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00:21 Hello, friends, Welcome to the 3ABN worship center.
00:24 My name is John Lomacang and I would like to welcome you
00:27 to Foundation of Our Faith.
00:29 And the featured speaker is Dr. Dedrick Blue.
00:33 Now if you're tuning in for the first time
00:35 you missed a power packed message
00:37 last evening entitled, "The Coming Super Storm."
00:40 But I looked at the title of tonight's message
00:42 and my mind is spiked.
00:44 I'm very aware that I want to know,
00:46 what he has to preach about.
00:48 It is entitled, "Holy Laughter."
00:50 What a title.
00:52 That surely would peak your interest.
00:54 Dr. Dedrick Blue is a man of experience,
00:57 30 years of ministry.
00:59 Also, he has been a pastor, a teacher,
01:02 college administrator,
01:03 and he has a passion for urban ministry
01:06 dealing with affordable housing health
01:09 and educational disparities.
01:11 He is currently the Dean of the School of Religion
01:14 at Oakwood University.
01:16 He is a native of Boston, Massachusetts
01:18 and a man of experience.
01:20 If you've been married 33 years and have three grown children
01:24 and a lovely wife you have some experience
01:27 that surely has enhanced your walk with the Lord.
01:30 Invite your family and friends right now to stay tuned
01:33 for this message that I know
01:34 will surely stir your heart.
01:38 Also, our minister of music is a young lady
01:40 by the name of Che Chin King.
01:43 I was blessed last night
01:44 when I had a chance to meet her.
01:46 I said, "What can I say to the people about you?"
01:49 she said, "Well, tell them
01:50 I love Jesus and I love to sing."
01:53 And tonight you'll see that, that is very true,
01:56 God has gifted her
01:57 with a wonderful instrument of music and ministry.
02:01 She's also married
02:02 with two lovely children and her husband.
02:04 They're here tonight.
02:05 We've had a privilege to meet them
02:07 and I know that you're gonna be blessed.
02:09 She's from Stockbridge, Georgia
02:12 and if you'd like to find out more about her ministry,
02:14 you can go to
02:18 and be blessed by what the Lord has in store for you.
02:21 But after she ministers to us, the very next voice that
02:25 you'll hear will be that of Dr. Dedrick Blue.
02:43 O Lord my God
02:50 When I in awesome wonder
02:57 Consider all the worlds
03:03 Thy hands have made
03:10 I see the stars
03:17 I hear the rolling thunder
03:23 Thy power throughout
03:28 The universe displayed
03:36 Then sings my soul
03:41 My Savior, God, to Thee
03:48 How great Thou art
03:54 How great Thou art
04:01 Then sings my soul
04:05 My Savior God, to Thee
04:13 How great thou art
04:18 How great thou art
04:31 And when I think
04:37 That God, His Son not sparing
04:43 Sent Him to die
04:48 I scarce can take it in
04:56 That on the Cross
05:03 My burden gladly bearing
05:09 He bled and died
05:13 To take away our sin
05:29 When Christ shall come
05:33 With shout of acclamation
05:36 And take me home
05:38 What joy shall fill my heart
05:44 Then I shall bow
05:51 In humble adoration
05:59 And then proclaim
06:03 "My God, how great Thou art"
06:12 Then sings my soul
06:17 My Savior, God, to Thee
06:25 How great thou art
06:32 How great thou art
06:38 Then sings my soul
06:44 My Savior, God, to Thee
06:52 How great thou art
06:58 How great thou art
07:05 How great Thou art
07:10 How great Thou art
07:22 How great Thou art
07:45 Well, I hope that tonight
07:46 you have been blessed by the ministry of sister King.
07:50 You know, I can hardly wait till I get to heaven
07:53 when perhaps I'll be able to sing.
07:56 Maybe, not in a soprano,
07:57 at least I hope not in a soprano.
07:59 But we surely do think that God is a great God.
08:04 You know, someone said to me the other day.
08:06 They said, "You know, God is good."
08:09 And you know, people often say God is good all the time
08:11 and all the time that God is good.
08:13 Well, someone said to me the other day,
08:14 they said, "No, no, no."
08:16 They said, "Chicken is good, God is great."
08:20 God is great, amen.
08:23 How great Thou art.
08:26 The Lord is superlative.
08:28 I don't think that we can adequately
08:31 describe him in words.
08:34 He is greater than our greatest
08:35 and our highest thoughts.
08:38 He is more sublime than our loftiest ideals.
08:42 How great he is.
08:45 If I were to live a thousand years
08:47 or maybe even a million years,
08:49 even then I could not begin to capture
08:53 the essence of who God is.
08:56 That's why I'm looking forward to eternity.
08:58 For when I get to eternity,
09:00 I shall never ever be able to exhaust
09:03 my exhaustless God.
09:05 You know, tonight I'm so happy to be here
09:07 with you once again.
09:09 And as we begin to open the Bible once again,
09:12 you know, there are so many things
09:13 that we talked about last night.
09:16 For example, we said last night
09:19 that there are two forces at work in the world,
09:21 the forces of God and the forces of Satan.
09:25 And therefore every good thing that God has,
09:29 Satan also has a counterfeit isn't that right?
09:33 In the Book of Revelation, for example,
09:35 we see that Jesus is the lamb and Satan is the beast.
09:40 We see God's true church as a woman dressed in white
09:44 and then we see the false church,
09:46 as a woman dressed in red.
09:48 In The Book of Revelation we see the New Jerusalem
09:51 but we also see Modern Babylon which is fallen.
09:54 We see the sea of glass
09:57 but we also see the lake of fire.
10:00 But also in the Book of Revelation
10:02 we see the seal of the living God
10:05 and we also see the mark of the beast.
10:08 So it is as we said last night that God is preparing a world
10:14 that is divided into two classes of people
10:17 for the final conflict
10:19 that is about to transpire on the earth.
