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00:16 Hello, and welcome to Foundation of Our Faith.
00:20 My name is John Dinzey and it's a pleasure for me
00:22 to be with you during this moment
00:24 to bring to you a message that comes from God's Word
00:28 through God's chosen vessel today.
00:30 And I would like to present to you our speaker,
00:33 is Pastor Furman Fordham and he has been used by God
00:38 in different places of the world
00:40 including Melbourne, Australia, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas.
00:46 But currently, he serves as senior pastor
00:49 of the Riverside Seventh-day Adventist Church
00:51 in Nashville, Tennessee.
00:53 Now Pastor Fordham has been used by God
00:56 also to co-author a book with Eddie Polite,
01:00 called Mission Driven Ministry.
01:03 And I would like to highlight this for a moment
01:05 because it is his passion to help a church
01:08 come from just maintenance
01:10 to have a mission minded outlook
01:16 and so this is what has...
01:19 God has used him to bring about
01:22 in his ministry in a powerful way
01:24 because he depends, Pastor Fordham depends
01:27 on the Holy Spirit.
01:29 And He has been praying much for God
01:31 to using him during this hour
01:33 and we hope that you are ready with your Bible
01:36 to study the message "This Gospel",
01:39 that is the title of the message, "This Gospel".
01:41 So we encourage you to get your hearts ready
01:45 for God's blessing through Pastor Fordham.
01:47 Before that we have a song by our musical guest,
01:52 musical evangelist Sister Chavvah Lister.
01:55 Sister Chavvah Lister is a person
01:57 that is passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ
02:01 and she hopes that her music will draw people
02:05 to cling to Jesus Christ
02:06 so that they too will love the Lord
02:09 with all of their hearts.
02:10 She also not only sings but she also writes music
02:14 and as a matter of fact,
02:16 she is part of a songwriting team for the music
02:20 her group called Fighting Chance
02:22 to which she also is a member.
02:25 Her husband of course, is also a member of God's mission team.
02:29 He is a senior pastor
02:31 of the Orchard Park Seventh-day Adventist Church
02:33 and they have been blessed with two wonderful children.
02:36 I would like to encourage you
02:38 to stay with us during this hour
02:39 because we are going to be blessed.
02:42 These are God's chosen servants
02:44 and we now encourage you to join us in prayer
02:46 wherever you may be around the world.
02:48 We ask for you to pray with us.
02:50 Let us pray.
02:52 Our precious and wonderful heavenly Father,
02:56 we thank You Lord for this hour.
02:57 The hour has come for You to speak through Your children.
03:02 We pray that You will use Pastor Fordham.
03:04 We pray that through him,
03:06 you will bring a message that will touch our hearts.
03:09 We pray as well that you will use Sister Chavvah.
03:12 Bless her and use her as you have in the past.
03:15 To not only touch our hearts but to draw us close to Jesus.
03:19 And we pray that in all things
03:21 Your name will be honored and glorified.
03:24 We ask You Father for these blessings in the holy
03:27 and blessed name of Jesus.
03:30 Amen. Amen.
03:32 At this time it is a pleasure for me to tell you
03:34 that the song you're about to hear
03:35 is called Orphans of God.
03:37 May God bless you.
03:54 Who here among us
03:58 Has not been broken
04:02 Who here among us is without guilt or shame
04:09 So oft abandoned
04:13 By our transgressions
04:17 If such a thing as grace exists
04:21 Then grace was made for lives like this
04:29 There are no strangers
04:33 There are no outcasts
04:36 There are no orphans of God
04:44 So many fallen, but hallelujah
04:52 There are no orphans
04:56 Of God
05:05 Come ye, unwanted and find affection
05:12 Come all ye weary, come and lay down your head
05:19 Come ye unworthy, you are my brother
05:27 If such a thing as grace exists
05:31 Then grace was made for lives like this
05:35 There are no strangers
05:39 There are no outcasts
05:43 There are no orphans of God
05:51 So many fallen, but hallelujah
05:58 There are no orphans
06:03 Of God
06:07 O blessed Father, look down upon us
06:15 We are Your children, we need Your love
06:22 We run before Your throne of mercy
06:30 And seek Your face
06:34 To rise above
06:40 There are no strangers
06:44 No outcasts
06:48 No orphans of God
06:53 So many fallen, but hallelujah
07:01 There are no orphans
07:07 There are no strangers
07:11 No outcasts
07:15 No orphans of God
07:20 So many fallen
07:24 But hallelujah
07:32 There are no orphans
07:36 Of God
08:00 Isn't that good news?
08:02 Thank you so much Chavvah for the gospel in song.
