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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Pr. Dwayne Lemon


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00:22 Friends, welcome to Foundation of our Faith,
00:24 a Dare to Dream production here
00:26 at Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
00:29 I'm particularly excited about our presenter
00:31 and our musician for today,
00:33 Elder Dwayne Lemon of Preaching,
00:35 Teaching and Healing ministries is gonna be our speaker
00:39 for this episode of Foundation of our Faith.
00:43 He is a man that has been delivered
00:45 by the Lord out of the darkness of the R&B and hip-hop world.
00:50 He was a dancer
00:51 and a choreographer in his former walk.
00:54 But now he is a servant of the Lord,
00:56 bearing the light of God's love to the world.
00:59 And people are being transformed
01:01 and brought to the knowledge of God's saving grace
01:03 through his ministry.
01:05 He desires to lead people to a life of surrender to God
01:09 and believes that the medical ministry
01:12 is combined with the Three Angels' Messages
01:15 is a way to get people prepared for the coming of our Lord.
01:19 His message today is entitled, "The Bottom Line".
01:22 But before he comes to minister to us,
01:24 we'll be blessed by Esther Alonzo-Neal
01:27 who is a recording artist, known internationally,
01:30 she has sung in Kenya, Brazil, France and the Philippines.
01:34 Her desire is to share Jesus
01:36 as she sings in multiple languages,
01:39 and today she is gonna sing
01:41 in that beautiful language of English,
01:43 this wonderful message in song, "Go Light Your World".
01:47 After her song the next voice that you'll hear will be that
01:51 of Elder Dwayne Lemon.
01:57 There is a candle in every soul
02:05 Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
02:12 There is a Spirit who brings a fire
02:18 Ignites your candle and makes His home
02:25 So carry your candle
02:29 Run to the darkness
02:33 Seek out the helpless
02:36 Confused and torn
02:40 Hold out your candle
02:43 For all to see it
02:47 Take your candle
02:50 And go light your world
02:54 Take your candle
02:57 And go light your world
03:04 Frustrated brother
03:07 See how he's tried to
03:11 Light his own candle
03:15 Some other way
03:18 See now your sister
03:22 She's been robbed and lied to
03:25 Still holds a candle
03:29 Without a flame
03:32 So carry your candle
03:36 Run to the darkness
03:39 Seek out the helpless
03:43 Confused and torn
03:46 Hold out your candle
03:50 For all to see it
03:53 Take your candle
03:57 And go light your world
04:00 Take your candle
04:04 And go light your world
04:11 'Cause we are a family
04:14 Whose hearts are blazing
04:18 So let's raise our candles
04:21 And light up the sky
04:25 Praying to our Father
04:28 In the name of Jesus
04:32 Make us a beacon in darkest night
04:39 So carry your candle
04:42 Run to the darkness
04:46 Seek out the helpless
04:49 Confused and torn
04:53 Hold out your candle
04:56 For all to see it
05:00 Take your candle
05:04 And go light your world
05:13 Run to the darkness
05:16 The hopeless
05:19 Confused and torn
05:23 Your candle
05:25 For all to see it
05:27 For all to see it
05:29 Take your candle
05:31 And go light your world
05:35 Take your candle
05:43 Go light your world.
06:12 Well, why don't we go ahead and say amen again?
06:14 And praise the Lord for such a wonderful song
06:17 that lifts our hearts heavenward.
06:19 And I'm very grateful for the opportunity
06:21 to study the word of God with each and every one of us.
06:24 We are going to take a very important look at a subject
06:28 that I've entitled The Bottom Line,
06:30 and I think you'll understand that as I share with you
06:33 a very brief story and then after that,
06:35 we'll pause for word of prayer
06:37 and then we'll get deeply into God's word.
06:41 I remember one time I was in Seattle,
06:43 Washington and when I was there somehow someway,
06:47 I found myself in the home of a drug dealer.
06:52 Now I'm in ministry at this point,
06:53 I'm definitely not doing the things
06:55 I used to doing it and even, and even in my old life,
06:58 I did not go around, you know, selling drugs
07:00 or anything like that but somehow, someway,
07:03 I was placed in a home with a man
07:06 who was very, very known for selling drugs,
07:09 very popular doing it.
07:10 And I would imagine my life
07:11 and his life was in danger that night.
07:13 I discovered it on the backend
07:14 so it was too late for me to leave.
07:16 So I just had to kind of bear with it.
07:18 Well, nevertheless, I remember being there
07:20 and so because I'm a minister of the gospel,
07:23 I said, well, let me go ahead and kind of dialogue
07:26 with my brother a little bit, see where his head is at,
07:28 and see if there is a way to share Christ with him.
07:31 And so I started to talk to him about God and the Bible,
07:35 truth for this time, end time events,
07:38 and as we were talking he got to a place
07:40 where he said, "I don't believe in the Bible."
07:42 And you know,
07:43 those who were kind of special words to me,
07:45 you know, anytime a minister hears that,
07:46 he sees it as an opportunity.
07:49 And so I remember that I heard him say that,
07:51 and I said, "Oh really, I said, tell me why,
07:53 why don't you believe in the Bible?"
07:54 And he gave one of the strangest answers
07:56 that I've ever heard.
07:58 And he said, because the Bible does not explain
08:01 how pyramids were built.
08:05 And I remember, I thought to myself,
08:07 the Bible doesn't explain how pyramids were built
08:09 so you don't believe in the Bible,
08:10 and he said, "Yup, that's right,
08:12 I don't believe in the Bible
08:13 'cause it doesn't explain how pyramids were built."
08:15 And I began to talk with him to say
08:17 so in your mind you believe the Bible
08:19 is supposed to explain every single thing
08:22 that has ever happened in the world,
08:25 and he said, "Well yeah, why not,
08:27 pyramids were significant."
08:29 And so, you know, I met the brother
08:30 where he was at and I said, "You know what,
08:32 I think your challenge is that
08:35 you do not understand the theme of the Bible.
08:38 You do not understand the bottom line point
08:41 of why God created this book."
08:43 And so I began to talk with him
08:45 and share some principles with him
08:47 that at the end of that discussion,
08:49 I believe that he became a believer
08:53 in the word of God
08:54 and therefore became a believer in God himself.
08:56 And the things that I shared with him,
08:58 the Lord is impressed upon my mind are things
09:00 that I need to share with you.
09:03 And so what we're gonna do at this time is
09:04 we're gonna prepare ourselves to study a little bit
09:06 about the bottom line.
09:08 Why does this book exist?
09:10 What is the bottom line message of the gospel?
09:13 What is the bottom line message of the church?
09:15 What is the bottom line message of the Three Angels' Messages?
09:17 What is the bottom line?
09:21 And so as we prepare our hearts to go through the study,
09:24 the best way for us to do that, I believe is with prayer.
