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00:19 Hello, and welcome to Foundation of Our Faith.
00:23 And it is a pleasure to be with you during this hour.
00:25 My name is John Dinzey.
00:27 And it is a pleasure for me to introduce to you
00:30 our speaker and musical guest during this hour.
00:33 During this hour,
00:34 you will hear a message from God's Word
00:36 from a man that God has selected
00:39 to bring to you the message that you will hear.
00:42 He has been praying and this is a man
00:45 that the Lord called out of darkness
00:49 and into His marvelous light.
00:50 He was brought up as a Christian,
00:52 but as a youth
00:53 he separated himself from the Lord,
00:55 but the Lord called him and rescued him
00:58 from a world of crime, and a world of drug abuse.
01:02 And he has been a brand plucked from the fire.
01:06 And called into ministry, dedicated his life to ministry,
01:10 and has been preaching all across the US
01:14 and in different parts of the world,
01:16 along with his wife Senia,
01:17 they are a powerful team for God's kingdom.
01:20 We also have a musical guest
01:22 that we are happy that he is with us.
01:24 It is Brother Mark Prentice.
01:26 And at the age of three,
01:28 the Lord blessed him with the musical ability.
01:31 As a matter of fact
01:33 he was singing along with his brother
01:34 at the age of three,
01:36 and they thought it was somebody
01:37 on the radio playing.
01:39 Soon his mother discovered
01:40 that God has placed this talent to bring praises to his name,
01:45 not only does he sing but he also writes,
01:47 and he also prepares music.
01:50 He has three albums
01:52 and you can find him easily on Facebook.
01:54 His name is Mark Prentice
01:55 and you will be hearing from him in a moment.
01:57 But before we continue,
01:59 we'd like to go to the Lord in prayer.
02:01 We like to ask for God to bless you
02:03 those that are around you
02:04 but those that are joining us around the world.
02:06 So let's go to the Lord in prayer.
02:10 Our loving heavenly Father,
02:12 we thank You so much for Your goodness and mercy.
02:16 In this moment Lord, we ask for You to bless
02:20 our speaker Pastor Bryan with your Holy Spirit.
02:24 We pray that Pastor Edward Bryan
02:27 will receive the unction from one high
02:29 direct from Your throne of grace
02:31 to speak to Your children.
02:34 And Father, we pray that
02:35 You will also use our musical guest.
02:38 We pray that he too
02:40 will be blessed by Your Holy Spirit
02:41 to bring the message through song
02:44 that will reach hearts around the world.
02:46 And we thank You, Lord,
02:47 for this opportunity to come before Your throne of grace,
02:51 and we ask for these blessings, in Jesus' name, amen, amen.
02:56 In a moment you'll be hearing a message entitled
03:00 Burn, Baby Burn through Pastor Edward Bryan.
03:04 But first we would like to hear
03:06 Brother Mark Prentice come forward.
03:08 As he brings us the song We Know not the Hour.
03:12 May God bless you.
03:32 We know not the hour
03:38 Of the Master's appearing
03:43 Yet signs all foretell
03:48 That the moment is nearing
03:52 When He shall return
03:56 'Tis a promise most cheering
04:01 But we know
04:04 We know not the hour
04:09 There's light for the wise
04:13 Who are seeking salvation
04:18 There's truth in the book
04:22 Of the Lord's revelation
04:27 Each prophecy points
04:30 To the great consummation
04:35 But we know
04:38 We know not the hour
04:43 But He will come
04:49 Let us watch and be ready
04:53 He will come, oh, yes
04:57 Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
05:02 He will come in the clouds
05:06 Of His Father's bright glory
05:11 But we know
05:14 We know not the hour
05:24 I want to be ready
05:27 Don't you want to be ready
05:31 So we'll watch and we'll pray
05:35 With our lamps trimmed and burning
05:39 We'll work and we'll wait
05:43 Till the Master's returning
05:48 We'll sing and rejoice
05:52 Every omen discerning
05:57 But we know
06:00 We know not the hour
06:05 But He will come
06:07 He will come
06:09 Let us watch and be ready
06:14 Jesus will come
06:18 Hallelujah!
06:21 Praise His name
06:23 He will come in the clouds
06:27 Of His Father's bright glory
06:32 But we know
06:35 We know not the hour
06:40 He will come
06:47 I want to be ready
06:49 When Jesus, Jesus
06:53 When He comes
06:55 Hallelujah!
06:56 Praise His name
06:59 He will come in the clouds
07:04 Of His Father's bright glory
07:08 But we know
07:11 We know not the hour
07:16 He will come
07:23 I want to be ready
07:25 When Jesus, Jesus
07:29 When He comes
07:31 Hallelujah!
07:32 Praise His name
07:35 He will come in the clouds
07:40 Of His Father's bright glory
07:44 But we know
07:47 We know not the hour
07:54 He will come
07:56 He will come
07:59 Let us watch and be ready
08:04 He will come
08:09 Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
08:13 He will come in the clouds
08:19 Of His Father's bright glory
08:23 But we know
08:26 We know not the hour
08:32 We know not the hour
08:42 We know
08:49 Not the hour
09:01 Church be ready
09:06 Be ready
09:18 Praise the Lord for that beautiful song
09:22 that speaks the truth to our heart
09:24 that we know not
09:25 the hour of the Lord's appearing.
09:28 Today's message is entitled
09:32 Burn, Baby Burn.
09:35 Now I realize that sounds like a hellfire and brimstone
09:41 topic or subject.
09:43 However it's actually the contrary.
09:46 Today's message is going to be showing us
09:50 how to stand in the presence of a Holy God
09:54 and not be consumed.
09:56 But before we jump into the Word,
09:57 I invite you to bow your heads
09:59 as we go to the Lord with a word of prayer.
10:04 Dear heavenly Father,
10:06 Lord, You've just lifted our hearts to heaven
10:09 through that beautiful song.
10:12 Now I pray that
10:13 You would make an impression on our hearts
10:15 through scripture.
10:16 Do what only Your Holy Spirit can do Lord,
10:19 and speak a practical word in season to our hearts, Lord.
10:23 In Jesus' name, amen.