08:06 There are no strangers,
08:09 no outsiders, no orphans with God.
08:13 Once again we praise the Lord for the gospel in the song.
08:17 Thank you Chavvah,
08:18 and thank you John for your introduction.
08:21 Welcome to the Dare to Dream family
08:25 and to our Foundation of Faith Program.
08:30 I am so excited about the opportunity
08:34 to share God's Word together with you.
08:37 The portion of scripture
08:39 that the Lord has put on my heart
08:41 is found in Matthew 24
08:45 and I want to read verse 14.
08:47 I'm going to read this
08:49 from the King James Version of the Bible.
08:53 Matthew 24:14 and it says,
08:58 "And this gospel of the kingdom
09:02 shall be preached in all the world
09:05 for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come."
09:12 And this gospel of the kingdom
09:15 shall be preached in all the world
09:18 for a witness unto all nations
09:21 and then shall the end come."
09:24 I have been entitled our message today, This Gospel.
09:29 Let's bow our heads together.
09:32 Hover over me Holy Spirit,
09:35 bathe my trembling heart and brow.
09:38 Fill me with Your hallowed presence,
09:40 come o come and fill me now.
09:43 Fill me now, fill me now, only You can fill me now.
09:49 So fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
09:52 come, please come and fill us now.
09:58 In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.
10:02 This Gospel, when I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri,
10:08 I attended a Seventh-day Adventist Church
10:12 that recited this verse every time we had worshiped.
10:18 Every Sabbath, every Saturday at the conclusion
10:22 of what we called our Sabbath school,
10:25 and just prior to our Divine Worship Service,
10:30 the congregation would stand up
10:32 and we would recite together
10:34 and this gospel of the kingdom
10:37 shall be preached in all the world
10:39 for a witness unto all nations,
10:42 and then shall the end come.
10:44 It was like our rally cry.
10:47 It was galvanizing the members, reminding them of the mission
10:52 to share the gospel with the entire world.
10:56 Even the name, our church's denomination,
11:00 Seventh-day Adventist, Advent,
11:04 it talks about the soon coming of Jesus Christ.
11:08 And we were a part of this worldwide movement
11:12 wanting to prepare individuals for Christ's return.
11:16 That's the blessed event that we're looking for,
11:19 it is what our hearts are yearning for,
11:22 and each worship service we recited this verse.
11:27 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
11:30 in all the world for a witness unto all nations,
11:34 and then the end shall come.
11:36 We would go out and we would share pamphlets,
11:39 and we would share brochures, and we would knock on doors
11:43 and ask people if they would take Bible studies,
11:46 invite people to church.
11:47 We were trying to do our part to share this gospel
11:53 believing that soon and very soon
11:56 that we would be able to hasten our Lord's return.
12:00 We were committed to preaching this gospel
12:03 so that the entire world would know
12:06 and then the end would come.
12:08 I find myself wondering, why is it taking so long?
12:13 Why has the end not come?
12:15 Why have we been preaching, and teaching, and sharing,
12:19 and evangelizing,
12:21 and still no second coming of Jesus.
12:24 I do not suggest that I have the precise answer,
12:28 I do not suggest that I have the entire answer
12:31 but I do wonder
12:32 if this portion of scripture suggests an answer.
12:37 The Bible says, "And this gospel of the kingdom
12:42 shall be preached in all the world
12:44 for a witness unto all nations,
12:47 and then the end will come."
12:49 And this gospel...
12:52 Notice Jesus didn't say and "A gospel"
12:58 or "Your gospel"
13:01 or "My gospel"
13:04 or "Any gospel,"
13:06 He said, "And this gospel."
13:09 I wonder if part of our problem in Christendom
13:15 is we are going out sharing information,
13:19 well intentioned stories,
13:21 we are doing our best at outreach and evangelism,
13:25 we are giving doctrinal communication,
13:28 but I am concerned
13:30 that we may not be preaching this gospel.
13:37 The reality is that many individuals are clueless
13:41 when it comes to what exactly this gospel
13:46 is that Jesus was referring to.
13:50 Author Caesar Kalinowski in his book The Gospel Primer,
13:55 talks about how he interviewed a group of pastors
13:59 and simply asked them what is the gospel.
14:03 And he was amazed
14:04 that their answers had nothing to do
14:08 with creation, sin, Jesus Christ, the cross,
14:15 or His coming kingdom.
14:18 They share a lot of positive information,
14:22 a lot of encouraging information,
14:24 a lot of biblical information,
14:27 but if preachers of God's Word are not clear on the gospel,
14:32 might it be true that even our members
14:36 are not clear on the gospel,
14:38 and Jesus has said, before He comes
14:42 this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
14:47 in all the world for a witness unto all nations.