09:28 And I'd like to do that upon my knees
09:30 and so I'm gonna kneel to pray
09:31 and you can just reverently bow your heads
09:33 but let's all pray together as we go before the Lord
09:36 and let Him speak to our hearts
09:37 as we prepare to get to the bottom line.
09:44 Our loving Father,
09:45 we are grateful always for the opportunity
09:47 to study Your words of truth.
09:49 We thank You, dear God,
09:50 for the way that Your spirit
09:52 speaks to the hearts of humanity.
09:54 We are living in a time
09:55 where we need to get to the bottom line.
09:57 We need to understand why the church exists.
10:00 Why the everlasting gospel is going forward?
10:03 Why do we even study this book called the Bible
10:05 above any other book?
10:06 And I just pray that in our few moments together,
10:09 make your words plain to our hearts,
10:11 for this is our prayer that we do ask
10:13 with the forgiveness of our sins in Jesus' name, amen.
10:19 All right.
10:21 Why don't we go ahead and let's turn our Bibles
10:22 to the Book of 2 Peter?
10:24 We're going to the Book of 2 Peter,
10:25 we're going to consider chapter 1.
10:29 Peter was explaining a very powerful point
10:32 in previous verses.
10:33 Our focus is gonna be in 2 Peter 1,
10:35 we're gonna look at verses 20 and 21,
10:38 but you have to understand that Peter is given reasoning
10:42 that in any other case
10:44 would have been the greatest proof of a fact.
10:48 In other words, there is a such thing
10:49 as called an eyewitness,
10:50 and when you have an witness, that's about the greatest proof
10:52 that you can have of something that took place, an event.
10:55 And Peter earlier in the chapter
10:58 was talking about how he and his fellow brothers
11:00 were eyewitnesses to the glory and the majesty of Christ.
11:04 Well, here it is that by time we get down to verse 19,
11:07 he says something very interesting.
11:09 I said verses 20 and 21
11:10 because that's gonna be our key focus
11:11 but verse 19 will give some context.
11:14 After Peter gives a faithful account
11:17 of what they saw with their own eyes,
11:20 heard with their own ears after that,
11:23 he then says something that to some of us might be
11:25 a bit strange.
11:26 After he gives this sure witness,
11:28 he then says in verse 19,
11:30 he says, "We have also a more sure word of prophecy."
11:36 In other words as powerful as it was
11:39 that he was an eyewitness to the majesty of Christ,
11:41 there is something even more sure
11:44 than being an eyewitness
11:45 and that is the word of prophecy,
11:48 the scripture.
11:49 He says, "We have also a more sure word of prophecy,
11:52 whereunto you do well that you take heed,
11:54 as unto a light that shineth in a dark place,
11:57 until the day dawn,
11:59 and the day star arises in your hearts."
12:01 And therefore he says in verses 20 and 21,
12:04 "Knowing this first,
12:05 that no prophecy of the scripture
12:08 is of any private interpretation."
12:11 This is why it's more sure.
12:13 This is not a book compiled by which man saw it
12:17 as an opportunity to simply express
12:19 what he thinks.
12:21 You know, there's a lot of ministers that do that.
12:23 There's a lot of preachers that do that.
12:25 There's a lot of evangelists that do that.
12:27 There's a lot of parents that do that.
12:29 There's a lot of teachers that do that.
12:30 There are people who feel in their minds
12:33 that I have right to go above what the Bible says,
12:36 I have a right to fall short of what the Bible says,
12:39 but many people ignore the reality
12:42 that ministers of the gospel are called to preach
12:45 what the Bible says and what the Bible says only.
12:48 We are never to preach or to share
12:51 "gospel message
12:53 of our own private interpretation."
12:56 The scriptures did not come by private interpretation,
12:59 as a result of that,
13:01 that's why it's a more sure word.
13:03 So notice what it goes on to say, "Knowing this first,
13:06 that no prophecy of the scripture
13:07 is of any private interpretation."
13:09 It says, "For the prophecy came not in old time
13:12 by the will of men:
13:14 but holy men of God spake
13:17 as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
13:21 And you need to understand that.
13:23 The Bible says,
13:24 that they were these holy men of God
13:26 and before the sisters get little upset
13:28 because sometimes you know the Bible will speak
13:30 in a masculine tense and many a times
13:33 it's not just referring to men but mankind.
13:35 But if you read it just for English face value
13:37 you might think the Bible can be chauvinistic
13:39 and I'll balance that out in just a second
13:41 but the reality is,
13:42 is that it was holy men and holy women.
13:44 And they came together and the Bible says
13:48 that they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
13:50 Now we need to understand that, so what I'm gonna do is
13:52 I'm gonna now tell us to go to 2 Timothy 3,
13:55 just so we can get an understanding.
13:57 2 Timothy and we're now going to consider Chapter 3,
14:01 "Holy men of God spake
14:02 as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
14:06 What constitutes this idea of moved by the Holy Ghost?
14:09 That needs to be explained.
14:11 So now we're going to the Book of 2 Timothy
14:13 and we are going to consider Chapter 3.
14:16 And let's notice what the Bible says
14:17 as we look at 2 Timothy 3:16 and 17 and watch the verse.
14:23 The verse says in 2 Timothy 3:16 and 17, it says,
14:28 all scripture, how much scripture?
14:31 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God,
14:36 and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,
14:40 for instruction and righteousness,
14:42 that the man of God may be perfect,
14:44 thoroughly furnished unto all good works."
14:46 So scripture came to us
14:48 not by man's own private interpretation,
14:51 him taking an opportunity to say what he want to says
14:54 or she taking an opportunity to say what she want to says
14:57 but the Bible says
15:00 that when these men or women spoke,
15:03 these holy men and women of God,
15:05 when they spoke it was as a result of being moved
15:09 by the Holy Spirit.
15:10 And now when you notice what it says here, it says,
15:13 all scriptures given by inspiration of God.
15:16 Now believe it or not, that term inspiration of God
15:19 is synonymous to this idea of being moved
15:22 by the Holy Spirit.
15:24 What does it mean
15:26 when it says inspiration of God?
15:27 What does that mean?
15:28 One day I was looking it up, you know,
15:30 the Bible is written in three basic languages
15:31 Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
15:32 Well, in fact they're not very basic
15:34 if you have studied it, but nevertheless
15:36 they are definitely not English,
15:38 and the Bible says in the Greek
15:40 which is the New Testament here.
15:41 The Greek word for inspiration is God breathed.
15:45 So my mind began to imagine, you know,
15:47 I'm a home-schooling father
15:49 and I teach the Bible class to my children.
15:51 My children all teenager right now,
15:53 I have a house filled with teenagers and thank God
15:55 they're not regular teenagers.
15:57 So we still have heaven in our home, amen.
16:00 And so it is that when, you know,
16:02 when we're teaching class,
16:03 we had to go through the fundamentals of scripture
16:06 and when we went through the fundamentals of scripture,
16:08 we were able to look at the idea
16:10 of inspiration God breathed.
