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Oh, Brother

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00:18 You're watching "Foundation of Our Faith."
00:21 My name is CA Murray, and it is my privilege
00:23 and pleasure to welcome you to session number three,
00:27 in a four part series presented by our speaker,
00:30 Pastor Edward Bryan.
00:31 And we know God has being blessing
00:33 as he has preached the word of God,
00:36 under the anointing of God,
00:37 with the power of the Holy Spirit.
00:38 We heard "Burn Baby Burn," followed by the "Golden Touch,"
00:42 and this presentation is entitled, "Oh, Brother."
00:46 And we can not wait to hear what God is going to say to
00:49 and through the man of God.
00:52 God has been good to our speaker.
00:54 He's a young man still and we can call him that.
00:58 Pastor, evangelism, with a passion
01:00 for youth ministry
01:01 and God needs consecrated leaders
01:03 to lead our young people.
01:05 He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia,
01:07 but turned his back on his Christian roots
01:10 and followed the way of crime and vice.
01:13 But you know, God has the ability
01:15 to pull you back from the edge,
01:17 to pull you back from the course
01:18 that you set out for yourself and put you on a new course,
01:21 and that is precisely
01:22 what he did in the life of our Pastor,
01:25 Pastor Edward Bryan.
01:27 He now works with his wife
01:29 and two daughters to serve the Lord.
01:32 He is a pastor in the Northern New England Conference
01:35 of Seventh Day Adventist.
01:37 He passes a Three Church District,
01:39 there in Northern New England,
01:41 where it gets very cold in the winter
01:44 and but God keeps him warm
01:45 through the fires of the Holy Spirit.
01:48 He wants to serve the Lord.
01:49 He wants to see young people come to the Lord.
01:51 He wants to see young people serve the Lord,
01:53 and he dedicated his ministry
01:55 to lifting up the name of Jesus,
01:57 the Three Angeles Messages of Jesus
01:59 and bringing young people
02:01 into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.
02:04 And we know God has a great message
02:06 to give to you, from him, this very day.
02:09 And so we ask that you listen closely and attentively
02:13 because God has a message just for you.
02:16 Our music minister for today
02:19 is someone that I've known a long time.
02:21 In fact, I've known his family a long time.
02:23 I used to pastor his family.
02:25 His mom and family there in Amityville, New York,
02:28 at the Bethesda Seventh Day Adventist Church
02:30 there on Long Island.
02:32 And God has given Mark Prentice
02:36 an unusual gift of playing,
02:40 writing music, singing music.
02:43 He has got a range that is really fairly impressive.
02:46 He can go from baritone almost up to soprano.
02:49 God has given him a great gift, which he has chosen
02:52 to give back to God in service.
02:55 He has two projects out and one on the way.
02:58 My Testimony is his first recording,
03:01 followed by "Refashioned Hymns,"
03:03 a reworking of some of the classic hymns
03:06 that we know in love,
03:07 in Adventism and across Christianity.
03:09 And I'm told the new one is going to be out soon called,
03:12 "Way Out of No Way."
03:14 God has blessed Mark with a beautiful voice
03:17 and a beautiful spirit.
03:18 And I know his mom and know his family
03:20 and they are beautiful Christian people.
03:22 So we're gonna have a good time in the Lord today.
03:24 God is going to bless our sitting
03:26 as Christ is lifted up in music, in song,
03:29 and in the preached word.
03:30 So we ask you to stay by and listen with stilted ear,
03:35 because God has much to say to you through his man servant.
03:37 We're going to pray then we're going to ask
03:39 Mark to come out.
03:40 After he shall have sung, the next voice
03:42 you will hear will be that of our friend,
03:44 our pastor and he has a great word
03:47 from the Lord, Pastor Edward Bryan.
03:49 Shall we pray?
03:51 Father God, we praise You now
03:54 as we turn ourselves to You for a blessing.
03:59 We know that there is power in the word
04:01 and we ask that as the word is preached,
04:04 Your power may be given to the speaker
04:07 and then through the speaker to our hearts.
04:11 Bless the music that shall be sung,
04:13 as it lifts our hearts towards Jesus
04:16 and sits us in heavenly places.
04:18 We dedicate all that we are and all that we have to You
04:22 and ask that Christ alone will be seen and glorified.
04:26 And we thank You for your promise to hear
04:29 and answer the prayer of faith in Jesus name, Amen and Amen.
04:35 Just now, Mark Prentice
04:38 followed by Pastor Edward Bryan.
04:55 Jesus alone
05:02 I must tell Jesus
05:06 All of my trials
05:12 I cannot bear
05:15 These burdens alone
05:22 In my distress
05:25 He kindly will help me
05:32 He ever loves
05:35 And cares for His own
05:42 I must tell Jesus!
05:47 I must tell Jesus
05:52 I cannot bear
05:56 These burdens alone
06:02 I must tell Jesus!
06:07 I must tell Jesus
06:12 Jesus can help me
06:17 Jesus alone
06:22 I must tell Jesus
06:27 All of my troubles
06:33 He is a kind
06:36 Compassionate Friend
06:42 If we but ask Him
06:48 He will deliver
06:53 Make of my troubles
06:58 Quickly an end
07:03 I must tell Jesus!
07:08 I must tell Jesus
07:13 I cannot bear
07:17 These burdens alone
07:23 I must tell Jesus!
07:28 I must tell Jesus
07:33 Jesus can help me
07:38 Jesus alone
07:51 Jesus can help me
07:54 Oh, yes
07:56 Oh, yes, He can
08:00 Oh, how the world to
08:03 Oh, how the world to
08:05 He loves me
08:10 Oh, how my heart
08:14 Is tempted to sin?
08:20 I must tell Jesus
08:25 And He will, He will help me
08:30 Over the world
08:35 The victory to win
08:39 Yes, I must tell Jesus!
08:44 I must tell Jesus I must tell Jesus
08:49 I must tell Jesus
08:51 I cannot bear
08:54 These burdens alone
08:59 Oh, no, no, no, no
09:01 I must tell Jesus
09:04 I must tell Jesus I must tell Jesus
09:11 Jesus can help
09:13 Oh, yes, He can
09:16 Jesus can help
09:18 Lord, we need You, we need You, we need You
09:21 Jesus can help
09:23 Only You can help me
09:26 Jesus, You alone
09:31 I must tell Jesus! Tell Jesus
09:36 I must tell Jesus
09:41 I cannot bear
09:45 These burdens alone
09:51 I must tell Jesus!
