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The Stars and the Fig Tree

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00:18 Hello, and welcome to Foundation of Our Faith.
00:22 My name is John Dinzey
00:24 and it's my privilege to be here with you.
00:26 We're happy that you are with us,
00:28 because it is an opportunity for you
00:31 to know about God's word.
00:33 You will notice that the name of the program is
00:35 "Foundation of Our Faith."
00:38 This program is based on the Bible,
00:41 the Holy Scriptures.
00:42 And because of this, you will see it in the open,
00:46 you will see it in our background,
00:48 because we firmly believe in God's word
00:51 and we hope you will do the same.
00:53 And if not, at the end of this program,
00:56 we hope that your faith in God has increased.
00:59 And Dare to Dream is always praying
01:02 and looking for God to direct us to speakers
01:06 and singers, presenters, that believe in God
01:09 and that will inspire people to believe in God.
01:13 And for this reason, we have a special guest
01:17 our Evangelist Christopher Hudson,
01:20 and as I mentioned, Christopher Hudson,
01:22 those of you that have been watching
01:23 Dare to Dream for a while, may remember that name
01:27 from the program called The Forerunner Chronicles.
01:31 And we encourage you to watch, "The Forerunner Chronicles"
01:35 on Dare to Dream.
01:36 If you want to know the hours, we encourage you to contact us.
01:41 The Forerunner Chronicles, he is the director and speaker,
01:46 and has been very busy.
01:48 He has over 300 presentations on YouTube,
01:53 and so far, over 20 million views.
01:56 So we praise the Lord for that.
01:59 And during this series of Fore,
02:03 he will be presenting tonight,
02:05 or this opportunity will be, "The Stars and the Victory."
02:10 The next will be, "Calm before the Crises."
02:15 The third presentation will be,
02:18 "Return of the Dragon."
02:21 And the fourth one will be, "The Judgment of the Whore."
02:26 This is obviously from the Book of Revelation.
02:29 So we're gonna be digging into God's word
02:31 and we ask you to join us
02:33 in God's-- study of God's word.
02:37 Before we pray,
02:39 I would like to tell you that we also have,
02:42 musical guest with us
02:43 and we rejoice
02:45 that our own Pastor John Lomacang,
02:48 will be singing in a movement,
02:51 also, with one of the outstanding members
02:56 of the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church,
02:58 Sister Celestine Barry.
03:01 Now the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church
03:03 is from where this series is coming to you.
03:06 The Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church
03:08 is located in Southern Illinois,
03:11 and for those of you that are near by,
03:12 we invite you to come
03:14 and be part of the congregation.
03:16 We are not too far, from West Frankfort,
03:18 as you come through West Frankfort, Illinois,
03:21 go down Route 149,
03:23 and before you hit Route 34,
03:25 you will see the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church,
03:28 on the left hand side.
03:30 So, join us here
03:32 and we usually have Pastor John Lomacang preaching
03:35 and when he's not available,
03:37 we always have an Evangelist such as the one
03:39 you're going to listen to during this program.
03:42 And after we pray
03:45 Sister Celestine Barry, along with Pastor John Lomacang
03:48 will be bringing to us
03:50 the song, the hymn entitled, "Bless the Broken Road."
03:56 "Bless the Broken Road."
03:58 Immediately after,
04:00 we will hear the preaching of God's word
04:02 in our Evangelist Christopher Hudson.
04:05 Before all this, we encourage you to join us in prayers,
04:07 those of us that are present,
04:09 we like to invite you to stand, and those of you at home,
04:13 we ask you to join us in prayer,
04:16 as we ask for God to bless this program.
04:19 Let us pray together.
04:22 Our loving Heavenly Father,
04:26 we come to You in Jesus' name,
04:28 and we thank You for the opportunity You give us
04:32 to present this message to your children.
04:36 We pray that you will be with
04:39 our Evangelist, Christopher Hudson.
04:41 Bless him with the Holy Spirit, use him in a mighty way,
04:45 to bring the message your children need to hear.
04:49 And Father, we also ask You to bless our musical guests
04:53 Pastor John Lomacang and Sister Celestine Barry.
04:57 We pray that You will bless them
04:59 as they minister in music,
05:01 and we pray that it will be an inspiration
05:03 to Your children.
05:04 And Father, we pray that You will bless
05:07 the Dare to Dream network that it may continue to bring
05:11 messages of salvation and hope, around the world.
05:16 We ask You Lord for these blessings,
05:18 in Jesus' name, Amen, Amen.
05:21 You may be seated. May God bless you.
05:23 I'll leave you
05:24 with Pastor John Lomacang and Sister Celestine Barry.
05:44 I set out on a narrow way
05:48 Many years ago
05:52 Hoping I would find true love
05:56 Along the broken road
06:00 But I got lost a time or two
06:04 And wiped my brow and kept pushing through
06:08 I couldn't see how every sign
06:12 Pointed straight to You
06:17 And every long lost dream
06:21 Lead me to where You are
06:25 Others who broke my heart
06:29 They were just northern stars
06:33 Pointing me on my way
06:36 Into Your loving arms
06:40 This much I know is true
06:47 That God blessed the broken road
06:51 That led me straight to You
07:00 I think about the years I spent
07:05 Just passing through
07:08 I'd like to have the time I lost
07:12 And give it back to You
07:16 But You just smile and take my hand
07:21 You've been there you understand
07:24 It's all part of His grander plan
07:28 That is coming true
07:31 And every long lost dream
07:35 Led me to where You are
07:39 And others who broke my heart
07:42 They were just northern stars
07:46 Pointing me on my way
07:50 Into Your loving arms
07:54 This much I know, I know it's true
08:00 That God blessed the broken road
08:04 That led me straight to You
08:08 Oh, straight to you Yeah
08:13 Yeah
08:17 Oh, whoa, oh.
08:20 Oh, whoa, oh.
08:24 I would just rolling home
08:27 Into Your loving arms
08:31 This much I know, I know it's true
08:38 That God blessed the broken road
08:42 That led me straight to You
08:52 Yes, God blessed the broken road
09:00 That led me straight
09:05 To You
09:15 Oh, straight to You
09:21 Ooh ooh.
09:41 Well, I want to say good evening to all,
09:44 and I deem it a great privilege to be here
09:47 on Foundations of Our Faith.
09:48 If ever there was a time,
09:50 that our faith needed to be founded upon
09:52 the holy word of God, it is now.
09:55 But before we get into our message for this evening,
09:57 I want to invite everyone to have
09:59 a word of prayer with me.
10:01 And please, take it very seriously
10:03 because without the Holy Spirit,
10:05 we cannot understand the Holy Scriptures of God.
10:08 So, right now I just want to invite you
10:09 to bow your heads and close your eyes
10:12 as I pray and ask for the presence of the Lord.
10:15 Father in Heaven, I thank you for this blessed opportunity
10:18 that we have to study Your word.
10:21 In this hour of peace and safety,
10:24 we thank You that Your Spirit
10:25 is still striving with the hearts of men,
10:28 that we might be partakers of Your Son's righteousness.
