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The Coming Super Storm

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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Dr. Dedrick Blue


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00:27 Hello, friends, welcome to the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:30 I like to welcome you to a Dare to Dream
00:33 Foundation of our Faith series featuring Dr. Dedrick Blue.
00:38 We'd like you to invite your family and your friends
00:41 and those who may be in your worship community
00:44 to sit down and enjoy
00:46 the impartation of the word of God
00:47 for the next hour.
00:49 We know that God has prepared a message for you
00:52 that will stir your heart and plant seeds for eternity.
00:57 Dr. Dedrick Blue has spent more than 30 years in ministry.
01:01 As a pastor, a teacher, college administrator
01:05 and he has a passion for urban ministry
01:07 dealing with affordable housing,
01:10 health and education disparities.
01:12 He is also the current dean
01:14 of the school of religion at Oakwood University,
01:18 and his message tonight is, "The Coming Super Storm."
01:22 You don't want to miss this message.
01:23 We know that God will bless tremendously.
01:26 We also have tonight
01:28 for this broadcast Chelauna Chin King.
01:32 She is the minister of music
01:34 that is going to bless your heart,
01:36 prepare the foundation
01:38 for the impartation of the word of God.
01:41 She comes from Stockbridge, Georgia,
01:44 and when I asked her, "What can I say about her."
01:46 She said, "Tell them I love Jesus,
01:49 and I love to sing."
01:51 After Chelauna ministers to us,
01:53 the very next voice that you will hear
01:55 will be that of Dr. Dedrick Blue.
02:15 In my moments
02:21 Of fear
02:23 Through every pain every tear
02:29 There's a God who's faithful
02:36 To me
02:40 When my strength is all gone
02:46 When my heart has no song
02:52 Even then, God is faithful
02:57 To me
03:02 Every word he's promised
03:09 Is true
03:13 What I thought was impossible
03:19 I've seen my God do
03:27 He's been faithful,
03:34 Faithful to me
03:41 Looking back
03:44 He's love and mercy I see
03:53 In my heart sometimes I questioned
03:59 Even failed to believe
04:04 But God is faithful
04:07 Faithful to me
04:23 When my heart looked away
04:30 The many times I could not pray
04:35 Even then, God was faithful
04:41 To me
04:45 Those days I spent so selfishly
04:52 Reaching out for what pleased me
04:58 Even then he was faithful
05:04 To me
05:09 Every time I come back
05:16 To him
05:20 He is there waiting with open arms
05:27 And I see once again
05:35 He's been faithful
05:42 Faithful to me
05:49 Looking back
05:52 His love and mercy I see
06:00 In my heart I have questioned
06:06 Even failed to believe
06:11 But God is faithful
06:14 Faithful
06:21 In my heart sometimes I questioned
06:27 Even failed to believe
06:32 But God is faithful, faithful
06:38 In my heart sometimes I questioned
06:44 Even failed to believe
06:51 Still God is faithful
06:55 Faithful
06:59 To me
07:08 He is so faithful
07:12 Faithful to you and me
07:29 Well, praise the Lord this evening.
07:31 Isn't it a wonderful thing that God is faithful?
07:34 I don't know about you, but I celebrate the fact
07:36 that God has been faithful to me.
07:39 If you stop, and think about your life,
07:41 and think about where you would be,
07:43 if it had not been for God in your life.
07:46 The only thing you can say is that God is faithful.
07:49 You have to praise God from whom all blessings flow
07:51 and thank Him every day.
07:54 Because there's nothing
07:55 that is guaranteed in this life,
07:56 absolutely nothing.
07:58 But the only thing that I can count on
08:00 is the fact that my God is faithful.
08:02 I love what the Bible says,
08:04 in Him there is no variableness,
08:05 neither shadow of turning.
08:07 That means that God is not wishy-washy,
08:09 He's not sometime he.
08:11 God doesn't wake up, and have a bad hair day
08:13 or roll out of the bad side of the bed.
08:15 God is consistent every day.
08:18 Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
08:21 Well, this evening,
08:22 I'm so pleased to be here with Dare to Dream.
08:25 And to be a part of this great and tremendous ministry.
08:28 And tonight, we want to begin talking about a subject
08:32 that I think is very, very important.
08:34 You know, oftentimes we don't talk enough
08:37 about the forces of evil
08:39 in which to expose them for what they are.
08:43 You know, we're often afraid
08:45 that if we talk about the devil,
08:47 then we're going to give glory to the devil.
08:50 But, you know, the old saying says,
08:52 "Speak of the devil and he shall appear."
08:55 So if you say something about him,
08:57 sometimes we just think that the devil will show up
09:00 simply because we have talked about him.
09:02 But you know it's kind of like having insurance policy.
09:04 Some people are afraid to get an insurance policy
09:07 because they think if they get the insurance policy,
09:09 they're going to die.
09:10 Right?
09:12 So it's the same thing with the devil.
09:13 We talk about the devil does not,
09:14 does not necessarily mean that he will have
09:17 this extraordinary power to show up.
09:20 The Bible does say this,
09:22 "That the devil is already with us.
09:24 He shows up whether we are ready for him or not."
09:27 That's why the Bible says, "Be sober and be vigilant,
09:31 because your adversary the devil walketh about
09:33 as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour."
09:37 Secondly, we often are afraid to talk about the subject
09:40 because we're afraid of sensationalism.
09:43 We've all seen television programs
09:45 when the televangelist comes out
09:47 and he takes his hand and rears back
09:49 and he flaps the person upside the head,
09:51 and the person falls back
09:53 into the arms of the waiting deacon.
09:55 And he says, "Oh, Spirit
09:56 of deaf dumb and blind come out."
09:57 We're afraid sometimes of sensationalism.
10:00 And so we steer away from the topic as well.
10:04 Sometimes also we may be a fear--
10:07 We may have a fear
10:08 of being linked to false movements.
10:11 There are often movements that appear to be liberating,
10:14 but actually are enslaving.
10:16 And we don't want to be involved in those.
10:18 And we also sometimes are afraid
10:19 that the occult will lead us into a cult fascination.
10:23 That simply by talking about the subject,
10:26 we will begin to go deep into their dark pathway.