16:12 So naturally in your mind you're saying,
16:14 scripture came to us when God breathed.
16:16 So if you take it just for face value,
16:21 one would think that somebody is here
16:24 and that's one of the holy men or holy women of God
16:26 and God goes to them and goes
16:29 and just breathes on them or goes...
16:32 You know, in other words if you've just taken it
16:33 for face value,
16:35 God breathed, this is how scripture came.
16:37 It would not make a lot of sense, would it?
16:39 But you know something that would make sense?
16:42 Go to the Book of 2 Samuel 23, watch this.
16:45 If you go to the Book of 2 Samuel 23,
16:48 I think we're gonna better understand
16:50 the idea of the movement of the Holy Spirit
16:53 or the inspiration of God meaning God breathed.
16:56 So let's notice now what the Bible says in 2 Samuel,
16:59 we're going to Chapter 23
17:02 and we're gonna let the Bible explain itself.
17:04 I want you to always remember that scripture is
17:06 forever the key that unlocks scripture.
17:10 Let the Bible explain itself.
17:13 So the Bible says in 2 Samuel, we're now in Chapter 23.
17:16 What does it mean the Spirit of God
17:18 moved upon these holy men or women?
17:21 What does it mean
17:22 when the scripture came by inspiration,
17:25 God breathed upon these people, what does that mean?
17:28 2 Samuel 23, the Bible says in 2 Samuel 23
17:32 starting at verse 1 and we'll do verses 1 and 2.
17:35 The Bible says in 2 Samuel 23:1 and 2,
17:39 "Now these be the last words of David.
17:42 David the son of Jesse said,
17:44 and the man who raised up on high,
17:46 the anointed of the God of Jacob,
17:48 and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said,
17:51 the Spirit of the Lord, did what?
17:54 Spake by me, and his word was in my tongue."
18:00 Did you know something I realized every time we talk?
18:04 Do you know what we're doing when we speak?
18:06 We're breathing. Did you get that?
18:09 When we talk, we're breathing.
18:13 You can't hold your breath and talk
18:14 or at least talk very long.
18:16 And this is a pretty deep book here so,
18:17 I can guarantee you God was breathing
18:19 and not holding His breath.
18:20 In other words,
18:21 when you think of moved by the Spirit of God,
18:24 when you think of inspiration God breathed,
18:26 the reality is God's spirit was talking to the mind
18:30 of the holy men and the holy women
18:32 and as they heard they repeated the words of God.
18:36 This is how scripture came to us.
18:37 It was not conjured up by the ideas
18:40 and the philosophies of men.
18:42 It was conjured up from the very mind of God
18:45 by which He spoke His words to humanity
18:49 and humanity heard those words,
18:51 and then they repeated those words,
18:53 and then there were scribes who wrote those words
18:55 and hence we have the word.
18:57 This is what God has given to each and every one of us.
19:00 This is the blessed book called the Bible.
19:02 This is the holy scripture
19:04 that helps us become wise unto salvation.
19:08 Now understanding this,
19:11 what then is the theme of all of these writings?
19:14 What is the theme? What is the great focal point?
19:16 Why was this book together?
19:18 What was it that God wanted to talk about so bad?
19:21 That He wanted to make it extra plain to humanity
19:24 so that we don't miss it and we can understand
19:26 what He's saying.
19:27 Well, now I want us to go to the Book of Acts 3,
19:29 we're gonna pick up in a story.
19:32 In Acts 3,
19:33 it was the Apostle Peter anointed by the Holy Spirit
19:37 unto what is termed the early rain.
19:40 The Spirit of God came down upon Peter
19:41 and the other brethren.
19:43 And as they were anointed with God's spirit
19:45 to preach the word with power as promised in Acts 1:8.
19:49 When they were there preaching the Word of God
19:52 to all of these devout Jews from all over the planet.
19:56 As they were giving the Word of God to these individuals,
19:59 presenting truth in a manner that they did not know
20:01 or nor understand it before.
20:03 As Peter was giving this message,
20:05 he got to the phase of his message
20:07 by which he was giving an appeal.
20:10 And when he made his appeal,
20:12 I want you to notice the very keywords
20:14 that are used in Acts 3:19-21,
20:17 we're gonna consider now the key focus of the message.
20:20 He's bringing to a close and as he gets to Acts 3,
20:24 notice what it says in verses 19 and 21, 19-21.
20:28 He says, "Repent ye therefore,
20:32 and be converted,
20:33 that your sins may be blotted out,
20:36 when the times of refreshing
20:38 shall come from the presence of the Lord.
20:40 And he shall send Jesus Christ,
20:42 which before was preached unto you.
20:45 Whom the heaven must receive
20:47 until the times of restitution of all things,
20:50 which God hath spoken by the mouth of,
20:52 how many, all his holy prophets since the world began."
20:58 Stop, notice,
21:01 I started our subject by talking about an interaction
21:04 I had with a man who was involved
21:05 in a very dangerous lifestyle of drug dealing.
21:08 He made it clear that he did not believe
21:09 in the Word of God, he did not believe in God.
21:12 As we began to talk,
21:13 one of the key obstacles for him
21:16 was that he did not believe in God or the Bible
21:18 because it did not explain things
21:20 that he felt the Bible should have explained.
21:23 So now I had to become an educator to my brother
21:26 and to help him understand the great theme
21:29 or focus of the Bible
21:31 so he can understand why certain information is there
21:34 and certain information is not.
21:36 So we began by looking at the fact
21:38 that how did the scriptures come to us.
21:41 Well, we saw through the words of the Apostle Peter
21:43 that the scriptures came to us as a result
21:46 of being a more sure word of prophecy
21:48 than even being an eyewitness which is very encouraging.
21:51 He then said, "And when the scriptures came,
21:54 it didn't come by private interpretation
21:56 or independent man's will,
21:58 it came by the movement of the Holy Spirit,
22:02 which we went to 2 Timothy 3
22:03 and saw that the movement of the Holy Spirit
22:05 is the inspiration of God.
22:08 And the inspiration of God is God breathing
22:11 of which we went to 2 Samuel 23
22:13 and saw that God breathing means God was talking.
22:17 God was giving His words to the minds of humanity.
22:20 The minds of humanity would speak His words
22:22 and then the words were written down
22:25 and that's what we have today.
22:26 Then we said, well,
22:28 what's the theme of these words?
22:30 What's the key focal point?
22:32 So we look at this appeal point of Peter sermon
22:35 when Peter began to tell the people very step by steps
22:40 of what they need to do
22:41 as a result of hearing the gospel,
22:43 but I want you to focus on what was the focus
22:46 of the writing of all the prophets
22:48 because that's the theme.
22:49 Notice what it said, it said in verse 19
22:51 that people need to repent,
22:53 but isn't there something you have to do after that?
