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Rags to Riches

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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Pr. Cory Jackson


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00:17 Hello, and welcome to the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:20 My name is John Lomacang.
00:21 I'll be your host for these meetings,
00:24 "Foundation of our Faith,"
00:26 put on by Dare to Dream Network.
00:29 Welcome.
00:30 We know that the Lord has a message in-store
00:32 for everyone of you joining us whether by satellite,
00:35 by internet, whatever the means.
00:37 We want you to stay tuned
00:38 for the Lord has called to this hour,
00:41 a man of God to impart the word of God.
00:45 Our speaker is gonna be Pastor Cory Jackson.
00:48 He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois,
00:51 and became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
00:54 at 16 years old.
00:56 Now prior to that,
00:57 Pastor Jackson was a probation officer
01:00 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and he's been pastoring now
01:03 for 14 years.
01:06 He is currently the senior pastor
01:08 for the Burns Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:11 in Detroit, Michigan,
01:12 a city that's on the comeback,
01:15 as well as the Inner City Ministries director
01:18 for the Lake Region Conference.
01:20 Pastor Jackson says he loves street evangelism
01:24 connecting with young people,
01:25 bringing the gospel of the kingdom to their hearts.
01:28 He's also internationally known
01:30 as he's been invited around the world,
01:32 to preach and to baptize many precious souls
01:34 into the kingdom of God.
01:36 He has three lovely children.
01:37 Sierra 25, CJ 21 and Isaiah who is 15 years old.
01:42 Pastor Jackson loves being
01:44 a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
01:46 Can you say amen to that?
01:48 He loves preaching the message of grace,
01:50 love and the Three Angels' messages
01:52 as well as character building for the kingdom of God.
01:56 There are five things you need to know about this man of God.
02:00 One is, he loves the Lord with all of his heart.
02:03 He loves his children.
02:05 He loves his church.
02:06 He loves being and working in the community.
02:09 And number five, he loves helping others
02:13 by way of personal evangelism.
02:17 Pastor Jackson's personal statement for ministry
02:19 is in John 15:16, which is a wonderful passage.
02:23 "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you,
02:26 and ordained you,
02:28 that you should go and bring forth fruit,"
02:30 Now there's something I left
02:31 until the end of his introduction
02:33 because before pastor Jackson became a preacher,
02:36 he was studying to be a black Muslim
02:39 and a black evangelist, black panther,
02:43 but he became a black pastor instead.
02:45 Amen, someone?
02:47 Studying to be a black Muslim, the black panther
02:49 but he became a black pastor instead.
02:51 His message for tonight is entitled "Rags to Riches."
02:55 And we know that the Lord is going to bless.
02:57 But before he comes,
02:59 Louis Cleare who is our musical evangelist,
03:02 a native of the Nassau, Bahamas region.
03:05 He started singing when he was about five years old.
03:08 Joined choirs at 10 and at 15 years old
03:11 began his solo ministry.
03:12 Just 22 years old, we met him when we were in the Bahamas
03:16 and he sang during one of 3ABN's camp meetings there.
03:19 Tonight, he's going to sing the song
03:21 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."
03:24 And after you hear him, the next voice
03:26 that you will hear is that of Pastor Cory Jackson.
04:08 What a friend..
04:11 ...we have in Jesus
04:17 All our sins and griefs to bear
04:26 What a privilege to carry
04:36 Everything to God...
04:40 prayer
04:45 Oh, what peace...
04:48 ...we often forfeit
04:54 Oh, what needless pain we bear
05:03 All because we do not carry
05:12 Everything to God in prayer
05:31 Have we trials...
05:35 ...and temptations?
05:40 Is there trouble anywhere?
05:49 We should never be...
05:53 ...discouraged
05:59 Take it to the Lord in prayer
06:08 Can we find a friend so faithful?
06:17 Who will all our sorrows share?
06:26 Jesus knows...
06:30 ...our every weakness
06:35 Take it to the Lord in prayer
06:50 Are we weak and heavy-laden
06:59 Cumbered with a load of care?
07:07 Oh, precious Savior,
07:11 still our refuge
07:17 Take it to the Lord in prayer
07:26 Do your friends despise, forsake you?
07:35 Take it to the Lord in prayer
07:44 Oh, in His arms He'll take
07:49 and shield you
07:58 You will find...
08:03 ...a solace there
08:25 Amen.
08:28 I don't know what to do with that.
08:31 When you listen to him talk, he does not sound how he sings?
08:35 I feel like passing out.
08:37 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."
08:39 Amen.
08:40 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."
08:42 Brother Louis, thank you very much for singing.
08:46 Welcome to Foundations of our Faith.
08:49 It's good to see you
08:50 for those who are looking and listening around the world.
08:53 And for those who are here today,
08:54 welcome, welcome, welcome.
08:55 I'm excited to be here, among you today.
08:59 I've come a long way from Detroit,
09:01 it does not look like Detroit, that's okay,
09:03 but I will make it through.
09:04 So I'm hoping
09:05 that you will spend your time with us today.
09:08 And for the remaining couple of days
09:10 as we are here today
09:12 talking about foundations of our faith.
09:15 Why don't you pray with me for a moment?
09:16 Father in heaven, thank you Lord for just another day.
09:21 Thank you for being our friend, a friend that we can depend on.
09:28 Bless us as we go through this time together.
09:31 And Your Holy Spirit bless us abundantly.
09:33 And may You touch the soul of those who are listening.
09:37 And may You bring us into a closer walk
09:40 and understanding with the Holy Spirit.
09:43 Do your appointed work.
09:46 Speak to this preacher and move upon Your people,
09:50 In Jesus' name, amen.
09:53 Everyone has something that they horn in on
09:56 when it comes to teaching.
