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00:19 Hello and welcome to Foundation of Our Faith.
00:21 We are happy that you are here with us.
00:24 Those of us that are here
00:26 in the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church,
00:28 welcome.
00:29 And those of you joining us
00:30 from wherever you may be in the world,
00:32 you are welcome as well.
00:34 And in these times you can say from anywhere in the world,
00:38 because even by internet
00:40 people are watching Dare to Dream.
00:43 And this Foundation of Our Faith program
00:45 is based on the Holy Scriptures as you can see behind me
00:50 a depiction of the Bible
00:52 and also as you saw the open of the program.
00:55 So we encourage you to have your Bible with you,
00:59 in whatever form you may have it.
01:00 As we mentioned another time,
01:02 you have it even electronically on devices nowadays.
01:05 And so whatever means you may have available,
01:08 open it up and follow along as much as you can.
01:12 And if you are able to get a pen and paper to write down
01:15 the scriptures that you will hear,
01:18 it is recommended
01:19 because our speaker has the capacity to--
01:23 He's been blessed to memorize scripture
01:26 so he would just recite them of the top of his head
01:29 as it comes.
01:31 So we encourage you to do that.
01:33 Our speaker by the way is the director
01:35 and speaker of Four Runner Chronicles
01:38 that you can see on the Dare to Dream network
01:42 and we encourage you to watch.
01:44 He is presenting a four part series.
01:47 This is number three.
01:49 And so far in the series we have seen
01:51 the "Stars and the Fig Tree, the Judgment of the Whore."
01:57 On this opportunity we will hear the message
01:59 "Return of the Dragon."
02:02 Return of the Dragon.
02:04 One last topic remains after this one
02:06 and it's entitled "Calm Before the Crisis."
02:10 Calm Before the Crisis.
02:12 We are blessed today to have sister and Dr. Yvonne Lewis.
02:19 She will be presenting the message and song.
02:22 That message is entitled, "My Help Cometh From the Lord."
02:28 Very shortly
02:29 she will be singing this message and song.
02:32 Before that, we like to invite you to stand
02:34 and let us pray together and ask for the Lord's blessing
02:38 on our speaker, our singer
02:40 and everyone that can hear our voices.
02:44 Let us pray.
02:46 Our loving heavenly Father, we rejoice to know
02:51 that we can come before You at anytime of the day,
02:54 Lord, and You are attentive to our prayers.
02:57 We thank you, Lord,
02:59 for what You are going to do for us during this hour.
03:03 We pray that You will bless Dr. Yvonne Lewis
03:07 with the voice that will reach the hearts with your message.
03:14 We pray also that you will be with our speaker.
03:16 Bless him also with the Holy Spirit
03:18 that he may speak Your words
03:20 direct from your throne of grace.
03:22 And we thank you for it
03:24 and we pray for a blessing upon everyone here
03:27 and everyone around the world that has joined us.
03:30 We ask You for these things in the lovely name of Jesus.
03:35 Amen. Amen. Amen.
03:37 Thank you. You may be seated.
03:38 I leave you with Dr. Yvonne Lewis.
04:02 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
04:08 From whence cometh my help
04:12 My help cometh from the Lord
04:17 The Lord which made Heaven and Earth
04:23 He said
04:25 He will not suffer thy foot
04:29 Thy foot to be moved
04:33 The Lord which keepeth thee
04:38 He will not slumber nor sleep
04:43 Oh, the Lord is thy keeper
04:49 The Lord is thy shade
04:53 Upon thy right hand
04:58 Upon thy right hand
05:04 And the sun shall not smite thee by day
05:11 Nor the moon by night
05:14 He shall preserve thy soul
05:20 Even forever more
05:28 My help
05:33 My help
05:38 My help
05:42 All of my help
05:45 Cometh from the Lord
05:56 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
06:02 From whence cometh my help
06:06 My help cometh from the Lord
06:11 The Lord which made Heaven and Earth
06:17 He said
06:20 He will not suffer thy foot
06:23 Thy foot to be moved
06:27 The Lord which keepeth thee
06:32 He will not slumber nor sleep
06:38 Oh, the Lord is thy keeper
06:43 The Lord is thy shade
06:48 Upon thy right hand
06:53 Upon thy right hand
06:58 And the sun shall not smite thee by day
07:05 Nor the moon by night
07:09 For he shall preserve thy soul
07:14 Even forever more
07:22 My help
07:27 My help
07:32 My help
07:36 All of my help
07:39 Cometh from the Lord
07:47 Oh
07:51 Oh, the Lord is thy keeper
07:55 The Lord is thy shade
08:00 Upon thy right hand
08:05 Upon thy right hand
08:11 And the sun shall not smite thee by day
08:17 Nor the moon by night
08:21 For he shall preserve thy soul
08:27 Even forever more
08:35 My help
08:40 My help
08:45 My help
08:49 All of my help
08:52 Cometh from the Lord
08:57 My help
09:01 My help
09:06 My help
09:10 All of my help
09:12 Cometh from the Lord
09:20 From the Lord.
09:38 All right. Happy Sabbath.
09:40 It's a blessing to be here with you.
09:43 And I'm not going to spend too much time talking right now
09:45 because there's so much
09:47 that we need to look at in the word of God, amen.
09:49 And so as it is my tradition, I want to invite you all
09:51 to have a word of prayer with me.
09:54 And I counsel everyone here,
09:55 everyone that's watching on television
09:57 please earnestly ask for the Spirit of God
10:00 to speak to your heart.
10:01 Without the Holy Spirit,
10:03 we cannot understand the word of God.
10:04 Without the Holy Spirit,
10:05 we don't have the power to do the will of God.
10:08 And so I'm inviting you to pray with me
10:10 to ask for the presence of the Lord
10:11 to be our instructor
10:12 as we open up His Holy scriptures.
10:14 So let us pray.
10:17 Father in heaven, I thank You so much
10:19 for the blessing of the Holy Sabbath rest.
10:23 And I thank You for your Son Jesus Christ
10:25 that You sent down into this world
10:30 that we might be partakers of thy divine nature.
10:34 And I thank you for Your grace and for Your mercy.
10:38 You're worthy to be praised, Father.
10:41 I kneel here before You and I come
10:42 with all of my brothers and sisters
10:44 before thy throne in faith and I'm asking
10:47 that You would just cleanse our hearts
10:49 of all sin and send your Holy Spirit,
10:52 the Spirit of truth to guide and direct us into all truth.
10:56 Lord, I claim Your promise.
10:58 You said, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee,
11:00 and I will show thee great and mighty things,
11:02 which thou knowest not."
11:04 Lord, please illuminate our minds.
11:07 Open up our understanding.
11:09 Send your angels that excel in strength,
11:12 that stand in Your presence, may they be here with us,
11:16 may they declare the message to us.
