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Calm Before the Crisis

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Participants: John Dinzey (Host), Christopher Hudson


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00:19 Hello and welcome once again to "Foundation of our Faith."
00:23 We want to thank you for joining us once again.
00:26 And this is the last in a four part series
00:30 that we have been dealing with.
00:33 And this time we have, number four,
00:36 "Calm Before the Crisis," "Calm Before the Crisis."
00:41 Our evangelist, Christopher Hudson,
00:43 has presented "The Stars and the Fig Tree,"
00:46 "The Judgment of the Whore," "Return of the Dragon,"
00:50 and now "Calm Before the Crisis."
00:52 When you hear the name Chris Hudson you may remember
00:55 that he is on the Dare to Dream network
00:57 in a program called, The Four Runner Chronicles.
01:01 And actually, he has over 300 presentations on YouTube
01:07 and so far there are over 20 million views.
01:11 So we see that the Lord is leading people
01:14 to hear these messages
01:16 and we praise the Lord for that.
01:18 We know that it will be
01:20 another topic based on the Bible.
01:22 And this is what this program is all about,
01:23 "Foundation of our Faith."
01:25 It's about the Holy Scriptures and the message it has for us
01:28 and that it is a vital importance for our lives.
01:31 Amen.
01:33 Well, we have, again, a time to invite you to join us
01:37 in the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:39 It is located in Thompsonville, Illinois.
01:42 As you go through Route 149,
01:45 coming from the West Frankfurt area,
01:47 just before you get to Route 34,
01:49 which is about 10 miles from West Frankfurt.
01:52 On the left hand side,
01:53 you'll see the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:56 And here Pastor John Lomacang, as the pastor
01:59 and it's a, there a lot of good people here.
02:03 So you'll be loved as you come in
02:05 and you'll be welcome as you come in.
02:08 So we invite you to pray in this moment.
02:12 We're going to pray briefly.
02:15 Before we pray I'd like to mention
02:17 our musical guest is Sister Celestine Barry.
02:21 Sister Celestine Barry
02:23 will be singing "God will make a way."
02:26 "God will make a way."
02:28 A message that is a positive, encouraging message in song.
02:33 Afterwards, we'll hear the preaching of God's word
02:36 and our evangelist Chris Hudson.
02:38 Before that, we're going to ask you
02:40 to please stand for prayer
02:41 and let us approach God's throne of grace
02:44 to ask for His mercies.
02:47 And those of you that are at home
02:50 or wherever you might be,
02:51 we invite you to join us as well.
02:53 Let us pray.
02:55 Our loving Heavenly Father,
02:57 we come before You in Jesus' name.
03:00 And we thank You for Your mercy
03:03 and concern for us.
03:05 In this moment, Lord, we ask that You will extend Your mercy
03:08 and bless us with a message from heaven.
03:11 Bless Your servant Christopher Hudson
03:14 with Your Holy Spirit.
03:16 Use him once again to bring the message
03:18 Your children need to hear.
03:20 And we pray that all honor and glory be on to Your name.
03:23 Blessed also those of us that are present
03:26 and those that will join us from any corner of the earth.
03:30 We thank You for providing the means
03:33 through Dare to Dream
03:35 and 3ABN to bring this message to the world.
03:38 And we pray that You will continue to bless
03:40 so that we can reach more people for Jesus Christ.
03:44 And we thank You for hearing our prayer
03:46 for we ask it in the wonderful name of Jesus.
03:50 Amen. Amen.
03:52 You may be seated.
03:53 I leave you with Sister Celestine Barry.
03:55 God's blessings upon you.
04:12 It must have felt strange To end up stranded
04:17 Between an army and the sea
04:21 It must have feel forsaken Wondering why God wasn't
04:26 All He said He'd be
04:30 When your back's against the wall
04:34 It's the hardest place of all
04:39 But somewhere between provision and impossibility
04:52 God will make a way
04:58 When there seems to be no way
05:04 Forever He is faithful
05:08 He will make a road
05:14 When you bear a heavy load
05:19 I know God will make a way
05:27 When a wall of circumstances
05:32 Leaves you crying in the night
05:36 And you struggle 'Till your strength
05:39 Is almost gone
05:44 God will gently hold you
05:47 In the shelter of His heart
05:52 Carve a road for you to carry on
05:59 So carry on You can carry on
06:05 Travel on Travel on
06:08 God will make a way
06:14 When there seems to be no way
06:20 Forever He is faithful
06:24 He will make a road
06:29 When you bear a heavy load
06:34 I know God will make a way
06:40 God will make a way
06:45 When there seems to be no way
06:51 Forever He is faithful
06:55 He will make a road
07:00 When you bear a heavy load
07:06 I know
07:13 God will make a way
07:23 God will make a way
07:35 God will make a way
07:40 He will make a way
07:43 God will make a way
07:57 God will make a way
08:03 When there seems to be no way
08:09 Forever He is faithful
08:13 He will make a road
08:18 When you bear a heavy load
08:23 I know God will make a way
08:28 God will make a way
08:33 When there seems to be no way
08:39 Forever He is faithful
08:43 He will make a road
08:48 When you bear a heavy load
08:54 I know God will make a way
09:15 Happy Sabbath once again. Happy Sabbath.
09:19 And this is our last meeting together.
09:21 But I've been blessed my time
09:23 that we've been able to spend here
09:24 together in the word of God.
09:26 And I'm not going to waste too much time talking once again
09:29 because I'm more interested in the Scriptures, amen.
09:32 So before we open up the Holy Scriptures,
09:34 once again I want to invite you
09:35 to have a word of prayer with me,
09:37 inviting the Spirit of God to be our instructor.
09:42 Father in heaven, I thank You, Lord, for the blessing
09:45 that we have experienced in Your presence on this,
09:48 Your holy Sabbath-day.
09:49 I thank You for Your word which is a lamp unto our feet
09:53 and a light into our path.
09:56 And I thank You for "Thy Spirit that searches all things,
09:58 yea, the deep things of your heart."
10:01 And You've sent Him into this world
10:02 to reveal unto us Your truth,
10:07 Your truth which can sanctify the soul.
10:10 And so right now it is my desire
10:12 to ask of You once again, please God, bless us
10:17 with the presence of Your Holy Spirit.
10:20 Let Him inhabit our minds, move upon our thoughts,
10:23 illuminate our understanding, dispel the darkness.
10:27 May angels, oh, Lord,
10:29 that stand in Thy presence be with us in Your courts.
10:33 And may all of us gain a clear understanding
10:37 of where we are
10:39 and what Your desire is for our lives.
10:42 Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayer.
10:44 This I ask in Jesus' name. Amen.
10:48 I want to invite you to open your Bibles with me.
10:50 We're going to the Book of 1 Corinthians.
10:52 1 Corinthians 10:11. 1 Corinthians 10:11.