10:32 I ask that you'd cleanse our hearts of all sin.
10:35 And I pray oh, Lord, in a special way
10:37 that you would send the blessing
10:39 of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth,
10:42 which you promised in John 16: 13,
10:45 "Would guide us into all truth."
10:47 And Lord, before I speak,
10:49 I just want to claim Your promise
10:50 in Jeremiah 33: 3, were You said,
10:52 "Call upon Me, and I will answer thee,
10:56 and I will show thee great and mighty things,
10:58 which thou knowest not."
11:00 My God, you know, that I am weak and I am frail.
11:04 My trust and my dependence
11:06 is holy de-cleanse me of all pride
11:08 and self righteousness, and self trust
11:11 that Your name might be glorified
11:13 and Your truth exalted.
11:15 Thank you, for hearing this prayer,
11:16 for these things I ask in Jesus' name, amen.
11:22 In the Bible, in the Book of Ecclesiastes 3: 15,
11:26 there is a very important prophetic principle
11:28 that I would like to share with you this evening
11:30 before we get into our message.
11:33 In Ecclesiastes 3: 15, the Bible says,
11:36 "That which hath been is now;
11:38 and that which is to be hath already been;
11:40 and God requireth that which is past."
11:42 In other words,
11:44 the things that have taken place in the past,
11:46 they're taking place right now in our present day society,
11:48 and the things that will take place
11:49 in the future,
11:51 they have at least, in principle,
11:52 taking place in the past,
11:53 and therefore, God requires, He commands
11:56 that we know the historic events,
11:58 especially those that have been impacted people
12:00 throughout antiquity so that we can better understand
12:03 what is going on right now in our world,
12:05 and what we can expect to transpire
12:07 in the very near future.
12:09 We need to understand these things.
12:12 And so, with that point in mind, I want to take you
12:14 to a very important book in the Bible,
12:18 and that's the Book of Revelation,
12:19 and we're going go to the sixth chapter.
12:21 The Bible tells us something very important there.
12:23 We're gonna begin at verse 1.
12:24 The Bible says,
12:26 "And I saw when the Lamb had opened one of the seals,
12:28 and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder,
12:30 one of the four beasts saying, 'Come and see.'
12:32 And I saw, and behold a white horse
12:35 and he that sat on him had a bow
12:37 and a crown was given unto him
12:38 and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
12:42 And when he had opened the second seal,
12:44 I heard the second beast say, 'Come and see.'
12:46 And there went out another horse that was red
12:50 and power was given to him to take peace from the earth,
12:52 and that they should kill one another
12:54 and there was given unto him a great sword.
12:56 And when he had opened the third seal,
12:58 I heard the third beast say, 'Come and see.'
13:01 And I looked, and lo, a black horse
13:05 and his rider had a pair of balances in his hand.
13:07 And I heard a voice in the midst
13:09 of the four beasts say,
13:10 'A measure of wheat for a penny,
13:12 and three measures of barley for a penny
13:13 and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.'
13:17 And when he had opened the fourth seal,
13:18 I heard the fourth beast say, 'Come and see.'
13:21 And I looked, and behold a pale horse
13:24 and his name that sat on him was Death,
13:26 and hell followed with him.
13:27 And power was given unto them
13:29 over the fourth part of the earth,
13:30 to kill with sword, and with hunger,
13:32 and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
13:34 And when he had opened the fifth seal,
13:35 I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain
13:39 for the word of God,
13:40 and for the testimony which they held.
13:42 And they cried with a loud voice, saying,
13:43 'How long, oh, Lord, holy and true,
13:46 dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them
13:48 that dwell on the earth?'
13:49 And white robes were given unto every one of them
13:51 and it was said unto them,
13:52 that they should rest yet for a little season,
13:54 until their fellow servants and their brethren,
13:57 also, that should be killed like as they were,
13:59 should be fulfilled.
14:02 And when he had opened the sixth seal,
14:03 I saw when he had opened the sixth seal,
14:05 and lo, there was a great earthquake
14:07 and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
14:09 and the moon became as blood.
14:11 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
14:13 even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
14:17 when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
14:20 And the heaven departed as a scroll
14:22 when they are rolled together
14:23 and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
14:26 And the kings of the earth, and the great men,
14:28 and the rich men, and the chief captains,
14:29 and the mighty men, and every bondman,
14:31 and every free man, hid themselves
14:33 in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains.
14:34 And saying to the mountains and rocks,
14:36 'Fall on us,
14:38 and hide us from the face of Him
14:39 that sitteth on the throne,
14:41 and from the wrath of the Lamb
14:42 For the day of His wrath is come
14:44 and who shall be able to stand?"
14:48 Now, what we've just looked that here
14:49 in Revelation Chapter 6, these 17 verses of scriptures,
14:53 they encapsulate
14:55 the entire history of God's Christian church
14:58 from the very time,
15:00 that they entered the battlefield
15:01 of the great controversies,
15:03 you see, I say from the time that they entered
15:05 the battlefield of the great controversy
15:07 because you'll notice,
15:08 under the opening up of the very first four seals,
15:11 you see horses proceeding out of those seals.
15:15 The Bible tells us in the Book of Proverbs 21: 31,
15:20 that, "The horse is prepared against the day of battle
15:24 but salvation is of the Lord."
15:25 So, in the Bible,
15:27 a horse can stand as a symbol of battle
15:28 and this is what we are looking at,
15:30 in Revelation Chapter 6,
15:31 we're looking at the people of God
15:33 entering the battlefield of the great controversy,
15:36 and the historical events that are portrayed
15:38 in prophetic language in Revelation Chapter 6,
15:40 take us all the way from beginning of which,
15:42 the church enters the battlefield
15:44 of the great controversy,
15:45 until the events that are seen in the heavens and on the earth
15:48 that clearly foreshadowed
15:50 that the day of a second coming of Jesus Christ
15:52 is upon humanity.
15:54 Now the reason why I find this Chapter so intriguing,
15:58 and by the way, just I can give you
16:00 a little bit of the history there.
16:01 For instance,
16:02 the first seal you see a white horse going out.
16:04 Clearly, you don't have to be a theologian to figure out
16:07 that white is dealing with purity.
16:08 We're looking at the Christian Church
16:10 and its purity,
16:11 we're looking at the Christian Church,
16:12 when it was filled with the Holy Ghost.
16:15 It had a bow and arrow in its hand,
16:17 because the bow and arrow is the weapon
16:18 that's used for long distance combat.
16:21 This is dealing with the far reaching effects of the gospel
16:23 during the time period of this era.
16:25 Matter of fact, the apostle Paul
16:26 makes this statement that,
16:28 "The gospel went to the whole then known world
16:30 at this time frame.
16:33 But, then when the second seal opens up,
16:34 you'll notice very,
16:38 very clearly that
16:39 there's a change in the color of the horse.
16:41 It's red.
16:43 The horse changes in color
16:44 because, there's a change
16:46 in the character, of God's people,
16:48 there's a change in the character,
16:50 of His church.