10:31 We're going to be studying out of the Book of Exodus,
10:34 I invite you to join me if you would in Exodus 3.
10:39 I'll begin reading in verse 1
10:40 and I'm reading from the New King James version,
10:44 it says, "Now Moses was tending
10:47 the flock of Jethro his father-in-law,
10:50 the priest of Midian.
10:52 And he led the flock to the back of the desert,
10:57 and came to Horeb, the mountain of God."
11:02 So Moses is tending these animals,
11:04 and he's in the back of the desert
11:05 wherever that is.
11:08 And I can't imagine it's the most exhilarating
11:11 or the most eventful line of work.
11:15 I'm sure it was productive, I'm sure it was necessary.
11:18 However
11:20 unless the flock was attacked by some wild beast,
11:23 it probably wasn't the most exciting job in the world.
11:27 But Moses was at a point
11:28 where he probably was ready for a quiet life.
11:32 Actually he lived a quiet life, simple life
11:35 for the last 40 years.
11:37 If you recall when he had left Egypt,
11:40 40 years earlier,
11:42 he was practically a fugitive
11:45 escaping for his life.
11:50 Therefore this loci existence
11:52 was probably favorable to Moses.
11:56 But while this started off like any regular day,
12:00 there was about to be a dramatic twist,
12:02 we read about it in verse 2 of Exodus 3.
12:06 It says, "And the angel of the Lord
12:08 appeared to him in a flame of fire
12:11 from the midst of a bush.
12:13 So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire,
12:18 but the bush was not consumed."
12:22 Who is this angel of the Lord that the biblical text tells us
12:27 appeared to Moses in the flame of fire
12:30 in the midst of the bush?
12:33 Well, as we continue to read
12:34 you actually see that it's God Himself.
12:38 That root word for angel can be translated messenger,
12:42 ambassador, representative.
12:45 So this messenger of God,
12:47 who is later identified in verse 4 as God.
12:51 I will tell you
12:54 is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.
12:59 As a matter of fact I will make that emphatic claim
13:03 that whenever God appears to man
13:08 in a physical and tangible sense
13:11 on this earth,
13:13 the Bible is actually referring to God the Son,
13:17 who we know by his post incarnate name Jesus Christ.
13:21 Now Moses is not going
13:22 into the wilderness looking for God.
13:25 As a matter of fact at this point
13:26 he didn't even realize that that was God in that flame.
13:31 He didn't go looking for Jesus, he didn't go looking for fire.
13:35 To the contrary God saw Moses,
13:38 He saw Moses out
13:39 and He used His burning bush to get Moses' attention.
13:44 Friends, God got his attention, not vice versa.
13:48 At times, I may speak when sharing my testimony
13:51 about how God delivered me from a life of crime and vices.
13:56 And I say that one day when I found God,
14:00 everything changed
14:02 when nothing could be further from the truth.
14:05 God had been in relentless pursuit of me my entire life.
14:08 And one day, God was finally able to get my attention.
14:13 And that's when everything changed.
14:16 Now God often uses unusual circumstances
14:19 in order to get our attention
14:21 as He's doing in this story with Moses.
14:25 I don't know how common it was to traverse
14:27 through the desert and come upon a burning bush,
14:33 probably wasn't too common.
14:35 However I'm sure when Moses ever did like in this case,
14:38 he probably just sat there and watched it burn out,
14:42 in order to kill the monotony, that was his life.
14:47 However in this scenario
14:49 it was actually quite strange the bush the Bible says,
14:52 "Did not consume," it did not burn out.
14:55 Out of the thousands of bushes in the desert
14:57 and all of the plants that were available,
14:59 for some reason
15:00 Moses had stumbled upon the only flame resistant bush
15:06 in the entire wilderness.
15:08 And this was blowing his mind.
15:10 Look what happens in verse 3, and then Moses said,
15:14 "I will now turn aside and see this great sight,
15:17 why the bush does not burn."
15:23 Once again, we see that
15:24 God had gotten his attention utilizing this bush
15:27 because it was distinguished from all of the other bushes.
15:29 This part, this is important, I want you to hold on to stuff.
15:32 It had gotten his attention because it was distinguished
15:34 from all of the other bushes in the wilderness.
15:38 And now that he's got Moses' attention,
15:40 Moses took the bait,
15:41 God begins to draw him near to reel him in.
15:47 Yes, God was a fisher of men even before the incarnation.
15:53 See, you may read that verse
15:57 since it says,
16:01 "Moses came aside to see the great site,
16:04 and assume that it was his curiosity
16:07 that had led him to this encounter with God.
16:11 But John 16 tells us that whenever we are led to truth,
16:15 it is actually the Holy Spirit that is guiding us there.
16:19 Whenever we are led to truth,
16:20 it's the Holy Spirit that is guiding us there.
16:23 Once again, let's make this practical.
16:25 You might have been seeking truth
16:27 when you stumbled upon the gospel and God's Word.
16:31 You may have been seeking truth
16:32 when you got an invitation to a prophecy seminar,
16:34 and decided to surrender your life to the Lord.
16:38 You may have been seeking truth
16:39 when you stumbled upon this church,
16:40 or when you were flipping through the dial friends,
16:43 and came across this network.
16:46 However don't get it twisted,
16:48 you are only here
16:49 because the Holy Spirit was prompting you
16:54 to search out the Lord.
16:56 You are here because the Holy Spirit
16:59 was motivating you
17:00 to get into a saving relationship
17:02 with Jesus Christ.
17:03 And praise the Lord that you're here.
17:04 You know what?
17:06 Praise the Lord
17:07 that we cannot easily run from His spirit.
17:10 You know sometimes
17:12 we try to run from God as Moses did.
17:13 You know when Moses left Egypt,
17:15 he thought he left the Israelites behind,
17:18 and I'm not sure what his spiritual state was.
17:20 However he couldn't leave the God of Israel behind.
17:25 Not even in the desert could he hide from God.
17:27 And, friends,
17:28 there's nothing that we can do to hide
17:30 from an omnipresent God.
17:33 Think about it.
17:35 You can't even hide from the student loan people.
17:38 Or if you owe child support or federal taxes,
17:41 they will find you.