10:29 But I'm here tonight to tell you
10:31 that there is no greater responsibility
10:32 that we have as Christians
10:34 than to pull back the curtains on the devil.
10:36 And to let the world see him for what he really is.
10:40 Unless you've been down the road
10:41 that I've been down
10:43 and seen the things that I've seen,
10:44 then you may not be able to understand
10:46 what I have said thus far.
10:47 But I hope that over these next three or four days,
10:51 we will be able to unpack this thing
10:54 to expose the devil
10:55 both in the church and out of the church.
10:58 To show you what he is doing
11:00 and the plan that he has for your life.
11:02 But to also let you know
11:04 that of a certainty that God is faithful.
11:07 That there is nothing that God cannot do.
11:09 There is no burden that God cannot lift.
11:11 And there is no chain that God cannot break.
11:14 Tonight, let's bow our heads
11:15 as we begin on this night's topic
11:18 entitled, "The Coming Global Super Storm."
11:21 Let's pray.
11:23 Our Father in heaven tonight,
11:25 we do want to thank You so very much
11:28 that we have a God who is above all things.
11:32 Yes, the devil has power, but you are the head
11:35 of all principalities and power.
11:38 Yes, there is evil in the world,
11:40 but you are the God who vanquishes evil.
11:43 Tonight, the Lord as we open Your word,
11:46 we ask and pray that You would open our hearts
11:48 to be receptive to the moving of Your Spirit.
11:51 Send your Spirit here
11:52 to give us light and to give us peace.
11:55 For those right now, we're sitting at home
11:57 there in the valley of the shadow of darkness,
11:59 Lord, send Your Spirit into their home right now,
12:01 in the name of Jesus.
12:03 Let Your angels surround them and stand with them.
12:06 And there as we open the word of God together,
12:09 may the words of my mouth
12:11 and the meditations of our hearts
12:13 be acceptable in thy sight.
12:16 Oh, Lord, You indeed are our strength and our redeemer
12:21 in Jesus' name amen, amen.
12:26 It was quite an unusual event.
12:32 I watched it on the TV weather.
12:38 As the storm began to move up the coasts,
12:41 merging with another storm and getting stronger.
12:46 For while they predicted
12:47 that the storm would bypass my area.
12:50 But then it became obvious
12:52 after a while that it would not.
12:54 It began to intensify
12:55 and I'm a kind of closet prepper kind of person,
12:59 so you know, I'm always
13:01 storing up food and water in the house,
13:03 and my wife is always making fun of me
13:05 because I have extra batteries
13:07 and those kind of things just in case
13:10 but, I got all my batteries together.
13:12 I went to the store and got some logs
13:14 for the fireplace and extra matches
13:16 because I was certain that it would not bypass us
13:19 and indeed it didn't.
13:21 Hurricane Sandy became a massive super storm,
13:25 one of the largest storms ever recorded
13:28 in human history.
13:30 And it made its way straight to where I was living in New York.
13:35 I won't forget that night
13:36 as the winds begin to howl and the trees begin to sway.
13:40 And that night, my wife, and children, and I
13:43 gathered in the basement of our house.
13:46 And all we can hear all night long
13:48 was the howling of winds
13:49 and the snapping of 50 and 60 foot trees
13:52 crashing around us.
13:54 And the bursts of explosions
13:56 as transformers begin to catch on fire.
14:00 It was worse than being in a tornado.
14:02 I've been through some tornadoes.
14:05 But this was worse, because it kept going on,
14:07 and on, and on for hours and for hours.
14:11 You know, the thing that really got me
14:13 about that storm was this.
14:16 If you ever know New Yorkers,
14:17 New Yorkers tend to be a little brash.
14:21 Just a little braggadocious
14:25 like nothing can touch a New Yorker.
14:28 But it was something to see that city underwater
14:31 and the city come to a standstill.
14:34 It was something to see the subway systems flooded
14:37 and cars floating down the street.
14:40 And the streets of New York empty
14:42 because they were impassable.
14:44 Was something to see the train systems screeched to a halt
14:48 because nobody could move,
14:49 because there had come
14:51 at the most unanticipated and unexpected time
14:55 a super storm for which the city was ill prepared.
15:00 Tonight, I've come to tell you
15:02 that there was going to come another super storm
15:04 and it is on the way.
15:06 Its scope is large.
15:09 Its winds are fierce.
15:12 But you won't hear about this super storm from Al Roker.
15:16 You will not see this super storm
15:18 on the weather channel.
15:20 But I will tell you tonight, I have peeped the forecast.
15:24 And I have seen its path.
15:27 And I'm not relying upon radar or satellite
15:31 to tell me where the storm is going to be.
15:34 I have a better forecasting system.
15:37 If I open the Word of God,
15:38 for the Bible says in 2 Peter 1:19,
15:44 "That we have a more sure word of prophecy
15:49 where you would do well to take heed."
15:53 You see, if you want to know what the future is.
15:55 You don't have to go to a tarot card,
15:57 or crystal ball,
15:59 or go to some dark room to let somebody read your palm.
16:02 If you want to find out what the future holds,
16:05 all you have to do is crack open the Word of God.
16:08 For the word of God is a light unto our feet
16:12 and our lamp unto our path.
16:14 I want to understand this,
16:15 Global Super Storm that's coming,
16:17 I need to go to the Word of God.
16:20 I read this Global Super Storm and I've found out what it was
16:24 in the Book of Revelation.
16:26 On Revelation 7:1-4,
16:31 the Bible says this,
16:34 "And after these things
16:37 I saw four angels
16:41 standing on the four corners of the earth,
16:46 holding the winds of the earth,
16:51 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
16:56 nor on the sea, nor on any tree.
17:01 And I saw another angel ascending from the earth,
17:05 from the east, having the seal of the living God:
17:09 and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels,
17:14 to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
17:16 Saying, Hurt not the earth,
17:20 neither the sea, nor the trees,
17:24 till we have sealed the servants of our God
17:29 in their foreheads."
17:32 The weather forecasts
17:34 of the coming Global Super Storm
17:37 here in the Book of Revelation.
17:38 To give us some background,
17:40 the Book of Revelation does contrast
17:42 that some major thing is about to happen.
17:46 The whole book is a set up
17:47 for the coming Global Super Storm.