22:55 Yes, first you had to repent.
22:57 Then what came after repentance?
22:59 Then it said conversion.
23:00 What comes after conversion?
23:02 Sins being blotted out.
23:03 When are the sins blotted out?
23:05 When the times of refreshing shall come
23:07 from the presence of the Lord.
23:09 But then what happens after the times of refreshing?
23:10 And then they shall send Jesus Christ
23:13 which before was preached unto you.
23:14 But what happens after Jesus Christ comes
23:17 of whom He was before preached?
23:19 It says, "That ultimately we must get to something called
23:23 the times of restitution of all things.
23:28 That is the end result of what God wants to accomplish.
23:32 God is not satisfied with just repentance.
23:35 God is not satisfied with just conversation,
23:37 God is not satisfied just with the blotting out of sins
23:40 when the times of refreshing comes,
23:41 God is not satisfied simply that Jesus comes back.
23:44 God is only satisfied when everything is restored
23:48 back to the way
23:50 He set it up in the first place.
23:52 That's the end result.
23:53 I have a dear friend of mine who always said,
23:55 always think with the end in mind.
23:58 When you function in life, you always think
24:00 what's the end result of what I'm about to do?
24:02 You never make a move, you never make a decision
24:05 and minister should not even preach a message
24:07 if it does not meet that end result.
24:11 What is the end result?
24:12 God says, "I want to restore everything
24:16 back to its original course."
24:19 That's the great goal of God.
24:20 That's the great goal of the gospel.
24:21 That's the great goal of the first, second
24:23 and third angel's message.
24:24 That is the goal of the church
24:26 is to be instruments in God's hands
24:28 that the ultimate goal
24:31 shall be accomplished.
24:34 And so God says,
24:36 "I want to get everything restored back
24:37 to the blueprint if you will,
24:39 right back to the way that he made everything.
24:41 And now my brothers and sisters,
24:43 this becomes a very important point for us.
24:45 Because there's a lot of things happening in our world
24:49 but they don't, and I'm talking about good things,
24:51 there's a lot of good things that are happening in our world
24:54 even in the church but the question is,
24:57 is it designed to bring about the restitution of all things?
25:02 You know, we have to understand that the great work of God,
25:04 the great work of the gospel
25:06 is that God wants everything
25:08 as He planned it to be restored back.
25:10 And this is important for us because I used to say something
25:14 that I would imagine a lot of you have said at one point
25:17 I've heard minister say it a lot of times
25:19 and I would imagine everybody who says it,
25:21 says it innocently.
25:23 Sometimes you're working with young people,
25:24 I'll highlight young people,
25:26 and sometimes when you're working with young people,
25:28 you know, you want to talk about helping them understand
25:31 who they are and whose they are.
25:35 And one of the things that often will be stated
25:37 especially to young people,
25:38 especially if they're in the world
25:40 and you're trying to bring them to Christ,
25:41 is you want to help them understand,
25:42 don't you know that you were made in God's image?
25:45 Don't you know that God made you in His image
25:48 and you are a representation of a king
25:50 and royalty and all these things.
25:52 And I used to say that, people said that to me.
25:55 But do you know I found out that
25:56 that is not holistically true.
26:00 And I used to say this all the time,
26:01 we are made in God's image.
26:04 Now let me show you why I believe that,
26:06 that is not a holistically accurate statement.
26:10 Go to the Book of Genesis.
26:11 Let's go back to the beginning because if we're gonna,
26:13 if things are gonna be restored,
26:15 you have to know what to restore.
26:17 You know, you can't, you can't just say,
26:19 let's restore everything because you need to know
26:21 what the thing is that needs to be restored.
26:23 So let's go back to the beginning of time
26:25 and let's look at the Bible a bit more carefully,
26:28 and let's understand what God wants to restore.
26:32 Because remember, time is the restitution of all things
26:34 was the focus of the writings of all the holy prophets,
26:37 it's the theme of the Bible.
26:39 But what is the thing that God wants to restore,
26:42 that has not been identified yet.
26:43 So now let's go to the Book of Genesis 1,
26:45 so we go back to Genesis.
26:47 We're in Genesis 1,
26:48 we're considering what is it that God wants to restore
26:55 because whatever He wants to restore
26:56 that should be the focus of the church.
26:58 Whatever He wants to restore,
26:59 that should be the focus of the every sermon.
27:01 Whatever God wants to restore,
27:03 that should be the focus of every ministry.
27:05 Doesn't matter, the goal is restoration
27:10 and He wants everything restored
27:12 which by the way is the work of Elijah.
27:15 But now watch this, in Genesis 1,
27:17 notice what the Bible says in Genesis 1,
27:18 we're going to consider,
27:20 right there in the beginning of time.
27:21 Genesis 1:26,
27:23 when God got to the crowning of His creation
27:27 which was humanity.
27:29 You'll notice that the Bible says in Genesis 1:26,
27:32 "And God said, Let us make man in our image,
27:36 after our likeness:
27:39 and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea,
27:41 and over the fowl of the air,
27:42 and over the cattle, and over all the earth,
27:44 and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."
27:46 So as a result it's very simple,
27:49 as a result of man being made in God's image
27:52 and likeness he had dominion.
27:54 You get that?
27:56 Mankind cannot have dominion
27:58 until his image and likeness is restored.
28:00 There are people trying to have dominion right now.
28:02 These people have these dominion ministries.
28:04 You know, dominion ministries, dominion kingdoms
28:06 and, and we talk about all these things
28:08 and we want to have dominion
28:10 but we don't want to have the image
28:11 and likeness of God, that is ridiculous.
28:13 That is counterproductive, that is out of gospel order.
28:16 The Bible lets us know that
28:18 the dominion comes as a result of that which was previous.
28:22 First, man was made in the image
28:23 and likeness of God, and as a result of that
28:25 he had dominion, all right?
28:27 So if we want to see things in order,
28:30 then we must understand
28:31 that God in the beginning of time,
28:33 we were made in God's image and likeness.
28:37 Now that means that we had actually a physiology like God
28:42 as well as a mindset like God.
28:43 If you look up those words
28:45 image and likeness in their original,
28:46 it deals not just with mindset like God.
28:49 It actually deals with a physiology like God.
28:52 That's why sometimes you read the Bible and it talk about,
28:54 you know, God has eyes,
28:56 He has hands etcetera and so on.
28:58 All right, well, after man sinned,
29:01 I'm gonna fast forward because remember what I said,
29:03 I said that when we tell people that they're made in the image
29:06 and likeness of God today in 2016, 2017 and beyond,
29:10 when we tell people that,
29:12 we have to understand is that holistically true.
29:16 Well, let's consider it.
29:17 Genesis 5, in Genesis 5 after Adam and Eve sinned,
29:22 there was literally a change
29:25 in the very structure of humanity.