10:01 Oh, I must tell Jesus
10:09 I know You can help me
10:20 Dear Jesus
10:27 You alone
10:35 Amen.
10:41 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
10:43 Praise the Lord that we can take
10:45 all of our burdens to Jesus.
10:49 I feel so privileged to be able to minister alongside
10:53 Brother Mark Prentice.
10:55 A man of God and meeting his family,
11:00 well, last couple of days has been a true pleasure.
11:03 And I pray that I'd have this privilege
11:07 again in the future.
11:11 How many of you like family reunions?
11:14 How many of you like family reunions?
11:16 I enjoy family reunions.
11:17 I come from a big family that likes to get together
11:22 and congregate as frequently as possible.
11:23 Now, unfortunately now being a pastor,
11:28 being almost more than a thousand miles
11:30 away from home,
11:32 I don't get that opportunity very frequently.
11:33 So when I do, I try to advantage of it
11:36 and I appreciate it all the more.
11:38 I grew up in one of those families
11:40 that would get together every holiday.
11:45 Maybe 20 people in a small house
11:47 or a tiny apartment.
11:49 Ten cousins sprawled out on the living room floor.
11:51 You had to step over bodies
11:53 in order to get to the restroom,
11:54 aunts and uncles fussing and fighting in the kitchen
11:59 to the late hours of the night or early into the morning.
12:05 Sure, there was disagreements and there was drama,
12:07 but eventually things seem to sort themselves out.
12:10 Time could heal every wound.
12:15 I love my family.
12:17 I love family reunions.
12:19 And did you know that heaven
12:21 is going to be a giant family reunion?
12:26 Now some of you say, amen, and others keep your peace
12:31 because maybe you came up in a toxic family.
12:34 And you say, man,
12:35 if it was going to be family reunion,
12:37 I might need to rethink this thing.
12:39 But now, don't get discouraged now.
12:41 There's going to be some difference.
12:45 There will be a little bit of difference there.
12:49 It'll be a bigger type of family,
12:50 but a different type of structure.
12:52 Sure, there'll be some overlap between the two.
12:55 But the point is, it's going to be a big family reunion
12:59 and I'm looking forward to that day,
13:00 I don't know about you.
13:04 Now, Jesus is coming soon.
13:08 And in order to be ready to go to that family reunion,
13:11 we got some preparation that has to take place.
13:14 And I think sometimes we must understand
13:15 what that preparation necessarily is.
13:21 You know, I like to preach... I like to preach doctrine.
13:24 I like to preach solid doctrine from the Bible,
13:26 'cause I think the Lord has given us
13:28 sufficient information here
13:29 to answer all the big questions in life,
13:32 the B-I-B-L-E,
13:34 basic instructions before leaving earth.
13:39 And I like to preach prophecy as well.
13:42 I'm still learning it,
13:44 but the more I have to delve into it
13:45 and study in order to teach it,
13:46 I feel like I greatly benefit from it.
13:48 But I've realized that
13:49 sometimes when I preach in States
13:51 and sometimes when I share it,
13:52 it almost becomes like a rally where everybody...
13:57 when I'm sharing these truths is excited.
14:02 But, I've come to realize at times
14:04 that it can almost serve as a smoke screen
14:08 to not address some of the issues
14:13 and serious defects going on in our character
14:16 and in our hearts.
14:20 Because God's word is true
14:22 and it's beautiful in everything,
14:24 all the gems in it,
14:25 how precious and should be shared.
14:27 But, sometimes we allow the head knowledge
14:31 to take priority to the hard work
14:35 that God's trying to do.
14:37 And there's a lot of people acquainted with God's word
14:39 who will not be ready when Jesus Christ
14:40 comes in the clouds
14:42 and they're going to miss heaven,
14:43 they going to barely miss it,
14:45 they are going to miss it by 18 inches,
14:46 the distance between the head and the heart.
14:49 So today, I'm going to invite you to stick around
14:53 and to let God speak to your heart
14:55 and figure out how to make this message practical,
14:57 'cause I know that we will all be challenged by what we hear.
15:03 But before we start, I want to go to the Lord
15:05 with the word of prayer.
15:07 As Pastor Murray mentioned today's title is
15:10 "Oh, Brother. Oh, Brother."
15:12 Now don't bow your eyes by your heads.
15:15 I'll kneel. I'll go to Lord in prayer.
15:18 Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, we have nothing to gain
15:24 from sitting in your house and opening your word,
15:27 if your spirit is not putting an impression on our hearts.
15:31 Lord, so I pray that You will speak to us at this time.
15:35 And that this will not simply be information,
15:38 but that we would experience transformation
15:39 in Jesus' name amen.
15:44 I invite you to join me in Genesis Chapter 4.
15:47 We're starting our study in Genesis Chapter 4.
15:49 A story you've probably heard before.
15:51 I'm going to begin reading at verse 1,
15:52 and I'm reading from the New King James version.
15:54 It says, "Now Adam knew Eve, his wife,
15:58 she conceived and bore Cain,"
16:00 and said, "I have acquired a man from the Lord."
16:06 Let me set up a little context about the story
16:08 we're about to look at.
16:09 As we just heard, mentioned the name of Adam and Eve.
16:13 Now, this is in Chapter 4.
16:15 This is after the fall, after they had committed sin.
16:19 So now this is the fall in human race.
16:21 That sets up, the act of sin, it sets up the context
16:25 for every other story we read in the Bible
16:29 and every event you see in our earth's history,
16:32 the devolution of man.
16:35 Notice, I said devolution,
16:37 because in school we teach evolution,
16:39 but in reality we have been devolving
16:41 for the last 6,000 plus years.
16:46 And if you don't believe it, you just turn on the news,
16:47 you see.
16:48 Just don't watch too long
16:50 because you might expedite the process.
16:54 Verse 2, "Then she bore again, this time his brother Abel,
16:59 now Abel was a keeper of sheep,
17:02 but Cain was a tiller of the ground."
17:04 Abel was a what?
17:06 Keeper of sheep, he was a shepherd.
17:07 Cain was a tiller of the ground.
17:10 He was a farmer, two sons, very different.
17:16 Let's read verse 3 and 4.
17:19 "And in the process of time it came to pass
17:23 that Cain brought an offering
17:26 of the fruit of the ground to the Lord."