11:00 Very important Scripture that the word of God
11:03 presents to us here in 1 Corinthians 10:11.
11:07 The Bible says, "Now all these things happened
11:09 unto them for ensamples
11:12 and they are written for our admonition,
11:14 upon whom the ends of the world are come."
11:18 The word ensamples means types or symbols.
11:21 You see, within the scripture
11:24 we can find many true historical accounts.
11:28 But these things have not simply been chronicled
11:30 for the purpose of giving us some good moral instruction
11:34 in the way of righteousness.
11:35 But the Bible says that these things
11:37 have been left on record by
11:38 God to stand as ensamples for those of us
11:41 that are living here at the end of time.
11:45 So there's a prophetic application
11:47 to many of these historic events
11:48 that we can find within the Bible.
11:51 And when we look at them in this prophetic sense,
11:53 God admonishes us, He warns us,
11:55 He gives us instructions
11:57 as to how we should be conducting ourselves
11:58 here in these last days,
12:00 so that we might pass through the final event safely
12:02 to be able to stand
12:03 before the presence of the Son of man.
12:06 And so with that in mind
12:07 I wanted to go to a very familiar I believe,
12:10 historic account in the Bible,
12:12 we're going to the Book of Matthew Chapter 26.
12:15 Matthew Chapter 26
12:16 and we're going to begin at verse 1
12:19 Matthew Chapter 26, beginning at verse 1,
12:21 Jesus now making His way to the cross.
12:26 The Bible says this, "Then saith Jesus unto them,
12:30 all ye shall be offended
12:32 because of me this night for it is written,
12:34 I will smite the shepherd,
12:36 and all the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad.
12:39 But after I am risen again,
12:41 I will go before you into Galilee.
12:43 Peter answered and said unto him,
12:46 though all men shall be offended
12:47 because of thee, yet will I never be offended.
12:50 Jesus said unto him,
12:52 verily I say unto you, that this night,
12:54 before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.
12:57 Peter said unto him, though I should die with thee,
13:01 yet will I not deny thee.
13:03 Likewise also said all the disciples.
13:06 Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane,
13:09 and saith unto the disciples, Sit ye here,
13:11 while I go and pray yonder.
13:14 And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee,
13:16 and began to be heavy and very sorrowful."
13:19 And the word of God goes on to say,
13:20 "And then saith He unto them, my soul is exceeding sorrowful,
13:23 even unto death, tarry ye here, and watch with me.
13:28 And He went a little farther, and fell on His face,
13:29 and prayed, saying, O, my Father,
13:32 if it be possible, let this cup pass from me:
13:34 nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt.
13:38 And he cometh unto His disciples,
13:39 and findeth them asleep,
13:42 and saith unto Peter,
13:43 What, could ye not watch with me-- "
13:44 How long? "One hour?"
13:49 He says, "Watch and pray,
13:50 that ye enter not into temptation,
13:52 the spirit indeed, it's willing,
13:54 but the flesh, it's weak.
13:57 He went away again the second time,
13:58 and prayed, saying, O, my Father,
14:00 if this cup may not pass away from me,
14:02 except I drink it, Thy will be done.
14:06 And He came to them again.
14:08 He came again and He found them asleep," why?
14:10 "Because their eyes were heavy."
14:13 "And He left them, and went away again,
14:16 and prayed the third time, saying the same words.
14:19 Then cometh He to his disciples,
14:21 and saith unto them, what,
14:23 sleep on now, and take your rest,
14:26 behold, the hour is at hand, and the Son of man
14:29 is betrayed into the hands of sinners.
14:32 Rise, let us be going, behold,
14:34 he is at hand that doth betray me."
14:36 Now I want you remember,
14:38 all these things happened unto them for ensamples,
14:42 types or symbols, they are written
14:44 for our admonition upon whom the end of the world are come.
14:47 What we're looking at right now?
14:51 Our moments, the final moments
14:54 that Jesus speak with his disciples
14:56 before they come upon the greatest crisis
14:59 that they would ever experience.
15:03 They were getting ready to see the one
15:04 in whom they had invested
15:06 all of their hopes taken from them.
15:08 As Jesus was approaching the cross, you'll notice,
15:11 if you look at the previous chapters
15:12 that His message begins to change.
15:14 He begins to put His focus on the cross.
15:16 He tells them, "Listen, I'm going to die,
15:18 I am going to raise again on the third day."
15:19 "I'm going to die, I am going to raise again
15:20 on the third day.
15:22 They're going to take me, they are going to kill me.
15:23 I am going to raise again on the third day."
15:25 He begins to make the cross the focus of his message, why?
15:27 Because that was the present truth for their hour.
15:31 They needed faithful instruction
15:34 concerning the crisis that was right before them
15:36 because He knew, if they did not understand that
15:39 and they were not preparing for it,
15:41 when the crisis came,
15:42 they will react the same way that they did.
15:46 And so He made the cross the focus of his message
15:50 because that was the present truth for their time.
15:55 Because what they were getting ready to experience
15:56 was the greatest crisis that they would ever go through,
15:59 they would see Jesus taken by the leaders of the church,
16:02 delivered into the hands of the state
16:05 and unitedly the church and the state
16:07 will put their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
16:09 upon the cross, making his life of no effect
16:12 The reason I find this so interesting
16:14 is because that very same Jesus
16:15 they were getting ready to put on the cross,
16:17 Jesus said of himself in the Book of John 14:6,
16:20 "I am the way, the truth, and the life.
16:22 No man cometh unto the Father but by me."
16:25 Moments from that time they were with Jesus
16:27 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
16:28 They were going to see the truth,
16:30 the very living embodiment of the truth
16:32 taken by the leaders of the church,
16:33 delivered into the hands of the state,
16:35 and the church and the state united,
16:36 will put the truth on the cross,
16:38 making the truth of no effect.
16:42 Very interesting, in the Book of Psalms 119:142,
16:45 the Bible says this about the truth,
16:48 "Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness,
16:50 and Thy law is the truth."
16:53 Jesus was the living embodiment of truth
16:56 because Jesus was the living,
16:57 breathing revelation of the law of God.
17:01 And so the crisis that the disciples
17:03 were getting ready to face,
17:05 was that they were going to see the leaders of the church
17:08 unite with the leaders of the state,
17:10 collectively they were put the will of God upon the cross
17:14 and make the law of God of no effect.
17:20 Another thing interesting about Jesus, Mark 2:27, 28,
17:23 Jesus said this, "The Sabbath was made for man,
17:25 and not man for the Sabbath,
17:27 therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath."
17:32 Jesus is the Lord of Sabbath.
17:34 What were the disciples getting ready to experience?
17:37 They were getting ready to see the leaders of the church
17:40 unite with the leaders of the state
17:42 and collectively the church and the state united,
17:45 will put the Lord of Sabbath on the cross,
17:48 making the Lord of Sabbath's life of no effect.
