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00:01 Welcome to "For Guys Only,"
00:02 a program that deals with topics
00:04 specifically targeted for the urban man.
00:06 I'm Pastor William Lee, and I'm so thankful that
00:08 you've joined us yet for another episode on today.
00:11 Today, we have a very interesting
00:13 but yet challenging topic.
00:15 Today, we're going to talk about sexual addiction.
00:18 I challenge you even right now to open up your heart
00:20 as we go and listen to what God has to say to us on today.
00:41 Gentlemen, just want to welcome you again
00:43 to another broadcast today.
00:45 We are so thankful that
00:46 we are able to be here to discuss issues
00:49 that are pertinent to the urban man.
00:51 I just want to begin just discussing
00:53 a little bit of our background
00:55 a little bit so that our viewers
00:56 can understand our perspective and where we're coming from.
00:58 Let me start with you, Brandon.
01:01 Okay, my name is Brandon Dent.
01:03 And I am a retired auto executive.
01:06 I worked in the industry 27 years,
01:09 and now I'm running my own marketing company.
01:12 And I'm married, 27 years as well.
01:15 I've raised two sons
01:16 and I have a teenage daughter at home
01:18 and I'm happy to be on the program today.
01:20 All right, thank you, Brandon. My name is Colin King.
01:23 I'm a clinical psychologist.
01:26 I've worked with various clinical syndromes,
01:30 substance abuse, sexual abuse,
01:33 violence against women and against children
01:36 for the past 17 years.
01:38 I have two children, teenage children.
01:41 And I've been married for 21 years.
01:43 All right, very good. Thank you, Dr. King.
01:46 My name is Muta Mwenya.
01:47 And I am director for Elijah 3 Ministries,
01:50 urban youth evangelism ministry.
01:53 I've been working in the urban community
01:55 for the past five years.
01:57 And I'm married, I have two children.
02:00 And I've been married for seven years, yeah.
02:02 Okay. Well, good.
02:04 Good, good. Thank you so much, Muta.
02:05 And myself, of course, I'm Pastor William Lee.
02:08 Pastor of the Capital City Seventh-day church
02:10 in Indianapolis, Indiana, part of the lake region
02:13 conference of Seventh-day Adventist.
02:15 Like you, Muta, I've been married
02:16 for seven years to the love of my life
02:18 and we have two children as well.
02:21 Let's kind of just kind of jump in it right now
02:24 because we know that this topic,
02:27 this discussion is the one that it must be had in the time
02:31 that we're living in right now, sexual addiction.
02:34 Our statistic that one says that
02:36 one out of five men deal with pornography,
02:40 one out of five Christian men that is deal with pornography.
02:44 This is something that's eating up marriages,
02:46 something that's eating up our spiritual lives.
02:49 And we just want to be
02:51 able to have a discussion to recognize that
02:53 that there is power in victory in Jesus Christ
02:56 as we go forward.
02:57 Let me read a scripture as well.
03:00 Apostle Paul says in Colossians 3:5-7,
03:03 the Bible says, "Put to death, therefore,
03:05 whatever brings to your earthly nature,
03:08 sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires,
03:12 and greed, which is idolatry.
03:14 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.
03:18 You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived".
03:22 Paul says that, you know, these vices, you know,
03:25 they use to wrap their arms around
03:27 and so to speak.
03:29 But now, you know,
03:30 they're walking the newness of life.
03:32 So we have a glimpse of hope in scripture that
03:35 the sins that have or the addictions
03:38 that have maybe wrapped their arms around men
03:41 before that they can have a victory.
03:43 Let's kind of drill down
03:45 and have that discussion right now.
03:47 Dr. King, can you give us
03:48 maybe a little bit of a historical perspective
03:51 maybe as relates to sexual sins?
03:54 Yeah, let me start, first of all,
03:56 with the violence as a whole.
03:58 Okay.
03:59 By the time our children, your child,
04:02 my child starts elementary school,
04:05 he or she would have witnessed 8,000 murders on TV
04:11 and 100,000 acts of violence.
04:15 Now by the time they turned 18,
04:18 they would have witnessed 32,000 murders on TV
04:23 and 40,000 attempted murders.
04:28 Sexual addiction and scenes of pornography
04:33 supersedes in terms of quantity,
04:38 acts of murder because we are inundated
04:43 with scenes of different sexual positions.
04:50 Let me give you an example.
