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Participants: John Lomacang (Host), Dr. Morgan Medlock


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00:20 Hello, friends, welcome to Foundation of Our Faith,
00:23 a production of Dare to Dream Network
00:24 here at the 3ABN Worship Center in Southern Illinois.
00:28 I'm your host John Lomacang.
00:30 And I will be introducing our messenger
00:33 as well as our minister of music.
00:36 I'm particularly interested in the person
00:38 God has chosen today, Dr. Morgan M. Medlock.
00:42 Dr. Medlock graduated from Oakwood University in 2007
00:46 with a degree in biology and pre-medicine.
00:49 She later went to Andrews University Theological Seminary
00:53 to complete a Masters of Divinity degree in 2011.
00:57 After would completing also a Doctorate of Medicine degree
01:00 at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in 2013.
01:05 Dr. Medlock is currently completing her residency
01:08 in Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston,
01:12 a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School.
01:16 Dr. Medlock is planning
01:17 to specialize in addiction treatment
01:20 and has made it her goal
01:22 to be used by Christ to help individuals
01:25 break the chains of mental, physical and spiritual bondage.
01:30 But today her message is a powerful one,
01:31 "A Word from Our Sponsor".
01:35 I invite you to stay tuned and pray for the Lord
01:37 to open your mind
01:39 to hear what the Spirit has to say to the church.
01:41 But before she comes,
01:43 we will be ministered to in a song entitled,
01:47 "It's the Way".
01:49 Our minister of music is Jason Bulgin
01:52 who hails from Toronto, Canada.
01:54 He is a singer and a songwriter and he says,
01:58 his aim is to live his life on purpose.
02:02 After he sings the next voice that you will hear
02:05 will be that of Dr. Morgan M. Medlock.
02:13 It's the way that you love me It's the way that you care
02:20 Every time I need you
02:22 It's the way you've been right there
02:25 It's the way when I call you It's the way you're standing by
02:31 It's the way, it's the way
02:39 Even when I go and do things my way
02:43 It's the way you're there to guide me
02:47 When my path it goes to stay
02:51 Even when on my sunshine is gone
02:56 It's the way you like my path
02:59 And you write on my wrongs
03:03 Oh, oh
03:08 It's the way that you love me
03:12 Jesus
03:14 Singing
03:20 It's the way that you love me
03:24 Jesus
03:32 It's the way when I need you
03:36 It's the way you've been right there
03:39 It's the way you bear my burdens
03:42 When I cast all love my cares
03:45 It's the way that you bless me In spite of what I've done
03:51 It's the way, It's the way
03:58 And even when I go And turn away from you
04:03 It's the way your love is faithful
04:07 And your mercy pure and true
04:11 And even I fail you time and time again
04:16 It's the way that you used to love me
04:19 Your love will never ends
04:23 Oh, oh
04:28 It's the way that you love me
04:32 Jesus,
04:35 oh, oh
04:40 It's the way that you love me It's the way that you love me
04:44 Jesus Jesus
04:47 Oh, oh
04:52 It's the way that you love me It's the way that you love me
04:56 Jesus Jesus
04:59 Singing oh, oh
05:04 It's the way that you love me It's the way that you love me
05:08 Jesus Jesus
05:11 You love me, you love me
05:18 You love me, you love me
05:23 I'm unworthy but you love me
05:29 So unworthy but you love me
05:36 Jesus I love you
05:39 'Cause you love me
05:42 I love you
05:45 'Cause you love me
05:48 He loves you, and he loves me
05:54 He loves you, and he loves me
06:01 Yes, Jesus loves me
06:07 He loves me, he loves me
06:13 Yes, Jesus love me
06:19 Yes, Jesus loves me
06:25 Yes, Jesus loves me
06:31 For the Bible tells me so
06:37 He loves you and he loves me
06:44 He loves you and he loves me
06:50 Yes, Jesus loves me
06:56 Yes, Jesus loves me
07:02 Yes, Jesus loves me
07:08 For the Bible tells me so
07:18 What a blessing and a privilege to be loved by Jesus Christ.
07:25 We thank You God for Your everlasting love.
07:30 It is a privilege to be here with you today,
07:33 and I am so much looking forward
07:35 to sharing the Word of God with you.
07:39 I want to invite you to turn with me to the Book of John,
07:44 the Gospel of John 1:1-14.
07:50 The Gospel of John 1:1-14.
07:58 I will read it,
07:59 and you're hearing from the New King James Version.
08:03 The Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word,
08:09 and the Word was with God,
08:12 and the Word was God.
08:15 He was in the beginning with God.
08:18 All things were made through Him,
08:20 and without Him nothing was made that was made.
08:24 In Him was life,
08:26 and the life was the light of men.
08:30 And the light shines in the darkness,
08:32 and the darkness did not comprehend it.
08:36 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
08:40 This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light,
08:45 that all through him might believe.
08:48 He was not that Light,
08:50 but was sent to bear witness of that Light.
08:53 That was the true Light
08:55 which gives light to every man coming into the world.
09:00 He was in the world,
09:01 and the world was made through Him,
09:05 and the world did not know Him.
09:07 He came to His own,
09:09 and His own did not receive Him.
09:12 But as many as received Him,
09:15 to them He gave the right
09:18 to become children of God,
09:20 to those who believe in His name:
09:23 who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh,
09:28 nor of the will of man, but of God.