17:51 Something very interesting,
17:53 it was the Roman God that was responsible for this.
17:54 I made sure when I went to Rome recently that I had,
17:57 that I just quality this information as factual.
18:01 The soldiers of pagan Rome,
18:05 their patron God was the God Mithra,
18:08 the sun god.
18:11 So when they could survive someone
18:12 on the course they would also offer
18:13 a sacrifice to the sun God Mithra.
18:16 What's the point?
18:17 They were going to see their Lord and Savior,
18:19 the Lord of Sabbath placed on the cross.
18:22 His life made of no effect but at the same time
18:25 homage would be paid to the sun.
18:30 I wonder if we're getting ready
18:31 to pass through a similar crisis.
18:34 Are we getting ready to see the church and state unite,
18:39 take God's law, maliciously deal with it
18:43 and make the truth of no effect,
18:45 in particular, attack God's Holy Sabbath day
18:48 and at the same time exalt a day
18:49 that has no grounds of authority
18:52 within the word of God, Sunday rest.
18:57 Bible says all these things happen
18:58 unto them for ensamples,
19:00 they are written for our admonition
19:01 upon whom the ends of the world are come.
19:03 I am fully convinced that if we look at this event
19:06 right here in Matthew 26
19:08 and look at how the disciples reacted
19:09 and how we should react, we will be able to stand
19:12 in that hour of our crisis.
19:16 Let's take a look at Matthew 26.
19:18 Let's look at it closely, okay, Matthew 26.
19:21 So it's very familiar, Jesus tells them, listen,
19:24 "All of you are going to be offended
19:25 because of me this night."
19:26 He didn't just say this because of what He thought,
19:28 he said, "For it is written," according to the word of God,
19:31 "It is written, I will smite the shepherd,
19:34 and all the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad."
19:36 But Peter, Peter says, No, no, listen.
19:40 "Though all men shall be offended
19:41 because of Thee, yet will I never be offended."
19:46 What was he denying?
19:47 Was he denying just the word of Christ
19:49 or was he denying the word of God?
19:51 Did Jesus say, "This is what I think,"
19:53 or did He say, "It is written"?
19:55 He said, this is what is written.
19:57 This is what the word of God says will take place.
19:59 And in it's pomposity he says, no, no.
20:04 Everybody would be offended but not me.
20:07 But yet when Jesus goes and praises His father,
20:11 "If it be possible let this cup pass from me,
20:13 nevertheless not as I will but as Thy will."
20:15 And He comes unto the disciples,
20:16 He finds them all asleep, including Peter,
20:19 who is the first person that He addresses.
20:22 Who does He go to, James? Who does He go to, John?
20:25 I mean, think about it, it would've been good for Him
20:27 to go to John as well.
20:28 John was just, he was the one
20:30 that was lying on his bosom, right?
20:31 Last supper, He should close communion with him,
20:34 but He went to Peter.
20:36 He went to Peter, he said, "What?
20:38 Could you not watch with me one hour?"
20:40 And of course, the immediate thought in our minds would be,
20:42 yeah, of course he went to Peter
20:43 because Peter was the one that was so arrogant, so sure
20:50 that he would not offend or be offended
20:57 because of his Lord and savior in that hour.
21:01 But I find something very interesting.
21:04 There's a reason why Jesus addressed Peter
21:06 and that reason goes very, very, very deep down
21:11 into the heart of the matter.
21:14 There was a name that Jesus gave to Peter.
21:15 Do you remember what it was?
21:17 See the Book of John, Chapter 1:46.
21:19 John 1. Open your Bibles there, quick.
21:21 John 1:42. In John 1:42.
21:24 When Philip brought John unto Jesus--
21:32 Listen to this, John 1:42, the Bible says this,
21:35 "And he brought him to Jesus.
21:37 And when Jesus beheld him," when Jesus beheld him,
21:39 "He said, Thou art Simon, son of Jonah, thou name shalt,"
21:44 "thou name shalt be called Cephas,
21:48 which is by interpretation, A stone."
21:52 When did Jesus give him this name?
21:53 The Bible said, when he beheld him.
21:56 When he beheld him.
21:57 He saw something in Peter that made Him call him a stone.
22:01 Remember, the Bible says,
22:02 "Man look at on the outward appearance
22:04 but God looks on the,"
22:06 Jesus named Peter Cephas because Peter was a Cephas.
22:10 There was something stony about Peter.
22:13 Something stony about his heart.
22:15 So let's see the Bible says about the stony heart.
22:17 Open the Bible with me, open your Bible with me,
22:18 we're going back to Matthew 13.
22:20 In Matthew 13, Jesus presents to us
22:22 a parable concerning different soils.
22:26 The sower sowing the seed
22:27 and the, the seed falls on different soils.
22:30 Look what the Bible says concerning
22:32 the stony ground in Matthew 13, we're beginning at verse 20.
22:36 The word of God says, "But he that received
22:38 the seed into stony places,
22:40 the same is he that heareth the word,
22:42 and anon with joy receiveth it."
22:44 So the man that receives this seed,
22:46 the word of God at the stony places,
22:47 when he hears the word of God, he says, that's the truth.
22:50 That's the truth.
22:53 I have to tell everyone.
22:55 That's how I reacted when I hear it, by the way.
22:58 He said, I have to tell everybody about this.
23:00 I have to tell my family members,
23:01 my friends, my neighbors,
23:03 everybody needs to hear this truth.
23:04 I am willing to die for this. This is it.
23:06 I don't care what anybody says,
23:08 I'll lose all my family members and friends for this truth.
23:10 Have you ever seen people like that before?
23:12 Have you been that person before?
23:16 He says, anon with joy receives it.
23:18 But look at verse 21, the Bible says this,
23:20 "Yet hath he not root in himself,
23:22 but dureth for a while."
23:25 The stony ground here,
23:26 although he hears the word of God,
23:27 he's excited about the word of God,
23:29 he can immediately identify that the word of God is truth,
23:32 the Bible says he only endures in that truth for a while
23:36 because he has no root in himself.
23:39 What is the root that he is lacking?
23:41 Let's look at couple of Scriptures.
23:43 Open your Bibles with me to Ephesians 3,
23:44 we're going to begin a verse 16.
23:46 Ephesians 3, beginning at verse 16.
23:48 What does it mean to lack root in oneself?
23:50 What does it mean to have root in oneself?
23:52 Ephesians 3, beginning at verse 16.
23:55 Bible says this, "That he may grant you,
23:57 according to the riches of His glory,
24:00 to be strengthened with might
24:02 in the inner man by his Spirit."
24:06 Look at this, "That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith,
24:12 that ye, being rooted and grounded in love.
24:17 May be able to comprehend with all saints
24:20 what is the breadth, and length,
24:21 and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ,
24:23 which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled
24:26 with all the fullness of God."
24:28 Open your Bibles now to Colossians 2.