17:43 How much less can we hide from an all seeing God,
17:46 who is relentless in His pursuit of us?
17:48 Now don't get me wrong,
17:49 I realize that we can commit the unpardonable sin
17:53 and commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
17:55 Tell we want nothing to do with him,
17:57 yet it takes a whole lie to get to that point.
18:02 Luckily Moses did not commit the unpardonable sin.
18:05 When God tried to get his attention he responded.
18:08 When God called him,
18:11 let's look at God calling him in 3:4.
18:15 It says, "So when the Lord saw that he turned aside to look,
18:19 God call to him from the midst of the bush
18:23 and said, 'Moses, Moses!'"
18:27 And he said, "Here I am."
18:31 Praise the Lord
18:33 that Moses was willing to listen and react
18:37 to the voice of the Lord calling him.
18:39 There he goes again, God luring Moses,
18:42 this time even calling him by name.
18:45 Some of us need
18:46 a more direct appeals than others, right?
18:49 And I want you to notice
18:51 this and this will be important a little later.
18:54 God is utilizing the bush,
18:56 the burning bush to reach out to Moses.
18:59 He's speaking to him through this burning bush.
19:03 The next words that God
19:04 decides to direct at Moses are very interesting.
19:07 And that's where we're spending the majority of our study.
19:10 It's verse 5.
19:13 Then he said, "Do not draw near this place.
19:16 Take your sandals off your feet,
19:17 for the place where you stand is holy ground."
19:23 Isn't it strange that the Lord will go
19:25 through all of this effort
19:27 and go through such extraordinary means
19:29 to get Moses' attention, to draw him near,
19:31 and then to call him by name
19:33 only to tell him to stop in his tracks,
19:37 to pump his brakes.
19:39 And get right before he perceives any further.
19:44 Notice, God did not...
19:47 He did not request, He did not suggest,
19:52 He did not propose that Moses remove his sandals,
19:55 He instructed Moses
19:57 to remove his sandals off of his feet
19:59 before approaching holy ground.
20:02 What was the difference about the ground
20:04 that Moses was approaching as opposed
20:08 to the rest of the wilderness?
20:11 What was it that made that ground holy in particular?
20:17 Correct, it was the presence of God,
20:21 the presence of God.
20:22 The story seems to imply
20:23 that while God longs to draw us near to Him.
20:27 While He longs to draw us near to Him,
20:29 His divine and holy nature
20:32 requires adequate respect and reverence.
20:37 This is something He deserves,
20:38 it's not simply a right which God reserves,
20:42 it's something that He actually deserves.
20:44 Why does God deserve this?
20:45 Well, He created us for one,
20:48 and the rest of the on looking universe,
20:50 and then when we sold Him out,
20:53 hence forfeiting our own salvation,
20:56 He purchased us by His only blood,
21:00 and then paid the penalty for our sins.
21:03 Praise the Lord, is that not worthy of awe?
21:07 Is that not worthy of respect, of reverence?
21:12 You may be asking yourself
21:13 but doesn't God want us to come to Him
21:16 freely and boldly.
21:19 Absolutely,
21:20 that's one of my favorite verses in the Bible.
21:21 Hebrews 4:16 it says,
21:25 "Let us therefore come boldly
21:29 to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy
21:32 and find grace to help in time of need."
21:37 God wants us to approach Him confidently.
21:39 He wants us to approach His throne
21:43 where we can find mercy and grace.
21:46 That's what God is full of.
21:49 However we must realize that
21:54 God does not cease to be holy simply
21:58 because He has an open door policy for sinners.
22:02 I like the way that one inspired writer
22:05 articulated this in a book called
22:09 Patriarchs and Prophets, page 252.
22:12 It says, "Humility and reverence
22:14 should characterize the deportment of all
22:16 who come into the presence of God.
22:19 In the name of Jesus
22:21 we may come before Him with confidence,
22:23 but we must not approach Him
22:26 with the boldness of presumption,
22:29 as though He were on a level with ourselves."
22:34 Now I really want to read the rest of this quote to you
22:37 'cause it's powerful
22:39 and I'll finish reading it in just a moment.
22:40 But let's retake that quote
22:44 and what we've read so far for granted.
22:47 I want to pause for a moment
22:49 and look at the story through modern eyes.
22:53 I want to make it very practical.
22:55 Therefore at this point,
22:56 I'm going to take a few liberties
22:59 in making application,
23:00 but they're all grounded in biblical principle.
23:03 I'm going to ask you three questions
23:05 and we'll spend the rest of our time together
23:08 answering these three questions.
23:10 One is where?
23:13 Two is what? Three is who?
23:18 Where? What? Who?
23:22 The first question, where is this holy ground?
23:27 Where is this holy ground?
23:30 Is it...
23:31 Well, depending how little you want to be
23:34 apparently it's the back of the desert somewhere.
23:36 So is that where you need to go
23:37 to form and establish a relationship with the Lord.
23:41 Get on an expensive flight and get out to the Middle East.
23:43 No.
23:45 Some of you would say the holy ground is where?
23:48 The sanctuary in the local church,
23:50 that you're on holy ground now.
23:51 After all we do sing the song,
23:53 we are standing on holy ground, right?
23:56 Many of us sing that to usher in
23:58 a worship service on Sabbath.
24:02 Where is this holy ground?
24:04 Well, I'm going to tell you
24:06 where I thought the Lord impressed on my heart.
24:09 This holy ground is anywhere.
24:13 This holy ground is anywhere.
24:15 Now you ask yourself, what do you mean it's anywhere.
24:18 If the holy ground was everywhere,
24:20 then there would be nothing special
24:22 about that specific plot of land.
24:23 No, it's not everywhere, it's anywhere.
24:26 Holy ground is anywhere where God's presence resides.
24:33 And therefore as long as God's presence is there,
24:35 the ground can be holy.
24:37 Think about the song Holy Ground.
24:39 Let's recite the lyrics real quickly.
24:41 And I hope I don't get them wrong.
24:43 We are standing on holy ground
24:46 and I know that there are angels
24:48 all around.
24:50 Let us worship Jesus now,
24:52 we are standing in His presence on holy ground.