09:31 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,
09:36 and we beheld His glory,
09:38 the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,
09:42 full of grace and truth."
09:46 I'd like to speak today on the subject,
09:48 "A Word from our Sponsor".
09:52 Let us pray.
09:53 Father,
09:55 I pray that Jesus would be lifted up
09:58 and when He is lifted up,
10:00 I pray that all men would be drawn to him,
10:03 in His name we pray, amen.
10:08 A recent study reported
10:11 that despite the advancement of other technologies,
10:15 television remains the most effective advertising tool
10:20 not with standing the popularity
10:22 of online streaming services and social media outlets
10:27 and smartphones,
10:28 television is still the best way
10:31 to reach our entertainment focused society.
10:35 In the former days a television ad was introduced
10:38 with an announcement
10:39 and now, A Word from Our Sponsor,
10:44 this indicated that there would be a break
10:47 from regular television programming
10:49 in order to acknowledge the person
10:52 who was behind the scenes
10:53 and had actually made it all possible.
10:56 The Christian life has at times
10:58 been compared to the scenes of a movie,
11:01 from God's perspective
11:03 He knows the end from the beginning,
11:05 He faints not neither becomes weary,
11:07 but from our limited perspective
11:10 we are vulnerable to uncertainty
11:12 and lapses in faith.
11:14 In the Christian life I have found
11:16 that the enemy tries to shake our faith
11:19 by bombarding us with programming
11:22 which makes it seem
11:23 that we are doomed and hopeless.
11:26 Yes, he bombards us
11:27 with disappointment and loss and grief.
11:31 Too many Christians
11:32 unfortunately have bought into the enemy's infomercials.
11:36 But I came today
11:38 to interrupt the enemy's programming
11:40 and to deliver,
11:42 A Word from Our Sponsor, Jesus Christ.
11:46 In this world where,
11:48 where we are facing unprecedented violence,
11:52 we need a word from our sponsor.
11:55 In this world
11:56 where that is becoming increasingly comfortable
11:59 with, with godlessness,
12:01 we need a word from our sponsor,
12:03 in this world
12:04 where even the children of God are becoming weary.
12:08 We need a word from our sponsor,
12:11 and that word comes today from the gospels.
12:15 You see the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
12:19 each provide unique portrayals of the life of Jesus,
12:24 each author sets out to emphasize
12:27 one aspect of Jesus' character.
12:29 We should think of each book as a sermon about Jesus
12:33 with a specific message and appeal.
12:36 Matthew emphasizes Jesus' relationship with the law.
12:39 In Matthew Jesus is the fulfillment of the law
12:42 and the long awaited Messiah.
12:45 Mark on the other hand
12:46 emphasizes Jesus' miracle working power.
12:50 He's the kind of savior who keeps company with sinners.
12:54 Luke emphasizes Jesus' humanity
12:57 and John emphasizes Jesus' divinity
13:00 that is who He was before coming to the earth.
13:05 And right away, we noticed a stark contrast
13:08 in how John begins his gospel
13:11 where as Matthew, Mark and Luke begin Jesus story on the earth,
13:15 John begins his story in eternity past.
13:20 John goes behind the scenes
13:22 in a way the other writers do not
13:24 in order to show us
13:25 the character and divinity of Christ.
13:28 You see it is only knowing who Jesus is
13:31 that will give us strength in these last days.
13:34 Matthew, Mark, and Luke
13:36 leave the impression of Jesus' humble origins,
13:39 but John makes us aware of His eternal glory.
13:44 In a rather shocking manner,
13:46 John announced as at the beginning of his book,
13:49 in the beginning the Word already was.
13:54 Now if history could be represented as a book,
13:57 John is saying
13:59 that we could go all the way backward
14:01 to the very first page of history
14:04 and Jesus would be the page before that.
14:08 We could go all the way forward
14:09 as far as we possibly could into the future
14:12 even to the last page of history
14:15 and Jesus would be the page after that.
14:18 Now our translated Bibles
14:20 do not reveal the full richness of the original text,
14:25 because in the original text
14:27 there is nova before the word beginning.
14:31 The Bible literally says, "In beginning was the Word..."
14:36 Not in the beginning, but in beginning was the Word.
14:41 Now, let's take a moment to digest this.
14:45 What is the difference between beginning and the beginning?
14:49 The beginning is what was described in Genesis 1:1
14:54 just describing creation,
14:56 the writer of Genesis states
14:58 that "In the beginning
15:00 God created the heavens and the earth."
15:03 It was a discrete point in time
15:06 when God created the heavens and the earth
15:08 that was the beginning.
15:11 Now according to John, Jesus preceded the beginning.
15:15 It is not even the time that scripture can comprehend,
15:19 it was a time before Genesis 1:1,
15:22 it was before the beginning.
15:23 What John is literally saying is that
15:25 if it were possible to go back before the beginning,
15:30 Jesus was already there.
15:32 In fact, before anything begins,
15:35 Jesus is already there
15:38 and that divine fact
15:41 ought to be celebrated
15:43 that Jesus is before the beginning.
15:46 Apply that to your life
15:48 and thank God for Jesus Christ
15:50 who is there before anything begins.
15:54 Somebody has said that before any trial comes into our life,
15:58 Jesus is already there
16:00 measuring its usefulness and conforming it to His will.