29:28 And so notice what the Bible says in Genesis 5,
29:30 look at what it says.
29:31 In Genesis 5:1 to 3, the Bible says,
29:34 "This is the book of the generations of Adam.
29:38 In the day that God created man,
29:40 in the likeness of God made he him.
29:44 Male and female created he them,
29:46 and blessed them, and called their name Adam,
29:49 in the day when they were created."
29:51 Now watch verse 3, this is after sin.
29:53 "And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years,
29:56 and begat a son in, what, his own likeness,
30:02 after his image, and called his name Seth."
30:08 The Bible declares that once Adam and Eve sinned,
30:12 mankind was no longer simply born in the world
30:14 with the image and likeness of God,
30:16 but we were born in the world with the image
30:18 and likeness of Adam,
30:20 and that's why true biblical Christianity
30:25 is a message not simply, watch my words.
30:28 It is a message not simply of redemption.
30:34 But true biblical Christianity
30:37 is inclusive of a message of redemption
30:40 but also restoration.
30:43 Do you get that?
30:45 Now, my brother and sisters,
30:46 if we're made today
30:48 in the image and likeness of God,
30:49 then what does God need to restore?
30:52 He doesn't need to restore anything
30:54 because the whole focus of God
30:55 is to restore His image and likeness.
31:00 And so when I tell young people today,
31:01 oh, I'm not gonna tell them,
31:02 you are in the image and likeness of God.
31:05 We have remnants of the reflection of the image
31:07 and likeness of God, but we have great polarization
31:11 of the image and likeness of Adam.
31:14 We have his nature.
31:15 We have his fallen nature.
31:18 We have his characteristics now.
31:20 And therefore the goal of the gospel
31:23 is that we might receive a message
31:25 by which it is restorative
31:28 to the image and likeness of God.
31:33 Now there is something we need to understand
31:36 about that image and likeness.
31:38 Because to say image and likeness
31:40 is still is not explanatory enough.
31:42 If I say what does the image and likeness of God look like?
31:44 How does it, how does it function?
31:45 We don't know yet, do we?
31:47 Not what we studied thus far.
31:48 We just know that man was made
31:50 in the image and likeness of God,
31:51 but we need to know what's that like,
31:53 because the Bible make something else clear
31:55 when we go to Genesis 2.
31:57 So now I go to Genesis 2, watch the story here.
32:00 So in Genesis 2 this is obviously before sin,
32:03 before the fall.
32:04 This is when they did have the image and likeness of God.
32:07 I will submit unto you that the image and likeness of God
32:11 had to in some shape, form or size have a function.
32:15 Listen to my words carefully, have a function like clothing.
32:20 It had a function like clothing, was a covering
32:21 of some kind and I'll prove that, watch this.
32:24 In Genesis 2, look at what the Bible says
32:26 as we go to verses 20 to 25, all right?
32:29 Adam is by himself
32:31 and Adam is probably having some issues right here
32:34 because God has given Adam the job of naming animals,
32:38 and I would imagine in my mind
32:40 that as Adam is naming the animals,
32:42 he is going through something at some point
32:45 as he's doing some comparative thought,
32:47 watch what I mean.
32:48 In verse 20 it says, "And Adam gave names
32:51 to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air,
32:53 and to every beast of the field,
32:55 but for Adam there was not found an helpmeet for him."
32:58 Now that verse I believe was put there on purpose,
33:02 because if there is one thing that is for sure,
33:06 God's original design for Adam and Eve
33:08 was to be fruitful and to multiply
33:11 but it wasn't just Adam and Eve,
33:12 it was also the animal creation.
33:14 Now to be fruitful and multiply,
33:16 you have to have a partner, is that right?
33:18 You're not gonna do it by yourself.
33:19 We still haven't figure that one out, at least not fully,
33:22 and so it is that there had to be a partner
33:24 so Adam is naming,
33:25 Mr. Giraffe, Mrs. Giraffe,
33:27 Mr. Rhinoceros, Mrs. Rhinoceros,
33:30 Mr. Trout, Mrs. Trout,
33:32 Mr. Eagle, Mrs. Eagle.
33:34 So Adam is naming all these animal creations
33:36 and then I can imagine him going to that
33:38 crystal clear water
33:39 and he's looking by that water, by the River Euphrates
33:41 and he's looking and seen a reflection of himself
33:43 and he's saying, "Adam and Adam".
33:47 And you can imagine that Adam is having a problem right now
33:49 'cause he's noticing there is all these pairs,
33:51 but there is no helpmeet for him.
33:54 And so as Adam sees this,
33:56 God now allows Adam to take a very sweet power nap.
34:02 And so what the Bible says in verse 21,
34:03 "And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,
34:06 and he slept: and he took one of his ribs,
34:09 and closed up the flesh instead thereof.
34:10 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man,
34:13 made he a woman, praise God, and brought her unto the man.
34:18 And Adam said, 'This is now bone of my bones,
34:20 and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman,
34:23 because she was taken out of Man.
34:25 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother,
34:28 and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."
34:30 And I love verse 25, it says, "And they were both naked,
34:35 the man and his wife, and were not ashamed."
34:40 And you have to understand that's a strange statement
34:42 in the Bible.
34:43 For them to both be naked and not ashamed,
34:46 that's a strange statement
34:47 because it doesn't follow the theme of scripture.
34:49 When you go to Isaiah 47:1-3,
34:52 you see that nakedness and shame go together.
34:55 When you go to Revelation 3:18,
34:59 again you'll see nakedness and shame go together.
35:02 It's a shameful thing in our day and age,
35:04 when a man and a woman reveals their nakedness
35:07 before whole bunch of people
35:08 that's none of their business
35:10 to know what their bodies look like.
35:11 And so in the mind of God,
35:12 he actually shows
35:14 that nakedness and shame go together but in Genesis 2:25
35:17 they're naked but they're not ashamed.
35:19 Now that's not too hard for us to figure out,
35:22 because right now all of us in this room we are naked
35:28 and we are not ashamed, you know why?
35:29 I'm naked before you right now,
35:31 and I'm not talking about spiritually,
35:32 I'm talking about physically.
35:34 I'm naked before you right now,
35:35 but I'm not ashamed, and the reason why is
35:37 because I have something covering my nakedness
35:39 and it's call clothing.
35:41 I'm naked under this but as long as I have clothing,
35:44 I'm not ashamed.
35:46 There is something covering my nakedness.
35:50 And so was Adam and Eve,
35:52 they were naked but they were not ashamed,
35:54 and I'll submit unto you the reason why was
35:55 because there were something
35:58 that was covering their nakedness.
36:01 And I know this to be so because now watch Genesis 3.
36:07 When you pick up in the story in Genesis 3,
36:09 what does the Bible say?
36:10 It says, "Now when the serpent was more,
36:12 now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field
36:15 which the Lord God had made.
