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They Shall Hunger No More

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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Dr. Dedrick Blue


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00:20 Hello, friends, welcome to the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:23 As we continue our series on Foundation of Our Faith
00:27 from the Dare to Dream Network.
00:30 We've been blessed tremendously by the messages that, thus far,
00:33 Dr. Dedrick Blue Blue have preached from his heart.
00:37 Beginning our series with the coming super storm,
00:39 then our eyes were opened when we heard him
00:43 proliferate and articulate the challenge
00:46 that the church has faced within,
00:48 with a subservient movement entitled Holy Laughter,
00:53 then, Drapetomania,
00:56 a title that has eluded me in annunciation,
00:59 but the message was very, very clear.
01:01 And the final one, "They Shall Hunger No More."
01:05 Stay tune as the Lord once again empowers
01:08 His servant to communicate a message born in the word,
01:12 anointed by the Holy Spirit.
01:14 Now if you're tuning in for the first time,
01:16 Dr. Dedrick Blue has been a pastor now
01:18 in ministry for 30 years.
01:20 Pastor, teacher, college administrator
01:22 and surely he has a passion for many areas of ministry
01:26 including inner-city ministry.
01:29 He's currently the dean of the school of religion
01:32 at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:35 And so, if there is a young man or a young person
01:37 who wants to go down and learn about religion,
01:40 I believe that he will be an individual
01:43 that will direct your life
01:45 on to the anointing of God's Holy Spirit.
01:48 Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts,
01:51 and spent a lot of time in New York City,
01:53 married 33 years, three grown children,
01:56 and he loves the Lord
01:57 and he sure does love to preach,
01:59 and we are thankful for that.
02:01 Also our minister of music,
02:03 Che Chin King has warmed our hearts.
02:07 Can you say amen to that?
02:08 We have been blessed by the instrument
02:11 that God has given to her,
02:13 and even the willing hearts to use that instrument
02:16 to the glory of the Lord.
02:18 She's from Stockbridge, Georgia,
02:20 a mother of two, a wife of one, and loves Jesus, loves to sing
02:26 and she's gonna bless our hearts
02:27 with the song entitled "My Father's heart."
02:30 After this song of ministry, the next voice
02:33 that you'll hear will be that of Dr. Dedrick Blue.
02:50 Let everything that breathes
02:55 Praise You
02:59 The earth, the sky, the sea
03:04 Praise You
03:08 Just as nature shows to us
03:12 Your blessing
03:17 Soon I find my heart confessing
03:30 My love is not my own
03:36 It all belongs to You
03:41 And after all You've done
03:44 The least that I can do
03:51 Is live my life in every part
03:58 Only to please my Father's heart
04:13 Love is all You need to heal us
04:22 Flowing from the Heavens
04:26 Jesus
04:30 And with one voice we'll sing together
04:39 And this will be our song forever
04:53 My love is not my own
04:59 It all belongs to You
05:04 And after all You've done
05:07 The least that I can do
05:13 Is live my life in every part
05:21 Only to please my Father's
05:28 Heart
06:03 My love is not my own
06:10 It all belongs to You
06:14 And after all You've done
06:18 The least that I can do
06:25 Is live my life in every part
06:33 Only to please my Father's heart
06:44 Only to please
06:47 My Father's heart...
07:11 What an absolutely beautiful song.
07:14 To know that indeed,
07:17 Lord, my heart does belong to you.
07:20 And the only thing that I ever want do in life
07:23 is just to please my father.
07:24 Amen.
07:26 You know, if you ever stop and think about your life
07:31 and think about all the times
07:33 when you chose not to please God.
07:37 And chose to do those things
07:39 which were absolutely contrary to His will.
07:43 You soon discovered that the things that you thought
07:46 were gonna bring you joy and peace and happiness
07:49 only brought you misery and sorrow.
07:53 It's so much easy just to do what God asks,
07:56 because God is always looking out
07:57 for your best interest.
07:59 You know, I remember just growing up
08:01 and walking down the street, and you know,
08:04 having my friends with me.
08:07 You always feel safe when you had your friends with you.
08:09 You know, I mean everybody has had their high school chums
08:12 or their school kids where they play around.
08:16 When you have your boys with you, you just feel good,
08:19 you know, or your girls, you know.
08:22 You know, I had my boys with me.
08:25 You just feel good, right?
08:26 Because you know that there is somebody
08:28 who is always there, who has your back.
08:31 But the good news about Jesus is that Jesus is always there,
08:35 He always has your back, He never leaves you,
08:39 He never forsakes you, He never turns His back on you,
08:43 He never abandons you,
08:44 just because you make a mistake.
08:47 He's a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
08:50 Amen. Amen.
08:51 And so, Lord, because You've done all that,
08:54 my heart belongs to you.
08:56 Thank you so very much Sister King.
08:59 Well, we've been enjoying, exploring the Word of God.
09:04 Talking about the last days in which we live,
09:07 and how the devil is preparing his troops to attack
09:10 and destroy the people of God.
09:12 We talked about how the devil has infiltrated the church
09:16 with dark and nefarious movements
09:19 that are seeking to undermine the viability
09:21 and the vitality of God's church.
09:23 We also explored a little bit about
09:28 how demons enter into our life personally.
09:31 But I want to let you know
09:33 that I don't want to leave you in the doldrums.
09:36 I do want to give you some keys and some solutions.
09:39 But I also want to point you
09:40 to the victory that is ours and Jesus,
09:43 because we are not here to glorify the devil.
09:47 The devil does the good job at his own self-promotion.
09:51 We don't need to promote him.
09:53 What we do need to promote is Jesus Christ as our Lord
09:56 and as our Savior.
09:58 So tonight, let's just bow our heads
10:00 and have a word of pray as we approach the Lord.
10:04 Our Father in heaven, right now as we open
10:07 Your word once again, we ask and pray,
10:11 that You would open our hearts
10:13 to be receptive to the moving of Your spirit.