10:21 And the winds are already beginning to blow.
10:25 Last night, we talked about the rise
10:26 of the demonic culture.
10:28 And how the Satanic winds are gathering,
10:31 but God is keeping those winds back long enough
10:36 so that the people of God might be sealed
10:39 in their foreheads amen.
10:41 And so, last night
10:43 we also said something about the work of devil
10:45 in the entertainment industry and how he works in television.
10:49 And it's easy to see how the devil works
10:51 if we look at if we look at ghoos--
10:53 I mean ghosts and ghouls and goblins and zombies.
10:56 But I've a question for you.
10:59 What if the devil were to try to work in a different way?
11:04 You know, when I was a teenager,
11:06 I had a friend who was a real, live,
11:10 honest-to-goodness wedding crasher.
11:12 I said I had a friend who did this.
11:14 I didn't say I was with him. I'm not going to admit that.
11:16 But I had a friend who was a wedding crasher.
11:21 He would get dressed up
11:23 and he would go to the receptions
11:24 of people that he didn't know.
11:27 So that he could eat their food
11:29 and drink their drink and take their women.
11:34 Now, he was an interesting fellow
11:36 because he dressed the way that they dressed.
11:40 He mimicked the way that they spoke.
11:43 When they kissed Aunt Meme,
11:45 he kissed Aunt Meme.
11:47 But he was a fake, a fraud, a liar,
11:51 a deceiver and an interloper.
11:53 He had snuck through the door
11:55 for the purposes not for upholding
11:58 but for the purposes of destroying.
12:01 Listen to this quote by a Christian author,
12:03 this is interesting.
12:05 She says this about the real crasher,
12:08 the wedding crasher Satan.
12:09 She says, "The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work,
12:15 and before the time for such a movement shall come,
12:19 he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit.
12:27 In those churches
12:28 which he can bring under his deceptive power
12:32 he will make it appear that God's special blessing
12:36 is being poured out, there will be manifest
12:41 what is thought to be a great religious interest."
12:47 This evening's message is entitled, "Holy Laughter."
12:51 Holy laughter, bow your heads with me please.
12:54 Father in heaven, tonight,
12:55 as we open the word of God once again,
12:57 we are not so haughty as to believe
13:00 that we can understand this word
13:01 without divine assistance.
13:04 And so Lord, tonight we do not come in here
13:06 with our own human intellect,
13:07 rather we invite the spirit of the living God to come here
13:11 and to lead us and to guide us into all truth.
13:15 I'm just a feeble man, Lord,
13:16 but take this feeble instrument.
13:19 May the words of my mouth
13:21 and the meditations of our hearts,
13:23 Lord, be acceptable in Thy sight.
13:25 O Lord, our strength
13:26 and our redeemer in Jesus name, amen.
13:29 Holy laughter.
13:31 Our text for this evening comes from the Book of Revelation.
13:34 Revelation Chapter 13, Revelation Chapter 13:11, 14.
13:40 Revelation Chapter 13: 11, 14.
13:44 And the word of God says this,
13:48 "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth;
13:53 and he had two horns like a lamb,
13:56 and spake as a dragon."
14:00 Notice, horns like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon,
14:06 a counterfeit.
14:08 "He exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him,
14:11 and causeth the earth
14:13 and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast,
14:18 whose deadly wound was healed.
14:21 And he doeth great wonders,
14:25 so that he maketh fire come down
14:29 from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
14:33 and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth
14:37 by the means of those miracles
14:40 which he had power to do in the sight of the beast;
14:44 saying to them that dwell on the earth,
14:46 that they should make an image to the beast,
14:48 which had the wound by a sword, and did live."
14:53 Holy laughter, it's coming, the forecasts warn.
14:59 You see, I was new to California
15:02 and had not been in California very long
15:04 and so when they talked about
15:06 wildfires in the Santa Ana winds,
15:09 I did not know what they were talking about.
15:10 All I know is that it had not rained
15:13 for several months in California.
15:16 All the grass was dried up no matter
15:18 how often I watered it and the ground was cracked.
15:23 And no matter what I did, I was always thirsty
15:25 but I couldn't turn on the faucet
15:27 because the city was handing out fines
15:29 for too much water usage.
15:31 They were telling everybody,
15:33 "You can only take a three-minute shower."
15:36 I'm only getting warmed up in three minutes, you know.
15:39 But that's how it was in California.
15:40 So when the Newscaster came on and said,
15:44 "You must be concerned because there are wildfires
15:47 that are loose in Southern California."
15:49 I paid it no mind.
15:51 When I went out my door, I looked up into the mountains
15:53 and you could see that the mountains were smoldering.
15:56 They were on fire and then the fire began
15:59 to creep down the mountain side,
16:01 down toward the valleys.
16:03 And the weather came on and the newsflash said,
16:05 "You must evacuate your homes if you were in this area."
16:09 Well, some people stubbornly refused to evacuate.
16:14 And unfortunately when people refused to evacuate
16:17 some will lose their lives.
16:20 They heard the forecasts of the coming fire
16:23 but they did not take note of it.
16:27 Well, when I read my Bible in Revelation 13,
16:30 there was another storm that is brewing on the horizon.
16:32 This time it's not driven by the Santa Ana winds
16:36 but it's driven by every wind of false doctrine.
16:40 The Bible says and warns us, that we need to get ready,
16:44 to get prepared, it is coming
16:47 and just like a California brush fire
16:50 that swept up everything in its path,
16:53 so it is that this fire of false doctrine
16:56 will sweep up everything in its path as well.
17:00 You're not going to hear about this fire on CNN
17:04 or from Al Roker but from John the Revelator.
17:07 For he checks out the forecast in Revelation Chapter 13
17:11 and he says, he says this, "That there will come a time,
17:16 when there will be a power.