14:50 I want to make sure
14:53 we understand this gospel.
14:58 The gospel simply means good news.
15:02 Right away if what you're preaching and teaching
15:05 is not good news,
15:07 I suggest that you're not preaching
15:09 and teaching the gospel.
15:11 Good news is not that if you don't do this,
15:15 you are going to hell.
15:16 Look, if you do that, you are going to hell,
15:19 that's not good news.
15:21 Good news is not what you have to do
15:25 or what I have to do,
15:27 good news is what somebody else has already done.
15:33 I am on a quest to find this gospel
15:38 and I believe that we find it first
15:41 all the way back in the beginning of the Bible.
15:45 All the way back in the Garden of Eden,
15:48 that is where we find
15:51 the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ.
15:55 That this gospel that is supposed to be preached
16:00 for a witness to all nations.
16:02 I want to take you all the way back to this gospel.
16:08 The good news of the kingdom of God
16:11 is best understood when it's contrasted
16:15 with the bad news of the kingdom of this world.
16:20 You know, good news is best understood
16:23 in contrast to bad news.
16:26 If I share with you
16:28 that I just got out of the hospital,
16:31 that's good news.
16:33 But it's good news
16:34 because I was sick and I was suffering,
16:38 it's the context of the bad news
16:41 that helps you embrace and understand the good news.
16:45 Well, the bad news was that Adam and Eve
16:49 had been tempted by the dragon,
16:52 by Satan, by the devil,
16:54 by that serpent in disguise,
16:57 they had been tempted in Genesis 3.
17:01 With his very subtle and alluring words
17:04 that if they ate of the fruit of that tree
17:08 that they would not really die.
17:12 You remember the story in Genesis 3,
17:16 Adam and Eve are in the garden
17:18 and everything that they experience
17:21 is wonderful and good.
17:24 Can you imagine an existence where everything is good?
17:30 They have no experience with disappointment, with loss.
17:36 They have no experience with back pain,
17:40 or headaches, or heartaches.
17:42 They don't even have an experience with a traffic jam
17:46 or seeing someone suffer the loss of a loved one.
17:51 Everything they experienced was good.
17:56 And then Satan is suggesting that,
18:01 this warning that they were given to refrain
18:05 from eating of the tree of the knowledge
18:08 of good and evil.
18:10 Satan is suggesting that that warning
18:13 is not to be believed or received
18:17 the truth he says,
18:19 is that God knows that if you eat of it
18:22 you'll become come like Him,
18:24 knowing good and evil.
18:26 Suggesting that evil is something worth knowing,
18:29 suggesting that God is trying to hide from them
18:33 something that they would desire to have for themselves.
18:37 Satan is suggesting for the first time
18:40 that there is something about God that isn't good.
18:45 He's suggesting that God doesn't have the best interest
18:48 of His creatures in mind,
18:50 that He's trying to scare them
18:52 away from partaking of this fruit.
18:54 Suggesting that if they eat, they will die
18:59 and Satan is saying, if they eat, they will expand
19:03 and then they will increase, and they will become like God.
19:07 Satan is challenging them to distrust God.
19:12 And the bad news is that they bought it.
19:18 Moment that they made that decision to distrust God
19:25 and to put their trust in Satan,
19:27 the moment that they set their minds to disobey God,
19:32 all of the goodness that they experienced vanish,
19:37 their relationship with one another
19:41 is now becoming unhinged.
19:44 They're blaming each other and accusing each other,
19:47 they have a new feeling that they never felt before.
19:51 This guilt and this shame
19:53 and now they're experiencing fear.
19:55 They did not know what this death thing was
19:59 but they're scared to death because it's about to come.
20:03 And here they are standing before God now
20:08 worried about what He is going to say.
20:11 He has come and He is looking for Adam and Eve.
20:15 They are hiding in the garden in their fig leaves
20:19 in an effort to cover up their nakedness.
20:24 And they come before God,
20:26 and when He asks them what they've done,
20:28 they blame each other, they try to justify,
20:32 they do whatever they can to escape this condemnation.
20:36 But they know that the penalty of death is about to come
20:41 and it's at this precise point
20:44 in the context of the bad news
20:48 that Adam and Eve hear good news.
20:53 Follow me in Genesis 3
20:55 and listen to what the Bible says
20:58 beginning with verse 15.
21:01 The Bible has God speaking not to Adam and Eve,
21:06 but speaking to the serpent who did this.