16:51 And red here is dealing with the persecution
16:53 that God's people suffered,
16:56 very furious persecution by the way,
16:58 especially, under the emperor Diocletian from 303 to 313.
17:02 Were told that, they were...
17:04 peace was taken from the earth,
17:05 people were killing one another.
17:07 But yet, this was not the end
17:10 of God's church progressing through the great controversy.
17:13 We come to the third seal,
17:14 and we see this black horse coming out,
17:16 the rider has pair of balances in his hand,
17:18 clearly black as symbolic of darkness.
17:21 Apostasy begins to enter into the ranks of the church.
17:26 The balances in the hand
17:28 of this rider is dealing with the way
17:30 that justice and judgment in God's truth
17:32 was being perverted,
17:33 matter of fact, in Proverbs 11: 1,
17:36 the Bible let's us know that "A false balance
17:38 is an abomination unto the Lord."
17:40 But even though, the church at this time
17:43 was allowing apostasy to enter into the ranks,
17:45 compromise was jeopardizing God's truth.
17:48 There was a voice in midst to the four beasts
17:50 that said something.
17:51 And by the way, the voice that came
17:52 from the midst to the four beasts,
17:54 can be non-other than God the Father himself.
17:55 Because in Revelations Chapter 4, it is clear that,
17:57 God the Father sits on the thrown
17:59 that is carried by the four beasts.
18:01 And he says, "A measure of wheat for a penny,
18:03 and three measures of barley for a penny,
18:04 and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine."
18:06 In simple language the Father was saying,
18:08 no matter what men are doing to jeopardize My truth,
18:12 I'm placing My hand over it
18:14 that it might be protected for generations to come.
18:17 Then under the fourth seal we see a pale horse coming out.
18:20 The rider's name is Death and Hell follows with him.
18:24 This is very interesting,
18:25 because in the Book of Romans 6: 23
18:28 the Bible tells us that,
18:30 "The wages of sin is death."
18:33 So if the rider's name is Death,
18:35 then it's clear that we can conclude
18:37 that the rider is the man of sin.
18:41 The same man of sin that is spoken of
18:42 in the Book of 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2
18:45 beginning at verse 3, were the word of God says,
18:49 that "The day of the second coming
18:52 of Jesus Christ would not come,
18:54 except there come a falling away first."
18:56 Apostasy has to enter into the church.
18:58 Error has to enter into the church.
19:00 We have to see the face
19:02 that would transpire under the third seal,
19:05 that black horse.
19:07 But when there will be a falling away, the Bible says,
19:09 "Then that man of sin will be revealed,
19:11 the son of perdition."
19:13 The man of sin, the one that will go
19:14 into utter destruction, utter destruction
19:16 that would experience hell fire,
19:18 and that's what we're looking at, fourth seal.
19:20 We're looking at the development
19:21 of the man who sin,
19:23 but if you're not familiar who the man of sin is,
19:24 we're taking about the development of the papacy
19:26 from 538 A.D. all the way through 1798 A.D.,
19:29 this power that ruled over the then known world,
19:32 prosecuted all those that would not bow down to the dictates
19:35 of a self styled Holy Father.
19:38 Then we are taken to the fifth seal.
19:40 We are seeing souls that are under the altar,
19:43 crying out to God, in type, in symbol,
19:45 just like the blood of righteous Abel cries
19:47 from the ground to God.
19:49 God always remembers
19:50 the prayers and the cries of His saints.
19:52 And they're saying, "How long, Oh, Lord, holy and true,
19:54 dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them
19:56 that dwell on the earth?"
19:57 You see these souls, where those, that were martyred
20:00 by the power that came out of the fourth seal.
20:03 These were the souls
20:04 that were persecuted unto the death
20:06 and martyred by the papal power.
20:09 They went to their graves as heretics,
20:12 they went to their graves as blasphemers, so to say.
20:15 But the Bible says that,
20:16 "White robes were given unto everyone of them,"
20:18 meaning that God declared them to be His righteous saints.
20:21 Even though, men said, "They were heretics",
20:23 God said no, "These are my saints".
20:27 But He said, "They have to rest here for little season,
20:29 until their fellow servants also,
20:31 and their brethren that should be killed
20:32 like as they were, should be full filled".
20:34 Ladies and Gentlemen, this means
20:36 that in the near future,
20:37 there will be others
20:39 that will be martyred for the cause of Jesus Christ.
20:42 And might I add,
20:44 that the agency that will be responsible
20:47 for bringing them to a martyr's death,
20:49 will be the same agency that was responsible
20:51 for their fellow servants and brethren
20:53 that are crying from the ground even now to God,
20:56 the papal power.
20:59 Then we go to the sixth seal,
21:01 and under the sixth seal,
21:02 first we see a great earthquake, that earthquake
21:04 is the earthquake of Lisbon 1755,
21:07 that's the year that it took place in.
21:08 Then we see the sun becoming black as sackcloth of hair,
21:11 and moon becoming as blood.
21:13 That was the Great Dark Day, 1780.
21:16 "Then the stars of the heaven fell onto the earth,
21:17 even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
21:20 when she is shaken of a mighty wind."
21:22 That's Revelation 6: 13.
21:24 That happened in the year 1833.
21:28 And in the very next events that are shown to us,
21:31 in Revelation Chapter 6
21:32 are those which are the signs that indicate,
21:35 that the second coming of Christ is upon humanity.
21:38 Now the reason I find this chapter so intriguing,
21:41 especially, for all of us in these last days,
21:43 and the reason you should find it so intriguing
21:45 is because, this whole Chapter is in chronological order.
21:49 In other words, when the first seal
21:51 closes immediately without any lapse of time,
21:53 the second seal opens up.
21:54 When the second seal closes,
21:56 immediately without any lapse in time,
21:58 not a second, not a day, not an hour,
21:59 boom, the third seal opens up.
22:01 All of the seals open up successively
22:04 one after the other, no lapse in time.
22:08 Why I find this so intriguing
22:10 is because, when we get to the sixth seal,
22:13 we have a great earthquake,
22:14 okay, that happened in the year 1755.
22:16 Next thing we have, Great Dark Day,
22:18 okay, that happened in the 1780.
22:19 Next thing we have, the stars falling from the sky,
22:21 okay, that happened in the year 1833.
22:24 But then the next thing we see in Revelation 6: 14,
22:28 are signs that are going to take place in the future
22:32 that declared that Jesus Christ is coming to planet earth.
22:35 Now the reason I find this so intriguing is because,
22:38 it is all most as if,
22:41 there is a big gap of the history of God's church
22:45 as we travel to the conclusion of the great controversy
22:48 that's missing from the scripture.
22:51 So, almost as if God is left us in darkness right there,
22:53 1833 all of a sudden we see the events
22:55 that take place right before
22:57 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
22:59 One has to consider,
23:00 do you believe that God has left us in the dark?
23:03 That He would not give us the information
23:05 that we need to know, as we as His people
23:08 are moving rapidly towards the conclusion of all things,
23:11 the combination of the great controversy.