17:18 That will do great wonders so that He makes fire,
17:26 come down from heaven
17:29 on the earth in the sight of men."
17:32 He makes fire come down
17:36 from heaven on earth in the sight of men.
17:40 But in order for us to understand
17:41 what this means,
17:43 we must first understand what fire represents
17:46 in the Word of God.
17:48 For fire is often associated with God.
17:52 In Exodus Chapter 3:2,
17:54 you remember that Moses found himself
17:57 at the burning bush, and he says there,
17:59 "That the angel of the Lord appeared unto Moses
18:03 in the flame of fire out of the midst of a bush
18:06 and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire,
18:10 and the bush was not consumed."
18:13 Here, fire in this text,
18:15 is associated with the holiness of God.
18:18 When Moses saw the bush, God said,
18:21 "Moses, don't even come here.
18:23 Take your shoes off your feet,
18:25 for you're about to stand on Holy Ground."
18:28 This fire represents
18:29 the holiness of God in this text.
18:32 As the children of Israel
18:34 were being led through the wilderness,
18:35 Exodus Chapter 13:21 says this,
18:40 "And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud,
18:45 and led them the way
18:48 and by night by a pillar of fire,
18:52 to give them light, to go by day and night."
18:56 In this particular text the pillar of fire
19:00 is emblematic of God's presence and his protection.
19:04 Oh, I'm so glad that when I step out of my door
19:07 in the day, right?
19:08 I believed He is a pillar of fire
19:10 and a pillar of cloud would be,
19:11 that I have the protection of God.
19:13 You know, I have lived in some dangerous places.
19:15 I don't know about you
19:16 but I've lived in some dangerous places
19:18 and in some hard neighborhoods right?
19:20 But when I step outside of my door,
19:22 I believe that the same God
19:24 that was with the children Israel,
19:26 was also with me.
19:28 Can somebody say amen to that?
19:29 Amen. Amen.
19:30 So the fire was emblematic of his presence
19:32 and of his protection.
19:34 In Exodus Chapter 40:38 it says this,
19:38 "For the cloud of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day,
19:44 and the fire was on it by night."
19:47 Notice in this text that the fire rested upon
19:50 The tabernacle of God symbolizing
19:53 God's presence in worship.
19:56 I'm here to tell you tonight, I don't want to go to worship
19:58 if God is not there.
20:00 If God is not in the house, then why am I there?
20:03 I don't want to be there all by myself singing to myself
20:07 and praising myself.
20:09 If God is not in the house then it's not worship.
20:12 But here the fire symbolizes the presence of God in worship.
20:17 Then in Exodus Chapter 24:17, the Bible says this,
20:23 "And the sight of the glory of the Lord
20:26 was like a devouring fire on top of the mountain
20:30 in the eyes of the children of Israel."
20:32 Here the fire is on top of the mountain.
20:35 The fire on top of the mountain symbolizes God's
20:40 transcendence and his sovereignty
20:42 and his kinship and his authority, amen.
20:47 Then in Deuteronomy Chapter 5:22,
20:50 the Bible says this,
20:52 "These words the Lord spake unto all your assembly
20:57 in the mount out of the midst of fire,
21:01 of a cloud, and of the thick darkness,
21:03 with a great voice: and he added no more."
21:06 And then it says this,
21:08 "And he wrote them in two tables of stone,
21:12 and delivered them unto me."
21:14 In this particular verse--
21:15 in this particular text,
21:17 we see that it's from the fire that God writes
21:21 the Ten Commandments and from the--
21:24 from the fire he delivers
21:26 these Ten Commandments on tables of stone unto Moses.
21:30 1 Kings Chapter 18:38, it says this,
21:33 "Then the fire of the Lord fell,
21:36 and consumed the burnt sacrifice,
21:38 and the wood, and the stones, and the dust,
21:41 and licked up the water that was in the trench."
21:44 Here the fire of the Lord comes down
21:47 and accepts an acceptable sacrifice.
21:52 Then in Matthew Chapter 3:11 my last text, all right?
21:57 Jesus says this, "I indeed baptize you
22:02 with water unto repentance.
22:05 But he that cometh after me is mightier than I,
22:10 whose shoes I am not worthy to bear,
22:13 he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost,
22:17 and with fire."
22:19 Fire here, indicates the righteous judgment
22:24 of a Holy and just God.
22:27 So when I look at fire, as I read my Bible,
22:31 fire is associated with the justice of God,
22:34 with the sovereignty of God, with the goodness of God,
22:37 with the love of God, with the power of God,
22:40 there is none like God and he is caught up
22:42 into the midst of this fire,
22:44 he's the light which no man can approach.
22:47 He is all together different from those who are beneath.
22:51 That's what fire represents.
22:53 So when I read that fire, in Revelation 13,
22:56 "Comes down from heaven."
22:59 When I first read that I was excited.
23:02 I got ecstatic and exuberant and jubilant,
23:06 'cause I read in Revelation 13,
23:09 that fire was coming down from heaven.
23:15 But then I looked closely and I said, "Dedrick,
23:20 you better wait a minute, read a little bit closely,
23:22 more closely, for the Bible says this,
23:26 there's something different about this fire.
23:29 This fire in Revelation 13,
23:33 "Comes down from heaven."
23:38 But it does not come down from God.
23:43 It looks like the fire of God
23:50 but it is not the fire of God.
23:55 For when I read about the fire of God,
23:58 the fire of God always leads to repentance
24:03 and sacrifice and obedience and worship.
24:08 The fire of God on the altar of Mount Carmel,
24:11 it sparked a true revival.
24:13 But here, in Revelation Chapter 13,
24:17 this fire does not come from God.
24:19 And instead it sparks a false revival.