21:10 The Bible says beginning with verse 14,
21:14 "And the Lord God said to the serpent,
21:16 "Because you have done this,
21:18 you are cursed above all cattle,
21:21 and above every beast of the field.
21:23 Upon your belly you shall go,
21:25 and thus shall you eat all the days of your life."
21:28 And I will put enmity, resistance,
21:33 some tension between you serpent,
21:37 between you Satan,
21:39 I will put some tension, some resistance,
21:42 some enmity between you Satan and the woman
21:48 and between your seed and her seed.
21:52 God is saying, I'm going to put some tension, some resistance,
21:56 some animosity, some enmity between you Satan
22:01 and between the woman,
22:03 and between your seed Satan,
22:06 your offspring that which you produced
22:11 and between the woman's seed, the woman's offspring,
22:16 what the woman produces.
22:19 What is happening now to Adam and Eve,
22:23 they were expecting to receive words of death
22:28 but they actually are hearing words of life.
22:33 The woman is going to have a seed.
22:37 Whatever this death penalty is,
22:42 it either has been averted,
22:45 or avoided, or put on pause
22:49 because the woman's going to have a seed.
22:53 She's going to procreate and then the Bible says
22:58 that that seed, a specific seed,
23:02 a certain seed,
23:04 I will put enmity between you, Satan and the woman,
23:08 and between her seed,
23:11 between your seed and her seed.
23:13 It a specific seed, an individual seed,
23:18 a particular seed.
23:21 The word seed can be plural, talking about a bunch of seed,
23:26 we have many seeds,
23:27 or it can be singular, a particular seed.
23:32 This is speaking of a particular descendant,
23:37 a specific descendant.
23:40 God is announcing that the woman
23:44 will have a specific child,
23:47 and that child
23:49 will actually crush, and conquer,
23:54 and will actually destroy the head of the serpent
24:00 that just conquered and crushed Adam and Eve.
24:05 What I'm wanting us to understand is that
24:09 while Adam and Eve are standing before the tribunal of God
24:15 awaiting the condemning sentence of death.
24:19 The first thing they hear are words of hope
24:24 that a child will be born, that a Redeemer will come,
24:29 that a Savior will appear.
24:32 The Bible says in further prophecies
24:35 that His name shall be called Jesus,
24:39 for He will save His people from their sins.
24:43 Emmanuel, God with us,
24:47 this is the first prophecy of good news
24:53 and it comes in the garden
24:55 when Adam and Eve are facing certain death.
25:00 They are being told
25:04 that the woman will give birth to a child
25:07 and that that child will conquer
25:12 that that child will crush the head of the serpent.
25:18 The very serpent that conquered them,
25:23 that beguiled them, that tempted and corrode them
25:28 will be corrode and conquered by a descendent of them.
25:34 This is a prophecy that someone else is going to come
25:41 and he's going to conquer the kingdom of Satan.
25:47 What I want us to see
25:49 is that the gospel is the good news
25:52 that Jesus is going to pay our penalty.
25:58 Notice what happens next in the story.
26:01 The Bible says that that the serpent is going to be
26:05 engaged in this volatile battle
26:08 with the woman and her descendants
26:10 and there will be enmity and resistance.
26:13 But then the Bible says
26:14 that one descendant is going to crush the serpent's head,
26:19 going to bruise his head.
26:21 When you bruise the head of a snake,
26:23 you've conquered it and you crushed it.
26:25 But in the meantime, it says
26:27 his heel will be scraped or scratched.
26:32 What did the Bible say in Isaiah 53?
26:35 "He was wounded for our transgressions."
26:39 He was bruised for our iniquities.
26:42 This is a prophecy letting us know
26:46 that while Jesus comes to save,
26:49 He will be scratched, He will be scraped,
26:53 He will get damaged in the scuffle.
26:57 Because the way that Jesus would save,
27:01 is by laying down His life
27:04 for the lives of His children.
27:08 The good news of the gospel
27:10 is that Jesus is paying our penalty,
27:17 it's seen more forcibly.
27:21 When we go
27:22 to Genesis 3:21,
27:28 the Bible says, "Unto Adam and his wife,
27:34 the Lord God make coats of skin,
27:40 and clothed them."
27:44 Adam and Eve were standing
27:48 in their fig leaf garments.
27:52 The garments that they made
27:54 in an effort to cover their nakedness.
27:58 And now the Bible says in Genesis 3:21
28:02 that the Lord God made garments of skin,
28:06 coats of skin and clothed them.
28:10 Not exactly sure what a garment of skin is,
28:13 what a coat of skin is,
28:16 He may have made them a leather jacket,
28:19 or a sheep skin coat.
28:22 This is referring to the skin of an animal.