23:13 I don't believe so.
23:15 If you open your Bibles
23:17 and you look at the Book of Matthew, Matthew Chapter 24.
23:19 It's very interesting.
23:21 In Matthew the 24th Chapter,
23:22 I believe it's beginning at verse 31.
23:24 Let me just open my Bible here
23:25 to make sure that I' am giving you a correct reference.
23:28 Yes, that's accurate.
23:29 The Bible says this, matter of fact,
23:31 we're going to begin at the verse 29,
23:32 the Bible tells us this,
23:33 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days,
23:35 the sun shall be darkened,
23:36 and the moon shall not give her light,
23:38 and the stars shall fall from heaven,
23:40 and the powers that are of the heavens
23:41 shall be shaken."
23:43 Now notice that, these signs that I just shared with you,
23:46 from Revelation Chapter 24. That's from Revelation,
23:49 Matthew Chapter 24 beginning at verse 29,
23:51 the very same signs that are spoken up
23:54 in Revelation Chapter 6,
23:56 the Bible goes on to say this,
23:59 "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven
24:03 and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn,
24:05 and they shall see the Son of man
24:06 coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
24:09 And then shall He send his angels
24:11 with a great sound of a trumpet,
24:12 and they shall gather together His elect from the four winds,
24:15 from one end of heaven to the other."
24:19 Then Jesus says this,
24:21 "Now learn a parable of the fig tree,
24:25 When a branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves,
24:27 ye know that summer is nigh.
24:29 So likewise ye,
24:30 when ye shall see all these things come to pass,
24:33 know that it is near, even at the doors."
24:37 The Bible goes on to say in the Book of Mark now,
24:39 if we go to Mark Chapter 13.
24:41 Mark dealing with the very same instance
24:43 that Matthew was making illusions to
24:46 or talking about there in Matthew Chapter 24,
24:49 this what he says Mark Chapter 24,
24:51 look Mark Chapter 13 rather, looking at verse 24,
24:54 "But in those days, after that tribulation,
24:56 the sun shall be darkened,
24:58 and the moon shall not give her light.
24:59 And the stars of heaven shall fall,
25:01 and the powers that are in the heaven
25:03 shall be shaken."
25:04 Once again, same exact signs
25:06 that we've seen in Revelation Chapter 6.
25:07 The Bible goes onto say this,
25:09 "And then shall they see the Son of man
25:12 coming in the clouds with great power and glory.
25:14 And then shall He send His angels,
25:15 and shall gather together his elect
25:17 from the uttermost part of the earth
25:19 to the uttermost part of heaven.
25:22 "Now learn a parable of the fig tree.
25:26 When her branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves,
25:27 ye know that summer is near.
25:29 So ye in like manner,
25:31 when ye shall see all these things come to pass,
25:32 know that it is nigh, even at the doors."
25:35 Now let's look at one more.
25:37 Luke Chapter 21, Luke Chapter 21.
25:39 We're gonna look at verse 25,
25:40 once again, that's Luke the 21st Chapter
25:43 and we're going to look at 25th verse.
25:44 This is what the Bible says here.
25:48 "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon,
25:50 and in the stars, and on the earth
25:52 distress of nations, with perplexity,
25:53 the sea and the waves roaring.
25:56 Men's hearts failing them for fear,
25:57 and for looking after those things
25:59 which are coming on the earth,
26:00 for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
26:03 And then shall they see the sign of the Son of man
26:06 coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
26:08 And when these things begin to come to pass,
26:10 then look up, and lift up your heads."
26:12 Why?
26:14 "For your redemption draweth nigh.
26:17 And he spake to them a parable,
26:20 Behold the fig tree, and all the trees.
26:23 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of yourselves
26:26 that summer is now nigh at hand."
26:29 So ye, in like manner, "So, ye, likewise,
26:32 we shall see these things come to pass,
26:33 know that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand."
26:38 Pay close attention,
26:39 Matthew Chapter 24,
26:41 Mark Chapter 13,
26:43 Luke Chapter 21
26:44 all of them are speaking of the very same signs
26:47 that are spoken up right there, in Revelation Chapter 6
26:51 and if you took time to notice, you will realize,
26:55 that every time these signs that are spoken of,
26:58 that occur right before
27:00 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
27:03 There's always this symbol of a fig tree
27:06 that's presented to our attention.
27:08 "Now, learn a parable of the fig tree,"
27:09 "Now learn a parable of a fig tree."
27:11 Even in Revelation Chapter 6 it says,
27:13 "The stars of heaven fell even as a fig tree".
27:17 This is not once, not twice, not thrice but four times
27:20 that these signs are presented in the Bible
27:22 in connection with this fig tree.
27:23 There has to be something important about this fig tree.
27:27 What kind of fig tree stand as a symbol of in the Bible?
27:30 This is very intriguing, very interesting.
27:32 If you open your Bible to the Book of Luke,
27:34 we're looking at Luke the 13th Chapter
27:37 and we're going to began at verse 1.
27:40 It says, "There were present at that season
27:42 some that had told him
27:44 of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled
27:47 with their sacrifices.
27:48 And Jesus answering said unto them,
27:50 'think ye that these Galilaeans
27:53 were sinners above all the Galilaeans,
27:55 because they suffered such things?
27:56 I tell you, Nay,
27:58 but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
28:01 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell,
28:04 and slew them all,
28:05 think ye that they were sinners
28:07 above all that dwelt in Jerusalem?
28:09 I tell you, Nay,
28:10 but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.'
28:15 And He spake to them a parable,
28:17 A certain man planted a fig tree in his vineyard,
28:23 and came and sought fruit thereon,
28:24 and found none.
28:26 Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard,
28:28 'Behold, these three years
28:31 I come seeking fruit on this fig tree,
28:33 and find none,
28:34 cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground?'
28:37 And answering he said unto him,
28:38 let it alone for this year also,
28:40 till I shall dig about it, and dung it.
28:41 And if it bears fruit, then well,
28:44 but if not,
28:46 then afterward thou shalt cut it down."
28:49 Now you don't have to be a theologian to figure out,
28:51 what that fig tree was a symbol of?
28:53 Clearly, from looking at this parable
28:55 that Jesus presented to this crowd,
28:58 that fig tree was a symbol of His people.
29:01 It was the symbol of His church at that time.
29:04 Very interesting.
29:05 The Bible says,
29:06 "That the owner of this vineyard,
29:08 he plants this fig tree,
29:09 he comes seeking for fruit on this fig tree
29:11 for thee years,
29:13 at the end of the three years he's almost fed up"
29:15 he says, "You know, what? Let's cut it down,
29:17 get it out of the way, it's just taking up space
29:19 where we can plant something else,
29:21 that will produce the fruit that we desire to see.
29:25 But the dresser of the vineyard says, 'No, hold on a second,
29:28 let it alone for a one more year,
29:30 I'll dig it about and I'll dung it,
29:31 I'll take care of it, I'll nurture it.