10:16 May the words of my mouth and the meditations
10:19 of our hearts be acceptable in thy sight.
10:23 Oh, Lord, our strength and our redeemer
10:25 in Jesus' name.
10:26 Amen.
10:31 Well, in Revelation 7,
10:34 we looked at the first verses there
10:37 where John saw an angel,
10:43 and he heard a voice saying,
10:45 "Hurt not the earth nor the sea,
10:47 nor the trees, until the servants of God
10:51 are sealed in their foreheads."
10:55 We talked about how God has angel
10:58 standing on the four corners of the earth
11:00 holding back the winds until we're sealed.
11:05 But I like to take you on the other side.
11:08 And show you something in Revelation 7,
11:11 the same chapter.
11:13 For Revelation 7 doesn't just talk about the coming storm,
11:17 but it also talks about the impending victory.
11:20 For here in Revelation 7, we also see
11:24 one of the grandest scenes in all of scripture.
11:27 For we are permitted
11:29 to see on the other side of the conflict,
11:32 and we are able to see the triumphal march
11:35 of the redeemed of the ages.
11:37 We see those who are sealed with the seal of living God.
11:43 The mark of God's possession, the stamp of His character,
11:47 they're settled into the truth of God.
11:50 They've not wavered, they've not faltered,
11:52 they've not given up, they've not given out,
11:55 they've not given in, they've been bold and unabashed
11:59 and unashamed, and unafraid,
12:01 and they've stood for the gospel
12:02 of the Jesus Christ, for they have understood,
12:04 it is the power of God unto salvation
12:08 to everyone that believes.
12:11 They've been through the time of trouble
12:12 such as there never was since there was a nation,
12:16 and they've overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil.
12:20 They've overcome the dragon,
12:22 the beast and the false prophet,
12:24 and they've washed their robes and made them white
12:28 in the blood of the Lamb.
12:30 Now, they stand on Mount Zion with the Lamb.
12:33 It is a great multitude says John
12:36 which no man can number
12:38 from every nation and kindred and tribe and people,
12:42 they're all there with Jesus.
12:44 I want to be there too.
12:46 If I understand it, Moses will be there.
12:49 Moses will be there.
12:52 David the king, Solomon, the wise, Daniel, the faithful,
12:59 Hanna, the mother, Samson, the strong,
13:03 Mary, the blessed virgin, they will all be there.
13:06 All the superstars
13:08 of sacred scripture will be there,
13:10 and there will also be some people there,
13:13 who didn't have big names
13:14 and we never knew their names like,
13:17 the little boy with five loaves and two fishes,
13:19 he will be there too.
13:21 A woman with an issue of blood and we never knew her name,
13:24 and she will be there too, or man who laid beside
13:28 the pool of Bethesda for 38 years.
13:31 We never knew his name, but he will be there too.
13:35 All of them will be there along with the superstars
13:39 like big mouth Peter, and doubting Thomas,
13:44 and little Zacchaeus, and John the beloved,
13:48 and Apollos the preacher, and Paul the Apostle,
13:52 and Dorcas the resurrected, and Azaya and Jeremiah,
13:57 and Obadiah, and Zechariah, and Nehemiah,
14:00 and all the iah's they all be there.
14:03 With palms in the hands, crying with the loud voice,
14:07 saying salvation to our God, which sits on the throne.
14:11 What a grand scene.
14:13 Now, you know, I know some people say, well, you know,
14:17 "Heaven will be nice, quiet and serene place." Right.
14:22 And I'm sure it'll be.
14:24 I'm looking forward to being there and sitting down
14:27 by the throne of God,
14:29 and putting my feet in the crystal river,
14:33 you know, and laying up underneath my own mango tree.
14:37 I'm looking forward to that, right?
14:39 But I'm also looking forward to being there
14:41 when the saints of God go marching in
14:43 and when they sing the shout of triumphal joy.
14:47 I want to be in that number.
14:50 It's gonna be a grand scene, a magnanimous occasion.
14:54 A home coming celebration, when the saints go marching in,
14:58 I want to be in that number.
15:01 But then towards the end of the chapter in Revelation 7,
15:06 there is a strange byline to this dramatic scene.
15:12 A peculiar epilogue for it says
15:15 of this multitude in Revelation 7:16-17,
15:20 it says this,
15:22 "They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore,
15:29 neither shall the sun light on them, nor heat.
15:31 For the lamb,
15:33 which is in the midst of the throne
15:34 shall feed them, and shall lead them
15:37 to fountains of living waters.
15:40 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes,
15:43 they shall hunger no more."
15:48 What a strange passage that is, they shall hunger no more.
15:52 What an enigmatic freeze, they shall hunger no more.
15:57 What does it mean, they shall hunger no more.
15:59 But you know, I have three adult children now,
16:05 and I have to be honest with you,
16:07 I'm so glad that they are adults.
16:11 I'll tell you why,
16:13 because I had the three eatingest children
16:17 you ever want to see in your life.
16:21 Both my sons, they're about 6' 3" 6' 4",
16:24 they are tall guys.
16:26 Both of them weigh about 225, 230 pounds.
16:29 And both of them can eat like horses.
16:34 But if you think if they could eat,
16:35 you should've seen my daughter.
16:37 My daughter was 4' 11", and she could out eat them.
16:43 And so, when I would come home at night expecting
16:47 to have a lovely meal prepared for me,
16:49 after being out working all day in the hot sun,
16:52 slaving on behalf of the Lord in this cause,
16:55 and I come home to empty the pot,
16:56 the pot would be empty.
17:00 So when I read about the stats, when it says,
17:02 "they shall hunger no more."
17:05 I thought to myself, does that mean, when I get to heaven,
17:09 I'll never have to go to the grocery store.
17:11 Does that mean I get to keep more of my money in my pocket,
17:13 because God is just gonna feed them,
17:15 and I won't have to feed them no more.