09:59 One of the things that I tend to horn in on
10:01 that is a personal for me, is that of Christian character.
10:06 Often times we don't, do not talk about character.
10:10 I understand we're in the last days.
10:12 I understand the times that we're living in.
10:15 But I want to tell you that,
10:17 well, we need to make sure that we're focusing on is,
10:19 making sure that our characters reflect Jesus.
10:23 And if it does not reflect Jesus,
10:26 then we have some challenges.
10:28 In Matthew 4, just to give an idea
10:30 of the type of preacher I am.
10:33 Matthew 4:35 and particularly, the Bible says
10:36 that Jesus went into the synagogues,
10:39 into the villages teaching, preaching and healing.
10:44 Three things, teaching, preaching, and healing.
10:47 Those are the three things
10:48 I plan on doing for this series.
10:50 Teaching is simply instructing.
10:52 Preaching is encouraging.
10:55 And healing is making whole,
10:57 because someone today needs to be made whole.
11:01 And so I want to give you some scriptures
11:03 that we're going to spend time with this week.
11:05 The first one is Ezekiel 36:26.
11:08 Ezekiel 36, and if you have your Bibles,
11:12 please follow along.
11:13 Ezekiel is in the Old Testament right after Jeremiah.
11:16 And we are going to spend some time learning.
11:23 In my church in Detroit what I tend to do is,
11:26 teach a little, preach a little then get out.
11:30 So I teach, get encouraged and then I move on,
11:35 then I leave the people alone.
11:37 Ezekiel 36:26.
11:39 The Bible says, "A new heart also will I give you,
11:41 and a new spirit I will put within you:
11:43 and I will take away
11:44 the stony heart out of your flesh,
11:46 and I will give you a heart of flesh."
11:50 The key here is something new.
11:53 God says I'm gonna give you a new heart, new mind,
11:56 new way of thinking, talking about the inner.
11:59 And all of us need to experience that
12:01 because I think sometimes, because we come to church
12:04 people tend to think
12:05 that we are right if we don't drink,
12:07 we don't smoke, we don't party, we don't listen secular music.
12:11 But also God is dealing what's on the inside,
12:15 those who are mean and those who are unforgiving
12:19 and those who tend to gossip and those who tend to divide.
12:23 And those are things we don't tend to talk about
12:27 or even address, but doing this series
12:29 we're gonna talk about the inner things
12:31 that people can't see.
12:33 See, people can see how the outside look good,
12:36 but only inside we have to make sure
12:39 that we are thoroughly complete and have surrendered in Christ.
12:43 And so God promises to give us a new heart.
12:46 He promises to give us of what?
12:47 A new heart and a new spirit.
12:49 Roman Chapter 12. Romans 12.
12:51 Romans 12. Romans Chapter 12.
12:55 Romans Chapter 12,
12:57 I want to just focus in on verse 2 for a moment.
13:00 The Bible says, "And be not conformed to this world:
13:03 but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
13:08 that you may prove what is that good,
13:11 and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."
13:13 And I just want to deal with the second part I think,
13:16 be transformed.
13:17 The Bible says, by renewing of your mind,
13:20 not confirmed, transformed.
13:23 Confirm simple means that you adapt
13:26 to the world's standards.
13:28 Transform is a complete change.
13:31 And this week during "Foundations of our Faith"
13:34 we want to have a complete change.
13:37 And so the reason why this is important to me...
13:40 And "The Spirit of Prophecy" fifth volume, page 310.
13:45 Lewis says this, "For if the thoughts are wrong,
13:48 the feelings are wrong, thoughts and feelings combined
13:52 make up moral character."
13:54 Let me say that again.
13:56 Volume five, page 310 says, "If the thoughts are wrong,
14:00 the feelings are wrong,
14:02 thoughts and feelings combined make up moral character."
14:05 So let's look at this for a moment.
14:07 Just the teaching part, all this teaching.
14:09 So if my thoughts about someone is messed up, then guess what,
14:13 my feelings about that person is, messed up as well.
14:17 And so it makes sense when folk may not treat you nice
14:20 or treat you as a Christian
14:22 because how they think about you is all messed up.
14:25 And so the Bible says we need to be transformed
14:28 by the renewing of our mind.
14:30 Now, second volume
14:34 of "Mind Character and Personality"
14:37 page 670 says,
14:38 "Transformation begins with our thoughts."
14:41 "Transformation begins with our thoughts."
14:45 And so often we allow our thoughts to just run,
14:49 run wild, run here, it runs there.
14:52 And when you look at the state of our world today,
14:55 cities included, even the suburbs,
14:58 you can see the devastation that's taken place,
15:02 because the minds of individuals are wrong,
15:06 are corrupt.
15:08 So it makes sense.
15:10 Proverbs 23:7 says, "As a man thinketh so is he."
15:14 So in other words we are what we think.
15:18 So if I'm always thinking negative thoughts,
15:21 then I'm gonna have negative behavior.
15:23 If I'm always thinking good things, then it's gonna follow.
15:27 And one of the reasons, this is-- stands out to me
15:32 because I came across the statement
15:34 about five years ago
15:35 that really moved me in a certain way.
15:39 Christ Object Lessons, you probably heard it before.
15:42 Page 69 says, "When the character of Christ
15:46 has been perfectly reproduced in His people,
15:51 then He will come to reclaim them as His own."
15:56 Now I'm happy that we're doing Bible studies around the world.
16:01 I'm happy that the gospel is being spread
16:04 to 200 plus countries around the world.
16:07 But that one thing Christ seemly to me, is waiting on,
16:11 is when His church reflects His character.
16:14 And when the church reflects His character, in totality,
16:19 then she says, that He's coming to get us.
16:22 So that means that even though
16:24 we give a thousand Bible studies
16:26 and even though people come to our church daily,
16:30 if the character has not changed,
16:34 then we're in trouble.