28:29 That means that something died
28:35 and it was not them.
28:40 What I need us to visualize is that Adam and Eve
28:44 for the first time are taking a lamb,
28:48 and they are seeing that a knife is being raised
28:53 and it's landing at the throat of the lamb.
28:57 As the blood gushes out and the life gushes out,
29:02 they have visual evident
29:05 for the first time in history of what death is.
29:10 And it dawns on them, it was supposed to be there's.
29:16 The Bible is preaching,
29:19 it's prophesying
29:22 that Jesus is gonna pay our penalty.
29:27 The Bible says,
29:28 "He's the lamb slain from the foundation of the world."
29:33 All throughout Old Testament history,
29:36 those that came to worship would bring a lamb
29:39 and they would bring a spotless lamb,
29:42 a blameless lamb, a sinless lamb,
29:47 and they would place their hands
29:49 on the head of the lamb.
29:51 They would confess their sin, confess their shame,
29:56 all in a way to transfer the guilt of the sinner
30:02 on to the head of the eventual sacrifice.
30:06 And this took place year after year.
30:10 Thousands of lambs slain, thousands of bulls slaughtered
30:15 all forecasting one specific sacrifice,
30:20 that seed that would come,
30:23 who would crush the serpent's head,
30:25 and would get his heel scraped.
30:28 And when Jesus emerges, John says,
30:32 "Behold, the lamb of God
30:35 who takes away the sin of the world."
30:37 Jesus came to pay our penalty
30:43 and that's the gospel
30:47 and it's good news.
30:51 You imagine that you've been busted
30:55 for some heinous sin,
31:00 you and I concocted a plan
31:02 to set up target practice outside of an elementary school
31:07 and when the children come out,
31:09 we shoot them down in cold blood.
31:13 I remember quite a few years ago,
31:15 I was pastoring in Charleston, Missouri
31:19 not too far from Paducah, Kentucky
31:22 nearby where this program is being taped.
31:26 And it was the first school shooting,
31:28 that massacre that took place in Paducah
31:31 where lives were gunned down needlessly and violently,
31:37 and the individuals were apprehended
31:40 and taken to court and tried.
31:43 Now you imagine that we are those individuals.
31:48 We are standing in court with our orange jumpsuits on,
31:53 handcuffed, and standing before the judge
31:57 guilty of this crime.
32:01 Then the judge gives the sentence, death penalty.
32:07 There's nothing that we can do, we deserve the condemnation
32:11 and the bailiff is about to take us out
32:15 so that we can make our way to the electric chair.
32:18 But then imagine that the judge stands up,
32:25 takes off his robe
32:28 and tells the bailiff to handcuff us
32:34 and to handcuff him instead
32:37 because he, the righteous judge
32:42 is going to pay our death penalty.
32:46 That wouldn't be good news, that would be great news.
32:51 Amazing news, phenomenal news,
32:54 and the gospel is good news.
32:59 Jesus is paying our penalty,
33:03 the penalty that we justly deserve.
33:06 We chose to separate ourselves from God,
33:10 we chose to distrust Him,
33:12 we chose to live life on our own,
33:15 and the just penalty, the wage of sin is death, yet,
33:22 God in Christ
33:24 is choosing to die for us.
33:30 Imagine that we go out to eat and rack up some huge bill
33:35 and realize that we have nothing to pay
33:38 and someone drops down their American express card.
33:43 All I'm trying to say is Jesus is paying our penalty.
33:49 Adam and Eve in the garden
33:52 were receiving the prophetic preached gospel
33:57 that Jesus was gonna pay their penalty.
34:00 And that is this gospel that must be preached
34:05 in all the world for a witness unto all nations,
34:09 and then the end will come.
34:11 People need to know the good news
34:14 that our penalty has been paid.
34:17 I don't have to pay my penalty
34:20 with laborious works of service.
34:23 I don't have to buy my efforts at goodness, pay for my wrong.
34:29 I don't have to convince God that I deserve salvation
34:34 by trying to live according to His holy law.
34:38 No, the good news of the gospel
34:41 is that my penalty has already been paid.
34:47 But there's more.
34:49 The good news of the gospel is that He pays my penalty
34:54 and provides my righteousness.
34:58 Go back to the Garden of Eden scenario.
35:01 Adam and Eve are dressed
35:05 in their fig leaves.
35:09 These fig leaves are symbolic of their effort
35:14 to cover their nakedness.
35:20 Nakedness is not something
35:23 that should just be understood
35:25 from a physical perspective,
35:28 this is a soul nakedness.
35:30 The Bible said in Genesis 2 that they were naked already,
35:35 they just weren't ashamed,
35:36 now they are naked and ashamed.