11:18 And, Lord, you know my weakness and my frailty at this time.
11:22 Cleanse me of all pride and self trust
11:24 and self righteousness,
11:26 just use me as a conduit for Your name sake.
11:28 Thank you, Father.
11:30 These things I pray in Jesus' name.
11:32 Amen.
11:34 I'm gonna invite you to open your Bibles
11:35 to the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:15.
11:39 And in Ecclesiastes 3:15
11:42 we looked at this the very first time
11:43 we came together during this series.
11:45 There's a very important prophetic principle
11:48 that I would all, that I desire for all of us
11:50 to just take time to consider
11:52 before we get deeply into our message
11:55 for this morning.
11:57 The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:15,
12:00 "That which had been is now."
12:03 And that which is to be had already been
12:05 and God require it that which is past.
12:09 In other words, the things that have taken place in the past,
12:11 they are taking place right now in our present day society.
12:14 And the things that will transpire
12:15 in the very near future,
12:17 they have at least in principle taking place in the past,
12:20 therefore God requires us, He commands us
12:23 to have a knowledge of historic events,
12:25 especially those that have impacted His people
12:27 throughout antiquity
12:28 so that we can better understand
12:30 what's going on right now
12:31 and what is going to unfold in the very near future.
12:34 With that in mind, I want you to open your Bibles with me
12:36 to the Book of Matthew Chapter 24.
12:37 Most of us here are familiar with Matthew Chapter 24.
12:41 Jesus is responding
12:42 to the enquiry of His disciples concerning,
12:44 when will be the destruction of Jerusalem,
12:46 the signs foreshadowing His second coming
12:49 and the end of the world.
12:50 And we know that Jesus makes mention of many things
12:53 in verse 70.
12:54 He talks about how nation will rise up against nation,
12:56 kingdom against kingdom.
12:58 How there will be famines and pestilences
12:59 and earthquakes in diverse places.
13:00 In verse 80 it says "All these are the beginnings of sorrows."
13:04 The Bible says something that Jesus said very interesting.
13:08 It's found in Matthew Chapter 24
13:12 and we're going to look at verse 15.
13:14 Matthew 24:15.
13:17 We're told there, "And when you shall see
13:21 the abomination of desolation,
13:23 spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
13:26 stand in the holy place, whoso readeth,
13:28 let him understand.
13:30 Then let them that be in Judaea flee into the mountains."
13:33 When you therefore see the abomination of desolation,
13:36 spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
13:38 stand in the holy place, whoso readeth,
13:40 let him understand.
13:42 Then let them that be in Judaea flee into the mountains.
13:45 Now when you're looking at this you may say,
13:47 abomination of desolation standing in the holy place.
13:50 If you are not familiar with this passage of scripture,
13:52 it may be a bit hard for you to comprehend
13:55 what's being presented to us here.
13:56 But in the Book of Luke, if you open your Bibles there.
13:58 In Luke Chapter 21, we're gonna begin at verse 20.
14:01 Luke gives a statement,
14:03 or rather relays to us a statement
14:07 concerning this very same timeframe
14:10 in which Jesus was relaying to His disciples
14:14 what will be the signs of His coming
14:15 in the end of world
14:16 and the destruction of Jerusalem.
14:18 He says this in Luke 21:20.
14:21 He says, "And when ye shall see Jerusalem
14:23 compassed with armies,
14:26 then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.
14:29 Then let them that be in Judaea flee into the mountains."
14:33 Now it's clear that what we're looking at here
14:35 in Luke 21:20 and also in Matthew 24:15,
14:42 they are the exact same instances.
14:44 Both times we see these events
14:46 in which Christ counsels His people
14:48 to flee into the mountains.
14:49 Do you see that? It's very clear.
14:52 Therefore, whatever this abomination of desolation is,
14:55 it must be directly associated with these armies
15:00 that are going to compass Jerusalem.
15:03 These armies are evidently the power
15:06 that are going to be responsible for the desolating
15:08 or the destruction of Jerusalem.
15:11 And when they see these armies compassing Jerusalem,
15:13 then those that are in Judaea should flee into the mountains.
15:16 Now the question is,
15:18 what armies would compass Jerusalem?
15:20 Now, I want you to just apply your mind
15:22 to the scripture right now,
15:24 as if you've never read this before.
15:25 What armies will be responsible for compassing Jerusalem?
15:29 How will we find this information?
15:30 It's clear. It's right there in Mathew 24:15.
15:33 The word of God says, "And when you shall see
15:35 the abomination of desolation,
15:37 spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
15:38 stand in the holy place, whoso readeth,
15:40 let him understand."
15:42 One thing is clear,
15:43 whatever this abomination of desolation is,
15:46 it was spoken up by Daniel the prophet.
15:48 So if we go to the writings of Daniel,
15:50 we'll be able to find out
15:52 what armies were responsible for compassing Jerusalem.
15:54 Open your Bibles to the Book of Daniel Chapter 9.
15:57 In Daniel Chapter 9,
15:58 there's a very important prophetic time period
16:01 that's presented to us
16:03 concerning a probationary frame of time
16:06 that God has given to the children of Israel
16:10 to accomplish a specific work.
16:11 But I want you to see what the Bible says
16:13 here in Daniel Chapter 9
16:14 and I'm going to look at verse 26.
16:16 It says, "And after threescore and two weeks
16:19 shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself,
16:22 and the people of the prince that shall come
16:25 shall destroy the city and the sanctuary;
16:27 and the end thereof shall be with a flood,
16:29 and unto the end of the war desolations are determined."
16:34 Now if you are not familiar with this,
16:36 this may be elusive to you once again.
16:38 Threescore and two weeks Messiah shall be cut off.
16:40 What is this all talking about?
16:42 Well, if you look at verse 23. Let's start 25.
16:45 Let's just start from right there,
16:46 it makes it very interesting.
16:47 "Know therefore and understand,
16:49 that from the going forth of the commandment
16:50 to restore and to build Jerusalem
16:51 unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks,
16:53 threescore and two weeks:
16:55 the city, the street shall be built again,
16:57 and the wall, even in troublous times."
17:00 So this, this prophetic time period,
17:04 this 69 weeks here.
17:07 The first seven weeks
17:09 are appointed unto the children of Israel.
17:10 They are supposed to accomplish a work.
17:12 The rebuilding and the restoration
17:14 of Jerusalem, the restoration of its civil power.
17:16 There will be a decree that will be made
17:18 and from that time period
17:20 they would have seven weeks to accomplish this work.
17:22 And we found out the other day
17:23 as we were studying the Word of God together
17:24 that in prophetic time a day is equal to a year.
17:28 We see this in the Book
17:31 and in Ezekiel 4:6.