17:30 What did Cain bring?
17:31 Cain brought the natural choice,
17:34 pun intended.
17:37 He brought what was readily available to him,
17:39 what was convenient for him, because he was a farmer
17:42 and he brought produce.
17:45 Verse 4.
17:47 "Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock
17:51 and of their fat.
17:52 And the Lord respected Abel's offering."
17:55 As you see, Abel also brought
17:57 what was readily accessible to him,
18:00 what was seemingly convenient.
18:03 I say seemingly convenient.
18:06 He bought a lamb.
18:08 Now, why did Abel offer up
18:10 the first born of his flock, a lamb?
18:14 What was it representative of?
18:16 You guys already know. It was representative of Jesus.
18:20 We read about that in many places.
18:24 Isaiah Chapter 53, John Chapter 1:29.
18:27 When John the Baptist sees Jesus and says,
18:29 "Behold the Lamb of God
18:30 who takes away the sin of the world."
18:32 Revelation, Chapter 13:8, "Jesus the Lamb slain
18:35 from the foundation of the world."
18:38 Even referred to as the firstborn
18:40 of creation in Colossians Chapter 1:15.
18:46 Abel's offering represented Jesus.
18:49 Now, but how did the first family know?
18:50 I mean, how did... How would he know?
18:53 How would they know which offering
18:55 was supposed to be presented on the altar?
18:58 Well, in Genesis Chapter 3:21.
19:02 Just one chapter earlier, a strong case can be made
19:07 for when Jesus provided
19:09 the tunics of skin to Adam and Eve
19:12 after the fall to replace those pathetic fig leaves.
19:17 He must have gotten that skin from somewhere.
19:21 And the case is made in the book
19:24 "Patriarchs and Prophets,"
19:26 specifically, let's see, page 47.
19:29 That God had made the first offering of a lamb,
19:34 showed them the high price
19:35 that was gonna have to be paid for sin,
19:37 representative of Jesus Christ, the lamb, that would be slain.
19:43 So therefore we see
19:45 God is not merely favoring Abel's gift.
19:49 Abel actually brought what the Lord was requiring
19:53 on behalf of his sin.
19:56 Let's read verse 5.
19:59 It says, "But He did not..."
20:01 Talking about God,
20:03 "Did not respect Cain and his offering.
20:05 And Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell."
20:14 Cain was very angry and his countenance fell.
20:16 Have you ever seen
20:17 somebody change in a split second?
20:20 Have you ever seen them happy and joyful and all of sudden,
20:25 the countenance just falls, the spirit in the room changes?
20:29 It's as though, they're not, them anymore?
20:32 This was the moment that Cain was having.
20:34 God rejected Cain's offering, why?
20:36 We just said it, because he brought
20:38 what God was not asking for.
20:39 1 Samuel Chapter 15:22 tells us that,
20:42 "To obey is better than to give sacrifice."
20:44 The following verse, verse 23 tells us that,
20:46 "Stubbornness is like idolatry."
20:50 We got to realize that Cain was a sinner
20:53 just like you and I, just like all of mankind.
20:56 He needed to bring an offering to the Lord.
20:59 But can you really bring a... Can you bring somebody...
21:02 Do you take somebody a gift that feels appropriate to you,
21:05 or do you take them what they are desiring?
21:08 You would take them something that they would want.
21:09 God had instructed what they would bring.
21:11 Cain brought what he wanted to bring.
21:14 That stubbornness in his heart was like...
21:17 It was like idolatry. He was being his own God.
21:20 Psalms 51:17.
21:22 I would like us to read that one together.
21:24 Psalms 51:17 says, "The sacrifices of God
21:27 are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart,
21:32 these, O God, you will not despise."
21:37 God wants a broken spirit.
21:38 See, it's not about the sacrifice
21:41 as much it is about the spirit,
21:42 that the sacrifice is being brought in.
21:45 Also see, God wasn't just rejecting Cain.
21:47 He wasn't just rejecting Cain's gift,
21:50 He despised the attitude with which Cain was bringing in.
21:55 And in Hosea Chapter 6:6, we're told,
22:00 "For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice;
22:04 and the knowledge of God more than burnt offering."
22:08 God wants the sacrifice to be brought in His spirit,
22:12 a sacrificial spirit, merciful, graceful spirit.
22:19 We'll see just how off,
22:20 Cain's offering was in just a moment.
22:23 But before that we're going to verse...
22:25 Going back to Genesis 4, we're gonna read verse 6 and 7.
22:27 It says, "So the Lord said to Cain,
22:29 'Why are you angry?
22:31 And why has your countenance fallen?
22:33 If you do well, will you not be accepted?
22:36 And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door
22:39 and it's desire is for you, but you should rule over it."
22:49 God is talking to Cain.
22:50 Now, have you ever asked yourself,
22:52 how is it that God was talking to Cain?
22:53 How is it that God was communicating with Cain?
22:56 How did God used to talk to his parents?
22:59 And I said, used to talk to his parents in Eden.
23:03 We're told... He used to talk...
23:05 God used to talk to them face-to-face in the Garden,
23:06 before sin when they were able to stand
23:08 in the presence of a Holy God and speak face-to-face,
23:11 I believe through God the Son, Jesus Christ.
23:15 But then they lost that privilege at sin.
23:18 So I would contend that God is talking to Cain
23:21 in the same way that he talks to us
23:22 through the Holy Spirit, through the impression
23:26 of the Holy Spirit in his heart.
23:27 Now somebody out there might be saying,
23:28 "Oh, I don't know anything about
23:30 the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament though."
23:31 All right, well, its right there,
23:33 Genesis Chapter 1:26, and then again in Genesis 3:22.
23:38 When God says, "Let us make man in our old...
23:41 In our, in our likeness, us.
23:44 He's talking in the third person,
23:46 both literally and spiritually,
23:47 father, Son, and Holy Spirit, third person.
23:51 And God's pleading with Cain
23:53 and see, well, He pleads with us
23:54 through His Holy Spirit
23:56 to relinquish His diabolic anger
23:58 and that grudge that He's holding in
24:00 and that bitterness that He's allowing to consume Him.
24:05 But like many of us, Cain decides
24:08 that he would not respond.
24:11 That he did not want to respond to the pleadings
24:12 and the promptings
24:14 of the Holy Spirit on his heart.
24:16 He lets his heart harden.