29:33 If it bares fruits at the end of this year, then well."
29:35 And we're talking about a fruit tree here,
29:36 so we're not talking about whole 12 months here, okay.
29:39 Fig tree, six months that it has to bear,
29:42 so we're looking at three-and-a-half-years,
29:44 that are being pointed unto this fig tree
29:46 to be able to produce the fruit that it was planted to produce.
29:50 But, if it does not produce the fruit,
29:51 within this three-and-a-half-years,
29:53 he says, "Lets cut it down then."
29:56 It's very interesting, Ladies and Gentlemen,
29:58 that God would symbolize His church as His fig tree
30:02 and appoint three-and-a-half-years unto it,
30:04 to accomplish this work of bearing the fruit.
30:06 Because if you look in the book of Daniel Chapter 9,
30:09 there's a very interesting prophecy,
30:11 a very important prophecy, a 70 week prophecy,
30:14 concerning the children of Israel
30:15 and towards the conclusion of that 70 week prophecy,
30:18 we're given some information
30:22 concerning the ministry of Messiah.
30:25 We're told in verse 27 that,
30:26 "He would confirm the covenant with many for one week,
30:30 and in the midst of the week
30:32 he would cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease."
30:34 You see when Jesus Christ died on the cross,
30:40 at the end of his
30:41 three-and-a-half-years of ministry,
30:44 from 27 A.D way to 31 A.D.
30:46 when He did on the cross,
30:48 he caused the sacrificial system
30:50 to come to its end.
30:52 The sacrifice and the oblation ceased.
30:55 So this parable concerning the fig tree and God's people
31:00 was directly connected
31:03 to them producing the fruit
31:05 which God had ordained for them as a people to produce,
31:10 by the time their probation closed.
31:13 Which is very interesting if you pay close attention,
31:15 it says that, "The owner of the vineyard,
31:17 he comes to the fig tree and he seeks for fruit."
31:21 That means he's searching the fig tree for fruit.
31:23 Let me use another word.
31:25 That means he's investigating,
31:27 the fruit tree for fruit,
31:29 he investigated
31:30 from the highest bough to the lowest.
31:32 For three years,
31:33 he's investigating it for fruit.
31:36 What fruit do you think that he's investigating it for?
31:38 Good question, you might say,
31:39 "The fruit of the spirit," right?
31:41 "Love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness,
31:42 goodness, faith, weakness, temperance
31:43 against such there is no law," right.
31:45 Galatians 5: 22. That's true.
31:47 That's the fruit that He wanted to see,
31:48 produced out of His people.
31:49 But there was another fruit
31:52 that He wanted His people to produce
31:53 before they could produce the fruit of the spirit.
31:56 You see, if you look in the Book
31:58 of Matthew Chapter 3,
31:59 Matthew Chapter 3 looking at verse 7,
32:01 as John the Baptist is on the scene preparing the way
32:05 for the ministry of Jesus Christ,
32:07 the Bible makes this statement,
32:08 "But when He saw
32:10 many of the Pharisees and Sadducees
32:12 come to His baptism,
32:13 He said unto them, 'O generation of vipers,
32:15 who have warned you to flee from the wrath to come?'
32:19 " Verse 8 says,
32:20 "Bring forth therefore fruit,
32:23 which is meant for repentance."
32:27 fruit which is meant for repentance."
32:32 Bible goes on to say verse 10,
32:34 "And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees:
32:37 every tree that bringeth forth not good fruit is hewn down,
32:40 and cast into the fire."
32:43 What fruit did he want to see?
32:44 The fruit of repentance,
32:45 matter of fact, when Jesus Christ
32:47 began his ministry shortly after His baptism,
32:51 in the river Jordan by John the Baptist,
32:53 the Bible says this was his first message.
32:55 Matthew 4: 17,
32:56 "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
33:00 What was the fruit that God desired
33:03 to see revealed from His people, His church?
33:05 Repentances.
33:07 He wanted them to realize their need
33:10 of His righteousness.
33:12 He wanted them to turn away from their own understanding,
33:17 their customs and practices
33:19 which they picked up from the heathens.
33:21 He wanted them to turn away from their worldliness,
33:24 their self-righteousness,
33:25 their self-trust, their adultery,
33:26 whatever practices that they were engaged in,
33:29 that were not in harmony with the will of God,
33:31 He said, "You need to bear fruit
33:32 that is meet for repentance."
33:35 Because only then can I give you
33:38 and produce within you,
33:39 the power, the manifestation of My righteousness
33:42 in the fruit of this spirit.
33:46 We need fruit that is meet for repentance.
33:49 That's why Jesus made those statements
33:51 in the Book of Luke Chapter 13.
33:53 He says, "Think ye that these Galilaeans
33:54 were sinners above all Galilaeans,
33:56 because they suffered such things?
33:57 I tell you, Nay:
33:58 but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."
34:02 The fruit He was looking for was repentance.
34:05 I wonder if He's looking for the same fruit now.
34:08 One thing is clear,
34:10 when we look at this fruit tree,
34:11 it is a symbol of the people of God,
34:13 but the people of God here,
34:14 they are under the investigating eye of God.
34:17 He is seeking to see particular fruit
34:20 revealed in their lives
34:21 and he is giving them a probationary time period
34:23 to accomplish it.
34:25 I want you to see this once again.
34:26 It's very powerful.
34:28 If we look in the book of Matthew,
34:29 Matthew Chapter 21,
34:31 as Jesus exits the precincts of Jerusalem,
34:34 the Bible tells us that He is returning from Bethany.
34:36 I'm gonna began at verse 18,
34:37 the Bible says this,
34:39 "Now in the morning as He returned into the city,
34:41 He hungered.
34:42 And when he saw a fig tree in the way,
34:44 he came to it, and found nothing thereon,
34:47 but leaves only, and said unto it;
34:49 'Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward forever.'
34:53 And presently the fig tree withered away."
34:57 Once again you see the fig tree is symbol of God's people.
34:59 It's the symbol of His church.
35:02 He comes and He searches for fruit on that fig tree.
35:06 And because He see's leaves on the fig tree,
35:07 He believes there must be fruit on it
35:09 because unlike many other fruit bearing trees,
35:11 a fig tree bears its fruit before it bears its leaves.
35:18 And so certainly there should have been
35:20 fruit on that fig tree
35:21 although it was not the time for figs.
35:23 Certainly, there should have been fruit on that fig tree,
35:25 but there was none, so He searched it,
35:28 he looked from the highest bough to the lowest,
35:29 He found none, and then He cursed it,
35:31 He cut it off.
35:33 Ladies and Gentlemen,
35:34 what I'm trying to present to you
35:36 is that the Bible is presenting this symbol of the fig tree
35:39 as a symbol of God's church, God's people.
35:42 But clearly, it is the people of God
35:45 under the investigating eye of God.
35:47 He's seeking for fruit,
35:49 He's seeking for fruit.