16:05 He will only allow that which works out for good
16:08 into our experience.
16:10 In fact, a thing may be directly from Satan
16:14 but by the time it reaches his children.
16:18 it has already gone through Jesus,
16:20 therefore it is no longer harmful to us
16:23 but helpful to us.
16:25 That's why Paul says,
16:27 that all things work together for good
16:30 to those who love God
16:32 and are called according to his purpose.
16:36 You see Jesus makes things
16:37 that are not workable work out for our good.
16:43 You see human language is limited in describing
16:49 just how awesome it is to serve the eternal God.
16:54 Those who have tried to describe Jesus tell us
16:58 that He is the Alpha and the Omega.
17:01 What that literally means
17:02 is that He covers A to Z
17:04 including the infinite combination
17:06 of letters in between.
17:08 Those who have tried to describe Jesus
17:11 have said that
17:12 "He is the beginning and the end,
17:14 He is the first and the last."
17:17 If He were a book, He would exist
17:19 before the prologue and after the epilogue.
17:23 If He were a movie, He would exist
17:25 before the preview and after the closing credits.
17:28 According to Paul in Colossians 1:17,
17:31 "Jesus is before all things
17:34 and in Him all things consist."
17:38 Friends of mine,
17:39 He has no beginning and He has no end.
17:44 Jesus is the eternal Word.
17:48 Now a word
17:51 is an expression of a person's thought,
17:55 so when the Bible says that Jesus is the Word of God,
18:00 it means that he expresses
18:02 God's ideas and His wisdom.
18:06 The word is the wisdom of God.
18:09 The word is also how God communicates His ideas.
18:14 God speaks through Jesus Christ,
18:17 for the Bible tells us in Hebrews 1:2,
18:20 "In these last days
18:21 God has spoken to us by His Son,
18:25 whom He has appointed the heir of all things,
18:29 through whom He has also made the worlds."
18:34 Jesus is the eternal Word.
18:37 This fact also means that He cannot be exhausted,
18:42 His power never runs out.
18:45 Now I must confess
18:47 that the allure of having something
18:50 that would never run out
18:53 is what led me to sign up
18:55 for unlimited data on my cell phone.
18:58 You see according to my contract,
19:01 I would have unlimited data
19:03 which meant that my internet access
19:06 would never run out.
19:08 Well, I regret to tell you
19:11 that despite the promise of unlimited data,
19:14 I noticed that the more time
19:16 I spent on the internet checking my email and so forth,
19:20 the slower my service became.
19:23 In fact, the more I needed access,
19:26 the less responsive my device was,
19:29 and when I called my carrier,
19:31 I was informed
19:33 that I was promised unlimited data
19:35 but not unlimited speed.
19:37 They explained to me
19:39 that because I was such a high octane user,
19:43 I had exhausted my high speed internet
19:46 and had therefore been downgraded
19:47 to low speed internet.
19:49 Essentially what had promised to be unlimited
19:52 had actually run out,
19:54 because the server could not handle my needs.
19:58 But I'm so glad that Jesus is not like that,
20:02 He never slows down, He never runs out,
20:06 the more you rely on Him,
20:08 the more you discover His unlimited value,
20:11 He cannot be exhausted.
20:14 Jesus is the eternal Word,
20:16 which means that He is not constrained by time.
20:20 Humanity is constrained by time.
20:22 Everything we do centers around time.
20:25 Time governs our activities.
20:27 There is a time and season
20:29 for everything says the scriptures,
20:31 a time to wake, a time to work,
20:33 a time to eat, and a time to sleep.
20:36 We are subject to time, but Jesus is eternal.
20:41 So compared to Jesus everything else
20:45 including your problems is temporary.
20:49 In comparison to God the things we fret about
20:53 are only a small thing
20:56 and according to the Apostle Paul,
20:58 our problems amount to a light and momentary affliction
21:03 because they are temporal
21:06 but our God is eternal.
21:10 So you see that when Jesus says,
21:12 "I am with you."
21:14 He has a perfect understanding
21:17 of what you need to pass through
21:20 in order to be prepared for what lies ahead,
21:24 meaning that if we trust Him,
21:26 He will lead us
21:27 in paths of righteousness for His namesake.
21:30 God delights to order our steps according to His perfect will.
21:35 Too often we forfeit our peace
21:38 when we neglect to surrender
21:39 our plans to God who is eternal,
21:43 for He invites us to just rely on Him and trust His leading,
21:47 and we are told that our latter end
21:49 will be better than our beginning
21:53 because Jesus is the eternal Word.
21:58 According to scripture, He also gets the final word.
22:03 See, Jesus specializes
22:05 in writing sequels to our tragedies.
22:08 When you operate under the banner of Jesus Christ,
22:12 it's never over until He says it's over.
22:15 Jesus actually makes trouble and overachiever,
22:19 for according to scripture
22:21 our light and momentary affliction
22:24 achieves for us an eternal and exceeding weight of glory.
22:30 I was impressed of the impact
22:32 of serving a God with an eternal viewpoint.
22:38 When my friend and I recently visited the site
22:41 of a soldier's memorial,
22:43 never wanting to forget the scene,
22:46 I was attempting to record with my small camera
22:50 but my friend realized
22:52 the difficulty I was having and advised
22:54 that I change my settings to panoramic view.