24:25 God's fire exults truth but this fire deceives men
24:30 by means of the miracles which were performed.
24:34 You see, the Bible predicts
24:36 that there was going to come a false fire
24:38 and that this false fire would be a false revival.
24:42 This time the fire does not come from God.
24:44 It does not glorify him.
24:46 Instead this fire comes
24:48 from the celestial wedding crasher,
24:52 Satan himself.
24:53 You see, there's an old saying that says,
24:55 "If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck
24:57 and quacks like a duck it must be a duck."
24:59 You've heard that before, right?
25:01 If it looks like the true fire, sounds like the true fire,
25:04 then it must be the true fire,
25:07 you've heard that before, right?
25:09 Well, sometimes things can look very similar
25:12 but it doesn't mean they are the same.
25:15 Now one day I was walking down the street,
25:17 minding my own business
25:18 and I ran across this gentleman on the street
25:22 and he said to me, he said,
25:23 "Man, do you want to buy a watch?"
25:25 I said, "No, not really
25:27 I don't really have any need for a watch."
25:29 He says, "Man, no, no, no says man.
25:32 Listen I'm down on my luck man
25:33 and I need somebody to buy my watch."
25:36 And I said, "Really man, I really don't want a watch."
25:38 He said, "Man, won't you help me,
25:39 man I'm homeless, I don't have anything to eat man,
25:41 will you just buy my watch?"
25:43 And so he rolls up his sleeves, he says,
25:45 "Man, it's a Rolex man, it's a Rolex."
25:48 And he said man, he said,
25:50 "I don't want to part with it man,
25:52 but for you, if you just give me $25,
25:55 you can have my Rolex."
25:57 So I'm thinking to myself, $25 for Rolex, that's not bad.
26:02 And after all I'm helping a man,
26:04 give him some food
26:05 and he'll be happy and I'll be happy."
26:08 A fatal mistake.
26:09 So I bought the Rolex for $25 and I was so proud.
26:13 I had my Rolex on, it was all shiny and everything
26:16 and every time somebody would talk to me
26:17 I would, sort of, hold my hand up
26:19 so they could see my Rolex.
26:20 "Is that a Rolex?" Yeah!
26:22 What do you know, it's a little something,
26:23 something, a little something, yeah."
26:25 Until about two weeks later I looked at my shiny gold watch
26:28 and it started turning green.
26:33 And it was supposed to work, it wasn't working
26:34 so I started shaking the watch
26:37 and then I looked down and I realized,
26:40 it wasn't a Rolex, it was a Rolx.
26:45 You see, just because something looks like it's real
26:49 it does not mean that it's real.
26:52 You see the prophecy in Revelation is clear.
26:56 There will be a revival.
26:59 It will look like the real revival
27:02 but it will be a false revival.
27:05 The text says, "That in this revival
27:08 the supernatural power behind it
27:11 will be able to do great wonders."
27:15 Listen to this,
27:17 I found this quotation from a Christian author.
27:20 It says, "A spiritualism more closely
27:25 imitates nominal Christianity of the day.
27:28 It has greater power
27:32 to deceive and to ensnare.
27:37 Satan himself is converted
27:39 after all the modern order of things.
27:43 He will appear in the character of an angel of light
27:48 to the agency of spiritualism.
27:50 Miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed
27:55 and undeniable wonders will be performed."
27:59 Listen to this one.
28:01 "Multitudes will exult
28:02 that God is working marvelously for them,
28:06 when the work is that of another spirit under,"
28:11 listen to this,
28:12 "under a religious guise Satan will seek,"
28:17 listen to this, this important, "under a religious guise
28:21 Satan will seek to extend his influence
28:27 over the Christian world."
28:32 Notice, Satan already has the world
28:37 but he's not done.
28:40 He is not happy until he can extend
28:42 his influence over the Christian world.
28:46 He is trying to crash God's party.
28:50 Now I've come to tell you tonight that,
28:52 that is happening right now.
28:54 Holy Laughter.
28:57 In his book, "The Touch of God,"
29:00 Minister Rodney Howard-Browne describes an experience
29:05 that he had that helped to spark this false revival.
29:09 Listen to what he says carefully,
29:12 he says, "Suddenly the fire fell on me.
29:17 It started in my head, it went down to my feet
29:21 and the power burned in my body
29:23 and it stayed like that for three days."
29:27 Three days, you know, how long was Jesus in the--
29:30 three days and three--
29:32 Jonah in the belly of the whale three days and three nights,
29:34 before Esther went before the king,
29:36 she fasted and prayed for three days.
29:38 He said that, "This fire,
29:40 this Holy Ghost fire was in me for three days."
29:42 He says, "My whole body was on fire
29:45 from the top of my head to the soles of my feet
29:48 and out of my belly came to flow a river of living water
29:52 and I began to weep
29:53 and I began to speak in tongues."
29:55 And then he says,
29:56 "I wasn't intoxicated on the wine of a Holy Ghost."
30:01 That, "I was literally beside myself."
30:03 He said, "The fire of God
30:05 was coursing through my whole being
30:07 and it didn't quit and because of that," listen,
30:11 "Because of that encounter with the Lord,"
30:15 He attributes it to the Lord,
30:17 "my life was radically changed from that day."
30:21 In 1987, Howard-Browne prophesied this,
30:26 he said, "That God
30:29 would send missionaries to America for revival."
30:36 which has been defined as,
30:38 "supernatural signs and wonders".
30:43 In 1989, he was preaching
30:46 and folks suddenly started falling out of their seats.
30:50 And here's what was strange about it.
30:53 When they fell off their seats,
30:55 they started laughing, laughing in the Spirit.
31:02 "This was the beginning of what has been come to me
31:04 known as the Holy Laughter Movement."