16:36 We're in trouble.
16:37 And so He's waiting for character
16:40 to be manifested back in His church.
16:42 Not character that's inconsistent.
16:45 Not character that is characterized on Sabbath.
16:49 Not character that lasts Friday night to Saturday night
16:53 But character that represents Him seven days a week,
16:58 24 hours a day, 168 hours in the week.
17:02 He's looking for His folk to have His character
17:06 so that when somebody would make you mad you can smile.
17:09 When somebody stepped on your big toe,
17:12 you can just say, you can pray for him.
17:15 So whatever the case may be,
17:17 you will reflect the character of Christ
17:19 to the point that you would
17:21 even start blessing your enemies
17:23 and loving your enemies.
17:26 And many of us, if not most of us are not at that point yet
17:29 and so we struggle, but yet
17:31 and still we spend a lot of time
17:34 making sure that we tell people that world is ending.
17:37 And listen, I'm all for that, trust me.
17:40 I believe in the Three Angles' message whole heartedly,
17:42 but also I've been in this thing since 1997
17:45 and I've seen some things
17:47 that sometimes scare me from the saint.
17:49 I won't even call them saints,
17:51 in Detroit I call them "ain'ts."
17:54 Because a "ain't" is someone
17:55 you don't want to be near or part of.
17:59 The saints are the ones
18:00 who smile at you and teach you-
18:02 but the ain'ts are something else.
18:05 And I do understand because they are wheat
18:07 and tares in the church.
18:09 Amen.
18:11 And so because of that I have taken the liberty to spend time
18:15 talking about character as a preacher, as a father,
18:21 as an individual, as a member of this church.
18:25 And I can't preach about, what I'm not going to live.
18:29 And so there are days when, listen y'all,
18:32 God shows me my character in Detroit.
18:34 Now being here at 3ABN is very nice
18:39 because you don't have all the traffic,
18:42 it's two lane road and everybody like,
18:45 they want to wave at you
18:46 and there's not congesting at all.
18:49 But where I'm from in Detroit,
18:51 oh, my goodness, people cut you off.
18:53 They are driving super fast.
18:54 And, and they are many times I just grab that steering like,
18:57 "Oh, Lord, can I just curse one time?
19:01 Can I just curse one time, Lord?"
19:03 And sometimes I start thinking not to say,
19:06 "get the behind me, Satan.
19:07 In other words we all have a character to work on,
19:12 all it has to be.
19:14 Someone has to find you at your worst day.
19:16 The time that you been up all night.
19:18 And the kids have made you tired,
19:20 your spouse is getting on your nerve
19:22 and the preacher didn't preached too long,
19:24 whatever it may be, everybody has a moment
19:26 where their character gets tested.
19:32 But again, she says when the character of Christ
19:36 has been perfectly reproduced in His people,
19:39 then He will come to reclaim them as His own.
19:44 That's how I want to live.
19:45 I want to be ready for that day.
19:49 So because He's waiting on this transformation,
19:52 let's start from the beginning and go in between.
19:56 And then let's get to our story.
19:58 Genesis 1, in the very beginning.
20:00 Genesis 1.
20:03 Genesis 1:26, the Bible says this way.
20:08 "And God said, 'let us make man in our image,
20:13 after our likeness and let them have dominion
20:15 over the fish of the sea,
20:17 and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle,
20:19 and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing
20:23 that creepeth upon the earth.'
20:25 So God created man in his own image,
20:28 in the image of God created He him;
20:30 male and female created He them."
20:33 Now, now.
20:34 This is quite interested, that God that we serve and love...
20:40 The God has said let's make man in our image.
20:47 Not just outter resemblance, but in our character.
20:52 The closest thing I can help you understand
20:54 is when two people really love each other
20:56 and they are married
20:57 and they say let's have a child.
21:01 And hoping that this child would pattern themselves
21:05 after who we are as parents.
21:08 That's the closest I can bring you to understanding
21:11 perhaps what the Godhead were thinking.
21:14 So God created both male and female
21:17 and then just a couple of chapters over,
21:19 didn't last too long.
21:21 Genesis chapter 3 we see the fall at the tree
21:25 and then all stuff breaks lose.
21:29 By the time you get to Isaiah 64,
21:31 look at what God is saying about us.
21:34 Quite sad I must say.
21:36 Isaiah the 64 chapter.
21:38 Isaiah is in the Old Testament considered about many scholars
21:41 as the fifth gospel.
21:43 Isaiah 64:6.
21:47 Isaiah 64:6.
21:50 The Bible says,...
21:51 Now remember we started with God
21:53 so let us make in our own, in our image.
21:55 Not just in our resemblance again,
21:57 but also in our character.
21:59 All right.
22:01 But by the time we hear now the Bible says,
22:03 "But we are all as an unclean thing.
22:07 And all of our righteousness is as a filthy rag."
22:12 Whoa, that's a blower right there.
22:16 In other words the best that I can give God
22:19 is as a filthy rag because of where we are now.
22:24 And the best of what I can give Him is as a filthy rag.
22:30 And in the context of what it means
22:33 is a woman's menstrual rag.
22:37 It's the best.
22:39 Jeremiah 17 still teaching.
22:41 Jeremiah 17.
22:42 You know when the preaching start
22:44 I'll start sweating some more
22:45 and I'll start smiling a lot and going across the stage.
22:51 Jeremiah 17.
22:53 Jeremiah 17:9.
22:58 The Bible says, "The heart is deceitful above all things,
23:05 and desperately wicked: who can know it?"
23:11 So we go from Genesis 1,
23:14 God saying, let us make men in our own image.
23:17 Isaiah 64, we are all as an unclean thing.