04:52 And this is why this problem is going to become an epidemic.
04:57 Now you cannot buy a phone,
05:01 let's say, an iPhone or a Blackberry
05:04 without a data package.
05:08 We know that, right? Right.
05:09 And I see kids now with iPhones and Blackberries.
05:14 And so they now have instant access
05:18 to pornography.
05:20 And for whatever reason,
05:22 the devil has capitalized on that
05:26 and he has made it
05:27 so available that our young boys
05:30 and our young girls are constantly,
05:33 moment by moment,
05:34 inundated with scenes of pornography.
05:40 Sexting has also become a huge issue where your child,
05:45 my child will receive sex messages from friends
05:49 or from total strangers.
05:51 And as a result of that,
05:54 it's now easier to become addicted.
05:56 God created us, in our brain structure,
06:02 there is a section called the limbic system.
06:06 And in that system is a tiny structure called
06:09 the amygdale, and that is responsible
06:12 for capturing pleasurable scenes
06:15 or memories.
06:17 For instance, if I asked you,
06:19 where were you on 9/11
06:21 when the planes hit the Twin Towers?
06:23 You can tell me exactly where you were
06:25 and what you were doing
06:27 because the amygdala captured that picture, that image.
06:31 Well, it's the same structure
06:33 that is responsible for addiction.
06:36 And now that pornography
06:38 and these scenes are so readily available,
06:41 like it or not,
06:42 those scenes are being captured,
06:45 they're being trapped,
06:46 and they're being replayed in the amygdala.
06:50 Now, Dr. King, you've mentioned sexting,
06:53 and I want you to discuss a little bit more
06:55 because you said that, you know, our young people
06:57 with their phones can receive messages,
07:00 you know, from strangers or from people they know,
07:04 that brought a red flag in my mind,
07:05 what do you mean by this whole notion of sexting?
07:08 Well, it's the idea of sending
07:12 or receiving images on one's cell phone.
07:18 As you know, most of our kids have cell phones,
07:22 and cell phones not just with data package
07:25 but with the ability to receive and send text.
07:27 And I was watching one stat which says that
07:30 every child on an average will receive
07:33 about one sex message per day.
07:37 And that is simply receiving some type of a nude person,
07:42 a suggestive message,
07:46 maybe even an obscene remark
07:48 from one of their friends or a total stranger.
07:51 You know, what's amazing is that,
07:53 you know, with my email account,
07:55 you know, in my junk mail or even in my inbox,
07:59 it's not uncommon, I think,
08:01 you know, most people experience
08:03 this where they get a total, you know,
08:05 a message from a stranger.
08:07 And if you click on that message,
08:09 it looks innocent,
08:10 but it may be a pornographic scene,
08:13 it may be some kind of advertisement
08:16 that's going to captivate you right away.
08:19 And I think what the devil has done
08:22 and what he really wants to do is to get people,
08:24 especially young people,
08:25 exposed, you know, just to get their eyes
08:28 because the Bible says that, you know,
08:30 when Adam and Eve sinned, their eyes were opened.
08:33 And they were able to see that they were naked at that point.
08:36 And I think it goes from the beginning of sin
08:39 to we are right now.
08:40 And I think we had to be so careful,
08:42 especially as parents that are watching right now,
08:45 with your children, with your email addresses,
08:47 with your cell phones, you know, as a parent,
08:50 you know, I'm thinking right now,
08:51 you know, my son is just five years old,
08:53 but if, you know, he's older,
08:54 let me start checking this right now.
08:56 Let me, you know, if I'm paying the bill,
08:57 especially let me make sure that,
08:58 you know, everything that's going on is right
09:01 and that they are not being exposed to things
09:03 that are contrary to our belief system.
09:07 And the issue is that, you know,
09:09 sex was created by God.
09:10 Right.
09:12 So sex was meant to be addictive.
09:13 Right.
09:15 The same parts of the brain that are responsible
09:18 for religious thinking are the same parts
09:22 that are responsible for sexual activity,
09:25 which is why, which is why it's easy
09:28 and natural for us
09:30 to get into habit of devotion or prayer
09:34 and repeat, you know, daily, you know,
09:36 how many times a day do you pray?
09:38 I don't know, maybe two, three times a day?
09:40 It's repetitive, it's addictive,
09:44 but that's the same part of the brain
09:46 that is responsible for sexual addiction.
09:49 Okay. Okay.
09:50 I'm glad you stopped right there.
