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Our Need for Victory Over Sin

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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Pr. Dwayne Lemon


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00:19 Hello and welcome to Foundation of Our Faith,
00:21 a production of Dare to Dream, here at the 3ABN network,
00:26 we know that as you've tuned in,
00:28 the Lord has a message for you today.
00:31 Our speaker will be Elder Dwayne Lemon
00:33 and the title of his message is,
00:34 ''Our Need for Victory over Sin'',
00:38 before that was his personal experience.
00:41 The Lord delivered him out of the darkness of the R&B
00:44 and hip-hop world,
00:46 he was a choreographer and a dancer,
00:48 but now he is a servant of the Lord,
00:50 sharing the light of the glory and the gospel of Jesus Christ
00:54 all over the world.
00:56 His passion is to lead people to know
00:58 that they can live a life of complete surrender to the Lord
01:02 and included in his ministry repertoire
01:04 is the medical missionary ministry
01:07 along with the three angels' message,
01:09 which in fact is very important,
01:11 preparing people for the coming of our Lord and savior.
01:14 But our minister of music today is Esther Alonso-Neal,
01:19 the recording artist known internationally.
01:22 She has sung in Kenya, Brazil, France, the Philippines,
01:25 and one of her desires is to be a person
01:28 who sings in multiple languages
01:30 as she uses those gifts to lead people to Christ.
01:34 The song that she is going to bless us with is entitled,
01:36 ''My Place is With You''.
01:38 So after this song preparing our hearts
01:42 to receive the message,
01:43 the next person that you will hear
01:45 is that of Elder Dwayne Lemon.
01:49 I've walked along a hundred highways
01:56 Some I wish I could forget
02:05 And I've burned a lot of bridges
02:12 But there's not one that I regret
02:20 'Cause every path I've taken
02:27 They all have led me to
02:32 Knowing my place
02:38 My place is with you
02:49 I've had my promises forsaken
02:56 Into many
02:59 Empty words
03:04 And I'm amazed
03:05 And so astounded
03:11 That I won't get
03:13 What I deserve
03:19 Whatever lies
03:22 I've lived for
03:27 I have finally found the truth
03:32 I know my place,
03:38 My place is with you
03:47 You are my treasure forever
03:54 The one dream
03:57 I've searched for
04:22 I've not been given
04:25 My tomorrow
04:30 I'm only certain of today
04:37 And If I don't see
04:40 Another sunrise
04:45 I will not have
04:47 To be afraid
04:52 'Cause I know
04:54 We will be together
05:01 When all my days are through
05:06 I know my place,
05:12 My place is with you
05:19 My place is with you,
05:27 My place is with you
05:35 My place is with you,
05:48 Amen, amen, amen.
05:52 Wonderful.
05:54 Welcome, welcome, welcome
05:56 to another wonderful privilege
06:00 and study time together at Foundation of Our Faith.
06:04 You know, if the foundation is destroyed
06:06 what can the righteous do.
06:07 Is that right?
06:09 And so it is that it's imperative for us
06:10 to understand
06:12 not simply elements of our faith
06:13 but especially foundations
06:15 and this is why it is so important for us
06:17 to study the Bible like we've never studied it before,
06:21 that God can help us to establish right foundations
06:25 so that way we can properly build
06:26 all the elements above and so,
06:28 I'm grateful for this opportunity for us
06:31 to look at a subject
06:32 that I know is dear to the heart of God
06:36 and that is our need for victory over sin.
06:40 It is a subject that I am very, very thankful
06:43 and quite honestly I'm a bit excited
06:45 about sharing this with you
06:46 because there was a time
06:48 I never thought that this was possible.
06:49 And so now that I know
06:51 that it is possible through the merits
06:53 and the righteousness of Jesus Christ,
06:55 it is my privilege and my pleasure
06:58 to share this with all of God's people.
07:01 And as we prepare our hearts to receive the word,
07:04 I believe the best way to do that is beginning with prayer.
07:07 So I'm going to go ahead and once again
07:09 I'm going to kneel for a word of prayer
07:11 and if you would, you can either kneel,
07:13 you can bow your heads,
07:14 but let's all pray together
07:15 and lets let the Lord speak to our hearts
07:17 as we prepare to receive the word.
07:20 Our loving Father,
07:22 we are grateful always
07:24 for the privilege to hear heaven speak.
07:26 And it's so important that when heaven speaks
07:28 that all the earth remain silent before thee.
07:32 Lord, I am praying
07:33 that You would please do something special
07:35 that You'll pour out Your spirit
07:37 and truly minister to our hearts
07:39 and open our eyes
07:41 and help us behold
07:42 wondrous things out of your word.
07:44 And Lord, this is our prayer that we do ask in Jesus' name.
07:48 Amen,
07:50 amen.
07:52 All right, well, you know,
07:55 I thought about this title
07:57 ''Our Need for Victory over Sin''
07:59 and the reason I thought about it,
08:01 is because in previous studies,
08:02 you know, I dwell upon the subject of righteousness
08:07 which we receive by faith
08:09 that is the absolute theme of the Bible.
08:12 It's the theme,
08:13 God doing something in us and through us
08:16 for His glory where we are light bearers.
08:19 We get to bear the light of God's righteousness
08:22 before a dying world.
08:24 And this is important because
08:26 I was reading a little quotation
08:28 and it's from the book Education
08:30 and it's in the book Education, page 125
08:32 and here's what it says,
08:34 it says, "The central theme of the Bible,
08:36 the theme about which every other
08:39 in the whole book clusters,
08:40 is the redemption plan,
08:43 the restoration in the human soul
08:45 of the image of God,
08:47 " and then it says, "the burden of every book
08:49 and every passage of the Bible
08:50 is the unfolding of this wondrous theme."
08:53 And so when we study the Bible, we must understand
08:56 that the theme of Christ our righteousness.
08:59 God not only redeeming us
09:01 but also restoring His image in us
09:03 is the great theme
09:05 from Genesis all the way down
09:07 to that last apocalyptic book Revelation.
09:09 And so it is that this should be the theme of all preaching
09:12 and teaching of the gospel, all proclamation,
09:14 and churches that come together to give to the world
09:16 what they need.
09:17 I believe with all of my heart
09:19 that we are living in a time
09:20 where the issue of sin needs to be dealt with.
09:23 And the reason why is because we're living in a society
09:26 where there's a lot of distractions.
09:28 You know, right now we have distractions
09:29 that are taking place by sea and by land.
09:31 We have things that are happening
09:33 amongst the black race and the white race.
09:35 We have things happening amongst male and female.
09:37 We have things happening amongst those
09:39 who are part of one religious group called Christians
09:41 and another religious group called Muslims.
09:44 And the list goes on.
09:45 And when we bottom line
09:47 all of the various challenges
09:49 that are happening in our world today,
09:51 whenever we see crisis
09:53 and crime and terrorism and racism
09:55 and all the other isms,
09:57 we can connect that thing back to that thing called sin.
10:01 And I believe this is why
10:02 we have to talk about our need for victory over sin.
10:08 And so it is that the first question
10:10 we're going to talk about is, "Is it even possible?"
10:12 You know, can people get to a place that they can actually,
10:15 you know, love God so much
10:17 that they would not do anything to break His heart?
