left."
30:06 Because Jesus didn't want the attention.
30:08 He had never met Jesus before.
30:10 This man had never met Him before.
30:12 All he knew that he was healed.
30:13 All he knew was that he was doing something
30:15 that he hadn't done in 38 years,
30:19 but he didn't know who had given him the ability do it.
30:22 And in verse 14, Jesus finds him in the temple
30:26 and says to him, "Thou art made whole."
30:30 And anybody that is whole is operating on three things.
30:35 He's whole because he's walking.
30:39 His body is healed.
30:41 He was being carried to the pool,
30:43 but he's walking on his own.
30:45 And one way you experienced wholeness,
30:47 is when you are walking on your own.
30:50 You don't need anybody to carry you.
30:52 You don't need anybody to carry you emotionally.
30:56 You don't need anybody to affirm you,
30:58 or to celebrate you.
31:00 You don't need anybody to applaud you.
31:02 You don't need anybody to pat you on the back.
31:05 You don't need anybody to tell you
31:06 that you are going to make it.
31:08 And if some folk didn't affirm us,
31:10 we would fall apart.
31:12 But now because you are getting yourself whole,
31:14 you are fine.
31:16 If nobody invites to the bank with,
31:19 go head and take yourself.
31:22 You know, I was single for many years
31:24 and when I would get paid, I'll take myself out to dinner,
31:30 and I'll talk to myself while I was eating.
31:34 And on my way back home, I'll say to myself,
31:36 "Jules, didn't we have a good time tonight?"
31:40 Because you've got to learn to enjoy being by yourself.
31:44 When you get whole, you've got Jesus.
31:46 And when you've got Jesus, He's all you really need.
31:50 That's why I get sick and tired of Christian folk
31:52 talking about who they need to make it,
31:54 and talking about I'm tired of being by myself.
31:57 Well, if you are tired of being by yourself,
31:59 who wants to be with tired old you?
32:03 Until you can say, "I like being by myself.
32:07 I'm walking on my own. I'm self-reliant."
32:10 When you are whole, not only does your body change.
32:14 The Bible says, he was walking,
32:16 but his behavior changed.
32:18 He was worshipping.
32:20 Where did Jesus find him?
32:22 Verse 14 says, "In the temple."
32:25 Whenever you get whole, not only does your body change,
32:31 your walking, but your behavior changes,
32:34 you're worshipping,
32:35 which means when Jesus comes in to your life,
32:39 habits will be broken.
32:41 You known you are getting whole
32:43 when things that once had a grip on you,
32:45 you now have a grip on it.
32:48 You know you are getting whole
32:49 when you used to have a nasty attitude.
32:52 But now your attitude has changed
32:54 because your behavior has changed.
32:57 There was a time when you said, "I'm gonna get even."
33:01 But since Christ has come into your life, you realize,
33:05 you can't get ahead by getting even.
33:09 There was a time when you came to church,
33:11 and just watched other people worship.
33:13 But now you've come to church and your behavior has changed.
33:17 You are worshipping all by yourself.
33:20 You don't need any choir to prompt you.
33:23 And you don't need any preacher to invoke you.
33:25 And you don't need cheerleaders around to incite you.
33:29 All you do is just think of the goodness of Jesus,
33:33 and all He has done for you, and your behavior changes.
33:39 You used to be worried about this
33:40 and worried about that,
33:42 but you are not worried anymore.
33:44 Because you know the Lord woke you up this morning,
33:47 started you on your way,
33:49 put food on your table, made a way out of no way.
33:52 God got a roof over your head and He is the one that did it.
33:55 Your behavior changes and you are whole.
33:58 And when you are whole,
33:59 you do not worry about things like you used to.
34:03 You know, Ellen White says that it is a sin to worry.
34:07 And can I give you a principle
34:09 that I believe will bless your life?
34:10 If there are things in your life
34:12 that you don't like
34:13 and you have ability to change it,
34:15 go ahead and change them.
34:18 But if there is something in your life
34:20 that you don't like
34:21 and you do not have the ability to change it,
34:24 do not worry about it,
34:27 because worry has never changed anything here.
34:31 Worry has never paid a bill.
34:33 Worry has never brought a straying husband back home.
34:36 Worry has never ever fixed a problem.
34:40 Worry is a useless activity, and to worry is to sin.
34:46 Learn to leave it in the hands of God
34:49 and let God take care of it.
34:52 He is witnessing.
34:54 He didn't know who it was that healed him.