17:34 So when we're looking at seven weeks,
17:35 you know, you have seven days in a week,
17:37 multiply seven times seven you have 49.
17:40 So it's not 49 days, but 49 literal years.
17:44 Forty nine years that people of Israel would have
17:48 to accomplish this work of the rebuilding of Jerusalem
17:52 and the full just restoration of its civil power.
17:54 And the decree went forth many of you know
17:56 in the year 457 BC by a Persian king
17:59 by the name of Artaxerxes that gave them
18:04 the command to go for to restore
18:07 and to rebuild Jerusalem.
18:10 They accomplish this work by the year 408 BC.
18:15 From that point
18:17 we're having threescore and two weeks
18:19 before we see Messiah rebuild on the scene.
18:21 Messiah we know it's Jesus Christ.
18:24 A score is 20, so three scores is three times 20,
18:27 you have 60, 62 weeks.
18:30 In 62 weeks from 408 BC
18:33 we would see the Messiah come on the scene.
18:35 If you were to subtract 434
18:39 because that's what you're gonna get
18:40 if you multiply seven times 62 you get 434.
18:44 If you were to subtract 434 from 408
18:47 it will give you negative 26,
18:48 but we're counting years, right, we're counting years.
18:50 There's no such thing as a negative year
18:52 or a zero year.
18:53 So it brings us to the year 27 AD.
18:56 27 AD was when Jesus Christ was baptized
18:59 in the River Jordan by John the Baptist,
19:01 the Holy Spirit came down upon Him as a dove, amen.
19:04 So when we're looking at the Book of Daniel 9:26
19:08 and I just wanted to be as simple as possible here.
19:10 Verse 26, when it says that after threescore and two weeks
19:12 shall Messiah be cut off.
19:14 It's saying, after 27 AD, the Messiah will be cut off.
19:18 Now, when was the Messiah cut off?
19:20 What event mark the cutting off of the Messiah?
19:23 Let's find. Let's find. Let's find.
19:25 Let's just look at Isaiah, Isaiah Chapter 53.
19:28 Isaiah Chapter 53 and let's look at verse 8.
19:31 Isaiah, the 53rd Chapter
19:33 and we're gonna look at verse 8.
19:34 It's says something here
19:36 concerning the cutting off of the Messiah.
19:39 It says "He was taken from prison and from judgment,
19:42 who shall declare his generation?
19:44 For he was cut off out of the land of the living:
19:47 for the transgression of my people was he stricken."
19:51 This is directly speaking of the crucifixion of the Messiah.
19:57 So after threescore and two weeks
19:59 Messiah will be cut off or after 27 AD
20:02 Jesus Christ will be crucified on the cross
20:05 for the sins of His people.
20:07 But then the Bible makes a very important statement
20:09 and I don't want you to miss this.
20:11 It says, "And the people of the prince
20:13 that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary,
20:17 and the end thereof shall be with a flood,
20:19 and unto the end of the war desolations are determined."
20:22 So around the time
20:24 when Jesus Christ was getting ready
20:25 to be crucified on the cross,
20:26 which we know was in the year 31 AD.
20:29 There was a people that would come shortly thereafter--
20:36 But it makes a very important statement there,
20:38 "The people of the prince that shall come."
20:41 Who is this prince that was going to come around the time
20:44 when Jesus Christ was being crucified on the cross?
20:47 Open your Bibles to the Book of John.
20:49 So I just want you to see
20:51 all these things clearly from the Bible.
20:52 And I want to deal with all of these my new details
20:54 because if we don't,
20:55 then we will not be able to clearly see
20:58 how we will see a repetition of these events
21:00 in our present day.
21:02 In the Book of John Chapter 14,
21:03 as Jesus now is making His final preparations
21:06 to go to the cross
21:07 and He's giving counsel to His disciples,
21:09 words of encouragement.
21:10 He makes the statement,
21:12 John Chapter 14 looking at verse 30.
21:13 The Bible says this. Jesus says this.
21:15 "Hereafter I will not talk with thee much" Why?
21:19 "For the prince of this world cometh,
21:23 and he hath nothing in me."
21:24 So around the time
21:26 when Messiah was getting ready to be cut off, he says,
21:28 I'm not going to continue to talk too much with you
21:30 because the prince of this world cometh,
21:32 and he hath nothing in me.
21:34 Who is the prince of this world,
21:35 ladies and gentlemen?
21:37 The prince of the world
21:38 is none other than the devil and Satan himself.
21:41 Now is there a people in the Bible
21:44 that were directly connected to the devil and Satan?
21:47 Open your Bibles to the Book of Revelation Chapter 12.
21:49 In Revelation Chapter 12, we're gonna begin at verse 9.
21:52 The Bible gives us another symbolic title
21:55 for the devil and Satan, the prince of this world.
21:59 Revelation 12:9, the Bible says,
22:01 "And the great dragon was cast out,
22:03 that old serpent called the devil and Satan,
22:05 which deceiveth the whole world:
22:07 he was cast out into the earth,
22:08 and his angels were cast out with him."
22:11 The Bible also identifies that devil as the dragon.
22:17 And as we look at Revelation Chapter 12,
22:19 we're going to find out that there were people
22:20 directly connected to the dragon.
22:23 In Revelation 12:3,
22:24 the word of God makes this statement.
22:27 Revelation 12
22:29 and I'm looking beginning at the third verse.
22:33 "And there appeared another wonder in heaven,
22:35 and behold a great red dragon,
22:36 having seven heads and ten horns--
22:40 and upon his heads seven crowns."
22:43 Word of God goes on to say, "And his tail drew
22:45 the third part of the stars of heaven,
22:46 and they cast them to the earth:
22:48 and the dragon stood before the woman
22:50 which was ready to be delivered,
22:51 to devour her child as soon as he was born."
22:56 And the woman brought forth a man child,
22:58 which was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:
23:00 and he was caught up unto God, and to his throne."
23:03 So here we have the scene of the devil,
23:05 the dragon standing before this woman,
23:08 ready to devour this child
23:10 that was going to be born unto this woman
23:11 as soon as this man child was born.
23:17 Now before we go on to address the activities of the dragon,
23:19 we need to address the symbol of the woman.
23:21 We looked at this the other night,
23:23 that a woman in Bible prophecy is symbol of God's people,
23:25 His church.
23:26 Jeremiah 6:2 makes it very clear.
23:28 "I have likened the daughter of Zion unto a comely
23:31 and delicate woman."
23:33 Then in the Book of Isaiah 51:16,
23:35 the Bible goes on to say
23:37 at the very end of that scripture.
23:38 "Say unto Zion thou art my people."
23:42 So Zion is the people of God
23:44 and God likens the daughter of Zion.