36:16 And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said,
36:19 Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
36:21 And the woman said unto the serpent,
36:23 'We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden.
36:25 But of the fruit of the tree
36:27 which is in the midst of the garden,
36:28 God has said, 'Ye shall not eat of it,
36:29 neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.'
36:31 And the serpent said unto the woman,
36:32 'Ye shall not surely die.
36:34 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof,
36:36 then your eyes shall be opened,
36:37 ye shall be as God's, knowing good and evil.'
36:40 When the woman saw that the tree was good for food,
36:42 that it was pleasant to the eyes,
36:44 and a tree to be desired to make one wise,
36:46 she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat,
36:49 and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat."
36:51 Watch verse 7,
36:53 "And the eyes of them both were opened,
36:57 and they knew something, what did they know?
37:00 They knew that they were naked,
37:03 and they sewed fig leaves together,
37:05 and made themselves aprons."
37:07 Now that's a significant point.
37:09 Adam and Eve, when they were made
37:11 in the image and likeness of God, they had a covering,
37:14 and that covering enabled them to be naked but not ashamed.
37:19 When they committed one sin, don't lose that,
37:24 please don't lose that.
37:26 When they committed one sin,
37:30 they lost their covering
37:35 and now their eyes are open
37:36 and they now know that they're naked.
37:39 And they see a need for covering
37:42 and they look to self to cover themselves.
37:46 They sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.
37:50 Well, we know the effect of this
37:52 because it says in verses 8 to 10 of Genesis 3,
37:55 "And they heard the voice of the Lord God
37:56 walking in the garden in the cool of the day,
37:58 and Adam and his wife hid themselves
37:59 from the presence of the Lord God
38:01 amongst the trees of the garden.
38:02 And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him,
38:04 Where art thou?
38:06 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden,
38:07 and I was afraid,
38:09 because I was naked, and I hid myself."
38:13 Notice that in Genesis 2:25,
38:17 Adam and Eve are naked and not ashamed.
38:20 By Genesis 3:10,
38:24 now Adam and Eve are naked and ashamed.
38:28 There is something Adam and Eve had in Genesis 2:25
38:34 that they lost by Genesis 3:10
38:39 that God's whole theme of the Bible
38:42 is getting that thing restored back to mankind
38:46 because when it is restored back to mankind,
38:50 the image and likeness of God will be perfectly reflected.
38:54 We need to find out what that thing is.
38:58 What is the thing that Adam and Eve had in Genesis 2:25,
39:02 it enabled them to be naked and not ashamed.
39:05 But by Genesis 3:10
39:06 they're now naked and they're ashamed,
39:07 they're hiding themselves.
39:09 There is something they had but they lost it,
39:11 and God's design is to bring it back, to restore it.
39:17 I wonder what it is.
39:19 Well, it's not that hard you know.
39:21 Whenever I teach classes and I go through these lessons
39:24 with missionaries, I like to talk about it
39:25 and I let them go ahead and rattle away,
39:27 and they'll say all sorts of things.
39:29 Lot of people say, oh, it's the light,
39:30 the light of God or they'll say, oh, it's this
39:32 and that and you know, they share lot of thoughts
39:33 and that's great.
39:35 And then I usually ask this question next,
39:37 after they say oh, it was this, it was that, it was the other,
39:40 I then say, okay, very good.
39:42 What Bible verse do you have to support your answer?
39:46 And that's when it gets very quiet like it is right now.
39:49 What Bible verse do you have to support your answer?
39:52 And many a times they don't have a Bible verse.
39:55 And if we don't have a Bible verse
39:57 but we're still giving answers, then it might be our opinion.
39:59 And I don't know about you but everybody has an opinion
40:01 and who says your opinion is above mine
40:03 and mine above yours.
40:04 Ministers are not called to give our opinions,
40:06 we are called to give the Word of God, amen?
40:08 All right.
40:09 So with that being stated,
40:11 we need to give the Word of God.
40:12 What is it that Adam and Eve had in Genesis 2:25
40:16 that evidently was lost by Genesis 3:10,
40:18 and now they're hiding themselves
40:20 in their nakedness?
40:21 Well, the first clue was in Genesis 1,
40:25 in Genesis 1:26, did you catch it?
40:27 It said in Genesis 1:26,
40:30 "Let us make man in our image and likeness."
40:34 So we agree that man had not just a mindset like God
40:37 but a physical structure like God.
40:39 Well, this is important
40:40 when we're talking about covering, why?
40:42 Go to Psalms 104 division.
40:45 If you go to Psalms 104,
40:47 you'll notice that there is something
40:50 that God Himself actually covered Himself with
40:54 and He actually covered Himself with something like clothing.
40:59 And I want you to see what the Bible says about it.
41:00 So in Psalms the 104 division, watch what the Bible says.
41:03 In Psalms 104 look at verses 1 and 2,
41:07 watch what God covers Himself with,
41:10 literally like clothing.
41:13 The Bible says in Psalms 104:1, "Bless the Lord, O my soul.
41:17 O Lord my God, thou art very great,
41:19 thou art clothed with honor and majesty.
41:22 Who covers thyself with," what?
41:25 Light, notice that,
41:27 "He covers himself with light as with a garment:
41:31 who stretches out the heavens like a curtain."
41:34 So the light is what God covers Himself with like a garment
41:39 and it reveals His glory and majesty.
41:42 But it reveals something else.
41:45 It reveals His glory and majesty but it reveals
41:48 something else that's very important to our study
41:50 because we need to get to the theme of the Bible.
41:53 And so it is that if God covered Himself
41:56 with light like clothing
41:57 and He made Adam and Eve in His image and likeness,
42:02 then would we not agree Adam and Eve
42:03 must've been covered with light like clothing as well.
42:07 Wouldn't that be a fair agreement?
42:08 Yes, it would.
42:09 If God covered Himself with light like clothing,
42:12 then when He made Adam and Eve in His image and likeness,
42:15 Adam and Eve were covered with light like clothing.
42:18 Now here is a question that might sound
42:20 super, super simple and fundamental
42:22 but it actually make sense.
42:23 What is the purpose of light?
42:26 I just want you to think about that,
42:27 what's the purpose of light?
42:28 We'll say things like dispel darkness etcetera.
42:30 I'm gonna show you what the purpose of light
42:31 is in Ephesians 5.
42:33 Go to Ephesians 5.
42:34 Because God covers Himself with light,
42:36 and I believe any move that God makes has deep purpose.
42:39 And so when God covers Himself with something,
42:41 there was a purpose behind it.
42:43 When He covered Adam and Eve with the same thing,
42:44 there was a purpose behind it and the question is,
42:47 what is the purpose of light?
42:48 And so let's look at the Book of Ephesians,
42:50 we're gonna consider Chapter 5
42:52 and we're gonna understand the great purpose of light.
42:55 And notice what the Bible says.
42:57 In Ephesians 5, notice
42:59 what the Bible says in verse 13.