24:58 Now think about those lyrics for just a second.
25:02 Is the church and the sanctuary the only place
25:06 where you want to be standing in God's presence?
25:10 Is it the only place
25:11 where you want the holy angels all around?
25:13 You want it limited to the church grounds?
25:16 Absolutely not.
25:17 I would say we probably want holy ground where?
25:21 Probably in our homes, right?
25:24 We probably want holy ground,
25:25 if you see all the craziness going on in the news
25:28 and happening at the local schools
25:30 where we're sending our children,
25:31 we probably want some holy ground
25:33 in the school grounds.
25:35 How about your jobs,
25:36 you never thought about that, huh?
25:37 Would you not like to be standing on holy ground
25:40 at your workplace?
25:42 How about in our vehicle?
25:44 And you may be thinking
25:46 that's not even grounded that moves.
25:48 Well, holy ground is not a geographic location,
25:51 it's about who is dominating the environment.
25:56 I'm going to give you some very practical explanations
25:58 as to what I'm talking about here in just a second.
26:01 But let's think about the home.
26:03 We often worry about the attacks,
26:05 the assails of the enemy on the church.
26:09 We talk about how the enemy has infiltrated God's church,
26:13 and He's at war with the church.
26:14 But in reality what is the church?
26:17 The church is comprised of what?
26:20 Of individuals and of families.
26:24 The enemy's primary attack is not on your church,
26:28 on the building or on the worship service.
26:31 The enemy's primary attack is on the families
26:35 that make up the church.
26:38 That's why we need what good does it do us
26:41 to come weekly, and stand on holy ground,
26:45 and then go back home and live mundane lives
26:50 where we're vulnerable
26:51 to the attacks of the enemy constantly.
26:53 That same aspiring writer
26:55 that I quoted a moment ago also says
26:57 this in a book Adventist Home,
26:58 "God wants the home to be the happiest place on earth,
27:03 the very symbol of the home in heaven."
27:08 God intends for our homes to be a slice of heaven.
27:14 Sadly enough for many Christians
27:15 that's not their experience,
27:16 for many home is actually
27:18 a slice of the very opposite, right?
27:21 And it's interesting 'cause we get wrapped up
27:22 in politics sometimes even as Christians
27:25 and we start debating viciously our right to have prayer,
27:31 and to talk about Jesus in public schools.
27:39 Meanwhile, oftentimes we don't even have prayer
27:44 and we're not even talking about Jesus and sharing Jesus
27:47 in our own homes with our children.
27:51 And most importantly modeling him at home.
27:54 I think we need to be very careful sometimes
27:56 even what we're asking for because sometimes,
27:59 we're talking about when we say religious liberty
28:01 is trying to really Christianized say
28:03 public schools and legislative halls.
28:07 But we realize
28:08 when we study prophecy that our actual threat
28:11 when it comes to religious liberty...
28:16 is the government imposing counterfeit worship.
28:22 But I'm getting off-track
28:24 so let me get back to this study.
28:29 We should all, friends, be making time in our homes
28:34 for personal time with Jesus.
28:37 We should all be carving out times
28:40 for family time with Jesus.
28:42 If we really want to be on holy ground,
28:45 that's not something that takes place once a week,
28:48 that will make a weak Christian.
28:50 That's something that has to take place in our home
28:52 but it requires intentionality.
28:53 We should all be making time
28:56 to pray both individually and with our families.
28:59 We should be making time to read the Bible
29:02 as much as possible with our families,
29:04 to sing the praises of the Lord,
29:06 to share testimonies with each other
29:08 and encourage each other in our walks with Jesus.
29:11 Jesus is willing to convert your living room
29:15 into holy ground.
29:16 He wants to convert your bedroom
29:18 into holy ground, your basement,
29:22 any space He want to do this if you give Him an invitation.
29:26 That's an invitation He will never turn down.
29:28 As a matter of fact Revelation 3:20 tells us that
29:31 "Jesus actually stands at the door and knocks.
29:36 He's longing to come in."
29:40 Now I just mentioned that true Christian education starts
29:45 in the home, but it extends beyond the home.
29:48 Many of our children,
29:49 they spent most of their active hours where?
29:53 At school.
29:56 They spend their active hours in school
29:58 during the most influential years
30:01 of their life.
30:02 Don't we want them to be somewhere
30:04 where holy ground can be established?
30:07 I tell you, I believe in Christian schools,
30:11 especially, you know, SDA schools.
30:14 They're not perfect,
30:15 they're not perfect by any means.
30:16 However realizing how much time
30:19 and how influential this is on their lives,
30:22 I want to make sure I'm putting my kids
30:23 where they have the best opportunity
30:25 to learn about Jesus Christ
30:27 and establish a relationship with Him.
30:28 I realize that this is not a reality for many.
30:32 Personally I think that home school when done right,
30:35 when focusing both on the spiritual
30:37 as well as the academic
30:40 is the best education one can get.
30:41 But if that's not available Christian education,
30:45 SDA education is important, it's pivotal.
30:51 However if you have no choice
30:52 but to put your kids in a public school,
30:54 you better be establishing holy ground at your home,
30:57 and teaching them and training them
31:01 how to have a personal relationship
31:02 with Jesus Christ
31:03 that they may go to any sphere and create holy ground.
31:09 Yes, I said create holy ground.
31:10 And they may take Jesus with them,
31:12 that they may spend time in prayer,
31:13 that they may share Jesus Christ
31:15 with their fellow students
31:18 and create holy ground just like a hotspot.
31:22 Now you guys familiar with hotspots?
31:24 Look at this here, what's this? This is a cell phone.
31:28 Well, I can log into the WiFi in the building,
31:32 when there is no WiFi in the building,
31:34 I could turn on a hotspot,
31:37 and not only have reception and connection,
31:40 but though others who do not have connection
31:42 would actually be able to log in to my hotspot,
31:46 connect to my hotspot and get connection.
31:49 And the Lord works in the same way.
31:51 If we teach our children to be connected with Him
31:55 to create holy ground right there at home,
31:57 they can go on to their school, and to any environment,
32:00 and they should be able to establish holy ground,
32:03 and share Jesus,
32:04 and get others who would never otherwise see holy ground
32:07 on to holy ground.