22:57 I asked, what is panoramic view?
23:00 She said, "That's the view that allows you
23:03 to take in the entire landscape from a single viewpoint."
23:07 She said, "In order to create a panoramic view,
23:11 you have to hold down the capture button
23:13 on one side of the image
23:15 and do not release your hand
23:18 until you arrive to the other side of the image,
23:21 the camera will then combine
23:23 all of the captured images
23:25 into a complete panoramic view."
23:28 Well, friends of mine,
23:30 I came to let you know
23:31 that God has a panoramic view of your life,
23:36 He sees the entire landscape,
23:38 He knows the end from the beginning.
23:41 Some things may seem difficult to understand
23:44 on this side of heaven,
23:46 but just hang on,
23:47 don't release your hand from His hand,
23:50 it will all make sense when you get to the other side.
23:55 When we get over there,
23:57 God will show us
23:59 how He combined everything
24:01 we experienced
24:03 into His perfect will,
24:08 because Jesus is the eternal Word.
24:12 What He speaks in this season
24:15 may not be fulfilled immediately,
24:18 but it may be preparation for a later season.
24:22 Someone made be discouraged
24:24 because the promise from God
24:26 has not seemed to meet its fulfillment,
24:29 but the Bible says that if we wait on the Lord,
24:33 He will bring it to pass.
24:34 With God a day is like a 1000 years
24:37 according to 2 Peter 3:8,
24:40 and a 1000 years are like a day.
24:42 Habakkuk 2:3 says,
24:44 "The vision is yet for the appointed time,
24:47 but in the end it will speak and not lie."
24:52 Jesus is the eternal Word
24:56 and that extends to His attributes,
24:59 His mercy endorsed forever, His love is everlasting,
25:05 His faithfulness extends for all generations.
25:09 His mercies are renewed every morning,
25:12 His love has no limit
25:15 and His faithfulness has no end.
25:17 Where would we be without Jesus?
25:22 Because Jesus is the eternal Word,
25:26 He has absolute
25:29 and ultimate spiritual authority.
25:33 That's why Jesus was often in conflict
25:36 with the religious leaders of His day.
25:39 They constantly questioned His authority.
25:42 If you remember the setting in John 8, John 8,
25:46 when Jesus was jousting with the Pharisees,
25:50 they suggested that their ancestor Abraham
25:53 was greater than Jesus.
25:55 Abraham was a faith hero, yes, he was.
25:58 Yet Jesus made it clear
26:00 that He was superior to Abraham,
26:03 He said this,
26:05 "Before Abraham was born I am."
26:11 Before Abraham was born I am.
26:15 Now technically, Jesus was not yet 40 years old.
26:20 In fact, He was born centuries after Abraham,
26:24 so how could Jesus be after Abraham
26:27 and yet before Abraham.
26:29 The Pharisees got the message clearly
26:32 that Jesus was claiming to be God.
26:35 See only God can say I am,
26:38 and when Jesus said, "I am"
26:41 He was invoking the covenant name for God
26:44 which was widely used in the Old Testament,
26:47 for in Exodus 3:14,
26:49 God introduces Himself to Moses by saying,
26:52 "I am who I am."
26:56 And hidden in that very phrase
26:58 and that very promise is also the message
27:00 that "I will be who I will be."
27:05 And Jesus took that name for Himself,
27:07 He was letting the Pharisees know
27:09 that when you talk about me,
27:12 you're talking about someone
27:14 who is greater than Abraham.
27:16 You see when we start our list of names
27:18 of all that God is holy and mighty,
27:22 that's just the beginning,
27:24 Jesus had to close the book
27:26 when describing Himself and He just says, "I am."
27:31 Someone listening, I want to let you know
27:33 that whatever you need today, Jesus is.
27:39 Jesus Christ is the eternal God,
27:44 He was clear about that fact,
27:46 for He said in John 10:30 "I and my Father are one."
27:53 And then in John 14:9,
27:55 where He is having a conversation
27:57 with Philip and Philip says,
27:58 "Jesus, if you show us the Father,
28:00 it will be enough for us.
28:02 And Jesus replies by saying,
28:04 "If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father."
28:09 See Jesus was clear about who He was,
28:12 He emphatically claimed
28:15 to be God.
28:18 And so that's why I cannot tolerate any discussion
28:23 when people suggest that Jesus is not God.
28:27 You may have heard the popular teaching
28:29 that Jesus is merely a good man
28:32 or that He was a moral teacher.
28:36 But the problem I have with this
28:37 is what moral person claims to be God if he is not.
28:43 As one theologian put it,
28:44 "Jesus is either a liar
28:47 or a lunatic or He is Lord."
28:51 Now let's take a minute
28:52 to evaluate these possibilities.
28:55 If Jesus was a liar,
28:57 then He was also a hypocrite
29:00 who violated His own teaching to be moral and honest.
29:06 Furthermore, if He was a liar,
29:09 why would He allow Himself
29:12 to be crucified for a falsehood,
29:15 I cannot figure that out.
29:18 In that case He would also be a fool
29:21 and this seems quite unlikely.
29:23 Let's examine the second possibility,
29:26 was Jesus a lunatic as many people say.
29:31 That doesn't seem at all consistent
29:32 with the Word of God,
29:34 for in the Bible
29:35 is recorded the testimony of those
29:38 who were amazed when they encountered Jesus.