35:40 They feel guilt, and shame, and embarrassment not
35:45 because they are unclothed
35:48 but because they are unrighteous.
35:52 So in an effort to make themselves righteous,
35:58 in an effort to make themselves holy,
36:02 in an effort to make themselves fit to stand
36:07 before the all searching eye of the King of kings
36:12 and the Lord of lords,
36:13 they start working with their hands
36:18 to cover their unrighteousness
36:21 believing that they can make themselves righteous.
36:27 And Genesis 3:21 says
36:31 that God, knowing that these fig leaves
36:36 would wither away in a week or two,
36:42 knowing that their sin would not be sufficiently covered
36:47 by works of their own righteousness.
36:51 God, knowing that nothing can make us righteous,
36:57 save the spotless garment of Jesus' righteousness.
37:04 God made coats of skin
37:10 and clothed them.
37:13 This means that God literally
37:16 is skinning the animal
37:21 and then putting the skin on them.
37:26 I hope that you are seeing the good news of the gospel.
37:30 Not only did the animal pay their penalty
37:37 but the animal skin is covering them,
37:41 it's clothing them.
37:44 Jesus is the lamb slain
37:47 from the foundation of the world,
37:49 His death pays our penalty
37:52 but Jesus is also that holy one,
37:56 that all righteous one, the one who never knew sin
38:02 and never gave into sin.
38:04 He was tempted in all points like as we are,
38:08 yet without sin, He is the one that could say
38:12 when Satan was coming, he has nothing in me.
38:16 Jesus' death pays our penalty,
38:20 but Jesus' life provides our righteousness.
38:27 And God strips away
38:31 Adam and Eve's fig leaves
38:35 and covers them
38:37 with the garments of the lamb that was slain.
38:42 This is the gospel.
38:45 The Bible is saying
38:47 that I'm not saved by my righteousness,
38:50 by my efforts, by my attempt to holiness.
38:55 No, I am saved, Romans 5:18, 19,
39:01 "Because of the obedience of one,
39:05 Jesus lived righteously
39:07 and He clothes me with his righteousness."
39:11 What does Isaiah 64:6 say?
39:15 Our righteousness is filthy rags.
39:20 The best that I can provide
39:24 is called filthy rags.
39:27 My church going, my tithe returning,
39:32 my Sabbath keeping,
39:34 my health reform,
39:37 my efforts at morality.
39:39 The Bible says,
39:41 "Our righteousness is filthy rags."
39:44 But the Bible says in Isaiah 61:10
39:49 that He clothed me
39:51 with the garments of righteousness.
39:55 We are like that prodigal son
39:58 filthy because of our sins
40:00 and filthy because of our stains.
40:03 But when we come home to the father
40:06 he says, "Bring the best robe."
40:10 And he covers us with His righteousness.
40:17 Malachi 3:1-3 talks about
40:23 how we ought to be these Levites
40:26 who will offer Him
40:28 and it's offering of righteousness
40:31 and we offer Him this offering of righteousness
40:34 because He purifies us, and He purges us,
40:39 and He covers us and clothes us
40:43 so that we can offer an offering of righteousness.
40:49 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:30,
40:53 "He is our righteousness.
40:56 He is our sanctification."
40:59 The good news of the gospel is that He pays my penalty
41:06 and He provides my righteousness,
41:10 and that is this gospel
41:14 that must be preached in all the world
41:18 for a witness unto all nations,
41:21 and then the savior will come.
41:25 And if we're honest with ourselves,
41:29 as Christians too frequently
41:32 we've preached a different gospel.
41:35 We've given people the impression
41:38 that Jesus may have paid for their past sin
41:44 but it's their responsibility now
41:47 to live for Him.
41:48 That we must live righteously,
41:51 that we must live holy in our own power.
41:55 If you appreciate what Jesus has done for you,
41:58 you must live righteously, you must live holy.
42:02 I want you to know, that's not good news
42:06 because the truth is,
42:07 I can't live righteously
42:11 and I can't live holy.
42:15 The Bible is communicating
42:19 that Jesus' death pays my penalty
42:25 and Jesus' life provides my righteousness.
42:30 Let me share it with you in Romans 5.
42:34 Take your Bibles and go to Romans 5
42:37 and I want you to see
42:38 how this gospel is communicated in verses 6-8.
42:43 I'm in Romans 5
42:46 now in the New King James Version of the Bible.
42:49 Verse 6 says, "For when we were still without strength..."