32:12 I want my job to be holy ground.
32:17 Don't you?
32:19 I want to be in communion with the Lord
32:20 throughout the day,
32:21 I want to have Him by my side nine to five and beyond.
32:27 Now you're probably saying,
32:28 "Okay, Pastor, well, that's easy for you to do
32:30 'cause you work at a church."
32:32 As for me, my coworkers they cuss and they swear,
32:36 and they're blasphemous, and they,
32:39 you know, they have suggestive jokes,
32:42 and they're lusting all day.
32:43 It's hard, I realize it's hard. I wasn't always a pastor.
32:46 I remember being converted and almost immediately...
32:52 I was about to lose my job
32:54 because I want going to work on a Sabbath,
32:56 God got me another job.
32:57 And I went over there,
32:59 and I started dealing with all sorts of temptation
33:00 that enemy was throwing everything
33:01 he could at my way on a daily basis.
33:03 I remember getting in my cubicle often and praying.
33:06 On one occasion
33:08 I was even sitting and praying in my cubicle,
33:10 and the manager came up,
33:12 he laid his hand on my shoulder,
33:13 he leaned over and he said,
33:15 "Ed, man, you can't be sleeping on the job."
33:19 And I remember leaning over to him and say,
33:20 "I'm praying."
33:22 Now I don't know
33:23 if he actually believed me or not, right?
33:26 But that's actually what I was doing.
33:28 He knew I was a Christian.
33:29 But that's actually what I was doing.
33:30 But there're times
33:32 when the attacks will get so intense,
33:33 there was times when the noise going on around
33:37 just distracted me.
33:38 And I would have to find somewhere else,
33:41 somewhere more private.
33:44 And I often found myself going to this one rest room
33:47 that was very seldom utilized.
33:50 And going into a stall at the back of that restroom,
33:53 I would put the lid down, I would sit down,
33:54 and I would pray, and I would pray.
33:56 And you know what?
33:57 It was in that bathroom stall
33:59 that the Lord gave me many a victories.
34:00 It's in that bathroom stall
34:01 that the Lord gave me strength and courage.
34:04 When I would pray about my home situation,
34:06 when I would pray about the temptations
34:08 that were coming my way,
34:09 when I would pray about the salvation
34:11 of family members or friends,
34:12 God heard the prayers in that bathroom stall.
34:17 While it may sound ridiculous to some,
34:19 that bathroom stall became holy ground
34:24 when I allow the Lord's presence
34:27 to pervade it.
34:31 I want my car, friends, to be holy ground.
34:34 Do you realize that for as much time
34:35 as we spend talking about threats to our lives
34:41 that are very unlikely to happen.
34:45 Every time you get into your vehicle,
34:49 there is a likelihood
34:50 that you could have an accident and die.
34:53 We talk about ISIS, we pray when we get into a...
34:55 When we're about to board a plane,
34:57 we're so scared of heights.
34:58 And you know what, that's okay.
34:59 I think that's right,
35:01 we should pray about these things.
35:02 But you realize how much more likely
35:04 you are to die in a car accident,
35:05 and that's why I will not turn the key in the ignition
35:07 without lifting up a prayer before the Lord
35:10 without singing the same tune about holy ground, right.
35:13 Asking for God's presence,
35:14 asking that He's around us with His angels,
35:17 I'm not getting on the road without doing that first.
35:20 I don't want God to come in as a passenger even.
35:22 I want Him to be the conductor,
35:26 get me to my destination safely.
35:28 But how?
35:30 How does one create holy ground say in a vehicle?
35:34 Simple.
35:36 What conversations you have in your vehicle?
35:38 What are you bringing in to the atmosphere?
35:40 Does God have a welcome mat?
35:41 I'll tell you one thing, I praise the Lord,
35:43 I got 3ABN radio at one of my churches.
35:45 And I had one in my previous district,
35:47 and I would drive around and listen to it.
35:49 I can't just depend on the community to listen to...
35:51 No, I would listen to it
35:52 and it would fill me with the Spirit of God.
35:56 I would listen to Christian music as well,
35:58 elevating music.
36:01 And it would put me in the right spirit.
36:03 I listen to audio sermons, I listen to audio books,
36:06 and it completely changes my demeanor, my attitude
36:11 as opposed to how I would usually
36:13 react and respond to situations
36:14 when I'm in the vehicle even.
36:17 When I get in the car,
36:19 I want to get out feeling closer to Jesus,
36:21 not get out feeling the frustration of the world
36:23 and taking it out on those who I love most.
36:27 Holy ground is what we're talking about.
36:28 Now I asked where is this holy ground
36:32 and the answer was what?
36:35 Anywhere. Anywhere.
36:39 Now here goes question number two, what?
36:43 What are the sandals? What are the sandals?
36:50 Anything, the sandals are anything.
36:53 What? It doesn't seem to make sense, yes.
36:55 The sandals are anything that is inappropriate
36:59 to be in the presence of God in a given context,
37:03 anything is inappropriate to be in the presence of God
37:05 in a given context.
37:07 Now you may be saying
37:08 what are you talking about, how does context matter?
37:10 Context absolutely matters.
37:13 Look at this.
37:15 Moses was asked to remove his sandals.
37:18 I tell you something,
37:20 if you came to the United States
37:22 and removed your shoes
37:24 to enter into an important building,
37:26 you would probably be escorted out
37:30 'cause that's not
37:31 what is culturally appropriate here.
37:33 However I can go and have the same worship service,
37:37 give the same message on the other side of the sea
37:39 with some of our brothers and sisters,
37:41 and that's exactly what they do.
37:42 And it's actually biblical as we just saw,
37:44 they remove their shoes.
37:46 And that would be perfectly fine,
37:47 I would not go to another church and say,
37:49 "You know what, I'm going to buck the system,
37:51 and refuse to take off my shoes when I walk in."
37:54 They have the right to do that,
37:55 it is what is appropriate in that particular context,
37:59 especially when entering into the presence of God.
38:01 However here in United States
38:02 we have a different set of things
38:05 that are deemed appropriate or inappropriate.