17:50 There are forces at work that are opposing one another
17:53 as you read the Book of Revelation.
17:56 From the Book of Revelation, you see two things
17:58 that are contrast at one against the other.
18:01 They are opposite forces
18:02 like two different weather systems coming together,
18:06 they will be ultimately in conflict.
18:09 In the Book of Revelation you see Jesus, the Lamb of God,
18:13 but you also see the beast.
18:16 You see that the Lamb walks amongst the candlesticks
18:20 in the Book of Revelation.
18:21 Jesus walks among the churches.
18:24 But you also see the beast who walks among the nations.
18:29 The Book of Revelation, you see seven churches.
18:32 But in the Book of Revelation, you also see seven plagues.
18:36 In the Book of Revelation, you see
18:38 the New Jerusalem for the saints of God.
18:40 But then you also see ancient Babylon
18:43 that has fallen.
18:45 In the Book of Revelation,
18:46 you see a woman who is dressed in white,
18:49 who represents the church of the living God.
18:51 But also in the Book of Revelation,
18:53 you see a woman, who is dressed in scarlet
18:55 who represents an apostate church.
18:58 In the Book of Revelation,
18:59 you see that those who are victors
19:02 stand on the sea of glass.
19:04 But also in the Book of Revelation,
19:06 you see that those who are vanquished
19:08 are cast into the lake of fire.
19:10 In the Book of Revelation,
19:12 you see that those who are overcomers
19:14 receive the seal of the living God.
19:17 But you also see in the Book of Revelation,
19:20 that those who have not followed God
19:22 receive the mark of the beast.
19:25 You see in the Book of Revelation,
19:26 that there are those who follow the Lamb
19:28 whithersoever he goes and worship him.
19:31 But you also see in the Book of Revelation
19:33 there are those who follow the beast and worship him,
19:37 two opposing forces at conflict in this book.
19:42 There is no doubt about it that there is a war.
19:46 And it is real and it is unrelenting
19:49 and the two sides are clear.
19:51 It is a cosmic battle of the ages,
19:54 played out here on earth.
19:56 And here in the Book of Revelation,
19:57 these forces are lining up,
20:00 and we see the world that is divided into two camps.
20:04 We see angels, who are holding back the winds.
20:07 And we see those
20:09 who are about to receive the seal of the living God.
20:11 But we also see that those winds
20:13 are about to be let loose upon the people of God.
20:18 These winds it has been said represents war and strife.
20:22 When we read the Book of Daniel 7:2,
20:26 Daniel said, "I saw in my vision by night,
20:29 behold, the four winds of heaven
20:31 strove or fought on great sea."
20:35 We read from Bible prophecy that the sea represents people.
20:38 And so there are many
20:40 who have read this text and said,
20:41 "Oh, there's going to come a great geopolitical battle
20:44 at the end of time,
20:46 and there will be a great war upon this earth."
20:49 But I want to say to you tonight,
20:51 that this war is not just a war between nations.
20:54 It is not a battle between the United States and Russia.
20:58 It is not a global war on ISIS.
21:01 It is not that North Korea has launched a nuclear weapon
21:05 and has started World War III.
21:07 It is not because the Chinese economy has collapsed,
21:11 therefore sending us into global economic panic.
21:14 No, this war is against the Lamb of God.
21:18 It is a universal conflict against God
21:21 and against his saints.
21:23 It is the gathering together of forces
21:26 to do battle against God Almighty
21:28 and to attack His people.
21:31 You see, these winds are not just political winds, no.
21:34 These winds are also spiritual.
21:36 There is a spiritual turmoil that is at work.
21:40 Right now, we see these four angels,
21:43 who are standing on the four corners of the earth,
21:45 holding back the winds of this global conflagration.
21:49 They are the sentinels of God sent by God
21:52 to protect the people of God
21:55 during dark and troublest times.
21:57 And I thank God for,
22:00 because can you imagine what the world would be like--
22:04 if there were no protection from God.
22:07 If God would just let evil run amuck,
22:11 but the Bible does predict, that the day will come soon
22:14 when these angels will loose the winds
22:17 and the world will see
22:19 what the unrestrained power of Satan's reign looks like,
22:26 unbridled filth, uncontrolled passion,
22:29 unrestrained lust, and unpolished violence
22:32 and uncurtailed hatred.
22:36 Some believe that this day is far away.
22:41 They believe that somehow that man is evolving
22:44 and getting better and better overtime,
22:47 that we are involving into a higher state of being
22:50 and that our global consciousness is developing
22:52 that our collective will somehow ennoble us
22:55 that we are involving.
22:57 But they neglect to understand
23:00 that when you read Revelation 7.
23:03 The Bible tells us the world is not getting better,
23:05 it's getting worse.
23:07 And the only thing that is keeping this world
23:09 is the restraining power of God.
23:12 I believe
23:13 that what we are witnessing right now in this world
23:15 is the coming together of demonic forces
23:18 as they are preparing for the time
23:20 when they will be let loose to destroy the people of God.
23:23 And just like armies
23:25 began to gather their troops for battle,
23:27 so it is that Satan right now
23:29 is preparing his troops to destroy you,
23:33 waiting for the time when the winds are let loose,
23:36 so that he can wipe out the people of God.
23:40 I believe that what we are witnessing right now
23:42 in the United States of America and in many parts of the world
23:45 is the demonization of a culture.
23:50 The demonization of a culture.
23:52 You see, culture is one of those things
23:54 that is hard for us to see, it surrounds us,
23:57 it's all about us, it permeates us.
24:00 And we all have culture.
24:02 Like for example,
24:04 I happen to be an African-American.
24:06 I like my collard greens.
24:09 But some of my Jamaican friends they like their callaloo.
24:13 I've often been at dinner one time
24:15 and there were people
24:16 from one island or another island
24:18 and they were fighting over the dish.
24:21 Somebody said that the dish was peas and rice,
24:23 and somebody else said that
24:25 the dish was rice and peas, same stuff.
24:29 We all have a culture,
24:30 we can't really see our culture.
24:32 So one man's Kool-Aid another man's sorrow.
24:34 You know, we can't, we can't see our culture.
24:36 Our culture blinds us.