24:19 And he begins the ascent down the path of what,
24:23 we know is the unpardonable sin
24:25 which occurs as a result of rejecting the impressions
24:27 that God is trying to put in our hearts.
24:31 Now, you know, we read this book
24:32 sometimes like a history book,
24:33 but in reality it's more than that.
24:35 God is trying to bring us examples of situations
24:37 that we find ourselves in.
24:39 Have you ever felt it was the right thing to do...
24:42 Have you ever felt like God was impressing you
24:44 to do a particular thing, to let a certain grudge go,
24:47 to mend a broken relationship,
24:49 to get something right with somebody,
24:52 and just pushed it aside?
24:54 You could pray all you want,
24:57 and you could preach all you want,
24:58 and you could read the Bible all you want,
25:00 but something is not right
25:01 until that relationship is repaired.
25:04 This was the experience that Cain was having.
25:05 God was saying, "This is going to lead to something bad.
25:07 You either listen to My spirit or you're going to be persuaded
25:11 by a counterfeit spirit."
25:13 Let's read verse 8.
25:15 "Now Cain talked with Abel, his brother"
25:20 You know, that's always a dangerous thing, right?
25:23 You got a problem with somebody,
25:25 the Holy Spirit is trying to talk to you,
25:26 you won't talk to God, you won't fall on your knees
25:27 and talk to God, but you got to hurry up
25:29 and go catch that brother and talk to him.
25:34 I remember a sermon that Henry Wright once had.
25:37 He said "You ought not go see the elders about Lord,"
25:41 and that's very true.
25:42 We got to talk to God first. So we're told in verse 8.
25:44 "Now Cain talked to Abel his brother,
25:46 and he came to pass when they were in the field
25:49 that Cain rose up against Able, his brother and killed them."
25:55 Tragic.
25:56 Can you picture anything worse, killing your own brother,
26:01 killing your own flesh and blood?
26:04 Now, if that seems bad in our day,
26:05 just picture their day.
26:08 Mind you, they have, they had never seen
26:11 another human being die, much less be murdered.
26:16 I said a moment ago that it seemed like
26:20 Cain brought the gift offering that was convenient to him
26:24 and Abel brought what was convenient to him.
26:27 Do you think there was anything convenient
26:28 about killing a lamb?
26:32 Nothing can be convenient about taking a life, see,
26:36 taking a knife, taking it to the throat of a lamb,
26:41 nothing convenient about it.
26:42 We're told that they were so sensitive to death
26:45 that his parents Adam, after sin,
26:47 when he saw the first leaf die.
26:52 We saw the first, first leaf die on a tree,
26:55 we're told them in the book "Patriarchs and Prophets,"
26:57 fall to the ground.
26:59 He wept bitterly.
27:00 He wept more bitterly we're told,
27:02 than human beings do now at a loss of a loved one,
27:09 just so that we can understand how dramatic,
27:12 how devastating this act of Cain
27:15 was in killing his brother.
27:17 Now, I realize that this sounds really extreme.
27:19 I know none of you could ever be accused of a sin
27:23 so heinous on this level, right?
27:27 I'm letting Jesus call you out.
27:29 Matthew Chapter 5:21,
27:31 we're gonna go to Matthew Chapter 5:21
27:33 and we'll read four verses there.
27:37 It says, "You have heard that it was said
27:42 to those of old, 'You shall not murder,
27:45 and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.'
27:48 But I say to you that whoever is angry
27:51 with his brother without reason,"
27:53 I'm sorry, "without cause
27:55 shall be in danger of the judgment.
27:57 And whoever says to his brother, 'Raca!'
28:00 shall be in danger of the council.
28:02 But whoever says, 'You fool!'
28:03 shall be in danger of hell fire.
28:07 Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar,
28:10 and they remember that your brother
28:11 has something against you, leave your gift...
28:17 Leave your gift there
28:20 before the altar, and go your way.
28:22 First be reconciled to your brother,
28:24 and then come and offer your gift."
28:31 These are few things worth noting there.
28:34 God says, you know what,
28:38 before you get old, all pious,
28:43 before you get too holy,
28:47 before you drop to your knees,
28:48 before you start giving Bible studies,
28:50 before you start witnessing to everybody out there,
28:52 you don't have a person, you got some problems with?
28:55 Go find them and make it right.
28:58 Because when you harbor bitterness
29:01 and hatred in your heart for an individual,
29:04 you're not just keeping them out of your life,
29:06 you are crowding the Holy Spirit
29:08 out of your life.
29:10 God said, "How can you love Me who you have not seen
29:13 and not love your brother you have?"
29:16 Now, you may be saying, well, it says,
29:20 it says there that whoever is angry
29:22 with his brother without cause.
29:24 But I got good reason.
29:26 I got cause to be angry with them.
29:28 This person did this, he did this and did that.
29:31 But let me ask you something, disciples of God, Christians,
29:34 because this is what I consider myself.
29:38 I'm to follow in the steps of Christ
29:41 and sometimes I think I have good reason
29:43 to cut people off in my life completely.
29:47 But when I look at the life of Christ,
29:50 an individual, who for me was spit upon,
29:55 was hit, had his back lacerated,
29:59 was marked, had a crown of thorns put on his head
30:01 and hung on a cross naked.
30:05 Only to stand there, look over the very people
30:07 who did it and who were mocking them
30:09 and say, "Lord forgive them
30:10 for they know not what they do."
30:13 What cause can I possibly have for harboring such vitriol
30:18 and hatred to not be willing to forgive somebody else?
30:24 When Jesus taught us to pray, he said, Lord,
30:26 forgive us as we forgive
30:28 those who have transgressed against us.
30:32 By the same measure in which we judge, we will what?
30:35 Be judged.
30:38 Therefore we got to think about the way that we justify,
30:45 kind of people out of our lives
30:47 and harboring bitterness towards them.
30:50 You know this word Raca that he said?
30:53 That whoever says Raca
30:55 shall be in danger of the council.
30:56 That is a Jewish term of disrespect
30:58 that means somebody is worthless.
31:01 It is the ultimate term of vilification.
31:05 Now, I know we don't walk around vilifying everybody.
31:11 But we're told, we don't have a good enough
31:14 excuse to gossip and slander
31:19 and tell upon our brothers and sisters.
31:22 The Bible does not condemn it.
31:24 I mean, does not condone it. Jesus does not condone it.
31:26 He says, "You are not to vilify your brother."