17:17 They will hunger no more, and I shouted...
17:23 they shall hunger no more.
17:25 But then I looked at this thing,
17:26 and I began to ask myself,
17:28 what is the meaning behind this text.
17:32 What does hunger mean in the Bible?
17:37 Well, first of all, what does hunger mean?
17:39 Every normal person knows what hunger is,
17:42 it's kind of hard to describe.
17:43 But it's that sensation that we associate
17:46 when the stomach is empty.
17:48 But the doctors will go into even greater detail than this.
17:51 Hunger is a feeling that we experience
17:56 when the glycogen level
17:58 of the liver falls below at certain threshold.
18:02 Sound deep, don't I?
18:04 Usually followed by desire to eat,
18:08 the usually unpleasant feelings originate in the hypothalamus
18:12 and it's released through receptors in the liver.
18:15 Although the average nourished human
18:17 can survive for weeks without food intake.
18:19 The sensation of hunger typically begins
18:23 several hours after eating.
18:26 And when hunger occurs,
18:27 there are contractions in your stomach,
18:29 we call those hunger pains.
18:32 They usually last for about 35 to 40 minutes,
18:35 and if you can make it past that,
18:36 then you won't be hungry anymore.
18:40 That's just the sensation of hunger,
18:43 but then there is real hunger.
18:46 Real hunger occurs
18:48 when you haven't eaten for several days
18:49 or several weeks.
18:51 And after several days or several weeks,
18:54 then you begin to die.
18:56 Right now, there are 854 million people
19:00 across the world who are hungry right now.
19:04 And that is up every year.
19:06 Each day there are 16,000 children
19:12 who die of hunger in the world.
19:15 One child dies every five seconds of hunger.
19:19 So hunger is real, and hunger is deadly,
19:24 but hunger can occur over more than
19:29 just the lack of adequate nutrition.
19:32 Hunger can also speak to other lacks in our lives.
19:37 The holes in our existence,
19:40 the gnawing pain that we have for something more.
19:44 So when we speak of hunger in the metaphorical sense,
19:48 we talk about want and desire, and passion, and lust,
19:53 and a drive toward satisfaction.
19:58 And it's to realization that there is something
20:01 that is missing in my life.
20:06 You see, hunger is the gap between your need
20:12 or your perceived need
20:14 and the satisfaction of that need.
20:18 I heard one saying, it went like this,
20:22 I didn't originate this, but it's interesting.
20:25 Talking about the hunger in the paradox of our times,
20:28 it says, "We have taller buildings,
20:33 but shorter tempers.
20:36 We have wider freeways, but narrow viewpoints.
20:42 We buy more, but we enjoy it less.
20:44 We have bigger houses, but broken homes.
20:49 We have more knowledge, but less judgment.
20:52 We have more experts, but certainly more problems.
20:56 More medicines, but less wellness.
21:00 We have multiplied our possessions,
21:03 but we have reduced our value.
21:07 We have higher incomes, but lower morals.
21:10 We have money in the wallet, but poverty of spirit.
21:14 And churches are empty, and souls are empty.
21:20 There is a poverty of spirit in our hearts.
21:25 Too often we discover that when we get what we want,
21:28 we don't actually have what we need,
21:30 and there is the stock reality in the inescapable truth,
21:33 that we are in the midst of plenty,
21:35 but we are still starving, something is missing.
21:38 Something is inadequate inside of us.
21:42 There is a churning in the pit of our belly
21:45 that longs for and yearns
21:48 for something greater and something more.
21:51 You know, I had a friend, his name was Eddie Deevanoodi,
21:57 I'll never forget Eddie.
21:58 Eddie looked like he was a healthy child,
22:00 and we would go out and play.
22:02 And one day, we were out playing,
22:03 and Eddie was running
22:05 and he just all of a sudden collapsed.
22:06 He just fell down and collapsed.
22:09 They took Eddie to the hospital,
22:11 found out Eddie had a broken leg.
22:14 You know why Eddie's leg broke.
22:17 Because Eddie had been eating,
22:19 but Eddie had only been eating Twinkies and coke.
22:23 And so even though he looked like he was robust,
22:28 his body was still literally starving.
22:32 That doesn't it sound like the condition of the world
22:35 in which we're in today.
22:37 People appear to be healthy and happy,
22:42 but inside they are actually starving.
22:45 I want to propose you today that this starvation
22:49 is the result of not necessarily things
22:52 that we have consciously done,
22:54 but it is the result of the world
22:57 in which we find ourselves.
23:00 And the world in which we find ourselves
23:01 is the world that is encased in sin.
23:04 If you live in a world that is encased in sin,
23:06 there's always a gap between your perceived need
23:10 and the satisfaction of that need.
23:12 No matter what you do, no matter what you get,
23:15 you're never quite happy.
23:17 And sometimes it's not your fault,
23:20 maybe you grew up at a home
23:21 where your parents were too busy
23:23 and they didn't have time to show you love,
23:25 so you grew up with an emptiness inside of you,
23:27 are yearning for love.
23:29 And the first thing that happens,
23:30 some person comes along and starts whisper in your ear,
23:34 "Baby, you so fine, you blow my mind."
23:36 And put their hot cheesy breath on top of you,
23:38 the next thing you know, you run off with them,
23:41 because you're trying to satisfy
23:44 a longing in your heart.
23:46 There's a hunger that's there.
23:48 Maybe you have very little capacity to love it all,
23:52 because you were rejected and abused as a child.
23:55 Now you cannot show vulnerability.
23:59 So you end up rejecting people before they reject you.
24:03 You keep the distance and you keep the wall,
24:05 but inside of yourself, you long for relationship,
24:10 you want something more, there's a hunger inside of you.
24:15 Maybe you're lonely and you want a friend.