34:57 But the Bible says, after Jesus introduced himself,
35:00 this man went and found the enemies of Jesus.
35:05 And in verse 15, he tells them,
35:07 "Let me tell, you enemies, who it was that healed me."
35:11 He said, "I that I used to be ashamed to tell you.
35:15 Now I'm bold and I'm not ashamed."
35:17 Because one of the ways you know you are whole
35:22 is because you are bold and you've got confidence.
35:26 You really believe that you can do all things through Christ
35:31 who strengthens you.
35:33 You're not walking around with your head down
35:36 and even if don't have a new suit on.
35:39 And even if don't have new shoes on,
35:41 there is a new 'you'.
35:43 You looked at your hands and your hands look new.
35:44 You look at your feet and your feet look new too.
35:47 Do you want to be made whole
35:50 before Jesus can take you to the next level?
35:55 He's got to get you right on the inside.
35:58 Here you are talking about a new house,
36:01 when what you really need is a new heart.
36:04 Here you are talking about a new car,
36:06 when what you really needs is a new cause.
36:09 Here you are talking about a new man
36:12 when what you really needs is a new 'you.'
36:15 If you get yourself together,
36:17 then some of the things you really need you realize,
36:21 you'll realize that you really don't need them.
36:24 I thought I needed him
36:27 but what I really needed was just to be made whole.
36:32 Jesus can do it because He's the God of the impossible,
36:38 so quit being so pitiful, quit acting depressed.
36:42 Our God is the God of the impossible,
36:46 but He needs your cooperation.
36:48 You've got a great God.
36:50 Quit being defeated.
36:52 He's the God of the impossible.
36:55 Quit livening what you can't have.
36:58 Quit thinking everybody can have it, but you.
37:01 Impossible what?
37:03 He's the God of the Impossible.
37:06 Impossible relationships, impossible crises in your life.
37:12 Crazy children in your home.
37:15 Marriage falling apart.
37:17 God is the God of the impossible.
37:20 There is no limit to what my God can do.
37:25 If you are broke, He can fix it.
37:28 If you are in trouble, He can deliver you.
37:31 "Come here, Abraham.
37:33 Come here, Sister Sarah."
37:36 Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah
37:38 were in an impossible situation,
37:41 but God blessed that old couple to have an impossible baby
37:46 at an impossible age.
37:48 Come here, Moses.
37:51 You're at an impossible Red Sea,
37:54 but God made an impossible Red Sea open up
37:57 for the children of Israel.
37:59 "Come here, Gideon." You are outnumbered.
38:03 You had an impossible task,
38:05 but God gave you victory in an impossible situation.
38:09 "Come here, David."
38:11 You are facing an impossible giant,
38:13 but the giant of impossibility came crashing down.
38:17 "Come here, women with an issue of blood."
38:20 You had an impossible sickness, but you said,
38:24 "If I can just touch the hem of His garment,
38:28 I don't have to talk to Him.
38:30 And the Bible says, she had an impossible sickness reversed,
38:35 because He is the Lord of the impossible.
38:40 So have you any rivers that you think are un-crossable?
38:44 Have you any mountains you can't climb?
38:46 God specializes in things that seem impossible.
38:53 Remember the devil wants you to stay at the pool.
38:56 He doesn't want you to obey.
39:00 He doesn't want you to want a change
39:02 or a miracle in your life.
39:05 He doesn't want you to rise, pick up your bed and walk.
39:09 He doesn't want you to establish intimacy with Christ.
39:13 What will you do today?
39:16 Will you stay at the pool or will you get up?
39:21 Will you give God a chance in your life?
39:25 He wants to make you whole.
39:28 The story says this man never experienced wholeness,
39:32 until he went back to the temple.
39:34 He was healed but he wasn't whole.
39:38 Wholeness only comes
39:40 when you develop intimacy with Jesus Christ.
39:45 He was healed and he was made whole.
39:49 God keeps every promise,
39:53 and one of my favorite promises
39:55 comes through the start of the Book of Philippians.
39:58 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
40:03 I can do all things through Christ.
40:07 I can, hypernicus victory.
40:11 I can have all victory through Jesus Christ.
40:16 God is able and He keeps His promises.
40:20 For somebody who is listening to me today,
40:22 it might just be that God is speaking to your heart.
40:26 It might just be that God is talking to you,
40:30 and He wants you to develop intimacy with Him.
40:33 He wants you to trust His power.
40:36 He wants you to believe
40:38 that He can make the impossible possible.