29:42 In fact those who heard Him preach often said,
29:45 "We have never heard the Word of God
29:48 shared in this manner before."
29:51 They acknowledged that Jesus had wisdom
29:54 and authority beyond His years.
29:57 Don't you remember how at the tender age of 12,
30:00 the Bible tells a story about how Jesus was in the synagogue,
30:04 in the temple
30:06 and He completely dumb founded
30:08 the scribes and the religious teachers,
30:10 they could not answer His questions,
30:14 and remember how the officers were sent to arrest Jesus
30:18 and they returned
30:19 to the religious leaders and proclaimed,
30:22 "we've never heard anyone speak the way He does."
30:26 So even His enemies knew that Jesus was not a lunatic,
30:30 they knew that He had wisdom that was sent from God.
30:36 And so if Jesus is not a liar
30:39 and if Jesus is not a lunatic,
30:42 then He must be the Lord, and if the Lord,
30:46 then the question tonight is will you serve Him.
30:52 We owe Him our allegiance because as John explains,
30:57 "Jesus is our creator,
31:00 all things were made through Him
31:02 and without Him
31:04 was not anything made that was made."
31:07 Jesus is the source, everything else is a resource.
31:13 Let that sink in, Jesus is the source,
31:17 everything else is a resource.
31:20 We fret when our resources are depleted,
31:24 but if God is our source,
31:27 then He can create new resources,
31:30 for Colossians 1:16 says,
31:32 "For by Him all things were created
31:36 that are in heaven and that are on the earth,
31:39 things that are visible and things invisible,
31:42 whether thrones or dominions
31:46 or principalities or powers,
31:48 all things according to scripture
31:51 were created through Him and for Him."
31:53 Resources then are never a challenge for the one
31:58 who believes in Jesus Christ."
32:02 You see the Bible teaches that Jesus is so powerful,
32:08 He creates out of nothing,
32:11 no raw materials,
32:14 He speaks and things come into existence.
32:19 Now there are some who are teaching
32:22 that human beings have the power,
32:25 the capacity to speak life,
32:29 to speak things into existence,
32:32 but according to the Bible
32:34 this is a power that belongs to God and God alone.
32:39 See it is Christ who spoke and it was done,
32:43 it is Christ who commanded and it stood fast,
32:47 and that fact continues to blow the minds of scientists
32:51 who challenge
32:52 the creative authority of Christ.
32:57 I'm reminded of the humorous story
33:01 of how God was once approached by a scientist
33:05 who said, "Listen God,
33:07 we've decided we don't need you anymore.
33:10 These days we can clone animals and transplant organs
33:14 and do all sorts of things
33:16 that used to be considered miraculous.
33:19 God replied, "You don't need me.
33:22 How about we put your theory to the test?
33:25 Why don't we have a competition to see
33:27 who can make a human being?
33:29 Let's say a male human being.
33:31 The scientist ultimately agrees
33:33 so God declares that they should do it like
33:36 He did in the good old days when He created Adam.
33:40 Fine says the scientist
33:42 and he bins down to scoop up a handful of dirt.
33:46 But God says not so fast
33:49 shaking His head in disapproval,
33:51 you have to get your own dirt."
33:54 Now, what does this teach us?
33:56 This teaches us
33:57 that Jesus creates out of nothing.
34:01 When He created a man,
34:02 He didn't have anything to work with,
34:04 and when He recreates a man,
34:06 He does it without anything to work with.
34:10 When David in Psalm 51 cried out
34:13 for God to create in him a clean heart
34:15 and to renew a right spirit within him,
34:18 he was acknowledging
34:19 that he had nothing that he could contribute,
34:22 no raw materials in himself
34:24 that he could contribute toward holiness,
34:27 but he was asking Jesus Christ
34:30 to create out of nothing
34:31 a clean heart and a right spirit.
34:35 Ladies and gentlemen,
34:36 Jesus has the power to do just that.
34:41 He created out of nothing,
34:44 and He recreates out of nothing
34:49 because Jesus is the creator,
34:52 He has life in Himself.
34:56 Nobody gave Him life,
34:58 His life was not borrowed or derived,
35:02 He has life in Himself.
35:05 Now the life that Jesus has
35:07 is not natural biological life,
35:11 it is distinct from the natural life of the plant kingdom,
35:15 it is distinct from the biological life
35:18 of the animal kingdom,
35:19 which relies on oxygen molecules
35:22 as fuel for energy metabolism.
35:25 Jesus does not have biological life
35:27 which in the scripture is term bios life,
35:30 know Jesus has eternal life
35:33 which in the scripture is termed Zoe life.
35:37 This life is self originating and self sustaining,
35:41 Jesus has life in Himself
35:44 and because of that
35:45 he is sovereign over His own life,
35:48 meaning that no one can take our Lord's life.
35:51 He lays down His life
35:53 and He is able to pick it up again.
35:55 Aren't you thankful for that?
35:57 Jesus is also sovereign
35:59 over the lives of those who trust in Him.
36:04 Meaning that He gives life to whomever He will.
36:09 He sponsors the life of every believer,
36:12 for the Bible says in John 6:40,
36:15 "This is the will of Him who sent me
36:18 that everyone who sees the Son
36:21 and believes in Him
36:23 may have everlasting life
36:26 and I will raise him up at the last day."