38:10 Usually when you walk into an important space,
38:13 a gentleman would remove his hat, right?
38:16 If I were not entering in shorts.
38:20 How about cell phone?
38:22 Oh-oh, now I'm getting dangerous.
38:24 Now I'm getting dangerous
38:26 because I'm touching almost prized possession,
38:29 the cell phone.
38:31 But yes, the cell phone is not appropriate
38:33 in many settings, think about it.
38:36 It's not appropriate to be driving
38:37 and looking at your cell phone, was that...
38:41 distracted driving, right,
38:42 because you can become distracted.
38:44 For the same reason
38:45 that it's not appropriate
38:46 to utilize in school or in class,
38:48 you can get it confiscated.
38:50 And for the same reason
38:51 it's not appropriate in a courthouse
38:54 to utilize while court is in session.
39:00 However,
39:03 have you ever sat on a balcony
39:04 and looked down over a church, God's house?
39:08 And noticed how often
39:10 this is actually being utilized.
39:12 And I'm not trying to...
39:14 Please, I'm not trying to hurt or offend or condemn anybody
39:17 if you're using it right now, praise the Lord.
39:21 But just as it's distracting in all those other settings,
39:23 this is distracting in our own setting.
39:25 You know, people are increasingly...
39:29 doing away with this book and not carrying it
39:33 and utilizing this instead.
39:38 Yes, this has a Bible but you know what else it has?
39:41 It has Facebook, it has Twitter,
39:43 it has Instagram, it has Snapchat,
39:44 it has email, it has text message,
39:46 it has sports updates, it has news updates,
39:49 it has politics, it has every distraction.
39:50 See, God has a thousand ways to save us
39:53 of which we know none
39:54 and the enemy has a thousand ways
39:55 to distract us of which we know none.
39:58 And oftentimes that's what happens.
40:02 So, you know, I think the simple thing,
40:05 the logical thing to do is to cut it off.
40:10 But here's the thing.
40:15 We can easily excuse or say, you know what?
40:21 It's not practical to take it off,
40:23 I mean to turn it off just as Moses, right?
40:25 When Moses was approaching God,
40:26 he was told to take off his sandals,
40:28 he could have bucked,
40:30 he could have said, you know what?
40:31 Why would I remove my sandals, it's hot out here.
40:35 We're the desert, the sand is hot,
40:37 it's even hotter
40:39 because of this fire that won't be consumed.
40:40 No, I'm just not going to do it, Lord.
40:44 But he would have never gotten the opportunity to focus
40:47 and hear the message
40:48 that God was going to give him.
40:50 God was about to do something incredible to Moses.
40:52 He was going to deliver the Egyptians
40:54 I mean, the Israelites out of Egypt.
40:57 But he would have never been able
40:59 to get Moses' attention
41:02 if Moses hadn't come with that spirit
41:04 'cause really the problem is not the sound of the phone,
41:06 is not message in cell phone, it's a spirit that we take,
41:10 and the way that we prioritize or fail to prioritize things.
41:15 You know, I've realized
41:16 when I do my personal devotionals
41:19 that I'm better off turning this thing off.
41:20 I've realized at church I'm better off
41:22 just turning this thing off
41:24 or leaving it tucked away somewhere.
41:25 Why?
41:26 Because it just becomes a distraction,
41:28 sometimes I'll do my personal devotional
41:29 and I'll come across a verse and I say,
41:31 "Wow, that's beautiful.
41:32 I got to share that with the world
41:33 and I'll share it
41:35 and then I'll try to get back to reading my Bible.
41:36 And I look, "oh somebody liked that on Facebook.
41:40 Oh, somebody left a comment.
41:41 Oh, now I got to reply to the comment.
41:43 Oh, I got an email work related.
41:46 Oh, I just got a text message from my wife, I got to reply.
41:54 For the same reasons we won't use it elsewhere.
41:59 We should probably decide to put it away,
42:01 I'm talking about sandals here.
42:03 We're talking about sandals.
42:06 And, you know,
42:07 we have an example in Moses' nephews.
42:10 We have an example of strange fire coming down
42:14 and actually...
42:16 Well, not strange fire,
42:17 God who's referred to in Hebrews
42:20 as consuming fire.
42:22 Coming down and making an example
42:25 out of Moses' nephews
42:27 for bringing strange fire into the house of God.
42:30 If God is a consuming fire,
42:31 then what would be strange fire?
42:33 I would almost say it could be a counterfeit,
42:35 it could be an idol, right?
42:40 We make idols
42:42 and counterfeit gods of many things.
42:45 And many times I've realized
42:47 that when we are unwilling to relinquish or moderate
42:51 our use of something
42:52 it's because it has taken priority to God.
42:55 Let me ask you a question.
42:58 How much time do you spend
43:02 on the phone or on a computer
43:05 looking at Facebook
43:07 versus how much time you spend with your face in this book?
43:13 How many times a day do we go to this device
43:17 and read a text message or send a text message
43:21 versus how many times do we come here
43:24 and read a text in search of a message?
43:28 How often do we go here
43:33 and talk about our day, the things that went good,
43:36 the things that went bad and talk about others?
43:40 And how many times do we go here on our knees
43:45 to talk about the same things with a God
43:47 who can actually do something about it?
43:51 Friends, there are sandals in our lives,
43:54 things that need to be removed.
43:56 Now, I will say this.
44:00 There are some things
44:01 that have no place in a Christian's life
44:03 and we have to understand that too.
44:04 Some of us our favorite Bible verse is
44:06 everything in moderation, everything in moderation.
44:09 Can somebody give me that text?
44:12 No, you know why? 'Cause it doesn't exist.
44:15 1 Thessalonians 5:22
44:18 actually tells us to abstain from all forms of evil,
44:20 so there's things that are just inherently evil
44:23 that are not compatible with Christian principle,
44:27 that needed just be expelled from our lives,
44:29 those are not sandals that need to be left
44:34 out front and put back on later,
44:36 those just need to be thrown in the trash.
44:39 But there's things in our lives
44:40 that are good in moderation at the appropriate time.
44:44 And those things we need to learn
44:46 how to utilize and balance in moderation.
44:51 Vehicles.