09:52 As we opened up a little bit more
09:53 that we do recognize that,
09:54 you know, sex is created by God,
09:57 and He wants it to be confound within the parameters,
10:00 the right parameters
10:02 between a married husband and wife
10:05 and is to be enjoyable in those parameters.
10:07 But when we stepped outside of those parameters
10:10 and started doing things our own way, you know,
10:13 the Bible says in Genesis 6:5 that
10:15 man had become so wicked that they started conceiving
10:19 things in their mind and began to act out
10:21 in our world today.
10:22 And I think is just what we're seeing today
10:24 is part of that wickedness
10:27 that started way back then as well.
10:30 Let's go talk a little bit more about pornography
10:33 and its effects upon men,
10:36 especially there's a man right now,
10:39 I may had said it earlier, one out of five Christian men,
10:41 this is what it says, are addicted to pornography.
10:45 Why is it so gripping?
10:46 I know you talked about it a little bit,
10:48 but what else is there?
10:50 You know, what effect does it have upon the mind
10:52 and the heart of an individual?
10:53 You see, even before we go there,
10:56 why is it so addictive?
10:58 It is because there's a sense of anonymity,
11:01 you know, especially using the computer.
11:04 So you have a sense that you may be alone,
11:06 it's after midnight or whatever time,
11:08 no one else is aware and so you are in the privacy
11:12 of your bedroom or home office or whatever it is.
11:16 And you have this false sense that you're alone
11:19 and no one else is aware.
11:22 So there's this false sense of security.
11:26 And the problem is,
11:27 once you engage in the activity,
11:30 it can become addictive.
11:33 And then you want to go back again
11:35 and again and again.
11:37 And as in the case of any addiction,
11:40 you need more to produce the same feeling of elation.
11:46 Just like if you're taking crack cocaine,
11:48 just like if you're drinking alcohol
11:50 or smoking marijuana, you begin to develop
11:54 what we call tolerance.
11:56 So if you are viewing the site two times a day,
12:00 now you need to view the site
12:02 three, four, five, six times a day
12:04 to get the same high.
12:06 And that's the problem. Okay. Okay.
12:08 Brandon, you know,
12:09 as you have raised two adult boys,
12:13 you know, they're very successful,
12:16 even right now, what have been
12:17 some of the steps that you've taken,
12:18 especially, you know,
12:20 did you have a talk with your boy, so to speak?
12:22 Did you talk about sexual things
12:24 so that they will know proper parameters
12:27 to deal with as relates to their body,
12:29 especially being the temple of God?
12:31 Yeah.
12:32 One of the things that I recognized early on
12:35 is that the point in time
12:38 where we, good Christian folks,
12:40 think it's good to start having those discussions
12:43 are actually too late
12:44 because the other side is not waiting that long
12:50 to get their legs in
12:52 with all these concepts of inordinate affections
12:55 and all this other kind of stuff.
12:57 So when my children were in elementary school,
13:01 there were, you know, I would phase it in,
13:04 there were certain things
13:05 that I would start to share with them.
13:07 And then I remember my youngest son, Brian,
13:12 he was in the third grade,
13:13 he said, "Daddy, where does babies come from?"
13:15 I gave him the entire story. Oh, wow.
13:18 I talked about, you know, how God designed men and women
13:23 to procreate and gave him the entire story.
13:27 I did it in a sense where he could appreciate it.
13:31 And I think I have found myself coming in pretty early
13:35 with my children to give them the story.
13:39 There are a few other things that we've done.
13:42 We try to really scan what comes in our house
13:44 in terms of advertisements, magazines,
13:49 even catalogues from stores
13:52 'cause they have underwear sections in them
13:54 and things like that.
13:55 We try to really scan that and make sure that
13:58 we don't have any of that stuff in our home.
14:00 It may come in,
14:01 we try to get it out of the way.
14:04 The other thing is we didn't give them phones
14:08 until they went away to college.
14:09 Okay. Okay.
14:11 We were seemed a bit stringent.
14:14 But my sons tell me now,
14:15 you know, "It's the right thing to do."
14:17 And now that they have a sister at home,
14:19 they're saying, "Do the same thing with her.
14:22 Do the same thing with her." Okay.
14:25 I did, at one point in time,
14:27 have a computer where they kind of had exclusive access to it.
14:32 And then later came back and change that.
14:34 Keep the computer in the family room
14:38 so you can use it
14:39 where everybody can see what you up to.