24:38 And so it is that right now, we are in a culture
24:42 that surrounds us, that permeates us,
24:45 and rather than us changing it, it has begun to change us.
24:52 Listen to this.
24:53 A Harris Poll was taken shortly before Christmas
24:56 over the last several years.
24:58 Over eight years and they found out
25:01 that from 2009 to 2013, listen to this
25:07 that believe in God
25:09 dropped from 82 percent to 74 percent in our culture.
25:15 Similar declines were seen in this belief
25:18 that Jesus is God
25:20 went from 72 percent to 68 percent.
25:22 Jesus resurrection, 70 percent to 65 percent,
25:27 life after death from 69 percent to 64 percent.
25:31 Hell from 62 percent to 58 percent
25:33 'cause see, people don't want to believe in hell.
25:37 They want to believe that heaven is here on earth,
25:38 they definitely don't want to believe in hell, right?
25:40 The virgin birth was dropped from 60 percent to 57 percent.
25:45 But that's only part of the story.
25:47 Those numbers dramatically increase
25:51 depending upon the age of the person
25:53 taking the survey.
25:54 So for example, those who were between the ages of 18 and 36,
26:01 their numbers were radically different.
26:04 For example, for example, the younger ones.
26:07 Their believe in the virgin birth
26:10 dropped all the way down to 48 percent, right.
26:14 And so, the older you become, the more faithful you are,
26:18 I guess because you're getting closer to the grave.
26:21 You know, the older I get, the more faithful I become too.
26:23 When you are young, I guess you live forever,
26:25 but it says something more as well,
26:27 as such it also says something
26:29 about the demonization of the culture,
26:31 that God has been squeezed out of our culture.
26:35 So among young people belief in ghost has gone up.
26:39 Belief in UFOs has climbed.
26:42 So that now, you have young people
26:44 who are standing on the back porch,
26:46 looking to the sky waiting for the mother ship
26:47 to come down to deliver them.
26:50 People are talking more and more
26:52 about alien encounters
26:53 and having been abducted by aliens.
26:56 I want to let you know tonight,
26:57 I don't believe in alien abduction,
26:59 I believe that Satan himself can appear
27:00 as an angel of light
27:02 and that's what people are seeing.
27:04 Belief in witchcraft has increased.
27:06 Belief in reincarnation has increased.
27:10 And so what it is that we are seeing
27:12 the demonization of our culture.
27:15 We are seeing the prepping of young minds
27:18 to take a side in this global conflict.
27:22 What we're seeing now is that
27:23 the dark knight rises that the force awakens,
27:26 that evil abounds and the darkness prevails.
27:30 We are seeing the demonization of our culture.
27:33 For the devil has come down with great wrath
27:35 knowing that he only has a short time.
27:39 I was talking to a young girl not so long ago
27:42 who told me a story that sort of disturbed me.
27:45 She was in a public school, and in her public school.
27:47 Of course, you're not allowed to pray in the public school.
27:50 Little did they know people are praying all the time
27:52 in the public school every time there's a test,
27:55 children are praying.
27:57 But she was told that she could not pray
27:59 in the classroom.
28:00 And yet, when it came time to study history
28:04 and the Salem witch trials,
28:07 the teacher took an exceptionally long time
28:09 to talk about witchcraft,
28:11 because the teacher was a witch.
28:14 You can't talk about God, but you could talk about Wicca.
28:17 I'm talking about the demonization of a culture.
28:20 So that now, God has been put on the back burner.
28:22 I say that these are the storm clouds
28:25 that are gathering for the great storm.
28:28 You know, I happen to be a study of pop culture
28:30 and so I often look at things like music.
28:33 And there's so much occult in our common music these days.
28:37 Young girl by the name of Kesha releases a song called,
28:40 "Dancing with the Devil."
28:42 And then, you have people who are appropriating
28:46 to themselves the name of God.
28:50 What I mean by that?
28:51 When I read my Bible in Exodus 3:7.
28:54 God comes to Moses, and Moses says to God,
28:58 said God, "Who are you?
28:59 Tell me who you are?"
29:01 And God says to Moses in Exodus 3:7.
29:04 "I am that I am.
29:08 Just tell them that I am sent you."
29:11 Well the name of God I am is so holy
29:15 that God says to us in the third commandment,
29:18 you shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
29:23 For God will not hold them guiltless
29:25 who takes his name in vain.
29:28 And yet, when you begin to study
29:31 what is going on right now in our culture
29:33 with popular music.
29:36 You have rap stars and pop artists,
29:38 who are taking the name of God in vain.
29:42 The pop artist Nas,
29:44 he releases an album called "I am."
29:46 Beyonce releases an album called, "I am."
29:50 Jay Z, pop mogul have the unmitigated audacity
29:56 to call himself Jehovah.
30:01 And Kanye West had the unmitigated call,
30:05 to call himself Jesus.
30:08 As a matter of fact, when Jay Z got ready
30:13 to his release his album in 2009,
30:15 he put out a t-shirt
30:18 and it was said, "The return of God."
30:21 Well, I've got news for you Mr. Jay Z.
30:24 You are not God.
30:25 You have a beginning and you have an end.
30:28 When I read my Bible, when I read about my God,
30:31 I read that before the beginning began,
30:33 He already was.
30:34 And when the ending comes to an end,
30:36 He will continue to be.
30:37 He is the great I am.
30:39 He is before all things and by Him all things consist.
30:43 He is the prime mover. He is the first cause.
30:46 He is the uncaused cause.
30:47 He is beginning of all things and all things exist in Him.
30:51 You gonna die Mr. Jay Z.
30:54 But He will continue to live forever and ever.
30:56 That's why in the Book of Revelation,
30:58 it says of Jesus that He is the one who was
31:03 and is and is to come
31:06 and yet pop music wants to take upon itself.
31:11 Let me tell you why this is happening.
31:13 Because the devil is simply
31:15 trying to prep the minds of the young.
31:19 Not to look at the eternal God, and the sovereign creator,
31:22 but rather to look inside in themselves.
31:25 It is the same lie that he gave to us
31:29 in the Garden of Eden when he says,
31:32 "If you eat of this fruit, you shall be like God."
31:35 Now, you have young people, I am God, I am,
31:38 will I am, will I am.