23:46 He likens His people
23:47 unto a comely and delicate woman.
23:50 This woman in Revelation Chapter 12
23:52 that we're looking at is a symbol of the people
23:54 of God.
23:55 And according to Revelation 12:4,
23:57 "The dragon stood before the people of God
24:00 to devour a man child that will be born
24:02 unto the people of God
24:04 as soon as this man child was born."
24:06 Now, do we know of a man child that was born
24:08 unto the people of God?
24:10 It's clear, it's in the Book of Isaiah 9:6.
24:13 You all know the scripture.
24:15 "Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
24:18 and the government shall be upon his shoulders:
24:20 and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
24:22 The mighty God, The everlasting Father,
24:25 The Prince of Peace."
24:27 Who we're talking about here?
24:29 None other than Jesus Christ.
24:32 So the word of God is telling us
24:33 that at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ,
24:36 the dragon stood up to devour Him,
24:39 to destroy Him, to annihilate Him
24:40 as soon as He was born.
24:43 Bible says this dragon had seven heads and ten horns,
24:46 and seven crowns upon his heads.
24:48 Now is there a verse of scripture from Genesis
24:50 to Revelation that you will find
24:51 the devil as a dragon with seven heads,
24:53 ten horns, seven crowns upon his heads
24:55 standing in the manger,
24:56 waiting before Mary with his jaws open,
24:59 ready to consume Jesus
25:00 as soon as He came out of her womb?
25:02 There's no such scripture in the Bible.
25:03 Genesis to Revelation, you can look as much as you want,
25:05 you won't find anything like that.
25:07 But Matthew Chapter 2--
25:08 Let's look at Matthew Chapter 2 beginning at verse 1.
25:10 We are trying to find out who these armies were
25:13 that would surround Jerusalem.
25:14 This is very important that we go through all of this,
25:16 because, brothers and sisters,
25:17 we're getting ready to see a repeat of this history.
25:21 In the Book of Matthew Chapter 2,
25:23 beginning at verse 1, the Bible says this.
25:26 "Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem
25:30 in the days of Herod the king,
25:32 behold, wise men came from the east to" where?
25:36 "To Jerusalem."
25:38 So when Jesus was being born in Bethlehem,
25:40 Herod was ruling
25:42 and Herod was ruling under the authority
25:46 that was given unto him by the Pagan Roman Empire.
25:52 Now I want you to see what the Bible says
25:53 concerning the activities of Herod
25:55 at the time of Jesus' birth.
25:57 Look at Matthew Chapter 2,
25:59 we're gonna look at verse 13 now.
26:00 "And when they were departed," Speaking of the wise men--
26:02 "Behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream,
26:05 saying, Arise,
26:06 and take the young child and his mother,
26:07 and flee into Egypt," Why?
26:09 "And be thou there
26:10 until I bring thee word: for Herod
26:12 will seek the young child to destroy him."
26:15 Looking at verse 16 now.
26:17 "Then Herod,
26:18 when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men,
26:20 was exceeding wroth," He was exceeding wroth--
26:24 "And sent forth, and slew all the children
26:26 that were in Judaea, from two years old and under,
26:29 according to the time
26:31 which he had diligently inquired of the wise men."
26:35 Do you see what the Bible is telling us right here?
26:37 When Jesus was born, there was a decree sent forth
26:41 that sent out the armies of Pagan Rome
26:44 throughout the land
26:45 to try and wipeout the life of the Messiah
26:47 at the time of His birth.
26:49 The armies of Pagan Rome in Revelation 12:4
26:54 are being spoken off
26:56 as the actions of the dragon himself.
26:59 You see the armies of Pagan Rome
27:01 were being used by the dragon,
27:03 the devil to accomplish his work.
27:04 These were the people of the prince.
27:08 It was Rome that surrounded Jerusalem,
27:11 history teaches us that.
27:14 And I want you to see something.
27:15 Go back with me in the Bible Daniel Chapter 9.
27:17 Daniel Chapter 9 is so important
27:18 that we look at all of these details,
27:20 it's very important.
27:21 Daniel Chapter 9,
27:22 we're looking at verse 26 once again.
27:24 It says, "And after threescore and two weeks
27:25 shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself:
27:28 and the people of the prince that shall come
27:30 shall destroy the city and the sanctuary;
27:34 and the end thereof shall be with a flood,
27:36 and unto the end of the war desolations are determined."
27:39 The word end there doesn't mean the conclusion.
27:41 It means the beginning of the process
27:42 will be with the flood.
27:43 The beginning of the process of the desolation
27:45 or the destruction of Jerusalem will be with a flood.
27:49 What is this flood?
27:51 The Bible gives us clear information
27:52 about what this flood is in the Book of Psalms 18:4.
27:55 David makes it very interesting statement concerning the flood.
27:59 Psalms, the 18th Chapter,
28:01 we're going to look at verse 4 now.
28:03 This is what?
28:04 The prophet and the king, David had to say
28:07 that is so relevant to us right now.
28:10 He says, "The sorrows of death compassed me,
28:13 and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid."
28:19 What are these floods?
28:20 These floods are a symbol of ungodly men.
28:23 Ungodly men that would move forward
28:25 in a violent fashion, just like water
28:27 when it's moving with all of its force.
28:30 If you ever think of ungodly men,
28:32 you definitely can think of the Pagan Roman armies.
28:34 Heathen ungodly men.
28:38 It says, when those floods of ungodly men will come,
28:41 it would make them afraid.
28:43 Very interesting.
28:44 It doesn't just mean that it would cause them to fear,
28:46 but they would fear because they would know
28:48 that a time of trouble was coming upon them.
28:52 So what are we looking at here?
28:54 I want you to go back with me, Matthew Chapter 24.
28:56 Matthew Chapter 24.
28:58 we're gonna look at a few things.
28:59 Matthew Chapter 24, look at verse 15 with me.
29:02 Matthew Chapter 24, looking at verse 15.
29:05 And when you therefore shall see
29:07 the abomination of desolation
29:09 spoken of by Daniel the prophet.
29:10 Okay.
29:12 We know that desolating power that is the armies of Rome.
29:16 Now according to Matthew 24:15,
29:20 when the armies of Rome would come,
29:21 they would have some abominations
29:22 in their possession.
29:24 When we saw the abominations of the armies of Rome
29:28 standing in the holy place,
29:32 then those that are in Judaea should flee into the mountains.
29:36 And when the armies of Rome would come
29:38 according to Luke 21:20, they would compass Jerusalem.
29:44 Now, ladies and gentlemen, I just need to ask you
29:46 a couple of questions.
29:48 If I compass you,
29:49 does that mean I'm outside or inside?
29:52 If I'm compassing you, I have to be outside,
29:54 am I right?