31:30 And you've probably heard it said,
31:32 "When you point at someone,
31:33 what do you got pointing back at you,
31:36 three times as many fingers.
31:41 God says, "You know, what?
31:43 I want you to come to Me,
31:44 I want you to come to Me boldly and freely.
31:45 But, you know, what?
31:47 I want you to stop to pump the brakes
31:48 and to make things right with your brother
31:49 before you come."
31:53 After all they are His children too.
31:57 This is something we don't realize sometimes.
31:59 You know, if I was to think about,
32:02 if somebody was to approach me and want to be kind
32:05 and affectionate with me and friendly with me
32:08 and wants to be at my table, and wants to come in my home,
32:11 but they have utter hatred and distain
32:14 with my daughter
32:16 or they are not on talking terms
32:17 with one of my daughters.
32:21 How open do you think my door is gonna be to them?
32:25 Well, you got to realize that, that person that you have
32:27 problems with, that's God's child too.
32:31 Matthew Chapter 12.
32:35 But who is my brother? But who is my brother?
32:37 Matthew Chapter 12:46.
32:42 And we'll read, yeah, we'll read verse 46.
32:45 Well, oh, let me set up the context.
32:47 Jesus is doing what He always does,
32:49 He's preaching.
32:50 Well, often he was healing, more often he was healing.
32:52 But, Jesus is preaching in a home
32:55 and it's a pact house like it always is,
32:57 all sorts of curious people there.
33:00 And all of a sudden, somebody spots
33:02 somebody very important in the back,
33:04 very important, VIP.
33:05 Look what it says in verse 46.
33:08 "While He was still talking to the multitudes,
33:10 behold, His mother and brothers stood outside,
33:14 seeking to speak with Him.
33:16 Then one said to Him, 'Look, Your mother
33:19 and Your brothers are standing outside,
33:21 seeking to speak with You.'"
33:22 He stopped everything.
33:24 He said, oh, Jesus, hold on, hold on, hold on.
33:25 I know we've got a packed house here,
33:27 but guess who is outside?
33:28 We got somebody, VIP outside.
33:29 We got somebody who is actually important, your family.
33:32 Your mother, your brothers are there
33:33 and you don't really pop up very frequently,
33:35 you don't hear about them
33:36 popping up very frequently in Jesus ministry.
33:37 So it was expected that, that would take priority
33:43 to everybody else to what Jesus was doing there.
33:46 They probably were with me.
33:48 If my family showed up in my church,
33:50 I say, look, look, you guys are cool,
33:52 but they are important.
33:54 But look at Jesus response.
33:56 It's very interesting, in verse 48.
33:59 "But He answered and said to them,
34:02 to the one who told Him,
34:04 "Who is My mother and who are My brothers?"
34:07 Interesting question, Jesus is saying,
34:08 they are schooling them, dropping gems on them.
34:12 And he doesn't even know who his mother
34:13 and his brothers are.
34:15 Now that was a rhetorical question,
34:17 because the gentlemen didn't respond.
34:19 Jesus' just tells him in verse 49.
34:21 And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said,
34:24 "Here are My mother and My brothers!
34:27 Whoever does the will of My Father
34:28 who is in heaven is My mother, sister and brother."
34:37 He's explaining to the gentleman
34:39 who wanted to stop everything.
34:40 He says, yes, they're very important.
34:42 But you see these people right out here,
34:44 they're very important to me too.
34:47 But, blood is thicker than water.
34:50 Maybe, but, you know, what?
34:52 Jesus says, "These are my brothers
34:56 and these are my sisters as well, why?
34:58 Because we have the same Father."
35:01 They're not less important to me than others.
35:06 This is an important point, think about it, think about it.
35:09 When we have family members, like, me and my brothers
35:11 we're at odd sometimes.
35:13 We go at each other's... Well, not anymore.
35:15 We used to go at each others stories at time
35:17 and, I mean we used to literally
35:18 get into fisticuffs.
35:21 And by the end of the day, we worked it out.
35:26 Now, that you all do, Hey, if you have a disagreement,
35:28 it may last, you may not talk for a couple of days,
35:31 worse a couple weeks,
35:32 but it's gonna get worked out, right?
35:34 But some of you come out...
35:36 I said you, don't feel bad.
35:38 Some of us come out
35:41 and we can sit in the same church,
35:45 live on the same street with somebody
35:48 who professes to follow the same Father
35:52 and not talk for days, weeks, months, years
35:56 and we will carry a grudge to our grave.
36:00 Now, is that how you treat family?
36:04 Because Jesus said they are family.
36:08 And I don't think He's just using a figure of speech.
36:10 We just use figure of speech when we say, brother, sister.
36:13 We're just talking sometimes.
36:15 We think it's just religious slang and lingo.
36:17 Jesus started that because it was real to Him.
36:21 We had no inclination that he stopped
36:23 what he was doing and ran outside.
36:24 He was like, man, this is all my family.
36:27 You know, and it troubles me.
36:28 I remember doing homeless ministry for some time
36:30 and it troubled me because I had some individuals
36:35 that would come out to church
36:37 and one of them wanting to get baptized.
36:40 And that night, everybody was saying,
36:43 "Oh, welcome to the family,
36:44 it's so good to see you, brother."
36:45 And then they all kind of send him on his way.
36:47 Nobody...
36:48 Everybody knew he was homeless, but nobody asked him
36:50 where he was going that night.
36:53 And as he got in my car, and I started driving him back.
37:00 I say, "how am I gonna go and leave this individual
37:03 under a bridge?
37:05 And they have the nerve to call him brother."
37:09 If he was my actual brother,
37:12 would he be sleeping out in the cold tonight,
37:15 and sleeping wet because he just got baptized?
37:19 That brother had to come to my house that night
37:22 and we had to figure that situation out.
37:25 But, you know, what?
37:26 I've realized that oftentimes
37:28 we'll call somebody our brother,
37:29 we'll call somebody our sister
37:31 and we know nothing about their lives,
37:34 we don't get to know them, they join in our churches,
37:38 they're returning to church,
37:39 they in our ranks, and we hardly know them.
37:43 We won't invite them to the house for a meal,
37:45 they may be hungry.
37:48 We are grudges built up against them,
37:50 we're not even worried about reconciling them.
37:52 And God says, "Hey, this is family."