31:09 By 1993, Howard-Browne was in Toronto
31:12 with hundreds attending his daily services
31:15 and no matter what he said, or no matter what he did
31:19 folks would break out into laughter
31:22 and you know they call that?
31:24 They called it the "Toronto blessing".
31:28 Here's what he says,
31:30 "One night I was preaching on hell
31:33 and laughter just hit the whole place.
31:38 The more I told people what the hell was like,
31:42 the more they laughed."
31:46 Guy Chevreau, a Baptist minister
31:48 also participated in the so-called revival,
31:50 he says, "What we're talking about here
31:53 is God's manifest presence,
31:55 such that He is seen, felt and experienced
31:58 and folks' lives are getting changed."
32:01 And he says,
32:02 "This is redefining the church."
32:08 Rodney Howard-Browne, the Holy Laughter preacher,
32:11 he calls himself, listen to this,
32:12 he calls himself the Holy Ghost bartender.
32:18 He claims that he is serving up new wine.
32:22 He says, "That you ought to come to the bar
32:24 and get a drink,
32:26 'cause the drinks are free and there is no hangover."
32:29 Howard-Browne encourages people to take another drink
32:33 for the bar-- for the bar is open.
32:35 He says, "Be filled!
32:38 We loose the power!
32:42 Have another drink!
32:44 We loose the power!
32:47 Well, I've got news for you, Mr. Howard-Browne,
32:51 first of all, we do not loose the power,
32:54 God looses power.
32:55 The power does not come from us.
32:57 The power comes from Him.
32:59 It is not under our control.
33:01 We do not command it, corrall or control it.
33:04 We do not orchestrate it.
33:08 Power comes from God.
33:10 Amen.
33:11 And not only that,
33:14 we don't get drunk in the Spirit.
33:17 Listen, in order to justify the behavior,
33:21 they will quote Ephesians Chapter 5:18, 20
33:25 which says this, "Be not drunk with wine,
33:29 wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;
33:33 Don't be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit."
33:38 Now let's see what that text really says, it says,
33:41 "Don't get drunk on wine," we all understand that,
33:44 it says, "but be filled with the Spirit."
33:47 It does not say, "Get drunk with the Spirit,"
33:51 it says "Be filled with the Spirit."
33:54 In other words, what the text is saying is that,
33:57 "If you are filled with the Spirit,
33:58 then you will not be drunk."
34:01 Not that you will be drunk with the Spirit.
34:04 What Rodney Howard-Browne, is talking about here
34:07 when he says, "Being drunk in the Spirit,"
34:09 is not a Holy Ghost anointing,
34:13 rather it is satanic hypnosis.
34:17 Let me prove it to you.
34:20 Anton Mesmer, was a Mason
34:24 and a founder of something called,
34:26 Animal Magnetism or Mesmerism
34:30 from which we get our English word mesmerize.
34:34 You know what mesmerize is?
34:35 Kind of like when I first met my wife.
34:37 She saw me and I looked at her, she was mesmerized.
34:43 We get our English word mesmerize from that.
34:45 And mesmerism, mesmerism was the forerunner of hypnosis.
34:52 Mesmer called his sessions, seances
34:58 and under his spell many of his patients
35:01 were given to uncontrollable laughter,
35:07 convulsions, hick-ups,
35:11 and some went into raving delirium,
35:14 under what was known as "The Crisis".
35:17 And all of this was considered to be very helpful.
35:21 Well, at Rodney Browne's meeting,
35:24 people have been reported
35:27 to laugh, jump,
35:31 roll around and stagger in drunkenness.
35:35 They smell good presences, and they smell evil presences
35:39 some are walking like a chicken or barking like a dog.
35:44 Some people actually take the communion bread
35:46 and throw it across the room to show the joy of the Lord.
35:50 Some people are pawing and fondling other people
35:54 some on the ground scratching and some prepare themselves
35:58 like they are flying like eagles
36:00 and this is called Revival.
36:07 Under the anointing of this so-called Holy Laughter,
36:12 some people have actually been known
36:14 to rip their clothes off
36:18 under the unction of the Holy Ghost.
36:21 Now I've read my Bible, maybe you have to.
36:24 The only time I saw was someone who ripped their clothes off,
36:27 was a man who was demon possessed.
36:29 He was ripping his clothes off
36:30 and Jesus had to come and cast the demon out.
36:33 You see that ripping off their clothes
36:36 was not under the anointing of the Holy Ghost
36:38 but under the anointing of another ghost,
36:40 isn't that right?
36:42 Listen to what Al Dagger reports of this movement.
36:45 He says, "On several occasions
36:47 I witnessed people that were slain in the Spirit.
36:50 And if they didn't," listen,
36:51 "and if they didn't begin to laugh,
36:55 he would place his foot on their stomach
36:59 and command them to laugh.
37:02 Some he would kick as they lay there
37:05 and accuse them of not yielding to the Holy Ghost.
37:10 And he would keep on kicking them
37:12 until they would obviously
37:14 force some kind of laughter out of themselves."
37:18 Well, I don't know about you,
37:20 but I've been walking with the Holy Ghost
37:21 for a long time
37:22 but he has yet to kick me to make me laugh.
37:24 The Holy Ghost doesn't kick us, the Holy Ghost pleads with us.
37:26 This is false fire, this is false revival.
37:30 And the devil is busy at work,
37:32 leading folks into this counterfeit of true religion.
37:36 For the devil would seek us to believe the true religion
37:39 is only an experience based upon our feelings.
37:43 When I read about true religion in the Book of Revelation,
37:46 you'll find it in Revelation Chapter 14,
37:49 what is true religion in Revelation 14?
37:52 I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven.
37:55 "Heaven, the everlasting gospel,"
37:57 that's true.
37:58 "To preach to those that dwell on the earth,"
38:00 that's true.
38:02 To every nation, kindred, tongue and people
38:04 saying with a loud voice, "Fear God," that's true.