42:56 Still unable to produce righteousness,
43:02 still unable to live holy,
43:06 still unable to live consistent
43:10 with God's Ten Commandment law of love,
43:13 when we were still without strength,
43:17 in due time Christ died for the ungodly.
43:23 Christ died for the wretched, the raunchy.
43:29 Christ died for the unrighteous,
43:32 He paid our penalty, it says in verse 7,
43:36 "For scarcely for a righteous man will one die,
43:39 yet perhaps for good man
43:42 someone would even dare to die."
43:44 But God demonstrates His own love toward us,
43:49 in that while we were yet sinners.
43:52 I don't know if you are grasping this.
43:55 God shared His love with us.
43:58 God demonstrated His love with us.
44:00 And while we were yet sinners,
44:03 we were still rebelling against Him,
44:06 still fighting against Him,
44:08 still apathetic toward Him, still angry at Him.
44:12 While we were in the midst of our illicit activity,
44:17 Christ was in the midst of His salvific activity.
44:22 God demonstrated His love toward us,
44:25 in that while we were yet sinners,
44:28 Christ died for us,
44:30 that's the paying of the penalty.
44:34 But then the Bible says in verse 9,
44:38 there's much more having now
44:43 been justified by His blood
44:47 that's Him paying the penalty,
44:49 that's Jesus' death
44:51 much more having now been justified by His blood.
44:56 We shall be saved from wrath through Him,
45:01 for if when we were enemies,
45:03 we were reconciled to God through the death of His son
45:07 much more having been reconciled
45:11 we shall be saved by His life.
45:15 The death pays our penalty,
45:18 the life provides our righteousness,
45:22 and friend of mine, that's good news.
45:28 I find myself more and more, not just praising God
45:33 that He paid my penalty,
45:36 but praising God that He provides my righteousness.
45:41 He is promising to put His robe of righteousness on me
45:46 and put His Spirit in me.
45:50 Bible says in Ezekiel 36
45:55 that He's going to put a new heart within me
45:59 and a new mind within me.
46:02 He's gonna put His Spirit upon me
46:05 and cause me to keep His commandments and do them.
46:10 Christ is my righteousness.
46:15 The good news of the gospel is that He paid my penalty
46:20 and He provides my righteousness.
46:24 One final aspect of the gospel that is good news
46:29 is that He promises me
46:32 everlasting life now.
46:36 Go back to the Garden of Eden,
46:40 Adam and Eve are no longer standing fearful,
46:45 worried about their condemnation,
46:48 Jesus is going to pay their penalty.
46:51 No longer are they covered
46:54 in their attempt to make themselves righteous,
46:57 their fig leaved garments, no.
47:00 They've been clothed with the skin of that lamb
47:06 Jesus has provided their righteousness,
47:11 but they have also been exited out of the garden,
47:16 told that they have to leave this garden home.
47:21 Cherubim, angels with flaming swords
47:24 are put at the entrance to the garden
47:27 to guard its way while Adam and Eve are banished
47:32 to live throughout the rest of the earth
47:35 separated from access
47:38 to the garden and the tree of life.
47:41 God had said, "Dust you are and to dust you shall return."
47:47 Adam and Eve have to live with the reality
47:52 that their life is going to end in death.
47:58 The wage of sin is death, and they are going to die.
48:05 But the gift of God
48:10 is eternal life
48:13 and it comes through Jesus Christ.
48:16 Not only does He pay our penalty
48:20 and that's the good news of the gospel,
48:23 the good news of this gospel,
48:25 not only does He provide our righteousness
48:28 and that's the good news of the gospel,
48:31 that's the good news of this gospel.
48:34 But He promises them everlasting life
48:38 and He promises it now.
48:44 Bible says that he that hath the son
48:46 has everlasting life
48:50 and would not come into condemnation,
48:54 but has passed from death to life.
48:57 That's what Jesus could say,
49:00 "Do not fear those who attack the body
49:04 and kill the body,
49:06 but cannot kill the soul
49:09 because we have everlasting life.
49:13 What Jesus has promised is as good as gold.
49:18 God calls things that are not as though they were
49:22 and He promises us everlasting life.
49:26 And when God promises it, I have it.
49:31 That's why John the Revelator
49:34 at the close of scripture
49:39 articulates his vision, thus saying,
49:42 "I saw a new heaven and a new earth."
49:47 For the first heaven
49:49 and the first earth were passed away
49:51 and there was no more sea.
49:53 John is on the Island of Patmos when he gets this vision.
49:58 He's been placed there
49:59 because he was preaching the Word of God.
50:02 He's on an Island of Patmos prison
50:06 almost like our Alcatraz,
50:08 he separated from all of the Christians
50:11 on the mainland
50:13 and all he surrounded by is the sea.