36:30 And then in John 10:10, Jesus says,
36:33 "I have come
36:34 that you may have life in heaven more abundantly."
36:39 Don't you want this life today?
36:42 And yet Jesus according to John is more than the life giver,
36:47 He is also life itself,
36:51 for 1 John 5:11 and 12 say,
36:54 "This is the testimony
36:56 that God has given us eternal life
36:59 and this life is in his Son,
37:03 whoever has the Son has life
37:06 and whoever does not have the Son
37:08 does not have life."
37:11 From the biblical point of view,
37:14 if we only have natural bios life,
37:18 then we are not really living.
37:21 We may inhale and exhale,
37:24 but according to scripture
37:26 without Jesus we are dead.
37:29 But here's the good news,
37:32 that if we have the Son Jesus Christ,
37:35 then we have life and it's the kind of life
37:40 that only gets stronger
37:41 when met with the enemy's fiery arrows.
37:44 It's the kind of life
37:46 that makes the Christian unbreakable,
37:48 for Paul says,
37:49 "We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed.
37:54 We are perplexed but not in despair,
37:57 persecuted but not forsaken,
37:59 struck down but not destroyed,
38:03 always carrying about in the body
38:06 the dying of the Lord Jesus,
38:08 that the life of Jesus
38:10 may be manifested in our body."
38:15 In fact, the Bible teaches
38:17 that the less I live by my natural life,
38:22 the more Christ can supply his Zoe life.
38:27 Galatians 2:20 says, "I, Paul is saying I,
38:31 meaning my natural life has been crucified with Christ,
38:35 it is no longer I who live,
38:37 but Christ lives in me
38:39 and the life which I now live in the flesh,
38:42 I live by faith in the Son of God
38:45 who loved me and gave Himself for me."
38:49 Christ is more than the life giver,
38:52 He is the life.
38:56 And many Christians
38:59 have not yet graduated
39:01 from an understanding of Jesus
39:04 as the life giver to Jesus as life itself.
39:10 See many of us have viewed
39:12 Jesus as the source of blessing.
39:15 We have viewed Jesus as the source of miracles.
39:19 We have viewed Jesus
39:20 as the source of some divine favor,
39:23 as the source of some resource.
39:26 He is the person that we go to in order to receive that
39:29 which will sustain our lives.
39:32 Yet Jesus is more than a life giver,
39:36 He is also the life.
39:39 And so we are challenged today,
39:41 that we should not be focused on what we receive from Christ,
39:46 rather we should receive Him.
39:50 For John says,
39:51 "In Him was life
39:53 and the life was the light of men."
39:58 This is a great theme in John that life is linked to light.
40:04 You see to be in relationship with Christ is to have His life
40:09 which in turn becomes our light.
40:12 Those who have Christ have life
40:15 and walk in His light,
40:17 while those who did not have Christ
40:19 according to the scripture
40:20 do not have life and walk in darkness.
40:24 Darkness refers
40:26 to the spiritual error of this world,
40:29 whereas light refers to spiritual truth
40:32 as it is revealed in Jesus Christ.
40:35 Jesus says, "I am the light of the world
40:39 and whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness."
40:44 Aren't you glad that darkness
40:45 is not what God has prepared for us,
40:48 but He has said, I have given you Jesus Christ
40:51 who will be your light.
40:54 And every other light
40:56 according to John is a lesser light
40:59 but Jesus is the true light.
41:02 John himself, though he was a great man,
41:05 a great prophet, a great preacher,
41:07 he had to proclaim that I am not that light.
41:10 In fact when he was baptizing and preaching beyond the Jordan
41:14 in order to announce the ministry of Jesus Christ,
41:17 there were many who flocked to him and asked,
41:19 "Are you the one that we have been waiting for?"
41:22 But John had to acknowledge,
41:24 "There was one who is coming
41:26 after me who is greater than me, in fact,
41:29 I am not even worthy to loose his sandal,
41:33 Jesus Christ is coming who will baptize you
41:36 with the Holy Spirit and with fire."
41:39 John made it clear that it was not he,
41:42 but it was Jesus who is the true light
41:46 that gives light to every man coming into the world.
41:50 You see it is popular today to believe
41:53 that there are many paths to God.
41:56 Many today believe that Jesus
41:59 is only one of many ways to find God and truth.
42:03 But the Bible teaches us
42:05 that Jesus is the only true light.
42:08 In fact there is no other name given among men
42:12 whereby we can be saved.
42:14 There was no truth outside of Jesus,
42:17 there is nothing of spiritual value outside of Him.
42:22 His light is so strong that John says,
42:25 "It shines in the darkness
42:28 and the darkness cannot overcome it."
42:33 Imagine that, that Jesus' light is the true light
42:38 which cannot be overcome by darkness.
42:42 You see Jesus is like the diamond that a woman found
42:47 and when she went to test this diamond,
42:50 she wanted to be sure that it was authentic.
42:53 So she took it to a special jeweler
42:56 to have it examined for its authenticity.
43:01 She wanted to be sure
43:02 that what she found was not mere glass,
43:05 she wanted to be sure that it was a diamond,
43:08 and lo and behold when it was inspected,
43:11 she was informed that yes, this is the real deal,
43:15 how did he know that?