29:55 So the armies of Rome would be outside of Jerusalem.
30:00 But the Bible says that,
30:02 they would set up their abominations
30:03 in the holy place.
30:05 Now when you think of a holy place,
30:06 what do you think of?
30:07 Think of a sanctuary, think of a temple.
30:10 But where was the temple located,
30:11 outside or inside?
30:13 It was inside.
30:15 So wherever these abominations were set up,
30:18 they weren't inside,
30:19 but they had to be in a holy place
30:21 and that holy place had to be outside.
30:24 What was this holy place?
30:26 Remember they were compassing Jerusalem.
30:28 Open your Bibles quickly, Zechariah 8:3.
30:30 The Bible makes everything so plain.
30:33 Zechariah 8:3.
30:34 This is what God had to say about Jerusalem in Mount Zion.
30:37 "Thus saith the Lord, I am returned unto Zion,
30:40 and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem:
30:43 and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth,
30:45 the mountain of the Lord of hosts his holy mountain."
30:50 What did God called Jerusalem and Zion?
30:52 He called it as holy mountain or the land was holy.
30:58 So when they came with their abominations
31:02 and it's clear for us to understand
31:03 what abominations they are
31:05 because we know what armies we're dealing with right now.
31:07 Because when the armies of Pagan Rome went to battle,
31:09 they always carried with them their standards
31:12 that had the dragon on him,
31:13 on top of the flag that had the dragon,
31:15 they would have their little idols.
31:18 When they came with their standards
31:20 like any army would do.
31:21 They put their flag down and they are saying,
31:23 "It is in the name of our god we come to conquer you,
31:26 to subjugate you."
31:29 And when they came and they laid siege on Jerusalem,
31:32 they would set up their embattlements,
31:34 they would dig trenches, they were prepared for war,
31:36 but they didn't just go into the city
31:37 and began cutting and slashing.
31:38 You see they stood ready for combat,
31:41 but they surrounded the city and they would always have
31:43 at least three months to three years worth of food
31:45 because that's how long they might have to actually be
31:48 outside of the city.
31:50 Because every city had at least three months
31:52 to three years worth of food
31:53 just in case some army laid siege on them.
31:57 Now I want you to think about this
31:58 because it's so important for us to understand,
31:59 what is getting ready to happen?
32:01 Think about this.
32:02 You are inside of Jerusalem
32:04 and you can see dust kicking up in the distance,
32:07 you can hear the marching of armies
32:11 and it's very clear
32:13 that an army is getting ready to lay siege on your city.
32:16 What is your first mode of action?
32:20 Shut the gates. Shut the gates.
32:25 I mean that's the first thing you want to do.
32:26 Shut the gates. Is that clear?
32:30 But, brothers and sisters, think about this now.
32:33 So they are shutting the gates
32:35 and these armies are now surrounding, what city?
32:38 Jerusalem.
32:39 Do you remember what God called Jerusalem in Zechariah 8:3?
32:43 He called Jerusalem, the city of truth.
32:47 Do you want to know why God called Jerusalem
32:49 the city of truth?
32:51 The Bible says something interesting
32:52 about truth in his Book of Psalms,
32:53 Psalms 119:151 I believe it is.
32:57 Psalms 119:151.
32:59 Just open your Bible there with me quickly.
33:01 Psalms 119, we're going to look at verse 151.
33:07 Why did God called Jerusalem the city of truth?
33:11 Psalms 119, we're looking at verse 151.
33:13 The Bible says this.
33:15 "Thou art near, O Lord,
33:17 and all thy commandments are truth."
33:22 This is the reason why God called Jerusalem
33:24 the city of truth.
33:25 It's because the inhabitants of Jerusalem
33:28 possessed this truth.
33:30 The inhabitants of Jerusalem were commandment keepers.
33:35 Think with me.
33:37 So the armies of Pagan Rome, they come
33:39 and they surround Jerusalem, the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
33:43 the commandment keepers.
33:44 They shut the gates to protect themselves.
33:47 But now what's going on?
33:49 They no longer have the freedom to go in and come out
33:54 or go out and come in.
33:57 So as a result, the freedoms and liberties
34:02 that the commandment keepers once enjoyed
34:05 is now jeopardized.
34:09 The liberties and the freedoms of the commandment keepers
34:12 are now jeopardized.
34:15 And I want you to think about this.
34:16 Once they shut the gates, what else does this mean?
34:19 You know in the Book of Nehemiah,
34:20 it's very interesting.
34:21 Nehemiah, he was a reformer of his time.
34:25 One of his great reforms was Sabbath reform for Jerusalem.
34:28 Men were coming into Jerusalem, selling their goods
34:31 and he didn't want that.
34:32 He put them outside of the city because he did not want them
34:35 to fall in God's holy Sabbath day.
34:37 I want you to see what the Bible says
34:38 here in Nehemiah 13:19.
34:41 What happened when Nehemiah closed the gates
34:43 of the city Jerusalem on the Sabbath?
34:45 Nehemiah 13:19, the word of God says this.
34:48 "And it came to pass,
34:50 that when the gates of Jerusalem
34:51 began to be dark before the Sabbath,
34:53 I commanded that the gates should be shut,
34:55 and charged that they should not be opened
34:57 till after the Sabbath:
34:59 and some of my servants set I at the gates,
35:01 that there should no burden be brought in on the Sabbath.
35:04 So the merchants and sellers of all kinds of ware lodged
35:10 without Jerusalem once or twice."
35:13 So this is what happened.
35:14 They shut the gates
35:16 and the merchants and the sellers,
35:17 they couldn't come in to Jerusalem.
35:20 So when the gates of Jerusalem were shut,
35:23 the people that were inside of Jerusalem,
35:26 the commandment keepers
35:27 were restricted from buying and selling.
35:33 Do you see what happened when the armies of Pagan Rome
35:35 surrounded Jerusalem?
35:37 The liberties and the freedoms that the commandment keepers
35:41 once enjoyed, now jeopardized.
35:43 They no longer can buy nor sell.
35:48 I wonder if anything like that is getting ready to happen.
35:53 Brothers and sisters, the word of God makes it clear
35:56 that these things are getting ready to happen once again.
36:00 The armies of the dragon, they are coming back again.
36:05 You see the Bible says something very interesting.
36:07 And I want you to know that
36:08 God's commandment keeping people,
36:09 we will be under sieged by the dragon
36:11 once again in these last days.
36:13 Says it right there, Revelation 12:17.
36:15 Look it in your Bibles.
36:17 It says, "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
36:20 and went forth to make war with the remnant of her seed,
36:25 which keep the commandments of God,
36:27 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
36:29 The dragon is going to go forward
36:31 once again to make war
36:33 with God's commandment keeping people.