24:17 Maybe there's a dream that you had,
24:19 but you stopped dreaming and stop believing
24:21 and maybe you undermine your own success,
24:25 because you have to bring defeat out of every victory.
24:29 Maybe you find a way to talk yourself out
24:32 of that degree or talk yourself out of that promotional,
24:36 talk yourself out of that victory.
24:38 Maybe you feel like you're stuck in neutral,
24:41 like you're weighed down and that you are powerless.
24:46 But when you all add it up, the end of the day,
24:51 there is something that is out there
24:53 that you desired to attain, but you can't reach it.
24:57 You're grasping, but you can't get to it.
25:00 You wanted and you desire,
25:02 but there is a gap between your perceive need
25:05 and the satisfaction.
25:06 It kind of reminds me of the old song, right.
25:09 By the rolling stones,
25:10 I can't get no satisfaction though I try.
25:14 Though I try, though I try, though I try.
25:19 The gap.
25:22 You know, when I was at Christian school,
25:24 and I won't mention the name of the school
25:25 'cause I don't want to characterize the school,
25:27 but it was a Christian University,
25:30 that I was attending.
25:31 I received a phone call one night
25:33 from a friend of mine, he said "Dedrick.
25:36 I said, "Yeah." "I need your help."
25:38 He said, "I have been studying with a young man
25:41 who I'm trying to bring to Christ,
25:45 and he refuses to accept Jesus Christ.
25:48 He says he doesn't want to study anymore.
25:51 And he doesn't want to pray anymore,
25:54 because he says, he has prayed for years,
25:56 and God refuses to answer his prayers."
25:59 And so he said, "Because God doesn't answer his prayers,
26:03 he now prays to Satan,
26:05 and Satan answers his prayers."
26:10 He said, "I've tried everything, so he said,
26:13 will you talk to him?"
26:14 I talk to the young man and we had a conversation.
26:17 And, you know, what happened?
26:18 Shortly after I talk to the young man,
26:20 I started receiving phone calls,
26:23 from the Satanist who he had been praying with.
26:27 Now they didn't know that I was praying with him,
26:30 because he didn't tell them, I didn't tell them,
26:33 and my friend didn't tell them.
26:34 But don't you know that Satan has power, he does have power.
26:37 These people started calling me at my house,
26:40 and threatening me and telling me that,
26:42 if I didn't leave this young man alone,
26:44 that they were gonna kill me, and kill my wife,
26:47 and kill my child.
26:50 And I thought to myself, why in the world
26:54 would someone go there than go to God,
26:58 because somewhere he felt a sense of disappointment
27:04 that God had let him down.
27:07 The hunger, pop star, Katy Perry,
27:12 she grew up in a Christian home.
27:14 We talk to Katy Perry, she would tell you, she said,
27:17 "My parents were traveling evangelist.
27:23 And when I was a child, I wanted to grow up
27:25 to be the next Amy Grant,
27:27 and I prayed and prayed and prayed,
27:29 and ask God to make me the next Amy Grant."
27:32 But when he didn't do it, she said,
27:35 "I sold my soul to the devil,
27:38 because the devil gives me what I want."
27:44 The gap, the hunger.
27:47 Now in a next few minutes,
27:49 I just want to help you to understand
27:51 how Satan works in this gap.
27:53 I want to show you from the Bible,
27:56 just for few moments,
27:57 what he did with Jesus,
28:00 and how it is the key to understanding
28:04 how Satan seeks to exploit us in our weaknesses.
28:08 In Matthew 4, Matthew 4,
28:11 you're familiar with this passage scripture.
28:13 Says this, beginning with verse 1, it says,
28:18 "Then Jesus was let up of the spirit
28:19 into the wilderness.
28:23 To be tempted of the devil, and when he had fasted 40 days
28:27 and 40 nights, afterwards he was a hungered."
28:31 When I read that, I said, you know,
28:32 I hate to disagree with the Bible,
28:34 but it says Jesus didn't eat for 40 days and 40 nights,
28:37 afterwards he was hungered.
28:38 If I don't eat for 40 minutes afterwards I'm starving,
28:41 I'm ready to hurt somebody, right.
28:42 It say, He hadn't eaten for 40 days and 40 nights,
28:45 and afterwards he was a hungered, right?
28:49 It is at the time, when Jesus is at his weakest,
28:52 that the devil makes his play.
28:55 The tempter comes to him, and says this,
28:57 "If you are the Son of God,
29:01 command these stones to be made to bread.
29:04 Now I'm going to unfold for you
29:07 the three fold strategy of the devil.
29:10 It is the same strategy he uses every time
29:15 in every situation no matter what,
29:18 and when you see it,
29:19 you'll recognize it immediately.
29:21 And once you see it,
29:23 you'll never be able to forget it.
29:25 Look at what he does.
29:27 The first thing he says this, "He comes to Jesus,
29:29 when he's hungry, and he says to Jesus,
29:31 you're hungry, you have a need."
29:37 You have a need.
29:39 So what the devil does?
29:41 He says, "Jesus, after all you're only human.
29:48 That's all right to indulge and to give in,
29:52 you can't expect to be perfect all the time.
29:56 After all Jesus, you have hormones,
29:59 and your hormones are talking.
30:01 You have knees and your knees are pressing.
30:03 It's all right Jesus,
30:05 don't worry about what others will think.
30:08 Don't concern yourself what others want you to do.
30:12 Jesus, you just do you.
30:15 Just a little bit of indulgence won't kill you,
30:18 after all, Jesus, you need to take a break,
30:21 you need a little bit of freedom.
30:23 You're trying to take care of everybody else.
30:25 You need to take care of yourself first."
30:29 "How can you save the world of Jesus,
30:31 if you can't save yourself?"
30:33 If you don't know how to take care of you,
30:35 you're no good fit.
30:36 After all, like Whitney Houston said,
30:38 Jesus, the greatest love of all is inside of you.