37:59 And I know you're probably also thinking
38:01 because the verse,
38:02 when we looked at that verse a second ago, it said,
38:05 "Whoever does the will my Father who in Heaven
38:08 is my brother and sister and mother."
38:11 And you might be thinking well,
38:13 that person ain't doing God's will,
38:14 well, that's the difference.
38:16 They ain't the child to God, that's the child of the devil."
38:18 They ain't doing God's will.
38:20 How do you know?
38:22 Brothers and sisters, how do we know?
38:25 But a word in the testimony, yeah, let me tell you somebody
38:27 who knew the Bible better than you and I ever will.
38:31 His name was Saul.
38:34 This man knew the Bible. He spoke the languages.
38:37 He spoke the language that the Old Testament was written
38:39 and plus many others.
38:41 He was more of a scholar than we could ever be.
38:44 As far as righteousness, he can hit the checklists
38:47 a thousand times better than us.
38:49 He knew what he was doing.
38:50 He was righteous in his own eyes.
38:52 He was fervent for the Lord. He had a zeal for the law.
38:55 But, you know, what he didn't realize?
38:57 That he was actually persecuting
38:59 those who were following God with all their heart.
39:03 And he was doing it in the name of God.
39:06 And I think we fall into this danger sometimes that,
39:08 we think, we're doing the Lord's bidding,
39:11 and in actuality, we're persecuting his children.
39:19 Paul did this.
39:20 He carried this out until he had
39:22 an experience with the Lord,
39:23 a personal experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.
39:26 He had this conversion moment.
39:28 You know, there's some of us that,
39:29 we may have church offices or some of us that,
39:32 we might well acquainted with adoption,
39:33 we might even understand prophecy inside and up,
39:35 but I have yet to have the personal experience
39:37 with Jesus Christ
39:38 and it's reflected in our relationships with others.
39:43 And there's others of us who maybe have at some point,
39:49 but we've fallen away.
39:55 You know, when Paul on the road to Damascus
39:57 had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ,
39:59 his name was Saul, His name was changed to Paul.
40:03 But, brother let me assure you that,
40:05 if the enemy is utilizing us
40:07 to persecute our brothers and our sisters,
40:11 then we are harming our hearts to the Lord just like Cain was.
40:15 I tell you something, at least, Cain we were told in that,
40:17 in Genesis Chapter 4:8.
40:19 At least he spoke to Abel.
40:21 Some of us won't even speak to our brothers and sisters.
40:25 And not just in the church, some of us have
40:27 broken relationship with neighbors,
40:28 some of us have broken relationships
40:29 with family members
40:31 who we have not spoke to for a long time.
40:32 How do I look as a Christian, as a follower
40:35 of the Lord Jesus Christ,
40:36 not being willing to talk and share and check up
40:41 on somebody who is my flesh and blood?
40:45 How am I ever gonna bring them in to a fold,
40:48 get them to accept Jesus Christ
40:50 if they cannot see Jesus Christ reflected in me.
40:59 1 John Chapter 4:20 and 21 tells us that,
41:03 "If you've done it the least of these,
41:05 you've done it to Me," and that's one of...
41:06 That's the major point, is that, you know, what?
41:09 We want a good relationship with the Lord.
41:12 But that's one of the goal Lord needs us to get it right
41:14 with our brothers and sisters because He says,
41:15 "Hey, if you're doing it to one of them..."
41:17 He says, "If you did to me."
41:19 I tell you what, if you're gonna break somebody's arm,
41:20 I'd rather have somebody break my arm
41:22 than break my daughter's arm,
41:23 because it hurts more to see my daughter in pain,
41:27 than experiencing the pain myself.
41:31 You know, a Christian is known by the way that he treats
41:36 the most vulnerable among them.
41:40 And my heart breaks sometimes for some of our new members,
41:44 for some of our kids and youth,
41:47 for some of those were turning into the faith.
41:49 For some of those who have been in the church their whole life,
41:51 but are going through hardships and pain
41:53 and are just holding on, barely holding on
41:56 and the way that we treat them at times.
42:01 You know...
42:04 Quick story about my family like I said, I love my family
42:07 and we just sit around before I was converted.
42:09 We'd sit around and drinking,
42:10 unfortunately I have a big drinking family
42:12 and we'd sit around drinking
42:13 and you had to have the quick way,
42:15 because whenever you walk in the room,
42:16 they get the roast and everybody inside.
42:19 Nobody gets a pass.
42:22 Some of you all come from those kind of families.
42:25 And who gets it the worst? The most vulnerable.
42:27 So we had a uncle and I love him to death.
42:30 I love him.
42:32 But we had an uncle who was crippled,
42:34 he was half paralyzed.
42:36 And he'd come walking up stumbling in
42:40 and everybody will get to roast at him.
42:42 It's not right.
42:44 I don't condone it now, but this is what we used to do.
42:46 I used to think it was all right.
42:48 I was... You know I wasn't converted.
42:50 So I remember one day I was on a neighborhood in Miami.
42:52 I had moved back to...
42:54 I've lived in Miami, Florida as a kid and I had moved back
42:55 and I was on the block
42:58 consuming substances with friends.
43:03 And my uncle, who everybody knew in a neighborhood
43:05 and everybody knew in town,
43:07 he just came stumbling up the block, walking.
43:10 They all loved him
43:11 and they all have respect for him.
43:12 And I remember when he walked up,
43:14 I just had to let him have it.
43:15 I just got to roast at him. I just got to roast at him.
43:17 Because I felt like, hey, this is what we do at home.
43:21 This is what I'm going to do out here.
43:24 So I just got to roast at him and just giving him a hard time
43:26 and I looked back expecting everybody
43:28 to be laughing and getting a kick out of it,
43:30 and there wasn't, they were shocked.
43:32 There was uphold that I would treat
43:34 a family member in such a way.
43:37 And I remember feeling embarrassed
43:39 about my actions.
43:46 Friends, you know what?
43:48 It's like that sometimes in the church.
43:51 It's like that sometimes in the church.
43:53 Sometimes those who are most vulnerable among us,
43:56 who come in, who should expect the most sympathy,
43:59 the most love, the most compassion,
44:01 who when they fall, should expect somebody
44:02 to come up and help them up,
44:03 get the harshest treatment upon God's professed people.
44:08 And then they leave the church and find more compassion
44:11 and they do a God's house, and it should not be.
44:14 Then they do among those who call them
44:17 brother and sister and it should not be.