44:54 I talked about wanting to be on holy ground
44:56 wherever I am, even in my vehicle.
44:58 So if I can listen to Christian music,
45:02 listen to messages that uplift God,
45:04 get on my phone on speaker,
45:06 and pray with others and encourage others,
45:09 and I can create an atmosphere where I am on holy ground
45:12 even in my vehicle,
45:15 then you think that I can also do things
45:18 that would push God out of my life
45:21 while sitting in a vehicle.
45:23 Most likely there are sandals there too.
45:26 You know what?
45:28 My choice of entertainment, maybe my choice of music,
45:31 I realize that there are some things
45:33 that to me feel fine in moderation,
45:36 you know, listening to the news,
45:38 maybe keeping update on
45:39 with what's going on in politics,
45:41 maybe checking up on a sports score or something.
45:45 But you know what?
45:46 Some of us allow these things to consume our lives
45:50 to just absolutely consume us.
45:52 It's sad that even in Christianity
45:54 you can log on to social media and see that.
45:59 Sometimes we're just as divisive,
46:01 just as spiteful as everybody else in the world.
46:05 You know, we're living in very divisive times
46:07 and it's sad that some of us get sucked into that
46:08 but it's because rather than making time for God,
46:10 and making time for God's Word,
46:12 and spending time in prayer, and dwelling on holy ground,
46:15 we're caught up in all this other stuff.
46:17 And we bring it into our schools
46:19 and we bring it also into our church sometimes,
46:21 you bring it to the potluck tables.
46:24 And God says, you know what?
46:26 Some of those are sandals,
46:27 you need to check those at the door.
46:30 You need to check them at the door.
46:33 That's why even Sabbath rest sometimes,
46:35 God can't even get that 24 hour period.
46:38 I'm telling you oftentimes
46:42 Sabbath is Facebook Fridays and social media
46:45 Sabbath Saturdays.
46:49 And we spend more time talking politics
46:52 and worrying about the concerns of the world
46:53 than actually allowing God to come in
46:57 and do a transformational work that He desires to do.
47:02 There are sandals in our homes.
47:04 I'll tell you one of the big ones.
47:05 I already mentioned, entertainment.
47:07 There's things that have no business in our lives.
47:08 You know what?
47:09 If I do a family worship,
47:11 if I do a family worship but the second it's through,
47:14 I'm putting all sorts of ungodly things on the screen,
47:17 brothers and sisters.
47:21 Who am I laying the welcome mat out for?
47:23 Or am I flipping the welcome mat around
47:25 and laying the red carpet out for the enemy
47:26 to come in and have his way?
47:28 There are certain things that we need to do away
47:30 with in our lives.
47:32 How about cherish things?
47:34 Some of us have these cherished things
47:35 that we're fine with,
47:36 we're quick to condemn somebody for their sin
47:38 but we have the secret cherished sins
47:40 that we hold on to.
47:42 God's presence can only dwell in our homes
47:46 and transform our lives
47:48 as we are willing to surrender to Him
47:49 that which we realize is keeping us at bay.
47:54 But I'll say one of the huge ones
47:55 is our attitude.
47:57 Our attitudes, friends.
48:00 You know,
48:02 it's easy if you want to call oneself a Christian
48:05 but by their fruits you shall know them,
48:07 fruits of what?
48:08 Fruits of the Spirit.
48:09 Can we see the fruits of the Spirit
48:11 in our lives?
48:12 Is there joy in our life? Is there peace in our life?
48:15 Are we long suffering with others?
48:17 These things are very telling.
48:19 Those are sandals.
48:23 These things need to be removed.
48:24 As a matter of fact like I said those aren't even sandals
48:25 'cause we can't put those back on.
48:27 See when Moses took off his sandals,
48:29 he went in, God gave him a word,
48:31 he came out, he put them back on
48:32 and he went about the Lord's business,
48:35 that's what I'm saying with the cell phone, right?
48:36 I could very easily turn the thing off,
48:39 spend time with the Lord, hear from Him, come out,
48:42 share that Bible verse.
48:43 Call people and encourage their day.
48:45 I can utilize it,
48:46 but there's some things you just can't be utilized,
48:47 God can't use a nasty critical spirit.
48:49 There's no fixing that,
48:51 that's not a sandal, that's garbage,
48:52 throw it away, remove it from your life.
48:56 A self-righteous spirit, a envious heart.
49:01 These are the things that have no business
49:03 in a Christian's life.
49:08 Church, we talk about, it is holy ground.
49:11 Church is holy ground.
49:14 And increasingly we're not treating it as such.
49:20 I'm realizing that many times
49:22 we take to the podium with our agenda
49:28 and write God's Word down
49:29 to make people comfortable in sin.
49:33 But the problem is this is not a podium,
49:36 it's a pulpit.
49:37 And this is not our platform
49:39 to express our agendas and our views.
49:41 This is the house of God.
49:42 This is His sanctuary, we need to treat accordingly.
49:45 It's getting increasingly difficult at times
49:47 to distinguish between the music that actually...
49:54 is created to glorify a holy God
49:59 and that which is created intentionally
50:02 to arouse the basis passions of men.
50:06 It's hard to distinguish between the two sometimes.
50:08 We need to be careful not to be jumping
50:10 to just do any old thing for God.
50:12 You know, Ecclesiastes 5:1 says,
50:15 "Walk prudently when you go to the house of God,
50:17 and draw near to hear
50:19 rather than to give the sacrifice of fools,
50:22 for they do not know that they do evil."
50:26 Some of us seems to do like Moses and pump our brakes
50:29 before we get to running out into Egypt to do things
50:31 for the Lord before we come running
50:33 into the house of God to do things for the Lord.
50:34 We need to really think and analyze this thing.
50:41 Talked about bringing distractions
50:42 into the house of God.
50:44 But even clothing,
50:46 as most things you can't really touch on it
50:47 because nobody wants to hear that
50:48 talking about appropriate dress and attire,
50:51 telling somebody to remove
50:53 a ball cap or something in God's house.
50:55 And I'm not telling you to go out
50:56 and tell anybody do anything,
50:57 I'm saying we need to apply
50:59 these principles in our lives and lead by example.