24:31 Colossians 2, we're going to look at verse 7.
24:32 What does that mean to possess root in oneself?
24:34 You saw something right there.
24:35 Colossians 2, looking at verse 7 now.
24:39 Let's start at verse 6, I like it.
24:40 It says, "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus,
24:44 the Lord, so walk ye in Him, rooted and built up in Him,
24:50 and established in the faith, as ye have been taught,
24:54 abounding therein with thanksgiving."
24:57 What does it mean for a man to possess root in himself?
25:01 The man that has root in himself is the man
25:03 that is filled with the Spirit of God.
25:08 The Spirit of God dwells in that man,
25:10 strengthening his frail,
25:12 mortal flesh to walk in the will of God.
25:15 Christ reigns in that man's heart by faith
25:19 so the works that he does, it is not in his own strength,
25:21 it is through the power of God operating through him.
25:26 But the stony ground here, he hears the word of God,
25:28 he gets excited about the word of God
25:30 but he tries to perform the will of God
25:33 in his own fleshly strength.
25:38 He's not strengthened
25:40 with the might of the Spirit in his inner man.
25:42 That's why Jesus said, listen,
25:44 "the spirit indeed is willing but your flesh is weak,"
25:46 you need root in yourself, Peter.
25:48 I wonder how many of us need root in ourselves.
25:53 Trying to live out this truth in our own might,
25:54 in our own strength, in our own intellect,
25:56 in our own understanding, that will not cut it.
25:59 Humanity cannot meet the demands of divinity.
26:05 That is why God has given us a Spirit.
26:07 The Bible says in John 16:13, "Howbeit when he,
26:09 the Spirit of truth, is come,
26:11 He will guide you into all truth."
26:15 And the Bible says that He will guide us into all truth.
26:17 It does not simply mean that He will instruct us
26:19 in the ways of truth but He will empower us
26:20 so that we can walk in the path of truth.
26:24 Acts 1:8, "And ye shall receive power,
26:26 after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you."
26:30 We have no root in ourselves if we have no Spirit.
26:32 I don't care how much you believe
26:33 the truth is the truth,
26:35 if you do not have the Spirit of God,
26:37 you will reject that truth.
26:40 Look, the Bible says it right there, stony ground,
26:42 here back in Matthew 13, looking at verse 21.
26:44 It says, "Yet he dureth for a while
26:48 because he has no root in himself,
26:52 because when tribulation or persecution ariseth
26:56 because of the word, by and by he is offended."
27:02 Is that what happened to Peter?
27:04 Peter said, though all men should be offended
27:06 because of thee, yet will I never be offended,
27:07 I will die with thee.
27:09 But as soon as offence came
27:10 because of the living word of God,
27:12 Jesus Christ, he was out of there.
27:16 He was offended, he departed, he left the truth
27:18 that he pledged his life to.
27:21 Do you know the Bible says?
27:23 That's exactly what's getting ready to happen
27:24 in these last days.
27:25 Many of us that say we believe in this truth,
27:27 oh, we stand on the Ten Commandments of God,
27:30 I'll never give it up.
27:33 Many of us because we possess no root,
27:35 the Bible says this is exactly
27:36 what's going to transpire in these last days.
27:38 Look at it, it's right there, Matthew 24.
27:41 Matthew 24, you can begin at verse 7.
27:44 It says, "For nation shall rise against nation,
27:46 and kingdom against kingdom:
27:47 and there shall be famines, and pestilences,
27:49 and earthquakes, in divers places.
27:50 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
27:53 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted."
27:56 Here it is, it's the bad part now.
27:58 "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted,
28:00 and they shall kill you, and ye shall be hated
28:02 of all nations for My name's sake."
28:05 Here comes offense.
28:07 Look what it says, next verse, "Then shall many be offended,
28:11 and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another."
28:15 Some of the same people that you sat in church with,
28:17 they will betray you into the hands
28:19 of the enemies of God
28:22 because of lacking root in themselves.
28:28 Jesus said to Peter, "What, could you
28:30 not watch with me one hour?"
28:32 Do you know our one hour is coming?
28:34 Our one hour is coming.
28:36 The Bible says it, look at it, Revelation 3,
28:38 Revelation 3, we're going to verse 10.
28:40 The Bible says this very clearly,
28:42 "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience,
28:45 I also will keep thee in the hour of temptation,
28:49 which shall come upon all the world,
28:51 all the earth to try them that dwell upon the earth."
28:57 That our temptation is coming.
28:59 All of us are going to be brought
29:00 face to face with this crisis.
29:03 None of us will be able to escape it.
29:05 The same council that Jesus gave to Peter comes down
29:08 through the ages to us.
29:09 Watch and pray.
29:13 That's the only way we'll be able to stand.
29:15 Watch and pray. Watch and pray.
29:19 Because our hour is coming.
29:22 But when Jesus left then them, He came back the second time.
29:26 The Bible says when He came back the second time,
29:28 He finds them asleep again.
29:30 Why? Because their eyes were heavy.
29:36 I wonder what this spiritual application may mean for us
29:38 in these last days.
29:40 What does it mean, the eyes are heavy?
29:41 Well, their literal eyes were evidently heavy.
29:42 How can our eyes--
29:44 Are there spiritual eyes that we have?
29:47 And can they become heavy? What are these spiritual eyes?
29:49 Let's look at the couple of Scriptures.
29:50 Go with me to, let's go to Ephesians 1:18.
29:53 Ephesians 1:18.
29:56 Just going to give you
29:57 the first portion of that Scripture.
29:59 In Ephesians 1:18 it says that,
30:01 "The eyes of your understanding being enlightened."
30:07 So the eyes they are connected to one's understanding,
30:10 that word understanding in the original language,
30:12 the original Greek means the mental faculties,
30:15 the mind, the reasoning in the judgment.
30:17 Matter of fact, there's another scripture
30:19 identifying the operation of the spiritual eyes.
30:21 I believe it's in the Book of Matthew Chapter 6:22.
30:24 Let me open my Bible there, quickly.
30:26 That's correct, it says there, in Matthew 6:22,
30:29 "The light of the body is the eye,
30:31 if therefore thine eye be single,
30:33 thy whole body shall be full of light.
30:36 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body
30:38 shall be full of darkness.
30:39 And if therefore the light that is in thee be darkness,
30:41 how great is that darkness thereof."
30:43 Ladies and gentlemen, the eye in the Bible
30:45 can stand as a symbol of our mental faculties,
30:47 our reasoning of our judgment,
30:49 the same way that I'm using my literal eyes
30:50 right now to judge myself surroundings,
30:52 whether I should go too far left,
30:54 and fall off the stage here.
30:57 I am using them to judge, where my feet are going to go.
30:59 Same way we're supposed to use our mental faculties to judge
31:02 the course of our lives in this world.
31:05 Question, can the mental faculties,
31:07 the mind of man become overcharged,
31:10 burdened down, heavy?