35:53 What I'm trying to present to you
35:55 is that in Revelations Chapter 6,
35:56 when the Bible tells us in verse 13
35:58 that "The stars of heaven fell,
35:59 even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
36:01 when she is shaken of a mighty wind."
36:03 That fig tree there,
36:04 yes, it does stand as symbolic, a meaning
36:07 as to how the stars fell from the heaven,
36:10 but there is a greater message
36:12 that God has trying to present to us there,
36:13 and it's concerning His church.
36:15 And then if that is true,
36:17 then all of this symbolism has to match up.
36:19 Because the Bible says
36:20 that the, "Stars of heaven fell,
36:21 even as a fig tree casteth on untimely figs,
36:24 casteth her untimely figs,
36:26 when she is shaken of a mighty wind"
36:30 And what can wind be a symbol of in the word of God.
36:32 Several things can stand as a symbol of.
36:34 Matter of fact, if you turn your Bibles
36:35 to the Book of Daniel, Daniel 11: 45,
36:38 or verse 40 rather, Daniel 11:40,
36:40 the Bible says this,
36:42 "And at the time of the end
36:43 the king of the south shall push at him:
36:45 and the king of the north shall come against him
36:46 like a whirlwind, with chariots,
36:48 and with horsemen, and with many ships."
36:50 If you just take time to look at this,
36:51 don't have to be a theologian.
36:53 It's very clear that you are looking
36:54 at a scene of strife,
36:55 scene of controversy, a scene of commotion.
36:58 But if you go to the Book of John,
37:00 John Chapter 3 beginning at verse 7,
37:03 you'll see another symbol in the Bible
37:07 associated with the wind.
37:09 John 3: 7, Jesus said to Nicodemus,
37:11 "Marvel not that I said unto you,
37:13 you must be born again.
37:14 The wind bloweth where it listeth,
37:16 and thou hearest the sound thereof,
37:17 and canst not tell whence it cometh,
37:19 and whither it goeth.
37:20 Even so it's every one that is born of the Spirit."
37:24 So in the Bible the wind can be a symbol
37:26 of the moving of the Spirit of God.
37:29 But here's another symbol.
37:31 In the book of Ephesians Chapter 4,
37:33 Ephesians Chapter 4
37:35 we're going to look at verse 14 now,
37:37 the word of God tells us this,
37:38 "That we henceforth be no more children,
37:40 tossed to and fro, by every wind of doctrine,
37:42 by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness,
37:44 whereby they lie in wait to deceive."
37:46 Wind here can be a symbol of doctrine
37:48 in the context of Ephesians 4: 14
37:50 we're looking at false doctrine.
37:52 But wind also must be
37:53 able to symbolize good doctrine as well,
37:55 listen to why I tell you that.
37:56 The Bible says this in book of 2 Peter,
37:58 2 Peter 1: 21,
38:00 the word of God tells us,
38:02 that "The prophecy came not in old time by the will of man,
38:05 but holy men of God spake
38:09 as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
38:11 So, the Holy Scriptures came into the existence
38:13 through the moving
38:14 of the Spirit of God upon their hearts.
38:16 Then speaking of the scriptures,
38:18 which were inspired by the Spirit of God
38:20 in 2 Timothy 3:16, the Bible says,
38:22 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God,
38:25 and is profitable for doctrine."
38:27 So the scriptures which are inspired by the Spirit of God,
38:32 they are profitable for doctrine,
38:34 instructions and righteousness.
38:37 Therefore, when the Spirit of God
38:39 moves upon the heart of a men like wind,
38:42 to bring about that new birth experience
38:44 that is spoken up in the book of John chapter 3: 7, 8,
38:47 it is evident that the Spirit of God
38:50 brings into that men's life that new doctrine,
38:53 that true doctrine,
38:54 that springs forth into internal life.
38:57 So, wind in the Bible can be symbol of doctrine,
38:58 weather be good, weather be bad.
39:01 So, what's the point?
39:03 Wind can be a symbol of commotion, strive,
39:06 wind can be a symbol of the work of the spirit,
39:09 wind can be a symbol of doctrine.
39:12 Okay, lets take all of this in
39:13 and take it back with us to Revelation Chapter 6.
39:16 So let's start from Revelation Chapter 6.
39:18 I'm gonna start a verse 12.
39:20 "So when the sixth seal was open,
39:21 lo, there was a great earthquake."
39:23 What year did that happen in?
39:24 The year 1755.
39:25 Second, "The sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
39:28 the moon became as blood."
39:29 What year did that happen in?
39:30 1718 Great Dark Day.
39:32 Then, verse 13,
39:34 "And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
39:36 even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
39:40 when she is shaken of a mighty wind."
39:44 What year did that happen in?
39:46 1833.
39:49 But I have shown you from the Bible
39:50 that the fig tree can be a symbol of God's people,
39:52 under the investigating eye of God.
39:54 I've also shown you from the Bible
39:55 that wind can be a symbol
39:56 of the moving of the Spirit of God,
39:58 strife and commotion, and doctrine.
40:00 So, here's the question.
40:03 In the year 1833,
40:07 was there a doctrine that came
40:08 through the moving of the Spirit of God
40:11 that began to cause commotion
40:13 within the established churches at that time?
40:16 In the year 1833,
40:18 was there a doctrine that came
40:20 through the instrumentality of the Spirit of God.
40:23 That declared that God's people would be
40:25 under the investigating eye of God,
40:27 probation was getting ready?
40:31 Was there a doctrine?
40:33 Was there a mighty doctrine
40:34 that begun to shake the churches in 1833?
40:37 Ladies and Gentlemen, my friends, yes, there was.
40:41 In the year 1833,
40:42 a man by the name of William Miller,
40:45 got his preaching license.
40:47 And began to preach the First Angel's message
40:49 of Revelation Chapter 14 beginning at verse 6
40:51 where the Bible says,
40:53 "And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
40:55 having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them
40:57 that dwell on the earth, and to every nation,
40:58 and kindred, and tongue, and people.
41:00 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God,
41:03 and give glory to him,
41:04 for the hour of His judgment is come,
41:06 and worship him that made the heavens, and the earth,
41:08 the sea, and the fountains of waters."
41:11 Ladies and gentlemen, when that doctrine went forth,
41:14 that mighty wind, it began to rattle
41:17 the established churches of that time.
41:19 Because prior to that, people were not preaching
41:22 about the second coming of Jesus Christ,
41:23 people were not being brought to a point of conviction,
41:26 were they realize they needed a conversion immediately
41:28 because Jesus was coming
41:30 and they needed to be prepared to meet Him in peace.
41:33 It's time to put away the sin,
41:34 time to put away the unrighteousness,
41:37 'cause Jesus is coming,
41:38 time to get on the wedding garment.
41:41 But if that doctrine all by itself
41:43 was not powerful enough,
41:44 it was united by
41:45 the Second Angel's message of Revelation 14: 8,
41:48 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
41:51 because she made all nations
41:53 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication."
41:55 When that message was coupled with the First Angel's message
41:58 of Revelation 14: 6 and 7.