10:19 Well, let's consider it this way.
10:20 How does the Bible define sin? Think about it.
10:23 It's one thing for us to call sin
10:25 by various titles and terms,
10:26 but it's important
10:28 that we let the word of God give us the answer.
10:29 Is that right?
10:30 And so let's consider 1 John 3.
10:33 It's perhaps a very popular text
10:35 of scripture to some groups
10:36 but to others it's absolutely brand new.
10:38 So for edification,
10:39 we're going to go to the Book of 1 John 3
10:42 and I want you to see what the Bible says
10:43 as we think about the biblical definition of sin.
10:47 The Bible says in the Book of John 1
10:49 and we're considering chapter 3
10:51 and I want you to notice
10:52 what it says as we look at verse 4.
10:55 The Bible says in 1 John 3:4,
10:57 it says, "Whosoever committed sin
11:01 transgressive also the law.
11:03 For sin is the transgression of the law."
11:07 So notice that the Bible makes it clear
11:08 that sin is the transgression or breaking of God's law.
11:14 And when somebody says, "What law?"
11:16 Then we can go ahead and just go over
11:17 to the Book of Romans.
11:19 We go to the Book of Romans 7
11:20 and we will look at another fundamental scripture
11:23 Romans the 7th chapter
11:24 and we'll consider the 7th verse.
11:27 In Romans 7:7 the Bible also says,
11:30 "What shall we say, then? Is the law sin?"
11:33 The answer, "God forbid.
11:35 Nay, I had not known sin,
11:37 but by the law:
11:38 for I had not known lust,
11:40 except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet."
11:44 So whatever law that says, thou shalt not covet,
11:48 is the law that if we break it, the Bible calls it sin.
11:51 And so now when we think about what law is it that says,
11:55 thou shalt not covet,
11:56 again another very fundamental text
11:58 to Christianity, Exodus 20.
12:01 It is in Exodus 20 that this is where
12:04 we see the very Ten Commandments
12:05 that God reminded Israel of,
12:08 as a result of forgetting it
12:09 having been in bondage for so long.
12:11 And it was right there in Exodus 20,
12:13 when God gets to the tenth commandment
12:16 in verse 17
12:17 that He says, "Thou shalt not covet
12:20 thy neighbor's house,
12:21 thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife,
12:23 nor his manservant, nor his maidservant,
12:24 nor his ox, nor his ass,
12:26 nor any thing that is thy neighbor's."
12:27 So there's no question about it
12:29 that the Bible makes it clear
12:30 that sin is the breaking of God's Ten Commandments.
12:36 So now back to the question,
12:38 "Victory over sin, is it possible?"
12:40 Oh, I believe it is.
12:41 You see the same way that the Bible makes it clear
12:43 that it is the breaking of God's commandments
12:47 that constitutes sin
12:48 then the question is what is victory over sin
12:51 and I'm going to put it in the very words of Jesus.
12:53 Go to the Book of John 14.
12:55 It is in the John 14
12:57 that when we've considered
12:58 what then is victory over sin and is it possible?
13:02 The Bible says in John 14,
13:05 notice what Jesus said Himself in verse 15,
13:08 Jesus says, "If you love me," do what?
13:11 He says, "keep my," what?
13:14 "commandments."
13:15 So notice that,
13:16 "If you love me, keep my commandments."
13:19 And therefore that means that victory over sin is possible
13:22 and the power source that makes it possible
13:25 is the love of God.
13:27 The more that I have the love of God within my heart,
13:30 the more that I have the love for Jesus in my heart,
13:33 it will cause something to take place in my heart
13:36 and through my actions
13:37 that I will not do anything to break His commandments.
13:40 And you know why I know it's possible,
13:42 because notice what John the Revelator said himself
13:46 in Revelation 14.
13:48 It was in Revelation 14 under the blessed herald
13:50 of the third angel's message
13:53 that John the Revelator made a powerful statement
13:55 about the patience of saints,
13:56 and here's what He said in Revelation 14
13:59 and we're considering verse 12.
14:01 The Bible says in Revelation 14:12,
14:03 it's the summary if you will of the third angel's message
14:06 and those who are walking in the light of its experience.
14:09 Always remember,
14:11 the third angel's message
14:12 constitutes both a warning and an experience.
14:16 It is not enough for us to pay attention
14:18 or take heed to a warning but it is imperative
14:21 that we enter into the right experience.
14:23 Somebody can warn you and say, "Watch out," and you could say,
14:26 "Whoa," and you can hear the warning
14:28 but if you don't know what to do
14:30 or don't know the right experience
14:31 to enter into even though you know something's coming,
14:34 you're going to get hit.
14:36 And God so wants us not to just heed the warning,
14:39 He wants us to enter the experience.
14:41 What is the experience?
14:43 It's in verse 12 of the third angel's message.
14:45 It say's, "Here is the patience of the saints:
14:47 here are they that are trying
14:49 to keep the commandments of God."
14:50 Is that what the verse says?
14:52 That's not what the verse says, does it?
14:53 The Bible makes it clear,
14:55 "Here is the patience of the saints:
14:56 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
15:00 and the faith of Jesus Christ."
15:01 John the Revelator has made it clear
15:03 there will be a people
15:06 in the very last moment of earth's history
15:08 that loves Jesus so much
15:10 that they would prefer to die
15:14 than commit one sin against Him.
15:16 And somebody might say, impossible
15:18 but that's why the Bible says,
15:19 "That which is impossible with man is possible with God."
15:24 How much the more Christ our righteousness.
15:28 You see when Jesus is within our hearts,
15:30 my brothers and sisters.
15:32 We now come in contact with a power source
15:35 that is above humanity and the cause of human nature.
15:39 And this is what God wants to give right now
15:42 to each and everyone of us
15:43 because we live in a very real world
15:45 and I'm telling you right now,
15:47 human ability has its limitations.
15:50 Sooner or later we all are going to realize
15:52 that in order for me to be a great husband
15:55 oh, no, better yet a godly husband
15:58 it's going to require God.
15:59 In order to be a godly wife, it's going to require God.
16:03 In order to be a godly man, it's going to require God.
16:06 In order to be a godly woman, it's going to require God.
16:09 We're going to need Him in our hearts.
16:11 There are people who are trying to be good
16:13 but the problem is the Bible says,
16:15 "There is none good but one."
16:17 And that is God.
16:18 My brothers and sisters, we are limited
16:20 when we look to self,
16:22 this was the great mistake of Adam and Eve,
16:23 they thought, "Oh, we're naked, let's cover ourselves."
16:26 And they ended up putting an apron on
16:27 and they didn't realize
16:29 that all their back parts were showing.
16:31 That's what happens with a lot of us.
16:32 We can think we're covered when we're absolutely exposed.
16:36 But that's the blinding nature of sin, isn't it?
16:38 And so this is what God wants to free us from.
16:41 He says, "I want to make you free not from most,
16:43 but I want to make you free from all."
16:45 Why, because,
16:46 "To break one is to break all," James says.
16:49 James makes it very clear that if we break one,
16:53 we are guilty of breaking all.
16:54 James 2:10-12,
16:56 and so the Bible lets us know
16:59 that there is a need for victory over sin
17:01 and thank God it's possible.