30:43 "You have a need,"
30:46 that's the first lie that the devil says.
30:48 "You have a need." Indulge it.
30:53 But then he says this, "The devil take it them up
30:57 into the holy city
30:58 and sets him on the pinnacle of the temple."
31:01 And he said to him, "If you be the Son of God,
31:04 catch yourself down."
31:07 For it is written that he shall give
31:08 his angels charge over you, concern you,
31:11 in all your ways and they shall bad you up
31:13 less you dash your foot against the stone.
31:16 Notice the devil says this, first he says,
31:18 "You have a need," but then secondly he says,
31:22 "God won't take care of your need."
31:26 He said, "Look hear Jesus, where are you?
31:29 Where are you?
31:30 You're out here in the middle of nowhere."
31:33 If God really cared about you,
31:34 do you think He will leave you out here in this desert.
31:38 And who you're doing this for anyway?
31:40 You're doing this for God.
31:42 God cares about you.
31:44 Well, Jesus, if God cares about you,
31:46 then go ahead and prove it.
31:48 You say he cares, prove it, Jesus, go on and jump.
31:52 If you jump, he delivers you, that's gonna prove it,
31:54 but you don't really believe it,
31:55 because you know that God doesn't take care of you.
31:59 If you believed it, you would jump.
32:00 Jump, Jesus, jump.
32:03 So he says, first of all, you have a need.
32:06 Secondly, God will not take care of your need.
32:10 Now I want to point this out to you.
32:12 Whenever you talk to someone
32:15 who has turned their back on God,
32:17 it is you who should believe it because they don't believe
32:21 that God will take care of their needs.
32:26 They believe that God has failed them.
32:29 I prayed for my mother, and my mother died.
32:32 I ask you to intervene behalf of my children,
32:35 and they still went away.
32:38 I needed some money to pay my mortgage and it didn't come.
32:42 God does not take care of my needs.
32:46 So first you have a need.
32:47 Secondly, God won't take care of your needs.
32:49 But then thirdly, listen to this,
32:52 the devil takes him up to an exceeding high mountain,
32:55 and shows him all the kingdoms of the world
32:57 and the glory of them.
32:58 And said on to him, "All this things, I'll give you,
33:02 if you fall down and worship me."
33:05 In other words, "I'll supply your needs.
33:08 You have a need, God won't give it you,
33:11 I will supply your need.
33:14 All these things I'll give you if you would just worship me.
33:17 Now you know something.
33:18 The devil always operates the same way.
33:21 He convinces you that you have a need
33:24 that God doesn't take care of it, and he will supply it.
33:28 And you know the devil has ability to take care
33:32 of some of these things, after all he's called
33:33 'the prince of this world'.
33:36 He does have some authority and some territory.
33:38 He's the prince of this world.
33:41 You know, and as a prince of this world,
33:43 he exercises that authority to make sure
33:47 that he can appear to supply your needs.
33:51 Let me give you an example.
33:53 I once knew a young man,
33:55 who was struggling with a serious drug addiction.
33:59 And every time he got clean, somebody would come to him
34:03 and give him more drugs.
34:08 And usually if you get drugs, you have to pay for them,
34:14 but people would just come and give him drugs for free.
34:20 Now I've been to my doctor's office,
34:21 and my doctor won't even give me drugs for free...
34:26 the pharmacy.
34:27 But these people were giving him drugs for free,
34:30 because the devil will tell you that you have a need,
34:34 and then he says, "I'll supply it."
34:38 I'm gonna let you know today.
34:40 If you find yourself continually confronted
34:42 with the same sin and the same temptation
34:45 and it comes too easily,
34:46 then you better believe that somewhere in the back
34:48 of that the devil is behind that saying to you,
34:52 I'll supply your needs.
34:56 I knew another man,
34:59 who reported of sexual addiction,
35:02 and he felt compelled to go out daily
35:03 and find himself a new sexual partner.
35:07 Sometimes he would get up in the morning,
35:09 and he would go out
35:10 and he would always find a new sexual partner.
35:12 Sometimes he would find two or three in the same day.
35:21 Now listen to this.
35:23 I know people who've been looking for 10 years,
35:26 20 years, 30 years for mate, you know.
35:30 They've done everything they thought,
35:31 they knew how to do to get a mate.
35:33 They got their hair fixed, they got their job,
35:35 they have the house, they have everything,
35:37 and they still can't find the mate.
35:38 And yet this man has more sexual partners
35:41 than he knows what to do with.
35:44 When I finally had a chance to talk with him,
35:47 the man was lying on his deathbed.
35:52 And all he could do on his deathbed
35:54 is have the fainting memory.
35:59 A failing twisted body parts
36:03 that he thought was going to bring him pleasure.
36:05 But now only brought him pain and regret.
36:09 Yeah, the devil says, "You have a need."
36:12 The devil says, "I'll supply that need."
36:15 But it always comes with the price.
36:19 It doesn't come free.
36:23 There're people right now,
36:24 who are in marital relationships
36:27 and you are not happy,
36:29 and you find yourself in extramarital affairs,
36:31 because the devil says to you,
36:33 "Listen, you're only human, come on now."
36:37 God doesn't expect you to be perfect all the time,
36:42 after all if God was gonna take care of your need,
36:46 He would have given you the right wife
36:48 or the right husband.
36:50 And because God didn't do it,
36:53 I'm gonna take care of your needs.
36:57 There're people right who are working on a job,
37:00 and if you're working on a job,
37:03 some of us are overworked and underpaid.
37:05 Isn't that truth?
37:06 Go on and tell the truth, right, overworked underpaid.
37:10 And it's so easy to be on the job,
37:12 and the devil comes to you and says,
37:14 "Oh, man, you have a need, you need more money.
37:20 God's not taking care of your needs.
37:23 I'll take care of your needs.
37:25 All you have to do is this or do that.
37:29 But it always comes with a price.