42:01 It was a mighty doctrine.
42:03 Matter of fact, we're told in a very wonderful book,
42:05 I encourage everyone to acquire,
42:08 one to read it from cover to cover,
42:10 a book of Great Controversy.
42:12 We're told in that book,
42:14 that when that message went forward
42:17 it caused a moral downfall
42:19 of the established churches of that time,
42:21 especially in the United Sates of America
42:22 and they have not rebounded from it.
42:25 Mighty doctrine.
42:27 When that message went forward
42:28 then people began to come out the ranks
42:31 of the different churches, the Presbyterian Church,
42:33 the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church,
42:35 they started coming out of these churches
42:36 and banding together
42:38 because they all had this singular hope,
42:40 of looking forward
42:41 to the second advent of Jesus Christ.
42:44 And they started, what it was
42:46 known as the Millerite movement.
42:47 And if that wasn't powerful enough all by itself,
42:51 those messages were united
42:55 by the midnight cry of Matthew 25,
42:58 "The bride groom cometh, go ye out to meet Him."
43:02 Ladies and gentlemen, the message was so powerful,
43:06 the wind was so powerful that were shaking the fig tree,
43:12 that it developed a group of 50,000 Millerites.
43:16 But after that wind finished shaking the fig tree,
43:20 there were only 50 left.
43:26 The message was so powerful that it dwindled
43:28 all the way down to 50.
43:31 That's not even one percent.
43:35 That's a mighty doctrine,
43:37 mighty, mighty doctrine.
43:40 Matter of fact, we're told in a book
43:41 another wonderful book,
43:43 I always encourage people
43:44 please read the book if you can get it.
43:45 Acquire it.
43:47 These things are so available right now,
43:48 technology is a blessing if you use it correctly.
43:49 A book called "Early writings."
43:53 Page 14,
43:55 lady by the name of Ellen G. White.
43:57 She is one of God's--
43:59 she is a messenger for God,
44:01 she was truly an instrument of spirit of God.
44:04 She gives us,
44:08 in detail the first vision
44:10 that she ever received from the Spirit of God.
44:12 And it was in direct connection to the events that transpired
44:15 under the proclamation of the midnight cry
44:17 that we just talked about.
44:19 And she talked about
44:20 how she was looking in the world
44:22 for the advent people, those that were looking
44:25 for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
44:26 She was looking from left to right,
44:28 north south, she was looking around.
44:30 Where are the advent people?
44:33 Then a voice told her, "Look again,
44:35 but look a little higher."
44:38 And then when she raised her eyes higher,
44:41 she saw a path
44:42 that was high above the world.
44:45 Upon which the advent band were traveling
44:48 to the city of God.
44:50 One thing that I have learned from this, very powerful,
44:53 is that the messages that God has sent to us
44:55 in these last days.
44:57 These messages
44:58 that are contained in Revelation Chapter 14,
45:01 these messages
45:03 are to take up people out of this world.
45:06 These messages are to completely separate us
45:09 from the customs that men practice,
45:13 and society has adopted as normalcy.
45:18 Completely deliver us from the lust of the flesh,
45:20 the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.
45:22 This message is to make us like Jesus,
45:28 out of this world.
45:30 And she said, "As they were walking on the path,
45:32 there was a light behind them
45:35 and the light was coming, from the midnight cry,
45:38 and as long as that light shined behind them
45:41 they had light for their feet,
45:42 so they would not stumble up of off the path."
45:45 The more sure word of prophecy
45:48 as the Bible recall it
45:49 in the Book of 2 Peter chapter 2:19
45:51 "The more sure word of prophecy
45:53 that we do well onto that we take ye,
45:55 as onto the light that shines in a dark place,
45:58 until the day dawns."
46:00 God has given a people in the past,
46:04 "the more sure word of prophecy," why?
46:06 To leave them through the darkness
46:07 and perversity of this corrupt generation
46:10 into the presence of the rising
46:12 of the Son of righteousness, Jesus Christ.
46:15 And that same message is for us,
46:17 it hasn't changed.
46:18 The more sure word of prophecy
46:20 God has till given to us to give us light for our feet,
46:23 you know, what the word of God also goes on to say?
46:26 Very interesting.
46:27 In Early Writings, page 14,
46:28 "We're told that, there were some
46:32 that begun to say,
46:34 it could not be God that has led us out so far."
46:36 Led us all so far from where?
46:38 Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen
46:39 so far from the world,
46:41 so far from the--
46:43 I wonder how many of us
46:44 are saying the same thing today.
46:46 It can't be God
46:47 that's leading us to be so different,
46:49 can't be God that's leading us to dress so different;
46:52 to talk so different;
46:53 to enjoy such different entertainment,
46:56 can't be God
46:58 that's leading us to be so different, so peculiar.
47:03 Ladies and Gentlemen, it is God
47:04 that is leading us to be so different,
47:08 because as we heard
47:09 from the beginning of the vision,
47:10 the path had noting to do with this world.
47:13 It was high above the world.
47:15 God is trying to take us up to higher ground,
47:18 because we are made to be in the image
47:20 and likeness of divinity.
47:23 And that's a high calling that we can all obtain,
47:26 by faith in Jesus Christ.
47:30 And those that begun to, say could not be God,
47:34 that has led us out this far, they rashly denied the light.
47:38 And they fell off the path into the dark world below.
47:42 I fear that in this hour the same thing is happening.
47:45 That many people,
47:48 as iniquities are abounding the Bible said,
47:50 "The love of many would wax cold"
47:51 in the Book of Matthew Chapter 24.
47:53 I fear that many of us are allowing the iniquity
47:57 that's prevailing on planet earth to make us lose sight,
48:02 of the special message
48:04 that God has delivered to humanity for this time.
48:08 If we fail to hold onto this light,
48:12 we are going to fall back
48:13 into the gross darkness of this world
48:15 and we will be lost.
48:16 But if we hold on to it,
48:18 it will make us fix our eyes on Jesus
48:21 and He will safely bring us into glory.
48:25 We have to hold on to the light.
48:27 This is not the time to give up the light.
48:29 This is not the time to re-interpret the light.
48:31 We have to hold on to the light,
48:33 as God gave it to us.
48:36 "He's the same yesterday, today and forevermore."
48:42 But you want to know something
48:43 that's even more powerful than all of these things
48:44 that I have shared with you thus far in my estimation.
48:49 Do you know that,
48:50 the first time the Second Angel's message went,
48:52 although it was a mighty doctrine,
48:54 it didn't even go on all of its power.
48:57 Look at this it's very clear.
48:58 If you look at the Book of Revelation Chapter 14,
49:01 looking at the First Angel's message
49:02 in Revelation 14:7 the Bible says
49:06 that, "That angel came, saying with a loud voice",
49:11 then if you look at
49:13 it says, "And the Third Angel followed,
49:15 saying with a loud voice",
49:17 but then if you look at Revelation chapter 14:8
49:20 it says, "And the Second Angel followed, saying."
49:24 Where's the loud voice?
49:25 There is no loud voice.