40:42 If we would only believe His word,
40:45 if we would only trust His word,
40:47 He has promised to make the impossible possible.
40:51 You know, some years ago, I was overseas preaching
40:54 and I was gone for a while and my wife called,
40:57 and my daughter got on to phone and she said, "Daddy.
41:03 There's something I want and when you get back home,
41:07 I want you to purchase it for me."
41:08 And I said to her, I say, "Sweetheart,
41:11 whatever you want, when I get home,
41:16 I'm gonna purchase it for you."
41:18 Well, I flew back to New York, landed at JFK.
41:22 I was tired, it was about six hour flight.
41:25 Got in my car, drove another two hours to my house.
41:28 When I got home I was tired.
41:29 Took of my clothes, sat on my favorite chair.
41:32 My daughters comes running. She says, "Daddy.
41:37 You remember?" I said, "What?"
41:40 She said, "Daddy, you promised.
41:43 When you got back home,
41:46 you'll purchase for me whatever I want."
41:49 I said, "What is it?" She says, "Well, Daddy.
41:52 We knew you were coming home today,
41:53 so mommy got dressed.
41:56 My brother Dylan got dressed.
41:58 Aunty Helen got dressed. And we are ready."
42:00 I said, "What are you talking about?"
42:02 She says, "Daddy,
42:05 I want you to purchase a little dog for me."
42:08 Now that's story is only interesting because
42:11 I love animals.
42:12 Forgive me, but I don't want to live with them.
42:19 And so I said, "Sweetheart..." trying to put it off.
42:22 I said, "Sweetheart, listen.
42:24 Daddy is going to do this another day for you."
42:26 So she ran upstairs and started crying.
42:29 My wife came down she said,
42:31 "What did you say to her? She's crying."
42:33 I said, "Sweetheart.
42:35 I told her I'll get the dog another day for her."
42:39 Well, my daughter came back downstairs.
42:42 She says, "Daddy, when you are away, you said."
42:47 When she said "You said," I put on my clothes,
42:49 we got into car, drove to Westchester County,
42:53 got to the pet store.
42:54 And she is now, uh, looking at the dogs
42:58 and she scared of them.
43:00 And I said, "Lord, You are Mighty God."
43:02 I've been praying.
43:04 And she's scared of the dogs.
43:06 Finally, my wife, I said to my wife
43:09 and to the rest of the family, "Let's go.
43:12 Let's get back in the car." And they said, "No."
43:15 And my wife goes to her takes one of this little dogs
43:17 and puts it in her arms
43:18 and she finally begins to get comfortable.
43:22 That day I spend over $1,200 for a dog,
43:26 I'm still paying for it.
43:30 But you know, in the Book of Isaiah,
43:33 you know what the Lord said?
43:34 The Lord said,
43:36 whenever you face your impossible situations,
43:39 remind me of my promises.
43:43 And on that day,
43:44 when my daughter reminded me of my promise,
43:48 it caused me to get up and to act.
43:52 I'm a sinful man.
43:53 Can you imagine how God feels
43:56 when we remind Him of His promises?
43:58 And He gave us over 7,000 promises in His word,
44:02 so that we can remind Him of His promises.
44:05 And He says, nothing is impossible because I'm able.
44:11 Today, I believe that God can change our circumstances.
44:16 He can remedy our situations.
44:18 He can change us from the inside out.
44:22 And God can give us victory.
44:24 If we would claim His promises, nothing is impossible with God.
44:29 With all, with God, all things are possible.
44:36 I want you to bow your heads with me as we pray.
44:41 Loving Lord and our Father,
44:46 we are in Your presence this day
44:48 and we have heard that You are Mighty,
44:53 that You are Powerful, that You are Great.
44:57 We have been sitting by the pool for 38 years,
45:01 some of us...
45:04 our lives have been in shambles.
45:07 And it's hard for us to believe that
45:10 You can do anything for us.
45:14 We feel neglected, we feel abandoned
45:17 and for some of us, there is no hope.
45:20 But I'm happy today, Lord, that You said
45:24 that if we want to experience the impossible in our lives.
45:29 We got to want it, we got to want it.
45:33 And so far that there is somebody
45:35 who wants a change in his life today.
45:38 Somebody wants to experience a victory.
45:41 Somebody wants to see a change.
45:47 Somebody needs today Lord also, to not only want it,
45:52 but certainly need to align His life with Yours.
45:57 Somebody needs to surrender to You.
46:02 You said, we not only have to want it,
46:03 but we've got be obedient.