14:42 So you have to do things,
14:43 you have to be strategic about dissuading.
14:45 The other thing I did do
14:47 is I never let my kids go to the movies.
14:49 And people say, "Man, this..."
14:52 you know, but, you know, they were involved in sports
14:54 and all kinds of things.
14:56 And we talked about one of the elders at our church
14:58 that keep young people involved in sports
15:02 and basketball.
15:03 They were involved in those things.
15:04 And so they had other things to do.
15:07 It's not like,
15:08 we just pulled these things away,
15:10 we kept them busy doing other things.
15:11 And I told my kids, "So, you know,
15:13 you get used to going
15:15 to the theater to see innocuous things,
15:18 what you get used to doing is going to the theater.
15:22 And there will be a day
15:23 where you go as a teenager with your friends
15:25 and not with me.
15:26 And if your teenagers are saying,
15:28 'You only watch G rated movies?'"
15:30 That peer pressure thing will pull you
15:32 into the other theater with them.
15:34 And then even if it's just an action flick,
15:37 there's going to be some R rated love scene
15:39 or something in there,
15:41 some frontal nudity or what have you.
15:42 And it's like I think it was Dr. King or no,
15:45 it was you saying that exposure,
15:48 you only need to be exposed one time.
15:50 And then you set that thing in motion.
15:52 So that was my thing.
15:54 And so my wife and I, even though we felt
15:56 we could go and watch things that were proper,
16:00 we just stopped going after we had children
16:04 because we want it
16:05 what we were saying we want to live it as well.
16:08 Okay, okay.
16:09 Muta, kind of help us understand as well,
16:11 especially as you minister
16:12 to young urban youth the impacts,
16:16 that peer pressure, you know,
16:18 has upon them wanting to experiment
16:21 with sexuality at such a young age,
16:23 what's been your experience with that?
16:28 You know, it's a different dynamic,
16:32 I guess, with the situation
16:33 that I work in because a lot of my youth,
16:36 it's not even peer pressure that they're exposed to.
16:40 It could be mom, it could be dad,
16:43 who's letting people come in and out the house.
16:46 And they know exactly what's happening.
16:47 I know there was a friend of mine
16:50 who told me about a home that he went to.
16:53 And he found it a little odd
16:55 that when he walked into the home...
16:57 He's a social worker.
16:59 And when he walked into the home,
17:01 immediately, all the kids fouled up
17:04 and went upstairs.
17:06 And as soon as he left,
17:08 they came right back downstairs.
17:09 And every time he went in,
17:11 the woman that he was working with,
17:14 she was dealing with a lot of sexual addiction.
17:16 I mean, that was one of the major issues
17:18 that was going on in her life.
17:19 So with some of the young people
17:21 I deal with,
17:23 it's not necessarily peer pressure,
17:24 but it does play a big role in it.
17:27 There's so much access,
17:30 I remember, when I was a little younger,
17:33 we didn't have the Internet readily available.
17:36 So you had to wait for magazines
17:38 or somebody had to know somebody
17:40 who knew somebody who had a video or a magazine.
17:43 But now I mean, it's absolutely everywhere.
17:46 TV, PG 13, now might as well just be rated R.
17:50 There is not only sexual scenes,
17:54 but there's cursing and all types of foolishness
17:57 that's going on in these shows
17:58 that it's so hard to keep them away from it
18:04 because it's everywhere, it's everywhere.
18:07 And so it's really tough and with our situation
18:11 that I work in,
18:13 it's just hard to pull them away from it
18:16 'cause it's just happening all around.
18:18 But, you know, you're absolutely right.
18:20 And this is how widespread it is.
18:22 The Bible said that the minds of men
18:25 or the hearts of men will become desperately wicked
18:29 so that our very imagination
18:32 will be evil continually.
18:35 There's a certain airline,
18:37 I'm not going to name it,
18:38 but you log on to purchase an airline ticket.
18:42 And there's a woman on there, clothed,
18:45 and after about two seconds,
18:47 her dress is removed, and she's skimpily clad.
18:51 So it is so readily available and it's so pervasive
18:57 that it's almost impossible to avoid it.
19:01 You know, and this is the point that,
19:03 you know, where that thing needs to brought out is that
19:06 we have to be the watchmen, you know, on the wall,
19:09 so to speak, you know, one day I was...