31:12 Because the word heavy means overcharged, or burdened down.
31:16 Is it possible? And by what means?
31:18 Luke 21, go with me there.
31:20 Luke 21, we're going to look at verse 34.
31:22 Luke 21:34.
31:25 Bible says this, "Take heed to yourselves,
31:30 lest by any means your hearts be overcharged."
31:35 The heart is the mind, the spiritual eye.
31:37 Your hearts be overcharged,
31:39 the word overcharged means heavy, burden down.
31:43 Lest by any means your eyes become heavy.
31:46 How? Number one.
31:47 "By surfeiting, and drunkenness,
31:50 and the cares of this life,
31:52 and so that day come upon you unawares."
31:56 So the mind can become burdened down,
31:59 the mind, the mental faculties,
32:00 they can become laden down with burdens.
32:04 And the Bible says through three means,
32:05 surfeiting, drunkenness, and the cares of this life.
32:09 I present to you this evening
32:11 that Jesus did not just present these
32:13 in any old fashion or any old order
32:15 but I believe he presented them in their respective order.
32:20 Surfeiting, what does surfeiting mean?
32:21 Surfeiting can mean excess, intemperance.
32:25 We are living in an age of excess,
32:29 we are living in the age of intemperance.
32:34 Surfeiting, overeating, glutting.
32:37 Surfeiting in what we see and what we hear.
32:40 Be numbing the mental faculties
32:42 whether it be through the belly or through the mind,
32:46 through the eyes, through the senses.
32:49 Crippling our minds. Do you think that's possible?
32:55 I know sometimes people get upset
32:57 when you start talking about their food.
32:58 Let me talk about food then.
33:00 Surfeiting, you know what happens
33:02 when you overeat, right?
33:04 Because the blood has to be focused
33:05 on the digestive process.
33:07 You overeat then the blood really has to be focused
33:09 on the digestive process.
33:11 And then it can't be where?
33:15 This organ which is the only organ
33:17 through which the Spirit of God can communicate with humanity.
33:22 Matter of fact, through the servant of the Lord,
33:24 Sister Ellen G. White,
33:25 she makes a very interesting statement,
33:27 she talks about how glutting
33:28 is the prevailing sin of this age.
33:30 Men and women have become the slaves of appetite.
33:34 And says that when we become slaves of appetite
33:37 it cripples our more sensibilities
33:39 and stupefies our intellect to such a degree
33:42 that the sacred elevated
33:44 truth of God's word cannot be appreciated.
33:47 So the mind is crippled
33:49 and then drunkenness comes in next.
33:51 Now you're thinking, drunk, okay,
33:52 if I eat too much I can become drunk.
33:54 That's true. That's true.
33:55 But brothers and sisters, I really don't believe
33:56 that the drunkenness that the Bible is talking about here
33:58 because in these last days, there is a wine
34:01 that's being dispensed in the land,
34:02 that's to make all the nations drunk
34:04 and it's the wine of Babylon.
34:06 Revelation 14:8, "And the second angel follow,
34:10 saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
34:12 because she has made all nations drink of the wine
34:15 of the wrath of her fornication."
34:18 If you look in Jeremiah 51:7, the Bible gives us
34:20 more information about this wine of Babylon.
34:22 Not literal wine, we're talking about false education,
34:25 we're talking about deceptions,
34:27 we're talking about evil ideologies, teachings,
34:29 and principles that are not in harmony
34:31 with the principles of the word of God.
34:35 To be very up forthright,
34:39 they are antagonistic to the word of God.
34:42 And in Jeremiah 51:7, the Bible says this,
34:45 "Babylon hath been a golden cup in the Lord's hand,
34:48 which hath made all the earth drunken:
34:50 the nations have drunken of her wine;
34:52 therefore the nations are mad."
34:56 That word mad in the original Hebrew means that
34:58 when you drink the wine of Babylon,
34:59 it turns you into a fool.
35:02 Now what does the Bible say about fools in Psalms 14:1?
35:05 "The fool says in his heart, there is no God."
35:09 So when someone drinks the wine of Babylon,
35:11 they reject the knowledge of God.
35:13 So we think about all those people
35:14 out there in the world, right, that are atheists
35:17 and all that, makes us feel good
35:19 'cause we are in the church and we believe in God, right?
35:22 Can I submit to you that it means more than
35:25 just rejecting the knowledge of God in that sense?
35:28 "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God."
35:31 What if you live your life daily
35:34 as if God is not watching you taking an accurate account
35:36 of your thoughts, your words and your actions,
35:39 and the motives behind your thoughts,
35:41 your words, and your actions?
35:42 Are you not living like the fool?
35:46 Are you not living as if there is no God,
35:48 even though you profess that there is a God?
35:51 You've fallen to the wine of Babylon.
35:55 See, through all of the excess,
35:57 the devil wants to cripple our mental faculties
35:59 so that we will succumb to the wine of Babylon
36:02 which makes us begin to live our lives
36:04 as if we are not subject of the Creator of the universe.
36:07 And then what happens next?
36:08 The cares of this life overcome us.
36:11 Because that's all that we live for now.
36:13 Heavenly things are no more the focus of our life.
36:17 It's a strategic attack.
36:20 "For as a snare shall come upon all them
36:22 that dwell upon the earth."
36:23 I want you to see what goes on to say right there,
36:25 Luke 21:35, Jesus says this.
36:28 Verse 36, I believe it is. Luke 21:36, Jesus says this.
36:32 And I want you to see if His counsel to us
36:34 here in these last days is the same counsel
36:36 that He gave to His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane.
36:39 Luke 21:36, he says this, "Watch ye therefore,
36:43 and pray sometimes."
36:46 "Watch ye therefore, and pray always," why?
36:48 "That ye may be accounted worthy
36:50 to escape all these things that will come to pass,
36:52 and stand before the Son of man."
36:57 The message comes once again, watch and pray,
37:00 watch and pray, watch and pray.
37:04 The only way we will be able to stand,
37:06 the only way we can beat the crisis,
37:08 watch and pray.
37:10 Go back with me, Matthew Chapter 26.
37:14 Matthew, 26.
37:16 Matthew, the 26 chapter.
37:20 Oh, brothers and sisters, I believe we're closer
37:24 than what we think.
37:26 Matthew Chapter 26, we are looking at verse 45 now.
37:31 Jesus comes to them the third time now
37:33 and once again, when He comes to the disciples,
37:35 he find them asleep again.
37:36 But look at how Jesus reacts to them.
37:38 He says, sleep on now and take your rest.
37:41 Now when Jesus said to them, sleep on now
37:43 and take your rest, you think you are saying,
37:44 oh, Peter, James and John, these three times
37:47 I've come to you and you really can stay awake.
37:50 Evidently, you boys are tired. Pull up a stone, Peter.
37:53 Put some grass, James.
37:55 You boys lay down and enjoy yourself.