38:07 "Obedience to him," that's true.
38:09 "Give glory to him," that's true.
38:12 "For the hour of his judgment is come," that's truth
38:15 and "Worship him,
38:18 who made the heaven, and the earth and the sea
38:19 in the fountains of water,"
38:21 true revival calls men back to the worship of the creator
38:26 the one who made the Heaven and the earth.
38:30 It calls men back
38:31 to worship God on the seventh day
38:34 and to honor the Lord God of the Sabbath day.
38:37 If you want to know, what true worship is,
38:39 you can't find it in an experience.
38:41 You must find it in the word of God.
38:43 Amen.
38:45 See Revelation 14 is interesting.
38:49 The word worship is the same word
38:50 used in Revelation 13.
38:53 The same word used for worship in Revelation 13,
38:55 about the false worship,
38:57 it's the same word used in Revelation 14,
38:59 about true worship.
39:01 You see, in the last days,
39:03 God is calling his people back to true worship.
39:08 Not based upon feelings,
39:11 but based upon faith in the Word of God.
39:15 Amen.
39:16 God Revival reminds us
39:19 that the hour of his judgment has come.
39:22 But the false revival reminds us
39:24 that the hour of miracles has come.
39:28 The false revival,
39:30 men are deceived by the miracles
39:32 and mesmerized and hypnotized by the miracles.
39:35 But in the true revival, men learn to trust God.
39:42 This quotation from a Book, "Desire of Ages,"
39:44 it says, "So it will be in the final conflict
39:46 of controversy between righteousness and sin.
39:50 While new life and light and power
39:52 are descending from on high upon the disciples of Christ,
39:56 a new life is springing from beneath,
39:59 and energizing agencies of Satan.
40:03 Intensity is taking possession of every earthly element.
40:08 And with a subtlety gained through centuries of conflict,
40:12 the prince of evil works under disguise.
40:17 He appears to be clothed as an angel of light
40:21 and multituded are giving heed to seducing spirits
40:25 and doctrines of devils."
40:30 Listen, Larry Thomas reported this
40:32 about a Jimmy Swaggart Crusade.
40:35 This what Thomas says, he says,
40:36 "There were literally hundreds of people
40:38 who would begin to laugh hysterically
40:39 and throw themselves down on the ground."
40:41 Listen to this, "They would howl like dogs,
40:46 or roar like lions and make all kinds of noises."
40:53 Now, now, don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong.
40:59 I'm not opposed,
41:02 at all, to enliven the worship.
41:07 I am not talking about worship style.
41:10 I'm talking about worship substance.
41:14 I'm not opposed to people getting happy.
41:17 Because when I think about what Jesus has done for me.
41:20 And when I think about how he has set me free.
41:23 Sometimes I just want to raise my hand and say,
41:26 "Hallelujah and thank you, Jesus."
41:29 And if I can loud, if I can get loud and shout
41:32 when, when Cam Newton,
41:34 throws that touchdown pass to win the Super Bowl,
41:39 then I can surely get happy.
41:41 When Jesus has thrown the long pass of salvation,
41:45 it has got me across the touchdown line.
41:47 I'm thankful for-- I'm not talking,
41:49 I am not talking at all about style of worship.
41:54 You know, because you have to understand this,
41:56 that God speaks to every nation,
41:58 kindred, tongue and people and how he speaks to us?
42:00 He speaks to us through our culture,
42:02 isn't that right?
42:03 That's right, so some people who praise God,
42:06 through a Gregorian chant.
42:09 Some people who will praise God through Bach, right?
42:12 Some people get happy when they sing Fanny Crosby,
42:15 "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine."
42:18 But some people get happy when they hear
42:20 "The Dixie Hummingbirds,"
42:21 or the Mighty Clouds of Joy or BBCC Violins.
42:26 We just have to be careful about making our preference,
42:29 God standard.
42:31 So I'm not talking about that.
42:32 But what I am talking about is this,
42:35 that if you were going to have a true revival
42:39 your praise must be anchored
42:41 in something more than your feelings.
42:44 It must be anchored in the Word of God.
42:48 The adoration must go to the God
42:51 who has revealed himself in the word.
42:55 That's why the Bible says,
42:56 "To the law and to the testimony
42:59 if they speaks not according to this word,
43:02 it is because there is no light."
43:05 It's the word of God.
43:08 Uncontrollable laughter contributed to the Holy Ghost.
43:13 Everything is not funny, Hell is not funny.
43:16 If you think it's funny, wait till you get there.
43:19 The cross is not a laughing matter.
43:23 Those who mock Jesus on the cross laughed at him
43:26 and they will meet him again in the judgment.
43:30 Salvation is not a laughing matter
43:33 and grace is not a laughing matter.
43:36 And anyone who laughs at this,
43:38 they are not getting the Holy Ghost.
43:40 This comes from another force from beneath.
43:45 Yes, it's good to praise.
43:47 The Bible says,
43:48 "Let everything that have breath
43:50 praise the Lord."
43:51 Everything that does have breath
43:53 praise the Lord.
43:55 The birds chirp his praise and the bees buzz his praise
43:59 and the lions roar his praise and the frog croak his praise,
44:03 and the cats meow his praise
44:05 and the penguins clap his praise.
44:08 But when it comes to me, as a human being,
44:11 with my mouth I will praise the Lord
44:15 not in barks but in thanks.
44:18 Amen.
44:19 Not rolling around on the floor but standing up for truth.
44:25 Not in being slain but living plain.
44:29 And not in falling out
44:31 but living up to the revealed Word of God
44:34 expressed in the Bible.
44:37 Not flapping like a chicken but living like a Christian.
44:42 I'm not looking for a miracle.
44:45 But coming to understand that God's greatest miracle
44:49 that he has ever performed
44:51 is turning a sinner into a saint.