37:31 You want to know how people slide down the slippery slope
37:35 to demon possession.
37:37 It is at the moment of compromise,
37:40 is at the time of the gap between our perceived need
37:44 and our satisfaction.
37:46 That's when the devil slips in there
37:48 with his pernicious lies.
37:51 But I love what the Bible says in Isaiah 55:2,
37:54 for the Bible says this, "Why will you spend money
37:57 for that which is not bread,
37:59 and labor for that which does not satisfy."
38:03 You want to know what satisfies the things
38:05 of this world can never satisfy.
38:07 Human beings can never satisfy you.
38:10 There is only one thing that can satisfy you,
38:13 and that is the relationship
38:15 with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
38:18 He will supply all of your needs according to His riches
38:23 and glory by Christ Jesus.
38:25 Only Jesus can fill the emptiness of our lives.
38:29 Only Jesus can fill the vacuum of our hearts.
38:35 They shall hunger no more.
38:37 You see, there's good news in the Bible for the hungry.
38:41 The good news is that Jesus is the bread of life.
38:46 There's good news for those who are malnourished.
38:49 Jesus can supply all of your needs.
38:52 From the Book of Revelation, it says,
38:53 "They shall hunger no more."
38:56 Now, I've been hungry sometime like you have,
39:01 and my hunger has led me to chase silly dreams
39:05 and shooting stars.
39:07 Running nowhere fast,
39:10 gorging myself on the empty calories of this world.
39:14 And you know, I'm gonna tell you
39:15 something about people in the church,
39:18 'cause people in the church sometimes think that
39:20 they are above this, but they are not.
39:25 Especially people in certain churches,
39:27 certain erudite churches like our church.
39:29 You know, we're erudite people.
39:33 So we do things like chase titles,
39:38 chase positions, chase degrees.
39:44 So that now we think that we are more
39:48 because we have more.
39:53 So I have some fiends who went and got a degree,
39:57 and they got a doctor degree,
39:59 and now they make everybody call them doctor.
40:02 I was talking to one person,
40:04 and I called them by their fist name,
40:05 and said, that was doctor, doctor.
40:08 And I say, "Oh, my goodness."
40:10 So he said to me, "You have to call me doctor."
40:12 I said, "Well, listen, when my mother named me,
40:14 she named me Dedrick, it's okay to call me Dedrick.
40:18 The only time somebody has to call me doctor
40:19 is when I go to get a mortgage loan,
40:21 or I go to the bank.
40:22 The banker better call me doctor,
40:23 then I'm hoping I can get a better interest rate.
40:28 But other than that, you see, we get caught up in it too,
40:31 thinking that those things will satisfy us.
40:35 Sometimes we think
40:37 that our religion will satisfy us.
40:41 So that if I go to church on the right day
40:44 and eat the right food, and sing the right song,
40:47 and pray the right prayer,
40:49 then I too will be able to get to heaven.
40:54 But the reality is this.
40:57 There is no salvation in veggie burger,
41:01 and there is no grace in soya cheese.
41:05 But the fact of the matter is,
41:07 there is not salvation by diet,
41:09 it's salvation by grace.
41:13 But we reach after those things
41:16 that we think will satisfy the longing in of our hearts.
41:20 But at the end of the day, it is empty calories,
41:23 only Jesus can satisfy.
41:27 There are people out there,
41:28 who have run from place to place,
41:30 they slept in all the beds,
41:32 they read all the books, they watched all the TV,
41:35 they've visited all the doctors,
41:37 they watch opera and Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil,
41:41 and Jerry and Maury, and Steve and Judge Mathis
41:45 trying to find the answers to life's perplexing dilemmas.
41:51 But in the end,
41:54 the only thing that can satisfy is relationship with Jesus.
41:58 The good news is that there is hope
42:00 in the word of God.
42:02 There is joy for the sealed of God.
42:05 And there is the privilege for the redeemed of God.
42:08 For the promise says in Revelation,
42:10 "They shall hunger no more."
42:15 Hallelujah, right? Now, what does this mean?
42:18 Have you ever been to someone's house for dinner?
42:22 And you sit down to eat,
42:24 and they start bringing the food out,
42:26 and they'll put it on the table and you look,
42:29 and you keep waiting for them to bring more.
42:32 But that's all there is.
42:34 These little teeny tiny
42:37 microscopic dishes,
42:41 you know, with nothing in it, right,
42:44 so you're afraid to eat.
42:46 You're afraid to eat because you're afraid
42:48 that the food is gonna run out, right.
42:50 So you get a little bit of this,
42:52 and just a little bit of that,
42:54 because you don't want the food to run out.
42:57 Well, I have got news for you, good news, right.
42:59 When it says, "They shall hunger no more."
43:01 Listen, the bread of heaven never runs out.
43:05 That dish is never empty. It's always full.
43:09 There's always a fresh supply.
43:11 You know, there's an old song that says,
43:13 "Though millions have come, there's still room for one.
43:17 There is room at the cross for you.
43:20 They shall hunger no more."
43:24 From the Mount of Blessings, page 21.
43:26 Listen to what this author says,
43:28 "Our Lord himself has given the command
43:33 be filled with the spirit."
43:35 Oh, I love that.
43:38 Because when I'm empty,
43:40 God is there to fill me with His presence.
43:44 You know, right now,
43:45 I happen to be in Huntsville, Alabama,
43:47 and my wife is in New York,
43:48 and we're doing this commuting thing
43:50 until we can workout the situation,
43:51 the housing situation back and forth.
43:54 And so, we're going back and forth,
43:55 and sometimes I'm sitting there
43:57 in that little old apartment and I feel little lonely.
44:01 But when I get on my knees,
44:03 and I start to pray to the Lord,
44:04 guess what happens?
44:05 The Holy Spirit comes and satisfies my needs, right.
44:09 We're never alone with God.
44:11 He says, "Be filled with the Spirit of God."