46:06 And then we've got to rise,
46:07 we've got to rise above our feelings.
46:10 We've got to walk away from our past.
46:14 We've got to pick up our bed and not leave it,
46:16 so that we can go back.
46:19 Today I pray for someone's life who might just be listening,
46:24 and has lost hope
46:27 that you would have helped that soul to find you today.
46:32 Forgive us of our sins.
46:34 Help us to get away from the Pool of Bethesda
46:37 and find a healing for our souls.
46:40 Take us to the temple where we can find
46:42 not only healing but wholeness,
46:45 and save us we pray, Father,
46:47 in your eternal kingdom, we ask it, amen.
47:05 All right. Then we got to go back out.
47:08 Not a problem.
47:16 I am weak, but Thou art strong
47:24 Jesus, keep me from all wrong
47:32 I'll be satisfied as long
47:39 As I walk
47:40 Let me walk close to Thee
47:47 Just a closer walk with Thee
47:55 Grant it, Jesus, is my plea
48:02 Daily walking close to Thee
48:09 Let it be, dear Lord, let it be
48:17 Through this world of toils and snares
48:25 If I falter, Lord, who cares?
48:32 Who with me my burden shares?
48:39 None but Thee, Dear Lord, none but Thee
48:47 Just a closer walk with Thee
48:55 Grant it, Jesus, is my plea
49:03 Daily walking close to Thee
49:09 Let it be, dear Lord, let it be
49:18 When my feeble life is o'er
49:26 Time for me will be no more
49:34 Guide me gently o'er
49:40 To Thy kingdom shore
49:44 To Thy shore
49:49 Just a closer walk with Thee
49:57 Grant it, Jesus, is my plea
50:05 Daily walking close to Thee
50:11 Let it be, dear Lord, let it be
50:29 Can we say amen again to that song?
50:32 What a wonderful message tonight,
50:33 how God makes it possible.
50:37 Pastor Jules, come and join me.
50:38 You know, as you've preached
50:40 that sermon tonight with passion,
50:43 I know that it's more than just a sermon from scripture.
50:45 It's a sermon that express the places in your life
50:49 where God found you
50:50 and how God remove all the impossible things.
50:52 Take us, you are from the country of Trinidad,
50:56 the island of Trinidad, the West Indies.
50:59 Takes us at to the beginning of your journey
51:01 and talk about how God
51:02 removed some of those early impossibilities
51:05 to begin your journey in ministry.
51:08 I have always been amazed at the fact that,
51:11 you know, when I was born we were reared in a house
51:16 that was adjacent to the Adventist church.
51:19 We were fourth generation Adventists.
51:21 My great grandmother was an Adventist,
51:23 came from India to Trinidad, couldn't read or write,
51:26 but heard the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
51:29 accepted Christ as her Savior,
51:31 and was faithful until her death.
51:33 But while we were in our own home,
51:35 in our house adjacent to the church,
51:37 we would hear everything that went on
51:39 in the Adventist church.
51:41 And I believe, in my life I've seen God prepare me
51:44 even for this day for service to His world church
51:48 from that very humble beginning.
51:51 And God has removed many obstacles
51:52 out of my way to make this possible.
51:54 Each step of the way I have been honored
51:56 that He has called me and continues to use me.
51:59 But I've seen God break down walls,
52:01 I've seen Him put me in places.
52:02 I've seen Him giving me favor.
52:05 When I had no one there to speak for me,
52:06 someone stood up.
52:09 In all of these situations and preparation movements,
52:13 I've sensed the hand of God
52:16 doing what he needed to do for me,
52:19 because He's the God of the impossible.
52:20 That's right.
52:22 Talk about one of those impossible moments,
52:24 'cause you are in Trinidad but you, you make your way...
52:27 Now was it to New York was your next stop.
52:30 Talk about ministry in New York?
52:31 Came to New York when I was a teenager.
52:32 My parents lived in New York and that they came and got us.
52:37 We lived in Brooklyn for many years
52:38 before I went off to Oakwood.
52:41 I finished high school at 16 and went to work at a bank.
52:46 And spent two years working there
52:48 but it was restless, restless.
52:51 And, there were people at my local church,
52:53 Brooklyn Temple in Brooklyn, who would say to me,
52:56 "Young man, I see you being a minister of the gospel.
53:02 And if you go to church, we'll help you.
53:04 Go to school, we'll help you."
53:05 And some of those older people lived long enough,
53:08 who helped me and aided me in school
53:11 to hear me preach the gospel.