17:04 But the question is, why is it necessary?
17:07 In other words,
17:08 victory over sin sounds fantastic.
17:11 You know, sounds very good, sounds,
17:12 you know, smart, wise, cool, you know,
17:14 you can use whatever term you want.
17:16 But why is it necessary,
17:17 that's a different type of thing,
17:19 our need for victory over sin.
17:20 Why is that? Well, it's very simple.
17:22 Go to the Book of Isaiah 59
17:25 and I want you to watch what the Bible says.
17:26 In Isaiah 59,
17:29 God makes something very clear to us.
17:30 Isaiah, we're looking at chapter 59
17:33 and I just want you to watch what the Bible says,
17:35 Isaiah 59 and we're going to look at verses 1 and 2.
17:40 But let's consider the verse,
17:41 don't just read it, let's consider it.
17:43 In Isaiah 59 the Bible says,
17:46 " Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened,
17:50 that it cannot save,
17:51 neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.
17:54 But your iniquities have separated
17:58 between you and your God,
17:59 and your sins have hid his face from you,
18:03 that He will not hear."
18:05 You see, my brothers and sisters,
18:06 we need to understand that when we commit sin,
18:11 it separates us from God.
18:13 So when we sing a song,
18:15 when we all get to heaven,
18:16 what a day of rejoicing that would be.
18:19 Or when we sing a song like,
18:20 face to face shall I behold him.
18:22 When we sing this type of songs,
18:24 we must understand the thing that caused God
18:27 to turn His face from us that we couldn't behold Him.
18:29 What does the Bible say it was?
18:31 It was sin.
18:32 And therefore if we're going to get victory over sin,
18:35 that's the only way
18:37 that we can have the face to face reunion,
18:40 that's the only way that we'll be able to behold Him.
18:44 And so God makes it clear
18:45 that if we want any opportunity to see Him face to face,
18:50 then it becomes a need for us to have victory over sin.
18:55 But it doesn't stop there.
18:56 You see a lot of times when we think of sin,
18:58 we just think about what it does to us.
19:00 We think about the pain that it brings to us,
19:02 and so we say, "Oh, I want to be reunited with God."
19:05 And if we want to be reunited with God,
19:07 then the Bible makes it clear
19:08 that we need to have victory over sin,
19:10 because it was sin that broke up the relationship
19:13 between man and God
19:14 and its only victory over sin
19:16 that will bring about the reunion.
19:18 But, now the question is this,
19:20 is mankind the only one that suffers?
19:24 In other words, when we think about sin,
19:25 we think about everything that happened to us,
19:27 we think about death, we think about pain,
19:29 we think about sickness and disease and suffering.
19:31 We think about those things
19:33 when we talk about the subject of sin.
19:35 And we think about our pain.
19:37 But the question is, did it put God through pain?
19:40 Does God even feel pain?
19:42 You know, people wonder this type of questions
19:43 but, my brothers and sisters,
19:44 we don't have to wonder
19:46 when the word of God gives us the answer.
19:47 If you're still in Isaiah 59 just skip over a few verses,
19:50 go to Isaiah 63.
19:51 In few chapters,
19:53 in Isaiah 63 look at verses 8 and 9.
19:56 And in Isaiah 63:8 and 9
20:00 you're going to see that victory over sin
20:03 is necessary not just to stop our pain
20:07 but also to stop God's pain.
20:09 The Bible says in Isaiah 63 starting at verse 8, it says,
20:12 "For He said, surely they are my people,
20:15 children that will not lie: so He was their Savior."
20:18 Then in verse 9, it says, "In all their affliction."
20:22 Whose the their?
20:24 Well, that's God's people.
20:25 That's the people that He came to be a savior to,
20:27 in all their affliction, but wait a minute,
20:30 well, how does the verse go on?
20:32 "In all their affliction," it says, "He was afflicted,
20:37 and the angel of His presence saved them:
20:40 in His love and in His pity He redeemed them,
20:42 and He bare them,
20:43 and carried them all the days of old.
20:45 Did you know
20:46 that when we choose to sin against God,
20:49 when we choose to violate His law,
20:51 when we choose to let the power of the devil
20:54 dominate the power of God in the gospel,
20:56 when we choose to let that happen in our lives,
20:59 it does not just hurt us, it hurts Him.
21:03 It causes Him pain, it breaks His heart.
21:06 You know, so often people wondered
21:08 what was it that killed Jesus.
21:10 People wondered what was it that killed Jesus, you know,
21:13 was it the spear in the side, oh, it had to be the spear.
21:16 When that blade just pierced His heart,
21:18 it caused His heart to go into cardiac arrest.
21:19 You know, we have all these scientific rationales
21:21 depending on what program you watch on cable TV
21:24 where people try to make it, you know,
21:26 rational what killed Jesus.
21:28 But do you know the Bible tells us what killed Him?
21:30 Did you know what the Bible actually shows us?
21:32 Go to Psalms 69, let me show you, Psalms 69,
21:35 "It is not just us that goes through pain,
21:38 it is God as well."
21:39 Notice what the Bible says,
21:41 we're looking at Psalms the 69th division.
21:43 This is what we call a messianic psalm, okay?
21:47 A Psalm that is pointing to the Messiah
21:49 and the experiences of the Messiah.
21:51 The Bible says in Psalms the 69th division,
21:53 we're now going to go ahead and consider verse 20
21:55 and notice what the Bible says in Psalms 69:20.
21:59 This is a messianic psalm, and this is what it says,
22:01 it says, " Reproach hath broken my heart,
22:06 and I am full of heaviness
22:09 and I looked for some to take pity,
22:12 but there was none, and for comforters,
22:14 but I found none.
22:16 And was this not the experience of Jesus?
22:18 You remember His disciple friends scattered abroad,
22:20 left Him all by Himself.
22:22 He wasn't really by Himself, the angelic host was with Him.
22:25 But nevertheless His friends abandoned Him.
22:27 He looked for pity but He could not find none.
22:30 But what was it that broke the heart of Christ?
22:32 The Bible says it right there,
22:33 it says, "It was something called reproach."
22:36 Now what does the Bible in symbolism,
22:38 what does the Bible call reproach?
22:40 Well, let's go to Proverbs 14 and let's notice.
22:42 In Proverbs 14,
22:45 what does the Bible refer to as reproach?
22:47 Look at what it says in Proverbs 14,
22:50 consider verse 34
22:52 and look at what the text says,
22:53 it says in Proverbs 14:34 it says,
22:56 "Righteousness exalteth a nation,"
22:59 watch this,
23:00 "but sin is a reproach to any people."
23:06 Did you know that it was sin that broke the heart of Jesus?
23:09 Do you know there was sin that caused Him pain
23:13 and it's deep because
23:15 if we really want to look at the verses,
23:16 we would understand it wasn't His?
23:19 The Bible makes it very clear in Hebrews 4,
23:21 He was tempted in all points but He did no sin.
23:25 Christ's heart was broken
23:28 because of your choices and my choices.
23:32 This is what caused Him pain.
23:33 So when we talk about our need for victory over sin,
23:37 it is a serious subject not just to relieve our pain
23:42 but God's pain.
23:44 And I'm so glad
23:45 that I have an opportunity to cooperate with Christ.