43:16 He knew that because he said, "Glass can only reflect light."
43:20 So in order to determine what kind of jewel this was,
43:24 I took it into the darkness
43:26 and I found that in the darkness
43:28 this material still gave the light.
43:31 You see glass only reflects light,
43:34 but diamond has light in itself
43:36 and so it was able to, to exude a glow
43:40 even in the midst of a dark atmosphere.
43:43 And so it is with Jesus Christ
43:46 that He does not merely reflect light,
43:48 Jesus is the true diamond and treasure of the universe,
43:51 for He has light in Himself
43:55 and His light shines brightest
43:57 even in the midst of a dark world.
44:01 And we're thankful for that today.
44:04 The Bible says,
44:05 "That this light has been sent into the world,
44:09 for it says that when God sent Jesus Christ into the world,
44:13 the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."
44:18 You see the eternal Word became the incarnate Word.
44:22 When God sent Christ into the world,
44:25 He sent His very best.
44:28 See when it says that He dwelt among us,
44:30 it literally means He tabernacled with us.
44:34 Just like the ancient sanctuary
44:37 that was designated as a dwelling place for God,
44:40 a place where He could live among His people
44:43 were called in Exodus 25 that He told the Israelites,
44:46 "Let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them."
44:51 Well, the Bible teaches
44:53 that Jesus was literally a sanctuary for us.
44:57 He is God in the flesh.
44:59 Jesus is the living temple,
45:02 He is Immanuel, meaning God is with us.
45:07 Isn't that wonderful news that God is with us.
45:11 He's with us on our daily experiences.
45:13 He's with us in our trials.
45:15 He's with us in our tribulations.
45:17 God is with us,
45:19 no matter what we face that will always be true
45:22 that He is Immanuel, God with us.
45:25 The Bible says,
45:27 "That Jesus came and dwelt among us
45:31 in order to show us the Father.
45:35 For no one has seen God at any time, says John,
45:38 but the only begotten Son
45:40 who is in the bosom of the Father,
45:43 He has declared Him.''
45:45 So the damage of sin
45:47 is that it's separated us
45:49 from the presence and glory of God.
45:52 So Jesus came down from heaven
45:55 in order to show us who God is,
45:58 He is God in the flesh.
46:01 And when we look up on Him,
46:03 we see and we behold the glory of the Father
46:08 full of grace and truth.
46:12 And had Jesus not taken
46:14 the initiative in revealing Himself,
46:18 we would have been lost and without hope.
46:21 I'm so glad today
46:22 that Jesus did not wait for us to seek Him out,
46:26 but He has sought us out, for the Bible says,
46:29 "That we are loved not because we first love Him,
46:33 but because He loved us."
46:36 Jesus took the initiative in revealing Himself.
46:42 You see every sinner is like the man described in John 9,
46:47 who was born blind.
46:48 Can you imagine that?
46:50 John 9 tells us about a man who was born without his sight,
46:55 he had never seen the light of day
46:57 and had Jesus not passed by
47:00 and opened his eyes,
47:02 he would have never known his Savior.
47:07 The fact is we are just like this man,
47:09 for we are born in sin and shapen in iniquity,
47:14 before meeting Christ our minds were darkened,
47:17 we naturally wandered from God, the source of our very life.
47:22 But in His mercy, in His omniscience,
47:25 in His omnipresent, in His everlasting love,
47:29 the Bible says that,
47:31 "God took the initiative
47:33 in seeking us out in His mercy."
47:36 According to 2 Corinthians 4:6,
47:39 "God commanded light to enter our hearts
47:44 that we may see the glory of Jesus Christ."
47:49 Have you seen the glory of His Son?
47:53 Have you experienced the glory of Jesus Christ?
47:57 See when God sent His Son, He sent His best.
48:03 Jesus is who God has given us in times like these.
48:08 Jesus is the word from our sponsor.
48:12 Jesus expresses everything
48:15 that can possibly be known about God.
48:18 In Christ according to Colossians 2:9,
48:21 "All the fullness of God dwells in the body."
48:26 What does that mean?
48:27 It means there is nothing of God's
48:30 which is not in Jesus.
48:35 There is nothing of God's which is not in Jesus Christ.
48:42 Nothing can be added to Jesus.
48:45 When He speaks, nothing more can be said.
48:49 When He acts, nothing more can be done.
48:53 When you have Jesus, you have God's everything.
49:00 You see the Lord's message to us,
49:02 is Jesus himself.
49:05 He is the eternal Word who became the incarnate Word.
49:10 He is the omnipotent creator who lived among His creation.
49:15 He is the owner of life who became obedient unto death.
49:20 He is the true light
49:22 who shines in the darkness
49:25 and the darkness cannot extinguish it.
49:28 Jesus Himself is the good news.
49:33 Jesus Himself is the message from God.
49:37 He is the glory of God.
49:39 He is full of grace and truth.
49:42 If we have Him,
49:44 then we have God's everything.
49:51 And so we live in a world,
49:56 where sin and Satan seem to rule.
50:01 We live in a world
50:03 where the wicked seem to prosper.
50:06 We live in a world
50:08 where we wonder if our lives matter.
50:12 But here's a word from our sponsor, Jesus Christ.
50:17 You see we would do well to remember who sponsors us
50:22 because there are a lot of things
50:23 that happen in this life
50:25 that will cause us to lose our footing.