23:21 And now in Jeremiah the Bible says
23:24 "That the heart or the mind is deceitful
23:28 above all things and desperately wicked."
23:34 Listen, y'all, we're living in a time
23:36 where I felt that there are certain things
23:39 that shock me about the state of man.
23:43 But we're living in time when things are just happening
23:46 so often, it just...
23:48 This text really comes to light.
23:51 You know I'm living in Detroit and of course,
23:53 everybody read about Detroit and the interesting thing
23:55 is when people see me, first thing they say is.
23:57 Is it true what they say about Detroit and the crime?
24:00 Yes, it's true, but Detroit also has some good parts,
24:05 some good people.
24:07 But a couple of months ago,
24:08 we talked about the mind being wicked.
24:11 This lady who lives about 10 minutes from the church
24:17 where I pastor, she decided to become God
24:23 and take in her own hands to kill her two children.
24:28 She said because the two older ones
24:30 were sexually molesting the younger ones
24:34 and they did not deserve to live.
24:35 Now she didn't say, let's get them help.
24:38 But she said the best thing that can happen to them
24:40 is that I need to take their life.
24:43 She kills them and puts them in the freezer
24:47 in her basement for two years.
24:51 Now where their father's at, that's a whole another bog,
24:53 that's a whole another story.
24:55 She gets into court. Now you think that's bad.
24:58 To me this is the worst part of her thinking.
25:01 She gets into court, pleads guilty,
25:05 and says before the court in her last statement.
25:11 "They deserve to die.
25:14 The son who they were molesting,
25:17 he wanted me to kill them.
25:19 They did not deserve to live.
25:22 And if you think they wanted to live,
25:24 talk to the prosecutor and the judge,
25:26 then you all are crazy."
25:29 Now what mother do you know, well, not only think like that,
25:34 but talk like that?
25:36 We are living in some wicked times.
25:40 When a young man can go into a church,
25:43 stay for the whole service and decide at the very end
25:47 that I'm gonna kill as many people as I can.
25:51 That's a scary feeling, but that's the mind
25:57 that has become desperately wicked.
26:01 That's what we are.
26:03 All the way from Genesis 1, we are now here.
26:08 Revelation 3.
26:10 We've started in the beginning, let's go to the end.
26:12 Revelation 3 still teaching,
26:13 still teaching, preaching coming.
26:16 Still teaching. Revelation 3.
26:20 This last church we often talk about quite a bit,
26:24 the Laodicean Church,
26:27 who's not cold nor hot, but lukewarm.
26:31 In verse 17 Bible says, "Because thou sayest,
26:38 I am rich, and increased with goods,
26:44 and have need of nothing."
26:48 We've gone to the point according to this text
26:52 that because of our materialism
26:55 and because we've been increased with goods
26:58 and because we think we know this,
27:00 that and I thought that, that we are right.
27:04 Because life is not as hard maybe as it used to be
27:07 and because things are a little bit different
27:10 that we feel we don't have a need of nothing.
27:14 We got enough money in the bank,
27:15 we have enough clothes to wear and our cars are running
27:19 and I'm happy coming to church every week
27:22 or reading my Bible and praying.
27:24 And we feel as though there's no other need of nothing.
27:31 And if we stop there we're in trouble.
27:33 But the rest of the verse says,
27:36 "And knowest not that thou art wretched,
27:40 and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked."
27:46 Christ says there's five things that's wrong with you.
27:50 You are wretched, means oppressed with the burden.
27:54 You're miserable, unhappy.
27:56 You're poor, destitute of Christian values.
28:00 You're blind spiritually and most of all
28:04 you're naked stripped of God's glory.
28:08 The messed up thing is
28:10 when you don't know you're messed up.
28:12 That's what is messed up.
28:14 And a lot of us, listen to me closely,
28:18 if we don't believe we're messed up
28:21 because life is good
28:23 and we can pay ourselves to one another.
28:26 And we just don't think the things are as bad
28:30 like everybody else.
28:33 But I'm talking to you tonight, talking to me tonight.
28:36 I grew up in a poor family.
28:38 My mother raised, my brother and I by herself,
28:42 city of Chicago, gangs all around us,
28:45 drug dealers, hustlers, pimps, prostitutes,
28:50 everybody on my block, the parent was single.
28:55 There were no dads on our block.
28:57 The only dads we saw were coming in and leaving out,
28:59 no one staying.
29:01 And so I vow to myself and I said,
29:04 I can not grow up poor.
29:07 I got to do something with my life
29:10 so that I will not continue this cycle.
29:14 I decided to go to college,
29:16 decided to become a professional
29:18 as pastor Lomocang mentioned as probation officer
29:21 to make a nice money and it feels good.
29:25 Not going to the store with food stamps.
29:27 Boy, in today's time the EBT card.
29:30 And I have to tell you I wish I had it now.
29:32 There's no tax on that food.
29:34 As much as my sons eat, I'm looking for EBT card
29:39 because my sons eat me out of house and home.
29:43 So sometimes I still wish I had that EBT card.
29:47 But you get to a point in life where you got in the bank,
29:51 you're traveling on vacations and you in church
29:54 and you're doing the will of God you believe
29:57 and you got a savings account and when the emergency come up,
30:01 hey, you can take care of it
30:02 and you just don't think that you need anything.
30:08 My Brothers and Sisters, I'm here to tell you
30:11 that God will eventually show you what you need,
30:14 and show you exactly what you are.
30:19 And so this series that we're talking about
30:23 is going to do exactly that.
30:24 We're gonna start slow and build.
30:27 We got to stay hard way till the last one is over,
30:32 because we struggle
30:33 and we don't want to admit our challenges.
30:37 So I want to take you somewhere where someone gives us
30:40 a perfect example of the situation.
30:45 Mark chapter 10. Mark chapter 10.