23:49 I mean it's incredible to think about this,
23:51 that I have an opportunity to cooperate with Jesus
23:55 that by His grace
23:56 I cannot only stop my pain
23:59 but I can stop His every time.
24:02 There's a little book called Desire of Ages,
24:04 and it's right there in Desire of Ages
24:05 that blessed documentary of the life of Jesus,
24:07 and it was right there in Desire of Ages,
24:09 page 300 that it says, "Every time we sin,
24:14 we renew the pain in the heart of Christ."
24:16 It's in combination with Hebrews 6:6 that talks about,
24:20 you know, we renew repentance unto ourselves
24:22 every time we sin against Him
24:23 and we bring Him to an open shame.
24:26 Every time we sin,
24:28 we break His heart and we cause pain.
24:30 And so it is that God is saying our need for victory over sin
24:33 is a very serious one
24:34 because it doesn't just stop my pain
24:37 and your pain and our parents and our children's pain,
24:40 it stops pain even in the heart of God.
24:43 That should make all of us look a little bit different
24:46 the next time we want to take that puff of that cigarette,
24:48 the next time we want to go ahead
24:49 and indulge in that alcohol,
24:51 the next time we want to go ahead
24:52 and demonstrate violence towards those
24:53 that we profess to love and cherish,
24:55 and to have and to hold, till death do we apart.
24:57 That should make us think a little bit more
25:00 when we think about the bed of fornication,
25:01 and think about lying and cheating and stealing,
25:03 the next time that we're tempted
25:05 to do those wrongs,
25:06 just remember, it's not just going to cause you pain,
25:09 it's going to renew the pain in the very heart of the one
25:11 that we said we love,
25:13 the one that we said we care for,
25:14 the one that we said we want to honor and respect Him.
25:17 And so God wants us to understand
25:19 that there's a tremendous need for victory over sin.
25:23 And we don't have a whole lot of time left.
25:26 This is something that we have to cooperate with God
25:28 with right now.
25:30 We don't have a whole lot of time
25:32 because the Bible makes it very clear.
25:35 And when Jesus ascended into heaven,
25:37 He did not just simply ascend into any place
25:41 but He ascended into the sanctuary above
25:43 and when He went there, there was two apartments.
25:44 One was the holy place
25:46 and another is a most holy place.
25:48 Jesus is there at the most holy place right now
25:51 and one of the things He's doing
25:52 in the work of judgment
25:53 is He is getting ready to do something
25:55 called the blotting out work.
25:57 And did you know in the Bible there's only one or two things
25:59 that get blotted out?
26:01 In scripted there is only one or two things
26:02 that's going to ultimately get blotted out of existence.
26:06 You want to know what it is?
26:07 The Bible tells us what it is. Go to the Book of Acts 3.
26:09 What is it that's going to be blotted out?
26:11 We're talking about
26:12 why is it we need to have victory over sin now?
26:14 By the grace of God we need it now.
26:16 We can't say we're going to get it when Jesus comes.
26:18 If we wait till Jesus come, it will be too late.
26:21 The Bible says in Revelation 22 before Christ comes,
26:23 He's already going to establish
26:25 who is holy still and who is filthy still.
26:27 So you don't want to wait until when Christ comes
26:29 and then say, I'll let go,
26:30 you are going to be a part of the filthy still group,
26:32 and we don't want that.
26:33 So we need to experience that as fast as it's available.
26:37 And I believe Jesus wants to give it
26:38 to each and everyone of us right now.
26:40 And so it is that when we start to think about
26:42 what the Bible tells us here, we need to consider,
26:45 "Lord what is it that You want to have us experienced."
26:48 And He wants us to have victory over sin,
26:50 victory over lawlessness,
26:51 a life that is in harmony with His holy commandments
26:54 through the merits and righteousness
26:56 of Jesus Christ.
26:57 Now in Acts 3
26:59 we see one of the things
27:01 that God is ultimately going to blot out
27:02 when He finishes His work in the sanctuary above.
27:05 The Bible says in Acts 3,
27:07 we're going to go ahead and consider verse 19.
27:09 In Acts 3:19, the Bible says,
27:13 " Repent ye therefore and be converted,
27:15 that your," what?
27:17 "your sins may be blotted out
27:21 when the times of refreshing shall come
27:23 from the presence of the Lord
27:24 and he shall send Jesus Christ."
27:25 So notice that one thing the Bible makes very clear
27:28 that would be blotted out is our sins.
27:31 But the Bible also lets us know
27:32 something else will be blotted out,
27:34 and I want you to see that in the Book of Exodus 32.
27:37 It was in Exodus 32 that the children of Israel
27:40 did not know what God was doing nor his servant.
27:44 And as a result of that they got caught up
27:46 into the sing swing celebrate religion.
27:48 I don't know if you've ever been exposed to that.
27:50 I know I have in my previous life
27:52 and, you know, a lot of churches today
27:54 love to sing, swing, celebrate,
27:55 and get all hooting and hollering
27:57 and making a lot of noise and all these other things
27:59 to the point that they forget God and godliness,
28:02 and this is exactly what happened with Israel.
28:04 God was in the mount
28:05 and He was communing with Moses, and Joshua,
28:07 and lo and behold, here it is
28:09 that they got to a point where they said,
28:11 "Look, we don't know what happened to those guys.
28:13 So let's just go back to good old Egyptian worship.
28:16 And they started to do their Egyptian worship thing
28:18 but eventually Joshua and Moses come down,
28:21 they see the sinful behavior and idolatry
28:24 that the people of God have fallen into,
28:26 and notice what the Bible says
28:28 as Moses is now playing the role of Jesus
28:31 as an intercessor.
28:32 And I notice what he says in Exodus 32
28:35 and we're going to consider verse 30.
28:38 The Bible says, "And it came to pass on the morrow
28:40 that Moses said unto the people,
28:42 "Ye have sinned a great sin.
28:44 And now I will go up unto the Lord,
28:46 per adventure I shall make an atonement for your sin.
28:49 And Moses returned unto the Lord and said,
28:52 "Oh, this people have sinned a great sin,
28:55 and have made them gods of gold.
28:57 Yet now, if Thou wilt forgive their sin and if not,
29:01 blot me, I pray Thee, out of Thy book
29:04 which Thou hast written!"
29:05 And lo and behold, God answers in verse 33 and says,
29:08 "And the Lord said unto Moses, "Whosoever hath," what?
29:11 "sinned against Me,
29:13 him will I blot out of My book."
29:17 You see, my brothers and sisters,
29:19 it's very simple.
29:20 There's one or two things right now
29:21 that's been weighed in the judgment.
29:23 Either our sins are going to be blotted out
29:26 or our names are going to be blotted out.
29:29 Now if I would ask you an intelligent question,
29:31 if I were to say to you,
29:32 how many of you want your names blotted out?
29:35 Let me see, raise your hand.
29:37 Well, that tells me that you're a group of smart people
29:38 'cause nobody is raising their hand.
29:40 But what about this?
29:41 If I were to say,
29:43 "How many of you want your sins blotted out?"
29:44 Now raise your hands.
29:46 Uh-huh, okay. So you understand.
29:47 We want our sins blotted out,
29:50 but we don't want our names to be blotted out.
29:52 But here's the problem.