36:36 But from which direction is the dragon coming this time?
36:39 It can't be Pagan Rome.
36:41 I don't think we're worried about Caesar.
36:43 Caesar is long gone in the grave, wasn't he?
36:46 Look at Revelation Chapter 13.
36:48 Revelation Chapter 13, please turn your Bibles
36:50 there with me quickly.
36:51 Revelation 13:11, the Bible says this.
36:55 "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth,
36:57 and he had two horns like a lamb,
36:59 and he spake like a dragon."
37:03 Now, the Bible tells us in the Book of Daniel 7:2.
37:09 In Daniel 7:17 and Daniel 7:23,
37:13 that a beast in Bible prophecy
37:15 is a symbol of a kingdom or political power.
37:17 If you are not familiar, I'll just share with you.
37:19 Daniel 7:17 says, "These great beasts,
37:22 which are four, are four kings,
37:24 which shall arise out of the earth."
37:25 Verse 23 of Daniel Chapter 7 says,
37:27 "Thus he said, The fourth beast
37:30 shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth."
37:32 So a beast in Bible prophecy is a symbol of a kingdom,
37:35 a political power.
37:37 But I want you to look at Daniel 7:2 and 3 with me.
37:40 Because there's two points that I want to highlight about
37:43 these beasts in Daniel Chapter 7.
37:45 In Daniel 7:2 the Bible says, "Daniel spake and said,
37:48 I saw in my vision by the night,
37:49 and, behold, the four winds of the heaven
37:52 strove upon the great sea.
37:53 And four great beasts came up out of the sea,
37:55 diverse one from another."
37:57 So these beasts, these prophetic beasts,
38:00 these kingdoms, these political powers,
38:02 they are spoken of as coming up out of the waters
38:04 in Daniel 7:2 and 3.
38:08 The waters in the Book of Revelation 17:15
38:11 are a symbol of kindreds,
38:14 multitudes, nations and tongues.
38:17 So we're looking at political powers,
38:19 kingdoms that would rise into prominence
38:21 in a very highly populated place on planet earth.
38:24 But in Revelation 13:7 we're looking at a beast,
38:28 a political power rising up, not out of water,
38:31 but out of the earth.
38:33 This is the direct opposite of the siege.
38:34 Do you get my point right now?
38:36 So if the waters are a symbol of a highly populated area,
38:38 then the earth is a symbol
38:40 of a very sparsely populated place on planet earth.
38:45 And as this beast, this political power
38:46 rise into prominence and would have
38:48 two horns like a lamb.
38:51 The lamb primarily stands as a symbol
38:53 of Jesus Christ in the word of God.
38:55 The word of God makes it clear
38:56 in the Book of Matthew Chapter 1.
38:59 Matter of fact John, I look that one better.
39:00 John 1:29.
39:03 Where John said, "Behold the Lamb of God,"
39:05 speaking of Jesus Christ
39:07 "which taketh away the sin of the world."
39:09 The lamb is a symbol of Jesus Christ.
39:12 Letting us know that when this nation
39:14 in Revelation 13:11,
39:16 would be rising into prominence
39:18 in a very sparsely populated place on planet earth,
39:20 we call it the new world.
39:22 When it came into existence,
39:24 it will profess itself to be a Christian nation,
39:27 a nation that will promote the principles of Jesus Christ.
39:30 Word of God said, it would have two horns like a lamb.
39:32 Horns in the Bible are a symbol of power.
39:35 In the Book of Habakkuk 3:4, the word of God tells us this.
39:38 Speaking of Jesus once again, it says,
39:40 "His brightness was as the light;
39:41 he had horns coming out of his hand:
39:43 and there in was the hiding of his power."
39:46 Horns in the bible are symbol of power.
39:50 So this nation as it rose into prominence,
39:53 professing itself to be a Christian nation,
39:55 there will be two pillars of strength.
39:56 Powers that will be associated with its government structure
39:59 that would help and implement these Christ like principles
40:03 within the borders of its kingdom.
40:08 You know the Bible speaks of some of the principles
40:09 that are promoted by Jesus Christ,
40:11 the Lamb of God.
40:12 Right there in the Galatians. Galatians 5:1, Galatians 5:1.
40:20 It says, "Stand fast therefore in the liberty
40:23 wherewith Christ had made you free,
40:25 and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage."
40:29 Notice that when Jesus Christ comes,
40:31 He brings liberty and He brings freedom.
40:33 The lamb brings liberty and He brings freedom.
40:37 So if we take all of these points together
40:39 and look at this beast,
40:40 this political power in Revelation 13:11,
40:43 we get a very clear picture.
40:45 We're looking at a political power
40:46 that would rise into prominence
40:47 in a very sparsely populated place on planet earth,
40:50 I say it's the new world.
40:51 As it rose, they were professed to be a Christian nation
40:54 that will promote the principles
40:56 of liberty and freedom
40:57 and let's just throw injustice for,
40:59 what nation do you have?
41:01 United States of America.
41:05 This once Christian nation
41:08 that promoted liberty and freedom and justice for all
41:10 the Bible says one day it will speak like a dragon.
41:17 Ladies and gentlemen, the only way
41:18 that a nation can speak
41:20 is through its legislative bodies
41:22 and its judicial officials.
41:24 Its court systems,
41:26 its leaders are going to have to start
41:29 to put in place legislation
41:30 that completely go against its Christian values.
41:36 They are going to have to start subverting
41:38 the principles of our constitution
41:42 that helped to promote liberty and freedom
41:44 and justice for all as Christ will promote them.
41:49 And we can know
41:50 whenever the nation begins to speak as a dragon,
41:52 it will accomplish the design of the dragon.
41:55 Make war with God's commandment keeping people.
41:59 Ladies and gentlemen, let's be frank.
42:02 On June 26 of this year
42:06 when the highest court of the land,
42:07 the Supreme Court of the United States of America
42:10 pass legislation, not pass legislation.
42:15 They didn't pass legislation.
42:18 When they ruled on the same sex issue
42:22 and now made this legal all across the board
42:26 in the United States of America,
42:27 what happened?
42:31 Who is the author of marriage? God.
42:35 So if the Supreme Court made legislation
42:40 that redefine that's what God established
42:43 in the Book of Genesis, we are looking at a court
42:46 that has actually went against the word of God.
42:51 Now you tell me, is that the speech of the dragon?
42:56 And what I find so interesting about this is that they say,
42:58 don't worry about it, it's not a big deal.
43:01 It's not a big deal.
43:02 We're not going to force ministers
43:04 to marry same sex couples.
43:05 And by the way this is not an attack on individuals
43:10 that are struggling with homosexuality.
43:11 And I say struggling because sin is sin.
43:21 We say don't worry. We say don't worry if--
43:25 We're not gonna make ministers marry same sex couples.