19:12 I was in the opposite room where my son was,
19:15 he was much younger
19:16 and he was watching a kid's cartoon,
19:19 it's a kids' program.
19:21 And I was in the other room working on my computer,
19:23 and I could hear just, you know,
19:25 what was going on on the TV show,
19:28 and they were discussing desperate houseplants.
19:33 And it was the innuendo was from Desperate Housewives.
19:38 And they were using all the same,
19:40 you know, parallels and all the same things
19:43 that you find on this adult sitcoms,
19:47 adult TV program,
19:48 and they were just really just break it down
19:50 so that the kids
19:51 will understand the same things.
19:53 When I walked in,
19:54 and I turned it off immediately.
19:56 Now I was disgusted to see that
19:59 media is so much targeting our young people
20:03 at such a young age that if they get addicted,
20:06 you know, at that age,
20:08 I mean, it may last throughout life
20:09 if the chains are not broken.
20:11 And just imagine when he gets a cell phone
20:14 with this data package, you are not going to be
20:17 able to monitor that
20:19 because it's going to be automatic.
20:21 I want to say right now he's not getting a cell phone.
20:23 So what my heart wants is I want to protect them
20:26 so much like he doesn't go through this avenue.
20:29 But not only that but the other thing is...
20:30 Now that I can't do that,
20:32 he'll have a cell phone I'm sure,
20:34 you know, he'll have his own job,
20:35 buy his own cell phone.
20:36 But the reality is that also the social media aspect
20:39 that we kind of touched upon a little bit as well,
20:41 is that I think as parents,
20:43 and I want to talk to the parents even right now
20:45 that you need to be so careful
20:48 with social media, allowing your children
20:50 especially at such a young age to be on social media.
20:54 There was another, you know, you deal with Facebook,
20:58 especially as relates to our young people
21:00 ministering to them.
21:01 Not long ago, there was this crash,
21:04 you know, on large social media
21:06 where it was been overloaded with pornographic images.
21:11 I mean, you log on to Facebook and I mean, status after status
21:16 was loaded with pornography, whether it was unintentional
21:20 or not, it's just the reality, it did happen.
21:23 And again, eyes were exposed or whatnot and people,
21:28 I would imagine,
21:30 you then probably became addicted
21:31 and started going further
21:32 because they were exposed to what during that medium.
21:36 To a parent, you know,
21:37 I'm saying stand up and be a parent.
21:39 Yes.
21:41 And really monitor what's been going on,
21:43 there are some things we also can do as well,
21:45 as with the filters for our computers.
21:48 And I know, you know, our children are so savvy that
21:51 they sometimes they can get around filters,
21:53 but that may be one avenue to say, you know,
21:55 well, I'm gonna put, like you said,
21:56 Brandon put a computer in a central location where,
21:59 you know, everybody can see it,
22:01 you know, and then put a filter on it
22:03 so that they're able to access,
22:05 you know, every single thing on the Internet, as well.
22:10 So let's talk a bit more, you know,
22:13 what else can we do?
22:14 You know, let's give some hope. What can we do?
22:17 You know, it comes back to what we were talking about
22:19 in the early episode about parenting styles,
22:22 you know, you can be
22:24 the domineering parent who says,
22:27 "This is what I'm going to do,
22:28 and this is what you're gonna do,"
22:30 and as soon as they get to the age of accountability,
22:33 then you no more have influence over them.
22:35 So we've got to teach our children
22:38 to make wise decisions.
22:40 We've got to teach them to view appropriate content
22:45 and to take the time to explain the implications
22:49 of going after those sites, you know,
22:52 we need to talk about the dangers of addiction
22:55 because an addiction is a terrible thing.
22:58 There is not...
22:59 Once one becomes addicted, the pleasure goes out of it.
23:03 Until now what you have
23:05 is the obsession and the compulsion.
23:08 And 9 times out of 10 the person is miserable.
23:12 And when that addiction or when that avenue is removed,
23:16 the person can actually
23:17 go through a period of depression.
23:20 So an addiction is a terrible thing.
23:23 And so we need to teach them to make wise choices,
23:26 we need to explain the ramifications, you know,
23:29 rather than always thinking
23:30 that we've got to remove this medium.
23:32 In addition to doing that,
23:34 we've got to teach and mentor them.
23:35 That's good.
23:37 You know, as you were speaking,
23:38 a thought came to my mind as well that because again,
23:42 it's so challenging that there's a man,
23:45 he's listening to us right now,
23:46 who, I mean, he does not want to confess to his wife
23:50 that he's addicted to pornography.