31:42 I'm talking about the demonization
31:43 of the culture.
31:45 And the storm clouds arising.
31:47 You know, have you watched television recently
31:50 and seen all the shows.
31:54 It's hard to watch.
31:56 There's a show on called Penny Dreadful,
31:59 it deals with witches and vampires and demons.
32:02 There was a show on called Carnival that was dark.
32:05 True detective, you know,
32:08 in which there's a mixture of witchcraft and voodoo
32:12 and all the rest of that, the show the leftovers
32:15 where some people got left behind.
32:17 But the ones who got left behind,
32:19 are better than the ones who were taken away.
32:23 A show called Salem and Constantine,
32:25 Believe or Haunting, right?
32:28 In 2013 was the year
32:31 that witches came out of the closet
32:33 with shows like American Horror Story.
32:36 The Witches of East End,
32:38 The Originals and Sleepy Hollow.
32:40 And not only that, during this past year,
32:42 there was something I never thought
32:44 I would see on television.
32:45 People declared
32:47 that there was going to be a live exorcism on television.
32:51 And so there was a big hype.
32:52 And of course, all that stuff always comes on Friday night.
32:55 It always comes on the Sabbath
32:57 when people should be at home praying and reading,
33:00 they're studying the Bible,
33:01 but instead the devil has people on Friday night,
33:04 instead of praying and serving God
33:06 on His Holy Sabbath day watching a live exorcism.
33:10 Make no bones about it.
33:11 Our culture is being demonized, and the storm clouds are rising
33:15 and the devil is not hiding it anymore.
33:19 There's a new show that just started last week
33:23 or couple of weeks ago entitled, "Lucifer."
33:28 "Lucifer."
33:30 And it's based on a character develop by Neil Gaiman, right.
33:34 And then, this, teleplay
33:37 Lucifer gets bored in hell.
33:41 And so, he decides to take a vacation in L.A.
33:47 Have you been to L.A? He decided to take a vacation.
33:51 Lucifer owns a nightclub called 'Lux'.
33:56 And he decides that he's going to team up
33:59 with a female police officer to punish the bad guys.
34:04 Because after all that's Lucifer's job
34:07 to punish bad guys, right?
34:10 Lucifer is played by a very handsome suave
34:13 and charming Welsh actor.
34:16 Women find him irresistible.
34:18 And men bow before him
34:21 because they cannot resist his alpha male power, right?
34:25 And he's cool in the show, Lucifer cool,
34:29 Lucifer drawers are convertible with a gangster lean, you know.
34:34 Lucifer is cool.
34:37 He's got--
34:38 He get stopped by the police,
34:40 and they put the handcuffs on him,
34:41 but he gets out of handcuffs 'cause Lucifer is just cool.
34:45 Lucifer is so cool that he goes to a house
34:48 where there is gangster rappers.
34:50 And the gangster rappers are so mesmerized
34:53 that they become un-cool in the presence of Lucifer,
34:56 because he is so cool.
34:58 He gets people to take bribes,
35:00 and gets people to admit their dirt.
35:03 Now, there's one thing that show did get right.
35:07 And that is that Lucifer is a beautiful being,
35:09 the Bible says in Ezekiel 28:12
35:12 "That he sealed up the sum of beauty,
35:14 he was full in wisdom and perfect in beauty."
35:16 Yeah, Lucifer is good looking, right.
35:20 He has the ability to appear to be anything
35:23 that he wants to be.
35:25 But what the show did not get right is that number one,
35:28 Lucifer never takes a vacation.
35:31 He is always working 24 hours a day.
35:35 Number two, the show didn't get right
35:36 that Lucifer is not in charge of hell.
35:40 Lucifer is down here on earth
35:43 and ultimately when he is destroyed,
35:45 fire comes down from heaven.
35:46 Lucifer does not control the fire.
35:49 Secondly, that humanity in the show is good
35:52 and Lucifer is bad.
35:54 But when you read your Bible, when you read your Bible,
35:57 all humanity is just as bad as Lucifer.
36:00 For all have sinned
36:01 and come short of the glory of God.
36:03 He has sinned and we have sinned.
36:06 And the Bible says, that there is none righteous,
36:09 no, not one.
36:12 Why does a devil put Lucifer out there,
36:14 because he wants us to believe
36:16 that that which is evil is good,
36:18 and that which is good is evil, he inverts the paradigm.
36:22 Bible reminds in the Book of Isaiah,
36:23 "Woe unto them that call good evil and call evil good."
36:26 They put light for darkness and darkness for light.
36:29 But yet, the devil would deceive us
36:31 in these last days
36:33 as he preps the Global Super Storm,
36:35 the demonization of a culture.
36:38 Have you seen all the zombie shows on television?
36:40 Man, the zombie show is everywhere.
36:43 The walking dead, the living dead,
36:45 that this dead, that dead.
36:48 But what I find interesting about this,
36:50 how the devil messes with our minds and preps us.
36:53 You know, zombies are called the living dead.
36:56 But when I read my Bible and in Ecclesiastes 9:5
37:00 the Bible says, "But the living know
37:03 that they shall die,
37:05 but the dead don't know anything."
37:06 There aren't any living dead, right?
37:10 Zombies in these TV shows
37:13 are described as coming back to life
37:16 as a result of some virus that infects them.
37:18 They got some virus and then they go around,
37:20 they bite somebody, and they bite that person,
37:22 that person gets the virus and they die,
37:24 and they come back to life.
37:25 So in the teleplays,
37:27 the zombies come back to life as a result of a virus.
37:32 But when I read my Bible, my Bible say,
37:34 "That if the dead come back to life,
37:36 it's not because of a virus.
37:38 When the dead come back to life,
37:40 it's because of the power of the living God.
37:43 It's because the Lord Himself descends from heaven
37:45 with the voice of the archangel,
37:47 with the trump of God
37:48 and the dead rise at the voice of God."
37:50 It is not some inanimate virus
37:53 that brings the dead back to life.
37:55 It is the will of God.
37:57 We are healed, and restored,
37:59 and redeemed by the blood of a Lamb.
38:02 But notice what the devil does.
38:04 He inverts the paradigm,
38:07 so that the infected blood of the zombie
38:10 brings back to life,
38:12 rather than the blood of Jesus Christ.