44:55 Hallelujah. Amen.
44:57 And if you want to see a miracle,
44:59 if you're a Christian,
45:01 just look in the mirror, amazing grace.
45:06 Wait, listen, some of you know, who you were
45:08 and what you would do when God found you,
45:09 isn't that right?
45:11 And you know if it had not been for the Lord in your life
45:14 and God on your side, you would be lost right now,
45:17 you would be dead right now,
45:19 locked up in the jail house right now.
45:22 Your family would be broken up,
45:23 you'd be unemployed and homeless right now
45:25 but God has somehow stepped into the middle of your mess
45:29 and delivered you and saved you.
45:32 Praise God. That's the miracle.
45:35 The miracle is that the great God of heaven
45:37 would get off his throne above and come down here
45:39 to a dingy, dark dot of a planet called Earth.
45:43 That he would leave his throne for a manger,
45:47 leave the streets of gold
45:49 for the dusty roads of Palestine,
45:52 leave the adoration of angels for the curses of men,
45:56 leave the thrown of his eternal majesty
45:58 for the cross of Cavalry
46:00 and die in your place that you might live in his.
46:05 That's a miracle. Amen.
46:08 Everything else is crazy.
46:11 But if you use that as the evidence,
46:14 you are making a mistake.
46:16 Well, some might say, "Well, Pastor Blue,
46:17 you're saying all that
46:19 then you must not be a real Christian,
46:20 because I read in the Bible
46:22 there are such things as miracles.
46:23 Obviously you don't believe in miracles.
46:25 If you really believed in miracles
46:27 then you would be like I am.
46:28 You just don't understand the Holy Ghost
46:30 because you've never had the Holy Ghost,
46:31 because you've never seen a miracle.
46:33 If you'd have seen, what I've seen
46:34 then you would know what I know."
46:36 Well, let me tell you something,
46:37 I believe in miracles.
46:39 I've seen God do many things.
46:41 Now I remember one time
46:44 my dear lovely wife she had a great grandfather
46:48 and he was very, very ill when I first met her.
46:50 She lived down in Southern Georgia
46:51 when I first met her grandfather.
46:53 He was sitting in the chair in the back room,
46:54 his foot was swollen and he couldn't move.
46:57 He liked to go outside and work in the garden
46:59 but he had been out that chair in several weeks
47:02 because he just couldn't move he was so infirmed.
47:05 So I went over to visit him and he laughed at me,
47:07 called me a Jack-leg preacher.
47:09 For those who don't know what a Jack-leg preacher is,
47:11 that means your not a real preacher,
47:12 you're sort of a pretend preacher.
47:14 So I said, "Let me pray with you,
47:16 let me pray for you,
47:17 and let God ask a blessing upon your leg."
47:20 He said, "Go on Jack-leg preacher pray for me."
47:23 I bowed my head
47:24 and I laid my hands on him in the name of Jesus
47:26 and I asked Jesus to perform a miracle,
47:29 to take him and to heal him and to restore him once again.
47:33 I left the house, the next day, I received a phone call,
47:36 "Come over here quick, come over here quick,
47:38 granddaddy wants to see you."
47:40 When I got to the house,
47:41 the foot was back to its normal size.
47:44 He was outside in the yard and he was working.
47:47 Don't tell me I don't believe in miracles,
47:48 I believe in miracles.
47:49 There was a woman who came to my church.
47:51 She was going blind and the doctor said,
47:54 "You need a operation to cure your imminent blindness."
47:58 So she said, "Pastor, I don't want to have the operation.
48:00 Will you pray for me?"
48:02 I laid my hands on that woman in the name of Jesus.
48:04 And she went back to her doctor on Monday Morning,
48:07 preparing for the operation
48:08 and then the doctor looked at her and said,
48:10 "You don't need an operation.
48:11 Your eyes are fine."
48:12 I was called to the hospital one night
48:14 for there was a man who was dying.
48:16 And the doctor called me up, he said, "Preacher Blue,
48:20 father Blue, would you come here
48:22 and give this man last rites?"
48:24 And so I said, "Well, listen
48:26 I won't come give him last rites,
48:28 I'll come give him the first rites
48:29 because I don't believe in last rites."
48:31 The first rite is the rite of prayer.
48:33 The rite to call for the name of Lord.
48:35 When I got there to the hospital
48:36 the man was paralyzed, couldn't move.
48:40 I laid my hand on the man
48:41 and I began to pray in the name of Jesus.
48:44 He's on death's door.
48:45 And I said to him,
48:47 "If you can hear me, squeeze my hand."
48:49 And I felt the lightest tug on my hand.
48:53 I went to the doctor said, "Doctor, Doctor,"
48:55 I said, "He squeezed my hand,"
48:56 the doctor said, "It's impossible.
48:58 First of all the man is brain dead
48:59 and secondly, he is paralyzed on that side of his body.
49:02 He could not move.
49:04 There must have just been a reflex action."
49:06 He put his hand on my shoulder and said,
49:08 "Young man just go home we'll call you if we need you."
49:12 I went home, that was on a Friday night.
49:14 When I discovered that he was still alive
49:17 on a Tuesday morning,
49:18 I got up and I went to the hospital
49:20 and as I drove into the hospital lot,
49:23 I could not believe my eyes,
49:25 for the man who they told me was dead on Friday night,
49:30 I saw him walking out the hospital with a walker
49:33 on Tuesday morning.
49:35 Don't tell me I don't believe in miracles.
49:36 I believe in the power of God.
49:38 Amen.
49:39 For I have seen God do so much with so little for so long
49:43 that I now believe
49:44 that God can do anything with nothing
49:47 and God can do anything but fail.
49:49 Amen.
49:50 But having said that, I will also say this,
49:55 miracles are not the sign, nor the evidence
50:01 that you got the Holy Ghost.