44:21 We supposed... We supposed...
44:22 We're supposed to be characterized by love,
44:23 1 Corinthians Chapter 13:1-3. Let me read this.
44:27 This is a verse that changed my life,
44:29 because when I got converted, I got zealous for the Lord,
44:32 and I got jumping in His word and He changed my life
44:34 and He freed me from so many addictions
44:36 and He fixed my family and He did it all.
44:39 But as I got to jump in God's word,
44:41 you know, what,
44:42 I started feeling self righteous after a while.
44:47 And I started looking down and every time I took a step,
44:49 I wanted everybody else to come and take the step with me.
44:52 And if they didn't, I got to criticize.
44:53 And when I walked around the church
44:54 and I saw things wrong, I wanted to point fingers
44:56 to start calling everybody an apostate.
45:00 But, you know, what?
45:03 When my Christian experience was turning better,
45:05 I found myself at a bible study and they presented this
45:10 and it was the first time I'd read something
45:11 in a Bible study that brought me to tears
45:13 because that I realized this was what,
45:14 was missing in my Christian experience.
45:16 1 Corinthians Chapter 13:1-3.
45:21 It says, "Though I speak with the tongues of men
45:23 and of angels, but have not love,
45:26 I have become like sounding brass
45:28 or a clanging cymbal.
45:29 And though I have the gift of prophecy,
45:32 and understand all mysteries and all knowledge,
45:34 and though I have all faith,
45:36 so that I could remove mountains,
45:38 but have not love, I am nothing.
45:42 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor,
45:45 and though I give my body to be burned,
45:47 but have not love, it profits me nothing."
45:52 Jesus says, all the good you think
45:55 you could do is worthless if you don't have love.
45:59 All your understanding of God's word is worthless,
46:02 if you don't have love.
46:04 And I was realizing, you know, what?
46:05 I'm quickly understanding God's word.
46:07 I'm quickly picking up on prophecy.
46:09 I'm quickly fixing up my life and becoming a better person
46:12 or God's fixing my life to become a better person.
46:14 But then I start feeling miserable
46:16 and I realized why,
46:17 because I was missing the secret ingredient, like,
46:20 you know, like mom's cooking.
46:22 I was missing the secret ingredient
46:24 to a Christian life, love.
46:28 Let me read a statement here from
46:29 "The Acts of the Apostles" page 318.
46:33 "No matter how high the profession,
46:36 he whose heart is not filled with love for God
46:39 and his fellow men..."
46:41 Notice that, and his fellow men.
46:43 "Is not a true disciple of Christ.
46:45 Though he should possess great faith
46:47 and have power even to work miracles,
46:50 yet without love his faith would be worthless.
46:54 He might display great liberality;
46:56 but should he,
46:58 from some other motive than genuine love,
47:01 bestow all his goods to feed the poor,
47:03 the act would not commend him to the favor of God.
47:07 In his zeal he might even meet a martyr's death,
47:13 yet if not actuated by love,
47:15 he would be regarded by God
47:16 as a deluded enthusiast or as an ambitious hypocrite."
47:22 Mercy, I heard that and it was actually
47:25 somebody who has preached here
47:26 foundation of faith by Dwayne Lemon.
47:29 I heard that and it brought me to tears
47:31 because I realized that I had gone from being converted
47:34 and becoming a Christian, to becoming a hypocrite.
47:38 And God told me, you know, what, you love Me,
47:41 you need to love My children or You don't love me.
47:46 John Chapter 13:35 says,
47:49 "By this shall all men know that
47:51 you are My disciples, if you," what?
47:55 "have love for one another."
47:56 He says the test of a disciple isn't your head knowledge,
47:59 it isn't how much you want to do for the Lord.
48:02 It's your love.
48:03 It's how much you reflect the character of Christ.
48:08 So returning to Genesis, we're wrapping up,
48:11 returning to Genesis Chapter 4:9.
48:16 "Then the Lord said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?"
48:22 He said, "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?"
48:30 Well, the fact that God asked the question
48:32 that He already know this, the answer to implies that,
48:35 yes, you are your brother's keeper.
48:39 But his response, I don't know.
48:43 It's not my problem.
48:46 But, friends, it is our problem,
48:49 it is our problem.
48:50 God is asking you today, where is brother so and so?
48:55 Where is sister so and so?
48:57 I know you had it falling out, where are they?
49:02 Brother so and so, last time you heard from him
49:04 was that time you had just this rift.
49:06 Where is he? Have you checked up on him?
49:08 How is he doing?
49:10 Where is that neighbor that you had a fall out with?
49:13 Where is that co-worker that you had a fall out with?
49:16 Where is that family member that you have not called?
49:20 That, either does he come to the family reunion
49:22 or you won't go to the family, the family reunion to avoid.
49:26 Where are they? It does matter to God.
49:29 It does affect your Christianity.
49:33 And I can't cover that up with all of my knowledge
49:35 and insight about the Bible.
49:38 You know, if you look around this,
49:40 this church right now, there's a lot of empty seats.
49:45 Well, never in 3ABN, right?
49:48 But in our local churches, there's always empty seats
49:51 and what do we love to say?
49:54 They're filled by the angels.
49:57 There's not an empty seat in here,
49:59 because the angles are there.
50:00 You know what?
50:01 The angels could deal with the heat outside
50:03 and with the cold outside much better than we can.
50:05 They don't mind having to stand up and hover,
50:06 as if they just fly hover over us.
50:11 God is concerned with filling the church with angels,
50:15 He wants his children there.
50:17 And when you look around those empty seats,
50:18 there's somebody who used to sit there.
50:21 There's somebody who used to sit there
50:23 who has a broken relationship that was never mended.
50:29 And their brothers and sisters should be hunting them down
50:32 just like you would hunt down the person missing
50:35 at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
50:40 As a matter of fact, there will be a whole
50:41 lot of more angels in the church.
50:44 It was God and angels accompany
50:47 those who they were protecting back into God's fold.
50:50 God is asking you today, friends.
50:52 Where is that person who used to sit on your right?
50:54 Where is that person who used to sit on your left?
50:57 Give him a call. You see how are they doing?
50:59 Let them know you love them, that the Lord loves them.
51:03 That whatever you had in your heart against them,
51:05 that you put it away,
51:07 that you put it aside, that you forgot.
51:08 Remember, what we read.
51:10 I should emphasize on it when you're ready.