43:28 What I find very interesting
43:30 or some of the statements made by the chief justice,
43:32 Justice Roberts
43:33 in his dissenting remarks on that case.
43:36 He said that the court may have made
43:41 it possible for religious believers
43:44 to continue to advocate their beliefs.
43:48 But our first amendment rights
43:51 give us the ability to exercise our religious beliefs.
43:56 Exercise was a word that they ominously left out.
44:01 Are they ruling on this issue?
44:05 Are you getting what I'm saying?
44:06 So they are saying,
44:08 you can still teach what you want to teach,
44:09 believe what you want to believe,
44:10 but you cannot practice it.
44:13 Matter of fact Chief Justice Roberts,
44:16 he made a very startling statement.
44:19 He said, our people of faith
44:20 especially non-profit organizations,
44:23 there's no hope for you.
44:25 You find no comfort in this ruling today, why?
44:27 Let's say for instance you have--
44:31 A university or an adoption agency,
44:34 faith based.
44:35 And the same sex couple comes to you
44:37 and says, we want same sex,
44:38 we want the marriage student housing at your university
44:40 or we want to adopt a child into our home
44:44 and you refuse them that privilege
44:47 because of this ruling.
44:50 There's no umbrella.
44:52 They can take that organization to the court,
44:57 they can sue, they can win
45:01 and that organization can lose its non-profit status.
45:06 Ladies and gentlemen, let's be frank.
45:11 Do you believe? Is it clear.
45:14 That the religious liberties and freedoms
45:17 of God's people are right now on the chopping block?
45:23 What's even more terrifying to me
45:24 is the fact that the Sabbath
45:29 and marriage are twin institutions.
45:32 They were both established in the Garden of Eden.
45:34 Jesus makes it very clear that they are inseparable.
45:37 In Mark 2:27, He said,
45:39 "The Sabbath was made for man," It was made for our benefit.
45:42 When God made man, He made male and female.
45:44 Did He not?
45:46 The family and the Sabbath are inseparable institutions.
45:51 Matter of fact in the wonderful book
45:53 written by Ellen G. White, "Child Guidance."
45:56 She said that they are--
45:57 And the union that they share is indissoluble.
46:01 You can not dissolve that union.
46:04 What does that mean to you?
46:06 If you attack marriage, then what are you attacking?
46:10 You are attacking the very nucleus of the family.
46:14 But if you attack the family, then what are you attacking?
46:19 You are automatically attacking the Sabbath.
46:23 And all because we didn't hear them say this,
46:25 we're saying, where we're getting this from?
46:27 Brothers and sisters, the snowball
46:28 is already rolling down the mountain,
46:29 we're getting ready to see the avalanche.
46:34 And it's going to come crashing on many of our heads.
46:38 Because as all these things are going on,
46:41 we're so caught up in the cares of this world
46:43 that we're not realizing that we are looking
46:45 at the final unfolding of prophecy.
46:49 You see when we look in the Book of Revelation,
46:51 it says the revelation of Jesus Christ,
46:53 the revealing of Jesus Christ.
46:55 Where is Jesus right now?
46:57 He's in the courts of heaven doing what?
46:58 Interceding as our great high priest.
47:01 Hebrews 8:1 and 2 makes it very clear.
47:05 Ladies and gentlemen, remember when the high priest
47:06 would go into the sanctuary, you would have something
47:08 on the bottom of his garments,
47:09 a bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate.
47:11 And as He walked in the sanctuary,
47:14 the people could hear him moving.
47:16 I can only imagine as they heard the bells
47:18 getting softer they knew he was there
47:20 in the most holy place doing the work.
47:22 But as they heard the bells getting louder
47:23 they knew He was coming out.
47:25 They knew he was getting ready to make his exit
47:27 out of the sanctuary.
47:29 All those things were symbolic.
47:30 What are the antitypical application for these things?
47:34 It's these prophetic events.
47:36 These prophetic events
47:39 are the clinging of the bells on the high priest garment.
47:43 As we see these things taking place,
47:45 it's letting us know Jesus is getting ready
47:47 to come out of the sanctuary.
47:50 He's almost done with the cleansing.
47:54 He's coming to get His children.
47:56 But we have to stand.
47:59 See, look at this, I want you to go back with me as we close,
48:01 Matthew Chapter 24, Matthew the 24th Chapter.
48:05 Look at it clearly. Look at it closely.
48:07 Matthew Chapter 24. Matthew 24 looking at verse 15.
48:11 We're gonna go to verse 16, but looking at verse 15.
48:14 "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation,
48:16 spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
48:18 stand in the holy place, who so readeth,
48:20 let him understand.
48:21 Then let them that be in Judaea..."
48:23 Do what? "Flee into the Mountains."
48:26 Look at the very next verse.
48:29 "Let him which is on the housetop
48:32 not come down to take anything out of his house:
48:34 Neither let him which is in the field
48:36 return back to take his clothes."
48:40 Now this is interesting
48:41 because when the armies of Pagan Rome
48:43 first surrounded Jerusalem it was in the year 66 AD.
48:49 For some unknown reason they fell back and left.
48:55 But four years later in the year 70 AD
48:57 they came back led by Titus
48:59 and this time they didn't leave.
49:03 This time it got so bad
49:05 that the people inside of Jerusalem
49:09 began to eat their own children.
49:13 And when they went inside of that city,
49:15 not one Christian was lost
49:18 because they all heeded the instruction of Christ.
49:21 When you see them cometh at the first,
49:23 if you are on the housetop, don't go back down
49:25 into the house to take anything out.
49:26 If you are in the field don't go back
49:28 into the city to get anything, just go.
49:31 Now Jesus first gave this prophecy in about 31 AD.
49:35 The fulfillment of it came about 35 years later.
49:38 So what should they have been doing for those 35 years?
49:43 Come on, brethren, it's not hard.
49:44 Preparation. What type of preparation?
49:49 You have to prepare.
49:52 I mean how much time would it take somebody to go
49:54 from their housetop into their drawer
49:56 to get their cell phone and run out of the door?
50:01 How much time? It wouldn't take any time.
50:04 But Jesus says when you see the sign,
50:05 don't come off the housetop,
50:07 just jump from rooftop to rooftop,
50:08 jump over the wall, get out of there.
50:12 But do you see the point?
50:14 Our hearts must be so surrendered.
50:18 Our minds must be so committed to obeying the will of God.
50:21 Everything must be on the altar,
50:23 so that when the signs are fulfilling,
50:28 we are ready to move on the word of God.
50:32 And that's daily commitment to serving Jesus Christ.
50:36 Daily commitment.
50:37 It's not just going to happen when the event transpires.
50:41 Oh, when national Sunday law comes, I'm out of here.