30:48 Mark is one of my favorite gospels.
30:52 Mark the 10th Chapter.
30:57 Mark the 10th Chapter starting with verse 46.
31:00 Remember, Christ says there are five things
31:02 about us in these last days.
31:04 Even though He's talked to the Laodicean Church,
31:06 it's the literal local application for us.
31:11 There are five things that's going on in your life,
31:14 wretchedness, miserableness, poorness,
31:17 blindness and nakedness.
31:19 The problem is we don't want to admit
31:22 that anyone of those five or all the five are us.
31:26 There are thousands upon thousands of people
31:28 come to church every week,
31:31 discouraged, depressed, playing the part.
31:35 And so I researched that says, 50 percent,
31:38 52 percent of congregations suffer with depression
31:42 and discouragement.
31:44 And if we would just admit how discouraging we are
31:47 or how challenged we are,
31:49 the help that we need is right there.
31:51 The young brother just said,
31:52 "What a friend we have in Jesus."
31:57 But in this Laodicean Age,
31:59 we feel we have need of nothing.
32:02 Mark Chapter 10.
32:04 And as I do with my congregation,
32:06 I will do with you.
32:07 Kind of go verse by verse.
32:09 We want the scriptures to speak tonight.
32:11 Verse 46 says, "And they came to Jericho,
32:14 and as He went out of Jericho with His disciples
32:16 and a great number of people,
32:18 blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus,
32:20 sat by the highway side begging."
32:24 So we have an encounter, we have a following
32:29 and Jesus always has a following,
32:31 there's always throngs of people following Jesus,
32:34 but the Bibles narrows in on a man named Bartimaeus.
32:40 And his name means son of Timaeus
32:43 or son of the unclean.
32:45 So already he got something bad going for him
32:48 and the Bible says he's blind.
32:50 And we know his economic status because he's begging.
32:54 So there are three things
32:56 that are taking place with this man.
32:57 He's physically blind.
32:59 He's begging, he's poor
33:02 and he's not a part of any church.
33:05 He's not a part of anything, not even Jesus at this point.
33:09 All right.
33:11 Blind, he's poor,
33:14 and he's on the outside, three things.
33:20 Verse 47 says,
33:22 "And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth,
33:26 he began to cry out, and say,
33:28 Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy upon me."
33:33 Now Luke 18 gives a better picture that I like.
33:36 And the Bible says, as the crowd throng by
33:40 the blind man say, "Yo, what's going on?"
33:44 And I can imagine the people are saying,
33:46 "Yo, man, that's Jesus."
33:49 And because he can't see, he says, "What? Jesus?"
33:53 So the man realized that this is no ordinary person.
33:57 The man realized is that, this is not just some anybody,
34:01 but he gives Jesus' name.
34:02 "Jesus thou son of David."
34:06 He gave Him the Masonic name.
34:08 He meant, what he meant by this is,
34:10 You are the promise one. "Yo, Jesus."
34:13 He realized his condition and he realized where he was
34:17 and he realized that he's the only one
34:20 at this time that can help him.
34:23 "Jesus thou son of David, have mercy upon me.
34:27 I'm tired of being blind. I'm tired of being poor.
34:31 I'm tired of begging. Lord, I need some help."
34:35 So often we can identify with that.
34:37 Lord, my life is not going right.
34:39 Things always seemed to be going wrong.
34:41 Lord, I just need some help.
34:45 Jesus thou son of David, have mercy upon me.
34:54 Point number one.
34:56 One must understand their condition.
35:01 Point number one,
35:02 listen to me closely for those who are here
35:04 and those who are listening.
35:06 One must understand their condition
35:11 and then be prompt to call on Him for help.
35:15 No one but Jesus can help us.
35:19 The Bible says in Acts there's no other name
35:22 on the heaven whereby men might be saved.
35:24 No one else can do me like Jesus can do me.
35:29 What was key as the Bible says,
35:30 he heard that it was Jesus.
35:34 Now I can't really go somewhere with that
35:37 because sometimes all it takes is you hearing.
35:40 You don't have to hear,
35:42 you don't have to see anything,
35:43 you can just hear that Jesus is near
35:45 and all of a sudden that thing can just change
35:48 the very existence of what you believe.
35:54 Verse 48, Bible says, "And many charged him
35:59 that he should hold his peace"
36:02 Wait a minute.
36:03 Wait a minute.
36:06 Wait a minute.
36:08 "Brother, you're making too much noise.
36:11 You making us look bad, calling upon this Jesus.
36:14 What's wrong with you, man?"
36:17 And it amazes me that in your attempt to change
36:23 or wanted to change, others will try to block you
36:27 from which you're trying to get.
36:28 What? Because misery loves company.
36:32 Hardly, when I was going through my conversion
36:33 listen, I used to party all the time except Tuesday.
36:36 And I don't know why everyday except Tuesday?
36:38 I don't know why.
36:40 Maybe that was the Sabbath for me, but,
36:41 but I used to party everyday except Tuesday.
36:44 And I finally realized it.
36:45 I finally started having bible studies on Tuesday,
36:47 so maybe the Lord was preparing me to rest.
36:51 But I'd party everyday except Tuesday.
36:55 I remembered, you know,
36:57 'cause I love to party back then,
36:59 love to dance back then,
37:02 still trying to think about, still love to dance back then.
37:07 I just love having a good time back then
37:09 and I remember going through my change.
37:13 And as I'm going through my change,
37:15 my homies, which are my close friends,
37:18 they would try to steer me from it.
37:21 My nick name is Kojak,
37:22 that's what people call me Kojak.
37:24 I got the hair and I'm much handsome than Telly Savalas,
37:28 because who loves you, baby?
37:30 Amen.