50:17 But in this vision he sees a new heaven and a new earth,
50:22 and the first heaven
50:23 and the first earth had passed away
50:26 and there's no more sea,
50:28 no more distance separating him from the mainland,
50:32 no more distance separating him from his homeland.
50:37 And God is saying to John,
50:41 "I'm going to make a new heaven and a new earth,
50:45 and the old heaven and the old earth
50:47 will pass away with all of its sin,
50:50 and all of its suffering,
50:51 and all of its shame, and all of its degradation.
50:55 And there will be no more distance,
50:57 no more separation between my people and Me."
51:03 But the Bible says
51:04 that, that New Jerusalem showed to sin
51:10 and it's going to be like a bride adorned for her husband
51:15 and the tabernacle of God,
51:17 the dwelling place of God is gonna be with man
51:21 and we're gonna be with Him.
51:23 We're going to be His people and He's going to be our God.
51:27 We're going to be reunited in this relationship with God.
51:32 And as John continues to share his vision
51:36 in Revelation 21 and then Revelation 22,
51:39 he describes the tree of life
51:44 that will be in that new heaven
51:46 and that new earth.
51:48 That tree of life is symbolizing
51:52 that the human family
51:54 will now have access to everlasting life.
52:01 Because the good news of the gospel
52:05 is that He pays our penalty,
52:08 He provides our righteousness,
52:12 and He promises us everlasting life,
52:17 and we have it as a gift now.
52:23 And the gospel,
52:25 this gospel of the kingdom of God,
52:30 the new reign of God,
52:32 the power of God to conquer Satan's kingdom
52:37 and to wrest us from his rulership
52:40 to take off those chains that have bound us
52:44 and restricted us
52:45 and that take us down to death.
52:48 He has thrown them away
52:51 and initiated the entrance into His everlasting kingdom.
52:57 The good news of the gospel is the good news
53:01 that Jesus has come and He's paid our penalty.
53:06 He's provided our righteousness,
53:09 and He promises us everlasting life now.
53:15 And He gives it to us as a gift.
53:22 Wages of sin is death,
53:25 but the gift of God is eternal life,
53:32 and it comes through Jesus Christ.
53:35 This is the gospel,
53:39 this is the good news that men, and women,
53:44 and boys, and girls are hungering for
53:47 and thirsting for.
53:49 Sinners who are beaten down
53:52 and broken down
53:54 with the damaging consequences of sin,
53:57 sinners who are on their way to death
54:02 don't need a gospel
54:04 that demands what they must do,
54:06 when it's something they haven't the power to do.
54:10 They don't need a gospel that banishes them to hell.
54:14 They don't need a gospel that defines righteousness
54:18 as something they must produce.
54:21 That is bad news, horrific news,
54:24 negative news, bondaging news.
54:30 But the good news of the gospel,
54:34 this gospel that Jesus loved us so much
54:40 that He paid our penalty.
54:44 That Jesus understands our frailties so much
54:48 that He provides our righteousness
54:52 and that Jesus said,
54:54 "I will that they be with Me where I am."
55:01 That He wants to live with us
55:04 forever and ever and ever.
55:08 So He promises us everlasting life.
55:13 This gospel is good news
55:17 and it must be preached,
55:21 has to be preached in all the world
55:25 for a witness unto all nations,
55:28 and when this good news is preached,
55:31 when people know that God is a God of love,
55:35 God is a God of redeeming power.
55:38 God is a savior who took care of the sin problem.
55:43 When this gospel is preached in all the world
55:47 for a witness unto all nations,
55:49 men will want Him to come.
55:54 Oh, I pray that you would join me
55:57 in preaching this gospel.
56:01 Not another gospel,
56:04 not a water downed gospel,
56:07 not a works oriented gospel,
56:10 not a legalistic gospel,
56:12 but this gospel,
56:14 the good news of the kingdom of God.
56:20 I invite you to pray with me.
56:21 Dear heavenly Father,
56:23 oh, Lord, we thank You for this gospel
56:27 and we ask that the good news might perform its work in us.
56:33 Oh, God make us appreciative that You have paid our penalty.
56:38 Oh, Lord, allow us to experience
56:41 you providing and producing our righteousness
56:46 and we praise You
56:48 that You have promised us everlasting life
56:51 and we have it now.
56:54 Now empower us
56:56 to share this gospel of the kingdom
57:03 to all nations
57:06 so that the end may come.
57:09 In the name of Jesus, we pray.
57:12 Amen.
57:14 I trust that you appreciate this gospel.
57:20 And I encourage you to go and share this gospel.


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