38:14 The devil is doing nothing
38:15 but prepping the minds of the young people
38:18 to be confused in these last days.
38:20 I'm here to tell you tonight
38:22 that we are facing the demonization of a culture,
38:26 the demonization of our entire culture.
38:29 Bible let us know this "That the day will come
38:32 when darkness shall covered the earth
38:35 and gross darkness the people."
38:39 The clouds will thicken so heavily
38:43 that people will not be able to tell right from wrong
38:46 or good from bad.
38:49 That's where we are now.
38:51 But I also read in that same verse.
38:54 "That when that comes that the glory of the Lord,
38:59 will be seen upon his people."
39:03 Yes, there's darkness, but there is also light.
39:07 Yes, there's evil, but there's also good.
39:11 Yes, there's a beast, but there's also the lamb.
39:14 Yes, there's the false church,
39:16 but there's also the real church.
39:18 Yes, there are those who go to the lake of fire,
39:20 but there will also be those who stand on the sea of glass.
39:24 Yes, there will be a global conflict,
39:26 but somebody will come out.
39:29 How do I know?
39:30 Because I read Revelation 7: 1-3 And it says,
39:34 "After these things I saw four angels,
39:39 standing on the four corners of the earth,
39:41 holding back the winds of strife
39:43 saying hurt not my people,
39:46 until they are sealed in their foreheads."
39:49 Somebody got to say hallelujah to that.
39:51 You see, yes, well the darkness assembles itself.
39:54 God's people are protected
39:57 by the power of an Almighty God.
40:00 He holds back the devil.
40:02 He lets him go this far but no further.
40:05 Just think of where you would be,
40:07 if God let those winds
40:09 just slip through the fingers of the angels.
40:12 Man, I'm telling you something.
40:14 My life is hard now as it is already.
40:17 I cannot imagine what my life would be like
40:20 if the devil had full sway at my life.
40:24 You know, you wake up one day
40:25 and you just have with these bad days
40:27 when nothing goes right, you know.
40:29 Car didn't work, you know. Your back didn't work.
40:33 Nothing seems to work, right.
40:36 Everywhere you go,
40:37 you're surrounded by darkness and evil.
40:39 And you just feel like evil is closing on,
40:41 those are hard days.
40:42 But I can imagine what it would be like
40:44 when evil is unrestraint.
40:48 I remember,
40:50 I was in the New York City subway one day,
40:53 and I was going to mind my own business.
40:55 I'm waiting for a train
40:57 that was to take me to my church
40:58 in New York City subway.
40:59 And there was a man who was sitting on a bench
41:02 down at the other end of the platform.
41:04 And he was sitting there rocking, rocking,
41:05 just rocking and cursing to himself,
41:07 just cursing to himself.
41:10 And then all of a sudden as I stood on the platform,
41:11 he turned and he looked at me,
41:13 there were many people between him and I,
41:15 but he just turned and looked directly at me.
41:18 And he started cursing.
41:20 He didn't cursed at any of the other 15 or 20 people
41:23 between him and me.
41:24 He only started cursing at me.
41:27 And then he got up, and started walking toward me,
41:31 cursing at me, as though he wanted to kill me.
41:34 Now, I'm a city boy,
41:36 my first reaction was to jump into my karate stance.
41:39 You know, James Brown said, James Brown said,
41:41 "I don't know karate, but I know Karazy."
41:43 My first reaction was to jump
41:47 and I was going to defend myself,
41:49 until the Lord whispered in my ear
41:52 and reminded me
41:54 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood
41:58 but against principalities and against powers.
42:01 That what I was experiencing was just a foretaste
42:05 of what will happen when the winds are loosed.
42:07 And so, instead of jumping into my stance about my head
42:12 and I whispered a prayer.
42:13 And I said, "In the name of Jesus,
42:17 Lord, shut that demon up.
42:19 Back that demon down and make him go back
42:22 and sit in the seat."
42:24 And immediately when I prayed that prayer
42:25 that man stopped in his tracks, shut his mouth,
42:28 he literally walked backwards, turn around,
42:31 sat back on that chair, and bowed his head
42:34 and never said another word.
42:37 Because right now,
42:39 the Lord is holding back those winds.
42:41 He has his protection upon the people of God.
42:44 But the Bible also that says
42:46 no that when the winds finally get loose,
42:50 I still don't have to worry.
42:52 You know why?
42:53 Because the Bible says that we will be protected
42:56 if we have the seal of the living God.
43:00 When God puts a stamp on you.
43:02 When He puts His approval on you,
43:04 then you don't have to fear the enemy anymore.
43:06 You can walk in boldness, and walk in faith,
43:09 and there will be a time when your faith will be tested.
43:12 But you can go through the storm
43:14 as long as you have Jesus in your life.
43:16 The storm hasn't happened yet, but it's about to get worse.
43:21 Let me just conclude by telling you
43:22 just a couple of short stories if I may.
43:25 You know, two stories about getting on a plane.
43:29 One time I was supposed to take a plane overseas.
43:31 And I went to the airport.
43:33 Sat down, I got there early,
43:35 because I didn't want to miss my plane.
43:37 You know, my wife is telling me,
43:38 I'm always late for everything.
43:40 She says, "You're gonna be late for your own funeral."
43:42 And I say, "Well, if I'm gonna be late
43:43 for my own funeral then maybe that means I didn't die."
43:47 So, so anyway, I get to the airport,
43:49 I'm there early this time.
43:51 I'm going to prove my wife wrong.
43:52 I'm there, I'm there early.
43:54 So I'm sitting there, and I'm waiting for the plane,
43:56 I'm waiting for the plane.
43:57 I'm checking my watch and I'm waiting for the plane.
43:59 I'm at the gate waiting for the plane.
44:01 And then I noticed
44:03 that the time had passed for the plane to leave.
44:06 So I got up, and I slowly went over to the desk
44:10 and I said to the, I said to the ticket agent,
44:12 I said excuse me.
44:13 When is this plane going to leave?
44:15 The ticket agent, she said, the plane is already left.
44:19 I said what do you mean the plane has left.
44:21 I mean, I was sitting here
44:22 waiting for you to call the flight.
44:24 The ticket agent said, I called the flight,
44:27 but I didn't hear it.