29:54 Want is a good start.
29:56 It's just a bad finish.
29:59 Listen carefully to what I'm telling you.
30:01 You just told me,
30:02 "I want my sins blotted out and I want my name to remain."
30:06 Well, that's fine and dandy.
30:08 But, my brothers and sisters,
30:09 if you want your sins blotted out
30:11 and you want your names to remain,
30:13 then you must understand
30:15 that there is something more than desire.
30:18 It's in a wonderful little book called Steps to Christ.
30:20 A book that has been passed out in several languages
30:22 all over the world.
30:24 Millions upon millions showing people
30:25 how to come to Jesus,
30:27 the author and finisher of their faith.
30:29 And it's in that book Steps to Christ
30:30 under the chapter Consecration,
30:32 page 48 that it tells us that many will be lost.
30:36 Now that should already wake us up.
30:38 Anytime I hear somebody is gonna get lost,
30:40 I need to pay attention to that and you do too.
30:42 It says, "Many will be lost
30:45 while hoping and desiring to be Christians."
30:51 You know what the next sentence says?
30:53 "They do not choose to be Christians."
30:57 You see Christianity is a choice,
30:59 that's why Joshua says,
31:00 "Choose this day whom you will serve."
31:02 In Joshua 24:14 and 15.
31:04 That's why Elijah says,
31:06 "How long halt ye between two opinions?
31:08 If the Lord be God, follow Him, in 1 Kings 18:21.
31:13 And so it is that Moses himself said in Deuteronomy 30:19,
31:17 he says, "I present before you life and death,
31:20 blessings and cursings, choose life."
31:23 My brothers and sisters, Christianity is choosing life.
31:27 You can't want to be a Christian,
31:29 you got to choose to be a Christian.
31:30 When Jesus offers Himself to you and I,
31:32 we must understand that we have an opportunity
31:34 to accept the offering.
31:36 Always remember, the Cross of Calvary
31:39 is like a check written.
31:41 Question, if somebody wrote you a check for a million dollars,
31:45 how many of you would be happy?
31:46 Somebody writes you a check for million dollars,
31:48 how many of you would be happy?
31:49 Gave you a check
31:50 and it gave you a million dollars right there.
31:52 How many of you would be happy with that?
31:53 You see, look at that.
31:55 Now some of you would be happy but you know what,
31:56 I wouldn't be happy.
31:57 I would be curious, but I wouldn't be happy.
31:59 You know why? It's very simple.
32:01 I would not be happy
32:03 because a check means nothing
32:06 until it is deposited and cashed in the bank.
32:10 You understand that?
32:12 You get that point now. It's very simple.
32:13 We cannot be thrilled over a check that's written.
32:16 We get thrilled over a check that's cashed.
32:19 When Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary
32:22 and provide and secure salvation
32:24 for humanity.
32:26 My brothers and sisters,
32:27 that was a check that was written.
32:29 But the problem is that there are not enough people
32:31 want to cash the check,
32:33 they're just happy walking around,
32:34 "I got a check, I got a check,
32:36 look at that, look at that check."
32:37 But the problem is we don't understand,
32:38 you got to cash the check to get the benefit.
32:40 And you got to choose to do that
32:43 and so it is that we must choose,
32:45 my brothers and sisters,
32:46 so it's very easy to say,
32:47 "Oh, I want my name to remain
32:50 and I want my sins to be blotted out."
32:52 But that's not enough.
32:54 You got to choose this day, whom you're going to serve.
32:57 You got to chose to cooperate with God
33:00 with whatever He has prescribed
33:03 on how we can have victory over sin.
33:05 And so what does John the Revelator tell us
33:08 is the absolute prerequisite
33:11 to having sins blotted out and names remain.
33:14 Revelation 3 notice what the Bible says.
33:17 In Revelation 3,
33:19 John the Revelator is giving council to all the churches.
33:21 And by the time you get to Revelation 3,
33:24 he's almost done
33:26 and now as John is talking with the church's artist,
33:29 notice what He says in Revelation 3
33:31 and now let's notice what He says in verse 5.
33:35 Again how can we make sure
33:38 that names remain and sins are blotted out?
33:40 Well, notice what the Bible says,
33:41 it says, " He that, " what?
33:44 "He that overcometh," that's key,
33:47 "He that overcometh the same shall be clothed
33:50 in white raiment,
33:52 and I will not blot out his name
33:56 out of the Book of Life,
33:57 but I will confess his name
33:58 before My Father and before His angels."
34:00 You see the Bible's clear.
34:01 God makes it clear to each and every one of us.
34:03 There is no way that our names remain
34:06 in the Book of Life
34:07 if we don't overcome that wicked thing called sin.
34:10 And that's why I've entitled the message,
34:13 "our need for victory over sin".
34:16 Because there is no heaven, there is no heavenly place,
34:19 there's no paradise, there's none of that for us
34:21 if we are going to live in deliberate rebellion
34:25 against God and His law,
34:26 and so the Bible makes it clear that this is our need.
34:31 Now, my brothers and sisters,
34:32 I now see the need to do something very important.
34:36 Sometimes when we talk about these types of subjects,
34:39 our need for victory over sin,
34:40 and I think we've established that.
34:42 I'm sure there's always more verses
34:43 but you know sermon can take in but so much at one time.
34:46 Jesus, the Bible says came to make us free from sin.
34:50 Matthew 1:21.
34:51 Free from, from sin, not in sin but from sin.
34:54 He can save us, He has enough power to do it.
34:56 There's plenty of power in the blood of Jesus Christ.
34:59 And He can get us free.
35:01 And the reality is just that,
35:03 if God can deliver you from smoking,
35:05 there's no reason He can't deliver you
35:07 from premarital sex.
35:08 If God can deliver somebody from premarital sex,
35:11 He can deliver them from cursing and swearing.
35:13 If God can deliver a person from cursing and swearing,
35:16 God can deliver them from lying.
35:18 Why is it that we would think
35:19 that God has enough power to deliver us
35:21 from one sin but not all sin?
35:25 It makes no sense.
35:27 God makes it very clear,
35:28 "I have enough power
35:30 to deliver my people from it
35:32 but it's going to require something
35:34 that is ever so important."
35:35 What is it going to require?
35:37 It says we must overcome.
35:39 It must, we must overcome.
35:41 Now we have to understand some dynamics with that.
35:43 So let's talk about that a little bit.
35:46 This idea of overcoming,
35:47 what are some things that are required
35:50 that I can actually be recognized
35:52 by heaven as an overcomer.
35:55 Well, in the beginning of our message
35:56 we talked about righteousness.
35:58 Righteousness is what the Bible calls
36:03 the keeping of God's commandments.
36:04 That was in Psalms 119:172.
36:09 So when we think about righteousness by faith,
36:13 we're exercising faith in someone
36:17 who has kept God's commandments,
36:19 His name is Jesus.
36:20 John 15:10, He says,
36:21 "I have kept my Father's commandments."
36:23 You see, you and I can't do it.
36:26 It's a call from God
36:28 but we have to understand how to get there.
36:30 God tells us to overcome but we can't just say, okay,
36:34 and demonstrate our own natural willpower
36:35 and just get it done.
36:37 Doesn't work like that.
36:38 I wish it did sometimes but it doesn't.