37:57 I'll just go and pray, I'll pray for us all.
38:00 You guys go ahead and sleep.
38:02 Do you think that's what he meant?
38:03 It's evident that's not what He meant
38:05 because the very next statement is,
38:06 "Rise, let us be going."
38:09 What was he saying then when he said,
38:10 sleep on now, and take your rest?
38:12 He was saying, how can you still be sleeping?
38:15 Are you still sleeping now?
38:17 How can you still be sleeping, the hour is at hand?
38:23 Brothers and sisters, how in the world
38:24 can we still be sleeping?
38:27 How in the world can we still be engrossed
38:30 in the things of this world?
38:33 How in the world can we allow all the things
38:38 that the enemy presents to us on a day-by-day basis
38:41 and grows our intention,
38:42 when it is clear from the signs of the times
38:44 that the hour's at hand.
38:47 And the Son of Man is getting ready to betrayed
38:49 into the hands of sinners once again.
38:52 I want you to see what Jesus said.
38:55 He said, "Rise, let us be going."
38:57 Why, "behold, he is at hand that doth betray me."
39:02 Who is the one that was getting ready to betray Jesus?
39:04 You all know who it is, everybody knows who it is.
39:07 Don't even have to read the Bible to know this one.
39:09 Judas.
39:11 Judas was the one that was going to betray Jesus.
39:17 Do you know Jesus call Judas by another name,
39:21 the one that was going to betray him?
39:22 Do you know the other name that Jesus called Judas by?
39:27 It's right here, John 17.
39:31 You should open your Bibles there,
39:32 John 17, we're going to look at verse 12.
39:35 This is what Jesus said,
39:38 "While I was with them in the world,
39:40 I kept them in Thy name:
39:43 those that Thou gavest me I have kept them,
39:46 and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition;
39:53 so that the Scriptures might be fulfilled."
39:55 What did He call Judas? The son of perdition.
39:59 He said, "Behold, he is at hand that doth betray me,"
40:03 the son of perdition was on his way.
40:05 Brothers and Sisters, the son of perdition
40:07 is on his way once again.
40:09 He's coming to a city near you.
40:15 Bible says in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2,
40:18 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2.
40:19 If you don't know what I'm talking about,
40:21 the Bible makes it clear.
40:22 2 Thessalonians 2:3, the word of God says,
40:24 "Let no man deceive you by any means:
40:27 for that day shall not come."
40:28 Speaking of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
40:30 That day, that hour will not come
40:33 except there come a falling away first,
40:35 and apostasy would take place
40:36 in the ranks of the church of God.
40:38 Then what would happen?
40:39 Then that man of sin shall be revealed,
40:42 the son of perdition.
40:46 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself
40:47 above all that is called God, or that is worshipped;
40:49 so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
40:52 shewing himself that he is God."
40:53 We are talking about the development
40:55 of the papal power, the son of perdition there,
40:57 none other than the Pope of Rome himself.
40:59 Brothers and Sisters, rise, let us be going,
41:02 behold, he is at hand that doth betray our Lord.
41:05 The son of perdition is coming.
41:07 He's coming into the borders
41:09 of the United States of America.
41:11 He's coming to make history to speak to the joint houses
41:13 of Congress very first time.
41:14 Do you think he's not going to use
41:16 this opportunity to make waves?
41:22 Waves.
41:26 The son of perdition, he's coming.
41:29 And as we can see these movements
41:31 rapidly taking place, Jesus says, "watch and pray."
41:35 What should we be watching? Signs of the times.
41:38 Evidently, we need to watch the signs of the times.
41:39 What else should we be watching?
41:41 The person next to us.
41:43 Brother, you need to get your life right.
41:46 That's what we need to be watching.
41:48 Brothers and sister, we need to be
41:50 watching ourselves, watching.
41:53 Am I allowing pride to take hold in my heart?
41:57 Are there are some evil passions
41:59 that are overcoming me
42:00 and that I am not gaining the victory
42:02 over by faith in Jesus Christ?
42:05 Am I being kind, am I my speaking words of life
42:08 and truth and beauty in my home,
42:09 those things which are encouraging,
42:11 building up to my family members?
42:14 We need to be watching ourselves.
42:16 And as we're watching ourselves,
42:17 we need to pray, saying,
42:18 Lord, keep my feet in the narrow way
42:20 because I want to meet you in peace.
42:23 Watch and pray.
42:27 We have to.
42:31 We have some serious decisions we need to make.
42:34 I have a few minutes left.
42:36 I want to share with you a short testimony.
42:39 Few years ago as I was working as a call porter-
42:41 I was with the call porter stores.
42:44 I knew I'd get an amen from you.
42:48 I was really blessed to get Bible studies everyday
42:52 as I would go out and I remember one day
42:54 I was unable to go out
42:55 because I had a dental appointment.
42:56 Anyhow, I came back from the dental appointment
43:00 and I had to go to the pharmacy to fill my prescription
43:03 and I was just down that day
43:04 because I wasn't able to get that Bible study,
43:07 I was so accustomed to getting my Bible study.
43:10 And so I went to the pharmacist to fill this prescription
43:13 and as I was getting ready to leave
43:14 out of the pharmacy,
43:16 the Spirit of the Lord just impressed me,
43:17 go sit down in the waiting area and read your Bible.
43:20 So I sat down, I pulled out my little pocket Bible
43:23 and I began to read and there was an older lady
43:26 that was seated across from me and she said to me,
43:28 "Oh, that's a great book that you are reading."
43:30 And I said, it's the best book.
43:32 And then we began to talk about the Bible
43:33 and then as, wait a second,
43:35 this is my Bible study for today.
43:36 I said, "Ma'am, would you like to study the Bible with me?"
43:39 She said, "I would love to study the Bible with you.
43:40 Matter of fact, my husband and I would love
43:42 to study the Bible with you."
43:44 So she gave me her contact information
43:46 and as she finished giving me her contact information
43:48 she said, okay, I have to go now.
43:50 Now she was in the waiting area
43:51 before I got to the waiting area,
43:53 so I figured she was waiting for what I was waiting for.
43:54 Do you get what I'm saying?
43:56 But evidently, she was waiting for me.
43:59 And as she got up, out and as she began
44:01 to try to get up, out of the chair,
44:04 I know she had some trouble getting up.
44:06 And so my mother taught me to,
44:08 you know, be a gentleman in all these things,
44:09 praise the Lord.
44:10 So I said, "Would you like me to help you to your car?"
44:12 And she said, "I would love that."
44:13 So I, I started to assist her, and as I began assisting her
44:17 I realized she started walking so much better,
44:20 almost immediately.
44:21 I said, "Wow, you're walking a whole lot better."
44:23 She said, "Well, you're helping me."
44:24 I thought nothing of it.
44:26 So I took her to a car,
44:27 said, God bless, you have a nice day.