44:29 But I called the flight, what's your name?
44:30 I said, Mr. Blue. She said, Mr. Blue.
44:32 I called you several times. But you didn't respond.
44:39 The plane is now gone
44:42 and Mr. Blue you have missed the plane."
44:45 Let me tell you something.
44:47 The Global Super Storm begins to gather.
44:50 And the storm begins to gather up energy and steam.
44:55 God is calling a people.
44:59 He is calling you right now.
45:01 He is saying to you and He is saying to me.
45:04 You need to get on board
45:06 before this flight leaves without you.
45:08 But there will come a time, when he will walk out and say,
45:12 it is finished.
45:14 "He that is filthy, let him be filthy still
45:16 and he that is holy, let him be holy still."
45:19 There will be a time when probation will end
45:23 and Jesus will come.
45:26 But right now, He is calling to His people.
45:30 The question is, do you hear the call?
45:34 You see, it was amazing to me,
45:36 I was sitting right there in the airport.
45:40 And everyone around me heard the call except for me.
45:46 Perhaps, if this gospel be hid,
45:51 it is hid to them who are lost.
45:54 Where the God of this world has blinded the minds of them,
45:58 lest they should see and hear and come to repentance.
46:03 Maybe God is calling but you're not hearing.
46:06 That's why Jesus says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock."
46:10 If any man hear and open the door,
46:15 I'll come in.
46:18 But if you're not hearing then maybe this is your chance
46:20 and your opportunity to hear the voice of God
46:24 before the Super Storm.
46:27 I'll tell you another story.
46:28 Another story about being in airport.
46:31 One day I got to the airport being typical me
46:34 and I was late.
46:36 Just being myself late. So I get to the airport.
46:40 And I said to myself, okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna,
46:43 I'm just gonna take, take this stuff on carry on
46:46 and I get to the desk and they says,
46:48 "You can't carry the stuff on with you.
46:50 You have too much stuff."
46:52 When my wife would drop me off, and she was already gone
46:54 and I had all the stuff with me.
46:55 So she says, "Well, maybe you can take this
46:57 out of one bag and put in another bag."
46:59 And I went ran down, and bought another bag
47:01 and tried to switch things out, but it still wasn't working.
47:04 I got on the phone, called my wife.
47:06 She had already left the airport,
47:07 she came rushing back to the airport.
47:08 She took half of my stuff and throw in trunk in her car.
47:11 And now, I go back to the ticket agent.
47:14 And she says, "Okay, now you can get on.
47:15 Now, it's okay for you to go through security."
47:17 I go through security,
47:19 it's the longest line in the world.
47:21 You ever go to security? It's the longest line.
47:24 The TSA people, they are patting down the low waist.
47:26 I said they already does not have a bomb,
47:29 she does not have a bomb, right.
47:31 You know, they're looking up at little kids' pants.
47:33 I'm saying, please I'm going to miss my plane,
47:35 I'm gonna miss my plane.
47:36 I went, said, "Excuse me sir, excuse me sir,
47:38 can I just jump the line, I'm gonna miss my plane."
47:40 "Get back inline."
47:41 I guess, by asking the question,
47:42 I look like a terrorist, I don't know.
47:44 I was, I was terrified so I got in line.
47:47 And I finally got through.
47:50 Now, it's about five minutes
47:53 before my plane is supposed to depart.
47:55 And it's way, way down at other end of airport.
48:00 I have all these bags in my hand
48:01 and they are heavy.
48:03 And I'm running to the airport,
48:04 huffing and puffing and carrying.
48:06 Sweat is dripping from my face.
48:08 I look like a madman.
48:09 I look like perhaps, I'm demon possessing myself.
48:12 I'm trying to get to my plane on time.
48:15 I hear them calling on the loudspeaker.
48:17 This is the final boarding call
48:19 for flight number so and so and so.
48:21 And I pick up my pace.
48:23 People start moving out my way, right.
48:25 I said, excuse me, excuse me, I'm running through the airport
48:27 like a superstar like Usain Bolt, right?
48:30 And finally, I can see the gate inside.
48:34 There's nobody there but the agent.
48:36 The agent has her hand on the door
48:39 and she's getting ready to close that door.
48:41 For once, she closes that door, I am forever locked out.
48:46 And as she had her hand on the door to close the door,
48:49 I run up to her, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, it's me,
48:52 I'm supposed to be on that plane."
48:56 She says, "Are you Mr. Blue? I said, "Yes, I am."
48:59 She said, "Mr. Blue,
49:00 if you have gotten here 20 seconds later,
49:02 once I close that door, you could not get on this plane.
49:05 But because you got here 20 seconds early,
49:07 then Mr. Blue the door is still open.
49:10 And you can still get on the plane."
49:12 I want to let you know tonight, that the door is still open.
49:16 The door of salvation is still open.
49:18 And you can still get in,
49:20 before the Global Super Storm comes and evil arises.
49:24 Listen, you can still make it in.
49:27 God has opened the way,
49:29 and made it possible through the blood of Jesus Christ.
49:32 The door was open on Calvary, when Jesus died.
49:36 The devil said, "Close the door on salvation."
49:39 If you are be the God,
49:40 come down off of that cross right now.
49:43 They don't deserve salvation.
49:45 They deserve to be caught in the storm and to die.
49:48 But Jesus would not close the door of salvation,
49:52 instead He hung on that cross,
49:54 holding back the winds of evil long enough
49:58 to say, "Father, forgive them
50:00 for they know not what they do."
50:03 Then he went down into the grave.
50:05 And the devil said, "You need to stay in the grave."
50:07 But Jesus said, "Oh, no, no, no, I'm coming up.
50:10 So that I can open a door, and be the first fruits.
50:13 I will be the new and living way
50:15 to make a way for all who want
50:17 and need eternal salvation."
50:20 And now, the door is still open.
50:24 Jesus still is there, holding the devil back
50:29 and keeping the door open long enough for you.
50:33 You might be at home right now,
50:37 thinking to yourself
50:38 that you've gone too far in your sin.
50:43 That maybe you're too steeped in your iniquity.
50:47 Maybe God can't forgive you,
50:51 but I want to let you know tonight.
50:52 There is no burden that God cannot lift.