36:40 God needs to teach us more.
36:42 And so when we think about it,
36:43 "Lord, you want me to overcome sin,
36:46 you want me to overcome a lawless lifestyle."
36:49 But the question is how?
36:52 Because Jeremiah 13, notice what it says.
36:54 In Jeremiah 13,
36:56 this is the reality of our experience.
36:58 It's like God is calling us to do something
37:00 but he's not really showing us how to get it done.
37:03 I don't know about you
37:05 but I'm a father of four children,
37:06 two boys and two girls,
37:08 and if there's one thing
37:09 that can definitely annoy or challenge a child
37:13 is when you and I tell them
37:15 to be something without showing them how.
37:17 You and I can't tell my boys,
37:19 "You got to learn how to be a man."
37:21 And I don't show them what it is to be a man.
37:23 That is unfair to them.
37:25 My bride cannot go to my daughters
37:27 and say to them,
37:28 "You must learn how to be a godly woman."
37:30 And here it is, she refuses my wife to be a godly woman.
37:32 She must lead by precept and example as I must as well.
37:37 So there needs to always be a model
37:39 that is set before us
37:41 of how to accomplish the goal
37:43 so that way by the grace of God
37:45 we can see that,
37:48 "oh, well, as the model did it, so I can do it."
37:51 Amen.
37:52 All right, so when we think about this,
37:54 God makes it clear because look at Jeremiah 13.
37:56 In Jeremiah 13:23,
37:58 here's the reality of humanity and human nature.
38:01 the question is asked,
38:05 "Can the Ethiopian change his skin?"
38:07 What do you think the answer is?
38:08 No.
38:09 "Can the leopard his spots?"
38:11 What do you think the answer is?
38:12 No, then it says, "Then may ye also do good,
38:15 that are accustomed or taught to do evil."
38:19 What do you think the answer is?
38:20 No.
38:22 You and I have no power naturally
38:25 to just live a commandment keeping life.
38:28 We have no power in and of ourselves
38:30 to truly love our neighbors and love God supremely.
38:34 We don't have that possibility.
38:35 We can fake it.
38:37 We, I would imagine we can, you know, we can trick people.
38:39 We can look like a bunch of loving people
38:41 but deep down in our hearts,
38:43 remember how God looks at people, 1 Samuel 16.
38:45 In 1 Samuel 16 always remember how God looks at people.
38:48 In 1 Samuel 16, look at what the Bible says in verse 7.
38:52 In 1 Samuel 16:7, you know,
38:56 Samuel's coming to look for the next man
38:58 that's going to be anointed,
38:59 which was none other than David.
39:00 But Jesse began to bring other of his children before Samuel,
39:04 and Samuel would see them and at a certain point,
39:06 you know, Samuel is like us, he's caught in externals.
39:10 So he's looking at, you know, broad shoulders, strong,
39:13 you know, a countenance,
39:15 and perhaps there's some accomplishments that they made
39:18 and Samuel's caught up in all that stuff.
39:20 And here goes God correcting Samuel in 1 Samuel 16
39:23 because this is how God judges.
39:24 The Bible says in 1 Samuel 16:7,
39:27 "But the Lord said unto Samuel,
39:29 "Look not on his countenance
39:32 or on the height of his stature,
39:36 because I have refused him,
39:38 for the Lord seeth not as man seeth.
39:42 For man looketh on the outward appearance,
39:45 but the Lord looketh on the heart."
39:49 You see, I cannot touch a woman as a married man,
39:53 and therefore nobody will be able to say,
39:55 "Dwayne Lemon is an adulterer."
39:57 But if I'm constantly looking at women,
39:59 lusting after women, and thinking in my mind,
40:02 "Oh, I could if I just could find a way to do it
40:06 and not get caught."
40:08 In the mind of God, we just did it.
40:11 And therefore God says, "Adulterer."
40:13 And this is why Jesus would say,
40:15 "It's not so much that you touch a woman,
40:17 but when you look upon her, to lust after her,
40:19 you've already committed adultery.
40:23 This is why Jesus would make these statements
40:25 because there's an external way
40:26 that we can approach the commandments of God,
40:29 that we can think we're doing good
40:30 but God says,
40:32 "My son and my daughter, remember, I know your heart."
40:35 God says, "I'm paying attention
40:37 to where no one else is paying attention to."
40:39 God is not going to allow anybody in the kingdom
40:43 that are automations and robots
40:45 and know how to do
40:46 a bunch of mechanical external obedience
40:48 while they're corrupt in their hearts.
40:50 Always go back to Ezekiel 28.
40:52 Remember corruption came in Lucifer's heart
40:55 before it showed in his actions.
40:58 God wants to deal with the condition of the heart.
41:01 And we need heart reform
41:04 before we need any of the other external reforms.
41:07 God has to change the way we think.
41:10 This is why David would pray
41:11 and if you carefully look at David,
41:13 when he prayed
41:14 he didn't just pray for God to cure his external behavior.
41:18 You don't read that in Psalms 51.
41:20 In Psalms 51 after David fell into sin with Bathsheba,
41:24 what did David say?
41:25 David came to God and he said,
41:27 "Lord, create in me a clean heart,"
41:31 Psalms 51:10,
41:32 "and renew a right spirit within me."
41:36 We're told in the book volume 1
41:38 of the Testimonies to the Church, page 469,
41:41 we are told that the work of reformation
41:45 must begin with the imagination.
41:49 There's no sense in saying
41:50 revival and reform and reformation
41:52 and we're changing a lot of external behaviors
41:54 but in our hearts we're still desiring Babylonian garments,
41:57 in our hearts we're still desiring the Babylonian diet,
42:00 in our hearts we're still desiring the Babylonian music.
42:03 God says, "I need to cure the heart."
42:07 Because you know what happens when you don't cure the heart?
42:09 The Bible has a promise.
42:11 Know what the promise says?
42:12 Out of the abundance of the heart,
42:15 the mouth will speak.
42:18 Whatever is going on in our hearts,
42:19 my brothers and sisters,
42:20 sooner or later
42:23 it's going to come out in our words,
42:25 it's going to come out in our actions
42:27 and that's why God says,
42:29 "I need to change them from within."
42:30 This is where moral goodness is not enough.
42:34 God has not just called us
42:36 to be a bunch of morally good people.
42:38 You know what God called us to be?
42:41 Holy.
42:43 1 Peter 1:15 and 16, the Bible says,
42:46 "Be ye there for holy, as I am holy."
42:50 It is possible to be an atheist
42:52 and still do a lot of good things
42:54 but we can have a corrupt heart.
42:56 It is possible to be a part
42:57 of all sorts of groups and religions
42:59 that are antichrist to the fullest,
43:01 but yet they do a lot of good things.
43:05 But the corruption point is in the heart.
43:07 That's what the plague stop is.
43:08 And so when we think about our need for victory over sin,
43:11 we have to understand, yes, God wants us to have it,
43:14 but we can't manufacture it
43:16 because, you know, what the Bible says?
43:18 I studied this, go to Isaiah 64, I mean,
43:21 it's kind of deep when God uses these words here
43:24 but we need to accept it.
43:26 It is what it is, it's the truth.