44:29 Got my prescription, I went home rejoicing
44:30 because I got a Bible study even though I didn't get to go
44:32 into the street that day.
44:34 And so the next day early in the morning
44:36 as I was having my devotions in that little apartment
44:38 that we stayed in, after I finished my devotions,
44:42 all charged up,
44:46 I remember picking up my cell phone
44:47 and seeing multiple missed calls
44:49 from the same number.
44:52 I am saying, who in the world would be calling me
44:54 as this hour in the morning this many times,
44:56 it's got to be important.
44:58 So I try to call back, but every time I try to call
45:00 I got a busy signal.
45:02 Then I got on my knees and I said, Lord,
45:04 if you want me to talk with this person open up the line.
45:09 And so I picked up the phone again,
45:10 I dialed the number and it rang.
45:14 And I heard a voice of a female on the other end.
45:18 Then I said, "Hello."
45:20 And it turned out to be the woman
45:22 that I met the day previous in the pharmacy.
45:24 And she said to me, "I'm not feeling well,
45:27 I need to see you today."
45:29 I said, I said, "Okay.
45:32 What time do you want to see me?"
45:33 She said, "I'm at my daughter's house right now,
45:35 it will take me about 45 minutes to get home.
45:36 Can you meet me at my house?" And she gave me her address.
45:39 I said, "I could meet you there."
45:41 And she said, "Okay, I'll see you later."
45:43 Hung up the phone. I was excited.
45:44 Because I didn't think I was going to get
45:46 the Bible study that quick.
45:48 So I got up and I, I'm getting myself together for the day
45:52 and all of the sudden as I'm going,
45:54 the Spirit of God just came upon me strongly
45:56 and said, "Chris,
45:58 this is not a normal Bible study you're going to.
46:01 This woman is possessed with a demon."
46:04 Now, I had never experienced anything like this before.
46:07 I've heard about these things.
46:09 It's not that I had any unbelief,
46:10 truly I didn't have any unbelief in that
46:12 because I knew I was possessed with demon.
46:14 But I've never experienced dealing with somebody
46:16 that was possessed with demons.
46:18 And I remember hearing from some season pastors that,
46:23 if you deal with somebody that's possessed with demons,
46:25 you better confess and forsake your sins,
46:27 because whatever is in them, is going to be in you.
46:30 And so I just remember that I said, okay, I need to pray.
46:33 And so I started asking the Lord,
46:35 please show me whatever is in me,
46:37 whatever sins I'm committing, that I'm not doing,
46:40 whatever I'm not doing that's pleasing in your sight,
46:42 Lord, please cleanse my life of all sin.
46:44 And I'm just praying as I'm getting my stuff together
46:46 and I am packing my call porter bag
46:48 and I'm putting everything in the bag.
46:49 I am putting my Bible in there, my books in there,
46:51 my concordance in there,
46:52 these are weapons of my warfare, you know.
46:53 So putting everything. I don't need all that stuff.
46:57 But I just thought I need to bring everything
46:58 that I can bring with me.
46:59 I don't know what I'm going up against.
47:01 Left the house. Didn't have a car at that time.
47:04 So I remember I called the taxi cab,
47:05 I'm in the back of a taxi, praying and asking God
47:07 to forgive me of my sins.
47:10 Finally, I get to the woman's house,
47:11 jump out the car, ring the doorbell,
47:14 nobody answers.
47:15 Ring the doorbell again, nobody answers.
47:19 I stopped and I thought to myself, what is this?
47:22 Lord, you, I asked you if you want me
47:23 to talk to the person, open up the line,
47:25 you open the line up.
47:28 I know it's you that told me that this person
47:30 is demon possessed but nobody's here.
47:33 Then the Spirit of God impressed me
47:34 and said, open your Bible
47:36 and turn to this particular book in the Bible,
47:39 to this particular chapter.
47:41 And when you're finished reading
47:43 she's going to drive up.
47:46 I was led to open my Bible to the account
47:50 where Jesus came down from the Mount of Transfiguration.
47:53 Many of you are familiar with it.
47:55 And when He came down from the Mount of Transfiguration,
47:57 He saw His disciples in a little bit of a dispute
47:59 because they were not able to cast a demon
48:02 out of a young boy.
48:04 And before Jesus casted this demon out,
48:06 he asked the father of the young boy,
48:08 how long has he been in this condition?
48:09 And the father said, since he was a youth
48:11 and how the demon cast him sometimes in the fire,
48:13 sometimes in the water.
48:16 As I finished reading the very last word
48:19 in association with that account,
48:20 I lifted my eyes and there was the car rolling
48:22 right in front of the house.
48:26 She parks the car, never looks left never looks right.
48:29 Her head is wrapped with a scarf.
48:30 This is the middle-- I mean, things are different now
48:34 because everything is changed with the weather.
48:35 But this was the middle of August.
48:38 Ha, she has a scarf wrapped around her head.
48:42 Never looks left, never looks right.
48:44 And goes into her purse, pulls out a cigarette
48:47 and begins to smoke.
48:49 And I'm wondering why she sitting in the car
48:50 just smoking a cigarette
48:52 when I'm standing here on her doorstep.
48:53 Then I thought to myself,
48:55 well, maybe she needs me to help her get out the car
48:57 because I remember she had some problems
48:58 walking the other day.
49:00 So I walked up to the driver's side window
49:01 and I knocked on the window and asked her,
49:04 you know, can I help you get out of the car?
49:06 And she said to me, get in.
49:09 Remember, I prayed, so I am getting in.
49:12 So I got into the car, looking at her and only at her,
49:16 she said, I need you to go with me.
49:17 I said, okay.
49:19 And she begins to drive down the road.
49:20 As she's driving down the road,
49:23 she turns the air conditioning all the way up,
49:26 then she turns the heat all the way up.
49:27 Then she turns the air-conditioning
49:29 all the way up, then she turns the heat all the way up.
49:31 She turns the A/C all the way up,
49:32 she turns the heat all the way up.
49:33 I don't know what to do with myself now.
49:37 And I am like, what is going on?
49:39 And then I remember sometimes in the fires
49:41 sometimes in the water.
49:44 I said, wow, what would Jesus do?
49:45 What did Jesus do?
49:47 And I said, okay, he assess the situation.
49:48 I said to her, "Pam, how long did you have this,
49:52 how long have you had this problem
49:53 with your arthritis?"
49:55 And she said, "Since I was nine years old."
49:58 I said, okay, this doesn't seem normal to me.
50:02 Then we got to our destination, our destination was FedEx.
50:05 She parks.
50:08 And for the first time now I begin to survey
50:10 my surroundings in the car
50:12 because up until then I keep my eyes fixed on her.
50:15 So now I have started to look around
50:17 and she has multiple cigarette lighters,
50:20 multiple boxes of cigarettes, some of them open,
50:22 some of them closed,
50:23 some of them have five cigarette,
50:25 some of them have ten cigarettes,
50:26 some of the have one cigarette, some of them are full packs.