50:57 There is no sin that God cannot forgive.
51:01 There is no chain that God cannot break.
51:06 And if you will but give Him the chance today,
51:11 the door is still open.
51:13 I know it might seem a little strange
51:15 if you're sitting at home right now
51:17 watching the television to say,
51:19 "Well, okay, I'll give my heart to Jesus."
51:23 But let me tell you something about our God.
51:26 Our God is where you are. He never leaves you.
51:30 He never forsakes you.
51:31 If you're at home right now, God is there with you.
51:37 The angels are there with you.
51:40 They are surrounding you
51:41 and protecting you from harm and from evil.
51:46 And tonight, if you will but give Him the chance,
51:51 when the storms arise and the winds blow.
51:54 Under His wings, you'll find safety and security.
51:59 Won't you pray with me right now,
52:01 as we call upon Him?
52:03 Our Father in heaven, indeed all around us,
52:07 our culture is getting dark and demonic.
52:11 There are things around us that are prepping our minds
52:14 telling us that we need to believe in the paranormal
52:18 and the supernatural
52:20 rather than in the super power of an Almighty God.
52:24 There are perversions that are taking place right now.
52:28 Perversions of eternal truths,
52:30 where the devil takes the truth of God
52:32 and twisted into a lie.
52:35 Then there, Lord,
52:36 there are times when evil stalks us,
52:39 which seek to attack us
52:41 as the man tried to attack me on that train.
52:44 But tonight, in the name of Jesus'
52:47 we rebuke the devil in Jesus' name.
52:50 Tonight, in the name of Jesus,
52:52 we stand behind the protection of our God,
52:55 who is holding back the winds.
52:57 Lord, right now, hold those winds back
53:00 in somebody's life tonight.
53:03 Hold them back tonight there, Lord,
53:05 and do not allow the enemy to have his way.
53:08 Instead that, Lord,
53:10 we will make it through the open door safety.
53:12 For we ask these blessings, and give these thanks
53:17 in the name of our God who is faithful, amen.
53:21 Amen.
53:29 Can you say amen again? Amen.
53:31 Praise the Lord. The Coming Super Storm.
53:35 Thank you so much Dr. Dedrick Blue,
53:38 for that message
53:39 I want to invite our presenter tonight to come out again.
53:42 Dr. Blue, would you join me
53:43 for a brief moment here this evening.
53:46 And I want to thank you for that challenging message.
53:50 Praise the Lord for that. Thank you, sir.
53:53 I like you to those who are listening to the program,
53:56 and watching the program.
53:57 Give us a little bit more insight as in our world today.
54:01 What do you see in more specifics
54:04 is a part of the Coming Storm,
54:05 and how would you say that will affect the Christian church?
54:08 I know, you pointed out some significant things,
54:10 but there is a political climate,
54:11 there is a social climate,
54:13 so many things and based on your resume,
54:15 and some of the other things that are part of your passion.
54:17 Tell us how you see the Coming Storm
54:19 impacting those areas?
54:20 Well, we have to always understand
54:23 that the devil does not just move on one front.
54:26 Like a wise general, he attacks on many fronts.
54:29 And so he has many flanks through which he attacks.
54:33 When we look at the Bible, we see the Bible as--
54:36 We see the Bible and the Bible presents the world as a fallen,
54:39 as a fallen world, as a fallen state.
54:42 And that everything in this world
54:45 is polluted and tainted by sin.
54:47 So that means that the devil does work through politics.
54:50 That does mean that the devil works through economics.
54:53 Like for example,
54:54 let's take a look at economics just for a moment.
54:56 You know, while we stole the fact
54:58 that there are rich people in this world
55:00 and most people say, "I don't want to be rich,
55:02 I just want to be comfortable."
55:05 That's a facade in many cases.
55:06 Yes, that's usually a facade,
55:07 but let's just be honest about this, right.
55:10 When you have,
55:12 when you have two percent of the world's population,
55:14 controlling 50 percent of the wealth, right,
55:17 that's an inequity that one would probably have to say
55:20 is not of God, right.
55:22 That, that's evil. That's true.
55:25 When you see, when you see the political movements
55:27 that are transpiring right now in the world,
55:31 and there are many things I guess I could say.
55:33 But we need to watch what is transpiring
55:36 in the Middle East carefully.
55:38 Because there are things
55:39 that are happening there right now,
55:40 where the devil is marshalling his forces.
55:43 And is not necessarily in the way
55:45 that most of Christendom has interpreted it.
55:48 Right.
55:49 For example...
55:54 Based upon a false theology of dispensationalism.
56:01 There are those who believe
56:03 that it's America's responsibility
56:07 to protect Israel.
56:09 That's true. And Israel is a great country.
56:12 Israel does have a right to exist.
56:14 Let me, let me say that.
56:16 But I will say this,
56:17 that many evangelicals have misread the Bible
56:20 by thinking that the Israel nation is the same Israel
56:23 that you find listed in the Bible.
56:27 This is, this is, this modern Israel is a modern nation,
56:30 that's not God's Israel of old.
56:31 Because the church now becomes the new Israel,
56:34 we are Abraham seed, right?
56:35 That's right, that's right.
56:36 And heirs according to the promise.
56:38 So now, we have national policy, right,
56:41 of war that is set up to protect something
56:45 based upon a false ideology and a false religious notion,
56:49 so the devil works on many different fronts.
56:51 That's true instead of a literal interpretation,
56:53 that's a spiritual interpretation.
56:54 As you know, the name Israel came into being
56:57 as an overcomer,
56:58 one who wrestled with God and prevailed.
57:00 And so truly, the landscape in America
57:02 and around the world quite a bit of the focus
57:05 is on Israel in that particular way.
57:07 You talked about disparity.
57:08 And as we look at the topics,
57:10 that are coming like for example Holy Laughter.
57:13 I want to encourage those of you
57:14 that have tuned in tonight.
57:16 That this is a topic you don't want to miss
57:18 as we are thanking Dr. Blue for the message tonight.
57:21 Thank you so very much.
57:22 We know that God is going to bless him,
57:23 as he presents another message,
57:25 so stay tuned for the broadcast
57:27 that will come to bless your heart.
57:29 God bless you until we see you again.


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