43:28 In Isaiah 64, notice what the Bible says,
43:30 we're in Isaiah 64
43:33 and I want you to see what the Bible says,
43:34 Isaiah, we're looking at chapter 64
43:37 and notice what the Bible says as we consider verse 6.
43:40 In Isaiah 64:6, it says,
43:42 "But we are all as an unclean thing,
43:48 and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags."
43:54 The Bible makes it clear that this filthy rag in the Hebrew,
43:58 in the original is actually
44:01 a used sanitary napkin of a woman
44:04 during her monthly cycle.
44:05 God literally says,
44:07 that's what our own manufactured righteousness
44:09 looks like before Him,
44:10 when we try to keep His commandments externally
44:12 but in our hearts we still battle with corruption,
44:14 God says that,
44:16 "That thing is offensive to me like you would not imagine."
44:19 Because, my brothers, I'll be honest with you,
44:20 I've never seen that before, I have never seen,
44:23 I've deliberately refrained all my life
44:25 to make sure that I never see a woman's used sanitary napkin
44:28 because I'm already filled with disgust
44:30 just by the thought.
44:31 But God Himself says, "No, I saw it."
44:33 God says, "I know what it looks like
44:34 'cause I see everything."
44:36 And God says, "When a man and when a woman
44:37 try to manufacture their own righteousness
44:41 based on their own merits,
44:42 this is why the tower of Babel was so disgusting with God."
44:46 They have the nerve to try to make a name for themselves
44:51 and avoid punishment without repentance.
44:55 That's literally what they were doing.
44:56 Satan, same thing, he goes to Eve and says,
44:58 "Listen, you can become like Elohim."
45:02 That's what it is.
45:03 The supreme God,
45:04 you can become like the supreme God by sinning.
45:07 That's what he told Eve.
45:08 That's the lie that's been perpetuated
45:10 all throughout our world today.
45:11 You can violate God and His law
45:13 and you can still ascend to the highest heights
45:15 and you can be like God Himself.
45:17 My brothers and sisters, that is a deception
45:19 and that is an abomination in the eyes of God.
45:23 There is no righteousness
45:24 that you and I can manufacture in and of ourselves.
45:26 And this is why when we think about our need
45:29 for victory over sin we have to understand,
45:31 well, how Lord, are you gonna do this.
45:34 Because even when I try to give my best works,
45:38 it's offensive to you.
45:40 What do I do in a circumstance like that?
45:42 What do you do?
45:43 How do we fix something like this?
45:45 The first thing you need to understand is you can't.
45:48 And I can't either. We cannot fix ourselves.
45:51 We cannot wake up tomorrow morning
45:52 and just say because of human determination and willpower,
45:55 I'm going to be the best blank that I am, you know,
45:59 you put your name in that blank.
46:00 We can't do that, doesn't work like that.
46:04 Jesus says something very important to us
46:06 in 1 Corinthians 1.
46:08 The Apostle Paul failed himself in Athens when he was trying
46:12 to preach the gospel battling science with science,
46:15 and logic for logic, and philosophy for philosophy,
46:18 Paul realized the limitation of all that stuff.
46:20 And so in 1 Corinthians 1,
46:21 this is what he had to say about it.
46:23 In 1 Corinthians, notice what the Bible says
46:25 as we consider 1 Corinthians 1,
46:27 the Apostle Paul, he snapped out of it,
46:29 he woke up, thank God, the Spirit of God woke him up.
46:32 Helped him realized
46:33 the gospel is not won by arguments,
46:36 it's won by demonstrations,
46:38 it's won by the proclamation mingled with demonstration.
46:41 When a man lives his message,
46:42 boy, you got yourself a powerful man.
46:44 When a woman lives her message,
46:45 you have met yourself a powerful woman.
46:48 And so the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:17,
46:52 the Apostle Paul says,
46:53 "For Christ sent me not to baptize,
46:55 but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom for words,
46:58 lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.
47:01 For the preaching of the cross
47:03 is to them that perish foolishness,
47:05 but unto us which are saved,
47:07 it is the power of God."
47:09 The preaching of the cross, the power of God,
47:12 you know, that's what the Bible calls the gospel.
47:14 When you study Romans 1:16, Romans 1:16 says,
47:18 "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ,
47:20 for it is the power of God
47:23 unto salvation to every one that believes,
47:25 to the Jew first and also to the Greek."
47:27 Well, here it is, Paul is telling us
47:29 within the gospel which has the power of God.
47:31 The gospel must have the cross
47:34 because it's evident right here.
47:35 It says, "For the preaching of the cross is to them
47:37 that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved,
47:40 it is the power of God."
47:41 Now it's not just the cross as far as the T shape emblem
47:44 because notice what it says in verse 24.
47:46 Verse 24 the same book in same chapter,
47:49 1 Corinthians 1, it says in verse 24,
47:52 "But unto them which are called,
47:55 both Jews and Greeks, Christ, the power of God
47:59 and the wisdom of God."
48:00 I always say this to my friends who often like to wear crosses
48:03 in their homes and on their necks.
48:05 I would say, "If your nephew got gun down one day
48:07 trying to save your life,
48:08 would you go ahead and wrap a gun around your neck
48:11 in memory, in commemoration of your nephew?
48:13 You wouldn't do that because that's the instrument
48:14 that killed him."
48:16 You see it's not the cross simply,
48:18 it was the one that died on the cross,
48:20 it's the sacrifice demonstrated on the cross.
48:22 That's what we commemorate,
48:24 not the actual instrument itself.
48:26 And so it is that it's not simply the cross
48:28 that's the power of God, it's Christ on the cross
48:31 that is the power of God.
48:33 And that's why Paul in 1 Corinthians 2,
48:35 what does he say?
48:37 He says in 1 Corinthians 2:1 and 2,
48:39 "And I, brethren, when I came to you
48:41 came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom,
48:44 declaring unto you the testimony of God,
48:46 for I determined not to know anything among you,
48:49 save Jesus Christ and Him crucified."
48:55 That's where the power is, Christ crucified.
48:59 And Christ crucified, there's something about that
49:02 that gives us power and ability that by the grace of God
49:07 the things that we once loved, we can hate.
49:11 The things we once hated, we can love.
49:13 Why?
49:15 Because of the power that was demonstrated
49:17 from the cross of Calvary.
49:19 You see this is why going back up
49:21 in 1 Corinthians 1,
49:23 look what it says right there in verses 30 and 31.
49:26 In 1 Corinthians 1:30 and 31,
49:27 it says, "But of Him are ye in Christ Jesus,
49:31 who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness,
49:36 and sanctification and redemption,
49:38 that according as it is written:
49:40 "He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord."
49:44 ' This is the great benefit that comes to you and I.
49:47 I don't have to look to myself to establish righteousness
49:49 because I can't and you can't either.
49:52 But what I can do
49:53 is I can look to Jesus, I can look at the fact
49:55 that He lived a completely holy, righteous,
49:59 commandment keeping lifestyle.
50:01 And now I can look to His example
50:05 and I can by faith accept the power He offers to me.
50:10 Somebody says, "How does that work?"
50:12 Well, it's very simple.
50:14 You remember in John 5, there's a story of a man
50:18 who was sick for 38 years, right?
50:22 He was sick for 38 years, he's messed up, you know,
50:25 he can't move his legs.