37:32 And so I remember going through my transition
37:35 and my friends would do everything possible to stop me
37:39 from getting close to Jesus,
37:42 from changing my life to something better.
37:45 The things we were doing,
37:47 many times we should have been in jail,
37:49 but they were trying to stop me from my change.
37:51 And I told to myself, listen, I'm trying to better myself,
37:55 not stay back here.
37:57 And they are like, "Jack,
37:58 man, you need to just keep on hanging with us."
38:02 That thing is not going to last, it's only temporary.
38:07 There will be those, who in your attempt to change,
38:13 will get in your way.
38:15 That's point number two.
38:17 "But he cries, the more, a great deal," you see.
38:20 So you can't allow your haters to get into your way.
38:23 You can't allow those who are miserable to get in your way.
38:26 Point number three is,
38:28 when you really want something you got to go after it.
38:30 You just can't sit still and pretend
38:33 and try to be cool about it.
38:35 But he said, "Lord, Jesus," he got louder and louder.
38:39 "Lord, help me. I need help."
38:43 Lord God Almighty,
38:44 I'm tired of not being able to see.
38:48 Tired of not being able to go to the store
38:51 and be able to buy something without begging first.
38:55 Tired of being on the outside.
38:58 See when you realize the condition you're in,
39:01 listen, no one on God's green earth
39:04 can stop you from crying out.
39:08 You got to cry out loud.
39:11 You can't worry about who's listening.
39:15 The only one that you're concerned
39:16 about listening is Christ Himself.
39:21 The Bible says in verse 49. "And Jesus stood still."
39:26 Now you asked yourself the question.
39:28 Why did it take two for Jesus to stand still?
39:32 Listen, Isaiah 65:24 says,
39:34 "Before our call He would answer."
39:37 And while I'm praying He already got the thing.
39:39 So why would it take two?
39:40 You see, this is just me right now.
39:42 I really believe that it took two because
39:44 Jesus want to see how sincere his brother was.
39:48 He wanted to make sure that his call was sincere
39:50 because sometimes we are forced to change.
39:54 Get locked up in jail, we need Jesus.
39:58 You need your bill to pay, we need Jesus.
40:01 You need something done, I need Jesus.
40:03 So, so Jesus want to make sure
40:05 that this brother's call was sincere.
40:08 And the Bible says that,
40:10 "That He stood still, and commanded him to be called.
40:13 And they call the blind man, saying unto him,
40:17 Be of good courage, rise; he calleth you."
40:20 They are saying, hey, this is not your friend,
40:21 watch out now.
40:23 That's a whole another sermon itself.
40:28 Verse 50 says, "And he, casting away his garment,
40:33 rose, and came to Jesus."
40:37 Point number four, this time our character change.
40:41 Number one, recognizing your condition.
40:44 Two, realizing that they are others
40:47 who will try to stop you.
40:49 Three, understanding how important it is.
40:53 You got to yell that thing even louder.
40:56 Point number four is,
40:58 the three things you have to do.
41:00 The three things you need to do when coming to Jesus.
41:04 Number one, you need to change your garments.
41:08 Now typically in a Bible when we talk about garments,
41:10 we're talking about righteousness.
41:13 So in the context of what we're talking tonight,
41:16 you have to let go your self righteousness.
41:19 If anybody is gonna come all the way to Jesus,
41:22 it starts with letting go our self righteousness.
41:25 Our self righteousness just come out
41:27 when we can easily judge somebody else.
41:29 We can easily say,
41:30 what somebody else should have done
41:31 or we can tell them why they are in the situation, you see.
41:34 When you are self righteous,
41:36 you know, you can simply walk around like,
41:38 I'm-- nothing wrong with me and I'm okay and I'm all right
41:43 and God doesn't need that.
41:46 He don't want you like the Luke 18 guy
41:48 who said, Lord, I tithe twice a week.
41:52 I fast twice a week, excuse me.
41:54 I tithe all I've got.
41:55 You see, I want to be like the brother
41:56 who's barely coming to church, just have mercy on me.
42:00 That's what I want to be like.
42:02 But we have too much self righteousness.
42:05 So in order to come to Jesus,
42:07 you have to take off that robe of righteousness,
42:09 take that thing off.
42:12 The second thing you have to do is you got to get up,
42:14 you got to change your position.
42:16 The Bible says, that He was sitting down,
42:18 but he had to get up.
42:20 You can't stay in the same position
42:22 expecting a different result.
42:24 So now you have to let go off yourself righteousness,
42:27 but you also got to change your position.
42:30 You got to change when you do something.
42:32 You got to change some things.
42:37 You can't except,
42:38 listen, I couldn't expect to get close to Christ
42:41 if I'm always in the club just dancing.
42:44 It just won't happen.
42:46 I can't except to get close to Christ
42:48 if I'm gonna keep on smoking marijuana,
42:50 even though I never did, amen.
42:53 I can't expect to get close to Christ
42:55 when He find myself in the casino every weekend...
42:59 Or drinking.
43:03 You got to make some changes.
43:06 You got to start cleaning yourself up.
43:08 The alcoholic can never become sober
43:10 if he has liquor around him all the time.
43:18 And the third thing you got to do,
43:21 you got to start coming close to the Savior.
43:25 You got to put yourself in a area
43:28 where you can Jesus can get real close to one another.
43:34 These things will not work if all three are not done.
43:40 You can't do one of the three.
43:43 That's only 33 percent.
43:46 You can't do two of the three, that's only 66 percent.
43:49 God expects all three.
43:53 God expects no self righteousness.
43:57 We have to be stripped of who we are.
44:02 I was telling Dr. Louis today...
44:08 God had to strip me of some things to
44:11 help me become a little bit more humble.
44:14 Four years ago I went through a divorce
44:17 that I thought will never happen.