50:44 It's not gonna happen like that, brothers and sisters.
50:46 You're really gonna leave that nice little car you got.
50:51 It comes, okay, but,
50:53 can we just get a few extra things for the children?
50:57 What about the furniture? Can we put that in?
51:02 No, brethren, He said leave.
51:06 What type of mental preparation do we need?
51:10 Listen, the only way we're gonna be prepared
51:11 for that crisis hour,
51:13 is by daily having a relationship with God.
51:18 You see when the employer comes to you and says,
51:21 I need you to work on Sabbath's.
51:23 I need you to work.
51:24 I know you say you can't work past Friday sunset,
51:26 but I need you to work for me.
51:29 I got to have this and you say, you know, what,
51:32 I can't do it because my God tells me.
51:36 "Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work:
51:38 But the seventh day is the Sabbath
51:39 of the Lord thy God," and you say, Lord--
51:40 I'm sorry, boss, but I can't do it.
51:42 And you lose your job and you go home.
51:45 What's inside the cupboards?
51:48 Maybe little spaghetti.
51:50 You look like you like spaghetti.
51:53 Little rice, may be some bread, couple of fruit.
51:58 You get on your knees, Lord, You know the children,
52:00 You know my wife, but I'm gonna honor You.
52:05 A week passes, not so much spaghetti anymore.
52:09 Rice finished, bread long gone.
52:14 You go to Wednesday night prayer meeting
52:15 and somebody gives you some more spaghetti.
52:18 Here's my point, brother.
52:19 God will always give you something to keep you going on.
52:22 Shows you a little signs, it's okay, Lord.
52:24 No job but I still have food for the children.
52:27 Still have food, still have a roof over our head.
52:31 And you continue to stand fast
52:33 in faith on the word of God that develops within you,
52:38 that develops within you a patience.
52:40 A patience to wait upon the fulfillment
52:43 of the word of God.
52:45 And then when you see God come through for you
52:48 over and over and over again like that,
52:51 when the crisis comes
52:53 and you know it's time to flee and you are running--
52:57 You are shooting out of the house.
52:59 You see the mountain before you.
53:01 You are running towards the mountain
53:03 and in your head you're saying,
53:05 I don't know where I'm going to sleep tonight,
53:07 I don't know what I'm going to eat tonight,
53:09 I have no idea, but I do know the God that I serve.
53:13 And it's the same God that fed me,
53:15 same God that clothed my children,
53:18 same God that put a roof over my head,
53:19 I will go and He will be with me.
53:24 Brothers and sisters, we have to have this experience.
53:29 Because the situation is real and it's right before us.
53:33 I want to share with you a short testimony,
53:35 it's impressed upon my mind to share with you.
53:37 A few years ago as I worked as a colporteur.
53:40 Amen.
53:43 I began to go to different,
53:46 first day congregation sharing the health message,
53:48 wonderful message that God has blessed us with.
53:51 And I went into this series of buildings,
53:54 one large building
53:55 and, anyway I walked around in there
53:58 and I found an office and I spoke with the secretary.
54:02 And she let me know that I was at the headquarters
54:04 of the ecumenical movement.
54:08 Now, if you don't know what the ecumenical movement is.
54:10 It's this movement to bring all the religious churches
54:14 to get all face together under one umbrella
54:17 and they acknowledge the Pope of Rome
54:21 as the leading authority in this conglomerate.
54:26 And so she told me where I was and then she got on the phone
54:31 and then shortly there after one of the directors came out.
54:35 And I put my hand out to shake his hand,
54:37 he didn't shake my hand, I found that very interesting.
54:39 But nonetheless I told him why I was there
54:41 and as we began to talk
54:44 and we talked a little bit more,
54:45 we talked a little bit more, he stood back and he, he said.
54:51 Where did you go to school?
54:53 And I told him where I went, Dentist Institution.
54:58 And he said, I knew there was something different about you.
54:59 You are Seventh-day Adventist, aren't you?
55:02 I was surprised that he knew of the college.
55:05 I said, yes, sir, I am.
55:07 He paused and he paused for a second,
55:08 then he looked at me again and he says, you know,
55:11 that's preacher I heard was a Seventh-day Adventist.
55:14 He said he really knew his Bible.
55:16 Then he began to talk about
55:17 how this minister knew his Bible.
55:19 Then he paused again and he looked at me
55:21 and he said to me.
55:25 So you know what we're doing here then?
55:27 You know about the Council of Venice,
55:28 you know about the Council of Laodicea,
55:29 you know about 321 AD what Constantine the great did.
55:32 He began to rattle off all the history
55:34 that I would use in the Daniel Revelation seminar
55:36 to clearly outline
55:38 who the antichrist in the Bible prophecy is.
55:41 I was, I was so shocked.
55:42 My mouth was, I could have caught every fly in the room.
55:46 I mean my mouth was open. And then I got a real militant.
55:51 I stood up straight and I said,
55:52 so you know that I know what you u know.
55:56 And he just put his head down and nodded his head.
56:02 And what was so interesting about this meeting
56:04 was the day previous as I was driving in the car
56:07 with my late father
56:08 and we were talking about Bible prophecy,
56:10 he looked at me and he said, Chris,
56:12 I wondered, do you think that these people
56:17 that are a part of bringing Sunday to the forefront,
56:20 if they have any idea what they are doing?
56:26 Brothers and sisters, listen to me.
56:29 We are getting ready to see this union of church and state.
56:33 It's knocking at our door.
56:38 And God wants us to know, it is time to be prepared.
56:43 Because we do not develop character in the crisis,
56:48 we reveal the character that we've developed.
56:52 In my prayer is that this day
56:55 and everyday that God gives us breathe from henceforth,
56:58 we will deny ourselves, pick up our crosses daily
57:02 and follow the Lamb with this wherever He leads us
57:06 because this is our only safety in this crisis hour.
57:10 Let's pray.
57:13 Father in heaven,
57:15 Lord, I thank you that in all of my frailty,
57:20 in all of my sickness
57:21 Your spirit has been here with us
57:23 to help us to understand what is going on.
57:29 The signs are fulfilling all about us.
57:33 It is clear soon from now we shall see Jesus.
57:40 Thank you so much that you have given us the blessed hope.
57:46 But in this hour,
57:48 when our probation is still opened,
57:51 and our names are still left to be brought
57:53 and review before Your throne,
57:57 may we daily commit ourselves holy
58:01 to following the guidance of thy spirit.
58:06 We know by Your grace, we know by Your power,
58:09 we can do all things, Lord.
58:13 And so we place our faith in You and only in You
58:16 because the flesh profits nothing.
58:20 Thank you for hearing our prayers.
58:22 In all these things we ask in Jesus' name.
58:25 Amen.


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