50:28 Opens the glove compartment, same scenario.
50:30 And I'm saying now, I've been around
50:31 a lot of chain smokers in my life.
50:34 This is not chain smoking.
50:37 That's when I was convinced in my mind
50:39 this woman is dealing with something supernatural.
50:42 So I said to her, ever so humbly,
50:45 "Pam, do you realize that you have a problem?"
50:48 She just nods her head, yes.
50:52 And then I asked her, I said,
50:53 "Pam, do you realize that your problem is not normal?"
50:57 She nod's her head, yes.
50:59 Every time she says yes, I get a little more courage.
51:02 I said, "Pam, do you realize your problem is supernatural?"
51:07 She nods her head, yes.
51:10 I said, "Pam, do you realize that
51:13 your problem is, you're dealing with demons?"
51:16 And she nods her head, yes.
51:18 I said, "Pam, today God wants to make you free."
51:21 And she had a smile that came on her face,
51:23 and she put her hand on top of my hands, older lady.
51:26 Then I said to her, we're going to need
51:28 to go to your house
51:29 and there's probably some things
51:31 that you may have in your house
51:32 that we're going to need to get rid of.
51:33 But we're going to put them in a garbage bag,
51:35 we're going to put them out and then we're going to pray.
51:38 And when we pray, God is going to set you free.
51:41 And she smiled.
51:42 And then I said to her,
51:44 and we're going to have to get rid of the cigarettes.
51:46 And then she said, the cigarettes are my pleasure,
51:48 Jesus said I can keep the cigarettes.
51:49 The cigarettes are my pleasure.
51:52 And then I paused.
51:55 And I said, what am I going to do now?
51:58 Then I began to open my Bible and I shared with her
52:01 how the body is the temple of the Living God,
52:04 how the Lord desires for us to be in good health
52:06 and prosper even as our souls prosper.
52:08 I began to share with her all of these basic principles
52:11 of health and salvation.
52:12 And as we were going through them,
52:14 I could see that the Spirit of God
52:16 was moving on her heart and then I came to my appeal
52:18 and I said, this is why we're going to have
52:20 to get rid of the cigarettes.
52:22 As he said, the cigarettes are my pleasure.
52:24 Jesus said I have to keep this,
52:26 Jesus said I can keep the cigarettes.
52:27 The cigarettes are my pleasure.
52:30 And now I'm a bit frustrated, to be honest,
52:33 because I'm saying to myself, wait a second,
52:35 I thought the Lord brought me here to cast a demon out today.
52:39 And every time
52:41 I'm saying we need to get rid of something,
52:44 she's fighting to keep it.
52:47 Then I said to repent, "Why did you call me today?"
52:53 She said to me, "Because you're the only Bible man
52:55 that I know."
52:57 I said to her, "Pam, why did you need a Bible man today?"
53:00 She reaches in the back of the car,
53:02 she grab a FedEx envelop and she puts it in my hand.
53:05 I looked at the FedEx envelop
53:09 and I said, what this FedEx have to do with this?
53:13 And she said to me, FedEx means F the exorcist,
53:15 I abbreviated the wording for your hearing.
53:18 You understand what I'm talking about.
53:20 You know who was speaking.
53:24 I was taken back.
53:27 And then I said to her, "Pam, say Jesus is Lord."
53:29 She refused.
53:31 Then I asked her, "Does it hurt to say, Jesus is Lord?"
53:33 She nodded her head, yes.
53:35 To end the testimony with Pam,
53:37 I never saw a demon casted out of Pam that day.
53:41 And I was so distraught when I left from her
53:43 because I said, Lord,
53:45 now, I was not lacking in faith, God.
53:48 I know I confessed my sins.
53:52 I was not lacking in faith because You gave me
53:55 more than enough evidence to have total faith.
53:58 You told me the woman going to be demon possessed,
54:00 you told me to read a scripture,
54:01 when I'm finished reading it, she'll roll up.
54:03 You gave me enough for my faith to be up here.
54:08 So why wasn't the demon casted out?
54:11 For the, almost, for almost the whole day I was disturbed,
54:16 asking God, why, why, why, why, why?
54:18 Then all of a sudden the Spirit of God
54:20 came to me said, you want to know why?
54:24 Pam had to make a choice.
54:27 She knew what her problem was, but she had to make a choice.
54:33 And as long as she refused to choose,
54:35 she would remain in bondage to the devil
54:38 and the same as for us.
54:41 We are here in these last days, the truth is clear,
54:44 it's abounding in the land of signs.
54:46 They are right before our faces,
54:48 the Lord is showing us this is what we need to do,
54:50 so we can stand but we have to make a choice.
54:57 You can know as much as you want
55:00 but if you refused to choose righteousness,
55:03 you will remain in bondage to your sin.
55:08 We cannot afford to be indecisive in this hour.
55:15 And this is why God says,
55:17 "Choose you this day whom you will serve."
55:21 If God is God, serve God with all of your heart,
55:24 with all your soul, with all your might.
55:26 Serve Him.
55:28 But if the world is your God, the job is your God,
55:32 the money is your God,
55:33 that man, that woman is your God,
55:37 then serve them.
55:39 Good luck with that.
55:41 Just remember, there's no such thing as good luck.
55:46 Brothers and Sisters, the hour is at hand.
55:50 All of us, all of us in this room,
55:54 all of us that are viewing this,
55:56 wherever you are viewing it,
55:58 we are living in the final generation.
56:03 We will see Jesus
56:08 and God is saying, "watch and pray."
56:14 I pray for all of us here, that in this decisive hour
56:19 we will choose to surrender
56:21 our all into the hands of our Savior.
56:26 Because the son of perdition is coming.
56:31 Let's pray.
56:35 Father in heaven, I thank You for your word.
56:39 These records, these accounts that You've given us
56:42 in the Scripture to give us instruction,
56:45 to warn us, to guide us, to encourage us,
56:51 we know we're living in perilous times.
56:56 All the signs are pointing to the conclusion
57:01 of the great controversy.
57:05 And now you are calling us to choose the service
57:11 of You, the most high God.
57:15 Lord, You gave up everything, everything
57:20 so that we might be partakers
57:23 of an eternal weight of glory that our minds
57:25 can't even begin to concede at this time.
57:29 Help us to be wise, help us to set aside
57:33 whatever we are clinging to, that is keeping us
57:39 from experiencing the fullness of Your presence.
57:45 May we not be stony ground hearers,
57:49 grant us the presence of Your spirit
57:53 that we all might have root in ourselves
57:57 so that when the crisis comes,
58:00 not by our might, nor by our power
58:05 but by Thy Spirit
58:08 we will be able to withstand the storm.
58:14 Thank you so much for hearing our humble prayers.
58:17 For these things we ask in Jesus' name.
58:19 Amen.


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