44:20 When I told my wife at the time,
44:23 I said I want to get married once,
44:24 this before I'd came into the church.
44:28 Who would have thought
44:30 18 years later I'll be eating those words.
44:36 Took me through an experience
44:38 and I was a young preacher just going up the ranks.
44:42 You know, I didn't go to any of our schools.
44:44 I went to a small Black hills,
44:46 Mission College for evangelism.
44:48 God called me into this thing from being a probation officer.
44:51 Every church I've been at has grown.
44:52 I've traveled internationally.
44:54 I have done some amazing things
44:57 in my short time of ministry of 14 years,
45:00 that preachers who have been in 20 years,
45:02 25 years have not done.
45:04 I've been in places that I can't even pronounce
45:07 without my- Without a single.
45:12 And I just knew I'm on top of the world.
45:16 And when I went through my divorce,
45:21 I was stripped of everything it felt like.
45:24 Listen to me, I'm getting up close and personal with you.
45:28 See I know how it feels to sit high
45:30 especially coming from a poor background,
45:32 having money in your pocket,
45:34 having two incomes making a nice amount of money.
45:38 Preaching at this place, that place, doing this thing,
45:40 doing that thing, I know what that feels like.
45:45 But I had to deal with my self righteousness
45:48 in all of that.
45:51 And I could no longer sit where I was sitting.
45:54 He says, you need to stand up now
45:56 and you need to come even closer to Me than ever before.
46:02 See if you stay sitting there,
46:04 you're gonna wallow in your misery.
46:06 But He says you got to get up,
46:08 take off self righteousness and stand yourself up.
46:11 But you got to come near to Me
46:12 and the closer I come near to You
46:14 the more stuff just starting to falling off.
46:17 Adventist Home page 49 I believe it is.
46:20 She says, "Talk of Christ."
46:22 And the more we talk of Christ...
46:24 "Whatever is not in harmony with Christ would fallout."
46:26 Because you got to talk of Him,
46:27 you got to get close to Him and I start marching
46:29 and stuff just start to shading off
46:31 as I'm marching towards Him.
46:33 Why?
46:34 Because now He got me in the place that He wants me.
46:40 Humility, but the majority of us at times,
46:46 that's somebody else's problem.
46:49 We can't admit that we are challenged on every side.
46:52 We can't admit that they are problems
46:55 and situations in our lives that we need help.
46:58 The preacher calls for prayer and few people stand up.
47:02 He makes the appeal
47:03 and only a sprinkle come down when,
47:06 perhaps the majority of the congregation
47:08 is struggling in some sway shape or form,
47:11 whether it's with some bad kid
47:13 that, you thought was gonna turn on all right.
47:16 The spouse or work situation, it does not matter,
47:20 everybody has problems.
47:23 Everybody has some circumstance that's taking place.
47:27 And God allow this story of this blind man to happen
47:32 so that everybody else can see what can happen
47:35 when one cries out for one Savior.
47:42 Verse 51 says.
47:45 "And Jesus answered and said unto him,
47:50 "What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?
47:55 The blind man said, Lord, all I want to do is see."
48:00 I'm not concerned about riches.
48:03 I'm not concerned about any...
48:04 I just want to open my eyes and see.
48:11 Verse 52 says...
48:16 "And Jesus said unto him,
48:18 'Go thy faith hath made thee whole.'
48:24 And immediately he received his sight,
48:27 and followed Jesus in the way."
48:32 Point number five. Let me review the four points.
48:34 Number one is this.
48:37 You got to understand your condition.
48:40 And once you understand your condition,
48:41 you have to act on understanding your condition,
48:44 you have to call out.
48:46 See, see as a pastor I deal with so many folks
48:49 that they don't want to admit what their condition is.
48:52 They want me to tell them what their problem is
48:54 and even when you tell them their problem...
48:55 Oh, pastor, that's not me.
48:57 That you must be mixed up with them
48:59 that sit on the left side, I sit on the right side.
49:03 Point number one, you must understand your situation.
49:06 Number two, realize that,
49:08 in you attempt to make a change in character,
49:11 a change in your life,
49:13 a change in the way you think, a change in the way you are,
49:16 that they are gonna be some who try to bring you down.
49:20 Point number three,
49:22 don't let nothing get in your way of becoming whole.
49:26 Don't let nothing stand between you and your Jesus.
49:30 That means you got to cry aloud a little bit more.
49:33 Now it gets uncomfortable,
49:35 it gets very uncomfortable 'cause no one...
49:38 Listen to me now.
49:39 No one likes to be in uncomfortable situations.
49:43 No one likes to be in situations
49:45 where they are totally uncomfortable,
49:46 but when you cry for Jesus it makes you uncomfortable.
49:51 Because now you're admitting that you need help,
49:53 you need Jesus, and you got to cry aloud sometimes.
49:59 Point number four,
50:00 once you have His attention three things you got to do.
50:03 Number one, you got to change.
50:05 Take off that self righteousness.
50:09 Number two, you got to change your position.
50:12 You can't expect a different result
50:15 if life has not begun to change.
50:18 And point number three and four,
50:21 that you got to come towards Christ.
50:22 You can't keep living like the world
50:27 and expect to be close to Jesus.
50:31 It just doesn't happen. Why?
50:33 Because 1 John 2:15 says,
50:34 "Love not the world, nor the things of the world."
50:40 Point number five. Hot diggity dog!
50:44 Jesus gives us more then what we ask for.
50:48 Oh, you got to get excited here.
50:50 All that man asked for was his sight.
50:53 Jesus not only gave him his sight,
50:55 but Jesus also, listen to me now,
50:58 Jesus also gave him spiritual sight.
51:01 Ellen White says, that He opened his eyes
51:03 physically and spiritually.
51:05 This man goes from begging to now,
51:07 look at the verse, verse 52 says.