50:28 We may experience some trial
50:30 and forget that we are sponsored.
50:33 We may witness some tragedy
50:36 and neglect to pause for word from Him.
50:39 But Jesus is not surprise, friends of mine,
50:42 Jesus is not confused,
50:44 Jesus is not caught off guard
50:46 by anything that you are experiencing.
50:50 He is with you,
50:51 He is moving things along according to His perfect will.
50:55 Remember, that the eternal word gets the last word.
51:01 Jesus is the only one
51:02 who can give us hope
51:04 in the midst of a cruel and crooked world.
51:08 He is the foundation of our faith,
51:10 because He has overcome the world.
51:14 And so we have a decision to make.
51:20 The reality is that Jesus came into the world,
51:24 but the world did not know Him.
51:28 He came to His own people
51:31 and they did not receive Him.
51:34 In fact, He came to His own nation
51:38 and unfortunately He was crucified,
51:41 but it was not unfortunate
51:44 for those who received Him with faith.
51:48 For the Bible goes on to say,
51:49 that though He came to the world and was rejected,
51:52 though He came to His own and was not received,
51:56 the Bible says, that as many as received Him,
52:01 thank you God.
52:03 He gave them power
52:05 to become children of God
52:08 even to those who believe on His name.
52:14 Now let me explain
52:15 the difference between believing
52:17 and believing on Jesus name.
52:20 You see to believe
52:22 is an intellectual process of understanding the facts
52:25 about someone
52:27 that's not what John is talking about,
52:29 for he says in another place in the scripture
52:32 that even devils believe and tremble,
52:35 that's not the kind of belief that John is talking about.
52:39 He is talking about
52:41 those who believe on Jesus name,
52:44 those who believe in Christ they have everything,
52:48 pertaining to their salvation
52:51 to believe on Jesus name
52:53 is to believe that He is the eternal Word
52:56 whom God has sent into the world to shine
53:00 His precious light that we may live.
53:05 There is someone listening
53:07 who needs to believe on Jesus name.
53:11 There is a belief
53:12 that is not based on something you've read,
53:14 something you've heard from someone else,
53:16 that's not the kind of belief we're talking about,
53:19 this is a belief that is based on who the Bible says Jesus is.
53:24 We've learned today that Jesus is the eternal Word.
53:28 We've learned that He is the omnipotent creator.
53:33 He is the life and He is the light.
53:36 He is the totality of God's message to any person
53:41 who is wondering how to be saved,
53:45 for the Bible says that,
53:46 "God so loved the world
53:49 that He gave His only begotten Son,
53:54 that whosoever believes in Him should not perish
54:00 but have everlasting life."
54:03 Whosoever believes,
54:05 whosoever believes in His name
54:08 will have everlasting life.
54:11 And so, the whosoever I hope includes you and me.
54:15 The whosoever I hope includes those who are listening
54:19 and today want to make a decision for Jesus Christ,
54:23 for God when He gave His Son,
54:26 He gave us every thing that He could,
54:30 He gave His best.
54:32 The word from our sponsor today
54:35 is Jesus Christ Himself.
54:40 The invitation is to receive Him.
54:43 Not to receive something from Him.
54:46 We are often accustomed to asking Him for things,
54:51 but Jesus is so much greater than that,
54:53 He is not just a giver of blessings,
54:56 He is the blessing.
54:58 He is not just a giver of gifts,
55:01 He is the gift.
55:03 He is not just a doctrine, He is not just a word,
55:08 He is the living word.
55:10 And so tonight,
55:12 the invitation is to receive Him,
55:14 not something from Him but to receive Him,
55:18 His person
55:20 and His finished work on Calvary.
55:23 Thank God,
55:24 that whoever receives Him
55:28 will be granted authority
55:30 to become a child of God.
55:33 I receive Him today, what about you?
55:37 Let us pray.
55:39 Father, thank You
55:41 for sending the Word, Jesus Christ.
55:44 We thank You for this Word from our sponsor.
55:49 We thank You for the eternal and incarnate Word.
55:52 We think you that God you made Jesus Christ a living temple,
55:56 a living vessel among us
55:58 that He may, may be accessible to us,
56:01 that we may know Him,
56:02 that we may receive Him,
56:05 and so God,
56:06 we pray for greater faith to fully grasp Him,
56:10 to fully believe on His name
56:12 that we may be granted the great privilege
56:15 and authority to be children of God.
56:19 We thank You and we receive all of these blessings,
56:23 including the greatest blessing who is Jesus Christ Himself,
56:27 in His name we pray, amen.
56:42 I know that you are blessed by that message,
56:44 "A Word from our Sponsors".
56:47 As you have heard repeated time and time again,
56:51 Jesus is not just a gift giver, but He is the gift.
56:55 He's not just an answer to the challenges of your life,
56:58 He is the answer.
57:00 And we pray as you consider and contemplate
57:03 the difference that can be made in your life
57:07 after receiving Jesus
57:08 that you'll remember the message from Dr. Medlock.
57:12 The seeds of salvation have been planted
57:15 and here at Dare to Dream
57:16 we do believe that not just dreaming
57:19 but living the dream through the person of Christ
57:22 is where we find our hope
57:24 and our courage and our strength.
57:26 God bless you, until we see you again.


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