44:14 The Spirit of God is able to supply all of your needs
44:18 and to fill your life with meaning and purpose.
44:22 If you come to Christ, He won't leave you hungry.
44:25 He'll satisfy your needs.
44:26 He'll associate your souls.
44:28 He'll fill your life, He'll nourish your experience,
44:32 and He is not skimpy with the portions.
44:35 Hallelujah.
44:37 You know, one day my wife and I,
44:40 we went to a restaurant, right.
44:42 And we went in and sat down, and we looked at the menu,
44:45 and there really wasn't much there
44:46 that we could eat.
44:48 So we asked, well,
44:49 do you have any vegetarian dishes
44:52 on your menu?
44:53 And the waiter dropped his head and said,
44:55 "No, but let me see what I can do."
44:57 And he went back in the kitchen.
45:00 And then a few minutes later, out came the chef,
45:05 and when the chef found out that we were vegetarian,
45:09 the chef was overjoyed and delighted.
45:13 He said, "What would you like for me to make for you?"
45:15 Said we don't know.
45:17 He said, "Just let me handle it."
45:18 He said, "I'll make something special for you."
45:21 And so we sat there,
45:23 and a few minutes later the waiter brought out a dish.
45:25 Oh, this is great.
45:27 We ate that, and a few minutes later,
45:29 he brought out another dish, and we started eating on that.
45:33 Then a few minutes later, he brought out another dish,
45:35 and we started eating on that.
45:37 And he brought out another dish,
45:39 and we started eating on that.
45:40 And just when we thought that it was over,
45:44 he brought out another dish,
45:47 and we started eating on that, right.
45:49 And then all of a sudden, the chef came out,
45:53 and we saw him standing in the door,
45:56 peeking over us eating,
45:57 with the biggest smile on his face.
45:59 Then we came to understand that it was chef's greatest joy
46:06 that we would be filled, that we would hunger no more.
46:12 Here's what the Bible says, John 16:24,
46:16 Jesus says,
46:17 "Hitherto, you have asked nothing in my name."
46:21 Right.
46:22 He said,
46:23 "Ask and you may receive that your joy may be full."
46:28 Don't you understand that Jesus wants to fill us?
46:31 Jesus has been in the kitchen
46:33 cooking up blessings just for you.
46:37 He has been working in and out just for you.
46:39 Listen, Jesus could hand us the standard menu
46:43 and just said, "Select from this."
46:45 But instead, he is my personal savior.
46:51 He cooks up a blessing that is just for me,
46:57 nobody else, right.
47:00 He goes out of his way
47:01 because he wants me to feel understood,
47:04 and validated, and appreciated, and loved.
47:08 He understands that there is a gap
47:10 between my desired need and my satisfaction.
47:13 And so he says,
47:14 "I'm the one that can satisfy him."
47:17 So, Christ, He keeps bringing out
47:20 new surprise after new surprise.
47:22 Isn't that good, right?
47:23 New blessing after new blessing.
47:25 And then after He gets finished blessing you,
47:27 He brings out more grace and more mercy,
47:32 and more love and more hope, and more joy and more peace,
47:38 and more faith,
47:39 more and more, and more and more,
47:42 more deliverance, more salvation,
47:45 more victory, more praise, thank you Jesus.
47:50 You've been so good to me,
47:52 I can't even begin to eat it all.
47:54 That's why John says in John 1:16,
47:58 "And of his fullness,
48:01 we have received grace for grace."
48:06 Oh, I love what the Psalmist says
48:07 in Psalms 34:8-10, it says this,
48:10 "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
48:15 Blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
48:18 Oh, fear the Lord, ye his saints:
48:20 for there is no want to them that fear him.
48:26 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger:
48:29 but they that seek the Lord
48:33 shall not want for any good thing."
48:36 Oh, that means usually have it, right?
48:38 And so the Bible says, "They shall hunger no more."
48:43 Listen, no more desperate housewives,
48:48 no more hungry husbands, no more abandoned children,
48:53 no more rich people with poverty of spirit.
48:57 No more poor people, who only rich and grace,
49:00 no more lonely days or sleepless nights,
49:04 no more looking for and longing for,
49:07 no more weeping and no more wailing.
49:11 No more running from life and running into sin,
49:15 no more hiding.
49:18 But then, I shall know even as also I am known.
49:23 For then, my faith will be made strong,
49:27 then all of my questions will be answered.
49:32 All of my hopes fulfilled, and all of my fears gone
49:36 and all of my dreams turned into a reality
49:41 for "They shall hunger no more."
49:44 And on that day,
49:45 I want to sit at the welcome table,
49:50 I want to be there with Moses, and Daniel, and David,
49:55 and Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.
49:59 I want to be there with Azaya and Jeremiah, and Nehemiah,
50:03 and Zechariah, and Zephaniah,
50:06 and Amaziah, and Obadiah and all the iah's.
50:10 I want to be there at the welcome table
50:13 when we shall hunger no more.
50:15 I want to be there with Fanny Crosby,
50:18 as she sings the song,
50:21 "Blessed assurance Jesus is mine."
50:24 And I want to be there
50:25 when Bacchus Bach plays his Bach cantata
50:28 joyful, joyful, we adore thee,
50:31 I want to be there.
50:32 I want to be there also when the mighty clouds of joy
50:36 begin to walk on the mighty clouds of joy.
50:39 I want to be there,
50:40 when the Dixie Hummingbirds are starting to hum,
50:42 I want to be there
50:44 when the my side drummers they start to drum
50:46 and then my side is jump up and down
50:48 and praise the Lord.
50:50 I want to be there
50:51 to know that from this moment on,
50:54 I'll never again worry about anything,
50:59 for there shall be no gap
51:01 between my perceived need and my satisfaction.
51:05 But the final thing I will say to you is this.
51:09 You don't have to wait to get to heaven
51:12 to experience heaven now.