51:11 It says, "If your brother has an offense against you,"
51:14 It did not even say,
51:15 if you have an offense against your brother,
51:17 because sometimes we say well,
51:18 I don't got no problem with them.
51:19 So that's their deal.
51:21 No, the Bible says, if your brother
51:22 has offense against you,
51:24 think about it right now just for a movement.
51:27 Who is it that you did not see,
51:30 either I would that you had a fight with?
51:33 Who is it that you have not talked to
51:36 that you know, you need to make things right with?
51:41 This is why the Lord is sending this message,
51:44 because we got phone calls we need to make.
51:45 We got visits that we need to do
51:47 and get things right with the Lord.
51:51 Now don't misunderstand me.
51:53 I'm not saying that you need to let people
51:54 walk all over you.
51:56 The Bible says, "To be wise as serpents,
51:59 but harmless as doves."
52:01 That means we need to wise enough to realize
52:04 when the devil's sending somebody our way and avoid it.
52:09 However, we don't need to be...
52:11 It don't say be wise as the serpent
52:13 and then attack like a serpent.
52:15 We don't needed to go off and on, two for two.
52:17 No, we need to wise enough to catch it,
52:19 but then be harmless as a dove, be led by the Holy Spirit.
52:23 Avoid that situation,
52:25 but don't harbor bitterness in your heart.
52:30 God wants us to be accountable, friends,
52:32 for our brothers and sisters.
52:33 John Chapter 1 John 3:1 says, "We are all His children."
52:42 I said heaven is going to be a big family reunion.
52:48 I believe it with all my heart.
52:51 I believe it with all my heart.
52:53 John Chapter 14:2 tells us,
52:57 "In my Father's house" Jesus tells us,
52:59 "In my Father's house are many mansions,
53:01 if it were not so, I would have told you.
53:05 I go to prepare a place for you."
53:09 Now, I know we like to think of heaven
53:11 and talk about the mansions and the streets of gold.
53:13 Do you realize that's going to be the last thing
53:14 on our minds when we get to heaven?
53:17 All we go and wanna do is be around Jesus
53:19 and be around those that we love.
53:22 That's going to be the main concern.
53:24 When somebody we love passes away,
53:27 we're not thinking about mansions, right?
53:28 We're thinking about that reunion.
53:30 But check this out.
53:32 That word for mansions, translated as mansions.
53:39 In the Greek is monay, monay.
53:44 It actually means dwellings.
53:48 So think about that.
53:50 The way that it's actually written is to say,
53:52 and I'm not trying to kill,
53:53 you're loosing about the mansions now.
53:55 You can keep dreaming about the mansions,
53:58 but what God's expression is that,
54:00 in my Father's house are many dwellings,
54:02 there's enough room in my Father's house
54:04 for everybody.
54:06 There's enough room for everybody.
54:08 But, what happens if you show up
54:10 and you're not willing to co-exist with somebody?
54:14 If you can't co-exist with somebody on this earth,
54:17 well, you know, do we get there to have him?
54:20 When God brings you in?
54:21 All right, Lord, but where is sister so and so?
54:23 Because if she's on the left, in the east wing,
54:24 I need to go to the right wing.
54:27 Oh, if she over there?
54:29 Okay, just let me know she's coming
54:31 because, I know this is heaven,
54:32 but if I come across her it's gonna be the opposite.
54:36 No. It won't work like that.
54:39 It's just like, if I was to go to my mother's house right,
54:41 for Thanksgiving.
54:43 I had a problem with my brother.
54:45 And I say, Mom, he better not be there.
54:47 I'm just letting you know now, he better not be there.
54:50 What's my mother gonna tell me?
54:53 Now, if you ain't coming here to get along,
54:56 you better not be there.
54:59 Right? We're both invited.
55:03 We're both invited as long as we both
55:05 willing to come in there and be amicable.
55:07 We got to be willing to be sit at the same table.
55:12 You know, praise the Lord,
55:13 he's gonna have a big banquet table.
55:14 I know some of you all love Thanksgiving.
55:17 God's gonna have a big banquet table
55:19 and we're gonna be there with all our loved ones.
55:21 But if you can't sit at the table
55:23 with one of your brothers and sisters now,
55:26 if you can't sit at the potluck table
55:28 with some of your brothers and sisters
55:29 from the church now,
55:31 oh, man, you're gonna miss out on the feast,
55:35 because everybody is invited
55:36 and God's coming to take all His children back.
55:40 But these things that we got to work out now,
55:44 because God's coming to take us back,
55:46 but you know, what?
55:47 That flight has no baggage check.
55:51 It's only carry on,
55:53 because you can only take one thing to heaven.
55:55 What's that? Your character.
55:58 So if your character is not resembled that of Christ,
56:00 you can't go, because some of us got
56:01 a whole lot of baggage
56:03 and we're carrying that thing around through life.
56:04 Oh, everything that ever happened to you as a kid,
56:07 every argument about debate, or debate about
56:12 theology or politics or whatever,
56:14 we're carrying that baggage around.
56:16 You know, you can't take that to heaven.
56:18 There's no way to check that. You got to check that here.
56:19 You got to handle that here.
56:22 Because the only thing you gonna take
56:24 is your character, that carry on.
56:26 So brothers and sisters, I haven't given you enough.
56:30 I'm sorry.
56:32 I know I walk around beating everybody in the head.
56:33 But, you know, what I'm really doing?
56:37 I'm reminding myself that they don't do me no good
56:41 to stay here and preach
56:43 and read God's word and to pray,
56:44 if I'm not applying this,
56:46 if I'm not get in relationships right in my life,
56:49 if I'm not fixing what needs to reconciled.
56:51 I promise you I would not be so presumptuous
56:52 as to come up here
56:55 and share a message of this nature.
56:58 Well, I'll first make, trying to make things right
57:00 and making those phone calls,
57:02 but now this is my appeal to you.
57:05 There's somebody you need to call tonight or today.
57:10 There's somebody you might need a call as soon as you get,
57:13 as soon as this message wraps up.
57:16 There's somebody you need to visit
57:19 and make right, and make things right.
57:23 Not make him right, because someone else
57:25 want to make everybody right.
57:26 I pray that you would do that,
57:27 that you would take the time to do that.
57:29 Don't let the sun go down on your wrath,
57:31 like Ephesians Chapter 4:26 says.
57:34 Make things right with your neighbor.


Revised 2017-11-26