50:02 Amen.
50:03 Not the sign.
50:05 You see when you read the Book of Exodus.
50:09 Moses did a miracle
50:11 and the magician did the same one.
50:12 He threw his stick down, it became a serpent,
50:15 they did the same thing.
50:18 It's possible for Satan to counterfeit miracles.
50:21 As a matter of fact, Jesus said in Matthew 24:24,
50:24 he said, "They will arise false Christs,
50:27 and false prophets
50:29 and they will show great signs and wonders,
50:34 insomuch that, if it were possible,
50:38 they would deceive the very elect."
50:41 the Bible says, "If it's possible."
50:44 Because they will do signs and wonders.
50:47 Well, pastor if you say their expression and feeling
50:53 is not the evidence of the Holy Ghost.
50:56 And laughter is not the evidence
50:57 of a Holy Ghost.
50:59 And getting little happy and roll around
51:01 is not evidence of the Holy Ghost.
51:04 And miracles and signs and wonders
51:05 is not evidence of the Holy Ghost.
51:07 Well, Pastor Blue,
51:08 what then is the evidence of the Holy Ghost?
51:12 Well, I want you to fasten your seat belts,
51:14 'cause I'm gonna give you, I'm gonna give you a text,
51:16 I'm gonna give you one little text,
51:18 this text is so powerful, this text is so profound,
51:21 it's going to alter the way that you forever think,
51:24 it's gonna change your world view about the Holy Spirit,
51:27 it's gonna transform the way that you see the world
51:31 and see the power of the Holy Ghost
51:33 from here on out.
51:34 One little text is one of the most powerful text
51:37 in all of the Bible.
51:38 It's found in Acts Chapter 5:32, and it says this,
51:44 "And we are His witnesses of these things."
51:48 Acts 5:32,
51:50 "We are his witnesses of these things
51:54 and so also is the Holy Ghost."
52:01 Now, check this out.
52:04 Whom God has given?
52:10 God has given the Holy Ghost.
52:15 The Holy Ghost whom God has given to who?
52:21 "To them that obey him."
52:26 Did you get it?
52:28 The Holy Ghost is given to those who obey,
52:33 for to obey is better than sacrifice.
52:37 And to obey is better then hooping and hollering,
52:41 and jumping and rolling around.
52:44 How do I notice,
52:46 how many of you tonight have children, right?
52:51 Everybody here have children.
52:53 Now let me ask this question, if you told your son,
52:57 "Son, you know tomorrow is trash day,
53:00 I want you to take the trash out tonight, right?"
53:04 And you go a half hour later
53:07 and your son is in the living room.
53:09 Trash still in the trash can
53:11 but your son is in the living room,
53:12 talking about I got the feeling,
53:14 I got the feeling.
53:16 Listen, listen I don't care about your feeling,
53:18 I care about your obedience right?
53:23 To obey is better than sacrifice.
53:26 Fear God and keep his commandments.
53:32 For this is the whole duty of man.
53:37 Obey the truth
53:39 and as it is revealed in the Word of God.
53:45 This last quotation I'll read to you,
53:48 "The last great delusion is soon to open before us.
53:56 The Anti-Christ
53:58 is to perform his marvelous works
54:03 in our sight.
54:07 So closely will the counterfeit
54:13 resemble the true
54:16 that it will be impossible to distinguish between them
54:23 except by the Holy Scriptures."
54:28 Amen.
54:29 The only way you'll know the last day
54:31 is by the Holy Scriptures.
54:34 For this truth does not present us
54:40 with feelings in our souls
54:43 but also knowledge in our heads,
54:46 this truth does not prepare you just to shout in church
54:51 but to worship God before his throne.
54:55 This truth will not have you barking like a dog,
54:58 but living like a man.
55:03 You want to know what true Holy Laughter is?
55:05 Let me tell you what it is.
55:08 When I get to glory,
55:10 when I look back over the way that the Lord has brought me
55:15 and where he has brought me from
55:18 and I realize that I was lost in sin.
55:21 But Jesus took me in then I will laugh.
55:27 I will laugh at my former heartache,
55:30 laugh at my former headaches,
55:33 laugh at my former bills, I will laugh at my former--
55:38 my former bank, who held my former mortgage.
55:43 I'm gonna laugh at death and I'm gonna laugh at tears
55:47 for in that land there's gonna be no more sorrow
55:50 and no more death and no more dying
55:53 and neither shall there be any more tears,
55:56 for the former things will have passed away.
55:59 For sin would have been eradicated
56:01 and God would have been vindicated
56:03 and the I shall laugh.
56:06 That's Holy Laughter.
56:08 When I look at how the devil had tried to hold me down
56:11 and to trip me up and to keep me under
56:14 but I've been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb,
56:16 sanctified by the spirit and glorified by the father,
56:21 then I will pass through the air and say,
56:25 "Farewell, farewell to all the troubles
56:27 of this present world."
56:29 That's Holy Ghost revival people
56:32 and that's Holy Ghost laughter.
56:34 Tonight, I invite you
56:38 to look for the true revival
56:39 that only comes from a relationship with God.
56:43 Anchor yourself in obedience to his word.
56:47 Do not trust your feelings but rather trust God.
56:51 You may be in a church right now
56:53 where a false revival is going on
56:55 but I'm here to tell you, don't trust what you see,
56:59 trust what God says in his word.
57:01 Satan has counterfeits
57:03 but God is calling you right now
57:06 from the counterfeit into his marvelous light
57:09 of revealed truth in his word.
57:12 Put your trust in Him, anchor your faith in Him
57:17 and He will safely see you through.
57:20 So that one day you will stand with me
57:22 on the sea of glass
57:24 and laugh at how God has brought us through.
57:29 God bless you. Amen.


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