51:16 God at this very moment wants to supply your needs.
51:21 And if you're sitting at home right now,
51:23 and you've got yourself in the middle of some mess,
51:26 in the middle of some destructive relationship,
51:29 we invite you to call our prayer line,
51:31 and talk to one of our counselors,
51:33 they will pray with you and they will pray you through.
51:37 They will point you to the Word of God,
51:39 and help you to understand that there is victory,
51:42 that there is salvation and power in the name of Jesus.
51:46 If you find yourself at this moment
51:48 surrounded by darkness,
51:50 know that God is able to defeat the forces of the enemy,
51:53 and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.
51:56 No one understand that the Spirit of God
51:59 is waiting and knocking at your door
52:03 urging you to respond.
52:06 And so take the opportunity today
52:08 to let Jesus be first in your life,
52:11 to satisfy your needs,
52:14 and to give you the peace, and the victory
52:17 that you have been longing for your entire life.
52:21 Let's pray.
52:22 Our Father in heaven,
52:25 Lord, we've often chased after things
52:28 that don't satisfy.
52:31 Run in the wrong directions looking for blessings.
52:36 When all the time the blessings are there through Jesus.
52:40 The devil always will say to us,
52:41 "You have a need,
52:43 God won't take care of your need,
52:45 I will supply your need,
52:47 but it's a lie that always comes with a price."
52:50 But salvation with Jesus is free,
52:54 for He has already paid the price.
52:58 Now, Lord, may we walk in that salvation and victory
53:02 in Jesus' name.
53:04 Amen.
53:12 Can we say amen?
53:13 Amen.
53:14 We shall hunger no more.
53:16 Are you still hungry? Are you still hungry?
53:21 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,
53:23 for they shall be felt.
53:25 Thank you, Pastor Dr. Blue.
53:27 What encouraging words can you give to our audience
53:30 as we wind down this wonderful series
53:33 on what you have shared with us looking forward?
53:37 Well, what I would like to share with you is this.
53:41 That we talked a little bit
53:42 about the coming Global Super Storm
53:47 and the emergence of satanic forces
53:49 that are in this world.
53:51 No one understand that those satanic forces are real.
53:54 They are not metaphorical,
53:56 they're not figments of our imagination
53:58 and cannot be explained
53:59 simply by scientific paranormal research.
54:03 The devil is real,
54:05 and he wants to destroy each and everyone of us.
54:08 But also understand
54:09 that he is not just working out there in the world,
54:12 he is also working in the church.
54:15 To undermine the church through false doctrine,
54:18 but also to make us complacent in the church
54:23 so that we don't rise to be the holy warriors
54:26 that God is calling us to be in these last days.
54:30 The devil does have power, but God has all power.
54:35 The devil does have a message,
54:36 but we have our message as well.
54:39 It is found in Revelation,
54:40 "And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
54:44 having the everlasting gospel..."
54:46 Amen.
54:47 "To preach to them that dwell on the earth,
54:49 to every nation and kindred and tongue and people
54:52 saying with the loud voice,
54:53 "Fear God..."
54:55 That's right.
54:56 "Give glory to him now."
54:57 While probation still lingers
55:01 and while the door of mercy is still open.
55:03 And while the angels are still holding back
55:05 to winds of strife,
55:07 fear Him and give glory to Him now,
55:09 for soon the hour of his judgment has come.
55:12 But before that happens, it's not too late.
55:15 You can still make it in.
55:17 God still has the place for you.
55:19 And then there is no sin that God cannot forgive.
55:22 There is no chain that God cannot brake.
55:26 There is no pressure upon you that God cannot relieve.
55:29 There is no way blocked that God cannot open.
55:32 He is a mighty, a powerful and an almighty God.
55:36 And that we would but trust him,
55:37 He will deliver us.
55:40 Wow.
55:41 I don't think he is empty by far.
55:42 Can you say amen?
55:44 Amen. Wow.
55:45 What do we follow that up with?
55:47 You just encouraged me to the point
55:49 where I have a whole lot more sermon material.
55:50 I know Pastor C.A has taken notes.
55:52 We always do that.
55:54 But now as you go back to Oakwood University--
55:56 Yes, sir.
55:58 You have a lot of young people
55:59 that you're faced with on a daily basis.
56:01 Yes.
56:02 What can you say to our young folk in particular today?
56:05 I would say to the young people,
56:07 you must come to understand,
56:09 that at this junction in earth's history,
56:12 you don't have time,
56:14 there are really only two roads and you must make a decision.
56:18 What appears to be the tinsel of this world
56:21 cannot be compared to the glory that God has revealed to us.
56:25 And God wants to use you now
56:27 in your youth to be a holy warrior for Him.
56:30 If you try Him and trust Him now,
56:33 He will take you places
56:35 where you have never thought you would go.
56:37 And do things with you
56:38 that you never dreamed were possible.
56:40 He will exalt you
56:42 if you humble yourself before Him.
56:43 And He will use you in mighty ways
56:46 to shake the very foundations of hell
56:49 to build the kingdom of God.
56:50 That's right. That's right.
56:52 And so with those words in mind, once again,
56:54 I want to thank you for reminding us
56:56 that this is not our last time by God's grace,
56:59 that we will have you grace the stage.
57:01 Not only of Dare to Dream, but the ministry of 3ABN,
57:04 can we all say amen to that?
57:06 This food has been given to us,
57:08 courtesy of the Lord Jesus on high
57:11 through a servant whose heart is not only willing,
57:14 but you can see there's a whole lot more there.
57:15 So on behalf of Dr. Dedrick Blue,
57:18 Chelauna King, Dr. Yvonne Lewis,
57:20 and the 3ABN staff here.
57:22 And Dare to Dream,
57:23 we want to thank you for tuning in.
57:24 Remember, there's only one foundation of faith
57:27 and His name is Jesus.
57:29 God bless you.
57:31 Amen.


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