51:02 But it's funny that we can recognize
51:04 what is appropriate
51:06 in the secular areas of our lives.
51:08 I've never turned on a television
51:10 and seen somebody walking around
51:11 the White House with a hat, with shorts
51:16 utilizing disrespectful conduct.
51:19 I haven't seen it inside of the White House.
51:23 However it's too common a scene in God's house.
51:30 You know, there was recently
51:31 the team that won the NBA championship...
51:38 was invited to the White House as it's customary.
51:40 The president will usually
51:43 invite the winner of any major sporting event
51:45 to come to the White House, and spend time there,
51:48 and getting to know him and his family.
51:50 And one of the players that won the championship
51:52 and they actually won the game,
51:54 they went back into the locker room,
51:55 and they were partying with their shirt off,
51:57 and all these pictures surfaced.
51:59 And then they were at night club
52:00 with the rest of the team in Las Vegas
52:02 and they were partying still shirtless
52:04 and the pictures got out.
52:08 And then they showed pictures of them
52:09 of the team jet arriving back in the city,
52:12 the corresponded to the team
52:13 and he gets off the team jet, private jet
52:16 and he's still shirtless.
52:19 And then they do the parade almost a week later,
52:22 they're driving to the city doing this big parade,
52:25 and sure enough he's still shirtless.
52:26 Well, guess what?
52:27 When the president called the coach
52:31 about two weeks after they had won the championship
52:33 to give him the invitation,
52:34 it was actually recorded, and he said,
52:35 "Hey, congratulations on that awesome victory.
52:37 I want to invite you and the team
52:39 to the White House.
52:40 Oh, but one last thing,
52:43 tell JR to put his shirt on
52:45 'cause we don't play that in the White House."
52:48 And, you know, it's funny how we recognize that
52:51 and we'll have respect
52:54 for secular quarters.
52:58 But sometimes most of them will have forgotten.
53:00 I'm going to finish reading that quote
53:02 from Patriarchs and Prophets at page 252,
53:03 it said, "There are those who address
53:06 the great and all-powerful and holy God,
53:08 who dwelleth in light unapproachable
53:10 as they would an equal or even an inferior.
53:16 There are those who conduct themselves in a house,
53:19 in His house
53:20 as they would not presume to do
53:21 in the audience-chamber of an earthly ruler.
53:24 These should remember
53:25 that they are in the sight of Him
53:26 whom seraphim adore,
53:28 before whom angels veil their faces.
53:31 God is greatly to be reverenced,
53:32 all who truly realize His presence
53:35 will bow in humility before Him."
53:40 Friends, it's that
53:41 which is appropriate in God's house
53:42 and that which is not.
53:44 And I'm going to mention another sandal.
53:45 Once again we've talked about in homes,
53:46 let's talk about in the church, attitudes.
53:49 These things are just not appropriate in God's house.
53:50 You know what?
53:51 When Jesus gave
53:53 the parable of the Publican and the Pharisee
53:55 which one left justified?
53:57 The publican 'cause he came in with a humble attitude,
54:00 he didn't come in beating his chest saying,
54:02 "I am worthy, I hit the check list.
54:04 He didn't come in criticizing others."
54:06 I don't even like preaching sermons on reverence
54:08 only because some of us feel
54:10 like we have authority and we are empowered
54:12 to turn around and give a death stare
54:14 to a child making noise,
54:15 to sit there and gossip about,
54:17 and tear down somebody who's dress...
54:20 inappropriate it may be.
54:22 But that doesn't give us permission
54:24 to be un-Christ like and uncompassionate.
54:29 The real mark of Christianity...
54:34 is seeing in our Christ like character
54:37 which is never more evident than when we are compassionate
54:41 with the most vulnerable among us.
54:44 Oh, I got to end with this last question
54:46 because we're running out of time here.
54:48 So the first question was where is this holy ground?
54:52 It's anywhere.
54:56 What is the sandal? It's anything.
54:59 The last question is who is the burning bush?
55:02 Who is the burning bush?
55:06 Notice I said who, now what?
55:08 It's any one, any one.
55:11 Now you may say, "Hold on, hold on, hold on.
55:12 I thought we said that was God."
55:14 No, the flame in the midst of the bush was God.
55:20 But the bush itself is anyone.
55:23 Anyone who has a fire of Jesus Christ
55:26 burning in his bosom
55:28 can be a burning bush.
55:34 Jesus desires to be in our heart
55:37 and to have us on fire for Him.
55:42 When we spent time with the Lord,
55:44 this is the natural result catching fire for Him.
55:49 You remember when, on the road to Emmaus,
55:52 Cleopas and his friend, they had Jesus in their home,
55:56 it became holy ground.
55:57 And afterward they said
55:59 was our heart not burning within us,
56:02 that's that holy fire, friends.
56:04 God wants us to be on fire for Jesus
56:06 but it doesn't just happen any old way,
56:08 we have to be rooted on holy ground.
56:12 There's things in our lives they have to be removed
56:15 so that God can come in and do the work
56:16 that He desires to do and help us catch fire.
56:18 And you know that this is how natural evangelism happens,
56:21 it doesn't happen by throwing up
56:22 half of the strangers.
56:24 Yes, that can help but it happens
56:26 when as we saw in the experience
56:28 of the burning bush,
56:29 when God gets people's attention through us.
56:34 When He draws them near, when He calls them by name,
56:37 when He speaks through us
56:38 that He spoke through that burning bush.
56:41 This is how God wants to utilize us
56:44 to bring others in to His fold.
56:49 Friends, this sermon is not about hellfire like
56:52 I said at the beginning, it's about the opposite,
56:55 it's about being able to stand in the presence of a holy God,
56:59 and not be consumed.
57:01 God wants us to be burning bushes.
57:05 That when He returns and we know not the hour,
57:09 we might be able to stand in His presence not consumed.
57:13 But we must learn now
57:15 to be rooted in the holy things of God.
57:18 Friend, I want to invite you today.
57:21 If there's something in your life
57:22 that needs to be done away with,
57:24 do away with it,
57:25 to make holy ground in your home,
57:27 to spend time with Jesus.
57:30 Amen.


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