43:02 The Bible says in Ephesians 5:13,
43:05 "But all things that are reproved
43:07 are made manifest by the light:
43:09 for whatsoever doth make manifest is light."
43:15 Did you catch that?
43:16 The purpose of light is to make something manifest,
43:21 it is to make something known.
43:24 And the reason why that's important to me
43:26 is because I don't know about you
43:27 but a lot of people struggle with Genesis 1
43:29 in the creation account,
43:31 because what's the first thing
43:33 that we read in the creation account?
43:34 God said, "Let there be light", but wait a minute.
43:38 On the fourth day, God made sun, moon and stars.
43:42 So whatever light
43:44 God was talking about on that first day of creation
43:46 is not the same light spoken of on the fourth day of creation.
43:48 So whatever light he was referring to
43:51 was not a light that came from constellations.
43:54 It was a light that was coming from Himself.
43:56 There were something God wanted to make manifest
43:58 all throughout the universe.
44:00 And I wonder what it was.
44:02 And so we see that God covers Himself
44:04 with light like clothing,
44:06 therefore when He made Adam and Eve,
44:07 He covered them.
44:09 When Adam and Eve had the image and likeness of God,
44:11 they were covered with light like clothing.
44:14 So Adam and Eve sinned, they lost the light.
44:19 And now their eyes are opened
44:20 and they know their own nakedness,
44:22 their true condition.
44:25 Well, here it is that the Bible makes it clear
44:27 that the purpose of light is to make something manifest
44:29 and the question is,
44:30 what is it that the light was to make manifest?
44:35 What is it that the light was to make known?
44:38 Notice what the Bible says in a wonderful story,
44:41 it is in the Book of Micah.
44:43 When you go to Micah 7,
44:45 Micah is acknowledging the challenges
44:47 that he and his people faced
44:48 with the Assyrian Kingdom
44:50 and Micah recognizes his enemies
44:54 coming against him
44:55 but he also recognizes his God of whom he can go to.
44:59 And the Bible says in Micah 7
45:02 and I want you especially to consider verse 9.
45:05 Watch what the Bible says in Micah,
45:07 we're looking at the 7th Chapter
45:09 and we're considering verse 9
45:11 when we're entertaining the question
45:12 what is the purpose of light,
45:15 it is to make something manifest
45:17 and now what is the light making manifest.
45:20 Micah 7:9, the Bible says,
45:24 "I will bear the indignation of the Lord
45:27 because I have sinned against him,
45:30 until he plead my cause and execute judgment for me."
45:35 Watch this, "He will bring me forth to the light
45:39 and I shall behold his righteousness."
45:44 What is it that the light was making manifest?
45:46 His righteousness.
45:51 When we come to the light of God,
45:54 we will behold His righteousness.
45:59 That is what the light was making manifest.
46:04 And so it is and the reason why this gets deep,
46:05 I got a second witness, go to Psalms 37.
46:08 Watch again, second witness, Psalms 37.
46:10 "The light makes known God's righteousness."
46:15 Psalms 37
46:16 and notice what the Bible says in Psalms 37:6,
46:19 second witness.
46:21 In Psalms the 37 division,
46:23 notice what it says as we consider verse 6,
46:27 the Bible says,
46:29 "And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light,
46:33 and thy judgment as the noonday."
46:36 God's righteousness was revealed through the light
46:41 and so when God says, let there be light,
46:45 it was a manifestation of His righteousness
46:46 going all throughout the universe.
46:48 The whole universe was to be governed
46:50 by righteousness.
46:51 Now that's not deep to believe because go to Psalms 97,
46:55 if you go to Psalms 97,
46:57 you can see that this was ultimately the desire of God
46:59 anyhow in everything that He created.
47:01 In Psalms the 97th division,
47:02 watch how the Bible spells it out again.
47:04 Psalms, we're looking at Chapter 97
47:08 and look at what it says as we looked at verses 1 and 2.
47:11 God wanted His righteousness to be established
47:15 all throughout creation, why?
47:18 Notice what it says in Psalms 97:1:2,
47:21 "The Lord reigneth, let the earth rejoice,
47:23 let the multitude of isles be glad thereof.
47:26 Clouds and darkness are round about him:
47:28 righteousness and judgment
47:30 are the habitation of his throne."
47:35 Literally righteousness is how His throne is established,
47:39 His throne is established upon righteousness.
47:41 And so when God's throne in heaven
47:43 is established upon righteousness,
47:45 when God created the universe,
47:46 He wanted the universe to be established
47:48 in righteousness.
47:49 Righteousness, God's righteousness
47:51 was to spread all throughout existence.
47:55 So when God made man
47:57 His crowning act of creating on earth,
48:00 God says, "I'm gonna cover them with My righteousness."
48:04 And that's what Adam and Eve were covered with,
48:07 and when Adam and Eve chose to sin against God,
48:12 they lost righteousness.
48:15 You see a lot of people don't understand this
48:16 but go to 1 John 5,
48:18 you see what did Adam and Eve do?
48:20 Notice what it says in 1 John 5.
48:22 In 1 John 5, what does the Bible say
48:25 as we consider verse 17?
48:27 The Bible says in 1 John 5:17,
48:30 it says, "All unrighteousness is sin.
48:35 All unrighteousness is sin."
48:37 And so it is that when God made man,
48:39 He covered mankind with His righteousness,
48:43 but when man chose unrighteousness,
48:45 when man chose to sin, they lost God's righteousness.
48:49 Their eyes were now open
48:51 and they knew that they were naked.
48:52 And therefore they try to cover themselves.
48:57 The great theme of the Bible is a plan
49:01 that God has put together
49:03 that He is going to restore righteousness
49:07 back to His people.
49:10 When I was sitting there with that drug dealer,
49:12 I told him I said, "My brother, I said, you know,
49:13 what the great theme of the Bible is?"
49:14 He said, "What's that, after we did the study,
49:16 did the same study with the brother.
49:18 I said, "My brother,
49:19 do you know what God wants to do.
49:20 You want to know what the theme of the Bible is?"
49:22 He says, "Yes, tell me."
49:23 I said, "It's God's plan to help man
49:25 get His clothes back on."
49:28 And I remember he said,
49:29 "Man, I never heard it like that before."
49:31 I said, "That's right."
49:32 The great theme of the Bible is God has put a plan together
49:34 to help men get his clothes back on
49:37 because right now we have nakedness issue.
49:39 And we're not just talking about breast and backside
49:41 that's been revealed,
49:43 we're talking about something far more naked than that.
49:46 And that is the sinful condition
49:47 that all of us are in,
49:49 the unrighteousness condition that we're in, the great focus,
49:52 the great theme of the Bible is God wants to restore
49:57 His righteousness back to humanity.
50:03 That's why, you see if a pyramid
50:05 could explain how I could get God's righteousness,
50:07 I guarantee you God would have explained it
50:10 as far as how it become in the first place.