51:09 "He's now following Jesus in the way."
51:12 He's not on the outside anymore,
51:14 he's on the inside.
51:16 When he was outside begging, he went from rags to riches.
51:19 He went from having nothing
51:21 to having a Savior and having everything.
51:23 He went from rags nothing to riches to Christ
51:27 that we serve.
51:29 He went from being on the outside
51:32 to now being on the inside.
51:35 Now see when you're on the inside,
51:37 you walk different.
51:38 You don't walk aridly, you just walk different.
51:40 There's a different pep in your step.
51:42 You're not walking with your hand up.
51:44 You walk in a...
51:46 Give somebody, what? You gab.
51:48 Remember Peter said, "Silver and gold have I not,
51:51 but that which I do have, I'm gonna give to you."
51:54 So he says what,
51:56 "In the name of Jesus I command at you," what?
51:58 "Rise up" and the Bible says
51:59 "that he stuck his right hand down
52:01 and picked the man up
52:02 and the man just started dancing."
52:05 See now you can give, folk, what you got,
52:08 you see blind Bartimaeus is no longer blind.
52:11 Blind Bartimaeus is no longer the son of the unclean.
52:15 Now he's the son of the righteous one which is Jesus.
52:18 He gave him more than what he asked for.
52:23 He didn't just give him sight to see,
52:25 He gave him not only sight to see, but spiritual sight.
52:28 And theologians believe that Bartimaeus became
52:30 one of Jesus' most prominent disciples.
52:34 So now he's going from rags to riches,
52:40 all because he was willing to call upon the Savior,
52:45 all because he was willing to go outside the comfort zone.
52:49 Now here's your question.
52:51 Out of all these people,
52:53 why is it that only one man decided to call?
52:58 Why is it only one man decided that he had an issue?
53:03 When all of them folk probably had issues too,
53:07 because we tend to follow the crowd,
53:11 instead of following Jesus.
53:14 See, it's one thing to follow Him,
53:16 but it's a whole another thing to call out unto Him.
53:19 See folk will follow all day long
53:21 like we tend to follow people.
53:23 And we follow the prominent preacher speaking over here,
53:25 we'll go and listen to preacher preach
53:27 and when he make the appeal, oh, they ain't talking to me,
53:30 there's talking about them who came to see him,
53:31 even though you're the ones who came to see Him.
53:34 But we tend to follow people and just like Jesus.
53:39 Folk follows Him.
53:41 So how is it that one man out of all these folk,
53:46 was the only one that had a change?
53:51 What that means to me
53:52 that you may be the only one that makes that change.
53:57 But that change cannot happen if you don't call.
54:01 Psalms 145, text reminds me, getting ready to close.
54:05 Here Psalms 145.
54:08 Psalms 145, the Bible says this.
54:11 "The Lord is near unto all them that call upon Him.
54:16 To all that call upon Him in truth."
54:20 The Bible says, God draws near to folk who call upon Him.
54:27 That call upon Him in truth, that's what a sincere heart--
54:33 The question today is this. Will you call upon Him?
54:37 The question is, "Will you call upon Him
54:40 regardless of anybody else is calling?"
54:42 Will you call upon Him?
54:45 Do you see your need?
54:47 Do you understand your condition?
54:50 Do you realize where you stand or where you sit?
54:54 But will you call upon Him?
54:56 Because you realized you're wretched.
55:00 You realized you're miserable.
55:02 You realized you're blind.
55:04 You realized you're poor.
55:06 You realized you're naked.
55:07 Will you call upon him like blind Bartimaeus?
55:11 How is it that a blind man can call
55:14 and folk who can seek didn't?
55:18 Will you call upon Him today?
55:19 He's waiting for the call.
55:21 What a friend, the young brother sung,
55:23 we having Jesus, He's waiting for the call.
55:28 Character cannot change internally
55:33 unless one realized their condition.
55:38 And our Foundations of our Faith tonight,
55:40 we're building, it starts with a call.
55:43 It starts with a call.
55:46 It's what it starts with, a call.
55:49 The challenge that each one of us face,
55:53 is that we only call when we have to.
55:56 But you need to call right now.
55:57 See, I had to call when my divorce happened.
56:02 I had to call like none other.
56:05 I had to call loud.
56:07 Call with tears.
56:09 Call with everything...
56:11 I remember praying on my couch I would beat the couch
56:14 as though I'm beating God because I was that mad,
56:16 but I'm calling at the same time,
56:18 Lord, help me and Lord, save me.
56:21 And Lord, have mercy on me,
56:22 I can't live as a single man anymore.
56:26 Calling loud!
56:31 Didn't care who heard me
56:34 because I wanted to be made whole.
56:36 I wanted to be free.
56:39 I wanted Jesus in my life, the way that only Jesus can do.
56:44 As we pray, if you have not made that call,
56:50 you need to make it.
56:53 His phone never gets busy and His bills are always paid.
56:58 Father in heaven, thank you so much,
57:02 the word that we have,
57:05 as you can take us from rags to riches.
57:10 Thank you heavenly Father,
57:11 for giving us examples in Your word
57:15 that can give us hope.
57:17 We have a blind man named Bartimaeus
57:19 who was poor and begging
57:21 and we find that he made a difference,
57:26 which is to call.
57:27 Have mercy upon me, Lord.
57:30 Someone need mercy. Someone need mercy.
57:35 Walk in there vicinity
57:37 so they can have mercy right now.
57:40 So as you walk by they can call and you can stand still
57:44 and they can relate to You what they need.
57:48 So bless them, Holy Spirit.
57:49 Set them up, give them the courage right now to do it
57:53 and not to be afraid
57:55 and we ask this in no other name unto heaven
57:57 but Jesus Christ, amen.


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