53:13 Now, was that a desire of yours when you were young,
53:15 did you want to preach?
53:17 Was that something that was in your bones?
53:19 When I was four years old,
53:20 I knew I was gonna be a preacher. Okay.
53:22 And I never wanted to be anything else but a preacher.
53:25 All right.
53:26 So, so that was a lifelong dream of yours,
53:28 but now the streets of New York,
53:29 where there any challenges there
53:31 that tried to preempt that dream?
53:33 Many challenges and I quickly I'll tell you.
53:36 When I was 17 years old,
53:39 four of my friends died in an accident,
53:43 where I was the one who took little canoe out,
53:45 took them for rides.
53:47 And they died and they brought their bodies to the show.
53:52 We all saw four young people dead.
53:56 And that caused me to turn my back
53:59 on the church for about a year.
54:01 And there were people who are praying for me.
54:04 And about a year after I went back to church,
54:07 about six months later, I was at Oakwood.
54:09 And here I am today because God doesn't give up on us,
54:13 even when we give upon Him.
54:14 Praise the Lord for that.
54:15 Now at Oakwood College, I know that
54:17 whenever we go to Oakwood, I went to Oakwood too.
54:18 Matter of fact, you went to Oakwood the year
54:20 that my wife and I got married in 1983.
54:22 At Oakwood, what were some of the obstacles there
54:24 because we known anybody that goes to Oakwood
54:26 understands obstacles.
54:27 Talk about some of those there?
54:29 I think my challenge was less financial
54:31 and it was much more of a defining my life's purpose.
54:38 It was at Oakwood
54:39 that I really found my footing and found my center.
54:43 It was at Oakwood that who I am today,
54:47 the imprint was made there.
54:49 I was affected by many people who're spiritual people,
54:52 teachers, professors, faculty, staff
54:55 and I praise God to this day for Oakwood.
54:59 Those four years were probably the best
55:01 and most meaningful four years of my life.
55:03 Now you mentioned in your sermon
55:05 that you've been single for a number of years,
55:07 and you had to encourage yourself when you went out.
55:09 I smiled when I heard that.
55:10 Didn't we have a good time tonight,
55:12 Dr. Jules or, Abraham?
55:14 Talk about the obstacles that you overcame to find a wife,
55:17 'cause you've been married now,
55:18 going on 12 years, two wonderful children.
55:20 Talk about that?
55:21 I was very selective, and I took too long.
55:27 I was 42 when I got married, but I wanted to be certain
55:30 that I found someone who had like passions.
55:34 My wife loves the Lord and loves church like I do.
55:39 It's very easy to be around my wife.
55:41 I wanted to be comfortable with someone
55:43 and someone who I felt had the same goal in mind
55:48 which was to make heaven their home.
55:50 And finding my wife was...
55:53 the Lord really gave her to me.
55:56 She was a member of my church.
55:58 And the pastor would often admire the member
56:02 and finally I invited her out to dinner,
56:06 and the rest is history.
56:08 Okay, and I know you know, there's somebody watching
56:10 that may have missed the early part of the sermon.
56:12 I'm going to give you about 30 seconds or so
56:14 to extend a challenge to somebody
56:16 that maybe at that place of impossibilities tonight.
56:19 I shared with you tonight, that our impossible situations,
56:24 our strongholds, our burdens, whatever they are.
56:27 If they are something literally dragging you back
56:30 to this planetary level, robbing you of advancement,
56:34 I preach tonight about the man
56:37 sitting at the Pool of Bethesda for 38 years,
56:39 how by him being an obedience to God,
56:42 wanting a change, wanting a miracle,
56:45 that he followed what Christ told him,
56:47 to rise, take up his bed and walk.
56:50 Turn his back on his past and embrace his future.
56:53 And tonight, I believe that God can do that for you,
56:56 if you would trust Him and claim His promise,
56:59 He can bless you by changing your life.
57:02 Thank you, Dr. Jules. Praise the Lord.
57:04 And, friends, just want to encourage you
57:05 that this is the first in a series of messages
57:08 by Dr. Abraham Jules.
57:10 As you know, a man connected to the word of God
57:12 but as He challenged you tonight,
57:14 if you are at that place in your life
57:16 where you are waiting for some great miracle to come along,
57:20 the miracle is happening tonight.
57:22 Jesus is there waiting to embrace you
57:25 and lift you from your place of dormancy
57:27 and show you that He can move all your impossibilities.
57:31 May God bless you.


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