23:52 I mean, he doesn't want anybody to know
23:55 because it's one of those again,
23:56 dark addictions that we, you know, people like,
24:00 do I dare say anything?
24:02 You know, I've had people come to me as a pastor,
24:04 and say, "Pastor, you know, I'm addicted, what do I do?"
24:07 You know, and it is this sense of guilt.
24:10 Not only that but they bring it to marriage, their marriage,
24:14 and their marriage suffers tremendously
24:19 because now they're living in fantasy
24:22 and in real life, and they see fantasy,
24:25 and they want to do things that they've seen in fantasy
24:29 with their wives that are so contrary,
24:31 so twisted, so morphed that,
24:35 I mean, they're just in a strong hold, you know?
24:39 What do we say?
24:41 And I really want us to pinpoint on it
24:43 and try to bring, you know,
24:45 some hope, and even from God's Word
24:48 to the person who's struggling right now,
24:49 that's watching right now, so, you know, "That's me,
24:52 I know exactly what you're saying,
24:53 because, you know,
24:55 I'm addicted," what can we say to that person?
24:57 You know, God has the ability to heal and to restore.
25:02 So our very first line of defense
25:05 must be to seek God and to seek Him earnestly
25:09 and to reach out,
25:11 and to first of all actually admit that
25:13 we have a problem because if we don't admit that
25:15 we have a problem, then how can we be helped.
25:18 Outside of spiritual solutions,
25:22 there are multiple agencies
25:25 who have specialists in addiction,
25:28 sexual addictions, and, you know,
25:31 we should not and must not be ashamed
25:33 to reach out and say, you know, "I have a problem."
25:37 There's multiple hotlines,
25:38 I don't have numbers available right now.
25:40 But those are certainly available,
25:42 whereby we can reach out and say, "I have a problem,
25:45 and I need to be helped because it's killing me."
25:48 Yeah, I was also gonna say, and there was some study
25:52 that was done
25:53 and trying to pinpoint the best reason,
25:58 the most frequent reason why children obey.
26:03 And it wasn't because of punishment
26:05 or fear of punishment or anything like it.
26:07 It wasn't because they didn't desire
26:11 to participate in a certain behavior.
26:14 It said that the most prevalent reason
26:15 why children obey was because they did not want...
26:20 They wanted the approval of their parents.
26:23 They didn't want their parents to be ashamed of them.
26:26 Not that they didn't want to do it,
26:28 they wanted to do it.
26:29 But they regarded their parents' approval more.
26:33 And I think we get that through love,
26:37 when we let our children know that we love them,
26:40 that God loves them,
26:42 and that they need to love themselves.
26:44 That's good, that's good.
26:45 In the last minute,
26:46 let me just speak to this man right now
26:48 who's struggling right now.
26:50 And first of all, let me say again,
26:51 let's admit that there's a problem there.
26:54 Let's really be sincere and say,
26:56 "You know what, I've struggled,
26:57 I've seen things, I've viewed things.
26:59 I've gone places, I've done things
27:01 that were contrary really to the rule of God,"
27:04 but you're also saying that, "I want to do better.
27:05 I want to break this addiction."
27:07 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19,
27:12 the Bible says "What?
27:13 Know you not that your body
27:15 is the temple of the Holy Ghost,
27:18 which is in you, which you have of God,
27:21 you are not your own.
27:23 For you are bought with a price,
27:25 therefore glorify God in your body,
27:28 and in your spirit, which are God's."
27:31 The Bible says that our body does not belong to us.
27:34 But the Bible says that greater is He
27:37 that lives in us than he that is in the world.
27:40 1 John 4:4.
27:42 We have, you have the power,
27:45 through the power of the Holy Spirit
27:47 to pull down strong holds.
27:49 Mighty are the weapons
27:51 that God has given us to free us
27:52 from every addiction, whether it's sexual, alcohol,
27:55 whatever it is, if we just fully submit to God,
27:59 He can bring the change.
28:00 As well as we said, you know, science and going to clinics
28:05 that people can lay hands
28:06 and really get help that we need.
28:09 Guys, time is up again.
28:11 But I pray that those who watched today were blessed.
28:14 May God continue to keep you in His loving grace
28:16 and may you recognize that
28:17 you have the power through Jesus Christ.
28:20 God bless you.


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