50:27 So, you know, he has to try to drag his body
50:28 with his upper body strength,
50:30 and I could only imagine how tough that was.
50:33 And they believed that, you know,
50:34 obviously when the water would trickle by this pool
50:37 in Bethesda that, you know,
50:38 that was an angel that did it
50:40 and hence if they go in that water, oh, man,
50:42 you know, they're going to get all these blessings,
50:43 they're going to experience healing
50:45 and when they would see the trickle
50:47 that brother would try to maneuver himself,
50:48 but he couldn't make it.
50:50 And somebody would always get in before him.
50:52 Well here it is that, you know,
50:55 one day Jesus comes by this area
50:56 and He sees all these souls just hurting,
51:00 but Jesus sees that man
51:01 who probably was in the most deplorable state,
51:03 I mean after 38 years of a disease, you know,
51:05 that disease is wearing on your body,
51:07 so I would imagine he looked really bad.
51:10 As Jesus goes to him and He asked him a question
51:12 that I would have imagined, you know,
51:14 seem not to make sense at least to the man,
51:17 he says, "You want to get well?"
51:19 And the man says, "Well, sir, you know,
51:20 I really do want to get well.
51:22 But every time I tried to get well,
51:23 somebody else jumps in before me
51:25 and he starts going into all these mountains,
51:27 these obstacles."
51:29 Jesus bypasses all of his complaining
51:32 and simply makes a call for him to exercise faith.
51:38 Jesus says to him, "Get up, take up your mat and walk."
51:43 Now, here's the deal.
51:45 When Jesus told him that he could have responded
51:50 one of two ways,
51:51 the first way he could have responded,
51:53 thank God it's not recorded in sacred history,
51:55 he could have responded saying,
51:57 "Lord, as soon as I feel energy in my legs, I will get up."
52:03 If he would have said that, if he would have said Lord,
52:05 as soon as I feel some energy in my legs,
52:06 I'm gonna move and get up.
52:08 We would not have the story of John 5.
52:11 But do you know what that man did?
52:13 The Bible tells us exactly what he did.
52:14 Look at John 5.
52:16 Once Jesus told him, "Get up, take up your mat
52:19 and start walking."
52:20 We're talking about real examples
52:22 of receiving the righteousness of Christ
52:25 that He gives us power to live a life above sin.
52:28 The Bible says in John 5:9, it says,
52:32 "And immediately the man was made whole,
52:36 and took up his bed and walked:
52:38 and on the same day was the Sabbath."
52:39 Now, this is it.
52:41 Immediately the man was made whole.
52:43 So as soon as Jesus said to that brother,
52:45 get up and take up your mat and walk,
52:46 every provision of heaven was present, every provision.
52:52 He had to believe, he had to accept
52:55 that every provision has absolutely been made
52:58 right there.
53:00 So all he had to do
53:01 was what the next part of the verse says.
53:02 It says, immediately he was made whole
53:04 and he took up his bed.
53:06 So he had to act on the word.
53:11 Are you following?
53:12 He had to act on the word.
53:16 Whenever I think about how the principles
53:18 of righteousness by faith is to be realized in humanity,
53:22 it is hearing what God has said.
53:25 Demonstrating a full complete ample,
53:27 entire trust in what God had said.
53:30 And then acting on what God has said
53:34 with a complete dependence
53:35 that he will get it done through me.
53:40 This is Philippians 2:13,
53:43 "For it is God that worketh in you,
53:47 to will and to do of His good pleasure."
53:53 God is the one that gets it done.
53:55 But what He says is faith is ours to exercise.
54:01 And joyful feeling and the blessings is
54:03 God's to give to us, that's the key.
54:06 Living the life of faith does not mean
54:09 that we just sit down abstractly and just say,
54:12 well, praise God for His grace
54:13 while we just keep practicing sin.
54:16 That is the greatest perversion that has ever hit Christianity
54:19 that people can think
54:20 that justification and sanctification by faith
54:23 is some type of forensic deal
54:25 that God just somehow covers our sins.
54:27 I don't know if you ever saw this before
54:29 but there's even booklets
54:31 where sometimes they show a picture of a man
54:33 and his face looks down sulken, you know,
54:35 his face looks very sad like this, you know,
54:36 he just looks very sad and there's a hand,
54:40 there's two hands with a white robe
54:42 and the white robe is covering the individual,
54:46 so he has on a filthy dirty robe.
54:48 But then he has the white robe
54:50 that's going over the dirty robe.
54:52 And some people, you know, have seen those pictures.
54:53 You've seen those pictures before?
54:55 And, you know, yeah, see,
54:56 there's lots of people who have seen those pictures,
54:58 they've been around in many books
54:59 and things and different types of books.
55:01 And when we see that picture, we think that's the gospel.
55:04 Did you know that picture,
55:06 that image is a perversion of the gospel.
55:08 Did you know that? Probably didn't even know that.
55:11 You see, if you go to Zechariah 3,
55:13 let me show you 'cause what they're doing
55:15 is they're trying to show you a picture of Zechariah 3
55:18 that it's trying to do reenactment.
55:20 So when you see this guy
55:22 who's just looking all down sulken
55:24 and he has on his filthy dirty robe,
55:26 what happens is that suppose to be Joshua.
55:29 And then there is the angel of the Lord
55:30 that's taking the robe
55:31 and they're putting it over Joshua and, you know,
55:34 covering him, covering his sins.
55:36 But it's not a good representation
55:38 because notice what the Bible says,
55:39 if you go to the Book of Zechariah
55:42 and you go to chapter 3, then watch what the text says.
55:45 Zechariah and we're looking at chapter 3
55:48 starting at verse 1.
55:49 And here's what the Bible says, Zechariah 3:1,
55:52 "And he showed me Joshua
55:54 the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord,
55:58 and Satan standing at his right hand
56:00 to resist him.
56:02 And the Lord said unto Satan, "The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan,
56:05 even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee!
56:09 Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?"
56:11 ' Verse 3, "Now Joshua was clothed with,
56:14 " what kind of garments?
56:16 "Filthy garments, and stood before the angel."
56:19 Now watch this, verse 4, "And He answered
56:23 and spake unto those that stood before Him, saying,
56:27 "Take away the filthy garments from him."
56:32 And unto him He said,
56:33 "Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee,
56:38 and I will clothe thee with change of raiment."
56:42 ' That is the biblical story.
56:44 He did not maintain his dirty robe
56:47 while Jesus comes
56:49 and takes His beautiful white robe
56:51 and just covers his dirty robe.
56:53 That's not what the Bible teaches.
56:55 The Bible says take away the filthy garments
56:59 and then put on the change of raiment.
57:01 You see, when we come to Jesus, we must understand
57:04 that God wants to take away our filthy garments.
57:07 God wants to cover us with His righteousness,
57:09 but we must be willing to yield and say,
57:12 "Lord, from this day forward
57:14 all that I know to be sin by your grace,
57:16 I will turn away."
57:18 And the question is, will you let Jesus do that
57:19 in your heart today.
57:21 My hope and my prayer is
57:22 that we answer in the affirmative.
57:24 Loving Father, please take away our filthy garments
57:28 and give us Christ our righteousness,
57:30 in Jesus' name, amen.


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