50:13 There are many things that have been done in the world
50:15 that are very amazing to the human eye,
50:17 but it does not help us get one step closer to God
50:21 and His righteousness.
50:22 And so when the Bible was put together
50:24 it is a 66 book compilation by which God is showing mankind
50:28 how we can go from an unrighteous state
50:30 to His righteous state.
50:34 And somebody says righteous still
50:36 doesn't sound clear enough.
50:38 Righteousness is still too broad, still too abstract.
50:41 Well, I believe God can make it even more plain.
50:43 Go to Psalms 119, what really is righteousness?
50:46 What is righteousness?
50:48 Someone may ask, well, let's find out.
50:50 The Bible says in Psalms, the 119th division
50:52 exactly what righteousness is.
50:56 And notice what the Bible says in Psalms, the 119th division,
50:59 and I want you to see what it says in Psalms 119
51:01 and we're going to consider verse 172,
51:04 Psalms 119:172 and let's notice what the Bible says,
51:11 in Psalms 119:172, the text says,
51:15 "My tongue shall speak of thy word:
51:18 for all thy commandments are righteousness."
51:24 Is that clear? Does that help?
51:28 All God's commandments are righteousness,
51:31 and I believe inspiration, put that word all,
51:35 I believe the Spirit of God spoke the word all David,
51:39 because today we live in a world
51:41 where some people say most commandments,
51:44 represents God's righteousness.
51:45 No, my brothers and sisters, that's not what the Bible says.
51:48 The voice of God said,
51:50 "All thy commandments are righteousness."
51:55 So that includes seventh-day Sabbath,
51:57 that includes honor thy father and thy mother,
51:59 that includes thou shalt have no other gods before me,
52:02 that includes thou shalt not commit adultery.
52:05 All thy commandments are righteousness.
52:10 This is the great theme.
52:13 The great focus of the Bible.
52:16 God wants to bring man back to His righteousness.
52:19 He wants to restore
52:21 His righteousness back in humanity,
52:24 and we get a small picture of it
52:26 because the story didn't end at Genesis 3:10.
52:29 Go back to Genesis 3,
52:30 let me show you a closing point here.
52:31 In Genesis 3, yes, it is true.
52:35 When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost righteousness.
52:37 You see when they were made,
52:39 they were covered with God's righteousness
52:40 and God put the clothing on them.
52:43 But then when they fell into sin,
52:44 rather than repent they went to their own righteousness
52:47 and they tried to make an apron.
52:48 Now I know about you
52:50 but you'll never leave your home in an apron.
52:51 I hope you wouldn't if you got sense
52:53 because aprons reveal a lot of nakedness.
52:55 And so it is that Adam and Eve are naked,
52:57 but they think they're gonna put on
52:59 an apron to cover their nakedness
53:01 but they were too blind to realize
53:03 they were still naked.
53:04 Boy, does that sound like humanity today?
53:07 And when you think about it, if the truth be told,
53:10 we live in a country
53:12 where there's always things talking and speaking of
53:16 in a political context.
53:18 You know, there's a lot happening in politics often.
53:21 And generally the idea is that in politics
53:25 there's always a politician who wants to basically say,
53:28 we know how to make things better,
53:29 we know how to help things get stronger, etcetera.
53:32 And this is what we see in the political realm for years
53:34 and not just years past, but perhaps even years to come.
53:38 But the reality is, is that did you know
53:40 that the Bible actually tells us
53:43 even how a nation can be great,
53:46 how a nation can be exalted.
53:48 And it's interesting
53:49 because it ties directly into the very topic
53:52 we're discussing right now, righteousness.
53:54 Notice what the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs 14.
53:57 In Proverbs 14, I want you to see what the Bible says.
54:00 You see no matter how much we vowed or choose or decide
54:04 or elect different individuals at various times
54:07 in our world history,
54:08 the standard of God's word is always the same anytime
54:12 we seek to bring God's country as we call it
54:15 to a, to an exalted state.
54:18 Notice what the Bible says in Proverbs 14.
54:20 In Proverbs 14 consider what it says in verse 34.
54:24 The Bible says in Proverbs 14:34,
54:27 it says, "Righteousness exalteth a nation,
54:32 but sin is a reproach to any people."
54:36 You see if righteousness is not the subject at hand
54:39 on how to make a nation great,
54:42 or how to make a community great,
54:43 or how to make our homes and our hearts great,
54:46 if righteousness is not the central theme
54:49 and central subject,
54:51 we will be laboring in vain.
54:55 We might see spurts here and there,
54:57 but we will never see the fullness of
54:59 what God desires
55:00 because God wants to restore righteousness.
55:04 And, my brothers and sisters, the question is how?
55:07 We're unrighteous
55:09 and sometimes even our more sincere righteous efforts
55:14 appears before God as a filthy rag.
55:18 How do we do it?
55:19 The Bible is very simple.
55:21 It was in John 15,
55:23 that Jesus made a statement that no other human being
55:27 can say in the context of how Jesus said it.
55:31 The Bible says in John 15 as we prepare to close.
55:35 It says in John 15, right there in verse 10,
55:40 Jesus makes a very definite statement.
55:42 This is why I appeal to you, it is sensible,
55:46 it's actually biblically logical
55:48 to look to Jesus for righteousness.
55:51 You see we understood that
55:53 all God's commandments are righteousness.
55:56 Psalms 119:172, well, notice what Jesus says here
55:59 in John 15:10, Jesus says,
56:02 "If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love,
56:08 even as I have kept my Father's commandments,
56:13 and abide in his love."
56:16 My friends, do you understand that Jesus says,
56:19 "I kept righteousness, I did it perfectly.
56:23 I did it flawlessly."
56:25 At no point in Jesus' life,
56:28 do we see an example of unrighteousness.
56:30 In Isaiah, I see it, in Moses I see it,
56:34 in Daniel, I see it, in John the Baptist, I see it,
56:39 in many of the individuals that other religions
56:42 hold in high esteem and revere so much, we see it.
56:46 Various points in their lives of unrighteousness
56:48 but with Christ, He says,
56:50 I kept righteousness from the cradle to the grave.
56:53 This is why He's qualified to be our righteousness.
56:58 And the question is, will we let Him in our hearts
57:02 that He might be our righteousness
57:04 and finally we can surrender our Vown.
57:08 This is my hope and my prayer for each and every one of us
57:11 and that it's not just an appeal to you,
57:13 that's an appeal to me.
57:15 And if you accept this appeal,
57:17 let us seal it with a word of prayer.
57:19 Our loving Father, we thank You so much
57:21 for the righteousness of Jesus that is available to us
57:23 when all our righteousness fails.
57:25 Please, Lord, give us a sincere heart
57:27 to accept Christ our righteousness today,
57:31 in Jesus' name, amen.


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