49:28 The Second Angel's message, when it first went to humanity,
49:31 it did not even go with a loud voice,
49:32 it did not even go on all of its power
49:34 and still, it was mighty enough
49:41 to shake a group of 50,000 all the way down to 50.
49:46 The Bible tells us that
49:47 this message is getting ready to go again
49:49 and when it goes again, it is going to go
49:52 in all the fullness of the power of the Spirit of God.
49:58 Revelation Chapter 18
50:00 beginning at verse 1, the Bible makes this statement,
50:04 "And I saw another angel come down from heaven,
50:07 having great power;
50:09 and the earth was lightened with his glory.
50:12 And he cried mightily 'here's the mighty wind,'
50:15 And he cried mightily with a strong voice,
50:17 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,
50:21 and is become the habitation of devils,
50:23 and the hold of every foul spirit,
50:24 and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.'"
50:29 Verse 4 the Bible says,
50:31 "And I heard a voice from heaven,
50:33 saying, 'Come out of her, my people,
50:36 that ye be not partakers of her sins,
50:39 and that ye receive not her plagues."
50:42 Ladies and Gentlemen, Brother and Sisters,
50:47 this is that little peace of history that was missing
50:49 or so we thought it was missing.
50:52 In Revelation Chapter 6
50:53 is the history concerning the fig tree.
50:56 This is the great work,
50:57 this is the great aspect of history,
50:59 that we need to focus in on right now,
51:02 as we are steadily, rapidly moving
51:05 towards the second coming of Jesus Christ.
51:07 What work is that?
51:08 The work of investigative judgment.
51:12 God is preparing a people for glory.
51:18 The message is a message that will try us
51:20 to the very core of being, why?
51:22 Because it calls for the fruit of repentance.
51:25 Question is, are we willing to repent?
51:27 Are we willing to turn away from the sins of this life,
51:30 give up the Facebook accounts,
51:31 that may be leading us away from the Lord,
51:32 give up that man or woman in our lives,
51:34 that is truly not nurturing us to grow in Jesus Christ,
51:38 to give up those pursuits or those goals,
51:40 that are leading us to the destruction
51:41 and not leading us to glory?
51:43 Are we willing to deny ourselves,
51:45 pick up our crosses
51:47 and follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth?
51:51 Are we willing to make
51:53 a sure work of repentance at this hour?
51:55 It's our only hope.
51:57 It's the work that Christ is trying to accomplish.
52:00 He gives us this message, why? Because He hates us. Why?
52:03 Because He wants to terrify us?
52:04 No, it's out of love that's what the Bible says
52:06 Revelation Chapter 3.
52:09 He says, "All that I love, I rebuke and chasten:
52:12 be zealous, therefore and repent."
52:16 He knows that repentance is the only hope
52:20 for God's people at this time.
52:22 Because as this wind continues to blow,
52:25 is going to continue to shake the fig tree.
52:28 It's going to continue to shake it and rattle it,
52:32 to the very core.
52:36 And the untimely figs will be shaken out.
52:39 You know what untimely figs are?
52:41 Untimely figs are the figs that try to ripen
52:45 when the harvest is over.
52:49 I wonder how many of us, I wonder how many of us,
52:53 are going to want to seek righteousness,
52:56 or going to try to obtain the holiness in Jesus Christ
53:00 when it's too late,
53:03 when the doors of probation are closed,
53:04 when mercy is no longer pleading with humanity,
53:07 when the Spirit of God has been withdrawn from planet earth.
53:10 Will we then try to seek a place of repentance?
53:14 It'll be too late.
53:19 Why would we want to do such a thing?
53:21 Why would we want to be late? Why would we want to wait?
53:25 When the time is at end,
53:28 God is pleading with us today is the day of salvation.
53:32 I want you to know as we stay here together
53:34 for this series, we are going to see events
53:37 that are taking place in the world,
53:38 that makes it so clear that we are the end
53:40 of all things and Jesus Christ, whom is our great high priest
53:44 according to Hebrews 8: 1, 2, our great high priest,
53:48 he's getting ready to finish the work
53:50 of interceding for humanity.
53:56 He's getting ready to take off the high priestly garments,
54:00 put down the sensor,
54:03 and exchange the place on his kingly robes.
54:07 And then the saying of Revelation Chapter 22,
54:10 Revelation 22: 12, will come to pass.
54:13 Matter of fact, Revelation 22: 11
54:18 will come to pass.
54:19 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
54:23 and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still:
54:25 and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
54:27 and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
54:30 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me,
54:35 to give to every man according as his work shall be."
54:41 Now is the time to produce the fruit of repentance.
54:53 I like to share,
54:56 very serious scripture in my estimation,
55:00 from the Book of Proverbs,
55:03 Proverbs Chapter 1, looking verse 22,
55:08 "How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity?
55:11 And the scorners delight in their scornings,
55:13 and fools hate knowledge?
55:15 Turn you at my reproof:
55:16 behold, I will pour out my Spirit unto you,
55:21 I will make known my words unto you.
55:24 Because I have called, and ye refused;
55:27 I stretched out my hand, and no man regarded.
55:30 But ye have set at nought all my counsel,
55:32 and would none of my reproof.
55:34 I also will laugh at your calamity;
55:38 I will mock when your fear cometh.
55:39 When your fear cometh as desolation,
55:42 and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind;
55:44 when distress and anguish cometh upon you.
55:46 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer;
55:50 they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:
55:54 For that they hated knowledge,
55:56 and did not choose the fear of the Lord."
56:01 But today God says, "Fear God, and give Him glory,
56:09 for the hour of His judgment is come."
56:14 I pray that none of us
56:16 will allow this message to be lost,
56:19 but that we will keep in our hearts,
56:22 now as the apostle John says, in Revelation Chapter 1,
56:27 "Keep those things,
56:29 keep those things which are written therein,
56:32 because the time is at end."
56:36 May God bless us, may God keep us.
56:40 And may we have a faith that can endure the crisis.
56:44 Let us pray.
56:48 Father in heaven, I thank You for Your word
56:51 which is a lamp onto our feet and it is light unto our paths.
56:56 I thank You for Jesus Christ
56:57 to whom You sent die on the cross for our sins.
57:00 That we might partake in life and that more abundantly
57:06 and I thank You for Your warnings
57:08 and Your reproves because You said, all that You love,
57:10 You rebuke and chasten,
57:13 and You've given us the admiration
57:15 that You stand at door knocking,
57:17 and if we open up the door, You'll come in
57:19 and You'll sup with us.
57:21 And we will be able to sup with You.
57:24 Give us the strength, give us Your Spirit
57:27 so that we will open up our hearts
57:30 and grant You free entrance,
57:32 because we are Your living temples,
57:36 we are Your created beings, and we are Your purchased
57:40 through the blood of redemption.
57:44 Please hear our prayer
57:46 and may the words of our mouth and the mediation of our hearts
57:48 be exactable in Thy site.
57:50 For You are our God, our strength and our redeemer.
57:55 Amen.


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